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25346 Determining the magnitude 3102 61/000/007/003/011 D205YD3 -0 -6 Eq. (171 ) gives the solution Of the problem formulated earlier. The problem can also be solved with -the aid of the method of forces as shown in (Ref. 5: G.I. Barenblat, and G.P. Cherepanovp Izv. AN SSSR OTH 'Mekh. i mashinostroyeniye, 3, 79, 1960). There are 2 figures and 5 references: 4 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloc. The refer- ence to the English-language publication reads as follows: A.A. Griffit~N Theory of Rupture, Proc. First Congr. Appl. Mechanics Defft (sic) 1, 24, P. 55--_~, ASSOCIATION: Instytut mashinoznavstva ta avtomatyky AN URSR. Ukray- inslkyy polihrafichnyy instytut (Scientific Institute for Machinery and Automation AS UkrRSR, Ukrainian Po- lygraphic Institute) SUBMITTED: February 6, 1961 Card 4/6 OWN GERVENKA,J.; XOBILKOVA,J.; SKRIVAN,J.; S'TRIBMIY,:r.; LOZOYA,F. Cytology of urine sediment during the period of labor prepara- tion. Cesk. gynek. 29 no.lt44-46 F'64- 1. 1. gyn.-por. klin. fak. vseob. lek. KU v Praze; prednosta: prof.dr. K.Klaus, DrSc. WZSA, A. 1951 (Hygiene Inst. U. of Szeged) "Prot6in Composition of Hangarian Rice." Acta Physiol. (Budapest), 1951, 2/1 --uppl (33-34) No abst. in Exc. Med. 77- .7 LOZSA, ALRiM Pro,tean fract ions in vadefles Iof H ongarbin tice.' ~Albd- L6= A Univ.,'Szeged, Hungary). AgrokitWa YiUVAAini, l47-"j953).-Dctn. of protein Imetlow; by a, newly eyolyed methrxi showed In 10 sample5 of flunprfan~ tirehutlked rice crude protein 9.44-12,W (including aibinnini 0.23-0.45, globulin 0.57-1,07, prohinilne 0.69-1,21, attol oryzenin 7.20-9.82%), in 14 samples of Hungarian polished: 60 -1a.38, crude protein (including albutnin 0.05--n.28, rice SA3 globulin 0.&,-1.22, prolamine 0.41-1.22 and oryzenin 6, IOAU44~1, In 3 samples of Hungntialt com. rice mide protein U , ~4 (including Wbumhi O.OM.28, globulin 0.03-0.70, lamine 0.44-0.72 and oryzedln 0.40-7.35%) and In 3 o0 1 ri unple (Comet Rice Mills Texas 1948, Kaplm ore gn ce & r Cold Medal 1948, White Giant IOAO) crude protein 7.87,1 7.08,6.71 (Iricludingalbumin 0.11, 0.03,0.20, globulin 0.0,1 A M 0 70 prolarnlue 0.44, O-W, 0.47, oryzenin 6.30, 0.6%, I 'Y." 'inbuslied rice showed protein conterts excee(Uh 8:20h ollsbing caushiF 120',o those of pollshed rice, the process of V. Aossofpriiteln. Rice grown In alk. soils shownd the highest'. rice grown In meadow clay the lowest, protein. In Iluit-1 gadin polished rice the ratio albundn -.globulin 'prolainitie:-' An was 21 9 83 orysel .13-8:82. in foreign poll-Illed Tice 2: -61 Istvfin Pinfily ratfon c.1 the blalnZfc4 ralEs of r1ca kratcW. rund 9. 4cad. 'xi. ep-ton - prote 0 Wy 1, w-A; that thr ltlv.Q io-f (1w of 'cr~;;'z-, A;!;'mnin 11 t~.c t.Imi. 'aluc of !hr '.' 5~-; . tn" "I- ..~ is jakc't at irl" !~r- rtiT, cyryunin, ami cawitt, tmt ilap fel prnfamin-free rice t1w ~aum- N of !if,.A ai conuols kvpt b-C of X1 prafrding doz., agaisiit h-alw rnorn ;i~ wai -Changes during atorag-4 in the Whimlnic tentadinthel on peroxidase and catalase activity of rice fin Rung&M Albert /Vuzsa and Xatalin Kofler (Orvostudaminyi Egyetem. -6giani-lntftete, Szeged, Hun -4-; Is RTMr&a~ Alrokiv. Talajtan 4. 1-18(1955)(English summiairy -The changes in thiamine content, peroxidase an -d catalaw activity during I storage time of 12 and 18 months resp., were studied. The j change in thiamine content is connected with the rhythmical f X1 chavge in the peroxidak and catalase activity. In the time from April to October there is no change in the thiamine content: in the time from October to April a marked de- crease in thlanilne content and an lucrcase in peroxidase anti catalmw content is observed. These'am the observa- tions niade on rice which was stored unhu-sked. In polished rice the change is not pericAical but linear, and the loss Is here much more tILtn in the rice which was stored unhuskiul. I0ZSA, Albert Properties and binding of acid fuchain with serum proteins in paper elect rophore al a. Kleerletes Orrostud-13 no.1:98-122 Kr 161. 1. Orvostudomanvi Egyetem Kozegeszeegtani Intezete, Szeged. (ELECTROPHOUSIS) - (kDOD PROTEINS chem) (ROSALIVE DIES chem) LOZSA, Albert wwwww0"~w9V7- Apparatus and methods for paper electrophoresis of large amounts of blood samples for the separation and staining protein fractions. Kiserletes Orvostud. 13 no.1:86-97 Mr 161. 1. Or7ostudomanyi Egyetem, Kozegeozsegtani Intezete, Szegel. (EIZOROPHORESIS) (BLOM PROTEINS bhem) LOZSA, A. Factors influencing the normal values of the serum protein fractions in the albino rat. Acts, physiol. 21 no.2:127-147 162. 1. Institute of Public Health Medical University, Szeged. (BLOOD PROTEINS chemistryl (AGING) (NUTRITION) (SEX) LOZSA, Albert Changes in the blood protein spectrum of rats with age. Kiserl. orvostud. 14 no.4:365-374 S 162. 1. Szegedi Oryostudomanyi Egyetem Kozegeszsegtani Intezete. (BLOOD PROTEIN ELECTROPHORESIS) (AGING) L-O,ZSADIS Karoly, dr.; CSAKANY, Gyorgy, dr.; TOMORY, Emilia., dr. Multiple arteriovenous pulmonary fistulae. Orv.hetil. 105 no.7: 315-318 16 F 164. 1. Orszagos Kardiologiai Intezet, Sebeszeti es Rontgen Osztaly. Cardiolog HUM A RY _U.-JCar 1 ARVAY. Attila, Dr; National Institute of Cardiology, R_Z._.Dr jg444 Surgical Department (chief of the scientific department: TEMESVARI, Antal, Dr) (Orszagos Kardiologiai Intezet, Sebeszeti Osztaly). "Use of a Catheter-Electrode Pacemaker in the Treatment of the Adams- Stokes Syndrome." Budapest, Orvosi Hetilap, Vol 107, No 32, 7 Aug 66, pages 1520-1522. Abstract; [Authors' Hungarian summary] The implantation of a catheter- electrode pacemaker, the first in Hungary, is reported in a casi-- of A-S syndrome. In comparison with the electrodes which are sutured directly into the myocardium and require thoracotomy, the advantages of the use of intravenous electrodes are mentioned. This can be used with considerably lesser risks in case of the aged patient in a poor general condition or in case of disturbances in the atrioventricular conduction of patients suffering from myocardial infarct. In conclusion, a literature survey is made for discussion of the possible complications of the method. 