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FET~'C,V Vias~ -lie I, V.. 71: r- Z -Warka rtzks i.~- -a- ve Lshchikh ~:A- A PL Rov V. I:. ~~M I - --- -- PETROV, V.N., monter Fastening of conductors to split supports. Avtom., telet. i svia7l 3 no.4:43 Ap '59. (MIFLA 12:5) l.Gryazinskaya distantaiya signalizataii i sv7azi Yugo-Vostochno3r dorogi. kElectric lines--Overhead) n'2ROV,- Viktor Hikolsyevich; SHEVCHEAK0. Vladimir Trofimovich; GAMBURTSUA, L.T., inzh., red.; BOBIAOVA. Ye.N., (Operation and repair of 3M electric trains] Opyt ekspluatatsii i remonts elaktropoazdov BRI. Moskva, Vaes.izdstel'sko-poligr.ob"- yedinenie H-va putei soobahchaniia, 1960. 6o p. (MIRA 13:9) (Electric railroads) FlAuOvy V.11. ~::~: UrL- c". -r. !,~ c; - l P-I.ecti-* e t;-ain. "Lle'. i I, pl. . 1 1/,:-:' tiaga 5 no-5:3'-3- :.y '61. 1) 1. Master tse':ha tel,-ushcheFc, depo .' os,:v-- '-' ty - 1. dorcgi. (~-'Ilectrl c ra.~ Iru.. .. --.L7 a no) PET.R(YV, Viktor vikolamuh; AMOSOV, Valentin Fedorovich; RWANOV, I.M., inzb., retsenzent; SIDOROV, N.I., Inzh., red.; KHITROVA, N.A., takhn. redo [kaintenance and repair of the ixechanical equipment of electric railroad motor carsj Remont mekhanichaskogo oborudovaniia motor- vagonnogo podvizhnogo sostava. Moskva, Vses.izdatel'sko-poligr. ob"edinenie M-va putei soobshcheniia, 1961. 96 p. (MIRA 14:12) (Railroad motor cars--Maintenance and repair) AUTHOR: Petrov, 7.'T. ~:"V' TITLE: An Automatic Device for Making Paper Cartridges, e.i7. fcr Explosives (Avtomat dlya izgotovlen"ya bumazhr,:,,kh naprimer, dlya vzryvchatykh veshchestv) PERICDICAL: Byu I I e t e n ' i z ob re t on i y , IN r 6 , p 1) 1:1 1 ABSTRA'T: Class 54c, 5. Nr 113540 (4Y)H94/615-')'~ of 't :ut)mltt d to t-e MinistrY of the Coal Industry of the "';-OR. An '-vito- Matic machine with mechan'Isms for feed'~nf, c-.jttin~, r:fr and ing paper band onto a mandrel, and a levice for the cartrl&-e edKe to forr. the bottom. The e is designed in the form of a comb mounted at the end --f the mandrel, displaceable ;perpendicularly to the latter, an, i.'- provided w4th prongs formed with f-radually increasini~ clir- vature; the bottom is finally formed bY a striker f,ic~ri~~ the mandrel end, actuated bY the mac,-ine drive. Card 1/1 , ( -. , ,.c, -. - -, s t. , I 'c, . -! ~' ,ap. 47. A U3SH ~~f th. 1-1- 13 7 3~,: The M, F"Ov. V. 4. C Pro f ) Identified wit' thc book: A"': J,.A~ I (I., Al 'G! Lit Fil' : A' -~ (A vtorat t,ikl-j 1: v 1 ri ,~, ~ !! y" ~ ,iv I ~a teley) hy i V . A. Bc, In, r SO: A.I.D. Library of C-)mress (kF 1172~31.) PETROV, V. N., inzh. C Concerning a frequently occurring fault on the M electric train. Blek. I tepl. t1aga 6 no-9-'35-37 S 162. (MIRA 15:10) (Electric railroads) ';.N. VOLOKH. Samuil Markovich, professor; FITROV6.141i , redaktor; SHTETNGBLI. A.S.. redaktor izdatellstva [Principles of a theory of extraction applied to purification of oils by solvents] Osaovy teorii ek6traktaii priruenitellno k ochiatke masel restvoriteliami. Baku. Azerbaidshenskoe gos. Izd-vo neft.i nauchno-tekhn.lit-ry, 1957. 91 P. (MIRA 10:9) (Petroleum-Refining) GURVICH. V.L. LdeceasedJ; SKOBW, A.I.; SMIDOVICH. Y~J.; ZAYTSEVA, N.P.; KAZANMYA, U.S.;__ITPOV, V.W.; SUVOROV, A.S.; SHCHERBAKOV, A.A. Gontinuous coking of heavy petroleum residues on powdered coke. Trudy Y-11nMiGP no.24:298-310 159. (MIRA 13:3) (Petroleum coke) PETROVY V.N. Special characteristics of the hydrodynamIc regJ-me of a flLdized bed with horizontal perforated 'baffles. Trudy XINKHiGP no.28: 102-115 160. (14MA 14: 4) (Fluidization) PETROV, V.N. Determining the critical rate of the "internal" suspension ol small particles 6f a binary or polydispersed bed of granular material. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; neft' i gaz 4 no-5-79-86 161. (miRA i~,-2) 1. Moskovskiy institut neftekhimicheskoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti imeni akademika I.M.Gubkina. (Petro2eum refining) (Fluidization) -~/871/62/000/000/002/002 1" 07 5/E492 AUTHORS Gavrilov, H.G. , Petr(o., ';.~'-.-,---Khramov, A.A. (deceased'/ TITLE: Catalytic and c~eriical tabilization of 8ome petroleunt waste productP 5C'1Ui?CE Nizkoteriiperaturtiyve lia I -t I i t ichesltiye prevramhcheii) ya uglevodorodov. Ed. lj-~ V.D.Pia-ttro. (Leningrad) 17.(j-vo Leningr. univ., :962. 147-153 TEXT: Attempts to utilize still hottorlis (b.p. 215 to 25-)'C) as a component of motor fiiels were made, a!-ming to decrease the unsaturation and the gum forming tpnd,~ricy. Three different treatments of the still bottoms wcrv tried. Treatment with W,- aild 15*,- decreased the iudint- number of' the prodklct!~ fr~wl 33.8 to 2() and 22 respectively, btit tLe existing gum contend wos riot affected. The treatment with -:iet~Allic Na had little effect other than sulphur removal. Treaf;rent. with a silica-aluniina catalyst was carried out in the Jiouid phase (autoclave) at 250 tr~ 3500C and in the gaseous phase at L-5u to 4000C, the gases being recirculated through the catalyst coliwin. The latter treatment at 350 to 4000C decreased the iodine niarnber of the feed to 3 - 5.2 Card 1/2 Pi 71 A 2 /000/000 /00 2/00 2 Catalytic and chemical ... '.