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34585 S/044/62/OQO/001/03j1/061 ge) L) C111/C444 jWTHOR: Elikhanova, R. 1. TITLE: on a problem for a functional equation PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Matematika, no. 1, 1962, 54, aostract IB255- ("Dokl. AN Azerb SSSR, 19599 15, no- 5, 371-374) TEXT: Considered is the solution of the inteerodifferential equation F 1 1 "1z:7 _'M1+...+Mn Au n (n) u2dx ... dx !L (1) t n M im 2p LO 0 ;Xml ... ~1 X n s 1 n with the conditions ul t-0 - '1(xl, x2'.... xn)' uk 0, (2) where L are the edges of the cube Q(O -< x,.W- 1, s 1,2,...,n) and F(xl, X 21 ... 1 Xn ) being a given function defined in the cube which is expanded in terms of sini. The solution of (l)-(2) is searched by the Card 1/.3 S/04 621000100110311061 On a problem for a functional equation C111YC444 set-up co U(t; X11 .... x A sin k x ...sink x (3) n kit k 2.... Ik n n n jks=i Ll< (1 Tr -for simplicity). The functiona A k1, k 2' kn are chosen such that (3) satisfies the problem (1), (2).,This leads the author to the infinite system for equations A;,.k ...... k (1) + zi x YMS42p X n - I I)i x kv _~_.Ajj ..... .( X (k,)"(k,)ml... (kn)m'Ak,,k ..... k~l)0 (4) Card 2/3 S/044/62/000/00',/031%/C6i 0-- a problem f1cr a functional. equation C!11/C444 w4 !-h 4he ,onailtions Ak k2o."i k n(0) . ak 1. k2"' ' kr, ly. 'he article one does not prove the existence of the aolution of (4), (5). Under the supposition that a solution of (4), (5) exists, the al;thar proves by aid of three lemmata that (3) is the solution of N, (2)- This way the results of S. N. Bernshteyn (Izv. AN SSSR. 1940, 1, no. 1) are generalised without a proof of the existence for (4). (3) A~ the end of the article the author points to the fact that under f.erta.'n condi tions for the functions (M-, M>,.,-,i M ) .71 the uniqueness of the 3o2ution can be shown. ~Abs'ra--tfjrls note: Complete translation,,3 4'. Card 3/3 18-3~00 78181 Sov/1 g7-60-3-6/24 AUTHORS: Elimelakh, R. Z., Mac4kovskiy, V. A., Shlyakhovetsiciy, ~- I _S__(MrA"qrr TITLE: Application of Thinning Admixtures for Decreasing Contamination of Rimmed Steel by Slag PERIODICAL: Stall, 1960, Nr 3, pp 219-220 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is a report on test-pouring of large ingots from low-carbon rimmed steel of 08sb-and 08Asb type (composition not given) at Makeyevskly Metallurgical Plant (Makeyevskiy metallurgicheskly zavod). The head crop In low carbon steels Is higher thar In other steels by 1.5% or more (which at Makeyevskly Plant results in the loss of 200 tons of steel per month). The previous experiments established a good effect of slag-thinning admixtures on the degree of their absorption by metal only for the small 'Ingots up to 3.1 tons. The present test was conducted on large Ingots. Pouring was per- Card 1/4 formed on 8- and 4-place stools. Rate of pouring was: Application of Thinntng Admixtures for 78181 Decreasing Contamination of RIrruried Steel SOV/133-6o-7,-6/24 by Slag 0.21-0.16 m/mIn and 0.38-0.23 m/mIn. In 2,5-3 min after filling up the mold, 2.5 kg (550 g/ton ) of admixtures were added to the surface of metal (with simultaneous admission of radioactive calcium) as follows: lst Ingot, no admixtures; 2nd ingotY sand only; 3rd, glass only; 4th, 35% scale and 65% sand, After a few minutes, in molds covered by admixtures the surface of metal was covered by-the liquid, mobile, foamy slag. On Ingots without admixtures (for comparison) the slag remained hard and could be pulled inside of metal by convective flows. The Ca 45 isotope with half-life of 152 days was selected as radioactive Indicator. Results of 'inves- tigation are given In Fig. '-::. The authors conclude as follows: The least depth of metal contamination by slag crust takes place at the pouring rate of 0.16- (~.22 m/mIn. The absorption of slag by steel Is sharply reduced by Introduction of admixtures (crushed glass or the mixture of scale with sand) to the surface of rim- ming metal, - a.~ was demonstrated by the radioactive Card 2/4 indicators, There are 2 figures. )W LU 20 Z In AV III M7 Joe F15 IN AXV III JW1 W 00 ~Dosr,%-vmr, -Ao" bl&n4*T,~ PS(O" Fig. 2. Relationship between depth of penetration of slag into metal (intensity of emission of nonmetallic Inclusions sedimentation and application of thinning admixturesi (a) without admixtures; (b~ with admixture of sand; (c) with admixture of glass; (d) with mixture of scale and sand. Card 3/4 78181 SOV/133-6o-3-6/24 [(b) rz- Pfsvwc~vr 'oqd"f fcp*o RA44V 6/0 ASSOCIATION: Makeyevskly Metallurgical Plant metallurgicheakiy zavod). 78181 SOV/133-6o-3-6/24 DisrAWLOF J-40" N6^'D PAC-a CYO (Makeyevskiy Card 4/4 Ve .8/133/63/000/002,/003/014 .A054/AI26 AL]THORS: Mershchiy, N.P., Elimelakh, 1R.Z. TITLE; At the Makeyevskly metallurgicheskoy zavod im. S.M. Kirova (Make- yevka Metallurgical Plant im. S.M. Kirov) PERIODICALt Stalt, no's 2. 1963, 130 TEXTt Tests-were carried out with the cheadcal and mechanical capping of rimming steel. Chemical cappingto6k place by* addition of T5-% ferrosilloon. and 454 ferrosilicon, In quantities of 450.-'500 and A,000 - 1,100 g/ton, respeo- tively, on the metal surface, in the ingot mold, Im6adiately after the mold was filled with metal, bottom-poured at a linear rate of.6 2~ Wmin..