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ACCESSICK IR: A3140V 6/OM/6310QO/0~2/000/0044 ATMCR4' S av 4*.V*; Nowokreshchen P. D* 3w-cwItIv4g mytel coatings en meta] tbe=al fatigue :)'TITLE: =eit cC isw=: Dfeta~~ I tazmich. abrab. matalloir, no. 22p 1963j, 43-44 ~'TOMC 2 costim alloy costing# w;8: thqwn~a fatlgues~~Mqals alloys steeli-matal coating AMM&MI., Via imuthors studied the cf2act'oC Sa ;B:L Za and rOS40 aUOY c 2 0 oatinas on the th~rnal fatigue -of Ni (02), bronze, brass -(t62) aid steel (UWN92) sub- jected to 1000 qydles~in-the tmaperature rangcr4W-1300C*, Me thermal fatigue of the spacimens vas evaluate A am tho basis of -a 5%,, 10% and 20% decrease in sup- j decreas- ture strength and alasticit-ye Vie thermal f&tUw of the basic'matal. was ed by mom thau,30A then KI was ~cated with Bi, wMlee oUi~r metal coatings bad no affect* Sn and POS40 Alloy coatings strongly affected the thezmal fatigue of bronze and brw;[,** Zn that at steel at hi&er tm1praturese The Increased thenal! fatigue cc Steel a Zn, costing is explained by the. low +J2e=al strains Iwo- duced by. this -.mqta3_ The decrease In thazmal fatigue produced by active 3w- coatings Is explalwa:bylhe Rabluder effect. OrIg. arb. bas: 4 e~srhs& 'Card 7-7- -7- 77- N La R- Al EWT.(1N)/BPF(c)/9WP(J.VT Pe-4/lir-4 Dj/W4 ACCEMON NR- APSO02336 8/0145/84/00/011/0035/0041 AUTHM Drandman, G.S., (Aspirant)', Novokreshchenov, P. D. ILeonov, M. V. (Fagl- nper) TITILL: The wear -resistance vF ED4 and ED-6 epa resins Z -41 soVocrt-f MV Maxhinoatruyeniye,'no. 11, 1964, 85 TOPIC TAGS,. epoxy resin, epoxy resin wear, wear resistance, dry foction, dibutyl- plithalate, plasticizer, hexamethylen"amine ABSTRACT., Epoxy resins are being used to a great extent In machine tool plants for the manufacture of stamp parts. The ED-5 and ED-6 epoxy resins, as well as ED-40 iesin whit-h iA almost the same as ED-6, are generally used for casting these parts, One of the Card L 23482-65 ACCEMN NR: AP5002336 temperature at the,,point of contact, and also the force of friction. All tests were made without lubrican4at 8. 5 in/min. and under loads varying from 1 to 2b kg. Each test took 3 hours, The samples were tested either with or without plantleizers, and the hardening agent was hexamethylenediamine. The mixture, consisting of 100 parts by weight of resin, 10 parts of dibutylphtholate (if present) and 20 parts of hexamethylene diamine, was thor- ---I -s- wAra then cant and hardened at room temnera- Card 2/ L 23482-65.-,,'.. ACCE~SiON NR:~ AP~002336 ASSOCLATrOg- V6r-'onl'z'hekiy gosudirstvennyy pedagogichaskly InsUtut (Voronezh s tau pedagogical institute) SUBMITTED: 16reb63 ENCL: 00 m CODE: MT NO REF WV-. 007 OTHERt 001 card 3/3 W Ow. L A-556-65 EWT(M)/EW(q)/LW0r,)'. Pad 5SD/A5D(m)-3/An-L XJW1JD1H-d ACCESSION FIR: AR4044214 S/01371'64,/0001006/1039/1039 SO U R C-13: Ref. zh. Metallurgiya, Abe. 61229 4 AUTHOR: Npokreshchenov, P, D.; Zubekh1n, V. P.; Savchen1w, N. V. 'T', -1!.F: Investigation of the iruluence of fusible on the durability of afler cyclical heat treatment by the method of mternal friction CITED 90URCE.- Sb. RelakBats. yavleniya v met. i splavakh. M., Metallurg- izdat, 1963, U2-114 TOPIC TAGS: nickel, internal friction, heat treatment, fusible coating TRANS LATION: Polycrystalline s amples of brand NP- 2 nickel, 200 mm long and -m Li diameter, were preliminarily annealed Rt 7001~ for 5 hours and cooled from - . - -- - -- 'rS,-- f~," naninlpii wt~rt, r1ravin thrmis7h a mplf nf thp CLrd I f 3 ACCESSION N`R- AR4044214 in running water and dried. Internal friction was measured with the help of a I a at room temperature is 1.6 cps). 'torsional pendulum (frequency of oscillation 'The mwd=m shear dofomtlon on the surface of the sample did not exceed i0-6- ryclical heat treatment wam carried out by periodically heating the a=ple with rime of heatLng in 1-0 see, cooling-15 see, maxim= temperature of c7cle-M*,. minimm-100'. The internal-frequency curve la recorded for the same sample after _)0 , 500, and 100 therm&1 cyclings, after which the sample was tested on an MR-ji.05 tensile testing machine. All types of coatings increase the internal friction of Ni (not subjected to cyc'"Jeal beat treatment) in the interval 100-350' ri;,~d e*isumtially lower the high-temperature internal friction. In the law-temperature region, the maxiuam increase of internal friction is observed for samples coated with 3ni the mini=m is observed for samaes coated with Pb, In the region of ,high t6emperatures the influence of Sn and Pb on interrAl friction is of an opposite nature. All coatings also change the internal friction of _11 -t~ubjected '_'c2lcal heat treatzent. For Ni coated with Bi, with an increase in the number _t'mnaratur-, internal friction (in the region 100-350*) ACCEL9310N NR-. -'AR4U44214 increase in the number of thermal cycLAnga the biittloness of a coated sample Licreasen, while the strength decreases. The least influence on the seehanical .properties and on the nature of the temperature curve of internal friction exerted by cyclical heat treatm--nA of Ni coated with Sn. The increase of the .irternal friction of Ni wider the influence of coatings in the regien 100-35,0* is assoeiated with the surface adsorption activity of fusible metals with reapect to X1. The increase in high-temperature internal friction (background) with nc rea-qlr~g number of theznal cyclings is explained by the general increase in the delects in a metal as a result of the aotion ol thermal stresses, SUB CODE: MM, AS ENCL: 00 lovomacKwovs P.D. Iffect of fbsible mating en the asebanical properties of w9t4as following w)vaic heat treatment. D*3-* M SM US no.2t32&331 za 163o (MM l6s2) 19 foronosh*iy gosudaretwwnyy pedagogioheskiy institut. fted- sUvlwo Wmdodkou P.A. lbbindwma (NotdUo fn=) (Notals at high tauWatures) ki A C CE SSION NR: AR5019278 - fmolov.lpo 18/00 i's 6 6'L~'4: 5 3 ~1 b 7 mashin. G vYT)usk, Abii, 7. 