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POLUSKIY, Yefim Petrovich; RAZNIKOV, P., red. [Production of mineral fertilizers] Froi2vsds',,Vo nine- ralInykh udobrenii. Mlos",,q, Mosk. raboch.ii, 1965. 69 p. (VIIRA 18:9) KUNIN, V.Ya.; POLONSKIY, Yu.A.; TSIKIN, A.N. Aging of rutile ceramics. Izv.vva.ucheb.zav.;fiz. no.2:85-89 t6o. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Ieningradskiv politekhichefikiy institut im. M.I.Kaliniza. (Titanium oxide) (Semicoz)ductors) RUIEVY I.S.; POL014SKIY Yu.S ; KHLABALIIJA, 0.1.; CHIGIREV, V.S. Study of the mechanism of the absorption of orthophosphate of the medium by the myce2ium of Penicillium chrysogenum. Biokhimi-Ja 29 no.4:759-773 Jl-Ag 164. (MIRA 18:6) 1. Gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Lomonosova, Moskva. GUB1111, Ye.V., doktor med. nzwk; POIXINSKIY, Yu.Z.; IWIS111KIN., V.T.; LHGEZA, V.-T. Statistical aralysis of the morphological s-t-ate of ,he Ji-- 0 healthy persons and its importance for the diagnosis of -various diseases. Probl. gemat. i perel. krovi 9 no.7:26-32 J1 164. (HURA 18:3) 1. Voyenno-meditsinskaya ordena Lenina akademiya imeni Kirova i Leningradskiy universitet imeni Zhdanova. GUBLER, Ye.V.;_191~~Q4SKIY,,Yu.Z.; GENUN, A.A., KORYTOVA., M.Yu. Farly datection of Q* forms of bvr7j ejJE,--aBe by aeime t.." differential diagnosis tables. Eksper. khir. i anost. 5 no.5:17-21 S-0 164. (MIRA 18-11) 1. Xhirurgicheskaya klinika (nachallnik - prof. T.Yu. Arlyev) i nauchno-issledovatel'skaya, laboratoriya (rjachalynik - doktor mod. nauk. Ye. V. Gubler) Voyenno-meditsinskoy ordans, lenina akademii imeni SAKIrova i Leningradskogo xmiversitsts. imeni A.A.Zhdanova. NOUN, Isaak Karkovich; FOLONSOY. Zinoviy Boriaovioh; IXOAROV, Petr Qavrilovich;--KMNffSOTA, W.I.1 - red.,; SHAIR NAf N.D., takhn.zed. (Means of individual protection in Industry) Sredetva Individuallnoi cashchity us proizvodetva. Izd.2., ispr. I dop. lzd-vo VTsWG Profisdat. 1958. 273 P. (KIM 12:6) (Industrial safety) POLo!MIY, Z.B. Z. --I. 65-555 AN, 1. 1. , PCLOI',S"I-1, Z. D. I KHARAI-19J, F. -3. SREDS'I7A DIDIVIDUALI E.OY ZASILHITY !!A PROIZVOIDSTrE. (Ili) PROFIZDAT, 1954. 200 S. S. IU. 20 Sn, 10.000 EHZ. ZR 50 K- BIBLWGR: S 196-10,,~' --(55-26,031)p 653.283 plus 613.6 plus (016-3) SC: r7ILZ7-:.kNVA 1-770PISI -C,61, 19c5 ACC NR. AP6035849 SOURCE-CODE-.--UR/0413/66/000/020/0057/0058 1"~WENTOR: Polonskiy, Z. Ya.; Fel'dman, E. S. ORG: none TITLE: A device for protection against breakdown of power transistors working in pusli-pull amplifier stages. Class 21, No. 187089 SOURCE: Izobreteniya,'promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 20, 1966, 57-58 TOPIC TAGS: push pull amplifier, cascade amplifier, transistorized amplifier, electronic i ~-' ~ &L%tolk- - .ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued for a device (see Fig. 1) that prevents breakdown of power tranaistors working in push-pull amplifier stages. All Fig. 1. Breakdown-preventing device for power transistors working in push-pull amplifier stages 1 - Variable resistor; 2 - avalanche diode; 3 - fixed resistor; 4 - diode; 5 - resistor; 6 - transistor. UDC: 621.375-127:621.316.933.9 -d- Car ACC NRw of the amplifier transistors are protected by a nonlinear circuit connected to the amplifier power supply. The circuit consists of a series-connected variable resistor, avalanche diode, and fixed resistor and a diode whose anode is connected either directly or through a resistor to the base of the transistor in the next to the last stage of the applifier. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE. IBMar65/ POLONSZKY, Gyorgy, dr., okleveles gepeszmernok of con-structing storage facilities for so2-*Ld substa-r. es in.bulk.- Elelm ipar 16 no.10:3pl-PlO 0 162. 1. Vegyim~veket Tervezo Vallalat. FOLOISZKY., Gyorgy Up-to-date conveyance of materials in coal-processing plants. Energia es atom 13 no-4/5:209-217 Ap-Yq 160. 1. VEGYTERV. POLONY, R., VRTYAK, 0. YA., KDPPEL, Z., and AVCRJSTIMKIY, V. (veterinary -39FE6- rloogical Laboratory and Veterinary Faculty, Kosice, Czechoslovakia) "Nature of the course of rabies in one distriety Veterinariya, Vol. 39, no. 5, may 1962 p. 63 MrMWAYER, T.; Maly 4__g~e~ ~ _ ZMDKO , J. In epidemic ot ornithosis culminating in a laboratory infee-- tion. Bratisl. lek. listy 1 no.l1r66&-670 164 1. Infekene oddelenie Fakultnej nemocn-Ine Kosiov (reduait Primar MUDtc-s LMittermeqn-) a Vyskumna vote-rinarna stanica Kosic& (veducit doc. Wr. Z. Koppql). POLONY,R..; VRTYAK, 0. ya.; KOPPEL, Z.; MUSTIVSKII, V. Characteristics of the course of rabies in a Province. nariia 39 no.5,063-65 I~v 162 (MTRA 180) 1. Veterixiarnayn baYteriologicheskaya laboratorlya i vaterl- na--nyy faku.12tet, Koshits-t. POLONY R M I.Alk analysis for hygienir -,turposes by the maxi-mal-dilution methol) and its utilization. -,.. 202 POTRANIN. Praha. Vol. --, no. 4, 1955. 391R,'~E: East European Accessions (EEAL), W, Vol. 5, n-D. 3, March 1956. POSPISIL, R.; POLONY, R.; MITTERMAYER, T.; VRTIAK, J.-, za technickej spolu'P~ . ~ec ~ovs ej. Neorickettsiosis as a new anthropozoonosis and its relation to bronchopneumonia in calves. Cesk.epidem.mikrob.imun.10 no.2: 98-101 Mr 161. 1. Ustav hygieny-lek.fak.Univ.P.J.Safarika v Kosiciach; Statny ved.veterinarny ustav v Kosiciach; Infekcne odd. = v Kosiciach; Klinika pre chordby infekene vet.fak. v Kosiciach. (BRONCHOPNMONIA veterinary) (MItAGAWAKELLA infect) Veterinary edic-Ine CZEC HOSIJOVA_,_,,~ G D J V 11,10 VA U U A.; PIOLONY R.J; VRTIAK5 J.; ZAVADOVA., J.; De-na.--nent of infectiovs Ise ses, I aterinary Faculty, College of ~.gricul- Uure (VSP, Veterinarska Falculta, Katedra Infekcnych Chorob), Kosice. "Use of the Color Test in Laboratory Diagnosis of the Classical Fowl Plague." Prague, V--terinprni Modicina., Vol 12, 14o 1, Jan 67, pp 19 - 25 U _7: The optim-uffi cell Abs'ract /A-,uthors' aiglish summary modified L, concentration with 6he hi-hest activity during a 4-7 day obser- va~ion period was 1 -2 x 1"6 of c',iuken embryonal calls. Best U 0 results were obtained in Earl's modium. lJost distinctive color I c!'