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.:IOV/11-59-8-6/17 The Main Tectonic Structuren of the Uraln and Their Origin ternal structure. The lower pa-rt is composed of baSic volcanic rock and small intrusions of the same compo- sition. The middle part is composed of volcanic and sedimentary rock and the upper part is of sedimentary rock. The first Archeian level is composed of deeply metamorphized sedimentary and magmatic rocks repre- sented by variegated metamorphized gneissesas well as micaceous and ferruginous quartzites and schists, phyllites and marbles. The absolute a-e of the feld- U spares, determined by the argon method, was fixed at about 1150 million years. The primary sedimentary rocks from which the feldspares were formed', must have been of much greater age. The thickness of this level is about 5,000 m. The second Proterozoic (Ri- feian) level is composed in its lower part of basic volcanic rocks and of small gabbroid intrusions which in some places are transformed into amphibolites. The middle and upper parts of this level are comDosed of sedimentary rocks, mainly phyllites and Quarizite Card 2/5 schists. Magmatic plutonic rocks are also widely SOV/11-50-8-6/17 L The Main Tectonic Structures of the Urals and Their Origin spread in this level. The absolute age of granites from the Berdyaush region was fixed at about 990 million years; the general thickness of this level is 8,000 to 12,000 m. The third, Paleozoic structural level is separated from the Proterozoic by a series of stratigraphic disturbances and an[~ular unconformi.- ties. On the western slope of the Urals, this level is composed of sedimentary rocks and on the eastern slope it is composed of terrigenous -and tufaceous rocks in its lower part; mainly volcanic rocks in its middle part (Silurian - Middle Devonian formations) and of mainly sedimentary rocks in its upper Dart (Upper Devonian - Permian formations), Plutonic magmatic rocks of ultrabasic and basic composition are also widely spread in this level, along 1,,rith volcanic rock. Moreover, this level is divided by stratigraphic disturbances and angular unconformituies into eight sublevels comprising complexes of rocks of different age stretching from the Lower-Paleozoic Card 3/5 age up to the Upper Paleozoic age. The general U SOV/1 1-5c,-8- 6/17 The Main Tectonic Structures oL" the Urals and Ihe - thickness of the level is 5,000 to 10,000 m. Rocks of the fourth, Lower Mesozoic level are associated with narrow depressions of longitudinal orientation (up to 3 km deep). The lower part of this level is com- posed of basic and, in some parts, of acid volcani3 rocks, and the upper part is of terrigenou-, -and coal bearing rock strata. The whole level (2,000 - 3,000 m thick) is also separated from the Paleozoic level by a series of stratigraphic disturbances and angular uncomformities, In general, its tectonic structure is very similar to that of the preceding level, Each of these levels has its own folding system and its o= intrusive stage. Taking into account the structur-al sublevels, the number of phases of tectonic movements of the Urals can be fixed at twelve. Giving a de- tailed description of the eight main tectonic struct- ures disposed latitudinally from west to east, the author thinks that the lower Archeian level of the Urals can be considered as crystalline form'-I'U-ion Card 4/5 equivalent to that of the Russian Plateau but broken SOV/11-59-8-6/17 The Main Tectonic Structures of the Urals and Their 0-rigin up into many blocks by plutonic disturbances pre- sumably at the beginning of the Proterozoic period, when the Urals geosyncline was formed. At the end of the Proterozoic period, this geosyncline was again divided into a series of local geoanticlines and r-eo- synclines which gradually shrunk during the Paleozoic C3 and Lower Mesozoic periods, and completely disappeared at the beginning of the Cretaceous period.. Since that time the whole Urals region has developed as a pla- teau. There is 1 map. ASSOCIATION:Gorno-geologicheskiy institut Ural'skogo filiala Ali SSSR, Sverdlovsk (Mining-Geological Institute of the Ural Branch of the AS USSR, Sverdlovsk) SUBVITTED: November 24, 1958 Card 5/5 MALAKHOVA, N.P.;,~RONIN A.A.,joktor geol.-min.nauk,; j_ IZIMM:NOVA, L.A., [Tournai stage In the northern and central Ural Mountain re- gion] Turnsiskii iarus Severnogo I Srednego Urala. SverdlovBk. 1959. 102P. (Akademila nauk SSSR. Urallskit filial, XX Sverdlovsk. rrorno-goologicheakii institut. Trudy, no.38) (MIRk 13:2) (Ural Mountain region--Geolog7, Stratigrapbic) PRONIN, A.A. Geological works of the Ural Branch of the Academy of 5ciences of the U. S. S. R. during the 25 years of its activity. Trudy Gor.- geol. inst. UFAN SSSR no, 32:5-13 '59. (14M 1415) (Geology) - PRONIN, A.A. Epochs and paleotectonic zones of the Carboniferous coal accimdation in the Urals. Trudy Gor.-geol. inst. THAN S-SSIR no. 32:235-237 159. (Ural Mountains--Goal geology) (MTRA 34:5) OVCHINRIKOV, Lev Nikola7evich; PRONDNl- A.A-., doktor gool.-min.nauk,; FAVORSKAYA, A.P.,; IZ,140DMIOVA, L.A.,; FUCHKOVA, N.M., [Contact-metasomatic deposits in the Central and Northern Urals] Kontaktovo-metasom ticheskie mestorozhdeniia Srednego i Severnogo Urala. Sverdlovsk, 1960. 494 p. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Urallskii filial, Sverdlovsk, Gornogeologicheskii institut. TrudY9 no-39). (MIRA 13:10) M?al Mountains-Ore deposits) TARAKANOVA, YZVGENIYA IVANOVNA;,PRONINI- A.A.., prof., doktor geol.-mineral. muk,; EBLRGjWT, Z-, red.izd-va; SEREDKINA, N.F., tekhn,red. [Atlas of coal of the Turgay coal-bearing province] Atlas uglei Turgaiskoi uglenosnoi provintaii. Sverdlovsk, 1960. 153 P. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Urallskii filial, Sverdlovsk. Gorno-geologicheskii institut. Trudy, no.53) (MIRA 14:7) (Turgay tableland--Coal geology) ___ERCILILNi-A2,eksEa(ir-AltLcaey ~cjjj FPKIY9 I.I.,; SaIENCYVA, Ye.A., red. izd-va; BLEM, E.Yu.p (Carboniferous in the eastern Blope of the Central Urqlsj Karbon Vostochnogo sklona Srednego Urals.- Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSSR, 2~960. 