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26990 3/138/61/000/005/004/006 The properties of soft butadiene-nitrile rubbers and... A051/A129 it in other properties. The soft SKN rubbers were tested under industrial condi- tions used in commercial articles at the rubber article plants. The authors con- clude that vulcanizates from soft SKN rubbers with a Defoe hardness of 700 - 1,0009 3ompared to vulcanizates from mass-produced rubbers are characterized by a lowered rate of vulcanization, somewhat lowered values of tear resistance and moduli. The vulcanizates of the soft SKN-18 rubber have also a lower frost resistance coeffi- cient and elasticity. All other properties are almost equivalent. By increasing the sulfur content or the accelerators, an increase in the rate of vulcanization is achieved for mixtures of soft SKN rubbers, and in improvement in the resistance properties of the vulcanizates based on them. Due to the use of soft SKN rubbers in the production of rubber articles the cumbersome and energy-consuming stage of mechanical mastication is eliminated and the output of the mixing rollers Is in- creased. There are 3 graphs and 5 tables. ASSOCIATION: Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut rezinovoy promyshlennosti (Scien- tific Research Institute of the Rubber Industry) Card 3/5 LEPETOV, Vasili-y Aleksandrovich; ETM', P.I., red.; GRIVA, Z.1., red. [Engineering rubber goods] Rezinovye tekhnicheskie izde- Iiia. Izd.2., perer. i dop. Moskva, Khimiia, 1965. 4'171 P. (MIRA 16:0) MIIQIAYLOV, G.G.; NSMAN, P.M. Four-spindlo head for milling key groovog. Stroi.i dor. manhinnstr. 4 no.9:34 S 159. (MIRA 12:11) (Milling machines--Attachments) 14IKHArrDY, G. G. ; ISMkIl, P.M. Reconditionine lathe chucks. 8tan.1 Instro 31 no&2:43 F 160. (MIRA 130) (Chucks) ESMAIIJI S. A. - U "Theory and Methods of Calculation of the Electric Drive and the Constrol 3chumc of "Flying Scisao.,s% Official apponcts: I. G. Kul'bachnyy, Professcr, Doctor i of Technical Sciences and Ye. V Nitusosv., Professor Doctor of Techn--cal Sciences. Dissertation frr the Degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, Defended at All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Inst. 22 June 1950 (Elektrichestvo, 1958, PP &)-91, No. 5) EMT ALLAMj a4pirayrt I Potato and tumato late blight in the Egyptian region of the United Arab PAMublic. Zashch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 5 no.10: /,7-48 0 16o. (MIRA 16:1) 1. Moakovskava ordema lemina aellskokhosyaystvennaya akademiya im. Timiryaseva, kafedre. fitopatologii. Egypt-Tomatoes-Diaeaaea and pests) t-Potato rot) Z I CHERNIAK, A*S*; ~~MONT_,__Tett!~q SHEMETOVA, V.G. Chemical fertilizers from phosphorites of the lake Baikal region. Isy,Sib.otd*AN SSSR no.D101-104 162, (Min 15:3) 1. Irkutskiy gosudarstvemW nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut rodkikh metaUov. (Ba4kill IAke region-Phoophorites) (Fertilizers and mam=es) ';HERNYAK) A.,S.; ye.m. Chemical selection of columbite py-roch.;ore and !n :he concentration of rare-earth sands. "lhur. prikl. 38 ro.-,: 193-194 ju 165. ~No,*, jq-.3~1 Erno Dr- Vas Megye Council hMarkusovazky* Hospital (directors CSEMXO, Lasz1o, Irl-f, -tepartment, of Urological Surgery (chief physicians ZOLTAN, Tibor, Dr) (Vas M. T. -- Megysi Tanacs -, *Karkusovszky" Korhaz, Urolo- giai, Sebeszeti Oaztaly). NAn Operated Case of Prostatic Myosarcom." Budapest, Hag-var Sebeazet, Vol XIX, No 2, Apr 66, pages 141-143. Abstracts (Author's Hungarian sunmry] A brief literature survey is followed by the description of a case of prostatic rqoaarccma. Because of total retention of urine, traneve3ical prostatectomy was performed in combination with deep radiotherapy. The patient died 7 months after the operation. In addition to local rt linces the cause of death was severe tumor eachexia and apostematous nephritis caused by ureter compression. 4 Hungarian, 4 Western references, 1/1 8(6) . SOV/ 112 -59 -5 -8868 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Elektrotekhnika, 1959, Nr 5, p 64 (USSR) AUTHOR: EB . I - -;. TV, TITLE: A Synchronous -Generator Excitation System Fed at a High Frequency and Using Magnetic Amplifiers and a Compounding System Is Analyzed PERIODICAL: Izv. vyssh. uchebn. zavedeniy. Energetika, 1958, Nr 5, p 11-19 ABSTRACT: A scheme of synchronous -generator compounding with an electro- magnetic correction is described; the scheme is distinguished by high-speed magnetic amplifiers supplied from a high-frequency generator. It is noted that even under steady-state conditions, examination of the process of parallel supply of the generator field winding from the compounding -circuit rectifiers and from the correction circuit is very difficult because the currents and voltages are nonsinusoidal; the latter fact is due to nonlinearity of rectifiers and magnetic amplifiers. Results of experimental investigations are reported, as are the oscillograms of transients accompanying the switching on of a Card 1/2 SOV/1 12-59-5-8868 A Synchronous -Generator Excitation System Fed at a High Frequency and Using cquirrel-cage motor and a static inductive load. An approximate linearized differential equation for the above system was set up. An inference is drawn that the relative linearization error in analytical examination of the transients, as compared to experimental data, does not exceed 10-2076 of the voltage deviation. An additional error due to the constant-load assumption can be evaluated as 1-3% of the rated voltage. I. V. G. Card ?/2 ESOP, Kh. R. Cand Tech Sci - (diss) "Analysis of a system of excitation of syn- chronous generators using high frequency supply and with the use of magnetic amplifiers and compounding equipment." Tallin, 1961. 11 pp; (Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialist Education RSFSR, Leningrad Polytechnic Inst imeni M. I. Kalinin); 150 copies; free; (KL, 7-61 sup, 249) 5i-:.. ~iwl ESPE) W. ,'Glnss and ceramics in vacu-n technology" by P.Calnot, Mallet. Reviewed by W.F,ne Slaboproudy obzor 25 no.10:Suppl:Literatiwa 25 -.0 10:L77 164. A It 11, VO 1. It' J. III Q (A a a 1 4 a It i 1 A A 1. , t Ok #&VINt A 00 .4 go 9 66 IM. j9khwd"M Sadmmb 0100IMS-W. U"., A41j. 1. fosba. - * 2-v _' 0. NyOA. 10. If, pft. 44"46. 