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January 3, 2017
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July 27, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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00 -A-. f a Ji O&OKqw Owl, Oka* A # i 6 i 41 4 A a i a A i a 4 p M h a Ili. YMMIN. A. A. balsoldim. A. 1. Iwbtdm. and 0. A. Mlowas Cbrus.. Acad. Sol. VASA.). AhO. feed. KC U.P.J.5 Osion swi. CUM. 1015. &&-Wb Bng*d4 WO, d. e.A. 30. 4'.W'.-TU activity d ligh sels IA The YmW-pbam by- Mu was iev"Upt4d. MI OW wattr wm kow two astommicsily tesillated Ulaudis = burtts isto as tvapomtw. aid from tben into a rwwOm lubw PkAVd NO M #kC. O"ll I"WiNtWO bN NOP. dil'). The t = by a thmoorollA golocod kW& The oraztra - a" The tpm Velocity art The bodon asettims dw 4kwtwo and the rate VA. fatle 1101PIoLl. it it k am kmve tbas 0.7-1. b kin mopofum. It was lbat Mh 0049 to we doadivow at abo" W (txAt&Vls M orl). .W . ad d. l.tW oil at as #AM oew IWO. opi kM a tMp. NA 4W* (Genabo 9Mh gel). Tu in the I MR of otatow'sth i .44, 4 12:17T ChILVA-1 AW of ibe tbrumucal at It space welink an Omm of M" (Wbkb ho "it. 6wV)"b'r bwo Lr the tmt. of sk don so n6tablish lb1H arloaal utMty. 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MI; & mm Cuch ON With 6 1111"d C;l Oj% at 000 tMM wm prutkaft so W& rwalittas AA at am, d& , -M, , sowtormted to 16% Of the f"Icting PhCl. With Ura The effectivesm of the mt&17%t d-- We 0 carm but An iolow tin the 049W *111911"" 16 mnwwbat - . Tlw IDCmw al Cm In the tot*" 1! bvyftd a cidah falm. dm IKR ndw the rilkis xy of the efialer ASS )see - ovac I" Phi It rm Vwy *MlY SWA th VdOw rf. PbF did no bydn*ym evre wq tie fit am'. 6 ;to* too I V- If T I j m A s a Nd a a v I IF 0 0 a s U 0 49 Q IA INPOCIllost ~dt $[I "all It U ~a Vl()n the ~;at,4 I v i c t lon. I. K I i,ivt ir I: rr. ti 7-, fnr on over -,tckril -;hur. Ob7,Tich. XMm., 1,5, No. iA-1,4tic Con'....ct Orgwic jiti-tcti-inn, 1w,t. Ort- nin ~;h~mimtry, Acvi. ~;,A. u W so e 4 so S- a I. 1k 4 a Is Camlytist bydk fliihm... in, itoolhist 4*101"Wel - If =MO."U" *11" " f. (we. (lifoll - Ill. cw) 5, .to at 0. M271. Math. 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Ibil. 61947o- In* theory 00 06 proposed la jart I Is applied to *Kplaratlon of v%ristion of 00 offeat with pressure, wA the 6hants of resetion *MO to eatslyst polefting by 601 the order of roaction to UO liquid ban* differ* fron that In the gasocus phase* C Hydregonat,lon y 0 to disomsood. Tho applioa tiom of the now ooov-pt dopes" partly on the ohose proo*ss tuvol"4 end on adoorptioal diffusion drfoots have so Importam"s NOW L to" "NOW ai r, 4 f, 4 4 4 a 4 L. to s, a b No a a a a a a a 0 I J 'A A lit A,!! do d i""FAMN (T M. Mwwkvm (Ion, off C" Aad &i. UA.&K.). ago go p"p. tow. "a. ZilL V.RAS wk 4wao"s), TU mmamit of kb~ftft m Ow is 0e me, 41 O'Smkv,* 1.4m k tk pmm 5 i~~ (I too got COJ by @=At""= I A I Fw I'ars I at Ou Id. d NvAd 1 000 I's so IRV L Ota" bf.) (cf - fthwAW. d al.. C.A. 36. do* I V I r-A 411.), A%ft 7w (U), & law, d.;9 1i n t AmayA of 6d&. limp"id.povive IL L R. L. May "gas fto gel, oo 0: "o fto Cor. MW., N SSS~ kloo too 8 f chtm., sss~ too 0 low* 61411111 10 0 ] wo qvial'i bit 1141 iff ; ,-rTY-7 go 6 oo*o~*oooooooooo*oooooooloeo*oooo***Ooo*60 -00000000000*006 oooooioeo**oooo 0 9 0 o--q-j I I a r Ii I I I I Tit T --I _AA u Is I A p 4 d 60 SiArww'm as "*b' Mb 1w b A. A. halalmlas and j T I ulA% , ' O -4W 0MV11" s 1 S I' I )._ - 6 Ian R S. ., 'd food that be comm"vaum of tho vakitcy angle is a blich1v 4 s th ti f u b d d see . u a mme o e a a hw ag m w emp m ca Va ififtnueftte ushipid maplex. in evwy Way 11119MR 'o" am p hir boubtlity to the difectm of the Motile llivii, iatqnww d6dawes 44 thm, catalyst go* must be t4atmd W tbodiumdams of tb# a4wortmi ni-A, in tw,lrr that m"Sistbammaps""Weapkit optimum6awf. ,r k' -m Vir 4 the w lk b 4 b a e ca . t may y &M 1 q t Wq%%U" of JJW V&k4WY "#W The 46"fal lutivilmv of Ow 1 d k h d rogerAtme 0 * (110) "d (111) of KI in cato yw" t y et" O"It .16 a cakulatim of thf Optftuln Iniff. cAffia" coallta nwkw difutict bawd om sk ebm tbowy. It. R C, &M C. Or C#v- An SSS~ too --- 1 W u 0 a an a 1 0 -W 0 . anitit it a a it it to SPA 0 00090 0 90 0 0 0 0 0 9 * 0 0 0 ovill 41 0 6 0 * 0 0 1& Al 0 0 6 0 0 1 0 * 0 0 000 0990 9 004 go 0-0 o 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 o 0 A 6 46 4 a 8 w 0 6 to V a.- 0 owl - - - - to * * a 0 & 0 0 * It, n D A j3 W -- F. to 0 a V, W v, 1JL1-J-.L#A -11 M 011~# tf-tt -,to T Never" of W11 %dia" "4 WAkIps "Ollu A Olly bftod halogen by, wafw valow. L. Kb, "11111. A, A, IWAlklin, & V loin*ts, antl 0. a , A. PildmAn 44#4. NOW. N18111 100. QW hN go 40 - -A net* dirrvikou %if tbr tcatihom of ArX with &train ofas foundi thbo mulls In Oisaboatliou of the bakqwn WPUtcWtot fly 11) Awl it cattlynd by CuCle depcislied 4 cables of T1 or So. Only PbOll is FormW what ilia gas tolwe"I to"Wit'l lio. IV. co., a. 0. 11 we aburnt, It is taliewd that ibir Initial rmtkin is as unlilatiow., PhO 4- 6160 - IICI + WO + IQ[*; ILtv it Oben vitili" toy Iloo to VA), *bile It trartto whb MO awl givTO IICI owl 4:4116 Cl is ribul"ted "Hirt trathly 0: %ban Ik. %bile dichlivrobirmsews give a aftiowive nwHo-ro -.00 y*klk4 Coils awl MI. Posmat of 16.6 g. I1hC`I ar.-.1 '3 i 1 ! IJ.X-IX g, ligo over T911, c%mtg. 8% CuCIj at 1WRI" otih 490 00.3 a &r" vorlowit 44 134 941 v PM)II owl 46 _M 04 Sach U-7- too go. 1.0"; 14KIII awl 114-33110 11 LF"hith. fth. VZ. ur 4 if; La a3tow, we goom ly wtivor. The ylebb al benseve rsoV CW.JI4 and Iloo ti~%w THlo-CuiLlf at Jka~* wilhz: 11146m lit about 66% at At W. with notifrvaW drop at wow temps vvk-k-ity 3117-M7 save &.!'~ IICI. awl the Prod is using. The c"vithimation covallysts (no detailed ykkis 4 tallied IM anti Cito in a 41A ratio. Paw4av W C411 given). The 4-atalyst a6wly Ituotto its w0vity ol 23.8 g. PhCI Atu] 3-5 1. 11 to 113 mits. I- r v6x-ity iqo* awl= 1. reztwWv%J by &i& 14.veiap at 6110'and *&1%. 242) over the TPO,-CuCho-41-1"' -100' ~899 will, CuCl.. The "chinimitica" red"lon bell" at about I-A.sav to I'bcl nilk"I sth I J imfl. IIA I Save awly Wol I 4M' on the t-v Motif citalpts. A TO-Co" catal t Ila; this qx0fiflift-41 florthowyollb, i go* uwd at &U-NO with PbW and 1 -"Ira pvt anic showing that 11 litto-rat"t by cat,tlv~t. 14 eatable of flow. ago rowits: very little kOll foram. walk PhIlt readjo Sonve jgkdtllkg~ the U-UAl Atli hAll-ir -4141yok- livk-olyo4n. I ~)~j than IohCI under mnivarable conditions; I- Obviously. retifir.ti tuitable bor thi- -clit"inmuort" TV. llit!- 10 0 Olt. Los! 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At a tinse of cf(art p - nA wc., the appin tit avillfitioit ,rill-tv of I - 11, 4- It i, -L"N.4 krat./mOt: tit N.M- OW Alid .14-34 It 74 , . . . 'It of balaort. Ifir 4 mill., v ,m. vill. -,I vrifalv,t u, tit,, jb 14) ulhl. I IN: at 5 1111 1 If, k "r41 1. 