--anges were obtained with a 10/`~l concentration of the sell' um. A coraoarison of the results of the color test with titration in L the stationary KE3 test tube cultures showed practically the same values by both methods. Tie dilfferences were within a sin- gle order of magnitude. 2 Tables, 8 Western, 5 Czech referen- ces. (Manuscript received 2 Jul 66). POLONT, V. '"?WPIM - - M11k, wtv~F~- 'I Now method in prolonged penicillin therapy. Sloven.lekar 12 no. 9-10:513-515 Sept-Oct 50. (CIML 20:5) 1. Of the State Hospital in Komarna (Head--Vojteh Polony,M.D.) POLOIff . V. ................ Results with retarded penicillin action. Cesk.derm. 26 no.2:82-84 Mar 1951. (CLKL 20:7) 1. Of Komarno State Hospital (Head--Head Physician Vojtech Polony). SLAMA, L.,- POILIN,J.; BULLA,I.; POLONYI2 J. _jjnI7 SolUtionS. BUI in boi Polarographie analyzer of S02 VUPG 6 no.1s 3-;~,J63. FOLIONYI) K; 11KITtANY B. Buildings of seasowril character v-ith liotnogeneous structural elelvnits. n.~471 mIIIIAGYMq EPITOIPAR. (Epitoipari Tudomanyos Egyesulet) Budapest, Hungary Vol. 8, no. 01, Sept. 1959 Monthly List of Fast European Accessions (EXAT) I.C., Vc?. 8, no.1.2, Dec. 1959 Uncl. POIA)ITYIJ, la0zle Sports parachutes. Repules -15 no.22:.12-13 D t62. 1W so 06 0 a 0 0 0 a 4 1 11 1 1 It is 11 U is m U 16 ty If a it n V I* D at V Is Sin It V U is 6 is V A 1,1 49 it Q 43 a OZ& tart am I a I 1 7 1 AA Ak~ 1~ jo r I a J_rm 0 A foe, P.OcMts ..0 "AtWISTRIL -04. .00 06 i-49 Results of bacteriological Investigations of pasteu rized 1 v A., _% nyi. hi.Otefur 4 K, ziemin 'vk 40, 1 N milk. Val 1 the no.a.' toW gCrinish(tuld lie u nder I t 0.11110. no. of B. rai TAX) and in I It r anall 1A)ir 'Pore tm~of Wrinzirl not mort: than on tulmoutolintustnitowa "itiverewtioninthectx)ivr!K-a-k)ii. Sotneof the samples iu%vinitatcd shom-rd high Slorch nm. 41vto,,trutiml prOmbly at too high tcuilm.) unit motaintil on the t-tnt,itv n%AnV gernam owing inf"-t ion. .00 Im made between B. coli of Itical orimin and of mlitif origin, -J 10 ld f h f l h l f 00 3 i - e ormcr kou not excvci t e tota t no. o % o B. coli. l0a%teuritatiou aluive 75* dutcriorates valuable =06 "411111tontints (A milk. The S14,rull it-action can 1W 11~4f - k -4 1 i it l h i i 00 f;.I ... car( "11 ie liful t " t nn IA,tcttt u"WIS. I Y 4 Fee -69 '09 ASS-SLA XUALLUNICAL LITCRATME CLASUIPICA71011 0 ma.m. we 0 ilk Idnoso -4 S.10.j A. 0., a.( ;-311 i'll T IF 66 It da a AT so 4 U j;,votolvwx Kit six ocarr It* wa n t its OR2 j FOLDiffi) F. hutritiorial significance of decomposition of foodstuffs caused by microorEanisms. P. 151. EIEIMEZFSI IPAH. (mezoLazdasar-i Ipari Tudonanyos Egyesullet) Budapest. Vol. 10, no. 5, Hay 1~'56. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EFJiL) Library of Congress Vol. 5, no. 8, August 1956 POWNI. Pal, dr., onstalyvezeto. Nmtritional sanitary role of 31scherichia coli aerogenes. NePagesseeguff 36 n0-7:197-200 July 55. 1. loslemany as Orssagos Ilsieses- Taplalkosastudomanyl Intesetbol (Igasgato: T&rjiLn. Robert dr.). (FOOD. bacteriology. 2. coll.) (IISCHIRICHIA COLI, 1u food.) 0 it it It b it to A $0 it *V11o" U 0 I Ask M to U iz l�r -00 lul. P. Y. Pa"!i"ll-Kodkies. "On a 110"Unsisir it* 00 line in pattial- Avilivillif" ilk lultatip" thomity. 1-00 ju-tall), Nars USsM (1XA&Iv Abbi. NoswiNSSR. '00 WIN, vul. W, 141. 623 C.M. 1-00 '114i% linjoi-s, I* 11111(wrom-41 with whilisssix 4 tile fwluxtifblj -00 0 o: ji moo 00 a --oo 2) wid JiNt",oi ,4 itsmss,* flinsisigh psiuu, sue,bui, Loo y t4itulititiaso KO, 9) - A. ods, (1) - It. A. is% tj~tar-! 00 wheak is - 1, lim Autin't introdarm Ow varisolle I, - ti(21"') Is' ~00 00 ultlaina lit-- o,;usitiait itlooldil - lJoutulary t-Ost-W voo lit., tak.-is sms w(O) - 1, so'(0) - .; h,)%vvt-r list . >Oil i,pboo'l, 00 S1 &* 0 0-t I'm 1111IN(l) s,li-t. No limit flu! larvi'mi. l"mm.141) loo 00 g "tA.Iouf, Fur list, 4-~vso- 0 -lulum.. rkro-.44N64 110'ris-Ally list to uu,I .1.1141L,%14-41 STRI1141 00 ca',s, s 00 1. 0.) .4"1 nulawfically (ur loinallilary cAlimilliuIL4 01) too SO .1.1 flu, w.141li-ml t,untlinit'l with Oust What I. J. tto 0 too 00 00 00 so I t eloo 00 S too -1 Is, oil I I d -w D JO Aw 4) to 1, to it 64 K R it Of 11 a "a ~; no~O-_ 00060*00000006000060 0000000000000*0000; 00000060-60--~Oioo 000000000009000000 0 6 e -6 -6 4--4- v, ~i 41 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 01o00.. Cv 0 o 0 a 0 0 0 a 0 6 # 0 0 a Oil" I I $6s 6 1 A 9"11u1)"11141114" kh AV3121 3011 UU IA31 16V MON 41 4161 MOCO A4 0* ~~Ofv! . - . - . - . - --' - -- - 71!-FtW1 00 40 so .00 00 i -- 0 ,00 00 SM L V. havAsk O.Tb,,Y I .-- ll~ I go of a" b pme" nomMA- pa Rumiam), Appl. Math..Vfti, (PrAl. Met. me".). NOW.-Dw. 1947, Vol. 11, Zoo, 00 pp, 62"7C COOL We is a campn6madve rwpurt uts Rwinivi owjMm&k," to ow 00 r.0 0 Knor of an inouaw"Wilale dwA uWavo 1b *0 V ;00 am-clium. It ova aveliem a(& Viet butubew of anawt tk" *0 V 00 for the cwrmwbdkq Andy wA wwwwdy motbla with or witbaut r, 00 a Irm surfam. lu law vow= wwralw b"agraor, see 00 9 cours"m 4 mohmmiow Rai$sm A. welamu", UFA 0 O's it WOO voo tA 0 .1T.L1pV1r1C,L OUSAURE CLASSIPICATIC. woo t TM Am a 1 0 rw 0 4 to It 0 rp 0 IPOPM sit "J .1, it ts it ww n 0 0 0 0 0 0 144:11,MM0099 go 00 00 go 0 POLOPLFLOVA, A. V.-"Penetrabilily of Blood-Cqrrvin7 Cai)illarics in Sm"Aferl-rs from Acute and Chronic Diffuge Nephritis."(Discert-3tion for Deirrees In Science an6 Enzineerinm Defennd Rt US2R lni;~her Eivcational Instit-utiong. ) Kazakh-tan 17+ite Medical lnqt Imeni V. M. Molotov,.Al-a, Ata, 1955 SO: EnL~~ Lotopin', No. 18 Jun 51; For Degree of G.-ndi6ate in '~. ledical Sciences A --tKAD ~ Y. .:V , Es .A. - G A NNITS A, V~ M, . , PGUOH,%T-~K -~YA N B, .