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AGRYUOV, N.A.., kand.tekhn.nauk I TcchnI.queo for the preparation of artificial sand. Sbor,trud,, VNIINerud no.IM-84 162. (MMA 150) (Stoned Crushed) - e ~5 0 , ~x fop 00.4 00 06 ooN 004 06 00 so a. .03 eow gels Cie COMA011. Is Water. Lod N. S. I alci. Insi. "-area -SP-M U- -1,9W. No, 140- 9; C". Zfelf. 1941. 11. 1132-For Ole prit". of pwv Cu amiate Inum CUAh, the vuln. of the letter is 6M treated at N' with 10% NlWI1 uutil an Intanse bbA COIN de. vtkvs4W Ibm with tbethnwetkaltimt. ofNaOH. The PPtdI. CU(011), witin uvll. After filtering " wadans with W&M, water, it bdWWvvd W1110% 110k. L&qc liur crotab we obtahW. wbkb. when dricd at ordinary le"Jil. 1* at 441 b. ill 1bt all. of in a drOlvator, have the 'voilml. CUMA0010. The MAIL. PAy. W Lu(OAc)l in water at W* I% la.w II, In SOD m. At Wither temp,, jWtWI dwofflim. amurv. W that Velma rgpwtfjd in tjW littatutv I'm 11411hrl temp$. we not true m4f. WOAos "oil Ste ttwilctically Profucvd by treatment of C%904 with Cat0k), volu. in the Priwavc of an Cavell of Irv* lIOAr Id 1411, till uni" to tofu" the Mly. of the itypMal pro. ctucvd). The filtralc is evapd. vio a"** or at a temp. wvl exemlins W. with an excrat of Irre JlOAc alwayo M. G. Mcwre /C 4 cj tST- I tau ~113klllv, "It's 116101 aw (AV W it T11 An a ftj 0 u &v 10 M 0 0 v I flit "flit to 0 0 o 6 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 4 0 0 0 * * 0 ~40.44 * 0 00060000 *Sol* 0 0 go 0 0 : : * ~o 0 -00 -00 -00 is* goo Co 0 Clog jlo 0 goo Co 0 age 900 too do 0 too Ilse if a L X -4-1-1 A&Ti! +N A glifoddicaUlle 911 ths millififill of Agu %ur detirmissisig water in MISS ON &W In Plivotivism, ffewlift Wh" form 00 a stable onsWille in MO&M, A N A i I' ad I WIll i r I 0 &."Kf :red. Krainsalsawas N . I 9. IM 41. Kksw~ Npleral. zkx,. )10410. No. 7. M. -fit 09 IF 10 if h 1. v -I I Irr% a IWI 1 ..1 Art a., of we Irv in Tudr '"1 1 *Atel tisppiul.;Vle) is Is* *I it IT'4111 of %I#* I"Inkistion III dicnJets ca the w&IU of tbc slip. and tot tube asul a stal-k- 06 tnitidisksin is produced that luirmis an indistinct surface of il oirlm. between the 2 phasi Addis. Lit cvacd. JfCJ uv 0 o ph"fol siolm. to decorup. flat ensulsion dm Dot product 0 stisslactury results. A. psopmci to Ism IflM (d. 1.70) i i l h xt. n t e sett er a- a dehydirsting agent. To the uxual tr %valisting of crude oil Ill er and assuiline 40) cv. add "I"Ifol- 10 Cc- Of lISMs, Askit, Itt Settle Ism 7 days and I"C"Utt the Vol. of the low" layer. The differeme be. 1- 11119 vW- Of the 10"W layer and the vul. of the II.P0. 11010. Ukhrill is The V03. of water co"Wrictl its the crude tMI. 00 a The results oNalited am approx. Ztl',v higher than thW - - obialard by tbt Usual method, Tho, is due to the d CMNOI the losses of water during the dttn. Noeinulsion Theratioulthilvaj.of, Let to be detd. to the vol. 01 Ifil"O, added shmild not ex'CIL 1: 1.25. W R. it "a en" T A Is 6S L Is 6111ALLDICKAIL L11111111,111i CLAWPICAIK111 I I FW 0 0 It I ill ill I is a :1, 1 will(a It If It It a W n I M -00 ; -00 ISO* =6* 7 gee tio Is as 0 fie 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 if 9 0 0 0 0 * 0 * 0 0 0 0 :10 0 0 0 0 0 0 " 0 0.0 0 0 . ~ 4t." 9 1. A I L AA 0 " W U41 6 1 6 "Iv yl at C composition of the precipitates formed by the Inter- action of soIlutions of tripoussium phol hate and mag. c nelflum Chlodde. A, N %ktj_j!-A. At lungX40 and ' N' 1. Itiltuf. J. CrN. Nfol . (it. S S. It 1 10, ftl." Jill 00 A t utixing &q. solan. of the rr~~tant% in And omen,. an,l anitlyzing the pw- . filtfai,s Aml j,h -00 wA Irvi. TIv tenlativr rr-uhi chow Out thr rrx-twtj of f1m,inp iv aivonipanirl by hy(li,4y%tA of ifir -00 prit.. For the Complete ppin of NIK, * it il 11".1-ary to U00 00 a u-v doithle the anit. of K.110. with nofmal k4n,. And givAter anot, it lower ix"u-n% thAn Out t4qiiiiril l,v oh, =06 equalims: 2K.110, 4 WxCl, ~* NIK,041.', + f,KCI. 400 With vt~-" if RX(-), the gi%v. not .tll% th'-ppl. Mg.W.1, but al,.i other N11K pho'lifule ppl'. of coo votmin., delending on the condilion.% tif prtx~%Iure. With t 0 intreasing NISCI, ratio the cynnipti, of lllr 'pl. volujily l~ chanlrr% from NfxKI41, wII,O l(i hfg(Ol , 2SIXIII10, - o o ' 11,0 or I.Mg,(110,1,jr 1- 211100. In via,hiiig *ith Hp. * COO 0 I fl.. 111114. Air livilroivyrd to irh.rr asitlg NIC 1111111 file tall" if Mj' to Pit applo% I I A , , goo "go -00 t: o o A I a - I L A OCTALL1106KAL LiTtlitliff CLASSWK&TOOO, tie 0 Soo. t1l'ball. % i O J Oro 0 CO k, b _ w t 4kV .U J- t go u a IV to It " g An I "A a V io 0 0 o 0 o ; 0 0 0 T tit P6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o R ! 0 0 * : :: 0 ' 0 0 0 o 0 100000*000000 0 0:0 . 0 ol 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 0 4 00 0 0 0 ! AGM, A.N.; LIBINA, F.I.; HILMR, A.D,; MUSAKIN, A.P, Calcination of ultraimrine charges. Zhur. Priklad. Kh1m. 24, 1317-21 151; J. Appl. Chem. (U.S.S.R.) 24, 1LL83-8 151 [Ingl. translation]. (KLRA 4:11) (CA 47 no.18:9627 153) AGTE, A.N. - Use of metallic magnesium in the analysis of cations of the first tbree analytical groups. Trudy LTI no.V-361-264 "A. (MlIbI 15:10 (Metals--Analysis) (MaFnesium) AGTE, A.N. Detection of potassium ions in the presence of ammonium iont. Trudy LTI no.48:182-186 158. (MIRA 15:4) (Potassium--Analysis) (.;%mmonium salts) AGTIC, B.S., mayor meditalaskoy sluzhby. Diagnosis of oranlocerebral gunshot wounds in the war zone. Voen.-med. zhur. no.10:16-21 0 147. MRA 6:il) (Skull-Wounds and injuries) (Brain--Wounda and injuries) AGT2 3 S - MATSHAN. L.Yes Indications for surgical intervention in closed fractures of the spine. Vop.neirokhir. 20 no.4:38-43 Jl-Ag 156. (MLRA 9:11) 1. 