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MUTH, V.P., doktor takhi.nauk, prof.; kand.takhn.nauk; KDVAINVSKIY. -G.V., kELnd.takhn.nauk; MASYAM1r,wA.V., kand.teldm.nauk; NIBBYIOV, V.90, kandotakhn.nauk; RYABDV, L.I., kand.takhn.nauk, SIVM, N.L.q. Imndetekhnsixiiuk; SOKOWVA, A.B., kand.tekhn.nauk; TAUMIN. G.O., kand.teldm.nauk; KONTOROVICK, BoM., insh. IDesigning ships' hulls" by A.A. Pravdin. Reviewed by V.P. Balkim_ and others. Sudostroenie 24 no.S.-78-79 Ag 158. (MIRA Ir-10) (Kulls(Naval architecture)) BILIG.OVA.,-,,,H,A,,p ~mnd.tekha.nauk Determining g6neral, additional bending moments appearing as a re- oult of a dynamic wave impact. Rach.transp, 18 no-1200-33 D 159, (NnU 13:4) (Bhipo-.Hydrodynamice) -.BBLIGOVA, M.A#, kand.tekhn.nauk Methods of calcaating the general strength of ships taking into account the effect of the dynamic wave impact* T=4 TSNIIU no-40:3-48 159- (Km 13t6) (Ship resistance) _~.A~.-_BOTTSOV, G.V.; KAMPOR, S.S.; XOROTKIN, Ta.l.; KUZOYMOT. B.P.; MAXSIMADZEII, A.I.; MMUOT, Y.M.; SBCROVSKIY. A.K.; TAIJBIN, G.O.; FILIPPEO, M.V.; CRUVIKOVSKIT. G.6.; SHIMARMT, Tu.A.. akademik, red.; LUCHININOV. S.T.,,- MUMMA, A.A., red.; KONTOROVIGH, A.I., (Handbook on structural mechanics of ships] Spravochnik po atroitallnoi makhaniks korablia. Leningrad, GOS.SOiU2aOe izd-vo 7 sudoetroit.promyshl. Vol.3. 1960. 799 PO (HIRA 1411) (Shi-pbuilding') BEL'GOVA, M.A., kand.tekhn.nauk Determination of wave bending moment. Sudostroenie 27 no-12:8,12 i_-_ D 61. Mu 15:1) (Ships--Hydrodynamic impact) ACC NR:AM6020461 Monograph UR -J-3, Be-l-'gova, Marina Aleksandrovna Beading moments of inland vessels in rough waters (IzgLbayushchiye momenty dlya sudov vnutrennogo plavaniya na volnenii) Leningrad, Izd-vo "Sudostroyeniye,"1966. 206 p. illus., biblio., tables. 1300 copies printed. TOPIC TAGSt ship hull, inland ship, hull structure PURPOSE AND COVERAGE: This book is intended for shipbuilding engineer a and students. It considers problems related to the determination ofl bending moments arising in the hull of inland vessels in rough w including the dashing forces of waves and the resulting dynamic stresses* The author extends his gratitude to I. I. Berezina, Yu. P,-- Kulakov, A. A. Polyckov, V. B. Starosel skiy (workers of the Ts MIIRI-LfVT insti and to G. 0. Taubin and A. A. Maksimadzhi (candid'ates of technl 1 sciences). TABLE OF CONTENTS (abridgedl: Introduction -- 3 Card 1/2 ACC NRiAM6020461 Ch. 1. Study on the determination of forces acting on ship's hull in rough waters -- 5 Ch. II. Wave bending moments -- 51 Ch. III. Resonant bending moments -- 80 Ch. IV. Bending moments resulting from wave ippact against the ship's bow -- 140 Bibliography 203 SUB CODE: 13/ SUBM DATE: 26Jan66/ ORIG REF: 050/ OTH REF; 013/ ISOV REP: 491 EXIIIIARE1.10 T~ WEDENTSKAIA~ T. E., BELIGUA. f. . Humic acid Interaction of humic acids of mineral carbons with metallic sodium in liquid ar-ric-nia. Dokl. A' SSSR 86 no. 3, 1052 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, December 1951 )2 Uncl. 8/169/62/000/007/016/149 D228/D307 AUTHOR: Bellgovskaye, I. V. - TITLE: Results of geophysical field investigations in 1960 PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal,' Geofizika, no. 7, 1962, 19, ab- stract 7A122 (Inform. byul. In-ta geol. Arktiki, no, 22, 1960, 42-43) TEXT: The geologic...structure of the Kotuyskiyj Taymyrakiy, and Ud- khinskiy districts was studied in an aerial geophysical survey, and anomalies corresponding to intrusive bodies were exposed. An aerial magnetic survey over the mountain range of Queen Maude Land and aerial traverse over the continent werde carried out in Antarc- tica. A large AT anomaly, evidently corresponding to mountains pre- viously unknown here,. was,.detected near Stn. Komeomollskaya. A V/. crew of operatives conducted trial fluvial and marine seismic, gra- vimetric, and magnetotelluric observations, Seismic sounding was carried out for the first time in Arctic-Bea.B. Magnetotelluric pro- ~-.filing *as applied in the Ust'-Yeniseyokiy district. Electrometric .,Card 1/2 S/169/62/000/007/016/149 Results of geophysical D228/D307 and magnetometric operations were applied in large-scale geologic mapping and In searches for useful minerals in the arctic; of these, vertical electric soun'ding, the charged body method, and micromagnetic surveying gave especially successful results. Work was executed in the Siberian,Platformle, northern part in order to substantiate whether paleomagnetic rock correlation is possible on the basis of studying diversely-aged geologic formations. Z-Abstrac- ter's note: Complete tranalation*-7 'Card 2/2 MEDVEDEV, I,A.; GLIKMAN, B.S.; SPASOV, A.A.; TOLSTOPYAT, A.A. Methods,of dividing production expenditures into oohatant and fluctuating om a# Stal!~':' Ag 163. (KRA 160) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy mstAlj~~oheskiy institutJ Pridneprovskiy sovet narodnog :0 N, zz qm's BELIGOVOKIY, G.L.; VASILEVSKAYA. Te.D. Now data on the stratigrapbt and tectonjos of Paleozoic deposits in the middle bourse of the Bukhta'rma River. Kat.VSMZI no.9:49-55 '55. (Bukhtarma Valley--Geology, StratigraplAc) (HrOA 9:9) .9 , mat.VSIGNI Age of rockd of the Buyak facies in the Pergana Range. n0.10:33-31 156. (HIRA 10:1) (Fergans Range--Geology, Stratigmphic) BELIGOVSKIY. G.L*; EKTOVA, L.A. Terrigenous sediments of the Late Devonian in the western part of Kokshaal-Tau (Tien Shan). Inform.sbor.VSEGEI no.46:59-66 ,61. (MIRA 15:3) (Kokshaal-Tau--Geology, Stratigraphic) BELIGOVSKIYP G.L.; EKTOVA, L.A. Famenian sediments in the northeastern part of the Alay Range. Inform.sbor.VSEGEI no.46-.67-69 161. (MIRA, 15:3) (Alay Range-Geology, Stratigraphic) EYNORI O.L ; SMIRNOV, G.A. Basic characteristics of the geological development and paleo- geography of the U.S.S.R. in the Carboniferous@ Sove geole 8 no.8:32-44 Ag 165, (MIRA 113:10) 1. Kiyevskiy goaudarstvennyy universitetj Vsesoyuznyy nauchno- iseledovatellskiy geologichaskiy institut i Gornc-geologiabeskiy inatitut Urallskogo filiala AN SSSR, it 00.1 lonUa of ps4lW pbotMectric cou. 0. p, Tech. Phys. (Lt. S. S. 1R.) 7. 