- ---y -, .1 rroblerp of "he heating of a flartg.-ld jo-nt,, 2nir-, ?. Y.- I 735-741A Je '65a rmiR!~t l3i,~~ I, Turbinriyy zavod tmeni Kirova, ",harlkov. POLCRI,'A, J. Little Carpathian Mountains. p. 98. KR;..SY SLOVEISFA. Bratislava. Vol. 31, no. 4, Apr. 1954. SOURCE: East European Accessions List. (EEAL) Library of Congress. Vol. 5, No. 8, August 1956. IT POLORNY. , inz.; SACHL9 V.t inz.; KOSTELIIIK, J. ,-- --M-, Use of wider trellises in groiving hops. Vestnik CSAZV 7 no.8.-402-404 96o. (EW 10: 3) 1. Vyzkumny ustav chmelarsky Ceskoolovenske akademie zemedelskych ved, Zatec. (Czechoslovakia--Hop3) POLOONY, S.; SMNSCHUS~'-,_A.; Iq ~TVA, J. Solventiess polyester lacquers. P. 50 CHMCKE FRIWSI. (Plinisteratvo chemickeho prumyslu) Praha, Czechoslovakia Vol. 9, No. 1, Jan. 1959 Monthly List of i%st European Accessions, (EUI) LC, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1959 Uncl. 0e A 0 A " 1 a a a 0 10 0 00*0 -0:000 I 1 9 14 if u u u d 16 IT to a 12 u ids ULIXJIOII qu ddqs*o P a it j K L a "You V V I I AA M d St ot 1. - . . . _ _ _i .. .)kv 1-0 41. CIVIRI 0 0g: oe .00 4GOB. ARE *AVY OR LIGHT IALS XQM SUITAbLE FOR CENTRAL PFATING INSTAUATIONS V. (Paliva a Voda, 1948, ircle 28, 95-98). The aily variation of temp. in roams NS h~ea provided with central ~O!itiqg' in discussed adopting a sinusoidal grading of h4at An the walls in the ideal case. : V 0 Methods of central heat"IF.', its operation, and economics ;*Zoo according to the types ot uilding and matertal are deacribed. For large tuildings light materials are 00 0 preferred. (L). B.A. AIG.SLA 114TALLURGICAL LITIRAIM CLASWICATWIN %.logo .1# GWV 44C u to, K I II a cc of too* too WOO, 14 : 0, 00 00 so we 0-00.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 0 9 *1* 0 *1* 0 0 9 0 0 0 * o 0 0 :100 *0 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 * & 0 0 0 0 tie e 0 0_0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 - Ji -j P (The -hylomornho;,eny of the idn~.-c ig Fodocnpicla and its lix;ariri-~ o-11 the taxi,,::n.,~'. . 0 - - - I In -,nr,,,!-isn. bibl. ) V Praze, Karlova univerista, 1957. lionthly list of lj,~i'L3T EUIRLPEX; ACMIJSIC~;S LC, Vol. 8, 'o. ?, jilly 1~?59, unclz~~ ERDEY, L.s, prof. (Budapest XI Gellert ter 4); jWjQU,,J. (Budapest XI Gellert ter 4) Contributions to the iodometric end point indication. Periodica polytechn chem 4 no.2:157-162 160. (EW 10:4) 1. Institut fur Allgemeine Chemie der Tecbnischen Universitat, Budapest. (Iodometry) (Potassium iodide) -!777777-:7= TM JWICTU'd,~i; W d in0yalume c Y by :7 atldb~ in t e esenco of a`tis4**ofJerrIcyin(de, with a redox T Z2~-Tc an aq. soln. (contak-ing 2D to 000 mg of Zn) add"W" ~NH)SO (10ml) 2NHISO (lor2ml). 0- 1 Af i, ejel~j ~~ne dr~p~ mud I-/, Vi.rnt.. blue B soln. (0-2 to 0-5 rul), heat to 60- and titrata with 04 Al K,Fc(CN), until the violet coloar is disc-bargea, Pwedurs fot Ilb-For sarnples W -I to I S, -proc&ed " for Zn but vitb the taining 0 use of.formate buffer of pli 3 -10 1, instead of 'NHJ,SO, and, HSO, Cf. at nal. Absir., A. R. Room Determintation lm.d vilt, ad. , Z iiii n.4 R 77 -am 1. e h 3 (6). 401-411-~- Rmf)'r l6d I., s ~an lie determined volumetrically. i by, the addition of mxcess of K#Y,'e(CN), nnd titra- tion with standaid-ascorbic acid. Th, IPe(CN)#4- tillerated cause pptn. - of x&;s is actect-d PllFc(CN),, and the C~ potentio~ Mly (platinum ant with a redox j metric I S.C.E-) or indicator. Oxiffliang -and reducing cigents, and conipou~iiis tliat*gi%,o plit. i6th Zn or Pb interfere. The accur acv is within n~ _Piorcdw,,1 for 1100 ing of Zn) Zif~To nn aqi ohi. (wmaining. 20 to add20% (N!I,).SO, soln. (Invil) and 9_NI UrSO, and VaTimnincblueU Solo. (o -too jrnl),~ (2, nil" -601 - add 04 Al or 2 fill), beat to an-I Tit - tt, %vith 0-1 N asco-bic n.64 until tilt, will. 6 coleurlews; add. more 0-I N NjFv(CNji (I or 2 ml at a titne) and ~:notinue tim titration as inany tinies as is necussary toat-:ain a stablv uid-point. Pro- cedisr. fir Ilb-NVith. Sampki C0.1taillifig 0-1 to I g, A pnitwil Rs for Z% but lVitil tile us-v.of formato or, acetate Wier of PH 3 (11) fill) instcall of (N A, R. )?(,aFxs 41, eimination of we, cadmium 'and i in me Prepence of Vadaralue Blie-as ;MURM~-iod'u-16611, Inj%star.7L. Er4ey and.L,.P6Ios..( ech. Rochschule. ~Bmtapest, Hung.). Anal. Cksm. A 17~458-62(1957Ka`* Gmerman).-ne end points in titrations of Zn*+, Cd++, or' Pb+t with ethyltnedlamindetraacttle " (RTDA) arej 1ound by means of the following prinl I - the Oxidation- reduction couple lPe(CNNI--- - jtFj"1C%14- assumes a' 4+ Cd++ or! different potential in the presence of t e Zn Ph++ than otherMse, bocause them cations ppt, with (Ft~ If the pli of the soln. Is 5. the oxib on (C N)&1 -reduction Indicator VariainIne Blue (4-amIno4'methoxydIphenyI-, nmine) assumes a violet color in this situation. Nowasthe. removes the last of the cation being titrated, the liberation of IMCN)ol 4- causes 4 sudden shift in oxidation- reduction potential which converts the Variamine Blue into k its eolorless form. Mg++, Ba++, Sr++, and Ca++ do not Interfere, A. L. Underwood LA f_',Ts 7; Z nd -4 5 t z %-Z or Or Pbur-e(CMb at sed on the pptn. is bL W and on the reductk-m of excts., F(~CN --- (1) hV a-5- The first ex- 'corbic acid (11) Ir, buff"ed Wu. of p1l 2-4. ht detected ~slth Pt-satd~ 11K~Cl- electrod'L tm_.A of Fg C,,;) &I or by the color clihng" from violet to colorlm of variamine blue ludicatair (111). 1 oxidims III so, that only 1-2 ml . of 0.13f1in exms canbc~rescat. JII isadded just-btfore the end point. To tlet- Zn add 10 tul. 10% (NHOiM to the 4011'. followol by, 1-2 ml, :,'N 14-~:O, aud 0~2-035) ml, with GJAY IIj and tq;, -stort'. 'N'l 1% 1 14 S tJLe color. Fm Pb omit 0, but dd 10 -2.11 N". .0, tjjl~ of buffer (0, 10AC 0.2,11 HOAC), hlmll " h$ which r,~aa with I 'Ur If ifm6rie ticttCr way "I o prep-t Iles, lit Oita MA,11- I (Irk.1, PAULIK, Ferene (Budapest, XI., Gellert ter 4); BUZAGH, Eva, (Budapest, XI., Gellert tfer 4,)- POILS L&EzlofE'Ld?