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ARUIYUNYANP R*K*1 kand.biolog. nauk; AMBARTSUMYAN, S.G. Lability of the separate links of visual analysor in rabbitB following radiation injury. Vop. radiobiol. AN AFH. SSR 2:43- 56 161. (MIRA 1814) "INMGRANUIAR CORROSION OF ANJMINUM ALLOYS CONTAINING COPPM)" Korroziya i azshchita metallov (corrosion and Protection of Metals), Moscow) Obornogiz, 1957. 36'6 p. PURPOSE: This book is intended for engineering) technical, and scientific personnel at industrial plants, research institutes, and design offices working in the field of corrosion-protection of stainless steel, high-strength structural steel, and light alloys. SOV/1 37-58-10-21313 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 10, p 124 (USSR) AUTHORS: Pavlov, S. Ye., Ambaz~~~__ TITLE: Intercrystalline Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys Containing Copper (Mezhkristallitnaya korroziya alyuminiyevykh splavov, soderzhashchikh med') PERIODICAL: V sb. : Korroziya i zashchite metallov. Moscow, Oborongiz, 1957, pp 199-217 ABSTRACT: In the process of, intercrystalline corrosion of alloys of Al with Cu, among them Duralumin, an iMpDrtant role is played by secondary processes. The surlace of an Al-Cu alloy possessing a uniform distribution of phase in-trusioni on the grain borders can be divided, according to its tendency towards intercrystal- line corrosion in NaGI solutions, into a region which is not sensitive to an attack of this type (the process goes on with depolarization of oxygen only, i. e. , without an evolution of 1-14) and a sensitive region where the corrosion is accompanied with an evolution of HZ. In the region where the corrosion proceeds with oxygen depolarization exclusively the absence of Card 1/2 intercrystalline decomposition is caused by the formation of a SOV/1 37-58-10-21313 Intercrystalline Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys Containing %~-,opper protective film on the Cu.Alz intrusions in this region. This protective film consists of products of corrosion which inhibit further development of the process. In the region where the process is accompanied by an evolution of H., there is no film on CuA12 and an intercrystalline attack is developed. An immediate cause of the evolution of HZ must be sought in the negative difference effect. 1. Aluminum-copper alloys--Corrosion L. A. Card 2/2 L 40174-66 ET1/'E'4P(t)/E J(m) 1311 (c) 3 D kl~j'.JT Wi L ACC NRa AP6025629 SOURCE CODE: UR/G413/66/000/013/0080/0080 INVENTOR: Alltman, M. B.: 4LbartsumXan S. M.: Kolobnev, 1. F.: Lotareva, 0. B.: .nj!~ - A Loktionova, L. I.: Spiridonov__a_,--37.-Y.___ ORG: none TITLE: Cast aluminum-base alloy. Class 40, No. 183398 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 13, 1966, 80 TOPIC TAGS: aluminum alloy, cast alloy, zinc containing alloy, magnesium containing alloy, manganese containing alloy, titanium containing alloy, iron containing alloy, beryllium containing alloy, stress corrosion, corrosion resistant metal ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued1for a cast aluninum-base alloy con- taining zinc, magn4e(lum, manganese and titanium~'I[n order to reduce susceptibility to stress corrosio hile retaining high mech cal propertiesthe content of alloy elements should be kept within the following limit,; in %: zinc .3.5-5.5, magnesium 1.2-2.2, manganese 0.2-0.7, titanium 0.05-0.25, chromium 0.1-0.6, iron 1.0-1.61 and beryllium 0.01-0.5. The alloy may also conta'n silver, nibbium,cobalt, nickel, L molybdenum, boron, tungsten, and rare-earth metals in an amount up to 1.5%. (DVI SUB CODE: 1l/ SUBM DATE: 12Jun64/ ATD PFESS:S'0~r3 Card 1/1 /V~~ UDC: 669.7,L5'5'721'74 C N R? ,,T 771 Ov) '/C'oo AUMORS Shilova ye I. Nik-itu ova 0 G Amb n r t n 01h,"oll YLII none TITLE: ~!-o.Lr o3 of al~2ys of the sysLeln ivirn-copivr-in., if-, ties lum--rn ngnnoso SOMICE: All SSSR. Institut motalliu-gil. Motallovor'oniyo legki1h nplavov (Motal- lograpEy--o-fl- ight alloys). Mlosco~r-'-T-zd-vo Nauka, 1965, 78-87 aUc TOPIC TAGS: alloy phase diagram, mot", ly / DIS alloy, V65 alloy, DI alloy, D16 alloy, D19 alloy, VD17 alloyD19 alloy ABSTRACT: The streqgth liir~it, relative elongation, corrosion stability, fatigue limitp and the tendency towards crack formation dirting welding of the alloys formed by the q.Y;tem Al.-Cu-1,;g-111n were studied. The 9 poef-inens were propnred in a grqpkiLte crucibloVat 680--6900 and were honoCenizod at 480(' for 24 hr. Tho coefficient of crack formation during welding was calculated accordinc- to the formula K = 2~r A 00, Etweld d" where is the total lungth of cracks and is the total length of wol cr wold The experimental results are shown graphically (seo Fig. 1), The experimental Card 113 -,-- -- L-398-04-66. - -- --- -- . - -- , -- - -, - - --- ,.! ACC NR, ACC N.Ri -6016 rosq1ts tVcro cQmpare,4 wi4i tho corijosponding rosuli s for the knr~ustxinl alloys Di D16 \'and D19. 