4,,3. i2' ,WroprIvod. Otdel4n- 3shchenwrj, P. 1). A i -'V1 I OR: coa lqgr) Gn c In NP-2 nickel "T V: Efft-It Of 1gWtMgUjP CTPLD SOIACE: Izv, 129-13t guEL TIM)IT' TAGS: nickel Internal friction, low meltin"a coating, internal friction formida, ,1-1.91c,catioDal interpretation NP-2 itickel The 3uthor.3 definvd the effects iif lovv-l-n;~Itmg nictal (Sn. Bi, Pb) coatings the inLernal fTiction in NP-1. nicket m 100 ~Wij(,:. A ,hut coatIn method waa uaed, the sample was dravvii ffirough moliteri metal. and the thickness of the,- did riot exceed 0.04 nim, Itnturnal friction ~va- cale"dated from Q-1- hi A,, 11A,, nil A and A are the Initial and final oscillation omplitudes, n Is the munber of o to A B1 an n herease ie magnitude of Qat .00- 380G)"~ ose lati tis &om A n+1 n .Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR, AR5019278 arl '--')b docreased it at 600 -'OOC to ahout !10%. of the nriVinal lovel. The effect of c, ~-_[ ingg attenuated as temprrature was raised to 800C. Ttle resultB obtained are froM q diRjo-,Stii)naJ fit. BRA. wiLil 1:3 ittIP"S. ,,--p I-CIDE: IMM ENC,: 00 2 2 L 16455,,-65. (d)/-,!NP(t)/S.1WP(b) Pad lip(C)ISSDIARLIAM(m) -31 PET R77Mj16/W AUTHOR: Z ~N Tk Novolcmphchenov., Pc Do TITIZ: The effacts of low-melting metal coatings on the thermal fatigue of NP -211 nickel pr Soullirb I Fimas Matanov I meta-UovedenW p v IT# no. 61 1964, 943 44 TOPIC TAOS: Ni., heating cooling cycles, heat treatments internall friction, Fb,, Bnj~ B1, hysteresis loss , thermal fatigue -- ABSTRACT-. *%a authors investigated the effects of low-melting 0.04 = thick Bil -M%uhd Wdontings on Ni. The cases affected the peak of internal friction ap th the' h preciably rou u eat treatment inhibiting recrystallization and relaxation. The different phases of thermal fatigue were observed from the hysteresis looses in nickel measured by method of internal friction. The authors conclude that the higher the surface activity of the internal friction in relation to the base metal, the greater the drop of the peak of internal friction. Bi the -educed the friction more than the other tested layers, particularly, after 500 heating cooling cycles. Metallographic analyses have shown it to penetrate much INCLOSM 1 01 Zoe 40 a 0 w0a; xx Caption! Ma interwa friction versus the number of heating cooling cycles: HI'_V#hokkt (3) arA (4) Pbo Sn and Bi-coated Ni AP4034034 8/0020/"/15510061130611309 AUTHM: ~V. Fo; Kovokesshcbsnow. F. 0. Trft: Nature of thornal fatigue La nLeke SOURq9., AN SS3R* Dok1&dy*, v., 155, no. 6, 1%4, 1306-1309 TOPIC TAGS: thermal E&tL&ue,, aLckeltherml fatigu~p thermal fatigue Mchaniam internal friction ABSM%CT: The authors have investigated changes of the Internal friction peaks I caused by the changes in magneto-olastic hysteresis losses In nickel as a result thermal fatigue. The connection between internal frletion and the MffnAtic coercive force is -given by Mishek's theory (Czech. J. Phys. 7. 233v j957T. The authors used a method torsion pendulum for the determination of maximal internal 'friction. Thoy fowd that tin friction first increasts with the number of thermal cyclesp than reaches.a plateau, and drops after 1#000 -thermal cycles. The authors interpret Ww'therwr-fatigus mchaniss from obserad depwdence In term at formation and sigmtIon of dislocations, CrIge wt.. hass 4* figunst MA 3 foraulase L 02979-67 EWT(m)J5dP(w)/T/E7dP(t)/ETI IJP(C) M 99' AUUNK4 AP6032453 SOURCE CODE: uR/mg/66/m/009/0016/0017 AUTHOR: Novokcreshchenov, P. D.; Ryazanskiy, V. P. 4 ORG: Voronezh P21t uOical Institute (Voronezhskiy pedagogicheskiy institut) TITLE: Strength of bismuth-coate(L nickel in an ultrasonic field SOURCE: Metallovedeniye i temicheskaya obrabotka metallov, no. 9. 1966, 16-17 TOPIC TAGS: ni I f. J- e fect, ultrasound ckel 1~ bismuth -ltrason f --)Irradiated nickel, cc&#__d ni-e-k-13 st-e-15th e ABSTRACT: The effect of a surface-active mediuml nd ultrasound on the atrenath of nickel has been investigated. Specimens of nickel wire 1 mm in diameter, annealed at 760C, were coated with bismuth and subjected to tensile tests at 2o-6ooc with simultaneous application of ultrasound. It was found that at temperatures up to 500C the effect of bismuth alone is insignificant. but at higher temperatures the atoms of the coating begin P migrate along the defects caused by deformation and stimulate crack formation.ji As a result, at 600C the metals strength decreases by 30-35%. With simultaneous application of ultrasound and a surface-active coating, the cracks form very'rapidly and under low stresses. It appears that atoms of coating and ultrasound support each other in the formation of