1 Im7r, Zrair. IOU. 1, 2AI; d, c*. A. 33,-.1173a .1,11C km-tlrqucm-y 1wrtia of W"Ucd photocircilic 00 9, tells was studied under 2 conditio": (1) the ellue in which 00 a the phoweAtho& kms tamed in I he ca."'U% ifischmp 00 A which The PWO vathotte is wit tv"bett by r.", ioac Itt two aml raw Ihr W" k4mlillerably f"futwif as JhAj 11W foo-ter. .1livi" Vowltm is is, 1w am-vitwd w a w%NRkLuv pbr- sm"llro'.11 title to the Pa. ious an The Photm-Ulth"k.. %tomr 00 04 00 00 -00 '00 zoo ZOO A 0 AS, J too t- o' 0 q 0 g o 000000.009*0090: 0 0 00 0 a 0 *1$ 0 49 0 4111 00*0 0 goes 641*001 14 Is is "Ill "allil j3xbAvx)9 bit Ain Ids A"-L j L U t ' A ftv moval atts .4jee - - - . -a - 4- -7~wf o0 f O&S-Agid PWWAIG with roducod foams. 00 J. Tvk. Pt. (U. S. -twofthl-path tit the r tvViont Ilatist elmliodes %wrip intio- 00 4uml, 'they poixtuc"I a firki whivh i- wfk-irnt to stivit th~ kxtv talt t4%) vrcuk to "alp The rkvln)m, Elinlinstitm -06 00 t4 vdttms tht incrtis of the P611,xvIls. 00 04 j =00 6 00 zoo 00 tie 0 00 t 1, e.4 AnI I-I Owa I-- W, WV-4i ii -v3m too tt if 4 W 4 1 14 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 9 0 0 as 0 see 0 0 0 6 a 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 : 0 fra 0 0: 0# 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0; 87765 S/076/60/034/007/028/042/XX BOO006E AUTHORS; Yenikolopyan, Yi So and Bellgovskiyj I. M. nmw~ TITLE: Catalytic Oxidation of Methane and Methyl Alcohol PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khimii, 1960, Vol. 34, No- 7, pp. 1571 - 1580 TEXT: The aim of this paper is to establish the reason for the great difference between formaldehyde yields obtained by oxidation of methanol and methane. The experiments were carried out in an ordinary vacuum unit. The reaction vessel was a quartz cylinder 180 mm long and 38 mm in diameter. The following mechanisms wGre investigated: 1) the kinetics of homogeneous oxidation, with a previous treatment of the malls of the reaction vessel with a 2% aqueous potassium-tetraborate solution, and 2) the kinetics of heterogeneous oxidation with metallic silver vaporized upon the walls of the reaction vessel. By solving the heat-conduction equation, it was established for the homogeneous reaction that at the reaction rates observed (heat-evolution rate and acceleration of the reaction) the system can be considered to be a steady one, andthat Card 1/3 87765 Catalytic Oxidation of Methane and Methyl 3/076160/034/007/026/042/XX Alcohol B004/BO68 the separate calorimetric method developed by A. A. Kovallskiy can be applied. The kinetics of homogeneous oxidation was studied with methane at 5800C, 250 mm Hg, CH4 :02 - 1:1, and with methanol at 490 0C, 106 mm Hgj and CH3OH:02 - 1:1. Maximum formaldehyde concentration was found for CH4 at 1 mm Ug, and for CH 3OH at 4-7 mm Hg, in accordance with the higher reactivity of methanol. The oxidation of methanol on the silver catalyst was completely heterogeneous and very rapid. Formal- dehyde, the intermediate product, is desorbed from the catalyst into the volume of the reaction vessel. The homogeneous oxidation of formalde- hyde and methanol is completely suppressed by the rapid destruction of the active centers on the silver surface. The oxidation of methane on the silver catalyst was considerably slower than in the pure vessel. C02 and H20 were formed. The oxidation process was not accelerated by .the addition of formaldehyde. From this, it is concluded that the oxida- tion of CH on the silver catalyst does not take place through the intermediaie stage of formaldehyde formation. There are 8 figures, 3 tables, and 13 references: 12 Soviet and 1 British. Card 2/3 8776~ Catalytic Oxidation of Methane and Me4-.,yl S/076/60/034/007/028/042/XX Alcohol B004/B068 ASSOCIATION: Akademiya nauk SSSR, Institut khimichcakoy fiziki (Academy of Sciences USSR, Institute of Chemical Physics) SUBMITTED: October 18, 1958 Card 3/3 'go 5 /1 1621004100810091016 B101/B18O ;1UTHORS: Bellgovskiy, I. M., Yenikolopyan, N. S., Sakhonenko, L. S. TITILE: Determination of the molecular weight of polyformaldehyde by~ light scattering PERIODICAL: Vysok6molekulyarnyye soyedineniya) v. 49 no. 8, 1962, TEXT: -An apparatus is described for measuring the intensity of the"light scattered by solutions of polyformaldehyde,in dimethyl formamide. one ray of a direet beam and one deflected through 900 in the diah containing, the solution-are photomultiPlied and then compared by an electronic 0 coiapensating circuit. With a thermostat allows, tentperatures up t*o 200 C, can be used. A differential refractometer is also described for 0C. At 1560C density determining the increment at,temperatures up to 200 0.845 g/cm 3; r'efraciive index ng . 1-390; Rayleigh constant' 6 Ru -.