6 1 L. F.:.' W11cf-I v4 11. rAl 1, oll, 'M. a I ill I ti k ft. 1. 11 :1 2. 11 yd"ICAt t-Ml. 4). wl't of 11 5.11 fti"k. : it r." it 1.92. IM CS 14. 05.1 it ft, :(!I, wi) '--39% LI.Q. Ul 0 (7.9. 0.0. 11.3 4 3 %1-%' 12 -, v vol. of catalyst 1-1) - A. I 't ill)-, p 11,J) 111111 11g: ;it . 1.1-o. ;1.8,1 (6.M. 91.4, (1.4 7.,',, J1.11) 7.1; at 3.62, 4 It, (14 8 82 7, 0 4 15 4 1,U) 10) A; fit OW ( IA 111111.) KIP. !11~ bn.i3, Rill 0:4 '*.'-'. 1.2~ VIA. (2) Viii-,iijon M p Imill 1.1m0 3110 mill 111vt ru-i-I ill(- vit 1,1 otily (mm A-5 in CA snole % (at MP r iii't-A. Thk wufirm~, oil the whole., Compict, Cowrage C4 tht vnlal)~t %liffmcr, the det-latim Iltivil ril"I (" 0 1C .1t."t (if (I(-Mlllllll. of 11. (3) In MIXI,l of I + It, awr ill,, ~alne catalyl, Jw)lh the fichytIrrigena tion I -- It mid 11tcotillfri. (#1 11 mvitr. The decompri bictraict %%ith lin! mid with the initial cmtent cl 11 ill file Illikt., tit r.17 alld 6P)" file talu (if (If'Compa. 0 11 rx,ptA4 th,il -4 it,f Immatim mhcn the cmicut of ft I .7~,'_ I'vampiv. tit Imlavive-. vol. tif valal)st 2 nil. 4 14 fill. ctli'lltil f P 1,19) mill. tic, 2 1 tribit. p.,i%vd In 11 it it - at 17 '. I In bittial mixt. IOD 97.8. 70.1, atid 51)A mOv ';, It nbf~jjm,d INI. 27A. A74 ~O:v D~___> r r ;MRSt t R. I low. misiftA by "ll-* ' by a PW be,o. 11: saw mm,=~.7 be VA Is VA on tmm wo b ut n t4 4l"w*40A- A- -1 It"' Th VP, SM Ilaw Wome Wwd to CO&O n. prowl oft Al Is oft .100811, 1" "Obw % i~~ E5 a two of taw -do. .1 be cm M i e k i Ma T . t '"aft irt vd. I ..t 1, .su z w IFSPIP-10* Th 00 ma I I a 00 goo 10 solo No* ;o 00, 600 1#00 pit, e o i, "to a,# A Im a L A JL- "tit; km~-Jw #OA Oqp C 7 to the " poq"A.Mada 1 664 of 40" wb " r 1 dais 10 y. T. .4 , r f ? " lkilb T It It k ime, . N. I'SMAIII K Oct OOW wk I" P 0 I lit 1,61,66i me AN I I see r. too 69* see Sol "000,60 00" esooefooooooooooooo:oosooooooooooooo0000900 1100000 01009 *"New 6 0 r 4 d a % 0 N-A ~m ~ , .-A-S-L .1-AL- t--& -- - M alt $#too A'A 496 #4#464 a -jt: 0 004 000 60a 0o o0: 400 *03 .001 08 f too 3 000 008 Poo 3.00 p1m 4RI p $"WNW"" 841 WMAW4 Almm ".4 000 "-VIP 0 40-10 li 0*0 too p UPU OU '-41-0ajpAq p 0-000-0 %M p r"s IRl'irw wm* fee M wVqA"""J$pftp- w4l P, HOMILOW 1"0"1 v -$%an .(w 00 00. v ~v roo 00- .00 'J",-,f woo D! 1 6 14 1 # , I ,I ; -'j , it. non tim Theory of the Selection of Catnlys!'s 11 by A, A Balandin (p. FOO f0: Jovrnal of Gene al ChemIrt (Zhurr;al Obchehei Kh'mil) 1~-Oj Volume 16p No. ( !::" F~v ZO 4 4 of A 11 ] 09 a -60 00 git Ito - "I'mv rdymnetimni, mlymne: hence. the room 1019b tt4wirk I 5. rm- Oven. .82-111t to 61"111194111)(14 MITI evolvetied all",- tat COt b.f. waseld. U.S. Ot 04. Co 40.6 is );`ild. CA calwyk. its . 11, nk it., ;;-ti Clis. Coll %ji ) A rtpb dild. with CCA, (1:2 do 0.) at arme (T"b Cstalyst "" I At 3. after ST ton. A it. cr L lot the amt.. r. of reg"Welillilm I it k falling to 31 after 21 bil.; on 2md rv. MC":Clli 9""ah"ce'l Oft t' Of the Clawlenutir) rtnusloed gtat tim all" TI lom. I - No. 4. M Kra"Wralkat of a rwwt kally Indelemirol tot I be role, ml f."Insig cutalvot faillm from s AI A IoW tat 41s)") in add sk 941""' 4. &%-1 %AkJ W jiny. 1. I-staIrst, %I N751, at OWO few 3 tws. rrviorril its fall %vivow 011vily; &too increasing /. e I .. W" f im at" and 3m). villect W64 alwood with an ak~tcam "It. (1: 1 kat n-P. 42) At WO", withimut dilo,. XMI N.A. for 21"11-z 23 'ill**" than In Kilih.lim. a.jfs fWh,bmI*wjyO only to # 44; It is rmornfrorrul"I Ito rrertottate every 2tJo- 1;e 0 W"k 1w- 1401 P hg I - 7311. Mo. 1W. 2OU 31OU h". (7) urkim a pr"wre reAw'"I In 3M Nam. 11it, A a - 33.4. 31 V. 31 k 30 7. 22.4, to op.; btwv I he iw~ *&a 41 as against 'WI Ulvlff I at on. &Mt 48 ill 1: 9 121411 - d11111 I ; 0 0 dortivily, P - W. fr%lwrvdns I' in kif.llir.~ij ,in t, Voith m (at folo'); conic'"e"lly, -111", 1"th COR W Mwe bt!W at 4 1111111"'J". f 9f.. 1111". 1:2,f to 430. P - oil j., eflocti" than mfwvf pm%urt. (8) Activiallow of tior j 3.4 000 (3)1o'swrimimm fresisly proppl. relmlyl. at Ato)% its It. r"wtd im 8 4 I hit koor it of I he c4istrin of eat afrat from W con. (buhung as against o X 1 for M; ton activation in If to WvvwAwy "411411 4 34 sall. ratalro) to 11 I-M. 42.s Md.) load so elect C" 0 at oftevrwilrov"etiton. iv) Sim"riourntsa: Iran% of lia lassil- 60"OS" WO f X11) W. (4) Fiample of a b*kOft u( a valt the Cu-Cr eatals-st. 110) AMn of IIX(Ai rot-ts the ~00 i b4w. M! total Imm I.M.W4 4J% C.. *I am", 1 4-,V. dan. O""T but this effect cannot IV restated on fternatmoo". ITIMCCIA so 1!2 Imsdood 41.A cmdeaftle. $411411 (11) r$ 41091. PAC11101, in the Cloovivassir. 0.1-41.2 1. is V*14 401.7" , hdAwA ton Et to Mi. ell( M. I be" I W 21) rid. at 0. 1 X Ito in .411110 I" the COlk"111le. Ph%j, 11.26 C.. PhFj Ph Passed. IVAI it.. too ArOlf added until a light -yellow lint it lotstaimord; aftet IS 41 ovoids. standing its thedark, in rid, tif It)", KI is btlilell anti ^z the Ism" kxlifw Mral"I aith NOACk. imrwwv 0.73, ties is* Ito 0 Ot's, fit to I, to, 0 14 a d it R a As to It KAQ M I In 0 0 0 :J* q 0 So 0 0 0 so 6 0 0 0 0 0 So 0 11111 0 SO 0 1*411 1-11110411,111141114111 _*_0 0 * So 4 So 6 so 0 0 q J" 2 lk a It,* 0 Ji taxi"#$ 6w P, 00, nUI342. Thee pin *at &Wis. I-allil It I Amid of PKII.C11 Xe Vol 4 list Ah. U. Malmakruse, will A. A T10140pre am NO., of fall-"* IN d* I with Name and mor. Ion's (C.A. 21 4M) mIttumptim of 0* I-*wwikm of Afflaal L'brow, iIJ-1411-14.) 19. ONVOWINAIN Roo- C114 awt WIS In the am Imm thew mml%ts,-. Tath" "Wrtle at Ph& tow AT. T1 of Coll GrA C#114 WT lorvied by way of byinsommicirsis .4 a cono.. Asomat Iwit. mmical .11 rb I(I i Ad r%CII; ell&; WA It "All1k. VMIL 11,1444khl- MOIXII, In Ilat t"wArminift r1ov with Ik- frativ. up to Ivivat. this hf*UVSWYM# WAY bt dW 10 If Will. 11 0% 4 @"1-- Ibm 14111061 0440101INt tWw W MISVI 0 - Xl-N -will be a two reaction. T%u comM vm be itirr"iy WC.. at NO. rh OIL% 661$1 676*1 5 - 0.7, 114, 1104, FrOWA-4mot viefther *a- It dnfnnw4- 000 . b %bdv"4 a cilacnicill crilition wlkwllyzm "w" %ilk coo (1:8 low) at I - 114 Ovarremolowme to knuathn of 1PbCII:CIjj. Tu dw- bed i milk OWN to ;~~. PLICO, 8 - 0.5t, 6.2. 304. maps. Of PlicilXHILO(lihm. "ilk I:1c1w)-w1y:-t 411011111 -*1145 foms.). 31.4ri. %'kill$ we ommq!m fly Iveroo Iran &W to Ms. tow cc tow kmw r. At t 30 we, q WIF tbrtw4imt %has fill Cm CI~CGIAJ!Y" "m Is but is all time kow 2% Vo It- between SW will W; at OW'. 9, fewsthow toommilit. atom'. 71w 8, I* nowswriall nwthm WAS dremosmattif by mempon. 1111W.Withello. It" tapts. a quarls. ponvialls, mewl, &w km Cll!;e Abe. Ueda am CMbtkm. the lict-campa. of Ph. lubm DrA wub= P4 " cu=m parmstip; mdbu elf . III is da a than Its formation Irvan Poll I. AMR. she kilo aft the uslur of the w4 have an tam -d VbNII% kwwa to "bit potraverisation. lowtv 9. 