(!75/E492 and the exist inK guni frow 14'~ t -- 7 11)9,/100 ml Tho I iyjid piia s (-- t r ca t men t gave s I i gh t 1 y 1, e t t, q ua I i ty a nd yi e I (is 1- ha n t h y:aseous treatinent. The raffinate It,%d a reduced content oC aromatic and naphthenic hytlrocirboit-t compared with the feedqtt)ch and was it suitable blending compon(-iit for diesel fuels. There are 3 tables. Card 2/2 PETROV, V.N. Determining the critical speed of fl4ittization of a binary bed of granular material. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; neft' I gaz 5 no.6- 71-76 162. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Moskovskiy institut neftekhWcheakoy i gazovoy proWshlennosti imeni akademika I.M.Gubkina. (Fluidization) BADIN, 1. N.; BA1OHCHE'VSK1Y, M, M.; RE71-107GIN, L. S.; PETROV, V. N. Converting natural and mixed gas for Bpeclal- heating insza2' tions. la Trudy VNIIT no. 11:245-253 162, (MIRA 17:5) PETROV, V.N. Determining the critical velocity of a fluidized po)Ylispersed bed of granular material. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; neft' i gaz 5 no.10:53-59 162. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Moskovskiy institut neftekhimicheskay i gazovoy promysh- lennosti imeni akademika Gubkina. PETROV, V.N.; PRESSM9, A.Ya. Estimation of the effect of turbulent scattering along z~he vertical and in the direction of the wind on the propagation of a polydispersed impurity. DokI. AN SSSR 146 no.l-.S&.88 S 162. (HIRA lr-:9) 1. Institut prikladnoy geofizik-i AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom Ye.K. Fedorov3m. (Geophysics) PETROV3 V.N. Determining the critical rate of fluidizing a binary bad of particles of different density. Inzh.-fiz. zhur. 6 no.~;55-62 Mo 163. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Institut neftekhimichaskoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti imeni I.M.Gubkina, Moskva. (Fluidization) PETROV, V.N. Using an electronic digital computer for the automatic contro2 of an oil field. Nefteprom. delo no. 11:42-44 163. (MIRA 17-3) PETROV, V.N. Hydrodynamic conditions of tne serr%raticn of powdered materials in a fluidized bed. Trudy MIN'MICP no.";267-275 163. (MIRA 18:5) I LAK'K,, D.B.;PETROV, V.,:.; I.i,. lionst4ady flow of rend ~Uaz. 12rc, .. ') ' V . N. ; G! L7 1 f! , I . - ' ; thf~ -,lse oP s~-,-e~-jed ria!, !'or th- ir ' Gorc f rn `ni I ... p Fl 0 syn thesis rases. -ru,!Y 7N 1 1*:' I.C. 13: 1 f,,- L4`4 '14. - I - - - :~ , p: " '. ~-ACC_ NAr AP5020730 SOURCE, CODE.i: M) "JNVENTOR: Be=ozgin, E. Glezin, 1. L..- Petr*v. V. N. 0/10iV001, iL.._1 ORG: none TITLE: Continuous action equipment for production of commercial hydrogen Class 12, .No. 174174 SOURCE: Byulletent izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakov, no. 17, 1965, 14 TOPIC TAGS: hydrogen, chemical plant equipment, manufactured gas ABSTRACT: This Author's Certificate introduces continuous action equipment for pro- ..duction of commercial hydrogen from natural or =xedgas. The equipment is made in the form of two chambers for full conversion of hydrocarbon gases. The first chamb- er is filled with-a catalyst or an inert packing material for conversion of hydro- carbon gases with beat supply. -The second chamber is fil-led with a catalyst for con- vers don of. carbon mnoxide with vater jacket cooling. UDC: 661.961 66.05 SUB CODE: 1E GC/ SUBM DATE: 06Ju.162/ ORIG REF: ODD/ OTH REF: 000 Card '1/1 &> 9 0 Z_ C7,-.3 L 13292--66 EWT(m)/EWP(j) RM ACC NR: AP6000325 (A) SOURCE CODE: UR/0286/65/000/021/0012/0012 INVENTOR: Volkova, L. I.; Zaitova, A. Ya.; loakimi5. A.-&; Plochal'nikova, T, P.; Nazarova, L. Yu.; Nazarov, V. I.- P akhina, M. S.0 , ry Petlvv.-V. N.z Rachkovskiv. E. E.; Savellyev, A. P.; Syrova, A. A.; Tikhanovskaya. S. G. J~- ORG: none TITLE: A method for~kroducing normal butanolLy synthesis from ethyl alcohol. Class 12, No. 175929 [announced by the Bashkir Scientific Research Institute for Petroleum Fiefining-Dashkirskly nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut po pererabotke nefti)] SOURCE: Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarmykh znakov, no. 21, 1965, 12 TOPIC TAGSt catalysis, butanol, ethyl alcohol ABSTRACT: This Author's Certificate introduces:1. A method for producing normal butanol by synthesis, from ethyl alcohol on a catalyst. The process is done in a single stage by using a catalyst consisting of aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, silicon oxide and a salt or oxide of an alkali metal. 2. A modification of this COM 1/2 UDC:---66.097.3 t 547.264.07 L 13292-66 !ACC NR: AP6000325 Imethod in which the catalyst contains from 5 to 80 % aluminum oxide, from 95 to 10 A magnesium oxide, from 0 to 50 % silicon oxide and from 0 to 5 of a salt or exide !of an alkali metal. SUB COM 07/ SUBM DATE: llApr63/ ORIG HEFt 000/ OTH REF: 000 jw Card 2/2 TETRE-l ~111 ; ?. Ye . -- c(\eff:f-ent V ' ' - - . ~:, a,-7.n 'c- 7aS f-m.. Giaz. (ipln I-,. ,...V,: -A 18: I t 1. Mc-21:0vWY rdena Trudovopc) Krwnopo 7.naruani ~nsl.,'.