(44-0+1-5)-1O_ cm Light scattering incieased linearly with 90 polyformaldshyde concentration. The molecular weight was determined Card 1/2 S/1q0/62/004/ob8*/oo9/o16* Determination of the molecular.weight ... B101/B160 ,viscosimetrio4lly as,a function of the intrinsic viscosity:.' -.4 o.66 3 4-4-10 M which yielded molecular weights between 89-10 and h 285-10 3. The molecular weights determined by light scatteiing were not consistent with the viecosimetric values. Light scitttering only yields a weight - average mole6ular weight. There are 10 figures and 2 tables. The most important English-language reference is: T. A. Koch$ P. E. Lindvig, J..Polymer Sci., 1, 9, 164,1959- ASSOCIATION: Institut khimicheskoy fiziki All SSSR (Institute of Chemical Physics of the AS USSR) SUBY11TTED; May i21 1961 Card 2/2 ACCESSION NR: AT402070)" S/0000/63/000/000/0100/0106 AUTHOR: Bel'govskiy, 1. M.; Kravchuk, 1. P.; Nikol'skiy, V. G.; Yenikolopyan, N. S. TITLE: Low-temperature radiation-induced polymerization of isobutylene SOURCE: Karbotsepny*ye vy*sokomolekulyarnyrye soyedineniya (Carbon-chain macro- molecular compounds); sbornik statey. Moscow, lzd-vo AN SSSR, 1963, ioo-lo6 TOPIC TAGS: polymerization, radiation polymerization, iso'butylene, low-temperature polymerization ABSTRACT: In order to clarify the degree to which the reaction proceeds via an ionic mechanism, the kinetics of the radiation pol'ymerization of isobutylene over a temperature range of -40 to -196C were investigated. With respect to low- Cdmperature radiation polymerization, the following conclusions could be drawn: The independence of the polymerization yield of the intensity of the dose indi- cates a linear relationship between the polymerization rate and the radiation in- tensity. The polymerization of Isobuty-lene In the liquid phase is accelerated by a decrease in temperature down to the freezing point of the monomer. The reaction rate has an activation energy of 2.5 kcal/mol. In the solid phase, the reaction rate has a normal temperature dependence with an apparent activation energy of Card 112 ACCESSION NR: AT4020701 +1.88 kcal/mol. The maximum rate of polymerization is obtained in the initial stage of irradiation and the process shows a tendency to become saturated as the dose of radiation is increased. The molecular weight of the product has a maxi- mum value during the initial stage of irradiation, after which It drops rapidly to a value of 15,000-20,000; thereafter it is essentially independent of the dose.: 'Orig. art. has'. 5 formulas and 5 figures.' ASSOCIATION: Institut khimicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR (institute of Chemical Physics, AN SSSR) SUBMITTED: 26Apr62 DATE*ACQ: 20Mar64* ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: OC NO -;,REF"SOV: 005 OTHER: 005 Card 2/2 m -.AC4:'NRs -AP6001857 SOURCE CODE 196/6576677612T2 036 UH/O 033 'AMBORS j' gmrekiyo a. Mi Yenikolgpy*, ff. 5 ORG,s Institute of Chemical PhysiosAN SSSR (Institut kh W cheekoy 'AN SWIR TITLEt. Measurem(mt of rate constants of.elementary toLymerization means t of1ligh scattering. Photochemical polymerization of met~rl methacglatoo -o-ye'dineniya-9 ve s.hos SOUT'ift S Vysokosiolekaliarnyie 9 12, 19650 2033-2038 TOPIC TAGS: reaotion rate erizationt methyl methaor7late poly= AB'.'UkCT: Experimental determination of the average lifetime of the activated centers- and of the mollomolecular -termination constant ktt by measuring the intensity Of -light scattering of the monomer-polymer system is described. This work is an exten- sion of the prev-ious report by the authors (Vyookomolek, 30yed.t 6.871, 1964)-offOring thooretical.prediction,for such determinations* Recording of the k-Inetio curve Of light scattering in.the polymerization.process gave three independent relations bel.*een the experimentally measured parameters of the curve ( a d steady state slope) and the rate constants of the i ocesses of the n( elementary pr kinetic mecbanis:n., The method is illustrated with an example of Photochemical pol4merization ar metbvl methacrylate. -Kinetic curve for this reaction is shown in Figs le Appsmtc'te used is illustrated and described In detail. C4rci uDct 66.925.265+678-7 BELIGOVSKIY, VA.;, PARSHINA, V.I. Increasing the hardness of rolls for the fmper industry. Lit.proizv. no-/+:4 AP 163. (MIA 16:4) (Paper-making machinery) (Cast iron) (Case hardening) 1 B---LHAZY, T. Those "bad" Csepel chains. p.10. AUTO-140TOR. (Kozlekedes es Postaugyi Miniszterium) Budapest. Vol. 9, no. 14, July 1956. SOURCE: East European Acces ions List (EEAL), Library of Congress Vol. No. 12, December 1941. i07 Yugoslavia/Fitting out of Iaboratories - Instruments,, Their Theory, Constructionp and Use., H Abst Journal: Referat Zhur - Khimiya., No 19, 1956., 62W Authort Flumiani, G., Ruzdie., I.., Belia., B. Institution: None Title: Adsorption of Saturated and Nonsaturated Vapor on Different Ad- sorbents Original Periodical: Adsorbtsija na zasiteni i nezasiteni pari na razlichni adsorbenti. Godishen zb. filoz. fak. un-t Skopje, Prirodno-matem. odd., 1953., 6, No 5, 1-10; Macedonian; German resumd Abstracti Description of a simple vacuum instrument for gravimetric deter- mination of adsorption of saturated vapor., in contact with the liquid phase, at different pulverulent adsorbents. The instru- ment consists of thermostatic evaporation and adsorption vesselsi the latter is connected by means of graphite- or talc-lubricated ground-joints and is readily removed for weighing, following the Card Vi adsorption. YUGOSUVIA / Physical Chemistry. Surface Phenomena. B Adsorption. Chromatography. Ion libichange. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 24, 1958, 80892. Author :,Belia B., Flumiani G. Inst NoT-gTv-5-ft. Title The Gurvich Constant - A Criterion in the Evalu ation of Quality of Medical Adsorbents. Orig Pub: Godishen. zb. Med. fao. Skoplje, 1956, 3, 67-60. Abstract: With the use of previously described method (Ref. Zhur-Khimiya, 1956, 62018) adsorption from saturated vapors of a nimber of aliphatic al- cohols, aldehydes, halogenated paraffine deyiv- atives, and benzene, as well as of water o- 4 different charcoals (U) was determined at 20, 25: 30, 35, and 400. It is demonstrated that Gurvich's rule pertaining to the constancy of Card 1A . 