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DIMIDOV. Geoz-giy- Vasillyevich; LWNIR. Aleksandr Shaylovich-, GIP? red.; VOLKOV,, S.V., ~0 ~ [Introduction to the operation of gas supply servtces in cities sad populated places] Vvod r ekeplustataiiu gaxovykh ktozisistv gorodov i naselannykh punktov. Moskva, Izd-vo M-va kcroun. khoz. ILUU., 1957. 53 P. NIRA 11:3) (Gas manufacture and works) 0' / /:)/~ v V, DHMIDOV, Georgiy Vasillyevich; GIPP, V.V., red.; KONYASHINA, A.L., tekhn.. red. [Safety engineering and fire prevention in city gan systems) Takhnilm bezopasnosti i protivopozharnaia takhnilm v o? ,orodukom gazovcm k-hoziaintve. Moskva, Ird-vo 14-va kommun. khoz. RSFSR, 1957. 162 p. (PrRA 11:5) (Gas distribution-Safety moasures) GIPPAMrTIR, B.S., kandidat moditsinsidkh neuk; ITANOVA, S.I., ro- ro "MTh, M.P., takhnicheskiy redaktor. [I.P.Pa-9-lov's teaching on t'-e higher nervous activity is the natural science basis of physical education] Uchenis I.P.Pav- lova o iyeshei narvnol doiatellnesti - astestyanno-nauchns-ia oanova fisichookogo vospitanita; nauchno-populiarnri *chork. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo Oliskulltura i sport,G 1953. 167 P. WaA 7:9) (PB-VlC-T, Dran Petrovich, 1849-1936) (Physiologr) (Ptqeical education and training) TINCrAYISY, NA., professor. doktor maditsinskikh nauk, redaktor; _e2MPU-- JJW==,~&S.. dotsent kandidat meditainskikh nauk, redaklor; KHOTYAUDVA, G.B.. redalctor-, DOTSEMO. A.A., takhaictieskiy radaktor [Human physiology) Fiziologlia cbeloveka. Pod obahchel red. N.V. Timofeeva (1 chant'). i B.S.Gippenreitera (2 chant'). Hoekvg. Goo. izd-vo "Fiskulltura i sport," 1956. 391 p. (MLRA 1D:2) (PEYSIOLOGY) Ye, BUML', A.A. red.:-&12=)OW red.; GYOZDETSKIY, N.1.,.red.; GREKOV, L.I., red.; KL"ZIMIN, K. ., red.; 18TAYST, A.A., red.; MCMY-TSKrY, V.V., red.; ROTOTAnV, P.S., red.; SIMOVOV, Y-a.D., red.; TUSHINSKIY, G.K., red.; TUKHIN, I.V.,red.; DOBRONRAVOVA, K.O., red.-, GLRIKH, D.A.,; MALICHSVSKIY, G.N., red. kart. LConquered peaks of 1954; a yearbook of Soviet mountRineering] Pobezhdanrqe vershiny god l9q4; ezhegodnik sovetskop allpinizma. [Moskva] Gos.izd-vo geogr.lit-ry, 1q57. 431 p. (MIRA 11:1) (Mountaineering-Yenrbooks) BERKOVI, N.M.; SIKONOV, Ye.D., red.; GIPPENREYTER,_Y*.B.,, red.1 KIZELI, V.A., red.; KUZIMIN, K-.K-., red. ~-- LETA VET, A.A., red.; POLIAKOV, A.I., red.p ROTOTAYEV, P.S., red.; PIUMNaU, L.N., red.; KHRGIAN, A.Kh., red.; YUKHIN, I.V., red.; KONOVALYUK., I.K.P ailad. red.i GOLITSYN, A.V., red, kart,- ARDANOVA, N.P. takIn. red. (Conquetred isummits; Soviet alpinism betv-een 1958 and 19611 PO- bezlidennye ,ershiny; sbornik sovetskogo allanizma, 1~158-1461. Mos).va, Geografgiz, 1963. 406 p. (MIJU. 16.6) (Mountaineering) GIPPERNMYTER, V. Photol7aphy of animals. Sov. foto 19 no.2:23-25 F '59, (MIRA 12:3) (Photography of animls) GIPPEMMTER, V. Axross the Sayan mountains. Sov.foto. 19 no-8:70 Air, '59. OGRA '.3-1) (Sayan mountains) GIPPUIREITER, '(u.B.;V,,MGILES, N. Yu.; SHCHEDROVITSKI'T, L.P. Modified method for the registration of eye tremor. Vol). psikhol. no.5::118-121 S-0 164 1. Otdeleniya psikhologii Moskovskcgo universiteta. GIPPENREYTER, Yu.B.; [IRAZAYFVA, V.A. Research on the eye movements in performing metric tasks, Vop. paikhol. 9 no.6:76-84 N-D 163. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Kafedra pqikhologii Moskovskogo gosudarstvenn,.)go un:;.versiteta. ("I PFIE I"", Ey"YER , YII.B. ll'~-roper eye inotor noioes." Vop. poiki.01. J -Af-, 1-4. f!"':2~ 17:4j 1. Udeleniye polkholcgil '-Io_31:cvsko,,,o universitetrk, lln.'~w-_-atcriyn inziomermoy psikhologii. GIPPERT, :sszlo, dr., szakallatorvos Diseases of the firut stomachs of cattle. '.!ut,,y alla,.orv lap 19 no.4:150-154 Ap '64. 1. i!ead, 7.4ekescsaba SU--te Animal Hospital, Bekescsab~-,- GIPPFRT,_L.; KOVACS, L.; PETERFALVI, S. "PledgeEll, P. 91, (FAIPAR, Vol. h, No. 3, Mar. 1954, BudaFest, Fungary) SOt Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEA-L), LC, Vol. 3, No. 12, Dec. 195:4, Uncl. GIPPERT, 1-1 KOVACS, L.; PETERFALVI, S. "Increasing the Endurance of the Edge of Saw Blades by Coating Then With Hard Metal; An Innovation By J. Wildmann", P. 92, (FtIPAR, Vol.. 4, No. 3, liar. 1954, Budapest, Hungary) SO: Moni;Mv List of East European Accessions, (ZEAL), LC, Vol. 3, No. 12, Dec. 191;4, Uncl. GIPPERT, L.; KOVACS, L.; PETERFALVI, S. "Articles About Trees"I P. 93, (FAIPAR, Vol. h, No. 3, Mar. 195L, Budape5t, Hungary) SOi Monthly List of East European kccessions, (EKAL), LC, Vol. ---, No. 12, Dec. 19!)'h, Uncl. GIPFERT, L. The technology of using accumulated logs in plants for processing: v --od frem leafy tress. P. 149 (Faipar) Vol. 7, no. 4, Sept. 1957, Budapest, Hungary SO: MOMMLY INDEX. OF EASr EUROPEAN ACCESSIONS (E---Al) IZ, VOL, 7, M. 1, JAN. 1958 GIPPEM, Lasz1o Its there a need for steaming beech lumber? Faipar 1.3 n),,1. 13-20 Ja 163. HUNGARY GIPPERT jjjagl, SZEP, Ivan, Dr; University of Agricultural Sciences, Depart- men o Zimal Anatomy and Physiology (chairman. SZEP, Ivan, Dr. professor, cand. of agr. scl. ) (Agrartudom2nyi Egyetem, Allatbonc- es E-lettani Tanszek), and Research Institute of Small Animal Breeding (director: PE'r0lijkZ1, Gabor, Dr, cand. of agr. sci.) (Kisallattenyesztesi Kutato Intezet). 11 The Effect of Different Bedding Materials on the Mcro-Cliivite of ;hick Nurseries." Budaepst, Magyar Allatorvosok Lapja, Vol 21, No 3, Mar 66, prages 10.5-112. Abstract; [Authors' English summary modified] The effect oC different bedding materials on the micro-climate of chick nurseries and the rasults of raising broilers were studied in 6 groups of Hew Hampshire chicks which were kept under identical conditions with the exceptlon of the material usud for bedding. The following materials were used for bedding in 7-10 cm layers; peat bran, corn cob (not pounded), shavings, corn stalk chaff (4-5 cm), pounded corn cob,(1-2 cm), chopped straw (3-4 cm). Their effect on tho inicro-climatfs was largely identical. Ammonia formation was pronounced after the 8th week and its level was highest in case of the corn cob. Peat and shavings bedding was favorable to vitamin B12 formation. With the excdption of pounded corn cob, none of the other materials vae a direct cause of death. Peat and shaving provided the best living and scraping conditions; weight gain and feed utilization were best under these cases. These are recommended for large-scale chicken raising. 