--At nefLc- ],`iimlch~skoy i [,azovoy promys"ilennosti im. al:wl. Gubhlr.a. AUTHOR'S -',jetrov, V. AN. , tskaya, Ye. V. TITLE: Prod UC4 ~.ion Brands and Comm~odity Sir-rns (Pr,, izvi.~.~- stvennyye -~,arki 4. lov~.rny,;e zna~i) Ay PERIODICAL: Standartizatsiya, 195a, Or G, Tp ABSTHACT": The difference between jr-oduction L)r,-tn,.'- ani commorility si.,ns accordir...-, to Ihe rep.-,u~n`o,,.s of 6,-.viet law is explain,d. fit'),e.-e is I set of d r anv i.- i 6 s . Card 1/1 SKUTELISKIY, N.M.; J!HT~OV, V.11. Extraperitoneal endometrJosis. Kaz. med. zimr. 4:35-36 ll TA 163 (IAIRA 17:2 1. Kafedra obshchey khirurgii ( zav. - prof. A.I.Kozhevnikov) Gorlkovskogo meditsirskogo instituta i Dzerzhinskiy onkologi- cheskiy dispanser (glavnyy vrach - N.A. Kalashnikova). P,4.171ROV, V. N., Engineer "Inv;~~qtii-i;tion o'' tul;~e Tec;Anoloi,J--~il I-ro(,,ar;~; an,.l DetenrAnation ol* t'~o PvraaieLt-r-!7 ~:' --ulp- ment I'-!- Viesis for le~-ree of ",and. Tec'-. ~,i. 'm -cow Polyt~raphic I,,-.Ft Mo r 4 ~;ep for Jezrees in Science anc, Zgi-inc r-n.--- i-n-!-.'OsCrjW in 1,?50. "rom Vechernva-va '~oskva. jari-D--c 1-15C. 50) 3()V/153-2-3-17/29 AUTHORS: Petrov, V. N., Buzhenko, M. A., Korobtsov, A. A. :Dec,~aae,~~ TITLE Photocolorimetric Determination of Acetone Under the Use of Hydrochloric Hydroxylamine PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Khimiya i khimicheskaya tekhnologiya, 1959, Vol 2, Nr 3, pp 394-398 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The photocolorimetric method described in the prese;it paper makes it possible to determine small amounts of acetone in air and in water. The determination is based on the reaction of acetone with hydrochloric hydroxylamine: (CH3)2 CO + NH2OH.HCl (CH 3)2 CNOH + H20 + HC1. The determina- tion of the released hydrochloric acid was made by the pho"o- electro-colorimetric method with a device FEK-M and a areen filter. Methyl orange proved to be the best indicator. With all other indicators investigated the calibration curves are steeper; this increases the error of determination. If methyl orange is used the calibration curve f__ f(c) (r-...coefficient of perviousness, c ... amount of acetone) for quantities < 1 mg Card 1/ :~_ acetone is so flat that the error of determinution i.- �3-4%, SOV/153-2-5-17/29 Photocolorimetric Determination of Acetone Under the Use of Rjdr,~cfillc'ric llydroxylamine (with respect to an arithmetic mean value of several measurin,~ results). Amounts up to 2.5 mg acetone in the solution to be measured may be determined with satisfactory accuracy. Since the calibration curve remains constant only for 12-14 hours it must be made on the day of the measurement. Temperature changes strongly influence the accaracyi for this reason tl:e coefficient of perviousness of the test solution must be measured at the same temperature at which the calibration curve was made. If the air, the acetone content of which is to be determined, is impurified by black, dust, etc, the solution must be centrifuged prior to the photoelectro-colorimetric measurement. The solution cannot be filtrated since the meth.-I orange of the filter paper or the other filtering sub3tanc~~z are adsorbed. The duration of the developed determination i_~ only 6-9 minutes, which is especially valuable for series' analyses. There are 3 figures and 2 Soviet reference:-. ASSOCIATION: TsentralInyy nauchno-is~~ledovatell ski, dizel'n,:,j instit-,:t i Card 21 Murmanskoye vy6sheiFe morekhodnoye uchilishche (Central Scio 7,) A, 'V PBTR()V, v - N. Conference of Students of the Faculty of 3eo,~rap~7. Vest. L.:U. 15 no.18:163 '60. (MIRA 1).-9) (Goograpby) DUBROVIN, L.I., kand. geograf. nauk; PETROV, V.N., inzh. Thermal action of an air current on thermometers wasuring the temperature of a snow laver in a hole. Inform. biul. Sov. antark. eksp. no.39:15-19 163. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Arkticheskiy i antarkticheskiy naucbno-iBsledovatellskiy institut. (Lazarev station, Antarctica-Snow-Temperature) DUBROVIN, L.I., kand.geograf.nauk; PETROV, V.N., inzh. Accuracy of snow measurements in Antar(~tica. Inform.biul. eksp no.43tl5-20 163. (MIRA 11:1) 1. Arktiche:-kiy i antarktichoskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institu! (for Dubrovin). PETP,ov, V.T.., irizh. Mel,hodology of detendr-r~g 1,1-ie air permeability of isnow. lyform. blul. Sovs antark.sksp. no.5"-'t^-'P,-23 '64. (MIRA 18s 5) 1. Arktichsukiy i antarkti-heBM-y na-uchnc-issledovatel'skiy institut. I . I . ~ . . :, ..'. .: . _: I - . 1~ - 0 I . ; . . . ., . . I DUBROVIN, L.I., kand.geograf.nauk; PETROV, V.N., lnzh. Average height of the crust surface of An-.arctica. Inform. b:'--,-'. 50v. antark. exap. no.45:14-16 164. (MIRA 18%1) I -L. Arkttcheskiv i antarkti2heskJy nauchno-issledovatellskl~y n MI V. r k Iv k i v i L USSR/Radio-ohysics Application of Radiophysical Methods, 1-12 Abst Journal: Referat Zhur - Fizika, No 12, 1956, 35496 Author: Petrov, V. Institution; None Title: Television of the Future (Use of Artificial Earth's Satellite for Worldwide Television Broadcasting) Original Perioclicalt Radio, 1956, No 6, 28-31 Abstract: None Dird 1/1 P=OV.,.