1-'It was foiuid t.';;)t alloys corntaining 3.5-61~ Cu and 31'; or more It showed the least tondency towm-do crack forration. The corro- SiCA stability of alloy containing 3-5' Cu and 0.5--4% I~g is independent of their phase position, i.e., c< + CuAl 2 + S or t~ + S. flovuver, intorcry3tallino corrosion which results from short-time heating to 150C does (]open,] on the nature of the phase composition, Orige art, has: 1 table and 7 figures. ORIG: REF: Oll/ OTH FIT: 002 MRARTSUMM, TS,L, - -- 1: .. ~;i- Thermal analysis of certain uranium minerals. Atom. energ. Supplement no.6:86-125 157. (MIAA 11:7) (Uranium ores--Analysis) ..!* I AMBARTSURTIP11, Ts. - I I 1. . -, KAWGINA. N.G. ThArnal decomposition of schroackingerite. Min.sbor. no.11: 356-360 '57. (MIRA 13:2) 1. Ilauchno-issladovatollskiy sektor Moskovskogo geologornave- dochnogo ine tituta, Moskva. (Schroackingerite) - - - _r - W I -;, 0 w " "Il'."V, 1*!F'Wi4&lZllMT.,lw&l" .9".'i V ~ -k 7 L.roa i-.- ar i-cv a )__ - - DATA, UJCEW~PqLi UiW~TUI.', 'uy V. A. Foh;:arjova, T3. L. Av,Oart.-;Ur;yan. Report presented at -nd Uj': Atoms-for-Feace Conference, _;~meva, 9-13 -'el-t 1958 ,1/;/ ,;~ #")/.) .~-.3- 1 -7"/ .., e / ,, i5 ~7,,? __ kWARTSUMYAR _,TS.L. BASAIDVA, G.I.; GORZHEVSWA, S.A.; NAZAPMKO, N.G; - L j p R.P.; PCHELINTSEVA, G.M., red.; XAZELI, Ye.I., tekhn. red. (Thermal investigation of uranium and uranium-containing minerals] Termicbeokie issledovaniia uranovykh i uransoderzhashchikh minera- lov. Moskva., Goa. izd-vo lit-ry v oblasti atomnoi nauki i tekhniki, 1961, 146 p. (PIRA 14.-11) (Uranium-Analysis) GERTSEVA, R.V.; TSYBULISKAYA, M.S.; AMBARTSUMYAN, TS.L.; NAZAREINKOO N.G.; I POLUARSHINOVp G.P.1 KHODZHA Now data on hydrous pit.-hblande and urgite. Zap.Vaes.min.ob-va 90 no-5:549-556 161. (MIRA 14:10) (Urgite) Oitchblande) I -- KARPOT,, V.I.; AMB OllijaJIMM&& Ulf Some pbysiochomical properties of uranyl phosphates. Zhure neorg. khin. 7 no.811838-1841 A& '62. (MBA 16t 6) (Uranium phosphate) AUTHOR: Korengv,_M, A., Nevsklf. B, 'V,~ Av)ar~numyan. Til. L.; Nazarenko, N. 13. TTTLE: Precipitation of uranyl and ammonium arsenateB and some of their properties SCI]RCE: Alonria-.-n energiya, v, 1~,. no. TOPIC TAGS! uranium compound. uranyl nitrate, anmonium compound. arsenate, ch,mi~al pro-cipitation ABSTRACT: X ray ;iad thermographic Eina 1 -i 5- n'. * r~;F , v uranium) showed that as 200C and arsenic-uranium near stoichiometric the precipi- taien of uranyl a nLd ammonium arsena ~ e s f rom- u ra n- 1 n i t ra f P!~ began a t PR ~~ 1 .5. At pH = Z.:2 tne main part ol ura-n-iurri precipiTal:ioa wan a~:;compi;unvu oy fue unmPin-vurn "Pu t F-ri, Za t Prepar-d uranvi vn-i ti :,T -i - n - V -D powj,?, Witf, .3. V"_rl P Card 112 ACCF-SSION KR : AP502?495 x Imn &nd aluminum rn P io t e E uranium (0.2509/ ar, func.ions of o . ?i no nP. c, h P '['he pH values f or the u raaN n mm~,,~: k0f-rlned. "'RT ;t:I:i :-)n there I Ve pre" lp~. tal of diralent irork and alu-min V3, ASMIATION: S UBM T7 TIKD 13May64 ENCL: 00 Suri CODE.- Ic, (10 AMBARTSUMYAN, V.A.; MIRZOYAN, L.V, Development of astrophysics in Soviet Armen'la. Iz ist.est.i tekh. 2t21 162, (MIRA 1814) AMBAR7SUI4YAN, V.A. Problem of multiple light scattering in a plane-parallel medium with internal reflection from the boundary surface. Uch. Zap. LOU no.3230-11 164. (KRA 17:12) AMEARTSSUMYAN, V,A., InCl.; FENELONOV, V.G-Y inzh.; MEYTIN, G,I,., lnzh. I - ~ I ~~ . -1- -', 1- 1-11-- 1 - - 1: ~ ~ - - I Uise. of mercury-type transducers in heat protection syistems of electric motors. Prom. energ. 20 no.6:13-15 Je 165. (MIRA 18:6) OMATITS04YANS V. A. and KOSITEV, N, A. "The Nature of the Visible Solar Surfacej" Zettschr.,.ft fur Physik, Vol. 39, No.1, pp 54-68o 1926 MARTSUMN, V. A. and KOSIREV., N. A. URadiative Iquilibrium in the Outer Layer of S:~ars,ff Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices., Vol. 87, pp 209-215, 1927 AMAMMAN, V. A. and KOSIREV, N. A. "Integral Equation of Radiative Equilibrium," Zettachrift fur Physik, Vol. 47, Nos. 7-8, pp 602-607, 1928 AMR rS N,__V. A- Wd . "Radiation-Eqilibrium Integral Equation," Zeitschrift fur Physik,, 52" Nos* 3-4p pp 263-2670 1928 AMMUMVp V. A. 1929 I'Eigen Value Theory,t' Zeitschrift fur Physik, 53, NOB,. 9-io, pp 69o-695, LMMTSMIUN, V. A. "Linear Geometry of Functional Space," Zeitschrift fur Physik, 55,, Nos, 21-12., pp. 801-805, 1929 0 ALK 000 so* 0 0 0 0 6 6 0 0 0 0 a 6 & o 4 0 * 0 0 a a 0 0 0 W-V ~~ I s a 16 1 0 10 11 -1 is u is mof " ft Ivomb nVAN' sot U11 bin no lope) it dio a or* A L--JL- _i h j -4-I--1- 1 VVs _W_A. 1, A- AA M CC 0 U4 2, i s , 4 . UA J lit YA14" 00" CA 60 A OONCLUSION OF Tl*. DIRAC T!