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December 31, 1967
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AUTHOR: Novikova, L. V. 78-3-26/35 TITLE: Study of the Solubility of the System GaB04 - M9304 H20 at 3500 by a Traeer-Atom Method. (Izuehenive rastvorimosti sistemy GaS04 - M9304 - H20 pri 350 metodom mechenykh atomov.) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal Neorganicheakoy Xhimii, 1957, Vol.II, Nr.3, pp. 662-668. (USSR) ABSTRACT: Independent studies of the system CaB04 - M9304 - H20 were made using for the determination of calcium the alcohol method and the tracer (Ca45) method. Measure- ments were also made of the viscosity and specific gravity of various solutions of the system. With the aid of the traner method it was shown that the true solubility of calcium sulphate in the system is less than the solubility found by using the alcohol method, which is probably due to coprecipitation of magnesium with the calcium in the latter. With either method, Card 1/2 the solubility curve at 356G. showed a minimum and a NOVIKOl/4L'#L'."V.q(;nnd Chem "Sci-((Uss) "Study of salt cquilibr-An in the !f2SO,I-l!tE;()4-CvSO4-'120 sy""m rtt 35",nnd 44o obttining of AWW prirv.~%ry polyhalitc." h~oo, 195-5. 13 pp (Acad Sci USSR. In--t of 6czic;r,,.l aiad In- organio Chemistry im. N.S.Num-Yov), 1130 copies (;-::Lt47-53vl3O) LUTHORS: Lepeshkov, I. IT., Novikova, L. V. 70-3-5-35/39 TITLE: On the Formation of Primary Polyballte (X voprazu ob obrazovanii pervichnogo polifalita) PERIODICALt Zhurnal Neorganicheskoy Khimii, 1958, Vol 3, Nr 5, pp 1261-1264 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Experiments for the explanation of the process of formation of primary polybalite . viere carried out at 350C by the evaporation of ujnthetic solutions by ad= ding acqueous calcium sulfate solutions. The chemical analysis of the obtained deposit showed that more than 95% of the deposit consistsof purest polyhalite - K SO LISSO 2 CaSO FT,O 2 4 4 4 The microscopical investigations confirm this result. It results from the thermographic curve that a complete dehydration of polyhalite occurs at 32ooC and that melting begins at 88o0C. The formation of primary po4hallte -ias confirmed by the chemical, crystallo-optical and thermographical Card 1/2 analysis. On the Formation of Primary Polyhalite 78-3-5-5-35/39 There are 4 figures, 3 tables and 9 references, 5 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Institut obshchey i neorganicheskoy khimii im. 11. S. Kurnakova Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute 'of General and Inorganic Chemistry imeni N. S. Kurnakovlks USSR) SUBMITTED: December 28, 1957 AVAILABLE: Library of Con3ress 1. Polyhalit-e-Preparation 2. 3. Folyhalite-Dehydration 4. calcivia Sulfate -Applications Card 2/2 AUTHORS: Lepeahkov, 1. N., Novikova, L.V. SOVf78-3-10-27/35 TITLE: Physicochemical Investigation of the K 2s0 4-ugso 4-CaSO 4- H20 System at 350(Fiziko-khimichoskoye izucheniye sistemy K so _MgS0 -CaSO -H 0 pri 350) 2 4~ 4 4 2 PERIODICAL: Zhurnal neorganicheskoy khimii, 1958, Vol 3, Nr 10, pp 2395-207 (USSR) ABSTRACT: An investigation was carried out at 35 0C of the solubility of the salts, the viscosity and specific weight of solutions of the system K2 so 4-ugso 4-CASO 4-H2O,as well as of the ternary systems K 2so 4_MgSO 4-H20 'K2 SO 4_CsSO 4-H20 and Caso 4_Mg30 4H 20 belonging to this system. In