-VLktor, FbvIay-kqb; USPINSKIY. B.M., redaktor; TSIGHL'KAN, L.T., tekhnich.eskiy redaktor [Guided missiles and rockets] Upravliaemys anariady i rokety. Kr)skva. Izd-vo DOSAAF, 1957. 117 P. (MLRA 10:9) (Guided missles) (Rockets (Aeronautics)) PHASE I 1-300K EXPLOITATION SOV/64-LI Petrov, Vlktor Pavlc,,jlch and Arkadly Arkad'yevich Sochl-ko Upmvleniye raketami (Rocket Guidance) 2d ed., rev. and enl. Moscow, ',,r ('YF--nizdqt M--vq o1jor. SSSR, 1963. 263 p. 25,000 copies print-11. Ed,,A , V. L. Sterllrov and G. F, Peretrukhina; Tech. Ed, N, N, K.akAna, P('1RP0'SF: Thir~ t-nok Is intended for combined-arms officer personne" and qtudyli,~~ the fundamentals of rocketry. V'~FA "L The tc)ck Presents 'the. fundamental principles of rockel_- weapor)3 c.Dntro'. In, a form acce3BIble to the nonspecialist. Info-matior. on the tneor7 of reaction propulsion and an rixaminatlon of the More common rocket guidance systems (ba3ed on non-Soviet sources), are presented. No personalitiAs are ment I anr~d Tho~-re are 28 references, all Soviet. -T r ,,PETROV, Viktor Pavlovich, kand. tekhn. nauk; YUREVICH, Petr P.P.); YEVERSYn, V.Y.[lEvers'kyi, V.I.], kand. fiz.-mat. nauk, retsenzent; KROSHKIIJ, M.G. Kroahkin, M.H.), kand. fiz.-mat. nauk, retsenzent;GAV:-IJLCV M. 1Havrylov,V-M.3 rod.izd-va; BEREZOVYY, V.M.[Berezovyi, V.M.i','- [Conquest of space] Osvoiennia Kosmosu. Kyiv, Derzhtekh,,rydav URSR, 1963. 168 p. (MlitA 17:3) 29(o) PHASE I BOOK EXPIDITATION SOV/1893 PetrovY Viktor Pavlovich &Lkety i suputnyky (Rockets and Satellites) Kiyev, Derzhtekhvydav, 1958. 261 p. 13,0D0 copies printed (Series: Naukovo-populyarma biblioteka). Ed.: 0. Bondarenko; Itch. Ed.: P. Patsalyuk. PURPOSE: The book is intended for the general reader. COVERAGEz 7his popular-style book presents the principles of reactive motion and gives a classification of reactive engines, guided missiles, and guidance systems. Technical specifications of the main types of rockets, mainly US, are given together with the fundamentals of their design and operation. The first part of the book deals primarily vith activities outside the USSR and includes an evaluation of the German V-1 and V-2 rockets. The second part deals with Soviet artificial satellites. Particular attention is paid to scientific advantages offered by the satellites in the study of the upper atmosphere and cosmic space. No personalities are mentioned. There are no references. TAEM OF CONTEWS: Card 1/4 Rockets aad Satel-UteB From the History of Rockets A Bit of Ylechanics A Str=ge Wea]~on Why Was a Rocket Needed? Main Types of Eagine Gyroscope V-1 V-2 CAdded Mi3siles in the USA Card 2/4 SOV/1893 3 5 8 11 12 18 19 25 32 Rockets and Satellites Classification of Guided Rocket Weapons SOV/1893 36 Classification of Apparatus Systems for Contro"in Missiles and Rockets 86 Intercontinental BEO 11 sti c Missiles and Means of Defense Against Them 120 Designs of Antirocket Defense in the USA PeaceftU Use of Guided Rockets 133 137 Soviet Exploration of the Upper Atmosphere With Rockets 139 Stages in the Execution of Interplanetary Flights 152 The Soviet Artificial Earth Satellite 155 Types of RDcket Carriers of the Artificial Satellite and Their Main Features 174 Card 3/4 PHASE I BOOK EXPWITATION 592 PetEroav Viktor Pavlovich Iskasstvenayy sputnik zemli (Artificial FArth Satellites) Moscow, Oborong-fz, 1958. 305 P. (Nauchno-populyarmaya biblioteka) Ed.: Engineer Lt. Col. Selemev, V. P., Docent., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed. of Publishing Haase: Kader, Ya. M.; Tech. Ed.: Mezheritskaya, N. P. PURPOSE: The book is intended for the personnel of the Soviet Army,, Air Force, and Navy. The military significance of the artificial earth satellite and of interplanetary space station is therefore indicated. Excessive teabni- c&l detail is a7oided and the material is presented in fairly popular form. for the benefit of the general reader. COVERAGE: On the basis of domestic and foreign, chiefly American sources, the autZhor d1scusses the theoretical problems involved in the construction and lf"11nnhing of Soviet artificial satellites) specifically Sputnik 1, the world's first. He indicates the path to be followed by scientists in solving the problem of conquering space, mentioning past and future difficulties, and Card 1/12 Artificial Earth Sati-111tes 592 pointing out the main problem the artificial satellites win solve. He re- views the successive stages in the conquest of space, beginning with the laxtaching of the ummmned earth satellite and ending with the eBtablislnent of int~erplaaetexy space stations and the use of space ships. Several models of the earth satelUte, celestial rockets, and space stations are described. The principles of control and celestial orientation of the artificial satel- lite dering its orbital flight are reviewed, and a description is given of the most important lnstmmmts Installed in the satellite. Personalities mationed are: V. P. Seleznev, Engr. Lt. Col., Candidate of Technical Sciences; G. A. Skuridin, Candidate by PayBical-Mathematical Sciences, and T. V. Kb.