cracks, and that the ultrasound- induced heat brings about an additional activation of atozrss of the coating. The tensile strength of strain-hardened,,nickel is affected much less by ultrasound, because I Card 1/2 uDc: 669.24:621-789 ji L 02979-67 AP6032453 the number of barriers which hinder the dislocation migration Increases, and part of the ultrasound energy is spent to overcomp these barriers. The sharp drop in strength of coated specimens caused by ultrasoundiIs apparently associated with a rapid penetration of coating atoms into defects. At the same time, a sharp decrease of metal ductility was observed; the elongation dropped from 20% to 1-4 . Orig. art. has: 2 figures. SUB CODE: 13, 1l/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: 0031 OTH REF: 002/ ATD PRESS: 5099 2 ~1 IJP(0) JD1WWW1B L 0779q-67 LMT(m)LE~~Q,~B "-, - U'R 10 16'0-/ 6_6-fOb 2~/'0_0 5-fo'S C5-/'U S'L- ? ACC NRs AP6034190 sbuRce codc-s- AUTHORt Novokreshchen OV Kustovd, Yu. Yet ~_ ~ .1. WW"W_. ORG: Podagogical Institute, Voronezh (PedagogLcheakiy ia&tLtut) TITLE: Investigation of the effect of low-meltin metal coatings. an nickel /I recrystallLzad at various temperatures 0 SOURCE: FLzLko-khLmLcheakay& mekhaaLka matarLalovp ve 2. not 59 1966, 515-517 TOPIC TAGS: nickel, bismuth, cadmium zinc internal frLclLon, ABSTRACTt The effect Of low-malting metal coatings on the stracture and internal friction of nickel has been Lnvestigated.j~ NP-2 nickel speci- mens L mm in diameter annealed at 650. 750 or 850C to obtain a respec- tive grain size of 0.03, 0.20 and 0.30 mm were coated with bismuth -1 cadmiutr4r zLncl'by dipping. The thickness of the coating did not exceg 30_3~ u The tensile strength of specimens annealed at 650, 750 and 850C was 42.2. 37.1. and 39.2 kg/mmz & respectively, and the elongation was 26.6l 20.4, and 20.7%. All three metals were found to have a sL&- nil"Leant effect on the internal friction of nickel (see Pigs I)* Card 6034190 c b b G-X K Fig. 1. Internal friction of nickel annealed at 650 (a)# ~750 (b), and 850C (a) and uncoated (1) or coated with bismuth !(2). cadmium (3). or zinc (4). !.a 2W I(W 600 800 2W too 6CO M 0 200 40 600 660 ~,c The effect was especially pronounced in nickel annealed at 750C, in which the grain size amounts to 20% ~f the specimen diameter. The penetration of surface-active metalaunto nickel proceeds primarily along grain boundaries and structure defects. Annealing at.850C forms a structure with a small number of gr&Lu-boundary defects and dLaloca- tionao As a results the increase of Lntern&L frLctLon is insignifLeant. OrLge art.*hast 2 fLgurea. SUB CODEs 110 1*/ SUBM DAM 15H&r66/ ORIG REFs 012/ OTH REFs 001 ATD PRESS8 5101 Card hzmf am mw-mvo ~.P. CresplM of adb"We t3atorivas undox a Iftatirz Iced. st&a. nit. 32 now 22s26-M D *6% (MMI 19012) 124-57-1-753 Franslation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 1, p 98 (USSR) AUTHOR: Novokreshchenov, S.V. TITLE.: Hydrogeological Calculation Method for SingI6, Imperfect (Partial), Dug Wells on the Principle of the Representation of the Ground Water Table Curve (Metodika gidrogeologi- cheskogo rascheta odinochnykh nesovershennykh (nepolnykh) gruntovykh kolodtsev na printsipe otobrazheniya kiivo'i depressii) PERIODICAL: Tr. Sredneaz. politekhn. in-ta, Tashkent, Gosizdat UzSSR, 1955, pp 239-251 ABSTRACT: The well-known hydraulic methods for the determination of the discharge into an imperfect well are expounded. The author employs Dupuy's formula, but he writes it incorrectly-p., instead of the depth of the water in the well he takes the depth'~t the wall of the well (ref. Charnyy, I.A., Dokl- AN SSSR, 1951, Vol 79, Nr 6). For the case of a deeply embedded water-retaining structure the author makes the arbitrary assumption that the bottom of the active zone of the aquifer is limited by a curve that is a specular image of the ground water table. Card I /I Bibliography: 5 references M.M. Semchinova 1. Water"wells--Evaluation 2. Water--Availability--Ground water factors 3. Water wells--Capacity--Mathematical analysis 4. Hydrology--USSR 124-58-9-10122 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 9, p 101 (USSR) AUTHOR: Novokreshchenov, S. V. TITLE: Method for the Hydraulic Calculation of the Seepage Through a Dam Made of Homogeneous Soil and Built on an Impervious Foundation (For any Operating Condition) [ Gidravlicheskiy metod rascheta fil'tratsii cherez plotiny iz odnorodnogo grunta na vodoneproni- tsayemom osnovanii (dlya Iyubogo rezhima) I PERIODICAL: Tr. Sredneaz. politekhn. in-ta, 1957, Nr 4, pp 250-266 ABSTRACT: The author generalized the hydraulic method of N. N. Pavlovskiy, originally proposed by P, for the Calculation of Darcy-type 5eep- age through earth dams on dn impervious foundation, in its ap plicati7r) to a generic exponential filtration function of the type of V=kI Im. In this manner, while utilizing in full N. N. Pavlovskiy'-- method of fragments, the author obtains a set of generalized seep- age equations. For m=l the equations proposed by the author re- duce to the system of N. N. Pavlovskiy filtration equations. The system of equations obtained by the author is solved by the trial- and-error method. Bibliography: 8 references. Card 1/1 1. Dams--USSR 2. Mathematics--Applications M. M. Semchinova