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16009 900 01*40 0 & 000 WI u0mall wall sure as at a a a a a C 0 of 4 a a L 0 4 0 po TA' A I JP-- 0- 0-0.-O-S-b -A -A -.-0-vpi1.11- i i- Laos .4ft -`4! it li'i it Sep; 00 00 00 go- lc 00 SO iv go 0= Itillt.0111 %10440.% All 1111%, : I..'IIj.AM -b41 IMP 410-11, *I-AL) ps %.,flim"Ap mp I., 00" X1111P.J.1.1111 11) 1141"11,M)p 9 1980 1111-44146 V- ),-1 00 00* -N %-H ",&jAj"AA4- I ~it 06 'IV 'em"NO sit Ow"m uwmw p" OMW 00 00- VAU-1 al 6%"p p" *aOll Ispill) p owkm* gm 99 00 90-1 06 1- 7- 00 I-r-T V-T-r-T-r- q w T-T-r a 91 -0 It to won Arlswor an low fee - ~& W W * 9 & 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 A I It I I v 11 u u III u is q is To a It 0 as is 0 u 13 111 A Is v st so a I -aa ,-A. !L-r a L a Is I a L A-JL-l -QL -a I T u W. IF s.--A I I ,No ~"v I-V .-V III AN L~" I ploplavitl INR$ acIctsits AMD prebWas is lawrak Om*w md"w.. N1. cram 141wakel. Z.Irvd)#d3ftI Imb. 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The formaktion anti stabilization of cmulsitnt,, were studied, a anti marginal anglei of wetting. heats (of wetting. finiffificis and adhe%ive piviverlico-q of iniecticide Powder% 00 IF] wite meamirrd. The systirms NzjO--A%4),-1fjO and 0 NAI~O-C&O-As,0-111,0 were studied to det. meth-li for zoo W firt-oduring At prepti5. Thrmirt"I sludiri were carried .0911 1 - 1 "0o coot to det. methods firr rettencristing vatt,tic alkali" and MIR for jorviducing Fe.14). anti NAA~SiFj The preenre of Al zoo -It. in the deereiaotes th,, effe,-t .1 salting t-t too rhermal treatment ti( phosphates it ifi-custIed. W. R. Iferin too Opt It 9 4 1W7 j 63 a I AV -0 is' 14 No it 1 114 to 11111689 eta via "a 0 o 0 0 6 o'o a 4 0 0 rf - io 00 000 A JL f a p 1 9 A- t a I fa U. a. a. a. M. &.%-0Rjvw*v"- NaQjfrf*l.## Awal. Ahsal, Akad. v0 ool- 414.-Tbe PMW MOM& the VWO i(QjkMFtMflf vbells, induoky. lee R, Ifrall -00 lee 'too age ,00 too we 00 see too AV '16 U 0 AN 0 , 0 " dOO ti I ~,*, * 0 ***Joe 0 0 0 00000 0 00 0 0 0000 0 000 006000 0 foo 000000 :00 :o 00 A 009 0o 000 w LI GO," d boom" d , -00 Ar. OL-ru. J 4- R IL'ais am IN" = 1bg bid&a paimb Od O .00 cryd&'d se"id mks a 4L fumda oil vVemis. awl ~00 himm imlail b a arkwim d the mte (A 0W OMW& The awm4a 0 tin 0 to tint 1 The slotiamM&A the Eli 000 two IMass" ago- 9"Iq- 4~~ Sean 464P oil ON ON&AIII an on asi 9 do 4 3a ago mdonil st.4 11611 OIL 10 ";;"ON; 0 0 0 0 0 0 Co 0 0 re ,e 0 0 0 16 Is 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0:A w 0 0 0 4 0 a 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 600 goo, soW ,,go *00 vool A o r- IL lR - - - - to" h i l i b -u i~ ..~ V w coa y timurm t ru u t m ty I s a lectric ockschomew. 1. M. L. Chepelevrtshil. Zarsodskaya Lab. - It. 4W1,111130945). Attila. ul"rach-pillitkin u( thor ppio%~ go A frill to) the MAU. tit the %ampir ir-uht in the fiscistatisms a 00 a 14-1~ will sit inctrow Ift the 1111114-10V .4 low .411 ' Isicita., sit lose sti-spik"44 light 00 Latin MAMM sonstil lots flootiLlis Chile 10 111C CqUilf. lottint 1% 00 cream time aboommiloolkin ad bgbt. but "-tvsos~ tlk- &.4t., go al lbt imbMity. copowing to the dilits, u4 the too, CIL4,vm Ad tit* advill. sula too low, I"Itud M tit the smmommem. . The nwittiml 44 1111mituAl J,v 10A%, flat bidity OW br used in calors where %,4usactiois- so based an isima. OW i. 11"I liumms" Off login*. 44 -lillsk caliosm asul Aln-11 so Oki v , 1411111illoo 1411%. its IN, por-clict, soulm.). Thealinom tit 111111()o, with HO OCH 1, 1., lose 00 f-IICIO. I If,() mallisim-tolity rvsulf~. T. present,4v,i,, 00 10ad. uI67e HCK). was asiolvol loortsoce low toittatiovs. ne I" , "" wmlLie fly di4wor,"I 63111 I.W111-f Albion tit 16 mt. tit 2.4"r, 11 No 1. im-tra"I low IwimitAlge icialhir. Tow $os4-n,v 4 bl,sootir, Interfered Witte The dirtn. Fls-mrWs- ess,s I~ tmmo,ol -od, milltis with I'lo(AcO, its the too.,e,we of ",-. N.Cl wool W R Il'toll If 10 I-- 00 i (-00 "SO .00 Poo O's 400 see -00 so* Vie age two oleo a odt&LLURSK&L LIT MAIM* C&AISAFKATICIN moo"! smultv. t W., .3. 9". we.* J-, I' 161 0 Jill, An As 0 at 4 31 If 10 0 a we a OKI as at Is I 1~ ~2~ i~ 0 - 00,0000 000000,000000s ale 00 9 0 a :0000000000000000*000 0 7 7 T 7 0 Is I 1 9 to 11 1) 11 w " 10 1) to iiT:jl v v it 0 4 41 41 In O'c A 1-.-f A A P-6 If I I L -A-.N-.P AAA- I M. MAC WJ14-11-A. I, A.-J-11 9, 9--A- -,Ai 040 00- 0:A B mum" ft"b" IN am" of *M* IN in L,-C1111.1190MIA11. M. M. Rubies. see a. a. 911firi'. Lub. 11, 74KI ". d. C.A. 41110.244rose.-Areselysime 49 plilv~phmsr m4u.. flett Wx-- by literalism fly mass. twilichty ysvtl' I'lows, I.- imritir slid Idialde firmellee Oull A41V ishl'skilml elliVistle,11 a 1IC1 to is dribmiter vW. tit The isample tit. in a johimillicht cumle (how loved'ut tbeirmicist tit SO$ if site if. I's :1 got red. 9 1-8%., S is 1 mi. V 11- Held water Ili *kI Hill. goo W OSS for 0. 1 A Pact, vian, restpir"I far t he 1.111 u.. herl 11W " Akre M) Miss Ow froldinp 44 the Isigatitlitiaw Officar are wftbm tbr ftm all -Mler diviliesels, atilt add 11,10, ioPwtkmWO.2-4).3m). After rwh 1xvitmi, 00&0 Irt slow hw 1.0-1.5 MIN.. "Imp"Uter thr 4.1 0011 Ikv 6W plintivillilwal by m"fite to the biffolilhill1i, W-4 list 411411111 Off Pbi4UMtrKts Off I% 1`41VAU., NMI Ilt-4mill 9,41mil. lbr few"Ump of thr hittillimmir fKvttq atilt 11111%4- am kht b""t- COM%CrWt CO IN MITI. P&lWf OlAt SAI-allit'llt III the 41tralkilm to of embiA is lembelater tit thr rtid tit ppilj~ awl 4W. rujiltimesslitis qbv no. (if fell. 44 ISOL'If '40111. t$-411111"1 140 Ow 14d". I'll# filter frefultsil fur Oil, mimlyo. "Ievably l1rime i6n Xt itimitsimA Im W. R. firtin NrTjstj.Uft1q;&L LIVER&IM C1,41140KAT" a w4va "Sp aso'l-Q61. Vessel Oil IA I 1 0 % 6 tit 4 0 0 Goo sea goo sea goo qoo 600 see woo Solubility Igochronles-isothtiniA I a Ofte In the IMCM arid the Erotic of S e as le- 131. R. U131tskils and /?If. le ele ITA-larn ri:.-Khim. Anal., Akadi Narjk-S" =.. 20, M-KIWA).-Wlien apatite Lq digested with lisSO, in the production of superphosphate. too high a coutil. of the acid or too high a temp. stops tile - reaction. 