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C11") I I I M, I W Ell 27111 i, , .11.11. "On t-e ftoDlication of the General Laws of the T,,Ieo"7 of --I,-.s'uLcit7 11o -,hin Shells, " Pri', I,Iatc J Vol. 8, No. 1, 11144, ~-). 2-14 GOLIDEIPTEY-~-_Rj A. L. I , ~:rll "InvestiFation of 3phe,-Ical SM119 wi,je-r a Strt,,~ of 'StrRin," Pi-I", I 'E' I 1? vol. 8y 'o. 6, pp. 141-'~67, 1944 GOL I DEM177Z7pt ) A. L. i L. ..a, - - "Qualitative Investigation of th;, Stat-:~ of Tension of Tli-ir. 3hel.s," ',r:!: 'I t,- i Vol. "I 'To. 6, 1945, PP. 464-4713 1 1 GOLID-.111IFYZEE-R, A. L. "On the intogration of a System of Differential Equaticns 0,~ Vnr-~ Th--ic---y of -hin Shells," Re-)o~t at thr, 1.~eetin(, ot the T-,,o,-y of nf ~~Eu-ch 19V. F-il,li-hed In Vv-, of tht~ -eciianics and Flastic-lity, L 1-!eetirc. rill,' DE"PlEYM) I A. il . '),. P)Ki.,3 1 coiwc,n Sc I. Dissertat Lon: 11~.iua - i L a-, i ve 1, ~ ve s t --* .-- a t i,n )f t, ip,- E iua ~~ lo. i _-; o --' r,:%;~ 71 --it-- :) r-.r o f T.". Ln Sheils and Certai.-i `.etno,jq );' -)." AC-1d. Ici. 2~-) -eb 41. ~r 3,)- lec:icra~raya is,'-v,;, .,'eb, Olt,' iIProject, ~-LI'J,3w L 77' F 1 j I I r I AkAd. INIanksWiti ft 0 TOM 0 1 'L t! A t maill 0111tict iir,Ahilk 11,11wr 14 shrtwdm,Uttu4 in thlur-AW.ic Adis with INveirij t lV :'sllrfa-lru~,*~nc jiitpcralski 6111M119 in Oololw WtN~~ili 018, f te!mIculatioil of strew-1. The 'ielf' wridd. IzNdA aw,W, C09 1.1! LICOXIII a t vy !-Ilie it :~j t T-of-fines OVOIrvature a, 0 r curvattim) go that the'first fundamental Will 6,die 64 _j is in tile type (42 x= d +11`40: In this' case -Ave 8, 0 ; p .. 1 1. ~ -1. .1~ W P04 eritiations,of theshell theory are redulciblei to t o diffe n Vandi' h Celli -can i equations J( b for tli~ strMs f.unctions Uzind ?a from's-bio the gr , i moments, nnd- deform ations can he colnpu~t4 Y.: t i) foil;mi '. I ; : "Rom c NS if T low ns are- ffereatiatioO. T atio if t k di hese equ. t. I Qic~ omw it As a, alf nlpo 0, BI aa 3(1 i)jk v fit h. 0. ixd 1! B, aa re pi it I WS 1 4iO a where ?L1 and KI are ntroditticed to make, the terms 0 them Y: m e Iii'r 4 boil11 01 Ott ap. eqdations ~ h the:dim~nsions of t; f6r* cylinddcaVs dig pen, ril )i c leira 'd -i, 1;1.. ; 1: NO ilit C -0 B a 1 0 1 OF I B aff ff i0P ff b# B JV BRV BAV t R being the radim 9f curvature. of the 0-line; f0i 6060611- dricid sheffs (411/aapdo)~W(F), in addition to 66~'tiillnq Soul~ci t 114them t'Ca I H6V'GVS 1~"-I Vol loll I C. 10 111, t E T~l 7 7; ~ --I Y.- :,--. .11. L. "The Influence of 2order Fanstenine, on the- Stvt,,-, of -Stress nf '71-In Sholln," Trudy cf the Centrfll Aero-H:,-rL,-o6yr,.a,-.dc Inst'tute (DVI) '-,'o 60c, 1 - ~ I I . I UssR/Engineering Jan/Feb 4-9 Mechanics Bibliography "Review of V. V. Novozhilov's 'Theory of Thin Shallot A. L. Gol`danveyzer, 3 PP "Prik.lad Matemat i Mekh" Vol XIII, No 1 Generally falrorable review of subject book, which attempts to classify and clarify accumulated data on the theory of thin-valled shells. IM. 39/49T43 4n e-1 CD 0 USSR/Engineering - Rods Shells Nov/Dec 49 "On the Theory of Thin-Walled Rodg," A. L Gol;den- veyzer, Moscow, pp "Fri], Matemat i Mekh" Vol XIII, No This work d_~f-F~, -- 4'rom others or, thin-walled rods in that it doer r_oT ruake uFe of _special hy-porheses based ori qual-_-i~,-e of integrals of equa- tions as found in the theory - of ~hellf~. purrose of its Investigat-,on., i~ to determine approximately ,the basic streFsad state in a rod span lcaded by transverse load R and syEtem of forces and moments T applied to terminal tran-vei-se section. It is 55 USSR/Engineering - Rods (Contd, Nov/Dec 49 assumed that terminal sections of the rod are fixed arbitrarily and loagitudinal sides are free of bonds. Submitted 21 Jun 49. "I' a t L r r SO: Ae.,onautical Scien,:t---t: and AV4 -~,Idon L~ Ue 6o%-:et Lil:,t-n, cf co'w-j,,ss, USSR/Mathematics - Shells, Equilibrium of ftv/APr 51 "Applying the Solution of the Riematin-Hilbert Problem to Cemputation of Momentless Shells," A~ L, Golden- veiser, Mosco*q "Prik Matemat i Mekh" Vol XV.. Igo 2, pp 1149-166 Applied to 2d-order surfaces of poe cuivature in cases -qhere moments may be neglected In this case tangential forces are computed by integrating eq of equil. Momentless shell is atatistically detd only in definite boundary cases, Im . - -- -- 177T-47, PHASE 1 A ID .1 T Of)jr, Call lic'. :~~i ':') _35 . G 6 Author: GOL'DEWEYZER, A. L. Full Title: THE TUEORY OF FLASTLC THIN SHE[,[-", Transliterated Title: Teoviya uprugllkh tont,,'Ich oboloch(i-k Publishing Data Originating Agency: None Publishing House: State Publishir),q, llt~use of Englneerlr)g and Theot,etical Literature Date: 1953 No. pp.: It 4 No. of copies: 4, 000 Editorial Staff Editor: None Tech. -Ed. None Editor-in-Chief: None Appraiscr: None Text Data Coverage: The theory of shells as based on the assumption of tile inalterability of the normal element is considered In this book. It is further assumed that the materials are lactropic and obey Hook's law generalized, and that the second powers of deformations, displacements, and angles of return are sufficiently small to be neglected. The author made an effort to p1reserit as completely as possible the many existing approximate methods of calculation of shells. The book is the result of many years aC the author's re- search. It is divided into five parts, each part being a complete entity which may be studied sepai.