2 Hungarian, 8 Western 1/1 references. (1,00.) )1-3)PTY) Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, #t25684 AUTHORS: Gippius, A.A., Kolyan, V.P. -:~/012/02; /09- A052/A001 ' Elektrotekhnika, 1959, No. 12, '. 2r), TITLE: On Broadband Correction Circuits of Amplifiers PERIODICAL: Sb. statey nauch. stud. o-va Mosk. energ. in-ta, 1956, No. 9, pp. 77-85 TEXT: Correction circuits in the h-f region described by dif'erentill equa- tions of V and VI order are built on the base of spurious capacita-nc~~s of tne cir- cuit, whereby the circuit of V order is built on three or two partial capacitances (see drawing la, 11)) and in circuits of VI order correcting inductan~,es are added r Card 1/2 LX\ 86139 On Broadband Correction Circuits of Amplifiers A052/A,"I~)- (see drawing la and Ib - dotted line). Circuits of higher, order-a giv-, broader frequency characteristics with a number of extrema being lesr, by onr-, ',-vLn thc, (legret, of the differential equation, i.e. the circuit of V order gives a ! cn pa.3s band (or by amplification at a constant band) of 2.3 times and t,,,c cllr~:-,;,"; -~f V1. order by 2.75 times as compared with the most known circuit of II or6er. var-I;inl. with two capacitances CI and C3 can give a broad pass band. Tine varii.nt three capacitances is appropriate in the case when Cf, is formed by stput-lo,,to, ttzapa-~!,,,:xrcc:~ of the circuit, for instance when a stage works- on a tube throliCh a '.., C Cab C ). When the circuit works as an interstage one (tubes 6' *1-,!- :,,, C R picofarads in 5.5 Megacycles band, an amplification of 9.5 is 3ba-Inc-d' and when the circuit works in the output stage (tube 6 i 9 -6,x)) a L C :: 2" !)-J*(-,~.,-,z?t'--, in the same band, an amplification of 25.8 is obtained. Frequency plln--i,3,~ cita--c- teristics of circuits of I-VI orders and transient characteri stic, )I* V order are given. V.I.A. Translator's note: This is the full translation of the original Ruszf~-rl abstract. Card 2/2 JT: T ORS 6 TITLE: On th,,- A~-f !;:ct I-':; (0 ko,-,f f 1.~s iY-lLC-kh 0 t 2 niya) PERIOD ICIL: -h-i --,,al T,:i e,: f On the 1 i (-d The ij~; e c a T 1 0 f avo ,(l ASSUCIA" !G'll c; a f- 2tr 3 LJ I ~L 2, AVIL 1 L L Li~,- ar.- of 1 . Single ~:ry!F Car~,, 21/" 21M AUTHORS: Vavilov, V., 8,, Gippius, A., A.~._ 30V/56----1*r-1-3/64 Gornhkov, M. M.~ Kopyl'6 vsIkI.y1! D, TITLE: Radiation Combination in Germanium Crystals Sub,,ected to a Bombardment by Fast Electrons (Izluchatel,naya rekombinatsi- ya v kristallakh germaniya, podvergnutykh bombardirovke bystrymi elektronami) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheakoy fizil:i, 1959, Vol 37, Nr 1, pp 23-26 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors describe the results obtained by investigations of the infrared spectra accompanying the recombina-ion of elec- trons and holes in germanium monocrystals. Three samples were investigated, in which radiation was excited by the injection of holes by means of various indium contacts; the third sample was irradiatad with 0-7 Mev electrons, The conoontration of the effective acceptor ievels of the defects, formed in irradiation, was calculated as amounting to 5.1()'13cm-3 near the surface, and as decreasing towards zero at - 0.3 mm, In first approximation it may be assumed that the ooncentration of recombination centers formed in irradiation J.:3 equal to Card 1/3 that of the effective acceptor levels. The spectra of all Radiation Combination in Germanium Crystals SOV/56-37-1-3/6z Subjected to a Bombardment by Fast Electrons samples showed an emission band (Fig 1) with a naximum at 1.85 P (0.67 ev) at room temperature and at 1.6" v (0.74 ev) at 780 K. The displacement of the long-wave edge of this band corresponds well to the variation of the width of the fcrbid- den band of germanium. The temperature coefficient 0 was determined an amounting to 3.2.10-4 ev/degrees, which ae-rees well with the results obtained by other authors (Refs 1,7). Figure 1 shows the shifting of the natural radiLtion tand of Ge in the case of a temperature variation of 300 per 780 K. Figure 2 shows the spectra of the impurity- and naturai radiation of the Ge-samples at 780 K, figure 3 the spectrum of impurity radiation of a Ge-sample of the N-type without treatment at 780 X.. The curve has a maximum at '-.35 P (0-53 ev). Figure 4 shows the spectrum of a N-germanium sazple, irradiated by 0.7 Mev electrons at 780 K (irradiation occur- red at room temperature); also the curve for the sensitivity of the PbS photoresistor within the same A-ranCe is shown, The intensity B of radiation near the maximum of the natural radiation dpends on the injection current J (10C pa): m Card 2/3 B -J , M P-1.7. The experiments, among other things, Radiation Combination in Germanium Crystals SOV/56-177-1-3/0'4 Subjected to a Bombardment by Fast Electrons showed that an increase in the concentration of the Frenkel defects caused by fast electron bombardment causes an increase in the concentration of the relutiveintensity of the emission band (maximum at 2.35 p). The authors finally thenk B. M. Vul for his interest in this investigation, and It. V. Fok and M. N. Alentsev for their critique and va-luable remarks; they also thank L. N. Silonov for his assistance. There are 4 figures and 9 references, I of' uhich in Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Fizicheskiy institut im. P. N. Lebadeva Akademii nauk SSSR (Physics Institute --*meni P. N. Lebedev of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) SUBMITTED: January 29, 1959 Card 3/3 06 S/ I A 162/0",V009101 '~;,"045 B1 OB/B-1 86 AUTHORS: Gippius, A.