-p-er-t, 7-1 3 "-- I k I GaUert ter 4); EIUEY, Laszlo dr., ~i6f-.1ftdapest, XI., Gellert ter 4). Derivantographic analya-is of barium sulfate precipitates. Pt.l. Acta chimica Hung 38 no-4:311-323 163. 1. Institut fiir Aalgemeine Chomie der Technischen Universitat, Budapest. prof', dr. (Uudapeal., U., Gollort tf.-.r Fereric (Budaj)est, U., Gellert ter 4); BIFZAGHI-GI-K'E, (Mrs) T 7 (DudaDeqtf Xi,, Gellert ter 4), -E2i4q,-L'aSzI- U-23.1ert ter 4) Derivatographic and electron microscopic analysis Of bi-iT-~IOM c-1phate preci-pitate-,i. rt.2. Aeta chimica Hung /,I no.1"),,, 1091122 t64. C, 1. Institut fur allgemeine Chemie der Techni3chen Universitat Budapest. 2. Mitglied, Redaktionskollegium, "Acta Ch24ULAca Acadsmiae Scientiarum Hungaricae" (for Erdey). 0 0 0 0 0 a * 0 0 0 4 W 10 I~ ~** Is "Oe a o *00 00 0 0 00 00 0 0 00 4:_:s 0,1111 060 0 0 0 0 0 0 It a on I It 11 11 1) It It 4 1? It 1) * 1; 12 12 M A h )? x Ax it )i M A AS VV ji, 1k; 61 4) it M 13 A 8, L- _A_J "'--A-i F a A ) - 1, -, VY i~_L_ 1-.L AA Of a M R 00 &is hiiiin d W.W am rika'm teMkin tZhur. TrkAn. 00 Fillikil 1"61 19. 02)1I42T_I460).-[In RuwAanj~1)_AV1`tud%, (if tip, mear of a Leon, Wals, Sabbitt,zinc, blemuth)hm W to the;-tt4blih. nwnt of an anshyp IvivrIon cutting and wratr. On The bade of work on Ibe 00 cutting (if trwtats it W Iiiewn Itivollilt, to relato tho laws offdotlim An the 111wa -0 0 of plastic mmlwwAkin. anti a quanlittilive n-Witmuibip be* *m oi""t4: 00 N - %M1, whetie N is the normal kad on th, surfam offirleUniii. Af Is W in&" _04111 416 (if I be wom In 'er, in a ontiff. (kliending an the material vA dw abeitalve. anti .00 00 E In Q, Mwt. lckr IL given material but Indepondent of 96 abrasive, It In fee abown that the forow of adhealort do not always Influenm the mm of mr-Wo, Os all "tho rumhanism of their action is doacribud. Arkewphenrimenonlia4slat) bwo invootigated, namely thr growth (if Tnet&h during friction.-N. A. 0 0 so f As 4D0 0 t:96 it K It K 91 it it It W D r, It IT It sic 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 so 0 to 41110"o, Gooto 0 of V: 0 0:0 0 0 is 0 0 a St 0 0 Is Soo 0 0 Polozatkin, G. ijand ---;olt-ruht-I~. ell) for Spo. 0. SO: U-52al, 1" D-!cmribtr 1)'53, (Letopis 'Zii-ir-ial I'lo. 2"r, 1):~9) G. D. 195/97 621.923 :620,178.16 __q of Wear on the Surfiica. PqpqRLIqpc Dokl.Akad.Nauk b Polishina 88(6) -973 yj 971 T9- 5 3 G.-D Polosatkin U.S.S.Ri IS17 ts-F~-O-;;#~Mation of the *research into establishing tb connection batween the al;~casive wear and the cutting of metal, By analogy, *a formula- for the cast- of' polishing has ~)een derived. Experimental result.9 havi- shown that the mass of tht layer removed through polishing depends to a considerable extent on the ncminal surface of contact between the metal an~ the abrasivel, which iR in keeping with the basic formulae, confirming thus strong IiHcs between cutting and polishing. Polishing, therefore, is based on plastic deformations of the metal that is being pc:lished.(Bibl.1) SOV/124-58-3-3552D Translation f rom: Ref e rativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 19 58, Nr 3, p 135 (USSR) AUTHOR: TITLE: Study of the processes of Scratching and Abrasive Destruction of Metals (Izucheniye protsessov tsarapaniya i abrazi-,,nogo razrusheniya rnetallo,~) ABSTRACT: Bibliographic eniry on the author's dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, presented to the Tomskiy un-t (Tomsk University), Tomsk, 1957 ASSOCIATION: Tomskiy un-t (Tomsk University), Tomsk. Card 1/1 32-T-St/49 AUTHORs polos&tkins, G.D. TITLEs The Decrease of Friction on the Front Sides When Cylinder Samples are Compressed (Umen'sheniye treniya v tortsakh pri szhatii tailindAcheskikh obraztsov) PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya Laboratoriya, 1957, Vol. 23, Nr 7, PP- 649 - 851 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The regularity of plastic deformation is frequently disturbed by frictional forces between the "poisons" and the deformed substance. It is therefore of great importance, during the process of com- pressing the sample, to eliminate frictional forces or to reduce them to a minimum. During rotation of the compressed "poisons" round the axis of the sample frictional forces on the front sides can be reduced to nil. In this case the foniatiDn is uniform along the entire length of the samplew and its force is fully reduced. The principle of eliminating friction is frequently employed in the supporting of nodal points of various machines. It was also employed by S.I. Gubkin in determining the formula for the com- Card 1/2 putation of the friction coefficient in wire production. 32-T-28/49 The Decrease of Friction on the Front Sides When Cylinder Samples are Compressed ASSOCIATIONt Physical-Technical Scientific Research Institute of Siberia (Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy insti- tut) AVAILABLEt Library of Congress Card 2/2 POLOSt G.D.; GRIPANOV, Z.