1z kliniki nervnykh bOl82Uey i kliniki Stalinekogo maditainakogo (SPINIC. fract. Burg., indic. in closed gospitallnoy khirurgicheakoy Instituta, fract.) AGTE B3 Galvanometric diagnosis of arthralgia and ischialgia. Vop. ki1r., fizioter. i lech. fiz. kul't. 26 no.5:456-457 S-0 161. (HERA 1. Iz kliniki nervnykh bolczney (zav.,- prof. Stalinskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (SCIATICA) (JOINTS-DISEASES) (GALVALKNETER) 141-11) P.A.Miniovich) AGTE, V,N., inzh, Regulate the drarting of general plans for industrial enterprises, Fram, stroi, 41 no.2:6D-61 F 163. (MIRA 16%.3) (Industrial plants-Depign and construetion) AGU. I.A.. inzh. Sow results of observations of the effect of blasting on the stability of pit sides, (Trudy] VNIMI no.45:106-112 162. (MIRA 16s4) (Blasting) (Strip mining) AGU , '7 .A., gorn~-y inzlis; REVAZOV, MI.A., gorjiy-,- inzh. 5trengthuning a suction of an open TJt 31de wit,h ruds and piles. Gor.7-hur. no.10,11.9-22) 0 164, 411 Tul I [~ 11) .1. V."(~5OYU',-Tl.'jy e1 I fA ~ v ty Inq t! tut, Lp n i t lgr.~-t d . SUV/110 -.758-1 1-1U/28 AUTHORS: Aguf, I.A. (Engineer) and Dasoyan, M.A. (Cand.Tech-Sei-) T1TLE; The Influence of Sulphuric Acid Concentration on Anodic Corrosion of Lead and Some of its Alloys (0 vliyanii kontsentratsii sernoy kisloty na anodnuyu korroziyu svintsa i nekotorykhYego splavov). PERIODICAL: Vestnik Elektropromyshlennosti, Nr.11, 1958, pp.36-39. (USSR) ABSTRACT: The work described in this article was undertaken with an eye to corrosion in lead/acid accumulators. The testa described in the article were carried out with the sample at a constant potential. An advantage of this procedure is that it may be used to study the kinetics of passiv-- ation of lead and its alloys. The materials tested were lead grade SV and several lead-antimony alloys, analyses of which are given. The tests employed sulphuric acid solutions of specific gravity 1.08, 1.27 and 1.40 at room temperature: the test procedure ia described, and the results are tabulated. They indicate that the rate of Card 1/3 anodic corrosion of lead, and of the alloys tested, Solilo-58-11-1.u128 The Influence of sulphuric Acid Concentration on Anodic Corrosion of Lead and Some of its Alloys. decreases with increase in the concentration of the sulphuric, acid. Thin rate of corrosion isalso affected by the specimen potential. The polarisation time was not sufficient to reveal the influence of electrode structure on the rate of corrosion. However, J-') the case of tests made at a potential of 1.5 V, the results of which are plotted in Figel, the rate of corrosion of the lead-antimony alloy is much higher than that of pure lead, particularly at low acid concentrations. The resistance of the alloy to corrosion is much improved by the addition of silver. Curves of current against time for a lead-antimony alloy at a potential of 0.7 V are given in Fig.2. These curvets each consist of two sections: in the first the clarrent falls very sharply; in the second it falls more gently. It is supposed that the first part of the curve corresponds to the formation of a protective film of lead sulphide over the surface of tha specimen. Conclusions about the corrosivity of lead Card 2/3 and its alloys that may be drawn from the experimental SUV/1!0- 58-11-lu/213 The Influence of Sulphurio Acid Concentration on Anodic Corrosion of Lead and Some of its Alloys. curves are discussed at some length. In particular, an explanation is offered for the influence of sulphuric acid concentration on the corrosion rates of lead and its alloys, and the corresponding formulae are given. On the basis of the theoretical considerations given in the article, formula (5) is presented for the amount of electricity expended on oxidising the electrode surface. There are 4 figures, 1 table and 6 references, of which 4 are Soviet and 2 English. SUBMITTED: April 29, 1958. 1. Lead--Corrosion 2. Lead alloys--Corrosion 3. Sulphuric acid --Perforniance 4. Anodes--Test results 5. Storage batteries --Materials Card 3/3 110- r-9 - 5- 10,125 and Dasoyan, L.A., CaL-~J(I-t AUTEORS: cl e 0 f Technical Sciences ,TITLE: Methods of Testing the Corrosion-resistance of Lead and its Alloys (Metody ispytan-iya na korroziyu svintsa i ego splavov) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Elektrop:-nmyshlennosti, 1958, Vol 29, Nr 5, pp 56 - 59 (USSR). ABSTRACT: This article reviews the different methods that are used to evaluate the corrosion-resistance of lead alloys. The various methods are corpared and recomyrendations made for their use in testing accumulator parts, Corrosion tests may be made either with or without passage of electric current. In tests made without current, the samples are always maintained in a corrosive medium for a long tiffe. The corrosion of lead a--I its alloys in sulphuric acid withcut polarisation is usually estimated from the change of .-,,eight of the samples, but this change is too imponderable to form a iIndex of corrosion-resistance. Data on the corrosion in sulphurir, acid of specific gravity 1.25 of various samples of lead are given in Figure 1 and it will be seen that the corrosion is insignificant,. Corrosion of lead-aiitimony alloys Cardl/5 is also slight. However,, in storago batteries, corrosion'of 1 1 1C-58-5-19/25 Methods of Testing the Corrosion-resistance of Lead and its Alloys lead and its alloys can be quite significant.. It is always best, therefore, to study the corrosion of lead parts forstor- age batterle-s vjith the application of current: possible Liethods are then disc~ussed. One method is to determine the capacity of the san-,)le during c.athcdi,~ reduction of oxidation Frodacts.. The procedure is described,. cleaned samples are first oxidised anodic--lly in a sulpharic-acid solution and the corrosion is -indicated by the quan-1-1.1ty of cxidation products formed by 3,athodic polarising of the samples. The recommended condi4- ions for anodic oxidation U are a ~-uxrent-denzity of 0.2 L-LA/cm2 for 24 hours in 8 N H2SOU_ and for ~athodic redur;tion 0.3 Wcm 2 in the same medium. The ~,athc,de reduc-tion ~_-urve given in Figure 2 h,-s four horiz- ontal sections, each of which corresponds to definite electro- 3hemical reastiono:.. The corrosion-resistance of the electrodes is judged by the d.uration of polarisation until the potential is that of lead dioxide. Cathodic and anodic polarisation of the ele'-'-trode is carried out in the special cell illustrated in Figure 3. The method is useful for comparative corrosion- Card2/5 testing of different alloys. 