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BWTOV, I.S, Iabyrinthine receptors an organs of spatial orientation. Nauk zap. Kyiv. un. 16 n0-17:17-23 157. (MIRA 13-.2) (TABMMIR (UR)) (SPACI PEROMIGH) USSIR/Hw= and PhysioloGy. The Nervous Systeti T-12 :ibs Jour Rof Zhur Biol., no 14). 1958, No 05640 Author Inst Title The B.,vololpent,6f the ftsiology of the Central Noryous System in the Soviet Union over Forty Years Orig Pub Fiziol., Z11- SSSR-) 1957) 43) No U.- 1021-1036 i',bstract Within tlAs period the principle of dordnance was estab- lishad, an ,dthe particip#ion of tho phenomena of oleo- trotonus and perielectrot6nus in the foruition of tanporary coirplos was cluci&itod. Established were; 2) the regula- tory adaptive and trophic effect of t1b syapathetic nervous system on the functional state of all or3ans; b) the rolo of the blood-brain barrier; c) coupensation of roflox dis- turbancL-s associat6d with -.2oripharal-nerve &mmge; d) func- tioml and raorpholo&ical rocovexj of the central nervous systeu subjected to trauria at an early age; a) the necosaity of affemnt inpulsos for the adaptive function of the br:,-in; C,%rd 1/2 &,RkTo\/ BZRITASZW~Ll (Peritow) Physiologic-I Inechanism of behavior* 1958 Postepy neur.neurochir. 4:542 I* lustytut 71siologii Akademli Nauk Grusinskiej SSR. (BW.AVIOR, pb.Velology review (Pol)) K-.- Perception of objects at a distance in higber vertebrates. Izv. All SSSR. Sar. biol. no.5:513-532 S-0 158. OUR& 11:10) 1. Institut fiziologii AN GruzSSR. (LABYRINTH (BAR)) (AllIMAIS, WITS AND BEHAVIOR OF) BXRITASHVILI, I.S., aimdamik; RHERXMFJLIM, N.G. - . Origin of spatial orientation In men. Soob.AX Graz. SSR 20 no. 4:481- 48B Ao 158. (MIRA 11:7) 1. Institut fiziologii AU GruzSSR. Tbilisi. (Space perception) MMITASHVILI I S., akademit; REERKWULIDZE, N.G. Spatial orientation of the blind. Soob. AN Grux. SSR 20 no.6:707-714 Je 158. (MIM 11: 10) J.AN Gruzinokoy SSR, Institut fisiologil, Tbilisi. (MIND) (SPACE PJMCUTION) -AUTHORS: 3C-1-372139 ' 0 .1 2 rzf-jj~ondinC 1,10mber 14 I Georgian sm TIME: i n jitIl Ila j t .~ ;: of t' 0 Tranocaucasian RoCion N ya .. Joint z3e-~~;ion of lor-foal Depi;rt 1 _ .rjj( b. of iw3 I C 10 ; 1,; h Z I V VC1. 20 i'rl 2r 1 , 21-1 , 1p. AD ef the of O.L L G , , i c z - . -z z:n 20 ' C t l t; , u:L 3, 31~rxry ard c. c~ c tOok al lace T . io, p i Cj-, Ine pazt 1,1wred by the hcr ~ c f t i n 2j.~erus 0'A Aa 4i d - i 1 th . e ~ -L L -F-tiai Ori-:"': ion 2% :J. p. j I -~ T'i.--. ~U' Uani 1 -d C _- c reticular :~yLteiL aml the 1 .1 ~xiiaax- :r~actiw-' Of C;~:C* ' :v 1/ 4 ~ oral cortex of V~e 4! - a --- ~-- C'. larC.-o ~,.eLi- ,~, ~:,~-'Jr 'it' Tr,~:ij;,-1-ucaoiaii 2ecion. 3C-1- 32139 Joint Session (-.f t7l-~ of Tim Academieo. 3) i'tcncauna in the zoilroe of -l00tI:'C Gf U-10 dC Of L4nd i,-Acir~~vjAal e:,cit,--tion-~. yu. rf rllythu--~ 0 V~e Of tl-~: hrZli,-- ~0:. cort'uin peouliaritieu of the 1,igh- :~Itu under 21-1-3iologica-1 Z-".d 7) G. K:-,. C',ztain xe--ult3 cuncernin~; thu cc-Itrol of tltl- rQrtk~~-, of :~ietaboliAl. 0) G. Y. b,,%:;c;, of the us u aiUr. uiid ,ropar.,a'..Ion of an oxcitation over ncrve fibres. -P. 0. I,*-.--a;Auzij~ivili. Ott thu, chec'-An.- of the rc-3t~ltc of the r, F-uual-analj t.-Leal InvertiLttiOrL Of the of t'-,.,e uryutallino 10) D. I,,. M:teyn'~.irg~ On thu part played by the humoral J Rc LI - ., tors iz, 'he I.-,ube---cence of arthoropods. 11) L. 1. D;,hararidne; T-ja ~ait:citicn of the vine and chlurcois. 12) 11. A. X-cacz;illnikt~v: Antibiotic 3u`~,otancoc and tlicir uL;e Ca.ed 2/4 4:1 th,~! of jjanta. A Mleeting 'Jith the Biolori:;tc of t1le Ti^a,-qjcr-.u(,auiaii Rae-ion. 30-1-32/39 Joint Session th,~ 3-jclo,~ical Du-c-oxt-I..~arits of T-,-tr-, Aoadol~ii~.-]. 13) V. ~citzvdictorj peouliaritien in t'lie I.CrOdit; Of v-~ 1.100a and '61&9ir iLl-~-UrtalCe YCr t.e development of vi~not~.ble 14) I-L Kh- ch'-ZIl7,khyav,: Tw :Aimulation of t'ie 6rv.~,th and the Of 15~ Ye. N. L-13!oautin;~Th-3 thoury of rAcrobe of tho soil 116) P. A. Gankell. TQ impo::tanoa of i,ro- perties of the jjroto-~)la= for tho of jdant resiutance 17) T. S. Gro--Fth mibsta'ncur) ,.nd the rezi-istsace against frort cf citrus plantzi. N. Chrelushvili; Mie infl,.iince by low temper- atures on the utatc o'A t.,o utrutifiuut-.;*.oii in c~-::!:tlaii ovsrmoeens. 19) V. L. Manabde: 1~ibridizaticii u3 ene of 'U';ie facto.:s of the a-ad..r.rowal of tho :Alozic of tj-l)ej and of G::UziYd 20) T. S. The vita--lia, of an. a f udd ez - tz of ';nj mecilcw.; of G--=~ 21) L. F. Pravdi:-~: T',.c; tao~:c to ')c fcrest ~!ctiul- ir, acc-zda,.-~ca %.-iti. vc.rimi cc---ditir-llu. C ard 3/94 22 1. F. 7ol~ '~,.~v. jcil-clim:Ltic corr--luti;jn~, ;~,nd ere::C-eticr, A MeetinG With ;"he BJ_,',-2_-_C_4.