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17, ~~eat treat-MISBt tlle ther-nn'. S.-3- Uslullov) Zq,KlJ*MSKIYj 13 - LO-SFV I.P. [doceasf4l Synt~,siv"and atuly of the Produota of rurfmolf.- condon-sation with hlghntr nlipbatic ketones and polymprs baspd on tbem. Uzb. zhin,. 9 no.1:47-51 165. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Moskovakiy khimiko-tekhnologicheskly -%nstitut imp-ni Mpndplpyeve. zaw ju: - JU 1 nmn- -n rF 4 A~T 16 pi, YA~E~l -~iade ~A~ J. -,useynw, D. A. Inkenderolel Mn~tL -R.' Ai!*. V., TIT q pg,r~~ p claso 311, Lio. 170670 tblv#m h: ~,mikov, nD 9, 1965 , 69 0u 14; 6 t~otabilitv iwlycon dens ation furfurol Ma I ?~:.t I zz ~flw I WD CODEf' AL :b=R: 000 DY '~777 7- 177. .................... 11: ~qo U R1 ~i, K&MIGUY, I.V.; LAPIMSKIY, V.A. Synthosin and study of furfurale-furfuramide polymers and plastics on their base. Plant. massy no.11,13-16 165* (MIII 18:12) EWT(z)~,~F(c)AR RM L_ 5? 7 ~(J)/7 Auu AP5025 W SOURCE CODE: UR/0286/65/000/016/0680/0080 in,N, A,; .41 AUTEORS.- Prutkblr ~ L 114,; Polikan Sanin I. K.; Eutepovi D. F.j Korsh v ORG. Ilona TITI8#: A niethod for' Uaining epoxy compositions. No. 173926 Class 39, 00OUBBR: Byull(A.16nt i'llobroteniy i tovarnykh znakov, nci.- 16, 1965, 80 MP10 TAGS: elici osilicon, allcyl, aryl, aralkyl ait.~ogen, hardener, orgai ABSITIACT: Th 1.41 Author Certificate/present.9 a method Por obtaining epoxy composi-, asia'ha er, tiond by applytrill oligomer based on nitroggn-containing or- ganotiRicon coupbun&M~ ~To increase 'the therml stability of the hardened epoxy (Ioluji(Is itions t usn is!lia7de of tho.oligomers based 9n arilnoalkyldifurfuroloxysilii3e (!f the. genera1,,6rmuU,: W, elli-si - (0C111 0, a iihez-4 R is aryl,' or drall7l, and in RN11 or 11H2. aar~l i V2 UX)C: 678.643..002.2:678.028.84 IMIUM 'AfthIMCH U11.11DW WT(15). RM W(JO A60 IMS AP5025;i. SOME CON3 UW!D291/65/000/004/0035/0039 00 ..Z AUTH(A.- Umauo*,1 Onakiyo I. V.; P. IN, i" it i OAG: TITU~j' Syn th e 9 j s, an4 Investigation of condensation prMucts of and Lu-r-fu.-ra h )r,slivhatlo keto"~'O' and of the corresponding po Investigat .~ gb i lyzerst 6* ion,: ou tb*:curing furfural-methyl isopropyl k9bDneland furfural-methyl I: SOUR03-- Uube~skj~ khjM ;r tobeekly ;zhurnalp no. 4-# 1965p .35-39 T )PIC T. AGS ia11p6atib'*eton4,, Alorinated a.Uphatic compoundi, keton,,,~j P-0-ID-O" i, talytic-1,pol3imerization. A~STF~WTi ~nje 1't1j1e ~5hdeniatbin products (I and 11p respectively) were 9~nthe~ized by;~6i met~q;dls &PPLO by Kastwagi (J. Bull. Chem. $00. Japan; .1 6 5,110(1926) -61j~ 6~~ ',Idenhiue find Leonhard (0, N 1p 224, 1930)# The led'dut fit SC45 ana at n5-12(4,,in the presence of 5-15% i olym~qri zation, was 044 P Or belbsenesulf"anto aaf~: as catal t The latter was added to the monomer at room *VS '1A U 22744-66.~! MAT TO/ Acc. Ni (A) SOURCE CODE: UR/0413166/000/002/0093/0093 4 AP6006153 ~IAUTHOR: Kamenskiy, L~ V.; L pitskiy, V. A. Uk,~..Lnjy~ ~V, A~. Lomov, Yu*Mi-p I t i k y , 0i"i OR TxtiE; liodj~ f i5s~ Uow;bf rubber. .'Class 39, No. IL78093 j M4E::I iiobr~tiihly'ai~~ pronyahlonnyye-obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki' no. 2 196~,' TOPIq i'e'A'os: iu.Ohir furan resin thermomechanical property, ChealicaX ;resiataut.~.aterlal Thi r for modifying, 'ABSTRACT;; is:~ Authpj~ ce tificate describes a method rubbler~~y combiiiiiig. it, with resins, To raise both the thermal and chemi~ Ical reiviistance thel~ final product, the use of a resin of the furan series .'e6nta'Iniiiii an: 46nic;-type catalyst is suggested. The roaction mixture' i.s subj~aqted:~'to. thermal treatment at 80--20DC. organ,'Lc sulfonic aciaisp! 4tal chil . idei''and mineral acids are proposed for use as 9r (LD) catal t SUB,ICOM 1l/ ::SUBW,;DAT&: 23Jan63 Cqrd -:UDC 678.046-7:547-7'24.1 C ard ~ ACC NR AP006538 SQUWE CQDM AUDIOR3.- Kamon-skiy, 1. V.; Lapitakiyj V. A. Oita t nona ljit/oi.91/65/m/oil/o(-113/0()16 TITLEt Synthosis and study of fq-rfttul~fu f rjjdQ ~olymorti and of plastico based _r pMt on tholn SOURCE: Plastichaskiye massy, no. 11, 1965, 13-16 TOPIC, TAGSz polymer, thermoplastic maLerial, thermosetting material, polymer chemistry, condensation reaction, furane resin ABSMUCT: This paper discusses the results of producing arid studying therno- olyraers~!Trom the thermal-condansaLion products of furfural in the pr-,sence of furfuxartide. Condensation is ac(-elerated as the molar.,ratilos of the reagents appronch 1:1 (see Fig* 1), The furfuramide polymer (FD)rbehaves as a therMODlastic product, up to 300C, whi-le polymers FF-1~~ FF-2-ai~e thermosetting (see Ag. 2). 'rite optimum conditions for making ii-old-ed articles are dotermintd. A molding compoi3ition je 115 pts by wt polymer FF-1 (containing 5% benzoaulXo aaid)o 53 pta by wt mineral Tiller, and 2 pts by wt of grease,, Freheattng at 200C for 60 Card J./2 UDCz 678. 