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December 16, 2016
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July 19, 2005
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August 25, 1982
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Approved For Release 2005/08/02: CIA-RDP8 R00020005 0fi-3- OC M82- ,.r 25AUG1982 THROUGH: Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT: FY-83 Recruitment Requirements 1. On 11 August 1 82. meeting was conducted with Messrs. I lof your Office to discuss the technical and professional re- cruitment requirements for fiscal year 1983. As you are aware, some variance has existed between our estimate of external re- cruitment needs and that proffered by your Office. We found this variance to be partially a matter of terminology and partially due to the fact that some of our anticipated FY-83 requirements have not as yet been formalized. (C) 2. At the conclusion of our meeting it was agreed th t Office of Personnel would establish an in-process goal of 25X1 technical and professional applicants for the Office of Communi- cations in the initial quarter of FY-83. It is our understanding that this in-process oal would extrapolate to an annual yield of PrrA4t. approximately employees entering on duty. It was also r" If WF agreed that O C's recruitment requirements would be reviewed and +o updated quarterly to ensure that our Office strength is main- tained at authorized ceiling. (S) R o(c .1mf' Mas W N /l F IRr+~K. 3. As a result of our discussions we would like to revise our FY-83 professional and technical recruitment requirementsMA NTl~iN~ as indicated on attachment. Our current planning calls for qui rt ,v6 'I. classes of ber 1982, classes of January, Apri and July,7983. Our amende4 quirements reflect only of FY-83 as we expect to EOD months of FY-82. (S) FY-83 recruitment re- in the initial quarter in the waning 25X1 25X1 25X1 WARNING NOTSCE INTELLIGEI1"(RN0 y5For OR METHODS INVOLVED Telecommunications Specialists (TCS) each in Octo- ary and June of 1983. We are also planning lectronic Technicians (ETs) each in October 1982, SECRET SEC E F Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 SUBJECT: FY-83 Recruitment Requirements 4. In an effort to monitor our progress toward meeting our FY-83 goals, we have researched our FY-82 statistics and have determined that approximately 75% of the TCS applicant files and 57% of ET applicant files reviewed by OC are placed in process for employment. Assuming that these figures remain relatively constant, and that the current IN-PROCESS:EOD ratio of 4:1 does not fluctuate, we estimate that approximately CS applicant s will be required ay to produce an annual yield of TCS EODs. Similarly, ET applic files would be re- quired to meet our FY-83 requirement, ofM ETs. (S) 5. We will monitor our progress closely and will keep you advised on a regular basis. We would very much appreciate your comments regarding the foregoing, particularly the methodology outlined in paragraph 4. Please advise if we can be of further assistance in this effort. (U) Attachment: As Stated 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 SECRE I Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 Next 14 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 Approved ForDlease 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-0002400 0200050001-3 o c c~.~ a ..~. a ... -S o c c...~ cite-?i, ,.. ` moo. ~n a~.+..~ ee C. s.0 ` .=a te o C S Cam, ~.X C q g)o r . c "'~-~ l~ C~,..~ +,ts)(L C -ra 3 1 - 3 " Approved For Release f9h5/881`: CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 Approved For Rye lease 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R900200050001-3 dk-i a-2A CC:, 1c, CPU C' &ZA ,s1 ~ u C.K. 5o Release 2685A)" CIA-RDP680 I.R000200050 3 Approved For,Reelease 2005/08/02 CIA-RDP86-0002 _R000200050001-3 ell ~k" t v.s.. dl~w c..e wa J c-A f S,4L CL- S' C" r g IS6 ~--teal s Y- C- .tom ~~~~ o cam, c L ca C& Ap?toLyed. mmWa e a 2005/08/02 CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 STAT Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 Next 12 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 ~ilUlittidlJ { i~W 1 l Y ~i~ 1 G~~ ~yL U 1 U yLI Approved For please 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024, 00200050001-3 1. POLICY AND DIRECTION GROUP 0000.00-0090.99 2. CAREER AND STUDENT TRAINEE GROUP Career Trainee Series (GS-0090.00-GS-0090.99) Professional Training Series GS-0098.00-GS-0098.99 Student Trainee Series GS-0099.00-GS-0099.99 3. 