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I/ Zurn.eksp.i toor.fia,31,fase-4,722-723 (1956) CARD 2 / 2 PA - 1898 be considered to be a straight-lined trajectory in the domains in which re- tardation in still essential. One finds T - 2T 0 - Tip where T 0 denotes the ionization deceleration of the electron alone, and T I an interference term. When computing T 1it is of essential importance that the transversal dif- ferenos of the components of the pair be considerably greater than the longitudinal difference. In the integral expression for Ti the limiting value for the dielectricity constant ~ of the medium at high frequencies is essential. We finally find: T1.(00 2 ~2 /n) (cos k 9/(k 2+k 2+ A2 2c ~2 f x X y dkx dky-2s K 0(a )). Here k0 denotes a corresponding BESSEL function and it holds that a - (x2 - x1). The convergence of this integral for T, means that in the interference effect the large distances (for which macroscopic observation is permitted) are of importance. The analogous integral for T 0 is known to diverge and must be limited by a certain maximum value of the transversal wave vector k M. In the case of great 9 1) the interfe- rence effect vanishes. At s ~- a(v'n')g + b(v' - (74)'n), where a and b are constants, depending on nuclear spin, kind and multipolarity of radiation and on the transition Card 1/4 85M2 The Polarization of Internal Conversion S/G46/"'9j'021'/012/GO6/GC9 Electrons After P-Decay B006/Bo6o -elec -n* the unit v energy v denotes the velocity of the P tron and ector in the outgoing path direction. When denoting the nuclear spin before P-decay with I, the nuclear spin after P-decay with 11, and the spin after conversion with 1 2' the following expression is obtained for arbitrary pure M-transitionB from the K-shell or froin a shell with 1 0 j1 . 1/2 and A 1 . -1-. J(i+') + 11(I1+1) - 12(12+1) /(v/lc) for S- And T- inter- nction types for vprious P vnlues, The experimontpl Jata relnting to the -Ani~nitude of th-~ pol~,rizntion oF the RRE t3 -electrons considerably rostrict Vie repion of Ft possible violption of time parity. VA-internction tyne: 'n the cnse of nonconservation of time,parity thi? messurel extremnl polRrizp- ticn excludes F < 0 Pt F1 = 6,10-3 nnd F2 = 3 .10-3 For F > 0 experimentpl nnd theorf-ticpl re3lllt3 ;,Fr,?e for =3~10-)) x -_ 0.2(F2=6.1o-7) or 0.7(F2 At F2 = ST-interpction type: 6.10-3 Pnd F2 = 3~10-5 F < 0 is excluded and at F > 0 Pgreement is four.4 for Pn.,,, such F2 V~;Iu-?s within the rpnge of x - 1.7. The authors finplly thpnk Aendemicinn t. I. Plikh,-nov for CPrd 2/3 ~ 0 V ' /6 7 The Pblarizntion of the /5 -Kectrons From ME 3 /56-%-2-2') ~) suggesting this wor'~ nnd for his iiscussions, nnd they tilso thank B. L. Ioffe and V, A. Lyubimov for discusiions. There are 9 tables PnI 12 references, ~ of which are Soviet. SUBMITTED; July 24, 1958 (initiAlly) and October 29, 1958 (,ifter revision) (;nrd 3/3 85697 S,," 0 -3 6/ 60/0 3 8 / 0 C) 6 // G 4 01/0 4, X.i BOCIC/B070 AUTHORS: Geshkenbeyn, B, V , Rudik A P TITLE! The Relationship Between the Polarization of `-Flectrons and the Form of the~3-Spectrum PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperimental,noy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, 1960. Vol 38. No 6, pp 1894 '895 TEXT: The coefficient of the form of the P-9pectrum is given by c(w) -Lmi(ZW)fi (W X); and the longitudinal polar i-.ra t. icon ct' i given by \0'\ M (Z W)f (W X)a (Z'WO M ~,Z.W)f (Ti J) (z - atomic Z- c I I I number of the nucleus; W and Y - energy and vAocity, req~ectiveky. of X - nuclear matrix elements; M land ai , complex functions describing the motion of the electrons in the C~ulomb i'ii-ld of th... aaught.~r nucleus; the function F, depends on the electrcn energy and the matrix e 1 eme nt s )Both these formulas are briefly dl.9CUSSed in the present paper Card 1/2 811-697 The Relat iinship Between the Po lara zat -,on k- S,1 0 6 0/6 3 a0 6 ~ /0 4 -3, 9," K X P-Eiectrons and the Form of the ~-Spertrum B006/'B070 It is pointed out that for Fermi form of the spectrum, ihsE pciarizatior -f P-electrons is practically coincident with v/c As, ncwever. forb.,d- den A decays are also kncwn where the longitudiral p:)lar-.Lzation of ~-electruns is essentially different from v/c. 1 'he !!pc-ct.:um is nc)t of Fermi type. In this connection the classical example of RaE (A-decay is discussed The P-decay of Au 198 (2"-->.2')' 15 als:, discussed. for which the longitudinal polarization of 1 ' s widely divergent from v/c fcr I-eiectrons i small energies (according 'to data of A, I. Alikhancv et al ) For high energies it is equal tc. v/c These deviations are -~Xpla~~ed by a Xviation of the spectrum from the Fermi form The cases for P 32 d in 114 are analogous (see L A Mikaelyan and P Ye Spivak) A---arh-mician .A I- Alikhanov and Y_L_1k)Lu~1moy are thanked for tte-,r interest 11i the work There are iO references? 6 Soviet. ~ US, ani I Canaiian SUBMITTED~ February 15, !960 Card 2/2 VALUYW, B.N.; MUMBEE, B.V. Determining the relative parity of X -and A..Varticles in the 2; --p A+ e, + C reaction. Zhjr. i teor. fis. 39 no.4:1046-1048 0 160. (MIRA 13:11) (Particles (Nuclear physics)) GESHUMEYN, B.V.; FOPOVP V.S. Radiative correctione to A -decay. Zbur.okap.i teor.fiz. 41 no.1:199-204 J1 161. (~M 14:7) (Beta rays) (Radioactive substances-Decav) GZGKKEMBM~ B. V.; POPOV) V. S. "On the Radiative Corrections to,8 -Decay it report presented at the Ilth Intl. Conference on High Energy Physics, aeneva, 4-11 juiy 1962 Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics ff aESMOD", B. V. and I OFFE, B. L. I--- - - - "The Restrictions on Coupling Constants Value In Field Quantum Theory" report presented at the Intl. Conference on High Energy Physics,, Geneva, 4 -11 July 1962 Inst. of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Lr,13R 5/05 62/043/005/057/058 B102YB104 'WHORS: Geshkenbeyn, B. V., loffe, A B. L. TITLEi An experimental possibility of verifying hypotheses on the nat,re of resonances PERIODICILLt Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v. 45, no. 501), 1962, 1641 - 1842 TEXTj It 13 shown that there is no need to attribute all of the niAi~erous recently discovered narrow mesonic or baryonic resonances to real purticles.