110-58-5-1 25 Mbthods of TeBting the Corrosion-resistance of Lead and its 1131loys Another method is to determine changes in the weight, ele-,trir,-al resistance and strength of specimens after pro- longed anodic oxidation. Thp specimen is oxidised at a current-density of 0.01 A/CM2 for as much as 30 days; then, the oxidation products are removed before prcceeding with the determinations. Convenient forms of specimen, cell and circuit are illustrated in Figure 4, This method is of inter- est t,.,;.the sti~rage battery - industry because the conditions of corrosion resemble those obtaining in positive storage bat- j,ery plates. A defect cf the'method is that it takes so long. A further method is to determine the change in weight of smooth plates or grids (after paste has been removed from them) that result from cycling. The plates are given numerous charges and discharges, then corrosion products are removed and the change in weight is determined, a procedure comparable to the life-testing of storage batterIte's; however it is cumbersome, tedious and not always convenient. Another method involves measuring the current and quantity of electricity from a cell consisting of the specimen and lead dioxide. The positive plate of a lead storage battery Card 3/5 corrodes when it is inactive in the charged condition because 110-58 -5-19/25 A~ethods of Testing the Corrosion-.resistance of Lead and its Alloys the material of the grid and the active mass of lead dioxide constitute a short-,~ircuited sulphuric-,acid cell. Mashovets proposed a method of investigating this kind of corrosion. An ele~:trode of the metal in question and a positively- charged plate are immersed in sulphuric acid and connected externally through a resistance of 100 9 for 30 days, during which the ,,urrent is measured.. Curves ol" the 'Kind shown in Iliguxe 6 are obtained and show that corrosion of lead- antimon~, alloys increases with the antimony content. The method gives a r results when comparin3i lead--antimony alloys but is/IN-ensitive to detect the effe,,.ts of traces of contaminants. A final methcd is to determine the amount of gas evolved on anode-.polarised specimens. The quantity of electricity expended in the corrosion of lead is evaluated as the diff- erence between the total quantity passinF, through the cell and the quantity used to form hydrogen. The shape of the tiurves obtained in this way are shown in Figure It is concluded that tests without the application of current are not to be rezommended, whereas those made in sdlphuric B, with passage of current under laboratory Card4/5 110--.58 51, .19/25 -Methods of Testin the Corrosion-reoi Allc,,Yf, .D mtan~;e rf Lr:?ad, I onditi,'-nw; u,c Co r r -, -s i c) n j ~3 4 should be ;-).,-r)seii -_~ftcr ~:,ycl_JnG tcsta J. batz-ery walasequent deter-mination of tl-e ooiadii.icii of t1,(-, There a;e '/ ficures and 4 Soviet refe-j"e"ICE,~', ASSOCIATION: Nai:,--IinL--.icisledc.-;-atel'skiy akk:-amu1yatc;-_n,.,v institut Card 5/5. `AUTHORS: Aguf, I.A., Dasoyan, M.A. SOV/80-32-2-47/56 TITLEi Supertension of Hydrogen on Multiphase Electrodes (Perena- pryazheniye vodoroda na mnogofaznykh elektrodakh) PERIODICAL% Zhurnal prikladnoy khimii, 1959, Vol XXXII, Nr 2, pp 454-456 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The electrodes used in electrolysis and as chemical sources of current consist of metals with various admixtures and ad- ditions. The influence of these admixtures and additions on the supertension of hydrogen is an important electrochemical characteristic of the electrode. This characteristic cannot be calculated because of many chemical compounds and solid solutions formed in the metal of the electrode. The experi- mental values obtained on two-phase electrodes have been used for deriving an equation. This method may be applied to multi-phase electrodes, if the calculation is made for every phase separately. The equation may also be used for calculat- Card 1/2 ing the supertension of oxygen, etc. .Superteneion of Hydrogen on Multiphase Electrodes SOV/80-32-2-47/56 There are 5 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: August 179 1957 Card 2/2 AGUF, 1. A. Cand Tech Sci - (diss) "Investigation of tl-e possibility of using several corrosion-resistant alloys in the lead basis for the net- work of positive electrode in the lead storage battery." Lenin- grad, 1961. 18 pp; (Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialist Education RSFSR, Leningrad Order of Labor Red Banner Technological Inst imeni Lensovet); 200 copies; price not given; (KL, 5-61 sup, 187) VAINER) Yakov Vullfovich; DABOYAN) Martin Avetisovich; YAMPOLISKIY, A.M., in!&h... retsenzent; KAN. V.I., inzh., retsenzent;.AGUF., I A. inzh., red.; VARKOVETSKAYA, A.I., red. iod-va; C y M.i.,' ed. i7AI-va; PETERSON, M.M., tekhn. red. [Equipment, automation and mechanization in electrochemical coat- ing shops] Oborudovanie, avtomatizatsiia i meldianizatsiia tsekhov elektrokhimicheskikh pokrytii. Moskva, Mashgiz,, 1961. 404 p. (Electroplating) MRA 74:10) - - -_ -_ -_ - -_ - - - --- - ____ - _-i FEDOROVA, N.N.,-AGIVF,__I.Agj LEVINZON, L.M.; DASOYAN, M.A. X-ray diffraction phase analysis of mixtures of Pb (~ modifica- tions. Zav. lab. 30 no.6t727-728 1164 RA 1728) PARSHIKOITA, Ye.V.J. ihzh.; ACRJFJ. I.A... kand. tekhn. nauk; DASOYkN, M.A., kand. tekhn. nauk" Inhibitors of the self-discharge of the negative electrode of a lead storage battery. Elektrotekhn,,.ka 35 no.10:53-54 0 164. (14IPA 17: 11) PARSHIKOVA, Ye.V., inzh.; A UFj A, , ~'i nd. tc-khn. nauk; DASOYAN, M.A. , 2~_ _j_ kand. tekbn. nauk Comparative study of some exT)an( ers of tte negative electrode of a lead storage battery. Elek rotel&=Ika 35 110-11:55-56 N 1,64- (1-1111A !8:6) AGUF9 I.A. Problems of thermodynamirs i-f a 1(,Pd dJoxide el~,ctrooe. Z~Ilr. fiz. khim. 39 no.50127-1131. 