NOVOKRESHCHENOVAY A.P* Rapid method for determining the water saturation of cores and their recovery, Nauch. tekh. sbor. po dob. rieftl no.27:87-90 165. (MIRA 18:9) 1. Vsesoyuznyy neftegazovyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut. NOVOKRICSIEHENOVA, X.P. g 0, g ~ ~-w 9argleal intervontlon In cardlw vounds. Test.khir. " no.5:58 S-0 053. MRA 6m) 1. Ramenskaya gorodskaya bollnitma. (Heart-Wounds and injuries) BYZOTA. Te.S..knadidat maditsiaskikh nauk (Tashkent); MOMMSHOMOTA, U.A. (Tashkent) "'J;"FP,4 A case of dissecting aneurysm of the abdominal aorta. Klin. mad. )5 no.2:146-147 7 157 (KLHA 10:4) 1. Is madiko-soultarnoy chasti (aach. I.N. Doitriyova) Tashkentskogo taketillnogo kombinata. (AORTIC AMIURYSM. case reports dissecting of abdoo. aorta) NOVOKRESHCHF11 IOVA, N. S. and FEDDER, M. L. ffr-lea Repellant Preparations.ff Tenth Conference on Parasitological Problems and Diseases with Natural 3eservoirs, 22-29 October 1959, Vol. II, Publishing House of Academy of Sciences, USSR, Moscow-Leningrad, 1959. Central Scientific Research Institute for Disinfection (Moscow), and the State Scientific Research Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology of the Southeast Part of the USSR (Saratov). .rJLLL I 1 10, N.Y.; ABRAMOVA, M.A.; MMROVA,, H.Ye.; NOVOUMHOHENOVA, N.S.; Sumo.. L. 1. Now insecticides against fleas* M"opemzoi paras*bolo no.52614- 616 1161, (KMA 14:10) I* 'Lz laboratori7a or-onicheskoy kbimii Saratovskogo gosuderstwenuago tmiVersiteta imeni N.G. Chernyshavokagop kafedry biokhImii Sam- tovskogo meditainakogc instituta i Na~obno-issledovatellskogo insti- tuta, vKikrob.8 WaRMCIDES) MEAS) (ACRIDINE) -IISMO, LeKot MARTIM, LGAO SMDATMO J.8,; DZI ,Tree of radioactive carbcn for tagging fleas. Nedeparazeipiumso bol. 30 no,l,.72-76 A 161, (ICM 103) 1. Zz Gasudarstremogo nauebno-issledovatel'skago, instit.uta mikrobiologii i epidemiologii Yugo-Tootoka SSSR (qUkrobw) (Air. institute. D.G. Savostin). (PLEM) (CARWI~-TSOMIS) (INSWTS, MMING OF) SOLDATKIN, I.S.; NOVOKHESTICHENOVA, N.S.; RUDENCHIK, Yu.V.; OSTROVSKIY, I.B.; LEVOSPP4A,__X_.1-. Study of the feeding activity of fleas of the greater gerbil under natural conditions by the use of radioactive indicators. Zool. zbur. 40 no.11:1647-1650 N 161. (MIRA 14:11) X 1. All-Union Research Institute Oft*ob", Saratov and Anti-Pla&* Station of Nukus. (Fleas) (Insects--Food) KOVOKMSWHEKOVA, M.S.; SOLDATKIN, I.S.; LZVOSHINAp A.I. Wthod of radioactive Indicators used for determining the comparative frequency of feeding of various-species of fleas under laboratory conditions. Vop. ekol. W35-137 %2. (NIRA 158U) 1. VssmoyuxW naudmo-issledowatel'skly institut wldkrobw,, Saratov. (Fleas) (Insects.-Food) (Radioactive tracers) SOLUTM, I.S.; 1107 N.S.; RUDEXCHIK., Yu.Ve; OSTROVSKIr,, I.B.; LEVOSHINA, A.I. Use of radioactive carbon in studying the intensity of the exchmge of f2mas between Rhombomys optImus and Meriones merldianus. Dokj, AN SSM 146 no,6:1462-1463 0 962, (MIRA 15:10) 1. Predstavleno akademikom U.N. Pavlov*lm. (Parasites-Gerbils) (Fleas) (Radioactive tracers) NOVOKRESHMMOVA, H. S. Dissertation defended at, t-he Zoological InstAbite for the academic degree of Candidate, of Biological 94tericest "Ecological Basis for Controlling, Fleas in the Burrows of the ~Small YarTwt and the Large Sand Eel." Vestnik Akad Nauk No. h, 1963, pp. 119-U5 - NOVOMWHCIWNOVA,, M.S.; KUZNETSOVA,, G.3a .- - I-. Characteristics of the flea ecology of greater gerbils in plaaes with chronic plague *pizooty. Zool. zhur. 43 no.11i 163&1648 164. (MIRA 18: 1-1) lo TsexqyumW nauchno-issladovatel'skiy protivvobmmW institut *KikrobR, Saratoy, Cc kP6miill SCURGE URA) `)8/6,/01.8/GC --I, AUTHOR: &vetiSY_an,_ _C- A Noyokreghchenov,a., U. 5.; T~tndlrl Tf V.; L. ORG: Armanian Anti-Plague Station (Army--Lnsk;jy.,i pro Scientff-Je protivochumnyy iristitut "Milcrob"T,--7st-,,-~,-_ Dranch I nst I tit "Mki-ol-" Av ropol st filial instituta "Plikrob") TITLE: Experiments to study the feeding ot' Mr_j~-Ilr ~h-_ conditions of Armenia with radioactive isotcrec SOURCE* AN Arin5311. !~,vesfIyR, Serlya n:tuk, %1. _!P, n-~. 102-106 ABSTRACT: Voles were caught, raAioactlve sulfur was placed in their stoirvicho and they woro reloaned. Fromi ong to fivo dayn later, they and those -WLth~n .a radius of 10 rwters from where they were roleased were caught agkin, Ard %the number of' labelled fleas was recorded. The index for food'-ng activit.-r iwaa taken to be tho time required for a majority of the fleas in the colory to bomme laboll.3d. Tho cYpOrj',,n(,,nt wcva vandtictud In tim habitato (alltjt-iidoz ..2dOO and 1)750 wter3) wharo opizootica of__Rkg mz~illai occtlrrcfl~ aTO rit tho .~'Gime of the oxForiment (July 1964) fhe predomijiont apocioa of floaa wor-) Ctenophthalmus w1adindri, Amphiphoylla rossica, and Ceratophyllus convb,.LLl1r;~, All W-woo specien 9howed high feeding activity, in Lhat over half of the :f1eas became laboUod in 24 hours When the time of the e;xpejiment wa2 Card 1/2 L 36122-66 IJP(c) NW/jp,/j(),/Gp A" N" AT6014761 SMCE COM UR/0000/6~/666/060/01-1-8/0-11-9" AIMIORS: Kurranov, 0. B.; Baranov, I. A..4'Candidate of technical sciences); Karesik, V. I.; Sviridonov, M. 15 ~h=levichs R. S.s Novokreshchenova, Y. B.; Sentyurina, N.N.1 09G: none TIT!.F.: Device for investigating the critical current in superconductors and it3 application for studying the effect or iron impurity on tht: auporcynducting, propertieS* 017 niobium-sirconiunt a a YJ ~ ~A": V1 964 Save hc i e o metallovedti~iju-i metallofizike overkhProvadniko-1. Iletalloveden a 1 (Ifteiallo.graph.y-and,pkvq i (:.i.of metals in niiperconductors); trudy eoveshchaniya. Uoucow, Izd-vo Nauka, 1965, 118-119 A-PTC 'AGS: cuperconductivity, critical magnetic field, superconductin:t alloy,. Iliobbim alloy, zircaniq containing alloy, iron containing alloy, solenoid, f'4W'Y'"W AB,~.'