228 p. (Akademija nauk SSSR. Ura2:tskii filial, Sverdlovsk. Gorno-geologioheskii institut, Trudyq fio.36) (MIRA 23112) 1. Chle4-korrespondent AN SSSR (for Gorskiy). (Ural Mountains-Geology) FRONINj, A*A* Basic chaxacteristics of the paleogeography and paleotectonica of the Carboniferous coal accumulation of the eAbtei* slope of the urals, Trudy Goregeol.inst.UFAN SSSR no.0:23-42~ 160, (HIM 14;10) (Ural Mountains-Coal geology) FRONIN., A.A. Lower Vise (Rzhevskaya) metallogenetic phase in the Urals. Zakon,razm.polezn.iskop, 34364-379 160. (MIRA 14-.1,1) I. Gorno--geologicheskiy institut Ural'skogo filiala AN SSSR. (Ural Mountain region-Ore depoz;its) :FROITIN, A.A. Pre-Cambrian in the eastern slope of the Central Urals. Trudy Gor.-geol. inst. UFAN SWR no.51:3-13 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Ural Mountains--Geology, Strati&raphic) ,' PROITIN, A.A. Carboniferous stral.igraphv of the eastern slope of the Central Urals. Trudy Gor.-geol. inst. UPAN SSSR no.51:23-45 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Ural Mountains-Geology, Stratigraphic) MALAKHOVA, NadezMa Petrovna; MAIAKIIOV, Anatoliy Alekseyevich; PRORIN, A,A, doktor geol.-min.nauk.,; SF.REDKINAJ N.F.Y [Moskovian and Gzhelian stages of the Central Urals] Moskovskii i gzhel'skii iarusy srednego Urala. Sverelovsk. 1961. 84 p. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Uraltskii filial, Sverdlovsk. Garno-geologicheskii institut. Trudy, no.59). (MIRA 15:11) (Ural Mountains--Geology, Stratigraphic) PRONIN., A.A. Principal metaIlogenetic epochn-and ore formatiom of the Urals. Zakonom. razn. polezn. iskop. 5:130-158 162. (MIRL 15:12) 1. Gorno-geologicheskiy institut U=I'sko&io filiala AN SSSR. (Ural $=tains-Ore deposits) FRWIN, A.A.. Geotectonic basis of the metallogeny of the Urals. Trudy Gor.-geol. inst. UFAW SSSR mo.580-77 162. (MM 15t:L2) (Ural Nountains-Ore deposits) (Ural Mountains-rAsolog7, Structural) ~Pl IN ) r I - - r y of t he - ta L characteristic-, if th--) t-0 C to dovalopment of the Uralsj Varincite cycle) 0.3novrys cherty istoril tektonichaskogo razvitila Urala; varistsiiskil tsd.kl. Mosk-7aD 1965. 159 P. (MURA l8tU) UR GOVANTSEY, Y.T., kand.tekhn.nauk; TURASOV, Y.Y., kand.tekhn.nauk; ALUKIM, Sh.M., AURIANOT, V.N., doktor tekhn. nauk; ASTAFITZY, N.H., kand.tekhn.nauk; B=O, I.A., a~mdemik; BTSTRITSKIY, D.N.. kand.tekhn.nark; VZTALIS, B.S., kand.tekhn. nauk; GIRSHBERG, Y.Y., inzh.; GORSHKOV, Ye.M.. inzh.; GRI- CHEVSKIT, E.Ta.0 inzh.; ZAKHARIN, A.G., doktor tekhn.nauk; ZLATKOVSKIT, A.P., kand.tekhn.nauk; IOSIPTAN, S.G.. inzh.; ITSKOYICH, A.M., dotsent; KAUMIN, B.M.. inzh.; KVITKO, M.N., inzh.; KORSHUNOT, A.P., inzh.; LEVIN, H.S., kind.tekhn.nauk; LOBANOY, Y.N., dotsent; LITYIIMIKO, A.F., inzh.; MKRKELOY, G.F., inzh.; PIRKHAYKA, P.Ta., knnd.tekhn.nauk; PRONNIKOYA. H.I., Imnd.tekhn.nauk; SMIRNOY, B.V., kand.telchn.nauk; FATTU- -'&IIENKO, S.G., inzh.; KHODNE-Y, Y.Y., inzh.; SHCHATS, Ye.L., kand.takhn.nauk; EBIN, L.U., doktor takhn.nauk; ENTIN. I.A., kand.tekhn.nauk; SILIN, V.S., red.; SMYAIISKIT, V.A., red.; BALLOD, A.I..; SMDUTOVA, Te.A., (Handbook pertaining to the production and distribution of electricity in agriculturej Spravochnik po proizvodstvu i raspredelaniiu elektricheskoi energii v sel'skom khoziaistve. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo sellkhoz.iit-ry, 1959. 900 P. (MIRA 13:2) I.Tsesoyu2naya akademiya sel'skokhozyaystvennykh nank imeni Y.I.Lanina (for Bud2ko). (Rural electrification) PROUIN, Aleksay Alaksoyevich, knnd.intor.nauk; LAYROV, N.M.. red. [Independent India) Nezavisimais Indiia. Moskva, Izd-vo TM i AOIJ pri Tal USSO 1959. 101 p. (MIRA 13:5) (India--Politics and government) (Indin--loonomic conditions) S/032/61/027/003/023/025 B101/B203 AUTHORS: Andreyev, 0. N.- and Pronin, A. D. Exchange of.experience PERIODICkLi_._Zavodskaya labomtoriya, v. 27, no. 3, 1961, 356 TEXTt~ The authors designed adevice for measuring the deformation of specimens in tests for heat-resistance-by centrifuging. Fig. 1 shows the diagram' Byomeans of six bearings displaced in pairs relatively to each other by 120 on link joints, the device can easily rotate and move vertically on the shaft (d - 50 mm) of the centrifugal machine. The device is used to measure the deformation of specimens with d - 4 mm and 1 - 65 mm with the use of a loading weight,,and I - 95 mm. without a weight. Depending on the specific g.*:avity of the alloy tested, one specimen weighs between 4 and 10 g. The deformation is measured with an accuracy of 0.1 mm at the end of the liading weight, or in the center of the specimen, the slide gage being appl.~ed so that the deviation from zero position (vertical position) is measured. A slide gage with an accuracy of measure- ment of up to 0.05 mm can,be attached to the device. The device can be Card 1/2 S/032/61/027/003/023/025 Exohahge of experience 3101/3203 used to measure the Aeformations of various materials; its handling is simplG. There are 2 figures and 1 Soviet-bloc reference. ASSOCIATIONt Institlat metallutgii im. A. A. Baykova Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Metallurgy imeni A,. A., Baykov,of the Academy of Scien.~es UFSR) Legend to Fig. 1; 1) Jjlamp; 2,3,7) forki 4) adjoiiiing rail; 5) link.block; 6) slide-gage. Ff*q. S/052/62/028/001/015//017 B116/B108 AUTHOR: Pronin, A. D. TITLE: Device for automatic control of deformation of rotating samples PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya laboratoriya, v. 28, no. 1, 1962, 113 - 114 TEXT: The device developed at the author's institute (see below) permits automatic measurement of deformations in samples tested by a centrifugal technique (I. I. Kornilov. Izvestiya AN SSSR, no. 4 (1959)). The deformations are visually and automatically recorded, and the picture that is taken of the deformed sample is developed automatically. The sample is illuminated from a pulsed-light source. The device is useful for controlling samples in vacuo and in inert gases. It operates as follows (Fig.): The automatic command III switches on the CA-2 (SD-2) motor 5 by means of the contact K 2* The motor drives the eccentric 11 by way of the reducing gear 7, and the distributor drum 5 by way of the worm drive 9. The eccentric 11 connected to switch 10 turns on the signal lampA Card 1#~ S/032/62/028/001/015/017 Device for automatic control ... B116/B108 every 1/24 rad of distributor drum turn (when controlling 24 samples). 