*)DRY1W THE PRDTON IND ELWTkONS. a * * V. As Ambartsumian and Do ~. Ivarwnko. CoMt. rend. &cad. 3Ci. 00 It! U.R.S 1534--- Theoretical S. 193QA . . , f Willia h. Vaughan '00 Zee roe ago rOO .40 po* -00 loge 'Z17, to o AM L a nd 0 4 a I 0 f 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O'o , , 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 * a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0' A)Mn,SLRM,N-,-V.- A-. -- "Quantitative Spectral Analysis of Solar Atmsphere," Zeitschrift fur Physik, 60, Nos. 3-4, pp 255-2682 1930 P V. A. "Theory ef Absorption Lines in SteUar Atmospheres) if Zeitschrift fur Physik, 61, Nos. 1-2, pp 151-152, 1930 AlakRTSMAH11 V. A. and IVANEHKO, D. "Possibility'of Avoiding an Infinite Auto-Reaction for the Electron,," Zeitschrif fur Physik, 64, Nos.7-8, pp 563-567, 1930 AMBARTSUM.yANJ V. A. and IVANEWO, D. "Unobservable Electrons and -Rays.," Dokl. AN SSSR) Vol. 190, pp 582-584) 1930 AMBARTSUffANy V. A. "Radiative Equilibrium of a Planetary Nebula." Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices, Vol- 93, No-1, pp 5o-6i, 19-12 AmBkRTSUKYANi, V. A. "Monochromatic Luminosity of Gaseous Nebulae," Zeitschrift fur Astrophysik, 6, Nos. 1-2, PP 107-113, 1933 AMMTSUMYILN, V. A. and KOSIREV. N. A. "Mass of the Oas Ejected from a Nova," Zeitachrift fur Astrophysik., Vol* 7. pp 320-325p 1933 AMBARTSUMYANs V. A. "Course of Astrophysics and Star Astronomy.," Gosudarst. Tekh. Teoret. lzdatelf... Moscow,, 2 vols,P 1934-36. Contributor in the above book. AMMTSUMN, V. A. "Ionivation in Nebplar Envelop~ SurTounding Star," Ropl Astronomical Society, Monthly Hotes, Vol. 95, pp 469-482, 1?35 AMBARTSUMUN, V. A. "Derivation of Frequency Function of Space Velocities of the Stars from Observed Radial Velocities,," Royal Astronomical Society, Monthly Notices., vol. 96, pp 172-1792 1936 AMMTSUMYAN, V. A. lton the Statistics of Binary Stars.." Astron. Zhur-j, DI, No.3,, pp 207-19j, 1937. Astronomical Observatory, Leningrad Unive AMBARTSMAN., V. A. "Diffuse Nebulae and Cosmic Absorption.,11 Byulleten AbastumanBkaya Astro- fizicheska7a Observatoriyu,, Gora Kanobili., pp 37-52, 1938 -- - "Problem of the DYnamias of Open Star Clusters," Ucheriye Zapiski Leningradskogo Gosudarstwennogo Ordena Lenin& Universiteta, Vol. 22, 1938, Astronoldcheskaya Seriya., No.4, P. 19. AMBAPTSWANP V. A. "Theoretical Astrophy3ices" Gostekhizdat, Leningrad-Moscow.. 1939 AMBkRTSUMYAN, V. A. "Chromospheres,," Uspekhi Astronomicheakikh Nauk, vol. 1, pp 143-66, 1939 AHWTSUMYkN, V. A. ~ ~-; " . , ~-,. ~-. - "On the Gravitational Potential Energy of Open Clusters," Dok. Akad. Hauk, 24, No. 9p 1939. AMURTSMAN p V. A 0 "Fluctuation in Nongalactic Mists and Galactic Absorption," ByuLU* Abastuman- skaya Astrofiz. Observ. Gora Kambili, Noa.4, pp 17-23, 1940 e - ~T Tooo 1, 1, fall, a bj4jj V j, b 04 0 Ad S 4 k 't Q d U 11 1 V AA 1111 Q PR Of J.t I At IL 1. a It P. 4 1 1~4 0 A too (APON Intl -so 00 -00 00 U, Tb* Noblem of to* Sattoolmly 0 arcual Unatt in Astro, too .0 0 PkwWu. V.A.Auttmisum a. N/J. "ad, ,o. 1'. R. 1, o & c V. S Sk. )Ajor. 4. equ&tjou of tmj,~. frf 4 radiation in CHU atuis. is di,lds - p, - &./,. .coo 0 0 0~ Where 1. is the lut ly cof the radist6n firij, e, aritl ... Icoo WrJ,rvx, the ccorive of nullation and a4morption. an'l do it t meat of pa . The sopticatitm W the equa(i4to go Is Itay"t ted. (1) the Stomwpthm tit irmula"tV 1111c" 090 (2) for t1r. du CWOUS arbutote; (3) for cesswe of tat lot Stlowncecdcollisions. C. C. Kira$ !see J use ties it it 1, it ag views matt ItINK101% I% W , '; 0; , 0 0 0 0 o * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * * 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 6 a 0 0 411 10 0 0 00 0 9~0 a 0 0 0 00-00 0 0 00 00000 40~40 0 & 0 0 * 4W 6 0 411 a 0 0 *0 9 * zq 00 A 008 Igo 00 000 09 j 061, go I Ocs t~476' A-a "10-1 "I's awtkum. R.) 1. W, JjqUkh t4 U 0 11 0000 *::::l::*Go"o*000*o0o *go AL ooooooooooooo*-O*OoOO4,0 "00 loo V*O -%o coo roe 1100 00 %o We 0 0 090 V"o 0 a A 0 a 0*6*00*00000 00000000-0066 AIBARTSITMYANs V. A. flon the Scattering and Absorption in the Atmospheres of Planati, Part 1j" Ucheniye Zapiski Leningradakogo Gosudarstvennogo Ordena Lenina Univ.., Ser. Matemat. Nauk, issue II, NosB2, 1941, pp 64-85 - I - MUMM V A. mir"I of the Light Dispersion in a Turbid Medium)" "A New Method for the Calculus . i Geofiz-) Nos. 1-6, 1942 Iz. Ak. Nauk SSSR, Ser. GeOP*af ght in Turbid 14ediuMS) It 1942-44. "New Calcul&tions on the Dispersion of Ll Am AMBART&WANWA8 600 1. AMPARTSIAMN) V.A. 2. USSR (600) "Diffusion of light by the atmospheres of planets.," Astron. Zhur., 19, No 5. 1942. Astronomical observa- tory Leningrad University (submitted Dee 1941-Jan 19421 9. W Report U-1518., 23 Oct 1952. 000000 0 0 0 0 or. 01 0 00 0 0 so 0 06 4 1 0;6 Sig G^,% 0-1W 0 0 Aa A t & v I w 1k 11 union UP ap V 21 a xh UJO&I 'Jos J1 cc t $I Q 4) 61 a Joe , - a A . .1. -w- -7-!4 0 Dom "on A b i wAdbm V A 'r r: . . m unm an (Comm. I,#". As -r0. uctm. J"11 OIL IM-4 . . 