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CHMSTJ, Bohumil; KALAB,. Zdenek; S=11K, Jan Obdervations on musi~----,nic epileps3r. Cesk. neurol. 25 no-1:50-59 Za 162. 1. Neurologicka klinika lekarake fakulty University, J. E. Purkyne v Brne, prednosta prof. MUDr. K. Popek Neurologicke oddeleni Krajske detake nemocnice v Bmo, prednosta MDr. V. Bolub. (EPILEPSY pbysiol) (music) CZECHOSLOVAKIA MACKU, M., MD; KALAB? Z., LED. 1. Infectious Ward of the Faculty Hospital (In- fekoni oddeleni falcultni nemocnice), Brno; 2. Neurological Ward of the Faculty Children's Hospital (Neurologicke oddeleni fakultni detske nemocnice), Brno (for all) Prague, Prakticky lekar, No 10, 1963, Pp 377-379 "On Differential Diagnosis of Paralytic Diseases." KALABAI, laszlo, dre; SOKOGYI. Barnabas.&.; VILLANYI, Oftrgy, dr. Important surgico-anstomical data with reference to the pancreatic s~irger7. Ma. sebasset 7 no.6s427-434 Dee 54. A Budapesti OrvostudonWi laetem Sebeasett Anstomia es Hatettani Intesetenek koslamerqe: Igazgato: Nw Denes dr. e8yet. tanar. (PAHMMAS. anate & histol.) (PANORM. surg.) BMENTE4 D.; KALABAI, L.; MEDIYESHI, Z. Treatment of pseudartbr'osis of the femoral neck. Ortop., travm. i protez. no.1:28-32 #62. (MIRA 15t2) 1. Iz 2-dy khirurgichaskoy kliniki Budspeshtskogo seditsinskogo imiversiteta, Adras avtorove. Budapesht, 2-ya kbirurg. klinika Dudapesh~~o meditsinskogo universiteta. (FWUR-DISFMES) (PSEUMTHROSIS) K'9 /_ ""-2 "/,V/?/ /~~' 192' 21-6-7/22 AUTHORS: Kalabalina, K.M., and Delimarskiy(Delimarslkyy), Yu.K., Xer6er of the q__UW_a-M7a_n SM TITLE: Polarographic Investigation of Tin, Antimony and Bismuth Oxides Dissolved in Fused Borax (Polysrograficheskoy~u iseledovaniye okislov olovat surlmy i viamuta, rastvorennykh v rasplavlen- noy bure) PERIODICAL: Dopovidi Akademii Nauk, Ukrainalkoi RSR# 1957, No 6, PP 562- 565 (USSR) ABSTRACTt A direct proportiona]W between theigtensity of the diffusion current and the molar fraction of the oxide dissolved is shown for the investigated malts. The polarographio waves obtained on solid platinum electrodes are satisfactorily described by the Geyrovskiy-Illkovich equation. They do not obey the Kolt- hoff-Lingeyn equation; in particular, the dependence of the half-wave potential on the logarithm of the molar fraction is not linear. The values of the prelogarithmic coefficients in the Goyrovskiy-Illkovich equation do not correspond to the valenoies of the simple ions of tin, antimony and bismuth, Card 1/2 which is apparently explained by the presence of more com- N f)-z i)-R~ L av?A I ~-f, DBLIKULMY, Yu..T. , K-K -_ Polarographic investigation on the background of molten borax. Part lr Pblarography of copper and cadmium. Ukr. khim. zbur. 23 no-5.584-59Z '57, (KIU loril) 1. Kiyevskiy gosudaretvennvy-universitat im. T.G. Shevchenko. (Polarography) (Copper oxides) Oadmium oxide) 20-3-23,/46 AUTHORS: Delimarskiy, Yu. K., Member of the AN Ukrainian SSR, Kalabalina, K. M. TITLEt Polarographic Inventigntions With Molton Boron Used as u. Background (Polyaro,-rafichenIkoye iosladovaniye na fone rasplavlennoy bury ~ Copper and Cadmium Polarography (Polyarograftya medi i kadmiya PERIODICALi Doklady AIT SSSR, 1957, Vol- 116, Nr 3, PP- 433 - 435 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The present report brings the results of the polarographic in- vestigation of the oxides of copper and cadmium dissolved in mol- ten boron. For these investigations served a polarograph with automatic recording and a mirror galvanometer. As electrolyser served a crucible out of "farfor". As cathode served a platinum wire with a diameter of 0,25 mm and as anode a plate wit a sur- 9 . A dia- face of 2,5 cm2. The experiments were carried out at 820 gram illustrates the polarogram of the CuO and CdO and in addi- tion the polarogram of the background. The authors identified with both oxides a direct proportionality between the power of the dif- fusion flow and the molar concentration of the dissolved oxide, There it is pointed to the results of other preliminary works deal- Card 1/2 ing with the subject. According to these results the potential of KALABALINA, K.M.; DILDURSKIY, Yu.K. wn""Vs- Polarography using a fused borax background. Part 2: Polarogrophy of tin,-antimorr and bismuth. Ukr. Ichim. shur. 24 no, 2:152-157 '58- (KM 11:6) 1. Iustitut obahchey i noorgenichaskoy khtmii AN USSR. (Tin oxides) (Antizoir oxides) (Bismuth oxides) DFLIKARSKIT. Yu.K.; KALA.BALIIIA, K.M. ft" , I, I ~ FOlUrographic investigation on a fused borax background. Report NO-3: Polarograpby of iron. cobalt and nickel. Ukr. khim. zhur. 24 no.4:435-439 158. (MRA 11:10) (Polarography) (Metals) (Borax) ff ORI WINTIPU FMIMVM KALAULIIIA, N.M.; DEIJMARSKU ru4K. PoUrization of platinm anodo In the polmgmpby -of soul oxides on famed borax. UkrAhimshur. 27 no.63770w.M 161. 14 Institut !l nOOrganlc&jw*oy kb4mii y Neta=c oxidal) tr~deio platinm) KALABALYIC, ik.V., Insh. -The ASP-3 unit used In drilling oil and gas wells. Bezop. truda v prom. 3 no.10:2V-28 0 159. (MIRA 13S2) (Oil wall drilling) KALABANOVIGH, -1,-j--TOI.,UDEYE-VA,L. - --- - - - ---- - - - CalculutinF., Eachinas Ilechanical bookkeeping calcualtion for accounting shortages and overcharp-s of rates with railroad clientele, Bukhg. uchet, No. 2, 1952. Library of Congress, Lay 1952, Unclassified. U. uunav" AudigO 1233-WI947)(im. nspo~p~~- S (1) [a the V"tm + AcM, the --- -- - I ~ I I at 0 29. ood ag have a am. =ftal; 1-0* wkk -: , 72.9m, 2. , WWI (is" Point. w*.. N, p above V ne the consposiou. Ift qw, % 8404 i1 (POX, SM NO X 10-4 at 36! Ital X. 0". IN is a sirvawr wo thmn i S-All WhIc t1womA MKK all, I W-baw rswc ion at ilt. t a to 23% w" fsftg, tft*. Ifs- IACOH A-1000" foSM A 1.vemliafkshorpp~. Sn"JAcON s to I ho kw" ChUcOrtl an J21 Ift 9 go" at 0', 26 , wed M) 22 1. k t I ~ ~" - -* =00 The Isto 2 &Pht in rs 23 -4*0 Yd o0cum a with Ito?. 60"o-gually high. JOD% W 10. =0"lp'li 41) socks NOWANS 4w mibfa qvtrj V"A Ont a(VIll IMT I', a Vary fuld. 1mraing ;twa X&L't" 00 V6AD thow I*xs point to Vimm" UqWJI Wtge"* Mt h 1 *0 M.TJcA74ffdl. ftCl6j -HHCCOOOOttit.;NTWb)s'~cepm*vdtfwmcimm4tlo luo AcOH.