6251375 --- ---------- ACC IIR: Ap6oo6538 0 4-4 1 0 50 '100 150 21V Z53 t,*C 0 z 4 8 6 to Time, bra Fig. 2. Thermomechanical curves of Fig. I* VariatiQn in free-Turfural FF-1 subjocted to preliminary beat content in reacting mass in conden- treatment:: I - at 160C for 60 min; sation stageo 1 - polymer FF-1; 2 - 200C for 30'min; 3 - 200C for 2 - polymer F.F-2* 60 min. min was found to give the beat revulte. The molded articles showed high stability at 20C and at the boil-Lig point in weak and in concentrated solutions of potassium-~ hydroxide and hyxlrochlo:ric acids. Orig. art* haaz 3 graphs mid 7 tables, SUB COM 07 SUBM DATM none/ OIUQ REF 1 00 v Card ACC NRs AP6023061 SOURCE CODE: URi'0191/66/000/004/0022/0023 AUTHOR: Renard, T. L..; Korshak, V. V.; XanenskiX, I. V.; Tseytlin, G. .; Belova, (Afauoya, V. F. ; A N. 1-1 1j,2. ; J ohrAtova. ORG: none TITLE: Polytetra,-nethylol~yclopentanoranaleinate and RjaLs:-textolite based on it SOURCE: Plasticheskiye massy, no. 4, 1966, 22-23 ABSTRACT: Thermome P ester oligomersl(UPO) pre- phgnLcal properties of unsaturated pol pared by fusing 2,2,5,5-tetra(oxymethyl)-cyclopentanon with maleic anhydride were stud ied. The fusion was carried out at 1500C in an inert gas and the liberated waier was continually removed from the reaction zone. The physicomechanical properties of glass textolites based on several commercial glass cloths and UPO were examined and tabulat-1 ed. The unsaturated polyester oligomers were hardened by holding at 120-2500C for 0.5-~ -10 hrs. It was found that the lower the hardening temperature, the lower the tempera- ture of initial deformation and the percentage of insoluble matter. At 2000C, a com- plete hardening was achieved in 30 minutes. The structure of the unsaturated polyester oligomers hardened at 2000C for 0.5-6 hours was deterTnined from IR spectra. Orig. art. has. 3 figures, 2 tables. SUB CODE: 11~01] SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REr: 006/ OTH REF: 002 Card 1/1 hs UDC, 678.744.3142 : 6"8.5.06 : 677.521 TOPIC TAGS: glass textolite, polyester plastic, maleic anhydride, ketone, IR spectruml M ~1 L 45'7,'A:-66 V'Ttri , I - f I AWW__~9026M SCAMUCE CODES '01qoo8t/66/ooo/o08/So63/S063 i Z_ ~ I AUTHORS So1ov'yeva., L. K.; 4RrLhak V. V. TITMI Determination of the influence of admixtures and heat treatment on the dogroo I of curing and thormomechanical characteristics of a plastic prepared from !R2xy/poly- mers and a mineral filler ~Ij SOURCES Refo' zh. Khimlyaq Part IIp Abe. 8S417 0 in-ta Do I. Mondolo ova, vyp. 48, 19631 218-219 REF SOURCES Tr, kba khim-tekhnol TOPIC TAGS$ epoxy plastial thermomechanical propertyp filler, plasticizer ABSTRACT: The degree of curing (content of extractable substances)., which character- izes tho process and order of formation of three-dimensional structures of composi- tions based on an epoxy binder, was Investigated by extracting with acetone in a Soxh- let extractor for 6 hr and studying the thermomechanical curves recorded with a Lhurkov instrumont. Into the compositiong based on (in paits by weight) 3 parts of LER!5_resin cured at 200 for 1-5-2 hr and 0.45 part of polyothylonepolyamines) were in- troduced I part or fiber glass, I part of asbestos and a plasticizer((PL)p 0.15-0.6 dibutyl phthalats. The effect of heat treatment was studied by~Lpreoaiing in a ther- mostat (5 hr at 50% 10 hr at -500P and 6 hr at -MO). It was found that additiortal L heat treatment of -the samples sharply lowers the content of extractable substance5 (as got in the sample without PL it dropped from 5.4 to 2.3%) and creates a compact Ca'd 4~ft L 45708-66 structurep which is manifested in a decrease of the initial deformation and a rise of tho temperature at which it starts. The presence of PL in the compositions insures a uniform distribution of the components in the mixture and increases the amount of ex- tract. A rise of the PL content increases the deformation and lowers the temperature of the start of its increase. Further heating of the sampIos (6 hr at 2000) does not affect the content of extractable substAnoge or the magnitude of deformation. L. Kotlyarovskaya. [Translation of abstract] SUB CODEt 07 2 0~_ _Xcc'N%_AP6030846 % SOURCE CODL-. u.i,,/Olgl/i56/000/009/0017/0020 AUTHOR: Kamansicly, I. V#; Avtokratova, N. D.; Bolovaq It. P. ORGI none TITLE: Behavior of phonol-formaldehyde plastics on hoating SOURCE.: Plastichaskiya massy$ no. 9, 1966, 17-20 TOPIC TAGSt phonolic resin, fibar glass, tharmal-docompoo-Ition ABSTRACT: The results of a Soviet study on the high -temperature behavioi, (of phenolic plastics have been reported. Introductory comments are explicit concerning the ablative heat shield orientation of this work. Specimens of resit-stage resins and of glass -reinforced plastics -1 made from them. were prepared using phenol /formaldehyde ratios of 6/7 (resin designated R-21) or 1/2 (resin R-12) in the presence of appropriate catalysts. Alkali-fi-ee, glass fabric was used as the reinforcement in tbe plastics (designated St-21 and St- 12, respectively Card 1/4 ACC NR- AP5030846 .'Thermogravimetric curves of the resit specimens showea-ffiif in the 100--U'IOO*C range, weight loss and decompositirn rate are low; the weight loss is 2.08% for R-21 and 7.4% for R-12. However, at ,above 3000Cthe decomposition rate increases and it is highest at .450-.520'C. -Also at 450-5200C,. differential thermal analysis curves !show peaks which indicate that the decomposition takhag place is ;exothermic. At higher temperatures,. decomposition slows down and Is not associated with thermal effects. At 9000C (the highest tempera- the weight loss is 46.916 for R-21 and 52.4% for R-12. Unilateral heating of the resit specimens with an oxyacetylene Mame-under normal conditions (no excess oxygen; distance frcm burner,'~30 mm) showed that R- 12 gives off more volatiles than R-21: after 30 sec of exposure,the'respective weight losses were 23.5 and C20.6%. However, the reverse was true after removal of the char ,ilayers (6. ~- and 7.9 mm deep): the weight loss figures were 30. 