606tudag PON" of a m"VIS W (a""& tWolm with a a b-aduf W IBMUN14 by dw SMUM Ot a Urdw this Is . 1= 9- M Iqw" eqda 04 gautfas al WWA d w l d -00 a mi ma, wattare ANI&d Ilk &0F INWOOD OUtdde St bouaduY is deduced The * . . , 111411bW16 WN ippkable to a AWte dab Saluttomi al Uw e 0 of ell . me not shve, H r age Joe off 41 a It a sI 2 Iatt4,p4K4L tiffaAlwe CtativKATIG11 it. boo . !lee - - U Is 4, -0 -11 44 --i1-4 iv mr - 001' o 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 o it a a of wIt a n of x 0 00 00 0 00 Ch a a 4 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 9 4 0 00 00 0 0 0 0 09 0 0 0 0 4's 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *A- zt'~E I er LiabL. %~ Aint-Armumian, Ilkv%. 104 4. lica. P: T P""-A% Itn'-fr lite eflcvt till nulti* WAtterifte "b6ch to indimird in the prrwnt onali-xis 1w the cast of a "r,hunt in r4ane ppiallel 1&)vm The indicalrix (Ifir Anrufal t1101INtitift nt the SAMMI Tavs In file Ormentam priwei4 1, as%unw4 to 1* Pitherikal. 71he trArM4 rmffmient P. and R I- 4VFJA) At* (AlculaW in leftna oil functimik of it (- cc*#) aml V. I - cr- #,J. u here 0 and So ate the &nets twturen the PlOMS1 find Out MdCd~d Anti InCidCht 1`20 c-rikient of Parr mattering/ pui" and pvft Kattertnif). Lambeti "" i Kai law that the v*111tient of brilth- 11) to rtwatant for %hit@ twoftea (A- I) Is 'i.;71'"Wrlwally to hr4d hm p is A%I*tWd jlle, all "Immil"11, and W I f kleatv and trilmilcm not too larp (t. V. rl. inc low, 0 t ,I it, R, fAlA( 114104~- ssi , IF so&-! V.A 41* so CIO W;lk: over AMBAMUMN; V. A I "On the Theory of Brightness Fluctuations in the Milky Way," Dok. Akad. Nauk-, 44, No. 6, 1944 AMARTSUMUN $ V. A. 'son the part of the 511:~fac8 Mghtness of M31 and of Galaxy caused by High LuminositY Staresu Dokl. AN -qS:YA A" ssR, 31 NO.2, pp 39-h3, 190 AMMTSUMYAN, V. A. .IfProblem of the Relative Distribution of TAght and Absorbing Matter in Galaxies." Dokl. AN Arm sm. 41 No.5j, pp 133-136, 1946 AMBARTSUMYAN, V. A. "On the Surface Brightness Within the GalaV,11 Astron. Zhur.,, 23~ No-5) pp 258-268, 1946. Yerevan,, Astron. Observe ---- AWA-RTMAIV, V. -A- -- - - - -- - "The Ecolution of Stars and Astrophysics," Yerevan, 1947 AManTSM4M) Ve A* "Y7 0 anoes 'Armbn a" "The Vork of th6 AWWW Ct 8 1 of the '1 9'-:: SSR,* V. A. Ambartsumian, Pree, Acad Soi Armenlanlft# 4 pp ovest Akad Nauk ssa" No 6 Describes past work of AoadaV and gives details qt. work at 1resent In progress, Including work on olaid-, bursts by physicists under A. 1. Alikhanyan, study of astral astrmcoy and constructiom of a new astrapbys- Ics"observatory, study of the origin of Armenian metals by 1. G. P.Npklyan, and other works. 54T19 AMBkRTSUKrAN, V.A., redaktor; MARXARTIN, B.Ye. 7 "' [star asBeciation around P Cygmil Zvesdnaia amootsiataiia vskrug P Lebedia. Arevan, Ilsd-vo Akademli nauk Armianskei SSR, 1949. 17 p. (Byurakan. Observateriia. Seebahchenila, no.2)o WaA 9:4) (stars) FA ------ - - - -- -- -- - AMBARTSUYAN, V. A. A 27583. Zamechaniye o galaktike, kak spirallnoy sisteme. Doklady (Akad. nauk arm. S3R). T. X, No. 4, lo4g, S. 149-r1. iezyume na arm. yaz. SO: Letopial 1-hurnallnykh Statey, Vol. 37, 1949 JMARTSUHYAII, V.A. In Cephouso DoklM Arm. SSR 9 no,50-205-207 140, WMA 9:10) 1. Deystvitel'Wy chlen Akademil nauk AraWanskoy SSR. 2, Byurakan- okay& Astrofisichosimys, Observatorlya Akademii nsuk Armyanskoy SSR* (Stare-Clusters) ( MUMMA& -VIA, '"MMW**Ak. Observation of the Galaxy as a spirAl system. Dokl.AN Arm.WR 10 no.4.-145-148 149. 1(KLRA 9:10) l.Daystvitelinyy chlon Akademil n=k Armyanskoy SSR. 2.3yurakptu- skayn Astrofisichookaya Observatoriya Akademil nAuk Armyanskay SSR, Yerevan. (Xilky Vv) AMBARTS%Wj -V. A. "Preliminary Data on the O-Associations in the Galaxy (Milky Way), Dok. Akad. flauk, 68, No. 1, 1949. "The Creator of National Good Fortune," Vest. Akad. Nauk SSSR, No. 12, 1949 "Review of Volume IV of the Book 'Progress of the Astronomical Sciences,, Published by the Aca(l. of Sci., USSR, and Edited by Academician V. G. Fesenkov," Astron. Zhur. XXVI) No- 5, 1949. imp a S to SO a N a A 0 SO A it- a 10v , -A- - 0 I J- JF A-4-1 -P-6 0#0COW1 Astront J-US3R, 28 6720. Stollar a880019timlo kftrJL4S-tSn-,j ve A r6n. 1 (1949) In Russian. Enrll3h su-%mary Jr, Ahattr *r, (ullarvard) tv (?40. 44). The author considors 6 pical exmnples of widely4cottered ro,pa of stars which hftve avera~.e donsitios.C noval for stars in the r Milky Way, but whlxh contain unusual 3ta ra(varly-type anq onissiOnline stars) In terms of whinh their densitiet are high. The nalculstod di4ruptiv P In the 1--co-ordinsto by ~alscttc rotation 3ho,-3 that such association must be young. Expansion In tht4 t-co-ardinate I%uo to dirrerencea of periods of oscllla~ion bninr, much smaller, ti;e spherical shape of the a associations if attributed to their mode or format on, supposed to IIV so Bir, -.