~,t3 of' Transcaucr,_~zian 23ric.n. 30-1-32/39 Joint Session of the Mclcgiral Dupartmon'.3 of' Two Academies. of Srj41 2 3) E - L. Lr-v- --.~_Iro. Th~, CaucaL= and the iaountains of Central Europe in a-(-1 rc,npect. 24) A. L. Oloxar!~;P_ : C~, hi of Lo%intain xerul-Ayte vrge- tatiOT1 of 2 5) S. V. Zonn- ,oi~;parative, ch:,ractari-w-tic of the rcd earth of Georgia and C"Una. 25) V. 0. Kazaryan: Yhe 1::rinaipal poiLts of the tloory of the increasing coiitrz~dicticln in Plant ontoi-onesis. 27) L. 2h. Davita-GI-Prili: The theory on the pro,,res- of evo- lution and t-he tauka of modern bitlogy. AVAILABLE; Library of Con~-,re:;:) le Biology-Conference 2. Scientific reports Card 4/4 Ov. I.S. (Tbilisi) Role of the cerebral cortex In spatial orientation.' Fisiol' zhur* 44 no-1181017-1025 N158 (MIRA 11:12) (;GQ CMW. physiol~ in space perception (Rus)) (SPACE PERCMPTION, physiol. cerebral cortex Me)) BERITOV, L S. "On the Origin of the Central Inhibition." report to be submitted for the 21st Interrational Ckmgress ~-f Physiological Sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 9-15 August 1959. Inst. affiliation: Academy of Sciences) Tbilisi, Georgia BMTASHVILI, I.S., akademik; KHEORINASHVILI, S.N., prof., red.; INUA-','-C.-V.. red.izd-va; [Neural mechanisms of spatial orientation in higher vertebrates] 0 nervnykh mokhanismakh prostranstvannoi orientatsii vysshJ-kh pozvonochnykh zhivotnykh, Tbilisi, ls;d-vo Akad.nauk Grazinakoi SSR, 1959. 346 p. (KIM 13M (Space perception) BWTOT, Ivan Solosonavich [General physiolo&7 of the muocular and nervous system] ObshcWa fisiologiia mushoohnoi i nervaoi sistany. Izd.3., parer. Moskva, Medgis, 1959. 1 v. (MIRA 13:7) (MUS=S) (MYOUS SYSM) MITOY, I.S. (Tbilisi) Mechanism of spatial orientation in wan (with summar7 in Znglish]. Zhurevysonervedelate 9 no.1:3-13 Ja-7 159, (MIRA 12--3) 1. institute of Physioloff, Georgian AcadeaV of Sciences, Tbilisi. (SP.ACR MCKPTION, mechanism (Rus)) BMITOV# I.S. * Role of thecerebell= in spatial orientation of higher vertebratesi. Izv, AN SSSR, Ser. biol. no. 4;481-498 - :, n4g 160. (MIRA 13: 8) 1, Institut,fiziolorli Akademii nauk QruzSSR. (CMBMM4) (SPACE PERCEPTION) *Tbe is the Russianized trBion of the Georgian now BERITASWILI BERITOVI I.S. (Tbilisi, u1. Leninap 63.. kv. 3) Physiological significancie of nerve elements of the cerebral cortex. Arkh, anat. gist. i embr. 39 no.8:3.38 Ag 1600 (MIRA 23:11) 1. I.S.Beritashvill Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences, Georgian S.S.R, (GEREBUL CORTEX) -9~70V, il-~S-. Characteristics and origin of voluntary movemebts in higher vertebrate animals. Zhur. vys. nei-~% deiat. 12 no;2:193-2.ql 162. kIAMA 17r'12-) 1. Institut fiziologii AN Gruzinskoy SSR, Tbilisi. BERITOV. I.S. Characteristics and origin of the middle link- of Sechenov's psychic reflex and its modern interpretation. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. biol. no.6:861-882 N-D 164. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Institute of Physiology, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi. --AILL Ax. 24225 ~SOURCE CODE: LJR/31671651014/0001002310038 AMIOR. Beritashvili,71. 8.1; Ayvazashvil,i, 1. M.; Ordzhonikidze, Ts. A. 0- ORG: TITLE: Origin and characteristics of delayed reactions in dogs SOURCE: AN GruzSSR. Institut fiziologii. Trudy, v. 14, 1965. Sovremennyye prob- lemy deyatel'nosti i stroyeniya tsertral'noy nervnoy sistemy (Present problems of the activity and structure ofthe central nervous system), 23-38 TOPIC TAGS: delayed reaction,delayed response, visual stimulus, conditioned re- sportse,'delayed conditioned response ABSTRACT: The ability of dogs to produce delayed responses to various kinds of stim- ulus (ocular, auditory, and vestibular) was studied. Delayed responses to visual stimuli are performed by dogs with different delay maximums. In quiet, immobile dogs the maximum delay of alimentary response to a visual stimulus may be 10-15 min. In active, easily excited dogs the delay maximum does not exceed 3 min. The duration of delayed reaction greatly depends- on the repetition of the experiment, i.e. on training. Maximum delay is achieved by alternating short, delays with longer ones until the maximum is reached. The maximum delay is reached much faster and far nore successf~Alyin quiet, immobile dogs than in easily excited dogs. However, the Rbil- LSard 1/2 ~'7ACC NR AT ity of the animals to produce delayed responses does not exclusively depend on train-1 ing. Animals may produce delayed responses at the first trial, some minutes after they have seen the food or heard the signal. The delay of responses to conditioned stimuli (bell, tone) was somewhat shorter (8-12 min). The miximum delay of re- - sponses to conditioned natural signals (noise of food basin) was significantly shorter ~3-5 