'he light beam from the signal lamp strikes the photocell through the boro in the synchronizer disk 4 when the sample is in the field of view of' thc. recorder IV. The electric pulse produced in the photocell starts the circuit V. The transmission of the gear 7 is chosen such that the capacitor CA is charged UD to the working potential during one turn of tri, eccentric. After exposure, the eccentric 11 closes the other pair of contacts in switch 10. The conveying device 2 is switched on, and the next film is ready to be taken, whereupo- -, .e procedure is repeatc-6, In visual observations of deformations, ie distributor drum 3 and th~ eccentric 11 are operatei by hand at the ..nob 6- The nunber of rotations of the shaft I of the centrifugal unit is controlled by an electroni,~ .) Soviet referenceo.. frequency meter. There are I figure and ' ASSOCTATIOU: Inatitut metallurgii im. i1. A. Baykova (Enstioite Metallurgy imeni A. A. Baykov) Card 2 1.4d S/03 62/028/001/015/017 Device for automatic control ... B116YB108 Figure. Diagram of automatic deformation meter. Legend: (I) shaft of centrifugal unit, (II) distributor, (III) automatic command, (IV) recording apparatue, (V) light source circuit, (VI) circuit of electrorfic tachometer. (1) sample, (2) conveying devicet (3) distributor drum, (4)~synohronizer disk (5) motor, (6) handle, (7) reducing gear, (8) locking mechanism, (;) worm gear, (10) switch, (11) eccentric. Card 3/1!~ FRONIN, A. D. 11 Apparatus for the automatic control of deformations of rotating test pieces. Zav.lab. 28 no.1:113-114 162. (KIRA 15:2) 1. Institut metallurgii im. A. A. Baykova. (Testing machines) FROVIR, A.F., kand.sellskokhozyaystvannykh naukj dotsent Methods for determining the suitability of agricultural machinery for various zones. Izv. TSIWi no.3:97-108 161. (MIRA 14:9) (Agricultural machinery) PRONIN. A. F. USSR (600) Agricult-ure Seeding and planting machinery. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo selkhoz lit-ry, 1951. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congrees, September 1952- Unclassified. PRONIN, A. F. USSR (600) Agriculture Machines and implements for the cultivation of crops. Moskva, Gas. izd-vo selkhoz lit-ry, 1951. Monthly List of Rustion Accessions, Library of Congrevs, S eptember 1952, Unclassified. P~Tj~a'Tj:: tIf-L- b~00", and toextDooke "Vor beerl s)JbZfttk?d f0r- ~'--Mrpetjtlorl fQr Apr. Nam Sokolovy N. S. Yarkov, S. P. Chizhevold-y, 11-1. G. Cherkasov, A. A. Shestalzo-v, A. G. Guly-akin, 1. V. Peterbur,as'Kiy, A. V. Troitski-jr, A. 11. Lukiyanytf-, V. 1. Savzdarg, E. E. TrofimovRh,, A. Ya. Kuznetsov, V. S. Kudryavtsev, N. Ye. Pronin, A. F. Alek-hin, N. V. Sachli, S. N. C-f 4ork "Elements of Faminell (textbook) I-K-I~AC n',CJ_ L% Moscow Ap-,ricull~ural Acade~y Imeni K. A. Timir-yazev PROIFIS,.M oA-Ze49rovich; PMIN Thail Alekseyevich; G*VRILOY, F.P., r, or-';; RAVLOVI, M.M., tekhnichookiy redaktor. [Mechanization and electrification of agriculture] Mekhanizataiia i alektrifikataiia sel'okogo khoziaistva. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo solkhoz. lit-ry, 1955. 550 P. (Uchabniki i uchebnve posobiia dlia nallskokho- ziaistvennykh tekhnikumar). (MLRA 9:4) (Ilectricity in agriculture) (Agricultural machinery) -FRONIN.) -Ardallon Fedorovich, ROOSTALU,L ' -1; CK""', '., red. (Agricultural. machines! 1- % s in, , ir-~ .-L- j d L . .. I I - -- linn, Easti Hiilclik Fir-jastuo, log p. (141HA -~ i - -H CNN 11, A.F. tiotnenty kani. naulrc 'hbeddiriv, o ~ mlneral f ert, ILl izer a iry i" vari,--w '.rodc-asting ne'vhodB of plaLaimenlu. lzv. T no. IC-t-1-75 b4 1. Kafodra mckhanizatoil 3t~,'Lls~okhoz. sollskz~khozyay5tvanttoy akadamil imerli K.A. Timiryazova. ALEHIN, N.V., dots., kand. sellkhoz. nauk; GEORGIYEVSKIY, I. S., dots., kand. tekhn. nauk; KUDRYAVTSEV, N.Ye., dots., kand. sellkhoz. nauk; OSIKIN, A.I., dots., kand. sell- khoz. nauk; FRONIIII, A.F., dots., kand. sellkhoz. nauk; SACHLI, S.N., dots., kand. sellkhoz. nauk; DMITRIYEV, I.I., red.; TRUKHINA, O.N., tekhn. red. [Manual on the adjustment of agricultural machines] Spravochnik po regulirovkam sellskokhoziaistvenrWkh ma- shin. (By] N.V.Alekhin i dr. Izd.2., perer. i dop. Mo- skva, Selikhozizdat, 1963. 686 p. (MIRA 17:1) FRONIN,A-T-- ------ Bliminating losses In cutting veneer. Der.prom. 9 no.4:6 Ap '60. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Laningradakaya lesotekhnicheakaya akademiya im. S. M. Kirova. (Veneer industry) PRONIN, A.G. Water regimen characteristics of rivers in the northern part of the Lake Ladoga region. Uch.zap.LGU no.292.,139-159 l6o. (MIJU 13: 7) (Ladoga region-Rivers) AUTHOR: Pronin, Candidate of Geographical 33ciences, I.enin-rad TITLE: The Fedchenko Glacier (Lednik Fedchenko) PERIODTCAL: Nauka i zhiznl, 1958, Nr 8, Dp 33-36 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In 1932, the highest hydrometeorological observatory of the world was erected on the Fedchanko Glacier of the Pamirs. Observations were of considerable importsnce in the study of the glacier, At the Brussels Conference of Countries Participating in the International Geophysical Year, the Fedchenko Glacier was confirmed as one of the basic objects of research in the section of glaciology. Together with scientists of the Institut mekhaniki i matematiki Akademii nauk Uzbekskoy SSR (Institute of Mechanic3 and Mathematics of the Uzbek SSR Academy of Sciences) and a group of workers of the filloscow University, a number of geomorphologists and climato- logists of the Leningrad University participated in research of this glacier according to the IGY program. The scientists were given the task of establishing the structure of basic glacial forms, the 'thermal and water balance, of studying the Card 1/2 glacier's influence on climatic fluctuations and in observing The Fedchenko Glacier SOV-25-59-8-15/61 the movement of ice and water. In July l?57, a group of climatologists under the direction of Professor O.A. ')rozrlov proceeded from the city Osh to the top of the Fedchenko Glacier. The author describes the road to the P.-lacier, the rivers the expedition had to cross en route, the clim9te and other conditions prevailing on the glacier. 