1112 :0 Math, preew, 1"0. ~ into dwRidbardiam-laue law(or themicinic emisssim. 0, WbVf* is 10 "IMMhOd CUITV11t. 0 thv SAffUr OLMA CA the bra""d., 7 %be alm"iste lempeffaturn will 11 a vusukiant deponalinjI an Ito of a i'siowma mal"isil. with otvd&j ftlen fire t4) nu)rv mill'Irm 16411"Xico. aucjs so as a "-wAum him tin tungsteq ar 1144? pmite, 1 00 & L' 10 &A OOIALL~&L. &I"INATUM19 CCA16WOCATON %so- I low 41'C'rz-r. SAM .00 Aso 16 so* goo 000 .00 CIO 0 is* 0 Asoo '00 '00 wee vo* J11901 U a AV 00 as is ~ ri 0; a oi I I Im 0 0 9 1 w a 9 do a 3 4 1 = 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Igo ,e 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 010 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * a 0 0 0 .0 0 0 a 0 0 04 #0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 calklmillim to of pdkm 4 Waira dw maim" tow (w smodn al to diw" via oshk- CMWC*dw" W_LAn&paiM.Ltm4mj(. Akdwow- Obs.. 11. 26-A OfV.-I91414 Cirth. A nulhmwk-&l imwyw i2 gifts Of SUL%k Jamill cn"wn in dkWa sith o%kk,4o*W vallomki alid nalhodi of musurina of we dm-rihed. I be ltwwv- lically obiaimd rcuAts afv 1,vnfimwd by expailun'. On the bWs of the rcsulls vbjAjjW the axihvJs t,( rc"-Ind revase curicni in ubch valva no comkk-rcJ NUMUk:&l InWU Mid IP&Ph% WO givaL 1. 1.011" Lai I C&I 1037 5 W Pmet 04ur, 14, Na, 9. W'IMt7n-T7,--r-,,h Cw%ruj6ca e th" jIn;voim pp'l 1SLe,"-d~ 14, Mv- T-d, J17-53 (I'MIJ iU~w~ tl~ 9F =,=m3wdr fv"~ tiff jjW4tTf4-- 7 to WAAA Wpoor wp(Aw-d4a Mid irt numulty mil, (1) ~Jilwh~ a kcry Win Cu V~ift or Witt, a cil-la~A.%cd Fc,-Ni .:TC; ~Ij ~Cttlc SCAS w1d; t~wmj cuop';r fir,; (3) 4isk t"Es, in vkhicL %wo Illu tu6qI Itu julfl~d!,i tho, mo;a surfa" it axidind txim-cu.;wO c4 cnaimflcd. Akr scatice. IN-. (~t;tal is W),iccl,d i~, 3 k;II ~kh~,h mmoci Ehc 'Iej 1" 4(AN4e it 3rd ty vnvrcf~%,.] w, if 669.294 621.385 Bleatrical Enginoering 816. Tantalum, its production, properties and applicallim In the production of valves. W. Lsrr. Abst. Slahaprendi, Obnw, 14, 213-23 (Aftkv, 1953) In C:eC11. Soation B A wilh 03 refetences. liar. 1954 Mechanioul and Civil '6ngineorinC Wachnology ESPE, W.; FOKORZ, V. - Vol. 14. no. 4, Apr. 1953- SLABOPROUDY OBZOR New trends in the design of transmitting tubes. P. 178. SO: Monthly list of last Zaropean Accessions, (ZELL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 9. SePt- 1955 Uncl. 'M preuli Oh.-or, 14, Ao: 12, 531-47 An accittint or efccirk,sl griphite, Its p"luction, ptt,Ntlivi and ipplication; 1,,~irnus non.rtaphited Juctionand al'I'lication; colloi" Graphito and slyspellsiolls, produklion alld tcClinology; carbon fiimi, otor rot,"ation rrt,m picotis h)-drm0%,n% and applicatioll.l. lijillioglophy of Is items. A. ESFE, W. Corpound metals in vacuum techniques; clad metalsand impregnated metils. (To be contd.) P. 39. SIABORPROMY OBZOR. Pra1m, Vol. 15, no. 1, Jan, 1954. BOUXE: East European Accessions List (EEAL)., W, Vol. 5, no. 3j March 1956. ESPE, W. Hix, P. Vapor pressures and evaporation rates of materials for electronics, especiali,j metals. (Supplement) p. Pi5- SLA130PROUDY OBZOR, Prague, Vol- 15, no. 3, btar. 1954. SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEAL), LC, Vol- 5, No. 6 June 1956, Uncl. ~_S P C-~_ , WL I-Q, N- "-a- Czechoslovakia/Electronice Vacuum Technique, H-9 Abst Journals Referat Zhur Fizika., No 12, 1956, 35228 Authors Espe, Werner ----------------- Institutions None Titles Methods and Techniques of Degaasing Metals Original Periodical: Slaboproudy obzor, 1954, 15, No 6, 282-2933 Czech3 Russian. Frenc.c. German., and English resum4s Abstract: Quantitative data are given on the j~bsorption of various gases by metals. Description is given of the known methods for degassing the untreated metal by melting, and degassing parts and system of elec.- trodes of vacuum tube)3 by heating-in vacuum or in hydrogen (:L'a spe'. cial ovens, or by high frequency heating), or by electron bombard- ment. Bibliography, 66 titles. For the start of the article see Referat Zhur - Xhim, 1955, 2~055- Card 1/1 443-7. No, M) tn Cmck A. My comV40% the swfox: uu"utk*, pOW- Uwtrrvaim of loctal coa&W4 on to bow; dWut;6n of Oft MtW h" the sutft- af JS WwM-,Dxj&gon; cubwWog', coating with Cuban dtPosilion of lutum w4des ftwo thct=l p-vdercd m04 OWLIS; mukft of mw pan. An l4WvQllWW,; oibuopaphy of 6s iteins is Wuded. A." 621.327.3 MrL trolech. Ob.-or, 4.1, No. 4, 169-77 (I9Wf6T"W, The rclative APOCInd distribution of low- and high- ptuvium mcrcury lamps and the energy distributioN inihic and outside low-pressure lamps am discussed to clarify the requirements for coathIg materials. The conventional luminescent materials, the production of v,hich i3 &scribcd, arc known as "mixture luntino- pborc-i" and the optic-al characteri3tic3 of the mixtures uszd for the carious effects and commercially known. as "daylight " "patural " "warm white," c1c., shn&S sr. compaQ wIth the fixtures producins them. The rccent use of halogen phosphates of alkafirP3 earth metalsisconsidcred. Coatlngorocc= are described and technical data on the performance or many types of modern I.p. fluorc=nt himps am tabulated. A Nrly represcntativo international bibliography of X2 it::,111 is ~td(Ntl. YL F. XkAVS ba Vacultn Industr TO yak- in I In 4, no. 7, uckvej lee. n Mal. k~~qg Lggg bily 959, p, IW207. w--- 0 welain-thods A mid-, arc-, nd ILun electron Elecifle.resislance., AM i1,, Owtrtwtion of high-j,,acuum and 995-fil used In demand the um- I 9-t -"'U of 11 -d tl1jx:s. Conditions of Wuxes. Ph*toVaPhs- t'bl"' rare gases and clitninates Um grap diagran- 50 rL4. ESPE,, W. Czechoslovakia (Prague and Bratislava) Ueber elektrische Widerstandsochweisoung von Glas in der Vakummtechnik SO: Nachrichtentechnik., #12p December 1955., Unclassified. :~nthly Li st, of :`Iast '~ccesniorv., lol 4, 1-c V55, [a vacuum tt"que. %V, -Esk, swvproud~ Oblor. h- I m 2 a 9s 4 e i- zet o. r . 