38 YUGOSLAVIA / Physical Chemistry. Surface Phenomena. B Adsorption. Chromatography. Ion Exchange. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 24, 1958, 80892. Abstract: sorption volume for different vapors on the same sorbent, has been well substantiated by all the systems investigated and at all the tempera- tures, with an exception of CH CHO on one of the U. The latter deviation ig explained by the presence of an impurity in U which vris included during the U preparation. This impurity cata- lyses polymerization of CH CHO that results in the formation of a solid, Righ molecular weight product which caused blocking of the U micro- pores. The rate at which adsorption reached sat- uration differed among systems. This permitted the division of substances into 3 groups, corres- ponding to time required in reaching the adsorp- tion equilibria of 4-7, 8-12 and 30 hours respec- Card 2/3 YUGOSLAVIIL / Physical Chemistry. Surface Phenomena. B Adsorption. Chromatography. Ion Exchange. Abs Tour: Ref Zhur-nimiya, No 24, 1958, 80892. Abstract: tively. A conclusion is made that the Gurvich's constant and the kinetics of gas adsorption, con- stitute more universal as a method for the eval- uation of quality of U than does the recommended pharmaceutical empirical method involving sorp- tion from water solutions. Card 3/3 39 BELIANKIN, F. "The shear resistance of wood along the fibers." p. 269 (Stavebnicky Casopis) Vol. 5, no. 5, 1957 Prague, Czechoslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Val. 7, no. 4, April 1958 t Pathogens ':,vir4 lmal;, ar.4~ avers. ades or, me-ud Hons. '71r. inst. (Srfjla~ Multiplication and virulence of blood infection and pathogens In Infe-itei livinf, -,, ii t~nl.r z%,5 en. 7. O'u(IJ es on exper-'men tal Bart. pyocywri-cum W '~,mi, lb-,,.'. BELIAVSKI, V. New trends in the sopp indu3try. p. 29. LEKA PROMISHLENOST. Sofiya. Vol. 5. no. 2, 1956. SOURCE: East European Accessions List. (EEAL) Library of Congress. Vol. 5, No. 8, AuPst 1956. FELIAVSKIJ, V. New synthetic washing detergents and their use for washing wool in a neutral and weak alkali substance. p. 12. TEKSTIINA PROff.SHLENOST., Sofiia., Bulgaria, Vol. 6. no. 3. 1959. 6 lot Oct. Yonthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. no 1959, Unc-L. BELIAVSKI, V. New trends in the production of consistent lubricants. P. 37. TEZRKA PROMISHLENOST. (Ministerstvo na tezhkata promishlenost) Sofiia, 6ulgaria. Vol. 8, no. 6, June 1959. Monthly List of Fast �uropean Accessions EEAI) LC, Vol. 9, No. 2, Feb. 1960. UNCL BBLI !9~ A.; AKrROV. A.D.; KOZLOV, V.S.; KULITIV, G.A., radaktor; - MHUMMOT, I.A., tekhnicheskly redaktor (Underground repair of oil wells] PodzemnyL remont neftianykh skvashin, Baku, Goo nauchno-tekhn. 12d-vo neftianoi i gorno- top.livnoi lit-ry Azarbaidzhanskoe otd-nis, 1954. 393 P. (KM 9:8) (Oil wells--Zquipment and supplies--Rapairing) BELIC,, A. Yugoslavia (430) General - Serials Six hundred years since the Code of Stefan Dusan ( 1349 ). P. 339. Srpska adademija nauka. GLASNIK. Beograd. (Quarterly bulletin contain- ing abstracts of transactions and proceedings of the Serbian Academy of Sciences). Vol. 1, no. 3. 1949. East European Accessions List, Library of Congress, Vol. 1, no. 13, November 1952. UNCLASSIFIED UM EELIC, Ante Possibility of dyeing some vinyl monomers before polymerization. Kem ind 12 no.8:632 163. 1. "Jugovinil", Split. BMIC, P. Growth of the F, crossbreed, a cross between the Metohija Red and the Steepe Red cattle, up to 36 monthls of age. P. 63(Belgrade. Institut za fiziologiju razvica, genetikii i selkcUu, ZBORNIF F"Y'A. No. 4s 1956. Beograd, Yugoslavia) Monthly Index of East 1-uropean 9ccessions (EFAI) LC. Vol. 7, no. 2, February 1958 CUL i IVA If D f LkiTS. - Let,,uln:S-oun (I Ira ins. NO. 4, 1959, No. 15645 I AJ PXTHOR Bu- 113 TIC,- dp~ n TITLE ro w l-, p~ 3 0 y 1.) e a nYu go 6.1 a ,, 1 n Po Ii 01)r Vo~vod., 1958) 6, n-16 olpya~ IT, P . AFSTPACT ~~o abstract UA RD BELTC$ E.s HEROLDf M.: NECASEK, J. "Effect of iron construction material and its surface treatment on the production of antibiotics" Ceskoslovenska Mikrobiologie. Praha, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 3, no. 4, 1958 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAT), LC, Vol. 8, No. 7, JulY 59s Unclas . BELIC, J. Research on the intensity of growth of the Simmental breed from birth to maturity V. Poljoprivredni Fakul. God. 40-1-64 1952 p 13 Tic 'Ttoble:~,s of tho I-portaticn of Foreign-lbi-nd ll*attl,~ ir. Corin--ticr. with aheir Ac:lLratization", P. 41, (PCL.Ti'RIWi7c-L:~, Vcl. De,!-,~radc, Yugoslavia) SC: '..onthly List cf F~nast !"urvo-r 0 March 1955, Uncl. i . 13UI~; ) Belic, J. - Situation of livestock in Ciontenegro at present and the possibility of its improvement. P.7 SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions List (EEAL) LCJ, Vol 4, No. 11 November 1955., Uncl. BELIC. Jaromir Academician Frantisek Travlnicek; obituary. Vestnik GSAV 70 no.5003-708 161. 1. Clen korespondent Ceskoslovenske akademie ved. T" a, iho dialoetric wasiuat at gri- and letruwarg"t.bIlwasoes. W. Ind. mrwmVis. Slotivni4i. ~21,w Lyubliana. L Ilingli,ts, sumcnary).