- flownw, the comW. .04 116- ;.00 dkatw IN the j aod ig dlai&Twm. amcl Z~ by Uw W. It sm W. be =d. by cooEug '00 -mkg to t!w cemkocy of AS oystm 60- L*W. the *Aid low us an tuago. - 0 XOM (Stranalkan mW Strwe. C.A. 21, grotom solm, Wi4h WO Itus 20 mok % NOCU tvudtv CO. 'o up) C40M be crpid. by all"ust* hwalus aW tb&wW Igoe in a " 4100; Obs crymab bed Ow camim: m. 194- 1"'6 4P 1.9006 dis I.M14, A- 1XIIII, it 3D.IjtO, I Hwk 10 OJOW. 44 OM X 10-~' 44, am X 10-% lot0 0,M S 16'a #XTAkLV"$CAL C11144TV" ct"WKAM t$ 09 64""s - 0.1 1 16&04Q Wit Olf 40 L s is ftf 41 o a w me 9 a o 3- a v It 0:10 10 a a, a Yn. A. ULSR/Chemistr.r - P-pnzene, Rubber Swelling In Rubber, SvIel2.1n:, of Ser,/-~ct 4c.- f- "Effect of Bert zene-liaph-thalen e and Benzene-Alcohol on Swc~llina Of Rubber," T . B. SMOI~ a, Ye. A. Kalabanovska-ya, Tab of Colloid Cher-, Tashkent, Agr Imit, 2 pp IlKolloid Zhur" Vol X. No 5 (p - 36 -70 Pidition of tip to 10" naphthalene or 5% ethanol considerably increases -' 0 swelling of vulcanized butadiene rubl-,,er in benzene. With decrenqe of concen- tration of benzene, arount of liquid cor..jbined b,, rubbed decreases up to a certain point. Suh,.itted 24 Feb 47. PA 2/50T35 CA TM CQW*Wx 00000"d SECOAcOR. Xt. 1. Un.. vich and H. 1. 00 Imst, 840m1 l1kifixy i Bldjffm%li~' Issu"A ftly.11 ilveort, Kkis".. Add. S.S.S.R. No. 21 2S-MOM): rf - -Stranstban and Strong, C.A. 2J, iEN)'-CrPl. S.Cl..!!A~011, prvpd, I)y "ller"fely "Im"Ins R -Alr4 tube c fig. &W4 anti AcOll hi a mizi. of saki Ck,), &11,1 k., "' Uf wad in trwitind im lt" cm- (All APIM"I'd, UJI119 tbew cr"tall lu *mf MrCr "ll.. 41111 pUfMVWS by fF-Af.CklfW ff"lifts, lit, ds,1.9M. do lMt4, d.1 "131, AJ.12 *w OJM, op. cond. at 0# 0.23 X 10 at 234 3.33 X 10-1, at 30* 14.51 X 10"'. It foms SuC42Ac- OH-11#0 and SnCJ*.2AcOH.9tsO. PyTidine displaces AcOll to form SnCL-loy. hi. 110wh rioJ,~6 CA v In of mysom slil" O"bob. V, V. WwjdAy 1'.1oven 19c bimz~m 61 M. V. hvbop'wva. IX44w.t f. . &M 110, Ubw V%Mk d. wm god. tw' Ow og-mom W Wkb. m to, UMH 111,1111 bomilmoo immilf") al foromps. ed 40, aftb c 40 k thr cam of iwo4ftm. M all loop. thir obw a WAN., bkorusiom in ab"- 114" 1wh domv;ttio", aw walow at I ekww cam. Wy bm time 5) 4~.o Olt to OW olm. tv#I% thr fl,W-n mmigd., #a imw f"ll. PWJ!!m-tt mk,%V'Awm4 md two Awftom to 11-11ill 46kvaL beims 44 Ild J&P. On CA 400 do AM.Y to is sm. of a MO mutomiew @A 4$ wink %cbhoW, md tbts dnws. lovigw owx.. list shift of dow =X(MM* W ,. Is Plitliblift-41 IV al tbit wWh IMFONWO With 11012�0411 mp. WOW CA In tdftw mown 40, um 4. go bbm b 41. 1. th" id a am. cfttg. 00.32 11114 fto of cbbww is 1-47W. do d. 41 the sk. is r""b"m-do"626 OAM. tbo 40 a 011149. Cidwid bo NNW USANOVICH, M.I,j KALABANOVSKAYA, Ye.i. Systems formed by the complex acid SnCl4*2GJJ3COOH with water, ethyl other, acetic acidp and nitromethane. Jzv.vyo.ucheb,pav.; khim. i khim.tekh. 3 no*6-.991-996 160* (MM 14:4) Lotz~akhskiy goaudarstvennn universitat imeni S.M.Kirova.i Sr 14ziatskiy gomWarstyennyt universitet ipeni V.I.Leninae (Systems (chemistry)) USMANOV) Kh.U.1 KALAWOVSKAYA, Ye.I; DAMOVISKIY$ R.B. Effect Of *r -XaYa on the atructure of cellulose fibers. V780kom. oo()d,3 no,2:223-227 F 161. (ICMA 14; 5) 1. Sredneazia-lsidy gosudarstvenn universitet imeni V. Lo Leninae (Cellulose) (RayoU (Ga=a rays) ranE Offamw I USMANOVO Kh-.U.; YALABANOVSKAYA.,.Ye.I.; GRANITOVA, 0.1.; SIIARAFUTDINOVAp E.G. Study-of relaxation processes in cellulose fibers subjected to gamma-radiation. Uzb. khim. zhur. 7 no.2t76-79 163. (MIRA 160) 1. Tashkentskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Lenins i Altayskiy sel'skokhozyaystvennyy institut. (cellulose) (Gamma rays) In KALABANOVENZY, V.I. (g.Zdolbunewo, USSR) (biestions on the subJect of D.I.Mandeleov's pelodic system of elements. Xhim. v shkole 10 zo.6:36-39 11-1) 155. OaaA 9: 1) (Chemintry-Problems, exercices. etc.) (Periodic law) UIAUY, ~96810.; XRMUY, Gabor,1; SCHUIMR. Dezao.;BALOW, xBroly. fibroeystools of pancreas,. Oyernakgyogyassat 6 no.6MI-181 Jme A Btj~apesti Oryostudamanyl ]&atom I. as. Norbonetani @a gemerlsti )mtsto' Intezetenek (Ig"gmto: Dr. Balo Jonse'f egyetemi'tanar) L k 0 9 1 enia"Ay 0 (PAVMM. die. f1broicratosis, in inf. & child) K&LABAY,.Iaszlo. dr. W$iNm Homo-made needle for Mrsumatic surgical stitching. Dry. betil. 96 no.29:811-812 17 July 55. 1. A Dudaposti OrvostudomwWi Baotou. Sebesseti Anatomisi as Matettani Intozetenek (igazgatoi MW Done* dr.) kozleaenyt, (SvMM. needles) JL ~, KA-T4RATNV, Kh.A. Studying the oil potential of the Kulsary salt dome structure. Vest.Aff Irazakh.SSR 16 nov12:85-86 D 160. (MMA 14: 1) (lulsarr region-Petroleum geology) KAL&BAYEV, D.A. Role of tectonic faults in the oil fields of the southern Emba regAon. Trudy Inst. nefti AN Kazakh.SSR 4:52-54 161. (MIRA 16.-:4) (Emba region-Faults (Geology)) (Fiaba region--Oil fields) KALABAYBV Kh,A. Dislocations in Embe slat domes and sorse prospecting proble=;. Associated with them. Trudy Inot. jaefti AN Kazakh,SSR 055-59 161,,P'," . (MIRA 16:,4) (Emba region-Salt domes) KALABAYEV, Kh.A. Time of the formation of tectonic Saults in the salt dow structures of the southern Emba region. Izv. AN Kazakh.SSR.. Ser.geol. no.4s92-96 161. (MIRA 15:3) (Emba regio'n--Salt domes) (Faults (Geology)) KALABAYEV,.