& Uhort wire RILCT: %I device is described for measuring the critical current or namolou au a function of the external transverse magnetic field (range 0-40 koe) (see Fig. 1). The magnetic field is created by a solenoid with windinCs of niobium- zirconium vire,'whose construction was described in the preceding article (V. R. * ;Arasik, G. B. Kurganov, V. G. Tere Shebalins B..D. Kopylovokiy, and V. S. I; YU '7'Th device was used for investigatin Ivanov. Present compilation, p. 101'i _g the properties of 0.2-m disaster wire of Rb - 26% Zr alloy alloyed with iron (0-5, 0-49. CO'd 1/2 L 36122-66 ACC -Nit. AT60-14761 Fig. 1. Schematic of device for inventigating the critical current in superconductors. Dotted line indicates volume at T - 4-2K, croon- hatched area indicates solenoid creating naMetic field (dimensions in M) I f or I 0.2, and O.Ow,'.' Fe). In general, an increase in Fe content decreased the magnitudes of both the critical current and tho critical field. The authors thank 1. M. WIV, corresponding menber AN SSSR, and 11, B. Golant, doctor of technical sciences, for interest In the work and valuable advice. Orig. art. haeg 2 diagmise. So CODE: ' 20 IDATEs 23Deo65/ (BIG REY& 001 MOM ,7 FSS-2jFWT(1)/TLEWP(k) A AP6032926 SOURCE CODE: UR/0142/66/009/003/0362/0364 AUTHOR: Novokshanow. H. N. 16 0 46 ORG: none TITLE: On the simulation of operation of the coherent radar using ultrasound SOURCE: IVUZ. Radiotekhnika, v. 9, no. 3, 1966, 362-364 TOPIC TAGS: coherent radar, radar signal, reflected signal, rf signal ABSTRACT: Simulation of operation of Dulsed coherent radar through the use of ultra sonics was investigated. The experimental set-up consisted of a transmitter, an ultrasonic device which converts radio signals into ultrasound and back,and water in which the ultrasound propagates. The conservation of the signal's coherence during propagation in the water was studied in a tank equipped with a motion simulator. The dimensions and shape of the tank prevented penetration by signals reflected from the inner surfaces of the tank to the ultrasadc device. The ultrasonic device moved rectilinearly in respect to the permanently fixed target. The ultrasonic pulses emitted from the piezoelectric element propagated through the water and reached the target, from which it was reflected back to the ultrasonic device. Here the signal was converted into an rf signal which is applied to the input of a radar receiver with a phase detector at its output. The amplitude of video pulses 110110 NOTOESMOVA Z , aspirant. 1 galley's comet. Naucka i zhitn' 23 no.10:63 0 '56. (KI2A 9:11) 1. Institut istorii estestyoznanlya i takhniki AN SM. (Comet. Halley,G) NOVOKSHANOVA,, Z.K. Cand Tech Sci -- (diss) "Geodesy in Russia from the 19th sow" to the beginning, of the 20th 6ent-ary.11 Mos,1957. 20 pp 20 em. (Acad Sci USSR. Inst of History of Natural Science and Technology). (KLq 23-579 113) 3(4) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION S07/1477 Karl IvanovIch Tenner voyennyy goodezist (Karl Ivanovich Tanner, Military Geodesisti Moscow,, Goodezizdat,, 1957. 99 Pe 1s500 copies printed. Ed,: G*Fe Gapochko; Tech, Ed.: V.V. Romanova; Ed. of Publishing House: T*A,, Shamarova PURPOSE: This booklet is intended for the general reader. COVERAGE: This is a biography of one of the earliest Russian sillitary geodesists, Karl Io Tanner,, who directed the Russian operations during the Russian-Scandinavlan joint geodetic survey. The book describes the first organized geodetic surveys In Russia* The text contains 6 d1agramse There are no references given, Card 1/ 4 Url.1vanoviah Tenner. SOV/*1477. .:,.c) ToLpographic surveys, 54 -Karland Grodno and Minsk 30 Surireys In the Gubornyas 55 ..Surveys,in the Volyn's, Podol'sk and Klyev '41 - , Wbe -rnlyas and-the Belostdk- oblast$ 59 5. sui-T05 ~ i1i ~ poiliM 60 ,-.6. Tyiajk~~inlussian,with Austrian and Prussian .triangulations Trigonometie 'sur7eys in Bessarabia Liveling between the Black and Baltic seas 70 Cho 17, K.I 0 Tennergs'Participation In the Degree . Measurement of the 25* 201 Meridian Between the A,-tt:W Ocean and the Danube 73 Cho V* K*Z. Tenner's Participation in Training Geodetic and Topographic Teams and the Importance of His Work on the 2hature Developsent of the Geodetic and Topographic Sciences in Russia 88 Card 3/4 N (>V0 y,- S 0 h N ov o, Z_ - K . 3(l) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1379 Istoriko-astronomicheskiye issledovaniya, vYP. 3 (Studies in the History of Astronomy, Nr 3) Moscow, Gostekhizdat, 1957. 