'Sith the help of modern devices, geomorphological research and the studies of the upper layers of the atmosphere will be considerably extended. It is planned that 6 hydrological stations be established, in order to observe the flow of the melting snow. There are 4 photos and 3 drawings~ 1. Meteorology 2. Glaciers-Climatic factors Card 2/2 PRONIN, A.G. Lake Yanis'yar-ii. Ve--t.LGU 16 no.24:145-151 '61. (YjRA 1-4:12) (Yanislyar-vi, Lake) FRONIN, A.G. I Fiuctuations in freezing periods of rivers in northwestern regions during different years and epochs [with sumnary in Bnglish]. Vsst.LGU 13 no.12:126-135 '58. (MIRA llil2) (Ice on rivers. lakes, etc.) 7 _7j 2,0:~~, copltb prInttzi. SpcnacrIng aCencyt Glav-.070 uPravloniye jjdrometeorolc9ich#&'-tT SSSR. s-luzhby pri Sovets X-natroy Rasp. Ed.t V.A. UryV,,T8TJ Id.g V.3. PMt4Dpopovj Tech. ld.o 9.1. -&3mln& H . FCRPIOSE: This work U intended for moteOrOlOgistst, hydrologists, and ly those engaged In he study or snow hydrophyaicibtat particul&r and too and evaporation Procs@265- CaVF-RA031 This book contains papers on hydrophysics which were pre- sented and discussed at the Third All-Union Hydrological Conference .n Leningrad, ublishad 10 volumws October 1957. The Conference p on various aspects or hydrology or which this Is numb or 3The editorial board in charge of the series Includ I A: Uryvayev (Chairman), O.A. Alekin, YG.V. Bllznyak (deces:ed)V, 0 N. Borsuic, N.A. Velikanovo L.K. Davydov, A.P. Domanitakly. O.P. KAllnin, S.M. KrItSKiY, B.I. Kudelin, L.P. Msncta~ N.Y. Mankol'a B.P. Orlov, .1 Popov;,,..A.1- I .41akov, D.L. Sokolovskly, O.A. Bpenglarr, A:lv*chobot , ando K. Cherkavekly. This Volume In divided In- fo lonsi the first contains reports from the subooction -2 Ttatudy of :vaporation processes, and the second contsin* r th ;.Op.rt.rromthe n and ice subsection. References secompany b article. X*1"nlkQ_Y_A.([- FrOrtsb;;. Doctor Sc!incej -;.-t and A.A. PlvOvKmv (Candidate of Physical and Nathqm&ti. cal Sciences) Computing the Rate or Autumnal Cooling A1011,; T, River 2TO .Braslavskly,_ Aip; [Can4 d&t; Of Technical Scienc*to;,001 Lehlngradl Computing thi c R991.2n o the Northern Kazakhe Lakes 2" FIAZT.-M. 1DOcsnt, Candidate of "Ographical Sc1snces, LOn, Leningrad] Long-range Ch"s In the Ice Break; TImas or Rivers and Lakes " the Question or -up and Proo.s.up "re,casting Zxtra Long-range 287 01-nzburg, 13--A. [Candidate of Tschnic&.1 3cigneeso Tal, Moscow, PurdaxenCZ& or the N*thod of Long-rwigs BroakAw an River& PorecastInE or Ice _X&kar*T1ch_T.X. [Candidate Or Geographical 3clances, Gal L*ni 296 grad] Unstable 'IFe Regi..n. on XIv*ra and Methods for Forecast n- ing ~A-r~n 302 No-&-c-ok Or 040graphical Scignan, 7 Long-range , Telp Siberian an POrcs2ts of tho Time of Zee Appearance d Par lantern Rivors on 309 At A. lCand1dato Of 000graphical Scloncow, c &an Effect on LOU La. -Tc0 Ereak-up for the North the Types Of Ice Cover and the T ilagraa western RS'3R Rivers or Plo~~rollch-V-7- [Candidate of Tgchnic&l 323 rrad%"a [Candidate of Geographical Sclenc3clOncOsLand M.P. VjnO ~j' @&I velOPIng A Method Of Long-range jpor~c&st of p Basic means ror Im: C"e"'r"nee TIm** In Reservoir projects rssse~up and Ice go 320 a an T-..L1_1 [Professor, Doctor of Technical S*j.n0&0j T.V. cent aherbakova I , Candidate of ?,. Ical Sciences); and N.J. Rh. o lngln0er, LIr-j B_c Prob in t, r Zc* lAgineering I:n 'Nyasn*kDv' M'V~ (Chief Engin-or, Omak] A., ,ttdKpt to Us* Sol., 326 adlation for the Needs of Water TransportatIm O1V`n4-1'Jh;~(Wnglnsor, Teploslektropro"kt, Rostov, 333 Regul&tj the River Discharge, by Zee R&&*"Olrs ne 341 KHODALETICH, A.N.; BREITELI, I.A.; BRETYMI, M.G.; YIGANOVA, T.I. [deceased]-, TORBAKOTA, A.F.; TAM, F.Te.. Prinimali uchasti7e: SOKCLOT, B.S.; TAGANOTA, T.I. [deceased]; SMYGINA, M.T.. -PROKIN, A.A., red.; GOROKHOTA, T.A., red.izd-va; GUROTA, O.A., (Brachiopods and corals from the Eifelian bauzite-bearing deposita of the eastern slope of the Central and Northern Urals] Brakhio- pody i korally Iz eifellskikh boksitonoonykh otlozhenii vostoch- nogo sklona Srednego i Severnogo Urals. Mosk7a, Gos.nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po geol. i okhrane nedr, 1959. 282 p. (MIRA 13:3) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Ministerstvo geologii i okhrany nedr, Urallskoye geologicheakoye upravleniye. (Ural Kountains--Brar-hiopoda. Fossil) (Ural Mountains-Corals, Fossil) PRONIN A. G. Experience in analyzing hydrogeological. conditions of rivers inn the western part of Vologda Province. Yest.LGU no.24tlO4-113 162. (MIn 16:2) (Tologda Province-Rivers) DODIN, A.Ya., inzh.; KRYUKOV, I.I., dotsent; PROljU,_", inzh.; SIRYACHNIIKO, X.P., inzh.; STOVAS, M.V., doteant; MHTSYN, M.M., doteent- Engineering and geodetic observations on deformations in transport- and-dumping bridges. Ugoll Ukr- 3 no-7:24-27 Jl '59. (MIRA 336,10 l.Dnepropetrovskiy gorny7 institut. (Mine surveying) OVUSM, V.Ta., inzh.; FRONIN, A.N., inzh. Stawlard circuit elements for transistorized remote control and automation systems. Yest.?SNII MPS 19 n0-5:17-22 060. (HIM 13:8) (Automation) (Remote control) (Blectric circuits) PRONIN, A.N., inzh. Technical and economic advantages of remote-controlled power supply eystems for electrified railroads. 7nid7 TSFII ITS no.209:4-18 '61. (14MA 14:5) (Electric railroads--Current supply) (Remote control) L PaP4~66 EwT 1) SCTB. DD ACC NR, AP6019405 SOURCE COIE: *M-/0240/65/OC)0/03.1/0094/OC'5~5 AUTHORt _'Ironin, A. P.' ORD AtorY of Noise Control on gailro 1Z_qfA-Hj, Epjsteerlnos Le in ad Inst asrs.4Labor orii po _d at ajnEa Ens, -borlbe s d1mmom. na zhe1eznodorozhn6iif transporte kafedry khnik:L bazopamosti Ioningrddskogo Instituta inzhenerov__zjiq1eznodor6zhnogo transporta.) TITIE.- Standards of industrial &JAelremarks on "old" and "newil standards) SCURCEt 'G;2461!~a I sanitariyap me 11., 1965s 94-98 TOPIC TAGSt acoustic noises construction ABSTRACTs The State'Committee on Gonst* otion US~R_I~iii -introduced new stan d- ru Ards for limiting industrial noise in newly built and rebuilt industrial enter;j 'prises (5N-2454j). These conform to the recommendations of the Teo hnical i -Acoustics of the International Standardization Organizatvion i Coimr&ttee on (TC-53.- ISO) and establish maximxi~ pomissible levels of acoustic-'pressure in .!octave bands'in the noise spectrum. Despite the apparently great external similarities between the Holdit -and flnew"'standards, they differ from one another in principle ir. that the IlAtter do not take.into.accow,.t, the general acoustic pressure. Some examples ~~are we presehted'.which show how -greAt the differences'-:bet en tube t, sets of standards be-,in prkpt#e~ Orige -art*. has: I figure and: 2 tables". 33& 20.:' SMDATEt n6l~;.*. M CODU ORIG lwt- 0(a - Card uDo t 63.3 M KOSAPXV., A.I.; KUZNETSOV, A.N.; PRONIN, A.T.; VOLKOV, A.I. Chuck for mechanical testing of thin-walled tubular specimens. Zav. lab. 31 no.lls1416 165. (MIRA 19:1) f g684-66 AUTHOR: ~7 `7 MArr M I/ItA" AWD (+ V,A~vv- (-,)1&2 (1,7) !JRCol- AP5027473 SUR CODE: UR/0032/65/031/011/1416/1416 Kosarev, A. I.; Kuznetsov, A. N.; ,T._;--Volkov, A. 1. 