1 R, e q ' M 0.0 hat P-04",Cd The welding tcdalqua relilng by Clectfic Cut=(& wtone - Orouth - (t,4 clintponclits is te*nk'ta Ana Opoallcd. It 4 found to b-t parflaalty sl~ftawm f6r, Lho weldirg of lar:a Cornpoacnis Madlo, of hard zliss~ such sspip4s, teWslon tubcs and searchlilhi!i. Ow melliod of rciWa%-c-u-0dWg vL143 oa. rct-hcatins of t1he urd,-d Produot by Cas flanve, anotFer wcthod crnploys Wlloldal-g6phife coating to iritive the ~ietdixig. Tbl: paptr contaffi3 lo S. W30-%Gw= 66IT037.3 3M C ftftbo . ARM :N-ERLAWF- "Widd TWOU0 Law No. 4 .2 1 55) M11h. C ZE 01i Tmml3tloa!ofapapctfromGlwwdff"ltvakuwa- Tichorik, No. 7,1953. suppkmented by W. Eve. A comprcsxil seal consists of a glass disk embedded In and mtchankaLly stremd by a length of nxtal tube; mcua conductors, thermally matcIted with the glass. may be sealed In the disk. Design of a seal Is baud principally an Its current,2rryIng capacity and m*x1- mum operating voliages, Distribution of stresses In the sea Is analysed and its preparation is described In detall. The sea]& can withstand working tempera. turn of 25D'c, but are subject to taflure at sudden local changes of temperature. The paper Is Illustrated by a substantial number of drawings, photographs and curm, am contains 16 references. R. S. SIVOROWICZ The most important glas n3 for vaciam tnehnology and initriznents in Czechoslov.,Ida and the German Democratic Republic. p. 43'. T I,v; a -ImIsterstv- sp'l u) -1-1 1 . . I').. -I -"I niiterztvo 3trojire-.31 Prah-,. Vol. 16, no. P, Au,-,. 1'155. ,.n 1 r? C 1,, European Ac:!es~i-,ns List, Vol. 5, no. 9, . : I I U ESPE, W. W. ESPE (Prague and Bratislava), "Technologie und Verwendung de3 Queeksilbers in der Vakuumtechnik," Nachrichtentechnik, Vol. 6, No. 4, Berlin, April 1956, Unclassified. (Fough translatioh of title: Technolog7 and Use of Quicksilver in Vacuum Sngineering) I- s f, --? , "'l." i pe (Fraf,,Ue ar-A Prtiti,:.Oava), ll?u~;fer als '.,erkst(j'.' ler 'l,-)ch,,,,kuumtechtdk; W. ::S, 4 Teil II: in6en," .-achrirl-iteritechnik (Berlind', 161,93 jel,te.-aber 10,56, p. 4k"l ff. ESPE, W. The production and application of shaped parts made of sintered rlass in vacuum technology. P. 193. (Strojnoelektrotechnicky Casopis. Pratislava. Vol. 7, no. h, 1956.) SC: Yonthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) IC., Vol. 6, no. 7, JuIY 19,57- Uncl. F.113PE. 'III. A new lightninq arrester. p. 80. (Stro noelektrotedlinicky Casopit. V01. 8, 1, .o. 2, 1957, Bratislava, Czechoslovakiai SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (FEAL) LC, Vol. 6. "to. R, Aug 20r,,7. Uncl. 'P/_ "~' C-1W'FR, CZMHOSLOVAKIA/Chemical Technology. Chemic&l Prqducts and Their Application. Ceramics. Glass. Bin&_ra. Conerate. H-13 Abs Jour: Referat Zhur-"Imiya, No 5, 1958, 15283. Author Espe Werner Inst Title Quartz Glass, Fused Quartz Sand &ud Glass Similar to Quartz Glass, as Materials in High-Vacaum Technique. Orig Fab: Slaboproudy obzor., 1957., 18, No 4, 266-260o Abstract A reviev of production and fartb~tr t%vatsaut methods, pbysi- cal and cbe-ic&3 properties, and also of procedures of utili- zing quartz g3jws. fused quartz sand and of glasses similar to quartz glass, in the technique of high-vacuum. Biblio- graphy 63 referenceso Card 1/1 CZECHOSLOVMM/Chonical T~--chnology. CherAcal Prcducta and Their 11-13 Application. CeraLics. Glass. Bindiig 1,:atcrials. Concrete. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Mlim., 110 2) 1959., 5494. Authcr Espe, Werner. Inst Title On Neutron Penetraace of Lidustrial Glasses. OriG Pub: Strojnoulelftrotechi. casop., 1958, 9, 110 3, 168-171- Abstract: '=lyzing the coofficient of specific absorption of iieutrona (11.11s) by va-ricus oxides taking part in the corlpositiou of glass (G), the auti-.or draws tlic con- clusion that ordimrf industrial Gs are characterized by a great neutran penotrance. On the contrary, G containing oxides of Cd, B, Gd aid TEu, absorbs neutrons very efficiently. Didium oxide posseasca an exclusively Card 1/2 61 CZECIIOSLOVAKU,/CheLdcal Tecllmolngy. Chenical Products and Meir Application. Ceramdcs. Glass - Binding I-Latcrinls. Concrete. Lbs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khiri., No 2, 1959) 5494. great capacity of selective absorption of noutrons of an energy of 1.4 clectron-volt. Recipes for, and properties of, sone Gs desi&ied for protection from neutrons are presmited. Bibliography with 3 titles. - L. Sedov. 0 H-13 Card 2/2 CZCCHOSLOVAEJA / Chemical Technology. Ciiemicp.1 Products F, and ilicir Applications. .1lass, Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Rhimlya, 1959, 'No !, 12561. Author Espc, Warner. Inst Title On the Gas Permeability of Industrial Cilass. OrIg Pub: Strojnoclektrotectin. casop., 1958, 9, No 4., 240-246. Abstract: It is remarked tha "ultra-vacuum" (residual an pressure mm. mercury column), Industrial glass (G) becomes gas permeable to a certain degree. This -Pcrmeability Is very low for all gases, exclu- ding helium, which, especially during high tempera- tures, passes raoidly through the glass. Tile diffusion rate of the goses Increases with a decrease in the size of the gas molecules and with an increase In the content of oxides of silicon, boron, and Cato 1/Z CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Chemical Technnlogy. Chemical Products H and Their Applications. ('71 -ass. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Rhimiyn, 1959, i',jo 1, 12561. Abstract- phosphorus in ths composition of ths industrial olass. boron-s"licate G of the "pyr,-x" types possesses the greatest permeability for gcses, and, in particular, quartz G. The gas permeability of G Increases strongly wit1i increased tem-)erature and is found in linear depandence or. the size, and in Inverse relation to absolute temperature. Bib. 10 titles. -- L. Sedov. Card Z/2 MCHOSLOVANIA/Electronica - Vacutu lk-chniqucs H-9 Abs Jour : Raf nur - Fiziha) iio 4) 1959, No 8776 Authw :,-Bzpo-Worncr- Inst Tit-i e Rica as a Materl-UA %Icacuut.-i R!chnolo,y .1. .0 Oi~.~,, Pub SlaboproudNr obzov, 19, No 6.. 