7o6 p. 2,000 copies printed. Resp. F~d.: Kulikovskly, P.G., Docent; Edo.: Rakhlin, I.Ye. and ReznIkovskiy, P.T.; Tech. Ed.: Akhlamov, S.N.; Editorial Board of Series: Vorontsov-Vellyaminovs )8.A., Professor, Kukarkin, B.V., Professor, Kulikovskly, P.G., Docent (Chairman, Committee of the History of Astronomy, Astronomical Coun6il, USSR Academycf3dences) and Perell, Yu.G. (Scientific Secretary, Committee on the History of Astronomy, Astronomical Council, USSR Academy of Sciences) PURPOSE: This book is intended for both the specialist and thegmeml rezider Interested in the development of astronomy in Russia. COVERAGE: This volume, a collection of artielps by different authors, .is,the third in a series on the history of the development of as- tronomy in Russia. Volume 3 deals with the development of the as- tronomical sciences In the USSR from earliest times to the present day. The articles describe such early observatories as the first astronomical observatory of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences C ard 1/4 Studies in the Histo.ry (Cont.) SOV/1379 and those founded in Central Asia In the XIII century; they, further describe the life and contributions of such outstanding Russian astronomers as A.D. Krasillnikov, S.K. Kostinskiy, G.A. Shayn,. N.A. Tachalov, S.P. Glazenap, and I.M. Rabinovich. One of thewre important articles, by Prof. O.A. Mellnikov, Soviet astrophysi- cist, treats the development of astrospectroscopy in pre-revolu- tionary and modern Russia. The editorial staff expresses its thanks to G.A. Tikhov, Coire5ponding Member of the AN SSSR, Pro~- fessors P.M. Gorshkov, N.N. Neuymina, Ye.S. Berez *anskaya and N.M. Shtaude for their suggestions and assistance in reviewing the ma- terial. The articles are accompanied by numerous photographs, dia- grams, and extensive bibliographies. TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the editors 5 Mellnikov, O.A. On the History of the Development of Astro- spectroscopy in Russia and the USSR 9 Card 2/4 Studies in the History (Cont.) SOV/1379 ARTICLES AND REPORTS Chenakal, V.L. Observatories of the Petersburg Academy of ,Sciences in the.18th Century 261 Chenakal, V.L. Design, Construction and Installation of Instruments in the First Astronomical Observatory of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences 429 Nevskaya, N.I. A.D. Kraaillnikov - The First Russian Astro- nomer 453 Novokshanova, Z.K. Pulkovo Technicians - Creators of Astro- nomical and Geo etic Instruments 485 Mamedbeyli, G.D. The Maraga and Peking Observatories In the XIII Century 517 Korytnikov, S.N. S.K. Kostinskiy and Engellgardt Astrono- mical Observatory 531 Card 3/4 Ile" IMSDAMICHO %*A'9; NOT Ibw flatortale an hdorowl o universal stand. for microscopes. Top. lot, ast, I takh, no*'3t225-228 157. (KIRA II.-I) (Fedorov, 1wgraf, Stepanovich, 1853-1919) (NIcrodoope-Attachments) .-- ~ VAchantes; at ths Pulkovo Obaervator7 as designers of astronoulcal and geodesic Instrawnts. let,-astron. Isel. no.3:485-526 157. (Falkovo Astronomical Observatory-NechanIce O%rsons)) (MIRA 11:31) (Astronomical instrumnts) (Surveying-Instruments) WVOI(SMOVA, Z. K. "Astronomical Observatory of the General Staff Military Topography Department" Studies in the History of Astrononrj_, 11o. 4, Moscow, Fizmatgiz, 1958, 592pp. NOVOISRAITOVA, Z.K. -V- 4* Astrou c ' beervatoryof the Milltar7 Topograph-7 Department of the Geueral Staff. Ist.-astron.isal. no.4:491-497 '58. (min 11:10) (Astronomical observatories) 307-25-56-10-55/48 AUTHOR- Novokshanova- Z_K., Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE. Knowledge for the Masses (Znaniya v massy) PERIODICAL: Nauke i zhiznt, 1958, Nr 10, pp 73 74 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Thirteen new leaflets of a scientific popular series pub- lished by the publishing house "Sovetskaya Rossiya" are listed with short descriptions of each. There are 4 photo- graphs. 1. Bibliograpby--USSR Card 1/1 BOLISMOT, M.N.. red.; XONARIKOVA. red. izd-va; IWASM." T.T.. Cleronim Ivanovich Stabaltakil - military geodesist, geographer. scientist) laronin Ivanovich StabnitsL-11 - voennyl geodesist. geograf, uchenyi. Moskva. Izd-vo goodes.lit-ry, 1960. 91 p (MM 13:5) (Stabnitakil. Ieronim Ivanovich. 1832-1897) K*P*Tenner;..on the centennial of his death, no.10:109-134 l6o, (Tenners Karl Ivanovichm, 1783-1859) Vop.Izt.ezt.i tp-U. OMU 14.3) NOVOKSIHANOVA's Z.K.; HOLIWAKOV, N.N., red.; KODMIKOVA, L.M.p red. izd-va; FRUS, tekhn, red, [Alsksii Andreevich Tillo.; ciartorapherp geodesiats, geographer] Aleksei Aridresvich Tillod- kartograf-s goodezist,, geograf. Mosku, Izd-vo eodez. lit-ry, 1961. U8 p. OMU 14: U) FiUo.. A13ksai Andreevich, 1839-1,899) NOVOKSHMIC"-g Z. K. ----- --I -In the Section of the History of Geography and Geology, of the Soviet Association of the Historians of Natural Sciences and Technology. i tekh. no.11:189 16.1. (MIR-A 14:11) (Geography) (Geology) NOVOKSHAE011L) Z.K. E.1. Forrh amC his contribution to the Ruzisian geodezy. Tr-,.dy tekh. 37:200-301 261. WIM 14:10) (Forsh, Eduard Ivanovich, lc28-1896) KOVOYISHANOVA, Z.1, MwhLne shop at the General Staff. Ist.-astron.Lxal. no.8:331-360 16Z. (MIU 16:3) (AstronomLeal instrumuts) NOVOKSH;4%CVA, Ziwida Kuzlmini,~~hna; IKIKTUYLOV, A. -5,, akadie--ik, otv. red. Vasilii Ikkovlevich ortmme. Moskva, Nauka, 19~4-. 