-ately, sections; 11. External loa0s; journal of the American Ceramic Society V-,I. 37 No- 4 Apr. 1, 1954 Gem-3nts, Limes, and PlaSties /Autodave inethod of making abestoA-cement shingles. T. M. Bpgt~ovicii. 1. L. RArimov. AN-0 V. L. G,:)VD8Nvwl=Tt. Tsenivil. 19 141 19-23 (1954-In the existinff method of malcirg asbcstni-ccrrietit shinIlts, high-gittide Porthind cemwt is used tij 1he hond. The shingles are steritiled at M' to OOT. for 8 to 16 hr. and then hardened fit sicrate for 7 tit 10 days. An Improve- went of this method involves the addition of not few th" 50d; finely ground quartz rAtnd to tile claveat and stearriting In Sa autocirive at 8 atm. pressure for U fir. B-ZK-- GoNenvelzer, A. L. On the calculation of shells with con- centrated forces. Akad, Nauj~jj'-kR, P;1-17Klat. Meh. 18, 181-186 (1954). (Russian) There are two methods of calculating shells on Lq!jgg~ trated forces. The first one starts with a distributed load acting in a sinall region which is allowed to Arink to a point, the load accordingly increasing infinitely at the latile time. The second method consists of constructingy a function satisfying the elasticity differential equations which has a certain flefined singularity in the n!ighborhood of the point of application of the conce ii t rated force. The author can. siders the second method only, which is mathematically very convenient, but which can be used only if the naturit of the singularity is kitown beforchand. The author uses the following singularity: r' In r. 7. Lesar. SUBJECT USSR/LUTIM- LIATICS/Di f f ere. n t i EL' . AUTHOR GOLIDENVEIZER A.L. TITLE 1-nir,~_rove~ant of the theory PERIODICAL Priklad.llat.Ylech. LOIL 335-348 reviewed 1/1957 equation-, C'Lql~ 1/2 PG - 4)c :)f the simple i!dEe effect. (1956) Edge effects which arise in the near of a contour which nowhero touches the asymptotic lines of the medium surface of a shell, have been treated unti.1 now in first approximation only. In the case of axial symmetric iholls only Lurje has proposed a method the exactness of which corresponds to that one of the theory of shells. In the general case the complex unknown function W h 2 E h w + i a f3(1h " 2 _f~ I 3(1-7) (h - half thickness of the shell, .-coefficient of Poisson, E - Young modulus, w - normal flexure of the shell, ctension function ) is obtained from the differential equation L(W) h 1 11(w)0 -A- characteristic radius + 7A- of cur7ature of the shell T3(1- by the set up FM, Boris Abramovich, prof.; BAKIISHIYAN, ?.A., prof.; ANDRIYEVSKIY, F.P., dotsent; MIRCSIEOV, R.K., do"Split., V.H.' dotsent; SOBOLZV, N.A., dotiont, SOKOLOV, -4.M., dot.!itint; SHAPIRO, Z.Ym., clotnent; SIDJSRAIIA, G.N. , dotilent-, KAPLAN, I.B. , Rtnrmhiy pro- podnvatell ; POLOMIOV, A.P. , f3t-irnhiy prewda-vatel' ; POLOZKOV, .D.P., starshiy pro-podavatel'; TOPAZOV, N.G., starsidy prepod8- vatel'; SHCHZUAK04, S.S., stnrzhiy propodtswitell; Prinimali uchpsti,ve: GOLID31TRYaR, A.L., prof.; BARMIKIKOV, G.S., dotsent; BERMAN, Ya.H., dotsek; WITS, G.L., dotsent; :EilSTAILOV, A.A., dotsent; GMUfIMAN, V.Ye., stnrshiy prepodnvntell; Rozentill, M.I., assistent; SOKOLOVA, L.A., assigtont. ROZANOVA, G.K., red.ird-vn; KIJZIIAIIIA, N.S., teklin.rad. (Continuod an next ctrd) MS, Boris Abrnmovich-(continiied) Cn rd 2. mthemAtics; methodolo,7-Jr,91 inntrurtir:rn ind rontrol nnsi;,nmonts for the stiidenti; of correarondence tacmic6l schools of university level-I vy8flilmin M'Itenitik'A; metofli- cheekia ul-tizaniin i kontrollnye tAdnniin dlim qtiidentov vtochnykh vysahikh tokimichoakikh uchfibrivkh --m-mdenii. IM. 9. Pod red. B. A. Fiiksi .Mosl-vn, Go,3.izti-.,io "Sovetalr-,iin niuIr-!I," 179 p. (MIRA 12:9) 1. '119qia (1923- U.S.S.R.) MinisterStVO obrmz-.)v,:5niyA. Metodicheskoye ii-ornvIenty-e. (It8thanntics--S-I~y A!I(I ATJTHOR. Go ' der, 31/3 -2 YTiB On Reissner' s Theory of the Bendinc. of Plates- 01 te2ril izSiba plastiixok Raysstiera) PXdIODICAL-. Izvestiya Akadezii Jauk 66SR, Ot(.-Leleniye '.'e1*-Lhr1icheski'Z:h ilauk., 1958 Nr 4, 102 - 101) ABSTRACT: The author discusses Reissiier',~ -.lapels I ) 4Lrl 4 j thin plate of cons%a,-,u thickness JLs subjeete:i to no 1 forces of variable iri!erisit ,Y a~ tL~e uo.:-,eT ni:i 1 o -,,. e r boundaries of the plate. i3o,j.7 furce--' aio a--Sumed 11c; `Le absent. Reissner- s theor 'Lbed ai-ild ~'tS .7 is descr- isation discussed. The which has Ereater infitience on the c(Drvect-J'--,c-!: by the theory - the elastic phenorilenci at 11-Le bour-~(-Iar-; ~-f the plate or those f"'Ir it? As ari ex1-;-,T.--,).,.,-, ;.-in ui-i--!1-.'-'.,.-~ Circular ulate is ~;on~-.,-idered at whose bound.axy are az!-L-!~!a a bending moment, a trans~rerSe force --and a twistiq It i.,; shown th'-~ tLeory ive~~ constants A and A, corre spo rid int, L,) --Le I a L I 1 theory and a ti~7v; c r ~,-,nL A-, I Z; 1 i. Tie A T' d' s t a t e a 1 i e,-] by P t~ 1 1; e b U ~". r- ~ j 1: Theory of the BenrdJri- of Plat- On Reissner e_" with this consTan' La,:.- a z-7,r,)u~ 1,-f ioc_-~:.I 5--ecial cas-~ -,f ti,-~ a""', eX le, autLor ca- Relssner' s ,flecry L, e ',,:r3 ri~ C C. 1, t'. 