977T yy'T~ ~Y, ORG: none TITLE: Clamping chuck for mechanical tests of thin-wiilled tubular specimens SOURCE: Zavodakaya laborstoriya, v. 31) no. 11, 1965, 1416- TOPIC TAGS: clamping chuck, metal test, test facilitjr, high temperature strength, metal tube 'ABSTRACT: High-temperature strength testsIof thin-wallled tubular specimens inir olve difficulties in attaching the specimens to the test ultichines. These difficultins could,previously be circumvented only by testing extrat-long tubular specimens or by welding special mounts onto the specimens. To obvimte these difficulties, tile authors designed a self-centering chuck (Fig. 1) which, makes it possible to telit tu- bular specimens of any length. The chuck consists of bousing 1, three cone-shaped bushings 2'with inclination angle of 4.5-5* and threa(led inner surface, and connect- ing sleeve 3 serving to tighten the hold on the soecitten and connect the chuck to the testing-machine clamp. To enhance the rigidity of specimen 4, plug 5 is insertod over the butt end of the specimen. Clamping chucks of this design have been used by the authors in the tests of tubular specimens of VTI-1 titanium alloy at the tempexature 96~4-66 ACC Np, AP5027473 Fig. 1 clamping chuck Card 2/3 L 9684-.66 ACC NRt APS027473 \j of 450*C as well as of thin-walled aluminum-alloy tubes with diameter of 16 mm -and less, produced by cold pressing at normal and elevated temperatures. The parpof clampingIchucks for the testing of aluminum-alloy tubes may be made of 4OKhIor n or testing 50 steels, and the bush.i go -- of tool steels, while the parts o,.f chucFR~i tubes of heat-resistant materials should beat be made of E1437B,"br E1929'ehrome- nickel alloys. For tubes with similar outside diameters Me -same cl-a-4ing chuck may be used on merely replacing the bushings, Orige arts has: I figure. SUB CODE: 11, 13/ SUMM DAME: none/ ORIG REP: 0001 OTR REP: 000 13 kk f p, K ONS AREV ) p . I. ; VOLK M f the loa,~;ni, meoh,~,n'-m Modification a Zav. lab. 31 no.8:1025 lf~5. PRONIII, A.T. Designing vertical curveo. Ttrws. Etrol'. 13 ns. -!: t/-2--4?, DIO (MTRA 17.-7) 1, ITachal.2nik J z7okatel Iskoy parill Monkovskogo gosudar,;trlm~ nogo proyekt--o-!2-yBkat-el'skug1o instit-uta Cooudar9tve=f!g-.- proizvodstvemogo kcmitata po trdnsportnoma otroitel'--tv-~ SSSR. (Candidate of Technical ~jciences) PRONIN, B - A. Belyayev, V. N., Candidate of TecLnical Sciences; iirger, I. k.. ~Ioctor of Technical Sciences; Deuddav, S. P., Candidate of achnical Science5; Korotkav, 'T. P., Cardidate of Technical Sciences; Kudryavtsev, V. N., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Frofessor; Hartynov, A. D., Candidate of Technical Sciences; NiberC, 11. Ya., Candidate of Technical ~~ciencf--5; Ponomarev, S. D., Doctor of Tecir,-.ical Sciences, Professor; Pronin,B. A., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Push, V. E., Candidate of~Te`chnicai Sciences; Sleznikov, G. I., ~-ngineer; Stolbin, G. B., C-ndidate of Technical 5clences; Tayts. B. A., ioctor of Technical Sciences Spravochnik metallista. t. 2 (Metals Engineering Handbook. v. 2) Moscow. ?',ashgiz, 1958. 974 p. 100,000 copies printed. Ed. (title page): Chernavskiy, 6. A., Candidate of Technical sciences; Ed. (inside book): Markus, N. Ye., Engineer (deceased); Tech. Ed.: Sokol4yla, T. F.; Editorial Board of the set: Acherkan, N. S., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the i~oard and Chief Ed.; Vladislavlev, V. S. (deceased); Malov, A. N.; Fozdnyakov, S. N.; Rostovykh, A. Ya.; Stolbin, G. B.; and Chernevskiy, S. A. PURPOSE: The book is intended for technicians and engineers working in the field of machine design and in production. C=*4j'4;L- REVKOV, G.A.,, kand. tekhn.nauk; PRONDI, B.A., dots., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenz-nt; ROMIffw7,_B_._S_.,__r_e-C.; TIKEONOVA, I.I., teldm. .9 red.; KGGAN, F.L., tekhn. red . (Soviet-made variable-speed gears]Otechestvemrje variatory skoro- stei. Moskv , TSentr. in-t nauchno-tekbn.informatsii mashinostro- eniia, 1960. 94 P. (Gearing) (MA 15:7) .MNIN,.-j.A.j__)cand. tekhn. nauk, red.; MERENSKAYA, I.Ta., red.izd-va; TIKHANOV, A.Ya.1 takhn. red. (Transmission mechanisms; design, manufacture, and operation of medhanicAl variators and flexible gear transmissions] Pe- redatochnye-mekhanizmy (raschet, konstruiroyanie, tekhnolo- giia proizyodstya i ekepluatataila mekhanicheskikh variatoroy i peredach gibkoi eviazliu); abornik atatei. Pod red. B.A. Pronina. Moskva, Mashgiz, 1963. 293 p. (MIRA 16:7) (Gearing) ppzNiN_jLL , kand. tekhn. nauko red.; MERENSKAYA, I.Ya., red. izd-va; TIKHANOV, A.Ya., tekhn. red. [Transmission mechania6a; design, manufacture and opera- tion of mechanical variators and flexible gears) Pereda- tochnye mekhanizmy; raschet, konstruirovanie, tekhnologiia proizvodstva i ekepluatatsiia mekhanicheskikh variatorov i peredach gibkoi sviazliu. Sbornik statei. Pod red. B.A. Pronina. Moskva, MaBhgiz, 1963. 287 p. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Nauchno-tekhnicheskoye obshchestvo mashinostroitellnoy promyshlennosti. Odesskoye oblastnoye pravleniye. (Gearing) SOV122-59-1~-7/28 AUTHOR: Pronin, B.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE: Comments on Paper "A SerLes.of Broad V-Belts for Variable Speed Trarqmission" (Zamechaniya k statlye "Ryad shirokikh kiinovykh remney dlya variatorov") PERIODICAL; Vestnik Mashinostroyeniya, 1959, Nr LF9 PP 34-35 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The series of control for variable speed V-belt drives is stated in a formula (Eq 2). It is claimed that the series of broad belts incorporated in the Provisional Standard (Vestnik Mashinostroyeniya, 1959, Nr 4, Pp 32-33) do not cover the possible range of control. It is pointed out that the pulley angle is substantially smaller than the belt wedge angle, This fact increases the range of control. American and British practice is considered where the pulley.angle in agricultural machines is 260. The minimum pulley diameter to blade thickness ratio is often made as low as 6, but should be about 8. The ratio of blade width to thickness, held constant at 3.2 in the Provisional Standardl should increase with increasing belt width. At about 50 mm width the ratio earl be raised to about 3.6. The range Card 1/2 of belt lengths is criticised as badly planned. SOV/122-59-4-7/28 Comments on Paper "A Series of Broad V-Belts for Variable Speed Transmission" The power transmitted, as presented in the previous paper, is said to be based on cotton cord belts, but should be corrected for nylon cord and for a lower pulley angle. Each of these factors increases the permissible power by about 30%. Further experimental research is advocated. Card 2/2 There are 2 figures. SAVERIN, U.M., professor, doktor tekhnicheskikh nauk; FRONIN, B.A., kan- at didat tekhnicheakikh na-uk, redaktor; BAIASHOV, MI.,' leffiff"ft takh- nicheskikh nauk, reteenzent; POPOVA, S.M., takhnicheskiy redaktor. [Shot peening; theory and practical application] Drobestruinyi naklep; teoraticheskia osnov7 i praktika primenaniia. Moskm, Gos.nauchno- tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroitellnoi lit-ry, 1955. 