1 and. 38.476, respe'ctively. These data indicate the slower decomposition 'of R -12, under the experimental conditions, which is attributed to: the heat shield effect of evolving volatiles. In th-e-case of the reinforced plastics, unilateral heating with 214 ACC NIZt AP6030846 the (,-yacetylene flame showed that St-12 decomposes slower than',!; St-21 (see table). These results indicate the higher heat shield efficiency of R-12 due to its lower percentage of char (46.5 versus ~y Ihe lower temperature drop across St- 12 specimens than across. Qt-21 specimens on unilateral heating with the ox-yacetylene flame. Table 1. Results of tests involving the exposure of St-21 and St-12 glass-reinforced phenolic plastics to oxyacetylene flame Card 3/4 Wt. loss, Z i Specimen Expo- Char Ch- i f lAf B Des g Binder thickness, sure depth r ng e ore ter nation, time, , rate, Char layer mm sec MM mm/sec removal 10 15 20 1.42 0.071 7.1 11.68 St-21 R-21 . 30 2 43 0 081 - 8 6 1 6 1 . . . 5 3. 5 10.1-10.2 60 4.84 0.081 9.10 15.01 20 1.3 0.065 6.4 10.15 St-12 R-12 30 2 01 0 067 8 2 12 -9-9-10.1 1 60 1 . 3.90 .. 10.065 1 . 8.7 1 .98 13.60 1 A palm IFINIIIIII NRz AP6030846 After 70 see of exposure, the temperature of the opposite side of an St-12 specimen 6 '.~- 0.5 mm in thickness rises to only 1800C. Iwhile in.the ca'e -of St-'2'. 1 this temperature reaches 250*C...'Orig. art* hast 5 figures and 7 tablas" 51-~Bj V.'~ no* 117 SUB-CODEs 11 /SUBM DATEt none ORIG REF: 002 OTH REF: 009 Card 'o ACC Nit, ~(-Jxlo/olo/.so';- AUTHOR: Solovlycva, L. K. Korshak, V. V. 1-16'amensidy, 1. V. Taurina, 0. F. TITLE: Epoxy polymers with increased thermal stal, ili"y SOURCE: Ref. zil.- Miimiya, Part II, Abs. 10S239 REP SOURCE: Tr. - Mosk. khim-tekhnol. in-ta im. D. I. Mendeleyeva, vyp, 48, 1965, 214-217 TOPIC TAGS: thermal stability, polymer, epoxy polymer ABSTRACT: Epoxy polymers were synthesized on the basis of phenolphthalein anilide, epichlorohydrin or dicyclopentadiendioxide. A study was made of the properties of the polymer with both linear and three-dimensional structures. It was found that the epoxy polymer has a higher thermal stability (up to 300C) than polyin ers from 4. 4 dioxydiphenylpropane(ED- 5). [Translation of abstract) SUB CODE: 07 Card ACC NRi A116029007 -- - souckB; UR/10--h-1-3-11-7-1- !J/1 66 000 01h 0080/0080 i1NV&%1T01?S., Renard, T. L*j- Tseyt1inp 0. M.; Kamonskiyj I. V.; KorBhak, V. V6, iLyashevich' V. V. ORG; none TME: A method for obtaining unsaturated polyester resins. Glass 3Fj No, 163934 5-nnou.nced by Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering im. Mondoleyev (Moskovukiy k1iiiid.ko-telchnologicheskiy insLitut)7 SOURGE: Izobret prom, obraz tov zn, no. lit, 1966, W' TOPIC TAGS: resin, polyester olycondonsation ABSTRACT: TILis Author Certiff icate presents a method for obtaining. unsaturated " L k' o~y,ster resins by polycondensation of a heated hydroxyl-containing component with p an unsaburated acid (or with its anhydride). To enlarge tlia assorbmont of fire- resist,ing polyestEws characterized by thernal resistance and radiation slvabJlity, (lichlorhycb-in 2,2p5.,,t;-Lotra'liydro.-f4,inoLliyl) cyclopontAnone ia used as a hydr-oVl- containing component. SUB CODE: ll/ SUM DATM 29May65 Card 1/1 UD03 678.674 IN L ic,41~)_67 DWN(MVEW(j) IJP(C) Im ACC NRt KH029910 CN) SOURCE CODE, UR/'0413/66/000/015/0088/0086, AUTHOM Mironov, Yu. V.; Kantenakiy, 1. V.; Konhak, V. V.1 Glasko~ S. A. ORG i none TITLE: A method for hardening unsaturated polyster reoine~. Class 39, No. 18 2 :iSOURCE: Izobret prom obraz tov znj no. 15P 1966, 80 ;TOPIC TAGS- polyeatery resin, copolymer, polyester plastic ~ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a method for bardening unsaturated Polyester resins by copolymerizing them with croBs-li-.Adx16- agents in the presence !of an oxidizing-reduebig system. To inmaae the resistance to deformation and the mechanical stremgth of -the hardened polyesters at high temperatures, -poly- are used a functional furane oompoumdo (ouch as furEliglaoglato a cross-'linking agents. SUB CODE 10111 BUBM DLTE: 21Apr65 f Card 'UM 678.67.~.028.294 ACC NR AP7000337 CAY SO URCE CODE: UR/0413/66)'000/022/0094/0095 INVENTOR: Prutkov, L. M.; Kamengkiy, I. V. ORG: none TITLE: Method of manufacturing high-temperature ox'Ldation-resistallt Dhosphor containing furan resins. Class 39, No. 188672 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tova:rnyye znaki, no. 22, 1966, 94-95 TOPIC TAGS: furan resin, phosphorus chloride, phosphonic acid ABSTRACT: A method has been introduced for obtaining high-terriperature oxidation-resistant phosphor- containing furan resins by heating with furan derivatives and phosphor-containing compounds. In order to obtain a wider variety of resins, furfuralcohol, furfurol, and furfurylid enam ino ethanol as well aB phosphorus oxychloride, diacid chloride of methylphosphinic acid, and triethylphosphate are used. [Translation) KP] SUB CODE: 11/SUBM DATE: 02Mar63/ Card 1/1 UDC: 678. 85:547. 722 L 44294-66 EWT(_"1)jR'P(j)"1T I Jp ( C) wWARM ACC WRA AP6011282 (A) souncr coi%.-- UR/0413/66/000/006/0159/0159 MENTOR: _-Kwrshak,_V. V. ; KamensM, 1. V. ; S-anfln, L-K none TITLZ: Preparation of resin with furitury1hydrox-vailanes. Class 39, Hm SOURCE: Isobroteniya, promyshlennyye obrattsy, tovarqyye znaki, no. 6, 1966, 159 * TOPIC TAGS: resin, furfurylhydrdxysilane, heat resistant polymer 'or r, ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate introduces a method for reparing hirfuryl- 'ii' hydroxymilane resins. To extend the variety of heat-resista lymer materials La . t r+-et e with controlled viscosity, furfury1hydrqUaillknes are heat -tre ed in the prom enc ie of peroxide-type initiators and ionic catalysts then distilled by convwmtional methods. ILM -SUB CCOE: I I/ SUBM DATE: 19Sep61/ CW :.V % I 1~ -Ji ) 4 f . ; SOIDMKIN. P.S., prof.; TRODIN, V.K.; JV~311GIIEJJKO, S,j~,j VAST' IV,'" G " ,I qT~TY... I.V.p- MELEKIIINp P.l. Reviews. Vaterinariia 41 no.7:112-114 J1 1b4. (MTRA 18111) I A, '- 0' r: " VA~ll i, I , I I J I, 'I , I i~ A r, ... - 1 . -V C! L. e~ .1. 