-P-.A-,.,-,-- Effect of tectonic dislocations on the qualitativo composition of petroleum in the southern Emba region. Vest. AN Kazakh. SSR 18 no.6s83-87 Je 162. NM 15*-9) (Emba region-Petroleum geology) - - KALABAYEIT., Kh.A. Some results of oil prospecting in periphereal sections-of salt-dome structures in the southern part of the Ibbe, region. Trud Inst eol. i geofiz. AN Kasakh. SSR 1254-57 163. OKRA i6f I (Embe, region-Salt domes) (Saba region-Petroleum geology) K9,AHAYFV, I'h.A. c me c ~4 ra c te r I.,; f, 1 C-.,4 C.. f te crl i c c 11 y s cr -, e n 3 1 cc!i -outhern Nsba o,.I-'bqarL,,rqg, region. Izv. AN Fazahn. SSR.. *.-er 22 no.2*45-1+9 Mr--Ap 1,6,5, gecifizil-I ovu4arstvi:r nogo KALABAYEV, Kh.A. - - ~ 0 Phenomena iccompanying dislocations with a break in continuity in the Ehba area of salt dome structures. Vest. kN Kazakh. SSR 21 no.10:78-81 0 165. (MIRA 18;12) ACC NR. KI-7000179 SOURCE -COW: UR/3102/65/ ,002/000/0019/0026 :~AUTHOR: Dzhordzhishvili, L. I.; Kalabegishvili, T. L.; Politov, H. G.; Soh-olevskaya, is. V. ORG- none TITLE.- EPR and optical absorption in neutron-irradiated lithium fluoride crystals AN GruzSSR. Institut fiziki. Elektronnyye i ionnyye protsessy v tverdykh v. 2, 1965, 19-26 - TAGS: lithium fluoride, EPR spectrum, halide optic material, alkali halide, n itradiation, crystal dislocation phenomenon JABSTRACT: Test samples of LiF were cut from monocrystalline melts of natural material 'ja"n*'&'.-_'1'r-radiated in the atomic reactor of the Physics Institute, AN GruzSSR. The radia- .i.ltii;~n'."~nergy of 1.9-101S to 2.9-1016 was selected because alkali halide crystals are jk~ow-n'to-change their optical and mechanical characteristics significantly at these ergies. EPR spectra were studied with standard radiospectrometers and with a doub- J~y_-modulated magnetic field. The field was calibrated from the proton resonance sig- ;nal and measurements were made at 77 and 290K. The EPR spectrum approximates a Gaus- sian curve, and the width of the EPR absorption line depends an crystal orientation to the magnetic field as well as an the radiation dosage. The coloration curve of the, Card 1/2 - ~Irffl 11 ~Mlillli 11 ILLEK, &antisek; KALAWK, 01 The operation line for cleaning and stamping plates and saucers before baking. Sklar a keramik 12 no.9.-268 8 162. KALABEK, 0. Conference on new technology in Znojmo. Sklar a kermdk 14 no.8t 237-238 Ag 164. KALABEK, V.; STRIBRNY,.J. Visiting the furniture factories of the German Democratic RopubUc. Drevo 17 no.12:379 D 162. 1. Interier, n.p., Praha. 91MM.I . -t~ KALABEK, Vladimir Study visit to the furniture enterprises of the German Democratic Republic. Drevo 18 no. 12: 469 D 163. 1. Interier, n.p., Praha, KALAM, X, Vladimir S tudy trip of furnIture makers to 1 .1 u -~ ',r i a ~z',- no,--, 68-70 P 165. 1. Interier National Enlerprise, Cl. AUTHOR: Kalabekov. B.A. S/194/61/000/003/046/046 D201/D306 TITLE: Evaluation of transient noise resulting from reflec- tions in long feeders of multi-channel FM systems PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Avtomatika i radioelektro-ruka, no. 3, 1961, 30, abstract 3 X219 (Tr. uchebn. in-tov svyazi M-vo svyazi SSSR, no. 1, 1960, 57-72) TEXT: A method is given of evaluating noise in multi-channel FM systems, resulting from reflections at the terminations and junc- tions of separate sections of a long feeder. ~-Abstracter's note: Complete translation.2 Card 1/1 ~~ MUMMY. B.A.; LRVIU, G.A. Optimum predistortions in multichannel radio relay commani- cation lines vith frequency-division multiplex and frequency modulation. Illektrosvias' 14 no.1:45-35 Ja 060. (141M 13:5) (Etadio-transwitters and transmission) Cl 10616 'S/ 0/1C A055/A133 AUTHOR: a abe~~_B TME- On the. calculation of IF-amplifiers for radio relay systems Vith frequency-division multiplex PERIODICAL: Blektrosvyazl, no. 4, 1960, 38 48 In the present article the authordescribes a method of caloulft~4,ng azd designing IF-amplifiers, considering the operating instability of their pl*Se- frequency characteristic. The method is essentially an analysis of increasir43 transient noises due to this~ instability. In the power-series representing the- phase-frequency characteristic U + + ft (0) C,3 (0) + (0) + 21 .3t 2 0 + + 3 ~rm14d.b y.6oefficient (0) the so-cal.led noises 9f the second order aredet 21 1 and the noises of the third order by coefficient T3 The IF-amplifier 3t card 1Ao 3" On the calculation of IF-amplifiers for... A055/A133 consists usually of groups of the same type, containing generally several stages, the phasecharacteristic of such a group being, fdr instance: 4.C 2 S S' (2) where Q ... are the -shifts of the resonant frequencies in individual circuits included in the group, and,6u: is the actual detuning, -evaluated with respect to the frequency o?s of the received unmodulated signal. It is assumed that 8n n hno t 69ni where a' is the "smalll~ C'maloye") deviation froni the value'Ono specified ~n in the design. The development of (2) into a series allows then to express q2 and 1 .3 as follows (the ser;Les,being limited to the first two terms): ?AID ZM __ I~' 1. r A; (5) 2 1 Is WIS a 4-4. + ONI (6) 24851- 8/106/60/000/004/006/007 card 2A o 24851 S/106/60/000/004/006/067 On the calculation of IF-6plifiers for... A055/A133 The deviations &t can be expressed as a sum: L. = ~I. pr+ expl where A~pr represents the production inaccuracy (due to imperfect tun'ing'atLthe plant), ~.nd LN6expl is the.operating or exploitation inaccuracy. If, the total number of stages and n/no the number pf groups (no being the number.of stage4 per' group), the coefficients T2 and 43 of the overall phase characteristic of the overall phase characteristic of the whole IF-arnT)lif ier are..