1 logo 7w. aw"is that km WWI 04 kvit carbon black i~~n to *IA% with 62 wt. !-w am dn,%&A obs"willy Set 4 it* on - flat don a" I%Nll., Will to 20#1 arfill 3X-q - at simallew r. tow effect Ire 0 -rvw cit Cie or on omamsel PC. V- s4amommict; is *Savant owy -- A of Ph. 1160 V, b oln how with SI Will fit. O&fx.;Wh towl a# dilm. with 4 of 6% lumvis. 11 Mine I I to, v... %be wom allow ins" M bm I !A,. At U*, A at a 31% &ad h-mm 26;9 to 16. 1 at 9 7 1 . soudkv avats. St do* room. terap. GDO Itailthemalmot 4 v results Is a steep iv- 11*011 Q%) WT allective only at the lcom w. 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A W Chrot 2TY-ft 190)(11 RAW4W ' i"PU"PA at 11tweaptins to orp. pbut If;;; %be cift.- is spiewic ftWkm by diets.. it Is am", 404*0powtual it I:Clit Without plow @rpm.,. so wjy I Ims" JU "Now but I Immm VON ft. C4 a va , mid 4(X6 hw SIPM, MI"t 14 f to d*W Pe WUMetcontent In the lakimA Ohl. In- at the OPMW of MR, The I = dwreapolibelatter 34. AM IM tha PWM,. 6; (' *0 A d l d tW 0 V ft w Mm w y% . ) comkonw, mw brw* the Mmiw lot. ww I Im. fmp.. I'd, wtvavr I w* d1h iX 00 (kW" am g dw to tod. wrars. pwtku IMY at AAJ I&NI no to a prommatimil efort of Cj4Uvs mine.. the calairm va eal 1 rv PbRi bit c&v=.g!pmmI Am , ,. ak sft~ftmw at smau.. his% ywb of P%011:01# Dilm. twitit M Is beds thest, I N. We mma of the b-pa.. dw..P:m &t L W110- fthkv. cam be fecow" 111 with DD-~ FWJ At 40 "fA In the coaft"to mp Wo. by fivm;a"~ 5 owt an "Vemant of the CAM- Won with the &W of X&A, Sid comopowats. 6 vc for the IMS001. of "WARINN devj___ rizatics. R. T. let of 40 400 lot 411114 IGO if 4111116 111110 41111o 40* see too 111 6 49 00 01; a ve v a I IF 111 9 a a S 0 1 d6. VA T ZZ "l, If I, f P! m AL MU *0 oil bbtlill-Wiff reactlus ma "014,41 the neawim of dm vaf~t*w ja~ftijm b li" 44 b?*620 tat L. Kh. FreMs. A. A. V* Lebr4ava. WW 0. A. Frkl~ (Aced. M. 00 .3rliftu 00 Moacw). Ads Plip"him, V.R.S.S. 21. WMIOW-T" Priuml Wat an %be vew-*vc 00 rmtkm Rl wyl baw" WRk 1W is the imp. raw of Is MMWW wM r" warI4 pu*%iwly I% tht 60 0 of &X% Ed %e 00 a malrat Kv UO of ha"m bl, llwull Is pbtw Mt. as wa on 1&" 1101 emy La ww its Ole Itaitt the &"in W U. ww"" otbw met% &an" 0 * It. = of %I* vorl" TWMA go the twuma." .4 00 lot N duatt eke" 6 PrOPM4 which vaplaw the 00 keb INA IMB SIS The otbw obmtrvW pb-X-M With tu vepw-pbmr by"YWO of I to phend. 0* P. 1. I-Mqg f lee too love ""saw lee ONO 11:111411" aiv 1111,61 Ta 10 all 90 *A Rd 9 a I I IN 0 0 at Mb db A 0 -F"-f IF I irk a 4 M -AL C-L J-6 f-A Is Aq 1.0 yo-'#* too *00 *of "00 ot 0011 #Fro~ilpn of A A. liala"din Old Ak- Ads. P, 111-1314. of Orrouip ckemajolrat, Arod-my MV.S.M. I v, 616 Vor tho stady two ardro of r1pelin-to were "vadO, Go* one Involsing dilution with carbon dioxide And the 0 S 00. oWr withael dilution. In both OffiPs Ow 1P1"Pcr4- lure now vrwily *"a estalyst jehromium "Ildol too we" kvpt efmt&nL Results ovolmd. 000 w*o go* 000 vo* goo wee 1, 4 a go ii, low.1 -1 10 4k - Ofliii, O-W Str 1 00 0 -Aoi _i,-- In 0 1010 to I, p m, .1 a A 11 I's of H of 0 1 24 a 4 3 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 9 0 * 0 0 0 * 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 111, # 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 top 0 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 * 0 111 0 0 106 t 4 a 4 4 , I;I. # 9 0 4 9 0 0 0 a # IF A 9 1 411 0 0 MD 0 IN A-A. ". ffmA 00 A t 00 So A TW AWbubs W lut"I fififets "woksm All* S S V M OWS M n 21 1 - . . . . . 06 ) y . I )I ll~ C.A. ft. 01"', all 64041, -Iftqw,,4-vj ""I. lop~r, was vv*;4wttfr almst.-I I'v rmitalytt c-4, I?. 00 Ow"am- "m "wimin w&% 1.41~1 at ri- t,id- fly -we Ci P40ON a- DOW frIIIIIS let" iokkfWft- go 00 Amr* bnewly; it rrnw"" cunt. 14) aluoli goo 0.8 ft. PIT I., sbM UNA thir cold. talk. TIw activd. 0- mo n *I n-* cowrim of the murfav to 18,m) cid, M Md.. "4 is RAW ift the bQri&mt&I Tbr ". - "n& HO diff ff f M f W i roo GM o , 11chn (C.A. S. at Sow , fel 4 1 l w saw l. 71M 1 Its We lotgfprrltd to 00 that lbe "kat Wive ralalr4l palribm we ski l1w i0l-f*" 14 OW tWM SOMS. TIW QA-lfTV VVUj"* 1 A X hP, jwf ftum Ow &d* 46 t t 1 4 3~ . NM . .- . _ i CW#-*f,&r ul thr -11IMPat 4-1-wpli-wl "vvI "ol Iw thr n..l A. VU-twl%-f & w w w V 0 * 41 0 0 I*$ MJ I HIM SOMPIV I Tri `109 F V* 0 So 0 Ot see 90.0 SO* woo 0 9 a 4 3 a 0 ----- -- ----- -- us VChemistry - ep/cat 46 cbemistry - AUO*I, C011(dial *A PkrelcoahemIcal SUdy or M11ca-Gel Catalptap" Te Wei, A. SmUndln,, Inat Ora C-4mp Aead Sai usmt wmwo 16 pr "AcU PIW&IeDdWdoa MWO VbI M# 3b 5 Gives diffvtAI&I beating mr"s for ollics-01 catalyats. Plots cur"s of rate of 9mU' n of vat.or, at . temporaturep tv astalysto. %mr 1"linjagry bouLtreatmant for ev"rel days at toMaraturts 46% 545s 70D# 7909 end 103D'OC., &Ape off those ourm IrAI&Aea that the therval lrrevvrO.ble lmaotlvatl n of catalystp whI& starls 4M- 55CPC# Is not due to any Imer struutural dharWe but probabI7 to, ellaination of definIts amomt, of &*x1eally bound vator, Received# 12 OA 1945. FA 54T40 Wt. Otj um't. Chon., AN "zip rm,-Jr-g a D 4~ it A, A A L A- A -1 A -a 11, it * 0 7-40 #-*"TqTqv vw 1 1 1.00 4 30T at o1 tha sows 4j 60 astiod" le"I We 64 64 "Utrity - dwm "Wift. A. 1-111doeseillew and N. A. Vali - -00 (M,V.IMmOWWVftm*vojv M4*xow). C*mjw. me* ad. age. U.R.S.S. U. ta...06m)(18 U866A), -- = cmrd (6twons vialewolm chrriatlice t~M~ WW KAI- lee bwm Mtratim astervica (v4;Tjthj-6bwr a% ah -l,411- bole tnw) q I I - *vaw4 wkb It NUet to nown *11 I" with W."VOSIbe elipmaylvaime led her NU- fles. A4Mivw 14 c*1191111410 -M R 6 t a t be nwq hod ci zemook WI'-PWy vmt a . a hutted W 40', 090 I"I. it. p. 1471 wina tww"M Tbp talc a dchrinve"tift to Cyckhr"m to bria" w she* vlarywilik 6J*%44* wl" owd an nwv*w fiV The cuts- 4*0 lysie W4. lw.1 to be tWkv tb&t With AMPIMI-4V S'btv4" '" 1a011111 4:111"kie. ma thee merlierstiles "all is CW./Ov* Was 13AN fat the erberyartfle4yP C�Uhn and 14,= 1w the SMI-bi- E b,k Inw. Tin ~im (anewrot the kiwJc I elm coo F-- It? awsbUshod by 5 C.A. 30. 4") . =.- krgTpW of th, Iwo es y1ts obwwd that the Pt c"ard tow it , mobaAam, but saresat-I am 1111maebtfibre, aW*dos. The wMdy diftematst activi- ti. Relay -be due to the 4 6eforMim of clelor- to ank ww to M-V,LOvvw&OSGv SWX viv Moir-$ 145COIC Mv~ AN Iss lee View 444#9 10" 00.6.0 lee It ~*, "; - = of a i -09 a $06 000 0 00 *go 0-a-G-16-6*6 a a *Leo 009 0 At 9 S 41 0 ;jb A D4r*spm&Ii"- -oil i6m etrw R. Lufl4cr and 0. 70u"ety402, 34ate vaiv.. mmqvv~. roympf, fted. 060d. ki. SS, 12' 411)(10641tili Pnlli%h); 94. C.A. 40. -00 00 c with Okomw4tryt tyruatter lot the jort-wittv si AKU This It" pawd ovtr a #"Iwv4 Co rlyromife misIrl s, 16mr4im to Adkins mA Conetv 111). m &-%Naql as 111) (C.A. 44,417") is a qows to juvrivWx tabr. diki. with 9 nW-, LIXimd. 