294', P. (mIRA 180) I. NOVOKSMOV. T. :z4 USSR (600) 4. M9ving-Picture Projectiou 7. for each automobile two portable motisa-picture projectors. Kiasmekhimi.k. H4.9, 1952 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Janua'7 1953. Unclassified. NOVOKSHONOV. P. .4 llw~.-;-~~,~4~:~.'~~.~- High destination. Sov. profsoLuzy 19 no.11:8-9 A 163. (JaRA 16: 8) (Achinsk-Flour mills) (Achinak-Trade unions-10fficers) AOTOESHONW, P.A. Snow an the Bargusin, Range. Pr1rods, 45 no.12:112-113 D 156. (WaA lo.- 2) le B&yW'sbva ltvinologichosIaLym, stantalys Tostochno-Sibirskogo filial& Akedenii nauk SM. (Bargazin RaW-Snow) OVA , L.A TSUTK OV ei I %i . .~L -, CH IR KOV, N N. and fml~iatl_rn reacli~ns t- chain Ln -~ne polyvit~rl zation of propyl #-,ne on soed, no.5:898-901 1. 7rSt-*tUt :71; ~1:,o- AlIDERYEVA, T.I.; NOVOLODSIMA, A.A. Phase composition of the reaction products of sodi=-- az-.d potassium aluminostlicates with calcium carbonate a~ sin-- tering points. Izv. AN 331"R. Neorg. mat. I no.2:26&--2'7i F 165. (,'Affitfi '180) -L 1. Kbimiko-metallurgicheskly ins t4tUt Sibirskogo otd,:,leniya AN SSSR. ABDULIN, A.; ALEKSEM, I.; BARTLE, 0.; BOBROV9 L. ~ WZHUOV, B., BQYKOv V.;, BONDAREV, K.; BORZOV, V.; VERKHOVSKIY, N.j GUBAREV, V.; GUSHCHEV, S.; DEBABOV2 V.; Dl&,~ R.; DKTRRITE7, A.; ZHIW-;?V, A. ZELIDOVICII, Ta.; ZUBKOV9 B.; IRININ, A.; IORDANSKIY, A.; KITAYGORODSKIY, P.; KLYUYEV, Ye..- KLYACHKO, V.; KOVALEVSKIT, V.-, KORREp Ya.1 KONSTANTIMOVSKIY, M.; LADIN, V.; LITVIN-SEDOY, M.1 MALEUNCHIN, B.-, MANICHE7, G.-, MRDVEMEV, Yu.-, WELINIKOV, I.; MUSLINj Ye.j NATARIUS Ya.; NEYFAKH, A.; NIKOLAYEV, G.-, gaV0W-XSXn,,A.; OLISHANSKIY, N.; GSIMIN, S., PODOLINYY, R.- RAKH14AMOV, R., REPIR. L.. PMHETOV, Yu.; RYBCHINSKIY, Yu.; SVORENI, R.; SIFOROV, V.y SOKOLISKly, A.; SPITSYN, V.1 TEREKHOV, V.; TEPLOV, L.; KHARIKOVSKIY, A.; CHERWAYEV, 1.3 SHAROLI, L.1 SHIBANOV, A.; SHIBM, V.; SHUYKIN, N.1 SHCHUKIN, 0.; ELISHAHSKIY~ I.; YURIYEV, A.; NAROV, N.j LIVAROV, A.; FEDCHENKO, V.3 9 DAHINP D., red. (Eureka] Evrika. Moskva, Molodaia gvardiia, 1964. 278 p. (MIRA 18%3) movorAwlir, L.P. -,~. ~- ~7, ::: ? i ~4 & - Removal of the fatty ball of Bich#% alml-UM a t=er, Mdrurgila no.12:70 D' 550 (Km 9:7) (AGN-lumm) NOTOLMSKIT. L.P. (Slatsk. Kiaskoy obl. T/gospLtalf 1139) lagulml hernia with hma2atoral orchlopsi7. T*otoktdr. 77'ag.4: 103-104 Sp 056. (MM 9.-S) (~IA) (USTIOW-ABROWTUS AND =FaWTUS) NOTOLODSKIY, L.P. Repeated operations for appendicitis. Khtrttrgila 32 no.2:78 F 156. (NM 9:7) (APFMICITIS) ROVOLODSUT. L.P.; FAUVA. L.A. Clinical Importance of the determination of hemoglobin In urine during strong hematurla. Lab. delo 3 no.1:17 JSJF '57 (NLRA 10: 4) (ELMOGUMIN) (HAUTMIL) ROVOUWSKIr-*..L*P** podpolkovnil,- nsdesluzhby rnJurles to the menisci of the knee and their treatment. Toen. sed.shur. no-12:7&79 'i3#57 11:5) (MBZ-VOURV. AO INMIES) MOVOLOD X-ray aMtoms of a maniscun Injury of the knee joint In contrast arthro&Taptq, I rad. 34 no.3:71-73 ltr64e '59. (MIRA 12:10) (X=. wds. & Inj. menisous inj.. contrast arthrography (Rua)) NOVOLZWKIrs L.P.'; PATLAUs B.D. Treatment of chronic insufficiezicy by Fieschils operation. Zdrav. Bal. 7 no.10:3&-39 0 161. (I-M% 14:1-1) (COM7HUX HFART DISEM) (COROURY VEMEM-SURGERY) 137-58-6-11830 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 6, p 92 (USSM AUTHOR: Novolodskiy, P.I. ___7 ------- TITLE: T-c_ft_n7c_a_1_a_nd Econom-ic"Tridices for Top and Bottom Pouring of Steel (Tekhniko-ekonomicheskiye pokazateli razlivki stali sverkhu i sifonom) PERIODICAL: Tr. Nauchno-tekhn. o-va chernoy metallurgii, 1957, Vol 18, pp 383-386 ABSTRACT: A compilation is made of the results of production of rail, tube, and wheel ingots in the shops of the Novo-Tagil metallurg- ical plant (NT) with top and bottom pouring. It is noted that top- poured metal is significantly freer of nonmetallic inclusions, as com-aared with bottom-poured, but its poorer surface re- quires an intermediate conditioning process. Cost factors ~n- dicate that top pouring is more profitable for tube and rail steels. A detailed analysis of metal losses and expenses shows that in top pouring under the conditions existing at the NT the cost of one ton of steel increases by more than the cost of 1Z rubles/ton. However, in terms of the metal consumed per ton Card 1/2 of rolled product passing inspection, top pouring is desirable 137-58-6-11830 Technical and Economic Indices for Top and Bottom Pouring of Steel for wheel metal, and also for rimmed metal for bearrs. 1. Steel--Production 2. Steel--Quality control 3. Steel--Properties 4'.. Steel--Economic aspects 1. G. Card 2/2 1!1 lag '81 ut, 44 R Jig -1: 55- V K J1 rs a .4 3 PH 41 1 j AW9. a 3 A 43 . I g! all Af PFq Vt t. NOTOWDSKIT. P. L; SHISHARIA1. B.N. Improving the performan e of open-hearth fwnace plants. Metanurg 5 no.8:12 Ag 160. (MIK 13:7) 1. Sixhus-tag,11'skly astallurgicheekly kombinat. (Open-hearth furnaces-Maintenance and repair) STIMGGVSHCHIINs, DuArly P&vIoviohj_4MWR=, P.I.g-retmenrAint; CMLPJMKML,, F.I.p rod.isd-ira; TURMAYe'*D. v t okhn. red. [Steel casting; UmOtbookfor the training of quaJIMA production workers] RazUvka ptali; vabobwe 1posoble Me, yo4gotafti. kwWitai- rovamVkh raboobM na, proinodafte. Isd.2.,p Ispr. i dop. 9"MovAt Goo. nmuchno-tekbn. isd-vo lit-ry pa obernol. I tovetnal fterdlovskoe otd-vie, 1961. 