1~,r 16.5, (K-TRA 1838) AGUF., I A. p- IRNIMOV, L.M. Thocry of *.he corrovion deformation of tattery grlds. "antich. Fiat. I no-59"'90-593 8-0 1415- 04ju 1819) A., Gosudarotvennyy muchro-ingledovitel I ski y akk-,m.L'1)7:ttcrnyy inatitlA. ITASYUTA, Kikhail Kirillovich-, KOMPANIMUS, I.I. [Kompaniietol, 101031; AGUF, N.A. (Ahuf. N.A.], red. [Development of collective farming in the Western Ukraine] Rozvitok kolhoopnoho ladu v sakhidnykh oblastiakh Ukrainalkoi RSR. Kyiv, 1960* 37 P. (Tovarystvo Me poshyrannia politychnykh i naukovykh snanI Ukrainalkoi RSR. Ser.1, no.29). (mm 14:1) (Ukraine, Western--Collective farms) PROTASp Fedor Makarovichj SHEVCHEMM9 D.D.9 otv. red.; PGUF, M.A. p red.; HATVIICHUKt O.A.t tekbn. red. [Organization and payment of wages an collective farms) O~gani- zatoiia i oplata~'atsi v kolho'spakh, Kyivo 196le 42 p. tio varystvo dlia po yrennia politychrqkh i naukovykh znan' Ukrainsikoi RSR. Ser.3P no.8 (MIRA 140) (Ukraine-Collective farms-Income distribution) KOLDTILO, Daniil Makar6vich AGUF,, Plej; ALUUU=fjI1UA, i..Uep [Agricultural waste is a valuable raw material for chemical industries] Vidkhody sillslkhospodaralkoho vyrobnytstva - tsinna syrovyna dlia khimichnoi. promyslovooti. Kyiv, 1961. 34 p. (Tova- rystvc, dlia pos'lqrennia politychrqkh i naukovykh znant Ukrainslkoi RSR, Ser.6. no.11) (19RA 1419) (Chemical industriqs) [Pgl I.'-I,ItlVtLL jTk;dV f I :)Il Wci,il ru,, !i., r ~ as for the chemical ixidutitry] vilfir-diy vyrobriytstva -- tsirma d1ja ~,hlrr j)r,)iys]ovv.,3t-l. E~ ivs Tov,'WY.9t--'o dlia P~zlivi-elu-4 ~l VO 1; ~ (7, 2961. 3J" P. DERBIKOV, LV.; GRISHIMO M.P.; AGUMNIK, I.M. Disjunctive tectonics and methods for its detection Id the West Siberian Plain. trudy SNIIGGIM no.10s5_14 ThAA 15:12) (West Siberian Plain-Geology,Structurai) - AGUL I N I-K, - 1. M. Possible errors in geological mapping based on geophysic7l graphs. Trudy SIIIIGGIIIS no.9:134-137 160. (MIRA 14:7) (Geology--Maps) DERBIKOV, I.V.; GRISHINI, M.P.; AGULINIK I.M. _2_ - Tectonics of the:foundation of the Western Siberian Lowland and the nountains (Paleozoic) forming its borders in the interflu've to the Obt and Irtysh Rivers and adjacent areas. Trudy SVIIGGIMS no,11:29-62 160 iSiberia, Western-GeologyStructural) (MIRA 14:5) 4*, DERBIKOVp I.V.;,.AGULINIK I.M.; BEN'KO, Ye.I.; YEMiANIV, Ye.V.; GOSHIN, M.P.; XUSHINP V110 Tectonics of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic mantle of the Western Siberian Lowland. Trudy SNIGGIO no.11:63-155 '60. (MIRA 14: 5-) (Siberia, Western--Geology, Structural) IJI,, SHAPJ.OVSY%A'IA, 1-.,A. ising Jjjgjj-prvrJq'.on gravlll-ti~.- ~n t-as fAeldf3 in llast 31barlan Fluirie Naftetgaz.geol, i geofiz. r-co2!1.2-.44 165, (mllU 18, 5) geofiztki 1. Sibirsk-ly nauchno-11-ssledovatellskiy insUtut geclcgii, nerall I J nogo S~~ yao AGULINIK, I.M.; SHARLOVSKAYA, L. A. Some results of using high-recision gravLmetric surveying in prospecting for gas fields in the West Siberien Pledn. Trudy SNIIQGD1S no. 30t89-97 1 64 (MIRA 19:1) A. all(! T~ I,Tatl.o.i.o:-*o-A(i:i'-oriic,il ~hanfll.~s in the Farenchy-A',ous Or-.-,.-:s 'n t1le So-Called tMalif,,nant Form' 0.' Foot-and-!,:oath Disease in Ciuinea -,7,--:3tn. sovren, .-Aerla,, 1"o. j F4. - T. AOULI NIKI M. A. - and TET M NIK, D. 1144. Veterinarj sanitation. So: Veterinariya; 2h; 12; December 1947; Uncl. TAB I" ON 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 rAltIC6. of rl'eat under iction of hig"enuency waves. A. Zinov'vv, A. Bol'.,hakov,~ r~tj~, andG. Tinyakov, 115usn Ird. S.S.S.R. 26, ;44- (1955) .-Curing of 4 muscie'l ?a ~ha~, etc.) and fatty (bacon) tissues wider 1ruluence if vit,tatIons with ultmonic vibrator of "1-50" type in Con- ira;i to slaic pickling gives 20-30% accclmtion of pme- tration of the salt from the pkkle, reduces moisture in the pr,-,duct, softeas the tit!Aivs, and hieteuses, 1~-Sa of oftrogtn-' cog materiats into the piAle soAn. Tht procew Was not ob- for increase penetrability of the tissue for m;Cro-, M. NI n-"- AGULINIX, M,A., Professor; ORIOV, I.V., prefesoor; TZTMIK, D.M., professor. Higjay qualified veterinary specialists are needed for meat industr7. veterinarlia 32 no,3:13-14 Mr,153- (MLRA Bi4) (HUT INMCTION) (VETURIMANS) AGULINIX, MA., professor; KOMM, IP,, detsent; STRATONITASKAYA, G.A- - .. - Microflora of pork brisket during the process of salting in 1954* Yeterinarits, 32 n#.3178-79 Mr 155, (MM 8;4) I.Mookovskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut myasmov i melechney prour- shlonnestio (PORK--BACTKRIOLCVf) AGULINIX, H,A., professor; HATA V, Yu.A., assistext. Antagonistic effect of Cocci on other micreflora and the role of some "aromatic" microorganisms in the curing process. VeWrinariia 3z no.4:Tf47 AP 155. (KU 8:5) I.Heskovskijv takhnologichaskir institut mysisnoy i molochasy pro- myshlennooti. ()MAT BACMMIOICGT) (RACTEIIAL ANTAGONISM) AGULINE, M. A.j KORIM, 1. P. *Mikrcjbiologiia Miasnvkh i Ptitseproduktov L'Microbiology of Meat and Poultry Products7. Manual for technical schools (technicums). Pishcherpromizdat. 1959, p. 125, 10 pictures; 3,000 copies, price 2 r. 75 k. without cover. KRAPIVNER, L. M. (senior veterinary Surgeon, Riga Port Refrigerator) (Reviewer) A valuable book *, Veterinariya, Vol. 37, No. 11, p. &), 1~)60. , AGULINIK. M.A.,, prof. OlliorobioloU" by A.IA.Panlcratov, P4viewed by M.A.Agullnik. .0 Votorinexiia 37 ao.SzM;89 Ac "0. 