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Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 THE CIA LI3~3{ Z This chapter 'will discuss those aspects oie CIA Library that are not specifically concerned with the Tnteilofax System a (except for the Consultants' Survey and the Task Tear, of 1957/58 25X1X8 or the Acquisitions-.'rocurement function.. Separate chapters appear_cp these two important activities that were an integral part of the This Library; charter is ar^angecl primarily in a year-by-year chronological Library organization for many yearso sequence,, Pxcept when it seemed more lob icam to discuss the entire historical dPvelopment of an act3_v3.tys such as Branch 191.7 Libraries. Originally designated the Ixrtelligence Documents Division of the Reference Branch (or Center) of the Office of Reports and Estin+..atas (ORE), the Library was allocated a T/O of 43. 25X1A9a irTas the first person to r eport for duty and she holds the distinction of having remained on the reference staff of the L:ibraz^y until her retirement in mid-197-ID Her first task was to set is Inter-1ibr ry loan arrangements with the Library c,' Congre s and ?.rith other grernnent libraries. With the arrival of 25X1A9a as Librarian in June 197 the Library asserrbled and integrated collections of books, many from stplus libraries. The Libras also acquired the D1rectrr?s set of cables and arranged for their weekly receipto On 15 dune the flood gates opened and the Library became heir to approxintat*ly 50.000 unsorted intelligence documents. Their receipt was recorded in a visible serial file and arranged by source, During these formative months the Lcthray instigated the centralization of purchase orders to avoid duplicati ordering of material by offices in the Agencyo *.Stin is is i orma ion on Wary services: including information requests s riced, 'boo %s cataloged source cards filed and b liogriphies prepared a Dear in rO 3 O(M Year n -tnt4a+ical Tables (J9117-~57 and App~'g' eTl~9/ iegI~gr4,9Q#00300020014-4 OCR Annual Reports 1958-67 (Lox 63-487/4) LY?-? Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 1948 By the first full year of operation the Library T/O had. risen to 100. The breakdcrdn was as folio s: Office of the Chief. 2Field Survey Division-2 25X~ ,later in 194,8 to assume the duties of Deputy Librarian as Tere]1s; and 25X1A9a future Director of OCR/CRS); Bibliographic Division-35 (this included the Analysis and Catalog Sections ); Reference Division-- 25X1A9a 20; Information Distribution Division.-28; Archives- 120 became the first official liaison officer from CIA to the Library ~Lc) of Congress$ a relationship -which every CIA Librarian has continued. After the 1 M,y office reorganization into .Jthe Office of Collection and Disseniit.tion (OCD);` the Library absorbed the information Distribution duties of the former Central Records Divisic , Services Branch,. Administration and Management (A & M). This afforded the Library an opportunity to blend into one procedure CIA distribution., indexing and filing of documents* Two Librarry publications made their appearance: the Weekly Accessions List* and the Library Bulletin4 if On again, off again during the years, the Accessions List ceased publication in 1956 and was resumed in. 1963. See pages 18 and , Memo from ActingIt Chief., Reference Center Library & Chief. Central Index to Chief, eferenceCenter. A & M "Proposed Procedures for Consolidation of Central Records with nef erence Center:" 7 May 19 .8 CON'F (in Folder Library Daily Reading File Man-June 1948 Bax 68-126/2) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 L -3 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 19!49 The work load in the Library increased as the young Agency gre o There were 27% more intelligence documents receivmdp recorded and distributed than the previous year and an increase of 277% in the number of copies received. During 19246 the nwiaber of publications ordered averaged 628; for 191.49.- 1,376. The number of reference searches rose from 18161 to 1y5O0. The number of items circulated rose from 2,196 to 3,355, bei dissolution of Special Project Noo 1 (unl3.eared personnel "pool") late in 1948 increased the work load f the Library in three :important aspects: newspaper clipping, services F IAb3b1 indexing of Daily Reports and indexing of unclassified documents into the Intellofac System. The CIA. Library reference collection Baas converted frem Library of Congress call numbers to the classification scheme used for documents- the Intelligence Subject Code (ISC),p thus standardizing the Library's subject and area approach to its resourceso(In 19148$ 6$912 books had been cataloged. ) The Library w as reorganized in November 1949 into the following five branches., Analysis, Cataloging, Central Reoordss Records Management and Reference. The Analysis Brant (under 25X1A9a ) includod the input to the IntelJofax System. The FOIAb3bl For further discussion srP MDaily Reports indexing see Inktellofax 'and Document Division chapters. ,) Memo from CIA Librarian to Library Staff "Administrative Reorganization of the Librar;' 28 Nov 19 SECRET (in Library Daily Reading File July- Dec 49 68-116/2) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Cataloging Branch (under 25X1 9a ) had thee: sections : Cataloging,, order (procurement) and ?'ubllcation3 Review (clipping service). Central Records Branch (under 25X1 9a who supervised this activity until her retirement in 1958) was responsible for distribution of d ocurents including Top Secret (and its files)e Records Management (formerly Archives 25X1A9a and under wa3 charged with developing an active CIA Records Management Progmin,Refere ice Branch (under 25X1A9a until 1954) included Circulations Information (under 25X1 Aga _ until liar retirement in June 1972) and Files Section. Tho Document Procurement Co ttee w as established by the Agency Assistant Directors on 17 March 1949 for the purpose of advising the CIA Library on rztters pertaining to ,11 the procuxcement of foreign a r_d domestic publications. Under CIA Regulation 45-2 the CIA Liararianti'as charged with the procurement o _publications for all offices of the Agency. * See chapter on Acquisi t1oris Prrocure nt it Approved Fo,~ l a_eti 3 r R' Wtl 4-4pr3 ~. 51 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 1950-51 With the issuance of CIA Notice 30"SO, dated 26 July 1950, the Library accelerated the, Records Management Program for the Agen ,r0 149,9363 items from 1948 and. 194-9 were microfilmed, resulting in the processing of 351,698 frames for archival purposes* In August 1951, the CIA Librarian., in his capacity as Chi, Top Secret Control Officer (T CO), issued a Guide for Area Tom Secret Control Officers to provide al? TSCOvs frith a uniform functional understanding of the TS ne cwork. In October he called a ra9eting of the Area Control Officerso The conference, the first of a serias j w as designed to improve the ,rerall control system as much as possible and to develop uniform understanding of 25X1A9a procedt s among the Aroas. also served as CIA 25X1A2a Control Officer for and was CIA Custodian of Registered Dco-tvnentso Two other important events took place in 1951. The L i b r a x r ) r published its first Last of P e r i o d i c a l s C ron v??r Available in the Library. The maintenance and servicing of the cable reference file was transferred from the Library to tine Cable ?) Branch of the Liaison Division (LD). 25X1A2g 25X1A2,,.g sK documents were ~*ransyerred from O; , to CCD custoc - in Oct 1951 (Memo from CIA Librarian to AD/CIt Documents" 31 Oct 51. CM, in Library Daily Reading File 195 68-116/2) Memo from CIA Librar an to Security Officer,, CIA "Annual Report on Special Duties" 1 January 1952 SEC? T (in Labraiy 1952 58-9801) 25X1A9a 0perat ons Staff,, OCD "So_-rw Comments on Statistcial Measurement of OCD's Workload" 3 March 1952 SECRET (in OCR Y-:ariy 'Statistical Tables 1947-57 SCV, 59-87501) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 LY-6 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 CIA$s Support to the Libra of Czan - 1 c Gata oge anct cos siofs -s- -3-22 1117 scu on cover the I2Ti1t'e period of C1 's 711 -1 support to LC for Slavic catalog and accession ,rith the first arran erients in 1951 ar_til support ter inatedin 1967? It appears in this chapter because the CLQ Librarian Twas the responsible officer for these projectso am 16 November 1951 the DCI had approved a IC request or a Special project 'Atp provide for the subject index to ens,-, ?6 011 the Slavic Union Catalog and for the improvement of the --- - r 25X1A9a Month y l List of Russian Accessions.,, worked out the arrangements t ith. LC and the Library receivad ? I a sat of the Cyrillic cards. This Cyrillic Subject'Union Catalog (CSUC) project was terminated in 1956 with the nine positions transferred to the feces; ions- .ist staffs The Month3llf List of Russian -Acces=sions (HMS. The title vms changed in 1958 to Mont: v Index of Russian Accessions-MIRA- as a mare ecplanatory title and will henceforth so be designated) was first published in 1948 and was a Co mpr&,en 3i e record of Post .