1. at a spim wrimiiv rg Xly~- 00 ul. kqvidA. mulystflw. wW at Ttw :00 eon4emte W" W*btd. dtkd with KMN. WW ibe 99 umatyl.shy"wbanx JIV) dirld. by By. Tlyty nvets, orl wm cv&vttd -nt brim and artalyervI [tit 014, 0. CO. AM It. At as' M gavv 93% (4 vumsmwe 0 OP 0 6341", IV, - 1weryke It. gavv #IV; of eft"keVele .:SS: 80.0l.v IV. III could bo revervated and It evuld am. Chastity In spect, volmty W little retvi. The nuLlo "O"itylk way I br ydropuatkin ty! 1 to 114C: City. CA) was formcl by pwtW mimilmi W ('(h Ipy 0-A ut the If - pmldmd, Some stilbrar way imbird but Its byromikort was twlkvwql to Imr due I he My it a Sal A"11, 4d met timof I Jsdkv*sNI from thr point ut view id HA mothil-ki Atthur A. IkAWKIL 11-C-4 M. SOWN too. W.644 isto" 440 ~:ij 0 Air 10 it 4 My A I a It- 0 * a W 0 00 8 4 : 0 0 0 0 0 0 -D NDI ,31-As A*- .. Vo A. KMt!1Y'L--Z'- V" "Isotopic Exchange in the t4~drogsnation of Benzene with Deuterium ovor Platinum and Chromic Oxide Catalyataj" Z, Ve KNu-ina, Ro V. Teys IODmpt Rend Acad Sci, Ursa" Vol 53, 1901, pp,715-18 During the hydrogenation of benzene over a Pt-on-asbestos catalyst and over Cr 0 j, it was observed that exchange with D occurrede Under the conditions of2de experiment, Leo, at 1000 with tho Pt catalyst and with a If-benzene mole ratio 8f 14p corVlote Yqdrogenation was achieved, but with the Cr 0 catalyst at 160 and with the other conditions the same, the degree of hyidgenation was about 8-12%j whereas thle degree of Isotopic exchange amountad to as much an We SO: W-336,, 31 Mar. 48. ---- --- 0 "The. of till! -9"t-iir Pit,:zu 'jubntitutlon. of ~-,.vdroxyl i'or Aryl ii'llOr-eng Dok A'~55, NO. 1, 1946- of Scj., Inct. of Orf7t-,"c Chen. Hr):lcow- v a P a LIE M's At % 0 A F COWYIW *"bar womalk orso. tiv 10, sow, ~VA a5~A Ubn1tva. ond G. A. U 10171 "00 4714111. 40. 611SM-71m etialytic &CjjvjjyA bdwa get The gm-Nma Cam"I'lioll of MI lato JON011 by 1100 Vapor Isp= la"ftwilbO.N. al *&* PI Olk ON (41%) to vow"Vienlate its I-mm A C" llw~%ilh "'islibmaliam. "kith Is velictabk itbe" ~kkk* and amikc.1 Atmove,110-W. Wilbam"albeCu silkled, the adivity W lbt ftialylit Is four plemerved up to AW' but falls oil ago above that lemp... pute sit" Sri Mee worn blizowbe1=1vatium In a t the Mine trimp. lanp (400-W). In tubes W W20 mm. th4m.. w,d. W C4141M 60 Mi.. With 18.0 #. MO Alki 111111101 10 15 H&O pawed In each ran at 430% W% UPU*. an4 tkk) 40-60 vAlm ~mbe yklb ;I PbOll *am aptorm. twice those Corugvlele tvpqwat is achieved by brati*4 In an all stmam 6 hri. M rdw. virms tit Moll Attained a v- owl 3111, 44 lh~' MCI pa-rd. Calslyts t-4-woftivy hlacl~ .. NO* OVIS Von tile ahmout m"l4r(Tly Infilled by tt"J"Ta"Almal but " is vitbutil clin't on thontally disai- "Ill Col.) .1. yvis. Thus. ttratn"t with Cu all. can I... see m"41 to di%linjUlth betwern lev"vible awl illew".414e tie. w1wstlem. Artivallon with Cthl*% Is "Psally to" litt. we lines " catairse the eschmat*. N. Mal I k A 04 lltktwocht~ L"llatot CA.AlwCATIN t-r' -%I~- boo Iwo* -=le-t# to"" .69 4my set VX41 Al MISA& tar"# Too- e-0-0 0- 0- 0 0 o0 --I De 00 A - Do DOI A rmm he mW-mm'"'d ma s."s, is Games C-. Imam =1.1 ms, MA migbar 01 by. Apmu"ea " *11- A=vrftWmRu9,I Cy" jet..., hki on. A. A. 8 U , N 41 a and M t 9 M n. ar J see elf 1 0 SHM A 3 . 1 ry D.t 47 , P. The w,*tW at Deopla and M cCartY was OT&Iu- j was fmn4 that butadi . I ons, and also, butYI- goo 1 0 a art aboorbilid b, AMAWW W terminnums of bmmM d C yaside WAI RItke "t IS this P oo , 3 0 : e nee bu low givo incormt relults. tadiene and butYll DOW Wyed due to the Aboarppon of butadient to bell I 03L formatlion of a aduble C40P Sol 96 1041 160462 OL"WICA's" iL 4111 lap 4d I ILI I t- I t--r 11 oil 8 0,, u .0 0 Is P o o o oo o DO 0 MWIN11 A. A. of Me cotalytic fornatloo and dewmpWil" gj~,% R Anil lit Gm. Ckirpt. 17, 2 IFU-ir.4 194-0 tin cf. C.A. 41 5117i.-to order to. det. quit"ItItatlIrTly the i YIEMS of MC11:01, froin I'M as, a function of triolo., iqricc N-OfIcity. And tit"c 4 teintairl. 30-rmin. runt urric ou'le under rigmpusly ct*itrplkd coodilion'.'AIIII visital)"1% of rnedicus" activity, rerxitirrated tit ficirturot Intetivit1% for fw,t the little nrcrs~iry ( IS-25 Into.) to k-rep Vic urtivity 9 unchanerti; t1hilt wA% checked by statilliliAl rtov;. Weire atut after each eipt.. iteith 273 tnl. hiltrid Plirstil. PhUCCCh - 1:2 tools., nt the even It-MD. With Ire- clurnit Olessirt trgoicraticini, ',oir r-cwtion riF the cmalpt krIll - 41 const. activity ditrinK 78-W gunA. vw "itelit, x -if 1111C11:01, lit the C-1kn"Iti, Ax.rv C~qircclcql lit Vach raw for thr.61ght ili.,T~rvncc lwtwi:tn thcarittal artivity of the catalyst in the rottin irtim and Out Minwn In the 2 irtintirrit tit fit, altri Trier cri"'cquirntly to ill(* -.title aclivily. Its it t-i-Tial 7-11r. C!kPt. at ON)". It wi%IL "istx-riallicil thil tile miwicn"te crintain.% only PbCII:CIIj iod untencted PhEt. At N'W Anil A75% with ~Y) rnt.. 7 rim. of riltalililt dilli, Phrt:C(N - 1.2 t"crMi-C of tht- , Ice vi: nc ity r"Ilt?xI In rapid of S; e.g.. tit N*411' I ) mill, UXI mt, A.1hr., x - 70 Anil 30~-~ tat (WO) it It it 31.61-~- rc-.p , (he 2 titimil CV0 'Anil AM')' ln(tt%,rct mt athytt 15C) irdA./hr., a 4114.V~. M (V4*. x A"t lit. It cireati" with Inti-r-axint pfinee yriadty. tugities 1111imto a Virly fl~wt otiv. (x at".tt 40-r. at M"it 3M) trit.11.1hr.. tbenv %knVIV fictleaticq. to JV',at 22VI 111I.A.Air., IIIJIYI* pIrAtiol x apiti,t [tic their otcrint.ict %her t .. rtt!litliot (tic tul'o.', I m It IM410 H11,10 + a) ( V12731 (While fill. Of PhFt, of -,p. rr. 4, Vj~xctl lit I rrAii.. ff nulls -At., t; vctmity al tbQ WF. Ira, WOO ill r - sl~ holp ,), 11 1'.10' olill 575" show tillifolln illkrva~c 'Ai0l 111CM-4119'r. fa%lt r lit UANt r It. at AN), x first fises steeply "lift i'l," ls,i~g ~, I-) RIV"It 411'~ or I - :I.n Svc., thvil ill,- crr.t~- I'lls- ob%icilit iii1tvilirtation that the fAl III` x, al '. I( vcry Iniv vi-toullici, I-, ditv to tic irmllit, (,f tile IlliCilX111 forin(d. %rxi ronfirrocid dliott; fly li-mr, it trivur ilic vitrit, rataly,l, dild. with COI (1:2 tor-lv,), it lIPI ;twl sit ~173 tril. ml thr, forlifir plcr :0 (Vat'. up to Y)"~ of tile 1*hCII_._ CII, psj-(il 1, tftcntfsj~l. Th, of Ic(viivipn, lit- C-rea,,r,, will Ifie. (villp. atid niih r. (fie tmax. I,( x. (%li*tfvvd sictu.111y'a FtNtill ot 11M"111111. nf Ph- CIf;CIII I% sh'.11VII by C%tt.llw Imillp (he cotitV (4 x .1K,1111,411 r, lwynii,l thi: this rxtrar,toi,,o ilrmihi give. tit r 7.1 -ec., it as miziiti,t I c swill it 45" t, - th,,- drill, It 27'-'r, rqual, vttv r1o'cly the ft.-riti- vf Occollip". ff"Iful diellOlY lit their Will' 310 T- TlW viluscity (,( cataIrtir decoini'li. of I'llk, I I ~C lit is cot"hicraMy hither than thator (host,al 025", pj,TnI)-.I% lift 041% 1,11CII101, ollcll~llixol, Isillitc,is Ill vala ).0c gIrvointim.. lit I-A -BALANDINI-A.-A.