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BUZNIKI V. M.; BANDURA) V. N. "The influence of roughness elementson heat transfer and aerodynamic drag of a heat-transfer surface." report submitted for aid All-Union Conf on Heat & Mass Transfer, Minsk, 4-12 may 1964. Nikolayevskiy Ship Building Inst. 38927-56 AM NRt AP6016912 WW OV) SOURCE CODE: UR/0143/66/000/001/0084/0086 AUTHOR: Buznik,_Y_-__ML1Doctor of technical sciences, Professor); Artemov, 0 (Engineer);, Bandura, V. N. (Engineer): Kardashey, Yu._D__(Eng Fedorovskiv. -A-= ~Engineer) ORG: Nikolayevskiy Ship-Building Institute im. Admiral S. 0. Makarov (Nikola-yevskiy korablestroitellnyy institut) 7?/ TITLE: Heat transfer, rom a flat disc rotating in an unlimited space SOURCE: IVUZ. Enargetika, no. 1, 1966, 84-86 TOPIC TAGS: - heat transfer, turbulent heat transfer, heat transfer coefficient 7 ABSTRACT: To a ccumulate experimental data and to study the heat transfer at a constant thermal flux, the authors experimentally investigate the heat transfer from a rotating disc to moving air at a constant value of the specific heat flux at the surface, The disc -caloriM eter was heated by an electrical heater placed in- side it. The temperature of the disc surface was measured by copper -constantan thermocouples. The hot junctions of the thermocouples were embedded on the out- side surface of the disc at various distances from the axis of rotation. The ex- perAmental device is shown schematically. The results of the experiments were compared with the data of other authors investigating beat transfer from a rotating I I?- UDC- 536.244 ACC NRs AT7002848 a SOURCE CODE: UR/3239/66/000/003/0003/0010,,. AUTHOR: Buznik, V. M.; Artemov, G. A.; Bandura, V. N. ORG; none TITLE: Investigation of heat transfer from a shielded rotating disk SOURCE: Nikolayev. Korablestroitellnyy institut. Sudostrayeniye i morskiye sooruzheniya, no. 3, 1966. Sudovyye energeticheakiye ustanovki (Ship power equip- ment), 3-10 TOPIC TAGS: heat transfer, heat transfer coefficient, gas turbine, turbine disk, turbine cooling ABSTRACT: Heat transfer from the shielded rotating disk of a gas turbine has been theoretically and experimentally investigated. The temperature fields of the disk, which are characterized by individual heat-transfer coefficients on its surface, we determined from the relative momentum of the gas-core flow along the disk's surface and its radial rate of revolution. On thebasis of an integral relationship for a flow between rotating disks (given by Karman), and assuming an analogy with flow conditions in a tube (according to J. Vannerus) and the linearity of a relative flow rate up to 40 m/sec, an expression for determining the gas-core flow rate along the disk's surface is derived. Calculated gas-flow rates for 5 disk radii show a linear relationship for which a simplified characteristic is given. The final formula for determining the local heat transfer contains a Reynolds-number approximation; it has 5;r!rd_j/2 Wki-k =00~8 been experimentally proved at 300-3000 rpm by a described disk-c&lorimeter. Curves are presented for the cooling-air motion from the center to the peri he of the disk'. y ry and vice versa which show a good correlation between the theoretical formula and the experiment. The investigations determined the deptmdence of local heat transfer coefficients along the disk's radius on both the air consumption and the disk's rpm. Orig. art. has: 4 figures and 24 formulas. SUB CODE: 21,20 / SUBM DATR: none/ ORIG REF: 002/- OTH REF.- 002 Card 2/2 ACC NRt AT7002861 N SOURCE CODE: UR/3239/66/000/003/0124/0126 AUT11OR: -Buznik, V. M.; Artemov, G. A.; Bandura, V. N.; Fedorovskiy, A. M.; 1 IKardashev, Yu. D. I I IORG: none TITLE: Method of measuring flow rates in rotating passages'of marine turbines- by means of metric pressure gages SOURCE: Nikolayev. Korablestroitellnyy inatitut. Sudoatroyeniye i morakiya sooruzheniya,- no. 3, 1966. Sudovyye energeticheskiye ustanovki (Ship power equipment), 124-126 TOPIC TAGS: flow rate, flow velocity, gas turbine, turbine cooling, gas turbine engine, marine engine I ABSTRACT: A method for cooling the parts of marine gas turbines is based on various experimental investigations,.including studies of gas and cooling-air flow in rotating passages. An arrangement is described for determining the flow characteristics (flow rate and pressure) in the clearance between a gas-turbine disk and a screen rotating along with iti by which a pressure-sensitive directional-probe and a traversing micro- pitot probe is used. The probes are shown and their operation is described. By inserting the directional probe into the disk-screen clearance through holes located in the screen. at several distances from the center, the flow rate in th,--. flow core can none ACC NR: AT7002861 be measured. Vie pressure field across the section of the clearance is measured with the pitot tube The arrangement for pressure transmission consists of a hollow shaft -rotating insi6a the stator and provided with measuring chambers hermetically sealed by !water chambers. The described M'ethod'is reliable in operation and improves the accuracy of flo-.i rate measurements. Orig. art. has: 3 figures. ACC NRi AP6024642 SOURCE CODE: UR/0170/66/011/001/0105/0108 AUTHOR; Buznik, V. M.; Artemov, G. A.; Bandura, V. N.; Fedorovskiy, A. M. ORG: Shil2building Institute imo Admiral-S. 0. Makarov, Nikolayev (Korablestroitellnyy institut) TITLE: Heat transfer of plate in turbulent region with constant superficial heat flux and isothermic wall ,SOURCE: Inzhenerno-fizicheakiy zhurnal, v. 11, no. 1, 1966, 105-108 TOPIC TAGS: turbulent flow, heat transfer, heat tiansfer theory, isothermal flow ABSTRACT: Numerous experimental studies of heat transfer are being conducted under conditions of either constant.superficial heat flux or constant wall temperature. This raises the question: in what cases can data obtained vnder different experimental conditions be compared with each other. It has been shown experimentally that under turbulent flow conditions the heat transfer of tubes at constant wall temperature and heat flux are comparable, i.e., identical. The present article theoretically and ex- perimentally gives a comparative evaluation of local heat transfet~/of a plate in tur- bulent air flow/with wall temperature and surface heat flux in the turbulent region both constant. Results of processing the experimental data under all conditions are given as the test relationship Nux a A RexO-8. (Nux - ax/A and Rex - w. x/v are local Card .25 ACC NR: AP6024642 values of Nusselt and Reynolds numbers; v - distance from beginning of plate heating to instantaneous section where heat transfer coefff.cient takes on value a; w. rate of creeping flow; Kpc - plate-calorimeter beat transfer.) Orig. art. has: 19 for- mulas and 1 figure. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 1OFeb66/ ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF: 001 L 40108-66 EWP(e)/EWT(m)/T/EWP(t)/ET1 IJP(c) WH/WW/JD/JG ACC NR, AR6020536 SOURCE CODZ: TR-/OO31/6')/GW0O3/BC44'1B044 AUTHOR: Baranov, B. V.; Grigorlyevao V. S.; Kradinova, L. V.; Prochukhan, V. D. TITIE: Ternary chalcogenideslof type AIIB~I-TIC4IV SOURCE: Ref zh. Khimp Part I, Abs. 3B321 REIF SOURCE. Sb. Fizika. Dokl. k XXIII Nauebn. -;kn-ta. L., 1965s 48-49 TOPIC TAGS: zinc compound, gallium compound, cadmium compound, indiu:m compound, sul- fide.crystallization ABSTRACT: The -oossibility of obtaining c st2 of ternary chalcogenides of typo AIIB21IIC4VI (I) having a definite size h bit was investigated. ~bthods of gas ns stallizati 0m transpR~ rq,~ctio qnd recry on r solutions were employed. Coarse crys tals of nGa234 and.In S4 1-7 8 obtained. The influence of grouD VI elements on the d -L2 tran.spoFt-Za sha-oo ofvTq;-c~~tals was determined; it was found that the addition of To imourities leads to -a more perfect faceting and to coarser crystals. It is shown that 1 can be recrystallized from salt molts~bontaining the same component B. S. Ryk-ova. [Translation of abstrac-tT-J-~ SUB CODE: 07 - - ",57 ("V V "C ~, V. -:31 P BANDURA, V.Ye. ... The SI-1 stroboscopic recorder. Priborostroenie no.10:71-3 of cover 0 157- (Hru- 10-11) (Stroboseopy) (Ilectronic instruments) --,AANDURA.