389-j7T Abrtract A survcy is Grivea of t:ic properties oL' -,Aca ac; -,acuu., ny.AurLtl. Tht~, vAid chowicn-0. i:",7-th",!s CC processing and of da&ancing, cnd surface; coatin., of mica in vacuum technolo.V are all considered. Card 1/1 CZ~]Cii.OSLOW,ICIP./El--,ctronics - lracutz.i T'-~~chniques 11-9 .'*.-'Ds Jour -R,:,.f Mur - Fiziln) 110 I.-J, 1959, No 8779 Autilor -P:~Po ll,~rner inst S-16-vW:"Collego fo;7 'T-bcluriology in Bra-ti~-,Iava. Cz~~Choslovakia Title Usc of Mica in Vacutzi Tcchnolo,-j Ori_ PW) Slaboproudy obzor - .~ 1-95, 19, 140 7, 458-.1,64 Ab o t ra c t systematic suvv,.~,i is .,iv,,n of the ag,)Iic-atlon of mica as a materiul in hi.,h vacuu,.i teclinol-orty. 7-ic fallowinj pro- blem5 are consiCl.-~r:!,,I: -.,,--,osito., hiininC,, ai.-id chemical com- rosition of mica: troatmoat, physical aad cli--!Acal proper- tics, dogassia(,,, surface treatnent, Of MiCl-' to glISS or m,2tal; anrl scrorvl c.,,arr)les of a.pplication of i,,.ica in vacuum tcchnolooy. The o.uthor considevs, bri,,21; the manu.. f.acturo of synth---tic inica and ito pro,)cl-ti,--r,. B~Illliogrnpliy, 77 titles. --. Author's rcsum,, C,-.rd 1/1 Z/039/60/021/03/008/028 E140/F-13 5 LUTHORS; Warner Espe and Arno Kuhn /I TITLE: --d-a-s Filling for Ionisation Detectors Especially Ionisation Chambers and Proportional Counters PERIODICAL% Slaboproudi Obzor, 1960, Vol 21, Nr 3, pp ~'-56-162 ABSTRACT: Systematic survey of the gases and optimum mixtures of gases.and vapours used for filling ionisation detectors. kfter a short general introduction the gaseous fillings for various kinds of ionisation chambers and proportional counters are dealt with in detail as well as the influence of the filling on the qualities of the detectors. Particular attention Is paid to the choice of gaseous filling in accordance with the kind of Card radiation to be detected. 1/1 There are 10 figures, 4 tables and 18 references, of which 10 are German, 8 English. ASSOCIATIONS Slovenski vysoka gkola technlclf.A, Bratislava (Slovak Technical Uajy2E2,~ Bratislava) (W. Espe); Spolek pro chemickou a hutnf vy'robu n.p.9 dstf n. L. ~Association for Chemical and Metallurgical Production, Ustl n L.) (A. Kuhn). SUBMITTEDs August 25, 1959 ,.,_ESPE, Werners KUHN$ Arno Some technological problems of Geiger-Muller tubes and spark counters. Slaboproudy obzor 21 no.5:288-299 Yq 160. (EMI 9:8) 1. Slovenska vyaoka skola technicka, Bratislava (for Espe); 2. Spolek pro chemickou a hutni, vyrobu, Usti nad Labem (for Kuhn) (Geiger-Muller counters) ESPE "W.- - - - - - -P almai7al Ooduationo Propertid.5 Pnd use in higN vacum en- gineerlb#. El toob dis 14 no.9t,560-571063. / j ES PE., V. "Scientific foundations of vacuun, tec~xiljue* by Saul Dushmari. Reviewed by W.Espe. Tel tpch cas 14 rjo-9:581-582 163. FIS%) W, %Glossary of terms used in vacuum technology.n Reviewed by W. Espe. Slaboproudy obzor:Suppl.:Literatura 24 no-5:07 163. ESPE, W. "Introduction to vacuum technology" by S.Buch. Reviewed by W.Espe. Slaboproudy obzor 24 no.%Suppl.tLiteratura 24 no.9:L69, L71 063o ESPE, W. "Practice of the high-vacuum engineering" by H.L.Eschbach. Reviewed by W.Espe. Slaboproudy obzor 24 no.lOtSuppl,sLiteratura 24 no.lOtL79 163. ACC NR, AP6020591 SOURCE COM CZ/0028/63/000/006/0312/03191 AUTHOR: Espe. Werner (Bratislava) ORG: none TITIS: Some now matters of interest from vacuum technique - SOURC&t Pokroky matomatiky fyziky a astronomie, no* 6, 1965, 31Z-319 TOPIC TAGS: vacuum technique, atmospheric pressure ' ABSTIRACTt The article presents a survey of important possibilities of the applica of vacuum technique in industry, physics and chemistry, with indicat ns of the required vacuum, and a table and a diagram showing the air preasuret near, outer and interplanetary space as a function of height above the Earth's surfacee The author thanks Engineer Ke Morinft, Candidate of Sciencel for helpful discussions and compiling the surveye Orig. art. has: 5 tables. Law SUB CODE: 20, 08 / SUBM DATEt none Card ALC NN, AP6026902 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0042/65/000/006/0348/0362 AUTHOR:_ Espe, Werner (Professor; Doctor); Hix,_Peter (Engineer) ORG: [Espe I Department of Radio Engineering, ;j~qvqk Institute of Technol ogy. Bj!at slava (Katedra radiotechnologie SVST); [Hix] - - . - - t'- -e Vrsovice plant, Prague (Tesla Roznov, n.p., zavod Vrsovic TITIE: Contribution to the advantageous processing of FeNiCo alloys before and after their sealing to glass SOURCE: Elektrotechnicky casopis, no. 6, 1965, 348-362 TOPIC TAGS: coaxial cable, glass to metal seal ABSTRACT: The article di sses practical experience obtained in the designing IKU and production of coaxial ovar-to-glass sealsl-'~for bushings used in hf-transmission tubes, which led to good manufacturing results. The experience also is generally useful in kovar-to-glass seal production, in the manufacturing of thyratrons, for example. Many design drawings and photographs of elements given practical tests are included. This paper was presented by J. Slosiar. Orig. art. has: 5 figures and 3 tables. [Based on authoral Eng. abst.] 1JPRS: 32,4821 SUB CODE: 13, 09 / SUBM DATE: 19Jan65 / ORIG REF: 006 / OTH REF: 007 Card L 31784-66 EWP(t)/STI IJP(c) JD ACC NR, ~-kp6o216" SOURCE CODE: CZ/0030/ AbNo7a: Lspo. Worner (Professor; Doctor) Bratislava' ;,j 57 ORG: nono TITIZ: Probloms of vacuum technique in the preparation of lffimrs SOURCS: Jemna mochanilm a optilca, no* 10. 1965, 305-310 TOPIC TAGS: vacuum technique, metal film, semiconducting film ABSTL%XCT: The article presents a survey of modern mothods of vacuum techniques a knowlodgo and mastery of which are necessary in the production-of thin layorse Thirty reforoncos cited in this, the first part of the article, but not listed* Orig. arte hast 20 figures mid 5 tables* fJ-PRS7 SUB CODGt 20 / sum DATst o4Aug65 Lc ~i~rd JD- SOURCE CODE: CZ/1 AUTHOR: Espe~ Warne-r.