77his is attributed to depo.4tion of CaSOj formed An initial stages of the process on grains of apatite and thereby protecting it from the action of HtS04. The rc- action was studicd at 50, 70, and 90'. and 4 and 7 firs. tintation. Plotting UtSO# conen. vs. PtOa in soln. showed that far each of these temps, them ate conciii. of 11,SOi at whiclithereactionisamsted. As the tenip. rises t hit zone of complete passivation of the apatite Is tatifted towartl lowercmiciis. Addri. of 1I.P0, lowered the sol )" of apatite still furthcr. 'Vor greatest effliciency In superphosplinte productlon It Is essential to feed the ingredients, HSO, and apatite, at controlled rates. Cf. Ch., d at.. C.A. 38, 50397. M. Hoseh EXPERIMENT ON THF CONSTRUCTI F A PERIODIC SYSTEM OF ATOMIC NUCLEI. M. L. Clespievelsku. zhur. !~mtl'. I Teorot. Fit. 13,3ZT-31KIWx-NjE-W Russ:An) For a foundation of a series of Investigations of =clear properties a periodic system of lactolves d alomic. vacial Is given. The dimensions of the periodix of the soclal vers, do- tormlned by the number of neutrons and protons; In tM periods, and in the mama way The commit= bet the forms of the periodicity was determined. The hypMesla states that the construction of a period is accomplished by means of Ifidabing the construction with miclson of sarfaco layers of nuclei with subsequent 11P.IshiRg of Its deep layers. AMU. I.Gi,; BAUM. A.Virdecommed]; BRUTSKW, Te.B.; MILIKAN, P.N.; OBERNICH. R.To.; OMANOV, M.N.; CHIP NwjTSKIT, M.L.; CH1290- UMIFA. M.N.; KIEMICM. B*V,, re- dektor; WAK, Te.Q., tokmichookiy redaktor. [Methods of analyzing and controlling the production of sulfuric wid and omperpheopbates] Metedy analiza I kontrolia preizvedstva sernot k1slety L superfesfata. Soot. A.G,Axelln i dri Pod red. ,', B.T.MikhallchnIm. Neekwa. Goo.mmehno-tokhn. lzd-v* khIa. lit-179 1955. 159--p. (KM 9:5) I.Moscow. NancbW Imstitut, po udsbroni~m I lassIrt9fungioldm. (Bulphurea aeld) (Phosphates) 1, USSIVahemical T9chnOlOgY ChMical Products and Their Application. 1-6 Abst Journal: Referat Zhur 323. M21111A., No 19P 1956, 62-1 Fertilizers, Author: Ts. S., Vasilenko, N. A., Rubinova, ~T~levets~11~, Bol Its, Ce~ Institution: ~Nonel Titlet; Solubility of CrystaUbbydrate CaEP04-2H20 and Rate of Its Con- version to,Anbydrous Sait'in Connection with Some Problems of the Production of Phosphorus Fertilizers Original Periodicii~l: Bb. Issledoya ni ya-po prikl. kh1jIdi, Moscow-Leningrad,, 1zd-vo AN SM, 1955v 175-183 Abstract: Study of solubility of metastabile at 4& CaMP04-2%0 (I) in phos- phoric acid solutions and also of the rate of phase conversion (PC) of I to anhydrous salt (11). For the investigations were prepared at 2-3o solutionslof monocalcium phosphate which decompose an rise in temperature with separation of I as solid phase. The derived Card V2 tif 3inla ur ~.,w VASIIXNID. N.A.:, CIMEISMSKIY.,, K.L. Solubility of lanthanum phosphate in aqueous solutions of-phosphorle acid at 800. Zhur. neorg. khIm. 2 10:24%-2489 0 '57. (MIRA 11:3) 1. Nauchno-Issledovatel'skly InBtitut po udobreniyam I ineektofungist- dnm, Laboratorly's fisiko-khimicheekogo nnallzm. (Solu'bility) (Lanthanum PhoaDhate) (Phosphoric mcid) .40VjCh,_prQf.,*_; BRUTSKUS, Telena Borlsovna; A.A., red.; LURITIC. K.S.. [Siparphosphate; physicochamical production principles] Sdparfoafat; fisiko-khistichaskie onnovy proisvod3tva. Moskva-,' Gos.nauchno-tskhn.izd-vo khIm. lit-ry, 1958. 272 P. (KIRA~12:2) (Phosphates) KHAMSKIYP Ya.V.; CHOPPILEVEILISMY, MI.L. ~:- Effect of the formation conditions of calcium sulfate sam1bydrate on kinetics of Its conversion to d1hydrate In phosphoric acid solutions. Zhur. prikl-. khtm. 31 no*7:976-980 A '58. (Calcium sulfate) (Phosphoric acid) (14IR& 11:9) AUTHORS: Chepelevetskiy,_jL. L., Gimmellfarb, B. M., 20-119-1-36/52 Kuperman, N. Ye., Krasillnikova, Z. V. TITLEa An Electron-Microscope Investigation of the Structure of Phosphorites From the Kara-Tau Basin (Elektronno-mikroskopi- cheskoye issledovaniye struktury fosforitov basseyna Kara- - Tau) PERIODICALs Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1958, Vol- 119, Nr 1, pp. 133-135 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The phosphorites of this basin (deposits Ak-Say, Kok-su, and Chulak-Tau) contain larger quantities of dolomite (mostly 10-18%), whereby the consumption of sulfuric acid per ton of assimilable P 0 in superphosphate increases. Thereby the quality of th J85fertilizer is impaired as well with regard to the assimilable P20 as to its physical properties: it becomes hygroscopic Q smeary. At present 2 methods of the enrichment of these-phosphorites exist: flotation and the chemical method. By flotation it was possible to attain a concentrate with a highly reduced magnesium content (Ak-Say), whereas the phosphorites of the Chulak-Tau deposit still Card 1/3 yield concentrates with an MgO-content of 1,5% and higher. An Electron-Microscope Investigation of the Structure of 20-119-1-36/52 -Phosphorites From the Kara-Tau Basin These difficulties may be explained by the grain size of the phosphate substance of these phosphorites. The respective ores were inspite of a similni6 geological.age and belonging to the same series of phosphorites intensively changed by a contact- -metamorphism (nearness of a granite-intrusive), especially their phosphates were recrystallized. The structural peculiar- ities of the Chulak-Tau phosphorites were investigated under an electron-microscope. The structure of the phosphorites of the two remaining deposits were studied for comparison under an ordinary microscope. The characteristics of the Kara-Tau phosphorites are given in table 1. Polished sections of phosphorite samples were produced, impressions were made by the polystyrene-quartz and the collodium-quartz method and then etched, and again impressions made. The investigation showed that the size of the phosphate grains in all 5 samples from Chulak-Tau lies between 0,1 and 4,0 (figure 2). As the production of concentrates is due to the grain size in Chulak- Tau rendered difficult, the flotation shall be combined with a refinement by diluted acids, especially H2SO4. There are 2 figures, I table. Card 2/3 An Electron-Microscope Investigation of the Structure of 20-119-1-36/52 Phosphorites From the Kara-Tau Basin ASSOCIATIONt Nauchnyy institut po udobreniyam i insektofungisidam (Scientific Institute for Fertilizers and Insecticides). GosudarstvenW institut gornokhimicheskogo syr1ya (State Institute for Mining-Chemical Raw Materials) PRESENTED: June 11, 1957, bY S. I. Vollfkovich, Member, Academy of Sciences, USSR SUBMITTEDs June 5, 1957 Card 3/3 BRMKUS, TO.B.; C K M.L. -111""~Y~,--.