00"A 15 -4) (1-ficrobic-logy) (Pankratov, A.IA.) SHEMI, V.B., kand.tokbn.rauk; AGULINIK, R.M., inzh. I.,westigating radial forces In centrifugal pumps. Truce, VIGH no.24:26-3? '59. (MIRA 12:8) (Centrifugal pumps--Testing) A A A ist S.R. loop ~#V!91 *01 OOA Ine cot pciuotdm~ Synthesis III quatermt,v n i d = ocolatnint. R. S, Li-II i,. Yu, ~Nl i de of hy IVA Agid'nik, V A. N-N,tAvii,W - , Gvu. L Iwm. ) 18, I.V, I I to 10 go C4,jamille (1 20, 3 g. 1111011, itud hh-I J, wt St 1411tv, :i d.4%, I:i%t: :4;" 00 J, I owth,%Pit"Imi "ir-N - -1h,-) V. SO Attl (1), 111, 11"1 :, I~wll-H 0). it,- rik-la" tit. IM It". A110-11 mi'l 00 M0 xIIvv the J-1iflam"Iryaw)"C'if 1, Ill. 15 _-N'; Ill, %)j), to IS a ati(I Rtl tavc div c-urvilionidaig I-detyl"NIV i-A1,41A. it. " LO'b , Ithdr d" %I wdide and U1011 gmc 01, 1-14-~ 00 1 b.111,41de.1ti U~I 4, 111141111-11 Ill -HiM. I I... C.1 'I 74 ctag,-til Iwito K, i... A ... It, tit ,(awl,tghi ~,%th r_ toelainim , h4h-.~j hy q. J X , ) lj(-d IngkYdn. waln one, 111). .11 ~11; thr Mir Xt, it.. I I,- LOA IN,' Omni HOM. r4jencraird the phrr haw, tit. al; So ... tLitly, i.i-IIuM_1ir gme 1,,, 4 6 /if jah. I I I. 14 1111110) .1-ro its. 142-3,; r1h'i ' , t WC.U.S(lAte livattil I hl IM, Ill MIMI. A\ C to' o,. Ste A I a - I I A 211ALL&VOGICAL 1.111INATIA41 CLAI%WKATIO* E 447004 -to a-, cot 411111*11 '67 T U 1A 10 it ; A 1 90 It 01, 111 a IS 0 0 910 o 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 9 9 0 a 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 to 0 9 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Nk'.41 zw it 'TJT _1% a pw a it 0 1 v N 0 a a 0 -, CID 0 r-O 0 too so 0 ISO ~UOO i 0 0 0 a 0 0 a 0 0 to 0 0 0 6 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 AGUIDV, A. 6734. Agalovt A. Finansdvo - khozyaystvenr:aya deyatellnost' kolkhoza. Vladmir., Kn. 12 d.p 1954. 104 E;. 20 Sm. 3.000 ek~. i r. 50 k. - (55-2611) p 631.16: 338. IK (47-36) SO; Knizhnaya LetoPis, No. 6, 1955 AGULOV, A. P. "The Southern Coal-Dearing Strata of North Primugodzhax-1.11 Cand Geol- Min Scil Rostov U. Rostov-on-Don, 1954. (RZhGeol, Dec 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSSUR Higher Educational Institurions (12) SO: Sum. No. 556 24 Jun 55 15-57-1-797 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 1, p 125 (USSR) AUTHOR: Agulov, A.-P. TITLE: A Comparison of Sections of Jurassic Coal-Bearing Beds in Northern Migodzhary by Rhythmic-Facies Analysis (0 sopostavlenii razrozov yurskikh uglenoanykh tolshch Severnogo Primugodzharlya metodom fatsialtno- ritmicheskogo analiza) PERIODICAL: Izv. Dnepropetr. gorn. in-ta, 1955, Vol 25, pp 128-137 ABSTRACT: The author presents the results of rhythmic-facies analysis of Jurassic coal-bearing continental beds in the northern Magodzhary-Yaysan, the northern Wrtuk and the southern Martuk brown-coal deposits. The facies composition of a comple,te rhythm is the following (from the base upward): stream deposits, lecustrine sedi- ments, and finally swampy accumulation; locally lacustrine-deltaic and fluviatile-scroll transitional Card 1/2 facies are present. The sediments accumulate under 15-57-1-797 A Comparison of Sections of Jurassic Coal-Bearing Beds (Cont.) conditions of repeated changes in the regime of the stream net. The rhythm is controlled by periodic changes in the relative enlargement of the provenance area over the area of accumulation. The coal beds accumulated in northerly trending basins frequently subjected to irregular burial. The facies descriptions of each of five rhythms are used in comparing sections from four deposits. Card 2/2 L. N. B. AGULOV, A.P. oro.-poll(In characteristics of Jurassic Goal derozlti~. in tha S P , j Nikk 13 :5 ) northern Mugodzhar region. Izv. DGI 29:157-163 IP, - I (Mugodzhar FdlI region-Falynolor'l-i Al~tvqg Pavl,q ~ch, kand.gool.-mineral.nauk, nauchnvy sotrudnik; A_W_W WC"A-ieksey Mikhaylovich, dotsent,.nouchnyy sotrudnik; BARYSH, Hariya Yakovlevna, inzh.-geolog, nauchnyy sotrudnik; DDHORATSKIY, Nikolay Aleksandrovich, dotsent, nauchnyy eotrudnik; LEVIN, Sawn Timofeyevich, dotsent, neuchnvy sotradnik; NESTMENKO, Petr (Irigorlyevich, prof., nouchuyy sotrudnik; SHIROKOV, Aleksandr Zosimovich,-prof., nauchnyy sotrudnik; MTAKHLKR, Abram Grigor'yovich, starshiy nauchuyy sotrudnik; OVCHAROVA, Z.G., red.izd-va; R02FMMYG, Te.N., [Atlas of Donets Basin coals] Atlas uglei Dneprovskogo basseina. Kiev, Izd-vo Akad.nauk USSR, 1960. 44 p. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Zaameni gornyy in8titut im. Artema (for all, except Oveharovs, Rozenteveyg). 2. Chlen- korrespondent AN USSR (for Shirokov). (Donets Basin-Coal geology) AGULOV, A.?. Petrographic characterietics of lignites from the northern Hu.godzhar Hills region. 1xv. v7s, uchebe sav*; geol. i razv. 3 no-5:77-88 My 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy gorny7 institut. (Mugodzhar Hills region-Ligaite) AGULOV, A,P, (Ahulov, O.P.] Floristic characteristics of genetic types of brown coal in the Dnieper Basin. Geolozhur, 22 no.4:37-43 162~ (MIRA 15:9) 1. Dnepropetrovskaya ekspeditsiya Ukr&inakogo nauchno-issladovatell- sko o gornorudnogo instituta. IDnieper VaUsy--Paleobotany) (Dnieper Valley-Lignite) NESTERENKO, Petr Grigorlyevich, nauchn. sotr.; ALEKSEYEV, Aleksey Mikhaylovich, nauchn. sotr.fdeceased); ~GUIDV, Aleksey Pavlovich, nauchn. sotr.; BARYSH, Mariya Yakovley~ia., na-ucfi~'.s_'otr.; BELIGAfO, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, nauchn. sotr.; DOMORATSKIY, NAolay Aleksandrovich, nauchn. sotr.,- LESKEVICH, Ivan Yevseyevich, nauchn. sotr.; SHIROKOV, Aleksandr Zosimovich, nauchn. sotr.; YAGOVDIK, Vladimir Vikentlyevich, nauchn. s6tr.; KOROLEVA, T.I., red.izd-va; BOLDYREVA, Z.A.~ tekhn. red. (Regularities of coal accumulation in the Dnieper lignite basin] Zakonomernosti uglenakopleniia na territorii Dnepro- petrovskogo burougoltnogo basseina. Moskva, Gosgortekhizdoi, 1963. 210 p. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Dnepropetrovsk. Dnepropetrovskiy gornyy institut. (Dnieper basin--Coal geology) 0 12�/b' ACCESSION Ml: LP5012434 U-q/0374/65/0DP/b'2/O- 132 6"18:539-375 AUTHORS. Gcirokhovski-y. G.-A. (Liev); Aoalov, I. I. (Kiev) SOUP,,7r,-. Mckhanika polimerov, no. 2, 1965, '29-132 ~V*4 -MAU -8 to ,hptw"Parl t1go kteol platim, U-no of which was nuv-&'blle alv--)-,;+ an axis at -g! L -a j the opec', t ons!