- World. T'Ur II Soviet publioatiens in all fields of 1 ovTledge received by us LC and sons 2C0 ether rmjor libraries. In 1959 CIA through OCR began support also of the "Last European Accessions List (MI) s published There had, been only auti-ior control 1 Memo from Deputy CIA Librarian to PD/Training "utilization of Personnel with Russian Translating Ability for LC Project?t 19 February 1952 COST' (in Library Daily Rcadirg File 1952 68-1_16/2) Entire Folder Library of Congress 1957-67 (Box 67-515/1) >; Nei orandum for the Record "Discontinue uio> of the CSUC?t 6 March 1956 Unclasgii ed (in Library Daily Reading :lima 1956 Pc c 63-116/2) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 by LC since 192. Funding by the Agency for the Nfl rose from a total of 25X1A1a 25X1A1a approximately ~in FY 52 to a peak of almost 2 by FY 62. Costs fors o t to the EEAI were in FY 59, ~~C~A1 a rising to a total of for FY 61 when it was phased out,, after ? imilous consultation with the Comranity through USIBBIs Committee on Docnarentation (COBIB). In 1962 the Agency secured fox the MTRA additional financial participation Troia. th0 National Science Foundation and LC itselfo CIA costs then stabilized at thev'e1o 25X1 Al a As financial pres3ure built up on CM., and more part ic,,%Iar2,y OCR., the priority. in ae Lance of the support to MIRP continued to drop. It was felt that access to Russian publishing had vastl-,r improved compared =aith the early 1950ts and intellir .,ice user; were no forger making substantial use of the rafei ce aid. Aa-for-? tY~? haph3 c Lnf eat-h- ~vt'p an o"lit -~2 Fro. ;rarr----(~~'}~-r>~d_by__LCr.f~r-th~=.~yc:-4 Div notified the Librarian of Congress on 5 October i:965 its decision jo terminate CIA's funding of the MMIRRA in FY 6,?0 This occurred after much correspondence between OCR and LC and even Congressional craestioning regarding CIA's termination of support to the MI EUo T o_-scu Ow~ -chaiter _o-Bl s,pie - :eels! 11 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved Fd i091241A-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Other early support to LC soon in toe mid-19.150's when the Library began to regtLzr:1y tr. ansf or foreign publications to LC -which (a) had been utilized by research components of %'JLk and =wren riot E chec ed to be retained in the CIA Library, (b) were ` yhival materials no longer required by CIA (for e:zample, he captured Japan-ese collection)., or (c) current publica 'a.ons receised as a result of the CIA Ii.brary's world- ride selectic rogram, but were found to ha" little or no intelligence val.ea By 1959, an average of 8,000 pieces, boo's and sarial3j had been seat to IC each r,.cnv.j'o ype of A different sup -port began in Deca giber 1952 when one person from the Circulation is nah was detailed to IC on a fulL time basis to handle serve g and charging out of all CZA requests, averaging 37 a &.70- History of Branch Libraries (1516) On 11 February 1952 UTA Branch Gam Library located in K Building officially opened 1t3 doors to serve the Agency components in Buildings I, J,, 1 and L. The initial staff two persons was soon to siXO Branch 'I`NTO was actually May 1951, but was nand the started in the eaw Zr sprng es ?biished one year earlier- in second brand- because plans had already of that y/ar for Branch 01 E0 Matthew p the Director of Train-=_Z' had requested a branch library to Baird support the uncleared per sonnet going through t -ia recruitment process in Alcott Hall, vj Ltr from CIA Librarian to Dire =.rocessing Dept,,, 1 "Transfer of Selected Materials to IC" 3 NO 59 (in Library Daily Reading File 1959 Unci - o;r 68-116/2 Memo from CIA Librarian to AD/ "Inter-Li brar Loan Serv9 c e Approved r, RePepse1 999 k24 At 4a0O9 30002OAIW-4) T~r r ,!a ~! Ms' Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 The r' Office completed plans in 1952 for a branch library to be located in 'antral to s erpra the medical staff; Branch TIEUME opened there in November 1953a Library adrniniotraticn lasted until July 1959 when the N`edical Staff took over completely. 25X1A6a Branch FOUR serbing, the Foreign Docunments Division (FDD) at 25X1A6a ?Building was established in !,Toy 1953 to function as the focal point of procurement, receipt and retention of foreign language publication, in the Agency. This occur-red at the wire tirrm as the foreign ptfoiieations procurement function was transferred to the CIA. Library. Bra.hch FIVE was opened in Septanber 1954 in Barton Hall to sefrve the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OST), As the- Office of Training (OTR) programs evo1v d,, the training of uncleared personnel dropped out of ti pictuf6a and the role of OT:R Library and CIA Library Branch WO in training overt persozrnel tended to blend, In, October 19579 Mrs Baird nisi the AD/CR agreed that GTE, Library facilities should be consolidated y Tito a single branch of the 25X1A9a CIA. Library in R & S Building, , Chief of the Circulation Branch, managed the take-over from OTR effective L November, 25X1A6a The furthest afield branch library was established in- in 25X1A9a 1958 at the request of Chief 25X1A6a of the - Stations Again was tapped for the job of stw3ying on :ts the need for a station library. He reconvended __ - See page Also recommended by L:igrary Gonsultants. Coe Consultants Report, ,,ire X711: J tatua Ke;p ct of Foreign Branch, CIA Library., 7 Oct 3 CM 7 (in CIA Library 1953 58-9811) Repors, of the Library Consultants, 3.8 May 1957 SECRET (CRs Historical riles Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 the establishment of a reference and infoxnaatt~ont activityo Mrs. 25X1A9a '-on s from his staff became they first CCR Librarian on 1!3 Fcbruaxxy 1958 and sex-red until 1961? The .Lora-r terminated :its support in 1964 as the activity no longer required professional administration, The Office of Cor nunication..s Library was transferred to OCR with a V O of two persons on 1 Nay 1959 to increase managerial efficienc.,r. This is the only branch library still under. CIA LibxA.j..adminis tration in 1973. In 1960 the Language and Area School Library (I.AS) became a 13ra:nch - brary. It as phased out in 19% because of the eut@back in area training. In 1963 a branch Library was established and staffed fort he Office of Generq? Counsel (CGC, The staff one was a cinistratirrely transferred to CSC in 1966. The last tranch Library to be established was in the Office of Research and Development (ODD). Opened in July 19669 it provided direct support to ORD9 including the use of a manual "profile of interest file" for calling new materials to the attention of ORD subject specialists9 ORD took over the administration in mid-1968. The move to the new building in 1961 obviated the need for Branch Ljbraries O1E:s, F.-NE and the Training Library o Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 i952 OCI.t's mono to the Riveroide Staaf_usr in April 1952 resulted in the Librarian's office being placed "in the loft" above the troops,4 except for Reference a nd Circulation Branches which remained in"Mt Building. A1'noit co?current with the nave, the Library had its second reorganization0 '3ased on a survey by 25X1A9a entitled ItA Report on the Files and Circulation Sections of the CIA Library"., a new Circulation Branch ?.ras created made up of the forrrRr Circulation., Files and Microfilm Sections of the Refer once Branch. Both the Analysis and. Circui tion Branches were organized, on a source basis' slixil ar. in i ttern to that of the Liaison Division. Gommients were also batched according to rain source of origin.] The Processing Unit of the Document Branch, perforning duties in connection with pre]- ra nark;- eatalo; ng )typin .j of incoming documerrta,, vas transferred Rio the Production 6ectiona Arzlysis Branch, The project for all t,ntelligence documents was transferred from Reference Branch to Do; u ent Branch with n1ns positions added to the T/0 of the latter. A fear months later this project -rrxs brans: erred to the i?larhi Methods Division where it technically belonged. Planner and first editor of Intelligeno ~! Publications Index See chap li -. on InteUlofax. Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 :By mi.d-1952 the Library establisiled an author catalog of Slavic materials consioting originally of Library of dongress preliminary catalog cads and augnented in August by thB :Bret I no m as the lAC Union Catalog, increment of the CSUCQ This cata.lcgjwould eventually contain, in ad.dition~ entries for S vic materials in Arr r G-2 Library., Air Fore-_ ATIC Librry' National. cent3ral. Library in London and Armed :Forces Medical Librazy, amounting to US,OOO ti tlas. ;o ever, the project did not work too successfully, becauss of variations in catal.agLng practice and the resultant i>co alibi lity of Cards for filing puzrposes. Moreover' increased availability of Russian books through open channels and the CIA policy of loaning .. unique material to LC for microfil..ming and listing in the MM were addit seal factors in favor of terminating the project ~' ii* The L=ib ? s s main contribution to research assistance was VI publication of "Selected Reference Aida to Cyrillic A'!phabet, Materials" CIA/CD # 3, October 1952, an annotated list of tools in CIA and IC of interest to a.ntell..igence'0 * AD/latell.igence Coordination requested the ACI (through the DD/I) to take the necessary steps fo the production of a ciassif- d Union Catalog of USSR and Soy-iet Orbit u;~l.ications . he D " D therefore r~:quested two additional GS-7's for the Library. (Memo from Ail/CD to DD/A "Request for T/O Ch uiga s" 24 July 1952 COi' (in Folder D ;)/A 19S2-53 Box 58-93/2) J AHI'.M-23 8 may 1956 (in Folder AH ' Information Processing 1955-56 Box 58-90/5 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 SLY-13 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 dlan over Squeeze 25X1A9a 25X1 9a In July put,; Lib: ariaa, replaced 25X1A9a as Librarian and chief c:f the Book Branch, became deputy 25X1A9a Librarian. The manpower squeeze was being felt and the team made a plea for additional personnel In a memo to the AD/CD, the gro h of Library service was statistically ;o.resented: 19.8-49 1-949-50 !950-51 1951-52 Reference Questions 6,817 89250 12,591 17,000 Docume its Supplied 34,Q64 x015 64x794 90,~L00 Books purchased 8,18L. 109 60 24.9436 44,1100 Subscriptions placed 2,576 4,,2156 3,891 6,000 Books cz:italo ed 4.9164 h,906 4,920 7y.1400 L-1-1 arming Serviced A surveyw az ikride of the clipping service which was a candidate for the econon-1- axe. 179000 clippings were analysts sent out each month based on 3,1,5 reg7~~errents0 Due to t kuu and cry of "inestimable value",the service cc:it:inued for another 3 years. The T/0 , however, was reduced trwice in 2 yews, from 10 to 5 in 19.2. F IAb3bl The termination of the indexir; of Dai:3 Reports in 1952 is discussed in the Tnt of az chapter. blection. The important positon of Selection Officer was established in the Reference Branch - 1952. Selection policy iras the key to the CIA Librar-r's shaping of i' s reference capabilities, Memo from CIA Librarian to 4D/CD "The CIA. Library Dirty Linen" 23 Dec 52 SECRET (in CIA Library o952 58-O,-:/l) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 LY-14 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Among the principal considerations were (a) ? ncwing what the major requirements of the Agency were likely to be by studying the borrowing and purchase patterns of individual .requesters., requirements lists and reference crsestionss and (b) reviewing trade announcements., bibliographies., book reviews and catalogs from all over the world, The emphasis was usually on current material,, with heavy reliance on inter-library loan for histrmical background ite9ag. Originally set ttp for the pur- pose cT selecting material for the book and periodical collections, this function expanded over the years to include similar responsibility for the document collectiono Selection officers worked closely document - with disseminators and classifiers in determining what: how and There classified doc*,;Tr nts tiD uld be handled in the CTA Library. They also alerted production offices of ne-v and forthcoming pu;cliv ations p A Joint - Liaison-Library Selection Comin7 ttee was also established in May 1952 mada up of one Liaison officer and three Library representatives from AnaLysisp Book and Reference Brarches.The Corrnnittee deteridnrad processing treatment for/ docu. rents secured by .Faii}idxi b: i _e ?~.he CIA -Library `Selectio:~ fficer.R.esponsibilitias, CW'C _ Qtace6 celni~e;4 -, o59For Official -~se..~~ In , r older-?M Ndt1ces 195 -59 - :c z4'9 /i Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Lion officers, publications from the Foreign Service and enclosures which required specialized treatment :1.953 Tie di.A Library added to its managerial staff a Deputy Librarian 25X1A9a for Procurement.- aN ex-Ar rry Major who had been G.-2 Librariano This jab was created at the time that the Foreign Pi_)lications Branch of State Department ;,ms abolished and the iminortanu for'-sign publications procurement functioh was transferred to CIA.., D.q 9 M: r 1953 tht Foreign Branch (later called the Acc1aisition3 Br,.inch) T,-ith a T/C of 35 pas itior!s became part of the CIA Library 25X1A9a with as its chief Retrieval for the Intellofax System w as not t ha responsibility of the Anal psis ura nch but of t;je Ref erence Branch. The reasoning behind this separation of input and output was that professional librarians considered Intelloi x queries no different CJe:an any other r` arence question. In 1953 a policy was inaugurated whereby one senior analyst/classifier was rotated from the Analysis Branch to Aeforenee on a weekly basiso Tha gains realized were evident tu a id der understanding of reference problems and a closer knowledge of the end product. T of ur_ i 7;, was he retrieval. aspect o me oiax combin i with input, !J Mauro for the Record "Establishment of a Joint Selection Co_ ?nittee'? 29 ray 52 GONF (in L~ )r Daily Reading " i.le 1952 Sac 63.116/2) J Status Report on ForeignBranch,A C7A Library, 7 October 1953 3I (in CIA 7ir,L')i'c.2"y 105 ',3 K8-+9 /l) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 :fly.~16 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 In th6 Circulation Branch a Serials Unit 'eras developed to solve the zrarty' specialized problems concerning the treatment of the ssria1s collection, in coonera :ion with LiAison. Division,, arrangeren-ts '?rere n'o,mplsted giving th^3 Circulation Branch direct access to Arned Services .i Information Tecbnicai Agency (ASTIR) ror the procurement of reports originating from contractors; for the 'je?7artment of Defense, To publicize oertaii special collectioxas f '+r the quit of tine intelligence co,munityts research componehts$ the Reference Branch is suad four r?-ports in the Special Re ;ow-cas Ser. ips: (a) materials from the archives of the An rican Aw^uian Chamber of Co;c Tierce (b) references to tho USSR in Arry records (SRO-2); meraain abstrac? off' Soviet technical literature (SRS-3); and (d) Soviet and Satellite economic plane and ful.fi3lrnent (SRa-.0a 19'14.-- 25X1A9a in October 1954 resig-~ d as Chief of the 25X1A9a R-Nerence Branch to accept a position dth USA" and 25X1A9a e ditor of the Intell enoe PiZlicatiurss Index, transferred from the Book Branch to becorrn Reference Chief o The Special. Resources Section issued to publications requiring a yearts preparation: t4Bibz iograp kr on Report ?~ i tirg9 and ''.",?ui n to Intelligence Reference material'' (266 pages rith. 580 itezrs, identifying collections in Wwshington governrzrzzt lib: aries)0 The Foreign Publiea fen Branc'n f State epartz.~xrt"" as~ transferred to C - : I A aY d the F oreig ranch withfa---T/_ ?O of # 3.5 becerna pa of the CIA Libraz o/ jfr --jr'r in Agency Archives ec ord" apy9 7prc a.a s our c-~ s eries Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 -`-17 LY 1 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 1955 It was time to reorganize a ain. The on duay T/O eras the highest they Library ever reached.