- 5 + no + 2 214851 8/106/60/000/004/006/007 On the calculation of IF-amplifiers for... A05 A133 + no -'s -,a + + A Zj[ " '13 1 a ( _. ;-I + v LJ (8) P1 WS The first two terms in (7) and (8) determine the transient noises ifter produc- tion tuning,.compensatdd- by the phase equalizer. It is assumed that this compen- sation is possible with any degree of precision, and that the magnitude remaining as a result of inaccurate compensation is a random magnitude with a uniform die- -card Vio ?4851 S110616 O/ODD/OO4/006/* On,thb calculation of IF-a4lifiers for... A055/AI33 can be considered as the tribution within limits P~r to,. The magnitude Tpr tol production tolerance regarding the tuning precision of the system, Fo~ the wholes radio-relay i,ystem, we have 7-1 (9) E S '(10) 7-1 e- where f stands for the first two terms of forumilae (7) and (8), account,' pr :teen of the presence of thd phase equalizer, and Te.P3 - for the .'last terms of theae tor-~ mulae. Already for a comparatively small m, the-components of the random magni- ~ tudes If2m and 4, can be considered as random magnitudes with normal distritution., r;s- Therefore, the ?ispersions of T2m and *_~, are determined by the following exp sions: IC2 =TMt,12 .,!OLt_-m (12( 2m 2up. 4 6 /to tol ftr s 77, (13). 3 311P. 36 pr tol I's be Card 5/10 24851 S/166/60/_000/004/bo6/bW On the calculation of IF-amplifiers for... A055/A133 The probability that the noises of the second order will exceed the pemissible value is equal to: 2, ~X P 02.1 > P~2e,D e 0 tol .(14) 2,2..- expi q(X) is here the Cramp ("Kramp") function. Analogously., tol > (15 0 2 *3. expl Fes From (13) and (14), we have: 2 Y2mtol F(x3exPl)' 2 (16) 6im Card 6110 24851 S/106/60/000/004/006/007 On the calculation of IF-amplifiers for... A055/A133 2 F(43exPl)' (17) 3M The abridged expressions for the psophometric power of transient noises in a tele- phone channel in the zero relative level point are: P2 - maA (20) 2 ma (21) P3 3 3' From these expressions,'and using also (16) and (17), we obtain the tolerated power (in picowatts) of transient noises of the second and the third order arisirg, oii account of the IF-amplifier, in a telephone channel in the zero relative level point. The expression giving this power takes, after substitution of (12) and (13), the following form: 2 P2mtol =F('Z"P4 ma2T2pr.tol + ma211(X2expl)d2expl, (24) 2 P3mtol 3 ma Apr.tol + ma 3P(43expl)63expl, (25) Card 7/10 24851 3/106/60/000/004/006/007 On the calculation of IF-amplifiers for... A055/A133 where 62 1 1 n dAs expl 2 2expl 0& (26) 0 62 1 1 n d& E.6expl (27) 3expl. - _:~ -9 T__ Q)s 0 .80 Since the IF-amplifier noises are only a part (usually about 25%) of the total noises in the system, it is sufficient to specify that Xexpl = 0.1, or F(Yexpl) 3. Considering, further that in formulae (24) and (25): 2 (28) and a2T2pr,ltol ' P2pr tol a U12 3T3pr tol ~ P3pr tol (29) represent the tolerated noise-power in one station after production tuning, we: can obtain expressions giving the tolerated noises in the IF-amplifier of one station- Card 8A0 24851 S/106/60/000/004/006/0017 On the calculation of IF-amplifiers for... A055/A133 In this case P2tol P2pr tol + P2expl, (30) 1"3tol P3pr tol + P3exPl- (31) 2 p2expl = 3a2t2explo (32) 2 P3expl ' 3a363expl, (33) represent the increase in the power of transient noises of'the second and the third order, that will not be exceeded, in the course of the exploitation, with a probability equal to 0.9. Formulae (30) to (33) are the final formulae of the general method described in.the article. Having established them, the author de- termines(52 and 6 2- for four particular interstagg'coupling systems In IF- 2rjpjampl,fj*xp1 amplifiers ers: 1) with single tuned circuits; 2) with "pairs" of stages with -the resonance curve as flat as possible; 3) with, "triplets" of stw with resonance curve as flat as possible; 4) with two-circuit stages and with critical coupling between circuits.] The author also compares these Interstage coupling_ systems, using formulae (32) and (33). There are 3 figures, 2 tables IL-A I -Yovi& blot re-ttre%ec. C ard 9/10 KALABEKOV, B. A. Cand Tech Sci - (dies) "Several problems of the theory of trans- ient noises in stations of radio-relay communications lines involving frequency packing and frequency modulation." Moscow, 1961. 11 pp; (Ministry of Communications USSR, Mosdow Electrical Engineering Inst of Communications); 150 copiesf,price not given; (KL, 7-61 sup, 237) MMOV, Vladimir Vasil IyevIch; ALEKSMIDROVA, A.A., red. i 05MOVICH,L.G., retsenzent JQIABEKQV-,D.A.,retsenzent; AISK3Ad5J?,UVA,A.A., red.; BELYAYEVA,~.V., [Radio relay lines with a limited n=ber of channels] Malo- kanaltrye radioreleinye linii Erviazi. Moskvit,(IlSovetskoe radio.," 1963. 704 P. MA 17:2) MANZUYXOV, A., general-mayor inzhenerno-tekhnicheskoy sluzhby; E., Inzh.-podpolkovnik Time required for making rockets ready has boon shortened. AvA kosm. 44 no-3:57-59 '62. (KRA 15-3) (Guided missi-les) I, 08331~_67 E'A'T(1)/EWT(M)/EWP(t)/ETI IJP(c) JD/JG/GG ACC NRI AR6033778 SOURCE CODE UR/ 0058/6 6/ 00 0/007/ D071 D071 AUTHOR: Dzhordzhiqhyililt._ I.; Xalaj?Aaoh_yjjt,_T.,__L, ; Politoy G.;_' SobolevskayA,, S,~_V* jj_ I TITLE: Electronic paraqa.&nv,tj_c__r_e _i~onance__and the absorption of lithium fluoride in crystals f~radiated by neutrons `i ~ SQURCE; Ref. zh. Fizikas Abs. 1D566 REP SOURCE: Sb, Elektron, I ion protsessy v tverd, telakhe No 2, Tbilisi, Metsniyerebas 1965, 19-~6 TOPIC TAGS: resonance, paramagnetic resonances electronic paramagnetic resonance, lithium fluoride crystal, lithium fluoride, optical absorp- tion, absorption coefficient, crystal, monocrystals absorption lines magnetic field, dislocation, vacancy ABSTRACT: An investigation was made of the electron paramagnetic reso- nance (EPR) and optical absorption of natural lithium fluoride (LIP) MoMcrystals irradiated by a neutron flUX Of 1.9sJ015-2.9-1016 neutron/cmz at 300 and 77K. This Involved a determination of the EPR absorption line width AH as a function of the angle between the magnetic field and the axis [1111, and of the annealing time and temperature, Complex curves of the dosage dependence of AH and the coefficient of Card i /vo L o8315-67 _XeC_NR1___ - _'_ - AR6033778 0 optical absorWon were found to agree in slope with the maximum occur- ring at 15-,-10 5 neutron/cmz. The maximum is due to the dissolution of dislocations accompanied by an injection of vacancies into the crystal and the capture of electrons by injected anion vacancie3, The observed EPR spectrum consists of two superimposed lines: a wide line determined by F-centers distributed evenly within the crystal,, and a narrow one with the concentration of F-centers near the dislocations. Thus, the width of the total EPR spectrum depends on the concentration of F- centers and on the density of dislocations, In irradiating samples with doses of 5-1018-7.5*1018 neutron/CM2 , the spectrum of F-centers disap- pears and a signal appears from the conductivity electrons (AH '%, 5 erg) of metallic lithium, which is explained by the coagulation of a col" loidal metal formed in the lattice* CTranalation of abstract] SUB CODE: 20 not SHILO, Nikolay Aleksoyevich- POTEMKIW - S.V* xam. oty.rod. - A.LWSANDIROV, P#P., jj - APELITSIN F.k:! red - bRRHZIk,,V.P. red.-'UIABIN, A,I red - 1 . h6sov, Gx.: red , MATMA'N. L.P. red: ; FIRSOV, L.V., red.; YOWK0,. T G., red.; SHAKHRAROVICH, L.A., red. [Some principlae for olassifyibg placer depocits) Welcotorye printelpy rossypnykch proiavlanit. Vagad". 1958. 20 p. (Kagadan, Voesoiuznyi tauchno-issledovatel'skii instPut solota I redkikh metallov. Trudy, Geologiia, no. 36). (MIRA 12:4) (Ore deDosits-Clagsification) PEMOV. Appolinarly.2it"novich; SHILO. N,A,#otvared*; AUISMROT. P.P.,red.; AMITSIN, F.R ired.; BMZIN, V.P.,red.; KAJADIX-.AaLxed.; 4 IMMU. 'I.I-aed.; KUMOTSOV, G.G.,red.; XLTSMV. L.P.,r0d., P02MUN, S.V.,red.; FIMV, FONMO. T.G.,rod.; VANSHEMT. CProduction and use of soil concrete blocks in the construction of buildings of fa'v stories] Proizvodstvo i prinspenei g.runtoblakov T maloetashnom stroital'stve Magadan, 1958. 47 P. (Magadan. Vsesoiuz- nyi nauchno-iseledovatellskii inatitut zolota i redkikh net&llov. Trudy. Mestnye strolisaterialy, no.7) (MIRA 12:5) (Soil cement) (Building bIQ*Q- .TAVRIKOV Sergel Ivanovich; SHILO, Nilcola~ Aloksoyovich' otv. red.; POTMIX, zam.otv.rod.; ALK~SMMIZOY, P., red.; AALITSIN, F.R., red.; BERMIN, V.P., red.; red.; -01MIM07, G.G., red.; MUT.-=)EV, L.P., red.; IIUZqDl',.-!, I.T., red.; FIRSOV, 1.V., ree.; F0119MIO, T.G., red.; SHARMIAROVICH, L.A., red. [Division of ttin a-pper Indi,,:; Valley into t-getonic regional 0 tektonichesicom raionirovDnli besseim velchnogn techeniia r. Indigirki. Magadan, 1958. 17 -9. (Mt4-a,-Ian, Tsenoluznyi nauchno-issledovatel'sk-ii inatitut zolotq~ i rec!'.ci'ch --i-itallov. Trudy. Geologiia, no-38) U!M' 12:4) (Indi?c-ir'--a Vallsy--Geology, Stinictural) KARTASH-OV I- ~lil 1~,vlewiclli,.SHILO N.k. t PO""'I'TT" q V., zam.otv. T - 0" P . Tz . LITZ- --T-SUr-',V, L.P. , red. lquz;Lr, I.I., red.;' FIRSOV, L.V., rnC.; 'F0'1-5:0. ~-.G,., red.; SWEIKRO71:3 H, L.A., red. [Principl-as for malciwr geomorpholo:zical prognosis maps of pla(-,,r de- -posits] 0 -:)rintsipakch postroani-4a geologo-geamokfalogia-heskikh prog- no.-ay'.ch 'w-rt roes7pei, ~hpadan, 1958. 49 P. (Magadan, 7sesoiuznyi ins"Itatu zolota i rodkikh rietallov. Trudy. Geolagiia, no-37). (MIRA 12:4) (Ore dooosits-Maps) X&NUTLoOT. Pavel Ivanovich; GAI&I . Georgiy Semenavich; SHILO,; FOTIKUN, $.V.,; ALRESWWROV, P-P-pred.'; APAL'TSIU, F.R. a red.; BAMZIN, V-P.,red,j. IN, A.I.,red.; KUZMr-,SOY,- G.G.,red.; KATSUTU, L.P.,red.; NUZI]DIN, I.,riC; _ OV, FIRS L.V., red.; IWWO.; SHAXHNAROVICH, L.A.,red. (Peat lifting by means of excavating mchinery in stripping placer deposits in the Northeastern UOB*S.R.] Vs"h& torfov Senlero"I mashinami n& pritskakh Severo-Vostoka SSSR. Mapdan. 1958. 68 p. (Magadan. Vossolmnyl nanchno-Issledovatell- skil institut solota i rodkikh ststallov. Trudy. Gornae dolo no.19) (MIR& 1235) (Soviet Far last--Gold orOB)- (Peat) (Excavating machinery) Aba'--~:cy Illich...SHTLO, 1r.k., Otv.r'~d.; F0,21M,"IN, S.V., AL1~7KS;.'7DROV, P.P.,zaw,; Al-K.KSAMMOV, P.P., rod.; AP;~LIFSINI V.P., rqd.; XUZ"-,-7SOV, G.G., -.-,d.; K-ITSVf,~7, L.P., n.,6.; NUMIDIN, I.I.,red.; FIRSOV, L.V., red.; VANSH-MT, N.A., r~~O.. [Underground intgro in viortheastorn part of the U.S.S.R.] PA- ac. zsrlin:~-e VQdY Sevozo-Vo~-- SSSR- Macadall, 1958. 85 P. (MA6 an. 7s,isoiuzn.7i institut zolota i reaftikh -.1etal- lov. Trudy. 1-1-3r-lotovedonle, no.9). (MMi 1?:4) (Russia, Northqrr--Watuer, Under,~To-mnd) Mzozen ground) F0101MO, Timofey Grigorlyevich; SHILO, N&A.,; POTIMKIN, S.V., zam.; AMCSANDROY, P.P., red.; AFMITSITI, F.R., red,; BMZZIN, VIP., red.; WARDT, A.I.Pred.: rummov, G.r'.,rad,; MA-TSM,'V, LIP.. red.: NLJZHD1N;" L.V., rnd.; FOITSITFO, T.Gs, rod.; VANSH-'q,'YDT, N.A., red. [Principles of the ore dressing process with use of concentrating -tables] Osnovy proteessa obogashchonlia rud na kontnantratsionn~ich stolakh. Mapadan, 1958. 35 p. (Wtpadan. Vensolimnyi nauchno-ioslado- vatellskii institut zolota i radkikh motnllov. Trudir. Obogashchenio I matallurgiia, no.27). (MIRA 12:4) (Ore dressing-Eauipment and sup?lies) VL~.T=W, Leonid Potrovich; SHILO, !'.A., POT.10121',11T. S.V., zam.,otv. red.; ALEKSAIMROV P.P. re~.iAPELIT`1" It red - BMZIlr 7.P. red.; KALA3 :UJ ri,7 SO V, G 1.f., N. A t., re FIRS07;-r.V., red.; FONEPTKO, T.G., ree.; SRAMTARCIVICII, L.A., red. [Regularitlies In the procozo of disintarr~%tion and screoning, in g wauhing and tro-,,vl,,,,3 11-i'.:otoryo zal-conomernostl dezinto_-ratsii I grolchoclaenlia v s?crrb-'ber,!C7*h i drazzliny,ch bachkalch. ftgadin, 195~-- 36 P. (14a~Sadan. Vsesoiuznyl inatitut zolota I rodkikh motallov. Trud7. Obo,;Arl-vhnnlc I rptallurgli-q, no.26). (Ora dressing) (Screens (Ilining)) (KIRA 12:4) FIRSOV, L Vasil ',Vvich; SHILO N A FMMIKIN S.Y. zam $0; AaMTIDRO , P.P.0 red.! iMiTSIN, ?X., rod.; BjUtRZIie, Y.P., red.; red.; MiRWSOV. G.G., red.; HATS(TW, L.P., red.t red.; FOKOKO, T.G., red. (HIRE: 12:4) [Structure, morpholog.7, and mineralization of the Igumenskoye gold deposit] Straktura, morfologiia, mineraloglia i orudenenle Igumenov- skogo zolotorudnogo mestorozhaeu,Lia. Magadan, 1958. 