~, t4nj~pn t r c P - t e i L,,, v,' z .;hfIrib LL L F3 tha t I.I. D lr~~o ACCE'SSION NRi A-P50112,434 apec~iuens iq diiectiy proportional to 'Ithere -1Aand are the Utvgru'L: In't-ensitis D ol the measured mulm for, vpa~qiwnb, d~ ~iA A and B respectively. The thickness of the texture layer in given by '6=-. /A where dA is the thielmess of the A specimen. In those cases in whi;~h there is a difference in thickneen between specimens A and 2, the expTeqsion for the text-UrE la.yer thielmess become3 ~dB-dj;-LP "A he th-'cbme3s o' the texture layer depends on the applied load and sliding speed. It is concluded that high polymer materiiiia, i-n paxticu-I&r PTFE, have a higher End,j-rance limit greater the friction load &nd the sm-allcr the sliding speed. ~MTCLI_ '00 COME I NO FM SOV 1007 01M 1 000 C.-d 2/2 005831 AUTHORt Agulovs I., X, ORGs none V'Wpoh) Ar SOURCE CODE: UR/O 74/65/0001006/011410119 (Kiev); Gorokhovekly,_.G. A, (Kiev) / UP TITLE: Kinetics of certain structural changes in surface layers of polymers subjected to friction SOURCEa Makhanika polimerov, not 6, 1965l 114-119 TOPIC TAGSs crystalline polymer5 polymerPO4 structures C - 1 %ft friction, frIctiou coefficient. chemical dispersion ABSTRACTt It was established that amp ization of polymer surface layers occurs under slidin a itions, Stabilization time ,q fric 4 of this process depend 's on operai-1-onal conditions of metal polymer con- tacting pairs. The amorphization degree of the surface layer decreases with Increased sliding speeds and loads and ' increases with the In- crease of initial crystallinity of a poiymer. Side by side with amor- phtzation, a dispersion of small crystalline regions in surface layers of polymers takes place during friction. Stabilization time of disper- sion processes is determined by the time of running in the working surfaces The dispersion degree of crystalline elements of surface DC-: 67801:539.62 9- I/An ACC NRt Ap6oo8hO5 (A) SOURCE CODE: UR/037h/66/000/001/0087/0092 AUTHOR: Go ovskiy, G. A., rokh ORG: Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation (Kiyevskiy institut grazhdanskoy aviatsii) 11) TITLE: The effect of orientation in crystallinity on the f-riction.and wear of polytetrafluoroethylene SOURCEz Mekhanika poAmerov, no. 1, 1966, 87-92 TOPIC TAGS: polytetrafluoroethylene, friction, wear material, wear resistance, deformation rate, crystal property, crystalline polymer, internal stress, internal friction ABSTRACT: The wear rate of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is determined by the character of loading. The variation of wear dependent on loading is determined by the variation of internal stress on the interface of PTFE. The variation of wear in respect to the sliding rate is determined by the variation of physical properties of the material in surface layers due to relaxation peculiarities of the deformation process. Resistance to wear of the PTFE depends on its phase-composition. The minimum wear is defined by its crystallinity optimum, the value of which depends on the friction conditions. An increase of resistance to wear of PTFE is achieved through its preliminary oriented'hardening. The tangential friction force origi- nating when PTFE slides against steel involves two parts: the external friction Ap6oo8405 force formed on the metal polymer interface, and the internal friction force deter- mined by the resistance to deformation and the destruction of turface layers of a polymer. Orig. art. has, 4 figures.' [Based on authors' abstract.] INTI MM CODE: //jIO/ SUBM DATE: 2qApr65/ ORIG REP: 004/ OTH FM. 004/ L. _Z_15oiz6S Ewpk /EWr(V)j2jEWP(t) lip( :J)/W(k) FACC NR. AP6009614 (A) SOURCE CODE: UR/0369/66 AUTHOR: Gorokhovskiy,.G. A.; Ajulov.,.. L.I. ORG: Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineering (Kiyevskiy institut inzhenerov grazh~anskoy aviataii) TITLE: Changes in the structure of iron working in contact with polymers SOURCE: Fiziko-khimicheskaya mekhanika materialov, v. 2, no 1, 1966, 105-110 6 TOPIC TAGS: iron, polymer, friction, fine structure, ~lubricant) whkpt~~K4~, ABSTRACT: A study has been made of changes in the fine crystalline structure ofWLr.Q!P workingin contact with various polymers as poly(vinyl chloride), olytetrafluor.2=1 eth 'ine~6 polystyrene, olyethylene, poly(methyl methacrylate), phenol-forMjfth~ Z s -r-e in band the relation between the structure and the properties of T tile iro has also been studied. The effect of polymers on the structurc of iron from-thedecreasecoarseness of-the block-structu-Te in-the iror by x-ray structural analysis, and from calculation of the magnitude of microdefects (Aa/a) in the crystal lattice. Two series of experiments were carried out: 1) iron powder in contact with individual polymers (5%) was milled for 20 hr in a hull mill it air and in argon; 2) Armco iron specimens were rubbed against metal slide bars in 5% polymer solutions. Vie results of the study showed that the products of the mechani- cal degradation of polymers working in contact with iion increase submicroscopical ACC NRt AP6009614 structural changes in the metal. These products reduce both the size of the block structure and the magnitude of microdefects in the crystal lattice. The degree of the structural changes depends on the surrounding gaseous medium. Individual polymers reduce the coarseness of the block structure in different degrees. Submicroscopic changes in the metal structure improve the mechanical properties of the metal by increasing the microhardness and smoothness of the working surfaces. It Is statv.d in conclusion that polymers can be used as special lubricants in certain [Unspecified) w--tal working ocesses. Orig. art. has: 5 figures. 