- This process im- proved the structure of the, decreased chemical inhomogeneity length- wise and In cross section. Head crop could be reduced by I - 1.2% as compared to conventional riming steel Ingots, while the thickness of the blister-free zone is the same for both types.' The maximum sulfur. ,segregation in the axial zone decreased by a factor of 2 - 2.5. The Ingot weight and the metal level- in the ingot mold could be raised. . When 754 farrosillcon was applied, a silicon- Card 1/2 8/133/63/000/002/003/014 At the Makeyevskiy metallurgicheakiy zavod .... Ao54/A126 concentration was observed in the upper part of the injot, while with 454 ferro- silicon this occurred only incidentally. If rimming was not sufficiently. Intense in the mold containing much slag, and If the ferrosillcon added was not mixed thoroughly, capping was Ineffective and the head crop had to be increased. The mechanical capping of rimming steel ingots, poured in flask-shaped molds, Im- proved the structure of the ingot top, so that. head propping was reduced by 2% and chemical Inhomogeneity decreased. The boitle-shaped molds presented diffi- culties due to the quiok wear of the rim of Ue upper opening when the inner amr- ~ace was cleaned (in top pouring)& Card 2/2 KLIW-LAM, 1R.,Z,!f_~nSho; MKRSHCHIr. N,P,, inzb,; ALFEROV, K.S,, inzb. Comparing the mechanical and chemical capping of rimmed steel Ingots. Met. I gornorud. Prom- no-014,19 J1-Ag 16 (MIRA 16 3 2b3 0 1, Makeyevskiy ustallurgiaheskiy zavod in, Kirova, ELIMELAKH, R.Z. Structure of a capped ingot of rimed steel. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; chern., met. 6 no.12:45-53 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Makeyevskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod im. S.M. Kirova. LITVINENKO, D.L.; SHCHASTNYYO P.M. YAKUSHIU,, V.I.; VASILIYEV, A.N.; PODMGIN, I.Ye.; YUD1Nj A.S.; IMTAFIYEV, Ye.I.; PIMINSKIY,, P.S.; .ELIMELAKH, R.Z.; MaWHCHI7,'N.P. Greater use in Industry of semikilled steel, Metallurg 8 no-3310-19 Mr 161, (NIft 160) (Steel.-Metallurgy) HiiEFSKIY1 V.I.; ELIHMAKHO R.Z. P.- New developments in research. Stall 23 no.9001+ 9 163. (KM 16M) C. F-estressed concrete bridges in Czecholsovakia, (Conclusion) 1. 154 V,,-1 9, nos. 1/2 3 ; Jan. 1956 DROGONNICTWO Warszawa SOURCE: East European Accessions (EEAL), LC, Vol 5, "0. 3, Parch 1956 S/081/61/000/010/002/029 B117/B207 (=r . AUTHORS: Zulfugarov, Z. H., Husejnova, Z. E., Elimerdanov,-Z. 1. TITLE: Study of the activity of oxide catalysts in the transforma- tion reaction from gaa condensate into unsaturated hydro- carbons PERIODICALs Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 10, 1961, 71, abstract 106512 (10B512). ("Azerb. khim. zh.", no. 4, 1960, 75-82) TEXT: A method was studied for 9roducing active oxide catalysts to trans- form the broad and the small (70 -14000 fraction of the gas condensate into gaseous unsaturated hydrocarbons. The activities of Mn-, Zn-, Cu silicate and Mg metal silicatet as well as Mn-, Zn-f and Cu alumosilicate catalysts were shown to be inconsiderable and of the same order of magnitude. The activity of molybdenum catalysts prepared on the basis of (HAlSiO4) hydrogels is 40-46% lower than that of the same molybdenum catalysts prepared on (Na(K)AlSiO 4)X hydrogel basis. A profounder sub- Card 1/2 Study of the activity of oxide ... S/081/61/000/010/002/029 B117/B207 stitution of hydrogen ions in the alumosilicate composition by K(Na) ions contributes to a certain increase in the yield of unsaturated hydrocarbons. The Ito-, K(Na) alumosilicates are the most active catalysts. This type of catalyst secures a yield of unsaturated hydrocarbons amounting to 29A by weight of the initi 1 betance, among them 11.3A ethylene, 15.9;*' propylene, and 1.6/6 butylene. T Aboustracter's notes Complete translation.] Card 2/2 K. Manpower management in luber hauling, storing and in lumberyards near railroad lines. Moskva,, Goslestekhizdat,, 1945- 54 p. ZLIN, Illy& Mikhailevich; ;VWSOT, Nikolar Nikolayevich (Manual ox labor legislation for the lumber industry] Spravochalk po trudiovowa sakonodatelletva v losaii proVehlonnesti. Moskva, Gooles- bunisdat. 195 (MLHA 9:5) (Jambering) (Lbor Ims and legislation) mrN, o. 0. 1 domp. Radio'; oolle6tio*n of artioles from the journal "Radiol. Moskva, Izd-To DOSAAF, 1954. 213, ]p!. ~55-43137) Tz6543.R3 A,, 2 1 V,4~ CZtdHOSLOVAKIA / Chemical Technology, Synthoti.-, Polymor3. H-29 Plastics. Abe Jour t Rof Zhur - Khim., No 12, 1958, No 41578 Author I Elinek, Zilvar Inat I rot-glton Title : Finishing of Glass Fabrics for the Preparation of Glass Textolite. Orig Pub : Chem. primysl, 1956, 6, No 8, 332-335 Abstract To increase the adhesion of poly-estorresins (I), it wns suggested that a glass fabric he finished with h Cr- complex of the motacrylic acid treated with ammonia (manufactured in Czechoslovakia under the namo of Verlan, M.