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December 31, 1967
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KOMBAROV; V.M. (Donetsk) Technical conference of foresters. Put' i put. khoz. 9 no.12: 37-38 165. (KIRA 19: 1) KOMRAROV, V.M., -7 inzh. Bureau for economic analysis. Put' i put khoz. 8 no.5: 13-14 1W 164. (MIRA 17:6) 1. Deballtsevskaya distantsiya Donetskoy dorogi. ,, -1-1-11 W~ 7~-4'~1.1~'li4l,~~i~~T~-fr.-farl~E-It'.~xlt_~,~AM~oug.Tdce-,;X�31 q~m4w - . , -~~ v I- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - KOMBAROVp V.M. ------ Dontt tolerate the plundering of ties. Put' i put.khoz. 8 no*4:45 164, (MIRA 174) 7 PAVLOV, B.K., inzh.; KOMBAROV, V.P4, inzli. In the track maintenance section, Put' i put. khoz. 9 no.2.-10-11 65. (MRAA l8tt77)) I:18 1 1. Nachallnik uchastka puti, stantsiya Serpukhov, Moskovskoy ddorogi Og (for Pavlov). 2. Stantsiya Serpukhav, Moskovskoy dorogi'(for Kom;bbarov). rov KOT-BAROV.9 VIM. ACtiVi tbielS Of the fOreMOOt Wj~-kar!3,, PUL' I nait.khc?. 9 r..:,.8322 165. i 011RA 3.828) 1. Stantsiya Damitsa, Yugo-Zapadnoy dorogi. HOMROV, VJI.inzh.~ Striving to achieve e~cqoUent track maintanance on every kilometer. Put! i put*101oz. 'T no*$':'5-v7 63 (14MA 16:9) 1. Stant5iym Bolotnaya, Z"dno--Sibirskoy dorogi. (Siberia,tleatern-.~-Railroads-Itaiiitanance and repair) (Sociailot competition) KOMAROV, V. M., insh. Now antiseptic pasts. Put' i put. khos. 6 no.8:38 162. (MIRA 15:10) (Railroads-Ties) (Wood-Preservation) ET:4 %U-=rcrrff Mr. IM 4Aloq- BUIA, I,; KOHBMGOVA, A. ".' ~-- ~- :New vaccine against tuberculosis; experience with vaccination of A'dults. Cas. lak. cook. 90 no.39:1150-1155 28 Sept 1951. (Cm 21:2) L Department of Research and Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, Divislon of Hicrobioloa and Npideniology, of the State Institute .of Health In Prague. I SULA. L.:KOMBERCOVA, A. New tuberculosis Red..donw. mikrabyacelne' r- Results Of vaccination of youth, Wares. 4 no. 1:25-38 Jan-Mar,-19~4. (CZn 22:4) 1- Of the Tuberculosis Research and DiagnostIC-Department of Microblologicaj andL *identological Branch of State Health rnatituts. Warsaw-Praga III. AR6035291 SOURCE CODE: UR/0209166/000/009/0045/0045 AUTT-TOR Kardashev, N. S. ; Komberg, 13, V. TITLE: Dependence of the continuous optical spectrum of quasars on their red shift SOURCE: Ref. zh. Astronomiya, Abs. 9.51.387 - REFSOURCE: Astron. tsirlmlyar, no. 357, fevr. 25, 1966, 1-5 TOPIC TAGS: optic spectrum, continuous spectrum, quasar optic spectrum, quasar continuous spectrum, quasar red shift ABSTRACT: ' On the basis of three-color photometry (UBV) of a series of quasistelar objects, the dependence of "curvature" . A-ai-a2 (where a, and a2 arc the spectral indexes of, respectively, UB and BV-rays) on the value of the red shift z of these objects has been calculated. From the dependence obtained it follows that in the region A , quasar spectra have a "Step" of absorption. The occurrence of the "step" may be due to a matter with a wide absorption band (starting near 'A 2h0 ) which is distributed either in the Card 1 / 2 UDC: 523. 