-_-:~tmav, and A. A. Sochiv!zo, engineers. There are T3 references, of which 48 are, 20 English, 2 German, 2 Italian, 1 French. TABU OF CCNTEIM: Fram the Pablishers 2 Introduction Card 2/1,1~ S" V - 17 L N 1. Satellite vehicles--Control PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/3834 Petrov, Viktor Favlovich and Arkadly Arkad'yevich Sochivko Upravlenlye raketami. (Rocket Guidance) Moscow, Voyenizdat, 1959. 207 p. No.'of copies printed not given. Ed.: V.L. Sterligov, Engineer, Major; Tech. Ed.: M.P. Zudina. PURPOSE: This book Is intended for officers of combined-ams uydts studying fundamentals of rocket engineering and for other readers interested In the subject. COVERAGE: The book is a popular account of the physical principles on which guidance of rocket weapons is based. It provides data on rocket flight and guidance systems derived from non-Soviet sources. No personalities are mentioned. There are 26 references: 23 Soviet (8 of which are translations or compilatiDns of Western literature), 2 English and 1 German. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Preface 3 Ow,d-1/7-_ 2ARIDZE, Georgiy Mikhaylovich; TATRlSHVILI, Nins Fominichna; PETROV, V.P., red.; OTCHINMKOVA, S.T.. red.izd-ve; IVAYOVA, A.G., (Magmatic activity in Georgia and associated ore formational Magmatlzm Gmzii i aviazennye 9 nim rudoobrazovanila. Moak-va. Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po geol. i okhrane nedr. 1959. 253 P. (MIRA 13:2) (Georgia-Geology. Economic) PHASE I BWK Y"WMATION SOV/5912 Petrov, Viktor Pavlovich, and Arkadiy Arkadiyev.,.ch Sochivko Islc.isstvennyye sputniki Zemli i pogoda (ArtificW Earth Satellites and the Weather) leningrad, Gidrometeaizdat, 1961. 182 p. Errata slip iaserted'.' SOOO copies printed. Ed.: M. M. Yasnogoridskaya; Tech. Ed.: M. I. Braynina. RJRPOSE- U-nis back is intended for the general reader. CCI'o~: The book discusses in a popular manner the meteorologieal uses of artificial eaxth satellites. It describes orientation methods for satellites and their equipment during free flight and methods for transmitting weather data to the earth. Early experimental data obtained by U.S. weather satel- lite& are included. The authors discuss the impDrtance of weather satellites in being-ing about frill automation of the weatAM-saVice in the USSR and their prospects for develo-ument. The following personalities am mentioned: Professor K. Ya. Kondratlyev and Candidate of Physics and Mathematics M. G. Krosh1cin. No references are given. Card 1/0 PETRDV, V*tor Pavlovich Weather satellites and rockets, by V. P. Petrov and A. A. Sochivko. Washington, USJPRS,, 1963. (JPHS 16, 882) Translation of chapter* 3 and 4 (p.60-136) Russian Titlet IskusstvanrWye sputniki zemli i pogodap Leningrads 1961. AUTHORS, Petr~v, V.P. (Leningrad), Sunivk~.:, A.A. (Leningrad) TITLE: Weather and artificial satel'lites PERIODICAL., Priroda,rno.7, 1961. 25-32 TEXT: In this article, intended for the E.,enera'. reader, the authors Iescr2~a- role played by artificial satellites in weather forecasting. K-5* Df t,-,F mation given i5 obtained from US scurces. The effect of cosmic pIhen-)mena Dn thp weather 4,. streFsed. Some scientists consider that the process by whicn a tro- pospher-'.C leads to the formation, in the upper layers of the atmos~,here, of an anticyclone above which a cyclone is formed etc. extends up to 40'- i-r; a:-' these atmospheric circulations are intercorinected.L The start of the third si~,ut--'~ gave for the first time the possibility to study the atmosphere from sequent sate'llites and rockets basica'jly changed the previous concp~,!'~-is t!-' upper atmosphere. Two very important facts were established: The Earth is surrounded by layers (belts) of intense cosmic rad;afiDn 2, The density of the atmosphere above 500 km from the Earth is 16-4D times greater than considered up to Card 1/8 Weather and artz'icial satellites DO; 1 /D 1 12' The f4r6L --;f these discoveries was made by means ~f co5m-c part',le coant.(-ri. The s1cond was made by observing the orbits of artificial Earth satel-11tes. radiation belts around the Earth explain the fact that above the poles the effec- 4 tive temperature of the upper atmosphere ~s higher than in moderate latitdes. The temperature changes in the upper atmosphere and the intensity of radiation c.- the belts depend on solar activity and are connected with the eleven year change of the general circulation of the atmosphere. The influence r~f t'-'e ra- diation belts on the general rircula,~don of the atmDsphere .'s strc)-~- 'Lattvely high density of the upper atmospheric !a.-ers- !-i~ t -ide and artificial Earth sate',lites the -ntersit,. of the solar radiatlon absorbed by t~.e terrestrial atmDslhere was dptermin~'41. .1:)weVP-. calculations showed that the sular energy absorbed b,.