~. The glass fabric (GF) has to be cleaned frcm the lutricant before the operation. The properties of a glass textolite on GF finished with 0.143% of Vorlan M complex and I (a product of a poly-condonsatinn of maleia and Card 1/2 CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Chemical Technology. Synthetic Polymers. H-29 Plastics, Abe Jour t Ref Zhur w Khim., No 12, 1958, No 41578 phtalic anhydrides with diethylene glycol, 33% of styrol- stitching agbnt, and 2% of an initiator- benzoyl percxide), and a control samploof a glass toxtolite on unfinished GF; water adsorption (in %) after 24 hours -- 0.76%; 1.61; after 16 x 24 hours, 1.93; 2.94. The limit of tensile strength (kg/cm2) in a dry state, 4270,3700. After being kept in water for 24 hours -- 2890; 1840. After bsin.;7 kept in water for 24 x 16 h2urs, 2740; 2140, Limit ol' the bending strength (Kg/cm4) in the dry state: 2270. After being kept in water for 24 hoursi 970; 580. After being kept in water for 16 x 24 hours: 960; 850. Card 2/2 L h0359-66 EWT(l) ACC NR: AP6014235 SOURCE CODE: UR/0109/661011/005/0803/0810 ~AUTHOR: Elinson, E. S.; Larionov, A. S. :ORG: none ,.11.17LE: Synthesizing an optimal noise-subjected Zh system by :,the method of a generalized integral criterion 'SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 11, no. 5, 1966, 803-8 10 ;'TOPIC TAGS: signal no-se separation, signal reception, !automatic. control, automatic control system, automatic control theory,, 'Al TRACT: An attempt is made to solve the problem of a linearized phase- Til synchronization system with an allowance for the desirable transient process '(defined by rise time, damped-oscillation period, overcontrol, and sustained ierror); maximum filtration of external fluctuation noise is sought; the transient !Card 1/2 UDC: 62-505.5 L 40359-66 I 'ACC NR: AP6014235 condition is caused by a frequency jump. This type of transient occurs in the ,FSK-signal following, in the error-signal compensation, in automatic -system .controlled hunting, and in other similar cases. The problem is regarded as extremal. and is reduced to testing a functional for its conditional minimum; the Junctional determines the mean square of the random system error under some .limiting conditions imposed by static and dynamic accuracies of the system. A '4-step procedure for synthesizing thb system is specified; it is based on the ,relations between the transfer-function coefficients, the signal -and -noise .characteristics, and the desirable transient parameters. Orig. art. has. figures and 51 formulas. /7 ,!SUB CODE. 09 / SUBM DATE: 0 IFeb65 / ORIG REF: 007 /OTH REF: 002 Card Z/Z cm usaR / microbiology. General microbiology. F-1 Abs Jour: Referat Zh.-Biol.,, No 6., 25 March, 1957, 21794 Author Elinov, N.P. Inst Title The Effect of Inorganic Nitrogen Sources on the Growth and Develoyment of Pathogenic Yeastlike Plangi of the Candida Genus. Orig Fab: V. ob.; Eksperim. i k"nich. iseledovanlys., II) L*j Medgizy 1956.. 3.16-122 Abstract: Representatives of Candida genus need no conplex nitrogen sources. Experiments were conducted on a synthetic medium of the following couposition:jaucose 2%,, nitrogen source C(NHf ) 80 Na NO.,,, Na lqO3)_/ from 0-05 to 0-5%, KH~PO 0 1% MOO ~OYOX double-distilled water, pH 5.4-5.6. Candira'alf- bican , C. tropicalis, C. poeudotropicaList C. triadisp C. krusei grew on all nitrogen sources, but the best develop- ment was noted on a medium with ammonium sulfate in concen- Card 1/2 -7- USSR / Microbiology. General Microbiology. P-1 Abs Jour: Referat Zh.-Biol., No 6o 25 March, 1957, 21794 trations of 0-1 - 0-5%- 'The oPtimum PH was 5.4-5.6. Lower- ing ofpH slaved consumption of nitrogen and the growth of mycelium. The growth character and the cell mor:Phology of different Candida species on mineral nitrogen sources are described. Card : 2/2 -8- BLINSON, B.H., kandidat maditelaskikh nauk (Leningrad) c~ausative factors of.chronic dysentery. Yop.okh.mat. i dot. 2 no.3:11-14 MY-Je '57- (KMU 10:7) (DYSIIMRY) -IPI ,--lo SL- il 3 IC: I)1, . F . 7 34192. Elinson) F. L. KI.Inika khronicheski t!~-klijchlkh f-crm u vzroslykh. (Annotatslya dokt. disserLal's.11). Blly-ullet~.,al ~ned. nauk SS"Jil, 1949, No. 02, s. 55-56 purvichro'go tubark-jlaza ir,-~a ak.-~,.!. JC- Yjii,-,hWa 1,CtOf)i3l INIO. 6t 1.,55 ELINSON, F. L. 35504. Diferentsiallnaya diagnostika khronicheski tekushchikh form nervichnogo tuberkuleza u vzroslykh. Byulletenl In-ta ttiberkuleza akad. 1, Ved ,auk SSSR, 1949, No. 3, c. 30-35. Leto-ois' Zhurnallnykh Statey, Vol. 48, 'loskva, 1949 i ~ E ~ L.2;% ), A S, C, tNq,) ~~ --~ L, -- OTrABACH, M.I.; BLIMON, F.L.; IWAWVA, 0.3.; MAZIRA, Ts.G.; TAMPOLISTATA, V.D. -- . % Incidence of healing In primary tuberculosis in adolescents and adxLlts. Prob, tuberk,, Kookva uo,2:)I-)6 Kr-Ap '50, (01" 19;3) 1. Of the Institute of Tuberculosis of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR (Director -- Z.A.Lobedeva; Scientific Director -- Prof. A.Te.Ra- bukhin). BLINS 09, F. ~6. StreptozVoin in the treatment of tuberculous lymphadenitis and peritonitis. Probl. tubork., Kookya, no.10.43-" Jan-Feb 1953. (CLML 24:2) 1 Doctor Medical Sciences. 