71 P. (Mataaan, Vsesoi,aznyi nauchno- issladovatel'skii institut zolota i reakikh netallov. Trud%-, no.33) (Te~gkce Valloy-Gold ores) . ). I A.I. Fruinating of vegetable substances. Vop. rud. geofiz. no.5- 25-32 165. (MIRA 1819) S/194Z61/000/009/031/053 D249/D302 AUTHOR: Sharavskiy, P.V. and Kalabin, M.M,. TITLE: Investigating surface conductivity of cuprous-oxide rectifiers PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 9, 1961, 13, anstract 9 D81 (V sb. XVIII Na'u'cM'-. konferentsiya prof.-prepodavat, sostava Leningr4' inzh.-stroit. in-ta a uchastiyem predstavit. stroit. organizatsiy predpriyatiy i nauchno-telthn. o.-v Dokl. sektsiy soprotivl. materialov, matem. i t~or. mekhan. fiz., khimii i elektrotekhn. L.f 1960t 60-1 64) TEXT: Usiny different external co Ind,'t*ius, characteristics V.:~ 9 1 ic . are investigated of 7 mm diameter cuprous-bxide rectifiers that were subjected to different chemical treatments during-their manufacture. It is shown that each process applied durin ,,the industrial chemical Card 1/2 ---L-O223Q-67-___EWT0 ACC NRs AR60136TJ SOURCE COVE.; AUTHOR: Kalabin, M. M. TITLE: Surface conduc tivity of cuprous oxide SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. lOE540 REF SOURCE: Sb. Mika, Dokl. k XXIII Nauchn. konferentaii 14ningr. inzh.-Btrolt. in-ta, L., 1965, 4o-42 TOPIC TAGS: c, rous oxide, surface property, electric conductivity ABSTRACT: Thelsurface conductiv a. of Cu2O was measured by the Nedge" method for different states of the surface at the different stages of chanical treatment. In all cases, quite large values of a. were obtained. The smallest value of as was.. observed for mechanically ground surface (_102 jimho); moderate values were obtained after treatment with 10% solution of ammonium chloride and after a second nitric acid bath to remove theupper layer of the Cu20 (-5 x 102 Wabo); the maximum all was ob- served after treatment in hydrochloric acid bath to remove the CuO, or the first nitric acid bath (-2 5 x 103 pmho). V.,Litovchenko. (Translation of abstract] SUB CODE:~ 20. a d JrAT,A IN. M.M.: SHARAVSKIT, F.Ve Surface conductivity of cupmas oxide rectifiers. Pis* tvar. tela 2 no-5:857-862 W 160. (XMA 13:10) 1. Kafedra fiziki Leningradekogo inshonerni)-stroitellnogo instituta. (Copper oxide) (Semiconductors) YMMUMOV, k G.; KALABIN, -M.M.; KAPAISKIY, N.A., kand. fiz.- matem.n~uk, o:Fv. iia.; LEBEDEVA, I.A., red. (Physics; textbook for students entering the Leningrad Institute of Construction Engineers) Fizika; uchebnoe po- sobie d'ia postupaiushchikh v LISI; Leningrad .L (,, Inzhenemo- stroite. in-t, 1963. 154 p. IRA 1734) .1 IZEOI~'TIYEV, S.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; KOSIAIOI~ N.F.., Jnzh.; SOLLTSEV, K~LiIADIIII' V. 1. Rapid shaft sinking at the No.2 "Abashevskaiall coal mine. Shakht. strol. 9 no.8:21-2j, Ag 165o (MIRA 18 .-8) 1. Kemerovskiy gornyy irwtitut (for Leontlyev)., 2. Novok-uznetskoye shakhtostroyupravlaniye (for Kosurev). 3. Nauchno-iasledovatel'skiy institut stroitellstva ugoltnykh I gornorudnykh predprlyatiy, Kemerovo (for Solntsev, Kal,abin). 26(4) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/3--,1105 Kalabin, Vitaliy PavloviAj Doctor ofTechnicdl 8cien66s,.Professor Tep2ovyye protsessy dvigateley vnut *rennego sgoraniya (Thermal Processes of Internal Combustion Engines). Moscow, tgashgiz, 1959. 439 P. Errata slip Inserted. .5,000 copies printed. .R6viewer: Yus B. Sviridov, Candid4Lte of Technica 'I Sciences; Ed*: V. I. Soroko-Novitskiy, Profes~or; Ed. of Publishing House., I. Yu. Geller; Tech. Ed.: V. D. ElIkind; Managing Ed. for Literature on General Technical and Transport Machine Building (Mashgiz): V. I. Kubarev, Engineer. PURPOSE: The book is intended for engineering personnel of engine- ~building plants and for.Beientific personnel of research inBti,!~ tutes and design bureaus specializing in..internal combustion I,, engines. It mayalso be used by students studying Internal com- bustion engineering. COVERAGE: The book discusses the forms and availability of en(~rgy Cav#=4~~ GOLOVINTSOV, Andrey Grigortyevich, doktor tekhn. nauk-, prof.; YUDAV-,,',V, Boris Nikolayevich, kand. tekhn. naukL-KALABIF,. V.P.. doktor tekhn. naWc, prof., retsonzent; SIISTSYM , V.S., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; SAVEL'YEV, Ye.Ya., red. izd-va; TIKIIANOV, A&Ya,j tekhn, rede [Engineering thomodynandesl Tekhnicheskaia termadinamika. Moskva (MIRA ll~- Mashgiz, 1961. 311 p. (Thermodynamics) ~12~ SHUMSKIY, Yefim Grigorlyeviqht prof.; BOGDASAROVp Boris Aleknandrovicho kand. tekhn. nauk. Prinizal uchastiye ARSENIYEV, Yu.D... kande tekhn. nauk; ALL~ABIN V.P.., doktor tekbn. nauk., prof.,, retse*- -V zent; BYSTRITSKAYA, V. ~.nzh., red.; CHMOVA., Z.I.0 teklmo v red.; ELIKIND, V.D*p tekhne red, z [General heat enginee:cing] Obshchaia teplotekhnika. Moskva:~ Goa. naucbno-tekbn.izd-vo :nashinostroit. lit-ry,, 1961# 459 p. (MIRA 1512) 1. Voye=aya Ordena Lamina Akademiya bronetankovykh voyak (for Kalabin). (Heat engineering) (Power (Mechanics)) FOSPELOV, Dmitriy RazmmzUco*ich*, KMSHP G.G.9 doktor tekhn. nauk, retsenzenti KALABINq V.11#9'doktor tbkhn. nauk, red.; YEGORKINA, L.I., red* izd-va; MODEL't B.I49 tekbn.- red. (Air-cooled*ihthrv&I*b6mT*atibh engines] Dvigateli vnutxemnego agorao- niia a vozdtbbrqk'okblaibdbuiem;- Moskvap Goa, mauabno-tekba. izd-vo masbinostroit, lit-i~rq'1961. '' 555 P. (KMk 14:8) (Gas and oil engines-Cooling) A. 1. (c m$A* 22 WOO) L IL L IL 'ML A L JL A. TW~ A A. A- JL A. %-~ L IL ubpftm rip Mv 9 p (C 10 A* 16 VOCM) r- L M. C"MW -7- 2L r. M"..