2 Hungarian, 7 Western references. HUITJARY 4_Y,'ttila, Dr, P Laszlo, LON111, Tihamer, Dr, SARKOZI, Karoly, Dr, LRW A A WS Dr, L TEMES ffl~_nDL-KAr VAU, Antal, Dr; National KHOO, Maria, Dr Institute of Cardiology (director: GOTTSMEN, Gyorgy, Dr), Surgical Depart- ment (Orszagos Kardiologial Intezet, Sebeszeti Oaztaly). "Corx,cucion of a Complex Mitral Valve Defect by Using 4 Synthetic Valve. 'Budapest, Orvosi Hatilap, Vol 107, No 18, 1 May 66, pages 843-845. -Abstracts (Authors' Hungariall 3UMarY] S0036 physiological aspects of synthetic valVe -implintation and the first such.succeaaful operation, in Hungar7j, are described; the operation was performed on a 23 year old man who had a coa- plex defeat of the mitral vaIv.e, 3 Hun,garian, 2 Western references. IAL COUNTRY Poland CATEGORY AB3. JOUR. RZXhim., 22 19591 Iio. 77583 AUTHOR Loz and Meczynaka, d. iFSTI. Polish Academy of S 'ciences T ITLE Electroluminescence of Cdt-Ag with an Ag2S Layer OR IGT. PUB. Bull Acad Polon Sci, Ser Sci Math, Astron et Phya, 6, No 9, 595-598 (1958) ABSTRACT The authors have investigated the dependenca of the electroluminescence (E)of CdS(Ag) phosphors (I) covered with a layer of semiconducting A&S, on the voltage and frequency of the applied cur- rent and on the thickness of the A&S layer (L). The brightness of E increases with increasing L: at a thickness of 11.62,10-2 mg A&S per tag I the brightness of E is 20 times that of uncoated I. The maximum brightness of E of I coated -sith a layer-of Ag2S is observed at a frequency of 1/2 h' 4 JX(g) q1te ~Tnl U PEO n wak; or . 4, 4-y ot acad. pa n eiv. ..... ui; (Univ I -TQrui Pot ffolh., o4ron. W 651-2(19 Min English).- 7, itAt effect of ultmson es kc.) on the brightness of (680 electrolumineseence of a ZnS-Cu phosphor of activator conco. 4.6 X 10-3 g./g. suspended in c-astor oil and excited 2-5 kc Oscillo rams are iven a field of 0 was studied b . . . . y g g Changes observed were not related to temp. variat Ions. LO LOZYKOWSKIP H, Blectroluzaineseence of ZnSe-Ca vith a Cu2S. 3A... in an A.C. and D.C. field. Bul Aa Fol mat 8 no.10:719-724 '60. 1. Department of Physics', Nicholas Copernicus University, Torun. Presented by A. Jablonolci. (Phosphorescence) (Electricity) (Zinc) (Selenium compounds) (Copper) c LOZY~OWSKI,-H.; MECMSKA, H. Electroluminescence of alka3ine earth sulphide phosphors. Bul Ae Pol mat 8 no.101725-728 160. 1. Department of Physics, Nicholas Copernicus University, Torun. Presented by A. Jablonski. (Phosphorescence) (Electricity) (Alkaline) (Earth) (Sulfide) (Phosphorus) S/081/62/000/006/008/117 B166/B101 'AUTHORS: Ioz'.ykowski, H., MejzyAska, H. D TITLE: An attempt to obtain electrduminescence of organophosphors PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 6, 1962, 15, abstract 6B71 (Bull. Acad. polon. sci. S6r. sci. math., astron. et phys., V. 9, no. 3, 1961, 235 - 2~6) TEXT: The electroluminescence of the following organic dyes was observeds trypaflavine, acridine yellow, acridine orange, fluoresceinq, and brilliant 8ulfoflavin FF. The shape of the brightness wave was *found to be almost identical for all specimens studied. ~bstracterls note: Complete translation] A UT.H 0 R S TITLE: P/04 62/013/002/005/006 D218YD308 and Meczyfiska, Hanna Electroluminescence and its applications PERIODICAL: Post2py fizyki, v. 13, no. 2, 1962, 177 206 TEXT: The first part.of this review discusses the theoretical as- pects of electroluminescence, including such topics as direct field- ionization, ionization by collision, and the mechanism of injection of carriers. The second part is concerned with the applications of electroluminescence for such purposes as illuminationg light ampli- fication, and so on. The review is based on 42 published papers (largely western) covering the period 1914-1960. There are 30 figu- reB. ASSOCIATION: Katedra.fizyki dogwiadozalnejv Uniwersytet Mikolaja I Kopernika, Torufi (Department of Ex erimental Physics, MikolaJ Kopernik University, Torun'5' Card 1/1 LOZUMSKI P H. Zleatroluminsecence at p-n Junctions in ZnSe. Chekhosl fis'shunal 13 no.2sl64-171 .163. 1. Departmnt of .;xperimeWwaahysice, N. Copernicus University,, Torun, Poland. LOZYKOWSKI. H.-, MECZYMKA. H. An attempt to obtain electroluminescence of organophosphors. Bul Ac Pol mat 9 no-3:235-236 161-0 1. Department of Experimental Physics, Nicholas Conernicus University, Tonm. Presented by A. Jablonski. LOZTKOWSKI H. ZnSe electroluminescenee in p-n junctions. Przem inst elektron prace 4 no. 1:35-46 162~0 - 1. Katedra Flzyki Doswiadczalnaj, Uniwersytet im. Mikolaja Kopernika, Torun. Distr: 4E3c/4E3d nc U G. l6r-Mifflow rnUatgZLJ" ater- ad by C 4 a method, a Lo* nd vAa- Ewln Z111311 1 dvqlaw I er V L-A- Y a P4 US $ er. Nauk A[aJ.-Przyr .~ M41., .' CA'M. 1 No. 3. 6 --9(1957)(English summary).-Equatloas are de- ofc.-W.,rph6tons. Anwtropyof tinis- lion Is takta Into account, and measurements on Cow, I M e v m show it cannot he ne lected Fo 2 c lind Lc l 1 . . . ' . a r r g y brass countm the I mm. walls ore optimal; In this can effi- ciency was 0.77 A- 0.03%. - v WZYNSKIp B.; )MODNICZANSKI, H. 231an Some experiments on the electric monopole transition in Acts, physics Pol 22 no.ligi-98 J1 162. 1, Institute of Nuclear Pbysics., Krakow* P/G45/6Z/q22/001/bo6/oo6 AUTHORS: Xd Niew daiczanaki H zynski, E*,. 