(Professors Doctor of philosophy; Bratislava) ORGt non6 TITM: Problems of vacuum technique in the application of thin layers- SOURCE: Jemna machanika a optika, n6. U. 1965, 341-348 TOPIC TAGSs vaauum teohnology, film coolin(j. electron bombardment, sealing device, semiconducting film ABSTRACT: The article in the conclusion of an article in no. 10, 1965, of this journal. It deals with low-teVerature cooling, design problems of sealing in equipment for the production of thin film, resistance heating, electron bombardment, the evaporating "bra)w" and methods of producing thin films without the use of vacuums Orig~ art* hass 31 figures and 5 tables, fJPRs7 30 CODE: 20'.13 SUBM DAM 03Aug65 ORIG R&Fs 001 OTH REFt 079 CC41 UDC: _,621-52 "Ce A& t 21-365-66 V (t) jn ~*~~MiO922 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0039/65/026/006/0335/0342 AUTHOR:.,.,AsR2. Wern r (Professor; Doctor) CRG: Slovak Institute of Technolo&Z, Bratislava (Slovenska vysoka skola tech Eta) TITLE: Materials for separable ultrahigh vacuum joints .0a SOURCE: Slaboproudy obzorp v# 26, no* 6# 19659 335-342 TOPIC TAGS: ultrahigh vacuum, vacuum,degassing, vacuum seal, vacuum chamber, metal ABSTRACT: The article surveys suitable and reliable materials for separable all-meta rKE'ethods of appli- joints which may be dega8sed easily and used for ul h ~vacuu~m cation are stated. Metals are discussed first, and then elastic materials with- standing higher temperatures are compared with them. Orig, art* has: 28 figures and 1 table. [JPRSJ SUB CODE: llp 13 SUBM DATE: 28Sep64 / ORIG REF: 002 / OTH REF: 034 ACC NRs AP6035528 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0039/66/027/010/0630/0640 AUTHOR: _-Espq, Werner; Hix, Peter; Kejhar, Jindrich ORG: (Espe] Slovak Technical College, Bratislava (Slovenska vysoka skola technicka); (Hix; Kejharl TESLA Roznov National Enterprise, Vrsovice Enterprise ! (TES LA Roznov n. p. , zavod Vrsovic e) TITLE: Reliable vacuum-tight soldered ceramic-metal joints SOURCE: Slaboproudy obzor, v. 27, no. 10, 1966, 630-640 TOPIC TAGS: ceramic to metal seal, ceramic product, thermionic tube, solder, vacuum tight solder, corundum ABSTRACT: The article discusses the advantages and drawbacks of ceramics as I materials in the manufacture of thermionic tubes, and presents theoretical con- siderations on the vacuum tightness of ceramic-to-metal seals. The matlerial and design aspects in the manufacture of a transmitting tube with a reliable vacuum- 1 tight soldered corundum-to-kovar seal are considered in detail. The use of locally manufactured materials in the mass production of ceramic pickup tubes is ii discussed. Orig. art. has: 18figures and 4 tables. [Based on authors' abstract] 'I JKS~ ~_Card.lll SUB CODE: 111SUBM DATE: none/ORIG REF: 004/OTH REF: 027/ ES Pelq H 12 "t mextb6 XLRCINIAK, Aleksandra; J1SFJWL4Ne Marla S4gnificance of paper electrophoresis in clinical rhounatic diseases. Folskle arch, mod, wownetra, 24 no.3a:383-392 1954. 1. Z I.Kllniki Charob Wownstrsnych Akademii Nedycznej w Posn"lu Kierownik: Prof. dr St.Kwasniewski. (RUNUKATISK, blood in, *globulin, electrophoresis) (Bum%OPHOUSIS. *of serum globulin in rheum) (SMUH GLOBULIN, In various diseases, *rheum., electrophoresis) ISPMMa, K., HICHALKILVICZ, W.. ZYWICKA-TWAROWSKA, I. Blood proteins In normal and disensed newborn infant* Pedint.polska 33 no-3:301-313 Nar 58 1. Z I Kliniki Polosnictwa I Chorob Kobiecych A.M. v Posnaniu. lierowniks doe dr med. W Michalklewics. Adrea: Poznstn. ul. Polnn 31, I Klin. Polo%. I Cher. Kobtecych A.M. 00= PRMINS, determ. in normal & dis. newborn inf. (Pol)) (=PAN?, NWBORN, die. blood proteins in (Pol)) ZSPENW Maria; MICHALKIEWOCZp Witold Some phyvico-chomical propertlea of proteina of the n3rometritm, Ginek, pol. 34 no.21193-197 163,, 1. Z I Kliniki Poloaniotwa i Chorob Kobiecy-ch AM w Poznaniu Kierownik: prof. dr mad. W. MichalUewicz. (MUSCLE PROTEINS) (UTERUS) (CHEMISTRY) 11~.' ate r- a rn the Fr~:l 1-rr ;-f !nf --n! clor- na I Fres5urr- M11.1li-v-, i c,~i 1 -r,,.,;t .Cha r f 17 -1] SI, r;,t)r:.,. IVI .1 q:14 j,1, 1j,j, !,j, Tl,, Ile 1'ri Fni- I- naya L r,~ s 1, 1r r~ ASPJIROV, Schinococcosis of the thoracic wall. Vop.neirokhir. 21 no.6:53-54 K-D '57- (NEIL 11:2) 1. Xafedrs gospitallnoy khirurgii Xuybyshevskogo meditsinskogo instituts. (ECHINOCOCGOSIS, case reports thoracic wall) (THOUX, die. echinococcosis of thoracic wall) pe ., I MiRO-V, B-.-N., kand.sed.naulr Observations of malignant hypertension following surger7. 21 no.11:98-100 N 157. (KIRI 11:1) 1. Iz kafedr7 gospitallnoy khirurgli (znv.-prof. A.M.Aminev) Kuyb7shevskogo meditsinskogo institute (dir.-prof. T.I. Yeroshevskly) (HYPERMSION, surg. follow-up in malignant hypertension) XSMOT, B.N...kanclidat maditsinskikh nauk Pneumperitoneum following surgery and Its significance in the chnic [with summry In Anglish]. Kbirurgita 33 no,3:48-31 Kr '57, (KLRA 10:6) prof. A.M.Aminev) y gospitallsoy khirurgil (say. Kyubymbevskogo mieditsinskogo instituta (dir. - prof. T.I. Terosbevskly) _,:, (PNIUMOmi"mm, postop.. clin. significaned (Rus)) ESPEROV, B.N., dotsent, Umbrosacral radiculitis caused by herniation of the interver- tebral disks and their surgical treatment. Topneirokhir. 25 no.3t24-28 bfy~e 161. (NIRA 34: 5) 19 Kafedra, gospitaltnoy kbirurgii Kuybyahavokogo meditsinskogo instituta. (INTERVEITEBM DISK-DISFASES) (NMVES, SPINAL-DISEASES) ESPEROVI B.N.- Clinical aspects and results of surgical treatment in intervertebral disk hernias Zhur. nevr. i psikh. vol, 64 no.52-694,700 164. (MIRA 17.7) 1. Kafedra gospital noy khirurgii (zaveduyushchiy - prof.A.M.Aminev) I kafedra nervnykh bolezney (zaveduyushchiy - prof.A.I.Zlatoverov) Kuybyshevskogo meditisnskogo instituta. b ESPEROVY B.N.J. dotsent (Kuybyshev., Polevaya u1., 3, kv.43) DiEcography (nucleography) in hernias of lumbar intervertebral disks. Vest. khir. 92 no.3:79-82 Mr 164. (MIRA 17:12) 1. Iz gospitallnoy khirurgicheskoy kliniki (zav. - prof. A.M.AAinev) i kafedry nervnykh bolezney (zav. - prof. A.I.Zlatoverov) Kuybyshevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. 