--- Water - salt systems Including orthophosphates. Itogl mukI:KhIm.n&uk1 4:109-121 159. (KUU 13:4) (Systems (Chemistry)) (Phosphates) 5 S TI..'"~' Y MMMM~VALI AMIPAD-,": /2 SOV180-32-5-2,152 Khamskiy, Ye.V., Chapelevetskiy, M.L. On,the:jCrystallization of Potassium Sulfate From Solutions ol' Extraction Phosphoric Acid Zhurnal. prikladnloy khimii, 1959, Vol 32, Nr 5, pp 948-9.52 (USSR) The. study of the crystallization of pota-s-iium sulfate from solutions of phosphoric aold is closely muiacted with the production of H3FOI~ by the method of sulfuric acid extractian. There are thb dibydrate,. polyhyd---ate and anhydrite methods Of DrOduction FFef _g. 5,-e prin- cipal condition for the dihydrate method is the absence of. the poly- hydrate of potassium sulfate in the bottcn phase at the end of the production process ' The.teolLnological conditions for produoing phosphoric acid of high concentration by -the dihydrate method are invrestigated here. It has been shown (Table 1) that in- distinction from solutions of chemically pure ~3P04 the dihydrate of potassium sulfate is first precipitated in the bottom phase. This change is explained by. the presence of admixtures. If the ratio W/&-%j is lm- creased, the crystallization of calcium sulfate in the form oT di- hydrate takes place at more concentrated solutions of phosphoric aold S 0/80 13 2;,;,= ~; 2/5 42 Gfi-the Cry-stallizhfion",.of-Potassium*Su:Lfate Prom;Soluti-ons of.- Extrae'tion,Phosphoric Acid. and.-at higher-temperatures. The increase of this ratio in the liouid phase raises the stability of the dihydrate in the solutions of phos- phorio:acld. The-experiments showed that the admixtures facilitate the crystallization of calcium sulfate as dihydrate and that t1he in- crease of the ratio CaO/SO3 in the liquid phase improves the stability of the dihydrate. At 700C and a molar ratio of CaO/803 phosphoric acid containing 34-39% P~D5 c&n be produced. There are: 3 tables and 5 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Nauchnyy Institut po udobreniyam I insektofungisidam im. prof. Ya.V, Samoylova (Scientific Institute of Fertilizers and Insectofungicides imeni Professor Ya.V. Samoylov) =W: December 21, 1957 Card 2/2 YANYSHEVA, V.S.; YUZHNAYA, Ye.V.; CHOFELEVETSKIY, M.L. Electron microscope study of calcium sulfate films formed at the surface df calcite crystals during the decomposition of the latter by sulfuric acid. Dokl. AN SSSR 141 no.5:1161-U62 D 161. (MIRA 14,12) 1. Nauchnyy institut po udobraniyam i insektofungisidam im. Ya.V. Samoylova. Predatavleno akademikom S.I. Vollfkovichem. (Calcium sulfate) (Electron microscopy) CHEPELEVETSKIY. M.L.; KIMIM.NOVICH K.F. Solilbillty product of lebd riolybdate. Zhur. anal. khIm. 18 no.3:357-39 Mx'63. (URA 17 15) 1. Mo3kovskly-institut tonkoy kh',mi;L-heskcy tekhnolog.1 imeni Lomonosova. LAMP, V.N.; CHEPELEUTSKIY, M.L. .. Solubility in the system K2SO4 - CaSO - H 110 - H 0 (isotherm 800C).. Zhur.,prikl.,khim. 36 no.12:2~50-225~4 D '93- (HIRA 17:2) CHEPELEVEISKIY, M.L.; MALUIEVICH, V.M. Determination of the sulfate ion in extractive phosphoric acid by photodurbidimetric titration. Zav. lab. 30 no.8:935-937 164. (MM 18:3) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellakly inatitut po udobrenlyam i insekto- fungisidam imeni. Samoylova. KHARITONOVICII, K.F.; ClffPEIEVLTSKIY M,L. Irtudy of' calcium precipitatl~,n an molybdate by photzturbijImmetric, titration. Zhur. aral. khim. 20 nc.6:?4-3-'?45 165. ("'Miii 18c?) 1. 1,11brikovskly institut tonkoy khimicheskoy te~hnohg_13. Imeni lz=,oncsova. CHEPELEVETSKIY, M.L.; KHARITONOVICH, K.F. hment to a photocolorimeter. Zav. lab. 31 no.2z2537 2% 165. (MRA :L8s7) 1. Moskovskiy institut tonkoy khimichaskoy tekhnologii im. M.V.Lcmonosova, Uwe VJ6; camms Solumulq at mate In a qvatoMwy ujwtm KaMk& - QWW4 P420o loothas woo Thdw RIUN wo2OGs 2064M 9654 'k, sellmulw- at wts in the :: lwffit~ %FO4 - 1% P04 - %of 0604 - "4 - %06 aw =04 - %M4 - %0f sm Ufteou of the qatonmy sysimes t2o - so3 - paos - qzo6 zootham WD, n".s2og6w Oomwaulm of ~the bdUW7 m1to at sWCSwlU ) ad plaft =u (11P.040 MIS04.%P) to SOUMO WAMIM, rbfidIUS-= om loin) KISHCIZW4 cc ammku ffaMu In to progem of wiftcle old --o" Ilklift md &IOD at =Mani= ThomPbaftso TRW = miatmd&x so. IwkMMIW In Va mpg am (%)2 a% kDO4 - V04 - 'b0- nI& ON-42 OWA Issul. ,FILATOVA, L.N.; CHEPELEVETSKIY M.L. ForrAtion in aqueous solutions of s binuclear ferrorhosphUte emplax and its properties. DokI. AN S!:'~SR 166 J& 166, (~a :L9 I I) 1. Vsesoyuznyy institut, khimicheskikh reaktivov i r,-qobo chistykh khirichesklkh vashches-tv. Submitted June 3.4, 1965. ACC NRt *AP6027073 SOURCE, CODE: UR/0076/66/040/OM/0307/0316 AUTHOR: Chepelevetskiy,, M. L. ORG: nojTW- TITIE: Periodic system of atomic nuclei SOURCE: ZExiWa_1:_fiz1cheskoy ZMdij, v. 0,_no. 2, 1966, 307-316 TOPIC TAGS: -nucleus, isotope, electron shell, neutron, proton, heavy nucleus, stochiometry, transuranium element ASTRACT: A previously pub3 ished periodic system of atomic nuclaJAs exa-rdned in greater detail. The development of a periodic system of.nodal isotopes ,from the experimental data is shown both on the basis of analogies and in contrast to the structure of the electron shells in the Mendeleyev system. The numbers of neutrons and-pr~i6hs filling the 11-subgroups and the V- subgroups respectively can be found from the difference between the sizes of the noolaus periods for neutrons and protons correspondingly. These ro&Lt- larities emanate from the principle of shell layers completion, analogous for the electron and nucleon periodic systems. For avorage and heavy nuclei filling numbers of neutrons in.each given V_gubgroup are equal to'the ~sum of the filling mmbers of protons in the given 1"-subgroup and in the previous one, i.e., 111-1, This Indicates the simple stoichlometry of the proton-noutron ratios of lil between oach two neighboring 11. III-subgroups :& characteristic without analogy in electron sholls. The periodic system 9f. nuclel with an odd n=%ber of neutrons or protons is sbown using riucloar isomerism as an exa~nple. The system can be continued beyond the limits of the discovered transuranium elements. The isotopic and mass numbers of nodal isotopes# :)reficteg back iR.19L7. of earliemnsngeshzed eleyprits we sub ueRgy6 s. -Eon 2rmq._wo!!. !Faiscoveryt 1g!. as: _guru,, 5eformffas table SUB CODE: 20, 04-/'S6BK DAM. .2lDec64 ORI G* FIEF ; 016 / OT11 REF:'0_26'1JP~'-_ 36#4551 -cam V1, - .? ~ /-~ - - UDG; --541.20 USTIGH, A.F., vtaxvhi7-eIektromekhanik; KNYAZEV, M.N., starshiy -in n3r_;,_CH9PFIMCH II.I., FromAlhe editordmail. Avtom., telem. i sviaz' 5 no.3:44 Mr 161. (MIRA,14:9) 1. Mineralovoclakaya distantsi7,*, signalizatsii i svyazi Severo- ..Zavkazukoy..dorogi (fo;r Ustich), 2. Vadeahdinalmya distantsiya signa.Uzataii i ovyazi Sverdlovskoy dorogi (for Yoayazev). 