-- A. , and Vavile)v, V. S. TITLE: Radiative recombination on dislocationo in germaniu.-ii PERIODLCAL: Fizikzt Vierdogo tela, v. ;t, no. 9, P 62. 2426 TEXT: A mirror mo-iochromator and a lead sulfide pho,ore-sistor wore used to investigate the radiative recombination in Ge crystals whose dis'.ocation density ranged fror, 5-10 3 to 1-104 cm-2 and whose electron equi.1%brium 13 16 -5 concentrations var-Jed between 5-10 and about 10 cm . At nitrogen temperatures, an intrinsic band was establigh&d at 1.71ji, due to indirect band-to-band transitions. Another band, established at 2 - 2.%L occura only in crystals Ythich have dislocations and are the rei3ult of c:].rrier transitions between local levels. It is better resolved in the -ase of high electron concentrations and it shown recombination levels at a distanc.e of 0,12 and 0.14 ev from the conduction band. Probably another level or level group exists at a distance of about 0.16 ev from the conduction band. The hal'-width of the emission line related to the Card 112 ,C"! V, j/161/62/004/009/015/ Radiative recombination... B108/B186 transition of holes to one of the levels equals U.016 cv. 'Clio intensity of the intrinsic band is proportional to Im (I is the in~e~-tion current, m u2). Contrary to expectation, the intensity of the di.Sloc~tLoi band is not linearly dependent on 1, because the rccombinnt~.,-)n cen',~-L-; lro saturated. The shape and intensity of the dislocation b~tnd ari z3t,-ongly affected by the surf,ace treutment, this be"hg due to difrer-jnt of the levels. There are 7 figures. ASSOCIATION: Fizicheskiy institut im. P. N. Lebedeva Ali 16SSR, bloslxa (Physics Institute imeni P. N. Lebodev AS USSR, 1,11osocv) SUB""'ITTED: April 14, 1962 Card 2/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4041737 S/0181/64/006/007/2200/2202 AUTHORS: Gipplus, A. A.; Vavilov, V. S.; Konoplev, V. V. TITLE: Determination of the.vield of recombination radiation con- nected with dislocations in gGrmanium SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 6, no* 7# 1964, 2200-2202 TOPIC TAGSs recombination emission, quantum yield, dislocation effect, lead sulfide, photoconductive device ABSTRACT: The yield is defined here as the ratio of the number'of quanta of recombination radiation to the total riumber of acts of re- combination on the given type of centers. Since this yield must be, measured when the dislocations play a predominant role in the recom- ibination of the non-equilibrium carriers, the tested sample was bom- barded with a beam of -1 MeV electrons from a Van do Graaff accelera- tor. The receiver was a.lead-sulfide photoresistance calibrated with i Card *~, 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4041737 ithe aid of a 10lack body. n-type germanium with electron density no 1- 14 3 cm72 1 5 x 10 cm-, and dislocation density N - 105 was used. The dislocations were introduced by an abrupt change in the thermal con- Iditions during the growth of the crystal. The testa were made at ~approximately 80K. The qu~r~tum yield was found to be quite small, ,indicating that most recombinations on the dislocations are'nonra- Idiative. Some explanations for this phenomenon are discussed. The results obtained for the quantum yield and for some related quanti- ties are compared with data by others. "The authors thank A.' V. Spitsy*n for determining the carrier density in the sample and S. 1. Vintovkin and V. V. Mikhaylov for help with the measurements.* ~Orig. art. has: 1 table. ASSOCIATION: rizicheskiy institut im. P. N. Lebedeva. M SSSR .(Physics Institute, JUT.SSSR) -SUBMITTED: 24Feb64 ENCLz 01 ISUB CODE: SS KR REF SOVi 005 OTHERt 001 ACCESSION NR: AP4041737 Fesults of determination of quantum yield ENC"WSWE: 01 "rul 2 4. 4 6.5 5 0.5 1.7 6.2 3.7 0.15 2.5 3.1 5 5.2 4 0.5 1.7 3.8 21 1.0 3.4 6.4 '.9 7 3 8 10 125 4.2 82 1.9 . 225 7.4 1.7 1 sample no. 2 (fast-electior density), mjcrowq&~3, 3 g.10-19 CjrC3Seo It 4 quantum yield, 104 rd 3/3 ACCESSION Nit: AR4040822 S/0058/64/000/00511)025/1)o,~6 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. 5DI90 AUTHOR: K.udryavtsev, Ye. M.; Gippius, Ye. F.; Pechenov, A. N.; Sobolev, N. N. TITLE: Defi,iftion. of inatrix element of dipole inoment of electron 'transition of violet sysLer.i of bands of cyanogen. 1. CITED SOURCE: Teplofiz. vy*sojrikj1 tenipQratur, v. 1, no. 1, 1963, 73-84 TOPIC TAGS: matrix ele._-nent, dipole moment, electron transition, cyanogen, cyanogen band TRANSLATION: It is established that by x-raying, by a pulse source of light, a mix- ture of CO and N21 licated to 5000-7000''K with a rcf1ected shock wave, it is possil-letc register the absorption spectrum of the violet syBtenn, of L%anda of GTI and, conse- 1_puently, to determine the matrix element of the dipole moment of electron transition Card 112 ACCESSION N13: AR4040822 ReJ2 of this system. For selection of optimum expeHy --nt conditions and obtaining' data necessary for treatment of the results, there are conducted calculations of the state of the mixture of GO ani N2 behind the reflected shock wave over -i wide range of initial presnures (10 - 200 mm Hg) and speeds of the shock wave (2.0 - 5.6 loVsec). The temperature of the mixture was measurod by Lhe genoralized method of conversion by C11 bands. The same method was used to cont-ral establlsh- ment of equi2-ibrium concentra tion of CN. Bibliography: 29 references. SUB CODE: NP, EM ENCL: 00 Card 2/2 ACCESSION NR: AR4040823 S/0058/64/000/005/DD2613)026 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizitm, AbG. 5D191 AUTHOR: Kudryavtsev, Ya. M.; Gippius, Ye. F.; Pechenov, A. N.; Sobolev, N1. N. TITLE': Definition of matrix element of dipole moment of electi-on transition o. violet system of bands of cy-anogren. CITED SOURCE: Teplofiz. vy*sokildi temperatur, v. 1, no. 2, 1063, 218-227 TOPIC TAGS- matrix element, dipole moment, electron ti,ansition, c.