~/ Since tne mass of 4;finj rejonances differs only little from the aum of masses of any particles C and L, the resonance Z can be t,~ correspond with a CD ojund state, its wiath being determintc. by tne transi- tions C+L ~A+B, or it can be assumed that Z is a Breit,igner rezionance level of the system A+3- In any case Z, is assumed to have a non-ZLrO isotopic spin. Here an experimental possibility ii~ discussed which m:ikes it posaible to aecide if the first mentioned hypothesis is tenable. This possibility is based on the fact that, if Z is, a CD bound state with small binding energy (e 2t ,AI:C /,It M +M +M ), the mass differencefR, ID C D z Card 1/3 /0561/0 2/04 5/C05,'C)7,"V-5 6 An experimental possibility of... 3102,/B104 aiffertnt isotopic cQmpunents of the resonance have '~~ equate thV z.asi difference ol the initial p5rticles formin6 these coaponents. This wi- not be valia if Z is a Breit-,~igner resonance level -,f A-B. This mathod is applied to the Yl- resonance and the Ki. -resonanct. M - 1585 ','cv- Y 1 can be Ck3n2iGerea as an NK bound state; a pY.', r, nK-, and Y 0 F. 50:50 mixture of pi*. - a nd ni:0bound stat,~s'). The :aass 1 differences will be All 1,1Alyt= (M, + Ilk.) - (M n + Al K 2.6 Me~ Aly+ -- Al (,If,-- M'.) (At, + Mx- + m, + Al"') 1.3 Mev. Y", the lattur i3 i v e nwithcut oorrection for pK- Coulomb iweraction. ., ith it, 1 .6 :.,Lv re.."It. ~i, , : - 112, '4 - 1650 ;.ev. This resonance can b-: K consirAerea as a A..., bc..n(I 3 tate 1 +1/2 component i +K0 + 0 + ponent: + .-0K0'. 7he 7.ab., differerce is Card 21.~ 3/056/62/043/005/037/o5e An experimental possibility of... B102/B104 M'1,-M11, ='11(Mr-+MK-)+'11(M1-+MK-)- - [2/' (M'_ + Mx-) + Va (Mr + MAI = - M MeV. if the first hypothesis is correct. With correction for Coulomb inter- action, one obtains -2.5 Mev. Similar considerations of the 1-hyperon resonance show that Z cannot be a AR bound.statel the experimentally ob- served mans differencesdiffer too much from the calculated ones. ASSOCIATIONt Institut teoreticheskoy i eksperimentallnoy fisiki (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics) SUBMITTEDi June 5, 1962 Card 3/3 S 'AUTHORSt Oeishkembeyag B. V.j; lofft a. L. j',,~'Tl%ls. 104trictioni 644 to; AM majimit We or thel,aoupugg ocastOOV in ! j R*RIOPIQA~L -Zhurnal eko p arlioatal In-, I teorstiohos~*y fWkil ve 44 '~ no, 49 196), Ofi: InT TEXTs It is shown thatt* based an the gi "GWMI prindi"ptOO Of qUl3ntQM fi ti thooryt Withoolany additiond-A"Ump, am at m04*1 reoresecto t tons th k of an:uWr boubdoiry 4,0rilho 44up"Xing 0940,41 11t a ~or live bass *, "n be. proved,,,'. For this purpd4*:ih,4 Offietal Otioli,4 0 repre0ented b* lehmann-Ulleu expansion, and itiO disperbids. relstlOoli for tho vertex, t, -,2 is wed, to obtain the 1141W4 tuoqU4.uty ~ P "IFi 4N; Ild F;'T 1~4 . i ; 1061 1 acto the magnitud6e R trid ions 102 B (0 A (0) 104), d Rua -0/401DOOVir; A INVA y Ito + I 1414~~ (04 2 2 2' 2 and a, isre r (vc it: r(ma' Mi: the masses of the. nearest (with tiop'tat'Ito the sun of mass-04 particles b CA partial oty~ Thi~ vertex pit.'t roc?) is assumed to. d a into whi 8 a my :-"bo;an analytio. (h9loviorphic.), funatio.0 of IX !in the OoMplax plane with a GO. along the rail "is bsoinoing at +a: Y At Ot real ixis to the 2 16416: t )-i r x 1oft of: this ooint r(y, is r has no pol~*'I'il . ..........