11 . I 1~; ~) h , h .'I ~~IE N.,-i E J - , ) , .. . , ~. . , -A ~ v na, 11 ~,mnyy 11 . - ~, 7 'it , L"I *, y1i't, (*".Aj;'. T il. a .., .-I Eplzootic state of Some bodies of water and resarvc~lrs in YDsc~ow Province. Veterinarila 1+1 no,12:4.1-42 D 164, (MIRA 18:9) 1. Vuesoyuanyy J.nstitut gellmintologil imani. akadem."ka K.I.Skryabina. Y A ~ I " ---, ~ - ,': .,~ * - V,!.:; ~ 1. * ',-I )"T G 1: --. I , . I . ~,-' .,- ~. i ., - 1. .1 6,ltu op. th~l f)f' infestation of ~ 'I (,w -ai). no.9:1-53-163 164- 1)o -!!. Vo-t,-a iovur. Truly A,;Li-. ., L irl Q., I (NMA 18:10) MOLL p ,~Irovoy A. 13. ; Fj ilk) I'v, , F. N. ; HA , I- h$ Effect of heating mi the haterageneity of steed ca5ting3, Lit. proizv. no.4:32 Ap t64. (mn,A 101- IISKIY, L.V. Diriensions and design of frame furniture. Der. prom. 10 no.814--6 Ag 161. (Furniture) (MILk I.IoO ZA)DWOVA, X,, rabotmitea; PXMUDOVA, M., rabotiaitea; BARANOVSKATA, As, rabottitsa~..X Ms Su~sldiary work should be mechanized too. Rabotnitea 36 no.5:25 my '58. (MIR& 1125) 1,Voronezhikiy shinnyy zavod (for Zakharova, Peregudova, Baranovskayn). 2,Telchniabeekly Inspector Voroneshokogo oblastnogo soveta Profsoymov (for Kamenskiy). (Tire, Rubber) (Ifficienon Industrial) Illow the plant became profitable" by I. M. Ektov. Reviewed by M. Xamenskii. Metallurg 6 no.4:39 Ap 161. (MIRA 14:3) 1. Zamestitell nachallnika takhnicheskogo otdola Stalinakogo metallurgicheskogo zavoda. (Stal-ino-,Metallurgical plants) (Ektov, I. M.) KAMNSKIY,, M, Using new techniques. Metal).urg 7 no.ll.,13-16 N 162. (MIM 151., 10) 1. Zamestitell nachalinika tekhnicheskogo otdela Done-tskogo zavoda. (Donetsk-Iron and steel plants) KAWNSKIY, M.; OTERIN, D. University of technical progress. Pletallurg 10 no.6:36-37 Je 165. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Zaveduyushchly uchebnoy chastlyu 11niversiteta te~hrichpnkngo progressa na Donetskon, -,r-- tq I'll ur.1 I chf? P kor z.,iv,,)de (fc.- Kamenskly). 2, Chl,en novrtri ',1nAv:!rsitA+.a na Donetskam zavode (for KAMSM X A#, OFIm.IGWENI_ A. M. Mbr., Stalin Pletal Factory & Factory im. Serov, -c1948-. "The tise of Martinite for welding the grating on Martin furnaces," Stall, No. 7, 1948 AW A. M. 0!;rvxrndrn~ Mal a. Ski-7 an Chile. a xylithelic (Offing 11141rhal. wa, Irsted with rxA results fm 4111106119 10410111, I'hC JP. l"olk. t"Illut. (VA61140 oil matt"1011. %,I~ sll~ %I,( 3, 1, ftft% 143.5, C*O 13.0. Af X0 V1.5 I igull jon jrs.s;.1.3~ Martenite is sintered faster Min nmgnr-itr. theirby lduvpg re"u, that. It is fully #As wr2r re%idant a% nug- 'Jimtr and has no effert on the mnlin. or fiu~jity of the 161arlenite Is alto suitable for hot I*tching, Wheii -ng the entife bottom it -is advisable to Ninter ilke vr of magneshr and then the --u(vc%iivv Lavv:i #4 '41. M. 111W.11 130-12-9/24 AUTHORS: Kamenskiy, M#A., Pokrass, L.M. and Gerchikov, D.S., Engineers. TITIZ: Carbon-paste Steel-tapping Rinnera (Stalevypusknyye zheloba iz uglerodistoy massy) PERIODICAL: Metallurg, 195?, Ao.12, pp. 1? - 19 (USSR). ABSTRACT: The author mentions some difficulties of maintaining clay-lined steel-tapping runners and describes one lined with a carbon miass. This was introduced at the Stalinsk Metall- urgical Works at the suggestion of M.A. Kamenskiy and V.Ya. Gritsayenko, the composition of' the mass being 40-42% coke fines, 25-2?% type 4R clay, 13% coal-tar pitch, 20ilo' fireclay powder. Only the replaceable part of the runner system is rammed with the carbon paste. There are 2 figilres. ASSOCIATION: Stalino Metallurgical Works ~Stalinskiy metallurgi- cheskiy zavod) AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 KAMENSKIY, M.A. [Kamenalkyi. M.A.]O ingh. "......... ---~- --I Steel Changes its route, Znan,, ta, prataia no. 12:8-9 D 160. (MRA 14:4) lo Zamestitell naohallnika tekhnichealcogQ otdela Stalinakogo metaUurgicheako o savoda. fSteel industry) (Autozation) KAVENSK17 1,13kba~-!, fironavIch, OFONGUMN, fibram 1,1,i.khEiy.lovJch,, -i-llr yrstiss, U";WYFRO-ISbyevich; USTLERTSEV, lo-it Fedorov-ic!h . [Opont-boa-11th furnace hourth Wttomj F,-dlvi mrtenovokol pe'"hi. Mos-hra, Yletallurgila. 1965. 88 p. (MIRA 18:7) 1. KAIENSKIY, H. D. 2. USM (600) 4. Agriculture - Study and Teaching 7.. Colored film strips on "What's new in agriculture." Dost. sellkhoz. no. 1. 1952 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, January -1953. Unclassified. KAIIENSM) I.I. D. Prof. Dr. Tech. Sci. tgn Hemory of Aleksandr Ale kspndrovich Vullf," Blektrichestvo, No-4, 190 KUMMKIT, M.D.; GOLINM, H.V.. reeAktor; ZABRODDIA, A.A., '~akhnicheskiy "I reaffra?. [IllectrIc systems] Blektrichevikie sistemy. Izd. 2-oe, perer. i dop. Uningrad. Goa. onergeticibeekoo izd-vo, 1952. 248 p.[Photostat) Meotric networks) (au 8:2 ) KAMISM, I% D. USSR/Electricity - Personalities Aug 52 "Professor L.'R. Neyman: on His 50th-Birthday," A. A. Gorev, P. N. Goryunov, I. A. Ziy-tbev, A. M. Zaleaskiy,-M. D. Kamehakir., M. P. Kostenko, A. G. Lurlye, M. M. Shatelen, Ye. G. Shramkov Mchaylovo M. "Elektrichestvoll No 3, pp,92-93 Reviews Neman's scientific., administrative, and educationaluurk, and organizational affiliations. Specifies following as principal fields of his scientific activity: investigation of phenomena in nonlinear elee circuits with iron; special problems of elec measurments; electromagnetic processes in converter installations for trans- mission of high-voltage dc power; and elec modeling of nonlinear processes in aero- hydrodynamic systems. 