--I .00 a -9-1- U a U 09 0 0" *a 40 9 000 ss 40 A 0 3*4 CO 0 no* see AYBARTSIMAN ~ V. A. 26897 Predvaritellnye Dannyye Ob 0 - Assotsiatsiyakh V Galaktike roklady Akad. Nauk SSSR, Novaya Seriya, T. LXVIIII No 1, 1949, S. 21-22 V. Geodeziya, Kartografiya, Topografiya SO:LE'TOPIS NO. 34 0 41 0 0 6 0 41 0 * 0 6 6 0 6 q0 - - _ 1 00 0 9 6 9 0 0 0 0 0 & 0 0 IQ. V ,, .0 . 6 of of 0 0 0 6 0 4 1 R IT - t t T~ ! Q u , - Is I& if o #*&Ilia 814 o M. 0 on h j. of 4 A I 'I "M mM I K 00 A lot - I.- -to, i 00 ,2111 0 13M. low,, V. A. Aoowkl~~XAK b", Aid NWA, ~ '. 115 V' v", ) 13 U (1950) in Rowan. 0 00 Itic tkmtily off III ammialim Of $UPI isrvus otAft 1c.11 oM-trij 1) jv 0) tvins ky*tl thato Itut Of the SAU%Y tvnialm"S it. it i% atsuc%l that "If 0 tLin C6111144 tic axtiuiwr) but 411ki'l tv it, IU'MVII U( fitloij ItI.V111 111plIUAVA41, 11"I V011' - A Mi ilUlt M h I j J I~ ' 1x %.jT J Aj M kA % 1,1 J W j t omW.4("t% MW -~ftAWC Ittt-01410 0411110 00 o &.,.mwkat- Aft) ~itklkjl 4~'%111111161hm "mi- f 00 I IA1111119 AFT111011 ik' 1410101 %1-1" 4 &'( , - 'j , , . k-d t h k j 00 v ds ()g 4j , ttr t 4 njau fr. ratk wit, i)lv t the kt1j%: 4)( mwur LW tif gtm%:1A1km A:J colivrawly b9 LIWC %if ton) Woul IW'u%t LDPI410 'wh 11$c ti", is jIjLjArjjvj by jqwtvitictions 4%0 jj&-mal jw'wnutA4)S&% in the CVn,,jcIIjjKjj tif Aurip; a Skk-IVAI ;kXVn1"IJfiVn in h ii. SOCNA h;kndz all lltlwus' jw~mc ul tvlvz tir lhctn lwl n1uhipIc S)SI'tlt% of the t . :1 ISIQ I)Pc,' a wkwal amvitautiti-111 0.123) " - tmiltJor. dhM.A i"w I*%) P4114 1'v 6 11611.O~16 06V J1NO 41 QU #AGE* I.. _1_J_0 lop Ax ift qoit#f 0 I lkto-ttb 611A%LVRSK4t 1.17111AT01 C%ASSVK&?ICN tie. ;iwk~. .10 Qv Got 1114111 OK 0-T M T_V_ V -.11 r- % A Ls An A I a 4w 0 a I I ir of 0 a a 2 1 v u T to a to to 0 4 K a it 11 It a Is u a am 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 401 0 0 0, 0 _09 41 41 Si 4111 0 0 0 41 0 0 a 4 6 4 0 0 0 -00 .46 -0 41 CIS 0 so* CIS 0 4041411 to 0 at 0 0 -00 to 'e, .R-Z. V-M-'s A b & Zur Theorle der Fluktuat~min iii I Verteflung der Sterne an der Sphlire. Abh. Sowjet. Astron. Folge U-Sowjetwiswnschaft, Beffieft 27, ISS-195 (1951). Innis monograph presents a coherent account of the work of Ambarzurnjan and his pupils on the problems in sto- chastic theory which arise in stellar statistics from the noa- uniform distribution of the interstellar absorbing matter., The basic assumption which is made regarding the latter is that the absorbing matter occurs in the form of discrete clouds and that the number of clouds x(s) which occur in a distance s is governed by a Poisson distribution with a variance Ps where P is a given constant. The treatment is divided into 13 section& Sections I and 2 are introductory. Sections 3 and 4 treat the problem of the fluctuations in the counts of extraplactic nebulae due to the cloud structure of the absorbing matter in the galaxy idealized as a plane-parallel slat), The treatment is some- what more general than in the earlier publication of the author [Bull. Abasturnani Observatory 4, 17-23 (1940)]. la particular, the author considers the probability u.(7) that in a line of sight extending to a distance s from the origin, the total optical thickness of the intervening clouds is less than r. If t is the distance measure in the unit Ps, the author Aows that iml(r) is governed by the integral equation dul(r) (1) dr where F(o) is related to the probability distribution of clouds of different transparency factors 9(-e-) by #(9) - I - F(o). Letting Q, f 'a-' Idu((,), the author shows by using equation (1) that Qk-exP f o;-4'dF(,). Sections 5, 6, and 7 deal with the problem of the fluctua- tions in brightnem, u, of the Milky Way. The author derives the integral equation (2) g (11) +dg f 10(9)g(u)d, dot 9 9 governing the frequency distribution 1(u) of u. In (2), ioP(q) is the frequency of occurrence of a cloud with a transparency factor q. The solution of (2) for the case when J(q) is a delta function is given. [The general solution of (1) without any. restriction on *(q) has been found by S. Chandrasekhar and G. Mach, Astrophys. J. 115, 94-102 (19S2); these Rev. 13, 0 * - M1rt%'-T -,k T"W- -t " *4 c 5 4 1 I'l 0 0 c-*T - Yk 53% 4? V . IR -11 - '~ -4 '1 - %J t4 t- %- \14, %,& \' r- ~ A M.12--AR)Z UMT AN I \A/. A- 7$6. Also the more general integral equation 8g d (3) 90104+ Ou at q q which governs the case when the system considered is of finite extent has also been treated by Chandrasekhar and Milnch, ibid. 112, 380-392 (1950); 114, 110-122 (1951); these Rev. 12, 644; 13, 249.] Section 8 deals with the problem which has also been treated under more general. conditions by Chandrasekhar and Alfinch [ibid. 113, ISO- 165 (19SI); these Rev. 12, 6441. Sections 