-J"- me E5. turs, per -ur-Nilb. zav.; 'Is!. 1. Sibirskiy POLOSATKIN, G.D.; SOLOWIN, I.A. I Wear oC~lu'ndnum due to microscrar-ching, lzv. vys. wheb, za-7.; fiz. 8 no.2~86-89 165. (MIRA l8i7) 1. Sibirskiy fiziko-teklinichesk-ly Institut imeni Kuznetsova. L 2722-66 EViT(m)/EVIA(d)/ErIP(t)/EVIP(z)/EYIP(b) , 1J.P(c) _D ACCESSI N NR.' ---'AP5017193 ui~-/0139/e5t7~JOO/003/0173/OF4- AUTHORS: Polosatkin, G.. D.; Gribanov, S. A. ITITLE: Measurement of the temperature on the surface of a cutter ~a_ velocities 1-800 m/sec ISbURCE: IVUZ. Fizika, no. 3, 1965, 173-174 I.TOPIC TAGS: high speed metal cutting,,/,high temperature alloy,< Itemperature measurement. IA13STRACT: The authors measured the temperature produced during high 1 I-speed scraping metals by the natural thermocouple method, in which two cutters of identical shape are used, insulated from one another jand operating under difficult conditions but one m d'e of high speed steel (R18) d one made of a hard alloy (Tl5K6) During the instants -5 i7-5 __ 10 lof cutting (the cutting time was usually 10 sec), the cir- cuit through the cutters is closed by the work material, and the tem-, perature at the point of contact, which can be assumed to be the same Ifor both cutters, produces a potential difference on the cold ends of Card 1/2 Mum= L 2722-66 ACCESSION NR: AP50il!153 1cutit3rs, corresponding ~o the hot-junction temperat)dre of a thermo- coup e, made of 'he cu e r ma te Tals. The samples 4nvestigated were A imlbrasstlkopper~ and steel (type 3,).I'b Speeds up to 100 z1ncjr'bjum1n T/sec were produced-by r-o-fa-Ung a disc witT-a--RoTbr, and higher speed I V t(100 -- 800 m/sec) were produced by shooting cylindrical samples from! ;a rifle. The thermocouple voltage was amplified and fed to an oscil-! Joscope. In all cases, a sharp rise in temperature was observed up to, ~about 200 M/Ekec, after which the temperature became independent of tb-_~ ,;t3pued. The highest temperature (1300c) was obtained for steel, and i 'the lowest (4000) for zinc. The results are compared with data by I :others and some discrepancies are explained. Orig. art. has: .1 figure ~IASSOGMION: Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut imeni V. D. :Kuznetsova (Siberian Physicotechnical Institute) ;SUBMITTED: _31Dec64' ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: I F_ 'NR REF SOV: 001 OTHER:.003 ~/2 Card POLOSATKIN, G.D.; KISELEV, G.I. -Gorrespondence between abrasive wear and scratc~dng strength at elevated temperatures. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; fiz no.6:35-37 161. (MIRA 15:1) 1. SibirsIdy fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut pri Tomskom gosudarstvennom universitete imeni Kuybysheva. (Mechanical wear) - POLOSATKIN G. D kand. fiziko-matematicheBkikh nauk Strength of rotating drawing dies. Izv. vys. ucheb. sav.; mashinostr. mo.7:169-171 162. (MMA 16:1) L Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheakiy Institut. (Wire drawing~RquiFmnt and supplies) POLOSATKIN G.D.- ZA14ASHAIBKLYA, N.F.; STEPANOVA, G.S. Effect of superhigh shearing speeds on the depth of the cold- worked layer. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; fiz. no.3:173-175 161. (MIRA 14:8) 1. Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhaicheskiy institut pri Tomskom gosudarstvennom universitete im. V.V.Kuybysheva. (Shears (Machine tools)) (Metals-Cold working) S/13q/6i/ooo/oo6/oo3/O23 E194/E484 AUTHORS,, S~~~~iselev, G,I, TITLE, The relationship at high temperatures between abrasi-s wear and the hardness as measured by s::rat:hang PERIODICAL; Izvestiya vysshikh ucliebnykii zavedeniy. Fizil(o no.6, iq6i, 35-37 TEXT,,, If abrasive wear can be considered as simulraneou~ szrat, by numerous hard particles there should be a- lease a q-ualitatii,e relationship between resistan~,e to wear and hardness as measured by Scratching, This relationshi.p was acs-ordingly studied for carbon steels in the temperature range 20 to 500 C The method of mutual polishing developed by 11,D,Kuzne~s0v (Ref,l.- DAN, v,84, no.5, 1952; DAN, v.841 no,6, 1952. DAN, v.85, no.1, 1952, DAN, v.85, no.4, 1952, DAN~ -.87, no,55, 1952 DAN~ v-,89, no.2, 1953- DAN. v.90, no.4. 1953) which was used gives relative and not: absolute values of wear and aLcordingly in this- work the v-arious grades of steel. were compared with a referen.~e sample of high speed cutting steel grade D-719 (ER9)~. The ~7ampl,?-- ~-onsisted of discs 30 mm diameter with a loading of 4 kz~ Or,;: Card 1/3 -46 ;C)/()()6/00:'/G;; 7 S/1 39/61 A The Y e1a L i on!~hip a t high E 1 94/E481i m .3 3i.s: wa., rotated relaf -ive to the other at a speed z5f 38- rr.. -r d a radius of 10 mw. for a time of 63 mi.n. During Llit *.f-~ grade 30-36 (EN 30-36) was fed thrQugh an apex-.u,-- ~n the tipper sample, Before testing the samples were anne~oled in an oxygen free atmosphere. The rubbing part of the equipment was contained in an electric furnace, The resistance to szratzhing was determined by a method pre-viously described by G,I,Ki '~elev (Ref,39 ZhTF, v,23, no.12, 1953). The rate of scrat-.-hing 'WaS 4 mm/min and the load on the cone was 5.5 kg. Sc.rat~hing zomnionzed 10 sec. after application of loid~ As the pror)erti,~-s of the refeiren~e sample changed with temperature the change.-~ of '4ea-" resiBtan~.-e of a given steel %rith temperature i--anriot be dire.-ly deteimined from the test. resulta, 11owevez, if the lelcftiv't~ wikilf of different steels is compared at a given temperature 1 ~~bara-~Jeristic is obtained of the change in absolute weaz' resistance of these steels at the given temperature. Wear resistance curves at different temperatures are plol~ed as func,~ion of carbon content- in the range 0.1 to 1.0/9 and it is found that a! all temperatures the wear resistance is greatest with a --arbon Card*2/3 ASSOCIATION: Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut pri Tomskom 90suniversitete imeni V.V.Kuybysheva (The Siberian Physicotechnical Institute of Tomsk University imeni V.V.Kuybyshev) SUMITTED: February 1, 1961 Card 3/3 S/139/61/000/003/013/013 A (Do E073/E335 AUTHORS,' Polosatkin, G.D.j Zamashanskaya, N.F. and ova, i~.S. e an~ TITLE.~ Effect of Ultrahi,Kh Machining Speeds on the Depth of the Work-waaAciieu ~aytaA FERIODICALt Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy, Fizika, pp.