'ECONOMICS (INTELLIGENCE AND SOCIAL. SCIENCE) Social Science Series GS-0101.00-GS-0101.99 Economic Series GS-0110.00-GS-0110.99 4. INTELLIGENCE PRODUCTION: GENERAL RESOURCES GROUP Intelligence General Subseries GS-0132.00-GS-0132.19 Intelligence Resources Subseries GS-0132.20-GS-0132.29 S. INTELLIGENCE: PROCESSING, REPORTS AND ESTIMATES GROUP Intelligence Processing Subseries GS-0132.30-GS-0132.49 Intelligence Information Reports and Estimates Subseries GS-0132.50-GS-0132.69 6. INTELLIGENCE: OFFICER PROGRAM, MILITARY GROUP Intelligence Officer Program Evaluation Subseries GS-0132.70-GS-0132.79 Military Intelligence Research Series GS-0133.00-GS-0133.99 7. INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS: GENERAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, POLITICAL, FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE GROUP ApprAEl~~~~rlii 15/08/~tlp~~~[86J00024R000200050001-3 ~~,jj~~ ! j } tr,s F 3 L? L USE Approved For,`Release 2005/08/02: CIA-RDP86-000200200050001-3 Intelligence Operations General Subseries GS-0136.00-GS-0136.09 Paramilitary Operations Subseries GS-0136.10-GS-0136.29 Psychological and Political Operations Subseries GS-01.36.30-GS-0136.49 Foreign Intelligence Operations Subseries GS-0136.50-GS-0136.59 8. OPERATIONS SUPPORT GROUP Operations Support Subseries GS-0136.60-GS-0136.79 9. INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS RESEARCH GROUP Intelligence Operations Research Subseries c I GS-0136.80-GS-0136.99 Intelligence Operations Research Assistant GS-0303.12 Intelligence Operations Research Clerk GS-0303.13 Intelligence Operations Research Clerk-Typing 'GS-0303.14 Intelligence Operations Research Clerk-Stenography GS-0303.15 10. GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY GROUP Geography Series- GS- 0150. 00-GS-150 0.99 ..Equal Employment Opportunity Series GS-0160.00-GS-0160.99 History Series GS-0170.00-GS-0170.99 History Clerical and Assistant Series GS-0171.00-GS-0111.99 11. PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION GROUP GS-0200.00-GS-0299.99 12. GENERAL CLERICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE.GROUP .Ap ved For Release 2005/08/02: CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 11 1 `iflliiL us)C Ui L1 Approved For (ease 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024 pb0200050001-3 Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series GS-0301-.00-GS-0301.99 Intelligence Clerk (through GS-06) GS-0303.03 Operations Support Assistant GS-0303.07 Cryptic Reference Clerk (Through GS-6) GS-0303.08 Cryptic Reference Assistant (GS-07 through GS-09) GS-0303.09 Liaison Assistant GS-0303.10 Staff Assistant GS-0303.11 Clerk-typing GS-0303.16 Clerk GS-0303.17 Intelligence Assistant (GS.-07.through GS-09) GS-0303.18 Intelligence Clerk-Stenography (Through GS-06) GS-0303.19 Intelligence Clerk-Typing (Through GS-06) GS-0303.20 13. COURIER GROUP Courier Series GS-0302.00-GS-0303.99 .14. INFO RECEPTIONIST, INFO CONTROL AND RECORDS, CORRESPONDENCE CLERK STENO AND REPORTS GROUP Information Receptionist Series GS-0304.00-GS-0304.99 Information Control and Records Series GS-0305.00-GS-0305.99 Appof !2085/08/A2; CLAY E P8p-00024R000200050001-3 ndtrr~~~ rya r ? 