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December 31, 1967
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TMTKOV, _~OWGVj, V.V. Over-all mchanization of the cold-staWing sh9ps. Biultekh.- okoneiiiform.Gas.naitch.-issl.inst.nauch.1 tekb1infdrm. 16 no.6: 24,-27 1630 (min 16:8) (Forging mchinery) iACCESSION NR: AF4037460 510146164/007/0021001410019 !AUTHOR: TITLE: lavestigation of* Inertia and sensitivity of a drift photatransistor f SOURCE: rVUZ. Priborostroyeniye. v. T. no. 2. 1964. 14-19 TOPIC 1AGS: phototransbitor,, p"hototransIstor inertia. phototransistor sensitivity, drift photatransistor ABSTRACT: As the specific shape and presence of field make alloy- phototransistor formulas inapplicable to a drift phatotransistar, the steady-state and transient processes in. the latter are analyzed and new formilas developed. 1 -40-p election: base on a p-Ge crystal was obtained byAlffusion of Sb i A 5 from the vapor phase, while the emitter junction was prepared by the alloying i method. An experimantal,"rification, of the formulas Included -jetermining.1fie Velationship'between th~6 dropAkime 6f the load-"realstance curvei and U fhe cdllec- tor 'current and 2) the tltsm:ination, wavelength us6d- -The Inertia ind sensi- ACCE-S'SION NH; AP4037460 tivity of a phototransistor with a base Wce at large were also measured. If a higher speed of operation is desired.' Increashag the bass width, wh6~prewrving 4L j strong bass field, In recommended. - Orig. art. has: 4 figures and 16 formulas. ASSOCULTION.- SIMMU TZD: 050et63 PRESS: 3072 JCNCU 00 NO REV SOV.- 007 SUB CODZ. EG OTICM: 002 212 NOVIKOV Vev, Investigating the oluggishneso and sensitivity of a drift photo- tricdoo lavows,whebasav.; prib* 7 no,20j,-19 064, (MIRA 1814) lo Fakomendovana kafedroy radiotakhniki Leningradakogo InatitutA tachnoy mekbaniki i optiki. DLVYATKOV, Aleksendr NUdtovich;, NOVIKOV, Vladimir VasillyevIch; GODEVAT40VO A.K.1, lnzb,t retsenzent; (The GFS ~-70 loading macbinel Pagruzoehnaia mashina GPS-70. Foskva.., W-vo wfledra," 1964. 66 p. WMA 17:5) ACC NRc AT6026767 SOURCE CODSt Ult/2754/66 0()0/005/0051/0061* IAUTHOR: Kakarov, 0. 1*; Movikow lye V. ORG: none TITLE: Certain properties of normal waves In the probleim of the propagation of radio a in tbs. earth-Ionosphere waveguide channel -SOURCE: Leningrad, UaLvrwaftet. Problemy difraktsli I rasprostramenlya VOID, no. S, 11966. Rasprostrwwalye radiovoln (Radio wave propagation) 9 no. 4 9 51-61 TOPIC TAGS: radio wave propagation, Ionospheric pi*agation, tormpheric radio wave, guide ABSTRAM, The.purpose of the Investigation was to clarify complications that result the curvature of the earth, the curvature of the ionosphere, or that involve the determination of theboundary between the two. It Is assumed that such a boundary is fiat. Three,models are .considered: one Is flat and two are spherical. One of the spherical models is theGrinberg --wd*lt with an Intevpha" boundary possessing dielec- tric penetrability. Comparing these ummk1s, the authors arrive at the following can-, clusious: Assuming. the frequency remains the am*. the phase velocity Is larger In th4 Grinberg~moftl than. In the flat =we Both exceed Tbo velocity of 11ght at all but 0 lfreqimmciss. - Pbase velocitles are the same fwfts flat model, and along the axis of Coed 1/2 2/2 25M SOV/19-59-5-278/308 ...AUTHO,R:, Novikov, V.V. TITLE: . A Lens Processing Machine PEERIODICAL: Byulleten' izobreteniy, 1959, Nr 5, pp 61-62 (USSR) ABSTRAM. Class 67a, 194 Hr. 118456 (602727 of 27 June 1958). The machi- ne-haa an instrument mechanically rocked in the meridional blan6 of the rotating lens. To