3. Nachallnik,laboratorii dignalizatsii i svyazi Litovskoy dorogi., (for Chdpelevich). (Railroads-Electric equipment) (Railroads-Communication systems) (Railroads-SignalingPorftUrlocking systems) CMP8UWM.. I., (Engr-Lt Col) Goauthor with &Wr-Lt Col, A* INFELITSM of article,, 0 Tent for Repairing EquipwntH construction of a tent to be used in field vien repairing equipment* ( Tanidat., Moscow, No 49 Apr 54) SO: SUM NO* 239s 13 Oot 1954 Z4Z eKI ve I., i= . lnshoner-podpolkornik; honer-podpolkovnik. Repairing slootric spipment in the field. SLWdet no.5.-3&" Vq '56o (MIRA 11t3r) (Tanks (Military science)-Zlectric equipimut) F- teldiricherilr1kh Mall'k-1CMAUYSICI" . inzhener. denig-ri for aut:)matic the rnor agiLla tore urqd in electrcl,,,tic baths. 1,7t.bransp- 35 no.7:25 H 05.7 . (MIX, 1;-.8) (Thermostat) (Electroplating) --- ---- L V L 1~- 1: IV' '1~ k 1 -1 , --L- - /- ZHIKH, V.A., Imnd. tekhn. nauk; CHVELEVSKIY, I.F., inzh. AutomtIc control of temperatures in a gal-vanic bath. rest. msh. 38 no.4:63-64 Ap 158. (MMA 110) (Thermostat) CNEPELEVSKIY, V.; SARKHOSHIYAN, G. Special exhibition "Now techniqueslathe repairing of units of motor vehicles.9 Avt.transp. 40 no.9:58 S 162. . . (WRA 15:9) (Motor vehicles.-Maintenance and repair) CHEPEIEVSKIY9 V., inzh.- TUMANOV, I., inzh. Unified specifications for the receiving for overhauling, am t1s, delivery After overhauling of motor vehicles, their parts and units. Avt. train' ~ 41 no.lOs2&-29 0 163. (MM 16ilO) CHEPELEVSKIY Vladimir Natanovich; TUMANOV, Ivan Aleks-vevich; ' - " ' ' " ~~Kff YiY-kT,.bVji'enMWitovich; RUNYANTSEV, Aleksey Nikolayevich; XLEVENSKIY9 Aleksandr losifoAch; BELOTSERKOVSKAYA, S.L., red.; SHUPIYAKOV,S.I.,red. [New developments in the technology and equipment used in motor-vehicle repair] Novoe v tekhnologii i oborudo- vanii dl-ia remonta avtomobilei. Moskva, Transport, 1964. 127 p. (MIRA 18:1) r;W Tk I )~/7-~Wr(m)/-~YiPk"'e)/El','P(t)/EWP(b IJP(c) ~WWCWM L 3176 /V J AC X NRI AP6003"c53' SOURCE CODE: UR/0020/65/165/oo6/1336/1339 qq -5-5, 5110 AUMTHOR: Do omoyova. L.' D.; Lazukin N.; Chej2e.12ZX V.; Ballskayag Ls A# rM...- ORG: Moscov State Univers t im. M.V. Lomononov (Moskovskiy gosudarstvenrq7-~5 universiFCe-t_)_'__ :zj, qq ~F6_- TITLE:IL Electron paramagnetic resonance of manganese ions in the As-Se-Ge _AlasAT~Z-tem SDURCE: AN SSSRs Doklady, v. 165 no. 6, 1965, 1336-1339 TDPIC TAGS: M spectrump manganese ion, nonsilica glass, arsenic selenium -,germanium glass, glass atructural-property 2+ KBSTRACT: EM spectra of.Mn, in the glasses of the As-Se-Ge system containing 1:2.5-4o at% Ge have 'been studied in the 29~-M range to determine the type of chemicaljbonding of Mn and Ge atoms in relation to beat treatment and c!Zstal- I.Lzation%f the glasses. Glass samples were synthesized f high-purity m&terials by rielting and slov cooling in evacuated quartzlvmuls. All aampled cont ained 1 at% Mn. The resonance absorption lines ~tg-f ctors of 21and &IDout 4 'were observed in the EPR spectra of all samples. The lines with g- factor of 2, vhich broadened greatly vith a decrease in temperature,were attributed ~o antiferromagnetic, small-size inclusions of MnUe crystals. The reuidual" line with-a-g-facIor of 2 in the EPH spectra at 77K, especially L-c-ard 1/2 UDC: 5hl.67-461.6;538-113 L L118U-66 ACC NRt AP6003253 r litrong in the sample irith. 40. at% Ge, was correlated irith Vh in the glass skeleton. The EPR lines vith g-factor of 4, which become more intense with an increase in Ge concentration, were associated vith an increase in concentration of [GeSe4,/2] and [GeGe4/41 tetrahedral nodes in the glass structure. The presence of'Mn may contributeto the increase in the tetrahedral nodes content by a meqanism 'analogous to that theoretically established for Fe34* in gilicLte glasses.V The EPR line vith g-factor of about 4.3 vas observed earlier by Sdv#et band Western scientists in the pe3+ containing silicate glasses.~ Ma in the glass lattice may be bound to As, W a semipolar bond and to Be by a covalent bond. 'The EPR line vith g-factor of 10 was observed in only one glass sample at -77K and+ vas -attributed to heat treatment. Orig. art hazi 2 figured and 2 tables. EJKI SUB CODE 'OT/ SUBM DATE: I~MzqOj ORIG nl?.-~ OD4/ 'C'M MW.- 001/, ATD PrMS:W-4 2/2 L_gcrd (~CHVILIKi V.. arkhitaktor (g.Xiyev). 2. IJS3R (600) 4. Brooms and Brushes 7. Spiral vim brush for cleaning the pipes of a vacwm apparatus. Moloch. prom. 14, no. 3, 1953. Monthly List of Russian Accessigs, Library of Congress, May .1953. Unclassified. CHEPELKIN, N.A., agronam- Wide.horizons., Zemledelia.27 no.8.