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December 12, 2016
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December 8, 1998
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April 11, 1947
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rap rove 0 saaqv~~ aim 41 !o be the repository for all intelliCinoe and Intel- litesee information to be permanently filed by CIO, to asiRtain records of all available intelligence sources, 1talligence iafornation and intelligenosj to provide a reference library for CIOj and to establish,in ooordina- tisa with OCD, procedures for utilisation of its aster. tale and sataloprs by or agencies. le gstsblish the esntral rsfersmos activities fbr CrQ, and maintain sgpsqprtats ltatssa, administrative and policy waking activities. 1. itsbll/r a asehins eperatteas canter fbr recording and filing intal- liasaoe iaiesmmtisa and tatisllitease in a readily acoessible state for later ltsttags, tabulations and statistical reporting by machine research tsebaiquss. $. fttablish a central refernaeo repository for tntolligemes lcemasats sad asMrials laslading library facilities for CIQ. 4. Wnta11jsh isatral record files of the actual lesation of all available ,.. t1al tatdllgeaee aevrces end snristing intelligence doci tart' materials geststrdag is lie satianel se arity (mi ether immediately accessible within CIO -. asullile slse.bere). So pressat the Inference Branch in all major inter.offiee and inter- agwsy eserdisatisa, oserelation and functional activities. MCUiIyii STAT? 1. Ooordisate administrative oroeedurrs of the Reference Brsnoh, inslud.. try the fstablishasnt of tables of organiaationj personacl adRSinistrationj budgetary space and property and equipment sllooationsl and security and other Mw"tdosa. 1. sropar? administrative reports for sirnature of the Chief as required. lpproved For Release 2001/07/27lt4-00951R0004000 ? a The Coordinating staff will, 1. Ooordinate the employment of machine faoilities and servloss to satisfy adainietrati*s requirements as they develops and to satisfy intslligenos re- irammota selling for speoial machine tsohnigws and methods. I. Coordinate the establishment of appropriate record tiles to enable prompt and efficient location of &W available dooumsntary material wltaa end r requested. i, 2aitiate action to escuro inter-offioe and iatsr.dspartmen? a osordi- aattsa is fir fields of foreign intellipeaea of interest to the Reference itstah. 4. Ossrdiambe aetivitios botassc machine operations and library, ilmotious eLuia VIS aftrvnos Iraneit. . !!r t>antact Gnat,ol bsistsr sill, 1. tlsssr4, by masbiae tseLaiques, Pertinent iafdmatatico ,!gaming an mali 1e petantisl and actual, iadlviduel sod orgamisatiodal "wow or SRtelli~aass within fir lritst Stec cad its peeeesaieas, together with i farelp awlisn ON to ' rsststatisas relative to scatasting suss asnvss , Jt` gas i 1 Us tstnrr cod ci And, or the foreign iatolliReaw, poteatiel of eai matt norms. I. Lsssto fir cathorisot rodpiea,ts atq rseordet seuree ospabls of stttp. " PaM iafsrtaatien to satiate stated reguismateats, 4 00 00"IND 6 Wtiattaim dsefisrs an all enures to "Pant ttw iafsssticat ssatsiand ssseeds stall to refine the eLsotivity of the maehiae,sane 5. 7. ,qsa request of nuthorissd reoipisnts, details of the beet- =lwat et SW roeerded spume. C. tlsia%aia curet records at security `hew cheeks. of all aetis,s or pot .tial nurses. V. ?asurs,, +shsrs nee" sirr'se. Kr7. IPY appropriate *odes the ano ti' of each 1. BurvW the Igistsr at regular intervals to asoertain the scope and Skit" theta, and iatb sutherised recipients ofwtbs s o within the l of the MaCtsisr. 8ewrwl ral apabilitie? I. Prepare statistical reports and calatlations as the cad oeNress in domestic source coverage, mud b points of strrat3i ~equaciss to the ring all action. attsatien of appropriate authorities for remedial SECR ? Ma 040[tSal rndsz will t 1. Indisi, by business machine procedures, the subje.t seater of all svall- able reports, and other sbaussants of a foreiaa intslli.snos naturr, reairdless at phydoal location of such materials. !. locate and identify upon request all available intsllig.noe materials psrtaiaiai to any specific forsiga subject or area. 3. Analyse the Index at regular intervals to determine superabundance or dearth of available documsntarl foreign intslliganoe on any subj.at of interest -ft the national security, and inform authorised recipients of the results of sash analyses. d9 prepare and distribute aooession lists of all newly acquired, important ftrsigm lntellir.noe dosumsnts. 3ECH SECRET A. Prow do, upon request fre^ authorised recipients, oomplete biblio- graphies of available intelii erce material on any s>eoifio forein eubjeot or area. 6. aintain and analyse the available s,-eaial card files acquired from ether asansies for listings and statistical intelligence information, within Us capabilities and physical limitations of the 2aference Branch. To Acquire, cods and process available special documentary files within is limits set down by responsible intelligence and research offices, within the capabiliOst and physical limitations of the Reference Branch. 25X1X2 ' ? SECRET ? "Z, -Operate a osntral reference and loom file of charts, mops and blos- ps requisud for tatelliRsaec purposes and a easpleto index of available p is materials and their lecatioa. L paisblltb sad . a$2 a esatrsl reference and loan file and a single tfist of ssatlable tatell$aense files tb:sudlaut the 6svsrstcrat agencies ?d l~tdssiats. i. dot up a esatral pisterial ressrds rsfsrsaos and lean file, sad psedass ills s"aisud slassift.stisIR iafom ion for Maintaining the dsatral Iades asabias MUse4e asr s ailablo pbotetr bs, SECRET