produce dome-shaped elliptical lenses with different values of the semiaxes of the elliptical generatrixg the rocking mechanism is made in the form of rockers, placed on the two opposite sides of the rotating lens, each separated according to the length of the connecting rod carrying the instrument into parts equal to the a/m semiaxes and.which move along two mutually perpendicular guides when their ends roGk. Card 1/1 SOV/19-58-6-618/685 AUTHORS: Novikov, V.V., and Bersenev, Ye.I. TITLE: -An. Optical Lighting Device (Svetoopticheskoye ustroystvo) PERIODICAL: Byullten' izobreteniy, 1958, Nr 6, p 136 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Class 14d 8 fir 113813 (580624 of 15 July 1957). Submitted to'YLe.Committee for Inventions and Dis- coveries at the Ministers Council of USSR. A de- vice consisting of a belt lens with an annular tubular gas lamp and a toroidal reflector mounted inside. The annular focal line of the belt lens, the center annual line- of the toroidal reflector and.the annular axis line of the lamp are brought into one annular line to obtain even lighting with- in the whole horizon with a simultaneous increase of illuminations in an axial direction. Card 1/1 A;:Cn'SSIOI-I HRs AP404M4 U/M6/64/000/06/0103/0103! AIMNHORSt Novikov, V. T.j Knalev, V. 1.1 TI,1-11~t 41ppastas for the experismatal study of airoraft visibIlifty in proji*ctor beama Md the teftliW of W*J*~ oquipment. Mom ?2f, No. 69"0 Byul. ixabr.1 tovic. sw*w, no. 18# 1%4, 10 TQPIC TAGB: &iraraftp yxojoctart &iroraft identification kTJST-RACT,, A Thii -AntMi ~ Cartifloate presents an apparains for the experimental GtUV of adircraf t visibility in projector beam and the testing of projector equipment. The ar)paratus met* an episoope projector image of the aircraft model on P. screen 11IL-1-inated frm the observer's sido by &-n ilbAdw&w for WAWomd simulation. "h o ',,, ~ . aAirrnmd is Oreated by the projeotor beam in order to approximate natural 11 EM27-65 ------ --- ACC~',SSIOII :RRo 040470% Meci=iam, is used to a me of observing a moving aircraft in the prciector beam with an imNp of the alrcWt model an the senum. L~SSOCIATIM MNCLz 00 AtD MW Wr-* -6W7 OW At z - lur, In the Krendin 2L JWte 56, airtrdu were presented taVog asiodates, of the lnitltute of tha inut. Ti-ecision lfscbwdcs a~d Gmaputer Enginc-crl'r-~!, Duipt, 1-1ys-11-tth Sday AS MA, Phr."WeW distinct-'Ou .-,,n IULe arvation and operation of this high-speed electronk coapu4~or BIZN~~; "vka~,e N-, 270 of the. PresMim of, Supreme Soviet 35151" 1 - Txk;A'Aiiud in th(A-- 13 Jun 1956 (6W isats of Veomosti Irerldounozo sovqta lists the followine, award: 110MOVp Vitaliy vasil,yevich senior technician. Order of Lenin Order Labor W. Banzyzir Order Badge of Homr Sun 1003, ,,() Jiay '*, Goinfident;al. sib SO: CIA FM 70 ALTAYEV, Sh.A.; MTKUSEV, M.N.; St-tIRNOV, A.I.; POPOV, IU.G.; NQU~KIIIIV-Ye- Analysis of coal losoen in Karaganda Basin mirea and ways of In,- them. Nauch. trudy KNIUI no.14:50-62 164. (MIRA 1-824) ALTAYEV.Sh,,~., 14UKUSHEVP M.M., SULEYEV, E.A.; NOVIKOV V.Ya.; GULWV, G.L. 1 11 Using glass reinforced p1astic in Karaganda Basin mines. Nauch. trudy 0111I no.24.-162-164 164. (MIRA 184) ~u. -, POLSTOVA, T. Yu. LIVSHITS, B.G. -._14OVIKU~, ~. Determintng t," surface arRrg-,, of' grains in tranqformer st-4el .1 I Tz. met 0 1 rattillovEsti. 18 no.4:580-5,33 0 of various purity. F 164. (MIRA 1834) 1. Moskovskly in3titut stali i splayov. MOTIOT, referent. ftelds In the development of high qmd steel In the Mdtod Statog (ftm RludusirleblattO no.6, 19 )- listanowod. I obr. 57 . mt, 52-53 NY .