-,V.Ye. I Vniversal junction '58. Instrument for the measurement of b-parameters of triodes. Poluprov.prib. I ilch prim, no,3t96-103 (MM 12:4) (TranslePre-Measurement) L 27&.---65 E-!;;-, ACCESSION NR! A.F"oooO94 S"020-'6h/004/clo/c/0865/oq,69 e o -q ov n a SOUMCE - Radlob JL ~10~Z!7a, vo 4j not 6, i c,6), 86,;-669 =A 1 _.!!3; culture., ultraviolet irradiation. TOPIC TAGS- 1:13 clei,: chemical mutagen r k-yda, hydroxylmine, desc-x)~Ibonu nuclootide, mata;,iozi 1,F---d i~-the ffectof- W,,= ID soutleeb: U- ra-v thenIc-d-1- agens 6 ang -1 t iolst - Lrradlatlon 00r walp- mut ar, ch ge the mutabilit-7 of tfte same DNLaocus differant'-y deDqndinp- on its Off-act3 02L~ ultraviolet, ir3"adilatior. and ihe chemical -m-tta-gon--i E cc' c CU-Pbur 6 Svith addiblon of' Zormaluanyd-.3 k icj-- m Ccrd '11/3 slm.Ilar cor-~ditions h7droxylamir eni ne red-ticeI3 tbe 1--lu t ag -3 e e c t 0 f u -V irradiation i s tl n ON-A der-aturtitic-, DNA lecl-- c s. Card I I I -1 ) l im :Corti 313 2(l) FWE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/2761 Bandurin Mikhail -d Lev Grigorlyevich Rukin 'Sbornik zadach po teorii vzryvchatykh veshchesty (collection of Problems on the Theory of Explosives) Moscow, Oborongiz, 1959. 187 P- Errata slip inserted. 5,,OPO copies printed. Reviewers: A,. G. Gorst...Doctor of Chemical Sciences,, Professorand A.I. Gollbindei!, Candidati of Technical Sciences; Ed.;of Publishing House: E.A. Shekhtman; Tech, Ed.:, ~. Pe' Rozhin; Maiwging Ed.: Ail. Sokolov, Engineer. I F URP OSE: This manual is intended gor students and technioal pers~mnel stAWng them theory of explosives. COVERAGE: This book contains problems which are to be used Ja conjmcdm vith tie t4 Teoidya, vzryvchatykh veshchestv (Theor7 of Explosives). Each chapter is pre- ceded by a brief introduction containing the required basic concepts and an analysis of solutions of typical problems. At the end of each chapter there Card lfo CoUection of Problem's on the Theoiy (cont..) SOV/?761 are 10 to 15 problems. for independent work. A separate chapter includes I . 'Imixed!' problems vhich refe3~'to all ch"iers of the text. The Supp;em6hts include tabies necessary for solving IiSe problems. The auihors thank Pro*. fessor A.G. Gorst4 Therelare 7 Soviet references- TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword Ch. 1. Iftersfochemistry of Explosives 1. Heet'of;explosion 1 &~ Theoretical introduction b Exsxm~.Ids - c -Prd6lems -for - independe-.--o' work 2) Explosion temperature a~ Theoretical introduction b Exam:01es, c Problems'for indeMndent work 5 5 5 9 3.1 3.2 12 14 Card 2/ 6 Collection of Problems on the Theor~r (Coat.) sov/276i Ch. II. Oxygen Balance.and the Compounding of Mixtures 20 1) Calculation,of the okygen balance 20 s3 Theoretical introduction 20 b Examples 21 2) The cmpounding of mixtures 23 a) Theoretical introducti6n 23 .1*~ Examples 24 c -Problems for independent'vork 29 Ch. III. Equatiogs for Uplosion Transfom#1ons 31 I.`IConstruction of equations for, ~e~~ioslon tr=fif*_-V,&tionS 31 a~ Theoretical introduction 31 b 'Examples c) Problenja for independent work 44 .2. Construction of,equat~ons for cambustion of powders and specialifuel; in rwket climbers 46 a) Theoretical introdaction 0 card 3/6 Collection.of-Problems~on the Theory (Cont.) b Exa;mples c~ Problems for independent work Ch. IV. Gas Pressure During Explosion in a Closed Volume 8.) Theoretical Introduction b~ Examples C Problems for independent vork Ch. V. Detonation of Explosives Theoretical introduction b~ Examples c Problems for Independent work Ch. VI. Etficiency and Brisance of Explosives 1. Effi6iencjr of explosives a) 'Theoretical introduction b) ExaMples- 2. Bideance of 6xplqsives a) Theoretical introduction b) Fixemles C) Problems for independent work Card~4/6 SOV/2T61 1 Z7 0 69 70. 72 75 75 82 89 91 91 91 93 98 98 100 102 Collection of Problems on the Theory (Cont#) sov/2761 Ch. VII. Safety of Explosives 105 a Theoretical introduction 105 b~ Expiples UO a) Froblems for independent work 114 Ch. VIn . General Chapter 6 .Example' U6 ba~ Problems for independent Vork 121 Supplement3: 1. H=erical values of corrections for the computation of heats of combustion according to Farash 149 2. Mean molecular heat capacities at a constant vol=e .according tQ Nernst and Wohl 155 3. Formulas ~ for the computation of equilibrium constants for certain reactioDs connected vith the formation of the explosion products 155 Card 5/6 I Collection of Problems on the Theory (conte.) SOVA761 ~Table of eq434brium constants,of certain cWcal reactiozz 157 5. Degreel~of dissociation for car;bon doxib a in ~ -(1?9a) 1 162 6. Degree of dissociation for watpr vapors a in % (100a). 162 7- Heats of formation of cer4ainorganic compounds, 162 B. Heats of formation., of certain in6rganie comiounde 40 9. Heats of tambustion'6f .certain, organic compounds 174 10. Total,heat content of.fuel-combustion in kdal/gmole ' 181 32. Internal energy of certain gases in calories and g moles . 164 12.' Temperature' and presaxre dipendence graph for the degree of dissociation qf carbondio.-dde 185 13. TemperatMN.L dependence graph,for the water-gas constant 185 14. Temperature and pressure dependence graph for the degree of dissociation of water 185 Bibliography 186 AVAILA=: Librar~r of Congress card 616 1-14-66 BANDUMPI~(gjzhevsk); cummv, v. (g.17,heiisk); NIKITIN, V. (g. Yaroslavl YURTSEV. V.; PE-MW-KOV, M.V.$ inih.; KOKORIN, V.K., inih.; TASHKIN6V, V., inzh.-konstruktor,- IVLIYEV, V.j, tekhnik-stroitell (poo.Ashukino Moskovskoy obl.); DUBROVIN, B.,, g.Votkinsk); -GUSMOVp L. (g.Alekslu); SHCHSTININ, N. Advertising board. Izolw- i rate. no. 5z60-61 My 161, (MIRA 114:5) .10 Glavnyy inzh.fabriki, "Iskrallil g. Blagovejhchensk, Amurskaya obl. (for Yurtsev). 2. Zavod ineni $ergo Ordzhonikid2a,, konstruktorsk6ye byurox g. Ghelya.Uwi (f~r Pemyakov,., Kokorin). 3. Zamestitell glzLvnogo inzh.ZyryauMkogo avitsovogo kombinata (for Shehatfnin). (I!echnological innovations) LASHKOV, X.V., podpolkovnik meditainskoy slushby; LUWIN, V.I., mayor meditsin- ekoy sluzhby; FLORTA, A.A., starshly leytenant neditainskoy sluzhb7; BANDURIN, V.I., kapitan meditainskoy aluzhby '-=eth ~ofke`=ping "medical records at mobile medical stations. Voen.-med.zhure no*6:15-16 Je '59. (HIRA 12:9) (MICIMI, MILITART AND NAVAL disposal of documents at mobile mad. stations (Run)) BANDURINP V.V.; YERMIWVO A.A. In the Technical Council of the State Design and Planning institute for Heavy Electric Industry. Prom.energ. 17 no.10:47 0 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Lightning pr6tection) ZAFRANSKIY, Yu.N.; -DANDURINA,,,K..V.; CHURIKOVA, I.A.; Prinimala uchastiye: BAZANOVA, N,I. Vapor - liquid equilibirbm of the system isopropylbenzene - 0(-methyl- styrene. Zhur.prikl.khim. 37 no.1:230-231 Ja 164. (ML-LA 17:2) 1. Krasnoyarskiy zavod sinteticheskogo kauchuka. BJU I Yj T 1'l N A Ja i.,--n -IFU 18:3) Ap. 6 o al GATS1111, V.V.; ~ ~JDURRAL L.A.; VAYCHAKOVA, S.B. 1- - Effee-4. - - of glycosides of the strophanthin group or, blood coagu- lation. Farm. 1 Wks. 25 no.5t584-587 S_G 162 (li,fRA 18:1) 1. Kafedra farmakologii (zav. - dotsmit V.V.Gatmani) Atuta. skogo med*tsinskogo inst GATSURA, V.V.; BANWRINA L.A. Analysis of the effect of atrophanthinlike glycosides on collateral blood eiroulati6n in the myocardium. Biul. skep. biol. i med. 55 no.302-55 Mr 163. (MIRA 18:2) 1. Iz k%fedry farmakologii (zav. - dotsent V.V. Gatbura) Kemerov- skogo meditsinskogo inatituta. Submitted April 28, 1962. GATSURA, V.V.; BANDURINA, L.A. Methodology for the analysis of the effect of drugs on collateral myocardial circulation. Farm. i toks. 27 no.1:100-102 Ja-F 164. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Ka4edra farmakologii (zav. - dotsent V.V. Gatsura) Kemerovskogo meditsinskogo instituta. GATSURA, V.V.; BANDURINA, L.A. Changes In the senvitivity to strophantin under the effect of substances influenuing the efferent innervation of the heart. Farm. i toks, 28 no#1:46-48 -Ta-F 165. (MIRA 18112) 1. Kafedra farmakologii (zav. - doktor med.nauk V.V.Gatsura) Kemerovskogo meditainskogo instituta. Submitted August 19, 1963. DORISOVP S.N.; URLIN,, A.Vi;---Prlzd-m-11 uchasUytjM&LYSHEVA, I~A.; BMURINA,,-R.A. Organic silicone elafftamers containing diphenyl alloxan links in the basic chain. Kauchi rez. 21 no.1283-5 D 162. (KRA 16:1) 1. Veesoyuznyy naudhno-~iimledovatellskiy institut sinteticheskogo kELuchuka im. S.V.Lebedeva. (Elastomers) (Si~oxanes) KRISHTUL, F.B.; MALCHENKO, A.L.; GRDMVICH, V.F.; RODIONOVA,, Ye.A.; GOLODOVSKAYA, A.I.; p~~ ~,Yeja. Production of yeast feeds fmm the vinasse of distilleries processing sugar beat molasses. Trudy TSNIISP no.12:51-63 162. (KRA 17 s 3) GNILMYSOV, LV.. kandided Wditsinskikh nauk-;PIXUB. Z., kandidat maditainakikh nauk; kanUdat meditainakikh nauk; OSIMMO, V. To. Upert medical determination of working capacity in osteoarticular tuberculosis. Ortop., trava. i protex, 17 no.3:36-41 My-Je 156. (HLRA. 9:12) 1. Is Denpropetrovskogo fi3lala TSentrallnogo nauchno-iseledovatell- skogo instituta ekspertisy trudos'posobnosti I organizataii trada invalidov (dire - prof, A.P.Kotov) (TUMMUSIS, OSTBOARTICUMR, vorking capacity determ. (Rue)) (WORK, capacity daterm. In ostsoartioular tuberc. (Rue)) 137-58-6-13958 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 6, p 393 (USSR) AUTHOR: Banduristyy, N.V. TITLED The Prevention of Perm ent Disability After an Occupational Injury at IMetillurgical Plants zmd the Creatioil of Employment for the Handicapped (Preduprezh6eniye stoykoy utraty trudo- sposobnosti posle trudovogo uvech'ya na metallurgicheskikh zavodakli i trudoustroystvo invalidov) PERIODICAL- Sb. nauchn. tr. Dnepropetr. med. in-t, 1957, Nr 3, pp 14-16 ABSTRACT: On the basis of data resulting from an investigation of a group of permanently disabled workers it was deduced that in most cases injury occurred among workers of auxiliary pro- fessions not representative of the metallurgical industry. Low- ering of working ability of workers under observation was mostly due to injuries incurred while carrying and pulling heavy loads, as a result of cave-ins and falling of objects, falls of workers from heights, etc., resulting from insufficient super- vision, non-observation of safety measures, poor instruction, and inadequate training of the workers. Card I/ 1 1. Industrial plantus--USSR 2. Enployee relations Ye.L, BANDURKA, Mieczyslaw I Plans for the foundation of the Politechnical College in Lodz. Przegl w1okien 16 no.3:181-183 Mr 162. 1. Archiwum Panstwowe, Lodz. .BANDURKA. Mieozy~4~F'. Archives of the Ioinweber famUy,* pharmacists and physicians of the city of Lodz. Farmacja Pol. , _XW,-063 19 no.19/2Os4l6qa 1. Katedra Historii Famacjiq Akademia I%dvczna.. Lodz. Kie- rownikt prof.dr. Wlembiallinskiw BANDURKBI,-G.A,--,, Behavior of kiire - oarth, elements in -a fluorine-bearing 4~W-rcmmWt.. Geolchimi4a no.2tW-3J+9 161. L'Institut, geokbinii Sibirskog-o-'adeleniya IN SSSR. mptals) (nourine) Apwo=64 A.; -Girin.. Yu. AUMR', FAChas U-abcv, D. N. to BMdurkin., G- A-; Higdiwv,, A TT=: S=e data on the-geothadstry see 4f WAS= O*ncfttiOr-O in the Indian Ocean, SOME: Geokhimiya. no; 5, 1963s, 493-4" 11 TOPIC TAGS: concretions., Hn. Nb, UP 7hp Va 00 oNij, Coo Fej. rare earths, red clay,,.: ~diagenesiip Indian Ocean ABSMACT: Two concretions and UnPles-Of red CUY.. collected by L. 11. Khitrov . f= depths be3.7o 5000 m in the Indian Ooew., we-re used in this stud7. A dielnot J -between.inner and outer zones of tlie conci4a- difference in composition was found i . the inner zone being richer in &Mca and alumina and poorer in iron, r=iga- :tions ~nese, and the rare elements (Kb., Tap VP T-hp and rare earths), Red clay has a compositiort nearer that of the inner zone. The authors conclude that the com;*- sition of the inner zone suggests volcanic origin &rA that correlation between oxidation-reduction pottntialo and concentrations of Mn,, Co,, Ni., Cop V, and Fe in ithe concretions point3 to the ir-portance of these potentials in the Jfor=tion of 'narizanese concretions. "In conclusion, the authors consider it their pleasant iduty to eWese gratitude to L. He Xhitroy for supplyitig the material for study, rd ica BANDURKINO G.A. Relationship between the structural and catalytic properties of rare-earth coippounds. Izv. AN SSSR. Neorg. mat0 1 n0.9: 1569-1572 S 165, (MIRA 18:11) 1. Institut obshchey i neorg&nicheakoy khinii imeni Kurnakova AN SSSR. BABDURKO,,Gr ly T*r*M*vIGh[B&ndW*i,_ R3.1, kaM. ekonor.. naulk; DEMIDYUKy V.F., red.; LEVCHEZIKO, O.K., tekbit. red, [Reduction of the workday -s; tbe-great achievement of socialiuml5korochemnia.robocboho dnia - velyke za-roiuvan- nia sotsialimM, Jlyiv, Derthpolitvydav URSR, 1962e 41 p. (K[rU 15- 11) 1. Zaveduyusbehiy kELfedroy politicbeakay ekonomii Zaporozhskogo mashinostroitellnogo instituta (for Bandurko). (Ukraine-Hours of labor) EULEVICH, Vladfmir Yevgenlyevich; KOROSTEIEV, A.A.; MLINIK, Yu.A.; BUMIN, N.I.; PMROV, A.Y.; VERKYAGDI, A.A.; BILEDUREC, N.G.; IVAEUSHKO, N.D., red. [Theoretical principles of radar] Teoreticheskie osnovy ra- diolokatsii- LBy V.E.Dulevich i dr. Yoskva "Sovetskoe radio," 1964. 731 P. (MIRA. 17 - 8) A. 052;R65 UO-2/SWT(1)/ZEC(0/ZZD-2 Pm~-4/Pa-4/Pec-4/Pi-4/pj-4/pk.4/ AMMION NR AM500W BOOK EXPLOUATION S/ Dulevich, Vladlimir TErvenlynicht &orostalev A nik, YR. A 1 Bm4min. &_A9; Hall We I I Petrov, A. V j Verstrazin, Ag hej Bandurko, X, Ot Theoretical princiRles of radar (T"retichaWdyis oBnM radiclokstaii), Nosow, Iad-vo "Sovetakoye rado*, 1596h, 731 p. Illus., biblic.p index. Irrata slip, insertede 12,600 copies printed* TOPIC T&GSt radar PMJM AND COVEMEs This book is intended for students in the radio engineering famaties-of higber technical educational institutions and can serve as an aid to engineers and graduate students opeoializing in radaro The book axw1nes the principles of radar# methods of courdinate meavurawnt and scanning and circuits for radar stations of three typest with an operators a continuous .,puta~r installation and a digital empter. It presents the characteristics of radar signals with a consideration of the statistical regularities that occur in the reflection of radio vavess their propagation and the presence of win on the sipdo The book doscribse rathods of ;Mr; optiftl "a am WUMI reoeiv~srs cousideriog statisticalp'ispatial and bequinoy tin cheractMISUM or, the sigma and Intarfewwwoo The book extimtes tba ummium aspecitt" Card-. L 31052-65 ACCESSION M A115anW of radar in detecting and meaffuring target coordinates. It gives a statistical evaluation of target position or trajectory on the basis of radar measurement data. in conclusion, the book describes methods of combating Tarious types of interference and the operating principles of passive radar system. All of the factual aud nmerical material in taken from the open domestic and Urtiol preve. 