164. 4 AAvvv U d Clu I vicinity of radiation sources, or in the intergalactic space. This matter may be interstellar dust as, according to certain data, it has an anomalous absorption with a maximum near A 2300 - . However as yet there is no definite answer as to the nature of the absorbing matter. With the existence of more materials on the identification and photometry of quasars, it becomes possible to ascertain with greater accuracy the dependence of A on z. By means of this dependence it is possible to estimate the red-shift of unidentified objects on the basis of UBV data. It also makes it possible to calculate the retardation parameter. Preliminary estimates of z were made for seven unidentified quasars. The direct detection of absorption "steps" requires a thorough fotometric investigation of the spectra of quasistellar sources near '4 A bibliography of 7. titles is included. V. Zay- tsev. [Translation of abstracir. [DWI SUB CODE: 03/ 2/2 (~n, N r1m, I us3R O-y. 0,3"Y mierobiologY ; Ref `Ihur-BiOlogiya, No. 4, 19590 No. 14881 ABS. ;OUR- . YombiyIeal-.0 o ?,,,Gytort MST. mhagIe TITIE Frequency of Biochemical Tvpes among ,j Types (Typhoid daeillus) isolated in Ruman- ian People's Republic, mikrobiol. 1~21G, PJBo 7.h. giglyeny, epideMiOl-p irmunol,., 1957P 1$ No-3, 285.;291 A13STRAOT lqo abstract CARID: TUCEK, Josef;.KCMBMG, jjri The education of scientists inIphysics. pokrokv mat fyz astr 8 no.1:25-27 163, I I I K? ROL%WU/Microbiology Medical and W4,erinary Microbiology F-4 AbB Jour : Referat Zhurn - Biol. No 16) 25 Aug 1957, 68599 Author : Kombiesku, Kombiesku) Vledoyanu Title VaccTnaTlon in Intestinal Diseases. &perimental Investigation. Introduction of Vaccine by Different Methods. Orig Pub Studii so cercetari inframicrobiol., microbiol. si para- zitol. Acad. RPR, 1956, 7, No 1-2, 131-136 Abstract Mice were vaccinated by heat-killed Salaon6lla typhimu- rium vhich vere injected hypodenlican-YUM-5million orFanism) and orally (6 billion organism) or by both methods. Better results vere obtained in mixed vaccina- tions (thrice orally and one hypoderuic injection after 30 days). Poorer results vere obtained vhen the order of 3sixed vaccination was reversed. The vaccination did not produce satisfactory results when the oral method alone was used. Card 1/1 - KOMPIESKU, K. "Distri-butIon of phagoky-pes in Rumania-" Report submitted at the 13th All-Union Congress of Hygienists, T Epidemiolo~3ists and Infectionists. 1959 1 TSINTSEVICH, V.M.; XOMCP 0, G.P.;_YOVGHENKO, G.D. Electrochemical reduction of butyne-lvA-dicl on a platinum electrode-. catalyst. Elektrokhimiia I no.8t928-932 Ag-165. (MIRA 180) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvannyy univereitet iment M.V.Lomonosava, K'UICZP M.) KONCZ, L. Ultrashort-wave Ceramicelectron tubes. p. 51. MAGYIL'I HI,tADASTECh7DT&Ik- (Hiradastechnikai Tudomanyos Egyesulet) Budapestv Hungary. vo-L. 10, no, 2., Apr. 1952, Monthly List of varcnean Accessions (E7-kI) LC, Vol. 8i: no. 7) July 1959. Uncl. DOM, M. M.; 811SZKOo K.; TRMNT, W-; WOjeriGHOWSKA, K. The influence of isonicotine acia bydraside uPon experimental 0 tuberculosis in 9WLU$a-Pigg . Bull. 500. amis go. Poznan, ser. gp~.4:65-78 1954- 1, Institute of Microbiology of the Medical AcadsvW Of PO'nans (NICOTINIC ACID ISOHBRSO effects, isonissid on exper. tubarc.) (TUMCUTMIS wMertmatal, Off 0 of - ls;niaia) Card 1/1 POLAND/Gencral Problems Of Patholoo( - Tumors. Comparison U OncOlOCY. Humn Neoplasms. Abs Jour : Ref Viur Biol., No 1) 1959, 4263 Author : Clilebowski, J-, KOLICZY11ski) L., Zablocka, I. Inst Title N-imary Erythroblastosis. OriG Pub Polskie arch. med. vew-,ietrz, 1957, 27, No 4, 533-540 Abstract A brief survey of the section Of tile patho(pietic mill Point$ and clinical classification of erythroblastosis, andalso a description of a case of subacute erythro- blastotic rWelosis in a patient 62 years old. The disease lasted'4 montlis. Only mature erythroblasts were found in the peripheral blood; youhC; forns appeared only durin(,: the terminal peri,)d. Also witsual was the Cyndual decrease of the nunber of myeloid elements with the aevelopment of a [;ranulocytosis. -- F.L. ~byzill Z II Eliniki Ohorob Wevnetrznych A. M, im J. Marchlewskiego v Bialymstoku. JUerownik- prof .dr. med. J. Chle Pat. A. 14. lm T V6-rf-'n1 BORCU, Piotr,- KCMCZ)2jSKj, Ludwik; RUTKMKI, Alf,,,ns Intrahepatic bi3,'ar-y ptas's in- the :Light Of clinical observa- tionso bioP'BY studias and en"Mmological tests in viral hepa- titis patifflit0- Pol'. tyg. lek. 18 no-42SI551-1556 14 0163. 1. Z Kliniki Choro~ M!Lkaznych AM w Bialymstoku - (kierownik t doo.dr. mod. P.Boron) i z Zak2adu Ahatomii Patologic2maj AMEE(kierownikt pr'of.drmed. LKomczpaki), KONOZYNSKI, Ludwik; RMIAK, Leopold Behavior of the vaginal mucosa in rabbits under the influence of aqueous solutions of polyethylene glycol. PrelimizAtT commmication on studies of trichomonlasis. Patepolsks 10 n0-3:317-324 t39, 1, Oj' 7aklada Anatonti Patologiesnej A.K. w Bialymetoka. Kierownik: doc.dr Ludw1k Komesynaki. (OLMOLS pharmacol.) (PMMHY33HES pharmacol.) (VAGIJU pharmacol.) KOJCZTRSXI. Ludw1k; W=Xl. Kigosyslaw -,-.ftima r7 cancer of the frontal minus. Otolar.polska 13 n0.3/4: 631-636 '59- 10 Z Zakladu Anatomij PAtOlOgioxnoj A.M, w Bialymetoku. Kierow- nik: doo.dr mod. L. lomosynski i z KlIniki Otolaryngologiesnei A9149 W Bialymetoku. Kierownik:doc.dr med. We Hasamann. (YRONTAL SMS neopi.) KMICZYNSKI Ludwik; KURASZ, Stanislaw Relation to arteriosclerosis to the age and sex according to autopsy data of the Institute of Pathological ),wtomy of the Academy of Medicine in Bialystok co1lected during the period of 1952-1959. Pat. pol. 13 no.3:317-324 162. 1. Z Zakladu.Anatomii Patologicznej AM w Bialywtoku.Kierownik: prof. dr med. L. Kamozynaki. (ARTERIOSOURDS.18) KOMCZYNSKI, Ludwik; KURASZ., Stanislaw Relation of arteriosclerosis to some chronic diseases, statistical studies. Pat. pol. 13 no.3:305-315 162. 1. Z Zakladu Anatamii Patologicznej A14 w Bialymstoku.Kierownik: prof. dr med. L. komazynski.