311 Pe (MMA 8:4) (Shot peening) IF 6.,k) 1 A) BXLYAY11V,V.N.ksnd.tekhn.nauk; BIRGER, I.A., doktor tekhn.nauk; DEMIDOV, S.P., k:and.tekhn.nauk; KOROTKOV, V.P., kand.tekhn.nauk; XURYAVTSEV, V.N., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof.; WaTYNOV, A.D., kand.tekhn.nauk; NIBMIG ' 11.Ya., kand.tekhn.nauk; PONOMARIV, S.D., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof 0; XRONIN,.S.A.. kand.tekhn.nauk; PUSH. V.I., kand.tekhn.nauk; SIZZHIKOV, G.I., inzh.; STOIBIN, G.B., kand.tekhn.neuk; TAYTS, B.A., doktor tekhn.neuk; AGHEM11, N.S., doktor tekhn nauk, prof. glavnyy red.; VIADISLAVLRV, V.S.. red [decessedi; RAIOV, A.N., red.; POZDI\rf.AKOV, S.N., red.; ROSTOVYXH. A.Ya., red.; CHMIAVSKIY. S.A.. kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; HARMS, M.Ye., inzh.. red.-[deceased]-, KARGANOV, V.G., Lnzh., red.graficheekikh rabot; SOKOIOVA, T.F., tekhn. red. [Metalworker's reference book in five volumes] Spravochnik metalliata v piati tomakh. Chleny red. soveta V.S.Vladir-lavlev i dr. Moskva, Goa. nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry. Vol.2. (Pod red. B.A.Chernavokogo). 1958- 974 P- (MIRA 11:5) (Mechanical engineering) FROMIN, T3. A. K voprosu o naznachen4;__i razraerov i kontrole klinorerennyk-h s*.,~-ci7-')-IF.. Mash., 1950, no. 9, p. 18-21) Problem of dimensioning and checking V-belt pulleys. DIB: TNh.Vh SO: I'lanufactu-ring and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress,.1953. PROIN, B.A., kandidat tekhnicheakikh nauk, dotsent. Slips in flat and V-belt transmissions. Vest.mash. 36 no.10:9-13 o 156. (XLRk 9,11) (Belts and belting) PRONIN, B.A., kandidat tekhnicheakikh nauk. a Designing V-belt transmissions. Vest.mash.36 no.12:30-34 D '56. (Belts and belting) . (MLRk 10:2) h;. )ra~e-~oa t kh c a Or. 3, ,loktor tekhniiherkj',& naU; BEY-,'EL')LAN, I.N. . kandiddat nauk-, 131-zfj-;'. 1.A. t,-kbnj- cheskikh naiik; BCGU61.,hVSK.Y, P.Ye,, ~wwldet te~-hnlceskl/h n6uLr: BURUVICH. IrazOdiiat tel:-hntchoskik~ rauk; VuLIAIR, ornfessor, doktor tekhnichesklkh nstJr-, 0014DOERG, Yu.m., 1 7 en r: G~jRODETSKIY. I-Ye. , profeaso:r, eir*tor tekhntcheW-:lkh nauk-, e"ORDcu, I - 0 - , o rof es sor; D 1,11~31TBMG, Y. P. , ka nd ida t tekhn i-haski ~-b natee- -, DUSChATOV. V,V., in7hene., WMiGV. A.G., kandidat teFhntr---'-.'skikh n-ank: KlIaSOSHEil. JR.S., Drofesscr. KODUTY, D.S., *ev;h'Dj- i-:beskikh nauk; ~:LT~t.,2MIM-)EV. A-~., krand-ldn' tekhnicheelcAh ra-ijk; K*~01TIKU. I.?., kn,,d.idat. tekhriic+jp~%lrikh nauk-, KUSHUT", Y.Ya., karldi- -;nt tekhniiheek4kh nauk; Lr.'V-06UN. Ye.Y., in2hener: MAZYHU, 1.7., inzhener; M&.j'jjtTl - 'R' ii-i - . kand',C-- t te& 4j', -Y"OV. V p -14,~heskikh neuk; ks;-."'ielat takhni---'ro-.-kikh ::ank: NlB.!LRG, ff.Ya., kandidat te0mi-'nPskikh N1KG:jiT2;V, G.A.. orc.lesn.)r, dn;-tnr tekhnic-beckUC-, niank; ,P7,TRUSZVfGH. A.T.. dnk.~,,-r tpkhnichesk'k~ nvuk: PM)14Y,--.-('v'. lotsent. PO' 14OREV, nF-ilv; ILL 'R PRIGWOWSKIY, 11. 1. , f p 4or, doktor tF,4hr,!cheskikh .10t- o t tpkhni~-henkikh nouk-. SATE,11. F,-A., 'ioktar tel. "m 1'0- n.qul~; 6MUSS71, 1S.Y. SWbODKIN, lnzhFmer; SPITSYli, N.,` .. prcfpnsor, doktor ts~tnl,:-heakikh nauk, STCFAII. G.B., kand-i',int takhr,ichaskikh nauk: TAM;. B.A., kandiat ta'.-$~niener~Mlkh n--!uk; TETELFBAW-1. 1.M., kandidot teklinichesiriMh -j-4-; LTMANSKlY, j-..P orofesenr, doktnr nauk, V.I., nr,f,~s!~cr, dnktor tekhniches!rtk~t na!,J~; (Continued or. nvixt card) B A B4 14. S. I. --- (continwd) Cn ni IMAYT. IMI. , kan(!i int te!I,,n I c- he s1rikh n auk-, -'Y-) I -I,-V. ~-Y:: telchnichapirikh na,"':-; YE~2, Y.N., ln!zh-en-, -iip- -11r,-,ry zirUDROY. V.S., kan~~;I-?t tel:hnicheskikh na-,Cv, -4-~Irtnr; Tz;-v%TKC,V. A.F., dct;-ont, rx,,.crrkvy redaktor; :-E.. ir,7.hener, nBuchnyy redaktor; MiKKU~':. M.Ye.. inzhipner. -v,!a~1invy 7-AdAktor; KARGANOV. V.G., irzheni!r, neuchnyy redrj'ct-,~~r: daktcr takhnicheakikh nauk, professcr. redA'kt:-;-,. T.F.. tekhnic~-ip- -.kiy redaktor Nw,ual of nachit~,r,,, -var*-j:-~cturel lit-ry. Vol- I -Oc-I p. 1. Deyct-Ate')-".-- LrI::.' t rr Soren; a p ( MA. '~ 1 -'-, -7 DURAYU, Petr"Fedor~vich, kandidat tekhnichookikh nauk; POIZSHCBNKO. P.V., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk. retsenzent; Aurk...B. kandidat -aim takhnicheskikh nauk, redaktor; SHIIKSHURIKA, Te.A., redaktor isdatel'stva; TIKHANOY, A.7a., tekhnicheskiy redaktor [Tree dimensional links] Razmernve tsepi. Moskva, Gos. nauchno- tekbu. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry, 1957. 286 p. WaA 1o:6) (Links and link-motion) ALISHITS, I.Ta.,.ksLndidat tekhnichookikh nauk; BABKIN, S.I., kandidat tekhnichemkikh nauk; BALAKSHIN, B.S., doktor tekhnicheakikh nauk, professor; BETSILIMM, R.D., inzhener; BKTATW, T.H., kandidat tekhnichaskikh nauk; BEREZINA, N.L. inzhener; BIRGER. I.A.. doktor takhnicheakikh nauk; BOOVSLAVSKIT, Tu.K., kandidat tekhni- chemk1kh ~auk; BOROVICH, L.S., kandidat takhnicbeekikh nauk; GONIKRUG, Tu.M., inzhener; GORDON, V.O., professor; GORODITSKIT, L Ya., doktor tekhnicheakikh nauk, professor; GRONAN, M.B., inzhener; DIKER, Ta.I., kandidat takhuichaskikh nauk; DOSCHATOV. V.Y., inzhener; IVkWV, A.G.;, kandidat tekhnichaskikh nauk: KIIUSOSHVILI, R.S., doktor takhnichaskikh na - professor: Kw- TIKOV, I.P., kandidat tekbnicheskikh nauk; Z=SON. U.N.. inzhznigr; MAZTRIN, I.V. inzhener; HARTYNOV, A.D., kandidat tekhnichemkikh nauk; NIBERG, N.Ta., kandidat tekhatchaskikh nauk; NIKOLAYEV, G.A., doktor takhnichaskikh nauk, professor; PITRUSFI- VICH, A.I., doktor tekhnichexkikh nai ; POZDWAKOV, S.N., dotment; PONOMARN, S.D., doktor tekhnicheakikh nauk, professor; PRONI.N., B.A. kandidat takhnich*skikh nauk; RXSHMV, D.N., doktal'Mrni- cheakikh nauk, professor; SATELI, N.A.. doktor tekhnicbeekikb nauk, professor: SIHAKOV, F.F.. kandidat takhnichookikh nauk; SWBODKIN, M.S., lnzhenar; SPITSYN, N.A., doktor tekbnichemkikh nauk, professor; STOLBIN, G.B., kandld&t tekhaichookikh nauk; TATTS, B.A., doktor tekbnicbesklkb nauk; CHIR SHIW, H.A., kandi- dat tmkhnichasklkh nauk-.. SHIFUDEROVICH. R.M.. kandidat tekhni- (Continued on -next card) ALISHITS, I.Ta., kantlidat takhnichaskikh nauk (and others) ....... Card 2. chesklkh nauk, BY-DINOV. T.Ta., kandidat tekhnicbeskikh r,--Uk; MMIKH, L.B., kandidat takhnicheskilch nauk, ACHFIRKAN. 