-anogen, cyanogen band, radioscopy TR A NS LATION: There is described the installation used for obtaining absorption spi~ctruin of violet systcni of CN bmid'; dUrilIg 1-:A(h0.1;C0j)y iN!!.h a pulse source of a mixture of gases CO and N2, heated by a reflected shock wave to a tem- perature of 4000 - 6000'K. This spectrum is used for measurement of rotary Card 1/ 2 ACCESSION NR: AR4040823 temperature of CN. Results of measurement of temperature of gas by two independent methods5by absorption spectra and by generalized methods of conversion (cf. abstract No. 5 D19OL7coincide with the data of gaa-dy-namic calculation. Bibliography: 16 :references. SUB CODE: NP) OP EMU 00 Card 2/2 S/0294/63/001/003/0376/038S ACCESSION NR: AP4017717 AUTHORS: Kudryavtsev, Ye. M.; Gippius, Ye. F.; Derbeneva, S. S.; i Pechenov, A. N.; Sobolev, K. TITLE: Determination of the matrix element of the dipole moment of the electronic transition of the cyan violet band system. III SOURCE: Teplofizika vy*sokikh temperatur, v. 1, no. 3, 1963, 376-385 TOPIC TAGS% cyan, cyan band s'ystem, cyan"violet band system, dipoj.~ moment, matrix element, integral absorption exponent, internuclear distance, dissociation energy, electronic transition A13STRACT: This is a continuation of previously reported research (Teplofizika vy*sokikh temperatur v. 1, 73 and 218, 1963) and is devoted to the actual determination of the square of the mavix ale- ment of the dipole moment of the electronic transitiondRej from the measured integral absorption exponents of the rota onal line o f Card. ACCESSION NR: AP4017717 the sequences Av = 0 and Av of the violet system of CN bands. The value obtained for the IR was found t~ be 0.38 atomic units el f I and to be independent of the internuclear distance of the transi- tions. The over-all error in the measurements due to imperfections in the spectral instrument and failure to take complete account of the skirts of the lines is less than 10%, since the half-width of the rotational line exceeds or is equal to the half-width of the apparatus function 4nder the experimental conditions. The value 2 obtained for IR I is in satisfactory agreement with the values ob- e tained earlier by other methods. A value of 7.6 eV is obtained for the dissociation energy of CN from the present results and those by others. Orig. art. hass 6 figures, 7 formulas, and 3 tables. ASSOCIATIONs Fizicherskiy institut im. P. M. Lebedeva AN SSSR (Physics Institute# AN 85SR) Carck-2/4 _V ACCESSION NR: AP4038432 S/0294/64/002/002/0161/0187 AUTHORS: Gippius,_Ye._F_.; Kudryavtsev, Ye. M.; Pechenov, A. N.; Sobolev, N. N.; Fokeyev, V. P. TITLE: Determination of the red cyan-band system electronic transi- tion dipole moment matrix element SOURCE: Teplofizika vy*sokikh temperatur, v. 2, no. 2, 196 1, 181-187 TOPIC TAGS: absorption spectrum, shock wave, dipole moment, absorP7 tion band, matrix element, carbon dioxide, nitrog en ABSTRACT: The investigation is a continuation of research on the de- termination of the matrix element of the dipole moment of the elec- tronic transition of the violet system of the CN bands (Teplofizika vy*sokikh temperatur v. 1, no. 1, 73, 1963; no. 2, 1963; no. 3,. 1963). The absorption *spectrum of the red system of the cyan band is obtained behind the front of the reflected shock wave in a mix- Card 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4038432 tu,re of CO and N2- The square of the matrix element of the dipole moment of the electronic transition is determined from the measured integral absorption coefficients in the wavelength, region 6,33G--6,550 0 A and is found to be 0.19 + 0.09 atomic units. The ratio of the squares of the matrix elements for the violet and for the :.*c.,d bands is obtained from the integral intensities of the bands (1,()) of the red system and (0, 1) of the violet system of cyan, in the spectrum of an arc with carbon electrodes burning in air. its valu,2 is found to be 1.9 + 0.6. The value obtained for the square of' the ma- trix element of ~he red dipole moment calculated from, this ratio, and from the value obtained for the violet band earlier, agrees with the value obtained in the present work by measurements with the aid of a shock tube. The ratio does not agree with calculations by King and Swings (Astropbys. J. v. 101, 6, 1945) if allowance is made of the Franck-Condon factors. The reason for the discrepancy are dis- cussed. "In conclusion the author is thankful to V. N. Kolesnikov for useful advica, A. T. Matachun and L. L. Sabsovich for solving the Card 2/3 SUB COM~: Op, DAT' 'CQ: 09JUn64 ENCL: 00 REF SOV: 005 OTHMI: RIPKA, Otto; KOSTNOVA, Helena; GIPPOVA, Hann Treatment of hynertension with ecolid. Sborn. lek- -"~O na.4:119-130 A-or 56. 1. 11. interni klini)m fakulty vaeobecneho lekarstvi rarlovy uaiversit7 v Praze, T)rednosta T)rof. Dr. Frantisek Herles. 0. R. II. intorni kliaika, Praha 2, TJ nemocnice 2. (HTMT?M10N, therapy chlorisondamine chloride (Cz)) (AUTONOMIC DRUGS, therapeutic use chloriRondami-ae chloride in hypertension (Cz GIPR, I., inzb.; LUXDSHOVA, M. Rapid mothod for determining fat content in meat Produl:ts* Mias. in4. SSSR 29 no'.5:53-54 15B.. (MIRIL 11:10) 1. Nauchno-issledovatel'skly inntitut mvasnoy i r7bnoy pro- myshlennosti, Brnn, Chehhoslovakiya. (Mant-Analysis) (Oils and fats-Analysitt) 35- Zonal Ori in oe Synoptic Processes "Certain Peculiar Synoptic Pr,~cesaes in 'the Arctic and Wel-r- Connection With the Zener&L Circiastien of the Atmosphere," by A. A. (Ape, Tr. 311, gcof iz. cbeery. issue f~6, 1956, IT 36-7 ~ITrlm,~.eferstivnyy Muz-nal - Geofftika,'Nc 1, Jan 57, Abstract 140 307: by L. M. K!Lmenkl~~ I "The syno-itic Drecesses whinh --e generated in the Artic are closely connected w-ith the synoptic processes of the temperate and trDpic zones. The investigation of the circulation of the atmosphere in the northern b-isphere by means of its separation into three basic forms (West, last, and Central) parmits the determination of the peculiar synoptic proceages inthe Aretiex-ld their dependence on the processes of a planet--xy scale. Thus, the formation of a high anticyclone in the Arctic occurs 4*a Mericlio.