- 248. - Foreign and dornea'tic publications procurement were consolidated in a s ingle Acquis itio w Brans ea. The former Book Branch dioappeared0 All subject indexing functions of the CIS", Library were combined in. an enlarged Analysis Branch-- renahred Analysis and Catalog Branch., corzprising thred sections: Report3 for indexing intelligence reports into Intell.ofax; Book for cataloging books; Periodicals for indexing finished intelligence and periodicals and for the clipping s^siice The Special Resources Section of 'r'eference was abolished as an adm n, strative unit 'If The Library .made arrangements wri-th. the Library of Congress whereby prof+ Professional personnel recruited for OCR were utilized by IC rhilo awaiting full security clearance* These people worked at LC on projocts that ?ere of benefit to CIA O O -C t ith th E S was removed from the Library aau, igftt was established shed as the Classification Control Staff under the AD's 25X1A9a Off ice with as its chief Memo from AD CP. to DD/I tPSuatxm xy of Relationship bets-: en LC and CIA'* Oct COM(Chrono :L9.54-55 60-54 8/1) Su nary of "~e. ?elopment s in the Field of Personnel Or fa ni.z ation Foreign Travel, Budget and Space for Mai--Sept 553,,,-'Adman 1953-57) !T= 60-a39/1} oncurren w e AO=aw reorganization the Top ecret Section 25X'1 A9a Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 1956 The clipping service which had been in existence since 1947/48 was finally terminated due to budget restrictions. The Weekly Accessions List was also discontind aster much agonizing over its usefulness. The Library took stops to strengthen i? Treaty collection - due to the flap which occurred at the ti're of the Suez Crisis A v LO U 4-&16 ttC~,'J Washington government area Tu41 brarr undertook to establish *iicrofilsring schedules with IC for the latter's out-of-print treaty reference work3 25X1A9a iii", the Librarian,and Chief 9 Acquisitions Branch., 1e- t on a round-the-world trip in August. i .le they -were away, the biggest reorganization xp to this t irr took Plzcaa To achieve a more effective utilization of manpoeTer,, coding and dissemination were placed together with the creation of the Document Division, Management fit that adding the dissemination activity to the Library would rinks the latter -boo au gieldy, This reduced the Library's T/O to l1 a and it was no longer the largest s ingla Division Mt OCR, Circulation and Reference were left basically intact. Book cataloging was attached to the Acquisitions Branch* Pr for to 12 December 1956 tKA s ervici c1r y ng of,lrequests for loan or additional retention copies of State documents anti conversely for requests from State for the sariv service of CIA produced izxtelligens had been handled by he Liaison Division. These functions were assigned to theCircu]ataon Branch on the ,abtr date, working through the Interagency Document Service.'- 25X1A9a Letter from. 19 October 1956 (in Chrono File 1956 Box 6G-5),.3/1 Approved For Relea W99I4Y,, C-Y t ?,~` 70? R0f103000M1 -1 1"6' k' Memo from Chief9 LD to Special Assistitnt; nte].ligenc~ Dept. of State t3Reassigrmzent of ;unctions within the Office of Central Refere:ice, CIk %V C,1pl ^ "~ / i J7 r-zz4" Tkl" / i b v x,44'( to 0' 1 !Lt V Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Library Consultants t S_, ere (19 71 and Task Teary Reports (1958) The Library underwent a traumatic experience of a thorough surrey of all its activities by a panel of three professional librarians who spent over 3 months in 1957 in OCR. Because documentation processes dare also under scrutiny., the survey included the Document a nd jIachi r D: lions as well, The three eon.sulatnts- 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 were not favorably impressed frith the Library operations and related activities. They recon ended a clean sweep; with the adoption of 25X1A5a1 sorm typical manual library practices. _t robed vigorously 25X1A5a1 into the details of the entire reference problem. interested himself prirnaeily in the Library collections, in relations between the Library and the Registers and in overall problems of office 25X1A5a1 policy, command and operationp concentrated on acquisitions problems. Dr. Andrews' reactions and blunt answers to the Consultants' ctriticisms are covered in the overR11 OCR history for 19570 The Consultants' Survey will be discussed in the light of the Task Team (TT) Reports of 1958 as in most cases the 3.6 Twins appointed by the new Assistant Director, Paul Borel9 delved into and agreed or disagreed with the criticism3 of the Consultant.. This chapter will not deal with TT 596 and 7 which are concerned with Publications Procurement and the Epecific operations of the Acquisitions Branch- a separate history chapter. Nor will at discuss TT 13 thro h 36 which are covered in the overall history. Da i4-o, do s 3t au Repo;: t of the Library Consultants 18 May 1957 SECRET >) Task Team Reports 1958 SECRET 2 volumes Kt cs Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Intello.xL,ax Task Team No. 1 had devoted a great deal of tires exanining, dissecting zbAlAbal and unre1entlessly attacking tha Inteliofax System in sll. its ra fications. TTI's seven-an committee cane up'i the longest study of all the Task Teams- 90 pages including much philosophizing on the part of the chairman about information storage and retrieval. The co ittee pas uicipat :d in a joint ques `, ionnairc with TTIO (Reference) and TT11 (Information Center) designed to elicit information from customers regarding their attitude tol''and opinion3 of the OCR information s erviceso Some of TTlts findings overlapped 3 (Codjc__ ) and TT9 (0atalogir-g) in the use of the Inre'lli ence Sub, ec t Coma nd with TT2 (Machine Use) in the machine applications of the Intellof'ax Systemo Bef are the Task Teams were actaai_ly organizedp Mre Borel had asked an user analyst to stun OCRs docturnt system in light of 5X1A9a the Consultants' findi !.gs0 of the Office of National bstimates prepared a thorough 37-page steer which 'iro Borel trransw mined to all CRAG members and, because it dealt primarily with the Intellofax Systenp to TTI. TT1 confirmed the Consultants' main charge of unreliability of coding a nd ercodin ?:u:G feduced the de ee of this unreliability to *Basic ex nations of the tellofax System app ear in the chapter on 25X1 A9a Int.11ofax 'aTra.nsnittal of Vies on OCR's Document Handling Capability" 3 January 1958 SECRET (CRS Historical File,) CRS"0 3-58, 17 January 1958 SLCRET (CRS 198-59 Bc: 66.196/1) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 a smallar percentage, arguing t hat it pointed to the necessity for a revised ISO tdth tools thatt uld contain enough infcrr ration for proper code choices, namely an Authority File,, The Team -.greed that citations ',;ere inadequate and had to be Lnprovedo ut'me ^ claims against the System were that it was i suff1cientl y uscd, 31oYx, untrustworthy, costly ,. r r, ~?ired excessive s pace, overl apxp d work done in the ? OCR Registers and failed to provide service at as high as irrt?e1iectiml level as is needed for the ;'ograms of the Agency. TT1 pointed out that Intello_iax was chosen as a solution to a requester?s problem if the informa- tion he needed could only be four in information. reports; that J~ K 1-2 days to satisfy a request eras not unreasonably slow; that it was impossible to compare the cited figure of $200 for each recoi~zr,?nded search with any nor-m or ideal; that : i open card catalog and ter! intact hard copy file would take more space than Intell c 'xy that the Consultants confused rTultiple processing among the Registers with duplicate processing and that Intellofax could not retrieve b;,r name of individual or plant, The Task Team felt that the Intell.offax System provided very sophisticated service when combined Frith the researchers, screening and searching. TT1 and 3 both recommended that Even before Aso Borel had takcm up the coi munity problem of it proved titles with the Co~imittea on Documentation (COD-z3).' the Analysis Branch had prepared and put into practice a '"Guide oa Ha-'r to trit Abstraots and Title Exparnsions" in l ebnu w ?_y>9r (Attacbment to CODIB- .23 16 Marcos 1959 in CODIS 19.59 BcDc 64-343-/"1.) n~ Tho questionnaire s hared that slcrprness vas the least frequent?ir cited reesson for lack of use, Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 the Analysis Branch be divided by subject/area specializa- tion to raise the intellectual level Tt:,,o other criticisms I er,!" di ec tth to the mech?:: cca- aspects: same data did not appear on repeated runs fcar the same codes and older T3Ni cards were unavailable. According to TTI and 2, the Machine Division had a'!rea(ty instituted controls and corrbined card files tp prevent a recurrence of serious errors? The unrilability of the cards zas partially tr'ueo. TTl discovered that requesters had not always been inf'orrned of the possibility of the return of cards older than 5 years from Records Centeno During the Task TM- ^It- investigations, a Composite Group was set up as an e )Ter1r ent to handle Intellofax runs in the Reference Brvncho The Group cowi3_sted of one regpre- sentativa each from the An. 25X1 Aga lysis Branch t also a. 25X1A9a member of the Task Teaia) s Machine Division ( ) and the Library/Reference 5X1A a ) p Tntellofax retrieval. under this arrangement reflected the r l-%i min efforts of the three divisions, That the --e; Composite Group was a success- and TT3 also approved of 1t is evidenced with a senior Antellofwxer or rotation for a month. by its continuation It was f inall;r given the more descriptive name of Intellofax Reference Group (IPG) in 19610 Surblac, e aiiz~giorL was C ons .Caere' ut~ never put Into csff ect, cause a lar n percentage of t'he docarrents were multi - supjecto Tic eventual reorganization of the Analysis Branch in November 1960 was by area specialization. Sea chapter on Document Di,ris ionm See drscr ip t ion in over all OCR history 1957- of Dr, Andre s s answer to Wfhe Ten Horrible