- Card 2 WN1 4" J',% T, Y~ 9 8 -631044/0,04/017/044 /056/1 ' ' ditionual, t to the m44h 1 OU4 ~ p *ith -the Previously obtained resu It, lha t for soall bisiding onergissi "'ihe n9 'oouOli constant' 4090660% Aw propo 0 ra. 00 vautrou-prat6n r. I a t r ~'Sipsttarivgj f r.' 0 2 example#,# 2 ban al*o be determined l. 7 y 441y4os,11y b means of acqgfo~* I In thia *as$ + , -on* kibtained. Similar oal calAt ions. ar for the, 06 of's. being aflOral 0 n1 -in the no'ur6lativistic age$ (1.61 *re sisplo~ rel*C Ons obtainOo 1 y f + YI) (59) , 7rr r, PP h4MAhlb + M4. 1 i For 1~$ interaotion ;;65- (74) (T5). d_~ 0:47, AP If v, 411 gg A, rWi'~~ 9j! Z 3~ A.~ ~,TOIIIO TAOSt Pao W" I ~i: Ai" ABMCT Certain 10(t),of the partia svutsdi Ot +,b J* scattering, as a funeft6h Ift 0 40 tmd folloving pWerties 0 U*.vhqW*- (0 t11.1 1 i Ai(o 2 t analytic function of. VM O't! al the Y %-4 t* Infilia tb Ft that to It) W* l44: 4~w t~o =WWX IM is found.. 1-4 6A ~6~1 ful to 1. TAL. Pommmiuk tor_u~ 411114" 14 art, bas PUS. ASSW=ON: Lutitut hull ft%*t (1p UU0. 4% Ackow Coal anLi 1wrIUM3 VkA AU%T1: bosepo 00 u We Wr PH #D 1 006 mot %6: SUB Card GESHUMBEYN, B.V.; IOFFE, B.L. Restrictions on the coupling constants and vertex part of three particle Interaction in quantum fieldtheory. Zhur, ekep. I teor. fiz. 45 no.3:555-564 S 163. 1.) OUM 161l0) 1. Inntitut teoraticheskoy I eksperimentallnoy Miki. (Quantum field theory) ACCESSION NR: AP4025922 S/0056/64/046/003/0902/0904 AUT11ORS: Geshkenbeyn, B. V., Ioffe, B. L. TITLE: Restrictions imposed by the analyticity conditions on the cross section for the conversion of an electron positron pair into a pion pair SOURCEi Zhurnal eksperimental'noy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v. 46, no. 3, 1964, 902-904 TOPIC TAGS: S matrix theory, field theory, elementary particle in- teraction, S matrix analyticity, form factor, charged pion form fac- tor, pair conversion, pair conversion cross section ABSTRACT: The authors assume that the electromagnetic form factor F(x) of the charged pion has the following properties as a function of complex x: it is analytic in the entire cut complex plane, it is real on the real axis to the left of x - 1, it grows no faster than Ccr~ 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4025922 a finitd power as x goes to infinity in complex directions, and it: is normalized to I at x = 0. From these properties they derive restrictions on the cross section for e+ + e- - 7,+ + r- averaged over the energy. This work is related to previous work of the authors (Geshkenbeyn and Ioffe, ZhETF v. 44, 1211, 1963). "The authors express their gratitude to L. B. Okun' for useful remarks." Orig. art. has: 7 formulas. ASSOCIATION: None SUBMITTED: 12Jul63 DATE ACQ: 16Apr64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: PH NO REF SOV: 004 OTHER; 000 Card 2/2 :7~., 4 5i~l -__~ -------- -- - 7t _.YT7. NOW- Wi 7.11 i't 77~ f.