-61~64 Ag 165. (MIRA 18:11) 1. Kolkhoz "Rassvet". Kirovskogo rayona, Mogilevskoy oblasti. u u w a b 17P % V f CL LV R k IV f 1 LA-A-M if 69" - ample drumnime" d adide, in bissaft. waste grid b L a o . . to iv ~W&W for dol. Al. isna iu Nsuffife, 00-3 otilliv mod Illiam-Note, The cordrut o( h MIMI -44 WN km I* the rwitte nquw* Witititwd lo too no be dOW, III alsout i hr. by Mt. tois~lwjwll goo 014-thealit of kintengkre-Wollgit (d. C. A. 11, 11,41) 010 so U-1,14 1-4 A. n. It stoo goo see was 0o s ~ g j 4 Soo 4 441ALLUOSK&L 1,11111414dit CL&ISIVOCATtOw grow , - "M"69 'I - - T V1 ( - -i- I " u JORIDIN came Stan I(MI : NW4 0 000 00609000000 0 do ~00000 06000000*000 #41 00000900000000 *411 tul AND flerfills; 3014 C, fib see 064 Va. N, W, ;W o 0 m - t ekttmdn, . ~ an blwd In polo tal ptuIV"s an the up . wwwbuftwof the vvem h pvvj&qm with a stapewh A "dbg mW Im g" l A a died awl W4 for im. jW be4bift g , a e. - newu 111"Illavu ids"* -d IN , ;-A AW: we al u :,w,: Al'; I I 6-:111t0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 00,06 00 -00 00 0 0, 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 00 CA Mid A '-saym LAI odn bave Iw" i~ptviallly gnM f,w ddC. PIl.d iWatkm slurs". A characteristic feature I, ;s C&PWHY cammic ion in The electrode tube to preml km of cmlart IsMa v the h wW and fit. The hall-vell con. xWe of Our calonvel electrode and a jacW filled with mid. Ka win. The eiverade prvVer consitts of a 6-mm. (out. dft ism.) 81am tube with a piatition In which the Pt wire is beW. Owe eM of the Pt wwe is join"I to a Cu Wd wire and the otbw end is inumersed in If# in the capillary constrk, lion. Madilleatim to withstand vibratim during tests am Shown. R. Z. xamich L a u P-7 c ep, -Ynt of the kind 5, 0 e~t7c! - f I Uod-* u-sed, tlie~pjoer is c~ilibtatcfl i-rvirding to tlv~ C-ctrode ly-~ tial J 46 egmilient. To this end, 2 re-,i!t licin a n Elw olle in tile r-reattlmilz circui* wid tile uthe--r ill 11.~- circait. 'llvcs c of th~! CHEPELKIN, Yu. N. N. K. Nikollskiy, I. P. Kell', Yu. 0. Tennison and Yu. N. Chepelkin (14ekhanobr) "The determination of the residual sulphur-ion concentration in the pulp with the aid of a silver-sulphide electrode" rq*rt presented at the 4th sciestific and Technical Session of the lbkbanabr Inst, Loeningrado 15-18 JUI7 1958 XCHDRATITRY. Nilrolay Yovgenlyevich. starehly nauchnyy sotrudnik-, CHSBOTARZT. A.L. otv.rede- CMUWKINA, L.A., red,; YASHOGORODOLAYA, M.N., redo; [Design of reservoir coast chances; practical mauall Haschety beregavykh pareforalrovanil us vodokhranilishchakh: praktichaskoe posobie. Leningrad. Gidrowtoor.izd-yo, 11960. 62 p. (MIRA 14:1) 1. Gosudaretvannyy gidrologichaskly Institut (for londratlyev). (Coast chances) (Reservoirs) B"OV, Ivan Vasillyevich; GHEPELKINA, L.A., red.; SERGEYEV, A.N., tekhn, red, =---------- =- [Limnological types of lakes of the U.S.S.R.] Limologicheakie tipy ozer SSSR. Leningrad, Gidrometaoizdat, 1961 275 P- WA 15: 5) (Lakes) (Liumology) BYKOVq Nikolay Ivanovich; BORSUK, Vofl., otv, red,; GIIEPEMINA, L.A., red*; ALSKSEYEV, A.G., tekbn. red, (Agronomic characteristics of soil moisture conditior's in the middle Volga Vaney]Agrogidrologichaskie svoistva pochv Srednego PovolzhIia; spravochnik. Leningrad,, Gidrometcoiz- dat,, 1962. 225 P. (MIU 15:11) (Volga Valley-Soil moisture) VERIGO, Stefaniya Antonovna; RAZUMOVA, Lyubov' Aleksandrovna; KULIK, M.S.# oty. red.; CHI&F=INA,--Lj., red.; VOLKOV, N.V., tokhn. red.; SUTOROVA, L.D., tokhn. red. [Soil moisture and its role in agricultural production] Pochven- nala vlaga i so snachenie v sellskokhosiaistyennom proizvodetve. Leningrad,, Gidroketeoisdit, 1963. 288 p. (MIRA 16:6) (Soil moisture) (Agriculture) SHULITS, Viktor L'vovIch; KOZIK, Ye.M., otv. red.; CJIE.P.ELK.IN.A,___ L.A., red.; NIKOLAYEVAt G.S., tekhn. red. [Rivers of Central Asia] Reki Srednei Azii. Leningrad, Gidrometeoizdat. Pt.l. 1963. 301 p. (MIRA 16:10) (Soviet Central Asia-Rivers) IVANOV, K.Ye., doktor geogr. nauk,, prof.; ROMANOV,, V.V.., kand. tekhn. nauk; SIDORKINA, L.M.,.kand.geogr. nauki SHUFMAN, N.M., inzh.; BAVINA, L.G.., inzh.; GALINOVSKArA, I.A., inzh.; KOZHINA, Z.M.3, red.; CHUMINA, L.A., red.; SHATILINA, M.K., red.; BRAYNINA, M. L., tekW.-f W.' " ' ' (Hydrological calculation in the drainage of bogs and svanW soils] Gidrologicheskie rascbety pri osushenii bolot i zabolochen- rqkh zemell. Pod red. K.E.Ivanova. Leningradg Gidrometeoizdat, 1963. "7 p. _[Supplement no.9. Mapsj Prilozhenie no.9. Karty. (KRA 16:12) 1. Leningrad. Gidrologicheskiy institut. (Drainage) SKLYAROV) V.M.0 otv. red.; GRIBANOV, N.N., red.; MUMITSEV, A.M., red.; POGOSYAN, Kh.P.,, red.; PROTOPOPOV, V.S., red.; RUDIFEV, G.V,, red.; SOKOLOV, A.A., red.; SOLOVIYU, V.A.,, red.; USMOV, R.F., red.; ZHDANOVA, L.P., red.; RUSAKOVA, G.Ya., red.; CHEFELKINA. L.A. - red.; KOLESOVA, Z.M., tekhn,red. [Man and the elements; hydrometeorologic desk calendar for 1964] Chelovek i stikhiia; nastollnyi gidrometeorologicheskii kalendarl 1964. Leningrad, Gidrometeorologicheskoe izd-vo, 1963. 154 p. (MIRA 17:2) SALAMIOV, Vladimir Vasil 'yovich;F-CDVI SIMSKAYA, N.Ya., kand. tekhn. nauk, otv. red.; CIMPEIIINA, L.A.0 red. (Spring runoff of the rivers in the upper Dn~-eper.Basin; conditions governing their formation and the forecasting methods] Vesennil stok rek basseina Verkhnego Dnepra; US- lov-lia formirovaniia i metody prognozov. Leningrad, Gid- rometeoizdatq 1964. U1 p. (PILU 17:6) SHMIDTS, Sergey Viktorovich; CHEPELKINA, L.A... red. . [Safety techniques in hydrological work) Tekhnika bez- opasnosti pri gidrologicheskikh rabotakh. Leningrad Gidrometeoizdat, 1964. 170 p. (MIRA 17:9~ GOTLIB, Yakov Llvovich; Z=41N, Yevgeniy Yevgenlyevich; RAZZOREITOV, Fedor Fedorovich; TS-EYTLIN, Boris Semenovich; CHEPELKINA, L.A., red. [Thermal properties of ice on the Angara River] Ledotermika ,&gary. [B!yl IA.L.Gotlib i dr. Leningrads Gidrometeoizdaty 'i9 64. i9 6 p. (MIRA 17:6) KHMALADZE, Grigoriy Nikolayevich; YEGIAZAROV, I.V., akademik, retsenzent; LOPATIN, G.V... doktor geogr. nauk-, retsenzent; LISITSYNA, K.N., nauchn. sotr., retsenzent; BOGOLYUBOVA, 13., nauchn. sotr., ratsenzent; KHERKHEULIDZE, I.I.., red.; CREPE, L. ,, red. [.%spanded sediments of the rivers of the Armenian S.S.R.] V--vesherwye nasosy rek Armiunskol SSR. a-~ningrad, Gidro- meteoizdat, 1964. 245 p. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Laboratoriya nanosov Gosudarstvennogo gidrologiche- skogo instituta (for Lisitsyna, Bogolyabova). DEN ~s V , Yi , I y im, -, : , .13, lit! L ITS, V.L., red. , - _CIE . (). - - . .;. i, _LPE"ISINA4~, !..A.,, uf-'14 (S~atem for~alnllatjmg -the cz.Iaccharge hydrograph of mountalln rivers] Skbu-inrt rascht-L& gidrograffa stoka gcr- -nykh rek. L4,-riixigrad.., Gid mme tool zdat, 1965. 100 P. (MIRA -18-.7) SHULITS, Viktor L'vovIchj KOZIK, Ye.M., oty. red.;_EREPq ~jj L.A-J' red. (Rivers of Central Asia] Reki Srednei Azii. Leningrad, Gidrometeoizdat. Pts. 1 2. 1965. 691 p. (MIRA :18: 5) GRUSHEVSKIY, M.S... red.; OCIDIENT, L.S., red.; CHEPELKINA, L.A... red.. - [Electronic computers in bydrology; a collection of translations] Elektronnye vychislitellnye mashiny v gidro- logii; sbornik perevodov. Leningrad, Gidrometeoizdat, 1965. 