- nal forms of circulation -- east and centi-al, characterized by an increased development in a northern direction of high ridos, through tbe western peripheries of which the inflow of vars air into the Arctic also taked place. Abrupt fluctuations of the altitude and temperatare of the trapopause are conn cted with these processes, formation of a W~ghfxnti- cyclone causes a raising of the tropopause and, simultaneously, it lowering of the temperature In it. The influx of warm air into the troposphere of the Arctic with the meridional development of ridges is accompemied by the intrusion of an inflow of cold air into its stratosphere, iwiofar as the rising and lowering movements in the Inotherstically stratified stratosphere cause the formation of cold ridges and vam trougba. "The intrusion of a varm masio in the troposphere of the Arctf_c and of cold air in the troposphere of the temperate latitudes is closely connected vith the character of the processes in the whole hemisphere. The warm air UXlowing into the Arctic is blended wiUi the cold air which :~s found there and produces conditions which strengthen the jet stream in the northern part of the ridges, which in turn evoke the activation of cyolonic activity. The analagous process o;' the activation of the JeL .;treari and of cyclogenesis occurs in the southern part of the troughs (3-t-i-ig the influx of cold air f:,or. theArctic. nie determined localization vf tidges dnd troughs in me:-idicnal forms of ci--c',dation determines the regions of the intensified cyclonic activity. For example, in the type E, in the European sector of the northe---n hemisphere the cyclogenesis is sti-engthened in the western sector of the Arctic and in the region of the Mediterranean See; analogous str-~ngtbening of the cyclogenesis o~ this fonp, arises in the South American Continent., Any localization of ridges and troughs ir. the meridio- nal form depends on the activation of cyclogenesis in the Scuth Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In the western type the meridional exchange is weakened, and the trajectories of -the barometric centers are regionali"ed. In -thin case their localization is determined by the position of the subtropical high pressure belt: the farther north it. is situated, the farther n,.lrth is the trajectory of the barometric formation. Bibliography, 16 titles." (U) -5,V GIFSH, A.A. Organization of seismic prospecting beyond the Arc-.ic Qircle. GoclZis. razvede no*4:14-23 161* OURA 14:7) (Bollshossullskaya Tw2dra-Seismic prospecting) RABINOVICH, G.I.: GIPSH, B.I. N ChnckiN, the skewing nf keyways. Stan. i initr. 29 no.7:37 11 158. (MIRA 11:9) (Gauges) AP70056o.-. I momm SOURCE COI)E. m - -, --- -'-- 1111VENT'DR: I)Unayev' -4- S-; G /041.3/67/oo"),/002 -ORG: ---IPsrnan I None - -1 1-.K.; Katsin, /0040/00ho V. Churs'n, !iTITLE. A current density analYz,r. Class 21, !POU'CE: 'zobret'niya, promyshlennYye obraz NO- 1904o8 TOPIC TAGS: current densi t8y' to'var-'137e znaki, no, ABSTRACT.- 'Phis Author, ty, electron beam, measuring d nsit 0 an elect S Certi filate Instrument sc ner with ron beam. Th . Introduces an Instrumen .t for ~horoug a helically e installation alysis of l Slotted rotating 0 contains Of D- G.; Val-ko" L- G. 2, 196T) 40 an.- dr, Yzing the a carr, age with Pctron-beam st.ructur, =' and Uum cham1-'_-r, a vac - Current vit res a rectangul a collector, por a nechanical is lace oct.tO the the Mechanical scanner .17aPid and ""thl beam- The drUar slot which n the drum along Its 'a located Moves both 13 made I Inside ~h engthvi,,, and ri the axis Under rectangular slot. crosswise the - e carriage and the collector 1/2 2_1nechalaical scannev C'neatber, slot "1e -vac _recteLngular jector; - DATE '- 016ep64 roDF'*- C1 4 ETDc - 6,.1 - .39-( ------ Z_~ 331. 1 5- /Y2,6 A/ /)"/' - /~- ALATOqTSEY, S.A.. nrof., doktor to~dui.nwik; AWDREYEV, A.T.. knnd.tekhn. nauk; .1111CHAROV, I.L., inzh.-. BALIII,'TIY, S.I., ir-zh.; 21MMSOV, V.G., inzh.; VINUITSKIY, K.Ye.. kand.tekhn.neWc; VLASCV. Y.M.. inzh.; VORONTSOV, N.P., kand.teldm.nauk; GIMU, M.K.,,inzh.; GLUM", I.S., kand.teklin.nauk; (rtM'YXV, [deceased]; DSMIN, A.M., kand.teklin.nmuk; TEGURI~OV, G.P.. k-nnd. tekhn.nauk; YEFIMOV, I.P., inzh.; ZRIJKOV, L.l., kand.tekhn. nauk; ZELITM, N.M., inzh.; KOO.ACHEV, H.H., hnd.tekhn.nauk; KOTOV, A.F., inzh.; KUDINOV, G.P., inzh.; LAPOVEHKO, N.A., kind. tekha.nauk; MAZUROK. S.F., inzh.; HILINIKOV, N.V.; MUDRIK, N.G., inzii.; NIKONOV, G.P., kand.takhn.nauk; ORLOT, Ye.I., inzh.; POTAPOV, M.G., kand.teklm.nauk; PRISMSKIY, G.V., inzh.; RZHgVaIY. V.V., prof., doktor -;eklw-.nauk-; RYAKHLi, V.A., kand. t,3khn.naijk-, S114KIN, B.A.. kand.tekJin.nauk; SITNIKOY, I.Ye., in2h.; SOROKIN, V.I.. inzh.; STASTUK. Y.N.,; STILMICH, Yo.B., inzh.; SUMMMIKO, A.A., inzli.,- TYUTIN, I.F., inzh.; TYMOVSKIY, L.G., inzh.; FISENKO, G.L., karid.teklri.nauk; FURMANOV, B.M., inzh.; SHATAYEZV. M.G., Jnzh.; S113SHKO, Ye.?. 3rDf., doktor takhn.nauk-; T~MPIGORET, A.M., glavuyy red. Cdace-mZd ; (Continued on nomt card) IMATORTSZT, S.A.--(continued) Card 2. KIT. I."., zamestitell nlavnoro red.: SHESHEO, Ye.F., za'aostitell; BUGOGLIMMY, Yn.K., rod., DYMMMATA. S.N.. rud.; DIONIS"n-N, A.I.. knnd.teklm.nauk, rod.; KOZIN. Yu.V., red.; SOKOUNSKIT, M.M., red.; TASTMOV, A.I., red.; DEMIDITK, G.P., kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; KRIVSKIT, M.H., kand.teldir.nauk, red.; LTUBIMOV, B.N., iiizh., red.; MOLOKANOV. P.L., ir,zh.. red.; MISH, A.K., inzh., red.; RODIONOV, L.Ye..,:hn.r_-mlC, red.; SLA- YUTSKIY, S.O., innh., red.; TRAM4,U4, A.I., Inith., rar_.; TRYMOV- .%IY, L.G., inzh., red.; FIDELEY, A.S., doktcr toldui.r.mik, red.; MMOV, A.N., kand.takhn.mmik. rei.; ThIll-IMIAMIYAll, ?.G., red. izd-va; PROZOlqOVSlL,'tYA, T.L., tal:Jui.roe.; XONDR,01YEVA, M.A.. (Contim_~ed on rext c~ird) K-ATORTM, S..&.