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GINZBURG, V.L. 0000~ Conveyer belt with n zipper fastener (from "Gummi u.Aabest," 10 no.2 1956). KFrach.1 rez. 16 no.5:39-4o my $57. (MIRA 10:7) (Belts and beltinp) GINZBURG, V.L.; ROTLEDER, V.M. Reviev of foreign patents of tyke ORS" tires. Kauch.i rez. 22 no.2;36-38 F 163. (MIRA 16:2) 1. Nauchno-isaledovateliskiy institut shinnoy promyshlemosti. (Tires, Rubber-Patents) 7-1 amp -ts fr P11, A?. ' f iffy . , t1na - d-- - 1 1-1 8b, As, wid rxjls c to with; - alld to -iffiftl afld Z(f, or re, .amprcs 'ue claahwa by g the catlItMe sh"ets, lwcillf tests 5~1- I'! "Tre Hot h. the Tectrum dall. TI ectrCefes for CrUdGICS, UJI(I U-S ca5t froza (frjuiligs M--tf in a CILVISCS ift equal. weft. "'fLW[VCd IM ILSIlIg a ru~ e1 Mth Ctt w1dell cani- 0.001% Ni awl 1e, W. M. Stemberg L Category: USSR/Analytical Chemistry - General Questions. G-1 Abs Jour: Referat Zhur-Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 30945 Author , Ginzburg V. L., Alekseyenko Ye. F., Belokrinitskaya Ye. Ye., --V_ff.-u-sHRIn-K-T-.-N., Ineshins. F. M. Inst : not given Title : Accuracy of Photographic Methods of Spectral Analysis Orig Pub: Zavod. laboratoriya, 1956, 22, No 11, 1331-1333 Abstract: A comparison was made of the accuracy of anstlyses of fused nickel, copper regulus, fused cobalt and cathodic nickel, according to calibration graphs in & 3, lg C coordinates, and in accordance with the solid graph method, Determinations were made of Cu, Fe, Au, Pt, Pd, Ni, Si, Mn, Pb, Sb, Bi, Sn, Co, at concentrations from several thousandth to decimal fractions of one percent, with spec- trum excitation in are discharge of direct and alternating current, and photographic recording on plates of type I, II and III. In most instances no substantial differences were found In the =gni- tude of errors with different calibration graphs. Card 1/1 -18- USSR/Optics - Optical Methods of Analysis. Instruments. K-7 Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Fizika, No 3) 1957) 7962 Author : VitushKina, I.N., GinA3pre, V.L. Inst : Norillsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, USSR. Title : Spectral Analysis of Nickel in Low-Voltage Spark Using Cast Electrodes. Orig Fubq ; Zavod. laboratoriya, 1956, 22, No 4, 436-44o Abstract : In the determination of copper and iron admixtures in pure nickel, the spectrum is excited by a DG-1 genera- tor, operating in the spark mode (current 2 2-5 amp). The analytic pairs of lines are Cu 3273-96 Ni 3286-95 A end Fe 2599.40/57 -- N 2551.01 A. The inter- val of the determined concentrations of copper and iron is 0.01 -_ 0.5%. The mean arithmetic error of the determination ranges from 5 to 9%. Card 1/1 - 105 - AUTHORS: Nedler, V.V. , Gimburg, V.L. 32-24-4-64/6,7 TITLE: The Third Conference of Spectroscopy Analysts of Nonferrous Metallurgy (Tratlye soveshohaniye spektroskopistov-analitikov tsvetnoy metallurgii) PERIODICAL- Zavodskaya Laboratoriya, 1958, Vol. 24, Nr 4, PP. 507-508 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The abo-v-3 mentioned conference took place at Moscow from November `5 to November 20, '1957; it was called by the Soientifio-Technical ~ccn-ety of Nonferrms ile-tall-urgy, and was attended by 255 re- presentati7es of 175 orgarJ-zations. The contributions made by I.E. Britske (Gintsvetmet, Moscow) and N.S. Poluektova. (Ukrgiredmet, Odessa) dealt T;.es+,ions of flame photometry. The report ae- livered by L.I. Kononenko dealt with the method of determining zirconium, hafnium, molybdenia and vanadium. An interesting con- tribution was made by Ya.D. Raykhbaum, Ye.S.Kostyukova, and V.D. Malvkh. (Irgir-admet, Irkutsk) under the title "On some Causes of the Influence Exercizied by Chemical Composition on the Results of Ore Analyses". A detailed r cowjort by N.A. Makulova. (Giprotsvetmetcbrabotka, Moe dealt with investigations of the Cara 1/3 rale governing the tx-arLgition of --,est mateeial to the emission The T!jrd Conf erence of Speoiroz copy Analp- ta 32-24-4-64/67 of Nonferrous Metallurgy clozO. A.A.Frishberg ancl V.V. Nedler (Nigrizolato, Moscow) spoke albout problems of the pbysical-chemical th,-.ory in connection with chemical reaotions during the forwation of -vola-cile compounis in the elaotrio arc. V.L. GInzib-arg (Worlllsl-Ay CoDJ)ALve) ga-re a re, pore or tne devel 'upment of a ruethod of deteradning the temperat-,;re Intensity of ellectrole~. The following contribuUone dealing with special methods of spectral arz-lysis duser-ie mentiouing: The re- orti by D.M. Shimrts,, L.N. Kapor,9kiy and V.V. Portnova Gipronikel' , Leningrad) ani I.S. Nilo-,u (Sev~.-ronAel' Monchtgonk) r which deal vrith th6 amlysis of zinc, thallium wxd antimoU; the rdport5 by S.M. Solod;y-,-viik (Gire3yret, Moscow, ) anA others. or. the analysia of zil-,'.con, 4ill.con diox-Me and siliclo aelli -the; reporth by V.P. Khrfpiy and 0,11. Gusev or. the increa:3tj oe .3ensltiviiy in determinatiorn of microadmiuture.9 in sil-.Y-er, the ccmtributions made by N.A. SinIkov and D.Y. Liv3hits (Norl!13?k Combfne) deal with the analysis of solutiorz containing platinum metals. The re- port delivered by V.0. Khandros and L.N.Filimonov (Giprotsvet- metobrabotka) deals vnlth the problems of the application of quanto- meters. A.G. Kres-L'yoninov, Yu.I. Stakheyev anvi Ya.D.Raykhbaum Carl 2/3 (Irgiredmet) were the first to use photoelec+rla apparvatw? for thj The Third Conference of Spectroscopy Analysts 32-24-44b/6-~, of Non:ferrous Metallurgy direct am2,vais of ores for lith-4,un. The contribution made by V.V.Nedler domalt with attempts made at using the horizontal el~cteio are, stabilized by an air current. The reeporis con- cerning standaris pt;:blishea by the institutes Gintsvetmetp Giprots7etmetobrabotla, VIM (all at Moscow) , TsNIIolovo (NovoEPA.rsk) , Irgiredmet (Irlaitsk) , Gipronikell (Leningrad) VNIItsvetmet (Ust' -Y.Ammogorsk) , Ukrgiredmet (Odessa) confirm the work performed by these -institutes during recent years. The necP,3.iIiy of centmlizing the pullishing of standa-Ms was stressed, and the industrial production of high-quality spectral' cvArbcvxr3 cAnd an increased dist,~ibution of ordinary spectral carbonz, mw urgently deman3ed. 1. 14etall-drgy--USSR 2. Spectroscopy--USSR Car-I 313 r- s a a 1~ TO P fill V I go All L. (i.100cm) 113pectral Method of Analyisis of Technical Teilurilim in Ubble Metals.11 paper submitted to the Fifth Conference on the Analysis of Nobel Metals., Novosibirsk, 20-23 September 1960 So: Zhurnal analiticheskoy khimii, Vol XVI, No 1, 1961, page 119 .,_GINZBURG, V,L.; ROGOVER, GvB, Regularities in the distribution of nonferrous the predominatit ore minerals and silicates of Sov. geol. 3 no;3:48-60 Mr 160. 