0- -" 111 the ory T h i. i e a 11 s c. t e t L e ;) r,,, i . JI.;:; L) ae -i n a -.7 i: -ui. eI s concerninl- -"a.:, fri,7_ t,_e 01 T_ Ia '2 while r)Lencmena i~ea.L, L~o,_,mdary -play -,m d In conclusion, VIR._:z(_-I s t1heory (P.E:-, "~" is T gives the saL-e ia,.,; foi- iie dI'_StJ.'iLut,.L,-1n of tLe Len-J__-q_ stresses, T'ie tw~_~ Diere are 4 Cf~~_ 2 English, SUBMITTED., Deceffber -ard 1-_-1 7 -Z --c-, z ul .4 y all wv "JL uc 'T ICq I ~Ilq I A T .-I.. c7; T-1-71 -Z. (T =C-.j YKI ~)~T-~T 'nT JI; T "!-V ~j A E7F -ql :NMQnT -- - - -------- GOLIDEMYZER, A.L. (Mook7a) Aormptotic integration of partial differential. oquations with parameter dependent boundary coaditionG. Prikl.unt. i mekh. 22 no-5:657-672 S-0 158- (MIRA 11:11) (Differential equations, PartIR1.) -4 1 1- qlld vs.,. 'Vu ...Tq-z '.Jq.2 T. 3,-r 143-q --d,lp .1 47'r -1 p"..4 I v pz U.: .:-I j~ -.I -JoA 'j-q q~'- Y92AGO 1201 HJU I'm :d .1, W.V ".-C1109 C't- --V 'Y'y !--Uv-MV 'H-0 !'Vi tA;I.z Ilsg; Lta NY AP. -,~l C- "-Zl-A-t-QA U001, 1 35'Ykj GOLIDIUMYZER, A.L. (Hoskva) Asymptotic Integration of derivatives havinG a small 35-37 Ja-F 159. (Differential linear differential equations with partial main part. PrIkl. mat. i makh. 23 n0-1: (MIRA 1-2:2) equations, Partial) Cnp!,. -dA ....... . .. cc 1: 24"! GOLDENVEYSER, A. L. (Acad. Sci. USSR) "The goomatrical criterion of the mamentlessness of the state of stress of a thin elastic shell." Report presented at the 10th International Congress of Applied Mechanics, (IGSU) Stresa, Italy, 31 August - 7 sep 196o. In the author's absence the paper was presented by Oniaslwili. Momentlessness means that nearly everywhere in the shell (except in zones of edge effects), the bending stresses are not significant. Quantitittivnly, this can be defined by the relatives magnitude of the membrane strain energy, W and the bending strain energy VJb . Iet the characteristic of tbq m middle surface K be defined by 'the equation, f f L L; I all --u 21 /7 1,WSHTARI, Kh,14, . red. ; AL,i',.IIC- A. , red. re~; r VOL T-E', M I SA., , I. , 1. . .,;. ,- cc A L r e d 1 S LiAY:--,I,'A S --d 7 7, 1 G!,-J.~ 1: 1 red.; Nid'ISFII-, V,S,~ red.; U-71,07---E', A.!., ,AC T T2 A. 1'. , red. ; SVD.SKI.-Y I.V, G.N., red.; F -,I- ~ KOV, SURKD:, R.G., red.; FILIPFOV, AJ., red.; ALEKI'!.!.GII:, Y.I., red.; SEME:t'01,1, Yu.F., tjlchr,. red. [Proceedinr.s of the Conference or- the ilieor-y of Fla-zes ard Shells] Trudy Konferentsii po teorii -~IlLstin i Ka- saxil.1, 1060.1 Kazan' I Akaf-I. nau!-, S17SIh, Raz;-~ns'L.; i i"jal, -1~70C. -426 P. (~, 1~ 1, 15 - -1 ) 1. Konferentsiya Fo toorii -~Iastin i oholoch:!Ic, a - -,.n 1c;()C. -.kovs':iy --sk in -(:,ctij-.). 2. 1.0 cnerCoticl.-e ,ititilt (for zmanski~,- '~:liL,:~iko-teki-,noloi-iclie,-~l~i,,, instittrt 1',:I' 4. Institut mckhaniki Akade~ii :iLmk 1HISH (for 5. Kananski. ~-osudarstvenriyy uni,,,ersitct (-*:,rr Sac'.-~ 0. Kazanskiy filial AkaCer~ii na-L~,: SSSH (Ifor (Elastic -,Iatcs mr--C~ 5 AUTHOR~. Go'l A L_ TITLE, Some M~itheiTi,q, .:-Eil Prollem:~l Th i ri She I i ,!i L! neiir T~i e(~ r,) PERIODICAL; Uspekhi mitemal ;cheaKl kn riiiik '9b0 V 11,~ i) p3 - 7 5 TEXT: The ;Aut.hor has the ,iim to rlirr tii-.? it the to the diffi.-u of the the~~ry _.f ohr- , I -~ -intj Of the corresuonding matherna-cai pronlem", T111 7. ne rl t 7 fle F ,a 1) e r is part'ally taken from the awhor-s '-,),)k (Ref,:) and f-r-Or" his numerous pub_li,~ations (Rpf.,6.9.11 19 ',1 2A 261)~ Cnriterits: Introdu_-ticon; char)*-er 1- A_:;ympt ~~tl,: me'hcJs !Ii,~ of partial differential equaric~ns; :hapte_ If: Binding condiT.Jons; chapter III: E:genval~lc- vre"DI'M9 Cf th~_- cf snells,; chapter Us Theclr~; of -he"Is fre,% of the theory (,f in".niteiy ~,mql, def,1-)r,.-.a1,.,,,nZ; _tl~,,ter Vi A s.,, in p. t :.1 t, - c integration of the d, fferen~-Ial eq1L1&tL,:,,n,5 :~': the t h e c, ry Sh,Bll_~ _-qubje.-t to mcment s; chapter Vl~ lnflucn~:e of thl~ r- V., r1g Card S/ 0 4 0 /0 05 C Some M:-~ t hu-m, t 1': 1 L, SI Iv t f h Tlie nuthor I N,Vek~xa.-.Tjjere -tre S).: ~(.~t 2 Ameri,-;ir, irvi Engli~-ih SUBMITTED,- No-embor 5, 19Y) Card V2 PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV16201 Vsesoyuznyy s"yezd po teoreticheskoy i prikladnoy mukhanike. lstj%loscow, 1960. Trudy Vsesoyuznoalo s"yezdn po teoreticheskoy I prikladnoy mekhani4e, 27 yanvarya -- 3 fevralya 1960 g. 01)zoi-nyy,? Joklady (Transactions of tho All-Union Congress on 'Dworcticni and Applied MeOinnics. 27 January to 3 February 1960. Surnmary Reports). Moscow, lzd-vc, AN &SSR, 1962. 467 p. 3000 copieu print---3. Sponsoring Agency; Akademiya nauk SSSR. Natsional'nyy kornitet SSS11 p~) teoreticheskoy i prikladnoy meldianike. Editorial Board: L. 1. Sedov, Chairman; V, V. Sokoloveldy, Deputy Chairman; G. S. Shapiro, Scientific Secretary; G. Yu. Dzhanelidze. S. V. Kalinin, L. G. Loytsyanskiy, A. I. Lur'ye, G. K. Mikhaylov, G. 1. Petrov, and V. V. Rurnyantsev; Resp, Ed.: L. 1. Sedov; Ed. o.,' Publishing House: A. G. Chakhirev; Tech. Ed.: R. A. Zamarayeva. Card l/ 6 Tran ;actions of the All-Union Congress (Cont. SOV/6201 PURPOSE; This book is intended for 8cientific and -ngineering persocirtel v2ho are interested in recent work in theoretical and applied mechanics. COVERAGE: The articles included in these transactions are arran4ed by generall subject matter und,~r the following heads: gen,~ral and appli-~d me- j chanics (5 papers), fluid mechanics (10 papers), and the mechanics of rigid bodies (8 papers). Besides the organizational personnel