- atmGsp~l-eric layers ab-~>ve a distance cf '00 km from the Earth 4s insufficient fir the thermal flo-~, heaf-s the upper atmosphere. It was found that charged particles of the radiat'_= 1~e__15' cosmic particles from interstellar space, lunar radiation, the energy of mete=s etc. considerably contribute to this flow. Already prior to the start of artif:- cial satellites it was observed that the strongest precIpitations oc.'-ur -IC-," dia,-.~s after the intersection of the paths of meteor flo.4s by the z)rbit ~A' ti'.- _Eart!" anr~ that showers ef meteors and showers of cosmir dust precede the -isual Card 21',8 S/026A Weather and artificial satellites Artificial sateiiites whose equipment and devices are basically intended '--,r 'he study of processes occurring beyond the limits of the dense atmosphpric are called geophysical satellites. The most important of these was the hir(i sputnik. Meteorologically, geophysical experiments are valuable, because th,~V serve to improve long-range and superiong-range weather forecasts. Irrip sa*-' The simplest sr,'ution of' thJs pr-or-em ~s must be prec'se~y orientated in space. the "untwisting" of the satellite during launching, in order to --ve it rr properties. This stabilization system, used in the Tiros I and TI satellito~;;, has the disadvantage that the satellite faces the Earth only during one half of its orbit. However, for recording the reverse side Pf the Moon the camerns oLI thp Soviet interplanetary station were focused on the Mci~)nls center by -neans C., a V~Ir_: perfect tracking system. The optical elements of this s 'ystem tracke-,i the the Moon and upon deviation of the orientated a~x is from the directizon t-)wards Moon's center gave a signal for switching in the orientation system of thp rock-4-. A similar system can be used for the orientation of the devices of a meteorr,logica. satellite towards the Earth (Fig.3). Due to the rotation of the Earth about its axis, a complete survey of the Earth~s surface can only be made by putting the satellite into an orbit whose plane intersects the poles of the Earth At a rp- volution time of 1.5 hours one 3at-ilite will be abiq to record withf-r. -n- ~a. Card 3/ 8 s,:' 6 J, Weather and artificial satellites DOr1/D112 entire terrestrial surface. In additon to -loud charts a meteora!t,r~ea' 'ite also can provide data on the tPMj,Prqt.1Jre -,f the Earth's surCac- ani layers cf the troposphere. The upper section of Fig.7 gives ar: energy distribution by wavelengths in the spectrLLn of the Sun an,_J Earth (300cK). For visible light "he terrestrial atmosphere is transparent This is confirmed by the nearly complete absence of absorption bands 'In the at"P..'s- phere near the maximum of solar radiation (see lower section of Fig-" 1)eneatlh radiation curve of the Sun). For the radiation emitted from the~Earthis sur'a~e the atmosphere is nearly opaque (Fig.7). There is oniv a small "window" 'n -_~-~e 9-12/k region. For these ra-,s the ab3orption of terrestrial radiation is by times weaker than in the 5-7 /X region. Filters were developed allowing the pas- sage Of narrow bands of infrared radiation. In satellites the use of filters in- tended for the 9-12 range permits measuring the intensity :it* (the Sun does not emit these wavelengths) and, consequently, determi-arie, perature of the Earth:s sarface.. 1'eft and right near the "windr-ow' th,~ *erres--a' radiation is absorbed basically by water valpors. t'~e vapcrs ~ .nem5-Ives emir radiation and by using a filter intended for a smal-. ,ave'lenf'.th rnnf,,,~ n~-Br , :/A ;1, be possib~le tu determinf, the If-mi,(-ratur- lho uppor 'u.,.-Prs Wa!-r .,a- C ard 4/ 8 S/026/61 Weather Pmd artificial satellites D051/1)117 pors, which usually lie not above 13 km. Within the 14/1,, range terrestrial ra- diation is entirely absorbed by carbon dioxide. With a corresponding fi.ter, therefore, the temperature of the upper layers of this gas can be determin-i. 9.4-9.8//, filter permits from a satellite regular observation of atmosvhc~ric the latter having great importance for various terrestrial processes. A."er 4 .-her development, infra-red cameras will be used for studying the temperatire o.f the Earth and the atmosphere. There are 7 figures. Card 5/8 PETROV' V.P. kp-nd.tekhn.nauk (Leningrad); SELEVIV, V.P., kand.tekhn.nauk - tlksk~a) Space navigation* Priroda 51 no.8-.14-23 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Space flight) PETROV, Viktor Pavlovich; SOCHIVKO, Arkadiy Arkad'yevich; STERUGOV, . .' m .; RITUINA, G.F., red., KOKINA, N.H., tekhn. red. [Rocket control) Upravlenie raketami. Izd.2., ispr. i dop. Moskva, Voenizdat, 1963. 263 P. (MIRA 16:4) (Rockets (Ordnance))--ControlB) GAPEYEV, Aleksandr Petrovich; FETi.~OV', -V-.-P., acktor geol.-miner. _~~ , otv, red. - [New ta-Ic-boaring P,,-ovin(-e of the Lesser Karatau, petr'-~r--,ny, genesis, and charneteristics of distribution] Novaa *.:i. nosnaia prov-ints4la khrebta Malyi Karatau; petrografA!:, --- nezis, zakon(,!;.err,,)!