'l. Hinieteretva geologli i okhranv nedr SSSR. (Nori'llsk region--Metals) and noble metals in the Norillsk deposit. (MIRA 13:11) S/032/60/026/05/18/o63 BO1O/BOO5 AUTHORS: Ginzburg, V. L., Glukhovetskaya, N. P. TITLE: Determination of Silicon and Other Impurities in Selenium PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya laboratoriya, 1960, Vol. 26, No- 5, PP. 559-561 TEXT: N. N. Danilova and L. A. Lerner collaborated in the experimental part of the present investigation, A spectrum analysis for determining impurities in selenium was worked out. The calibration samples used were produced by fusing together Si and Be; less Si was used than corresponds to the stoichiometric ratio in the compound SiSe2. Thus, it was possible to obtain a chemically stable mixture of Sise and Be. Br increasing the 2 addition of Se, a series of calibration samples was produced up to a Si content of 2-10-4%. silicon was determined.ace3rding to the following spectral lines; Si 2516.12A (from 1,jo-4 to 3 10- % of Si), Si 2881.58A (from 2-10-4 to 2-10-2~ of Si), Si 2514.33A (from 1-1o-3 to 5-10-2% of Sj)~ Si 2435-16A (from 1-10-2 to 3-10-1% of Si). The calibration samples for determining the other impurities in selenium were also prepared by fusing together the initial alloy with pure selenium. The initial alloy was Card 1/2 Determination of Silicon and Other S/032/60/026/05/18/o63 Impurities in Selenium B010/B005 produced at the institut "Gintavetmet" ("Gintevetmet" Institute), and contained 1% each of Cu, Pb, Mg, Al, Ag, As, Fe, Sb. Ni, Bi, Te, as well as the selenideB of Cd, 11g, Sn, Cu, Ni, and/or their melts with selenium The samples, as well as the calibration samples, were granulated and fused into the crater of the carbon electrode (Fig. 2). There are 2 figures and 4 non-Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Institut obshchey i neorganicheskoy khimii im. N. S. Kurnakova Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistu imeni N. S. Rurnakov of the Academy of Sciences, USSR Card 2/2 SVESHNIKOVA, V.N.; GINZBURG, V.L. Study of the ternary system consisting of cerium phosphate phosphoric acid - water at 700C. Zhur.neorg.khim. 7 no.5: 1169-1173 My 162. (KRA 15:7) (Cerium phosphate) (Phosphoric acid) GINZBURG, V.L.; GLUKHOVETSKAYA, N.P. Spectral line intensity as a function of the effective ionization potential of an electric are. Opt. i spaktr. 12 no.3:344-349 Mr 162. (MIRA 15:3) (Spectrum analysis) (Electric are) (Plasma (Ionized gases)) ~N~BURG, V. L.; GLUENVIMKAYA, N. P. Note on 0. P Semenova and N. 1. Levehenko's article n)ependence of the effe;". ionization potential on the concentration of readily ionizable impurities in an are discharge." t. i "ktr. 13 no.6:831-882 D 162. (MIRA 1~ (Electric discharges) (Ionization) S/075/62/017/009/005/006 E071/E436 AUTHORS: Ginzburg,,V.L., lukhovetskaya, N.P., Danilova, N.N.* -~,TITLE: A spectrochemical method for the determination of .impurities in selenium PERIODICAL: Zhurnal analiticheskoy khimii,*Y,17, no.9, 1962, 1096-11Q0 TEXT: A method of determination of small amounts of impurities by their preliminary concentrationand subsequent-spectral analysis is proposed. The concentration is carried out by distilling a of selenium placed on a*powdered carbon support at 315% in a stream of nitrogen oxides. Selenium distils off in the form Of Se02 while impurities remain in the carbon powder which is then To increase submitte.d to spectral analysis on carbon electrodes. the sensitivity of the determination of impurities in carbon powder, sodium chloride (0.6*,,'G*) or potassium chloride (0-350 are added to the concentrates. The degree of recovery :of various elements in the concentrates was tested. According to-the degree of recovery :the elements were divided into three groups:,-'I) 70 to 8051o', Au, Mg, Sn,' Sb, Bl, Te, Al, Cu, AS; '2) 40 to 500' Cd, As, Fe, Pbs Ti, Mn; Card 1/2 S/075/62/017/009/005/oo6 A spectrochemical method E071/E436 io '3) 20% Cr and Ni. For the elements of the*3rd group, the method cannot be used. There are 4 figures and I table. ASSOCIATION: Institut obahchey i neorganicheakoy khiml'i im. N.S.Kurnakova AN SSSR Moskva (Institute of General and Inor8anic.Chemistry imeni N..S.Kurnakov.AS USSR, Moscow) SUBMITTED: November 20, 1961 Card 2/2 S/032/62/028/006/012/025 B101/B138 AUTHORSs Ginzburg, V. L., Glukhovetskaya, N. P., and Lerner, L. A. TITLEi Increasing the sensitivity of the spectral determination of impurities in selenium PERIODICALs Zavodskaya laboratoriya, v. 28, no. 6p 1962, 682 - 684 T---'XT; By adding NaCl (ionization potential V 5-1 ev), the V of i off the arc plasma may be controlled in such a way that the sensitivity of the impurity determination is increased considerably. Calibration curves AS against log C were plotted for selenium samples with impurity standards in the presence of carbon powder containing various NaCl additions in the counterelectrode. The dependence of the intensity of the spectral lines on V was determined. V - 8 ev, achieved by carbon powder i eff i eff 0 7 with 1-j.' Ila (- 2.5% NaCl), was the optimum. The sensitivity increase results from the ratio AC - C without NaCl A NaCl' For the elements - investigated, the following 6C values were founds Te 0.46; Hg 0.201 As 0.50; Cd 0-30; Mg 5.0; Ni 2.2; Al 5-5; Au 5.0; Pb 4-0; Bi 2-5; CU 5.01 Ti 5-01 Card 1/2 Increasing the sensitivity ... S10321621028100610121025 B101/B138 Sb 1.0. Tne brightness of the Cd, 11g, Te, and As lines is not increased when reducing the selenium arc temperature because of the high ionization potential of these elements (V,,)~8.6 ev). There are 2 figures and I table*.. ASSOCIATIONt Institut obahchey i neorganicheskoy khimii im. N. S. Kurnakova Akademii nauk SSSR (institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry imeni N. S. Kurnakov of the Academy of Sciences USSR) Card 2/2 GI�&%ghIOV"L ; GLUKHOVETSfAYA M.P.; LERNER, L.A. - ..1 1 .~ '4 Fluorination of samplea in epectr~l analysis. Zav. lab. 29 no.6:684-685 163. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Institut obahchey i neorganicheskoy khimii imeni N.S. Kurnakcrwa AN SSSR. (Spectrum analysis) (Fluorination) GIN7BURG? V.L.j LIVSHITS, D.M.; SATARINA G.I. Determination of silver, gold, jalladluin, platinum, and rhodlum by atomic absorption flame spectrophotometry. Zhur.anal.khim. 19 no.9: 1089-1093 164. (MIRA 17: 10) 1. Kona truktorskafe by-uro IIISvetmelavtcmatikall I TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovateliskiy gornorazvedochnyy instituil, Moskva. cl-~Nll'l Bl"RIG ; v0,*-*ER'l;Oy, y Gravithtional colipp6c of' ii marmet,;--; -,,hl,-. vl-,".qp~ -' I-f~or. fiz. 47 no.3-1030-1040 S~ 164. / - , -. . - t -Izt 1 1 ~ -, 1. Fizicheskly instit-ut imen! -,A~be~ipva AN GIMBURGY~ V.I,.; RETAYEVSKIY, L.P. Optical -propertiea of polyvalent irateala and electron interaction. Dokl. All SSSR 163 no.6zl352-1355 Ag 165o (MIRA IM) 1. Fizicheskiy institut imo P,NeLebadeva AN SSSR i Institut fiziches'kikh problem AN SSSR. 2.. Chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Ginzburg). L 112,~po-.66, m1r!wA (h) Gi ACC NRt 6 -00'26 8" SOURCE CODE: UR/0033/651042f=71129111' AUTHOR: Ginzbur , V. L. ice ORG: Institute of Phraics of the Academy of-Sctencesj8SSR (Fiticheskiy inatitut im. Lebedeva Akadeniii nauk SSSR) TITLE: Cosmic rays and plasma phenomena in the Galaxy and the Metagalaxy SOURCE: Astronomicheakiy zhurnal, v. 42, no. 6, 1965, 1129-1134 TOPIC TAGS: cosmic ray, metagalaXy, opave, magnetic field, galaxy, p14*-.vta, adiabatic invariant,W AAA~ f rZt4A--- ABSTRACT: It hp been generally held that in metagalactic space no anisotropy of cosmic raysil6an exist because the magnetic field of this space is unable to od;-et the anisotropic pressure of cosmic rays. This, however, has not been borne out by calculations. The problem of anisotropy of cosmic rays and the transition space between a galaxy and the Metagalaxy is considered to be unsolved. V. L. Ginzburg hypothesized that the unsolved problems of cosmic rays are associated with plasma effects Irr space, especially with cluster and other instabilities in rarif ied plasm . The transition of the magnetic field from galaxy to metagalactic space occurs smoothly without hindrances. I:h moving under such conditions, anisotropic. cosmic rays preserve the adiabatic invariant and form cluotere in the Metagalaxy' The clusters move along magnetic force lines and become unstable, generating their own waves. Instability of the cluster causes turbulent motion in the plasma and Card 1/2 "Jur" Z-1 L n250-66 ~iC-C NR, AP6002686 isotropic motion of the cluster. A transition region is formed in -Aich the magnetic' field becomes turbulent and the movement of cosmic rays Isotropic. In thii way a solution is''found for the unsolved problems of cosmic rays in metagalactic intermediati space. 