0 TITLEz Some experiments on the electric in 234U. monopole transition PERIODIGAL:.7 Acta'Physica.Polonida ve 2Z, no ii-1962 -98 234 -TEXT: The 0-o 0 electron convers*ion transition in U with energy about keV was established many.years ago* It proceeds even through some 'levels lying between thefirst 0+ excited state and the 0+ ground state. The purpose of this work is to obtain more information about the derexcitation of the 811 keV 0+ level by means of a study of the radiation, foI11-wing the,$(_)'decay od 234Pam. To the invishigation of the de-exocitation of the first 0 + excited level in 3 U the (0-y) and,($_a-) coincidences have been applied. The apparatus used for determination of the 811 keV.mon!*Pole transition probability, and the ratio of monopole to Igamma ray intensities,.Consisted of a fast-slow coincidence arrangement anda conventional coincidence scintillation spectrometer with resolving time of about 10-7seo, The energy resolving power of the coincidence ~Card,1/4 P/045/6?_/O?_?_/OO1/0G6/006 Sozie- experiments on the electric... 137 spectrometer was about 9.5 per cent for the 661 keV Gs gamma rays for th4 gamma,ray modification wit4 a NaJ(Tl) crystal* and for the conversion electron modification with a plastic scintillator about 17 per cents In the experiments as a 6ourCe t4e 24.1 day 234Th was used, which after two decays fIlls the states of 234U. Separation of thorium from the natural uranium was carr:~ed out by the chromatographic ion-exchange method. The source of the..?-34Th in composition of ammonium.citrate was deposited on an Al-foil. The diametor,9f the radioactive.substance was about 5 mm. 'Initial activity of the.234Th source was about .8pC. Purity of the source was checked experimentally by means of investigation of thi decay of the source over 8 half-lives and-Zas better than 99.99 per cent with respect to the initial activity-of 23 T h. The 'measurements of ($-y) and (0-e-) coincidences were always made With the same ;aounting geometry in the beta ray channel* In this case the intensities -ratio p can be expressed as follows: Pag 4e 9D ly Osaa Tj Card 2/4 P/043/62/049/001/00-6/006 _,....Som6'experiments an the electric... where, and,P Are the number of.coincidences of the 811 keV monopole cojiveraion, and that of the 768 keV gamma photopick respectively; 9 and 2 are the solid angles of respective detectors; D - is a correction, Y 234 taking into-account.the decay of the pother source of 'Th in the course of measuiements;lj - is a-.compound factor for the conversion of the 768 koV gamma transition and for the admixture of the ?6?- keV gamma rays, e is the photopick efficiency of, the used 2"x?-" NaJ(Tl) crystal.-at -the applied.source to crystal distance UO mm). In order to estimate the transition probability of the 0-0 transition in 234u some fast-slow coincidence experiments were performed'of the 811 keV K-conversioa with -the prec eding it 1500 keV beta rays* The experimental result for 234U is in quantitative agreement with the Rainer theoretical estimate, contrary to the case.of 1525M ZV where the theoretical eatimatos are one order too Who Regarding the structure of the 811 keV-first 0* excited state in234u nucleus the experimental values Ih 193 and p>0*07 point to Card 3/4' P-,/0-45/62/022/001/006/006 Some. experiments on the electric... the collsotive nature of this state, more exactly to a p-vibrational one. If the Oi level jn234U,would be a two-proton state'of the parameters 1h and p without-any admixture of.the c(,Ilective.interaction then.the expected value's should be p3,Z and p probably not largertnan.obtained (0.07). It ~.~would-be of great intereat'to obtain exact values of the monopole strength parameters for the VO(O_O) tranoitiona in the region of strongly deformed nuclei in order to confirm the theoretical predictions. The most important English language references are:,-Z4-7 Reiner, A.&., "Structure effects in the interaction between nuclei and atomic electronelf, Amsterdam (1958); rklund, J., Nathan, 0., Nielsen, 0. B Nuclear Phys.* 15t 199 (1960); Lr2l,7 bell, R. E., Graham, R. L., Pe;c1hj H. Ee, Canad. J. Phys.1 01 33~(1952), There are four figures* 3 ASSOCIATION: Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow SUMITTED; October 13, 1961 Card 4~4 LOZYNSKIj Zbigniew, inz. Trying to reduce electric-power losses in the Poznan Power Enterprise. Pt.2. Energetyka Pol 13 no.11/12:312-313 N-D 159. (EEAI 9:7) 1. Zaklad Energetyczny, Poznan (Poland--Electric power) (Poznan--Industries) KUT I DABAGYAN, N.V,, [Dabahian, N.V.]; L GJURSKIYI~ Ya.0. [KUll~.'hYLS"tyj., i~,O,); 1:.IIJ.] LOZYNYAK, P.Yu. (Lozyniak, Cretaceous sediments in the Krosno zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians in the Gorgan region. Dop. AN MVR no.l.,87-90 165. (vail. 13:2) 1. Ukrainskiy nauchno-issledovatellskly geologcrazvedochri,vy instltut. Predstavleno akadeilikom All O.S. Vyalov~,,rl. KOLYBANOVt V.A.; LOZYUK, N.I.; SAKHAROV, V.G.; SUSECHINSKAYA, I.Yu.; BOBROV, V.Taep-*"nd. ekon, nauk, otv. red.; DENISOVA, V.1-1., red.izd-va; RAKHLINA, H.P., tek?m. red. (Latin America; political and economic handbook] Latinskaia Amerika; politiko-ekonomich6skii, spravochnik. Kievp Izd-va A14 USSR: 1963. 283 P. ,IRA 170) LOZYUK, 0.1. or Surgical treatment of thyrotoxic goiter [with any ry in Inglish, P.1561 Vest.khir. 77 no.3:41-43 Kr '56. (MI-RA 9:7) 1. 1z khirurgichaskogo otdeleniya (zav. L.I.Podlesnaya) bollnitay Frunzenok fayona, gorodLa Leningrad&. (=HYROLDISM, surg.) VAMANOVA, N.S.; I4)ZYYK, A.I. Skeleton forms of quartz in granite-,porph5rries. Hin.sbor. no.12:429-430 158. (HILL 1).-2) 1. Gosuniversitet im. Ivana Franko, L'vcv. (Chits Province-(~uartz) wepo.,, dr... okleve-leo--kozgazda- omw-A--~ Austi&Uaa- pe-trolouns Bany lap 96 no&5:348- W t 63. 1. Ors2fgoo Koolaj- es Gazipari Troazt foosztal7nzetojep Budapeot.- LS7KS F. TECITNIOLOGY PIRTODICAL: CI~RTTCKY PRITIMM, IOL.