233 P. (MIRA 18: 10) BYKOV, Vaailiy Dmitriyovichl VASIL'YEVp Andrey Vesillyevichj red. CHEBOTAREV, A.I., otv. red.; CHEFE;&INA [Hydrometry] Gidrometriia. Izd 2,j parer, i dop. Le- ningrad., Gidrometeoisdats 1965: 498 P. (MIRA 19s1) LIOZINA, TeM.; qBxF31OTA N TARTAKOYSXATA. B.B. Volume of circulating boood In some diseases of the heimapoletic organs; Isotope methods Testereate i rade 31 no-5:21-26 s-o 956. (MLRA 10:1) Is Zz otde]A klinicheskoy gematologil I laboratorit Lzotopoy (sav. prof. D.N.Yanovskly) Ukrainakopo instituta klinicheskoy meditsiny iment akad. I.D.Strashesko (dir. - prof. A.L.Mikhnev) (BLOW VOLVA. determ. Isotope method) . 2~667~6~ --- EWT A/LtC(44 _`V NO/SSNO/ D(t T, it ACCESSION NR: AP404666.5. S/0185/64/009/009/1026/1026 16 ~51 -AUTHOR; Chepelyev, V. V. 0. e am I: TITLE: The asymmetry.,of the impulr plitude (pulse-heigth) differential distri- bution curves. of x- ray detectors of NOV crystals SOURCE: Ukrayinalky*h f1zy*chny*y zhurnal, v. 9, no. 9, 1964, 1026 TOPIC TAGS: NaITI crystal, pulse height curve, x ray detector, scintillation _detector, luminescence quenching center, photomultiplier, single channel scintil- :-,_,lation spectrometer :.ABSTRACT: NOV. crystals produced for operation as x-ray detectors in the 4- 20 kev energy'region viere, characterized by distinct asymmetry from the low side. regardless, of ~the -light reflecting material or method of preparing un I of the enclosed figure shows a typical differential distri the. it surfacei Curve bution of the Impulse amplitude:of a single channel scintillation spectrometer with. an FEU-35 photomultiplier for CuXtt radiation, The parameters established after Card 1/ 3 EWT(M) ACC NRj AP6016D47 0185/66/oli/oo5/0 SOURCE CODE: UR/ 5WO539 rAUTHOR: Zakbarko, Ya., Mel,'; ChePAI mj V.- V. ORG:, LIvav-State University line 10 &anko JL'vivs'lwy derzhuniversytet) 71m: Influence of x-irradiation on resolution of a N&I(Tl) scintillator '10=2: t1krvins 3*7 fizychMy. zhurnal., v. 3.1, no 5 P 1966P 538-539 -:'TOPIC MAGS:- x ray effect., scintillstor., activated crystalp Gamma spectrometer ABSTMT: 'This is-, a continuation of earlier work (Izv. AN SSSR ser. fiz. v- 29, 78, J 2,965),vhere It was shown that exposure of NC(Tl) cryetals to bard x-irradiation affects adversely the resolution of 7 spectMm 717he present article reports _dera the experimentally obtained intrincic resolution of irradiated crystals and the causes of, this, effect. Round, plates -of 30 m diameter and 5 mm thickness cut from :..crystals grown by the Kiropoulos method,were exposed to doses of 300-350 r/ in. The resolutibn've.6 measured with a scintillation spectrometer using ai FW-43 photopmIti- plier several. hours after the irradiation,, wben the phoBphoreBeence of the crystal completely stopped. Several weeks after a 60-minate irradiation the resolution was still 40-45%, below the - initial -value., and the amplitude of the photopeak was -15% -below the initial value. The small decrease in the average photopeak amplitude, com- Wed vithIbe appreciable deterioration of the resolution,, is the consequence of imhcnogeneities of the optical yield, due to the different absorption of the x-rays the scintillator material. - This was confirmed by a separate test of the variation of thin ligbtyield with -the thickness of the scintillating crystal. Orig. azt* has- "[02i 1, figul re, spid I -table. d MDE 'SUBM DATM 3 S e 20/ OJun65/ ORIG REF: 005/ ATD PRE C 0 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; we ; ; ; ;f; '4w,11-44: -t- -0 a a IV w w - - - 3 0 0 f 6 0 11 it it 0 Is ## a 111 1) a A A m At a ' &.4 -4, A-4-A-L 4 1 1 1 V I IA I I Alk 4 (A 0 U A f A g pwams "mks@ kv. A. 24. 11&1*krvNh md -; R Ati.-Co.o,v DA, (It 1 3 N- S . . , , an 41W figulwind "Iwfiligms: dw mill. 4 ismi 111114 "Sirr five 6 sivol kill1r, 11ir I Ow.4 cwto& tk"mlpn.. the ons-umplimot A C'11, IWI Lt. of carbMe and The "inditkwo tA dwompn. twat" truip:. ftc.). TIw cokkwy of vArkms lyIwq q v'"t-r&h1r4 it Ike .0. 1tire 0 4 1 U a 10 A a I IF '?I a ad 0 --ft --- *- I-, 143 n I ~ me too A 6 0 0 o 0 o 0 0 o a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~ 0 0 Wo 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 4D 0 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 0 006009 0 4r, 0 It 0 o 0 o 0 -- 0 0 04 ess of 00000 0 0 0 0.0 w- -. W ;4V W'w wo a 0 0 0 0 O 1 o 0 0 0 ' 9 it it 0 0 9 AA it w it.. 00 A $ VAL c Via A%V fsl~ t wit. JL' and V. P, Ttviv Alle 'lludkel 4.) Ill aim gal- so, curtirlit IcAvillig tilt- -stutr ill list, 44"(104,111. wl~ as VA 6W Mill. '-Jo 0 :-Zoo .00 -:09 Zoo loo Wall, --,0o tilt IM too '. - u It AV 'It ' M- 6, 1 % 98 w 4p to 0 0 0 0 * 0 7 .14 0 0 0 0 0 to to 0 to to 0 0 0 4 0 to 0 o to 0 ) 0 1 it u 1 $4 It It it 3 )1 11 u to " N 'A IV 1 1 k 9 t j 1 L Y 4 It I, 1 4 - ~ b - V-- A Y . 4 a I L--L- A A ~ - - . , . IM.% it 4wP ~ P V 4", ill! Jib, pmbildy .1 wa.g pitrudobutylvar as s fuel in the tuttiagoluieWs. A~S.I.Vkvvtdami,it.~I- Pdo 8, Mi. - * 1. IOU. U, ZM i.% mkitable 64 11 b hi i i ) i k . evv% tip tai: min. %m a% It fud (%a cutt q ll t c ng steel p i I%-,. It i~ ex"11J.".04 to C'144 And bettAtir as fraArlb, tuttitis va,ity atki a." I Irpirm-all'i hir t1w 4 CO + 4 It, aild 4 CO + 4 Ill + 4 0,- 4 AXI: -4 4110). - L ( di i I i l d atit. % sit cu ugruirtit I, Me un jumment it t" y a qu -1 tile I w1 ut tioniq U41 4 th i ut tin Theo e 4 a l1 c . p % q And the Italkle mil I,e va~ilv trKII14ti-d. it tile V%i. ibe fild i~ faird With % 14411161,11 vlvv I," 00 IrcillatifIR like pIr"uIr aild I, %willml "ith Ilm ~Alrl t-40 ill the twilil, 1. M. C.. Ah.-tv All 004 & f-T woo it T "go' too 000 41 ow 00 Is, ;440 1 1 l t 040"0' go of lose o 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 F 41 0 0 0 0 0 6 i 0 e 0 0 0 ~o 0 00 *goe e 0 p l 404 *is 0 00 0 0 0 a 0 9 00-0 It 90 Is 00 s 0000 111 0 O CHEFELYUGINA, M. F.,--- - uThe Role of Afferentation in Construction of Motive Actions," Thesis for degree of Cand. Biological Sol. Sub 22 Jun 50, Acad Mod Sol USSR Slanary, 71, 4 Sept 52. Dissertations Presented for Degrees 14 Sol, and d".." Moscow in 1950. Frm Vachermvwm MosIM. Jan-Doe 1950. -SERDYUKOVA, M.; CHEPELYUK,, B. Projection camera for a trichinelloscope. Mias. ind. SSSR 32 no.3:47.161, (MIRA 14:7) I.' Vinnitakaya uWasoliontrolinays. stantsiya. No.l. ~Triahinella spiralis) (Heatindustry-Equipment and supplies) % Cmumum, N.Ae - BAKUR, X.T. - Q fever in Favlodar Province; prelininary report. Zdrav. Zmakh. I? no.6--46 '5?. WaA 12:6) 1. Is Paviodarokoy oblastnoy sanitarno-apidealologicheakoy Stantaii. (PAVLODAR PROVINCl--Q .4, EXCERPTA YFDI",A See 17 Vol 5/7 ?ublie. Health July 59 1894. INIATERIAL FOR THE STUDY OF Q FEVER IN THE PROVINCE OF IIAV- LODARSK (Russian text) - Chepelyuk M.A. and Bekker E.T. Pav- lodarsk Prov.Sanit.