10rig. art, hast 8 formulas, (EGI SUB CODE: 03/ 61IBM DATE: 29Apr65/ ORIG REFs 0181 OTH REPI 006/ ATV PRESS; L 15889-66 c) JD ACC NR: AT6002491 SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/65/000/000/0001/0009 AUTHOR: Ginz burg, V. L lHotulevich, G. P.; Pitayevskiy, L. P. ORG: Physics Institute im. P. N. Lebedev (Fizicheak;,y institut) TITLE: Optical properties of polyvalent metals and interelectronic interaction SOURCE: AN SSSR. Fiziche:skiy institut. Doklady, 1965. Opticheskiye svoystva polivalentnykh metallov i inezhduelektronnoye vzaimdeystviye, 1-9 TOPIC TAGS: electron, gold, aluminum, tin, lead, electron interaction, metal crystal, permitt ivIty, absorption band I ABSTRACT: In polyvalent matals (J Sn, Pb), on the one hand, the approximation of weakly bound electrons is adeifu-ate;_`but7`on the other hand, the concentration of optical electrons Nopt is much lower than that of valence electrons, Nval (by definition, N t figures I the expression for the permittivity LC 4f.4 43opt for optical i0r9quencies v 11!ying outside the absorption band). This F3w-z difference can be explained by the Influence of interelectronic Interaction, since in the theory of the Fermi liquid for cryst! ine metals Hopt A Nval. -At the @=e time, for liquid metals, tits equality Hopt 21 Nval should take placeg and this Is indeed observed in practice.-.-Authors are grateful to M. Ya. Azbell and D.-Pays fo Car"/.2 L 15889-M ACC NR: AT6002491 a discussion of.the problems touched ispon in the present note. Orig art. has: 2 tables and 5 formulas. none SUB CODE., 07,v20 SUBM DIOTE: ORIC REF 1 013 M REF. 004 Card 2/ 2 7, -V 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . NOW T ANN() WMM GIMMURCY, V.L. Cosmic rays and plasma phenomena in the ralaxy ar;cl meLagalcocy. Astron. zhur. 42 no.6:112?-1134 Y-D 165. (L%mv~ 19. 11) 1. Fizichesidy instituL ha. Lebacleva '~?! SSSII. Submitted Al)!--,! -19, 1965. 259-30-66 7-w7(,-n);~. LJP(c) ACC NR, Ap6ol6663 R.-M--,--C- O-D~ T- K160573 510 M70- W, 6.'df AUTHOR: Ginzburg, It. L.; qyrovatskiy, S. I ORGI none TITIB: Cosmic magneitobremsstrahlung (synchrotron) radiation SOURCE: Uspekhi fizicheskikh nauk, v. 87,,no. 1, 1965, 65-M TOPIC TAGSs bremastrahlung, cosmic radiation, partiole.aoceleration, relativistic particle e ABSTRAC Magne-tWbremigstrahlung theory Is reviewed and Itdiol ;in raalodstronomy and astrophysics is described. All of the tneoessary details are ISIven for the application of the theory to iastrophysical problems. Magnetobremestrahlung Is rather wide- ispread In spaoet cosmic radio-radiatlon In most cases has magne- tobremostrahlung charaoteristics. This holds for the overall galactic radio-radiation, as well as for that from supernova, ordinary and radio ghlaxies, etc. liagnetobremsatrablung is highly' ,important In the atudy'of the origin of cosmic rays and gamma- ozd, ix-ray astronomy# The nature of electromagnetic radiation from laooelerabing nortrolativistio and super-relativistio partioles-la, ~disouseed, and formulae are derived for Individual electrons, IThis Is, compared with magnotobromootrahlung from groups of eleo-;:" Card 1/2 UDC: 323.165 -L 2593o-66 ACC NRt AJP601666~-) i~rons g and the .1,5tokes parameters are defined. The Influence of cosmic plasma ort the propagation and radiation of electromagnetic Yaves Is considered. It Is pointed out that magnetobremastrahlung .1radiation can be reabsorbed by relativistic particles, and the Absorption coefficient to calculated, Certain applications f, "J ,'wAgnetobremestrahlung.are diacussed in relation to cosmic plasma--~,.., :and magnetic Inatabilitlese_The more,--imuortant formulau are., 1summarize x1thout pr;Lqti,-' Origo art* hast 8 figures, 4 formilas-,'-and table's ,TM R V SUB CODFt 20, EIUEM DAIISt none~ /,.'ORIG REFt 042 OTH REFI 027 Card 2/2 17 L 25773-66 - EWTQ) ON ACC7i~R, AP6016379 SOURCE CODE: UR/0048/65/029/010/1825/182911 AUTHOR: Ginzburg, 11. L.; GzernoZ, L, M.; Syrovatskiy, S. I. ORG: Physics-Institute im. P. N. Lebedey, AN SSSR (Fizicheskiy institut AN SSSR) TITLE'. Relativit5tic, electrons in the M82 galaxy- eR~ SOURCE: AN SSSR. :Ezvestiya. Seriya fizicheskaya, v. 29, no. 10, 1965, 182~-1829 TOPIC TAGS: gala_xy,, relativistic electron.. hot star, Compton effect, bremstrahlung,, pi meson, nebula/MV galaxy ,ABSTRACT: 'The gaiaxY M82 (aiso' called NdC 3034 and 3C 231). whloh-~ 'is part or'the UIrsus Major group, Is of special Interest, since 'its relatively close position makes possible a comparatively de- .tailed study of thd nonsteady-etate (explosion) stage of galactic .development. It belonge In a special subclass of Irregular galaxot, :les Whose members are characterized by an anomalously red lightq thigh luminoeit Iy co-nelderable quantities of dusty matter with ',floooular' structure, and the absence of high-luminoolty hot .In this connection, the authors present formulas for calculating'...,.: ithe energies and energy losses of the relativistic electrons In,. '.t. ,this galaxy - partioularly.with respect to the total energy of,~ the. light-emi-ttl~ng.-re,,lat,ivlotio -electronaj the-energy losses ICar 1/2' ACC NRi APOW79 to the Compton el7footo and the energy losses due to magnetic bremostrahlung. It Is shown that the total flux of Compton rays' ,from M82 equals the Compton losses. An evaluation of the brems- strahlung flux of r.-rays due to the decay of 0-mesons and brems-; Istrabluns is prenented. The magnetic X-ray bremastrahlung of M82 lis evaluated on the aaeumption that,the optical spectral Index of iM82As close to I;he optloal Index K * 1 6 5 !pr the Crab NebUlaq which., jis eorreot_only up to the f requenoy Yo '1010 cpsAi Or-ig. dit. hiff! 12 f omulae. (JMS.1 SUB GODEts. 03, 20, SUBM DATE: none. ORIG R ff: ON RE, F: .012 Card 2/2 E?IT(],)/FCC GH ACC NR1 AP60231,30. SOURCE CODE: UR/0053/66/O88/OQ3/W5/O5C4 AUTHOR:'~'dj' MlLmArp V.,L.: Syrovatakin S. 1. ..'ORG Fhysica Inatitute.*im. P, No Lebedev, AN SSSR (Fizicheskiy inatitut AN SSSR) Tl=i' 'Origin of comic rays SOUR=:, t1spekhi f1sicheskikh nauk, v. 88, no. 3, 1966, 485-504 j- - dko Wer comic' ray# simpernova, astronomic conference, galaxy, electron spectrm T 'ABSTRACTi.-- It in argued that cosmic rays cannot be of metagalactic origin and that plasma effects are of fundamental importance to the further development of the -.-astrophysics of comic rays; this also pertains to the quasars. According to the hors, the principal sources of cosmic rays in the Galaxy are the bursts of agt and possibly also explosions of the galactic nucleus. Emphasis is placed on the role of instability in the formation of the boundary of the galactic halo and in the isotropicization of the cosmic rays emerging from the Galaxy into the Metagalazy., Allowance is made for the now knowledge that has been gained following the.Jaipur Conference on.Coandc Rays in 1963. The Ninth International Conference on Cosmic_Rays hold in London (September 1965) is critically evaluated; at this -oo, new In fe in favor of the.theory of the metagalaciie origin of galactic, ~cosmic rap - unless the highest energies are concerned - were presented. It is shown'that;studies of the.electron spectrum provide a means of verifying the ICaM -1/21 UDCt 623.165 L ~ 31467,46 ACC - Mks,: AP6023130 hypothesis that a large part of cosmic rays (or more exactly,, their electron component) ia generated during powrerful explosions of the galactic nucleus. Any proofs refuting this hypothesis would serve as a strong argumnt in favor of the local metagalactic theory of the origin of comic rays,, but no such proofs have yet been presented; nevertheless,, this theory merits further di,eausei6n. Orig. art. has: 5 formulas. [JPRS1 SUB C0194 03 SUEN DATEs none ORIG REF: 032 OTH REN 027 6rd 2/i ;_i. Lobed(w A.'