(Nv*, uo) (UnIted States-Tool steel) LIVSHM, B.G.; NOVIKOVO V.Tu. StWV6- tbA Idnetics of secondary rooMtallisation In ~Aiuiftiwr stael. mt&Uoved. 15 no.345&5U NO 163* (WA 164) 1. Moskovskly Institut stali I l4ifflovo (Ste@2&A%tanogmjhjr) (CryetalUsation) LIVSHITS. B.Gt ?Ll~ V.Yu. Crigin*of dscoz,-4ary.rearystallizatton,,nuclai. in transformer stee. Fiz. W-t. I wtalldved. 16 no.6tMg-466- 63. (KRA 17t2) 1, Hdakovskiiinstiftt atall i splavoy. NOTIZDV. Ta.A., kandid takhnichookikh nauko Prestressed reinforced concrete olexentse Blulstrol,takh.9 I.T*oatrallnyy InstItut InformatelL pe streltallstvu. (Prestressed concrete construction) UN. I-lDT, Ta.A, kmAidat takhnichookikh nauk; SUTSXIT, Te.Z., kmAldat haskikk nauk, redaktor; ROSMYTSUA, M.P., redaktor; KKDVXMF, L.Ta., takhnicheskly redaktor. (Yrom the work practice In using prefabricated reinforced con.- crate In Industrial and housing construction] Is opyta prImnenila sbornogs shelesobstom v proWshlenou I grashdanskom stroltalletve. Moskva, Go*. Isd-vo lit-ry po stroit. I ar#hitekturo, 1956. 58 p. (KLU 9:6) I.Mescow. TSentrallnyy Institut informateii pa stroitalletvu. (Precast concrete) NOVIKOT. TaL.A.. kancildat tokhnichoskM nauk, Modern plants manfacturing reinforced concrete elements. stroi. no.1:4-17 156 Om 10:4) (concrete plants) (*eca*gt concrete) NOTIZOT. Ta.A., kudidat tekhaicheskikh wwk- ~;w Methods for stressIng and anchoring reinforcements la beat prestressed reinforced concrete construction a1aments Opyt strol. ne.3:53-60 156o iKERA 10:4) (Reinforced concrete) NOVI 09, 'ra.A,,, kudidat tokhnichookikh nauke fkooftesse& releffeed conersto brWps- Vs orot. no.6:72-0 056. (Bridave. Oftawto) (Pi4stre"ed amarets) (NM 1094) NOTIZOT, Ya.A., kandidat takhnicherskikh nauk. PractIcesbromd In building bridges using prestressed reinforced -34-37 Ja #56. (NUA 9: 5) concrete., Blul.strol.tokh. 13 noel. 1. Miss. (GeramM, Wast--Bridge~. Concrete) NOTIKOV, Ta.A... kamdidat takhnicheakikh Concrete fr~ elements with subsequent stressing of reinforesmats, Blul. strat',takh. 13 no.12:31-434 D 156o (MMA 10:2) 1. UINIS ASIA SSSR, (Prestressed concrete) NOTINDTj Ya.A., date. kan&tokhaonauk aptimu p*rcentages for reInforclag reInforced concrete structural compommts. Sbor. trqd. KZSI no.11:44-68 '57. (KM 11--3) (R-einforeed condrete) Ta.A.,.kand. tekhn. nauk of structural details in buildinis used f.or light industry. Opyt stroi. no.33:81-96 61. (MIRA 16:8) NOVIKOV Y&.A *--kand.tekhn.nauk lumples of design details of 4nduxtr:10 enterprises of the food industry. Opyt strol no.35:73-06 262 (MM .15:7) (Industrima buildtZ SOROMV, Te.Ya. v prof . ;-kQV-I-KO.M inzh. Concerning.tbe methodology for accounting for the technological and economic indices of thermal electric power plants. Elek. sta. 32 no.12:76-78 D 161. (MIM 13a) (Heating from central stations) (Electric power plants) IMOLi~z~~ Ire beat supp3ying turbines with beat throw-off necexoa ? ToploenergatM 10 no,7295-96 A 163o (MM 16:77 (Mactric power plmta) (Turbines) "NOVIKOV, Y&,B,,,, inzh. Some additional factors on the effectiveness of heating from central stations. Teploenergetika U no.3-.91 Mr 164. (KMA 17:6) 10 0 0-04 0 0* 'p 0-6-0 0 0 0 1 0 1 I *jq f I ) 0 4 A A j 11 -0 a m "W, I/ f ~ffl 0 f. a 0 r: Q # )L VA " I A t r _ _ _ _ -, - _ _ - , jl_ _t_A_Ak;j~_j_A_A_ _ - - _ 01#0citift AO "C*f#t?fl -Ott -00 M A WAAMW M Ot . I 1w t. . ow OrkAl hat 'low .1w 14 bm e Itr b 4raws lm dig Un6m d".:. 0 1 ~ twit, sliven": .......... W, gum SWAT %At"* -A dipt vulinat: alln, as Isi f j'a Or a mr:Ir-w 4or .4 ML - - ov- of go 04 0 0 0 0-04 o*-0 0 0 wor wo:* a .O0,1 0 0 o 04 a 0 01W.& o, w 0 0 --w 0.4 0 0 00 0-4 " O.Lr~ 0 0, OWWO 0 . 