113 [30) 54UBM DATE: 02jul65/, -ORIG REF: 012/ OTR REF: 001/ SUB WIDE Car4d 'Wee I , A a oil :: of a! -3 a If W 11 M , L A I A-L, It F 9 R 'L_ TZ ~11FXISTRY OF ThE CoASTRIC' MUCOUS MEMBRAKEls V*M* VIIIgy~t0ohkin' A*V. Drnbipizovia, and V.I. Agulova, 'is k,i 'Neu, 1.."11 0 like Pipblive 1,14, 0 14,11S. 11, W," 14; In 1:11fill.11 fit Vl~. 0401W tlitht" IlkliC 04AIII.1 .11,1 lik,led In It'jul'i ill 1'. .-IJ Am tu.14~1 p,mmi'le rrovions ill the mu'011. 11'eukttiole,i A.:14 ti-I vitriou,, substimil.vt ill md. "', "1, file 1rh9l1t1l'll~ 14 tnAll. lf,lV. At ..i,l JV,tl 1.3.t). IVA. N."; likiLlarickyrn WA). 25,a. iil,j Ijl,~jijvi A',, , 'llie jastric mucoilm ill Ing sli,mvil d Intith. 1 ~"Iltvla of and chh"i'les ill tile lltrI,I,14 of tile 114911 its tile cardific mill. Ali mm-ased aitit. ,1 liluridvs vims ubwrved in tile 111HIJUS Ill I fit It LIRIA~ 11 Wit It i n, -tease of sevittiolm. uther paltz Ill Ilir ,1111114AI sh"W0 Im clilitse. Tht ct.4114-41t of .-Ith- 410 Jilt., Illimphatell Itictrapeol and tile 4,,mavat ~lf Lu t., kh.".1k 4, - Creases with the kincruate in ammic4i. AISAI)VI 14 tile gastric jukv shoWN th. prkrksl-:o-t of Acid. ori hophosphate-i, py3,,ph,*jJbAlt1 Alh) IsetAcidost it Fhe autions conclude that theil: is a vilva- irmnilliii,e Ivikswil the 1XVIL't-SWIk ik-%% lopult. in glikiltittlAt ji%%ue Atilt thoc occulting ill muilculal actitlit, N~ IN. Ntetilthili A a. attAIttnKill. 1,111411701 -v--zi An I- tv '0 A' it at it K 0. 0 0 o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 0 9000.00 00 0 to 0 * .1) 0 a I o a 0 !.-Go -00 -00 -00 to 0 -00 0 0 7,00 o zoo t* 60 us 0 t J* 0 C.. % ew a 0 00 0 go 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 4 0 8 6 a 0 FLMUV, A. F. ; AGUID VA, V. K. 3ffect of light on the anatomical structure of grape vines. Dokl. AN SSSR 110 no.6:1120-1121 0 '56. (MLRA 10:2) 1. Vearossi7skiy nauchno-leoleaovatellski7 institut vinogradaretva t vinodeltya, g. Novocherkasek, Rostovskoy- oblasti. Predstavleno akaaamikom A.L. Kursanovym. (Grapes) AGULOVA... V. X., Cand Blol Bel -- (diss) "Anatomic %tru-.,ture and -------- physiologloal conaltionj of 4^ -grA-T~~ skeletal parts p Ip, 11 &tLxvqjious staaes of (Kiev), 1957. 18 pr. (Min HlFher Ed UkSSR, Kiev State Univ Im T. G. Shevehenko), 130 CoPlee, (YL, 9-58, 115) f - -~O - USSR/Cultivated Plants - Fr~iits. Berries. M Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol.., No 18, 19~8, 8254o Author : Agulova, V.K. Inst Title Formation of a Hardy Skeletal Framework of Vines. Orig Pub Sadovodstvo, vinogradarstvo i vinodeliye Moldavii, 1957, No 3, 30-33 Abstract The (~Yeater part of vineyards in USSR are covered for the winter. Nervertheless, the &Tape vines are frequently inj`ured by spotted necrosis in winter. In regions of a considerable manifestation of necrosis, it is necessary to chauge envirounentnl conditions drxing the formation of the skeletal framnework of the vine. Studies at the All-M-issiaii Institi.-.te of Vitic lture and Wine-Making de- termined that those parts of the head of the vine or se- parate branches are resistant to freezing and thawing o,t in moist soil which developed in the ground during the Card 148 - USSR/Cultivated Plants - FrL.itS. B(_Trics', Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biol,', No 18, 1958, 8254o peri.od of ve:.etatio:i. TL.c i*cstoration of the pro- coeds from this iuaffected srbs-,:rface framevork. Ma---y ocal highly prod -,ctive forms, Tloiskaya a~ d Moldavskaya Chasha, Starayn Tsimlya:tskayn a,,,d Astrakhaiiskaya forms have a stibsilrface skeletoii of the vine which provides rejuvenation. Such vines are constantly ii~. a state of biological activit-Y a*nd produce high a-Lid stible yields. T-he method of the reJuvenation of the ae---ia.L part of the vi~,,e at t:ie e;,-oe-aseof the s-ibs-,,xface part has locen k~.O-vr-i since lol"P. -'~"O; but the reacons for the hijh biolo- gical activity of si,bs~-.rface stems have ~)ot beeii leariied, Laboratory alid field trials iii the establishme:it of the All-R',,ssiaii I-1.11stit-ate of Vitit-,,Iture and Wiae Makii.6 and i,*sovkhoz ;'Reko-.-.str.ctor" iii Rostovslmya oblast' are described. Creatimi of an enlarGed s-bs~,rface skeleton of the vi.le, especially ia the table varieties with large el. sters, prevents the viiie from becomiiig infected with Card 2/3 USSR/Ct,ltivated Plants - Fruits. Berries. M Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Biol., No 18, 1958, 8254o 0 spotted accrosis, promotes a-n Licrease in its viSor and an efficient utilizatiou of the root bed nad liGht space, -- R.I. Serebryannyy Card 3/3 - 149 - Country : USSR Category; Cultivated Plants. Fruits, Berries. Abs Jour: RZhBiolo) 1\10 22, 1958, No 100479 Author Agulova, V.::. Inst Title The Role of Subterranean Stem Skeleton of the Grape Plant. OrIS Pub: Bad t ogorod, 1958, No 1, 64-68 Abstract: Matured one-year shoots of different grape varieties embedded in the soil to the depth of 10-15 centimeters, graduall'y acquire, in. the course of 2-3 years, an anatomical structure approximating that of the root (powerful develop- ment of phloem tissues with very wide xylems and Card 1/2 AGULVAN. S.L Breeding local apple varieties for the Leninakan plateau. Izv. IN Arm.SSR. Bial, i sellkhos. nauk-i.2 no.3:233-246 149. (MIRA 9s8) 19 Inetitut plodovodstva Akademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR. (LININAYAN PIATIO-APPIX-VARIET INS) do A TLW?__S.L. Self-pollination aDd cross-pollination in Hichurin apple varistiso under conditions the Leninakan Plateau. Izv.AN Arm.SM.Biol.t sellkhos.nauki, 5 no.1:21-38 152. (NUIL 918) 1. Institut plodoyodetva Akademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR. (Shiraki Steppe-,Lpple--Tarieties) (Fertilization of Plants) AGULTAN, S.L. l.,!."--., . " New strawberry varieties for the Armenian S.S.R. Izv.AN Arm.SSR. Blol.l. Bellkhos.naukt. 