0 TABIS OF CONTWS (abridged)i Ch. 1. General information on radar oqUpaant wW methods of radar obsex-ratiou - 5 Ch. 31. Methods-of scanning and coordinate mumremork - 21 Ch. 111. Radar targets and characteristics of "floated signals - 94 Ch, We Range of radar obvervatim - W Ch. V. Statistics3 wra1ustion of radar signal datootabi2ity - 176 Ch. VT. optimal roooption and dstection of radar signals - 20$ Ch' Tne ResolnUav, aeouraoy and sense of readings when measuring xvmg* *&;~ speed - 278 Ch* VMS Resclutions aoc,=W and some of readings wbou meastudag avguUr Ocardluates a- 397 C.d 2h L 51052-65 koMioN NR AN50M448 Ch. 11. DetarninLig'target bodlAw fircm the restate of courdinate mummement - 502 Ch* I* Determining target tr#Jootwr U&IN radar - 534 Che n. Active interftroun and metbods of oumbating It Ch. Xn. Methods of protectIM radw stations h-,= pasal:ve Intamloavan 606 Ch. lln. Passive radw 676 BiblioVaphy ~ 706 bdem - 717 WOWr=s 25MA NO MW Mfg 1$0 suB oame w S/125/61/000/001/011/016 A161/A133 AUTHORSs Fillchakov, A,A., TITLEt Melting the AR-Al (AN-Al) flux in electric are furnaces PERIODICAL: Avtomaticheskaya Bvarka, no. 19 1961, 67-68 TEXTt The Zhdanov Heavy Machine Building Plant produces aluminum railroad tank cars that are welded automatically by a half-open arc on flux. The welding technology was devised with the assistance of the Institut electro- svarki im.Ye.O.Patona Electric Welding Institute im.Ye.O.Paton). The! pre- paration of the A14-Al ~AN-Al) flux is simple, but the powder was not homogene- ous in large quantities, and losses with dust were too high during transpor- tation and utilization. Fused flux eliminated losses and in general improved the welded joints. An especially designed furnace is used now for melting the AN-Al flux (Figure). Casing (1) is detachable and lined with sheet as- bestos on the inside. Two graphite crucibles (2) are joined together. The space between the crucibles and the casing is filled with carbonous self- Card IA'~' S/125/61fooo/001/011/016 Melting the AN-Al (AN-Al) flux... A161/Al3p sintering lining mass ~3~- Graphite electrodes (6) 75 mm in diameter are supported on brackets 4 welded to the casing, and fed with a screw mechan- ism (7) through inlet holes. The current is supplied by flexible cable to electrode holders (9). The furnace rests on trunnions in frame (11) and is tilted by turning handwheel (12). Tilting is facilitated by counterweight (13). The molten flux is poured out through a hole in the upper furnace part onto a stainless steel plate laying in an alumizium tray. The furnace oper- ates on two TCA-1000-3 (TSD-1000-3) welding trans!ormers connected in parallel, It is placed under an exhaust hood with asbestos curtains suspended on the edges and attended by one man. The 20-kg charge is filled, melted and poured out within 20-25 min. The working current is 900-1,100 amp, the are voltage 28-32 volt. The graphite particles are skimmed from the surface of the ready flux in the furnace with a special grid scraper made of stainless steel. The furnace has proved dependable in op,ration. The preparation of the flux com- ponents is the same as recommended by the Institute of Electric Welding and used at other plants. There is 1 figure. ASSOCIATION: Zhdanovskiy.zavod tyazhelogo mashinostroyeniya (Zhdanov Heavy Machine Building Plant) Card 2/'~' BANDUR-MICIDELSON. Bo r.; GAJIC, Slobodan, Dr. Typing of Corynebacterium diphth6rias during 1951-52 at the bacteriological section of the -institute of Hygiene of the People's Republic of Serbia. BibI.Hig.inst.Srbija no-5:163-169 154. 1. Bakteriolosko ode1jenje Higijenskog instituta NR Srbija. (CORTMACTERIUM, DIPHTHMIAB, . typing) DJUMSICI MIQ Effect of various tuberculostatic drugs on the development of experimental tuberculosis caused by streptomycin-resistant strain in guinea pigs. Srpski arb. colok. lek. 84 no.1:14-19 Jan 56. 1. Mikrobiolooki institut Madicinakog fakultets u Beogradu. Upravnik: prof. dr. Milutin Djurisic. (TUBEMUMBIS, exper. off. of various drugs on 8treptomycia-resistant M. tuberc, strain in-guinea pigs (Ser)) (STEMPTONTOIN, off. on M. tuberc., resist., off. of various drugs in guinea pigs (Ser)) (WCOBACTMUUM TUBERCUIOSIS, off. of drugs on streptoo7cia mist., off. of various drugs In guinea pigs ~Ss ) KATANZON, A.M. EdeceAsed], prof., BANDUROVSKAYA, A.M., starshiy laborsint Regional leukocytonis as a symptom of chronic tonsillitis [with summary in Englishb Vest.oto. -rin. 20 no.3:22-25 KY-Je 158 (MIRA 11:6) 1. -It Kliniki bolesney ukha, gorlR i nosa (sar, - prof. A.M. Natnnzon [deceased] 1harikovskogo maditsinakogo instituta. (TONSILLITIS. Blood in regionnl leukocytosis (Run)) (LMOOYTE COUNT, regionnl laukooytosis in chronic tonsillitis (Hus)) BANDUROVSKAYAP N.F., kand. med. nauk - -,.. Scientif:ic Session of the Odessa Scientifj.o Research Insti- no.693-17-119 162,' tute of Tuberculosier. Probl. tub. 40 (MIRAl6tl2) I Ii I'( VQ~ - Bia,ll'up Sll'i~y'~j NX. i E61*0 i 22046 Bandurovs~~,._.N.F... Bruk, B.F.. Terlo. P.B . Znacheniye issledovaniya prcn7v- nykh vod zheluck-a (p.v.zh.) na BK v rannem vyyavlerii t-aberleza u detey. Uchen. Zapiski Nauch-issled. in-ta tuberkuleza v Odesse, Ch. 1, 1948, s. 23-25. SO: Letopis' Zhurnallnyk-h Statey, Vo. 29, Moskva, 1949. 22044 Dandwovskeya 14 F. C potrabnoeti vitamins cc(77 u dotay, boll?iylh tubar',Ulezor. ler?~il,h, UcffenL. kni ki ilauch-is5led. in-ta tuhtr~ulez#! v C6ezise, Ch 2, S. C. `4 ':C: Ittopis' Zhurnallnylh Statay, No. 2~,, I'csl.Iva, 194c,,. BANDUROVSKAYA, N. F.: BANDUROVSKAYA, N. F.: "The significance of of the stomach for tuberculosis of tuberculosis in children." N. I. Pirogov. Odessa, 1956. Candidate in Medical Sciences). investigating the wash waters bacteria in the clinical treatment Odessa State Medical inst imeni (Disaertationti for the Degree of SO: Knizhnayg letopis' No. 22, 1956 V -it See 9 -Vol .- 9/8 Sux er7 Aug 55 !169. BANDURSKI A. Chir. Oddzialu Szpit. Wojew6dzkiego, Zielonej, G6rze. as gp~ie `yciqW-j czqgci wpustowej tolqdkia przeszczepenn jelita czczego. jejunal segment as a substi0ite for the excised upper part of the stomach and the lower part of the oesophagus 11OL-PHZECL.C11111. 1954, 26/2(127-132)lllus.7 he method is based on preservation of a small, healthy. aboral part of the sto- ach. The excised oral part of the stomach and the lower part of the oesophagus, hich is also excised, are replaced by a segment of the jejunum. The advantages the method are (1) Preservation of a part of the stomach, although a small one. the pyloric region. The operation does not seem to be less radical on account of is. The preserved part of the stomach can fulfil its function as a food container. ~only partly. (2) Restoration of the physiological continuity of the digestive tract. ~e duodenum and a considerable part of the small intestine are not excluded from Ie digestive function. (3) The operation is limited to the abdominal cavity. Four ises are described. In the last 2 pyloric myotomy was added. Author BANDURSKI Albin BANDMKI, Albin (adree autora: Zielona Gora, Szpital Wojewodaki). Replacement of the resected cardial portion of the stomach by jejun 1 graft. Polski przegl. chir. 26 no.2:127-132 F 154. 1. 2 chirurgicznego oddzialu Bspitala WoJewodskiego v Zielonej Gorze. (Praca wplynela do redakoji dnia 19.11-1953) (MURN, transplantation, *replacement of resected cardial portion of stomach) (TRANSPLOTATION, *Jejunum, replacbmtn of reseoted cardial portion of stomach) (STOMACH, surgery, *resection of cardial portion with replacement with jejunal transplant) BAIDURSKI, Albin; CHVIRDT, Roman Unusual case of post-tra=atic arterlovenous fistula of the neck. Klin.oczna 25 no.1:49-58 1955. 