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TITLE: Optimum Chemical Composition of Vertically Drawn Glass of Boats PERIODICAL: Steklo i keramika, 1959, Nr 11, pp 12-17 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Professor I.I. Kitaygorodskiy in 1935 was the first scientis'. in the Soviet Union to suggest an aluminum-magnesia compositio:i drawn glass. Table I gives the dev-elopment of the composition of vertically drawn glass in the plants of the USSR Here, mention is made of the papers by A. P. Zak, S. I. Ioffe, Myull~_Y,_-1.f'-11 (Footnote 1), and M. V. Okhotin, I. G. Bazhbeuk-Melikova (rootnt--,t- -~, . Previously, the problem had been dealt with by L. G. Golldenl.-_,r~,-, V. V. Pollyak (Footno'e 3)1 as well as M. V. Okhotin, R. (Footnote 4) and N. V. Solomin (Footnote 5), In table 2, the. are listed which use the so-called dolomite layers, which aro charactcrized by -a cortain CaO- and MgO-norrolation. On thi, strength of investigation results, the authors of thij paper sugGest that the plants producing plate glass should switch over to a uniform comporition of t'he glass, which has proved successful Card 1/2 at the Lisichansk window glass factory. This plant u-ses a boat Optimum Chemical Composition of Vertically Drawn SOV/72-5;9-'I-r,`C Glass by iyleani of Boats which is shown in the figure. On the suggestion of workers of the Lisichansk factory, the authors of the present papZr cnd A. T. Leonova, this plant, in 1958, operated with the chemical composition of Class: 71-85% Si02 ; 2.04:" Rp',; aCO; 6.6% Cao; 10.96% MgO+CaO; 14.835 Na 20+K20; O-3%SO 3.- ' Table 3 lists the production figures of this plant for 1957-59. The factory imeni Oktyabrlskaya revolyutsiya also achieved favora"-'.--. results with this composition. The change-over of the f c om actories to the production of glass of this chemical Pco~t.J_11 permits improvements in the melting process, an increase in output of furnaces and machines without'any additional expenditure, and a simplification of the work in the various departments of the works. Thus thousands of tons of soda and sodium sulphate can saved for national economy. There are 1 figure, 3 tables, and 5 Soviet references. Card 2/2 PRONIN, B.G.; OBLIVALIM, F.A.; VAYNSIITEYN, A.L. Technology of the manufacture of glass dinas with high tridymite content. Stek. i ker. 19 no.6;9-14 Je '62. (MIRA 15:7) (Firebrick) (Tridymite) PRONIN, B.G.; NFZVIT, A.Ye. The feeding of sulfate into the drying drum has been mechanized. Stek. i ker. 19 no.2:34 F 162. (MIRA 15:3) (Sulfates) (Glass factories--Technological innovations) PRONIN, B.G.; OBLIVALINYY, F.A.; VAYNSHTEYN, A.L. Possibilities for increasing the- periods of operation bet~men repairs of glass furnaces. Stek.i ker. 19 no.4:1-7 4 162. (MIRA 15:8) (Glass furnaces) OBLIVALINYr, FA.; VAYNSHTIM, A.L.; PRONIN. BW. W Ghanging to natural gas as a means Of increasing the productivity- of furnaces. Stek* i ker. 17 nool2:1-5 D 160. (NDU 13:11) (Glass furnaces) (Gas an fuel) P!, , C NUN, D.; D!.VT1GV, I . IIIU-nost'll Pocket radic. 'radio no.9:50-51- S '(L5. (I., irl. - ~ I - RO, " I - ,. Z- ~-. Drahi.aEe Soil drainage. Tekh. zhur. no. 2, l;4b. -1 Monthlv L Is t of Russ I an A cc essions, L-'-'r.r.- ry o f Crn--rcss, llpr*~ !~,52. i-*,.'C--~.--:----'.- j - P!-C),.- .. -1 A 1:1 i" ;, - - _:3_e-1; t54 i -14 i T.7~5,-- Yoscc-: 1-:36 " --,- , -1 , w- koi lc~' Y-1 1~.- "bri"s r- - - .1 1 .1 _nCiIIIIII F. ------ Pulleys with adjustable diameters and speed variators with ter-rope belts. 1,11ashinostroitell no. 4:33-34 Ap 161. (MIRA 14-4) (Pulleys) TrIO -If S111 Saratov- the -ls'O WJTJjO'R. To(?I Mode 14a0h e p New TTTLB% It6l. ',96 stro CAL,. Mashino -Saratov SO'V- pEBIODI the e -Won %T'TV The Plex'A~dMiA4,istri 'have - AV), conomie tools and an the W IM nar'Ahoz ,JtrI of neW dels. together numbOx obsolete m0 out +,he., cienay 525 broug ffi rePla"" - 343 and pro,! ,,Ich arc the n3-&' ENI ,uborezrxYYJ' I shows igned IIJ 7 re des plant). Blay zav 14 t a.hine 'ov se &-bY t3~ie Sara, ar Cutting , 1. ONVS') duce ~ (,a,%tOv Ge +,he Tin" OV s the 5N27c, intended for -3 model rePI&oe and hypoidal S a T too, and.15 ar and w It" bevel ge achine r piral Ig 0 diameter ttIx .1gure ars up to 500 Se C ard s/ii7/61/ooo/ooi/oo3/bl3,: New Machine Tool Models of the Saratqv Plants A004,/AOOI module of up to,10 mm. 'The productivity of this semi- automatic exceeds that 6f the 5A27S1 machine by 20-25%. -automatic weight The semi 6,200 kg, its overall dimen sions ar; (length) 2,200 x (width) 1,600 x (height) A_ 1, 600 mm. Figure 2. sh'ows the new 5n239 (5P23B) semi- automatic, replacing e' The new machin the old 523 model. has been devised for the machining of small-module bevel gears'up to 125 mm in diameter and 2,5 mm module. The new machine weighs 1,000 kg, its overall dimensions (length) 1,080 x (width). 590 x (height) 1,470 mm. -W This semi-automatio-was developed by the design office of the zavod zubostrogal'nykh stankov (Gear Planer i0 al Plant). The Saratov gear cutting and gear planing machine plants have brought out the %283Ci (5A283si) semi-automatic gear planer for rough and finish ct: ing At of large-module straight bevel gears'. Toothed wheels with a maximum diameter of 1,600 r,-n, a maximum genera- trix length of 800 mm and a maximum module of 40 mm can be machined with an accuracy corresponding to the Figure 2: Card 2 ic) ~zo S/117/61/000/001/003/00i New Machine.Tool Models of'thi Saratov Plants A004/AOO1 ,3rd and 4th.class. The 5A283SI semi-automatic weighs 23,000 kg; Its overall dimensions are: (length) 3,800 x (width) 2,800 x (height) 2, It was designed by the SKB-5.