-- "Soviet Obamistry on Zvo of Thirtieth Anniversary of October Revolutimp" A. A., Balandin, B.. M.,Berkongam, A. N. Newayanov, Moooov, 20 Py .."UspeNhl Xhimll" Vol XVI, No General historical article brIefly recounts morela- 'portent vorks of Soviet scientists, such as lowonomovp Gesso Bab# Vernadsklyp Fersuan, oto. Pictures of tho more Important of these scientists. TA40T8 #0 goo,46 # 00 0 0 0 Olt, g, 0 0 S s 4 8 it tf At 1. : f -A-- - ve-stj - 06 t .11"" d MA d Admd aftsum L TM afthamma .40 wd Dnmftn Rubuhll& EL -Kkww a 00 NW101L PbONWA. 04 Qb"W. tIL - 48W40" Kydf4b. 00 "Oulm 'k A01"(ft rbpwwitift. rxm~q, MI. It Ill. 161 1114~ 60 %Ot Asit (1~ VIRWIA1. 0. 1 .00 6OmAvwww4. M. I IU Lim.,ti.A of evri itwk.4,141 Milt". ar"I .00 414TM Oft IMU-J (nmi lbP IlWat 444ii;w of IN- nrw fhm" fl%ilnw~mtwn. Thp lbrqwy men" silk I goo, Vwuelml. hra."'Mmolf4by "w0 Ill"Wom Ill . -) 1'%r 1we O..rY ia !N,;-/ .00 00 00,3 0OW 001 goo so* It m4TSk1.VftlE4L L11164 IIW11 CtOlOICA144 %1t 6167. 61491101 V11 fw a 0 a I a Im I a a goo 0 0 0 0 "r4b 44 06 00*1000000 goo** 'Of a as a# A' A' AW lat memo of 61kylatematte hyAmuw" to d P64swiftwo. itad the laws l1bak matIlOoft. L~,srsf 0. M.' it ~ I :~i Mm took *#Ad. a h 121*19411(lis Hadbak)z cf. C.A. 40. 41, S111711--lU &hYdIeer"HoN of P-41WO-P14- (1). Ill, WF-4% dj* 0,111M, NOV 1.4001. av" Co-Ct at 4113' and Ambidat aftte o( 423 OW. 0"W 1/1. =VV%(q pow awl 1.2.3,4-tolm. Z;itbak". The reaks from "Ovium- =...amlrd with thew. ;0 crimets) (1) Obe rest cl dm &W file Yield jwv greater, the kma" the see 7kX.-b%t a lenter chain Im A broken; it) the tatiO of It Mha A&A the J4114 bwmw 6 arbra t1he It *ft me We m4w*~L* a v 0 1, by goo it sms tic saboahowls- (3) for brummoom wkb em alkyl see imbathunt costS. go 41; this 2 c - tin rate of dt- bydrodirmatift Is like tow as that of I I "Itswk. embofitmints: (4) for d6& IM*mrm of Am show- ammikoied 'Irpe The Mfg of dtIrk,".o.. 4 it, oem Bit,. an time Motive padtion of thitI embstiltmOits. it. 8- Maman too 661,11,10 'west C'Lutwoull" we 0000 111"llsive too %olded "a. 0.0 off Aii-111 Voi on sit -T--I" - oil 0 lip 0 r!$ !11 !1 0 0 0 0 000*000*0 O * o LLM.M. 3 0 00 M L, t - t led, A~ chtis At"'.Ww- - . 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I 11M for lbe JU "WdrostwAbe a A. lordek rat wk% t1to a iii ~d If 0 o 0 e a 000000000 ~ 0 *go* o see ago 466 too 400 40040 too to A :'6 '3 64W U v 0 woo a we 0 v 04 , 4-ft.- "I'a's *' M 1, - 'to 11 11 a 0111wilots Ole 080fist-41 wilt, blisaim A. A. Saknilia stool Ck. lot In twirt)I-TIM" Po&tumt" am 91%" in lift elphilt- li,,oo liter subaiifultel ov-pr"IAIWO snel a-two.40" to ys4l 40. kW by way (it it 441,vot V1.11 4.011441cet. Wit" tvLtw Oll"UhAIM14114T. OQf' ID I" Owli InIvel" Am-% *WA br%%oves a A n"Itort"t Went cowkp4. Iis =101 Ike &-vic"MAWMI 1#04 6% tween ft Ind Into a boullild, Wins in ME Is a WAY tb^t the " sIZZ t'bt " chain calm into Ihe str0beving C-C bmd of the 11-mrosbmd ring. anel 43) thh fol"Iss of MO at* C Micro pl*r Wto Slower IN"e,110 94 stop This Ivil Mv fvilft~l fi,*% the 114 "IV tiowl %'100 A'aw"trivol fin##,% o"O 11'"41 11w oko'.411 firdfulwix"o, 11M. hom 2.2,1 sy1rur is 11-WIM-11. whrrftl hewn J'I disawthvi, Y. 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With IW&fe Wilimt HIM at a ,pact vri,ortly, -.;Irkl c A. catalyst/hr.. In 40-ruln. run-, At 2P&J. 314. 4 tit. 4 4:1. Aoki 4.WJ 1. the yi*14S of Mill were 17.4). M.7. 751 imalkl. MA. and 53.V7e. t)ecwnpn. Ijecias gelpiest 21.1, %,$.if Ibean in The unicawyet'll nwtkm. Awl I% in&%, at 401% evie"A. veit"( tattly" tbffe u so trac-tiany"at,443'. In DOEA% is evtolred at 443'. Anti Only ") Mi. gas Is "Vlvvd ficame it.64 S. loboMt at 493' (Cl I.. LO. &~W I It, so unmatel.). The Mit uW.- O'but"011181foad to nCitooll; cex%wq%mrntty. ibe IssatmerlsAtion tu"b= Who h IA. 1 1, to. see Um ej.j*~j .1.4 1,11: V,.I.or vWt 4.1 at 3101 .1 PSI( - pit I Alit At " twill j!",. AIM. A Ill% 11,I) 11111).%j, . 111J 1. I-hf,lf M' ; The. ewe, rfi.~ I ,1 11,41 1, ""1"1 1.1 ur""Prig ~ Need aroll. 41'. at-wil'i .4 1 hV414411b, IrAi Ito" forivertet I'M M, Athl IfA) t1w activity tof the I si~ AVO CAtI1 IW 19111V IIV Ift.1110o"I 101111 Alt At &*It I In. Yield .,I I'ht III it.." 1-hi'vi 0. ".) ;e~ , .1 .3131f; h- Ittin W but of ~-Itjlh. mmi- C'U. (k( V, it ml h. '10 41.,1% 1 tie . I'MIll 4'st Ws. 1'l. -.1 I'Miff ofv-t-f,AmAm1Im pt-- A 1144 N Ito., 9 # 0 # * 4 # a 4 S 0 9 9 & w * to 0 # 4 -,0- a -0 2 -0 R 9 * & ~ I S 4 ~ 1 . . - , - I - . . . 0 WV-" -V 4P A 9 0 0 0 4r c"000 oat 6o, stbor *6 6 A"If ibm d 0". ratwe Or do "Mob m= 6" BAN tht fkW of PhOll in Wis *Ai lort; tbq ut. IMMU...A. A. re was rte of C,11. and "multoctl Co. Cll., :totf It .4 41 n.01.8cam latbe feed It f)-aIrAlia) At.V1117'41-gare 44 viekli Ed JIMM of bysbrf vfwv vvl'w*tbm wd N. W N&llavu". 1004, AW. N4111b S.SJA, OAM. Kilool. N**bh Im, No, 1. It With 1111L)KI i- lk%119"1111 A U-01i 44111-4 Alut AP4*ft-"W* fT w 00 a tqps". t4 MOM* OW IWKI WOC0946 PdWAf#Y alkyl 4401 Owl 11101w; kbelw4 I 1 -00 smalmdon at PbOll. with Probablit kvinadmom of Im Tlwol -gsav-nwtw shmjw wawy tb* Sthm "dor" a 'Vimemowd blat 10% ICJ14 (the 111A il 0% sly" bovv); the educal HOW= amtsine karm the lot re"llaw load Wb farmatime al alkylilbamilt, 00 it wottr vapoltau"PA &her Owpoaft-tsaftbe to ~' but C4114. bad Sartiected MOM; so 11bUo vc 11611 was fmand. ago Ifec"LaW4 the Iftcom ftle. V*pco ed MR wm G. U. k.A.P.8 VWV*4 *04 OVA bult4to 49J Nor m tog 00 IS rowl Wes em. in the edk*nt 16 , I wuim*, Wbik tht othm prailmovu "to hakod by trwtb"Um. MUG Vi" 14`4 M011 at 321' at -vdocky -212 is an r t 1. - 40 I" the pm-gd the abovo ' I . us I bit". of6w) 45. 1 ti. SN *. 2MV7 7W' The of * to i Porem 4ASS' o A w Mull. vrit the pboll I the nomalm" k4dW lit Mt om diats. V Collu 1% PbOUt. o"' too 16 Lb"Ic Welk alwa (talvo 11" fm*o XA 41 90 ~vq ro Moo, *1 Ohl 116"li ima 0%w All, u Is 1.0 Ac! rA a 1, 1 is 6, it t9 0 a 44 a a I a it of a IT 1:14 a 't w a 9 a T -1 1 v VM/Chadstry Jan Dehydrogenation Chemistry --,Naphthalene, Deeahydro "The Orientation of Decalin and Cyclohexane Molecules on Oxide and Metallic Catelyzors Dur- Ing DehydrogenatIon Acad A. A. Balandin, 0. V. laagulyeate, pp "Dok A Hauk 880" Vol LXTT, No 2 ftp;r1mentally confims that cyclohexane must dehydrogenate faster then decalin wben theIr molecules are emoothIj oriented on catalyzerle surface, vhleh mlgbt be expected an baste of maltiplet theory. Submitted 2o Nov 48. 