Cases.'4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Machine Use Task Team No, 2 This Task Team., consisting of three individuals T,rith varied degrees of acp.erisnce In rrachiiia date handling syster operati onsa fog. id some of the Consultantst criticisms justified. TT2 agreed that fight Subject and 11 Aria files in the Machine Division- were too many and impaired the effieie-cy of the Sntellofax operation? It also d ~? scovered that the machine sorting of '.e Area File was minimal' and it recommended- that all marts of be combined in arranigement by area code only. TT2 agreed with the Consultants that the electronic facsimile printers had become outmoded it recoriended that the Photostat Expeditors which supported the Card List Camerassthe replacement of the facsimile., should continue to be used because they could readily be converted for use ~rr~Uh hard cow or aperuure cards aLd because, the ser ices they provided could not be obtained at a lower cost by other systens as the Consult~-Its cla:mmd. TT2 disagreed writh the charge that the machine files required excessive space. (see TT'l above) Cod., Task Tears No. 3 This Team covered a variety of subjects., some of .h.ich overlapped Urith TT1., 2 and 9. Charged with a stw y of the ISC., it nade no tests on the coding scheite pr se' because the ISC was already in the process of eyctensi7 revisions0 TT3 agreed with the Consultants and with TT9 thqt OCR should adopt the LC s-ao ject cla;3sifi_cation., subject headings and cataloging system for hooks. Two rain claims of the Consuttant:r that the aperture cards shod be disc or tinned in favor of an intact hard-copy system and Approved c~~tla$~t~~df CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 that the Intellofax punched card system should be replaced by a manual card catalog were partially accepted by TT3. It recommended the e dtablish rent on a trial basis of a 145 year collection of hard copy documents but historian's underlining] as a supplement to the aperture card programs TT3 stated that, although there was no s ui7stitute for tam extensive searching capability of a good machine indexing system, there might be some advantage to the rapid browsing ability offered by a card catalog, It,, theref ore, recor,mended that such a catalog be adopted with extra IBM cards prepared as a by-product of the Intellofax file* ' In attacking the Intellofax System the Consultants urged that it be replaced by an cpazded It J,e-abl:abnsIn 'I~ to cover all documents, books and periodicals articles, including F IAb3bl materialso TT3 rejected this recomnendation based on shear augmented size alone, estimating that an annual cumulation of the..IPI would be three tii neg as thick as Webster's unabridged dictionary. that In, addition, TT3 asserted the publication would not be as current as Intellofax and the total e xpenditure ?would be more. TT3 re- . ccrnmzended, however, a printed index of published material, possibly through an a:eternal research contract0 At the recon endati on of the DATA/CR in January 1959, MMir, Borel agreed to defer further action on these two reco i endations until OCR had opportunity to evaluate the impact of the anicard experiment on an R operations. As far as this historian recollects' these two re- mor.mendations were never raised again.) FOIAb3bl Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Selection Task Team No. 1s TT4 was. assigned the problem of studying the publication selection criteria an determining if the Agency staff participated in the sal ection process,, if there were a satisfactory selection policy a d if the sele ion function should be in the Acquisitions Branch or in the 'Reference Branch. The Team recoL fended that a committee of Library selection consultants be desig L` e e iao channel subordinate to and an e .tension of the Central.4 Advisor Group (CRAG- established by M r0 Borel in 1957) representation to receive research progranning and project planning papets. both TT1. gavel plusand ri1'' iuw marks to the selection policy, It was riot satisfactory ;n that there were selection standards a rd practices were for which there no official endor$ementa. Writt^n staterzerts of poli.cyp criteria and procedures r, ere also inc~kaplete. A plus mark was g1ven to the emphasis on a strong reference and bibliographic collection. Circulation Task Team No. 8 /01 ti 25X1 Aga P Dep-aty Librariannd chairman of TT8, was also Acting Chief of the Circulatio1i Branch for a short period in order t'_!3 to coordinate TT study end to delvr. into clwculation vre33& TT8 studied In dotail Ahtual operating procec .r f orris in uses files or records r .inatined,, working tools and equipment : railable, staffing patterms9 the wrzistenco, If any,, of duplication of effort and the possibility of combining .motions, or ,per atlonso The detailed proced?ra] charts waeb by the Ti rnerth _frori the Managsrient Staff provided a useful. manage ncnt tool and saveral s7~ggestions or sl n l ai'ication of wcxrk i a-.thod3 7ere put into ei -ct Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 hip the survey was uir .tea way o Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 TT(3 agreed with the Cons-=ta: _ts t hat the Branch*as over- organized with 16 c'ganizational ::nits- It recom ndcad that some reali. n~r nt of :[unctions sholzl.d :-a-Jo place immmediate2Zr: ultimate goal should be the consolsdatic., cf Uie ,SerYjce ..Section (r,r th its four units) into a Document Section and a Book-Periodical. Section,. The Team also recommended proce. ra1 changes.. more precise cork a standctrdsp clearly defined w --k :riethods discontinue Lion of the indefinite loan fileso Aocor- ng 4-1o the TT members, the Consultants t charges cf lov pro : sun and slaw s en,"ice could actio's : be overcor: by the fol o*dng a s: lift' pr. dcedur-s, outline precis? worm standards a rid ripe ho--s' : icrofilm all 7JD C docurr -ats onto apertta cards, annotate sc--,-ce cards -vtheri docu nts ? requix special b ndling, place cards in Shp card cat,? ogs only or thc;,e books which were a%ila.ble to use's of the catal,ogs$: assign to the Branch Chief wide discretion in -, chasing and reproducing rrateriais when this appeared to be the belly method, of rrvici ng a request f axed f.~xkzl r, place the responsiibi.1it fo3~ the c istodyend accountability for materials puxch sed with other than CIA Library funds on the purchasing offices, Task Team No. 9 TT9y two members cl Which T,e:-a professional catalogers and were past or at that tune had c' the Catalog Section, directed its efforts to studying the card ca 3 ors, the workloads and the cost of cataLogi.r ,The Tear members -grsed with all five of t'he Conilri tants t Grit i.ci_s. as : (l) f h - catalogs were inefficient tools and badly kept, becaitm new arc? _dditional cards Lrere machine fil ei in the Suaject and Area Catalogs at irregular inter-,rals from 5 months Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 to one year,, For catalog purposes the long narrow 1'M. card was considered ixgzzwgc'uicals T, hather filed on end or on ~ he s daa (2) Too many cords per title were grade-- 19 per tit" plus C2 different requirements for special card service. TT9 recommended that carci3 be prepared c-,ii r fo:' tie Cata? og aec ;ion, Q - "~ for the (one, Author~litle and one Shelf List ) for Reference Branch (one Au+hoth/Txt7 c one Sub retg onefi ?:4 ea) and. fo tha Branch Libraries (one for Author/Title for each library), (3) High cataloging costs were due to the lack of clearly defined acct isitian and selection poi icim ,$ P4 to S " 6 and the preparation and d?stribution use of 1-;'I of catalog cards all over the Agency. (4)The ISC fax a g w a-4not profitable for cataloging booboo T=9 heartily endorsed th' adoption of the LC claUsification sche_e and devoted it- self to ootaD?iq g wotkload standards for conversion. . (a) AsswtLrg that the Consultants giant c$ prod .ctior as low rather than a7ork1nad9 TT9 pcinued tie',the n: ;ad for a bettor ba1L^..ncii g of the profc3ssiona.l versus the non- professiona.i personnel in the cataloging operation. Reference Task Toam No, 10 The Consultant3 had cxrticized the Reference Branch's Tr' orx.xtion Unit an several :,corgis : grnssl r ov ors Vag ed9 too much use of untrained staff for aork requiring pro- fessional competence tools inferior to thcds iii most reference libraries,, The Consultants c laced that analysts must go to many placets to get the information that Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 is available but must also maintain large personal files because Library service is poor and undependable. The Consultants a s o accused the Bibliographic Unit of low quantity and quality work., requiring little special c airrpetenca, With these harsh criticisms in rlindy TTIO stated that the organization of the Reference Branch into