1. Z Oddz1alu Chirargicsnego Sspitala WojnwodzkieV w Zielonej Gorse Ordynator: dr. mod. A. Bandurski i z Oddsialu Ocznago. Ordynator: dr mod. R. Chwirot. (ARTERINS, CAROTID, fistula arteriovenous, jugalocarotid, traum.) (VIINS. JUGULAR, fistula, arteriovenoug, jugalocarotid, traum) (FISTULA, ART]MOVENOUS, jugulocarotid, traum.) ~ I a BMVSXA, Iran& Gastric resection with Intestinal transplantation. Polski prsegl. ebir. 28 no.1:13-16 Jan 56o 1. Z Obtrurgicsnego Oddstalu Sspitala Vojewodsklego v Zieloua~ Gorse Zielons, Gam. Wojewodski Szpital. (STOMkCH, surc. gastroonterostooW, Henley's technic (Pol)) POLAND BANDUASKI'l-AJ.444 and NAVARRA, Ireniusz, Surgical Division (Od- "(rAa'!:-_dhirurgiczny), First Wojewodztwo Hospital (I Szpital Wo- jowidzki) in Zielona Gora (Director: Lek med Zbyslaw KOPYSC) "Intestinal Insertion into the Constricted Ductus cheledochus. Case Report." Warsaw, Polski agodnik Lekarski, Vol 18, No 30, 22 jul 63, pp 1101. Abstract: [Authors' English summary] Authors report a case of a patient with obstructive jaundice due to cicatrization of the whole ductus choledochus ofter operation. They achieved reconstruction of the continuity of the biliary tract by im- plantation of a 8-cm loop isolated from the jejunum between the rest of the duct and the duodenum. [The work won third prize of competition of Polish Medical Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Lekarskie)] 1here are_'thj~_q '(J) illustrations and six (6) references: two (2) each Polish, German, and Western. 1/1 BANUJjrPjL.,AIbir- bll..~'LOWSKA Irena; TALKOWSKA, Irmina - -:-*f HoL,r-glatjis abscess of the thoracle wall. Wiad. lek. 18 no.19: 1543-1545 1 0 165. 1. '1 Odd2lalu Chir. Dzieciecaj Szpitala Wojskowego w Zielonej Gorze (Ordynatort dr. med. 1. Bukowska). BANDURSKI, Albin; SULICKI, Tadeusz; KOCOTO Eugeniusz Traumatic hemorrhage from the biliary tract. Pol. przegl. chir. 37 no.9:896-898 S 165. 1. Z Oddzialu Chirurgicznego Szpitala Powiatowego w Glogowie (Ordynator: lek. T. Sulicki) i z Oddzialu Chirurgicznego Szpitala, Wojewodzkiego w Zielonej Gorze (Ordynator: dr. A. Bandurski). YIRGIN., V.A., akademik; AZORIJ, M.; PLATE, N.A.; BANDURYAN, S.I. Direct electron-microscope observation of polymerization processes in crystal monomers. Dokl. AN SSSR 154 no.5.-1157-1159 Ft6l+. (NIRA 17:2) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M.V. Lomonosova. BAGLYUK. A.D.; BANDTW -P MARISHCHINKO, V.V.; ANUCHIN. P.P.; Iv. KWW54~ww SAKUH, A.N.; KOZIOV9 Te.A.; KHOMOM, V.S.; MAKSIMUK, P.S. ~O Survey of letters and articles. Sakh. prom. 33 no.2:58--o F 159. MM 12:3) l.Kamenskiy sakharny7 zavod (f6r Baglyuk). 2.Sokolovokiv sakhar- nyY zavod (for Bandylov). 3.Yagotinskiy sakharnyy zavod imeni, Illicha (for Marishchanko). 4;Uzinekiy'bakhaiW Favod (for Anuchin). 5.Novo-Troitakiy sakharnyy zavod (for Krasnoolobodtoev). 6.Ukrgiproved (for Sakun). 7.Khutor-Mikhaylovskiy rafinadnyy zavod (for Kozlov). 8.Shpolyanakiy eakharnyy zavod (for Khomenko). 9.Kupyanakiy sakharnyy zavod (for Maksimuk). .(Sugar industry) (Sugar beets) 41764 ~~-'Pqo S/194/62/000/006/031/100 D201/D308 AUTHORS: Bandyg, Jahslavp and Rytichp Eduard TITLEz An attqchment for maintaining a constant pressure in an automatic control system with pneumatic regulator PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnalo Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 8, 1962, abstract B-2-171 shbh (Czech* pat., cla 47 e, 48/02; 47 g, 49/01, no. 97417, Nov. 15, 1960) TEXT; The attachment is designed in the form of a pneumatic relay and --ntended for maintaining a constant pressure required for fault- less operation of automatic control systems. The attachment is built in in the path of the signal between-the regulator 3 and valve 1 and is connected by a pipe with the p~ressure reduction stage.4 connected to the compressed air.8ource by a pipe 6 through a filter 5. The cross-section of the relay is shown in the figure. The body obnaists of 3 independent parts 1, 6, and 8 assembled by screws. The partp are separated by diaphragms 4 and 7, connected by the screw 12. The screw has a ring 17 and a rubber cushion 16 support- ing the collar 15 of part 6. The diaphragm 4 is compressed by spring Card 141~ S/194/62/000/008/031/iOG An attachment for maintaining ... D201/D308 3 viliose other end presses against the bush 2. The pressure of spring 3 is regulated by screw 19. The diaphragms ~, 7 and the col- M 15 divide the internal cavity of the body into 4 chambers 10, 11 14 and 18. The pressure in chamber 10, connected through the branc'., pipe 9 with the reduction chamber, is constant; the pressure in the chamber 18 is atmospheric. As long as the.pressure.of air pass.6ng from the regulator through the branch pipe 9 is sufficiently high, the diaphragm 4 is pressed downwards enabling the airto the outlet branch pipe 5. A change in the air nressure in the net- work results in a change of the gap between collar 1 -5 and the rub- ber cushion 16. In case of a sharp drop of pressure the spring 3 closes the gap, preventing the drop of pressure in the network. [Abstracter's note; Complete translation.] Card 2/2F BAINIMITEV, B. A. USSR/Physics Dv-, 48 Materiall Test Techni(,Ue5 "Distribution of 'Vold WorkinZ Around A Conical Impression," F. 3. Savitskiy, B. A. Bandyshev, 1-1. V. Yakutovich, Sverdlovsk- Affiliate, All-Union Sci Rcr, Inst of llctrol, 31 pp "Zavod Lab" Vol M, No 12 Conical Ir-dentation was produced by pressure on a spocirricn of hard--ncd anj ttmpcred steel hawing a fine-grained and homogeneous structure, Diw_-tcr of the base of the indentation was 4 un, and hardness of the area around this was detc:-,.-dned with a Vickers hardness tester after i,-.-echanical and e1cclurolytic pollshing. Indtwtations distrIbuted radially around the edge of tht hole at intervals of one m;, and rtsults ar~ prestnted in tht frrm, 11 J of lines of e,,~ual hardness. Similar tests uerc carrif~d out on coix~-.,~sscd and r.-,sults of these are prcsenttd in the s~a,-2e -v.,ay and in relat4on to d-zfo=iatlon. PA 49/40T103 24(0); 5(4); 6(2). PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION WV/2215 tZ7 Vsasoyuznjry nau*hno-losladqvictellakly institut metrologli limeni D.Z. Nsndeloyeva . Reforaty nauchno-ionledovateVskikh robot, aboralk X0.2 (Sclentifin tA Research Abstractal Collection of krtioles~ Nr 2) Xoncows StandartgIz, 1958. 139 p. 1,000 copies printed. 41 Additional Sponsoring Ag*ncyt USSR. Konitet standartovs Nor I ImmerltolInykh priborov. Zd.A S. V. Roshotinai Tech. Ed.: M. A. Kondratlyeva. PURYOSX1 These reports are Intended for scientists, romearchere' aDd engineers engaged In developing standards. mossurve, and gages for the various Industries. COVERAGEs The volume contains 128 reports on standards or measure- sent and control. The reports were prepared by scientists or institutes of th KoaLtet otandartov, nor I I=*xItel'nykh pqhorov pri Sov:te Ministrov SSSR (Commission cm. Standardso X*asur*s# and Measuring Instrument@ under the UM Council of ItLnlators). The participating Institute& are: VMI1X - Toosayuznyy nauchno-insledovatellakly natrologil lxwl D.2. Mendeleyova (All-union Sclent',1ric Research institute or met- rology lx&nL D.I.-Mendeloyew) ~-' Leningrad; Sverdlovsk branch of this Institute. VNIIN - Vbosayuznry nauchno-Inaledovatel'skly InstItut Komitsta standartov, Nor I lzmerital-nykh priborov (All-Unlon Scientific Research Institute of the ComLoslon am Standards, Measures, and Measuring Instruments), created from MOINIF - Roskovskly Casudarstvonnyy inst1tut nor I lnwrltolfnykh priborov (Moscow State Institute of Measures and Measuring Instruments) October 1, 1955; VX1I?= - Y"soyuznyy nauchno-ionledovatellakty Lnetitut fiztko-tokhni- choaklkh I radiotakhnichosklkh 1mmorenly (A.11-Unice Scientific Rose-rch Institute of rhysicotechnical and Hadlo-on4taserIng Measurements) In Moscow, IMOINIP - xharlkovokly gesudarstvannyy Inatitut nor I I=erltollnykh priborow (Kharlkov State Institute of Measure@ and Measuring Instruavs); and WGINIF - Novool. birokly gosudaretvanyy Inatitut m r I=eritellnylaa prlborov (Novosibirsk State Institute of Ke"urea and Measuring Instru. 3!