2. Of the Institute of Taberculoqis of t~e Academy.of Medical Sciences USSR (Diractor - Z. A. Lebedeval Scientific Assistant to Director - Prof. A. To. Rabukhin). I Nson, F.L., doktor meditsinskikh nau)r Nuf Present day problem of chemotherapy In tubarculosts. SOV,i)roble tub. 6 no.30-14 151. (MA 8:7) (TUMMOULOSIS, ther., chemother.) (CHNOTHMAPT. in various die., tuberce) ILINSON, Freda Livoyna - - - 11.111", ~ [Regimen and diet for tuberculosis patients] Reshim i pitania bolsmykh tubarkalazom. Moskva, Modgis,.1956."30 p. (HLRA 9:11) (TUBBROVIOSIS) (DIET IN DISBABB) 1P.L.. doktor meditsinakikh mank 14 ~ OCollections R""terials on the exchange of scientific informistions' nos 2 and 3* Published by the Ukrainian IP.GolAnovskii Research Institute of Tuberculosis. Reviewed by T.L.Slinson. Probl.tub. 34 no.6:66-68 N-D 056. (MLRA 10:2) (TUMMCUIA)SIS) BLISSON, F.L.. doktor meditainekikh nauk (Moskva) Modern methods of treating 1Mh nods tuberculosis. Klinemed. 34 no.12:30-35 D 156 (MIRA 10:2) 1. Is Instittita, tuberkalaza AMN SM (dire Z.A.rabodevs) (TUBIRCULOSIS, LIM NODR, there, isontasid. & streptomycin) (ISONIAZID. there use tuberce, lymph node) (STR M ONTOIN, there use some) ELINSON, F.L.., doktor xed.naukj RAIKEVICH., B.A... doktor medonauk Changes in the liver and pancreas in patients with tuberculosis of the lungs during treatment with tuberculostatic substances@ Problotubs 39 no*2t87-91 161a (KM 103) le Iz Inetituta tuberkulexa, (dir, - cheln-korrespondent ANN SWR prof. N.A melev) AmN sssR. iTUBBROULOSIS) (LIVER) (PANCREM) L 17546-63 EWT(M)/BDS/Zj(j) MDAFrrc WARIK ACMSION N'Rs AP~3644A -0974 AWHORSs TITLEN Mline ~ t.:; Ijraenskaya# Fol I*. Ch amical changes in deogyribonualsta Wd caused by ultrasonic wp-vnm BOURCEI AN SSSR. Doklady: To 1519 n0# 4# 1963Y 971-974 TOPIC TAGSi deoxyribanualete acidp ultrasonic vibratioN purine basest pyrimi- dine base ABSTRACTs, The authors studied the effect of exposing 10 ml of a OsOOO solution of DNA in 0*01 M Ra+ (pH 7) or 0o01 M VaCl to ultrasonic vibrations (800 kilo.- cycles, 10 watts/cm2) for' 2" bra. The solvtions were saturated with Ar, 02, and H2. There was a reduction in the amoun'w- of complex II for=d with toluidine blue and a decrease in the optical density of th* dye in the presence Of 02 and Ar.;' This complex was still formed* after 4 bra exposure vhen the solution was eatur- ated with H2* UV spectra indicated that ultrasonic vibrations cause a breakdcWn in purine and pyrimidine bases in the presona* of 02 or Ir. Paper uhromatography showed that all 4 bases present in DIU (guanine# cytosinet adenine# and thymine) were also present in 32-saturated solutions. Only adenine remained intact in the presence of 0 while even this bass was partially destroyed in Ar-saturated solutions. T~else changes in yurine.and pyrimidine bases occurred in both the Card ~ ---------- L 7Q f~6j - 1-0 ACCESSION NRt AP3004434 double-spiral and sirgle-rod forms of DNA. No free phosphate or carbohydrates were found, even after prolonged exposure, From this Wa the authors conclude that the P-ester bond la more resistant to the effects of ultrasonic vibration than the C-C and C-H bonds, OrIg. art. hase -3 fi&%xrea and I table. ASSOCIATIONs Institut biologiaheakoy f1siki Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute Biophysics, Academy of Soiences.SSSUR SUMMITEDs O7Feb63 DATE Acqs 21AU63 ENCLs 00 SUB COM CH# PH NO REP GOVe 007 CrEER, 004 Crd 2h, TELIKOV, A.I. [TSelikov,, A.I.]; !~I ~ON ~M- Main directives of the development of metallurgical machine construction in the U.S.S.R. for the immediate future. Analele metalurgie 16 no,4:5-17 O-D '62, CA UAW W Ovillift Ow pw cW*M im Wis. 161. M. Naak A'S's k , (N401. ErAh. Nook 1949. W Q. --Tlw loollneing orim its I he nirthet I 6-w1 mi"Is, sit I he lit-rant"t -1 ot ,tillpirio "adet (joron r,,.. finin the emk aunph,; and (3) quAL Atul "ni, an.ilyoix tit the taid, X". After the ample 6 taken it 6 immediately put into a sperially pirlid. XLLa cylinder with ground-stAft %tvi'lan whith is put lit pLuv with water jUvo. Fur each _RvIr 16- at. and W.A. .11 the somply cylinder. A. wrl .6. Ilk' sit. tit SIK- tylizairr And int-1, titiple. air dod. A t4tunin loall "sill ii. uorol It* ~rpc tlor ga, fruits the stock. Tlu mill u" had a lenlituLar birin with isittins.1 diain. col 3-U1 onin -4fal vortual d6no id till most. The width of the 1111CIR41 past Od the "till As 11% willMl IsArl *44 I'll) 111131. 'tiff by4duces. Coal- Ifuclitin -it the mill lit vrater detAil Irv tan ac- lrPcm;, rhr S.4. arjol. from the rock ~mplr- 1. 41 8 ccompols . 0. U11.4141. hydrurailKno.. L%'J"ll. Clio. .J 016T C111141111.1ilble hYdRIVAIIJUR 94W, I jh Orri). Ifir at-rur.lory Oil the Inviboxf u%ril notild IMIlLil" for till fl-41411 In 117, 9147. in ill] CUM% IIYL filli%Wl gTi[Mling Antl InUIr vniultIvir evansalAms cof she mill and C.IN rvinduit. sifics -n-J."a"s .( Irsindling the r,k-L. C.Lkirt S. M-u-y 70b 49 doa3 Gas Nothodoloaical. Study of Gas Content in Coal Bede~," M. M. Elinson, Inst of Mining Affairs, Acad Sol USSR, 14 pp t*1z Ak Nauk SSSR, Otdel Tekh Nauk" No 2 Continues study of gas-bearing coal deposits, directed toward reducing gas generation in coal mines. Study of gas content divided Into three operations: (1) systematic selection and preserva- t1on of samples under conditions Insuring minim-, 33/49TO4 Um/mines (coaW 701-49 gas lose, (2) extraction gas from samples, and 'F3) qualitative andquantitive anal~mls of extracted gas. Sulmitted. by Acad A. A. Skochiniskly, 9 Apr 48. 