-173 - 175 TEXT-. In 1947 V.D. Kuznetsov proposed the following principle of ultrahigh-speed machining of metals. At the end of a rifle a cylindrical p a r t is placed, which forms a continuation of the barrei. --3everal cutting tools are fixed onto this cylinder, which machine specimens that have been shot out oi-tne rifle. It is possible, by means of this method, to realise cutting speeds of several hundred m/s. On the basi.s of this principle a laboratory test rig was produced, under the direction of G.D. Polosatkin, which permitted qualitative study of the process of machining and measuring the machining forces and speeds~ The results of the influence of such high machining speeds on the depth of the Card .1/4 5/139/61/000/003/013/013 Effect of ... E073/E335 work-hardened layer are given in this paper for aluminium and duralumin cylinders of 7.6 nun diameter. 25 mm long, which, prior to machining, were annealed fox, the purpose of stress relief. Chips were cut from two sides of these specimens by, 0 high-speed steel-cutting tools set at a negative angle of 30 The depth of the work-hardened layer was measured by measuring the microhardness across sections produced by electrolytic polishing. It was found that with Increasing cutting speeds the depth of the work-hardened layer decreased at first and then stabilized to a constant value at cutting speeds above 250 m/sec (aluminium) and 350 m/sec (duralumin), the values being approximately-0-38 and 0.47s mm, respectively. The micro- hardness of the work-hard&ned layer showed a similar bebaviour; after an initial decrease with increasing cutting speeds up to 250 m/see, it remained almost constant - if the cutting speed increased further, to values up to 700 m/see. This phenomenon is explained by the theory of work-hardening and relaxation proposed by M.A. Bollshanina. Work-hardening and relaxation occur simultaneously during deformatlon; whilst the Card 2/4 S/139/61/000/003/013/013 Effect of 2 -&,) _k2 E073/E335 work-hardening depends only on the degree of deformation$ the relaxation depends on the time, temperature and degree of deformation. The higher the rate of deformation, the shorter will be the time available for relaxation and at very high speeds relaxation may be completely absentt in this case, the work-hardening will not depend on speed. If it is taken into consideration that deformation at speeds of hundreds of m/sec is adiabatic, the stabilization temperature of the layer should also be constant. This explains the fact that for aluminium stabilization occurred earlier than for duralumin. Deformation of the machined surface Is also c1tsely linked with deformation of the chip and the former can only be stabilized when the latter is stabilized. The surface of the machined duralumin was rougher than the surface of the machined aluminium. Deformation of the mrface layer is qualitatively linked with deformation of the chip and therefore it can be assumed-that a decrease in the depth and degree of work- hardening is linked with the decrease in deformation In the work-hardening of the chip. In this case7 the proce#s of Card 3/4 26,03? S/139/61./000/003/013/013 Effect of .... E073/E335 cutting and the chip temperature, which depend on the -plastic deformation, should decrease with increasing machining speed. However, this does not hold for the temperature of the cutting tool since this temperature is primarily determined by friction. There are 4 f igures and 2 Soviet ref erenc es. ASSOCIATION: Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnicheski.y inatitut pri Tomskogo gosuniver-91tet Imeni V.V. Kuybysheva (Siberian Phy5icotechnical Institute of Tomsk State University injeni V.V. Kuybyshev) SUBMITTED: September 17, 1959 Card-4/4 POWSATKIN,,- G.D.,_-, -1 -11 ~ Iffect of surface active lubricants on the scratching of a rotating cone. IZT.TYB.ucheb.zav.;fiz. no.2:90-98 160. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Sibirskiy fiziko-tekhnich8Bkiy inatitut pri Tomskom goeunivernitate im. V.V.Kuybyahevao (Surface-active agents) (lubrication and lubricants-Testing) MN,BTSOV, V.D. '-POLOSATKIII, G.D.; KAIASIVIKOVA, M.P. 0 -- StudYing the dutting process at superhigh speeds. Piz. net. I metalloved. 10 no.3:425-434 s 16o. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Sibirskiy fiziko-telchnicheskiy nauchno-isoledovatellskiy inatitut. (Metal cutting) Cli W1.0SATKIN., U. D., (Lass) I'P.,.ucer;5es u!" scratclLirf enci - - - 5 d1" Ow, S, ~ -Y ; ~ i J. - , I '. - : uestruction of metals" Tviualc, V Pp, (Twua& Xk*wO#., -LUU Copies (tu"O 11. -V., LI)57,, P94) SOV I i371-58-- 1 1-234671 Translation. from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 11. p 232 (USSR"? AUTHORS: Kashcheyev, V. N., Kiselev, G. I., -Polosatkin, G. D TITLE: Wear Resistance of Carbon Steels at Elevated Temperatures (Iznosostoykost' uglerodistykh staley pri povyshennykh tempera- turakh) PERIODICAL: Dokl. 7-y Nauchn. konferentsiii,; posvyashch. 40-IcLiyu Velikoy Oktyabrlskoy sots. revolyutsii. Nr 2. Tomsk, Tomskiy un-i, 1957, pp 49-50 ABSTRACT: Wear of steels containing various quantities of C_(0. 04, 0. 23, 0. 57, 0. 68, and 1. 040/0) was investigated at. temperatures of 20, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 5000C by the method of mutual grinding and by the method of wear in a stream of abrasive particles. The hardness of the steel was evaluated from the magnitude of an in- dentation produced by a cone-shaped penetrator (Hk) as well as from the results of scratching the specimen with the same pene- trator (Hts). It is demonstrated that as the concentration of C Card 1/2 in the steel is increased t~e Hts value increases throughout the SOVI/I 37- 58-11-2 34677 Wear Resistance of Carbon Steels at Elevated Temperatures (cont. ) entire range of temperatures (20-5000) concurrently %%ith an increase in either the 0-b or the Hk. Depending on the C content, the wear resistance, which is determined by the method of mutual grinding, varies also in accordance with the variations in Ub. A qualitative relationship between wear resistance and strength characteristics ( G_b, Sk, and Ak) is established: Minimum wear is observed