-The chlorunaphthalcrit, are used r%srn-,ivvly for imptrinating julwo, in lwtpn. of imuUtiag umtevul, its vondcowr m4nuf. Thrit A-hrAtmAge Over other unisregimm, s. dur Io their high dickv. roosts. -Itw C.11w1uth-v u( julter condruwri, ilikilfrKtiAt"I With throe WAILCP it. luntem. nOrl"41, or below normal, de- In-milux ml the Cl content. Wbtn the C1 in the vmx dunit" the cy"iml strueture of the wrAx. it al-o chantm Ow Trichismutwistithatesse crystallizess in 140". Nit ,he forms sphrruhles. The 11111M) SIA947 44 VFY4111- WA* -1111110tl 30141 WJS 100111#1 "lliIA111" for uw so* a m,,%V-I differwittiAtiIIJ9 lVetwtvil the two .trgs", ilist, ctin(C. ImIlt tri. xml tefrachhwons lathA. rise in sliffrivot pttvortion% ca"wit IV kirtstifint Ity this jtWth,,,l, ellept very russlitiv. since thm Is no eurt irlts- 114"1 Isr1wren the devre of pmlonsinAncr of one cryst. hAbil Atul the cuoitnt o( RISC Voertituthlitig tutsixt. %%Iwn ace component is present in the mist. in a protx)r- Rim nouch exet"fing Out of the 01W Catipment. its shape 6 doinimint anti actuAlly dets. the hAbit of the tstkt, briscor its shelve. Coust, I)CIII.tithepmVista of T401 6 A,-rsxsslvi6l*4 by disin, fj4=by crntn, Whevest, the "I'liefulife shape lossids to Athatt atjw~ logo. A* 'lot- 14 W)r,.,d and of 10% tetrachlormalshlb,1p, tCXP4CfUJkV esTstal"no' ~3 P14t". RAMCM1 of paMi&#" giVft The 51)[Imfite bsbil. Reducing the trichicn duiv. to 30% rftults in INCIP indeterminate shape belonging to Prides, Oftbe2babittypeg. dwiv can he COMUted With tither s"'PoocitAlk-or or dirlec. emst. ht"4r am tg 110 vulue fur idelitificalkson, deirction, or dgin. RR( contents in mists- s. Shapiro MMIG I I. Yugoslavia (430) Technolo&v Synthesis of bexachlorocyclohexane and the quantitative determination of the gam-a isomer. p. 64, Arhiv Za lemiju,, Vol. 209 no. 1-4p 1948, East European Accessions List-, Library of Congress, Vol. 1, no. 14, Deo. 1952. UNCUSSIFIED BELIC,, Igor VBlUjifirdous' coals ot 5tovenia. igfw ZboTttik 1051, -12-0~Tlic vnriam hFUInthrmic-eMls of C-31" Oj,. v q1 Slovettia atre studled as to their mitutit of 3 types of lyitll 111CIN, A, 11. avitt C. Ititninen A i4 obtained by extg. the ay- powd. coal with benzette or with a mist. of Iwim7neand ale. Hituoucii B Is obtained by trealitig tile coat whicls has al us-P. .4 ready been exid. with hot IICI all.1 ag:lhl rx1g. as above. llitamen C is obtained fly agaiii exig. tile coil, frcmi which tile bittilliell ;% haq been removed, but at all inervaiett temp. nvid undcr pres,tare. 'rite dala is pmwnteff in foisr tablei. 1, J. R-tar Leach .012 of o The synth =Uk&"- 192C 114~ Z-* Al an at t. uta ). ~A . Z hes o many dyes used in the textile and other Industries is discussed. Brief descriptions of the synthesis are given for the following dyes; (1) sulfate black; benzene- 6 chlorinated to produce monochlorobeazene which is then nitrated to produce 1-~bloro-2.4-dinitrobenzene. This is converted to 24-dinitrophenol by hitting with N&OH. The 2.4-dinitrophenol Is hestod with a soln. of polysul- fide and the produetb upon oxidation In sk. gives t1te! sulfate black dye. This method has been used on a stral-I Industrial scale to produce 10-t6n anits. of the dM (2 Sulfate blue; chlorobentene Is nitrated to , e a mtxt. Y a- aud p-uhrochlorobentene. The latter 9vtreated with N&OH soln. In-an autoclave at (3-7 atm. pressure to itive ultropbenol. 7hLs b reduced In the presence.of Fe in a salt (NaCI) soln. to give p-aminaphenol which 13 condensed with I-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene to give 2,4-dialtro-C- It droxydiphenylamine, Heating this product with a soln. . Nat% In various coacns. and under different condidons~ followed by oxidation gives 2 blue e.,es of different Idea- tity. (3) Sulfate brown; naphthaleite-is nitrated to give morionitronaphthalent which Is further nitrated to produce a inixt. of 1.5- and 1.8-dinitronsph"ent which is then. heated in a rotating Fe drum with NarS and 3 to produce the (lye, (4) Hydron Olive dye; anthracene Is heated In a rotadug drum with The prodmet Is cxtd. with Ma.S. to produce the dye. ) Chrome blue and. chrome black for wool; a Wit. of 2-naphthot Is treated with a qolo~ of' ZIA ---iF&N-Os In H prodRic Ivnitroso-2-naphthol. wh"e upon the addn, of NalISCh and JUSOt gives I-amlno-2- n bjected to the dghtHo14-*uIf*nk- add. "Is IS then 3U ,,o reaction to fom WIRZ04-naphthol-I-sulfonic add.-. The Na salt of this acid Is treated with a soln. of the Na salt of 2-uphthol. This produces a daxk blue dye. (6) Nigrosime; this dye is pm-pd. by heating PhNHt.HCI with Ph,1103 and treatlut the reaction product with NaOlf The syntheses of axo dyes and of indanthrtnt dyes am niso dis Cussed. Rov won" ~l---,-F~~l., 7- The S, dmtjf~l t'ckr"t PtEk dotermLlAuck Of v I I JLj~- f .300-421,~ ~L, 23, 1-77 1 J, i)1 I"11011O.-T 10 ImAll!xt J,r,~- t cYE:&-hexaW'j M14 IV, > I W Mi-, 0k,1 k U-,t,!r anj simpitr titan tarlier vatLatitAl-I (C-1- ' ' nd Iflollify the lrac(Wjv~ 4.), 1, 1.5:iO~11; 44, 45. =lc-). File -l-40111a if cv4pt. a Ifew drops und vlr~ervblg the cryllai, untt-T -k i--*Mij.i~ro ";unm alld its While CI -had, by rlicl"O'-wGile. Rvap. tkiimd fraction in a Nth of iii,tric titratifin. 6tualy of silic-a gf~l pmpos, showts ad"I 10 ml. 0."1.1 141c'-KOH, rueux 10 miji., llmlali= tc. p., i -111tq ate obtaiard with W% aq. Solilml. for arliewial lt,;. 7 with 04N tfNtch, evap. to drysass, and dissl&c i-i Will[. awl ,Jll% 6.5% aq. solas. for crude proklucis. -LEje litUlt ' - %vatcr. For the clli*rhlc d"iv;. Ail clecttodes, ve m:L& ffmn fnk- ~wiahfc petr. Uh-,~r for development 6 obtaimm tiy Ag foil w6licd to Cit wirt~ and are chlurinutcd by 4lippin7 in tiowoioll of tmjiliaty gzolille. The I:uctio:l djitg, at 30~ N-.4CI an(I covillecting to a lcjid ftmge Imttery. Tile t;;r 70' and eourl. W~~, olerms is wed. 1n:-.% 0;ol;mtc. add voltage is t-akc,j until Ii appeivm on tbe lit clectrodc (IJI's distd. %vater tw,imnif. or illic;i gel (41,X)O moili;) to ().- -urv ma.). At con.5t, voltagl: the 4 ent drapi in O.W-) raA. -e la 11,11, 1 - rain. --Tht: 2 eltetnAcm uc then short cimuN4. ce-3 or.