min). In experiments with visual stimuli and conditioned food signals, unusual stimulation during the delay period, even feeding or removal of the animal from.the -cage, did not disrupt the delayed response. Maximum delay of response to conditioned sound stimuli is somewhat more difficult to achieve than with visual stimuli. The animals were also able to produce delayed responses to vestibular stimulation. The maximum delay for these stimuli is 3-4 min. These findings are theoretically analyzed in the light of psycboneural regulation of the behaviour of higher ver- tebrates. It is concluded that delayed reactions are governed mainly by th6 laws of the psychoneural activity producing images of the external world, and not by the laws of conditioned activity. [DPI SUB CODE: 061 SUBM DATE.*- none/ 'ORIG REF: 015/ OTH REFt 003/ Card 2/2 rV22214 ACC NR-. AT50242224 SOURCE CODE: UR/3167/65/014/00010003/OD21 AUnIOR ORG: TITLE: Modern interpretation of Sechenov's central inhibition concept SOURCE: AN GruzSSR. Institut fiziologii. Trudy, v. 14, 1965. Sovremennyye.problemy deyatel'nosti i stroyeniya tsentral'noy nervnoy sistemy (Present problems of the activity and structure of the central nervous system), 3-21 i TOPIC TAGS: central inhibition, nervous system inhibition, CNS, general inhibition, reflex inhibition ABSTRACT: Sechenov's concept of central inhibition is essential to the physiological analysis of psychic activity. Sechenov found that stimulation of the thalamus, mid- brain, and medulla oblongata in frogs depresses spinal cord reflex activity, affec ing both the entire skeletal musculature of the extremities and the automatic activity of the blood and lymphatic systems. He believed this general inhibit ton to, occur througit the- eytIAtation of- depressor neuroni, scattered through the midbrain and upper medulla oblongata, which affected the spinal cord in the same way that the varus nervd- affects the --- Initial re di is in- X movements after s mulation of the SellSOTY nerves of the extremities. Th hibition, like thAt following thalamus, midbrain, and medullary stimulation, i4 baged Card 1/3 FACC on decreased excitability of cutaneous muscular reflex centers along the whole spinal cord axis. Sechenov discovered that inhibition and excitation might occur simultane ously: soon after the cessation of inhibiting sensory nerve stimulation, the state of depression is most often briefly replaced by increased reflex apparatus excitation. Later studies by many scientists have shown that general inhibition is evoked not only, by direct stimulation of various parts of the brain, but also by adequate stimulationi of receptors, even with threshold stimuli which produce no external motor -General inhibition is-an- Integral part- of -nny Yeflex or-behavloral reasponse, and assures the ihtegrity.of the central nervous system.~ Any excitation of the definite nervous complexes which adapt the organism to change in the environvient is accorr panied by decreased excitability in the rest of the nervous system. Excitation pro- cesses are thus focusrd in c ertain -neuron-chains by bl ocking the -simultaneous- stimula tion of othei- chains- 6y.. different external stimuli. This general inhibition can in- volve excited neuron chains as well. If the inhibition is strong enough, it can de- press excited chains. In this case, excitation and inhibition occur antagonistically in the same elements. Their algebraic summation determines whether excitaltion or inhibition will prevail for that element as a whole.. Brain stem and spinal cord structures were found to participate in general inhibition in both intact and decere- brated animals. Certain parts of the reticular formation, when excited, have a de- pressant effect on both the brain-and the spinal cord. In the spinal cord it is the gelatinous substance which acts as the IrMbitory mechanism. Recent data indicate that inhibition by the gelatinoup,,.substance is based, on the aeneration- of slow poten- tials in the dendrites of gela~inqus neurons nndLproprial and p~ricorneal'intermediate Card 2/3 __66 ACC NR: AT5024224 neurons under the effect of collaterals of ascending and descending tracts. Currentsi corresponding to these potentials act anelectrotonically on axasomatic synapses to block incoming peripheral impulses, and the electrical field around activated den- drites anelectrotonically blocks nerve fibers passing through it. The increase in reflex excitability following inhibition after cessation of stimulation occurs in the same elements that were inhibited, as Sechenov suggested. This increase in total re- flex excitability seems to result from cessation of the anelectrotonic effect and to be analogous to nerve stem polarization near the anode after the polarizing current is switched off. [DPI Cord 313 BERITSIM, L. Tractors - Repairing Utilization of assemblies of improved design for repair of trT-i,:!t-.')r KD-35; MS 12 no. 1, 1952. 