~ti V.%skva, Nauka, . 11 1 . 174 p. k"N. l-" A " '~` - . - ,-3USH-INSKIY, G.I., otv. red.; LIMISYLA, N.A., red.; PETROV, V.I., red.; YANSHIN, A.L., red. [La,~erites' La*-er-i-,y. '-Sara, i9t-. l3f, L.. (Its Dc;k.'-fld-., sr'veLszikh i-eolo.rcv. Proble-na 10 (1-1.111 1. ve iop,~~v ocvotskoro Sovuza. TY I -i,r :7 r4P Z PETROV. Ugdimir Niko yevicb: RYZHIK, Z.M., red.; FREGER, D.P., jAn- red. izd-va; BF.WGUROVA, ;.A., tekhm. raL (Electric are welding in a protective atmosphere) Elektrodu- govaia svarka v srede za.,3hchitnykh gazov; obzor. Leningrad, 1963. 82 p. (MIRA 16:6) (Electric welding) (Pj~otective atmospheres) ?P, L 38691-66 E;oT f (2 /i-_ lEiv;- q FE ACC NR, AT6017532 SOURCE CODE: UR/'31bb/65/000/13)/0003/0097 'AUTHOR: Di-maksyan, A. _M. (Candidate ~f tec"ical sciences); Petr~:v, V. F., ~-eszct~ux, 1. A.- 'ORG: None->_ TITLE: Layout and working principle of a group(-(] ~~ysleii of aut~,Pzati(- hydr-i:)gic tele- hetering stations _%eningrad. Gosudarstvenn !SOURCE: .____YT__jSAdio1_og1chcskiy institut. Trudy, no. !,Primeiienlye-Wiiio'm-~i-i-ii-, radioclektroniki i yadernykh izlucheniy pri gidroloeici-.eskikh lissledovaniyakh (Application of auLomation, radio electronics and nuclear ra-li~ttion in ,hydrological studit-s), 3-97 1 1 ,TOFIC TAW,: t,ydrofogic ir.strumen',, equiijm.(~nt, electrorii~: iABSTRA(71': Tne uutuors dc:~cribf- 0.(~~Iayi,ul. arid up-rating principles rC ti.- ,vices and equipment for auLoinaLi'-Iri" control axid in z~- Pi W: of a grouped ,y,;Lezu of liydrol,.ric by the Department _-f Isot-pes and Pndio 1,.'1,_ctr0zjirs k,! the State Hydrr)jo,:~,~i s ,in cooperation with the Chair or Telegraph.; of Qi(~ 0-Aeosa Electrical ,tute of Communications. TI-e entire system is bazed on d ~Ll ar c o n,,3 t r u c t i,, nan d "n ly Xeliahl-c--fe istor elements axe used th-roughout. The design of the i:ysfein iv ci-srr~b-d L~ard 112 L 38691--66 .F--A-C-C--N-Rt---A-T-p6(-O-l-7-5--32 i ,jin detail in Trudy GGI, no. 101 (1963) and no. 115 (1964). Systems of' 1,!-:: dirt, !designed for automating the following processes: 1. measurement, 2. -r)nv!.T:..'f-n I(coding), 3. information processing (correcting for nonlinearity in tne T'.cku;:~, 4. 6. 'information transmission, 5. sorting, and accumulating information on plujche6 tape or other types of memory carriers. The electronic elements used in Lhe units and equipment of the system are described, diagrams of each of them are given and their i 1purposes are stated. Diagrams and descril,tions are also given for the vnrir-,us subwiits ACC NRj AT6017533 r A/) SOURCE CODE: UP/3186/65/000/13(j/0098/0121 AU'rHOR: Petrov, V. P.; Radchenko, A. N. --- ORG: none TITLE: Noise-stable coding of numerical teletype communication.,; in complex automa-tic hydrometeorological telemetric systems SOURCE: Leningrad. Gosudarstvennyy gidrologicheskiv in5titut. 7rudy, no. 1130, 196". Primeneniye av-tomatiki, radioclektroniki i yadernykh izlucheniy pri gidrollogicheskikh issledovaniyakh (Application of automation, radio electronics and nuclear radiation in hydrological studies), 98-121 TOPIC TAGS; signal coding, noise, telemetry system, error correcting code ABSTRACT: Results of experiments on noise stability in the coding of numcrical infor- mation in standard telegraph channels are given. Methods are considered for tl,e cor- rection of errors with the use of simple machines in order to prevent more t.-,an 3" noise units of the flash type. The method uses a standard telegraphic code of fIv.:- symbols, of which four are used for transmitting numerical information in decimal f~'rm, choosing the fifth symbol when necessary to make the number of digits even. The ccr- rection of multiple, or "flash", errors is studied for tl,e case of a start-stop c04~t~ and an error-correcting code is developed. Orig. art. has: 86 formulas, 14 figures, 3 tables. SUB CODE: 09.~M/ SUBM DATE: none/ OTH REF: 004 Card 1/1 11b _4T T R1 AT6008032 SOURCE CODE: [JR/2752/65/000/063/00-)7/OJ66 AUTHOR: Petrov, V. P. ORG: none- TITLE: Experimental Investigation of the Pystem of automatic conLrol of the water and -oil-tempersturns in the power plant of the tanker It it Lisichansk. SOURCE: Leningrad._ Tsentrallnyy naucbno-issledovatellskiy institut j,muorskowo flQt imorskogo flota (Technical operation of the merchant marine). 57-66 TOPIC TAGS: automatic control, temperature control, marine engti-C, !ABSTRACT: The article gives a short description of the sygterr, '_if ;automatic control and presents 'Ube static and d~rnanic character1,3*,,.-._,, ;obtained from actual operating tests. Tho power plant of th'i *t fo- v-;- :consists of one main diesel engine and three auxiliary diesel iTbe article first gives a block diagram of the automatic contrc- Ifor the temperature of the cooling water. This is followed by a idetailed description of the static characteristics of' the control, syst-l,-. land then of the dynamic characteristics. Next is a descripticn -f t.