of the congreas, no personalities are mentioned, Six of We paptrs in the present culleation have no references; the remaining 17 contain approximately 1,100 references in Russian, Ukrainian, Lnglish, German, Czechoslovak, Rumanian, French, Italian, and Dutch, TABLE OF CONTENTS: SEC71ON 1. GE-.,,'ERAL AND APPLIED NIECHANICS Artobolevskiy, I. I. Basic Problems of Modern Machine Dynamics Bogolyubov, N. N. , and Yu. A. Mitropol'skiy. Analytic Methods of the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations 25 Card 2/ 6 Transactions of the Ail-Union Congr(~ss Wont. SOV/6201 Sretenskiy, L. N. Review of Reports on the Theory of Tides 213 Strurninskiy, V. V. Present State of the Problem of Supersonic Gas Flow Past Bodies 225 S.:CTION 111. MECUANICS OF RIGID BODIES Berezantsev, V. G. The Theory of Limiting Slate of Stress in Soil Nlechanics and Its Applications 299 and N. 1. %lusklielishvili. Methods of the Theory of Analytic Functions in the Theory of Elasticity 310 Golldenveyzer, A. L. Development of the Theory of Elastic '~n-~ shells--- 339 Card 5/6 -A-) , '.'.A., re(5t.; s iJ Il: I G-11' - I *. . " . I reel. APMAIM Y VULIIIT'~, A.S., red. red. Y,-- 17" -'V, V.A., red.; KCUJE'~'EC, A.D., red.; HISELL red,; red,.; FIL-INOV A.F., red.; IlCVC;ZI"'ILC~, - -, - I red.; LIl~(N'--'TS' A.V..$ ~oklt'~ rild. [Froceedin~;s of the S,..-conC- A--l-Union nc, o 0, 1 lo ("n the '-Lc!cry 0l ;'-A 11 :12, on, ~I-jj ].jm:-,tjj Lvov, (Elastic 1 lat'- I lic 1~ ~ 2, i j. .,(:,'.oc Li i CIR 12 i If t L L: I': UL). L k_) T1 ol 2Eh 21 a"16 V, 10 If who re t ~y ia-c! u j 1, _2 2 1 "7 1: o t i c T-) I-,) I) E C C c w 1 S IL"." I I' 3; 1 Uor -J .-vo'c. L i: ~W' Ev XW) C. L 41 o ..L I Um I C :'l: I ~7 'u I- C. C' 1 L 7 vc-: .1 oF L: 111 C 1 all 0 1-ML1 I a s . ' e,) ancl C.. LC car(~" 4/ 7 C 0 t1iii S C I i L il -Cl' i-Loic: a I C o-"r , I o i"A I C '.!,2 10 C Z' ' 1: r L 1'. ca 0 L A 2-1 i L !A Il U U. D i L v I tt 1A L I COI I' Occ~ffs , " .-. , .: , ;~ - 1. 1 j;',; : L j: r Case w 1, V c t C ard 61/-'! jo ~env 'hen"n,-, T7 C -, n s c of ar, a-p -0:~ t e 7)lates the o n c Of 2 I CDi C?, C :1 11) e '0 c s s'~;'l 4 cf ren,----r- 7,2 f .2 e t t- e C s c '-lend--*ng of sla-tes --s conSi,--erc,:. -ne c,~ -- na- c -f ---a~7 'ed as a ",-"e ve,~ ",-e -oration o s d e n s i c, n ss s ::i a a s c :7 -cal n ~', I Ln , c --', sc t i c c S t s -la,e - --e 2 c re -4- (-:.,-th -,--'stance s c,~ns4ructcd 7-2anc 0- sta'cs, f7:": n ol OV 6 2 /,-,2 10 '1 ConstruotiOrl Of' an annroxjmate iteration "~IrOcess 's ccns--_!.'Ct-z 7-ii-e au...ll the cons In the rei s n e -n C cf t ID un. b C 2-.c c,,n nt2 !_7 77. ana t1le Stre s-.-_e-_-cd stnlte -c - ~h e c a I -he c F c 4 '1 -%- -0 C C C-!7 C S sidered as an a r c --rocess only, -ol- onlly a' e n co --ass i. ca ccnsL2 'S construct4on of an c.,. cont,,--'n as an ........... E3_4P_(r')_/k~T(m'Y/BbS AFFM '*ACCESSION NR: Ap3oo410 s/ooho/63/()Lyl'/004/093/06()B'., AUTHOR: Golldenveyzer, A. L. (Moscow) M 1 5 lop TME: Development of an approximate shell theory by the maympt/otle IntegretLon of the elasticity-theory equations SOURCE: Prikladnaya matematikM i mekhuikA, v. 27, no. 4, 1963, 593-608 TOPIC TAGS: approxivAte shell theory, asymptotic inte&x%tion, sirell theory A73STRACT: An asymptotic method of integrution of differential equmtions of Vne elasticity theory is proposed, by means of which an approxft-mate tboory of shells can be established with a desired degree of accurscy in a. way anglogous to Uat used earlier by t~e author to develop an approximate theory of flp-mare of plztees (Postroyeniye priblizbeennoy teori izgiba p1matinki metodom asimptoticheslwgo integrirovaniya uravneniy teorii uplaugosti, R24~ 1962, v. 26, no. 4). This is closely associated with the method of azymptotic inteGrutica of differential equations of the theory of shells discussed in the authorlu monogruph Teoriya uprugikh tonk1kh obolochek, Gootekhizdet, 1953. Ten3or &u.1ysia iii. applied in the representation and solution of the initial isystem of differential equationg Card V2 ---------- - - L 1~9h&~6j__ ACCESSION NR.- AnOO4108 (equilibrium equations, rpmtry conditions, and elasticity ielatiounhips) for determining displacements and stresses. Iterative proceug;eis exe -fomulated tor determining the states of stress which are, In the zero aj)p:roxim&tIo1i., equiva3ent.; to the membrane-stress state, the pure flexural-stress statit, auA the states with large indexes of variation, as well as the iterative procoisises corresponding to the states of tor8ion aTA of plane Btrain at the edgeDs Dirmigli tbe. cWUmim of these iterative processes, the boundary condittons of thii thi.-im-dimai-isional elasticity theory can be satisfied with em arbitrary degrve of acauxacy. The physical interpretation of the equations of the iterstive 9(voceosta is gi-,qn. Certain conditions ensuring the anymptotic convergpnoe of t~ioise iterative processes and thus determining the reGion of applicatLon of results obtained eam briefly discussed. Orig. a~rt. han: 62 formulas. ASSOCIATION, none SUBIUMD: 15Jan63 DAsE Acq: i5Aug63 &ML: 00 SUB CODE: AP No SOV..- OOT 0MR. 006 Card 2/2 G GGI I E;E:,;VEYZ' ',' , ", . L . ~' "!,- Scow) : "Az: q-, to tic thod:- cf andy-- is -~f ti,,~ !