! ji.:,~,.ILWL Ai'l 'Uhe rwllo o~f Genel-al anki Appli-A, IIiy.Jc:,, April I)ij)) v- 69, no. 511'~)-5' Cw;-.)j.c radlo ourco, L;alw~j, x ray cmj..-;tAon, 7 ray ar.LronorV i a roview article by 1-ccc,-It ob~;crvation 01, powerful x-ray i . T."; deals 'aith the hit;bory of .:-ray oh-'Cc ithc olbzscl-,ra- 1*:.(')'m lie slin in IS)48 an(" 1"; Lh tht: obt!iincd In x-ray and of the mietag-al"Ictic rq!ion~- Of Crj--..,;-I-c li~;tr_-d --nd th-jir lumino.-~itiics given. 'Aic n:,.ture of the co~;.:iic x. rc;dla- cII;;cw;, wrid the most important proccs:-,c:; which can Give ii_-e to rays are *bcd (bre;iis-strahlung, characteristic radiation due to atomic 16-1-an . itu ions, cynchro- tron ra(Iliation, Conipt-c.-. radiantion). Estimates of the relative c ont ribut, ions of the c-'Ifferent neclianisms arc! given. lurther prospects and the required apparatus are 6.I.;cu:;scd in Uie concluc;ion. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 5 formulas. suit CODE: SUBM DATT: 00/ ORIG REP: OID/ GTH REEF- 024 Cord Vl' UDC: 523-85 G IM MG ) v 1 1-1 4 "On the Exclusion of the LongitWinal. ~hp-netlc Fleld from the flamiltoll Rinction," Zhur. Eksper. i Teoret. Fiz., 9, No.8, 1939 Ontics Lab. and Sci. Res. Inst. of Physics, Moscow 'Aftte 11. GIKBUIIG~ V. L. "On Quantum -Electrodynamics. I," Dold. Ml SISSR, 23, No.8, 1939. "On Quantum Ilectrodynamics. IP, Dokl. AN SSSRI 23, No.9, 1939 Gillis-BURC) V. L I 1939. "So= Contribution to Quantum Electrorlynamics. III," Dokl. P~N SSSR, 24, No.2, Sci. Res. Inst. Physics, Moscow State U. ""m go 000 c oo 0 9:411 00 ti., lei it I'vertor f t UL (Compt. L J.7j. 9 ~fxt V. 11"ALL1111"ILL Lf"ItAtiow CLSWK&TM illf I -WS IV-3 a INN ""Itiv #80440 wit off as #31111 do spy is# 4 All 1 11 a 4" a a a I a a 9 a 4 2 4 1 u AT 00 0 on a r a lit n ft 0000000041000600900090 [-0o 00 00 .00 goo 200 ce: =0 Soo Soo 00 : 00 800 goo gee WOO 000 000 Not s JE A a A M , a It 9 U M A 16 11 X P 0 41 11 14 11 16 1? I If f 11 7 Is 4 JC 1 I -- --%v, A I t v IL-.I-T'Yo* 00 C - .44 0 BWMW= d w dmkm swim in a w"W wW a sawAyd 90 tftd d WmbL ~f Iii x lot -$I)$, Cf. plt j '00 alrVAJIV Ifewrihml If Opp"M f" Ow ra~ "I An III a, Evital With Ity -,. th.t 0 light I W,, 1.- 00 circulArcisn" of rmlwtom aw Im-duct4l. in w1u, It t1W intrillifif 00 1. n.,t thr amt, rn itionvnt geomtric", Thr =46"n 00 , of the cithati-al diders froin that in An wtfil'i, In. 00 r 00 a09 00 '00 00 o C A . 4,8, f 00 ------ ..... -I' - is ; ; I a . a , 7 , 9 1 6 p b ~ m An I I Ow a IF so IAl 0 19 1, .1 n If It I ~ " 4 p IT 40 go a OF 0 0 0000 0 090 of 0 000090 0 0; 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 so 0 0 0 0 0 ~0411 1 40 0 0! 0 0 4111 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0 & 0 * 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 4666 0 6 0 ; warm, ,ntulli -The a mediu famly Moving 10~ In Ob Ior I- -lilt) 21~~ -A%~ . . I tt'.11 1111,C1 91 oI diml, ell jj~ CIV I'll Ili,- 'Ji't lilt-( ill f Pit I oil it Of mlm lit, ,.v ill Ow Ali "ri led Iw lilt, .lat it) tjoW 1 .1 I)IT J)"11111, I-X 0) 10 *, 1.9 118 116 lei on 101i em 0. we 10, .0 1. .0 A A A 1 6 x k A -L 00 00 t ood 008 60 00 00 a 00 0 60-3 m v m )v a 0 di A) a r 0 1- A. A - i- -P -.I-- a -jL-j PSOCISSIS A.0 PArP#Qfltl kC14& J. dKIA) . V. I.. Glijobi1q. 'CA UiL -1th.; a gmaal nivibal 1% developed, wrinittitix calcm Ilic radialrd riwir4y owl the rirld of diagi-, itow- III all 14111"Illintle fivid. Tlw caw tol Is (mlit4l, M, .00 ko. ise. J; 12A PkCrZtP nt-*v caw A 84 f A L t 11#61C At t ITUA I ImIlt CL A IIWKA flow too., 1111911 Islas,) kp ~. Oat IF --AR I , I f :Too e 0 "10 0 coo i! too of S Ke 0 000 :z so* Dios A- - .14., J.o, ----- -- al~ki~ Gig awi i, 1--tw a Is -) a 41 31 9 9 I I a of it it 0 owl It N KW f) 0 g 0 0 * 0 0 a 000OW!,0*600006*06090, 0000*0000*001000000,Looooooosoosof We 0 0 111 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 a )A 0 AS If Or a a 41 a 0 do 'o if I .-JA AXA 0 U W U L J 1-1. W.C.,I;~ P; of 2533 530.145.63 335.13 - 3 71mary of at sammum, va &F rwaw ; CjIMIwUW.W.L JPhv,-.L~SS~R 00 C , )- nwuW 4747 1441 --Tho hWrjkji,mj PO with oos , I , , . , , thir HIM M dull with on the bout o( 00 4 . ; Tin"101,11COCT-A" theory Ortho mewm- Theciscri, 000 1 Sawa Of thir - is dedumd mw the bou, 1~ 0( it s nusmic morricrif for high cricram is in%colpted. 009 1 30M diffacullift in mmon thcor) are dt%-mwd. J!kv oo.t li 00 j ij~, 00 00. A V, UVA- At* ILA Offit.1.06KAI 1111401141111 CLA11141,101160, If : .0~~ u AV of% Pfaff its : 0 : : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 All a 0 0 0 a too 0 4 0 imi 0 19 090 000 * 0 40 0 0 0 0 0 48 t 1 #4.1 j.IS1dftI, .4iIami a 0 IN 9 1 111 .18 9 In a 0: ; lp 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 GIs 0 * 0 00 o * 0 0 o 0 o 0 0 0 0 -90 -00 -0411 *00 -04D -00 .0411 0800 us* coo goo see 9 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 * 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 a * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 6 0 o 0 0 a 0 Lo to 1; 14 it L C, FU I iI Ift 0 m M ~ . 0 : 0 4 00" ,- 0 4 ow d; 0 0 'r I r1 U ft ld 0 ea J F ot ow to 1 O ' 7 z 00 1 0 D ~ - go 0 0 0 0 go of v If A I Do QUO At2U 9 POW ALaIA81 WW 111119PON" pa . l s. jf.,o 1 00 00- 00 00- 1 r v I 7 1 U W it I 111 1. 411 it 11 11 11 '1 11,Ijt01 im, p 0Z 'D * is 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 00 , -a- A Al 6- 8- -9-9-00 ik0000 I . A d, /, I t, , , - - 'a V. L. -qiR~k4l ~0;7` ,,M~eMRTS M" -9 "31:t323). 14 1 4-). . ~ C. , Ibm, of ika, bi-saft. V. I., 9-imums W.-tt re"'/ I 1 -8.1 '- 1. ) - -%%,%%o ILII"n. I." &-.% % . 1941'U. 0-37 -.MM) ... ..... I I m I h~ w in-m. a ti'le 114%ing -pin 0 in th~ 111-1 'tAt .% ) %I, tio.sinplyrult-I W~, v x Nit un us Tounseat alsomelto a AA r Z M-MAX-AILIEtL-A-6 IL A--i Ist too ..o P-19% paotmis Goa! 0 aj Of ow "womb 111W. mm4uh V, L. A My$. Of L"S.S.a. k )A or. -goo elm ar ft dwwawasmuc *h- rwlklw goo 00. ftm oms awwWaraft kwAnd Havi" '&w is 0 0011111111MIM. PW OPPM, of P~fk I ("it'% h :0 goo umd ((w a %WW hairlew #0 *APO 0( it -4-44Y unt 71w mAWIM hWn PARStIoAk. fWWAr Ifkl 00 COW loym is ,Ogukbrrw- woo A NIT too Oki 41101 as W-V All too #A 1 6 w IN 1 a 0 2 a It G!'a 0 to as 04 a 40 11 00 10 1 " 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 ~,:Om 00 49 go oleo 0 41 0 00 0 0 6 0 0 of 0 510 0 00 0 0 0 9 0 0 a 0 0 0 44111o 0o0 06 00 000 0 to 0 4 0--o-W V-W-W-qv_~ - 9 is it u 11 w 4 Is it to t . P I IL Mi.A__ A.- C_JL'j_ it Z J-P q4tq4t i-00 141IN V.SSA pyk IND Ims. -0 a %4" PFjl'V"" "U"J y pArlkkl and .00 PI'll, a(V CAWOOL The "me I is tickitwd hy :0 A PvLkfakvbr wove IlwK-tkm. c"I'l, P'*4'" "( A he - 111-Y I the ion f lhe m",- it, states of hea% y Ps"k-im) am dbcLmwd. 00 j 00 LO 41 go 090 00 00 40 0 'too goo e. 0 w ol 0 a I 1 9 u I I %a 'A 411 0 0 or on g! 00, Sa OR o' 0 00 0 00 0 to 0 0 0 000090 0 GINSBURG) V. L, "Wave Equation for a Particle with a Spin 1/2 and with Two Values of the Rest Yass) H Zhur. EksDer. i Teoret. Fiz., 12, No.10, 1942 "On the Theorf of a Particle with a W"pin 3/2," ibid. Physics Inst. im. Lebedev, AS USSR a 11'If 00 IJ "k -L. '1A., Ad )-V COO-$ SA It ~4.i. 4s% J-P I I- P, B 66 00 DZl.39C*U 550.30 : 551.594.6 09 On the ,*ra=Cnj)t1c effects influencing the radio-&-aye propaeation 00 in the atr-092haxe. W. Aaad. SOL. URSS, 35. 9, pp,, 09 r 270-M, 190 - The earth's anCmatic field elven rise to a double go r retnation and rotation of he plans of polarization of radio ways* in 00 a the attiosphers. In evaluating these wreffectse it is ordinarily suff- 00 0; icient to calculate the change In refr. Index of the modlum contalning 00 j! fr" eloctrons, which It brouebt about by the raignetic field. The paper 00 considers process" of a paramognstlo nature, dapen4lng -ori a cunst. 