235T48 J'~ viilowvricl.ty - 1: oientimto ;)3 I'lIx-or6wor j%0 AM. Zaloa!);~ (111 Coinection uitl,. ilia ;Ilrtha~~v)," M. A* Shat'u-Icail L, .11. Nm=mp 11-6 Va KDr-t4Nr,)-,t Is it., 7'aytaw" Ye. -J. *-11rdal"Ov, I'll. D. KEv-'M3ldyj B, 1. llmmnalc;~rjs V. It. Dclirakov, 11. T', Runnop 'V. V. PnArtrjav, L. i6. lliotrava--Uy, B. 14 tU'AhaluVp d, 11. NUMCOV9 YU* As, zlab~,Uiln Uak-lroj Ilo 2 j i-bowmit-s ch-"CT evants in profa3alonal 103, of Prof Aloksandr M.1-WwlQv-lIch zalassidy bom 27 ilew M2. Lorks- aotivo in fleld aC h-,L!h-vL)ltaGe tedrudquora., he Ims lycan of L'idninintrativo Board of lM1l';&; simao 19L-5. KAMENSKIY, M.D., dDktor tekhnicheakikh nauk, professor, 2avedupdahchiy. Remarks on a letter of the chair of electric networks and! systems of the Moscow Institute of Electrical Engineering. Blektrichestro no.10:86 0 153. (KIRA 6:10) 1. Eafedra slektricheakikh satey i sistem Laningradakogo politekhnicheakogo inatituta im. Kalinina. (Electric engineering) XA)U�=IY. ~,rpt [author); KOVS!U"INOV, B.A., Inzhener; NIXOGOSOV, S.F., kandidat tekhnichenkith nauk; MIOIMXIT# T.G., YAndidat tekhnicheskikh nhuk; AKMO- 3M. B.1., kandidat teklmicheskikh nauk; BYKOV. N.G., inthener [reviewers]. OXectric eystems..* M.DJULmenokii. Reviewed by B.A.Konstuntinov, S.S. Nlkogosov. V.G.Xholmakii,, R'LG.Bykov. Zlek.sta. 24 no.9:62-64 S '53. (Hm.L (~: a ) (Umnskit, M.D. ) (Ileatric networks) Subject 'USSR/Electricity Car&I/P Pub. 27 -.1 IV-33 AID P - 4130 Authors Kamensl~iyj M. D., Doe. Tech. Sci., and B. L. -!Kabdl~`~'Tech. Sci. Title Teichnleiql~and eognomic calculations of city cable networks-(Disc'usuion of the article of V. A. KOZ1OV) this journal, No,. 11, 1954). Periodical : Blektriobestvo, 12, 66-67, D 1955 Abstract : The authors point out several mistakes in the article by V., A. Kozlov on: "Technical and economic calculation of city, cable networks". These mistakeg-led to inFo-ri7ect ~concf sions and iixiiacceptable recommendations. In particular, V. A. Kozlov attributed a wrong value to his coefficient of distribution (2 -U instead of \M, which led to several.further mistakes. His economic criteria are not based on generally accepted standards AID P - 3328 Subject i USSR/Power Engineering Card 1/1 Pub. 26 - 14/28 Author Kamenskiy, M. D., Dr. Tech. Sci. Title On formulae for computing voltage in high voltage networks Periodical Blek. sta. Vk8 43-44, Ag 1955 J)N J Abstract A mathematical analysis of two groups of formulae. Four Russian references., 1932-1954. Institution None Submitted No date 8 (3) SOV/ I 1 '2-5-1 -,; -loo 4 2 Translation from: Ref erativnyy z-.iurnal. Flektrotekhnika, 1957, Nr 5, pp 62-63 (USSR) AUTHOR: Kamenskiy, M. D. TITLE: New Methods of Loss Computation in High-Voltage Closed and Branched Networks (Novyye metody podscheta poter' v vysokovol'tny-kh zarnk-nutykh i razvetvlennykh setyakh) PERIODICAL: Tr. Leningr. politekhn. in-ta, Nr 184, 1956, p]? 238-249 ABSTRACT: On the basis of a great number of calculations, it has been eatablWhed that a line with 4-5 arbitrarily - laced loads can be considered, from the loss- p determination standpoint, as a -uniformly -loaded line; this rule can be extended over extensively branched and closed high-voltage networks. Power losses c'an 0. 6674a Ua% be determined'from the formula A P 96 c where 15U00 (voltage drop) and aP oil COSY2 a% are rof erred to the line-end voltage and power. Card 113 1~ 1.011/112-571-5-1D042 New Methods of Loss Computation in High-Voltage Closed and Branched Netwoz Ics The coefficient ka. takes into account the voltage drop due to the resistive component of the load. If a number of open lines are fed frc,m one point, the end voltages of the lines will differ from each other by �37o, which permits considering them as a bunch of Parallel lines having an end voltage equal to the arithmetic mean of their actual receiving-end voltages. In the presented samples of computing the power losses in spur and closed 35-kv networks, the discrepancy with exact calculations does not exceed 316. Under actual compu- tation conditions, this error may reach 5-ije, but it will not exceed the error of other simplified methods. The above method can also be used for computing power losses in two-voltage networks (for example, 35 and 110 kv). To deter- mine power losses in branched cable networks of 6 and 10 kv, the equivalent network resistance X-e is calculated under uniform load -distribution conditions The power loss can be determined as a product of re and the square of the line sending-end current. The use of re holds true for closed 110-kv networks. Card Z/3 SOV/112-57-5-10042 New Methods of Loss Computation it-i High-Voltage Closed and Branched Networks Loss integrating meters can be used to determine energy losses. not only in. transformers but also in a network, if the reading over a definite period is multiplied by re' O.V.O. Card 3/3 AYZMIMG, Beiris Ilvovich; VOOTSKOTNikolay Vaoillyevich; IVANZWV, Mik1hell Nikolayevich;, F_�LUAjg_Aq -Davidovich; KEMIOR, Vasilly Tasillyvvich; MXDVXDSK-TY, Nikolay Ivanovich; NIXOGOSOV, S*lo,, red.;. MIUMTIYMFA, Ye.A.. red.; SOBC&NA, Ye.M., tekhn. red, [Nunicipal elootrio wyetems; fgadamou~ale of &sign and conatractioul Goro'dakle elekbricheakle seti; o'snovy postrooniia I proaktirovanila. Kookm, Goo, enorg. izd-vo, 1958. 