-~: ', f f rtju frequenc;if-5 ~f ro-crt -,resenterj at the 2nd All-'U~ricr. on ar.:; ~. "'(, c I;eb ill. '.I t; . . Scow, 20 ~an - ~~ - GOLIDENVEYZER, A. L. --it, t(-d two- U dirnen.,--IonaL prohi,:fat~ of, t:.~or% i)f at" yind :,,N, report fcr lit,!: Drit! :oni,, of' Tfiecrcti~-ILL Apyl it'. Genera' As,~emb L,: , Mun ii, Aug- 2(n W! 6W2-65 .......... . ....... .. .... ACCESSION NR: AP5021303 T system of'streaseg with componants di:ff er~niii614 U f1i 1: 1 e t:: all num of times. The results obtaind'd:by 'thi's m6thod arl ptilp:i ii: ;,h; a Ito. clas iic*al .(based: 6 t1 I f.` ;1o Obtained by applying the on ie 11, fl,,; 1~ vo ihypotheses) theory of shells, band t ect l", )i by.. ho, off, 6,f ~d: -.1 asou n-pt ions made in its in it i d 1, re I at:16nab i:p a ::611. al E 1,` 1,; !;, `u It 113 1 it T11 6 investi8ated, In order both r6sult'so f J;, hT td,i7iiula il to co0pare 0 :!obtained by the method proposqd.are~eOre ed ~ inI q~ ;18;r qa~ q c I aa cal shell theory. The error 6 a t im R'te W given lie r0 ~ q 4jr, eiIE 06unt-61 the.:index of variation t, and it ls~ shbiwn that thdO' e 14 0, hich have in the classical theory an.order. of the on (I ti a L~$ i. It P hLckii so! t n h*) can he ease tially reduc6~.( P to Valu4s 01 di 16i~' h u I .* _ i i* The expressions for the elasticity r~al~iti0n,sbl ki h I '' t: bAR C lqui use to achieve this improvement~aie dorlv~eA. ~;The :t 6 6 il" dids, !to: ottl r L the conclusiort that a more ixac.t clasAlcafshell 1 '1- 0 :1 jr y, ic TL: be pro 4 posed for the solution of the',discusseo.pibblem jil I orh 1 0 error ;,:!T will be'of tWo oTdor Of r (in.the case when t Cal p! id.orl V1 ;h unity. The effect of the variations i~ ~ t6o~ siiat st iiiii i itv t~~i i-T values of errors in the classical tht~o ty i alao L, fi;r us a; art hasi 42 formulas# ]ASSOCIATION: none Vt L ACC NR: -EC E: 'E C) I I I C T A G-S Y ";-T Y, A n a t i rv t lo :1 f m cl t h P c ~I .1 x~ -h ~1:1;. 1~ ra 111 --.1 ~~l I L': a,:.I c i c n o C he 3 Yl:I 1:U t V "Pi 1 A- iH%' 1: .L jLf.('(j WitIl a 1C.1 i ill 1, I-A! 5 t%t' esz; il:." strain The problem is sol-vcd in a iiiatt ictn ; tirt! p c,s:' i u L U-,; of r ef; ri~ me n t s i F, d i s c u F, s e rou gn .-.P],. rox L d . The asYnTt(.)ti,-- propel-LiE!s ol, ror de ill ing, -1w "ITI(I Lhc associated states of Are:;s are analyze(I in rtt~.Laticln to the order: of the magnitude of the nondimensional thickness of the shell, and to the density L _20606-66 ACC NR: A116007581 and shape of nodal lines. The class ifi -,it i c)n ~'-E~e-fibrat:klll m0dec is established,~, simp.Lif-le(I eqiiations for determining in t,he fir-~;t approximation are derived, and qualitative analyses of their riaturril-freqtien-y spectra ure carried out. The characteristic features of the boundary conditions M problei,_~ not studit:,d before are discussed only qualitatively. New concepts of "quasi-lateral" arid "quasi-tan- j.7ential" vibrations (characterized by the predominance of the lateral alid tui- gential displacements, respectively) are introduced, as well as of' the concepts their integrals, which are analogous to integrals with a large index of variation in the static problem where they describe the distributions of flexural and tan- gential stresses. Examples of examining the existence of certain friodes of vibra- tion, and the spectra of natural frequencies are given. Orig. art. has, 1 table and" 38 formulas. (VKI SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 23Sep65/ ORIG REF: 006/ OTH IU;F: 002/ ATD PRESS: Dptprmination of carbon dioxidp nrpcimiTp In 'he blood in clinical practice. laab.delo 5 no.2'.17-21 .~ 14r.-AT) '51). (14IRA 12:5) 1. Iz latfedry propednvtiki vnittronnikh bolf,:,,inr (za-7. - dotS. Z.A.Gorbnrikova) Smolenskot,,o rieditsinelcogo Institiita. (BLOOD-AlUtLYSIS AIM GINUSTRY) (CARBON DIOXIE(g) ARKHAIIGELfSKIY, YF).V., kand.tekhn.nauk; GOLIDENTUL, B.A., in-,:h. Imprnvo)mt)nt in rit3thodig nf dotnmining load on switching throat-tracka. Vost.TSNII RPS 18 no.1:61-63 F '59. (MIRi~ 12-1) (Poland-Railroads-SWItching) KROPACHE'i, N.G., inzh.; GOLIDER, E.L., lmzh. Operational accounting ami analysis of production cost in stcal foundries and rollinr mills of the KuznE!t;8k Motallurgical C 011BA 18-11) ,ombine. Stall 25 no.10:953-955 0 l61. 1. Kuznel.skiy rne tall urg il2he 5k-Jy k-mbIndt, kC7.33ION NM: Ap4c)37174 ,I vf,)vnshtok, V. V.; K"-.- Of Joap,; scap oil dispc -" r ' ~-n t:. lithf.= oteazate, lead stearata, ! Ae~-.fc~"-23 -~Utectdc s,, aL crystr l crIstal cC~mr , - ,f , , authors stu,--4ica 'A(q, oth:!.-: :t;~!&xateo, widcly u-zed 4-n t.- ~7 I.,- conductrzd rcall,. --ir melts -D-d rhc 1,21=. r3Z51111.33 arc C C FT ;C: ifP: AP4037,L74 Tha-a ability of c -vL ly h -ar aa c o, mb'- -,J, 'f %-ith. th-, 'nt-ca';l f E.- I") v,4 -ilp Iz. Z:z Cut-, c o UTZ 0c, w 4 it J5 P n a A It a 12 It 21 00 A I L ti I I t. J I t. I U 1 1, 00 game Reettlu of this Applicatia of Rocu,*Cmphjc Anitlyiis to Ifoo-Finvai I.Lchl AU071. 1;. .,;.S'S. I,... I! *0 21% 'fllh illillumiAli.] 0 -ting )urA unat, A I U i '14S I. A I 11g, n. I AI 0 00 00 If A 0 00 zoo fee -00 0 -.60 ..4.0 09 E i S L A ETALLUPGKIL LITIPIT01 CL.SIIFKiYW- 00 S 34 tv a t u 3 : : : : V : lilt, 140) GO-11117-ri, G. A. "Znergy an~ Stability of Crystal D~lttices." Su*o (~ %kjT L", Ropcow Aviation Technologictu Inst r,irsertatlDns prefentell for, de,:-reep in rcience an,3 encineez-inf in -'Cscow In 1~~-L7 SO: Sum 110. 