in specimens possessing maximum strength. At elevated tempera- tures, the strengthening effect of the cementite is greater, in the case of steel 15KhM, than the effect produced by the addition of Gr and Mo. 1. B. Card 2/2 SOV/123-59-14-54740 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mashinostroyeniye, 1959, Nr 14, pp 38 - 39 (USSR) AUTHORS: Kashcheyev, V.N., Kiselev, G.I., Polosatkin, G.D. TITLE- Resistance to Wear of Carbon Steels at Increased Temperatures PERIODICAL: Dokl, 7-y Nauchn. konforentsil, posvyaehch, 110-lettyu Velikoy Oktyabr'sk. sots. revolyut.sli. Nr 2, Tomsk, Tomskly wi-t, 195Y, PP 119 - 50 ABSTRACT. The results of works are reported, dealing with the investigation of the wear of various steel grades with a different carbon content (0.04 - 1.04%) at different temperatures (20 - 500 OC). The qualitative dependence between the hardness of these steel grades and their breaking-down point was deter- mined; this dependence is preserved over the whole temperature range. The deDendence between the carbon content and the magnitude of wear in an ab- rasive flux at various temperatures were also established. Card 1/1 No L ACC NRt A116020462 Monograph UR/ Roalko, NLkolay Vladimirovich; Polosatkin, Vladimir Borisovich 16 ,Preassembling of metal ship sectionik (Predstapil' naya sborka metalli- cheskikh Budov) Leningrad, lzd-vo "Sudostroyeniye,"1966. 238 p. illus., biblio. 4400 copies printed. Textbook for cities professional and technical schools. . TOPIC TAGS.; textbook, shipbuilding engineering, ship hull, shipyard PURPOSE AND COVERAGE% This textbook is intended for specialized technical schools and for trainees in Oreassembly work at shipyards. Jt describes various operations normally performed in the hull processing and welding shops of the plant; gives basic information concerning administration, organization of labor, production norms. and other features common to shipyards. TABLE OF CONTENTS [abridged]: From the authors -- 6 Ch. I. Basic information about the shipbuilding industry and arrange- ment of work area.-- 7 Card- 1/3 UDC 629.12.002.11: 621.757 C Am& 2/3 ACC NR- A116020462 Ch. XIII. Management and operation of a shipbuilding enterprise 221 Ch. XIV. Safety engineering, industrial sanitation, and fire- prevention measures -- 230 Bibliography 240 SUB CODEz 13/ SUBH DATEt 2OJan66/ ORIG REFt 018/ IV--47-1 POIA)SATOVA. Ye.V. KeA,TImIrisser and the Rethansted lxperlmotntal Station. Agroblole.-iia no.4:147-153 J1-Ag 156. (MLRA 9:10) l.Direktor muzeya K.A.Timiryazova. (TImIrlazov. Kliment Arkadlevich, 1843-1920)(Great Britain--Agricultural experiment stations) USSR/General Division. History. Classics. Personalities. Abs Jour Ref'Zhur-B-Lologiya, No 2, 1958, 4639 Author E. V. Polosatova Inst Title Calendar.of Timiryazev Dates Orig Pub Izv. Timiryazevsk. s.-kh. acad., 1954, viD. 1, 233-238 Abstract The K. A. Timiryazev museum decided to publish a calendar of Jubilee Timiryazev dates yearly. Jubilee dates for 1953 and 1954 coccected with the life and activities of K. A. Timiryazev, a physiologist and Darwinist are -,iven. Card 1/1 tt-,~!.-hn. nauk; A.Kh., L*A. , _3 iizh. Unl.t. for rontin-umi.,; i'crimirli cf thr) roh-for-ced pltit;tlc- with a cruso str(A. 1,g i; I ' LC.S '.T,~I!A YF. V. '3070 Muzey Velikogo Uchenogo K. A. Timirye7evA. (YO-kw). Nauka T zhizn, 10A0,, "r). 91 c . 39- 40. SO: Letopis' Zhurral I rykh St!itey, Vol. ~5, Wjskvp, 1949 POLOSHCHUK, Yu.; KTJLIKOVAq A.; PISKOV, G. Facts, events, people. Kr-fl.rod. 12 no.6:14-15 Je 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. ZamestitellnacW'nika Upravleniya perevozok i obaluzhivaniya passazhirov Glavnogo upravleniya Grazhdanskogo vozdushnogo flota (for Piskov). (Aeronautics) POLOS IN, A, lmmDrtality. Voen.znan. 39 no-10:39 0 163. (MRA 16 -..U) k LUBYANSM, U.N.; POLOSIN, A.V. GlDtimum conditions for the standardization of scintillation aer-~- radiometer. Razved. geofiz no.2:102-103 164. (ICRA 1825) 5 Ol -of the. Tt~v of'~dtamla C in thi coniferous trees &IJACYOrsk Park of CWtrra and Recreation L T:'Lz l S~ iV M 71 d Xf l h K k l d a;~ - vrw %c ru . ' qs ov rasnoyars , '1033' No. S. 259--W; BeftraL Zhur., Biol. 195$, No. 6055.~ V 1"t itamin C content of them trees was found t be hi h ; during the wawm of active growth, varying Ire= 3 3 Ms. ; In March to 100 mg. % In June in the fir tree and 266 mg; . Z-1 ~io 98-87 Ms.%, resp., in tbq pine tree. Tbewitheringand of trees here and Uwe sue thought to be due to Im- Instnnces to the specimens survival In Oome w _t to lo;* P!:Yitwnw C, B. 5, PITIM try w 1. FOLOSAT071,*~, Ye. V. n. USSR (600) 4. Timiriazev, Klement Arkadlevich, 1843-1920 7. Study of the Timiriazev archives. Priroda 41 no. 12, 1952. 9. MonthIX List of Russian Accessl2ap., Library of Congress, March 1953. Unclassified. Dole 106e904096999 *goof: Fro! OeD 0900 :000000*0000000 sees* 0 -I,-. all- c a." In At a 9% -if ..0 vv 409!14 too age 1" 4409 at 440vot Aulkill mot 04M 1 -as o0 !got SON Olb set Oak oft i e4b " Oeb 00'. OS. tv to 0 m K It N iI n coo Fee 1800 Ptoo JV .1 Tk 41u* 00 00 00 o9 00 06a 000 0013 010. -i -o0 -w- I A W-11 .00 id waur ft me". 9V is 0-063 in (;H* 0-035 in PJMq, O.(rj3 iu XuZ 0.010 in CrAmbrImmov. . 0.