9-12 break new ground by including in the description the fluctuations in sutr density in addition to the fluctuations in the interstellar absorption. If one sup- poses that the system one considers is so far away that one may neglect the decrease in the brightness of the stars with increasing distance, then the integral equation governing the distribution of the observed intensity is 1 1 (4) * (1/9) ~ (q) dq + X f. * (I - i)dB (i), where B(s) is the probability that a star has a brightness less than iand where P is theaverage number clouds per unit length in the line of sight, n. is the number of stars per unit volume, and S is the area of the sky viewed. The author shows that by using equation (4) the montents of I can be evaluated. Thus the dispersion is given by, r-90 O-P (1 -4), -qt Attempts to generalize this simple problem are not alto- gether successful. An attempt is also made in these last sections to obtain theangular correlation of the fluctuations in brightness of the Milky Way; again the results are not conclusive [see Chandrasekhar and Monch, ibid. 115, 103- 123 (1952); these Rev. 13, 786]. S. Cka"drasekhar. TMN ' -j O'_- ~4 . %0 A OC--r. \.Q~ 5:1 W C-\. O~S%% r AMARrSUPYAN, V. A. PA 164T4 USSR/AstronwW - Hot Giants Jul/Aug 50 Star Distribution "Coment on the Distrtbution of Hot Giants," V. A. Ambartsumyan I' "Astron Zhur" Vol XXVII, No 4, pp 228-232 Ambartsumyan shows that the idea that most stellar associations (clusters) al*e, as it were, corridors of eight through vast stellar fields contradicts ob- servations. Study of subject distribution leads to conclusion it is nonhomogeneous, with considerable fluctuation in spatial density not due to chance. 1W_4__ ussk/Astronomy - stare 11 Aug 50 "Distribution of Hot Giants in Outer Parts of Spiral Galaxies," V. A. Ambartsumyan, Corr Mem, Acad Sci USSR "Dok Ak Nauk SSSR" Vol LXXIII, No 5, PP 915-916 Our sun is so far from center of our galaxy that to intelligent observers with instr comparable to ours in another remote galaxy it would appear to be located outside limits of our galaxy, as shown on their photogrRphs. Hence the difficulty of inverse subject problem. Submitted 20 Jun 50. MW 175T3 YA 175T3 AlOARTIRMAN V A VM/ Astronomy Stellar Statistics Feb 51 "Gravitational Systems and Their Evolutions," Prof L. E. Gurevich "Prirodall No 2, pp 14-22 Considers individual stars as particles of a I'stellar gas" similar in nature to mol gas in that the interaction of individual particles is negligible in comparison with their kinetic energy. Discusses stellar statistics are created by V. A. Ambartsumyan, and further developed by S. Chandrasekahr. PA 213T2 IN V. "'1777- USSR/Astron6my Hot Spots, Radlo mv/4* 51 Cluster, Stellar "Association Cassiopea II," V. A. Ambartsumyan, Byurakan Astrophys Obs, Aca4 Sci Armenian SSR "Astron Zhur" Vol XXVIII, No 3, pp 160-162 In region around open cluster NGC 7,510 weak 0 and B stars combine in single O-assn. Dis- tance of assn is 2,500 parsecs, and its diam is 160 parsecs. It is directed to region of strong interstellar absorption and toward source of short-wave radio noise emiscion. 189T1 AMBARTSUMYANp V. A. "Theor7 of Fluctuation in the Visible Distribution of Stars in the 6ky," Soob. Byurakanskaya obeervator.,, No.6,, 1951. 61 pp. A~RARTSWTAN, V.A, - (Introductory reportat the symposio on the evolution of aturs; report at the Sth Go6grass of the Iftternational Astronomical Union Rome 19523 Vvodnyi doklad na simpoziume po evoliutaii zvexd; daklad na VIII 9"ezda Mezbdunarodnogo astronomichaskogo soiusa, Rim, 1952. Moskva. Isd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 1952. 90 P. LMicrofilm) 1. Chlen-korrespondent Akademit nauk SSSR, (Stars) R T6 U N) M N, V. U%thematioal Review Vol. 14 1400 8 Sept. 1953 Astronomy. _;~~nd nrcu myAn, V. A, "Mustel', I obolov, V. V. Teoreti4eskayA astfofizikL. (Theo- refical astrophysics.) Gosudarstv, Izdat, Tehn.-Icor.i Lit., Nlowow, 1952. 63S p1j. (I plate). 15 rubles. Conl6its: 1. Throry of radiative equilibrium of mellar plintosphereg atto tvintinuouq spectrurn of stare., Radiative fransfer theory; Coefficient of continuous absorption; Struc. lure of stellar pholospheres; Thermodynamic equilibrium. 11, F(irmation ofabsorption. lines in stellar spectra: Mech nism of a1m)rlytinn line-forniation; Solution of equation of transfer for absorption line- -fretiuencies-, Coefficients of 9clective absorption; Absorption line contours; Curve of growth, Chemicil composition: Spectral "uences; Scale of effective tempcraturer. Ill. Physics of the solar envelope, Strudure of the photosphere; Granulcs; Ellectrodynamirs of t1w sblar atmosphere: Sunspots; Faculne; Prominences-, anc Flocculi; Flares; 'J'he corona, Solar radio noise, IV. Pl, - tary nebulac: Temperature of nucleus; Physiral state-, Hadiative equilibrium. V. Novae. V1. Stars with bright lines: Formation of erniss-lon lines. VII. Interior structure of stars: Physical state. Vill. Dispersion of light in the planets' atillospheres: Radiative transfer; AlbWo, IX. Interstellar 1!