=7 i~ q; F,; 4XI, Aul, F ZM ll~ l- O h -L 2149-66 E!dT(m)/T/EWA(m)-2 iACCESSION NRI AT5022128 UR/3138/64/000/299/0001/0008 'AUTHORSi deshkenbeyu loffe B. L. !TITLEt On K* K?rYj decay C 5 4, SOURCES USML. (10aud kovitet. AoQre-UWxQzka eks erimpjL+,qjj&cz Dokladyp no. 2991 1964. 0 respade K*-* X pi pit 1-8 1OPIC TAGS: K meson, pi meson ABSTRACT: The probability of K* --9- K rt rl decV is calculated in SU theory on the 3 basis of the hypothesis that ti and go mesons exe a mixture of a singlet and the IT - Ot Y - 0 component of a unitary octet (S, Okubo. 1%ye. Lett.v 5P 165t 1963; S. 1L. Glashow. Phya. Rev. Letto, Ili 48P 1963), The obtained ratio of the probabili- !ties of K* -F K 7t fr anId W---P.3yT decays is which leads to the following experimentally observable value of the ratio of the ':Card 1/2 L 2149-66 ACCESS IN IR i AT5022128 width of K* -P Krrrt decay to the total width of Ot ak or) jor a value of the M:6d~ parameter of 0 0.64- Uperimental. observations of i K* --r K7T-n decays and their comparison with the theoretical prediction ailow ,independent determination of the muing parameter if the above hypot6gia is valid, !The authors thank V# V6 VWimirsk h. B Oka dnd T, X Ahakhter Sar uzeful I discuasion and remr~r_ke-.W. art., VW: 1 ASSOCUTICN: -'none SUBETTEM OIDO064 Mm, 00 AP ;No REP soy, 000 loom k 1 005 tJ,, h. A: i 2 tl~ 71 Mt 77 77~69 ~7 Yrj-77~17;- ~-T-r777. 7K zm= ,t! 77~ rV77 .17 7. 777~., er c. k, fk.-t: AWWRi Re TITLE: inaviotibiuty 0,1 routw1w mitwity Sum $OURCE: Zhurqlal *k%*rjmUjju,, 1 toolmUobftkoy fbild. no, Go lout wt nAktiolyte TOPIC TAGSi panicle symwtw. partl qua* ftdlols 1, ii XIM A ~41 Ike .0 7- s& p Akaft lens of co VOL con: ON GESHKENEHN, B.V. Electroproduction of an H3/2 ('-"8) l9obur In *.he 511(6)- I symvtry scheme. Flal. v red. Zhur. ekrrt,!-. I telor. f4z. I no.5:5-P Je 165. (Y,: RA 18 : II ) 1. Otdeleniye yadernoy fiziki AN S~',SR. Subn-.lLtt(-d April 1Q, 100~. mmg:ft- zwonv? AM Us AT002502 SMW Mj WjjWG5/000/3"/0W1/GW7 AMOR: GeshmAm, 34 V. igo, Owt no" TITLEt Elsctrqw*dwtIan of the 1% (1239) Ls*Mr in relativistic StXG) symmetry (SUMV) SOMM: USSR. Gosuderst"aW komitat po ispollsoymiyu atomnoy snergii. Imstitut teoraticheskay I eksperimutalluoy fizW. Doklody, no. 377, 1965. Elektrar"hdanLye ixobary NS/2(1238) v skh~ relyativistakoy 5V(0) 2100101tr1i (SIX6) V), 1-7 TOPIC TAGSt particle sysimetry, unitary symetry, nuclear Isobar, particle physics, el*ctr*n interaction, nucUar Laterectim ABSTRACT: The author applies the representation of StKQ~ symety *am y to the pr 0 + p + a + Nk (1238)* This reaction is studied in a system X whom the velocity of the proton before col- -#I + lision v, and the velocity of the Isobar after collision V2 are equal in amtkitude Card 1/2 L 1444o-66 ACC NR: AT6002502 and OPPOBitO in direction V1 * -V2 It is found that the fOmWA for Glectrepr-oductioa of the isobar In SUMw is the same as in the SUM SYStem but that this formula Must be applied In a "quasi-Breit" sYstem X instead of in the laboratm systen V. A comparison of the formula for the laboratory system with experimental data gives the trensition form factor. It is found that this coefficient coincides with the wpitude form factor for the Mton at transmitted momenta fr*m 2r2 to 100C2. In conclusion I as grateful tR Yu. A. ggif and, B. L. loffe My, . I. Nor 0v, 1. Ya. Pomeranchuk- .j 1. Tu. Kobs and V. V. waoi-for -Interest in th wovk and iw*-M-ct-mWSLUlta-tTo-n-.