328 pe (Blectric power distribution) (MIRA 11-.9) W439HANOVSKIT, G.R.: SHMISN, M.A.: VINTIM, A.Y,: KOSTENKO, M.P.; POFKOT, V.,I,; NZYMAN, L#29; BOLOTOT# T.V,; EMWISXIY, M,D.; ZALSSMY, AH.; usov, S. V. ------ A.A, lbrozov; obituary. Blektriohostvo no,1208-89 D 156, (Horozov, A-leksandr Alskeandrovioh, d, 1956) (MIRA llt3) KPIENSKIY, M.D. Cities of the toviet Union as consumers of electric power. Trudy LIEI no.:33:5ig 160, (MIRA 14:8) (Electric power distribution) SYWMTNIKOV, I.A.; NEKRkSOV,, A.M.; IEBEDEV, A.A.; KOSTENKO, M.F.j REMUIT) L.R.j VASILOYL?Vp USOV, S.V.; POSSEt A.V.; ULIYANOV, S.A.j FAZYIDV, Kh.F. Professor K.N. Shchedrinj on his seventieth birthday and fortieth anniver=7 of hie edmitional work. Blektrichestvo nool:94- 95 Ja 162. (MIRA 14:3.2) (Shchadr-4% Nikolai Nikolaevich, 1891-) USBOROV, L.A.; DCIQMKIYO B.I.; DROZDOV, N.G.; DIYACHERO, N.D.; ZHEXULIN2 L.A.; ZAYTSEV, I.A.; ZAILSSKIY, A.M.; KAMIISKIY, It D - KOSTENKO., MP.; IZEEDEV, A.A.; L%IONUSOV, V.Yu.;-M=VICH-,i-.i-1.; SHMIOV, V.S.; TOWTOV, Yu,G,; USOV.. S.V.; SHRAMKOV, Ye.G. L.R. Neiman; on his 60th birthday and the 35th anniversary of his educatioma work. Elektrichestvo no.6:93-94 Je 16-9. (MIRA 15:6) (Neiman., Leonid Robertovich, 1902-) KOSISNKO, M.V.; NEYIW, L.R.; ~JELLNTIYLV, L.A.; IKAMENSKIY M.D.; BOLOTOV, V.V.; ZAIMSMY, A.M.; USOV, S.V.; VAL; DUBINSICIY.. L.A. B.L.Aizenberg; on his 60th birthday. Elektrichestvo no.11:91+ N 162. (M& 15:11) (Aizenberg, Boris Llvovich, 1902-) KAMENSIat M,D,j, doktor tekhn. naWc., prof.j AYZEIMERG,, B.L., doltor t#W','- nauk, prof# Roview of S.D. Voloberiniglcii, M.V. Kudriavtoevs and V.N. Stepanovlo book Mectrilml networks and power systemo.0 Elek-tricliestvo no.11:88-459 N 163. (MIRA 16:11) 1 - KAHENSKIY, M.D. Determination of necessary equipment, materials, and monetary expenditures in the construction and expansion of municipal electric power distribution networks. Trudy LIEI no.41:22-28 162. (WRA 1?:6) 1. Leningradekly politekhnicheskiy inBtitut imeni Kalinina. of dI,3tr5Ij-ati.c-Ir of complex Dower lny3tena rallig a i,`111 no.242:3-14 '65. (,NIIRA 18-8) AYZENMG, B.L.; B=TOVP V.V. I BRIL', R,Ya,; GEBASIMOV, V.N.; GREKOV, V.I.; DOVETOV, M.Sh.; -,KAMMXIY, Mi,D.;, KLEBANOV, L.D.; KONSTANTINOV, B.A.; KUZIMN9 V,G.; MELENTIV-EV, L.A.; MIKHALEV, Y.N.; POLYANSKIY,'V.A.; RAZDROGINA, L.A.; SIVAKOV, Ye.R.; STARIKOV, V.G.; SAVAMIUKAYA, M.1 SHAYOVIGH, L.L. Igor$ Valentinovich Gofman, 1903-1963; obitwiry, Trudy LIRI no.5lt3-.4 464. (MIRA 18ill) KAMENSKIY, M.D. Forty years of practical formulas for determining the number of transfomer points in municipal electrical networks. Trudy LIEI no-51:316-32/+ 164, (MIRA 18.,11) AUEMA~NIf'OVt I&IU-VU1, D.A.; DI 'OZDDV 1 I)ULIII':3yIyp ~,.A.; Y A.M. I-I. D. KOZLOV, M.D. ; 1,16OVS-KlY y G.S. P 1.010V, K.S.; TREIRILLV,7 P' Jj.S.; Fj!Ey.-rTTS, M.D.; V.; USFEIISKIY) SiffliT, M.A. I . SM 2 Hikolai fllkolaevj,~h Krachkovskli, 1889- ; on his 75th birthday. Flehtricliestvo nc..1:90 Ja 165. (1~ Mi 18:7) L 11549-66 U ACC NRi SOURCE CODE., UR/0lO5/65/Oo0/0ql/0Oq0/0O9O AU'rHOR: Aleksandrovp B. K&; Darman, Bo Aq Drozdov,, No Go; Dubinakiy, L. AO; Zalesakiy, A :9 k_4 H. Do; Kozlov, M. Do; Lisovskiy, Go So; Sinelobovo K. So;- Trebulevo P. V.; UagpenNVy, -Yo; Kheyfits, X, Do; Shvetsov, M. A. ORM none TITLE: -Nik lay Nikolayevich Krachkovakiy SOURCE: Elektrichestvo, no. 1, 1965, 90 TOPIC TAGS: electric power engineering, electric engineering personnel ABSTRACT: ' Brief bi6graphy or suoject, a senior scientific sksociate of -the institute of Power Enixinnering AS USSR, on the occasion of his 75th birthday on 16 Dee 64. He was graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute in 1916, Worked for a number of years in the planning, aurvey~. Ing, construction and operation of the first HV tranAmiasion lines hnd submtations. From 1922 to 1926, participated in the planning and construc- tion of the first Soviet hydroelectric statiork (Volkov GES im. Lenin) and 110 kv transmission line, In 1927-1932 do igned transmission lines at the GET (State Electrical Engineering Trust and-the Leniagrad branch of Dneprostroy. Chief of electric power and transmission section at Syord- lovakt Volgostroy and Leningrad Energoproyekt (1932-1038)1 simultaneously studied 100-cycle currgut for AS USSR and.pairticipated in planning the Kuybyshev GES - Moid*o'w"-iratiwdssioi~3.ine't' ff6.rked at teninjrad*Gidropioy~kt until ~1947, and at Moscow Gidrenergoproyekt until 1953o Among the first to propose L 11549-66 ACC NR,I MOW converting the Kuybyshev - Moscow line from 400 to 500 kv, An ardent advocate of d-c for HV and EHV tranamdosion, Authored over 75 soientific and technical articles" and two inventions. Awarded the Order of the Fled Banner of labor and other CT decorations. Orig. art* has: 1 figure* gKI SUB CODEt 09 SUBX DATEt, none WP 1,i 224,1i9-66 JVM'~! d IP Al"C NR AF`6013i5'1.(J. 5OU,17JCF, Cl A M.; Donianskiy, S. Zal.esskiy AlIT110R., Volldekj! A. G',-~`Xiiih-kqrov -G. Ye. Ki ~~vR tei~. Ye. I.; A. 14 e n: 3, b-st iqN ~en M. V.; Neyi~ N. W, en ~o., an 9;T~ov Sh:~amkov MI. G. uzin~ 01 IG; none TITIZ; Pro&ss',or. ~Sergby Vasiltydvich,Usov, on his 60th birthday SOURCE: Elektr~ldhestv6, no~ 11.. 1965, 86 TOICITAM, Acaaamic, 6drsomel.: electric ongineerin"personnell electric power plant 9 n A~51"RkT: Thit. ot6d Soviet power speoialist Professor So V. USOV, who Was 60'yedrs old last,September., graduated from the Leningradski] 61ek,~r,otekhnidheskly. Institut (Leningrad Elootrotechnical Inst1tute) in. 1930 band then, ;: Por. the next twenty years , worked for the I LeneniDrga po~46r sy~6tem.of.whlch he became chief engineer In.19390 During the blo'okad6;:Of leningrad he was head. of the group which J~n 41~~ days ma'yi~gedi~ tb connect the beleaguered city with the station across the frozen Ladoga laUe. ile also qaTrltid o~t~the adaptation of the bo' Ilers of the Leningrad powe~-,~-Olailt ~ to oonsame the locally eNrailable fuel. 1. In 1949 he bec&ma pr6ti)sso,:r;and head of the Department of 'Electric ';.91tat 10,18 UDC: 621 V 224~9_66 J: A~.C: NRI, A11601361T of th n dslelyJolitekhnicheskAy institu (Leningrad Poly- It lo Is r I to h f u tful ppdagagical 6nA h blished 50 solentific papers. From