%atter- Diffurap tAulac; Interstellar gas, ~11,11DARTSMVW) V. A. Formation of starB And star associations. Fiz. v SlAole. nj. 5) 125,2. , ",I 50 1 Mr RA. _": c,:!,. I , , , , , , , .1 -: Am,,roval of 'J,,c heas of the Comis.,;ion on Cos!rxoror~~, 52. Gommisz;ion jr, i2nder the :)e,,.)t. Physlco-lath. Sci.. L~nnic taskn of Une headed by V.A. Arabartmu-,yan, Cor. I'Mur., Aca,'. 11'ej, arc: 1.) 4,-,) can-, out. cjor~lnati: n mid general supervision in the fj.eld of planctary and co.7-,opi-~f, 2) to cli-ect klevel- opnent of pLans and reneral trend of on cot-mol,ony, and 3) t) ory-.anize critical Mg. .0 s vievrIng and om)osbv, of iclealistac forelp c,),,-lctq)Li;)ns lin cosmol-.ony. IIPMblcra of 1 Cosmorony", a publication of the con--.innionl vrill copc: out a ~,Car, 251T36 AMBARTSUHYAN-t V. A. DSc 5;1- USSR/Engineering - Dame "Important Scientific-Technical Works," V. A. Ambartsumyan, Corr Hem Acad Sci USSR and -ores of Aced Sci Armenian SSR Priroda, No 12, pp 713. 74 States that the work of Armenian scientists who are assiatin,-, the Dresent great construction -projects in mainly concentrated in the Acad Sci Armenian SSR, and In the past year the T)residium has worked out 7 large-scale, joint-effort projects, approved by the committee, for the construction of hydroelectric plants, canals, and Irrigation systems. Also, extensive investigations are being conducted by the Water-Power Inst, Aced Scl Armenian SSR. States that I. V. Yegiazaryan, Active Hem, Acad Sci Armenian SSR, is directing modeling a:ad studies of hydrotechnical constructions goint; on in Armenia. N. Kh. Arutyunyan, Active Hem, Acad Sci Armenian SSR, has develoDed a theory of creep in concrete which i)ermlts imi)ortant investigations of phenomena in hxxc;e concrete dame. 263T78 "-ak -anmv I VaBB/Astronowy - Cosmogony Sep 52 "Problem of Stellar Origin," V. A. Ambartsumyan, Corr-Mem Acad Sci USSR Priroda, Vol 41, No 9, pp 8-18 Article ascribes all research in astronomy and astrophysics to Russians and criticises Western science. The quoted names of contemporary Soviet astronomers are: B. V. Kukarkin, P. P. Parenago, B. A. Voronteov-Vellyaminov, D. Ya. Martynov, V. A. Krat, V. G. Fesenkov, N. A. Kozyrev, Sh. 0. Gordeladze, V. V. Sobolev, G. A. Shayn, L. E. Gurevich, B. Yu. Levin. 249M Ii M 15 F) Rr 5uMY*h N, V. A. A?MARCUMIk'Jq V.A. Dynamics of 4CNova a id Supernovw &Mug." (Excerpt from "Teoreticheekaya Astrofisikall (Moscowp 1952)9 Section 27, part 2. pages 4.0-471. SO.-TranalationSup-2524467, 30 Dee 1954. 1, Ambartsumyan, V.A. 2. USSR (600) 4. Hydraulic Engineering 7. Tmportant scientific-technical works, Priroda 41 no.12, 1952* . Rgably- ULt Jo Ra-slaa Acc2,ctsioDj Library of Congress, March 1953, Unclaslified. LATHENTITEV, N.A., akademik, redAktor; AXBA)USUKYAN, V.A., akademik; KUKAHIrIff, B.T., daktsr fiziko-matem`&-MS'S'NVM'~Wa~W, PUSUGO, P.P.. chlon-kerrespondent AN SM; IMVIN, B.Tu.. kandidat fixiko-matema- tichaskikh nauk; KLUVICH, A.G., kandidat fisiko-matematichookikh nauk, redaktor. [Transactions of the 2nd conference on problems of cosmogony, 19-22 May 19321 Sove hohante po vaprosam kosaogonli. Trudy. Red. koll. N.A. I&vr:at'6v i dr. Xoskva, 1953. 582 p. (HLU 7:5) (Cosmogony) (stars) 1. jv"F:A~,T71')MI'AI;' V. , Acad. i. ussn (6oo) 4. Asl~ronomy - Amenia 7. Under the skies of Armenia. Tekh. molod. No. 4, 1953. 9. X2pthlL List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, r'Lpril 1953. Unclassified. L~' *8 L I., iOl ;J ~-A 'V ! (GU' 11SG~ q~ 6A "U I I CUIU.1 jz~ L U I -iOll -0 &DRPM; aqI -10-I,' UmOl-A --fiAJ J~iLFIO-~a4ul) U I J IJA i, -0 0J W ujd Pl',1-11~ 'V 'L l,,,tAitLL-q 'V .Z tj LL Z j)4, Uld -,j -j oalp, ItI21c) ud~klqs- -d d J.1 lb-p; W) j.1 l-, I Aj ki t'.1 h IjO III ~;Z,,lujusL ju Sol-j-tir) O'JL~t,.JC,~;~),o 11fia.UT.10 j0 JjjCJjgTjj GLI'4 8 Cil 3S;~ :,44 10,06L -4ua.~ 'J~;---i' -I G .1 C! 6til jU A ANBAIIT$ i i Protooters. DoU,AN Arm. SSR. 16 no.4:97-102 153. f (NLRA 9:10) I. INWP%Titel'Wy chlon Akgdoull wmk ArnVanskay SSR. 2. Wwakka- AV& ostrofixichookaya observatorlya Akadoxii nauk AroWansker SSR. (Stare-Clumters) -AKMA~M~I AU, V . A. Stellar Astronomy, Stellar Clusters and Associations (1734) Dokl. AN Arm. ssR, vol 16, No 3, 1953, pp 73-76 AMBARTSUMYAIJ. V. A. "Cold Supergiants in O-Associationa" Describes the results of author's study of 14 similar variables of spectral class M, undertaken to determine the mutual interrelations between cold supergiants which are part of the makeup of associations of hot giants. SO: Referativnyy Zhumal--Astronomiya i Geodeziya, No 1, Jan 54;(W-30785, 28 July 1954) -- - -- - ------- 'MBA