---(continued) Card 3. (Mining; nn encyclopedic dictioiutryj Gornoe del.o; qntqikjc- pedichoskii sprnvochnik. Chlony glav. red.A.I.Baranov i dr. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-takhr.izd-vo lit-ry po gornomu dolu. Vol.10. [Minin4 coal deuoeits "by the open-omit method] Razrabotka iigol'nykh mostorozhodenii otkr:rtym qposobom. Radkollegiia tomn; H.T.Mel'nikov I dr. 196o. 6~z~5 p. iMIRA 13:2) 1. Chlen-korres7oondent AN SSSR (for Mellnikov). (Coal mines and mining) (Strip mining) 'ACCESSION NR: AP4041736 S/0181/64/006/007/2198/2200 ~AUTHORS: Girayev, M. A.; Karpovich, I. A.; Zvonkov, B.. N. :TITLE: Frequency dependence of the field effect in photosensitive ;films of CdS ;SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 6, no. 7, 1964, 2198-2200 TOPIC TAGS: thin film, cadmium sulfide, photoconductivity, fre- quency dependence, carrier mobility, photosensitivity 1ABSTRACT: The investigation was undertaken in view of recent inter- i ,est in such filns, brought about by the development of field-effect .transistors on their basis (P. K. Weimer, Proc. IRE v. 50, 1526, I i. :1962). The films were prepared on glass substrates by evaporation ~in vacuum, and activated by heat treatment with air in a photocon- ;ductor powder. The frequency dependence was investigated by the method of Aigrain et al. (J. Phys. Rad. v. 13, 587, 1952). Constant Lf;~rd iACCESSION HR: AP4041736 iillumination wai3 used to reduce the layar resistance and to make the ;method usable at high temperatures. The effective carrier mobility :was found to be practically independent of the temperature but highly Aependent on the intensity of illumination. For unactivated CdS ilayers with increased dark conductivity and weak photosensitivity, !the effective mobility did not exceed 1 cm2/V-sec and was practically ;constant up to 20 kcs. The appreciable change in the effective ~mobility of photosensitive layers occurs in the same frequency :interval in which the photocurrent changes strongly as a frequency !of the light modulation frequency and is apparently connected with .,relaxation of the photoconductivity. The decrease in mobility :beyond about 20 kcs may be due to disturbance of the equilibrium of !the induced carriers with rapid surface states. A somewhat unex- ;pected effect is that in polycrystalline CdS films the effective mobility at high frequencies may become comparable with that for single crystals. This is confirmed by Hall-effect measurements, which will bereported elsewhere. "The authors thank S. Abdiyev Card i In ACCESSION NR: AP4041736 ~for preparing the sauples for the investigation." Orig. art. bast 2 figures. 'ASSOCIATIONs Gor'kovskiy gosudarstvenny*y universitat (Gorkly i Stat-7 - University) .SUBMITTED: 22Feb64 ENCL: :SUB CODEs SS, EC NR REP SOV: 002 OTHERs 02 004 Card 3/5 ACCESSICN NRs AP4041736 I wwA.photocurrent, rel. un. mobility, cm2/v.sec ENCLOSUM 01 F)mquency dependence of effective' carrier mobility in CdS film (sample 1) under constant illu- Mination T, OC* 1- 25,-2 58, 3 88; 4 photocunvnt vse light modulation freT"v-7 at 25C .-9ard 4/5.-, GIMACRA, V. Morphologic observations in the northeastern part of the Trazisylvanian Plateau Probleme geog 7:99-108 160. (EUI 10:3) ;,Transylvania-Geomorphology) POSEAS Gr.-; GIRBACEA, V. A geamorphologlcal study of the depression of Boro7ici. h4leme geog 8:41-57 161. GIRBACEA, V.; BELOZEROV, V. The Deda-Porcesti Depression. Problems geog %281-238 162, (publ. 163) GIRBASOV, G.P, Economical use of water in factories and apartment houses. Gor. khoz.Mosk. 36 no.8:46-1+8 Ag 162. (NRA 16i1) 1. Chlen Postoyannoy kmdsoii kommallnogo kho2y&ystv& Ispolnitellnogo komiteta Moskovskago soveta deputatoy trudyP - 3hch.4khe7a. (Moscow-Water supply) KHARITONOV, G. V.; PURIKOVA, V. P.; GIRBASGVA, 1, 1 Study of the kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of coals. Iz,r. AN Kir SSSRAWNW. i tekh,nauk 4 no. 6:61-70 162. O."111A 1?: 5) GIRBASOVA, To.._ 4 *I 4ier InAtructoral brigades in the struggle for the improvenfalt of labor organization in the underground repair of oil wells. Biul.much.inform.: trud I zar-Plata- 3 no.4: 44-46 160. 04TRA, 13- 8) (Oil wells--Maintenance and repair) GIRBASOVA, Ye.I., red.; LADZHWSKIT, L.G., red.; KMIYHV, M.K., red.; vedushchly red.; KUKHIIA, I.I., (Tdchnical instruction charts of the complete cycle of the underground repair of well3] Instruktivno-tekhnologicheskie karty poinago tsikla, podzemnago remonta akvazhin. Koskya, Goe. nauchno-takhn.isd-vo neft. i gorno-toplivaoi lit-ry, 1960. 223 p. (HIILA 13:12) 1. Moscow. Bauchno-iseledovatellakly institut trtida. Tsontral'- noye byuro promyshlennykh normativov po tradu. (Oil wells-Squipment and supplies) GADIYEV. S.M.; LAZAREVIGH, LA.; MIJRAVIYEV, V.M., red.; GIRBASOIA Ye.I., ved. red.; LAKANOVA, I.S., tekhn. red, (Underground repair of oil wells; survey of foreign literature) Podzemnyi remont neftianykh skvazhin; ob.-,or zarubezhnoi literatury. Lazarevich. MosIm, 1963. 143 P. (MIRA 16:9) 1. Institut tekhnicheskoy informatsii i ekonomichesk'-kh is- sledovaniy po neftyanoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti. 10i1 wells--?4aintenance and repair) GTRFRA, Dan- ima. Plastics reinforced with glass fibers used in motorcar construction. Rev transport 10 no.6-.279 Je 263. GLUM, St.; SAIAMON, I.; BOM, I.; ATAU, B., SUC3AVA, 1.; 30LZA, R.; DUFM3M, 0. ; 7AS W, 1. 4 The treatment o-F laryngeal cancer at the ORL Clinic, Timisoara. R laimanian M. Rev- 3 no.l.-68-72 Jan-gar 59. (LARM. neoplasms aurg. statist.) GIRBEA, St., prof.; SALAMN, E.- 'BODEA, I.; MWIMANU, 14. 2 Radiotherapy in tubal deafness. 