191 f.;1J?L U U1L' Approved For elease 2005/08/02: CIA-RDP86-00024 OO0200050001-3 Correspondence Series GS-0309.00-GS-0309.99 Clerk Stenographer and Reporter Series GS-0312.00-GS-0312.99 15. SECRETARY GROUP Secretary Series GS-0318.00-GS-0318.99 16. CLERK TYPIST GROUP Clerk Typist Series GS-0322.00-GS-0322.99 17. COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION, COMPUTER OPERATION, COMPUTER SPECIALIST, COMPUTER AID AND TECHNICIAN GROUP Computer Systems Administration Series GS-0330.00-GS-0330.99 Computer Operation Series GS-033200-GS-0332.99 Computer Specialist Series GS--0334.00-GS-0334.99 Computer Aid and Technician Series GS-0335.00-GS-0335.99 18. ADMINISTRATIVE_ASSISTANT AND OFFICER, OFFICE SERVICES SUPPORT & SUPERVISION GROUP Administrative Assistant and Officer Series GS-0341.00-GS-0341.99 Office Services Support and Supervision Series GS-0342.00-GS-0342.99 19. MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS, MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST, PROGRAM ANALYSIS GROUP Management Analysis Series GS-0343.00-GS-0343.99 Management Specialist Series GS-0344.00-GS-0344.99 Program Analysis Series GS-0345.00-GS-0345.99 Ap(~ps -,Af D-1 Z 2005/08/02 L TA- P864' 000200050001-3 IS I 111A `1T USE tit ""11#111 1W I lint i win i!1 1 6.I U%i4C. UR)L UIYL1 Approved Fo;,aelease 2005/08/02: CIA-RDP86-00020200050001-3 20. OFFICE MACHINE, DATA CONVERSION, CODING, ELECTRIC ACCOUNTING,-TELEPHONE Equipment Operator Series GS-0350.00-GS-0350.99 Coding Series GS-0357.00-GS-0357.99 Electric Accounting Machine Operation Series GS-0359.00-GS-0359.99 Electric Accounting Machine Project Planning Series GS-0362.00-GS-0362.99 Telephone Operating Series GS-0382.00-GS-0382.99 21. TELEGRAPHIC TYPEWRITER, COMMUNICATION, GENERAL MANAGEMENT, SPECIAL GROUP Telegraphic Typewriter Operating Series GS-0385.00-GS-0385.99 Communications Management Series GS-0391.00-GS-0391.99 General Communications Series GS-0392.00-GS-0392.99 Special Communications Series GS-0393.00-GS-0393.99 22. ACCOUNTING AND BUDGET GROUP Credit Union Series GS-0091.00-GS-0091.99 Accounting and Budget Group GS-0500.00-GS-0599.99 23. MEDICAL, MEDICAL INTEL1IGENCE, PSYCHOLOGY GROUP Psychology Series GS-0180.00-GS-0180.99 Psychology Aid and Technician Series GS-0181.00-GS-0181.99 .Appr~~ ; + ~!Tse~ E' 1( 2005/08/' ~ ~~ ~ j~ ~DP86 ~ 0024R000200050001-3 L USE CITY Approved For eIease 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-0002 00200050001-3 Graphology Series GS-0182.00-GS-0182.99 Medical and Medical Intelligence Group GS-0600.00-GS-0699.99 24. ENGINEERING GROUP GS-0800.00-GS-0899.99 25. LEGAL GROUP GS-0900.00-GS-0999.99 26. INFORMATION & ARTS GROUP Scientific Linguist Series GS-0195.00-GS-0195.99 Information and Arts Group GS-1000.00-GS-1099.99 29.- MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS AND CRYPTOGRAPHIC GROUP. GS-1500.00-GS-1599.99 30. TRAINING GROUP GS-1700.00-GS-1799.99 31. SECURITY, INVESTIGATION AND INSPECTION GROUP Safety Management Series GS-0018.00-GS-0018.99 Security, Investigation, and Inspection Group GS-1800.00-GS-1899.99 32. BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, EQUIPMENT, FACILITIES SERVICES, LOGISTICS TRANSPORTATION GROUP Business and Industry Group GS-1100.00-GS-1199.99 Equipment, Facilities and Services Group GS-1600.00-GS-1699.99 'Logistics Group GS-2000.00-GS-2099.99 27. PHYSICAL SCIENCES GROUP . GS-1300.00-GS-1399.99 2.8. LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES GROUP GS-1400.00-GS-1499.99 ~~e It pprr.. USE 05/0 ~~ ~A~RDP! t86-000 24R000200050001-3 jj((1 i b f Approved Foelease 2005/08/02: CIA-RDP86-00024P00200050001-3 Transportation Group GS-2100.00-GS-2199.99 33. BIOLOGICAL & VETERINARY SCIENCE GROUP GS-0400.00-GS-0499.99 34. TRADES, CRAFTS AND LABOR GROUP ? GS-2200.00-GS-2299.99 Wage Board WG, WL, or WS-4000.00-4999.99 Domestic Services Group WG, WL, or WS-4000.00-4099.99 Crafts Group ?WG, WL, or WS-4200.00-4299.99 Equipment Operating Group WG, WL, or WS-4400.00-4499.99 Warehousing Group WG, WL, or WS-4600.00-4699.99 Labor Group WG, WL, or WS-4800.00-4899.99 35. PRINTING, PAPER MAKING, PHOTOGRAPH BOOKBINDING GROUP Lithographic and Printing Wage Board .WI-5000.99-5999.99 Government. Printing GP-6000.00-6999.99 Graphic Arts GA-7000.00-7999.99 36. FIREFIGHTER AND GUARD GROUP Fire-Fighting and Fire-Prevention Series GS-0081.00-GS-0081.99 GUARD SERIES GS-0085.00-GS-0085.99 37. MILITARY MOS AND SPECIALTIES GROUP R4W foff"05/0 (~ C ~ ( " 0.0 0200050001-3 '7T '0 STAT Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3 Next 5 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00024R000200050001-3