MUNUN, V.A,-, Wmdamik. ,-- '' Nomim Problem of the oreation of stare in view of now works of Soviet astraphysioletes Vest.AN SM 23 no.12-.49-6o D 153- (an 6: 12 ) (Astrophysics) MR/Astronomy - Arsociation 21 Jun 53 "O-Association in Scorplo and its Instability," I. M. Kopylov, Crimean Astrophys Observatory, Acad Sci USSR DAN SSSR, Vol 90, No 6, pp 975-978 Discovery by V. A. Ambartsipyan of a now type of stellar associatidn (V. A. Ambartsumyan, Ecolutsiya Zvezd i Astrofizika LEvolution of Stars and Astrophysic~7 , Yerevan 1947; Astr Zhur 26,3 11949); Izv AN SSSR, Ser Fiz 14 (1950) stimulated study of spatial distribution, structure and kinematics of groups of hot stars. Author studies association of hot giants around open cluster NGC 6231 in Scorpio. Presented by Aced G. A. Shayn, 18 Apr 53. 26C,148 3131 AMBARTSUMYAN, V. A* -- - - Kosmogot-4a. Yerevanp Izo-vo Yerevanskogo UN-Ta. 1954 - 26 a. 3 ill. 20 sm. (Ye revanskiya gos. Un-t im. V- M- Molotova 3.000 ekz. 35 k Na 2 m. Yaz. - (54.56773) - _ABWSWAN-.V-.)r. .W^I, [Multiple systems of the type of the Trapezium of Orion] Kratuye 91stemy tipa trapeteii. Wevan, 1954. 35 P. (Byurakan. Observatorlin. Soobehchenita. no.15) (MIRA 8:9) (Stars--Clusters) AMWTEWA&-y-A- akademik, redaktor; GUMBURG, V.L., radaktor; LEMN, G.Ae. karAidat fUlko-matematichask-1kh rapk-T--redaktor; MASSNVICH, A.G., kandi- dat fiziko-m-- -tor; THRIVSKIT, Ya.P., doktor tematicheskikh fiziko-matamatioheskikh nauk, raarJttor; SHKLOVSKIT, I.S., doktor f12iko- mtematicheakikh naukg redaktor; FMKIN, Mog redaktorl ALUSIMAj T.V., takhnichankly redaktor. [Transactions of the Third Conference on Problems of Cosutogou7, May 14-15, 1953. Origin of cosmic rays] Trudy...soveahchaniia ... 14-15 maia 1953 g.; proiakhozhdanie kosmicheakikh luchei. MosWa, Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1954. 319 P. (MLRA 8:4) 1, Chlen-korresponaent AN SSSR (for Ginzburg). (Cosmic ra7s) AKBAMWW~ MARKARYAN, B.Ye., otvetstvamVy redaktor. Phenomenon of discontinuous emission and sources of stellar energy. Soob.Biur.obser. no-13:3-35 154. (KLRA 8:1) (Stare-Radiation) (Stars, Variable) -AMWTMIYAN, V -. A. "On the Origin of Stars," Merwires de la Societe Ro.-mle des Sciences de Liege, Vol. lk~ Special NjImber, pp 293-300, 1954 AMBARTSUNTAN, V A aWsmik, redaktor; MUSTALI, I.IL, zadaktor; --pMMM F.P., redaktor; KUKAMaN, H.T., doktor fisiko-mte- maticheskikh nauk: MARNNOV, D.Ta., doktor fisikv-aatemati- cbaskikb nauk, redaktor; MASNVICH. A.G. kandidat fisiko- matematicheskikh nauk, redaktor; LNMN, G.A. imndidat fisiko-matematicheskikh nauk, redaktor; TIFF3MV, Tu.I., redaktor; POLTAMVA, T.V., tekhnicbeskiy redaktor. [Transactions of the 7ourth Conference on Problems of Cosmogorw; non-stationary stars) Trt* chetyertogo soveshchantia po roprosm koaz6goMil usistatzlo=armys zvGzdy. Koskya, lid-vo AkwAsuAl nauk SSSR, 1955. J12 P. (KMA 8:12) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Huutell and PiLrewgo) 2. SoTisihchanip po vopronam koemogonit. 4th Koscov. 1954, (stars) AKBARTSUKTIN, V.A. _', Nature of comet-shaped nobul". Vop.keem.4:76-86 155. (MIRA 9:4) (Nebulae) A193ARTSLZIYAN. VIhT)R AY.A7al3?-)VICH U/5 623.455 .A4 AMPARTSU4YAN, VIKTM AWASPOVICH THE SCATTERING CF LIGHT Il' PLANETARY ATMOSPHERES. TKANSLATED BY R. E. ULABA. T-63. SANTA MONICA, CALIF., RAND CORP., 1956. 26 L. TABLES. TRANSLATION OFF SECTIO1133 CF HIS -TEQ-:ETICHESKAYA AS1110FIZIKA. w ift CONTROL NO. V-6946. -- "Explanation of physical phenomena originating in nonstationary stars~', a paper presented at the Conference on Nonotationary stars held at the Byurnkan Astrophysics Observatory of the Academy of Sciences Armenian SSR from September 20-23 1956. Sum. 1267 AMUMUMUN, V.A. Multiple plazies. Isv.AN Arm.BR.S#rJMW nauk 9 no-1123-43 156. (Mm 9: 8) 1. ByurakamskVs &strofisichookWa oboorvatorlys AN Arwq=skoy SGR. (stars) Category :USSR/RacLiophysics Application of radiophysical methods Abs Jour :Ref Zhur - Fizika, No 1, 195~ No 1996 Author :Ambartsumyan) V.A. Title :-Conce7%CUffg-fE-e-IMWe of Sources of Radio Waves Orig Pub : Tr. 5-go soveshchaniya po vopr. kosmogor.-Ii. 1955. M., AN SSSR, 1956, 413-~16J aiskus. 416 Abstract : The little likelStood that central galactic collisions would be observed without observing peripheral collisl=s, miLkes it doubtfal'thAt.-tbe objed~, identified with the source Cygnus _&" Car Lbe-IJIterprbted as a co-MsIon of tvo galaxies. The presence of two gWAetic nuclei in the region of the Cygaus-A source can be interpreted as a flying-apart of galaxies) formed by splitting of some initial body injo two. Card V. A. "To the Problem on the Mechanism of the Origin of Stars In Stellar tv Associations, 6 p. paper presented at Third Symposiun on Cosmicvl Gas Dynamics, Cambridge, (1,Iass.), 24 - 29 June 1957- Trans. Avrllab]--:~ L-3,101,24~'I, I Ai,r 5;~y