33A9T% E~ CC) 4TUD 49 .1 Thcuum PMWS Ganes 71 Spherical Vacuum Grinder for fttracting Ameo From Pocks and Other Porous Bodies,* -~M. M. Elineon, F. M. Chl'atyakor, last of *inlng, Acad Sci USSR, 3 PP "Zarod Iab" Vol XV, No 6 Apparatus was dereloped at M7M Imeni Bauman by Engr M. N. Sokolor. 'Former models had unsatisfactory methods to load and unload Now machine material In the grinder drum. has simple method to load and empty the &rum- U /Physics (Contd) Jam 49 It has a speed of 80 1000 rpm. Inc ludea Performance data and three sketches of the apparatus. ~SASPMOI C) -"I lay " WIC it. -A r- IxPrt disruAng the follinving rupti. op"ationq: (I I the selection and hermetitatitin nf ruck anti rnni sarilpfc, alto( testintofdrillingu4ni.during the process coldrilling; gasification of SAIIIII)e and analysis of the r%td.'Xa%; (3) ob-4ervation of the drilling mind collectitilt of gimil. ntaterial; amt (4) analysis and Investigatiom of the data ubtAitird. The gcone of permeation at CII, Imm the ml scant into rfw-k% Is not lartle. Samples orlected were placed in spqv6I glas% cylinders having giound stopperit. Tlw~ drilling voin. was retnowed slinultaneausly with selection It( the rtwk saniple. For %cleclion of the jumple it is useful in take several samples of drilling suits. In nrdff to take into ar- Mint the amt. rA CH& sepit. from the caul during drilling. To avoid -- Irnm cantaminatitm of the drilling soin. the clay mixisar should br rrninvnl in two samples -nis entry unit 411W.Norcr. whereupon the Interval Of (inle lwtwn-ll Stleetillit 411 these Own MA11114" 6 $IrIII, by M"1111CIr IIA- sagrot the 04". its The Nire. In exich case the Ollie fort it Ceti sollectinn of Sampleot on entravire unit on discharge is r3k-d. by the formula: I - 2 11F,,11', %here I is time in oer.. low single circulation of dMing slain. through the looore; H is l'isibroutputofthepumpirt ru ~ tit anti Pop I% the rte cTas-Avitinn of the loolve ill mi. M. Dep4ificathm at the coul sampl" Was caffied out ill k vacuum buff mill. With the app. u"I. it sampf" wefrAor. psifird Pinvultancoessly. Anjlyws were, rn:We ftw Cq,. 0. CO. It. Cit., and N. In considering the P-,tslts 4ibiain"I front the itivestigatilon it was Inipcwtisit to h.syc d4tA I)n water 41141 Fis -Aipply during the prxkv~% of drilling. cnn-li- limso; L4 dri .Iling, presence of carlounacrou4 invlu~ilu-. and alsto on grol. maletial of the surrixinding regio"i. It wao, nrcessary also to consider the influence of poroity .4 the fork. since the As. quant. of g2g, included in the rock +. pends on the Vol. of the pore 51parr. (Awlys S Mary UBM/Chodstry - Analysisp Gazes Aug 50, "Determination of Small Quantities of Hydrogen in Rydrocarbon. Gases,* M. M. Elinson, Mining Instp Acad Sci U_RW '*Zavod Lab" Vol XVI., No 8, PP 939-940 Describes determination of H content less them 0,1$ during analysis of W from coal -in s. A: MIsthod is based on separation of H from basic mass of gas and its concentration. Since methane =A H have different temperatures of condensa- tion, cooling of n-In g&s with liquid air or a=/ftexistry Analysis,. Gases Aug 50 (Contd)* liquid 0 condenses 90 $ of the-methane and enriches by tenfold the resiclual portion of gas vitb H. 169ril KRIVTSOV, A.I.;BLINSONO N.M. - MMMOMMOM - 0 Using a now method to determine the gas content of coal formations in a deep borehole in the Donets Basin. TMO MRI 29tl85-194 156o (Donets Basin-Gases in rocks) (MMA lo:4) (Donets Basin-Coal geology) 15-57-4-5119 Translation from: Referativny zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 4, p 149 (USSRT AUTHORS: Kravtsov, A. I., Elinson, M. M. TITLE: New Method for Determining Gas Potential of Coal Strata, Used in a Deep Well in the Donbass(Oprede- leniye gazonosnosti ugollnykh plastov novym metodom na glubokoy skvazhine v Donbasse) PERIODICAL: Tr. Mosk. Geol. razved. in-ta, 1956, Vol 29, pp 185- 194 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry Card 1/1 USSR/Cosmochemistry- Geochemistry. Hydrochemistry. D. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 30359 Author zlin~~ Inst -Iffs-cow Geological Exploration rnstitute. Title Contribution to the Problem of Study of Gases Occluded in Rocks and Minerals. Orig Pub Tr. Moak. geol.-razved* in-ta, 1956, 29, 195-202 Abst By the method of gas recovery from specimens during their comminution in vacuum (vacuum mill of intermit- tent operation) an investigation was made of the gas contents of more than 100 specimens of sedimentary (from coal deposits) and eruptive rocks, 12 specimens of quartz and 3 of fluorite. The gas was analyzed for COA, 0" Ha, CO, CH-r and heavy hydrocarbons; N_ was determined together with rare gases, by difference. In the sedimentary rocks were found (in %): N,~,50-80; CH.&2-20; H,.,_ 2-5-4o; CO... 1-18; total 30-300 ml/kg. Card 1/2 %USSR/Coamochemistry - Geochemiatry. E4,drochemistry. D. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur-- Khimiya, No 9, 1957) 30359 Eruptive rocks contain CO, and N_, sometimes CH.