1' Al:- -~i GOLIISR, G.A.; UMANSKIY, M.M. Goniometric and X-ray analyqin of crystalm of I,J.8-trinitronaphtha- lane. Zhur. Fiz.Khim. 25, 555-6 151. (IfLRA 4:5) (CA 47 no.17.,84'17 153) 1. L.Yi.Ktr-poT Fhy8.-Cham. Inst., FoBcow. GOL'DMJ' d f tals of some nltro ajidj~aliigen deriva- 02 0 enzeno CiRaphthalone. Q VILQ .S. r, Q Ova T ms ov ?Zhdmwv M~ W Umanskif, and V. I , ~U~t. Va. 12 M87o -PhY3.-Chem. Just., Aloscow~- Zhur.-Ti4. X711nt. 261-1 59-05cl _1hc 1.97l'icoronaphthalclic crys- tallizes from hexane in the form of elongated transparent plates, in. 37', d - MI. EaJi plate has a 110* ang1c be- Orten the edges of rhombic prisms c10011 and tri[1001, The unit cell has a - 11.5, 6 - 10.6, c - 7AX, d4x-ray) - 1.53; the space group C,', - P2,1C, 4 mols. per cell. it .wa.s detd. that IhOll is present only when-I - 2n, and 1001 when k - 2n. Colorless crystals of 2,&-dichloro-l-nitro- benzene (from cyclobexanc) have a11001, b1olo), c[0011, kJ1011. It cr-ystallizes with 4 mols. in a nionoclinic cell with a - SMY, 6 - 9.33, c - 14.2kX, 6 = 01 ', d. 1.40, d.(x-ray) - 1.51, its space group CI* - P211 'm or C,' P21. Monoclinic crystals of 2,4.6-tribremo-l-nitroberizene crys- tallize from chloroform. The unit.cell has a - 9.3, h 12A, c - 9.8kX, fi - 127 ~20', it. - 2.46, d.(x-ray) - and contains .1 formula units. It was estd. that thkil is ~risent only when * -f- I - 2n, JAC11 when A - N and 2n, and tile I OkO I is present only when k 2n. Tile a 12, 1 Aa. The crystal has space group ql, - , l/a or Q bcnzopherione crystals from hexanc have well-defined faceti of rhombic prisroq: a11001, b[0101. 4001). mill0l. d1iOll, k[2011, and rhonibiedipyr-unid lillij. ItsunItcclIhasa - 8.0, b - 10.21, C - 12kX, d. (by flotation method) - 1. 1, d.(x-ray) - 1.05: -1 mols. per cell with space group P4, = P2t2l2l. The (001 is present wheu h = 2r: (MI when k - 2n; 100ij only when I - 2n. Rlinnibic CrYSt.'113 Of 41,5-trinit roben ze tic have tho following dimen4loni of :1 unit rAt a - 12.9. b :- 27.0, c 0' Q.AA,, vrit'h 19 formula --4LuL;_jli Cacb. The spacc group D,~r o The We". _--colorcd neetilm of I;t0f-I) gave complk-ated x-my diffmcdon probably "hill to oAy!;ynth1.tir femnitInn." X-my sltjd~ of thesi cryltals at - I to' eliminated the possibility of Interferences due to thcrinal vibrations. Cryii-tall obtainol from other solvents (e.g. AmClAc, ligroin, AcOll) gave, uhnilstr inter- 'Nrencis in x-ray diftgrarivi. Ctystn. from tile mixts. of acetone with benzene or 013 tcluctic led to formation of nerr compds., which Avre very unstable in the air. By choosing planes without diffuse 3;Qts these investigators were able to show that the unit mll of I has a - 26.3. h - 7.75, c - 5.5-4kX, and svhen d. - 1.64 there art! 4.mols. in a cell. For such a cell the I AW I vins estd. to be present only ,t: h - 2-s, 10kil when A + I - 2n. On these bami the -ipace grimp (an be assigned: DlR - Pmirpi or Q. m Pria2. The x-ray study of 2A,A-ti InitrotoluerlL (11). vAth inter- ferericcs analogoui to 1, Is In !iqigreement ivith 13. Hertel's e"(Pts. (C.~[. 27, 5ni). Ily OloosIng only wit.11-defi tied dc. ftartion patterm it wit po;'ib! it) let. that. t1he unit "It of 11 11"m I MON. with a - ~c- 4.2, c - 7.7 M and the sp:lre gnxtp Q1, - Pl,hr cr C,1 - 2t. It is concluded that In 11, as In 1, tin true rionx1inic crystals Lire formed. Arawle P. Kntlobv CO N Moto, 't tractul*~i. W itis It Is mont""10;, tho' sporkiz V pad. 6 WC ri A- vi/t.. k V 111111ill cell hati the dileaskilit k , , oii. l , ir. 1 M ;61i k\ f; li li -and 91 W; anttil.wi q flint "; i 1116no4 &h ch o the tilots.lie ficirms crystill. The line d I 010 4 44'40'~an ith di t 6 m ct n C', Ci . X-C ' 1. 01 1,41, 1 (nil Q i 1.770i v nad ] LIU kX c 4 "so, cl I::, A"[ It Awe GOL I DERI G. A. USSR/Physics - Dislocations Feb 52 "Translation of A. H. Cottrell's 'Theory of DJ.s.- locations in Crystalline Lattice,"' by G. A. Goll- der "Uqpekh Fiz Nauk" 1101 XLVI, No 2, pp 179-230 Russian translation of English-language article., which appeared in "Progress in Metal Phys," edited by B. Chalmer, 1949, P 77. Translation made under editorship of Prof G. S. Zhdanov. Editor discus&as differences in the following tech terms that are otherwise synonyms: "Zatsepleniye" (meshing), "dislokstsiya" (dislocation), "smeshcheuiye" flshift~ "stsepleniyell (gripping, cohesion). ~IKMIOO R8 t A. Ualmok MIMI; ".T 911 4 drii l G-IS 'N h ot . . of P~vyl clikirwe l l,~ !it's two b 1111k 40 ti i,~ lol"11,11 i! L L 'k liwd! lengthi are, j-"I AArival stilt (if Ok ii ~rm voltpi the CtL..N tolid ' 0 1 art t `33´┐ŻA. Tlur -rpolili pe ctilar 61 tht, tisig i dw l L A 14669* PhyMcal-Chemical Study of Lithium Perotide. f4iko. khinakheskoe hu-thenle perekbil litilo. (Butsian.) T. V. 1104141, T. A. Dobrynina nd 'd :jzvottfin akadvoii nanit at c na I , SSSR, OtMenie kh1n1-h111X~'!'1-N 1955, no. 4, july-Aull., p. 611-021. Includes - grap%% tables, diagram. 29 ref. . 0 mlicif faym 'A )n of the lyvoln jVjjjUjjj. L'i U2 ol' t lu't.77.21 :::4)qto ~-V '11;. ia an atro. I)! dry 0. &.comp.,. :-,t ojjpt-1):. 1270"; in (try' C(]~-frt4- Z~j- it &--~ojojjl: RO 130- ~t 1~)n tjIL111. .~,mll decolf"Im, NaOt g~;,t.Tjl S~Icc"!Ai ... 1111: inic,kUy vith dic prothictiml of "I IN)" iii Gj a III] al 1 215' in CO:-frev nilf, bVr!rJ11-?I:j :11 uppr.lx, :;'54~"; it uie!N at 510". At 54P t,l) flie filli4ing c m1pd, N'1,0. The exi-tetice (If It comp4N. was in, -thE. with li:nit ; varvivg frin NaP, to Na,,Opu. 13'rolut i!,.