-. ~,,X to con-it. filter, dry at. I w , aclil, store, bl * i or' hile 6i the titniGou allp. I a titratc. 0.05Y AgU03 %V,!j!;Ij bllt- 14 mid I ~2 till. ltiita. wmer': am.1 Aakc ' ' Ls nedeli in U.kllt. putti"as. Ttw cttbtxl,! id ii I't wire. * ms!il ~~L Uaea cultauvC 21 cm-Aling aud 1.4 cm. in iliain. ' u titratiGil is a of the inctlaid of m4efzult~ rlt ivit If a 3-way stojiceek. solvent - N forr preamtre', i C-A. 22. 7!0). ~ 1116 elifornato'-f-aphic incillocl it, fuM,,r, -awid :t vattua plax cov,-.rcd Nvith a filter-paper &L& Ali(, Ole Writ. rg And mole pte6hc 01.111 Other altholigh pr1r. thii disk- Mi-.% gel With 30 ml 2Q r add to tinuil, allcuir to settle, jv~ckjo li~j -41-14 cm. W'ith- N, -let vIveal crahtj--aad covec,iia e6hklltl~wilh';- sk. Ai'vigh. fil cl~ pu :;.lLi%t)W in zz,tMt Ulf , 4Lbl'; d 1.~)- If jkjjt lint) -fie, d -II;AulxijltQr-ofi 0 VC111 I - -K'Ct wilt. , 01, d dilst'llow-64 a ji d W; BOLIO I L Yu~oelavia (430) Technology-Periodleals 1-rhodans-2, 4-dinitrobenzens. P. 559. NOVA PROIZVODNJA (Slovenia. Uprava za napredek v proizvodnji) ZjubijangL. (Bimonthly technological journal issued by the Adzinia- tration for Teahnological Advancement, Including the decimal classification of the articles; with Rnglish silmmErles). 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Iota votorizutriao Val 11, No 2. 19al _aR4pt1d4 Vydrolt7~gls b age of Mlcro~-Iraveso .T C, A. 3"=ary) ~F, -I, t 2. *Zrf*a: of Ke=lthal cm r'Zl tTptako by the Th7ral,10 t Belgrid-o (MeMsY 6-c*z7) PY 9_15. S. wVascuLar 972t9= of MY*- in Gellus dozeStIcU31 a _"jLkm.E&h=C, BijV_ ado; pp 17-27. -4,01-1sing Chickens against No.castl* Dissase bT AMUrl-atering Vaccine in the r Z. CAT-,TS I P&O lot _!L&~Publlcof Z*_&=U j~;artranl S=a Selg"d*; ( "IL r7) PP29-3-' S.V,a~t*rl*10fld PCntellt Of Center Are& Of 92" WA S%oulder-Cuts -0110U4--4 Patt-jurizatioa at 65 C. for 30 Hinut a- T ~%~- P C;_Jaj~~Itutq of Vp 37-4~1. 6. wTransr-Isslon of Nazal TrichanonsAs Of PI-LS to the Genital Tract of cows and SIL.Yopw r , :r1a 7oter1na y "cUlty, Be.& 79; .~ vp 45-50. 7. -Effect of Mccluding Venous fttflov of OvIne; Udder on the F=otlozL of the Gland*- D.T. -gj:C , H.N. SV~:'IC- to=ical znSt tv au! 0 Urinary Facul--7, Be gra o; a 5 a nt;p, 51-58. S.Wfoct, of Mtraso" and Some AAtiseptics an TrI ganItalls and Eggs or Toxacara . . A =AZLIC; Institute 0 M-3 f - . Igrade; pp 50;.70. 9. qArMl.rOr~.S Of. 4A;: U41ve 2d Lake S I B . a tl. _~&Ils in Serbia rag Veterl" _D 'i I ; j ; ( ~o BELIG, M. Yugoslavia (430) Agriculture -- Plant & Animal Industry Red Steppe cattle. p. 47., Arhiv Za Poljoprivredus Naukep Vol. 51 no. 9t 1952. East European Accessions List, Ubrary of Congress Vol. 2, no* 4, April 1953# UNCLASSIFIED EL'mic' M. Juduinf! and detemIdni.-T, champions at livestocl fairs. 1). ')- 2. Z~l K POWOPHIVREDA., Beol;rad, Vol. 3, no. .2, Feb. 1955. SO: Monthly List of East F;aropean Accessions, (---!-:AL), LC, Vol. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1955, Uncl. Country YUGOSUTIA"' Category iFarm Anin:als. Cattle%. Abs. Jour iRef Zhiij--Biol,2 1.70 ?a$ 195612 9684-0 Author :Belici Milan; Antic, Aleksandar Institut. ! Title :The Pr'oblem of Ra-Ising Calv~j of the Red- Ige 0_1 /2 OIxs in Steppe Breed to the Y Serbia. Orig Pub, Arhiv biol, naukal'19559 71 No 1-21 95-104 Abstract Sixty-five hp .Ifers were raised ia Serbia to t U e of 4-L/p he a(, _ yea:,?s. These heifers -.-.rare born from animals purchased in 194-*Ir in Ul=airie, Calves of this breed were born -.iith a com-oara- tivel.y high live weisht Parcent o_-` their mother's weight), Their avera,e live :Ieiaht ev birth amounted to 3,4905 +_ 0*8 .. kgj at six months of age to 124.67 t 2.45 lcg, at 3.2 month- J. , + tjo 185,35 3 01 at 18 months to 242,2 t 4,42 Et 24 mont.Rs io 185-~71 t 6.7.62 at 16 rnonths -,-a; '358.25 1 9.212 at & VO 3e '4:0 114. ' .8 months 14 4A. ~Card: 1/3 Country : 77GOSLAWL1 CatcGory :Farm AmLzials. Cattle.' Abs. Jour t Ref 4-litir-Biolo, Fo 21$ 1950$ 96840 *Author Institute Title OrIS Pub. Abstract The growth coeffic"Aent amounted to'.11,20 at 4.8 months of age# The the withers amoun ted _:~. birth to 71 62 2: 6.4-8 cz at the ige of I - 2 the age of 4 2 years to 119.5A 't.00811 nd Years to 125-38 '11,42 era. 7-a 4 years old ani- mals the orowth coefficient of Y~:tght anounted to 1o778. At birth the,width of the chest amouated to 15.36 + 0,26 on at 4-8 months to ~6-93 1 0-75 am. TEO circ;~2,erenoe of the ches- increased by 2.23 ttmies (74p22 - 166.21 am) from birth to the agb of 48 monthsi :'Che length Card: 2/3 Country :YUGOSLATIA Category :Farm Animals, Cattle. Abs. Jour :"Ref Zhiv-D"Iol., ~L'To 212 19,*Bt 96840 Author Institutf, t Title Orig Pub. Abstract of tl.-- body increased by 2.28 (64o26 - 146,6 ca) du~,inz the same time. At the end of the observation period., the animals raised ia Ser- bia proved to be by 111 perewt heavier than theiT mothers, ard some of.the animals vere even by 13 percent hzawirier. - K, I.'* Lyiitikov Card 3/3 M za M. 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ELECTROMYOGRAPHIC FINDINGS IN SEQUELAE OF TICK-BORNE ENCEPHAUTIS AND LYMPHOCYTIC CHORIOMENINGITIS CASES - Elektrom-yografick# "lezy p1li ndslednych Btavoch po klieiiovych encefall- tidach a lymfocytdrnych chortomeningittdach - Be I I ca V~. Neurol. Klin. Ldk. Fak., UnIv. Komensk6ho. Bratislava - BRMSM.L-9K. LISTY 1958, 38 (1)/5 (281-289) Graphs 7 Amongst 19 people who had had either tick-borne encephalitis or lymphocytic chorlomeningitis and residual peripheral paresis without any other clinical nymptoms. the electromyographical findings were normal In only 7 cases. Pro- nounced signs of peripheral paresis were found in 4 cases and minor signs in 3 cases. Signs of functional disturbances of voluntary innervation were found in other cases. Chytka, - Brno (L, 6, 7,8) _.