176 p. (Stee:L Castings) NOVOLODSKIYt Po By means of resea=h. UTO 3 U04:38m"40 Ap 161. (MIRA V* -3) 1e Zamestitell predsedatelya soveta IlAuabno-telchnicheskogo obshchestva NIzIme-Tagillskogo metallwgicbeskogo kozabinata., (Nizhaly Tagllt--Steelworks-Tachno2ogleaI innovations) ARNAUTOV, V.T.; BARANOV, V.M.; DONSKOY, S.A.; PASTUKHOV, A.I., SMIMOV, L.A.; TORSHILOV, Yu.V.; TRETYfiKOV, M.A.; UDOVENKO, V.G.; MYDRIZON, Ye.Z.; SHCIEKAIEV, Yu.S.; Prin-inall, uchastiye: MMAYEV, S.V.; KOPTAN11YET's, G.M.; NAGOVITSYN, D.F.; VARSFAVSKIY, V.L.; KOROGCDSKIY., V.G.; KLIBANOV, Ye.L..- MEDVEDEVSKIKH, Yu.; TALANTSEVA, T.I.; DUBROV, N.F.; DZE14YAN, S.K.; TOPYCHKANOV, B.I.; CHARUSHNIKOV, O.A.; KHARITONCV, Yu.A. Developing and mastering the technology of converting vanadium cast iron in oxygen-blown converters with a 100 ton (14g) capacity. Stall 25 no.~,:50j,-r,08 Je 165. (141RA IS: 0) 1. Nizhne tragi.Oskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat (for fihkayev, niyets, vagovitsyn, Novolodskiy, Varshavskiy, Korogodskiy, K-lib&nov, 1,%dv6devskikh, Talantseva), 2. Urallskiy naucino-issiedo,/atells"r.4- institut chenykh metallov (for Dubrov, Dzemyan, Topychkanov, 7haill.-i'll- nikov, Kharitonov). 110VOLTELI NOVA,, -N.F.,- ANGKINVICH, A.I. gosentlal'oLl frm certain domestic varristies of lavenders. Trudy WISIM7 no.5:68-70 161. (~m 14:10) 1 (Iavomder oil) .-I(OyOMBENSKIT. N.Ta.; GOLOWITHM. L.A. -, TIKHOMIROV. V.v. Data on the history of mineral proapecting in the Rwaian State of the 17th century from the docusente of the Siberian COMIX&EA. OlCh. PO ist. gaol. znan. no.8:3-63 159. (MIRA 13.-3) O~rospqctivg) ZAHOFWKr" J. NOVA,, H.; WMG9 M.; KOVOG Fulzionary ventilation,, m7gen requirment and =Non utilization in adolescents during physical exertion. Fracovni lek. .14 no.kt:379-382 0 162. 1~ Ustav bygiony prAce. a chorob z povolamia v Bratislav496 riaditel MUDr. I. Kluoik. (WzPImTION) (MMTION) NOVA, Magdalena, f-1101AXIMIZA, Zbi~ana Absenteeism rausc-d Irf dii--ib!14i-,7 in ral-rtian to the work load in wom(m. Frac. lek. 16 no-4:152-155 MY '64 1. Ustair hygieny prace a chorob z pc-volania v Bratislave (riaditel: prof. dr. M. Nosar). BORSKY, Imrich; HUBAC, Miloslav; Technicka upolupraca: NOVOMSKA, Zuzana Change in the aosinophil count in the peripheral b1st,.d folicwirlg static and dynamic work loads. Prac. 19k. 16 no.5t193-197 J1 164. 1. Ustav hrgieny prace a chorob z povolania v Bratislave (riaditel prof. dr. M. Vosal). 42 939 AOO6/A1O1 AUTHORS: Horvhth, Stefan, Novomestskk, Miloslav TITLE- Coated welding electrode or filler wire with a compact or tubular rod with it filling producing iron-chrome-nickel base built-up metal PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, no. 11, 1962, 33, abstract IIE188 P (Czechoslovak. Patent no. 101246 of October 15,'1961) TEXT: For the hardfacing of valves in power engineering an electrode is proposed which contains besides Fe (in %): C 0.05 - 1, Mn 0.20 - 0.60, si 1.2 9, Cr 24 4o, Ni 4 - 15, Mo 0.2 - 5 and which may also contain V - 2, W :- 2, Nb + Ta 1.5, Co --.2. The coating or filling of.electrode should contain as much Si that >O.3,,`v' of the total 31, required-in the built-up metal, be supplied from the electrode coating or filling, and that the total Si content would'be ,5~_2% of the charge weight. In the same manner, not less than half of the Cr .content mustbe supplied to th *e,built"up metal from the coating or filling. As an example electrode or steel, proposed containing (in %).- C _ 0.2, M- 4 2.5, Si 1.5, Cr 23 26, Ni 18 21., P 0.035, 3 0,035. The coating Card 1/2 S1 13V6P-/O()O/C) 11/039/045 Coated welding electrode or filler wire with... A006/AIOI or filling of this electrode must contain: (in %) Fe-Si 2.5 - 4, Fe-Mn 2.5 - 3.5, Fe-Cr 62 - 66, Fe-Mo 0.5 - 1.5, fluorspar 14 - 18, rutile or limestone 14 - 18, caolin or Na fluosilicate or their mixture 3 - 9, and a binder, 18 - 301%, of the charge weight. Moreover, the coating or filling of the electrodes may con- tain such alloying admixtures as V, W, Mo, Co, and Nb or Nb+Ta, in a total amount UP to 35% of the basic charge weight. The diameter of the coated electrode must be larger than the diameter of its rod by 2 - 2.3 times. Metal built-up from these electrodes can be well strengthened by dispersion hardening. As an example hardness numbers of built-bp metal are given- Hv 350 after welding; W after 3-hour-annealing at 8000C.; 8W after 10-hour 8000C, 820 after 24- hour annealing. Ye. Greylt (Abstracterl,s note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 NOVCHEy4KX,_,ZygmjTt [Nawaudajaki, Zp~,--auPltl Active pawars reactive pover, and dlnt-jr~ion F4rwer in elect cal W1 uri systems with periodic nanosecond processes. Izv. vys. uch,3b. zav.; elektromakh, 7 no,6:657-664 164. (MIRA 17:7) NOVOMEYSKIY, A., dotsent -~- Color and light perception by the touch. Tekh.imol. 31 no.4:7-3 163. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Nizhne-tagillskiy pedagogicheskiy institut. (Senses and sensation) 1WOVOWSKIT, A.0. WrIMIM-M ~-- -~Im; - Cl"s exWlsents during psychologr lectures. Top.poildwl.2 no.5:152- 158 3-0 t56' (an lo: 1) jPsychology-Study, and teachinfi, P 0001-1 Kjjjl~ .~, KIROKOSITSKAU. R.7.; ITOTOMYSKIT. A-Sr. Industrial work practice of students In a ratallurgical plant Polltokh. obuch. no,9:11-17 5 157. (NMA 10:9) 1. Sredwaya shkola NO.74, Sveidlovsk - (Nducation, Cooperative)