2 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, May -1956, uncl. BERIVOC, R; SAVIC. V.; PUJMC, 5; DJMCIC, 1. Thrombocytosts in phazplbydrazlno and postbamorrhagic anemias. Glao.Srpoke akad.sauka,, 215 no,9:127-141 1955, (BIDOD PLATEMS, diseases, exper.thrombocytosis in phanylbydrazine & poethemorrha- gic alemisi) (AN104IA, experimental, thrombocytosis in posthemorrhagic & phenyllWdrasize anemias) M RAZINS. derivatives, pIkexVDqdrazI*s causing anemia in rate, thrombocrtosis in) ~MIKIYDSHVILI, SeTaet kaMd*med&u&ukt-__BIkIYAs TSIMAU, A.D.; _L 13AGATMIU9 Sh*Xo Active detection of glawous among the population of Sukhimi. Test.oft. 72 no.60-5 " 159. (MIRA 13:5) 1. Glasnoye otdolenlys ]bxV0I1IanskDy bolluitey imeni A.A. Ostroumova (say. - Selk. Himinoshvill). (GLILUCONA statist. prey. & control) BIKRIYA, Uk. I. Intraosseous fizaticft with a metal rod. Trudy Inst.eksp i klin. khir.1 gemst, AN Gruv*BM 10037-345 1620 WA 16--2) (INTEMAL IPMTICV IN FRAGTURES) BARITA, V.Sh. Modified ear manometer. Vest.oto-rin. 15 no.5-.71 S-0 153. (XLRA 6:11) O(edical instruments and apparatus) BIRITM, A.D. .-*OwwwMw""Vw"-I Photometric iuveotiption of the variable AG Draconis ( BD+67v922 ). Biul.Stal.astron.obser. no.15:29-32 '56, (MLRA 9:10) (Stars, Variable) BERIYEV A. D. 3. I Imbadding theorerns-for Wo-~) , B(11,bpaces, Dokl. AN =R 166 . no*3;514-517 -ja 166s POP PoP (mfu 19:1) 1. Severo-Osetinskiy gosudarstvennyy meditsinskiy institut. Submitted May 18$ 1965# 10JUDR. Beriyev Dr. of technical sciencesy prize vinner), P-o3aty4--rev GI-i A Tj-,~- Ocean airliners SOMCE: Naulzi zhi"-q" no. 6, 1963; article Ibegins on -p. 1,2 - 7 TOPIC TAGS: super heavy Seal)larej M-10 Ee~P,-1anq-,--P9a-jIane ABSrA&T: Reser-rch has shovn that the CoDSt--U,-t-1OD Of su'verheal-V sea-planes veighing 1000 tons or more io within the capability of =-der- a-~-iation technolog-,. The perforazm-nce and economy of supcrhcavy flying boats on long- and Med-11--m-r-An-ge flights woiLld significantly exceed those of all exdstin,!~ aircraft and c~cezun linein. The Soviet designers, vho built the seapi-ane that appeared publicly in 194-1, successfullN, corrb:Lred the latTst conce7ts in hydrodynt,zi.-iics. Desigrers belie-re that on-23' with F-rc--s an,4 s 7---- Is can f ly~ns laoalls dem-onst--alle their posi t! based aiij,-Iwnes. '."he su-,),e-rhtta-,,Y ueaDlane vi-U resemble a "fiyin, -0 Card MINIM 007 03 ACC9202M AP3 ) attain high aerodyn-mic qualittec, it imist fly at sonipc or m1personic sp-zeds. In Table I of Enclosure a sur-orheavy seaplanw is compared vith an e~dsting airl.Lner v-nd ocean liner. Orig. art. has: 6 figureB and 1 table. ASSCCIAT.1011: none SUMETTED: 00 DATE Am. 23ju163 EVCL- 01 SUB CODE: AC NO MY SOV: ODO 000 mirmv, N.N. . I Isplaciag the NG-150 with the SV 200m4O smd cirmilatiag pump *%, the AVD-3-150 drilling "sombly. Rasved. I prom. goof is. as*14 59-60 1~5- (MLRA 9:1) (Oil woll drIlling--Squipment and supplies) CZEMOSLADVAM BMU, A; HAPAIA, J Institute for Inorganic Chemistryp Karlova University (Institut fur analytische Chemie, Karlsuniversita;t), Prague - (for both) Prague, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Co=nmications. No It January 1966, pp 222-232 "Determination of organic substances by means of oxidation using permarganate. Part 2t Oxidation of some hydroxyl acids and methanol using permanganste in an alkalino medium,." i4q New voluzatric metho& in the analysis of organie ;ubstanon L Detwminatium of I 1!111~0. A. Ik-rka and 1. Zlk;i (K~ (CfAOSI, F.Mai. lw%s. 4 5!. 222-2.M).-The p"mcni methods o analysis and thar drawtiacks aru discussed A more conyenient and rapid mcthod %Yza developed. bamed on the convermon of allyl tsothiocyanate into allvIthlouma by boiling with ail NH. The &Dyl- thlourta u then titrated with a .4tandard solution an vxidisam azent. a poientiametnc mothod-being used for end-point dcterminatioiL Details of the Utrut~on with RIO, and KBrO, are -Thu Nven todat. titration is carried out i ; the end- n N , point is takeri`;iLs the fiM irlRection (owurring at = 120 MV) of the, inILLaL7 steady value of the potential. The same appli-ts to the briim,&Vt titim- tion, but here the mediurn is 7 N RCI at OW C, to -hicb a smaH amourt of KBr is added. The inflection occu-s at = 90mV. In both cases all electronic voltmeter is used, the inelicating electrodea being platinum wires and the comparing electrode the S (' E, The procedures for drteirp-ining &Dyl- isoLhiocyanate in the c4l, .4md and Mcobolic extiract "f musturd are aiv) gi-en The memod cam also be ~ppnM 1~ the determination of thiourea- A. 0. J.