0 0 Me"tic =ment of the atoms and nolocules of gases in the atmosphere, Considarati. 00 ons relating to the electronic Btayes of nolecul", atwa and ions of Np and Og lead to formulas from which the rjoi6nitude of the effect can be ernluntod. The influence or the paruringuetic procesees is insignificant. A*1*T, a, a og a ff 0 0 o* 0 0 16 0 0 4 * 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 a 0 oje a 0 10 0 0 0 0 e * 0 9 0 : 0 .00 -.00 .40 .00 A 0 '00 coo coo .00 fee !.Ise i 1.00 ho 0 a 9 0-0 -3 14 #V1 0 0 6 0 0 0 a N t0 41 0 0 0 0 01 0 * 0 a 0 1 3 1 a 0 0 -l", A 00 .4 of 9 06 00 0* Ak 00 ii, 00 of It to U 14 15 1& U III F Lai a Ct,'45 -0 owl.fles ..of. V- IR die v it um No IOU 30041, 411, 334-ZLG" 2400 Oa do dhpm" 49 W&b*SWW in Opw CA AVAIL SOL Vim. -00 OWL- mmm- fncCI6*- raw #Am" to mom ft ft d~ A. t T. 1 A allITALLSINIC&L UnliTt"oll "aslocalrA Room 0 Ole 0 0 94 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 cm ON- 1111 An I 1 4 ad 0 1 9 So 9 a 0000000*0000*00000 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 4 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 4 .40 0 000 0 '00 bp 0 '00 I '4 I.R S S.. illk 'f"J~ Ae*j- t4~j mikis Ummolry a,'@ dkKU in lvl&tiviatlx I elementm). Uj,injj front C.'Mi. P-W, --v i the effect Of the (b) ditfAcultict from am taking into acc-n if the proPet ropwtwa. 1'l of :tbee A= as its ScatUd %P t, ,cunt. @%cited I t Is tak" be IWwk 0010011 ufated. No the WAVOLnU.St taftlet the paticle mwt be P-t J. must contain an anip'" coast. 06 c 00 so 00 00 j 00, so SI 00 q-, 9 Is It x It a a it IS Is v IS It 11 It SA a a It a to 40--4ta--,w I a --,--A -?-t$ I- I u If IS T I m AM u ~ -k.. k-A- 4--*, - I. 4 1.6 4.0 11. Vill- SAM OVINS G"mm% V. L C.& AvA M. MV. 37. I* moN,40itOP" of bWr4 in thip auto bavins *m 1, 1 OW wMew imp " r"MOVOY. 7ba ua-.v OW4061M. an m up am WWW for the pmwics Allk A/0 ad it. rx ** fi"mf bwav the bimpkio, Mwmd" is do LAVINO form and. at *a% im dw mbeime d a MmW akhmo this is taw 11011INdOWIL NIS AWONCAL LITIONATION CLAISIVOCATON ....... SSW. 140449 iv, Qv 0.4401 iSSSF Ali W-11 a a T -1A f1d 0 0 -8 1 v a 9 40 a a I u 9 AT IQ is a, WAS 09 00 0 9 0900 0 .00 8*0 110o &* 0 000 be* tog X, - -; Ili*",;-.,.-.., , I" I., w wd wm-m:-,W4-w*m"v. eta Gs"~nswh~ul a" I invili "hadWS at mwqww in 94--VI4 --:.ITjO r lcct o u R 5 5 sj,. PAy.77-1 -i-m 1 nesh ibit. ,4.~dj- Scl. - - ;;Wthat I polar mols. Pirammaek Tool's. -it SMAII. ... 1. J. it. W-10-: 7%, 0 0 .- ~. * -i--* 0 0 0 * Wye-111 dril?""300"PI 0~ oegooogooomoo* 1 8 j I; 111 6 - l &I it 11 r; ;i rs y A N, 0 1, u 11 W 1, - I It, It I 15 isuWa; Is &1 01 m a r* "A L 1; L f 1. of , It J k. It ruI 4,1r. AI IAA W U LV Its ' "1 .1, - Par" at spin 3/2. VA.G.0tiWil. S S R r h l ) 7 . . . 1).- i ag . . in 3/1 of the article alm Is d Tk (fillitiviKk thW 2 r is P y Ydr4wd In op6w-vwtw tom. Uspirsaknis are obubsnI ' for rilfvmt Oniallyt am BY numneolufn letokof wid OfIX11141 .. a 11MA11011111111 C1100101ty Ittilfils 09 Well AS throlleffth.1 j .1,11, i1cojectlain mW tM cmspkte act of functhim- fnr the t a- of it" wAstim. Ite Intermelksm of the partis-le with the rIcs-trmi4gmf1r dellsf, particularly with the ropliallon M4, ifranwerctf. On the bask At 4 ".141 etample the srtk- -Ir W n wotle. 4 Ilse )iy arli ;02 d f O 19 00 ., s, s an wr o 4 p I p 'artich.. are 11N.U644.41, ; go Zoo go roe C, , OA V 0 too it 01 41 a S I mtftu Kt%u 11% LOA I %a r! Do* :0 go go** 0g domai: o** 0 0 * o0 e so* 00000000 0 .000 14 0 *0 0 06 000 0 **a 0 r 1*4 o.f 14 14 JD -1 0 A f A. V T 0 0 -1 00 00 A 00 0 IT" 4111 0 0" u V u ]a m V m a 41 D ?f a -A L AA 00 CC M U -0 00 War* 111C 1" to"M r. PAY" (V. s.!MyR3 P. it, meml- In NO- 3. 2U4(1043) The r1ktivisticr theory tirle having -pn/ 1 and capabk ol being in PlAtes. rts 2 diffeent mun h 00 C ' 1 " t e rck MEAS is developed The traumit'Oft between the mat" of difil, t mm .t w9 ponible. tbew 01 tt'"'Otims ksft to QMWM or absorptia"re ap6wo 1 ", 7 " the waveelf"tion in the the"'y 01 tlemtntwY paurticks kams thus far I, discu P. If. Rathmitne A I S L A. _01 TALLuRcorAL LITENAI EA1 ~LASSIFSCATJGM ----I -ICS-4 selcV1 1-0 1 6 N 0 .4 S 'I If 14 1) a Q 3 A -11, -f *-r--. 0 n CC It It of KW fw I i" u a A, -0 ,AV IF 4( 100 "00 -00 160 10: %0 =00 ro 0 V;0 0 f* 0 qV* too 0 tie 0 0 49 I 1 111 If 14 11 Id If 14 If 111 N al W. f~..- I i v Al M a 11 u " No lay japs If Qu 1414'ro A if IF If A I I V I -L--,-L M a CC 0 Ill&- If It -t 11- -1-L--1 00 A r 00 A 00 v I.j I pit, I I 00 1011111101111 some NO-Ow Cm d M& W&M bm Um 1411110- AO 0 ILI --0o of the IIIIJUrlieW nt thV tOff"IFIA1 II-Agnrlic tirhl be tVfIMtj,,n .,I M4ij,) w6kV".tn,I IgnAl. In'"I An 0 iuh.,ruog~smm4 I'MiRTI 14)-Tf MeAvi-kir " v,mskIcmI Ljh(%"Ttft-Ajjyj. Ill jurti,illar Itur To IMKAtilln "I "AV" at A *IUAII AIAFlr I'l thr ibfmtu~n the nugmtw tich, I. "', it I- 00 'Plitting -n that %if this CA.~C A %TV'-' 11-PkIIIIAr 0 Int.. Ah, nv And a,,t A' QbWFN"I Ill "IfIC' ""C'- 11111" ""La j4p f I'LkC." 40 0 4g 0 r tie a e too A10,SLA P41ALLURGKAL LITIRATUME CLASAVICAM boa o S U IV 43 #A S ad 0 a 0 1 w 111 9 4 : . . . I, ; J K It 9 it -1 a cut It a 00000000000*0*0*00 to moo* 0 0 00400 004 : : : : 4 so 0 of 0 0 go ;, * 0 0 0 4- eo Coo T r1o"14TIZ --T -r T". j%********0*04::::'* .41 ~fi i r L F C. a x T z -64-. a -cc QP-. ft NU in how IL -L.J;~ifiksbwl (J. PAYSICS. '00 U-S.S.R., 1943. 7.303-MOI.-The propext of He are explaincti b= Is= &V no as thi COodrUntion of a Bose gas. T rattu of i scaitcred to incident light is given. above V x_ Iby the clanka jimeaule, for o"ADAry liquids. Fur fie 11 1 c h voloci y (a) of sound Waves Is givvn by a quadratic in ml, one velocity Corresponds to tb* " M09OW " and UM to 1114 " &VIOMAJOUR " 1 souad. Three waveo we copsidwad. For orthowy liquids the scathered light is a triplet. bet lot He It the ceatts.1 component, Correa bled doub PoIstlinbe to the " anomallown " waves, is dou . 7he inner let a 0th too vrask and too close to be rowAved. From ZOO I.An"u's equations for soand propagation In He It eap"Wons may W be found for the intensity of the individual wattered doublets and their Sum. CaLk. Wattering agrM with expCTjnwnt. t Z- AS&-ILA MITALLUSMAL LITINSTWE CLAISIPICATION 1.4alli ~ty 0MV oat aj,Lll;.t 414411 00 C- T, C' --F; -ii;- a 4 A I V 1w .3 U Is 1, -T-7 , ,, I I a I ~! An I fle to a It at 4( IN it it a It a a it K kLO n I AnI .0 0 * 0 * 0 0 * 0 * 0 0 :10 a 9 0 0 0000 4 * 0 0 0000 LA 0 w 1.,0 nil aidito W If's t 1-f 4 1-1 1 1 1 11. -, -09 r Y9. a a: 6MI-m4thensalical. The (fistwT%km of Jig I it, lit h ZOO It is ftom th~ Pklt cd view of the thc~Y.4 th, G1 liqmids Ats dtveloMf by IAdau (C. .4. is. zoo 00 00 Z00 00 1 1. 1 L A atfitiLFLKAt kIrIMAIL41 C.Al%jf~(ATICk =00 O's "C~i Wave Fquations for Particles with Variable ~'pio," Zhur. Lksper. i Teoret. Fiz., 13, No.7-8, 1943 0 T 4 's a ~'~ a o :~ 's o 0 * O 0 6 4 0 0 G * 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 06 ' 1314h 1. 11 is it . " U 1, . 