~ 11, no,~-3, 1958 Lsek. F. Contribution to the problems concerning the preparation of ion exchanl-ers by means of pearl pol,.icondensation. P. 54~- T Monthiy List of East European Accessiors (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, no-3, M I ay 1959, Unclass. LSITSINA, N.A. Weathring zone of Devonian and Carboniferous sedimentary rocks in northwestern Kazakhstan. Dokl. AN SSSR 105 no.5:1080-1083 D 155. (MOA 9:3) 1. Institut geologichaskikh nauk Akademii nauk SSSR. Predotavleno alcademikom N.M. Strakhovym. (Xazakhstan-Rocke. Sedimentary) 89302 z/o18/6o/ooo/oo4/ooi/oo3 3 /) /0 -2. 0) E073/E535 AUTHOR: Latibdrek, Frantisek, Engineer TITLE: -1k-ectifier Plant wit-W-'Semiconductor Cells Produced by 6KD. Prague PERIODICAL: Elektrotechnik, 1960, No.4, pp.100-103 v TEXT: In Czechoslovakia CKD, Prague, Stalingrad Plant, manufactures semiconductor rectifier cells and complete rectifier equipment. Three types of germanium cells UGA 10, UGA 20, UGV 20 and one type of silicon cell UKA 15 are being manufauLuveu. The main data of these are: Table 1 UGA 10 UGA 20 UGV 20 UKA 15 d.c. current rating (average value for permanent loadin~,A 66 maximum recurrent reverse voltage at the.rated current, V 40-150 forward voltage drop at the .rated current, V 0.5-0.6 maximum permissible temperature of the cooling air (water) for the full output, OC 35 Car4-;:.~ 133 133 150 40-150 4o-15o 6oo-iooo V 0.5-0.6 0.5-0.6 1.20-1.25 35 35-50 Ta l e cont. 89302 z/018/60/00o/oo4/ool/oo3 Rectifier Plant with Semiconductor.. E073/E535 UGA 10 UGA 20 UGV 20 UKA 15 minimum speed of flow of the cooling air between the cooling fins at full load and maximum air temperature, m/sec 15 15 10 minimum quantity of water at full load and maximum water temperature, I/min - - 2 - total weight of the cell, g 850 2650 l8oo 1450 Of the above UGA 10, UGA 20 (Fig.1) and UGV 20 are germanium cells with copper cooling fins and an enamelled bushing; of these UGA 10 and UGA 20 are air cooled and UGV 20 is water cooled. UKA 15 (ft.2) is an air-cooled silicon cell screwed onto aluminium cooling fins. These rectifier cells are used in rectifier units up to 25 kW and rectified voltages between 10 and 120 V can be achieved. Rectifiers with UGA 20 cells are available for loadings up to 800 A in the case of half-wave rectification and up to 400 A in the Card,~8- 89302 Z/018/6o/ooo/oo4/oOl/OO3 Rectifier Plant with Semiconductor.. E073/E535 case of full-wave rectification. The respective values for the cells UGA 10 are 400 and 200 A. The rectifier is protected against over-voltage and short-circuit by fuses and over-current relays and against over-voltages by RC elements connected across the cells. One of the applications of such rectifier units is to Supply 110 V current for mine traction purposes. Other applications are plating shops, battery plate forming shops etc. The circuil diagram of an installation containing six UGA 10 or UGA 20 germanium cells is shown in Fig.3. Another series of rectifier units is based on using UGA 20 cells, which operate as individual units for ratings up to 300 kW and has sub-assemblies of larger units for higher ratings. The rectifiers consist of boxes which, in addition to the cells and fans, contain contactors, air-opere~ted relays, fuses, protective circuits for eliminating over-voltage peaks and measuring instruments. Signalling equipment is outside the boxes. The basic connection is a three-phase star, six-phase star or double three- star with a choke in the neutral point. Depending on the required rectified current, the equipment may contain 48 or 72 UGA 20 cells arranged inside two cooling tunnels with centrifugal fans. A fast acting fuse is series connected with each of the diodes as a Card-3/8- 89302 z/ol8/6o/ooo/oWool/003 Rectifier Plant with Semiconductor... E073/E535 protection against internal shorts. Fusion of the fuse is signalled. In cases in which even short duration interruption of the operation is not permissible, special selective signalling is applied which generates appropriate signals for reducing the load. Some circuit arrangements used are shown in Fig.5. Fig.7 shows a circuit diagram of an 80 V, 7000 A installation used for feeding an arc furnace (PEC in the diagram). Silicon rectifiers will be used particularly for railway traction and for mine traction purposes. CKD, Prague is preparing for the manufacture of silicon rectifier units to Supply 750 kW at 750 V for locomotives; four units with a tap-changing transformer, connected into a single- phase bridge circuit, will be mounted into the locomotive. For urban traction, units of 660 V, 750 and 1500 A will be produced. Furthermore, units will be produced for electrolysis of chlorine, aluminium, copper and water; these units are designed to operate at 300 to 600 V and 12.5 to 100 kA. This article is a revised version of a lecture given by the author at the All State Conference on Using Semiconductors in Heavy Current Engineering, Prague, October 16-17, 1959. There are 8 figures, 2 tables and 6 references: all Czech. Card 4-/-8, /3,71 z,/oi8/60/000/008/001/001 0 H4~1) E073/E535 AUTHOR: Latibdrek, Franti-sek, Engineer TITLE: Principles of Manufacture of Large Semiconductor Rectifiers PERIODICAL: Elektrotechnik, 1960, No.8, pp.242-245 TEXT-. General design information is given, quoting mainly examples from foreign practice. The following Czech produced (Z~KD, Prague) equipment is mentioned: 1) Germanium rectifier, 250 V, 2500 A, connected in a bridge circuit with three cells in series in each anode branch,for feeding electrolysers. Since the applied cells have a fixed connection with the cooling fins, easy replacement is achieved by mounting the cells for the individual anode branches in boxes, eight boxes for each anode branch (Fig.2). The boxes can be replaced during operation, whereby the connection to the circuit is effected by knife-edge contacts. There are six cooling channels into which air is driven by fans. Fig.6 shows a photograph of the entire unit. 2) Silicon rectifier unit, 325 V, 6125 A. Each cell has an average load of 150 A. The