~ comlitjon,, xli.~ r,,n1p0. N.1,01 ly-is not ut it brvi'. ing wlitt s"111. No^ ii Which decoallm. im1nQdi;1t!ly to J, AL.Wiff'..U1. J pen -I ;f ;It A~ ray- 99 14 dim SIR ImuVity ~!b 1,0 it kWh mt~ I PA -0 Al iA Ki VA It .8 0 ti 'WE) to 1 W (210) "A 'UN x Ualrok. 14 11 taw 1 9 -4 77, t t fu tf#. M )w 1~ ji an t HI d sWb%tioi ~Nbq s4fl 4A A asi4 . . to Co. 0111 Imusur F'Olu 0 :1 Old ad 0. V e mi r10 A 51 a rAb ~ 1 i C . f Tie A milt RODE, T.V.; GOLIDXR. G.A. Compounds of conatant and variahLe compoaiti~n Ln the NUO--- Na-0 system. Dokl. A21 SSSR 110 no.6:1001-100,', 0 1~6, (MMA 10:2) 1. Inatitut obshchmy I neorganichnskoy kh!-.3ii imoni N.S. Kurnakova Akademij nauk SSSR. Prectsta-71eno akademilcom !.I. Cb8rnyayevym. (Sodium oxidea) anci 70-2-3/211 zi,:-, 2, -,Y u I'l, u - v on e.-- A, 7"11, JL 1,,: 0 -~A L I., oi, 1~: v a J I -t:j -e a 102, 111 I., J i L U h -01- d-a- A 1 c 11 + -z I Card 1/3 2,4- 2 Ava i1a L) 1e Library of' ConCress 4- 1 1. j! S o ra a - Ml J -a rd 2 "3 70-2-3/24 j 1. i, 0 a:- jO 00 ... I V Df I Card 3/3 :j c L-i ct- -i i do z3 ia,-l c, u c, J, A) I I I L 1 j-,.- T, 3u:-~ o-,,- 10 AVAiLi~:-l-' Library of Congress A Radiographic Str,ict,ural Examination of 20-11&.6-.231A-3 1 in the elementary mesh conform the asB-umptiorl (reference 1) that a center of synr~,etry exists in tile -.clec.Lle 01" 'he cryst~al:s of the Ist modification. The introduction of an JrUier hydrogen compound 0 . . . H-0 in the conjugated bond-syStBm must have cau= sed an essential chan.-e of the n-electronic in-,eraction in the whole molecule. This must, in retlirn, le-ad to a reii1stributinn of the electronic dersity in the :71~olt,r:::I-o. A complete rad'ogral-l-, 0 P ic analysis of the crystals of this !rio,lificatInr wa5 intereEt;rl~p therefore. The lenstf:5 of the bonds betw-3en the atoms in the mo= lecule were computed (II) from the atomi-c- coordinates computed from (Okl)(table 2). The computations of the d~-31ances beLween ti,.e atoms were carried out under tile' ass-impt-inn t~7e molerule of the surface r. lies parallel. Tile an6l.e forned by the ~,cnd-li -re C9 -Clo with the Y--axis ot' the mesh, i.:; ~oo. between the carbon- and oxy~,en--atnns in various -,olec iles is 3,10 'he res:tltg of the radiorrap"hic. ~)r,~3enne of a cpn~er of sy~iuiietry Lri ti-~a Ist i(),. )f naphtha= zarIne. ~,q mentioned at.)ove, all 3 :rodif'i,-at-'cns -.-recipit.ate SLI ~miL= taneously with the cr.,rstallization -` th-~ sol-t.icn: 2 centro- Card 2/4 symmetrical ones (A), and a nne --he A -Radiographic Structural D/amiinatLon IIapht,;w-ne 20-118...(-23/0 recry,91tallizati-op. of each of thesE. leads in rel= turn to the formation of aU t heF~ e 1 7! od i~f i r a Ti ons th a ug'- -Dne of them prevails lar,,ely. -t may f.,I i~ 'AIDE'.' I -Ieli t.Fat the tra--- sition of an isomer of a~i A-z--~r-,c~ure -ir)'.o ali -)-I a 3- structiwe (and vire:ersa) plnl~e. --var:~;ition is, eK= plained ,yit'ij TIJ and i~r-:-111:7)"J orientation in spare of the molarli--p ~n I,he y.,-,.z,.Lrface ac,~ieved by the a,ithor.,, Ls very si.-I'lar to that. for tnu ~entro-synlmetr-J= cal modification 2) given in re!.,,rence three-diniensional syntheS 4:, - is .er,jre(j for (let, -dLriate x and _rrnining, the ~rd co-i~ for defining precisely tile obtaine(I There are I f;gure, 2 tables, arid J; I lv-.ich is Slav!-c. ASSOC IATIOII.' Phv3ico--ChemJXaj Trj-z3tjtjlte ime.-it L. Ear:-~(-Nv iui. L. ~a. '~.arpova) I PIRESEN7ED ',ovember 2o, iq'~`!j i,y ~'. V. 2eLov, 3UBIIITTE:): Au~ilsf, 16, 1957. Card 3/4 A,! 3 1 Do kunikh -J n, 11. S. , 0 o I I di.-r, G. A., "!i [;~ri TTT T T.' T'ie Ra o~-,rat-h J c Inves t J ~,-a t i on o -d - t -luinone and 1 4-Di--esido-Artliraql.l-*~,-,-)Tl~- issiedovaniye 1 i .I' - antrakhinora) PE' it I r "A L DoKlady Akadei%ii r1auk SS.31i, 1 7,31 1 87 - 89 (USSR -.~"T Sulfo acids of an 1::- P 3r IV--)O- ty of the ortEnt group of solid dye,; of ar~ ~:reen. 'In exce: tion is F.,.ade b-,r the d-rivat v~,s li-. r, atomis, in .,,!i o1,tho--,)o:iitio:1, (if t1lie s 11~- stituted. Such comcounds a,:; w,11 Lis t~ie ccrres-c~nlf-[: 7 - amino-and hydro-aryl-a.-.iino-d,%ri,~,itivo:3 lvve an intencOve br~'j,Tht-bloe color. In the presoixe of or of bromine atomg in ;-.1l ortho-pasition:~ of Card 1,/, residites or in the -,)osition of 2,-_Lnt~ir.a-,~iin~~ne res-.ectivel,y 0 -,,,e Raf-I o=anh ic inves t i L. tion of 1 1 i-Ar. 1 4-DiMe3-Ido-An~',,.ruquin )n,~ cvcl~~s by hvdro---~n an,d i 1 :1 1 t c I n, t i 0 n sy to,-,. e t o n J LI , I -; 1,;) "! t T rf cules of I Of s-atizll difficult e 3 . Fr t 1. c I d of co~lanarity of the ben'.-one n~l C. n )f the basic purt of the moiec!ile, c r.jls!.-~I:~C 1,',,Ig mentioned in the title wer,-, T~ie results are jiven -;:~ tu'vIc. 1. 1i f t ~i e e e n try c e I I o f t 11 c, C il t, t the ba:;ic 'pirt of tile p,arallel with tie ac-T'I-L!Ie,tIS LL (8,73 Pr om- 11 h ec-ond:t n.7, s y r--,-f p c /C CE-:-d 3/1 2h 1 0 The Radio.-r,, T i --f I, 1 D M e od o - A n7,1 n r. i; c, f 0 --'. 0-as t !-.a t ~~ 3111 0 r%ns Vert t--, '.I r tl-'e 'I.