5 no-5:3-16 '52. (KM 9:8) 1. Inatitut plodovodstva Akademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR. '(SHIRAII --SMWRIEMS--VARIETI3S) AGULYAN, S. L. "The Agrobiological Characteristics of 1-.ic','.uri-n--k A. ple Varieties Under the Conditions WLich aist on the LeninakanAsaya Plateau of the Amenian SSR." Cand Agr Sci, Inst of Fruit Growing, Acad Sci Arrenian SSR, Yerevan, 1953. (RZhBiol, No 7, Dec 54) Survey of Scientific and Techrical Di~,~sertations. Dellendied at U1-L-'13.R Ligher Educational Institutions (12) SO: Sum. No. 556, 2-4 Jun 55 AGULTAN, Soffya Liparitovna; DAIANYAN, G.Kh., otvetatvanny7 radaktor; redaktor izdatel'Btva; XAPIANTAN, N.A., tekhni- cheskiy redaktor Cmichurin apple varieties on the Leninakan Plateau in Armenia] Hichurinskie aorta iabloni na laninakanskom plato Armianskot SSR. Bravan, Izd-vo Akadamii nauk Armianskot SSR, 1955. 154 p. (MIRA9-.9) (Armenia--Apple--Variaties) USSR / Cultivated Plants* Fruit Trees. Small Fruit M Plants. Nut Trees. Tea. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 6, 1959, No. 25036 Author : Ajplya~~, S. L. Inst : kci~fi!~~ -6-f -SbIences ArmSSR Title : Towards the Question of Choosing Components in the Selection of Apples Orig Pub : Izv. AN Arm33R. BIol# i s.-kh. n., 1957, 10, No 4, 75-84 Abstract : Central Russiant Michurinp Southern, Armenian and local hybrid variety groups were used in 1938-1939 for hybridization at the Investigation of large-fruit and frost- resisting apple varieties for the mountainous northeastern and southern regions of the Armenian 83R# Seeds, obtained from crossinst Card 1/3 157 USSR _rCu-I_t_Iv-a_tod_F_Iants. Fruit Trees. Smnll Fruit M Plants. Nut Trees, Tea. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Bioloeiyal No 6p 1959, No. 25036 i4ere not stratified; seedlings, prior to the time of their entering into fruit-bearinG were not fertilized and less often irrigated. Yearly, an account of frost-resistance and of passing through the phenophases, a yield account, a description of seedlings and fruits, and a taste evaluation of fruits were conducted. From the Brest hybrid stock of applest 30 elite numbers were singled out, out of which the beat variants are: Saffron- Chinese Maid crossed with Ranet of Orleans, Belfleur-Chinese Maid crossed with Bismarck, Winter Arcade crossed with Bismarck, Borovinka crossed with Ranet of Orleans. Michurin apple varieties, used in the capacity Card 2/3 USSR / Cultivated Plants. Fruit Trees. Small Fruit Plants. Nut Trees. Tea, Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biollogiya, No 61 1959, No. 25036 of maternal forms under the conditions of Leninakang did not reduce frost-resiBtance, and grafted plants, used in the capacity of parental format did not Impair the quality of the hybrid fruits. -- P. Kh. Kiakin Card 3/3 158 DURGARTAN, A.A.; AGUMYAN, A.0. Copolymerization of aldehydes with vinyl monomers. Vysokom.soed. 5 no.11:175 N 163. NIRA 17:1) DURGARYANO A.A.; AGUMYANV A.0. Reaction 0 ety"ne wi h 113-dichloro-2-butere in the preas-os of bensoyl peroxide and tin tetrachloride. Isy. AN Arm. SSR. XhIp. nauki 18 no.3s290-296 165. (MIRA 18s11) 1. Yerevanakiy gosudarstvannyy universitet, probleanaya laboratoriya kinetiki polimerizatsionnykh protsessov. Sub- mitted November 6, 1963. AGUPCff I A I V. HstimatW fluctuations of the vater supply capacity of rivers. Xeteor. L JI 156. OaaA 9: 10) (Rivers) O'Stream measurements) AGUPOV, A.V. Application of the water balance method for computing the an)unt of subsurface flow and evaporation from lakes. Vast. Len.un 11 no.18:91-104 156. (NLRA 9.012) (Hydrology) Reported on the subsurface supply of lakes. M;X, r"* 1, r~ %~ i " ~ - ! ri , ~b, '-'ad A : -, ~'n I (I '. Z' , , '7 - I " C~C-,, J ~ I . ; 4.;r m i 1 7v 'Vk *4,tte , -, Ix I , v:k-qjII ~- , , j, -ji'? ~ - . , -P. AQUPOV, A.V, Lakes as indicators of the changing balance of water in the river basins. Izv. AN SSSR. 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(Odessa Province--Cit7 planning) GOLIEERG, D., kand.tekhn,nauk; AGURA, D. [Ahura, D.], inzh. Field camp for machinery operators. no.4211-13 AP 162. (Farm buildings) Sill.bud. 12 no-4:11-13 (MA 15t8) AGMYRV, A.V., direktor savoda. Ok New model all-metal four axle streetcar. Gor.khos.Mosk. 21 no.2:9-10 P 047. (MLRA 6:11) (Blectrio railroads--Cars) AGURTY-1V , A. Ide are preparing for the Kryl. *1;-~ No.'s'. 11 F 164. (. A.": ~', . y 1113 t n-,k to r 14 o s ~-. ov s k o i ? c, i , a. r a s h ra t t i C, F., o k I -.I b~ I . 1. Obshchestvenny AGURMV, S.P. . ~ Determining changes in Ice thickness form its surface. Meteor. g1drol, no.1:36 JS 156. (Ice) (MIRA 9:6) -A I I ~ RA . '061 - p.- -K--VW.e; ,qR M ;,~. A Portable water-level gauge for rougb water. Meteor.i gidrol. no.10:58 0 156. (MLRA 9:12) (Stream measurements) (Liquid level indicators) AUTHOR: Agureyev, S. V. 50-1-1C126 TITLEt Ncmogrms for the Analysis of Observations of the Ice-Drift (Nomogrammy dlya obrabotki nablyudeniy za dreyfom 11dov). PERIODICALt Meteorologiya i Gidrologiya 1958, Nr 11, PP. 54-55 0JSSR) ABSTRACTs In some hydrological investigations, especially for engineer- ing purposes the mass data on the observation of the ice- drift can be obtained from the coast by means of theodolite- observations. The principle of this method consists in the determination of the position of the indenting block of ice according to the horizontal and vertical angles which is measured with an ordinary geodetical theodolite. According to the horizontal angle the direction to the block of ice is obtained, according to the vertical one - the distance to the block of ice. The speeds and direction of drift of the block of ice are determined according to a number of certain points and their poeition according tothe corresponding periods of time. The financial analysis of the observation data may be essentially accelerated and simplified when it is carried out by means of the special pattern with straight-line charts Card 11 (figure 1) sugUested by the author. There is 1 figure. AGUMV$ V. N. F% "Radioactive Isotopes in Metallurgy," Technik und Aandel-Ost4j'est (Swiss), No-5, 1956 Deputy Director, Metallurgical Inst, AS USSR