0 o A UWnCH. F. Z. - laumtr stallwkw ynnit kaid. t4idbn. =uk. Ilauchno-IssledmtellMy lwtitut dwIftaMomsWwV straltollatia I pmektirovanlya -MA== TSMST I MMO FIZIKO.IHINICHESKIM SVOrSTVA PAge UO sot -at ptamareh 1951 IVANDV* FaMes kmdotekbnnauk*o GUPW, A.A.. kamd.takhn.nauk; IMVIMV. Ta.N.,- Insb. ---- WatftWocflag aulvwto an ra$lroad Ilmm. tramp. strcd*.10 U0.10: 53-64 0 160* (MM 13:10) NOVIKOV.. Y&.X.;.. GILYVAN, V.V.; IVANOV, F.M. ,Improved waterprooflug of ovorpmes. Awtdar. 25 no.8s20.21 Ag ~l6z. (IPL 16s2) (Viaducta) ROVIKOV, Ye.,,, inzh. ---- -- Cart for removing enginon from the PAZ-652 motorbijaea. Avt. transp. 42 no, 5:22-23 My f64# (MIRA 17:5) IOVIKOT, -T*. -55 ftiml 4UMTOYOrs.fcr far MP Prodwtlm- ZO&Pro,16 24 n0-20, 0 #54. Offak 7:11) (PSO (convoyl" matil"ry) 23577 S/042/61/016/002/003/005 C Ill/'C 222 AUTHORS -!O~Vikovq Ye. TITILZ81 solution to certain equationa,with variational deriva- til7es PMODICALs Uspekhi- mstem&:ticheskikh-UELUks,--T. 16, no. 2, 19619 135-141 TMETs The variational deri7ative of*the functional is defined as in tbe*,paper of E., Kopf (Statiatical hydroarechanics and functional calous', Journ.,. Me--h. Anal. 1 (1952)'q ST) and is denoted with (2) R;? For- variational derIvatives of higher order the notations 6(k) ir - o-Ar f V 9 (T- $ (3) k dxk are:uaed.k funct' X which-ffatisfies Card 1/7 Aonal f( x1p...9 xn 23577 5/042/61/016/002/003/005 Solution-to.certain equalions ... C 111/ C 222 is- called-, &-generator of ~he.function Xx", in symbols (x)] or briefly J. The expresslon dX U 010c; X!9~, X (z (X.)., I -.-dxng (5) n n where every integralis extended on the region of definition of' is called the- n-fold projection -of - Jd- onto &i... In agreement with the definitidn-of the variational derivative it holds djr,~ t?'tzP'x19'*"Xk-19y9 xk+19---" x,,) )C A dx,, drc ... d%- T(X .. T('i_1):T 'T(X -Iftk+l The author-considiars the equation (U) fn(x) (8) Card 2/7 23577 S/042/61/016/002/003/005 So-i-ation -to~---ertnin equa-tions G '111/ C 222 Its solution which corresponds to the boundary conditions 4-0 (k-Oo...g n-1) k(x) reads (10) k-0 k-9 (kFI-k'I )k and is not uniquj. if it is demanded that 0 01) AT is valid and that the vaxiaziona2 derivatives in (8) and (9) are taken in different points then the solution of 4 g n-11 g const-) 0 Caid 3/7~ Solution- to certain equations a M-4 que, and is given by k (,Rj, 9k The "thor considers the tquatian 'T 23577 S/042/61/016/002/003/005 C Ill/ C 222 (109) (12) where L L L (13) dx 80 aixd L09 Lop are arbitrary integro-diff4rential operators not depending on The general solution of (12)' reads Card 4/7 23 77 B/042/6l/Oi6/002/003/005 Solutioa- to. certain~ equations ... C-11 1/ 0 222 k= 'I where-the,j,,, are (different) roots of L I + L L .4. L 1 cc 0 (15) 80 Knd~ the 0 can be-obtained from n conditions -for J~ and its k I- first- (n-1) Tariational derivatives. If the have the- multiplicities ~8 then instead of (16) we have k i-0 (e'z~ki9 f~P)i 'f The~authar:,considers the:problen k(r) (k(z) 0) (25) Card 5/7 3 1.? Ix 57 5/04ZV6i~016/092/003/005 Sla-lution to certalm equiations 0-2-22 (26) b4 9 TW Dirac funclion. w r For oo (,Ce,~O) it holds 0. (27) The solution is-scught with the arrange2ent (28) where (29) Herefrow it follows 2 (32) 2 'Card 6/T 23577 S/042/61/016/002/003/005 .3alutiwto vertain;equations C'111/ C_222 In the appendix (32) is obtainecl in another manner. The author thanks:k. S. Nonin for advice&. There is 1non-Soviet-bloo reference. The reference to the English-language publication reads as fbllowss E. Hopfq Statistical hydrosechanics.-andl-functional, calculus~ Journ. Rat. Kech. knal. 1 (1952), 87. LO