904 400 isd 6 Tbo ww"m rim! I a s % s 84' I-it t-"- la a Lft, I ft' 1011- C-L- &-I W, a-&-1 oft qvo~ $M-F,J1110 'b Im 0,11 10 Ali j j j j j j j j i t 0 0 0 0 0 * * 0 0 0 0 O'o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n P N a Is a 6 a 1 a a a r. a m 0 : I 1, a a a - -0 a 4.0 - " 1 ck O 71 1 Z, . modicum 1 of V ~ ~ x(vo. so IN r(NOJ 3 r 031kh us em 16). of tu ce 4m, 04 swowd of aft Www to n*cti.A Wftkb (1) of the "m 6#0 Mos of Iffid"tes that wvw vwkuuu of f &W '00 so 116.4A. fm (61. aft 0" lot W 00 a 7. J. T. lt=! I 1 woo no* 14 off too IIa-1-1 1 a 60 6 a a I w i I -A4 I * : 0 * : 0 * 0 0 4 0 4 6 0 a * 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 p Is a a a Or m'mtim ok looWoR m 0 m Of R-!TqW v W , i ! _qj-- oil a* 1'* 0900 0 0-9 0 -.00 4,A), oil *&has (I -A con." mol Vo 4.6swA 61 or also WA we Alor".. *0 A. A. ING 1.4100 it jl~ i~. ! ~ '="~ A 0,01 A. he- to- vse#- wit A V '11'# ,' T., 46 Abal *10 'Neit -t- s'" 141 J1 M., 0 fit Vtolif mts I'Y'Slarin to) 111, old, /Htw .9 0 Is ".I ~ 1 w411. j7 dill, 11" to I 1 1, notO $A CAI& tv 4& ad 6% irb 1 7";.1 witbomit 0-1 .8 saimm do= , j4qvW "not tjx' qvittly 0 NOjun J~ij 0 Is V)M CIS 41, 3.14 4, Wilk No tu 0- &"' to '2 5 1 see cre(OW"' by MI R14, 6talyst 14 1 17.1. 211A. Ire* joi N*011 IMM wt o. V1 by N1#M 1*1 Kj toy P.- . v 81 a VA- IWJO. Ila v t"Wd *Ilk 11 6 bri. oil 43-~= 131 .10. IV 00 b a too-41, ti.. it "to "I.e. j410A JU1420 I low ;j I ~& & jumtkol J-.nW, I, the goooc" a MA b. spW to, ""two OWSWO (in %W. is Wh ""Ouste of 1o, tm 411OW-1 13 "No lot Im"t do* i"Weims oil jWjj Woristwom, vu Oka W W.6setwo So 8.0 &4 64 164A Ike 10 for a A" 3uW - v to b.2 6 4.7A.9-4.1 10 - A ppkAj.14AtWM A "' WeVas"ti.. W tolot as"O' 00 Jim tbo,~Ak ter*. ;,ifahO a J.'" too ~ 6mWWW-'I ;;W? i0mallor 11111A too goo 00 Tkq~- Vby tiocataystodws' kjjgo*. -,4. Tb- I few- '7d 'W by&ste 1W to to -toy," c"0.. Via. to see of Was 41 adogebe oiartm, "Cous"Kq ,owls wat %not Ill Ws. ol was. 2t for at V, Wk t=- at IS), for catairvit. at It Me "r of j AM I Cook ON I ,* TOC lbo ca 11of IW". wulk to it S." -z "gWo."s, $6.6 r1fl, mi-T I I a a fm 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ask ;4 *ft4 A 4so, 00 111619 =77 taI-'-W-~~:v7x7t-t 'W17 T,7t") ':(-t 4 IN I h A tim ) sit & S.W h votalm to oakwelft (al"is VKh by ul.). at a &m 160 44 0.0m dw Pat** of deb - (1) (how". ;UW, Ill. of OVA of = ut. wv*wvvI by "OF t. (97 ; Fare) wift.. MA #I tW d =,by =Ath VON" Ip in to min.. an at tm so Afff~erbmaAma Now f=~nM ON only (wb" A"It,'klion "leffift) hut -brAmo n*Ki& In ow bvwv W he wall I tvtoly1h in. OW MIllowl AM. 11OW Is no. MS. 164"'1 witil ~; highmA on The .= a X Cloth mtalv~d WMIA141 Now. ibe mo-titi l1w kbph~'.! tin f4 U bWft do. IL14j"ib"o 104 Ili) Mal. f2f fly the sow lowlF. 4' M ".- "A .- A I I 02 t. 0. #W. "I IAI- 1.1 'Ithl"If" ' 11 `l .WWNl.llIIh. I OtTvIors .1 U. 1. lh 4 I'll awma of t1w Catal lbr if 44 st; two m r. . . y da"Imart vtrm *11IN iWITS"ne "o. -1 raw" - i rl b f tk C i l b W 4 mmi rma am g . o w a ox otaws oil yt y 0 p Thk Wo to an esid. role A C M OW) ,- " . . . , ..a IMI OW 1. *Md LAWN ftWK4WAiM f"RAID4 VAM I a = ke a amb"amemew colalys, aw-W. 11 C%n bwwd in dek to tifte"Wom " an a Ni mtAi l . r y P the f0mrstrofamwailcm crolit. m. 1 h k 1 it goo 4- it* Arr%miu% lk"r- w e ail' lj A Lvol nutIrl Intl OW (4cjjv*jhvj twig ow w . W y Itto th4t 44 e * U. 000 1:6 -if OWN l"Ill" so" .0 1 Nbomo 086 Wv go ail 4wi 0 AV ID v I Or 0090099*0 10 0 low 41 000o00 00 0 *-o : : 0 0 0 0 wee wee off Noll M SAIANDIN A&-.L-p L-a-Kh-t-FreydUn-and-S-4A. IA-haniva j__ _a Interaction of Acid AnWrldes with Formates. 11. Effect of the Mature of the AnWride,, page 350 Sbomik statey pa obahchey khiaii (Collection of Papers on General Chwd~tr7,% Vol I, Moscow-Leningrad 1953, pages 762-766 Inst of Organic Chwdetr7, Acad, Soi USSR . ~, I". . I I ~- , , , - k , , , FUTDLIN.LM~MWNX~X.G.; BALANDIN. A.A., akademik. Investigati6n of the nature of activity of a skeleton Iran catalyst. Dokl. AN MR 91 no.5t1171-1174 Ag 133. (XLU 6:8) 1. Akademiy& nauk MR (for Balandin). 2. Institut organichaskey khimil Akademii wmk MR (for Preydlin and Radnem). (catalysts) ~DUS, A.A., akademik. Roduction of the metal-hydrogen composition of the active surface of a skele- ton nickel catalyst. DokLAN SSSR 91 no.6:1349-1352 Ag 153. (HLBA 6%8) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR (for Balandin). 2. Institut organicheekoy khtcli Akademii ninik WSR (for TreydI in, Ridnwm). (Reduction, Gliemical) (Catalysts) !W~p A. -- --- - -- ---- -- - - -- -- "The ft*e lboorgy of Adsorptim on Dobjdrogenation for a bettroSeneous surface.' Doki. - Aked. Nauk WO, 93,, " -58p M. 7M adsorption of abbstanoon on a botorogemom dehydrogenation catalpt is alsouseed wA eqvatloms an SlTen for the fr" worgy of adeorptlon on avob a surfaco. BAIMM. - -A. A, "Ibe Nature of activity centers of Dehydrogenation catal:sts." Dokl. Aka4. Wauk SM, 93, 475-8, 1953 (of. ibid. 273) A tentative pbys. explanation is offered for the 2 lave of dehydrogenation catalysis, namelyt (1) that the changes of environment of the active center of quasi-Vniform centers act alike on the attraction of vario a mole., as a result of vh1oh their adsorption coeffs. remain unchanged,- and (2) that the catalytic overvoltage (11) is proportional to the adsorption overvoltage (A') vith a neg. sign, or 31 = W ISAGULTAIM, G.V.; GOLOVIKA. 0.A.; BALLRDIN, A.A., akademik. %."- 0 Synthesis of acetaldehyde and ethyl alcohol tagged with radiocarbon 014 Dokl.AN SSSR 93 no.4:659-661 D 153. (KLRA 6:1b 1. Akademlya nauk SSSR (for Balandin). (Acetaldebyde) (Iltbyl alcohol) (Carbon--Isotopes) _U&qR/ChemIstry --Fuels Card 1/1 Pub. 129-8/23 Author : Slovokhotova~ T. A.1 Bovaloval L. I.; Kazarskiy, B. A.; Balandin, A. A. FAWO"Waff"M Title : Catalytic conversion of isomeric, octanes with water over a uIckel and kieselguhr catalyst Periodical : Vest. Mosk. un., Ser. fizikomat. i Yost. Dauko 9, No TO 65-72P Oct 1954 Abstract : Saturated hydrocarbons rout with water over a nickel and kieselguhr catalyst forming products of gradual demethylation of the original hydrocarbon. The degree of conversion depends on the structure of the hydrocarbon. 2., 2,, 4-Trimethylpentane reacts slower than the 2, 2P 3 isomer. Eight curves. Ten references (five USSR). Institution : Chair of Organic Chemistry Submitted : February 1,, 1954 jj. "I. -, i -,- At A. "Cataly-tie Hydrorenationt 1, Kinetic Equation of HydroF-enation and Leloydrorenation over Hickel Catalyst; 11, Catalytic Hydroirenation over Nickel and Platinum. Hy- dropenation by Deuterium; 1110 Further revelopment of the Theory. Hydrorination over Copper and Pallaftim; TV, Yodification of the Hydroren ~'urface. Selective Hyclro- renation of MJ;xtures," A.A. nalanding Acad !7cl; Mf!R, Voscow "J Oen Chem QT1,1',SR)ff Vol. 15, 1951it PP 6M-169 619-271 770-PO, 7PI-,X) A new theory of catalytic activity is pronosed, accordinr to which hydroFenatiou requires different areas of Ni. catalyst for activation of the bydrorenatinr substance and for activation of H. The absorption on the active points of either type occurs according to the LanMuir Isotherm. The kin6tic equations deduced from these considerations explain the quantitative relations observed In hydrorenation of toluene over a N1 catalyst on the Al ?