-i' e n d i C', 1 1 -,. rt u la x iAi~ sh own II) y f Ji r u nuclel"s in I, e L~ t i_ to as a certain p o 31 iI et:-~ v % :7: Lo rel'Ll to a c . T, i,,. a n of ;~c- ~j e crystal does n,,,t re :..di-i Li'-':! e e o f r o t ao ri o t b en :,2n e e m o 1 e c', iaTe r ~J' u-i e p - ~ , -I - co=-Ound is 3 V c-1 re the of t~ j, n, connected it j .A L,I i r. e c rv s t:--. In d tef ii 1 f --' 1-:7-, n tG fE o f t e 3 : i a t i- U Ir o,_: ;- f:)r o, j,~ on -und Card 4/6 -"cl 1 i ..,j d o - A n tr~u i,i co:7.inr, otit amcl~ntl- to ig c,)nj`dera~ I arld 11', r 3 v!-z3i, 7, Y', C-1 y S p, C TnL: + 4 1,1 C.. C)f i!, L 7. Ye. 7~-rcs'i4 -v ',ac i:;,- - E!,:. C S' 4 y i: t 2 3e; Sc i-ence U.3,7H I `FD: A,i,T,:s' 16, 1 Card (","6 m c. E 7 1 T I p i T ---Tj 4y .--;;z -1 -1C TL~WZ ~11`~~ Z4, r to ~U,~ JL T 11 t T17 77 zo,4 r.-3 Q. I -,V C. LL y V -,Lkoo J1, .:~Sur.j :-T.; vs -C 'A :1 :,,z, ;c jc,,z:< :-S i -W .,I :T-c -10-1 CQO-T -tUl 5(2) SOY/? ~e -,! -7 -4/4 4 AUTHORS, Kost, M. Ye., Goildi~r, G. A. TITLE: The Crystal Structure and Density of Ccrr:Lum Hydrides (Kristal- licheokaya struktura i plotnoot' 62.dri.d3v tserlya.) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal neorganicheskoy khimii, 1959, VDI 4, Nr 7, pp 1488-1490 (USSR) a con 'eH to C-H. were ABSTRACT. Cerium hydrides aith , position of fron '~ 0.2 - 3 investigated. The trillydride was produc,~d in an apparatus de- scribed in an earlier paper (Ref 5). The saai-pli!s poor -in hydrogen were obtained by heating and by suckin-E off the liberated hydroEen. The composition of the hyd.-ides wal de-, termined by mea-siiring the hydroger, liber,.~ted ili a solution 'f hydrochloric acid. The Debye powder pat-~erns xera_ recorded bl,- means of the camera RKD. The values of the '1jjtt4CC ~ _ periods arE given by table 1. 'JI, to the compooition CeHi., two cub i - ~tl face-centered lattices exi3t, which correspond to the inatal Ce and to the dihydrific-, The sample sho-eir, a phase in the period 5-55 X. A further increase of thil hydroj.-.en content. leads Card 112 to a reduction of the period 1.) ',,.53 ? - ...t CeE') if 'h,-- coal- I., 73' The Crystal Structure and Denjit~ of Ceri-um Hydrides po.qition CeH, is approache4, the i1r_a,) wideir-L, so Thai' exact calculation cf the lattice Deriod 's renf~er-~d diffacui-. Bec;zlist? of the Creat sensitivity of ceriUtr hy1r'.d.P_Fi to wattu-, density was determined in -an (Fig 1), ir. which iron was used as a pyknometric i3ubstanoe, and in whfch the vo. -ume of the sample was determined on the basta of a %,,qriation of pressure according to the Boyle .-Mariottal law. The den,,;ity of the various hydrides is given by table 7. It di!,7~::cases up t': the compound CeH after which it riaes Somewhat Up "C 2~ .1 Figure 2 gives a graphical comparioon of density Variations with the X-ray pictures, the curvct of w'hich shows the presence of two phases Onetallic cerium and Cell 2) up to -Oie compound CeH,, The lines of the metallic Ce then vanish. The phase ;i--ith the periods 5.645 - 5.61.2 ~~, which Was observed by V. C. Auphas- gorho (Refs 3,4) could not be found. There ~tre 2 fit;urcs, 2 tables, and 8 referenceav 2 of -.1-hich oxe Sov~et. SUBMITTED: April 4, 1958 Card 212 T T" -TL rc. n 7 i j f j rl i t 1 Cn -y .;_-11ow f;u~ 1.rce lid not corresi o:-~dl ,-on --~l mo I. if ic~-ttion of -IbO, but to +',I -)-,i r-iomL-ic r, t i '311, t nr wns y -io: ~n s o F 1~ - rri -I n: y ~1 i ;- i t to 0 Ir-lion contrcl 0.- '~~Ctiv" c rri :),:t t o -!e t c,n r. rix e 5 r E, v c r ~.,2 .:):I t I I (I i t d t o d i c ri n - .2 u~--~cl in .11'1-_no:''.-. 1 n b Cor t'-,.p .-.:c c T 10: 0 -1 o - i 3 cl -1 v 7, t L '~'a r o v,J C 7te.~.i 7!. :If cme:.-, i r.Y i,:! e n i L :- r o v GO L I D-F~ ~ y G.A. (tranclator]; DUDAREV, V.Ya.[trntislatorl, SOLOV'YEV, S.F. [translator]; ZMDAI~OV, G.S., red.; LULL,', S.I., red.; BELEU, !,,.A., tekhn. red. [Annihilation of positrons in solids] Annigiliatolia po- zitro:.ov v tverdykii talakh; 91bornik statei. Noskmi, izd-vo ino,str. 14--tv-ry, 196C. 228 (1-1-HI, 15:3) ,~ PositronX RODE, T.V.; GOLIDER G A - ZACHATSKAYA, A.V. L *-' '-* I Interaction of oodium peroxide and iiodium with polium bicRrbomto, Zhur. ncorg, Itim. 5 Mr'60. (MITLA 14:6) (Sodium yeroxide) (Sodiujn superoxido) (So,iiulu C~Lr",Onate ) MIRKIII 9Lev Iosifovich; Ul.'LkISK.IY , yaks. 9 Prof. . .-ed. ; GUTER, G.A. , red. ; IWUROV, Ye,F,g red,; MURASPOVA, N,Ya.. tokhn, rs~j.; 7-,jjij~",FjjTA, T"J., teklm, red, [Manual on X-ray diffraction anaiysls of plyci-jstalsl Spravochnik po rentgenostx-akturnomu aralim polilcrist2llov, Pod red. IA.S.Umanskogo. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo fiziko-rilatel,,~, lit-r:,', 1961. U-3 P. (lau 14: p) (1-ray cr~,tall-!-,rapliy) GOLIDERY G.,A,; ODRESS-6;~,L:EIKTOR, ~,V...: JIZ'._S trUkl; 1,11 Ll.-. 01-Ar 161- L,Y,- i Gcsu,:l:irstvellnlTy tO. ~znilchoskikh p.-luprod3iJr-.tuv -i kr-,ilc;,? CHETKINA, L.A.; GOLIDER, G.A.; ZHDV4OV, 6.6. X-ray diffraction study of dihalogen derivu-,ivea of anthraqui- nones. Yristallografiia 6 no.4:628-629 Jl-Ag 161. (,IILRA 14:8) 1. Fiziko-kh:L-,ueheskiy institut imeni L.Ya.Karpova i l\bskovskiy gosudar:Aw,,:-m.,,y i;.n_,.-J. ".V.T_4).m)nOSovC-, . . - (Anthraquinone) (X-ray cryBtaUagrally) (Halo-en compouiOs) Cn_-7.ova, and ,olldcr, z E., 1'. C.. 1'~ I. I s rul" t u no y im i i t: C r s c G v e a s a i t-- s 0 11 d. f C; t "ii':: W~; S -ut uY '.i'.o na c s Is M of t- c w a me a I; r e 1..3 ty C, T~C, I 1 L 1 -'7. 0 11 LL Y C E- i L n Ci ', I I "I card 1/2