4 4, " . r4 a 6 a- 1. A L It 1 I 1 .1-1 Ix LID it, I I .' . u ". , 00 -00 00 -00 so -00 1;1~" d I= 111 Go kwA~ mom=. - - - - - ' j 1*0 0 8! -. . L 11.4. .4=. i Sli, 1043 37 t a s i l 7 t f h t *0 s m %a t e in" A a3 7 4 arloatton lit t ) a pu " o and MID A of 0 and ow 1) ljn" of Na &wtumIng that the lutimi- 06 u, . . Mence Is due to doorwence and multiple scatteTinil of the un's Th b ll j I h 00 sation e poesi i ty o( polar n t e aurttra spectrult, I% &jut rayx~ 4lisc if IV, 06j zoo 0* .3 0 40 zoo 00 40 f 0 to noc"ad union Ittin lix I go 0 0 0 0 0 9 9 0 9 0 * * 0 0 4 0 0 a 0 0 'a 41 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 al 0 * 0 0 0 0 * a a 4 o 0v 41 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 4 0 : * 0 0 GIMBURG, V. L. 0 P01yarizatsii linly v spektre Gvecheni a nochnogo neba I v spektre i)olyarnykh siyaniy (On the Polarization of the Lines In theySpectrum of Night Sky Luminescence and in the Auroral Spectrum). Xcademiya Nauk SSSR. Doklady, 1943, V. 38, no. 9, p. 266-269. AS262-S3663 v- 38 62 E E G NSURG) Va L, "On Secondary Light Scattering in the Atmosphere and on Polavization Anomzlies During Twilight, It Dokl. AN '311SR, 40, No.6, 1943 to 011TWAlln FIRLD. WOW POLAIMS&TWO OW LWAIT 'rov. ywoon ow Kxrttw" A"ll: 41-1 (PO IF"l wra'snam" (w LIONT too Livim _11,1. man: C40dwo. (campffs mr.jes (A-4- 104y) diT9r-&j q6. A, rimss. poh I- 194.1- V"I. 9.Nm Pq 370 a Mill Fri.. I'Mi 0. 4. in, jr.4 16, looll Fri, I-pof, ij, I. Iv. A In GINSBURG) V. L "On the Scattering of Light In Liqiiids.1" Dokl. AN ,"SER, 42, flo.4, 1943 P.N.Lebedev Physics Inst... AS, USSR 530,145,1 2145 AV Oil ilia theory or (N-XcI11 n 0 VALlIcIrg" lys. USSR, 9, 1, -5 1944.-A deve orinicni of the relativi5lic p. 33 1 p theory of the rarticIc (112, 3/2). Tile cro%s-Aection for tho scattering or light (or mcsons). on the magntlic (ortjuPAl-tnaGiicllc) moment or5ucha particle increascs at finit with ilia vicrgy as in tile unial theory but K,- comci c9listant forpholor( energies hi,>>( 'in ?rj)r2 h d M T w ere nt an -mmses. oi~ RTV B rvit hus, tho Introduction of bliher spin otates leads to the cutting- off or the crovi-section for scattering and to the possibility of a tion-contradictory, consideration of the Interaction of the heavy parlicle's moment Olt ilia radiation and the nicson (laid. The thcory or (lit particle (1, 2) Is ario-JRclopcil and this, together with the above theory, mukes It possible to confldct the excited states oftheproton-rewrOM and the mason lit a relativistic rorm, L, 31 (11 v [an' 'or on the wavo equall r a e" "lillyrfable $Pill, U 52-53, 194-- By Lill (1, particla is meant one which call cnist III statci with stilm I and j and with diMmil valluci or ilia rest mass. *rhe miallvistic wave equations ror such a particle, recently proposed by Gimburg, Lira said to split up Ir, by mms of a certain transromintion or the wave functions, they reduce to a system of equations for a parlDcle with the Spin I and for a particle with five mpin J, Which am lndctviidcnt of each other. It Is shown that the equittlons for a (0, 1) particle and for a (1, 1) particle always split 13P In ilia absence or a field and also In the case of a certain type of inter- action with an electromagnetic field. The equations rot a (1, 2) particle are also separable fit the absence ofa fldd, but this Is not the case for a particle. L. S. 0. IiF~ -SS3*- _j G11,TBURC, V. t. the I--- 2- relic-ni-math, The IrlechallkIll of is III,-- MILO M,;:K of rxptl .data (oil tile 10. (If lolls and mols cc And tile fre :F llency f)f IWtIN'rt", dectrons' MIS. as Well JLt 'J1 the rffL"t uf the e. 17,231'etic field' aral .11 - V Ni e RIM -27 N ml MQ 12 4 410 c 1 01 1 U 0 41 42 43 CO AV n LU! IT j i~; It: it Ise j 90. go WW 00 00- full parlool me "n"lle) to. $*pal sip IQ r"'M-0-h"t 0 0"; 00 "141.6 -6; f",.;v Ali of w -W - 0 0, co 00 0 0 00 00 00 ~ I 0s 11" Aboorsdom of *a& Watifts Ww tb* somilloof d ogkwm is As wit-W. PAll.l. VASJt., ;,It- is) 15(,) -Thr tion 4;1 rAl., ave., In %IW onlo.111111C ~RAIAI 1 -40' t~- deterillille tile Olt-ctive kollim'.111 III .-nn- 1A its irilptlov. on the ollier hand. it i~ lx,-~ibll will, OW Wit 1A the UIUAI flictill.1 tit kinetic 41JUAti-Ill I-- evaluate the numl,er J olb,lon, i-littlo- J- shr PFULr.% .11 AIj,,,q)IJ4pO 14 ?A(IjO IAAVC'.%. ISAlth On' flectotmitt* "Ah,km. with the rn.,Ipt:ul,-% and Ilit-ii U411.641, Willi tile 1'41% can Ile thu, al'tilal"I The cn-l M~tumrl for the Lttew ull,kF -n. diti,At% pmvAiling in tht- ndto~plwrs- I, .0.,ut A mill",ri tirn- lArgvr thazi hor cc4laxv,n. mah thr Int)IMIllea III this talline%1,93 the C4111-tillaIP-0 .it n-sus And mAecule, in tile Wo-1.1WIV. A. drlI%t1I fruill 14,11.0 IIIcLjalrVllWnt~. 1. o - 8 - W- ~ " 40- t?? F ;F ; f ,A r U T I V x T A tj S A . J. J YI. ( Superconductors with rumnal --Th- tic&l W f UA) . c . nE ng * I t l I . n curren ien1p. rsdicuts should show & norma this 6 countetacted by a suPercon- d 00 1 1 uctom 6oltop cm 0* j ducting Current Jailing ervials the d. of f d t d .00 0 A o at ri the resulting CurfOlt I zero wW the thertfull current should ~Idttectxblc the 00 r1manctic rmldl produced. Also In Xv . Them]. ky$. (U. S. S. R.) 14, 177-83. It. Rathmmum jr 00 4 00 9 00 00 0013 zoo 06, ANAL! lee MOO iboo 1-200 A - I L A 111T ALLMICAL LITIMATLIII CLASWIFICATION Mee flow "NOT we* At a.* 4#1 U III AVA 0 ire 11, Z!, to OF;a 91119 Reg" l IV ma I NO It I v im i a a 3 1 v N 0 0-0-00 0 GINSBURG, V. L. "Optical Method forthe Investigation of Stressesp" Zhur. Tekh. Fiz., 14, No.3, 19/d, Physical Instj im. Lebedev, AS USSR GT~,1'7EUIG lf. $taw 0 f the ti )r IM yo%up'.',~nfluc t) ft ara diqcu&gcd in the light oftivity 4nd rL litl"ON't Off the 1,t, jelltaillostj ;1R relating in ve-stg-ttlOns-N. A. (,_xfx.ritI and') Iworcli"al 0 900 0 o o & 00 0 0 0 oj'6`76--#-v-W7w.-7W-- 6 00 i 4-6 i a 0 00 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 all*- 10 11 uI) V4 is 14 it it tt n a ZA Is ;A! 4 4T Q 43 at 13 )9;1011 1213 U13 ALY lap A I C a -L-1 1. 7 4 1 bwmelectria V. thniburg 'rhmh-ti cal. It t Prevence of a temp. gruilent currvitt in a aujim- conductor must inenw; in an WtrojAc supractmWurtor, htjwrvvr, this g, rftnt io comp"mied by the suptsounAucting current and henv i* not ldlucteckd. In suvinwonductbut S"stak theIrmulting, c.d. ia not tera and -tha .09 th"tw(K-ItOrit: c1l)-tv"t es" b0 Vbwrvr4 by HwAns of tht, toagjwliv field due to =00 it.-S. A. jG# roe 00 00 J Z to hoe S S A AITALLUPCKAL WINATU4E CLAWFKATION P-90, s r AM I U 0 'D 'jj-Q 0 t, Gg of It R 2 It It it ano. 0 9i Z4, * 0 : 0 :: 0 : : : : : 0 04 e 0 0 00 w O's 0 go a 0 0 6 0 0 00 *so 0 oil No- W i --;, - ~s I A 06 so :'66 ;'.06 lee e: I 00 IWAIIWIW 41 VW Im ImmI66 V. L. GI=Com Ast Prowl. Arad. crit. ifiscuo-j, sian 4A rittest experimental data and their lnt"Mt&tWn (c(. Ven. kateswarau *I at., A., INJI, 1. 2M). R. C. M. =0 0 Go 4 0 J 0 0 0 'a zoo '00 A I s A atIALLUNGKAL LITINAIL411 CLASSWKATICH t I a 0 1j. 11, lit 104451 .10 on. dot I, u a AV 00 it, CP 0 to coil Ica%* plan 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 a * 0 05. 12 1 s 0 7 0 9 w 11 1) m )s to 11 is )q a 11-11", R-VfTV-R!- Tn. AI f-- 11 2- It A JL- 00 A - VU Ids 11111 1111141 41 QU L-A, " IL 00 Ou the Oyromaxnefic and thletran-bortis Ysporinjouts oil 6 up V. (imAl'of (Mor. Ek-j-, T-r,l- 11111. 14, ill), :Q6 3'.".11. ill) 00 oo It V 00 go s! 0 0 o 0 000 00 a: oev 00 A 0021 :TW-U 04 A a S L A NITALLUPGOCAL UTUAFATUNE CLASSIPICAMN 0 fb it .1, 17 *-1 alAw zm a., If~ 0U W3 it,; Ff IV it it or ac a a IN A it n It 09 Nw A I i #A J. a Ow 0 a . I it IN 0 Ce 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 wo o o o 0 0 0 o f 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0:* 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 614 6 0 0 0 0 o o 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 o o .04 .09 .60 '00 =00 '00 '00 too 600 goo 400 Soo Ago 00 '00 0, I A 00 00 *0 o*J go W-W-W 00 0 16 " -1 ly 11 14 It lit I/ It x it "'I r . -M m 0C w 1w V. L. LIwd,v Pbyl. Sri. U.R.S.S., Mr. Phys. 1). 174-100945)(in h,~wi~q cf. C.A. 38, 61491.-A tcvkw of t A 1 5 - I I AWALLLM.KAL UTINAILIll CLASSWICATIOP S. M A b u W& AT W3 It v-q r ip "11,110(vit Ott On 01tiff tic 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 : : 16 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 000 00 : I I 9 11 u 11 It is 4 it x p IV it u 11 , I f 1 119 J.. A so 1-00 Os -*4 -00 .06 see =04 drad. RuMill"); roe , 4. 