(m in unwily light Prtmblw'4 0-06 in kwQwW (PON in pmAn uil. T" Uq~) COMWat -u1 ikydnwarbom mmy 1w wiumt"t frm a downuimtiun u9 ljo trnlll. " witiLb jurbijilly. appmw& R. TatipawwPai. .00 coo COO coo go* no so: zoo bee fAo 'ITALLUPOK&L LITERATIMI! CLASUPICATION bee - - - -- - too 5-,7--r TT w 0 a 5 1& 1b u a Aw -o An i If it at A a Its VIKII Its KID 0 0 Wo 0 0 IS 0 0 9 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 M eMc-SMUNA, A. V. Works of the Central Peat &merimental Station, (Min of Agri-, RSFSR) Volume 6, 1939p 319 pag-es. "Methods of Study of Peat Bogs (Part 2) "The Graphical Processing of Data." by Polosinkhina,A. V. . SO: Botanicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol XXXV, No 1, op 100-110, Jan-Feb 1950, Russian bimo per, Mosccw/Leningrad (U-5511, 12 Feb 1954) fun Wrote about Schematic ma-i of the h-4-roelectric jevelopment for the projected T~--archelpre-s (Tkvarcheli State Reerional Electric Power Plant Bridf,-) Soviet Source: P: Gidrotekhnicheskoye Stroitell stvo NO 10 1935 J-11oskva Abstracted in USAF "Treasure Island" on file In Library of Gongreas, Air Information Division, Re-port No. 94881 ZHIRITYY, k.Te. -, KRUGIOV, O.V. trqj~SIN, I.A. Connecting and putting into operation boreholes for underground gasification. Podzen.gaz.ugl. no.2*43-44 '59- (MIRA 12:9) 1. Llsichangkaya stantgiya "Podzemgaz", sektor No-15 Veasoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo i proyektungo instituta podzennny gazifikatsil ugley. (Coal gasification, Underground) (Boring) SHATILOVv D.V.; POLOSIN, I.A. Using gas infrared radiators for warming up free-flowing materials frozen in railroad cats. Gaz. prom. 9 no.6:19-22 164. (MIRA 17:8) POLO" i I IN I A- ; i-Z~~ ye.j. - FC;17-1,j .11, ! ~, " ~ K.B. Heatirig Gif trunk englllw~5 with infrareed burr,,jrn. .,- ,, ,, . - - - I . ~, . I rl 9 '0 11 "4. ( m :: ;-" 1., 1 w, 4 ~- - ) 1- YI h L": I P-r Og a. 7 9 Dan- I KAZARINOV, V.M., kand. tekhn. nauk; IZBEVSKIY, K.K., inzh.; FOKHT, L.G., inzh.; KOTSANDI, I.A., inzh.; ANUCHKI11A, N.F., inzh.; POLYAKOV, V.I., kand. tekhn. nauk; GLAZUITOV, V.N., kand. tekhn. nauk; PAVLOVA, Ye.N., inzh.; POLOSIN, M.D., inzh.; KROMOSHCH, I.L., inzh., nauchn. red.; fffflfe_NVA-'_~.V., tekhn. red. [Manual on the-nechanization of small-scale operations car- ried out on building sites remote from major construction points] Spravochnoe posobie po mekhanizatsii melkikh ras- sredotochenrykh stroitellnykh rabot. Moskva, Stroiizdat, 1964. 1+15 P. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Moscow. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut organizatsii, mekhanizatsii i tekhnicheskoy pomoshchi stroitellstvu. 7 KOGATT, K.P.; POLOSINI, .. A. Rerrote-control. ej-ctro-pas injection ivmjilion device. Gaz. rfello rio.5:27-28 165. (MI-HA. 108:6) 1. Yuzhgiprogaz. rOLOSIN, I.A.; ZHIRNYY. A.Ye. Putting into operation underground gas producers vithout mining at the Lisichansk "Podzemgaz" plant. Podzem. gaz. ugl. no-1:9-13 159. (MIRA 12:6) l.VNIIPodzemgaz i Lisichanskaya stantalya "Podzemgaz." (Lisichanak--Gas producers) (Donets Basin--Coal gasification, Underground) _ P~LOSIN, Y.V, WUREWICH, N.A. _, inzh.; M Equipment for the underground pressure station of the Ledilvarm i hydroelectric power station. Gidr.atroi. 31 no*4:8-13 Ap 161. (14MA 14: 5) (l,adzhanuri hydroelectric power station) POLOSIN, N.V., inzh. Construction of the Gumatskaya. Hydroelectric Power Station No.:L on the Rion River. Gidr. stroi. 32 no.2:17-20 F '62. (MA 115:7) (Gumatskaya Hydroelectric Power Station) FOLOSINP N.V., inzh.; TITISHIOV, R.K., inzh. Construction of the pressureless diversion tunnel of the Ladzhanuri Hydroelectric Power Station. Gidr. stroi. 32 no.6:11-13 Je 262. (MM 15.6) (Ladzhanuri Hydroelectric Power Station-Tunneling) MGBRISHVILI, I.M., inzh.; POIDSIIJ, N.V., inzh. Practices lased in constructing the le-dzhanu-- Dam. Gidr. B~roj. zri I no.10:12-17 0 160. (MIRA 13:10) (Iadzhanur Hydroelectric Power Station--Dams) AUTEORs Polosin,_1P_.P._,__kining Engineer TITLE: Electric Blasting of Oversized Rocks at Open-Cast Yining (Elektrovzryvaniye negabaritu na otkrytykh rabotakh) PERIODICAL: Gornyy Zhurnal, 1958, Nr 4, p 66, (USSR) ABSTRACT: In open-cast mining the men in charge of blasting the over- sized rocks very o?ten work under stressed conditions because of conflicting requirements of safety rules and of the admini- stration. To execute the largest possible number of blasts during the meal time or during the intervals between the shifts, the men ignore the safety rules and accidents occur. The author proposes a method of electric blasting of such rocks. This method allows the execution of preparatory work during the normal working hours. The fuse with the detonators is then brought to the site at the beginning of the work recess and, the final stage of placing detonators in boTe holes and the blast is conducted under safety rule conditions. This method also permits many more blastings in the same period of time. There are three figures. ASSOCIATION: Uralvzryvprom Card 1/1 1. Blasting - Safety measures 2. Mines - Gperation nGORKIN, Vasili7 Fedorovich, KIRYUSHKIN, Dmitriy Make i movi ch;I'C)LI)Sjji Viktor, SI GRABETSKIY, A.A., redaktor; DZIIAffYiv*---F-F ~ ~ I- Icheskiy re aktor. [Practical work in chemistry outside class; a manual for students in secondary schools] Vneklasanyo prakticheskle zaniatiia poikhimii; rukovodetvo dlia uchashchikhaia srednei shkoly. Pod obshchei red. A. U.1itiiishkifia.. Moskva,Gos.uchebno-pedagog.izd-vo M-va prosv. RSFSR, 1956. 263 P. (MLRA 1034) (Chemistry--Laboratory manuals) 0;* 0 0 9 a 'w 1111111millos fill )I a a X a X v a ?f Jos 11 v u D it v it Q 1) 41 vy ~l ap j x.)" 0 -A j I-A-A "L M, a M M9 b I ot I I lit -4c. 1.0 CAPF11111, 0 60" W im Ilimity Oysirm poffsolum lfihpjj')4r" -'"0- - OWN W11111115 11GI71 -4. .1040. V. A. in also It. K. 01"lill. A'shl W. S. S. R.) ka.-TG-. 1.4?*JA37).I- Patis it-Loing If) 11). 0", 25% 30' and 40* is~stlmm, atid Ifir 111%;A11,1111 am mrolorded. K1118W. ItIld N11.1121.0. IIKIII is WAM ft-rift of solid ~oln,. The hitury y-itm, KHJU-H&O Wd NH.HM-11,0 itve %,jillpic t-ulectw, -9 qp B. C 1'. A. QM Aqp7j. 1qrm bydrasm Soo 00 zoo 00 -3 roe 00 re 0 roe 2' re a goo Soo oil too or I ~e wavv .4 or 71 -mj-j- j -*--v;-O--. if of It so 0 Its, CIP IV 4? a, It R IF ; ; 0 0 o 0 o o 0 0 of 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 4) 0 0 0 a:* 0000000 060 00 0 Of 0 0 0 OA 000 0000 o 0 0 0 0 a 0 e go 2. 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