-Epide~nTo-[.-rta-itfo-n-.-Fa-V=~krak. USSH - ZDHAVOUKIIH. KAZ. 1958, 18/6 (20-23) The diagnosis of Q fever was first confirmed in the region by positive CFT with patients' sera and the rickettsial antigen of C. burnetii. The incidence of Q fever is seasonal (March-June). probably owing to seasonal frequencies of exposure to ticks. among which Dermacentur marlinatus was found to be naturally infected with Q fever rickettsiae. Q fever was highly prevalent among meat-packers, and of low incidence in dairy personnel. Anigstein - Galveston, Tex. (L, 17) 51. fe CHEFELYUKO M.A.; BEKKERv I.T. Bacteriological characteristice of brucellosis in Pavlodar Province, Zdrave Kazakh. 22 no.9:58-61 062, (KMA 17:2) 1. Is Pavlodarskoy oblastnoy sanitarno-epidesiologicheskoy stantaii, AID P - 4591 Subject USSR/Aeronautics - tactics Card 1/1 Pub. 135 3/23 Author : Chepelzuk. S. G., Hero of Sov. Union, Candid. in Mil. Sci., Guards Maj. Title : Destruction of ground targets from hedge-hopping flight Periodical : Vest. vozd. flota, 3, 19-25, Mr 1956 Abstract : The advantages of hedgehopping attacks and the methods of carrying out of such attack s are described in detail. Two sketches. The article is of informative value. Institution : None Submitted : No date BOGDPIIOVICH, B.N.; CHEPEZIETS., E.N. Ligation of the main bronchus in pulmonary tuberculosis. Probl. tub. 40 no.6tlO3-104 16Z. (MIRA 16-.12-) 1. Tz tuberkuleznogo sanatoriya "Sosnovka* Wmisterstva zdravo- okhraneniya BSSR (glavnyy vrach T.S.Shatkovskaya). Oas,G of brolichogera"it, py~lt of' tte neliafi-mm, and 'Ailpre of the lung. Frob. tub. RA !S-.12) 1. Torakql1noye otdelenlyc ';f,-aochnop,,~ "'utwerkidezr, rrctivatu- l VIIP-C~ t, - 9~ -.; en-nagn dispanse"-&I 0102 U DIVUTNIF, V.A.; MINIKOVA, Ye.Ta.; CB3ffW=,A.I. Vitamin A,31 and k content of choose. Trudy VNIVI 6t240-242 159. (NMA 13.'7) 1. Yeasoyanyy nauchno-Iseledovatellskly vita*mlnnrr Institut. lhimiko-analitlebeek"s, laboratorlya. (CMMSX) (TPMINS) AEHURINA, R.M.; CHEPENKO, N.K. Advanced method for painting and drying netal containers in laoquer and paint-factories. Lakokras. mat. i ikh prim. no.6: 64-66 161, OURA 15:3) (Painting, Industrial-Equipment and supplies) MAYZFL! Boris Isaakovich; OMNI, Boris TSalerovic-'~, CHEPEVKO Nat& KoMtantin- EROS* IIJIM.p r"A. [Use of the combustion products cf natural gas in convec.- tion drying chambers for drying protective paint coat3-ngs] Konvektsionnye sushiltnye kamery s ispoltzovaniem produktov sgoranila prirodnogo gaza dlia susfiki lakokrasochriykh pc- krytil. Leningrad,. 1965. 25 p. OKHATSJMSKAYA~ M., RASTRUSIN, Y., RAKITYANSKY, L~ CIEPETNOV, R. ---=w ------- "Laws of excitation of short-period oscillations in middle latitudes." report presented at the Intl. Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, Symposium on Rapid Geomagnetic Variations, Utrecht, Netherlands, 1-4 Sep 59- CHEVIA,K,J'"V . V.D. Caj:e of degeneration of myositis osaificans into a mali tumorse Khirurgiia 35 no. n:3Z-123 N 159. MIRA 14: 1) (MUSCL&S.-DISEASES) (LEGS-CANCER) 25425 S/137/61/000/tM/019/092 it A006IA101 AUTHORS: Tsyb, P.P., Getskin, L.S., Vartanyan, A.M., ja~c~..anV.G., Anosova, T.V., Akylbekov, A.A.. LeviR-a, A.A., Cherlck. M.N. T=.* Fxtracting indium from lead plant dusts PERIODICAL: Refera'tivnyy zhurnal. Metallurgiya, no, 6. 1961, 19, abstract 6G166 ("Sb.'neuchn.-tr. Vaes. n.-I. gornometallurg. in-t tavetn. mee , 1960. no. 6. 377 - )BB) TEVI:. The authors describe a technological system of In eeraction from dusts of lead production,' using the method of dust sulfatizinr at the beginn' ins of the process. Extraction of In into I-at class metal from -the content in the initial dust (In 0.003 - 0.006%) is about 60%. 0. Svodtaeva [Abstracter's notet Complete translation) Card 1/1 L 46243-66 EVrr(m)/EAPLe P t)/ETI IJP(c) JD/W 7ACC NR& AP6023916 )/q~ SOURCE CODE: UR/0363/66/002/007/1218/1224 AUTHORs Xuzlma, Yu. B.; Chopigas X. V.; Plakhinay A. M 4-~ ORG: Llvov State University im. Iv. Franko (LIvovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet) TITIZ: Phase equilibria in the systems _QL-qg~-_Bt *i-Fe-B, and Mi-Co-B sq SOUIRCEt AN SSSR. Izv. Neorg materialy, v. 2, no. 7, 19669 1218-1224 TOPIC TAGS: phase equilibrium# metal phase system, chromium compound,, boron compound iron compound,, manganese compound, cobalt compound ABSTRACT: The study constitutes a part of systematic investigations belng carried ou in the Inorganic Cherldstry Department of Llvov University (Kafedra neorganicheskoy khiraii LIvovskogo universiteQ9 concerned with the phase diagrams of ternary systems of two transition metals with boron and the crystal structures of the ternary com- pounds formed. The systems Cr-Co-B, 11-1n-Fe-Bs and rh-Co-B were studied by x-ray struc tural analysis and in part by microstructural analysis, and the isothermal sections of these systems at 8000C were plotted. The compound %Co2jB6 (r phase), having a 1'2Cr21C6-tYP8 structure (a a 10.471 1), exists in the Cr-Co-B system. The boride Co2 dissolves up to 30 at. % Cr. The presence of continuous solid solutions (Yak, F62)B and (1-2a, Fe)B was confirmed in the Mn-Fe-B system. A ternary compound (,r phase) with a W2Cr2jC6-type structure (a - 10-518-10.641 1) is formed in the Hh-Co-B system; the L 46243-66 ACC NR, AP6023916 region of homogeneity of the r phase is located between 10 and 40 at. % Ym. 7h8 ex- istence of (Xnt Cc) B and (14% Co)B solid solutions was confirmed. Orig. art. hass 5 figures and 2 t Be SUB CODE: III SUBM DATE$ 140at65/ ORIG REFS 010 1 OTH REFs 0& hs 11 u Isullis IIIo "0 ZI W 21 I�Vj Cc 91 410 see a" lon" is as M" Olit can Ile ript"~taffsivns Swrt . h. -W i ll At ~u % l"t", ild tasan, by a -~il l"4 7,.