'rhon . ,!,Coo :see El -Ld- woo 14, it w 0 kla A 1 !14 : : N 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 Is0 go * 0 * 0 * 0004 o 0 04 GiNTSBURG V. 'CN TH k, 3-URFACI ENERGY MID THL BIEHAVIOUR OF S1,MPACONDUCTORS OF SMALL D1* MVISITHR. V"'GINSBURG (J. PHYSICS N.S.S.P.), 1945, 9, OT, -30,51-311 ) (In SnI7,11 ) 1hooretical. "Ile depth of penetration of a ma!~notlc fleld Into ft supraconductor lo discussed, and tho offoct of-thn surract) onoryy at the boundary between a supraconductor and a vacuum or a mobal In the normal state is stressed. It Is pointed out that bad arrooment between the previous theories and the measured values of' the critical fields for supra- conduction films, and madsive specimens is duo to norlect of the surface- energy faebor. Thq reikation betviecn t e critical field and Lhe thickness of the film is developed taking this factor into account, and gair agroomen with experiment is obtained. GVR. S9:.S LAMETA LLUnGICAL LITERATURE CLASSIF.ICATION 'iWWWWWwo go a too 00 906 sofl* Soo:! 0000*009*0000000000 -0 61000099900006#06:6 6311 a 1 4 1 4 1 a , t; 11 11 11 It 11 1& fl U 21 n a 34 is I? "I N X) V U Ij u is h 3; a )o Q .1 Q 43 40 a J! A I -L- ri--L-j A--a-L-L -L-1-11 F Q I., A A --U- V1, I Z- so to U t *0 4f E: it 1 14, 1 WC7 00 -00 PFFV.-di"wx u. PAY-,$ =00 The intensity. U.4.S.R., 1943. 0:0: L 9dMXjM emitted when cr. bisf AsIffism into snoth do p""'a no" =0 0 __ injo a --tol, we cak- a, INIMIU0115 Of the in The Wiation dl.Vftic -10-41' 'A C'OdwtMta 01 UN two MMiL is not cvisected with a cb&W Of dw vWodty of the electron. 10 plays an jullportaut tale in the luminewzme at the anodes of vac. X- H. R. C. ray and other electrunir tub- i see ZOO Use .)WP too As ujs~ AVM %LA .11ALLUCrl[AL LITIOATURt CLAMPKATICA I - i moo W It I .... . (11111 Vol $in Itu K(tff It it I An I I W 1 -1 3 1 0 oto 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 IT! !~-o ! T4 oooooiooo 0000 0 60*64 0:0 o4lie"o of* too* Soo o Go. ..:I~q Chakistry Dielootrio Constants "The Dielectric Properties of Cr7stals of Seignetto-. 6196trio lub9tmaw-and -of Barium Titanate)" V. Girii-. tlwgt IMAtitut -0 of Physics Imeni P. N. Lebedsi;_A-oA- aq of Sclenose of the UM) .10 pp *Zhur 13ceper I Tear Fiz" Vol XV) 739-49 Reviev ofprevious work on the behavior of the di- eleotrio-locustant aroand the Curie point. Artiole Is reprinted-in the Journal of Physics of the USMI. Vol ZY 107-15 31T3 Superconductivity Moskva, I7a-vo Akademit nauk SSSR, 19116. 204 p. (Akademlia nauk Soiuza SSR. Hauchno-popullarnala serlia) (49-58139) qC611.G5 LillJZLJUR'G2 V. L. "'Theory of the Propagation of Radiowaves in the Ionospnei-ell. Uspekhi Fiz Nauk, No 2-3. 19h6 (155-201). (Meteorologiya i Gidrologiya, No 6 Nov/Dec 1947) SO: U-3218, 3 Apr 1953 The theorf 6f wited rj_t;'-t rt-h~q 4f d nl~nrmv ".Irfl I'vady-li-tT74-st., Ami N. fxhcd.-. J. No. 2, 3X1uIVXA -11w timal effmti- Crfi,% f.r th, wal i-ing 4A 11,- 11y itattletes l1rat intwa-,cs with cm ray: t!li,, cm- tratticte. the exiAl. fludiumi. TW4 i, dq~- to iji~, UIC', ill it t I., watiott of thQ V-1d (A (fie 111.1vurtic "t. (pla"Isi"guctic t,ltjiuv%it of the vattering putick tilt the motitin tif this litoment h~vt 1w-c-4 iivCt,,vt!A, Avvnimthit. ter Ow prol;,t-t fir.14 fil-thi, qTla"t-am r M~i'" ;,wk tit Ote twet-ity M flig% Omit'. (hi 11troton alld the licittrall tilt L-Xcitvif *tit it Slihl Ili :J/2 IW flirt %VT. 11A (tit- C:tA' .11 ill', tilt' M ',he l"."timptiZin (A the f...1istelmr C4 'Utes %1 ith it -phl (if etc., xri~cs_ 11, thi., itive;tigatiall the reLitivi"tic Ifivory of tit" INW11.1" It- 4-ilt'.1111C Of Wlig M .3 Q110 With A 11ill of, I mid M-A mV, Vmit tit a A!Aiv with 1,;,l V. mul n~t Imli'l Fis'l. J~, it"T, j It i, ~hwwll tho rMitmi for thr of light (44 11jr,titis) ml tilt fit guctic ((Jll,%qbh;kg;1c1i0 flivillefit tit wcjs I 1),irticte M fird iji-rcjv~3 "ith tht, elwlyy %.,; 'tit tit(, 11'"'d thplity, hill U411 r,)r imititis litr4j".4 Pp > (I($-fj - jullikIl R N-cmicq comt. (ill, ~ rt-wif 11w tl,~Iwy IFtetid'. twing Tllit7;. the 111tru. ~ whith Is ackillutte to av%wotit fur the P.-q?cr fktii Af that J*wtict~. i1wmcnit. Itudi to (fie clitting nq of t1w CjTYi3 S(-',tinu fix Atilt to the militrilitr of the intm, COO of the h(-AVY lKirtirle's mmm-lit Ivith 11i'm radiatiort'attil tn--%Ii flvId. Tl-.c r0atkistic thkory of Ti juirtichi b-41"111g, in fint. jitilti,., -~A 511fil of lillity and im-.13 in[ mul in allotheirstatil it ~Jlitj (if g arill Imm, ill. tio [tho been d"VtOred, Tilt x;iWtlu;! of 110if h,, t1ii, 111futef 'If CL bas stot t%.1,A, 818. 0.14 THE DIELECTRIC PROPERTI" OF FERROKLECTRIC citysl-ALS AND BARIUM TITANATE.-V. U.S.S.R., 10, No. 2.107 , _ V. Phys" 19"). The pgolvortim of forroW~i a and of barium titanate am di"il;;i in Wasoction Witli tho tkarmodyn4vanal com"oration of a phase trasisition from a IRM-Pyoce to A-pyruslectrical crystal. Experimeatal data show that Iransitloo Is fWW C a is really Of the continuous type. the value of a tending to inlially by the Curie point from either side of this point. IWOW tke transition poot Is T" tlis behaviour of ferroelectric crystals is complicated. as 04y split in as the dimensions of which an determined by ibis coaditiow A ah- m'-Ira-- It Is a physical peculiarity of the" --hounces the' reversal of the d 9.YipoWitation may be attained In com. parstively weak 4" which do not ",,,ad . - volt 'cm Thecharacter. istic Whiting into domalas at a lives temperature and the j~;;ical properties of rroolectric crystals are determined by the Asp* of the specimen and the conditions on its boundaries. The problem of saturation, however, remains ambiguous. The large value for o;'-, lattims of Un pwavoltils type accoauto for the presence of a sown value of Bmu*s Intlemy. Cs. a cwtais " loosonoss " of the lattice. which increases with increasing ireight of the metal prodod" the titaute. wW Is especially great in the cam of am. thut costributing to the 'ce Of pyTo-nwdifi-tim. Ths proponin of symmetry, of IW latuce adods =;XbW olpyro-andpieso-viectric ility pbenomovia. In HaTiOs. the Curie poWt Is elmakaneously the transition pKAnt of a non-piezoelectric into a piuoeloctric oUte. WM such transition them should also occur orientatioral twinning rendering the whole crystal non=' soeloctric, This is known to happen at 573*Q when the transition to "Marts place, its modulus =swfo. but unfortunately the phase transition in quartz is of the first type in # changes by jump Imt dose net po~ a sharp temperature dependence. CoWing barium titanato is the &bssoce of an electric ikkl and external stress sbr,--14 lead to a non-piesnelectric state. bemuse of the occurrence of orientationat twinning. GINSBURG) V, 1'. "On Nuclear Scattering of ?4esotronsp I' Zhur. Fiz., 10, NO.3, 1946 Lebedev Phys. Inst., AS USSR 14 111)) go bla hill 190041 Q&I map* - A A lk 004 00 *02 00 Sy 01 small Phy'. (U.S.S'Rj 1'eackf6dw dWb lish of The "JUM can't Id Jj-u uto a julm. 4 11111rcundua-- Td.-- y state are or a' Ik vacuum ("Mr a nm the IftrIJI'l Tile omit diff., in Ihc."j'j" age '"'11Y Of the nonnal and ucti,4 j IKv"I% 1c) be exenti&l f, the IFUjxrc 11 'd th~ too ""Pt" On (he dntructlm4cOffect d. Magnetic ficid. 61 goo Arild H. -I L A ANTALLURCKAL WINATIMIC CLASWKATICII via- $1.18111. see 0 j-0--v j L WOO I 11A cr IV 0 a 11 01 An A I afW .1 a, III It a fil V u X AV 00 LSJ; I * 000 a 0 0 0 0 flee 0 K-~;E ig ME W, -44SQU V, Landau L ~-,a and j2; M c*'s I P) 1-1 Af Akad. Nauk -SSSR 8. 1;() lpi,;~[ lfosj~ov (,o, I 'ni% V 77 1 42 6, 222, 7. 104. IS 3 ILews NO. A A '-~2352 5H.% F5~ 5W on 5 r2 0 miar n& n ip t4 dl I M -99 - S_ IT S:~K2~ L. CA Acad Scl. UR o. 6T40-90 (1946).