%Kubovic V Counling rtaai~~ i of p- drz obewpwrti it! lit; acid, 1, Pbolumi'.tnt: detcrlillna%!~L ~1 I )~"h" --d r~anilning the sj~x,tra ut thr sut'slara, wid pli illu't 1" A 1MIcu tpl-1 V-2) B us-~j and the trmp -1 5 1 V. If it large t!xccz~5 W I is U~~d :1.t raind, but e,e;i a iight t-- 'b"', it., r-'! tc-. L'- at.d A;4ngl M 1-Imn 4W uIp !,I W! -BMRKA. Antonin; ZYKA, Jaroslav Coupling reaction with p-diasobenzorm1fonic acid. 11. Colorimetric and oscillograpl;xetudles. 4 no.6:305-308 JI '55- 1. Z Ustavu. pro chemil, analytIckou, Karlovy university v Praze. (B=M, derivatives, p-diazobenzosulfonic acid, colorimstry & oacillograptq) (COLOMMIM. of p-diatobenzosulfonic acid) CZECLOSLOVAKIA/Analysis of Inorganic Substances G-2 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 6, 1957, 19600 based on the fact that only Ir (1.4) to Ir (3-t) among the above mentioned metals of the Pt group were reduced by the solution of I or other above mentioned roa&ents In a stronely acid medium, Among the other metals,je, Mn, Cu, Ni, Co, W and Ti do not Interfere; Au-~+ does. Concentrated 11C1 or H-S04 is added to the solution of a sample con- tainSig 2 to 20 mL of Ir thus that the acid con- centration in the solution is about 10/1'., (IM) or 5,P" (H2-0~). The solution is titrated potentio- metrical y with a 00.1 n. solution of I or other above mentioned substances. . The final point is at about 550 mv., it can be found by a consider- able change of the potential (about 100 mv per Card 2/3 - 73 - BERKk, A- ZYKA, J. Potentio,T.etric microtitration of Iridium with hydroquinol ani other reducimag agents. p. 828. (Institute of Applied Physics - Czechoslovak Academy of Science) Vol. 50. No. 5 May 1956 SO: Monthly Index of East Zuropean Accession (OKAI) LO, Vol. 7. No. 5 May 1958 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/ Analytical Chemistry - ;tnalyrjis of Organic G-3 Substances fibs Jour : Referat Zhur - Khimiya, NO 4~ 1957, 12174 ,Author : Berha .1. , Zyka J. Title : Indir7ct Titrimetric Determination of the Carbonyl Group Orig Pub : Chem. listY, 1956, 50, No 5, 831-833 Abstract : The method consists in determining the excess of precipi;.- tant, 2,4-dinitro-pheny1hydrazine (I), by titration with 0.01 M solution of chloramine T (!I) in the presence of KBr. The aldehyde or ketone under study (2-10 mg) is dis- solved in 96% alcohol and precipitated with 5-10 ml of 0.01 M solution of I. After 12 hours the precipitate is filtered off (paper-filter "Blue Band") and washed with 20 ml 2 N HC1. Filtrate is diluted to twice its volume, 1-2 g KBr are added and iLnrea-Ited I is titrated by the potentiometric procedure with a titrated solution of II. Potential of the inflection point of the titration curve Card 1/2 CZECHOSLOVAKIA/ Analytical Chormstry - Analysis of Organic G-3 Substances Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Xhimiya, No 4, 1957, 12174 is at 500 mv; change in potential at the terminal point amounts to ~~- 250 mv with 0,05 ml II- It was ascertained that 1 mole I interacts with 2 moles of II but the reac- tion mechanism has not been studied. In determination of 1 mg 0.001 M solutions of both reagents are used. Examples of determinations are described. Errors of the described method do not exceed the usual analytical li- mits, but vith samples < 1 mg the results are usually too high. Card 2/2 CZECHOSLOVAKU/Medicinal Substances) Vitamins, Antibiotics@ H. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Khimiya) No 19: 1958) 65350 Author : Berka i'mtonin, Zyka Jaroslav Inst : Title : Volumetric Methods of Analysis of Organic Substances. II. Determination of Some Aldehydes and Ketones Used in Pharmacy. III. Oxidation With Chloramine. Orig Pub t Ceskosl. farmac., 1956, 5, No 1, 30-32; No 6) 335-339- Abstract : Part I see RZhKhim, 1956, 66387. Card 1/1 il~ 1, 0 Zil ~t~ RA-1119, Y9, CZECHSOLAVOM/Analytical Chemistry - Organic aralysis. Abe Jour Ref Zhur Xhimiya, No 20, 19591 71274 Author Bar)m, Antonin; Zyka, Jaroelav Inst Title Volumetrid Methods of Analysis of OrLpnic Substanres. V6 Oxidation of Tarteric Icid with Potassium Perio- dato and Lead Tetraocetate Orig Pub Ceskosl. farma., 1958, 7, No 3, 141-143 4"Lbstract The method of quantitative detormination of tartaric acid (1) based on its oxidation by K104 (11) in the acetate buffer solution at pH of 4 .8 accordin(S to the equation C4H 606 -t- 3KIO - 2HCOOR -t- 2C02 -r 3KI03-t 2H20 has been worked oK To 5 ml of solution ( , 3 me 1) 1 ml alacial CH COOH 2 ml 30% KOH solution, .01 M sol'u of U are added. jUter 4 and 10 ml 0 2ion ' hours 4 ml concentrated H S04 is added while cooling and excess of II is titraied potentiometrically with Card 1/2 -0 0 , Prom. Chem. Antonin Berka and metrische B;`st~g!sn~erpharmazeutisahen (Berlin),, 10/2, February 1958, r.