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V., Stullpinas, B. B., Girche~,_Xii, 3)hulyakaz, A. K. TITLE: Some problems of electrolytic4l manganese deposition PM-IODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, no. 9, L962, 124, absti-act 91BOT (In collection: "V(-)pr. usoversh. gallvanopokrytiy", Vil'nyus, 1961, 4o - 47) T: The addition of small amounts of selenious acid (I) or selenite to a sulfate electrolyte fo? Mn deposition, makes it possible to increaae current efficiency of Mn up to 9) - 94%, i.e. almost twice"as compared with average data. Addition of I also increases considerably the current efficiency in the deposi- tion of Mn alloys with Ni, Cc and Fe. The same admixture I improve,- the throw- ing power and penetration of the bath. and the anticorrosion resistviice of the coatings produced. Addition of I reduces the effect of numerous harmful Impuri- ties of the electrolyte and makes it possible to increase considerably the per- missible content of these admixtures in the electrolyte. To reduce the So con- tent in jalvanic coatings, I may be partially replaced by sulfite. Propefties Card 1/2 PYATRWHYAV7IGfIYUTE, O.S. [PeLroseviclut-e, 0. J; STULIPINAS, B.'3. [Stulpinas, B. ); (11RCIBEVE, B. Yu. (GIroiene, B. ] Erfect of certain addiUms on the. eiectrad,~positiz)n o! manganeqe- nickel alLoy3. Trudy AN Lit. SSR. Ser. B. no~. 4*2'1-34 10.5 (mim 19--Z) 1. Kaunasskiy politeklinicheskiy inqtitu". SuIr.:tI,ed May 11, 1965. I,% Al. 't A, 11222iQ M - M % A.. PF(n)-2j&W(iq)/EWA&( 7 ) C(s) A 7rC1Mr'__WT502d6#6 'COURCO'CODS: UR/2910/64/ 04/0 05W 04/052 RD W/M/IWW/GG Yk AUTHOR: Babovas, Go A karka., A* So;, Za lgisas"_ Kava yka lyauskas, Tu. F. tKa v 11auskas, J,)j sb1le A;t~ Yu.. (~Sil A, ORG:, Institute of Physics and Maihomatics. Academy 6f Sclancos Lithu- anian SSR TITLE: Effect of tomperatur-o and pressure on the fundamantal absorption edge of cadmi tellurld SOURCE: AN LitSSR. Litovskiy fizicheskiy abornik, Y, 4, no. 4, 19649 529-536 TOPIC TAGSt cadmium telluride, absorption edge, forbidden to-no width Z/,. ti(A ,- ... 3 * ABSTRACT: The effect of hydrostatic pressure tie ~o 2400 kg/cm on the absorption spectrum of CdTe crystals was first studidd at room tempera- 4 ture. The coefficient of variation of the forbidden gap width with pressure _.'~akjdp) was found to be 8.0 * 0.4 x 10-6 eV eft /kg. It was de- termined from the rate of shift of the fundamental spectral absor ption edge toward shorter wavelength with increasing pressure. According to temperature studies conducted in the 120-4800K range the forbidden gap width of cadmium telluride K. a (1,59-4.6 x 10-4 T) vVe Coaparhion 1/2 L 11923-46 ACC NR. ATS028696 of experimental results with theoretical results shows that in CdTe the variation of forbidden gap width with temperature is chiefly due to a . variation in the interaction of electrons with optical phanonso whereas ,the effect of thermal expansion of the crystal is nearly one order of magnitude smaller. The authors are grateful to V. S4 Tolittle wbo kind., ly supplied the CdTe crystals for optical measuremen I:,,- Orls. art. bast 7 figures, 6 formulas. SUB CODEt 20/ SUBM DAM 1BJau64/ REFI 004/~ OTH REN 017 cmd 2/2 GIRCHEMKO. L., inzh. Electric motors should not burn out. Izobr. i rats. no.9:27 S 161. 14:8) (Electric motors, Induction-Safety measures) GIRGIIMO ~ L, , '.nzh. a ~ - Selecting an olectrn mCtOI-- Izobr,i rate. no-12. 31v-3.5 L rLI, I (I IIIA 14-:2) (Elect-Tic motors) DUBROVSKA.YA, N,; GllRCRLNKO, L., Ice an,l snow as Wilding materials. izo*o--. I rato. no,';.:14. 15 Ja '62. .M-"Tk 14.12) (Icehouses) GIRCHENKO~ L., izobretatell Automation wants to know everything. Izobr.i ratu. no.3:24-26 mr 62. (MM 15:2) (Automation) .11 GIRC!E'50, L. , inzh, I t~ -iA -1 ~ k Idle vrork, lzob--.! rats, no..'~7-28 Jo i_ ~ ~.:r -":6~ (Technclof:ical innovationa'; GIRCHENKO, L.,, inzh. Fundamentals of automatic control. Izobr.i rats. no.12:32-3~ D 162. O,Uh 15:12) (Automatic coritrol) GIRCHENKO, L. Let's get acquainted with bionical lUn.nat. no.3sl-3 Mr 163. NDA l614) (Cybernetics) GIRCHENKO, L. V. and I. S. KHANDURIN Gazogeneratornye ustanovki. Vybor gazo-generatornoi ustancvkl Maloi moshchnosti i rerebborudovanie na gaz nekotorykh sistem dvigutelei vnut- "osk%-a, Vses. kooperativnoe o0edinennoe izd-va, 19/+7. rennego sgorani 111 p. diagrs. Gas olants. 3election of a low-power gas Flant sn.-4 the ree::~Ui-vmurt to gas of certain systems of intt-rnal coilitustinn engines. DLC: Tl-'762.G54 SO: Yanufacturing and Mechanical Engineering In the Soviet Inicn, Lib-rary of Congress, 1953. GIRMI U;~KO, L. V. , j t. au. Conserving fuel in boiler inotallations and increasing the steam ctipanlti Moskva, Koiz, 1952. 70 ~:;. (54-174921) TJ288.K5 V! GMCRENKO,L. inzhener The fertllizirW, effect of lightning. Tekh. mol. 23 no.4:23 Ap 155. (HLRA 8:6) (Lightning) (Fertilizers and manures) GIRCH13 , A. Subject : USSR/Aeronautics AID - P-149 Card : 1/1 Author : Girchis, A., Deputy Director of the Moskva City Aeroclub Title : Stronger Bond with Primary Organizations Periodical : Kryl. Rod., 1, 20 - 21, Ja 54 Abstract : This is an address urging USSR AeroclubB and Aero- technical Clubs to increase their cooperation with the primary institutions of the DOSAAF. Photo. Institution : None Submitted : No date rjjRC7_NE. 7 SC1 7-1-1,CE PIRIMICAL: WRPLI. 5 M-IJA 9. 17UW. -~FRIIA F. No. 3, -,L--?5e,, Girciene, B. Electric deposition of mananese-nickel allrys. In Russian. p. 69. Monthly li-st of East European Accessions (7FAI) LC, Vol. P, No. 2, February 1959, Unclass. 3-IRCIFNE, F. SC7 ENCE FERIMICAI: DARRAJ. SERIJA B. TPUDY. SERIIA F. No. 3, 1958 Girc3ene, B. Flectric deposit4-on of mananese-iron allays. in Rus~~-,ian. p. 95. Monthly list of East European Accessions -LC, VoI. 8, No. 2. February 1959, Unclass. GIRCZYS, Janusz, mgr inz. Determination of the basic properties of dusts of a leGA refining plant. Rudy i metale 8 no. 11:447-450 N 163, 0 NICOIAU, St.S.: 111ULIANESCO, N.; NICOIAU, Cl.S.; MzDMI. 3.; GYRD, JC.; I01MOO, N.I. A new :type'.Of anti-rabies vaocine;'Clge~tlgtiolls int.) Lh#j igra- I I tion o:t'lhe vac*clna'virua in the unimal orjARjjw,by,,mwu3 radiouctivis subetancee. Acta viro*. Praha 1) (Supplem. 