- (ARTERIOSCLEROSIS) (CHRONIC DISEASE) 7i VYRYPAYET, A. j WMC11. I.; NIM)IUrcIIIN, H. Berious shortcomingO In the work of the central committee of the trade union of the petroleum Industry workers. aoiusy 4 no.1:41-45 A 156, (HLRA 9:4) (Mukhanevo-Trade unions) AL IDNICH, I. Signs of now developments. Sov. profsojusy 6 no.4:56-60 Ap 158, (min 11:5) (Vladimir-~*aotor' induxtrr) Midimir-Trade unions) KOWCHp I. (Tadzhikefta SSR) Gomittes without the activist group is as a falcon without wings. Sov. profsoiusjr 19 no.loil2-13 )V 163. (MM 160) 1, Spetsial'W korre spondent shurnala *Sovetskijre profsoyusy". (Tajikintan-Trade unions-Officers) SHCHEBAKI M.;,-K ECH Ij TALI$ 9L__L__ R.; BADMOp Ila Letters and correspondence. Sov.profBoluzy 7 no.905-36 Yq 161. (KCRA 14:4) 1. Ghlen pokorovskogo posta shurnals. "Sovetskiye profsoyussy" (for Shcherbak). 2. Preadeedatell raykoma profsoyuza rabotnikov kulltury., g.Kakhovka (for Babenko). (Nezhin-Agricultural machinery industry) (Zhitomir-Eaployees, Dismiasal of) BABUSHKIN, Vladimir Ivanovich; MCHEDLOV-PETWSYAR, Otar. Petrovich; KOME DANT, K.P., red.; YFIREMINA, I.A., tekhn. red. . _fIte_'_'_._____'_.__._.__ [Silicate water-resistant elements]Silikatnye vodostoikie izdeliia. Kiev, Gosstroiizdat,, USSR, 1962. 98 p. (MIRA 16:2) (Sand--Lime products) X,OKMTA,-Aal4za-Itikolay,e.-v-na;.--GLINKA- T.M., red.; GREYZJN, Yu-S., khudosh, [views of St. Petersburg and'its environso 1821-18261 Tidy S.-Poterburga I okrestnostel, 1821-1826, Litografirovannoo isdanle Obehobestva pooshchronlia khadoshelltv. Leningrad, lzd-vo GosAndtasha, 1960. 41 P. (MIRA 13:4) (Leningrad-Views) IME KOMMLIKOV. A.; MARMMT. B-, starshiy master Improving educational equipment and facilities* Prof.-tekh.obr. (MIU 13:6) 17 no-3:26 Kr '60. 1. Zamentitell direktore tekhuicheSkOgQ uchilishcha No.10, g.Brest. (Brest-VocationAl edUcRti0n) PBTROV Ch.; &VII Aej, prepodavatelf; STAVINSKIY., Ch.- KULINSKIY, V. Editor's mail. Prof.-tekhobr. 19 no 62. 1 (MnA 15:11) 1. Uchiliohche mekhanizataii sellskogo a No* 1 Tyumnskaya oblast' (for Petrof). 2. Starshity -M.- Zhitomirskogo -oblastnogo upravleniya (for Stavinskiy) stitell direktora po uchebno-proizvodetvennoy rabote goro fessionallno- tekhnicheakogo uchiliahcha No.27,--,Brest 11kov). 4. Ispolnyayushchiy objazannosti direk kogo uchiliahcha mokbanizataii sellskogo khozyaystva No,- tokoy oblasti (for Yaainskiy). (Vocational educatio, MIMIC 4-0--21 M-1 537.523.4 - B2 Ad Inwillgallon of Impulse lrk ~&wl. ~c 1. Tk quCstloll of le-Ider-Allulikm V~ S. J. Terlm. illkvs., USI.S.R., 17, 10, pp. 14-1(- 1433, 1940. thsir. in Witclext Eiqr, 19, p. 523, Not,.. 1942-in (1:1111pcd iMPUM, Spark discharges, a leadcr and a maiii channel in the t1kchaige has Lveri obscmd. A dclailcd experimcnial Inyu-illil-mlon was undertakcri by the author, in which (tic discharge Mucii 2 i1cedIcs wis studicd for -,I negatively poladicd incident wave (1130() Its), r. It. A. sea too** 00 00060060 4046,00"al let lips 11 M If a 34 a ohm up-*, 41 ch"At O'c 46 lk a If A%V 1-0417