eavO.rso e pu 1995*; to 1958~1101 wiidil :a deputy,director for salent1fic work. In 19 I;Aie was eliDeted :Dean of the Electromechan1cal Faculty of the'-P'--,' Inst itut e . lte~~Joiiied the Party in 1.942; from 1943 to 1955 was d6puty prosidoO ot 'the: oentral board of the NT0HF CNauohno- 4tbkli4ioheskoyti';~obi�~ioliebtvo:energeticheakoy promyshlennosti; Eitsine~4~ix* Soolety of Pover lndustrleg7, president of sbieotiflo the ~actlon ot.,,pow6r syttems,of NTOEP, and member of numerous selentiflo-enginebring eounoils. For many years he was.a member, o'r tl4e edlto3~lal b6aA of the Journal Elektrieheakiye stants11. (ae6trlo Stat4onO. For his contributions In the fie -of power e4giiieering S#~:V.,:VSOV was awarded the Order of-Lenin, Order of. -6-F-D-Istin'etion Ifed..Utnnerof ~Labori Or4er of Red Star, Badge and. 7the P~Odals Oftr-~the Dbfense of Leningrad" and "For Disti?*Uished Duri~j ~h: P atriotic Wai*11 Orig, &rt. has** 1 figure. [JPRBI SVB COM: 16. SUM, I)ATE; none 01 ct1rd 2/2. Ldi VOLIDEKO A.I.: D014ANSKIYp Bel,; DRANNIKOVp V.S.; ZALESSKIY, A.M.; ,Alf 7,14.4; KANTAN, V.V.; KASHKAROIT, G.Ye.; KIZEEVETTEF, Ye.I.; Y ~ ASKI. XLD40vj- A.N.; KOVALEV, N.N.; KOSTaIKO, M.P.; KOSTENKO, M.V.; NEYMAN, LoR.; PAVLOVp G.M.; RAI'DONIK, V.S.; RUZZIN, Ya.L.; SIDOROV, 14.M.; SHRAMKOV, Ye.G. Professor Sergei Vasillevich Usov, 1905- ; on his 60th birthday. Elektrichostvo no.11:86 N 165. (MIRA 18:11) IEDIII 110~4111ifiIIIIII 10 1 KAFMETSKIY , .~Ilark,,qMcaroylah:~,rdec eased); KLAMN, I.R., red. ~ . ~ I ". :. .1 - I 1~ , Robert Wuardovich Klasson. Moskva.. Gosenergoizdat, 1963. 210 p. (MIRA 17: 6) KAMENSKIYj. fKamonalkyl. saaluzhenW vrach reopubliki (i~ers,;'n',) Diseases of coronary vessels. Nauka. i zhyttia 9 no.7* 29-31 Jl 159, (MIRA 12:11) (Coronar7 vessels--Diseases) 3MBRO, A.Ya., latzh.; ]UNENSUIt O.V., inzh. r.unctioning of honow piles and --- shell-sbafts under horizontal stress. TVAnsp. stroi. 11 no.8;41-io Ag 161. (MM, 1439) (Foundations) (Piling (CIvU engineering)) ZUCHRV, I.; FARNSKIY, P. Immediate tasks in the development of the meat industry in the Kazakh S.S.R. Rias.ind.SSSR. 25 no.4:44-146 154. (MLRA 7:8) 1. Gosplan. Kamakhokoy SSR. (Kazakhstan--Meat industry) (Meat industry--Katakhaten) MICHALICKOVA, Jaroslava, Doc. Dr- KAMSKY, Pavol, asist. Dr -Problen of infant toxicosis in Slovakia as represented by the :Bratislava region, Pediat. listy 9 no.2:80-83 Ap 154. 1. II.AeUka klinika SU v Bratislava. .(IVAW NUTRITION DISORDERS, *t0zloosis, statist. in Czech.) DOBROTA,.S.;_KAMENSKY, P.; LECIRIEROVA, V. Intmthoracic mibpleural lipma, Bratisl. lek. -UBty 43 Pt. 2 no.5:280-285 163. 1. 11 chir. klinika Lek. fak. Univ. K=onskeho v.Bratislave, prednosta akad. K. Siaka,.Meat0a.uemocniaa a ~, poliklinikou, detake oddolonie v Bratiolave, prodno3ta I-RlDr. P. Kamensky. THOUCIC NEOPLASMS) (~IPORA) EMOPERITONEUM) M V ZUGHA,,i jkc.,Yj~ KI P- Dr.;PEMOVIG, 1. Dr. Severe enterocolitili with perforation in newborn & in delicate infants. RGzhl. chir..36 no.3:177-180 Mar 57. 1. 11. Detska klinika (doe. TWMichalickova) a klinika pediatrickaj chirurgis (doe. Dr. J. Zucha ) LWK v Bratislav. (GOLITIS, in Inf. & child niawborn, with perf. (02)) (77011, NMOHN, die. colitis with perf. (0s)) KLM11SKY, P.; IMARI-LAZARYOVA, T.; SACHEROVA, A. Jaundice in the neonatal period. Bratisl. Lek. Listy 42- no.3: 160-166 162. 1. Z II. detskej kliniky Lek. fak. Univ. Komenskeho v Bratislave, prednost~ka prof. MUDr. J. Michalickova. (JAUNDICE NEONATAL) KEIXTII Jijraj, doe., Dr., PhMr, C.Sc. (Kalinaiakova 8, Bratislava); TOLDYOVA, Viera; HOKOVA, Zdena Data on the mechanism of the development of methemoglobinemia in the suckling. Acta pharmac 8:188-197 163. 1. Chair of Biochemistry and Microbiology Faculty of Pharma- ceutics; Komensky University, Bratislava Nr Keleti and Hunk- ova). 2. Children's Ward, City Institute of Public Health, Bratislava (for Kamensky). 3. Institute of Suckling Infants, Bratislava (for Toldyova). KAIENSKY, P.; KOKAVEC, M. Sudden and unexpected death in infants. Bratisl. lek. listy 44 no.3:148-155 15 Ag t64. 1. Detake oddelenie Mestskej nemocnice s 2 poliklinikou (-ve- duci prim. MUDr. P. Kamensky); Katedra sudneho Ickarstva Lek. fak. Univ. Komenskeho v Bratislave (veduci prof. IfJDr. H. Kresk). KUCTIA, V.; Mfi-IISKY, P.; KLUTI, J. Apropos of the pathogenesis and prevention ol"' alimentary nitrate methemoglobinemia in infants. Bratisl. lek. listy U no.8:457-466 164. 1. Katedra hygieny Lek. fak. UnIverzity Komenskeho (veduci akademik V. Mucha); Katedra biociiemio a m1kroldologie Farma- ceut. fak. Univerzity Komenskeho (veduci prof. A. Jindra) a Detske oddelenie Mestskeho ustavu narodniho zdravi (veduci MUDr. P. Kamensky). KAMENSKIY,,,,,pa,-v,ol-Patitovich; YAKOVLEV, Anatoliy Yefimovich; 14DROZOV, V.P., inzh., retsenzent; MUSARSE'IY, I.S., otv. red.; FROLOVA, Ye.I.p red. izd-va; BOLDYREVA, Z.A., tekhn. red, [nectric power supply of coal mines) Elektrosnabzhenie ugollnykh shakht. Moskva., Izd-vo "Nedra," 1964. 280 p. (MIRA 17:2) 171 - m i,Tn7 i 'r:'Ti 17M. IF IF F::~: I ir I F 2412- Mighires for the Inslitatior. of R6CH. SmZ-4 pro 1pollad 'nil Kam=jv~ and Antonin Ku- III*& (clech.) )k NW359 f I 4 . mnstv , v. 3, no. 2. Nov, W5, p. erbocki. 510,v ' ; f SWIMIS Jevlsed for wasuring the Imulating powry o tes w mixturcs. Copolalm d"st wns found to havc. gtbKi insulAting hs~ hthk-s, graphs. 1.3 ref. propletivs. Photograp If if; f Mimi L L~Al I WIEtTSXYj R. Effect of atmospheric presmire in blind atmospheric risers, P. 13-1.1 SLINARMSTVI (Ministerstvo strojiernstvi a ministerstvo hiltniho pramyslu a rudnych dolu) Praha. Vol. 3j, No. h,, Apr* 1955 SOURCE: East European Accessions List (HAL) Library of Congress.. VoI,,-4'0 No, 12., December 1956 K9-04SKY, R. "Production of hardened rolls by partial casting.n P. 359 (Slevarenstvi) Vol. 5, no. 12, Dec. 1957 Prague, Czechoslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 7, no, 4, April 1958 .1% flill": till INW 1. 