^ IL IL NY-4- ML OL IL L mr m w--r- p It (c Ilm 22 soon) Inw MM gv~ low"m w --V MJTI IOR: 'TITLE: S/10 62/017/011/006/007 I YD D413 308 IN'.alabin, V.10. , Member of the Society (see Associa- The nction of a rectangular voltage waveform on an IJC circuit with switched R .50-56 adiot.ekhniha, PERIODICi%L: v. 17, no.. .11, 1962, T V Negl'acting second-oraer effects, ;x large-number pulse circuits (such cis the grid circuit of a limiting amplifier, a discharging circuit, almuping cir6uits, decoupling filters lines, various types of relaxation oscillator etc.) can be reduced to an 11",c circuit in which the R and also the source imnedance are switched in phase with the iwput pulses, so that the circuit has" one time-constant during the pulse. and another during the interval be- tneen pulses. The author analyzes the behavior 'of this basic theor- etical circuit, deriving the various steady-state output levels and overshoot amplitudes. ~Ls an illustration of the method, he applies the formulas to the [,crid circuit of a triode limiting amplifier. Card 1/2 S/108/62/017/011/006/007 The action of a rectatigular D413/D308 There are 3 figures. ;6SCCLUION: ilauchno-tekhnicheskoye obshchestvo radiatekhniki i elek-trosvyazi im A.S. Popova (Scientific and Tech-" nical Society of L(adio Lngdneering and Electrical ComtRunications im. A.S. Popov) / iwstracter's note. lime of 'zsociation taken from -first page of jour.- nal-7 SUBMITTED: July 4, 1960 (initially) Uctober 18, 1.961 (after revision) Card 2/2 PWIS, V.S. Action of square e.m.f. pulse-on an-RC-network with,commutation of the R parameter. Radliotekhnika 17 no.11;50-56 11 162. (14IU 15 M) 1. Deystvitel1W chlen Nauchno-toklnicheakogo obahchestva radiotekbnild i elektrosvyazio, (Electric networks) KALABIN, Vladimir Sorge~yevi-h; WRISOV, G.B., otv. -,-e(I.-, KOKORIN, yt~.-1. - - .. red. [Analysis of circuits for the reimertionof he d.c. Pimponent in television] Analliz akhem vo3atanovleniia po- stoiannol vo3tvliaiushchei v telovidenil. Mookwit Izd-vo "Sviaz 4 )o 1964. U p. (MIRA 17:6) PIRROVSKArA, G.N.; KALABIN raterstittal. water content in producing samistames of the layer 3 in the Tagerskoys field, Geol. neft'i J gata'4 no. 12:45-48 D 160. (MMA 13:12) -.1. Kuybyshevskiy nauchno-Iseledovatel'skiy ueftyanoy institut. (Xomi A.S.S.R.-Oil field brines) POKROVSKAYA, G.N.; UdABIN, Yu.Ya. Dynamic porosity and the possibility of its utilization in appraising oil reserves. Geol.nefti i gaza 6 no-434&-51 Ap 162 6UM 15:4) 1e Kuybyshevskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut po pererabotke nefti. (Porosity) (Kinel3-Cherkassy District--Petroleum geology) I l 1 PR I W PINKAWT19111 Ail IF XAL INA, A.Y.; BYCHIDVA, T.I.; MONDODOYIIV, G.H.; VASILIYWA, Y.No Synthesising acetals of diatomic phenol*. rxv.Sib.otd.AN SSSR no.9:39-43 158,, (KnU U: U) 1. IrImtskly gosudarstyennyy uniTersitat in A.A.IhdAnovee (Phenol condensation products) (Acetal) I KA10111ki-4tV.; FILIPPOVA, L.1h.; DOHNINA, Te.S.; YMOLOVA, T.I.; laVTANOVICII, K.L.; DMITRIYETA. G.V. Synthesis and some conversions of vinyl ethers of chloro- phenols. Izv.Sib.otd.AN SSSR no.11:9-16 '58- (KIM 12:2) 1. Irkutskiy gosudarstvann" universitet im. A.A.Zbdanovs. (11thers) I m LARINA V.A.; KALABINA;., ; CHISTAYAKOVAj, G.G. .9 Study of phenols in a large fraction of tar obtained in the semicoking of Cheremkhovo coals. Izv. Fiz.-I-him. nauch.-issl. inst. Irk. un. 4 no.2:57-73 159. (NIRA 16:8) (Phenols) (Coal-Carbonization) KALABINA,, A.V.; BRYKINAp AeS.; TOMIWVAp L.V.; KUDRAYAVTSEVA9 V.D,; IMNOVAi T.T. pyntheeis and transformations of vinyl aryl etbers. Report No.13t Synthesis of A -phorql vinyl ethers of phenolp o-cresolq and thymol-. Izv. Fit.-khim. nauch.-issl. inst Irk. un, 4 no.2tlll-125 159. (KMA 160) (Ethers) (Phenol condensation products) KAIABINA A V BARDAMOVAP M.I. 4ynthesis;aad.transformationa of vinyl aryl No.10t: Syn"esis of vinyl ethers of ortho- Izv. Fizo-kbi-m. nauch.-isal. inst. Irk. un. (Ethers) (cresol) ethers. Report and para-benzylpbenols. 4 no.2sl27-134 059. (MIRk 16 t8) KAIABTNA - VERESHCHAGIN, L.I. I A.V.; LIPOVICH9 V.G., Synthesis and transformations of aryl ethers. Report NoA SyntbeiB of vinyl ethers of c< andv'r-laphthols, Izv. Piz.-kh1m. nauch.-isel. inst. Irk. un. 4 no.2:135-145 159. (KMA 16:8) (Ethers) (Naphthol) KALABIXA, A.V.; CHISTYAKOVA, G.G.; YJIALTURIMAj N.A. Synthesis and transformations of vinyl aryl, ethers. Report,No.Ilt Synthesis of vinyl ethers of 1,2.,4- and 1,,4,2-xylenols. Izv, Fiz.-khim. nauch.-issl. inst. Irk. un. 4 no.2.-147-152 159. (KMA 16 r 8) (Ethers) (Xylenol) KA1ABINA,.Aj.; CHISIYAKOVAp G.G.; KARAVAYEVAp V-?1-; SHEFOT11100 0,F.; MAKWANOVICH, A.S. Synthesis and transformations of vinyl aryl ethers. Report No.9: Preparation of vinyl ethers from phenols of tar obtained in the semocoking of Chermkhovo ceala. Izv. Fis.-kh1m. nauch.-isal, inet. Irk. un. 4 noo2tl53-166 159, (MM 16:8) (Ethers) (Phenols) (Goal Tar) KALABINA A CHEKHIDVA, N.V.; VEMHCHAGIN, L.I.; LIPOVICY, V.G. Synthesis and transfornations of vinyl aryl ethers. Report Ho.12: Some chemical transformations of vinyl others of CL-aw f --naphthols. Izv. Fiz.-khim. nauch.-issl. inst. Irk. un. 4 nb.2-.191-202 159. (MIM 16:8) (Ethers) (Naphthol) KAIABINAp-A.V.; CHISTYAKOVAp-G.G. Chemical Eromposition of a mixture of pbenols from tar-obtained in the-bamicoking of Chermkhovo coala-studied by the method of vinylatioft and rectification. Izv. Fiz.-khim. nauch.- issl. inst. Irk. un. 4 no,2t2O3-221 159. (MIRA 160) (Phenols) (Coal tar) LARINA., V.A.; KAIABINA,, A.V.,- UPAN, A.P. Some data on the use of vinyl ethers as phenol extracting agents. Izv. Fiz.-kh1m. nauch.-isal. inste Irk, Una 4 no.2r229-232 159. (KCRA 16 18) (Ethers) (Phenols) (Extraction (Chwdotry)) . 50) SOV/153-2-4-14/32 AUTHORS; Kalabin Shergina, S. I., Shergina, 11. 1. 2_~~~ TITLE: XXVII. Synthesis and Properties of Cie- and Trans-Isomers of .!