-i UDC: 621-431.74-502 L 36983-66 ACC NR- AT6008032 stem for the control of the oil temperature for the main englln,3. article concludes with a discussion of the effect of the outside aga water temperature on the control parameter. Orig. art. has: 7 f1krures and 2 tables. l SUB CODE: 211 SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG RFF: 004 Card 212 W, MEDVEDEVA, I.Ye.; PETROV, V.P.; KABANOVA, Ye.S.; MARFUNM, A.s.; TSVETKO _f. _7 rf D 1 V, A. .;- ffW.' G.O. ; MURAU;D; , A.S. , doktor geoi.-miner.nauk, otv. red.; ZAKFX~LV, Ye.Ye., Prof., glav. red. [Achievements of science: Geochemistry, w1neralogy, petro- graphy, 1963-.19641 Itogi nauki- geokhimiia, TdneraaoFila, petrografiia, 1963-1964. Moskva, kkad. nauk S.;S!-~. In-t nauchnoi infom8tsii, 1965. 235 P. (MIRA lQr2) kNODIII , Tikhon 1 vanov! ch; 1',' 1 V. 1 . : aok, or geol.-.- iner. nauk ( t'l. -~ ]. [ I~cjnmetal I ic mine. a-i 4 -, we-s Ya,. . t 11a; the Vi4j---y basinj I,erw-iiye polpzr:ye ?,api,Jnc;i Ulcutil; basseln f..)Acva, N)tukit, ~-(Ij. 259 p, (!-,Ifu~ BOP 2-111i. V V PETROV, V.P. Seasu.--re lated occ- -re! ce of ntf- -vn ne in recent years. 7hur. mikrobiu,'. ep4~d, d r. . D 64. ya sar tarn C.'' Oblastna skoy oblastil. - i ;: .; ., I ... ., . . . - , . I .. -.-. I PREDOVSKIY, A.A.; PETROV, V.P. Geological position and origin of the conglomera-,ea of Far'-6-nen in southern Karelia. Vop.magm.i metam. 2:138-153 164. Relationship between Pitkyaranta and Ladoga Proterozoic format-ions in the northern part of the Lake Ladoga region. lbid.kI54-175 (M ! RA 18:; 3 ) PETROVI V.P.1 d~lktor rauk; IIASEDY,11;, V.V.) lrizh.pgoclog; POLINKOVSKAYA, A.I., kard. tEkhn. nauk Dlotr~buti:;.,, i f lic-," it,,,f3 on the tt!a-j-!t(,,ry of ',he U.S.S.R.; thoAr --Amj,avtorist1,-..,3 tind !ec)mological pwo- perties. Sbor. t-iri. ROSNITMS IQ (MIRA 17.-S) PETROVO V.P.; CIIF.K.AN, S.S. Conferenco r,, cinc!enl. 1'~62. Yr,:-~ vyvetr. nc.6,30P--*'ll '6~- (m:~; - :,, 1. lns*.11,.ut ppnlop,~~ i-,i(inyVr- rnf~,q,..-,,,-r,zhdf3n!y, mineraloqii a geokhJmli Ml~ Mrsxva. 14. T De term'. ~i PETI-.OVP V.P.P kand. teK,:n. naux I - I . . .! . ~ . 1 Increasing tne precision of encoders. 4 , - 17 no A~ '63. t'. . . . . .4:47-50 !-. - . AGMSION Nib AP4033975 5/0006/64/oc)o/oc)4/0017/0021 AUTHORS: P.-Alepin, H. T.; Lazanov, P. Ye.; Petrov, V. P. Tr,'LLE: On the determination of an effective light -wavelength for light telemetric measurements SOURCE. Geodeziya i kartoerafiya, no. L, 1964, 17-21 TOPIC TAGS- light telemetry, triangulation geometry, radio geodesy, surveying, cartograpiv/ EOD 1 telemeter, STs 70 incandescent lamp, Karr cell, FUJ 17A photo- multiplier, FFW 70 photomultiplier, FFIT 7 photomultiplier ABSTRACT: The authors undertook to investigate which wavelength requires the determination of propagation velocity in order to gain the most reliable light telemetric measurements. Telemeter EOD-1 with incandescent lamp STs-70 (knM-1 spectral characteristic) as a light source was used to quantify a "working" spectral bandwidth and effective light wavelength. Prelindnary calibrations were performed to determine spectral distribution of the energy of the light stream by means of obtaining the spectral characteristics of sonding and receiving systems, the Kerr cell modulator, and reflector. A plot was made showing comparative spectral sensitivities versus emission wavelength for a tungsten beam, for Card 1/3 ACCEMION NRs AP4033975 spectral translucence over 40 km (20 km reflected), and light energy from telemeter BOD-1 received by photomultiplier FEU-17A. Joint consideration of the three sensitivity curves yielded a four~h that indicated maximum effectiveness between the wavelengths of 4200 and 6LOO A. The dotermination of ?.of f (of fectivo wave- length) was formulated mathematically first by calculating the off ective refracticn irmiex neff .I-P nefy= Pnikkax E kxak where p is the number of wavelength increments corresponding to &A, nj4, is the refraction index for the interval, and k)\ is a relative sensitivity constant read from the fourth. qAq!ve mentioned _a, ove. IrLjurn the relationship 3D n,== I + A + V + was used to solve for tho effective wavelength corrouponding to the offoctivo refraction index found. A.,B, and C are dispersiop coefficients. For the optical apparatus mentioned 3k off was found to be 5270 A. Similar theoretical and experi- mental results yielded Aeff - 5570 and 5400 AR for photomultipliers F&I-70 and Card 2/3 ACCESSION XR: AP4033975 FEU-7 respectively. A schematic diagram of the experimental apparatus is presented. Orig. art. has: 4 equations and 3 figures. LUXIATION s none WBHITTED 1 00 EW L a 00 SUB CODEs ES NO M7 SGV s 006 OTHERs 001 Cam 313 - I- - UABININ, Yu.N.; PETROV, V.P.; MARKOV, V.K..; LIVSHITS, L.D.; DF'.lTSI.V, I.S. Additional data on the cnndit.ions governing the formRtion of the dense modificationa of silica at high i~res:iures anI temneratures. Izv. AN SSSR.Ser.geol. 28 ne.8:3-10 Ag 163. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Institut fiziki Zemli AN SSSR i Institut geologii rudnykh mesi-o- rozhdeniy, petrr;grafii, m'.neralogii i gerkhimii Ali SSSR, Moskva.