~ 411 k~) -1 . " Docent Dr. Mr. Jarotslav Zyka) "Neue ovdi- Analyse," Die Pharmazie pp. 81-92. Received on 24 April 1957. The authors are affiliated with the Institute for Analytical Chadsty of Charles University, Prague. Their address is given as Prag II, Albertov, 2030, BERXAv A. "New oxidation-redaction titration reagents, IV. Titration by potassium manganate in an alkaline medium." p. 187 (Chemie, Vol. 10., no. 3. Mar, 1958,Praha, Czechoslovakia) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (FZAI) W. Vol. 7, no, 9. September 1958 BTPU FI - -/Ypl~ J. ~~~ y 110xidation of sove ox-hydroxy is and mannitol. with 1wid (TV) qce-t-ite and . aciL potassium periodate." (In German) COLLECTION OF C7ECUOISLOVIK CVEMICkL COT-MBUCITITONS., Traha, Czecboslovakia, Vol. 13, no. 11, Nov. 1959. Mfonthly list of EAST EIWPEAhT IC.CESISYTTS (F,FIT), IP,, Vol. 9, No. 7, July 1059, Unclas. Atc.i-Ino czE,ciioswv~t~da:,/;xc.iyt,ic-ni ^ubstances. c-14L.S' rY. .nr-I-YsJs of Orr-~-,.c E Abs JOUr: Ref Zhur-J(him., ljo 9, 1959, 31105. i'.ut:ior Derka, jintodn' ZY-"Im, Jaroslav. List Titration vith Lead To-%'-.ra-!.,cetate. Or'G I'ub: Chen- "StY, 1958, 52, 110 5, P26-029. ,'.b st r-I c "U The oxidizing titx-at-'-on with Pb(C!13COO)~ solution (I) in glac*al C-Ti Coo.: (II) for -Walcli a waterless II mediura is which is hindcrod by the slow rate of oxid--~-:Ion of the substance being deter- mined, can in many cases be carried ou-'- q~iickcr in the j-.)rcscnce of water in a diluted II meaiuri or in aqueous solutions acidified with mineral acicls by Card 1/3 HERYA, A. ; ZYFA, J. IlTitratilon with lead (III) acetates" In German. y,. 105. CC-11ECTIM OF C'ZIEC110SLUAK CIEKICill COMMINICATICNIS. Fralia, Czech., Vol. 24, 1b. 1, Jan. 1959, Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, 1b. 6, Sept. 59 Unclassified CzXCHOSLOVAIUA =.RY,A LI, PARA, I'd., and ZYKA, J., Chair of Analytic Chemistry jErre-hrT-analyticke chemie), Charles unive*.Lsity, Prague. "Dell-erminat.-Lon of Glyce-line in Some Pha=aceu4v-ical Preparations." Prague, Ceskoslovenska Farmaciet Vol XII, 140 7, September 63, pP 366-36o. Abstract [Authors' English summary, modified]: JI method hl,;ts been F,7hgest-ed for determining glyc,,.~rine in jarisch's solution, .Lo=aldehyde solution, suspensions, and supPositories. Glycerine is oxidized in a medium of an eighty-percent acetic acid in the presence of potassium acetate by means of an excess of a voliLmetric solution of ead tetraacetate. -"he excess of the reats-ent is then determ=ed by a potentiometric titration with a volumet-ric solution of hydroquinone. nhe method is simple and yields more accurate results than the bichromate method. Twelve references, including 7 C--ech. 1/1 BERAN., Premysl; BEM, Antonin Determining the sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and sodium chromate in the aqueous extract of chromium melt. Chem prum 13 no.1:20-22 Ja 163. 1. Katedra analyticke chemie, Karlova universita, Praha. 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(Praha 2pAlbertov 2030) Indirect chelfttometric determination of bromine after reduction with merc=ouo chloride, Cesk, farm. 14 no.7t339-342 S 165. L Katedra analyticke chemie prirodovedecke fakulty Karlovy University, Praha. BERKA A.- HILGARD, S.; Chair of Analytical Chemistrys Charles ~Analyticke Cbemie KU)p Prague. "Determination of Organic Compounds by Oxidation with Ferman- ganate. VI. Oxidation of Some Aliphatic Alcohols." Prague, Ceskoslovenska Farmacie, Vol 15, No 6, &al 66, PP 309-313 Abstract ZA-uthors' English summary -modified 7: Oxidation of methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, butyl, and isobutyl alcohol as a function of the concentration of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions was investigated. Carbon dioxide and water are obtained from methyl, acetic acid from ethyl, prorionio acid from propyl and acetone from isopropyl alcohol. Oxidation of butyl and isobutyl alcohol produces many products and cannot be described by a simple equation. Conditions under which the oxidation can be used for analytical titration work are described. 5 Figures, 2 Tables,, 13 Western, 6 Czechs 2 Indian references. (manuscript received 1 Doc 65), 1/1 - 47- j3ERKA, F. IftfLA, F. bhoping machines. p. 217. V01. 4. No. 5. May 1956. STk(OJnMSKA VYRU&4. ThX;"UIA)UY. Fraha, Uzedboslovakia boi bast buropean Accession, Vol. 6, tio. 3, harch 1957 BERKA,, Ivan Determination of chemical poisons in the air and in bf,.ological material with the aid of gas chromatography. Prac. lek. 14 no.,6:294-299 Ag 162. 