~ or H.., (up to 18-35;$), total 36-256 ml/kg. quartz contains N,,, sometimes CO%,(up to 26%), CH (up to 16.9$) and R~,(up to 1-1.6%), total up to 970 ml/kg. In fluorite was found N;. with admixture of CH,9,(up to 26.2$), total 46-5-84 ml/kg. Card 2/2 3(5) run r BOOK zxrrnrrkTxoll Wv,,230,- Akad4miya nauhr Ukratnakay SSR. Inatitut goologtj poleznykh iskopare- arkh tmblems. ulgr&tfll n~rtl I foralrovanlya n*rtyany&m I gazovYkft :qkO;-, Plenty; materialy LOvovskoy diskusall B-12 may& 1957 a. (Problem of Oil Migration and the Formation of Oil and Gas Accumulations; XxtsrWa of the Discussion Hold In Vvov, Kay 8-12, 1957) ftscow, goatopt*kbl.xdat, 1959, 422 p. 1,100 copies printed. ads.$ T. B. Porflr-yav, Academician of the Ukrainian SM Academy or Sol*=@@, and 1. 0. Brod, Pmr*nsor; Race. Id. S P. R. Torshow Tech. Rd. t A.S. Polosina; 9ditorW Boardi 1.0. Brod, ProreasOr, R.N. Wymbenskly, and V.D. Porfirtyov, Academician or the Ukraln- Ian Acadeaq or Sciences. MPOSX3 ThIm, collection of articles Is intended for IL wide range or geologists and research worker* Interested In OIL prObIOX&- COVIM(Mg Arttelgo contonsd In this book deal with the problems or migration and accumulation or OIL and gas. The** problems were discussed In Kay 195T at L%vor State University In. r. Pranks at a meeting ogga Lead jointly by the Instltutt of G*Ologr and Minor- 'a ROMOMMOso Academy of Sciences of' the UM& the Deptrtsent or Geology and OZI axplaration of the L-vov Polytechnic rnstItuto. and the L-wov OcOlogical Society. Theories an the origin of pa- trolsum depoetts and the conditions surrounding their occurrowe are treated. There are 327 referoncess 232 UvIet, 56 Ingl1aft. 5 French. and 4 German. ?AMR Or CONTEM31 Introduction 3 Opening Address by tbd ?"Gtd*txt Or th* Organization CO'Witt4* of the Conference V.S. Forftr-yev I1_=:::Z_ . :. -1. - AvMv T To jVVlMr I Basic Regularities In the Formation Or Oil ViPosltill;*tho PrIkeeplyakays. Bait Does Region Unstakly. T.F. 1%0?lo AN Ukr3SR) Anomalous Formation Pressure &a a Time Criterion In th. Formation of Oil Deposits 121 Midryavtsovo M.&. ITUtORI, jAnINpadl Mechanics or the Formation of Oil and Gas Depootto 136 XropotkIA& P.R. and CA. Shakhwarstava (4oologtcheakly tnstltutl Solid 31tuasnm. 011, and Not Games In Mtraboalc Intrusion@, Traps WO Volvan.1c Socks 151 Porftr'yov. V.D. fZnetltut StOlogll poloznykh iskopayemrkh AN. Ma~_V) fte Tlam, Problem In the Formation of Oil Deposits 165 VISCUMOKS R*kfttlY*v, M.P. flnmtit Tfim- Source Bed Char.t. Ulm 90010911 in. X.M. Oubktna, tz*rbay4%an) t1c of the Loover Part Deposits In the Productive 3qrlog (Mlddlps PllOcOnO) Of ArerbaydrA4n 194 9091*nk*, S.F. and X. A. Xaahkovlch. fVWroMf Branch. S&rstovl The bAge or Oil and O&A Tr&PAS-ii I Criterion fOP Forecasting Their 011. 4LrlAg capacity glin-, R-K- (NOMI, Noscow) Distribution Or XOAVY Hydroc&rbcmm '0~~ 0*61,041461, Conditions VZa'PW#-9!-S' On the 0"stiOn Of Oil Ift the Antarctic Region 210 -Tabora V.V. (vyjagr. Moscowl ftruOtion or 0&1 Deposits and Psalms or S4,41"mentation, 211 Vydrln~ D.J. I ILL amnodnrneftorasvvdk~ j NOW Data on the "stogy or the oil -and 0441-bt-Ing Possibilities In the Western C&ua&sAo and 91T card 5^0 SOV/32-24-9-33/53 A Gas Analyzer for the Rapid Determination of Hydrocarbons in Natural Gas of the results obtained with those obtained using the device M ~tnd the gas analyzei TQ -5. The device described is of si.4411 dimensions, the maximum mercury quantity is 50 ml, and the time required for the duration of analysis is specified to be 15 - 17 minutes. There are 3 figures# 2 tables, and I reference, I -thich is Soviet., ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy geologo-razvedochnyy institut ims S. Ordzhonikidze (Moscow Geolo ical and Prospecting Institute imeni S. Ordzhonikidze~ Card 2/2 ELINSON, M.M.; POLYKOVSKIY, V.S. Study of gases in quartz crystals from the Paydant4l. Izv.vys. ucheb.zav.; geol. i razv. 4 no.11:26-36 N 161. (MLU 15s2) 1. Moskovskiy geologorazvedochnyy institut imeni S.Ordzhonikidze. (Tien-Shan--Quartz)(Tien-Sban-.Gas.gNatura.1) ELINSON, M.M. Basic characteristics of changes in the gas potential of coal strata. Trudy MGRI 37:226-234 161. 011RA 15:1) (Gas, Natural--Geology) VESEIDVSK3Y, Voevolod Stefanovich; YEREMIN, I.V.j ELINSONO M.M.; ZNAMSKI!r, V.L., red.izd-va; IVANOVAj A.G.,--- QcTIh-.ftII' (Testing of mineral fuels] Ispytanie goriuchikh iskopa-.-mykh. Moskva, Gosgeoltekhizdat., 1963. 410 p. (MIRA 16:12) (Fuel--Testing) ELINSONA.Me Concerning I.A.Petersille's article "Origin of hydrocarbon gases and disseminated bitumens in the Khibiny alkali masisif.1 Geokhimb- iia, no.2:188-189 F 163. (HERA 16:9) ELINSON,, M.M.; POLYKOVSKIY., V.S. Gas composition of pneumatelytic-hydrothermal solutions. Geo-- khimiia no.8:767-776 Ag 163. (-XM 16:9) 1. Ordzhonikidze Institute of Geological Prospecting., Moskow and Middle Asia Scientific-Research Institute of Geology and Ydneral Raw Material. MIMMIt V.G.; ELIESCR, M.M. Distribution of gas'in the formation of coal-be-aring sediments in the diamond rejion of the Donato Basin. Tzv. vyso ucbebo zave; geole i razve 8 not 12t64-70 D 165 (MTRA 19tl) 1. Moskovskiy geologora2vedoebnyy inatitut iment S. Vrdzhonikidze, BOVKUN, Viktor Georgiyovich; KAZARINOV, Ivan Alekseyevich; KOKOSHKIN,, Pavel Aleksandrovich; IYU&IMY, Gennadiy Severianovich; MEDOVAR, Anatolly-ImWevicb; FETROV, Viktor Vasillyevich; PIONTKOVSKIYP Bronislav Aleksandrovich; SEIIYAKOV, Nikolay Ivanovich; E~NSON, Mikhail yich; SERGEYCHUK, K.Ya., red.; GRIGOR'YEV,-B-.F-.