-~P-Ethyl-vinyl-aryl Bromides PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. KhtmlYa i 1,himicheskaya tekhnologiyap 1959, Vol 2, Nr 4, PP 545 - 549 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The addition of bromine to vinyl-aryl ethers with the formation of a,o -diethyl-ethyl-aryl bromide with theoretical yields has been previously proved by the authors (Ref 1). In addition to the problem mentioned in the title, the paper under discussion deals with the separation of the substances mentioned there into cis- and tran8-isomers. A survey of publications is added (Refs 2-1o), The authors separated the compounds mentioned in the title as cis- and trans-isomers (ratio - 3:1) with a total yield of Bo-89% of the theoretical yield. The compounds are colorless liquids with a sharp unpleasant odor, and a strong lachrymose effect. Table (P 546 shows that the boiling temperatures, re- fractive indices, and specific gravities of cis-isomers are con- siderably higher than those of trans-isomers. The molecular weights and refractions of the trans-isomers, however, are higher ( in Card 1/2 accordance with reference 11). in order to check the configu- XXVII. Synthesis and Properties of Cis- and Trans-Isomers SOV/153-2-4-14/32 of -Ethyl-vinyl-aryl Bromides ration of the substances mentioned in the title, their inter- action with caustic potash was investigated (see Equation). Under the same conditions, HBr separated more quickly from the trans- isomer than from the cis-isomer, as was to be expected. Figures 1-3 show absorption curves of the compounds obtained in isooctane in ultra-violet light. Although the picture typical of phenyl- vinyl ether is preserved in the spectra of the two isomers, their curves distinctly differ from each other. In conclusion, ana- logous differences of the two isomers of ethyl-vinyl bromide of o-cresol, and a, diethyl-ethyl-orthpr-esyl bromides (Fig 3, Fig 2, Curve 1) areP_ discussed. There are 3 figures, 1 table, and 12 references, 6 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Irkutskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. A. A. Zhdanova) Kafedra vysokomolekul,yarnykh soyedineniy (Irkutsk State University imeni A. A. Zhdanov) Chair of Highly-molecular Compounds) SUBMITTED: June 4, 1958 Card 2/2 S 10 8 116 1 /G:~ C,,,, U"Y4 ~3L) 0 B102/D202 AUTHORS: Kalabinat V,, Bardamova, M. I. TIT LE St'U0,Y Of the synthesis and the conversion or' -ary . L - j .1 e i 11fix Communication 10. Synthesis of the r-Lnyl of ')rtho- and parabenzyl phenols PERIODICAL': Rrlferativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 5, 1961, 215, abstfp-':'l 5A'9'! 54-11,97) (Izv. Fiz. khim. n.-i. in-ta prJ 1)~q, 4, no. 2, 127-134) TEXT: Vinylatior, of and p-benzyl phenols (11) I-ad to ethers (III aill IV) Rhich, by hydrogenation, were converted 1'kc" correaponding eth,~wrs (V and VI). 0.54 mole of I, 0."t(, -atiL,r were mixed in acetylene atmosphere al and 40 millilf.ter zw~ Pressure 8 atri), -,- '70.1~ '4 of III were obtained until the preo!i-Iro dr,-0 stopped; b,.)i1ir!,.-- pr~,.Int 1:18-149000 mm, n20 D 1.5750, d2u (11 -11 4 . 97 1, same way, "18.8 of IV were obtained from 0.27 mole of II; b-31 ! i!iq p) lit, Card 112 23420 S1081116 Stlj,jy of thfi i; and the. . B102/B202 161-161,50("/10 20 D I - 5770, d20 1.0428. Hydrogenation 11' 111 4 skele"on nicli-nll 40-5000 led to a 96 % yield In V? 174. 17 5`C/21 20 D 1.5735, d20 1-03M VI was obtaiued i!, tht 4 way li, a yield of 134 ',p; boiling point 176.5-179.5()C/21-5 mn, n20 D 1-5751, d?A01.0590- 1 and Il were produced by the method :T K. A. Andrlyhimv nbahch. khimii, 1936, 6, 846). complese V Card OV2 23421 SIU, 1"'1/000' 051003'r,24 SLI L) B 102 'kW N.., Kalabina, A. V., Chietyakova, G. G. , Khalturina, N. A. TITLE: Study in the field of the synthesis and the'conversior of vinyl aryl ethers. Communication 11. Syntheols of the vinyl ethers of 1, 2, 4- and 1, 4, 2-xylenols ~-'M 10 M "it LRnferativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no- 5, -1961,'213, abstract 5K98 (5Zh98) ("Izv. Fi7.-khim. n.--i. in-ta pri Irkutsk= ull-trP, 1959, A, no. 2, 147-152) "','E XT :Th-~? vin~~l ethers of 3A -dimethyl phenol (1; 11 phenol' and of 2,5-dIL-athyl pheriole (III; IV phenol) were prod-Lioed in the ordinary way. 10 9 of 11, 1-5 9 of KOH und 5 milliliter of iiater were mixed in a C9H2 atmosphere (7 atm, 170-2000C, 1 hr). The yield in I was 50 20 40 boiling vol-rit 77-50/1C, rim, 11 D 1.f:152, d^ 0-9508; the corresponding 4 phenoxy aoiitic aoil has it-q melting point at 11"1-1190C. III ua'o obtainel by the methol (11 a+m, 220-2250C, 1.5 hr) -nith an 80 % yipli, Card 1/2 SHOSTAKOVSKIY, M.F.; KALABINA, A.V. Synthesis and transformations of vinyl aryl ethers. Report No.2: Synthesis and properties of vinyl aryl ethers of p-tert,butylphenol and thymol. Izv. Fiz.-khim. nauch.-isol. instl. Irk. un. 5 no.lt8l-89 161. (MIRA 16:8) (Ethers) (Phenol) (Thymol) ZJ, If 15-avda-.~-ydie thy."! nu i'ana s. 1.-v. Sib. otd. -Al:,- OA. uriverAtat I in.,3titut one E KAIABIHAJ, A.V.; TYUKAVIKINA,, N.A.; TOPMOVA, L.M, Pblymerization of simple vinyl esters of tar phenols J aced at, the semicoking of Cheremkhovo coal. IavSib.otd.AN S UO.1242-4~ 161. (MMA 150) 1* Irkutskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. I compound polywro) (jiny KALABIn~ A,V.j FILIPPOVAp A.M.; AKSENEIIKOO R.A.; LAMHEVAt E.S.; VINOWWAt V.V.; ZUIDYAYEVA.. L.M. Synthesis and transformations of vinyl aryl others. Report No.22- Synthesis and some transformations of vinyl ethers and bromo;henol acetals. Izv. Fiz.-khim. nauch.-issl. inst. Irk. un. 5 no.ltI20-130 161. (KIRk 16:8) (Ethers) (Phenol) KAIABINA, A.V.; DUWVIK, N.A. Synthesis of some -aryloxyvinylphosphinyl chlorides and eaters. Izv. Fiz.-khim. nauch.-issl. inst. Irk. un. 5 no.L131-140 161. (KERA 16:8) (Phosphinic chloride) (Phosphinic acid)