information,, bib? iography,, selection and Intellofax units dispersed n^anpcwer,e s egmented and duplicated efforts and failed to da`velop the kind of -vir.11--rounded, reference co:ipstence required by the: Agencur. The Team recommended that the Branch be reorganized along area and functional lines,, assigning to eachspecialist all the reference function s9 including selection. TTIO Belt that the Referenc staff needed strengthening in econo rice and natural sciences as well asin the reading capabil$tzr in the,S1avrio qnd Chinese langniagea. The Team recommended more aggressive i thods to acquaint Agency personnel frith reference services and to secure feedback on service3 rendered. It also suggested a more meaningful system of record keeping and reporting to da,%,cribe and eveluate Branch actzyl.ties. Single In:For: tion Center Task Team No. 11 TT11 was charged with studying the proposed single information center zh ich -or as the major premise of the Conoultants' recommended ,z-.reorganization of OCR? The Tea-n maintained that the Consultants did not provide a clear and consistent definition of the proposed inforxr tion centers not differentiating between the concept of tea centralized information center for CTA in OCRII and of "ono point of contact for users of OCR reference service." TTll eoncludad that the single info ration point concept wqs illusory because in Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 practice the Consultants themselves indicated that except for short-term transactions} the customers would be referred to several registers and/or presumably to other supporting information units. The Tears felt that the nucleus of a central (in contrast to [L 41 single) infornation unit already e xfsted in the eference Branch. TT27. accuse. the Consultants of making too superficial a stugq' of the registers Land the Consultants admitted as much and of other units outside the Library for t hem to evaluate adequately the unique character of their references er riceso The Task Team was very much concerned that the Consultants had extended the reference yardstick to the point where it was proposed to separata the reference service per se in the Regis terse, in FDD and in the Map Library from each parent organization and incorporating it into a single reference unit. TTIl recommended that a central information unit be established within the Library, and that the following activities A whether administratively part of CGS, or not,, be located in close proximity to each other in the new building and that they be readily accessible from the central 1nforrratian unit : Library$ :Industrial 'peg} stern Biographic: Register! Graphics Rcgisterf thr Map Library and the Foreign Documents Dkrisiono Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Minicard Task Team No, 12 The Consultants could obviously not criticize the N?nicard System, in depth because it as not operational in 1957 nor was there a staff or for nai paper evaluating the gains anticipated from the new system. The task of TT12 was to determine if (1) Minicard offered advantages over Tntellofax; (2) the Mvinica_vd pilot operations had been satisfactori:4r planned; (3) OCR should have a continuing high level planning and management stteff to investigate t um TT:-_2 concluded that (1) Mi.-icard did offer many advantges over lntellofax and would substantial:- improve OCR's support Of intelligence research; (2) CCR should imznediate7,y organize a Minicard Pilot Operation Staff composed of a Chief and personnel from the Machine and Document Divisions and the Library to develop, policies and procedures and to direct the plot Minicard operation system; (3) OCR. should have a high 1 ve]. planning and management staff to investigate new ideas of document receipt, dissemination indexing and r= trieval,${:,. to keep abreast of new developments in the fields and to stud continually the OCR system in order to recommend Ehanges to improve its efficiency and sex-Tice to user offices. 34 See chapter on the Tnte3lofax System for discussion of the Minicard c xaerimen.? Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Leer the Storm 3753-59 What did the Consultants' Su~?vey and the Task Team Reports accomplish for the Library and the Docum.nt and Machine Divisions?. It was obvious that marry of the rec?~mrlendations w.a"ere dependent upon the success of the T?Sinicard Project and tre move t o the new building. In a report to CRAG in r 1958., Mr. Bore1 stated that' overall.. the area of agreement between the respective findings, conclusions and recon endations of the Cons-altantsand those of the Task Tears was somewhere between 50% and 60%, In sorie cases he found that the findings were validated., but different cmnclusions or i - cosmaandat1ons were reached; in other cases the findings could not be validated.. but similar conclusions or recoru aenc'ation$ .sera neverthless reachedo The overall history of OCR lists in general Nr. Borel's 1953 "Immediat Program for Iuplementing Recommendations of the Consultants mid the Task Teams" and his 1959 "Progsass Report on OCR Progress to Implement Recorinendats ons of the Consultants azd Task Teai-iis.'1 Needless to say., the Library reorgan?zod on 4 June 1953 and comments at this time are- ' pertinent to an u d erstanding of the Library's reaction to the 2 years of intensive ~examin tion4 what the Library Siix rey attempted to do,, and what Task Forces? including CNAG,. ire trying to resolve ar(3 certain basic goals or standards needed to viwne our Agency the nest k tad of Library . , a I believe that the rn untain of wo-c?s being amassed on -what our problems are ter!ds to overt .eln and becloud fundamentals. As we u'iC-el L eti :r1Lh reu techniques and procedures in the new onv3.roa -int which T;e are nar cr?ai;i~ rr.. the recorn endat ions (by ';,lc: Consultants and Task Teams) trill he studied and adopted as appropriate to our entrance into the new building. fl These have been difficult sr !--at I beli ?ve .e can look f ort,rard now for the next few years to a period. when our objective of optirrn;um" service arc~ cic.wly in c ght. " J ,J CIJG 12-58 "Summary Task Team Eva1 Lion s and the Fir_d.ings of CCR r t 'I C r 9,40 C! plr9~'111 Approv d J7 12*t 'r!'~C+a Y a;~n?} h June 1958 C0171, (in Folder Daily Library Reading File Jan--Juz 58 LY-32 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R0003000FO0 r r Reirita? ized Reference Branch 25X1A9a in the reorganization, --as designated Chief xeferen .e Librarian. A Bible ographic 13ection combining the bibliographic and selection functions T--as established. Sore bibliographies were comprehensive and very e: ersire to compile; othors were sinp1e lists of backgrou d reading on a particular area or subject. Some unclassified bibliographts were "?_eased to State Department's By.ternal Research Staff which ir_ turn ~sade them available to scholars anp researcherso The P.Tanch Libraries Trani transferred out of the Circulation Branch and establizhed briefly as an inde- pendent Branch0 By December 1958, hocrev r, grey were brought under of eret:ce Branch :superv i::, ion beca.usa most of their wo-z-k ras of a reference natures 411- had been The Catalog '~ection*., which under Acguisitiobs Branch sLice Ycvember 1956,E was or the first time in its history placed in the 25X1A9a Reference Branch krhere it has .-trained t c this da< o had appointed a specific Library Task Ti earin February 1999 to recommend the cataloging system which would be the most useful from the 48" * L7 bra:ry -point of view Everyone agreed on the LC system and, although this change was an internal raatter$ Nero Borel decided to so inform CC'BL3 He received its b1essings and the changeover began in the surrrner of 1959. To Provide for subjects imadeqr?te1r covered by LO, the Catalog Section produced -ia anen prnpa=a Q 5 lograp es ors s a ?re IzLbFa standard library responsibilitx. This Library activity was a 1nistrative1:r transf erred 1= ~, morn than any other Hostorian's i~nnderlini 7 Memo from AD/CR to DD "Release of irfcrmacion to the Acadrmie Community- OCR's Role" 22 Ju_``e 1962 CG_'TF (il n Chrono Juune- .7ec 62 65-1413/2) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 JY..33 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 three of its oT n schedu1w z Law,, Conn irnism and Communist Parties, and Intelligence and Security. These schedules were distributed to CODT3 members and sB1 ected non--1ntell3.gence to evexronets surprise libraries, including Mc reetaloging eras concluded by January 1963 except for a small n-w~ber of titles in the Historical Intelligence Collection and because this task was given low priority, it was not com?