silicon cell is screwed onto the aluminium Card 1/5 893o5 Z/018/60/000/008/001/001 E073/E535 Principles of Manufacture of Large Semiconductor Rectifiers cooling fins which form the cathode, whilst the flexible connection forms the anode. The individual cells are mounted into a fixed cooling channel, Fig,8. The advantage of this design is that the cells operating in parallel are arranged in horizontal rows, which reduces the influence of the thermal instability in the forward direction since they all operate at an approximately equal temperature of the cooling air. In each cooling channel 16 to 20 cells are arranged above each other. By appropriate connection of the busbars and suitable combination of the insulation panels and of the d.c. connections, it is possible to obtain, for a total of 96 cells, either a three-phase bridge connection with one or two cells in series and 16 or 8 in parallel or~double-star connection with an equalization choke, again with one or two cells in series and 16 or 8 in parallel. The a.c. and d.c. busbars can be arranged at the top or at the bottom. Tho box also contains fans, over-current protection, RC circuits for protecting the cells against switching over-voltages and, if necessary, equipment for parallel operation of the cells. The fans are on the top part of the box above the cooling channels through which they suck in air Card 2/5 89- Vo-18/6o/ob oo8/ool/aoi E073/E535 Principles of Manufacture of Large Semiconductor Rectifiers from the space below the rectifier hall. Each cell has a series- connected fast fuse mounted directly on the busbar. The main data of this rectifier unit are as follows: Table 2 Total number of cells 96 120 Number of cells in series .1 2 1 2 Current in the case of connection into a 3-phase bridge, A 5000 _2500 6125 3o6o Current in the case of double-star connection with the choke in the neutral point,'A 10000 12250 In addition to the abovej a silicon rectifier unit (200 V, 7500 A), Card 3/5 3:, Z/018/60/000/008/001/001 E073/E535 Principles o f Manufacture of Large Semiconductor Rectifiers produced by Siemens-Schuckert, Germany, and a germanium rectifier unit produced by General Electric, USA (250 V, 7778 A) are described, and Also a silicon rectifier unit (125 V, 20000 A) produced by Oerlikon, Switzerland. Furthermore, a photograph is reproduced of an anode divider *with 20 parallel calls (Unitron Semi-Conductor Rectifier). There ake 8 figures and 2 tables. ASSOCIATION: CKD, Praha, zavod Stalingrad (6KD, Prague, Stalingrad Plant) Fig.2 Card.4/5 Z/017/6o/o49/011/004/013 E073/E535 AUTHOR: Lstjbdrek, Franti~ek, Engineer -------------- TITLE: Technical and Economic Comparison of Direct Current Sources for Electrolysis I PERIODICAL% Elektrotechnicko obzor, 1960 Vol o 499No.11,PP-557-564 y TEXT: A technical and economic comparison is made of the optimum parameters of various d.c. sources intended for metallurgy applications (electrolysers). The analysis takes into consideration the influence of the choice of the d.c. voltage; the comparison curves (first costs as a function of the d.c. voltage, Fig.1) were made for a 20 kA source, taking into consideration the following: 1) Up to 900 V,the mercury arc rectifiers were connected into a two-star circuit with a choke in the neutral. 2) Up to 650 V, contact rectifiers were used in a two-star circuit with it choke in the neutral, for high voltages a bridge circuit is used. 3) Up to 200 V,silicon rectifiers are connected into a two-star circuit with a choke in the neutral, for higher voltages up to Card 1/3 Z/017/6o/o49/011/004/013 E073/E535 Technical and Economic Comparison of Direct Current Sources for Electrolysis 400 V a bridge circuit is used with one rectifier in a bridge, whilst for voltages between 400 and 900 V a bridge circuit with two series connected rectifiers xn the branch are used. 4) For all the alternatives the costs of the transformers, the rectifiers and the accessories are taken into considera- J/ tion. It is not sufficient to take into consideration solely the efficiency of the compared alternatives, first costs and a number of other factors have to be taken into consideration. After defining the conditions on which the comparison is based, a practical example is given of a comparison fer a rectifier unit of 13 MW. The comparison is made mainly for a source of 325 V yielding a current of 40 kA; only in the case of mercury are rectifiers a second alternative of 650 V, 20 t,:A. Continuous voltage control is required between 40 and 325 V as well as automatic maintenance of a constant current intensity. For each of the following projects the machinery as well as the building investment costs and the running costs are calculated; Card 2/3 Z/017/60/049/011/004/013 E073/E535 Technical and Economic Comparison of Direct Current Sources for Electrolysis mercury arc rectifier station, contact rectifier station. silicon rectifier station. For each of the alternatives the advantages and the disadvantages are enumerated. As a result of the economic analysis, the conclusion is derived that, assuming a 15 year service life, rectifier stations with silicon rectifiers are considerably more favourable from the economic point of view for the given parameters (325 V, 40 kA) and that the extra costs of the silicon rectifiers are recouped by the savings made during 18 months. The comparison relates strictly to the savings which can be made by using one type of rectifier or another, it does not relate to savings that can be achieved with other measures In the process. There are 10 figures, 4 tables and 4 references: I Czech and 3 German. v ASSOCIATION: CKD Praha, n.p., zavod Stalingrad j6KD Prague, Stalingrad Plant) SUBMITTED: July 20, 1960 Card 3/3 LSTIBUREK, Fr., inz. Fast short--circuiting device for protection of germanium and silicon rectifiers. El tech obzor 51 no.7:364-365 