-, red.-,FMTU!~E*KO, A.D., red.; BUSANKINA, II.G., red.; SHEM, G.I.,, tekhn. red. (Engineering manual on electric communications; electric equip- ment] Inzhenerno-tekhnicheskii spravochnik po elektrosviazi,- elektroustanovki. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po voprosa3u ffviazi i radio, 1962. 671 p* (MIRA 15:6) (Telecommunication-Handbooks, manuals, etc.) (Electric engineering-Handbooks, manuals, etc.) ALINSON, V.M., kau4idat moditsinakikh nauk (Io3ningrad) 25carlat fever bsartm accordtag to slootrocardlographic data, Top.okh.mats I dot, 1 no.4:23-28 Jl-Ag 156. (nn 9:9) (MURT-DISNAS]IS) (SCARUT FZVW) 1 3407 '111&) tlw fit Tat"i"tti Alt"Ir. 11) 0 v III% ti.13 MiyAlig (if %jor-IL, j"w"Lcor'. 14.1"I"Valliv in"OpIllchcAlimb poro-10--ov ium.mlivis'lia nwvlwm~ it oo 21. it, N tj fit-, %'1T;011, Plill I'.: it' it- 'I'l J,- BETIKOVI I., inzh,; FLIIIZON,, M., kandetekhn.nauk Agloporites used in rural construction, Sell. stroi. [i.e.16] no.3: 21*-25 Mr 162. (Aggregates (Building materials)) (MIRA 15:7) -1 W M-N-JILILIM-WAR M m ~ - of! II I a 1 4 1 a OiA r age si:zr: v Fr. a PROCIIIII Afe "0011fill met a OeA mod W-i. li~&- atud'k. P.' Mhum . OfKam, c No 1. 44-6-lanvam C3 IMM tsl stromew of TbmrW WAchod/ % " C U - of AR d.=t 91 = *or " , n6 N UW WE Ill Pon AK3. be* 101 MMW :%PW- [I P *eag% 14 abbJmd with god 4 soddk-Wr Wtwh is new. 000 004 SO, Sell *SRI i ASS.$ L A MITALLOORM&L CITCRATWO CLASWrATWW so Isom 14,41"T a a a a f)0 00 -00 .400 see no* 800 If** coo see see bell faeo age 600 0 it 0 U 9 A, 10 "Ii it i i i i i 1 00 0 0 9 1 N 0 9 A 0 3 9 I goo*** 00 0 o O.e 0.0 0 0 0 0 6 0 19, *9 o OiJ960990909094410MO :..:Is 0 0 0 000000096000000 T 7~ 71 AA 00 so I as 00* 04 4:! ,00 000 J. 007 of sl IGPU400 CODOW Of C&TI)W and 41107 SIP01111 dUrint I N.40V'ev atuf 1. 141wrill x4rAwhrit 1. 7-1411W)7). Atti. Abitat, (in Moodt & AU*yt~ 9. No. 1. )Al VXW. -An extended tituely of irke. afftl bests dierifte awlting and fitilshing. In trialring C forel n(Mq the melting gwrind A awnrif. with .00 camall-.Valmethe of". 1"Ving hat. ren livacticall effect, miled Smies berks Saxwd. with rumunifn"ItitV #r cvmlpn.. Wit. i At itatiemma gmin mire by alumit 1 1! emits. but Add,41 *fit r t iff with thm has no siTrvt at all, Si r"Iuc~s thr glain goo qfjrr wbM the beat is c '~ ed sent! slightly frimseets it in =00 propirrly deetitimfisaid beemete. A) always redurcs pain qijr. coo Al"kiennallity Increseetem from seedling to the refining preruxt And there decrems. Ito alwarR fribity% ab"'K1134111%. i-A Ittf./teme VA redum alentermlity. 1-2 Its.11un Pnh--, k-avesitumbangedorincreawsitoomewhat. TbcrfIcc1 4 At an shisam3ality wao tencertaire. In retaking high- %pred sted 4~5 train edse was eihft-f%'cf finite during -1 V - h 11 i id i 2 xS9 1 at on W t neetiting and rtfining and final dros . g, /tan of Al prmhK*d no apWrtiable chanr in 1111111% site. i 1=00 If maight renidling untler a Wheir slat OMWs to i"ctvsv 16*0 The vain site of this stftl 103A. In Mier brarins stett beets node without At *&tn. had thee train site of I --i which rexeld lit cleseeptl in thee intri-tral of 141 by varvitit thromt.,p"lailded. FA-st grain ith;W-4#41 IIJItite sif Al. It -in Ma ?I 0 0 11 is "N"MN!" Siva it a 11 a a 34 a b it a P 4 41 a I 0 r M-G9 IL IF !-- -0 " lie., t'. sit,. 00 t! u to 0 At W V of a a It a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 4 Ta wee TA no a II--- Is. - a 0 11 1 10 a 1. 'A 111 00 :4, 0099990090009 000 **!goe's *sees sooos&ooo:;oo#ooqj r , a I c 0 v 4 a III m WS! 1 0 4" 31 is 2 N If a a p a 0 4 81 a a t a 10 0 PC 1 1 1 W TL~ A L 00 1 2 li ~ a a , 1 j , 4 I L # a .11 as as n . 0 41c - , . - _ _- - - ~ --- -- - - m tft,t~_ lop ..0 0. 000101 - 6611 61 1 IV21910111191 30 WIS on 0 off, 00& set 00 so OOD 00 ooc v 00 &60 go 0 00 go. III (Clio amwaid I Sapan.091, 41113"US 100- .1C jai 2ulssud Aq lwqwAo fta Opi pooo 11daM Palm JI --- N 10 a 0 0- -A2 W pawaid of OPI Slil R -P P M O "Ill 10 we"3111 11111 a awmasup =qI JIMIlm PIM ONVOIJ, V'O Ul 4131111al" au Wl 01 SM Of in -arm 11.11131 pay jamia UwFlawsm " nos) ofs t if I)l -N Itli ilsmfonpff Tn"81%. ..I" 1"m poi low" so- of INlob "414 0.1 111sbWal Owi if~, 661 i~w III so -j If W 1 3 1 ff T r 40 IF a a a 0 a a a a it a 14 a If it 111-101 a it a A III III $1 11 a If a 4 1 t 1 9 1 t fitfp y" r Slag Selt.-ction of a mcthoJ of increa3ing the quality of fuel nlaC derendin,-, Qn the characteristics c)' the original coal., Stroi. prom-, 30, no. 2, 15552 2 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, March 1959. Unclassified. BLINZON. M.P.. kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk; POPOV, N.A., redaictor. .- U06- (Fuel ashes used an filler for light concrete] ToplivVe ablaki kak sapolni dlia legkikh betonov. Pod red.N.A.Pbpova. Kooky&. Gos.isd-To lit-ry po stroitelletvu I arkbitakturs, 1953. 46 pe (HLBA 6:12) (Concrete) (Ash (Technology)) ]CLINZON, M.P.. )mudtdat tekhnichookikh nauk; POPOV, L.N., kandidat takhnichaskikh '.'w B.A., inzhener. Tochnolog7 of-sintering fuel cinders and ashes. Blul.stroi.tekh. 10 no.17:15-16 D 153. (MI-HA 7:1) 1. Institut stroitelino7 tekhniki Akademii arkhitaktury SSSR. (Ash (Toohnolog7)) LAPIN, V.Va,. kandidat goologo-mineralogichookikh nauk; JZJNZON, M.P , kandidat takhnichookikh nauk. .1 .0 .Proportion of sintered fu*1 slag and ashes. 