91-96,-t"gr, 1-Institute of Inframicrobioloa. Aendemy of the Rutianiiin Peoplelti RpDnblic, %charest. (RABIRS. immunolor-v) DEMA, I.; DUMITRU, M.;_kIRD, E.; GAINAR, E.; RUSI, A.; SPIRIDON, St.; SABAU, G.; CONSTANTINESCU, 0.; IONESCU, S. Contributions to the utilization of organic solvents as eluting agents in cation exchange. IL On the possibilities of a selective alution, of lanthanides. Studii, cere fiz 11 no.2.397-405 160. MAI 10:1) (Solvents) (Elution) (Rare-earth metals) (Base-exchanging compounds) (Organic compounds) DL,L~ 2D 5 0 AJTHORS: Chiotan, C. , Dema, I. , Franz:oi-ol f (iird, h ana Voicu, V. T IT.Lb. I-reparatior of 1-151 oi kii,-,h ~.[ecit'ic :3c-'.vity lhi~IODICAL: Revista de Chimie, v. lc", no. 1", i~EXT: This japer was presented at t~~e Instituuu-' de iizic6 (Institute of Atomic Physics), on ~Tay 4 - 6, It exi-eriments on ireparin~~ 1 1-151 ~Lrorr. tellurium dioxide. in tLe fifst ;ar-. or u:.e ar--icle, the au"hors briefly lo-le :-re~aratlon methods of radioiodine, referrin,_' to a --rettt of estern ~ab- lications and to the follo.iin~-, Soviet scien~isu.-;: D, J. Hiabc,.,ikov, A. H. hr-makov, L, S. Kozyrevg' and %, S. Orv-'shko- in second i,irt of LhE article, tney describe their I-oviered tellurium dioxide %vau irradiated ~n 3 - 4 weeks, 40 1,-rs every week, all a Clux ot' 1 C'm The irradiated j~owd6-r -,.-;as then (dissolved ii- .- 1. ".7:;6F by r, ~3r(l 1/3 I? / ( )(. I.~')/,, ) . I/I ~, 'I ,./ ~, 11 , -: / P~! , )I / , ; () 1 PreparaLion of 1-131 D2b,-~/D:50':I usin~~ mag,netic a-itation. The -solution sas -In Ci n C idu 1: 1 t e d r-I H i~ to i ratio of 1 : 1. Phis mixt~are t`ien introd-aced .v -: t" 4 into a balloon flask, and a solution of Fe (S(), ~;,as acde,.J zo E;uarantee the oxidazion of the iodine. This sr)1il';ion .,.-ns -,ic-zille-d in vacuum) -,-Chile the product obtained -,,jas coij.~-c-.;ec .Ln ~:5ecDna balloon flask, already containin..- a titrated solution NaOH, The d4.stillation Frocess lasted 2 - 4 hrs. The conce-n-~ra-ion of -h~ 1-131 solution was achieved by evaporation in '.he :-;--.ond balloc- flask. Thus, st.ecific activity of' t,".e I-I -7)1 --;olu i;I~o~ j;,is, ably increased. The 1-131 solution obtainec .,;a,~ rt:~movcu aria nel.i- Uralized -,-,,ith n HC1, up to a pH = 7, The 1-131 from TeO irradiated unaer these 2 TILUS, 300 - 400 mC of radio-J ocine were obt:-iirt-d a COL' 'U g TeO 2- ~- stectrometrical and cfiromato.-=~ ana-Lyses Of" 1-131 did not present Te, IU- or other im-,:,uri--ies, a 3 Ill/ses for the idenuification ol Lr--jces )I -A,:It.;, Uara e/3 I VC: 1- ~J C~l ~iJ It 0 t Fe S04 etc,, did not in admi~ueu lor mecical 1;urjo-~,es Ackno-,%ledgem'.'n-, i.:; 0 Ivanov, j. Cristu and D. Fa,,.~e i'or their are 1 fijare and Lz~ rei .erences: S-,)v-.'Le,;-l,)loc af~~l ~-.C) The ~ most; recent references uo ~.~)c- read as follow.~- L. Burkinshaw, ILys.'-in Med. Bicl- 2, 255; of NSA. 12, 10,lb3, D. S. B~dl-inuine, -1:1-1c1. E n Series, Div. IV, 9, Radiochem. S-ludies, The FL.;:;ior 1 -:.A 3, p, 103~;;, *,-,cGr~.tvi Hill , 1~ondon, I : I j t-l i -ii~ il~. :-~ . , '.'DlYC - I I.: I !-l' C. C, Lvans ~i-d J. .3uevensor, Eric. cf. i"A i -I- 70~J7U; ard InLi-r-.Lcia. J. Cheirt. &-)c., I-ure 00, "'JUG'. i I Ll t, u I (I e F I " 17 A, 0 M (J 0 f7 r '1 1 il- 07 1 C !"I :!I i/oLol'J.1or lor U-t- 1.1", ol, P:i(ll()- oi!~Ctopes) Card ~,/~ FITI, 1,L--ria; aINAR, I.; GHERGHESCU, Ileana; GIRD,_~. - 4 iIossibility of api.1ying ion exchangers in t1le catalytic reaction of acety'lene hydration. Studii cerc chimie 10 no.2:243-249 162. 1. Inotitutul de fizica atomica, Bucuresti. ' 1 4 5 6 1 1 x 0 id 17 a 2? au )s 10 u ~j f4 is 6 fl a a a"J? 4 A a j I a v F A I T V Y , t,-A 1. L AA 0 CC UP U -A 1111"bou of secaft"trke maxpacuito in j MMAXOM A -Y, ask ak,mvt 23 C ' , sh rmi his cairn ( , t I ttinir .)I c Crystn. of --Cmd-,trike rnamw"it can be dectrawd to hrs. Diln and cry~tn may he cnninviled hv ViKNWHY, which is messured by the rtintancr -if the tna~ in nA. i- AWM It the Ilairm art driven bY electric vnotors. the ampermile "I %how the -00 00 j reistance. V F HAJILOW 0 0 S t A tf- ~v~KAI LITIRAVL~t Wes It *so** 06 0 go 0 O's 1 ; 0 & 0 & a 0 a a 0 0 1 11, -A L A- w M tf 1 1 ('fygt""-'dOd Of tMA",cultell tu CITSOMilers. I ft Militr. A 11 M. 14. II'm miul A F. Sa.k. tjp.jk. I's.k,.w, 1',;,. lo,.%,, ~11. ~!9 .111, Ijklm, - A .-I-r,ptumof kith arilliv.41 thr 'on't"I't.o8jui ull"ll 00 f thAll that ,I a lAf -00 00 0 00 0 -00 00 .00 00 L% t I I At ' am a a v a m J A L A-M-1 j t If If a .1 a a a Oro - . C.04.1 -45 0 oboists" jamak, md F, 161, mtay - A -ee ,, - Vgbk. Zopu_& FmArom rram. j2, th," b l j d il mi y y hkgb ykid al fiIW awl"Ifts trot -- mv in tbg beru of 0 Wtv amut. of 04. br%- moll pirw SQ19111, cWrdy nitrigrautis. Deermllsil J the fintsl abols&ws yi0d must mari Witib the lacdoig ul the 1"~Ix AUfkld&ndp6utoptMtkotuitstlwcont",U-d- Imbl- 00 monst 4 Smens with.1% COO (im the wt. of xrrcn&) and ,arbuostiuct dectcaws the yield td final gnolows hv 10 V. F. ROIL,- .300 i: see -00 see .04 -641 S L LITERAT,,ve CLASUPICAt.00 q , coo go.. I.- ! wee 41, _ _. I 5, u if 10 is 6 1 "a KQtt 11IN KLOn IRA 0 0 is, *io 0 . I V a t 11 u Is Is Is it it M Is A Is f W It U 11 11 0 b 11 a a a 41 of a je 0 'A M III? U~~ A_ A 1. A., 1, 1 00 00 a uryatattAsawn al a samd-oftilte manactaita in crystal- gun NOSKA. zdp"ki _1410.~l P'Oft. _44 00 a!! 12, N I.-Hoding4sworid strikenivisse. cuiteto A high Prix anti %file. it with wa(cria(fircrimAl- -0 0 00 11; results-isdil be obsained by I-iling tire strike it, Wo Itiat all I dita. It Trith final Intiums. Tire w.trT 1, ' 46 4 ly just before lmrsjuj to reilutv the viscosity and to on 40 give a more dowtog massevoliv. The temp. at oviing zoo Wattf should be 35;14)' at the beginning of crysto., Of its the middlo anti 15' at the end. The ctystit. go must be conipleted Irk 8 41 ho. Vila. of wassetisite with Cog mulasecs, must be coritinuous and the temp. of the Utter 00 L-3* abi,%F the temp. d the Ms. J a 0 masse,,une in as. alliven mum be staned when the ' =41 0 V. r. Rak- temp. is not higher than 63 . a J he 0 ', ~ A I I .11ALLOGIC&L LITINATUM( CLOSWICATIGh it r r , vt I 1 is 5 a 4 9 a 0 0 0 0 jo 0090 0 1W 0 Is 0 0 9 0 4 6 4 0 W