11111 IMM40111-111 AUTHOR: lobert, Engineer CZECH/~54-59-9-4/22 TITLE,. Mildly Hardened Spheroidal Cast Iron Rolls PERIODUALt Hutnickt listys 1959t Nr 9, pp 762-768 ABSTRACT: The aim of the work described in this paper was to develop a method of manufacture of spheroidal cast iron ,~,ills weighing up to 3 tons# On the basis of foreign experience (Refs 1-20) it was decided that mildly hardened spheroidal cast iron rolls were the most suitable for the given conditions of operation. To produce such rolls a method of partial inoculation of malleable iron and the necessary inoculation equipment were developed. The production process is described in detail. The specified analysis of the cast iron is 3.2 to 3.4% C, 1.6 to 2.0% Si, o.8 to 1.0 mn, 0.1 to 0.2% P, max 0.1% S. Over fifty such rolls have been cast. The properties of these are very good (surface hardness 280 to 350 HB 9 hardness of the journal 220 to 250 H , strength of the journal 35 to 45 kg/mm~. In operation tests tRus produced rolls had a service life higher by 163% than that of the common half-hard rolls and Cardl/2uP to four times the service life of forged carbon steel Mildly Hardened Spheroidal Cast Iron Rolls CZECH/34-59-9-4/22 rolls. There are 8 figures, 1 table and 22 references, 5 of which are Czech, 5 Hungarian, 4 Soviet, 4 German, 2 Polish and 2 French. 10 .1 %0 ASSOCIATION: Vy'zkttmny ustav VZKG (Research Institute ViKG) SUBMXITEDt April 61 1959 Card 2/2 67778 1? 28 Candidate o c- , 'i J. AUT14ORS XL~, ~r' 0.5, Bngineer 0 f. Profossor Enginvcr Do-;tvr -f Tc,,:,jjvjj(,,aj TITLE: Contribution to the Explanation of the Occurrence of an Indofinii;e Hardened Layer on Rolls PERIODICAL- flutnickd listy, 1959, Nr 11, vp 971 - 9747 ABSTRAM. '.','alativc~ little definite information has been published on the method of manufacture and, particularly, on the chemical composition of indefinite chill rolls~ Data onithe chemical composition published by Goebel. (Ref 1), Wright (Ref 2), Sutherland (Ref 5) and Chubb (Rtaf 10 arE! Eiven in Table 1, p 971. To verify- the assumption that due to high affinity to carbon, most carbide-forming ele-iments enter into the eutectic c-arbAides land to eluc-idate tho question as to which can have a favourable effect on the formation of an indefinite iiardened layer, the authors studied the concentration :.f elements in eutectic ~7arbides. Since inZormat.ion has been published only on tests made with ,Card 1/1, C2' (Refs '7,8), Cr, Mn and Mo (Ref 8), in their experiment's ;.7 5 C Z EC HI 3 "1 - 5 ci -- 11 26 Contribution to the gxplanation of the Occurran.-~e of an Indi,-f'-Initc Hardened Layer on Rolls hardened layer contain protrusions of fine graphite right up to the surface of the rolls and there 16 11C. mottled transition structure. The working layer contlains intensive protrusions of dendritic carbides located in i ,iirection perpendicular to the rol.1 surface, as a or which a high hardness and a high resistance to abrasion is obtained. Wormation of the indefinite harden6d layer is cixuszd oy a particular mechanism of solidification of the white- ~ic-:%rt cast ir-on, in the presence of carbide-forming -mental e.~ Pm ent sIt was found that carbide-forming etc A~---u.mulated in the car-bides durl-ng the -soll.difivaticri o.IC the eutectic and the remaining eutcctic melt will solidify grey provided it contains it sufficient quantity of p;raphitisation elements. The solAdification is obvI.ously Influenced by the speed of co,.nling. Tierefore, the composition of the cast iron irust be so choser, that graphite separates out also at thei surfacai of 'the hardened Card3/4 layar and that rejection of a high quantity of carbides 7 8 CZEC-H/34 -59-1-1-112128 Contribution to the Explanation of the Occurren,~,,e of an Indefinnite Hardened Layer on Rolls in the centre of the roll is prevented. Of the r-,arbide- forming elements, only those affect the indefinite hardened layers which are soluble in cementite and do not form special carbides. Rolls with an indefinite hardened layer are being used on a very large scale 3.n many countries and steps should bt, taken to start production of these also in Czechoslovakia. Acknowledgments are made to I,M. Tomasava ftr carrying out metallographic testa. to K. Kurzovz~ for ths carbide analysis carried out at tbe Researe-h Insritute W VZKG. There are 11 figures, 9 tables and 9 references, of which 2 are German, 2 Soviet and 5 Engl-j-sh., ASSOCIATIONS: V~zkumn-~ dstav VrZKQ (Researc~h Institute, VIKLo Vysolca' 91cola bgfiskA, Ostrava (Mining Uniycrs-tv. Ostrava) smarrED: September 3, 1959 Card 4/4 yx'ols)"Y' P'. 11ildly spheroidal cast-iron rolls. p. 762. IMNICKE, LISTY. ('Unisterstvo hutniho prumy.-lu a rudInych dolu a Caskoslovenska vedecka technicka spolenost pro hutnictVI a slevarens-'Vi) Brno, Czechslovakda. D Vol. 14, no. 9, Sept. 1959. Morybhly list of East European Accessions (Eal) IL, vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1960. Unal. WKENSKY. Robert Effect of chemical composition on the strength of chilled cast iron. Slevarenstvi 9 no.12:466-472 D 61. 1. Vyzkumny ustavp Vitkovicke zelezarny Klementa Gottwaldaj Ostrava-Vitkovice. IUNENSKX,__~~Ixrt, nz., kandidat technickych ved; MYSPECKA., Iudnila, inz. Clilled cast iron thermal expansivity coofficlento and their effect on the stress In roUs. 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