-o-rlg.-Ort. has: I t&M-TVTO-Mulas. SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATC: 23Ju165/ OXT(; REF: 001/ OTH REF: 007 Card 2/2 ftKLHOVj D.I.; GOLID&W, A.S.; q4�K4t_EjSjj. GILIW, S.M.; KRAVCH&NKO, A.Ya.; GAMBARUV, V.I. Simple control of air flov. Avtosi prib. no.1:2J+,-26 Jam-Hr 163. (MIRA 16:3) 1, Ukrainskly gosudarstvemVy proyektqy institut "'*tallurJortamatikaft (for all except Emychenko, G 07). 2, Fietaliurgicheskiy savod imeni Petrovskogo (for Kravchenko, Gambarov). (Open-hearth furnaceo) (Electronic control) BUTUIROV , A. B. ; ILIYASOVAY .*,..i,.; GESK I NA , 1,1 . A .-- "Hydrated pentaxides" o-L' vanadium, ~*huraneorg.1112. 7 2139 S '62. 1;-:,)) (Vanadium oxide) GF:3i i KO ~. Ya.1 . (Heshko, IE. 1. 1; KUS11TA, G.F. [ K11 a ht,a, !i.; - 11 " MIKIIALIMENKO, V.P. Mykhallchnnkc, V.P.1 Temperature dependence of the intensity of' rwntgen inter!'erences of tungsten over a temperature range of' Ukr. fiz. zhur. 8 no.12:135B-1363 D '63. (MIRA 1. ChernovLtskiy gosudaratvennyy wniy,~rsite~. VENGRINOVICH, R.D. [Venhrynawych, R.D.1p GESHKO, Ye.1 [Hashko, IE.1.1j; KUSHTA, G.P. (Kushta, H.P.]; MIKHAVC1MO, 7.;. [Rykhallchenkc, V.P.] Temperature dependence of thp intensIty of X-rny Interferences In nickel in the 3000 - 11000K temperature range. Ukr. fiz. zhur. 10 no.2tl96-205 F 165. (MIn 1%4) 1. Chernovitskiy gosudarstvennyy universitat, USSR/ZooparasitcloL,y. Ticks and Insects as Disease Vectors. G Mites. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Diol., No 17, 1958, 77027. Author Gadlin, Yu - I - j _ Nj - Gorchakavs1mya, n-N.; Levit, Inst Title On the Problen of the Destruction in Nature of the Carrier of Tick Encephalitis of the Tick Ixodes per- sulcatus Sch. OriG Pub: Dyul. Mosk. o-va ispyt. prirody. Otd. biol., 1957, 62, No 2, 43-49. Abstract: Results of investigations during 1952-1955 in the deciduous forests of the Kuybyshevskaya oblast are presented. The duration was studied of the effect of a sinCle anti-tich treatment of the forest floor Card 1/3 USSR/ZOOpr.rasitc,lc.cY- Ticks wi(l L-.sects as Disease Vectcrs- G Mites. ;,bs Jour: Ref Zhur-riu., No 17, 1956, 77027. ..12, or it can be replaced creased tc 0.2-0.3 j7/, by GKhTsG in the sane doaaCze. Care : 3/3 MHTOVTP N. The observers should also be recopised. Radio no.10:17 0 162. OCERA 15: 10) 1. Predsedatell revisionnoy komisaii Alma-Aginskogo radlokluba Dobrmllnogo obehabeetwa. sedaystriya amii, aviatoii i flotu. (HAdio operators) (Intsur rtdio stations) GESHTOVT, Yu.N., 11spirant; RAKAROV, V.S.; DAYNICHENKO, G.S., aspirant; G:tYAZ.;7, i.j. Economic effectiveness of the use of hkrhiiidt~s. Za,.3nch. rast. ot vred. i bol. 9 no.2:9-11, 32 CILA 1. Kishinev3kiy selIskokhozyaystvu.nnyy lzist..~tift (Cor Daynichenko), 2. Nachallniknlyabovskoy stanUll, (ror Grazev)- 3. Severnyy filial Kazakhakogo lnstdWta zashchity rasteniy, Kokchetav (for Geshtovt). 4. Starshiy agronom po zash- chite rasteniy Nerchinskogo proLzvoi3tvt,!nnojro u;)rnv1eniya, Ghi- tinskaya obl. (for Makrov). 