the investiga- tion of the four-component system the following salts were ascertaineds polygallite -(K. so 4* MgSO 4* 2CaSO 4* 2H 20)-' singenite -(K2so 4' Caso 4_H2O)_' gvpsum-(CaS04' 2H 20)-' K2 so 4* 5CaSO 4*H20, schenite- (K2so 4' mgSO 4* 6H 20 )-, epsomite - Card 1/3 ugso 4' 7H2 0 ) and arcanite( K 2'304), Polygallite is formed PhysicochIemical Investigation of the K2so 4_*SO 4- SOV/78-3-10-27/3115 ;Ca So -H OjSystem at 350 4 2 1 in the system analyzed at 35 00 only in the range of higher concentration of magnesium sulfate. The crystallization range of pollygallite is extended considerably when temperature is increased. In the solid phase of the system polygallite is at 35 0C in paragenesis with gypsum,singenite, schenite and epsomite. In the potassium deposits of the Volga-Emb and the Carpathians , polygallite is in paragenesis with the following sulfates: anhydrite -,(Caso )-, gypsum, kieserite-(MgsoV H 20)-, langbeinite -(K 2 SO4. 4 2MgSO 4)_ and glaserite -( 3 K 2soV Na 2s04). The results of the solubility of the ternary systems correspond to those obtained from the investigations of viscosity and specific weight of the systems. The results of the physicochamical analysis of the four-component system K 30 4-MgSO -CaSO - H 0 are of i portance for the explanation of thi formition of natural pomlygallite. The formation of polygallite in nature,which is caused by evaporition of sea water, takes Card 2/3 place probably at relatively low temperatures ( 1o-35 0G - physicochemical Investigation of the K 2S0 4-3(gso4 507/78-3-10-27/35 0 CaSY20 System at 350 There are 16 figures, 4 tables, and 27 referencest 14 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Institut obahchey i neorganicheskoy khimii im.N.S.Kurnakova Akademii nauk SSSR ( Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry imeni N.S.Kurnakov of the Academy of Sciences-,USfSR) SUBMITTED: September 6, 1957 Card 3/3 W)IEW(j)/T Pr.-4 FM L T-CC ON 1qR: APS002808 S/0078/95/010/001/0294/0296 AUTHOR: 1UgdjM&. L. V.; BelyUey- L N. 4 TITLE: Investigation of the solubility of potassium sodium, barium and lead ti- tanyloxalates SOURCE: Zhurnal neorganicheakoy khtmii, v. 10, no. 1, 1965, 294- 296 TOPIC TAGS: solubility, potassium titanyloxalate, sodium titanyloxalate, bari- um titanyloxalate, lead titanyloxalate ABSTRACT: The polythermal solubility of K, Na, Ba andgb.LUaL1dqA&L-A"tEk8 deter-nined. K2TiO(C204)2. 2H20. was the most eoluble,- its solubility increased , ____ I IZZA f- AA '41 wt. 96 from 10 t3 60 C. The other compounds were fairly in- L 34507-65 ACCMSICN NR: "5002808 SUBMITTED- l5Apr#4 ENCL: 01 NR REP SOV., 004 OTHER: 000 SUB CODE: GC, .... .. .. 34507-a ACCESSION NR- APS002808 FNCLX)SLTRE: 01 E 48 X 0 79 A? N t T Fig. I Solubility polytherms of sodium, barium and leact titanyloxalates 0 1-- 3odium titanyloxalate Na2TIOf C2 4)2- 2H20 barium. titanyloxalate Card '3 13 NOVIKOVA, L.V.; KHIDIRBEYLI, Kh.A. Methodology for the evaluation of the radiation loads during cholecystography and,choledochography. Trudy 1-go 1,241 39:238- 245 16-5. (MIRA 18:9) 110vilrOTA, C - Wilson chamber. wa. takh. ne.3:60-61 Nr '57. (KIRA 10:4) Oleud chamber) t Ig -A Ntoo** 000*0 to a s t 0 0 va It to ts t% u Ara SWOP-1614 &V to K& %jr. salow o At a K w a 0 4L-AL- A-A p ~11-4;__j 4 6 4_0 1_4 -10 .41 saw 40 *Am 0"em"" 4A, p;Uvw0v& W. Cost S4. A(41 too a- a(MM. c;r Akwd"m a me" a* activity of dK* d*-Ui%v trut