()3 carrier, This theorty is arlied In the explanation of vArlation of tenperature effect with pressurf-, and the chanre of rraction order In catalyrt Poisoninr by (10; the oHer of reaction An the 11(juld nhase differs from that in the raseous phase. Hydrorenation by D Is dierssed. The annlication of the new concept denends purely on the cheirical rrocess involved and on adsorotions diffusion effects have no ir-por-tince. Vathematical rvlations arv Oeveloped for the equilibria betwoen the raneoun and adsorbed forms for the material to be hydroF,-enated. SO: 7-3361 31 Yarch 19118 Us s 7`4 USO/Chemistry cam 1 1/1 Authwis I Balandin, A. A., Academician title t Multiple theory and -principle of minute equilibrium. The machaniwe of hydro- and dehydrogenation Ppriodical Dokl. AN SM11, 97, Ed. 3., 049 - 452, July 21, 1954 Ostmet i The multiple theory and principle of minute equilibritra, w'Ach in hundreds of cases Indicate the sequence of reactions of complex molecules and make it Dosqlble to deternine the energy of bonfis 1-etween the roolecules and the catalyst, are explained. The results, derived from the a-plication of the hanic nr4rc~vip If Vic multiple theory - cju,-4rinposition c~r molrc,iles on the lattice iurface of the catalyst, are Joscribed. The rnachanll,,%-n .-f hy- dro- arid den ~;,-vpritepn -fer,~neoi: 1 '~-UFat .N,Tiro~77-7nation is Plucidatf-d, and 2-USA. 'Graph, drawings. Institution i Acad. of Sc. U,,ZR, the N. D. Zelin3kiv In9t. of Org. Chem. and the M. 7. Lo-nonosoy State University, Moscow Submtted May 22, 1954 USSR/Chemistry - Catalysts Card 1/1 1 Pub. 22 - 25/46 Autbors I Wandint A. A., Academician TItle I Catalytic layers and their effect on the activation energy Periodical i Dok. AN SSSR 97/4, 667-670p Aug 1, 1954 Abstract I Tha effect of catalytic layers (five basic layers In Intermediate state), on the activation energy of a heterogeneous catalysin, in elucidated. The affect of catalyst atoms, which are not included in the active center of layer I, on the atoms of layer 11 is identical to the effect of surface micro-roughness or nature of sometimes separated atoms (carriers and admixtures)q. Muntions are presented which in4icate the elements constituting tha acti- vation ener f nded catalysis react-tons, Fifteen USSR gt~sax enyj references (1930-1954). Drawing. Institution Acad. of Sc. 033R, The N. D. Zelinskly Inst. of Org. Chem. and the M. V. Lomonosov State Universityp 24o9cow Submitted Juhe 1, 1954 Card 1/1 Pub. 22 - 23A7 Auth,)rs i rialandin, A. A.~ Academician, and Klabunovskiy, E. 1. Title I Kinetics of butanol-2 deh)drogenation over nickel Perio4ical : Dok. AN SSSR 98/5, 783-786, oot ii, 1954 Abstract t The kinetics of butanol-2 dellkydrojFenation over nickel was inve3tigated in a vaporous phase of a flowing system. The rate constants were determined from the general kinetic equation of the catalytic mono-molecular r9actions occur- rinj in the flow. Equationo determining the relative adsorption coefficient, change In free energy and entropy during the adsorption on catalytically ac- tive centers are included. The heats of adsorption displacement were found to be ver- hyd g nation y hialh and exceed the activation enerry. The actual ro e A -ennnted in a table. Eleven reforenceei -2 is pi activation nergy for butanol A-USSR -, I -Eng 1i sh; I-Fronch and I-tlnlgian ( l)25 Tables; graphs. Ir-ititution Acad. of Sc. U33H, The N. D. Zel-inskiy Institute of Organic Chemistry Submitted July 29., 1954 L1101597 TREASURE ISLAND BOOK REVIEW AID 817- 3 BALANDIN.-A 'A. (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences, U33kf.__'DISKUSSIYA (Discussion). In Problemy kinetiki I kataliza (Problems of Kinetics and Catalysi-sT, vo. 8. Izdatellstvo Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1955. Section II: General Problems of the theory of catalysis. P. 155-156. Discussion of the classification of catalytic reactions given by S. Z. Roginskiy namely: 1) oxidation-- reduction reactions and 2) proton reactions. The author considers this classification incomplete, since surface reactions may be of ionic or atomic nature. He proposes the following classification: 1. Non-ionic (atomic) reactions II. Ionic reactions 1. oxidation - reduction reactions 2. acid-base(proton) reactions To non-Ionic reactions belong: catalytic dehydrogenation and hydrogenation of hydrocarbons on metals and on some oxides; dehydrogenation of alcohols and amines; hydrogenation of alcohols, ketones, aldimines and ketimines; nitriles, etc. To ionic reactions belong: catalytic oxidation (With 02) of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, hydrocarbons. To acid-base (proton) reactions belong: hydrolysiso 1/2 BAiANDIN, A. A., Diskussiya AID 817 - 3 . hydration and dehydration with acidB,, iaomerization, cracking, and numerous condensation and polymerization reactions. Although there are specific catalysts for each type of reactiono some of the catalysts may be used In several reactions. 2/2 HATA INA,V.A. (translator]; BOGDAYOVA,O.K.Ctranalater]; VASSERA V.I. , [translator]; KIPUKAN.S.L.,(trauslaterl; SALUMIN,A.A., &Womik, rodaktor; RUB1NSffUW,A.M*, professor, reduVWPTR7WVA,M.V., rodaktor; OGANDZHANOVA,N.A., redaktor; IOVLZVA,N.A., takhnichookiy redaktor [Catalysis, catalyst* for,organic reactions; translated from the ftlishl latalis, katalizatory organicheBkikh reaktoli. Perewod s anglilskogo Balandinoi i dr. Moskva, Isd-vo inostrannoi lit-ry, 1955. 336 p. (KLRA 9:2) (Catalysts) AM1597 TREASURE ISIAND BOOK RETEW AID 834 - S OBALODINP A. A- (InStitUte of Organie Cbemistryt ACeleny of 5clenceal USSR) bl=S= (Discussion Ig Problevq kinotikl. I kataliza, (Problems of Kinetics and Catalyais~y vol. 8. Zzdatel'stvi,Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1955. Sectiot IV. Nature of the active surface. p~ 233-234. With referenoe to the paper by 0, M. Zhabrove. Balandin points out that on many catalysts both dehydration and deby&ogenation belong to non-ionic reactions, i.e., they occur without formatica of free ions. The dehydration of alcohols may be conducted &a an Ionic re-totion under the action of acids (6.g., addition. of phosphoric acid to acti-rated carbon.) In experiments with isopropyl alcohol, Balandin found that on addition of chloroform to aleshol (25% chloroform+ 75% isopropyl aj;ohol) at temperatures exceeding 300 G (in the presence of chromic oxide); the dehydration of alcohol is markedly increased. HOI shows a still gveater effect. One reference (Russian) (1954) I T-7 I r 7r 7 ZST,!NSKff. Nikolay D-vitriyevich, 1861-1953 (deceased] XAZARSKIT, B.A.. Wcadealk; B&MIN. A.A akadenik: KOCHXSMY, K.A.; SHUMN'. N.1.; KAYMNITA, Te.119 lat twitcheskikh nauk; LXVIX&. R.Ta.. doktor khtmicbeekikh nauk.