~E9468-66 AY6 URC ACC NR, 019982 SO CE CODE: ez/0079/65/007/003/0267/0267 AUTFOR: Ce i~lica, E.; -Kn!j ~kj~. B jagr, M.; Marschalkova L. C'Z: Ne-arolop ,ical Clinic, Comonius University, Bratislava 11" '~*: Clinical and electromyographical assessment of jj,,j2~~ocalm. s paper was ~rc,~qnted a' 'he 7th Annual Psychopharmacological Meeting, jesenik, 20-23 january 196. SCURGE: Actillitas nervosa superior. v. 7, no, 3, 1965p 2P TOPIC TAGS: jayology, pharmacology, human ailment, drug treatment ABSTRACT: . Muscle relaxant effect of Mydocafm' (I- pipe ridine- 2- methYI-3j 41-tolyl-propanon"3-hydrochloride) was tested on pa- itients suffdring from multiple sclerosis and in states following ~acute cerebrovascular accidents. Lon asting medication Im- ,proved the BpastioLty. The myorelaxaet effect is noticed only .after large doses. A sinple administration showed a correlation between the EMG and clinical findings. No symptoms of Intoler- lance, with ono exception, were fognd No signs of overdoaage_ were observed. Zp-rfg. 'dit. in'Eng7 ZjPiu SUB CODE: 06/ SUBm DATE: none/ Card 1A JOM - I RUMM-0 lr4*22-1959J&%* 802-15 ATM irm a Pokorwy, Vo and Belica ja Cysah -Atedemy OtivTc "ta-Scionaes and votmixi** The Tooknology of the Slaughterizg a*6 of C&ttl* in 16)j' Sb Caako3loy Alr-ad Zomcd Ved Voterin Mod, 4, E* 213-226 (1959) A9LSIRACT j No abstract. C, AD 1/1 tary Modicine BELEA, Marcel, inz. --' I;lr-;t-Czechos:Lovak railroad bridge connected by high-strength screws. Inz stavby 11 no.7-.264-267 Jl 163. 1. Vyskumny ustav zvaraesky, Bratislava. , ve VZSMUAK-ZMIJAMAC, J.; BAIGAVIC, V. Influenza in Zagreb, 1950-1951. Radovi Mad. fak. Vol,1:101-106 1953- 1, Zavod za mikrobiologiju Modicinskog fakultata u Zagrebu (prodatoJnik profli dr. D,'Yilipovio) i spidemiolooki odjol Hig1jenekog savoda prada Zagreb& (ravnatelj V,Balicevic) (INFLUX M epidemiol. *yUgO813. TOMIC-KAROVIC, K.; BELICMC, V.- GALIAOVIC-WEISGLASS, M.; CEPULIC, P.; LISICAK, S0------ ~ . 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Mlen n& jiad"i=ata kolegiia f ot redal-tors, 'GodishfAk na khiTni o-telchnologicheakiia institut" f;or St. Gutsov)* BELICHENKO, A.G., inzh.; GOLUECHIK, L.A., inzh. Expansion and reorganization of the coal preparation shops of the Zaporozhlye Coke and Chemical Plant. Ugoll Ukr. 5 no.7:21-22 JI '61. (Zaporozhlye--Coal preparation plants) (MIRA 15:1) LIKHOSHVA, Semen Stepanovich; GLUSHCHENKO, Nikolay YakovIevich; PONOMAREM, Ivan Ni4itovicb; BELICHFAO, A.,, otv. red.; SHATROVA, T., red.izd-va; LEBEDEV,, A., tekhn. red. (Finance of intercollective farm organizations; work practice of the intercollective farm organizations of the Ukraine) Finansy mezhkolkhoznykh organizat3iij opyt raboty mezhkolkhoznykh organ12atsii Ukrainy. Moskva, Gosfinizdat, 1963. 187 p. (MIRA 16:8) (Ukraine--Collective farms-Interfam cooperation) .(Finance) '2~h02-66 01 ACC NRs AP6014006 SOURCE CODE I LIR/0219/65/066/07/0102 010, AUTHOR: Emanuel". N~. Kaplan i N oA.; Dronova,."Li Mo; Belich,.-Ya -Xv-wBalich -M .1. ~N~"N -Emanuel, No Me (Professor; Corresponding member AN.SSSR); Parin, Ve V, (Active rie*ejr. AMN SSSR) ORG: Departm .ant of Chemical-and Biological Processes /headed by Corresponding member met 4 r Acade. AN SSSR, Professor No .X. Emanueil/, Institute of Chemical Physics./dirocted by APAdeft miciah No -No Semenov[ 0 AN SSSR (Otdel Wtdcheskikh i biologicheskUdi protsessov che -Instituta kh1mi skoy fiziki,AN SSSR); Department of Balneological ftsiotherapy jheaded by Corresponding member AHN-SSSR, Professor A. No Obrosov/1 ContralSaientifi( .:Research Institute of ~ Health Resorts and Physiother~py /directed by Candidate.- of medical sciences Ge No Pog)'elova/, Ministry of Public Health Services, -SSSR, Moscow (Otdel ballneofiziot6rapii Tsentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta kurortologiA i fisio-terapii Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR) TITIZ: Effect of directc-urrent on the development.of transplanted'Ieukosis in-nice;, SOURCE: %naUtenl eksperimentallnoy biologii. i meditsiny, vo 60, no* 1965# 102" TOPIC TAGS:. bone marrow, mouse,'electrophysiology, direct current, hematopolesis ABSTRACT: Investigations were conducted to determine the effect of different doses of direct currents on the'developmaht of leukosis, Eighty male nice 'with transplanted La leukosis were under observation& The weight of the Card 112 UDC: �gj..843-q3-. 616 oo6.446-092.9+616-oo6.446-085.�4~. 2j:,: L 23402-66 -ACC NRI AP6014008 0 spleen, the'numbor of leukoq~rtes and hemo~~obli~td iff-6he square minlmet4i cent ent of halocfoblasts in the bone mrrow of ,or blood, and the per cent re a died,, tu conLrole, and in theanimalp to which direct current was applied we, The current was applied to the experimental mice by placing electrodes on. both shaved sides of the animals. The electrode placed on the right side vas, :connected to, the positive pole'of . a galvanizing apparatus; the electrode he placed on the left side. 