*Utq). No personalities am mentioned. There are no references. --A-I-. and 9--AA-921- ------ MIZALMM 'dWU=xL(MVIMIP`)j G.A. Cherkascyp X.V. d:o;ro!d~ ~t and '3 3 n&XdIM= 8tudy'ag the R84400, "S AR%3rftgs or Car IaNalileneapr khovsk1._trN.X1. (MOINIP). Standard fty- so tma a Mary DYn&m*meter* of the Second Clans for the 5 qnd Ranges 58 4M~2' 3- YA- (VNIrX) Assembly and Alignment of Stationary Dynam-=-We~e-r3 for Tension and Compression Tests to 10,000 and 100,000 ke 60 F.S., B.A. Bmno "o n Branch of VH11M X, , and V.V. Skobell (3vordlovok Testing Machine T-arr~-.1 rogidItY Of the Dyn4moneter or 4 On the Palllng Portion or the gxttnsi*n DlagrAa 6o USSR / Cultivated Plants. Medicinal Plants. Essential- Oil Plants* Poisonous Plants. Abs Jour :Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 6, 1959, No. 25113 Author :Bandyukovap V. A. Inst :Py gor'sy ~-armaceuticai Institute litle iThe Pagoda Tree as a Raw Material for Obtaining Rutin Orig Pub :Uchi ~ap. Pyatigorskiy pharmatzefto in-t, 19570 29 93"96 Abstract :Investigations of the pagoda tree's flowers indicated the presence of 13.8-21.5% of rutin in them (buckwheat has 6%). 9.5- 19,3% of rutin was found in the fallen-off flowers. It is pointed out that the flowers of this tree may be a source of Industrial rutin production. The pagoda treet in the Card 1/2 'USSR / Cultivated Flants. Medicinal Plants. Essential- M Oil Plants. Poisonous Plants. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 6, 1959, No. 25113 Caucasian Mineral Waters, Is widespread as a decorative tree plant. It is recommended to Introduce It Into oultiva- tion, because, beside the described pro- perties, it has valuable woodq Is a good honey-bearer and possesses phytoncidal properties. -- L. I. Lipayeva Card 2/2 191 BARYUKOVA, V.A. 0 desistent Photocolorimetric determ4nation of rutin of Sophora japonica and in Forsythia intemedia and Forsythia mpenoa. Apt. delo 9 no.6:2/+- 26 -N-D- '160, . IMiRA 13:12) L.Kafecira, organiohookoy i bio;ogicheskoy kbimli (iav. - Prof. I.L.' Shinkarenko) Pyatigorskogo f mtsevtiobesko o instituta, (CPLMDWRY) JRUTIN) IPMYTHIA) (S&MA) BkNDTUMOVA, V.A. ProtistoofAal charaoteristice of Sophora japonica. Nauch.dokl. vys.shkolft biol.nauki no-22154-156 163. (KMA 16:4) 1. Rekomendovana kafedroy organicheskoy i biologicheskoy khijnii Pyatigo go farmatesyticheakogo instituta. %MASUS~ NORTHERN--TAPANESE PAGODA TREE) I BARDYUKOVA, V.A.; BOVDAPPIKO, N.V. lielenlen from the African rzrigold cu'~ ildva teed in the Northern Caucasus. Nauch. dokl. vys. slikoly; biol. nattki no.l:.168-170 165. (MIRA 18:2) 1. Rekomendollana Rafedroy organicheskov i blologicheskoy khimii PyaMgor5kogo farnatg-3vtIcheskogn instItuta. B.MIDYUI',OVAo V.A. ~ Use of color reactions for determining flavonoids by means of paper chromatography. Rest. res. 1 no. 4:591-596 1 65 (MIRA 19:1) 1. Pyatigorskiy famatsevticheskiy institut. Submitted February 11, 1965. BANDYUKOVA V.A.- IIINKARINKO, A.L. [S~,ynkarenko, A.L.] Residts of' study4ng high-mountain plants of Teltv_,rda Preserve On the content of' flavonoid subotances by the paLer chron!itography method.- Farmatsev.zhur. 20 no.6137-41 165. (141RA 19tl) I. Pyatigorski.y farmatsevti.cheski7 lnstjt~tjt, kafedra organicheskoy i biologichoskoy khimii. Submitted Rpril 19, 10,65. 1; 27823-65 9C; 1) IJP(c) ACCESSTOIN' NIT- AT-V149929 AUTHOR: Band:n~-Oc; A A 1~tandztuttj's,-A41 Z;lukauskas K.P, Ma t. q! i pi , Au t A. F. h AN 7,ItSMr Lltov,-4dy fim-tchealdy abomik, v. 4 j no. 11964, 35-43 T0131C TAGS- physits~spL-IPJ -funetton, aM--ro3dmPUicwn, nurnarim-A andyi Wigner matrix, lzroneck~r product computer programming 103STRACT: The amaors derive tim new expressions for the 6j-coefficients izrvolvpd %-n 'Wiperle matrices for re-rhicing thz, Kranecker products ol nimply reducible Zrou- s. new expression-Q are, T I- Da A jr-ba) A IA (WA (tda) x (der) I)' (r-4-f-o+ z%1 d4-zll -L 27~23,65 ACCESMON NR# AT4049929 b I b~,- A fad) A (bdj) t, (cdc) x x I .b + e+.,- c - 4 1 (b ++ -+f+ 1 by Wiper. Both formulas are trans- These -forbidas were derived by the raethod proposed formed In the same way as the Awah formuli bas been trwWormad by Sato. Themuthors propose to represerat the 6j-coefflclents by means aff seven pazmxnettert3 (perim-efters of four fri ar t-, a'er-zills'll. A Program for thecalculatfor, of 6!-cneffictentR on the ~ _Lgle-A ;In,~ nif ~i (Tijad .b ES.N.' -:M g. al, .,)I L llz,*~-! rnatema-ti-k-4 A-1m6?m1l roauk Litnvnkov SS-P, dn~w~ t,.Sqc)c T af RclencaF; of ttle Ut~u&Tjan SSjjA,, Card Mir-w" 2/3 MZ71F L~7823-A-5 ACCESSION NR, AT4049929 SUBTAITITED: ENICL: SUB NO REF SOV- 003 OTHER: 008 T j S / 2 9 10 / qt i O'CV4 0 0 2 J'C) 1771 AMPIDR; . - 4 ,** A. Yp_~ ~~(Vi7harait~~ J~;(Ywrazlja' R4,1 (Samkyoas, A.~ T i T element.~, o~ the electr,,-tc-It',c wfoT complex atoms 'UE: 'im kl-vsbornlk) v. 4, no. 2, 1964, 197-212 WIN -a utm. -_Tlicavsklyj izic-hes TOPIC TAGS- q-unn'ttun mechpnics, matrix, electron shell, electrostatic interaction, ;-energy operator, quantum theory, wave function, Racab operatvr r' the RA In nt years,,. ta u ation of A13ST CT ece ~'-has --be~iCidererie rtb-Ante~ifit' 'I ons -wh _-WM_the__,sbe1js 0 E~q D- and This 11-~2s stimulated the c6nSIderation of a metbod for ciicti- It i _- T~ 7- 7 -Ie~t2nr-- of the operatorr. The preserit "J~e of f j of two eitlier p~artjaiy _'llied Or aimu-~L fir~!t. Thn ;a mp'.ho,~ is de-r-loped for calculations in tlie cas_~ ~F L 3o,,179-65 I-ACICESSWN YR: AT5002009 ,-Inf i I 'I C6 Rrticle "'trst reviews the 'Information or '~~c In the case of three or four unfilled sricii-q motu per-mit easy ca1c,-,1~iI.ion of the explicit formulae. In the case of a!T7,;ort j I f~d shellr, the relationships betveen Lhe submatri elements ol the are U-,1147P-d, "ne formnilae for ,:he matrix elements contain the 3 F, j f for which L'"So c-f parameters does not excee6 ~ (n very al!Lple tlii~ tnbles are available for 61 cocefflcientFz (~rlz. 57 equations. Villnyasskiy Gosudarstvennyy universitet im, V, Kapsukasa AMCW TON. i I matematlM Akademli nauk Litovslcoy SSR lPh-,- state ~iniversiLy-; , 7.,StLtUt "Zil, -jene". Lithian-a-, Card 2/2 L 146302-66 (1)19.fT (m)/E7~,VP(w)/ENP(v) TJII((;) Eml/~U ACC NR: AT6023216 SOURCE CODE: UR/2910/65/005/0030/0289/02~8 AUTHOR: Matulis, A. Yu. -- Matulis, A.; Nashlenas, E, P. -- Naslenas, E.; Bandzaytis, A. A. -- BandzaitiL, A e? ORG: Institute of Phvsics and Mathematics. Academv of Sciences Lithuanian SSR (Institat fizild i maitematikl Akademii nauk Litovskoy SSR); Villnyus State University im. V. Kapsi&as (Villnyussldy Gosudarstvannyy universitat) TITLE: On the perturbation theory of the energy of atoms with open shells SOURCE: AN LitSSR. LitovsMy fizicheskiy sbornik-. v. 5, no. 3. 1965, 289-298 TOPIC TAGS: atomic theory, perturbation theory, nuclear shell model ABSTRACT: The enerMr of a degenerate! a mic level as the pole of Green's function of open electron shells is studied. The jj~~~~f the energy of degenerate atomic levels 'Leads to solvin-- the secular equation in the space of unperturbed atomic stetes. This secular ~equation is solved by employing the theory of angular momentum of the case of electrostatic interaction between electrons. The contributions of the Feynman diagram are expressed in terms of radial integrals and the transformation matrices. The specific definition of the seri,:;s- for atomic energy In the field form of the perturbation theory for the energy of an atomic system r-.A 1 /2 L 46302-66 ACC NRi AT6023216 with open electron shells and the representation of each order of th.'s series as an averagewith respect to the eigenstate of the total orbital and spin angular momenta are the main results of the study. This representation of the series permits restoring the physical sense of each Feynman diagram as the representation of a certain process during the course of -which the' total orbital and spin angular momenta are retained. In the proposed method there was no re- quirement to separate the total Hamiltonian Into a zero Hamiltonian and Interaction Hamilto- nian. The only demand made was the retention of the single-particle character of the zero Hamiltonian which is necessary for shifting to the representation of second quantization. Thus, in each specific calculation of the energy of the atomic system it was possible to add to the zero Hamiltonian a certain single-particle operator, subtraction of which from the interaction Hamiltonian improved the convergence of the series of the perturbation theory. The author ,thanks Prof. A. P. Yutsis for his attention to the work and valuable advice. Orig. art. has: 7 9 figures and 21 forMUF-s. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 23Jan65/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH REF: 005 2/2 s/o5i/62~/61~/002/001/020 BOWE5i4 AUTHORS: Yutsis, A.P., Vizbarayte, Ya.~ I., Strotskite, T.D. and Bandraytis, A. TITLE: On the multi-configurational approximation and its convergence PERIODICAL: Optika i spektroskopiya, v.12, no.2, 10,62, 157-162 TEXT: The mathematical basis of the multi-configurational approximation is the generalised Ritz method in which both the coefficients of the basic functions and the functions themselves are varied at the same time. The basic functions determined in this way ensure the rapid convergence of the method. Any departure from such functions reduces the degree of convergence. T Ahe present authors show that the sum of the energy corrections obtained by separate 2-configurational approximations in the ,zase of holium-type atoms is equal to the total correction, provided the equivalent electron configurations are used as the correction configurations- In the case of beryllium-type atoms the sum of the corrections for separate shells gives the correction for the entire atom on the multi-configurational Card 1/2 42658 S/236162/000/002/001/'004 E140/E135 AUTHORS: Yutsis, A.P., Bandzaytis, A.A., and Vizbarayte, Ya.I. TlTLE: A graphical method for investigating tensor-set coupling-mode transformation matrices SOU11CE: Trudy Akademil nauk Litovskoy S~R, Series B, no.2(29),,z 1962, 3-18. TEXT: The authors present a methoo.for representing a tensor- set coupling-mode transf6rniation matrix graphically. This is in contrast to previous methods in which only the j-coefficients were so represented, If the number of coupled sets is n, the graphi- cal representation of the coupling-mode tiansTormation matrix has 3(n-1) lines and 2(n-1) nodes. Two of the three branches emerging from each node are drawn in fine line,'one in heavy line. Cutting the graph along n fine lines and one heavy line leads to the representation of the two generalised Clebach-Gordan coefficients. Fig.1 shows the diagrams of the two possible forms for the simplest case. The first, Al, is the trivial casie of tho identity matrix; the other, Bl, inverts the order of coupling of two tensor sets. Graphs for up to 6th order transformatiuns are Card 1/2 .A graphical method for investigating S/236/62/000/002/001/'004 E140/E135 ,..:considered, and the 15 j-coefficients of the fifth kind are given graphically. There are 12 figures. ASSOCIATION; Institut fiziki i matematiki Akademii nauk Litovskoy SSR (Institute of Physics and Mathematics, AS Lith SSR) VilInyusskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. V. Kapsukasa (Villnyus State University imeni V.* Kapsukas) SUBMITTED: December 30, 1961. 4492h .7 Si'236/62/060/00,3/001/004 D234/D308. AUTHORS: Vizbarayte, Ya.I. Ak Sy TITLE: standard transformation matrices of the method of connecting seven tensor sets ~SOURCE: Akademiya nauk Litovskoy SSR. Trudy, Seriya, B, no. 3,*1962, 3 - 18 TEXT: The authors refer to their previous papers where a method of graphical representation of sums of products*-., of Glebsch-Gordan coefficients was proposed. In the present paper they give diagrams of the standard matrices and their expressions in terms of 3(n-1) i-coefficients of the first and second kind, for any number of tensor sets. Vor the case of 7 sets they give diagrams and expressions of matrices in terms of 18 j-coefficients of types 0,D,E,F,G,H,I,K,L,M,N,P,R,SgT,Vo In order to express any transformation matrix in terms of the 18 J-coefficient one must reduce it to the standard form: this Card 1/3 5/236/62/000/'003/001/004 Standard transformation ... D234/D308 process can be simplified in practice by taking into account the phase factor only, adding other factors later to the final matrix: full reduction is also unnecessary. A new definition of the 18 J-coefficient is given: A A 4* k, k, k&- k..-- k4 k4 ks J,, ja- k, 4 4 A. k There are 20 figures. ASSOCIATION: Institut fiziki i matematiki AN Litovskoy SSR .(Institute of :Physics and Kathematics, AS Lithuanian SSR), Villnyusskiy.gosudarstvennyy Card 2/3 S/236/62/000/003/001/004 Standard transformation ... D234/DA08 :universitet im. V. Kapeukasa (Vilnyus University im. V. Kapsukas) SUBMITTED: January 25, 1962 Card 3,/3 S/236/62/000/004/001/009 D234/D308 AUTHORS: Rudzikas, Z. B.., Vizbarayte, Ya. I, Bandzaytisq A, A* and Yutsid, A. P. TITLE: Matrix elements of operators consisting of unit.tensor operators SOURCE: Akademiya nauk Litovskoy SSR. Trudy. Seriya B. no. 4, ~962, 3-22 TEXT:- The authors review the expressions for unit tensor ope:,a- tors given in previous papers by themselves other authors and give an extensive table of sub-matrix elements of the opera- 3 4. V31, V41 tors U U for 2, 3, 4, 5d electronB. There is 1 table ASSOCIATION: -Villnyuaskiy gOBudarstvennyy universitet im. V, Kapft sukasa (Villnyus State University imeni V. Kapsukas); InBtitut fiziki � matematiki AN Litovskoy SSR (In- stitute of Physics and Mathematics AS Lithuanian 9SR) -J -SUBMITTED: March 20, 1962 Oard 1/1 AUTHORS: -TITLE: W-e- t4 1~ E.-,15V4 im."o?" t r, 236/63/OOG/001/001/015 -D251/D308 Bandzaytis, A. A.~and Sa:vukinas, A. Yu. A new method of stadying 3nj coefficients SOURCE: ---Akademiya.nauk Litovek6y SBR. Trudy. Seriya B. no. 1, 1963, 3-10 TEXT: The-authors propose a-new method of studying 3nj coeffici ents which is less cumbersome than the existing methods. By using '-'graphical representations, the sum of the products of Q coeffi are- etudied.---Schemea- are worked out - corresponding to 3,Pnjj' coefficients of the first..kind with odd or even numbers of Q do- -efficieiits in the cycleo and-for 3ni coefficients of the second Jfkind. In contradistinction to the earlier methods, the number of different schemes of distribution of the Q coefficients only slightly exceeds the number of different 3nj coefficients. The me- thod is applied for 15j, 18j:and 21J coefficients. In all cases, except thait-of IrJeopff-i-cients of the-5thkind,the 3nj coeffi- cients studied-may-be-repre'sented-in-the-form-of-a polygon with 2r Card 1/2 ...... ------------- 3/236/63/000/001/001/01,5 A new method of ... D251/D303 aides. Hence it is to be-expected that, as n is increased, there not appear anY-3nj coefficients for which a Hamilton line does not exist., However, not all coefficients can be expressed as a sum of the products of two generalized Vigner coefficients each with eme. In the case of the 21j coefficients there are 79 an Ao sch such coefficients.,- -which. may -be-represented-by- a -bev- n-Po nt star - M OM le ~-and: --Y" ~ I ~~`Viz ara e- AN-1d ova 0y SSR, U ay. 2~(29)j no, 3. 