-pleted until October 196410 Back to School The need to train tore librarians had became evident during the 2 years of irrsestigations, so in 1959 the Library began i:ts program of sponsoring additional training at r scognized 25X1A9a Library schools. who headed tie Training Branch Library, was the fi_-'st employee to receive a 4-Aster's degree in Library Science under Agency sponsorship, She attended Rutgers University during the school year 1959/#40 Under this program seven nsre OCR employees received similar training at Rutgers, Columbia and Catholic Universities at and Drexel Institute of Te:.h.nologj up through 19650 In line with OCR polio- to coordinate like functions for possible economies, four positions in the Copy Unit of the Circulation Branch were transferred administratively to the machine Division for operatics of the photostat .machines. In fur- CR 29 Subject Headings and Classed Schedules for Law, Commons c,nd Corr_mubist Parties, and I:telligence6and Security in the CIA Library. 1959 (on file to t e atalog ection of the I Library) Memo from Librarian to CIA Library Staff "Organization Changes in the CIA Libraxy'u 27 April 1961 (in L?br ry Production 1961 Bacc 3L1/I.) c ti a , ? Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-0951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 ther orge..aizational changes., ththree--m an Selection Unit was transferred from the Bibliography Section c Reference Branch to Acquisitions Branch in order to allm7 the Selection Staff to participate more activel;j in the preparation of s election guides for the foreign procurement program and to plan for the actual location of the Selection Section in thr Acquisitions Branch in the new building o Recommended by the Glonsultar_ts and rejected by T%, this shirt was rr p on paper only. Th-- selection activity never mcv d administratively or because there was no room in the new building for the Acquisitions Branch. The Selection Staff therefore was assigned directly to the Librarian's office. The title of the Chief of the Catalog, uection moved up a notch in prestige and. became Chief Cataloger (similar to that bad been done with Chief Reference Librarian) a an a cknowledgement of the Library-fie ?sparsibilites of the Chief Cataloger? With the move to the new building in the fa'-11 of 19E L, the number of requests levied on the Library increased signifi- cantly. Intallofax requests were up 31% over 1960 and requests for the loan and/or retention of books and documents increased 59 a4 As menioned previouslyo the Branch Libraries in Barton Hall., R & S and K Buildings were abolished and their functions con- solidated with the main Libraryo Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 1962-63 At the invitation of the AD/CR, two consultants visited the Library on 6-8 June 1962 to review operations and facilities in the new building and to a dvise officials 25X1A5a1 on policy and ;rocedureso 25X1A5a1 25X-1 A5 submitted quite a different report from 25X1A5a1 the devastating Consultantst Report of 1957 [although was also a member of that three-man teal they comrnenteic favorably on the conduct of programs and services and suggested onir minor changes in organization, training programs for staff members and the publication of accessions lists. An OUR. management decision of November 1962 assigned to t74e(JAS uniI of the Circulation Branch the job of ordering and distributing military procurf'ment materials which could be obtaLied without charge from US military establishments. This was transferred from the Accraisitions Branch to lAS is order to reduce the number of Library points contacting the same suppliers and to clari r and reduce Acquisitions Branches responsibilities regardiiig the procurement of classified and "free" publications. a7CT ~b ~zt S:a~ ~ ~ i37~ t M '7 63 a~ The Weekly Accession List was started in 1948 and had ceased publication in 1956, It resumed publication as a monthly issuance in 1963, partl7 on the reconnendation of the t;?.=o Consultants and party because of consuzmerst commer&. )J Annual ` eport of the Office of central of erence Fiscal Year 1962 CTA/CR AR w5 21 September 1962 SECRET' page 15 (in annual Reports Approved F or teleasT69/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Ti Inspector General in sport of Sopternbe~r 1963 stressed the need for a rn-eiraluatix of s election po1ici s? :, -I recommended the establish1ent of a E ?rup of representatives of the major cor ponernt of the Agency - o would discuss and re- exami_~.e i'iith the Libra.rjai and the , n of of t ha 6election Staff the policies pertaining to book procurement. This ,Tas not a new idea; TT4 and CRLQ Notices 16>59 -anal. 6F-61 !- d recorri nc?ed similar action. So the put out another CRAG ?'r3tice again urging 111 users of the Library to participate in the strcngthsnLag of the collections through comments or specific reco nr-endations Neer Li'orarian in 1963 25X1 9a f c ierly with Bid and the Staff for the . Corr:tunity Z-form-anion processing St-_f (SCIPS) became tea CIA 25X1A9a Librarian vice v an went to Londot or 2 yearn as Regional Publicat:io is Procurer ent ~)fficero yep gem er `M Sur my of OCR 1963 SLCR,T CR.3. H'?.storical riles CRAG Notice 16-59 "CIA Library ''election Officsr Respor_si'oilities" ,31 2h December 1959 For Of ioe Use Or.:;-- (In CRAG 1958-59 66-496/1') CRAG Notice 6-61 election Policy cf CIA Library" 6 Decerrbe.- 1961 CONF (in CRAG 1960-61 66.496/1) 1.. CR.~.G Notice 1/4 "Selection Policy c' the CIA Library" 28 January 1964 C011F (in CRAG 1962-64 66-496/1) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 4,1 act of CHIVE. During ? the CHIVE indexii g experiment of 1964, the as one of its vhief Cataloger had served senior indexers. And as a permanent 61 ME member he was one of a t ,'vv-man team to revise the ISC into a detailed indexing scheme to be used for both collateral and codeword material - the Sub cct Intelligence Code (SIC)0 CHIVE The Library Staff Assistant ser**ed as the rec-mitment officer and during the voluntary recruitment program of 1965 the Library lost five persons to CHIVE. Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 E-ct8rna1. Rel at-,ions (!959-67) Libras o? Congress Cutbacks in C.TA r s support to LC for t lie EET and the Mme, hags alzady, been discussed in an e ariy part of t his c hapter0 The AD/CR made an off or on 23 November 1959 to the Librarian of Congress to supply LC -vrith a copy of every catalog entry repre- senting original cataloging by t1. e CLA. Library. LC accepted ?ry .h the proviso that these cards would not be filed in the Union Catalog because CIA did not w ant to get "into the lending pattern for open pvblicatio:ism4' Arrangements were made to transfer the Library's retrospective collection of Russian ne rspap?@rs to LO 9 By 1964 the CM Library had freed app ro>dmate 3y 2000 linear feet of shelving *vhich provided badly-needed space for other serial iaterial* the Pan American Union and Industrial Co.lega The CIA Library was authorized by the DD/I and the Office of Security in 1961 for the first time in its history to establish a routine inter-library loan relationship frith the Library of the 01 Pan American Union, A similar re1ation3h1p was established with the Industrial College of the Arned Forces in January of the same year m COSATI and US Secret S9rv1c9 The Library was accorded observer status in 1964 on the Presidentis edpral Council on Science and Technolo,rls Committee Men o from CIA Librarian to DD/I "Inter-Library Relations with the Pan American Union" COi'F 17 October 1961 (in Library 1961 64-3i4) Nano from Chief, LCD to E Off ,cer, Industrial College of the Armed Forces "Inter-Library Loan Services" 5 January 1961 For Official tise Only (in library 1961 64-311/1) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 LY-39 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 25X1A9a on Scientific and Technical Information (COSATI); attended tlhe monthly meetings reguiar],y and this exposure gave the Library an i -sight into d eve,? oprentA in other government libraries, 25X1A9a particuiarly non-Intelligence-0 was also desig-nated OCR contact po;L-it with the Protective Research Section of the US Secret Service. The Document Division cooperated in scrse:iing incoming items of possible use in protective research relative to presidential visits abroad. Extensive Intellofax runs were mats before each visit and tun: d over to the becret ervice 25X1A9a via and DD/P channels. 