J1 162. LSTIBUR~K. Frantisek, inz. Circle diagram of ionic and 0-~-angers. E! tech obzor 53 no.4:231-232 Ap 16". LSTIBUREK, rorantisek.. inz. Rectifier units for industrial electrolysis made by the Ceskomoravska- Kolben-Danek National Enterprisep Prague. El tech obzor 53 no.9:492- 496 S 164 1. Caskomoravska-Kolben Danek National Enterprise Prague. L 5-0762-65 ACCESSIM. M, A-P5016373 ',Z/0017/64/000/009/0492/0496 AUTHM-4tLb~re t~js, (Engirieer) TITLE: Rectifier units for industrial electrolysis made b:r the CKD, Prague SOURCE: Elektrotechaicky, no. 9, 1964, 492-496 TOPIC TAGS: electronic rectifier, electrolysis Abstract LFriinch. ar~ticle, author's Brrlish sumtaryj: The MM plant Ln Prague completed the deveiopiaent of new rectifiers for industrial electrolysis, and started with the production of twro of 'heir series. The voltage is regulated by a transfomner set consisti-ig of an autotransformer, the mai-n rectifying transformer, and re- ,.gulating choke colls, Regulation within the range from. 33 to 100 ;percent is done by the switching over of the primary winding of the rectifying transformer from a Teiye to a star connection, and the range of this Bvit-ching is covered by tape. Under development are Tectifying blocks of transformer-rect-ifier sets and rectifiers wit*h bus bars. New diagrams were prepared improvizg the power ~-Iaotor-in rectifying stat'.ona with several parallel reotifier3. Orig. art. fizxi 1- figure -a- a na 4 tablea. l/a L 10893-67 A7 C AP6020169 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0078 6G/000/002/000910009 AUTHOR: Lstiburek, Frantisek (Engineer; Prague) ORG: none TITLE: A single phase bridgd with continuous'voltage and current regulation. CZ Pat. No. PV 392-64,"Class 21 SOURCE: Vynalezy, no. 2, 1966,.9 TOPIC TAGS: single phase bridge, rectifier, electric equipment, electric transformer, semiconductor rectifier ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued for a single phase bridge with continuous voltage- and current- regulation. It has four basic arms of which two ar divided into two pairs of lines connected through four blocks of semiconductor rectifiers and change-over switches to a regulating transformer. The first line of each pair is coupled to controlled rectifiers, the second to uncontrolled rectifiers. Under operating conditions, blocks of controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers are connected across the high and low voltage sections of the transformer, respectively. The' switching sequence is discussed in detail."' SUB CODE: 09/SUBM DATE: 23Jan64/ COM 1 LTATUK, G.Kh. For a wider use of progressive metbods in the storage of beets. Sakh.prom. 34 no.8;25-26 Ag 160. (KIRL 13:8) 1. TSentralluoye byuro tekhnicheakoy informatsii Tinaitskogo soynarkhoza. (Sugar beets-Storage) ABRA I&, Jean (Franta); BONNAURE, Andre (Franta); LUAME, H.M.; VASQUEZ, Marcos Struggle-of the workers. in the eapitalist countriess, opiniono of some overseas visitors in Rumania. Munea sindie 7 no.6155-58 Je . 163, 1. Membru al birouiui Federatiei sindieate-lor din posta afiliata, la Gonfederatia Generala a Muncii (for Abbadie5. 2. Secretar al, Vniunii, oindioatelor Force Omiere-din regiunea parisiana (for Bonnaure)* 2. Presedinte al Congresului sindicatelor din Uganda (for Luande), 4, presid~mte al Comitetului sindicatelor din provincia Valparaiab-Chile (for Vasquez). NP L ~574946 ARd/EYIP(M)/EwP(c)/E"T(d)AwT(,)/E"T(m)/#136/~Bo/tit(m)-6/vbcA-tWA(dK VIP (h) ACC. NRt AP6004626 EWR(f)/EWP(n). SOURCE CODE: CH70035/65/002/009/061 ~1001:6- AUTHOR,.- IJP(C) , WVI/-GY ..Lu, Houeh-fu (0 ORG: none B .TITL9: A discussion on booster rocket trajectories SOURCE: Hang kfung chih shih, v. 2, no. 9, 1965, 14-16 TOPIC TAGS: rocket trajectory, artificial earth satellite A ABSTRACT: Various traJeo6ries f r booster rockets'rare studied. These include circular, elliptical, and ballistic traje~-tories. Power and fuel considerations, the control system, and other factors indicate ballistic launching as the most favorable. As an example$ a typical launching of a satellite Into anearth orbit is described. Orig, art@ ,has: 4 figures. SUB CODE: 22/ S'JBM DATE: none Card in V. Z LURI, N. The Lenin Machine-Tractor Station. p. 20. Vol. 9., No. 12, Dec. 1955v PER BWQESINE SOCIALISTE, Tirane, Albania. SOS Monthly List of East European Accessions, (REAT), LC, Vol. 5, No. 10, Oct. 1956. LUARSABASHVILI, Geprgiy-Davidovich [Surface ensilage of feeds] (Nazemnoe silosovanie kormov. Tbilisi, Gos.izd-vo "Sabehota Sakar.-Ic."I 1963. 42 p. [In Georgian] (MIRA 17:5) procesu wiclkopioc~.- Kam.- Wyflawnictm-1 TtOl. M51. 212 pp. ao d. Rev"ed In M;,;ik zo, t19M ting Katowice 30:7 la Tech. lrhablinhing Hollne. 19911. 21" PP - LIJBAIT F. TECILNOLOG:Y PPRIODTCAL: RUISTA CA TLOR FFUTF, Vol. 6, no. 10, Oct. 1958 ~ .-L LUBAN, E. Action of decorating stations growing flowerq, ornamental Shrubs, and avenues of trees. P. 531 Monthly List of "r7ast European Accessions (F:,AI) LC Vol. 8, No. h Anril 1959, Uncl2ss LUBANj, B... ing. Horticultural and landscaping adornment of railroad lines and stations. Rev cailor for U no.9:531-534 S 163. 1. Directia regionala Bucureati. LUBAN, Eugen, ing. Horticultural and landscaping decoration of the railroad stations and buildings. Rev cailor fer 12 no. 7:399-402 JI 164. 