5. Glavnyy arr,:,nom po zaghchite rasteniy Gorodetskogo proizvodstvennogo upravleniva, liorlkovskaya obl. (for Yeparieshenkov). -i GWHYANTER, R.A. 11 Pararenal neoplasms. Rhirurgiia. Moskva no.9:65 Sept 1953. (CIAL 25-5) 1. Of the Clinic of the Ukrainian Scientific-Rooearch Institute of Blood Transfusion. OF (IRSHVAN=. R.A., starebly nauchnyysotradnik Some date on the effect of transfusing blood and Its components on the blood coagulating system in patients with acute gantroduodenal hemorrhages in peptic ulcer. Vop.paral.krovi 4:107-115 155. (BLOW-TRUMS ION) OILF& 9:12) (PEPTIC UIM) (BLOOD-COAMIATION) ,,.Iyrj'L,RPTA 1".EDICA Sep.. 6 Vol. 11/10 Cct - 57 6Fy8VA,VT,,VF1? IV, 4, 6440. ARLOZOROV Z.G., GESUVANTNER N. A., ZALKINA A. 11. and SHARGO M. 1. Ukrainian Inst. or_ITT_o_oT_T_r_a_n_sT5-.sion and Emerg. Surg. , Kiv-,, 1 'SSR. ~Thromhuplastin transfusion in patients %kill. llirombo- cytopenia and ha emor rhage ( Russ ian text) VRA(!. DE-1_0 195(i, 9 po'9-912) The effectiveness of thromboplastin in stopping haeniorrhage has been stkidied. Thromboplastin was given in the form of donor plasti-la rich in platelet's (535, OOC - 1, 700, 000 per cu. aini. ). This was transfused in doses of 100 - 300 till. TV , groupZi of patients were treated, 18 with haemorrhage due to thrombacytopenia ani- suffer- ing from Werlhof's disease and 53 patients with gastro-dundenal bleeding. The transfusion was combined with ascorbic acid and sometimes with whole blood or the. globulin fraction of the plasma. Eight cases of Werlhof's disease showed lessening or cessation of haemorrhage, increase in the number of thrumbocytEs in the peri- pheral blood and reduction in bleeding time. Four cases showed improvemem without increase in the number of platelets; 6 patients showed no improvement. The use of thromboplastin in patients with acute gastro-duodenal haemorrhage (duc to ulcers) produced a reduction or cessation of the bleeding, normalization of the pulse and blood pressure, increase of appetite, sound sleep and well-being in the majority; some patients had an increase in the number of thrombocytes, but in some there was no improvement noted at all. The results showed 6at thrombo- plastin transfusion has a greater haemostatic effect than the use of ordinary plasma and that the effectivity increases with increased concentration of thrombocytes. This type of transfusion should be included in the treatment of various haemorrhages, particularly in thrombocytopenic patients. Guseva - Moscow After the transfusion of thromboplasmin, esWially wban cmbined with internal administration of "vikasol" and ascorrbic acid, an increase In the prothrombin level, platelet count, and decreased coagulation t1w and blood flow were noted, these findings being noted more frequently than when blood was transfused. As a result of their findings, the authors recommend the use of thromboplasmin as a hemostatic measure in the treatment of hemophilia due to tbrombocytopenia and heworrhaps of other etiology. (U) GISHYANNIR, R.A., kandidat meditainakikh nsuir Olharlkoy) Brief report on the work of the Kharkov Province Surgical Society in 1955. Noy.khir.arkh. no,2:86-87 Mr-Ap 157. (MLRA 10:8) (SURGj;RY) GIWANT Cystoid formation of the ligamentun teres uteri simulating an irreducible inguinal hernia. No -v khir.arkh. no-1:71 JaF 158 (MIRA 11:11) 1. 