3troi.prom. 31 no.6137-38 Je 153- MU 6:7) 1. Institut geologicheakikh nauk AN SM (for lapin). 2. Institut stroi- telluoy takhniki Akadsmii arkhitoktury SSSR (for 111mon). (slag) 'C_ 4) 'y 2 '0 A~ /Y. P OSOVIK, B.A., inshener; ILU=, X.P., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk. 1%"',~4..'A.e'o-i~-Al -4~-a Use of slag and ashes of an slentrio power plant In modern buil- ding. 319k.sta. 25 no.800-32 Aa 054. OMU 7:9) (Building materials) 0 F-LIN-LON, M- BMITICH, G.A.. kandidat takhnichookikh -u ; PUMULOWIT, G.T., Inshener, Obael slags as aWegates for light concretes.* M.P. Ilinson. Reviewed by G.A.Paslaevich, G.V.Pukhallskil. Stroi.prou. 32 no.7: 47 11 154. (MIRA 7:7) (Slag cement) (Concrete) ft-OW;-M I /P. / ELITIZOIT) M. P. "Ispollmovaniye Toplivnogo Shlaka I Zoly V Stroitellstve," Proceedings of Conference on Problems of Ash Remova, asha and slag removal, and asU and s1a5 utilization., Trudv Konferentsiya Po voprosam Zoloulavlivn,11ya, Shlahozoloulaylivaniy I Shiarozoloi spol'zovaniya. Gosunczrgnizdat G,s---ntrG,-J4zdat, 1955) 'C-6pr.; abstr. in Teploenergetika (heat Ftir ZrCng, !ADseow), Jue 1956, 64). There are ten papers on atmospheric pollution, :Clue gns cleaning, cyclones, Instrumentation, pneumatic removal of ash, ash handling, and the use of ash for heat Insulation and construction. /,--. - I-- t-1 . V - iUiMeVICH,G.A.. kandidat tekhaicheakikh nauk; ILIKSCN,K.P., kandidat tekhnIcheskM nauk I Bibliography ('Granulated blast furnace elage and slag cement. P.P.I~adnikov,I.L.Znchke-ILvorskii. Reviewed by G.A.Bushevich, M.P.Minson). TSenent 21 no.2;27-28 Kr-Ap,53. (MM 8:8) (Slag cement) (Badnikov,P.P.) (Znachko-IAvorskII,I.L.) YXIINZOV, M.P. Use of slag and cinders for making wall panele and large-size building blocks. Gor. khoz. Kook. 29 no.4:30-35 AP 155. (HLBA 8:6) 1. Nauchno-tooledovatellskiy institut stroitallnoy tekhniki Akademii arkhitektury SSSR. (Building blocks) (Slag) SUAMTAYIV, Boris Grigorlyevich; PVV. BRTZGALOT, N.A., OVSIATA, N4.1%~16idinlipeAheAl . to redaktor; LTUDX (Lightweight concretes] LegIria betony. Moskva. Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit. materialam. 1936. 74 p. (KLRA 10:3) (Lightweight concrete) USSR /themical Technology. Chemical Products 1-12 and Their Application Silicates. Glass. Ceramics. Binders. Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - KhAmiya, No 9, 1957, 31668 Author glinzon M.P. Title Porous Aggregates for Light Concrete Orig Pub: Beton i zhelezobeton, 1956, No 9, 314-319 Abstract: Description of the basic principles, procedures and potentialities of the production of various porous agglomerates for light concrete: cinders, slag pumice, aggloporites, porous clay fillers. The necessity Is pointed out of a preliminary treatment and concentration or these agglomerates In order to enhance their quality and uniformity. Card 1/1 GRCBOKOPATILI, S.B., iU2honer; OSOVIX, B.A., Inshener; kandidat takhnicheskikh muk; POPOV, L.I., kandidat tekhnichee nauk. Producing porous aggregates for lightweight concretes. Gor.khoz. Nook. 30 no.4;21-24 Ap '56. (Km 9:8) (Lightweight concrete) tit IBVI. Zh.P.' [levy, I.Pj;-4Wa,,-X.2*',...kand. tekhn. ixauk, red. Itranslatorh YAKO, I.A., kand. tekhn. nauk, red. [translator]; GUZW. K.A., red.; GILINSON, P.G., tekhn. red, [Light-weight concrete; manufacture, properties. uses] [?ranslated from the French] Iegkie betony: prigotovilente - evoistva - primenents. Red. M.P. Ilinsons, i I.A. IAkub, Moskva, Goo. lzd-vo lit-ry po stroit,, arkhit, I stroit. materialam, 1958. 145 p. (MM& 1127) (Lightweight concrete) MIRONOT. S.A.# prof., doktor takhn.nauk; BUZMfflCH# G.A., kand.takhn.nank; poNASyuZHxMW, Ya.D.0 insh., Prinimali uchastlys: JLIN=, M.P., kand.tekhn.nauk; SEMs UA, kand.takhn.nauk; red.isd-Ta; T = IRA, Te.L.t takhnoredg [Instructions for selecting sixes and making keramsit concrete] Ukazaniia po podborm sostava i prigotovleniiu keramsitobstona. Moskva. Gog.isd-vo lit-ry po, stroit,, arkh1to i stroit,mterialams 1959. 30 P. (KM 13:3) 1. Akademiya mtroitelletva i arkhitaktury SSR~ Institut betona I zhelesobetona, Perovo. 2. Chlen-korrespondent Akedemil stroitel'stya i arkhitaktury SSO (for Mironov). 3. 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Raising the quality and the effootiveness of lightweight conaretes. -BetJ zbel.-Ik. 8 no.9s390-393 3 162. (MIRA 15sl2) (Lightweight conorete) IAZAREVICH, S.K,, kand;tekhn.nauki SHTEYN, Ya.Sh.., kand.takhn.nauk; BLINZO.-jLZ,,, kand.tekhn.nauk; STEBAICOVA, I.Ya., inzh.; --MIZHL?VSKIYP M.P., inz-h. Economic efficiency of producing and using kerawit, agloporite and alag "pumice*" Stroismat. 8 no.10:12-16 0 162. (MMA 15:11) (Aggregates (Building materials)) ELINZON M P kand,tekhn.navkj-VASIL1MW,, S.G., kand.tekhn.nauk; t U.S., kand,tekhn.nauk Industrial mastering of the production of agloporite in Electrostall. Sbor.trud.VNIINSM no.6slIO-135 162. (MIRA 15M) 1. Vsosoyuznyy nauohno-isaledovateliskiy inatitut, novykh stroitelinykh materialov Akademii atroitellatva i arkhitekturr SSSR. 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