7-Lachine Literature Searches 1966 saw the beginning of machine literature searches using the systems of Vie ~.t 4na1 L .'orary of Medicine$ the 'Defense C3DC t Dcc'umentation Center and the National Aeronautical and Space Agency f-- 11) A year later at the request of ORDi a model 33 ASR tele-,n-Iter was installed in the Library, providing a direct link to the Systems Development Corporation computers in Santa Monica, California. This supported Project COL. a data base of 54,Q citations to unclassified article; and reports on aerospace technQlogyn The a pproach was by author, descriptors or COSATI subject category. the response was Immediate with TIT pri~itouts at 100 words per minute. Memo from Chief Reference Librarian to Acting CTA Librarian '~Froject "CG. C" 1 September 1967 CONF (1n. Org & management Library 1967 Approved FFIe 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Chinese Publicgtions The Coordinator for Academzic Relations recommended to Mr, Borel that CIA make available to fie academic community eits holdings of unclassifi iel rnairi an . Chinese publications In more than 2 million pagan 1967 the CIA Library began a prograri o f microfilming t MI for the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. A microfilm copy was also made for the Library and the hard co pies were sent to LC. Servicing Budget cuts in 196 Caused th@ cUrtailnent, of two Library services. Special. induces to the National Iiztelligence E. sir-!ten which had. been prepared and maintained for the Office of National Estimates since 17-58 were .topped. With the abolishment of the Bibliography 'section of the 'efe= ence Branchi _ the Library ceased preparing forral bibliographies and the responsibility for 114-Ated N#J bibliographic servics was transfe=^red to the Information Section: But new services iTere added, The L:i:crary inaugurated a Scientific and Technical Information Service (SATIS) in support of the Scientific and technical activities of CIA! in response to a request from This program was not completed until 1,972, Memo from Chief Reference Librarian to SA/CR "Release of Unclassified CHIC()iN Serials to Hoover Iratitu Jion't 17 May 1967 U (in 7:.ibrary 1967 69--592) Library Monthly R port for November 1964 10 D:cem'aer 1961 SECRET (in Folder Library Monthly ?--ports 1^Y 65 71-18/1) }; CRAG Notice 3/64., U May 1964 "Scientific and Technical Infcr ration Soi-price" Confidential (in CRAGr 1962-64 66-.496/1) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 ORD,, the Library provided an am owic ement ' s ervic e by means of reproduced tables of contents of selected journals,, which were located on displ: shal-Ting at one end of the beading Room. St IS,wrhich was used e: tensireiy 'out without :,such selectirit 7' by OB.D and one office in 00, :?rau discontinued in 1967 because of dwindling Library personnel resoucces and C'iW? s on capabilities' The Infor-cation S~ctior_ also assn-:mid responsi'oility for servicing requests from BRIs Irternatianal. Conference File to w hich BR iad added no new mterial after 1965. Tho Library finally retired the file of 50 bcceo to Records Center in Ju_1y 1966 because of Little rec nest traffico To :reet expresacc'. neec_ of IIt?IC, CR9.,, OSI ;%Ia ., the Library took steps to roceiie, distribute but ,;;,ore or catalog, se1r ted JS reports. 'on r,~is .ln> and s^ac a research and development. The volume o2 sur-Ii reports IT3 contractor groups ?bars staggering and trould have buried OCR and the analysts If received in toto0 ,,-as an The L:Ourary f olt t'iatx A cr' SeN v:ic es Technical Ins orr?:a':ion Agency (ASTI -Irate aucee ,aci -byr D.; espensibillity, ASTIR ,Ya,3 not geared t o meet CIA i s needs, the Library nogotiatcd an interim approach wits, the rascal ch components of DoD and, separately with ASA. ej Memo From. Acting CIA Librarian to D/0R "Disposition of Scientific and. Technical Inrormation Service (SATIS) in CIA Library 28 Sept 67 S ,CR7r_2 (in Library erg & Mgt9 1967 69.592) Library Monthly Reports for '{arch and June 1966 ZCHHET (in Library F 65~ and FY 66 71-.18/1) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 111-4U LY-J2 Approv "~ F r Fn990r~e o-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 To ensure all-source reference support (the name of the game under the CHIVE concept),, the Inte?l? ofax Reference sirup began on 1 June 1965 a systemriatie exchange with the Special Register of request sheets. for machine listings of documents. The retrieval aspect; of the I.ntellofax System was f inal3y transferred from Library Reference to the Document Division in November 1965 and the activity was renamed the Intellofax Reference Service (IRS) with the transfer of one slot from the Library. OCR Instruction 1-3.. dated 19 October, gave the reason for the change: "This change places both indexing ar I retrieval of collateral documents under single management and represents pre-CHIVE planning designed to ease the transition into the computer-backed reference world." It took 18 years to achieve an ever hoped for goal on the part of the document classifiers- to plat input and output together o Two mammoth machine runs in the summer of 1966 tasked the resources of the three divisions inTolved in the Intellofax System. OSIts request for a machine r un for the tau=pose of updating Section Ii.3 of various NIS areas resulted in 9,953 references. The Circulation Branch agroed it, ,could mint documents up thirough ei t sages, the c ontants of o ac aperture card' without viewing. The OSI requester agreed to vae w all large reports before they were reproduced. During this elephantine tasks OCR Instruction CR-1-3 "Intellofax Reference Service"' 19 October 1965 CONF (in Chrono July ec 65 71-21) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 another requ rst of similar magnitude as received"' rom OiZIL This request resulted in 7,645 references. The requester agreed to the a? e restrictions as OSI and +he Lx.ora reproduced 100 documents for h1sr: each dayo This numb?" was increased after the completion of the OSI project. Rasuits : t-00 satisfied but rather overvrheimed customers. The Future of the Library in a r::e.r:O commenting on CIA Library cost reduction goalsp Walter PfcrzheL ra HIC Curator vpno ,Y as Acting Librarian for a few months in 1965, w r_ of Personnalvri,se the L braary is at rock-4bottorl. Nothing significant can be out from any Object Class without detriment to, or even outright denial of j, service in certain areas* particularly document delivery,, We have no 1ow priority activities to 25X1A9a 25X1A6a , returning from a 2 -year tour of duty in to resume hi.- duties as CIA Librarian in Oetcber 1965, found a greatly weakened Library i,nbterms of strnngt and stature. The Acquisitions Branch which had been part of the Library since 1953 had been Iran Terrell to PDD in April 1965. He became conce d with the lack of a delineation of any meaningful role for that part of OCR referred to in the OCR Five-=Yc ,.r Plan.. 16 March 1966, as the "non-CHIVE Library g He felt that a few lines on the Library were necessary,, other rlse the "Libraryts bare bones are fair gar for further par ngo" He continued with almost a plea: Memo from Acting CIA Librarian to VC -a "CIA Library Cost 'eduction Coals" 1 July 1965, SECRET (in Library Or g & Mgt 1965 67--515/2) Memo from CIA Librarian to D/CR "CCR B s rive Year Pl ban 24 March 1966 Administrative Internal Use (in Libraa^y Org & V t 1966 68-487/2) Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP84-00951 R000300020014-4 The Plan highlights thq "exploitation" of open literature througa tra sakes provided by trans1 tion9 dissemina. ion and its subsequent retrievability in the CHIVE mechanism. The Plan does not ml owledge that such open literati may also be available in book or periodical form is the CIA. Library The Library's daily role., which It refuses to call "exploitation"., in aiding less demanding requesters responds to out 1000 reference requests per month., to say nothing of the Library materials which the requesters find by themselves in the Libraryo To have essential. Ls.orary se',rice available takes high caliber people- cataloging, circulation., and reference- to keep available a current vibrant collection. They are as important to the program for making oxen literature available as the translators and/or mech. anized equipment. . . !.'here are many facets in the OCR blueprint for the future T,ihere the CIA Library had ianporbant contributions to make. It offers its capabilities as a reniber of this partnership to help the plans achieve' fruition." Many of the plans for reoftanization of OCR included curtailment of Library services with the threat of cutting back the existing reference., periodical, selection and cataloging services to a minimum level? For tiinately9 -=f--'- this September 25X1A9a occurs in the-1967 reorganization. L' rLSS 5 1:2 s 5 o:X 3 a n c v 4 n n .. M~Yij~lUi _ J . to be Originally slated Special Assistant to the Chief$ Information 25X1A9a Services Gtoup i.n the reorganizes . OCR) - becaaie 25X1A9a attached to the Agency Retirement Board. Special Assistant in the D/CRSIs office., was appointed oa`in7 CIA Librarian and served from July 1967 'ant, l 5X1 9a early in 1968 transferred from CCI to oecome the Librarian in the new era, "Reorganti on of OCR' Approved ~d ~11gw ~8/ -0096UR0D0I0e 014-4