1. Krajoka hygienicko-epidemiologicka stanice v Brne, odbor hygieny prace. (CHROMATOGRAPHY) (POISONS) (AIR POLLUTION) CS *oft -gownft !;::H= dpolarcritoy.., btan ==alutr Nem bm. . V.. ). &""s &sklbo Ukdrxidm W. "1950). I-Z-'Rudn (1) vow "led from MafxTW and French burmi- -wbesibygetorthmis: l)IlA)t%tnAmaSoxhIetapp.,whkh Niehkd an &v. of 1384 of 1: &M (2) WWI extit. by prrco- tion, wbkb save an RY.Yield of 1.57 - NNIKMS Purr A b ' li"uel, querectin (1?).. couki be analyzed =Oyibpobruoaphy. the Isolated rutio-conig. .4 1 W% pvt 2,powly reTwoducible curves. ~ James L. JrYJ dt!ufmiwtion 01 wboly- IkAa li.",Covja Th, rnrtI,.J is c..i the t, metallic I'd CO. thr "11 ~-ng delem-ntc] the ~hfiu- i dtoh~i 191C., tile lp.~Iitcct rA.0, 'C'd 'A 1041, 313, 492, c'n-'Dirr w."! mfje. lmhabl~ 10: milfinc _VK , , 1~ ~. .. . ~l ~ - . I w ~ . - - --- .-- - . ..., j - . - t. , g M --4- V a~, --l-M i. to - k N -1-34 I'm -Alli ,Q~ -~ 1 05.1; .1 MIUMMIN M Ener-pta -redica See 17 Public Health Vol* 1/6 jum 55 2410. BERKA 1. Smrtelnd otrava kysliffnfkem uhelnat~m pFi hloubenr studn6. Ing case by carbon monoxide during exca- poison vation of a well PRACOVNI LL'KARSTVf (Praha) 1954, 6/5 (301) A case is described of sudden death by carbon monoxide poisoning In the making of a well, where an unknown explosive was employed. A man went down 15 min. after the explosion without sufficient protection. Half an hour later he was pulled out dead. An analybis of the air made immediately showed that his death was caused by carbon monoxide, the concentration being 6.3 mg, per litre air. The blood of the dead man contained 50% CGHb. Vyskoeil - Ili-no ZE Ivan BezU. Fracmd) UWjM W, I A34) - D-na I h d 2 by. an am. ~44--,x Ing, CCV1. 4 1.4 VM. % M, 1'~ ~- ASRU.-I - Microclimatology in textile factories in relation to workers. p. 13.1. (Textil, Praha, Vol. 9, no. 4, Apr. 1954) SO: Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAL), LC Vol 4, No. 6, June 1955, Uncl DIM. 1. -9 TADLIC. I..-. 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Cbendcal Products and Their ApplicatIon. Safety ftKin aring. Sanitary M36Umering. Abe Jour: Referat Zhur-ftiviya., no 5) 1958.0 15023 Author !,j~!rkx I... Blaftma Nil.., xammik Jars) 1131iCkova 3. Title Hygienic Characteristics of Carborunibin Production. I. Orig Pub: Pracovni leksx.., 195T., 9., No 3., 18T-1W. Abstract: On investigation of carborundam production the air in the operation buildings showed the following conditions: dust content consisting of silica sand (5.6-255.8 m4 contains 99$ :free Si%), presence of CO (average 145-360 y /liter).. 802 35 y- /liter, H2S., high texperature of the air near the fur&ces 38-550. With a CO concentrat- ion, in the air of the shape, of 115-205 4'- liter, the carboxy-henoglabin content in the blood is increased to 4 in all the workers. on production of green SiC the Co Card 1/2 if (kwHosLovAKrA,/Chem' cal Technology. Cbemical Products and 7---eir i Application. Safety RqUeerlng. Sanitary Engineering. H-6 Abe Jour: Referat Zhur-lhiniya,, No 5, 1958, 13023. concentration vas 270-400 ~ /literp CO-Eb 2,5% (30% in one case) - Co-Eb level is higher in smokers than in non-smokers, vhile inere"e in the amount of CO-Hb during work shift is greater in non-smokers. It is recommended to carry out auto- nation of deliveryp grinding and nixing of rav materials, pro- vids hermetic enclosures for dust-emitting equipment, inprove unloading of furnaces, provide local ventilation for vork tables, and efficient ventilation in the cabins of lifting cranes. Card 2/2 O.K111A 1,,FICA Sec.2 Vol.3-1/1 Physio-Blochem, etc. Jan5 8 448. THREE VARIANTS OF A SIMPLE SEMIQUANTITATIVE METHOD FOR THE ESTIMATION OF CARBON MONOXIDE IN BLOOD. B e r k a I Brno Czechoslovakia. ACTA MED. SCAND. 1957, 157/2 (fff-TRTTajcG 3 illue. 3 The method depends on the fact that metallic paliadium will separate from a solu- tion of its chloride at a rate and in an amount which is proportional to the concen- tration of CO present in a.sample of blood. The reaction is carried out in a micro- diffusion apparatus and the amount of Pd, released can be eFtimated by 3 different methods. With all 3 methods it is possible to estimate COHb in blood samples in the range from 5 to 40-50%. The most rapid (5 min.) and simplest method do- pends upon the colour change of an indicating gel containing Pd aWcomolybdate. Noggle - Gainesville. Fla. "ERKA, I. Contribution of the 3d Exhibition of Czechoslovak Engineering-. to the pro1blems of the hygiene and safety of work in industry. 4- ~--949v- iio - IZ, Dep~ 30: Monthly Index of East European Accession (ZMAI) LC Vol. No. 5. 1958 BUU. Ivan Notes from a study vhile traveling in Poland. Cas. lek. cesk. 97 no.21, Lek veda sahr:115-117 23 May 58. 11 19 B., Inbor. byg. prace, MM, Pellicova, 29, Brno. (BWGATION, MIGAL in Poland (Cs)) BEMI Ivan Microclizate - practical considerations on field measurements. Fracovni lek-. 