81io4 1.5-;12c0 Z/012/60/ooo/ol/002/015 E073/E535 AUTHORt ._E-spig, 11. TITLE: On the Synthesis of Asbestos and of Some Other Minerals PERIODICAL: Silik'aty, 19bO, No 1, pp 10-28 + 1 plate ABSTRACT: In the Scientific Laboratory of the Electro-chemical Combine in Bitterfeld, East Germany~research has been carried out aimed at synthesizing long threads of asbestos suitable for spinning. Although the research is not completed, considerable progress has been achieved. They succeeded in producing vrater-free asbestos of the types Ca-Mg-asbestos, pure Mg-asbestos and sodium or fluorine containing crocidolite of lengths up to 5 mm which are suitable for special purposes since they are chemically and thermally more resistant than some natural types of asbestos, particularly fibrous serpentine. It was proved that the synthesis of asbestos does not pass through the gaseous phase but in a peculiar way it passes via drops Card 1/3 of a silicate intermediate substance from which acicules 81104 Z/012/60/000/01/002/015 E073/E535 On the Synthesis of Asbestos and of Some Other Minerals and fibres form owing to excessively rapid crystalliza- tion in the case of high saturation. The author deals with the conditions under which compact crystals occur, acicules or fibres, i.e. with the problems of the crystal habitus. The author points out the dependence between the MgO:SiO2 ratio and the greater or lesser purity of asbestos, i.e. the absence of accompanying minerals, as for instance talcum, tridymite, etc. Since so far the synthetic asbestos substance differs considerably from the natural asbestos, conditions were investigated for the manufacture of components from this synthetic asbestos. Furthermore, the production was studied of soft, pliable fibres and the loosening of the mass by combustible substances (coal dust and particularly peat dust) which is favourable from the point of view of fibre formation. Problems of the crticible material and apparatus problems were also Card 2/3 investigated and the research program has been extended 81.10h Z/012/60/000/01/002/015 E073/E535 On the Synthesis of Asbegstos and of Some other Minerals to include synthesis of ferrous-asbestos, mica and turmaline. From the structural point of view it is interesting that,on several occasions,the asbestos was obtained as strip-like crystals, which indicatesa transition from fibre silicates to layer silicates. There are 13 references, all of which are German. ASSOCIATION: VEB, Elektrochemicky' kombinfit Bitterfeld (VEB, Electrochemical Combine, Bitterfeld, East Germany) SUBMITTED: June 1, 1959 Card 3/3 S -Ii C-1 ) E d DUTU. St., Mr.; STUPCAHU. C., dr.; ISRIG, I., dr. Trypoin tent in differential diagnosis of ventilatory insufficiency. Med. Int.. Bucur. 9 no.3:417-423 Mar 57. Institutulut do ftiziologis. (RISPIRATION' Insuff., diag., trypoin toot) (TRTPAIN toot of romp. insuff.) 1. 14ifrare ofectuata in Laboratorul do fisiologis al CARPINISANO C.; SCUREI, Alex.; CORNFA,P.;. E:SRIG.,E..- Contributions to the clinical otudy and therapy of pulmonary air cysts. Rumanian med.rev. 7 no.3t4l-46 J1-ST63 POENARU, Mena; ESRIG )k, LAZAR, 14.; LASCO, N.; KRANIMORF, If. Contr1bution to the study of tetanus toxoid ad3orted on a mineral aupport, with or without previous purification. I. Arch. rotun.path. exp. microbiol. 23 no. 3:667-674 S 163. 1. I,,qborRtoire du Totanos (for Peonarn, Esr1g, LazRr, Lasco). 2. Laboratoire pour la Iluril'ication des antigenes (for Kranz(forf). Travail de l'In.-ititut "Dr. 1. GantRcuLinn.", Bucarest. RUDNYT, N.M.; BOZZIMINIKOVA, H.P.; ISRIK. Y.B. Transient measurement of an electric resistance of ---1----- 1000 x 10 ohms. Trudy VNIIN no-38*52-60 159. (HIRk 13:4) (Electric resistance-Mes,aurement) RUDIIYY, N.M. ; F.SRIK, V.B. Combined standard measure of elHctric maistance. T~nidy VNII14 no-38:61-70 159. (MIR& 13:4) (Bloctric renistance-14oasurement) 7 5-' .1 Poland vc~l -f-In x( -nntl~ly Mst (,f 1',,t9 T t GIRKEL"YARB, Ya. K.; 1=1, A.Te.; MASLOVCHUK, Te.P. Observations of phagoeytic reaction of leukocytes to a muspenalon of 3almonalls typhosa with added vacninia virus. Zhur. Mikroblol. spid. i immun. no.5.169-73 My 055. (MIJRA 8:7) 1. Iz Uzh orodoskogo instituta apidemiologii. mikrobiologii i gigiyeny Mr. T.M. Mashchenlro) i kafedry spidemiologii (zav. prof. Ta. K. Gimmelfarb) Odesskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni N.I. Pirogova (dir. prof, 1. Ta. Deyneka) (PHAGOCTTCOIS, phagocytic reaction of loukocytne to Salmonella typhosa suapension with added vaccinia virus) (SALMONEIJA TYPHOGA, Phagocytic reaction of leukocytes to Salmonella typhoss. suspension with added vaccinia virus) (VACCINIA, virus. Phatocytic reaction of leukocytes to Salmonella typhosa suspension with added vaccinia virus) (VlfdJSZS, Vaccinia. phagocytic reaction of leukocytes to Salmonella typhosa suspension with added vaccinia virus) ESSE11, A. YE. "Directed alteration of the toxiganic prop-irty ()C ,he dipt-,ria bacillus in growing It on W.--~ culture. Report subNdtted to the 13th All-Union Congress of Hygienists, .:1pidemiologists and Infectionists. 1959 ESSEL I , A.Ye., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik, karyJ.hiol.nauk; 1'JJV(jKHOSK;HENOV' I BX., starshiy nauchnyy rotrudni~,,; BLIZEYEV, V.I.,, red.; YOZLOV, V.A., dotsent, red.; RASKIN, M.M., starshiy nauchnvy sotrudnik,, red. [Problems in the-biology of the causative agent of diphtherial Voprosy 1--iologii vozbuditelia difterii. Chita, 1959. 189 P. (Chita. Institut epidemiologii, mikrobiologii i pigieny. Nauchnye zapiski, no-5)- (MIRA 15-1) (CORYNIEBACTERIUM DIPHTHERIAE) NSSA~r." A.Ye. Hature of respiration In Corynobactoriun 4iphthcriae. Zhur. mikrobiol.epid. I Imom. 30 no-5:80-84 Hv '59. (MIRA 12:9) 1. Iz Chitinakogo instituts, opideniologii, m1kroblologii I gigiynn;r. (CORYMMACTARIIRI DIPHTMIA3, metabolism, resp. (Hue)) - ESSELI, A. Ys. Doe Biol Sci -- (dies) "Material on the biolo47y of the causative aFent of diphtheria." Moscow, 1960, 27 PP. (Acqd Med Sci, USSR), 300 copies, (KL, 31-60, 141) ESSELI, A.Ye. Fifth scientific session of the Khabarovsk Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Zhur.mikrobiol., epid.i immun. 33 no.4;160-161 Ap 162. (KIRA 15310) (EPIDENIOLOGY--CONGRESSES) (MICROBIOLOGY-CONGRESSES) ESSELI, Aleksandr Yefimovich; FRIDMAN, A.M.., red. (Indirect bemagglutination reaction] Reaktoila nepriamoi gemaggliutinatall. Leningrad, Meditsiria, 1965. 