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December 21, 2016
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June 5, 2008
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May 20, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/06/05 :CIA-RDP85B01152R000700870041-3 ? ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET OC Space Requirements FROM: D / O C DATE I~I~1 IJ~:,: TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) ' A-D OL LSb a ~/s OFFICER'S INITIALS NO. i OC-M83T 'S~~D ~ ~ ._ ~.. COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw o line across column after each comment. D~/- ~u ~,,~~ /'"' ~ ~,,,? ~?y'`'` ka.o ~ ~ pry. d~ ~ '=0 3 - I ?.Q.o /~4~.Q c /~~c.~ ~ ~.~~ ~~ 73 -83 Ave ~ 0 S6 25X1 ~ ,Q ~cP~..~~Q ~ j "~~~ /~R. FORM 61 0 USE PREVIOUS I-79 EDITIONS W? ,~ ~ `7 `7 O+~t ~i.c~o ~ ,7 25X1 Approved For Release 2008/06/05 :CIA-RDP85B01152R000700870041-3 ? Approved For Release 2008/06/05 :CIA-RDP85B01152R000700870041-3 OC-M83- `~~~ MEI`10RANDUM FOR: Director of Logistics FROM: William F. Donnelly Director of Communica i ns SUBJECT: OC Space Requirements 1. The Office of Logistics (OL) is requested to assist the Office of Communications (OC) in determining if the Building is suitable for the requirement outlined in t1e attac - ment. Vde believe that acquisition of such space is t11e best ~aay to meet Agency communications requirements until tine new Head- quarters Building is fully occupied. However, OC is als~'~ared to consider other alternatives in cooperation wit11 OL. 2. After reviewing the projected space available within the Headquarters Building with members of your staff, it leas become apparent that the 4,000 square feet identified will not lie adequate. 3. We are planning to complete the development of otli? nela Communication Switching and Message Handling Systems "inhouse". in parallel operation with the present systems. This arrangement will be of a temporary nature until we move into tine new -_~eaddu;~rters Building. To reduce costs, it is our intention to minimise renovations of the temporary facilities to the extent possible and use old furniture presently available. There