1962). d6efficient-52 may be expressed as a sum, -of the products of generalized Vigner coefficientB, and the re- maining coefficients may be 'presented in the form of certain tetra- decagons. There are 12 figures. ASSOCIATION: Institut fiziki- i matemIatIiki Akademii nauk Litovskoy SSR (Institute-of Physics and Mathematics of the AS Lithuanian SSR) SUMITTED: July 139 1962:;~,:Ii- Card 2/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4042414 S/0056/64/047/001/0385/0387 AUTHORS: Bandzaytis, A. A.; Savukina, A. Yu.,- YUtsis, A. P. TITLEt Reflection symmetry in quantum mechanics SOURCE: Zh. eksper. i teor. fiz., V. 47, no. 1, 1964, 385-387 TOPIC TAGS: group theory, quantum theory, shell theory, electron shell ABSTRACT: It is shown that the substitution of the type j--Ij -j - 1, discussed by the authors elsewhere (DAN SSSR v. 154, 812, 1964) can be regarded as a reflection of the coordinate system. A procedure is given for finding the symmetry properties of the 3n] coefficients under such a reflection. A method is also presented for applying this symmetry to matrix elements of operators of physical quantities. The'matrix element of the eledtrostatic inter-' 1: action between an I-electron and the shell, in the INL configura- 00 0 ACCESSION NR: AP4042414 tion for j I coupling, is considered as an example, and it is shown 0 it that half of the expressions for the coefficients in terms of I can i. be obtained from the other half by the substitution I This indicates that the reflection symmetry properties make it pos- sible to shorten the computation of expressions of this type and td reduce the sizes of tables of matrix elements for arbitrary opera- tors of any quantum system. Orig.- art. has: 4 formulas,and 1 figure.* ASSOCIATION: Institut fiziki i mafematiki Akademii nauk Litovskoy SSSR (Institute*of)Physics and Mathematics, Academy of Sciences Lithuanian SSR); Villnyusakiy gosudarstvenny*y universitet im. V. Fapsukasa (Vilnius State University) SUBMITTEDt 16Mar64 ENCL: 00 SUB ~bw S NP NR*REF SOVs 005 OTHER: 002 212- RIJDZIKAS Z.B.; VIZBARAYTE, Ya.j. [Vizbaraite, J.]; 13AI,',D7AYlT TS I , A.A. (BAND7A1TIS,, A.]; YUTSIS, A.P. [Jucys, JAI.] - Matrix elements of operators composed of single tensor operators. Trudy AN Lit. SSR Ser. B no-4:3-22 162. (1,111k 18:3) 1. VilInyussidy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. V. Kapsukasa i Institut fiziki i matematiki AN Litovskoy SSR. ACOLSSION NR: AP012963 S/0020/64/154/004/0812/0814 AUTHORS: Znnflmay_t1s,_'._.A_J4_; Kerosene, A.V.; Savukinas, A-Yu.; Yutsis, A.P. (Academician) TITLE: Magnitudes of angular momentumnuith negative parameters rap- resenting the angular momentum quantum numbers. SOUROE: AN SSSR. Doklady*, v.154, no.4, 1964, 812-814 TOP10 TAGS: angular momentum,'ne*ative parameter, quantum number, 9 quantum mechanics, mathematical physics, Klebsch-Gordan coefficient, tensorial set ABSTRAOT: The eigenvalue equation JIV UM) - j U + 1) * UM)l Where J2 is the operator for the square of the angular momentum will i not change If tha quautum number can be changed as follows: (2) The Klebsoh-Gordan coefficients which play an especially vital role in' 1/4 c re ACCESSION NR:- AP012963 Imathematical devices for the vector addition of tmgular momentut are expressed by the ordinary sums of values consisting of the factorials: of the linear combinations of the parameters of these coefficients. Since the permutation of (2) has the consequence that some of these linear parameter combinations become negative. The formulas for the Klebsoh-Gordan coef f icients have the interesting result that during ..,the substitution of (2), the number of factorials from the negative .,!values Is Identical In both tht numerator'and denominator. Hence, the following ratio can be effeotI% y employed: (-a)l i2his ratio is obtained by estimating the ratio limit between two ''Gaussian II functions when they approach their poles. The indexes la - I and b - I denote the number of negative factors. When substitu-. Iting (2) for discrete parametere'representing the angular momentum quantum numbers, the equations for the Klebsch-Gordan coefficients pass into each other or into themselves to within the phase factor. In \!addition to this, other forms of equations are olitained w1hich have not 'been utilized up to the present. In suoh a oase, an indeterminant 2/'4 ACCESSION NR.* AP4012963 .factor ;H appears, which makes these formulas awkward for the problem in question. Prom a practical point of view, the Important case Is 'when substitution of (2) is not carried out by all three parameters. The most important parameters are the Klebsch-Gordan coefficients with two negative parameters representing the angular momentum quantum numbers The ratio IT, h T it Is I . nil nil Intl his MI I can be used for calculating the Klebsoh-Gordan coefficients for a giv- en value Of 32. Then It T, is T, - A Im, nil Ml+n1#1-.(-'t-Lm& nis nil + M21 I'Vaere J2i-ka&-J2- Equation (5) shows that the event j = J1 + k can ;be obtained from the event j = J1 - k by the permutation :~vhlch enables the formula tables for the Klebsoh-Gordan coefficients to be reduced by almost one-half, Origo! art, has: 18 formulag. Ca;rd- 3/4 ACCESSICK ASSOCIATICKt Inatitut fizW i matematiki~Akademii na~& LitSSR (Institute Of :Physics and Mathematics., Academy of Sciences, LitSSR~') Villayusekiy gosudarstvenny*y universitet im. V. Kapsulmea (Vilno State University) .SUBMITTEDs -30Sep63 ATD PRESSt 3046 Eh'CLs 00 :SUB CODEs HAl GP NO MW SOVs 002 OTHSRs: 003 tawd- BAND7AYTIS, A.A. fBandzaitio, A.1; MBARAYTE, Ya.I. [Vizbaraite, J.1; U , " , T j U` C,Y~ ; - ~j . YUTSIS) A~Y. I k0 ] Stwidaid transformation matrices in the method of banding seven setslof tensors. Trudy AN Lit. SSR Ser. B no.3:3-18 162. OMURA ~8:3) 1. Institut fiziki i matematiki AN Litovskoy SSR i Villnyusskiy gosudar.gtvennvy xiniversitat im. V. Kapsukasa. WT'k1V'T- ACC NRi A16.)05181 SOURCE CODE: SOURCE: Ref - zh. F-'Lzika, Abs. 9B45 AUTHORS: Savukinas, A. Y A..j Yutsls~ A. PO u.,* Yxxo ene) A. V.; Ban a t TITLE: Symmetry of mirror reflection in the heoiZ of ana4ar Romcjntj~a_ REF SOURCE: Lit. fiz. ab., v. 4, no. 4, 1964, 467-478 TOPIC TAGS: quantum theory) quantum number, mathematic operator, eigemralue TRATMATION: The authors dievuss the behavior of the quaDtitles which are involved in the theory of the angular momentum under the traneforn-ation of the type j - -j - 1 (1). It is shown that thirs transformation is equivalent to a transition toa new system of coordinates, obtained by rairror reflection in the Plane of the lndleterminxte~ components of the angular mmi~ntum. If *(Jm) is 'LhA~aigem-unction of the opexators of the square of the angu].ar nomentwn tmd of the pr6T,~ciloiTof on the 7, axis, then tte transformation carrv,-,spwid1rqt tl~o tho nubstitution (1) is x' =3t, y' = yt' 7,.. Dhase r2latb'.)ns are presented comiactirY3 pairs of 9j syd,~ois, such that the Substitution fl) J.o realized for all the moment ta in one of the 9j symbols of the pair.! These relations, 'vith allowtuice for the symnetry properties of the 9j symbols, encom- pass all possible cases. Rules for graphicalJ~x obtaining the corresponding phase relations., suitable for any 3nJ symbol, are presented. __7 SUB COM; 20 Card V-66-- _9WT(1) JAW IJ-Pic ACC NRs _AT012879 SMCE CODE: UR12910165100 5100 41S Sayuk AUMM: -Ai, Pi"J'UeYip A. j inas-'k, Yu, --Savukynas, A.; _]B~nftayti -'-Bandzaitis,~ A. ORG: Vilnius State University~lu. Ka SVillayusekiy gosudarstvenr07 univerailt th AJJ4 R (Institut fiz et)j Irs Mati 10 __L_ ___Rp_jL i matematiki AN Litovskoy SS11) TITLE: Comments on the mirror reflection symmetry in the quantum mechanical angular Momentum theory SOURCE: AV LitSSR. Litovskly Micheekly abornik, v. 5,, no. 2, 1965.. i7l-i84 TOPIC TAGS: quantum nudberg, light reflection, matrix function I coordinate system, quantum nechanics - ABSTRACT: The mirror reflection symmetry in the quantum mechanical angular momentum -theory has been investigated. The reflection of the coordinate system end of the space in the plane of undefined-components of the angular momentum was examined. It was determined that when in the normal (rlgb~t-band) coordinate system, the angular nomentum quantum number j is used, the quantum number j = -J-1 must be used in the reflected (~.eft-hand) coordinate system. The simultaneous reflection of the coordi- nate system and space is equivalent to the time reversal,,in the case of proper func- tions of the angular momentum operator, and to the transformation of the standard Card 1/2 Ad i0n~ Alrtcn I fmQ