- PLATI, A.F., doktorkhtmicheskikh nauk; RMINSHTWN, A.M., doktor khtnichaskikh nank; YURITXT, Yu.K., doktor khtnichaskikh nank; IISKJVA, A.A., tekhalcheskly rodaktor. [Collected works) Sobrante trudov, Moskva. Isd-vo Akadmil nauk SSSR. Vol. 2. 1955. 74) p. (KLRA 8:11) 1. Chlen4mrreqmndent AN SSSR(for Kocheshkov and Shvqktn) (ftdroearbous) (Ntrolem) The -notbinim and alze,ic, at &-ttle tsa V%t vri's Awarl"Wa al 60 AZU1,P su!'. Y,r- 4 A, .k lot h-t, ~,,l Th, ....... A-1 rm p4l, 'm ."d o tv ds~j 'n., ~' -j. be 441.cI*J T t, -_ 4 refers to Th. Z 1. 1h.t P."" 11-1 rxistrlu~ 4 -W!"" ."I 1h, -difi,_, 1. h" fl- -.1r,14" IN--- ~i-ULW ~q..l A 1, -, !,,, 4 -11., - k f'40 rerrvilrrsy Ti ji~ i7i tht Ttl~, of BALANDIN. A.A. ...... ~, , Prose*% state of catalysis and theoretical priwiples of catalyst research. Isv.AN SSSR. Otd.khim.nauk se.4t624-638 JI-Ag 155. (KLRA 9: 1) I.Institut srganichoskoy khtail imeal B.D.Zolonskoge Akadeuil nauk SSSR. (catalysis) . . .. ---- .: . II - : . - -- - - I F; ", , ~ :,; ~7- ~ -- --, ~ I 1~; . --. T-- - I . . I , : ~ ". ~: I ~ .... 1, ~ " ~* , I ~ ". ~ ,, .~ f, ~ ; i. ; .1-1 . '17 . - - -- - . Vi, VWGbomistry - Catalitic chOmiOtr7 Card JA Pub. 124 - 3/32 Authm 1 Balanding A. A.0 Academician Title 1 Pmblems and perspectives in the develoMent of oatklytic ebwdstry hriodicalIVest. AN SSSR 25/6, 19-23, June 1955 Abstraot ITho advantages mid great importance of cataysia and cata-I.Yets in inoderr, -rgFr,c &nd 'Y\orgFm~: 6~ g the role VhIch -Ptlky-tto Chemistry VIII lav- 'r '~n re 'iling -n na- t,qs,,c nrxlor 'r,,rc water, &.1r, "-"rc~-gaaps le ex- ""ecti r &11(~ cesses are ana_!,yzed. IX3titUti(M 3 Subaittadi At- t Ifli .. ........ .. 41pil." '1' 4 1.0 1 Pd 120. -th-'f -d th. -1 4, vl~l 1" 11, A, . %- 4~4' 1,. -1.1,411 -V Nil, /1' /1, H If,, 1, 1 i'l- I'd A 4 IS' Nil,. .1.ll , ga" pm'-I-t 'n'I -.rll tA., P,i ..1 140 :15 01~i, 11 llnA I N' I I , All?' th, Y W I I .;. , 4 4.V it!) It, S IA 1, 3s t'V 11 "h 18.21~' Nil, tk'6UIICi: I'( Mitl 0 [lilt It, cltalyni;' abo gavc i4'rnf pl~fni ip, I-.r 11,14 't the I ,I lriam"I'lf lf , . f,:, . 11, --!- - , kehmmes ('f C 4 21) P%r'. Ni i, -I 'j-6 cawylic t1=0c"s, Ifims af cyrit'helane h dro"' Ltwns on Tr--r- fshimimsilkste t4itilyst A nZ~W~-~ .. I thul-kau- 110 kfxr7)T,.T) "lumpl-41watv o )kIIIA .11 lift"lucts (r"111 IIAAj&;bt-j r, ~.~M 14 1IR11i'l g--" T"', 11h" VOW A cAr, pst4,m hytif"Cart-n" 1"Juttl viiiatiR.n t:,t,l NiOil, ~,N ...... highcr arvmtk-9): cyclArvine R2, 17l, 29, 13, 4. 4 1, 12.3. 1 4 2.7, 2.5, 8 "irthyteyelohminc 60 r~. '.Irk 3, 24.9. V2. 7.6, 15.5, SI, 24. 6~). 64 0, 1", 2 4, 21 0, 9 ii, 7 1. 16 1, . . 1.4 2, 2 .N~thylrycl.hrzariv 64 N. 3 11. 1 6. '-N 1 ~ 11 1. 4 2, P, -, 2. 11, 3.0- 74 1 3,F) 1.1. 19.3, 9 5. - I i 4. hvi-s " I ~ 1. !, 1-1 1 A.11 trimrthvic ycl,,himim :04 1. OPI, 4 A, 3A I ', ~ % 'I I I . 1.1, 4, 5.4, q, % 1, - I. h. -- t~; 1 2711. 4 1 Li 11, 16.3. 14 3 J 13 1 ~,~ I-p, J c.,nuwt. the prater Ih, prol-Iti'm 'd g-s-- tmr1IrIIl:~,;N, C )I,, th, 0."., .4 t ,f "j-, W-1 I ~vl~ity o 2,.4 1,/I-/hT Fl-atwn ,f t-np Ir, m t~W t, ,%8* raiws tive total tn.vtr*mn, tht vivid .,I g,,ws. a-I amt of MePh formM The apparent "As, 11"n tn"j) was faund frotn ga, rvoluti,m lo 1. V '00 -,4, mpthvlc)t-lo4it-xnnr I- I., ~~ . . ;I M )~.~,+pcl lj~ \, i .4 1 MYDLIN, L.Xhl UU"11, A.A., akademik; XAZAROVA' N.M.; TBGMT, Tu.P, Alkylatisn of propane and At-pentans with propylons at high temperatures, under high pressures, wA In pressnoo of aluximim oxide, Dokl. AN 888R 105 no*6tlZ~0-1273 D 155. (NLRA 9t4) 1.1natitut organicheskey khivii imeni NoD.Zelinakegs Akademli nauk SSSR. (Alkylation) (Hydrocarbons) COTTRELL, T.L.; DTATXW, X-Tes [translator]; RLIA'11- We akade-mik-,- redaktor: OGANDZHAMOVA. N.A.. rsdaktor: TALOTO V.I., takhnichs- skiy redaktor [The strength of chemleal.boods. Translated from the Anglish) Prochnost' khtalohookikh sviasslo Pereyod s anglilskogo M.N. Diatkinol. Pod red. A.A.Balandina. Moskva, lad-yo inostratmot lit-ry, 1956. 281 V. (KIRA 9:8) (Chemistry, ftsical and theoretical) (Valence (Theoretical chemistry) NLM-DIN, A ~, USSR/ Chmistry - Orpnic cherAstry card 1/1 Pub. 40 - 23/25 Authors 3 Freydlin, L. Kb.; Balandin, A. A.; and Borunova, V. V. Title $ Effectivenoss of catilystq preparod Pror nickelous oxide tretted in water vapors under pressure PbriOdical I Izv. AN SSSR. Otd. kh1m. nauk 1, 128-130, Jan 1956 Abntract i It was establitshad experizent,:-Ily that by employing different aging conditions for NIO on the carrier by treating with water YaDors it beccces possiblo to control the nctivity or nickel raLAlysta. It wan found tnat nickel catalysts I r6at fw r t j(-'- st mrv)er ',c -,%t, '~N, 1. 1,Y nyl -nj7vr,.Rt lrijw ILI'le &r(XM LIC twnc Y" Institution 3 Acad. of Se., U&9R, Inst. of Organ. Chem. in, N. D. Zolinakly Submitted i Ju1Y 20, 1955 USSR/Kinetics Combustion. Explosions. Topochemistry. Catalysis. B-9 Abe Jour : Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 6, 1957, 18625 Author : L.Kh. Freydlin,. ~.A. ~N.V. Borunova, A.Ye. Abronomov. Inst : Academy of Sciences of USSR. Title ; Mechanism of Deactivation of Nickel Catalysts by Steam Under Pressure. OrIB Pub : Izv. AN SM, Otd. khim. n., 1956, No 8, 913-922 Abstract : Unreduced catalysts of the composition 35% of NiO and 65% of A1203' as vell as Ni-catalysts prepared from them after reduction vere treated at 3500 vith amixture of H2 (700 atm) and steam (100 atm) 5 hours in a special high pressure reactor. It was found that their activity in the reaction C6H6 -+-3H2 and In the reverse reaction de- creased strongly after tha treatment, especially if the samples had been treated thus before the reduction. In this case, the magnitude of the specific surface of Card 1/2 2- e- I I rJ 6 ki I I'v5j. 258 OVIC Chet-,4, 'q fV OSS/;C. (9-V I '? USSR/Kinetics - Combustion. Explosions. Topochemistry. Catalysis. B-9 Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Kbimiya, No 6, 1957, 18625 samples decreaces (from 170 and 80 to 10 and 30 sl-m/g respectively)# vhicb the authors explain by recrystal- lization of nickel lower oxide, as well as of the carrier. The authors think that the bibliographically recorded deactivation of reduced Ni-catalysts (mid, as it seems, also of Fe-catalysts) by steam during the process of work is explained by the appearance of a surface film or a phase of NiO, vhJch recrystallizes rapidly and the re- duction process of which is hampered and results in the formation of little dispersed Ni. Card 2/2 259 - RAIANDIW~ A.A,; TOLSTOPUTOVA, A.A. linstic determination of bond energies as an approach to the theory of the selection of catalysts. Part 2 Co"rison of re- sults with chromia [with Znglish summary In insert]. Shur.'fis. khin. 30 no.7tl636-1646 J1 156. NLRA 9t11) 1. kkademiya nauk WMj Institut organichookoy Wall imeni N.D. Zolinskogo, Mookovskly gosudaretyennyy universitst, iment K.T. Lononosova, Kooky&. (Chromium oxides) (Catalysts)