%% I'd ill IT: CALC it IN' W""A -14~ J I~ 1 PIT, prelfralsoroll o"W", III IlIVI 1 al"I mt-Allsilla so lilt - l1w % - m. ' 11 161 l 1 11 1 AI b 00 j i, l'o 14 11 V w loor-k-41 4 lre. 41 1 , , * ~v. Ato-St. MIALLUUMAL LilressitAt C1.6twol'K.1.04. U Ill AT -0 is Ogg" III1mwn I 'No 0 0 0 0 00,04 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 Lin us stir spa If fit) MAIL,* U A ..eo enu rm. .00 atedvatim -00 mvitto m1% 111 IWOll 1." -00 flov 1. all, .00 v wee too - - Ines lm a a a a '1 6 9 a 0 4 wee woo woo UM/ Engineering - Cast-ii6n 'shafts Card, Authors Ceredehko, B. N.,.,Cand. Tech. So.; Chepigin, G. V., Can. Tech. Be. Title Resistance to wear. and dependability in operation of crankchafte of high- strength cast iron.- Periodical Vest. Mash 6, 65,- 68, June 1934* 34 Ed Abstract Numerical values are- given for the resistance of high-strength cast iron to vaiious'kirids of strains. An analysis is made of the results obtain- by experimenting both.with steel and high-strength cast iron for trac- tor engine crankshafts, and such experiments lead to the. conclusion that the high-strength cast iron may be used as a substitute for steel in crank shafts and otherparts. Graphs; tables; drawing; illustration. institution Submitted CHEPI9RII-9.-Vj-s kand.t4kbnmuk; GULIS NoSe I inzhel CHziovp A.P,., in2b, MMIN, A.Ta. Results or the cp~eaticwa.tests of a fuil-flow We deTioe an the SHD diesel engine. Trakt. I sellkho-oh, 32 no.6t12-24 Js 162,- (K= 15:6) I* Dnej trovskly sel'skokhospystvannyy institut (for Chepigin# Oullp Chizhaw). 2o Gomidarstvannoys spetsiallnoys konstruktorskoys byuro po dwigately" (for Mmain). (Tractors-Oil filters) CHEPIGIN G. V. Inzb.; NZKWj S. M., Inzh.; GUL'q N. S.S inzhe; A. P. insh. Replacing the doubl"leaning oil filter with a fun-flow -centrifige. Nambinostroonle no.5:95 S-0 162. . (MM 16:1) (Tmetore-Ingines-40il filters) CHEPIGIN G.V., kand. tekhn. nauk; GULI, N.S., inzh.; CHIZHOV, A.P., insh. UBe of cast-iron crankshafts in motor-vehicle and tractor engines. Mashinastroenia no.5:11.2-113 S-0 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy sel'skokhozyaystvennyy institut. FINKELISHTEYNO David blaumvich; RYABCIIIKOV, D.I.p otv. red.; CREPIGO, X.V., red. [Pure substance] Chistoe Veshchastvo. Moskva# Naukap 19656 167 p. (mi PA lg::L ) 1. Chlon-korrespondent All SSSR (for Ryabehikov). L 35912-66 EWT(M)/EWP(J) RM ACC MR' AP6014893 SOURCE CODE: UR/6076A5/639/012/2951/2957 //4 AUTHOR: Nurmukhometov. R. No; Chepigo, 0, S.: Shvayka, 0. P. ORG: Moscow Physico-chemloo -Scientific Researeb Institute Im. L. Yo KarDov-rMoskovskiy nauabno-issledovatellskiy fiziko-khimicheskiy Inatitut) TITLE: The structural luminescence and absorption spectra of solutions of a=lo lazoles.1and some aryl etb_1 ---- 48t 7710K SOURCE: Zhurnal fizichaskoy khimil, V- 39, no. 12, 19650 2951-2957 TOPIC TAGS: absorption spectrum, luminescence spectrum, ethylene ABSTRACT: The spectra were taken by the Shpollsk1y method In in-hydrocarbons and metbyl cylohexane at 770K on a Hilger spectrolneter. The oversee concentration of the solutions was approximately 10-4 moles/liter. The spectra obtained are exhibited in a number of figures. It was established that a majority of the compounds studied exhibited only fluorescence, while phosphorescence was absent. The structure of, the spectra has a periodic form, The article interprets other vibrational frequences by analogy with known interpretations of the spectra of aryl ethylenes. In compounds with the general structure r-.A -1 .12 ___ _ - . - I - L 35912-66 ACC NR' AP6014893 R --X--R,? (where R end R are aryl nuclei and the X group Is either e1hylene or oxydiaiole) t9ere is observed an identical nature of the '%T- bond,, which presupposes an identical mechanism for the formation of the vibrational structure of the bands of these compounds* Orig. art* has: 2 figures and 2 tables. SUB CODE: 07j, 20/ SUBM DATE: OlAug64/ ORIG REF: Oll/ OTH REP.- 003 2/2 S. V. Illor the develorx,ent am the co-- ~)lete tit. Hiz a ~L.2on ol- I, I -?-_:3t, ~'4 1 "o C n capac.'ties in hydrolysis pll~ntsll, pr(, S3SR, jr 1-4. So: U-33261, 10 April 51, (Lotopis tZhurnid InvIch ~'Aatcy, No. 12, 10/,0). J. X-, srw-Awpni __ . , , - , Win i hus", stravri- Lonrdir_HvSO,;~_ Tile x64 the mt. And cthen. of kid, time and v lid tnd tz, the t~Nftpvw, the ru degree of purifimt1t, w thAterial, and the 606kArim)7 Wimll'o at 2ZA),/$ 611 12M~ bused on OIL- Taikliphi'~-Jbir yield depkods mi the tmnp. of thd1triction, and the conbil of PeWo,-An 4 w4ith th lem-than 1.75 givts EL ptodoetW-111i. L es ~PT ip. for. the forrartiml e*bOfimqn1 tell durinj; dchydrut Me lzki~%cwllp. evored mcuon ~tttnpI at 1". for; roilli Imm the iritId of 1, tuid pm _bmt Ion" Thedhensiottol.the tbcW4utbX~utcWdow not affect U Ognificend Z~;; y, f _!,,Aqzp.~~bf -wAttr-nnd the arnti of wAskins dd nati: f jo*r~_~ U, j~_XjreL eqUjj~lrneaj for a Cofi tint )w t3 0 Ls Ile 131 -P, USSR/Chemical Technology Chemical Products and Their Application. Wood Chemistry Products. Cellulose and Its Manufacture. Paper., 1-23 Abst Jourmal: Referat Zhur - Malys, No 19, 1956, 633& Author: 11 Cheplgo' a -Y-w Institution: None Titlez Production of Activated Charcoal - Collactivite from Vegetable Ma- terials original Periodical: Tr. in-ta. leackboz. problem AN Latv. SSR, 1955, 8, 69-79 Abstract: Collactivite (K) Iwobtalned an treating vegetable materials with HeS04- In caqmwisce with activated charcoals (AC) It contains less carbon (63% in lieu of 88-98%) and more -oxygen and 4ydrogen - Adsorp- tion characteristics of X are higher than those of AC. In addition to adsorption, due to the presence in K of active functional groups (COOK, OR, SO 0 CO) there take place chamosorption and ion-exchange R is recomended to store K In moist condition since reactions. I drying lowers the adsorptive properties of K. Card 1/1 N.A- GL'raliz.l L'.~ the amt. of xy)ustt setil bulls, each step o~ the proce_,,~ -as refLfly studied and recommer.ditions made as folhmvs ~ i a; LI wre f-&-ective ruixing of tbt byArolynd mass during Ilic x".n. of accurutely raeaslar,4 xrft,of lime; (b) Amproved filter pjesrses; (c) ewitinuous tvapn. of the xylmt sirup; (d) a mute suitable ion-axch=ge purff)ing bed, etc. EILV~tbtth Barabash