50 P. (VIRA 18:5) YERVAN, B. A.; LSSELI, A. Ye.; BRONITSKAYA, Ye. ~Yu.: - - ; ' T. -- --- ~ ..'- L. 'i Uvik' ,I. "Tsitofotometricheskoye opredeleniye soderzhanlya rnk v ?-Iet,'-,akh ner-2, zaraznerinykh rak-soderzhashchim virusom.11 report presented at Symp on VIrus Diseuscs, Moscow, 0-9 Oct 6)j. Institut vi-nisnykh Infektsiy, Sverdlovsk. KURNOSOVA, N.A.; N)NUAilLNKO, V.A.; fUtKIYAN, E.Z.; YORUMOV, V.A.; KIRYUSH114A, L.A.; MANOLOVA, E.P.; g.EL', A-ye.; TARASOVA, M.A.; FIROGOVA, A.I.; PIROGOV, I.Ya.; AKOFYAN, R.A.; BABUNASHVILI, N.F.; PROTSENKO, O.A.; PUNSKAYA, I.G.; BURMISTROVA, O.G.; POGORELISKAYA, S.A.; DIYACHENKO, T.F.; TOPURIYA, I.I.; MATABELI, G.V.; GIGITASHVILI, M.S.; VACHNADZE, T.G.; MAZURIN, N.D.; NABIYEV, E.G.; BLOKIJOV, V.P. Abstracts. Zhur. iaikrobiol., apid. i immun. 41 no.4:L'.2-1-17 Ap 164. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Moskovskiy institut opidemiulogii i mikrobiologii (for Kurnosova). 2. Faleshtskaya rayonnaya bollnitsa Moldavskoy SSR, i Vinnitskiy meditsinskiy institut imeni Pirogova (for Bondarenko). 3. Stavropollskiy institut vpktsin I syvorotok (for Rakhman). 4. Kaluzhi)kiy oblastnory otcl-31 zdravool,-hraneniya (for Yavriunov Kiryushina). 5. Donetskiy meditsinskiy institut (for Manolova~. 6. Tbilisskaya rayonriaya imeni 26 komissaro sanitarno-epider,iiologicheskaya stantsiya (for Akopyan, Babunashvili). 7. Kemerovskiy meditsinskiy institut (for Protsenko). 8. Turkmen- skiy meditsinskiy institut (for Punskaya, Burmistrova). 9. Gorl- kovskiy institut epidemiologii i m1krobiologii i Gorlkovskaya rayontlaya sanitarno-opidr-4,,I-richeskaya stantsiya (for Pogorell- skaya, Dlhachenko). 10. Institut meditsinskay parazitolcgii i tropicheskoy meditsiny imeni Virsaladze Ministerstva zdravookh- minenivn GrLl-,,Ini3koy S3H (for Topurlya, Matubeli, GiFit'astivili, Vachnadze). 11. Kazanskiy institut usovernhenstvovanlya vrachey (for Nabiyev). FILIHONOT, L.N.; q~mtjtatjve spectrochemical anal7sis of admixtures in binar7 brasses. Zavelab.22 ne.4:426-435 156. (KUU 9:7) l.Institut "Giprotaystsetebrabetka". (Brass--Spectra) A Z 2 R All !I J3 j$ P 11 Jill SOV/ 13 7 - 58-9 - 20309 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 9, p 313 (USSR) AUTHORS: Filimonov, L.N., Essen, A.I. I- - 7 TITLE: Quantitative Spectrochernical Determination of Impurities in Binary Brasses (Kolichestvennoye spektrakhimicheskoye opre- deleniye primesey v dvoynykh latunyakh) PERIODICAL- Tr. Gos. n.-i. i proyektn. in-ta po obrabotke tsvetn. met., 1957, Nr 16, pp 127-148 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry. Ref. RZhMet, Nr 11, abstract 13147 1. Brass--Impurities 2. Brass--Spectrographic analyss 3. Chem-leal Impurities--Determination Card 1 /1 137-58-4-8569 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 4. p 322 (USSR) AUTHORS: Filimonov, L.N., Essen, A. I. TITLE: Spectrochernical Determination of Lithium in Copper (Spektro- khimicheskoye opredeleniyelitiya v medi) PERIODICAL: Tr. Gos. n. -i. i proyektn. in-ta po obrabotke tsvetn. met. , 1957, Nr 16, pp 149-156 ABSTRACT: The object of the work was an investigation of the possibility of identification (of Lithium? Transl. Ed. ) by means of the 6707, 844, 3232.61, and 6103.642 lines under various regimes of globular arcs in the 0.0005-0.06% concentration interval. Eight Li-Cu alloys in all were prepared. The alloys were made by mixing titrated solutions of the necessary strength. evapor- ating them, annealing them at 6000C and pressing the briquets in a steel mold. The light source was a 1.5-5.8 amp dc arc fed from a stabilized source. The counterelectrode was a rod of pure Cu, 8 min in diameter, brought to a truncated conical point, the radius of curvature of the apex being 1.5 mm. The arc length was held constant (3.5 min) by means of a projection lens Card 1/2 providing 25-fold enlargement on the screen. A Dietert 137-58-4-8569 Spectrochernical Determination of Lithium in Copper spectrograph with 7 ahgstrom/mm dispersion and a 60 rnicron aperture was employed, LAies of anneal were plotted for the plate and cathode and, in view of the high stability 4#the plate melt, graduated graphs of plate briquets weighing 0.5 g were drawn. The possibility of identifying 0.0005-0.008 con- centrations of Li in Cu by means of the 6103.64 line was established. At. higher concentrations it is desirable to dilute the pure Cu specimen by dis- solving it and to employ the 3232.6 Li line and the melt at the anode. A. F. 1. Lithium--Determination 2. Copper-lithium alloys--Spectrographic analysis Card 2/2 AUTHORS: fillmonov, LJ., Esseng 1.1*-, Zakharova, Z.A. 32-li-i8/6o TITLEs The Determination of Admixtures in Titanium by Keans of Spectml Analysis (Spektmllno-analiticheakoye opredeleniye primesey v titans) PZRIODICALt Zavodakaya Labomtoriya, 1957, Vol. 23, Nr I I I PP. 1313-1315 (USSR) ABSTRAM This paper investigates the problem of determining 12 different metal admixtures in the concentrations of 0.01-0.2% in teabnioiLlly pure titanium, from which various objects are mnufaotured (such an rods, tubes, blades, etc.). Though publications dealing with this subject were available Cref . 1 92,3,4,5,6] , an improved method for the spectro- analysis of titanium me rsoommended. A globule an lamp vas used as a light source. Such trouble as difficult meltability, low slootrio conductivity# and an inolination of spraying the titanium oxides in the arc lwV me dealt with by mixing the titanium oxides with other elements. In the present can* titanium dioxide was mixed with copper dioxide and pressed into briquets (0.5 S). In the came, manner as the oorresponding standard gaugea samples were prepared, " for copper, nickel# odbalt# irong vaqjanene, and magnesium the oxide powders wore obtained by synthetioRl means, i.e. by dissolution of the pure Oard 1/2 elements in nitrio aoid and vaporization, or, in the came of 32-li-is/6o The Determination of A&dxtures In Titanium by Means of Spectral Analysis T1021 Sio 'NO , A12931 Cr2031 U0031 V2P51 NbP5 by mechanical mixing. T�61 b2quets produced were switched on as a cathode in the arc lamp on a graphite carrier. Exposure took place at the moment when the briquet was molten, the arc provided a uniform light on the basis of the drops of the molten aample. The speotrograph and a diffraction net supplied by the firm of Di-tert were used. There are I figure, I table, and 13 references, 8 of which are Slavic. ASSOCIATION: The "Giprotevetmetobrabotkall Institute (Institute forNonferrous Metals) (Institut "Giprotsvetmetobrabotka") AVAIIABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 VODYANAYAp T.A,,; MAKULOV, N.A,; ESSEN, A.!. I - Spectrum analysis of NIVO-3,, NIKA, SKA-1, AMgK, No. 149, AMg6-l alloys by metal apecimenn. Trudy Giprotsvetmetobrabotka no.24055-358 165. (MIRA 18:11) ILI USSP./Inorganic Chemistry - Complex Compounds C. Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 2, 1957, 4c99 Author : Gel'man, A.D.x.&Lsen,_D.N - ~ - pwi-.. Inst : Academy of Scik:.11QU-j- ucnm- Title : Preparation of Nitrodichloro-Monoarmtno Platoate of Potassium Crig Pub : Dokl. All SSSR, 1956, 107, No 6, 835-836 Abstract : To prepare crystalline K/-PtNH 3ClNO 2C!7-112 0 (1) 1 role of NaNO2 was added to a warm aqueous solution of KtnNH3C'37 (,,)- By additicn of CPt(NH )41 the reactibn mixture a yellovish-orange prMpita~'etoof z7pt(Nif 3)47 CPtNH ClNO 2C172 (III) was produced. Salt III was ground witA water and there was added thereto a calciLlated uimunt of KoZ PtCl /. The Magnus salt that was formed was filtered of~ and the solution was evaporated at 50-600 on a water bath. The residue was ground repeatedly with alcohol. Dried over CAC12 it Card 1/2 - 15 - USSR/Inorganic Chemistry - Complex Compounds C. Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 2, 1957, 40910 had the composition I. The water is lost completely by I at 1500. On action of pyridine on an aqueous soliition of I there is formed dis-/--C5H5NNO21qH3cll>t-7, which is identical to the product that was obtained by the action of C5H511 on a solution of II -f- 10102. Card 2/2 - A - E55ENj L. N. UW?jChwds'U7 - PUUUM NOV h8 Chemistry - Isomem "GRA ning (WH3 Ce~Mjftft) In the Pom of Three FV&nded leomer3#" A* Do Gellmnp Too Fo Karandashavaj Lo He Esseng Inst of Can and Iwrg Chan Inemd No 5z Nurnakovs Acad Sc4_ USMg h yp -Dok Ak Nauk sssR- val min, so 1 Studied problem of obtaining three expanded isomers of a conpl= compound of bivalent platinm, with the most typical Intrasphere m-Lbatitutes (pyridine, arnoria, chlorifte, bromine), -sing I* I* ChvrrjrOr9vIn lawe Analysed trans- and cis-inaers and tabulal~ed the propertios of the V~ree isomrso &Anitted by Acad I. I. ChwrMev 26 Jun LB,, M 6IA9n7 "13r,f Und ~11,roductj(m of- thlarobiomonyTidincimtninoplatEnu= in By tile Stcorld Inethod to a lot ~'Jhl. Ill quuntity at V1, heat to ccaiipictk~ -:11 611 [is Wee Isomeric forms. - - A. 11-"izu 1111113. 17 F. _ ~ Y the Oird nictilod lij."'jolve of 'I; ;'rax '1! )Iatsny i Dirge -L'hova. slid -n Imese. 17afora I A Id Kbint or a N ~11 1: - 5 . . 1"00! t . e " g. l 4 -. 1 ((K.1 Oolvfy. fly tit,: lj'!tr;j: C. Alf VI ~11 41.X) t-ill Ali lu't 11 1 1 (1) with C!I[%N gives; is-jPt(Nllz)tI'yt,CAj (It)- It Avith 4 Ill, At So ~-kj 6' O 1HCI gives 1-flT-1'PtN'HzPYCI31 'UP- Ill + AgN'O, + tile cis k"llw'r-i %,,;A, 'y1all, 'jz--'j 'IC. ~'jj . n, itflo [Pltivy.CINIIJWINO~ (IV) + AgCl- IV + KOr (PtF'YBrN'1fxCl1 M + 1 W - 2 V KNO, + H30 or Ill + - V + Kel Ill U NJ 1, el'i NT I A yBrjNTf trans-(1,t1 4i ( or r + pt . -f.. [ [ + KCI orV1+KCj-V+K~r. Dissolve with heat 1.7 9. fin 3 CI Clj Cl I'ni, and W mi. Ill(), cool, filter, add 30 m!. &mcd-I HCt, and lheU2 lirs. tinder COs?tm. C=11, filter. and wish If 111- JA Cl -ce of Cl. Ifeat t the pDt. until the filtrate ii I, he filtrate t [ Y P, n ] l) atians. CombEaft with HCI and repeat tile precceing ope Cl NJ 1 Br tl,..e 9 ppi,3., recrystallize 111, from hot HaO, and dry over . A method di-.Solya 0.6310 g. of 111 in 599) CaClf. ByJhe fit i TO of)Uili tit,,- 2nd cis j.~omcr (1i - _j,;nIve () ;:t. j j~: M1.01HIO. Add 0.2M1 g. of AgM0j (in soln.), heat, keep PYCIII Ill a 'Ina"I Vol. of slightly aUj'jil4:(1 l1 ~ ce to settle out, a d filter. To tht, filtr te ad in a dark lace tc rt a , 4 P ' Ud~ 0-22(04 9. of K11r. Ife 11 Ov" tL'L- w: t. - '~ :"l; j !" _ - - i Mill.. m)1. all;! itild drop%vise with stirrini, . 'r ~ ;)I i 115i tile "fitlilvd 411;, . his, 3t torill lt'-P With orvaqW11,41 till I,!" ' C., Er /:"I ;~ filte", C'VaP- the WOO!, and tea tvnq twice fly Efto, to OL!t'-In from hot iVED. V" . 1.776, 1 n. 1.507. soly. In H%nat.;,;j-(jj)jq g,!Ir f- 31 1XI. rhamllh-. -YP,Il0W 1.635, soly. in H'O 0. IPA g. I / I , --q Tblo ')A. for prox. 20. Pt st., sz~ 1.77q, 0. 14 5 of Thio l. vistinuill with all "baNgeolts In Ike Inner *ph*#* A~ 11 C.--I dta" wW L~.K. Kutualluv jual. tiell. 111.411 Ea? 3,jow"). DoobWy Mad. Chim. Aced. &4.. Ak!' N"k S.S,S.R. 79, 6T-669i)).-Thc pick, J-14irt tot olsks W1. Isr ill a hrA Ilia 10.141-11111 %11, k 111, ..11, 11 hwb YICI'Ifd )ON NOR M. brishf-ritilow. Wractivor inticin 4, v 1."ojq. oil low. *141jr no, till iultlil~ tit (tit 4-shil, milli, '-f K I 1., 4 I-wimig 64's 4 It. 8 11111111-brOWIS OL". W49 IWOSINI *bk fi. .91 1-11mg Itt 14k11#1 temp., we 0 ppi. (d dark-brustu cty.wfs, so. - ich ytalwlix to Mack plewtatow". no. '-' M , (detNotniou.). Milli. in 11%0 1 0.0t)4K./IlA)x.Muw. 2t W'. rtaly ail. its du~ 'M N_ tral solo. if KliltCli with CIl.:CHCIIt%1f, (1) gives the %aft IMC1.1.1 (11) dark-yellow, stable on beating with 11,0. spurinjl~r Munising in N11.011 with a reddish brown color. That soln in NIf.011 acidified with HCI Vveswilh K,PICL a dirty . These .'~ccri lift. 4 f( reaction' Prove that in thedouble handof I takes no Part In the complex formation; I is bound to the Pt only by the NIt, group. A41,111 of I to the Pt atom through the double lonul ink" place on heating in an a6 mediurn or on pro. 1-I" Ivartimi ail immu trinp. Thus, 111t;k1ing of a strongly Acid m4n. of K,PICIs with I gives a golden-yel;ow, MAII.. %hich on rooling 11111%. ICj44lrjj_VTlh)w cyysIjjjq III a Ili ICIOPICIff:01CIIINIII HUN (1111; In this the 4truct"U'r"* Cl II'C:ClI--CIf'%'II"IlCI