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SOURCE: Metallovedeniye i termicheskaya obrabotka metallov, no. lp 1964, 24-27 TOPIC TAGS: precipitation hardened steel, austenitic steel, work hardening, aging, high temperature work hardening, vanadium contain- ing steel, brittleness, recrystallization, strength, impact strength ABSTRACT: A study of austenitic s4'eels (containing Cr-Ni-Mn, Cr-Ni- Mn-V and Cr-YAn-V) showed that high temperature work hardening affected their properties favorably after aging, increasing strength and impact strength. The high temperature work hardening decreased the transcrystalline brittleness developed by precipitation harden- ing. The partial growth of recrystallization by the high tempera- ture 34ork hardening does not eliminate the possibility of getting Cord 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4010070 higher mechanical properties (in comparison to properties of steels not subject to high temperature work hardening) by subse- quent precipitation hardening. Austenitic steel containing 1.5% vanadium, when subjected to a combination of high %temperature work hardening and aging has high mechanical properties even by partial recrystallization during the high temperature deforination process. Orig. art. has: 2 tables and 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: None SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 00eb64 - ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: D% NO REP SOV: 002 OTM: 000 Card 2/2 CHERNYSHEV, A,M,; GESS, B.A,; KANAVETS, P.I.; MELENTITET, P.N.; KISELEV, L.M.; BORISOV, Yu.I.; CURWKN, V.I. Metallurgical properties of granules prepared by the method of chemical catalysis. Trudy IGI 2209-49 163. (MIRA 16:11) KANAVEIS, P.I.;.GESS, B.A.; SPORIUS, A.E.; KUNTIM, P.W.; CHwnmif, I.A.; CHKMM, V.I.; KHAYLOV, B.S.; BORISOV, Yu.1. Experimental pilot plant stand for the nodulizing of finely ground materials by the method of chemical catalysis. Trudy IGI 22157-69 163, (14TRA 161ll) CURDYIISHEV, A 1-1.j GESS B.Aw; KANAVETS, P.L.1 1EMN11YEV, P.N..; -g"=, 'U. A.; B OR I SOV, Yu. 1. ; "' HFa~, V. I,; PrInInali uchastilye~ VAVILOV, N.S.1 MAKARCIIENKO, Y.C.; KIISFLKV, GP.; VOLNISTOVA, R.A.4 MOREYEVA, G.F. 1-3sting granules male by the method of chemiral. catalysis in a -Iqbontory shaft furnace. Trudy IGI 22.CM-78 '63. kwu 1~-1!11) KARAVETS, P.I.; GESS, B.A.1 SPORIUS, A.E.1 CHERNYSHEV, A.M.; Maminvo P,N0_j'CHERKTKH, V.I.; KHROWAK, R.P.; MIATLOV, B 'S.; DMISOV, Yu.I.j TSTLEV, L.Mt; SOKOLOV, V.S.1 Prinizall uchas"t MARKIN, A.A.; GORLOV, M.Ya.; VORONOV, Tu.G.; BULAKHOV, K.A.; KRWABSKIT, V.L.; ARSHINOV, G.P.; MAZUN, A.16; PIBARNITSKIY, I.M.1 BOUCHAVA, O.A.1 KIRILLOV, M.V,; TSELUTKO, F.I.; POLYAKOV, G.O.; REZKOVp A.S.; ZHUGHKOV, M.I.; R01WHXIN, A.S.; ZUBKOV, A.S,; XOZLOY, RX Pilot plant for the nodulizing of finely ground charge mix- tures by the method of cl:omicai oatalyais. Tnidy 101 22: 93-109 163. 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