1. Regional Office of the Rumanian Railroads, Bucharest. LUBAN, Lug., ing. ; , Th E ~ ~-;- ~ , I pailroad hedgea. Rev 'cailar 13 no-1:34-38 ~a 8736-2 S/12o/60/000/004/001/028 E032/E414 AUTHORS: Gellperin, B.B., Gusakov, V.D., Luban and 7 Kh.L._ Trofimo-va, N.N. TITLE. Methods of Adjustment of Betatrons to Maximum Intensity PERIODICAL: Pribory 1 tekhnika ekaperimenta, 1960, No.4, PP-13-17 TEXT. The intensity of y-rays produced by a betatron depends on a large number of factors, all of which have to be taken into account in order to obtain the maximum possible intensity. The present authors describe measures which were taken by them to ensure this maximum intensity. The first section of the paper describes devices which were used to obtain the optimum orbit radius~ The radius of the orbit was controlled by special coils located on the electromagnet pole-face. The emf induced in these coils by the field produced by the electromagnet was balanced by externally applied emf. When the two emf's are-in fact balanced, the radius of the orbit remains unaltered. If, on the other hand, the external emf is less than the emf induced in the coil, then the current produced in the coil gives rise to a magnetic flux which can be used to control the radius of the orbit, By plotting the intensity of the y-rays as a function of the orbit radius, the Card 1/6 873V,2 S/120/60/000/004/001/028 E032/E414 Methods of Adjustment of Betatrons to Maximum Intensity optimum radius can be determined. This scheme was used with a 15 MeV betatron in which the radius could be varied by 10 mm, using a current of 36 A. The second section of the paper is concerned with compensation of magnetic field nonuniformities in the air gap of the electromagnet. Since the static nonuniformity remains practically constant, only the phase nonuniformity of the field 4s considered, Of all the harmonics of the phase azimuthal field nonuniformity, only the first and the second are of importance in -the betatron. Therefore, the compensation of the phase nonuniformity is reduced to the minimization of the first and second harmonics. The two harmonics are compensated by two groups of compensating coils which are located at 90' intervals. This is particularly simple in electromagnets with four-yoke construction as shown in Fig.4. It was found in the case of a 25 MeV betatron that the compensation of the phase nonuniformity increases the intensity by a factor of 2. The final sezt'Lon of this paper is concerned with devices which are capable of altering the field index n at the instant of injection, In the case af a 15 Mev Card 2/ 6 87 S/12o/60/000/004/001/028 E032/E414 Methods of Adjustment of Betatrons to Maximum Intensity betatron two turns (in series) were used, having a radius equal to the radius of the equilibrium orbit. One of the turns was located above the chamber and the other bolow, The turns were connected through a stepdown transformer and a series resistor to the source supplying the electromagnet of the betatron. When only one turn was included in the circuit (either the upper one or the lower one), no change in the intensity occurred when the current was varied between 0 and 0.7 A. However, the intensity was increased by 20% when both coils were included, the current through them being 0.37 A. In one of the electromagnets it was found that there was a large phase shift along the radius and the shift increased with the radius. Although the static field index n for this magnet was 0.56 to 0.7 (in the region of the equilibrium orbit), the radial phase shift tended to increase n to about I at the instant of injection. This was counteracted by using distributed coils of the form shown in Fig.6. The coils were arranged so that the phase shift produced by them decreased with increasing radius. One group of such coils was placed below the Card 3/6 I I S/120/6 /004/001/028 E032/E414 Methods of Adjustment of Betatrons to Maximum Intensity chamber and another above it, In this way it was possible to ensure that the field index n did not exceed a certain limiting value at the instant of injection. In some betatrons use was made of orbit contracting coils. These consisted of two turns located above and below the chamber (Fig.8). In a 15 MeV betatron, the y-ray intensity was increased by the superposition of an additional field at the ´┐Żnstant of injection over a 130* sector. This was achieved with the aid of two four-turn coils, placed above and below the chamber reBpe-ctively (Fig.9). There are 9 figures and 1 table. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy transformatornyy zavod (Moscow Transformer Factory) SUBMITTED: July 10, 1958 (initially) June 9, 1959 (after revision) Card 4/6 873,62 S/120/60/000/Oo4/Ov.-i',, E032/E414 Methods of Adjustment of Betatrons to Maximum Intensity 9w R Puc. 4. Cxema coemmenuft xomneHcaanollnMx, -.Puc. 6. Cxema perymiponaulla 06uoToH 13 %nenTpomaranTo newpexitpemaoff~ xozoHrineuTa enaAanim nwm'n HOHcTPYlvxUH Fig.4 F i;-g Card 5/6 6736P S/12o/6c/oco/oc4/ooi/o2P. E032/E414 Methods of Adjustment of Betotrons to Maximum Intensity Pue. 9. Cel(Topnme BHTHH Afill HailOMenlill Aouonmaeabnorouona T T /f Puc. 8. Cxesta cyncewn op6HTLI 13 MomenT numeKallir (xoirrpaxqrta) L I Fig. 9 Card 6/6 KOROBOVp P. I., red..;,MEDVEDEVA, R.A., tekhn. r~. (Miracles enter life] Chudesa vkhodiat v zhisn'. Moskva, Sovetskaia Rossila, 1963. 193 p. (MIRA 16:9) (Synthetic products) LUBAN, S. Influence of technical standards on production improvement. Sots. trud 5 no.2:106-110 7 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Nachallnik otdela truds, i zarabotnoy platy Nevskogo m'ashirio- stroitellnogo zavoda im. V.I.Lanina. (Machinery industry--Production standards) I.; LUBMI S.- FILIGUS M. FELILMS -=::~ L . Y Large-panel Vorkuta,.,, Se. stroi. Res. 3 no.10:4-5 0 162. WRA 16:6) 1. GlavnNy lnzh. Vorkatinskoy proyektno-izyskatellskoy kontory (for Felldman). 2. Nachallnik stroitellnogo otdela Vorkutinskoy proyektno-iayskatellskoy kontory (for Luban). (Vorkuta-Procast concrete construction) (Vorkata-Apartment houses) BAKALOV, S.A.; BELOUSOV, V.P.; BRATSEV, L.A.; VODOLAZKIN, V.M.; YEROSHENKO, V.N.; ZRUKOV, V.F.; LIJBAA,, S.A., MARKIZOV, L.P.; NADEZHDIN, A.V.; NOVIKOV, F.Ya.; FONOYAREV, _V_.D.; POURASITCV, G.D.; ROZHDESTVENSKIY, S.I.; TROFIMOV, S.V.; FELIDMAIT, I.R.; FOYGELI, D.O.; KHRUSTALEV, L.N.; CHURUKSAYEV, I.I.; KONDRATIYEVA, V.I., red. [Theory and practice in the study of frozen ground in construc- tion] Teoriia i praktika merzlotovedeniia v stroitellstve. Mo- skva, Nauka, 1965. 