13 no.2285-" Mr 161. 1. Laborator.kqgieny prace MMS Brno. (CIJHATE) BM Ivan The role of physioal factors in creation of favorable vorking environ- ment in the textile induatry. 1. Microclimate. Pracovni lek. 13 no.6: 294-297 Ag 161. 1. Odbor bygieny prace KIM, Brno. (INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE) - BFMA, 1. - The role of physical faotors in creation of favorab2a working 6nvironi ment in the textile industry. II. Lighting. Pracovni lek. 13 no.6: 297-300 Ag 961. (INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE) BEM, Ivan Role of pbyecal factors In creating adequate working conditions in vorkshops in the textile industr7. III Dust. Pracovni lek, 13 no,7: 361-363 8 '61. 1. Odbor bygieny prace MW Brno. (DUST) BURAp Ivanj SIM) Jaroslav Miss in foundries. Slevarenstvi 10 no.3:98-100 Mr 162. 1. Krajaka hygienicko-apidemiologioka staniee Brno,, Vyzkumny ustav bezpawwoti pracep Revolueni odborove hnut., Praha. BERKA, Ivan; KUBIK$ Jraroslav Role of physical factors in producing comfortable worldng conditions in textile mills. IV. Noise. Pracovni lek. 14 no.4:182-186 My 162. .2. Oddeleni hygieny pr&*9 KM v Brne-Katedra hygiany lekarske fakulty University J.Ev.Purkyne v Prneo (NOISE) (INDUSTRIAL WDICINI~) 71HOSLOVAKTA Vt. -,rNrArtmont of Fcrpn?.ic !!edictnc- of Mcdical P'aculty (Vatedra. sn~un to 14---ratvi lelcarshe 'Fakujt-,v,)' Ur-VI" FVnivcrei.,"a "-v. rQekvne;I and Section of '.I!orl- Ilysione (Odbcr 1,-,-ieny rracc,) r Krajsl-P. h7.-Icnic.x-e- ~ im. iologicl-.a stunice, '~rcj llv-~!! ore ali,' 77~ J d .jO 10:, Statforj Brno. ""atal Poisonin,~s !,--*tii Carbon Nonoxi-'c.. "cercsyv Findin,-s and. Lcv,is.V zavvc, Prncovni Lekarstvf, Vol 15, I:o I, JAfi A*)stract r.,,,,:;lIrh surnarti moJiflfed]: Xr t!~,- (- P-,ars enuir.- 195t, t!,(,rc !.I are cases of fatal co ro'scminspr or dcatl.s Ir. arno~,-plicre containing noxious concentrations of CO; 57.14 intentional (inclvdin~p botli %Omi- and smicidal ones'4 41.5 nccidcotal and 1.1% inewsLrial. 9100d were tested for carboxyhdmc,;.'-7IAn in 221 cases- lcv~'Is wore abovc. in U.3'. of all 221-, t1je Ic!vcl found vivi ~~;3.7/,. -Ahc uscs ir levele wore 11olm, let!,al onas avn anAl:jz(-,,,k It. dcLa--'I. Teb 1. Q 3 Czcch and 1 Carmar. refeionce. BERKA, Ivan Dust conaentration ih tba-cbep mines of Rosicke uhelne doly. Uhli 5 no.3; 97-98 Mr 163. 1. Odbor bygieur prace, Krajaka hygienicko-epidemiologicka stanice, Brno. Bn=j, I"n . . )baimrement of dustinsoo. Slovarenstvi 3.1 no.7:274-277 JI 163, 1. Odbor hjvji6nyy Kmjoka bygionicko-opidesiologioki otmdes Rmo. .1 BERICA, I.; Department of Hygiene of Work of the Regional Public Station at Brno.L_OdIbor hy.-Lony prace 107.23S v Brne-7. y4- "Determination of Dust in Pitcoal Mines by !-loans of Anall Ucal Pilters made of Organic Illicrofibers.11 PraGuo, Fracovni Lekarstvi, Vol 15.9- No 7, 19~)3, -P-P 2-97-209 AbStract: A series of filt-rs inanufacturod fro,ii do-mestic orn-anic i-AcroflVers was subjected to fiold test"s in a zmine. Thc coal diist adhored ovenly and fix-mly to tho wholo surface of fi,ltor, even under the adverse conditions with a wind velocity of 2-5 I-il/sec RH of 90%o' and air temperature of 30C. No loss occurred during the transfer of the filter to the laboratory. The filtcrb sold under the desiCnation of AUFS Synthesia are suitable for du--t det-erini- nation in coa! and ore mines, st-onepits, quarries, ceramic plants, foundries, aaad industrial cleaners establishments. I Figure, 1 Table, 9 Czech references. BERKA9. Ivu,, RNDr, ... ... . ... I Nbawrownt of ftstinesis, Sklar a keramik 13 tio,9:247..249 S"63, 1. Odbor hygiery prace, Xtajska hygionicko-epidemiologicka stanice., Bimo. SKLENSKY, Bo; BERKA Is Pneumoconiosis in grapoite 174mans Prac. lek 15 no.10:422-426 D 163. 1. Klinika nemoci z povolani lekarske fakulty UJEvP v Brne t kprednosta doe. dr. J. Vyskoci-1) a Krajska hygienicko-epidemio- logicka stanice v Brno, oddeleni hygieny prace (vedouci dr. K. Spazier). NC BERKA. Ivan. RNDr. PhMr.,- KREISLFR, Herman, MUDr. JUDr. Measure.g for reducing the heat expoDure of~jlassworkers; the Dubnany Action. Sklar a keramik 14 no. 6t8upplement: 1-8 1640' 1. Section of Industrial Hygiene Regional Health and Epide- miology Station, Brno (for Berkai. 2. Revolutionary Trade- Union Movement, Central Committee of the Consumer Goods Industry Trade Union (for Kreisler). BERKAP Ivan MicrooliMate of the Rooi~"Iavany c6al mines (RUD). Prac. lek. 16 n0.3214-127 *164 1, Odbor hygimv prace KMM [Krajska hygienickq-epidemiolo- gicka stanice] v Bme; vedaucit MUDr, KdSpazier* BMU " wait Filters used for measuring industrial dusts* Prac. lek. 16 ,noo2r,3-74 Mr'64 1. KM [Krajoka. hn;imicko-epidemiologicka stanice), Brno, 64~or hygieny prace,