- sun*,.q cotona is h7Fr-opagation or rvidio-waves in the ,d. and it is shown IhIlit the study of solar radiation "arnine in the radio-spectnim gives a means for mcertaining the temperature of the corona. Recent experimentnt rcsullt and deductions from these [Abslr. 2112, 2861 (1945). 2450 (1946)l am criticized. N- Wxdw Jan 1947 Superacnductivity Xlectremagnetism "On the Nonlinearity or 11sotrooiagnetic Processes i.n Superconductors," V. Ginsburg, Institute of Physics lawl P' N. Tabedev, Acadmy of Sciences Of the UMr'-1 Ojournal of Physics" Vol xr., No 1 Ageneral discussion is given of the relationship bet,veen the number of electrons n and velocity v In-& supercenductor andL of the equation for the penetration depth d in terms of n,v,o.,e,, and in. 26 V. L. USM/PjMo Uaves - Absorption Feb 1947 Radio waves - propaption SEF "On the Maission of Microradio Waves and Their Absorption In the Air," V. L. Ginsburg, 18 pp "Izv Ak Nauk Fiz.". Vol XI, No 2 .knalysis of new methods for generating microradio maves of less than 1-ox vave-length, and discussim of the absorption of microradio waves in air. ?,I 1IT11h ftilk Beftaylar of terrointiqatic aubstances M me vicinity of tho In,- Php'o k4m t - 4 Mac 1119 ", jeard 17 Kid -u 7 , u . . . e P ( selle traiiMtiosi near the curit pulut 0 Is V it pl~u:jr transition of the 2nd kind (I.e. without latent beat and with a dkeotillnuum change of the beat capacity), It can be t ren led lit a nulogy in t lie prev ious treat men t of the Beignetto. elec. tralikitiou (cf. C.A. 40, 5WRI). rhis treatment I, it" froin the arbitrary a-mumptiumn underlyinir the theory of Wr+m Front thc coudition of will. of the thermodynAmir poirntial, file Spot) I Lill ellui magnetization Af. lit F 4 0 ( 14 At.' wherr, a and 0 art 7 fulictioull of (lit! litc.-sure p alld of T; a'$ - (()a/ZtT)T - 0; f); and dAf.%1dT - ",?/0*. In the presence of a firld If - 2ajV + 20AP. (6,111011)r - 11(2~ + 43031"), and the Initial nu-%ceptibility X, nmr the Citric point x 1 /241'1 ( 7' -:- 0) or x - 1/1 pf(0 - 7), lit 7' > 0 or T < S. resp., i.e. tit the saine IT - 6 1. the lat"ptibility In the ferrormagnetle range is hall that In the pararnagnetic range. For the beat capacity Cw (at con,4t. Af) at 7' > 6, CmdT ' Ta'd(Al") w (r12)1 d(l1x)1dTjd(Aft), Find, in the -.icinhy of the Curit poEnt in a weak field (both at T > 0 and T < 0) CWT - T C th ;d(M') t t W i h hi on . a rary o e e ss t eory, t s forinifla Is vnlid only lit the vicinity of 0; futher from 0, the magnitude as' depencls on T, Ctinqt(Ittently, a, cat be dod. only front the SJC)t)C of I /x In clo" Vicillity 0. N. Thon IhSf. ;#P. P TV - L A V t? Ituols:mwip ;wuxlui A-mliavi r ai hutp-jo~xfr amop;uu-n suop 0--lqj -al ')UPLIUAM VIAIVILN11 ;UPIAM; cnl 1JU17 Quivs *qj ;o u-)i li Yo nLm. lunj ~Xwlj, P3j)UVxl-W-3 Dq Attu .j(jv--Lhaiui ait-tibl; v j) put, jruo&~qjio axe -,,f I's ,q1 pute I + f f- 1 00 pw,!v,iqo Gi q.w.).so_4 irl . ,Q. . W10j al u2 . 13 jo slqx, aq~ (joclvmba puooo~.~ , 31~UIIJOA J,j) J.Xtno tim If .11- In w,,i if qw, 1 j.- z 3, 0 v > 0 '--;)1 UUT PAiOO jo fzscm ,q i I N1 . QITJ 10 qLlovl"jo-z .ml)(i-ij -iiwiDarij xrj-vl~ I ~)Cj o1 pzwnagi? A -)Ur)v-l)o3 ruxialurill XM, v P-cm, Pur? ED .;)2,9ns; ci uoiivnr,;) -,Aorlo; atil jrP "IV 0141 DIOU31) (f,-- A I.T I.->-] -,I III su-.11 I UV.YSUO:) J0 -)31!1 - -d, 3qi -tiq A -.iw ; v. lo n ~iuaaoduio- . am s. rm :bqi ji-on otp ';)jdwtrc~) isitj r vV (1) sajqTmjv,%. imonunum) ~ij [).~quzy-)p an, Mot= JO C;3alZ t3p IrUJOJUl OtJ4 - - 3ly m alop lul l A in ' .)J351 f-ijqrijrA j q q 4 p ;)qj, 30 V11-D.1j, ap .Jrwal IT 1.. 01 1)11?q ;)(I ~vul :)Jai-.U;)TTI la PR --TV'Ll Dql PUt '%'Tiol l0tl 11 ;)A CV " r ) ~ U li ) . ~ . 1~1 A! 7 Lliartilpio 7 vidi.; JO )[jj ',~ _)jjf, Qj!jkjvUj - ' u V1 t 1 (1i-60 LU ,q C5 Q43 UO -llrlf~l Pu- 'A -~qSUMVi~ F- repre-suit-ation ot, tile authors at*je-rt the q3cratur L, am.-I nnake t he ~TTr,-:t'()tjS aS,4(-.f ,quare UnCtioll ')I thr, (o Yi M C;' 'D' (4). This oversight, however, hard"), affects tnt- argu- Ments, of the di~!;cuss'on.i -mice the equanw~ ~1~ Ld IM-4 t4 infinitely many -alues of the spill, the author", pO-Stl 1.1cf, S, (Af.1 AfadO. - k ladditional equanon J') + 1) E, constz-lnt. In dhe Particle's rest -system thc! t- It k" r 0 P-j,~k) is stiown to hold for,a lixed , I ue of Oic angular raomenturn. The pv5,-sible spin valwea am ;h ,.1. o~w LritegCrS I whicti , ritify (6) aud the coaditio~ (Cf-11 (3) Consequently, jfz i-must be an inregrr. For~a vM &. r-h- CZ Mnists. if JQ-5, a-finite aq,~~:erbi, additional -asolutions. may he fo-and, (11) The foregoing dkcvmiori may be P,~asidcrably Szerll- GV er.-dimd by using the rpsidmi (31 1. D4, ;'-';eAfand and M. A. Neumark on the vr6wry (infwiri,- dimersiondl) tiorm of the Lorentz qmup. L-These rc-%A-,~, have cnea.,V been publislied [Acad. S6. LSSR- (1946), jULad. INAul, SSSR~ SOX,. Mat. I 1 4, 2- 504 (1947). Ehe5e Rev. S. 152, 9. 4951 C X. alsQ I T Ciandna, Proc. 1?-o,;, Soc. London. Ser. A. 189. (1947); V. Bargnmvri, Anm of Nlath- (2) 48, 508-64") thc&e Rev- 9, 132, 133, ] 'nie xro.-ducible unkary :-rprt-tenra- Lions aze charac4r~--MC4 bV trIC -luatioll.5 L ~ jo m, ~ M,,; jvj,r,cjj 11iji(I for cve~r-,, vectorw ,he rept-L-sent- 'pacn. Th't Operawa, Af,, are the COr"bpond-trig CresOw of meeptrvas and "iftn" in comk roys. GuIlT ts. Asir. plip(t 11fort'l. Fit. 17, M 4(11047); AIX Ityan. el s1.. C.A. 41, IL%krA.--A mul'arkill of the prothielkwe tit sne"ruts. and itidicutr% th.&I I lwy are gvurralcd by the adiur uvistril c-suilmment- (if cu,mic riv- The no ,of '%Ufs- is al%o nearly the no. of act t of creat ion of killit"l."I. unil F N. Let b te. C,/, q. eratom of Ow Lorenuz grour.); tl-,.&r precise form depehd~,,, on the paxticuLx- rrflun6on wh-Ch haslven Chosen, (T in mm-1Z of vecter or vinor quantities. In (7a). a may be~ any real aumbet-, j itti irkugraj 'or halHottgral (includirlj~~ A;- j - 0). The equat ino (31)) rranutims valid; t ChaI74Cterizes thel: irredu6bie of the rotation gmup WWCYI~1.,~,~~~:~ -Accur. Two dif1crr.-tr a4 li,oe 1eadtoinN_tdv.Wentrepre,,: w.nmborv.s, For the case disc=mi above, cc-0. [Reviewer T" n rA C.. ~It~rr C\i~~r Al-so rcfmc5entatiorm for which ummoz in the form (7a).] If the equ~4.~ 600's ~tridl tied, arm obtains, in the rmt hystelm' 11 +1 Z- ~J. Here 5 i's parsitive and intLvrzl;: or hau uat-qb -,0 ~dlfvg as I (or j) is integral or hwlft T iii, ~st of a- and j-values, an-d-- of spin value3 -.xppeat*. Mitt- af,~mng pio~,&_,xbte variants of the equatima. (1) Arid dit, ko thor-, meabon a 5trious difficWlry of jae theiwv p-opo.;iwIl .\~. !,.h,,Nvu by Fierz and Pauli [Proc. Roy t -N 1'3, 211-232 (1939); thc5e Rev. 1. Ch'O Ciectmmagnetic fiel-I Cannot, be de~,cribcd b,, rcp1,Zn_TT/rx;_UiT_tJii Operator, [1~ (ie h, )A.. (A. the comwrients of the four-vu-Ccor, potrantial) if the of the particle is grzatex than une. Additional wave t inimt hm introduccd, whioli vaniah in t-he abmzoce of chc eivcu-omaF Si ,netic field. A milar diffi Culty here, and ~hc molon haw not, yet surcetded in urrating the intr-tactiou the clc=magnetic field in i -1 "Xatisfactor V Bargrinanx (11rincccon, N. Y in Fj:!vehrvki A 1307. Theory of Wsotrons and Nuclear f*ovco. by V. L._G &burg. buk ji, No. 2. April 1947. 36 v. I In 4uns"J'a"I This article is divided into four immin sections; Introduction. the wave oquationx for mesotrons. nuclear form, md difficulties which arise from the present theories. Utvier the section m wave equations for memotrons. the author discusses the relation of sesotrons to slectromognstic pol*s. GINSBUROj V. L. "Solar and Galactic Radium Hadiationt 11 Usp. Fiz. Nauk, 32, No.1, 1947 GINZBURG, V. L. ?A 34T88 Oil (be Use of Ollorpikov's Effect for Ilia pro~ftgft% "idla ((;. If. AMC _._ It -1 1947, 1 56. No. J. ME. A71M pp. 153-1