187 p, (MIRA 18:4) 1. Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut osnovaniy i pod- zemnykh sooruzheniy. Severnoye otdeleniye. $all^, Sredom 1j. j, '".- 11010 -f VW A d-,..1 in the il tr ~.rgj.A'Livl- Rchl:-a za yp~,trz,,byl-. Dr Zb. 1, 2-~arch 2. -Tu-,.rv4.'cstz ar t. t pp 3. -c-rrr,..z pt-'~* Lt~ tal MI".s %t ta.i. , Dr 0. of -ae Scri-ce at the :.ntr.1 t-a t.-., ItI ,--a tr ca su'-nt. 11 t 1, '~.k t I S.~~ux t a aul..;ar21LiYA Chcrven Xru2t) I '-Y %t' - o 1. a w~trl. 1".. ( Ur "r;!dln!: 0%11:lreL im PcdLatr-'c Tt-ap-tlz man pro- Ph lattic Twt;.t4t!-s'o' 1. vd.,vj.o, and R._=R2A. re4-,4-:rc:k r~-.Q- at I Rl.farth P-.!I%-rlL ON: IF P? 6. " Dairy Kitt!- in the VII.Jujon o~ tno Ru3.9 Pat,-rad aul SLI.Latra Dr ot D!,strict Vuroaa amd tcr so.-A vith Dlatr!c~ ~iz ~roatLar 2~:L.4ts it Dr pq avr":!&:u.) of trio laterrAl I C.~tf H 'It.'l (VuEie-ib.. pp 39-'l. -'4 a mcm WBANSKA, L. Effect of physical effort on ATP and glycogen contents in the skeletal and cardiac muscles in white rate (Hue norvegiens albus)o-' Acts, physiol.polon. 11 no.5/6:8W-8O9 160. 1. Z Zakladu Fisjologii A,W.79, Kierownik: prof.dr W.Missiuro. WnTION) (JUS=8 metab) (KYOCARDIUM metab) (ANNOSINE PHOSPHATES metab) (GLYCOGER metab) LUBANSKA,-,- Leokadia - Hematological changes in the bone marrow and peripheral blood in white rats under the Influence of p'-jysIcal work. Acts. pbysiol. Pol. 13 no.l: 45-56 162. 1. Z Zakladu Fizjologii A. W. F. w Warszawie Kierownik: prof. dr Wl. Missiuro. (EXERTION) (BONE 14ARROW pbysiol) (BLOOD CELLS) ROMAINOWSKI, ktieslaw; LUBANSKA-TOMASZEWSKA, Leokadia Mechanism of change in serum protein levels due to physicall training. Acta phyoiol. Polon. 13 no.6:741-754 162. 1. Z Zakladu Fizjologii PracjV AM w Warszavie Kierownik: prof. dr Wl. Missluro Z Zakladu Fizjologii A. W. F. w Warszawie Kierownik: doe. dr W. Romanowaki. (BLOOD PROTEIN ELECTROPHORESIS) (EXERTION) RADWANSKA, Urszula; BURCHARDT, Barham; LUBANSU, Zofia A rare cause of bepatomegaly in a smil child. Pol. tyg. lek. 20 no.20:732-733 17 My 165. 1. Z I KlinikI Chorob DzieQi AM, (prof. dr. med. T. Rafinski) i z 11 Kllniki Chlrurglcmj AM w Pozranlu (prof. dr. med. R, Drews). 00RAL, Roman; LUBANSKA, Zofia Review of patients with jaundice caused by extrabspatic bilia:& stasis. Pol. przegl. chir. 35 no.7/8:851-853 163. 1. Z II Kliniki Chirurgicznej AM w Poznaniu Kierownik: prof. dr R. Drewp. (JAUNDICE, OBSTRUCTIVE) (BILE) (SURGERY, OPERATIVE) I;UBANSKA-TaAmZF,WSKA,.,_I~pp,Xadia;- JANOTA-LUKASZWBKA, Janina Effect of physical training cn the content of ribcnucle.-*Lc acid in various organs with different forms of protein metab- olism-Acts. physiol. P01. 15 no.6t819-829 N-D 164 l. Z &Lkladu Fizjologii Pracy Polskiej Akadem-"Li Nauk i Za- kladu Fizjologii Inst-yLutu Naukowego Kultury Fizycznej v Warszawie (kierownik: prof. dr. Wl. Ifissiuro). LUBANSKA-TawZEWSKA, Leokadia Histochemical studies on adrenalin and noradrenalin in the adrenal gland of trained rats. Acta. physiol. Fol. 15 no.6t 831-838 Y-D 164 1. V Ukladu Pizjologii Fracy Polakiej Akademii Nauk,(kie- rownik: prof. dr, V. Missiuro). WBANSKA-TOMASZEWSKA. Leokadia; M19SIURO, Wlodzimierz, prof. dr*; SAWICKA,, Alicja. The effect of vibration an the histochemical pattern of adrenal glands and cerebral tissues. Acts, physiol. Pol. 16 no.28207-217 Mr-Ap'65. 1. Zaklad Fizjologii Pracy Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Warazawis (Kierovn:Lkt prof. dr. W. Misaluro); ZhLklad Fizjologii i Higieny Fracy GIOF w Warozavie (p.o. Xierownika: dr. L. Markiewicz). .,10*0*0000000 0 4F a 6 SIM* 0 00400400000 0 ei o 4 0311 1 1 a I I I 1 0 16 n I) I) u is 14 1? 4 it If if-D, It x If 32 A id a a V a it 0 if 41 di 0 a 31 d4 "i k. 11-1- 1 A I I A L a 04 -00 a 100(fiffs A.0 'A"811141 *Pee 00 -00 00.4 09 00 -0 OOS .00 .00 Igo .00 2723. N*W EqWSUMS Of M*dM of M&tqr%l Sy'stam's 'a Is M'B- kovnklWorld. J.LuboASN,-.,iciaphyskoPoknica.8.4.pp.366-310, 00 09 a -i;. 1937. lot Gsma)#~~eq .UaUMS III MOtUM of 6 material system. de- =00 000 rived by Uathiswn (wM the general theOry ot relativity [we Abstract 0*0 06,3 ~"S (1938)), am here derived kw the cim of a matcrW system in a Atinkwaki A physical interpTetation of world by the atethod of retarded POtcntiAls, J. S. G. T. coo the theory is di-~- gee set go* -Oki woo '00 '00 0. JLA AIT tf.~RGKAL 1,111SATURI CLASUPICATION 00 A 008 4 1 a 04 0 1 if a --i--i-$-T u S 49 03 H! 4 0 0 0 0 o a ig 0 Ig o 0 a 0 0 0 0 9 IN 4 0 4 4 IF * 0 a 0 M 1 Yv 1/,Y 19 N-Y /x- /~O T P0411ID/Blectr-)nics - Electrical DischarLao in Gnses and Gas ,DischarLze Apparatus. Abs Jour Ref 21iur Fizika, No 1) 1960, 1518 H Avt.hor Lwic, M., Lubanski, J. Inst Thatitute zif Fundamental Technical Priblems, jf Sciences, Poland Title : Rarefied Electrically Char(;ed Gas in Magaetic Field. 11. Distributi-xi if Litansity if Particles Flsw Orid Pub : Bull. Acad. polcn. sci. Ser. sci. techn., 1958, 6, ND 5, 255-256, xx Abstract : The problem is silved of the distributim if tLe density 3f the electric current, produced by ~~uidcd moti~)n of charGed particles at different distances from an infinite plane, bimidinG the re,~iun if t,ie space, fully occupied by the ic)-aized gas, in the Card 1/2 77 7, k 0,; in th,,f -~hl , - vana. su4th. 4G, 411C OXatnpfk~ construeted here not only lias the property L described in 'the title but also has the propiarti that for every e>O, the. set caur) be cxprc-,A at; ,he wiiom of a firlitc- siumb,i; c)f ab~-AuLe ~i ,I zl~. .,:)t , ~. !,I bun, it :s Ecd nu,, dic c~ iz,.,ru~ I r~ (:~,Tj to yield a comin~_,r- uf Yt;>,)' domains. The con- structio,- is quite complicated. E. G. Begie. - -- - -- - - --- - - - - - - - "Machines and installations for preparing porcelain and earthenware clays", p. 49 (Soklo I Geramika. 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