-"(See Pig, 3. The SKB-5 h" also developed the 5771h machine;' for the hardening of spur and bevel gears and other -Figure 4:. parts of similar shape with a-diamet r of up to 500 mm, up to 75 mm height Themachine, pictured in Figure 3: Figure 4 e w ighs 3,20 Dkg t akes up 2. of floor space and is 2, 0 46 mm high. The original weld- ed structure V of the machine t cuts metal con- sumption by 1,5'' times in com- 41 M, j parison with Card 3/8 5W /003/013: S/117/61/000/001 A004/AO01 New Madhine Tool Models of the SaratOv Plants 7, of foreign make. The 5A720K ar Aimil machines (Fj signed de checking and generating machine _41 ed for the checking of spur by the sKB,5 is intend up to 125 gears of external and internal gearing mm in diameter, operating at speeds of up to i4Figure 5 Figure_.6: 10,000 rpm. The machine checks the contact spots and oper-, ation noise of s and ',t gear pair also the pre- I '411 JW on of the cisi gearing elements ble-pro- in dou file gearings. The machine ut- V, 11eighs 1,025k9 and has the V b- C S/117/61/000/001/003/013~ New Machine-Tool Mode2s.of the Saratov Plants A004/AOO1 folbwing overall dimensions: (length) 1,000 x (width) 780 x (height) 1,350 mm. FlaLire 6shows the 5259 (525B) gear cutting automatic, the Saratov; Gear-Cutting Machine -Plant and:. designed by. the ENIMS. Ae machine produces gear -lot production. T .he automatic is equipped withImechanical devices shafts in big for the loading of blanks and iinloading of finished parts.. claims that similar automatics have.-not. yet been Figure 7.~ manufactured by-foreign firms. Figure shows the 52W (528S) gear-cutting semi-- automatic for the machining of helical bevel i and hypoidal gears up to 800 mm in diameter with modules 15 mm. The machine IV weighs 13,700 k8, Its overall dimensions are: 2,600 x 2,100 x 1,950 mm, Figure 8 shows the 5A,27C3 (5A27S3) gear-c' semi-aultomatio with inclined spindle, designed by the SKB-5 and intended for the finish cutting of high-precision helical bevel and hypodial gears up to 450 mm in diameter with a maximum module of 10 mm for Card ~/8 S/117/61/000/001/003/013; A004/AOOJ New Mabhine-Tool Models of the Saratov Plants automobile transmissions. The machine can also be used for the rough and finish machining of skew Vevel gears of all kinds in small-batch, large-lot and mass production. The machine weighs 2,170 kg; it has the following overall dimensions 2,170 x 1,500 x 1,705 mm. The Saratovskiy stankostroiiellnyy zavod (Saratov Machine Tool Plant) has mastered the lot production of the 322517(3225B) semi FjjKj~,r~ 8: Figure 9: rx 'J~ LAN Roe Alt hi I 1~ 011- -~2 I Card.6/8 I '_7 T'. 7 S/117/61/000/001/003/013 New Machine Tool Models of the Saratov Plants AOo4/Aool automatic internal grinder (Fig. 9 devised for the grinding of holes up to 20 an in diameter, with a maximum grinding length of up to 40 mm, The grinder weighs 1,100 kg, its overall dimensions are: 1,670 x 935 x 1,370 mm. Figure 10 shows the CUJ -23 (SSh-23) semi-automatic internal grinder which was brought oui again. the machine is intended for the grinding of holes in antifriction bearing rings of up to 65 mm in diameter with a maximum grinding length of 75 mm, with auto- matic two-step caliber measuring. It weighs 2,500 kg and has the following overall dimensions: 2,400 x 1,330 x 1,560 mm. Instead of the old 3A2110 model, the new 3A227 multi-purpose internal grinding machine is manufactured in lot production. The new machine (see Fig. 11), in comparison with the old model, ensures an increase in productivity of up to 25% and in precision by 20%. It has been devised for the grinding of cylindrical and conical holes from 20 to 100 mm in diameter and a grinding length of up to 125 mm, in individual and small-batch production. The grinding machine is equipped with a face-grinding device which makes it possible to grind with one setting the outer face and the hole. The machine weighs 2,450 kg, its overall dimensions are: 2,500 x 1,650 x 1,470 mm. At present another 10 models of machine tools are under construction at Saratov machine tool plants, among them.the 52ffP5 (52PR5) gear-cutting semi-automatic with program control, for the machining of skew bevel gears of up to 500 mm in Card 7/8 5/117/61/000/001/003/013 New Machine Tool Models of the Saratoy Plants A004/AOOI diameter and modules of up to 10 mm. Moreover, the model 5232 gear-cutting semi- automatic is under construction, devised for the finish cutting of semi-generated skew bevel gears up to 320 mm in diameter, with modules up to 10 am. The model 5A231 gear-cutting semi-automatic is intended for the rough machining of semi- generated skew bevel gears up to 320 ma in diameter and with modules up to 8 mm. The model _3A227A internal grinding automatic is intended for the machining of cylindrical, conical, throbgh and blind holes from 20 to 50 mm. The maximum grinding length amounts to 75 mm. There are 11 figures. Card 8/8 BRODSKIY, KikhBil Valentinovich; PETROV. Viktor Vqaillyevich;,- PRONIN. P.A.,; PETROVA, V.Ye., red.; HARKOCH, K.G., [Autowtion of radio relay lines] Avtomatizataiin radiorelainykh linii. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po voprosam aviazi i radio, 1960. 49 p. (MIRA 14:1) (Radio relay Byotems) CZECHOSLOVAKIA Chem~cal-'-Tpchnology, Chemical Products and H-'12 Their application. Part 4 - Cellulose and Its Derivatives, Paper. ,Ibs Jour : Ref. Zhur. Khimiya., No 4, 190, 13229. i~uthor : G.F. Pronin., P. V. Suptel, ............. Inst : Not given Tit-1 e : Continuous Mi-Iling in Cone Mills. Orig Pub : Papir a celulosa., 1955, 10, No 10, 201 - 203. Abstract : Translation. See RZhKhim. k956., 56326. Card 1A PRONIN, F.A. New models of machine tools =amxfactured at the Saratov Machin-aTool Plant. I/Ashinostroitell no.1:8-10 ja 161. OKUF-~ 14,3) (Saratov-Machine-tool industry) PRONIN, G.A. -..;--., - - I "~ Comparative hygienic evaluation of the standards of sloping sites for housing construction. Gig. i san. 28 no.1:3-9 Ja 163. (MDA 16.7) 1. Iz Moskovskogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo institute. g-*'Lglyeny imeni, F.F.Erismana. (HOUSING RESEARCH) FROITINJI G.A., aspirant Camparative hygienic evaluation of standards for gradients in areas of residential construction. Gig. i san. 26 no.7: 22-28 JI 161. (MIRA 15:6) 1. Iz Moskovskogo naiichno-issledovatellskogo instituta gigiyeny imeni F.F. Erismana Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya RSFSR. (HOTJSING--HYGIENIC ASPECTS)