'of the -animals was connected to t negative pole. The' was applied at; d?ferent'~~iiiisfiies for' vaAous periods. -'Fqur -series 'of experiments were carried out, The animals were sacrificed at dif--:.' Ierent times. EKaminations established that a direct current not only did :M, not increds6 the weight of.the spleenj but in some cases decreased it; it -practically caused no change in tho.number of leukocytes and hemocytoblasto 'in the blood; neit~her did it -have. any effect on the number of hemocytoblasts - - 'in bon marrow, It was thuvestablished that direct current) regardless of the dosage. applieds has no effect on the developiwnt of transR;arr~~d Dig. This paper was presented by Va' V..Paiin', 'Acti~6 member AMN SSSR. The iuthois No Ve Fuchkov atA No'Ao Vinogradov for assistance in the work, 'Origo art, has: 3 fi SV IjMS Pre Oc SUB CODE: 06, SUEM DATE: IODeq.63 bRIG REF: 008 .7 7 Laid 2' J.07 _'W ~!J',I ,/-., 1 9 - '25J`O UY L C 5-3-10/17 AUTHOR: 52lichunko, A. I. TITLE: Singlu-Cascade St~lective Amplit'ier Witll"h Amplified Negative Selective Fi~ed`back PERIONCAL: Radlotekhnika, 19bO, Vol 15, Nr 3, 1)1) ~3-5'1' (Ul"ISR) ABSTRACT: The author SLU-_f'eSts a niethod of' increasinr~ 2electivity L~ 11 -1 of' a single-stal-,e amplifier by introduciriLg an Udditiocial ingle-tiflue amplit'ier in the 1'oedback circullk-.. Tiv-a : ,.L t-, block diagram of the ~;110,vni in F.,,,-~. 1. Card 1/4 1 Sini-le-Caz3cade Selective Amplifier WDLAI 78147 T Amplified Negative SelectIve Feedbackc SOV/105-15-3-1011`17 Here, u i n i~:, input voltage; uout, OLItpUt LI f 1) feedback voltage; Ic , amplification factor of f i rot, sta,(W; 0 I-ransmi3sion coofficient of band-elimination ilter; F I u IC 11), the amplification faeLor of' ~;econd .,Uq;e.; I., transmission coefficient of the cathode follower. The system operates as followo: The signal amplified by the first otatg~e is prevented by the band-elimination Cilter Crom reaching the inj)LItL of the second stal,~e. 'I'he passing side-band frequencies are suppressed to a oertaJ i degree by means of the feedback amplified'by the second 6tage, and are fed to the first stage through a cathode follower LISed for matching. Since the signal is being amplified by the first stance onj,r, the second star_,o .Ilill J not be overloaded even when maximuni signal amplitude3 are applied to the input of' the first stage. Tht: permits the use of fubei with i-iiaxirnum Card 2/11 Vactoro.. Thus, high-quality factors may be obtained. Single-Cascade Selective Amplifier With 781417 Amplified Negative Selective Feedback SOV/108-15-3-10/.17 It is shown that in the case of an RC double-bridged T band-elimination filter, thequality factor QTT may be written as: Qrr + (20) In the case of a bridged-T filter with inductivity as shown in Fig. 2: Fig. 2 Card 3/4 Single-Cascade Selective Amplifier With 78i47 Amplified Negative Selective Feedback sov/io8-15-3-10/17 the quality factor QTB is'defined by the expression: + I QO 2 (22) wfiere Q0 WL/r. In an experimental setup quality fac- tors of the order of 215 and 2,000 were obtained for QTT and QTB, respectively. The author considers the Suggested system as a single-stage amplifier, the signal being amplified in one stage only. It is stated that the described amplifier is stable and easily adjustable. There are 3 figures; and 3 references, 2 Soviet, 1 U.K. The U.K reference is: M. I. Tucker, L. Draper, "A High-2 RC Feedback Filter for Low Audio Frequencies," Electronic Engineering, October 1955, Nr 332, PP 451-453. C3 SUBMITTED: November 10, 1958 Card 4/4 S/"108/62/017/004/007/010 D288/D301 AUTHOR: Delichenkop A.I. TITLE: Tuning of a selective R-C amplifier with amplified selective negative feedback PERIODICAL: Radiotekhnika, v. 17, no. 4, 1962, 44 - 51 TEXT: After explaining briefly the attraction of a highly selecti- ve- (bandwidth under 3 %) -low frequency amplifier built with R's ed- and C's only, two stage amplifiers with twin-T networks in the fe back circuit are considered* In the conventional amplifier the twin- T - r r and c c - are placed in parallel, and between the output T T 2c rY2 and a cathode follower, of which the load is connected to the input; the described amplifier of superior stability.uses a single amplify- ing stage only, the second amplifier being placed in the selective feedback path. Overall gain figures are given in terms of k1p k 2P kfa Card 1/2 3/108/62/017/004/007/010 Tuning of a selective R-C amplifier D288/D301 and P, where k1p k2' knare the gains of the two stages and of the cathode follower, and P is the transfer coefficient of the twin-T. In both cases Q = (k1 k2kn + 1)/4. Formulas for max. input voltages are derived for both cases, followed by a discussion of phase chara- cteristics. Simple star-delta transformation yields the equivalent Z -network and values of the equivalent L C circuit; Ceq = C/2; Leq 2 r2 c; Wo = 1/r c. The complete circuito comprising two double 'F JS triodes, is reproduced and discussed in detailp a further refine- ment being the use of a spare triode as a cathode follower linking the amplifier output to the twin-T network inputp thus simpli'ying the correction for phase shift near resonance, caused by the input impedance of the network. Typical numerical values for two particu- lar frequencies (243 and 3900 cps) are quotedt and information on tuning of the adjustable resistances is given; preliminary tuning is undertaken with the feedback path interruptedv final tuning is done by means of a voltmeter and oscilloscopes There are 7 figures, SUBMITTED: June 10, 1961 Card 2/2 BLAZHKEVICH, B.I., kand. tekhn. nauk;; MIKHAYIDVSKIY V.N., red.; SVENSON, A.N., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.! MIZYUK, L.Ya.,, kand. tekhn. mauk, red.; KUZOVKIN, S.K., glave inzhe; red*; MAMMKO, A.I., ved.inzh., red.; SABANEM, R.D., red.izd-va; RAKHLINA, N.P.j tekhn,red. [Apparatus for electric prospecting by air; its design and operation] Apparatura aeroelektrorazvedki; proekti- rovanie i ekspluatatsiia. Kiev, Izd-vo AN Ukr.SSR 1963. 155 P. (MIRA 17:2j 1. Akademiya nauk URSR. Kiev. Inst5-tut mashynoznavstva ta avtomatyky, Lvov. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AN Ukr. SSR (for Mikhaylovskiy).