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MELINIK, R.I.; SERGEYEV, V.A.; PICHUGIN, L.M. Reproduction of the virus of foot-and-mouth disease in the culture of Surviving tissues of cattle and swine. Veterinarila 41 no.8ill- 16 Ag 164. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut veterinarnoy virusologii i mikrobiologii. POZI)NYAJ((T,I, A.A., EFROZERT, V.A. Cultivation of Newcastle diseace virus in the suspension of trypsinized tissue cells of chick embryos. Vop. virus. 10 no,303&-343 My-,Te #65. (MRA 18:7). 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy inatitut vaterinarnoy viruaologii i. mikroblologii, Moskva. f r T- 3 1- R GE Y E', , V.A.; virrus of* fcc'-tnd-mouth di sease4 iltip2ication of ri a sucpension of tryFsinized cells of animal renal 7v'ete- rinariia 4-1 no.2:18-21 F 165. (MIRA 18:3) 1. VseEoyuznyf nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut veterinarnoy virusologii i Mikrobiologii. V,')., Itzh, dpa.- SERGEYEV, V.D. Boilers Increasing the capacity of Schuckow-Berlin boilers model A-7. Energ.Biul. No.2,1952 Yonthly List of iussian Accessions, Library of Congress, May 1952~ UNCLASSIFIED - SERGEYEV, V.D., inzh.; USATOV, A.G., inzh. KDE-151 railroad crane. StroiA dor.mash. 6 no,8:13-14 Ag 163-o OUA 14:8) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) GORYAINOVP F.A., prof.; SERGEYEV9 V.D., lnzh. Network model for calculating the thermal Bystems of mingle - hull tow-machind urits, Elektrotakhnika, 36 no,9i24-27 5 165. (MIRA 18t9) VYDRINJ, N.V.,, inzh.; PASHIN, Yu.F., inzh.; SERGEYEV, V.D., inzh. Standardized railway-cranes. Stroi. i dor. mash. 7 no.9:1-4 S 162. OAIRA 15:10) (Cranes, derricks, etc,) USSR / Human and Animal Physiology. The Nervous System. T Abs Jour: Ref Zhur--Biol,, No 9., 19589 4173Z. Author S _Ler e _q~ Inst Not Given, Title The Structure of Temporary Associations Between Verbal and Objective Stimuli. Orig Pub: Dokl. Akad, ped. nauk RSFSR, 1957,, No 1,, IZI-124, Abstract: The association between an object (hammer) and the synonyme of its name (bench-hammer) was con- solidated In 60 children of kindergarten (first group) and younger school age (second group). Upon presentation of the object a conditioned motor reaction was elaborated. The associating Card 1/Z :;. ., SKRGEY19V V.F., Inzh. 0 Circuit for automatic owitching-over to an emergency lighting system. Elek. i tepl. tiaga 4 no.5-.12 My 160. (MIRA 13-7) (Fact orie a-11 ght i ng) XOPA, M.F., red.;-SERGEWj V.F. __ [Sergeievv Vjk.], tekbn. red. [The call of beacon lights] Maiaky klychut',' zbirzWk statei. Kyiv, Derzh. vyd-vo polit. lit-ry URSRv 1961. =-Fhqp-- .(KMA 24:9) (Agriculture-Labor productivity) SEIRGEYEV, V.F. The AT-100-C automatic loom for manufacturing glass fabrics. Biul.tekh.-ekon.inform, no.12:53-55 '61. 04IRA 14:12) (Looms) (Glass fibers) SOV/ 137-57-10-19803 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1957, Nr 10, p 194 (USSR) AUTHOR: Sergeyev, V.G TITLE: --rh-e-Tfi~~&ess of Steel Coatings Applied by Production Cathode Sputtering Equipment (Tverdost' stal'nykh elektrometalliza- tsionnykh pokrytiy, napylennykh apparatami vysokoy proizvo- ditel'nosti) PERIODICAL: Sb. nauchno-issled. rabot. Tashkentsk. tekstil'n. in-t, 1956, Nr 3, pp 110-115 ABSTRACT: The relationship of the hardness of coatings (HC) applied by production cathode sputtering equipment to the conditions of metallizing are investigated. It is found that HC depends upon the spraying conditions and the speed of the equipment. HC declines as speed rises. To obtain high HC with wire 2.4-2.5 mm in diameter the following metallizing procedure is recom- mended; 100 mm distance between nozzle and surface to be coated, 6 atm pressure, 28 volt potential, 210 amps current, Card 1/2 rate of spraying 1.46-1.65 m/min. It is recomm' ended that HC SOV/ 137-57-10-19803 . The Hardness of Steel Coatings (cont.) be measured on a Brinnell press, as measurement with the Rockwell tester . is too greatly influenced by the effect of the porosity of the coatings. Coat- ings of identical quality may be obtained both with large and small equip- ment when spray-coating procedures are adhered to. M. Z. Card 2/2 GALIPERIN, M.Ye.; SKRGEYEV, V.I. Vascular reactions in patients vithacute and chronic dysenterY. Vrach.delo no.3019 14r 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Kafedra infektsionnvkh bolezney Kurskogo meditsinskogo iusti- tuta. (DYSBNTXRY) (BLOOD MSSM) SERGUIEV, V.I., inzh.; 11MINA, Yu.N., kand.tekhn.nauk, dotsent Dyeing furs with acid dyes. lzv.vys.ucheb.zav.:tekh.leg.pron. no,1:81-88 '59. (MIBA 12:6) 1. Monlrovskiy tokhnologlebeskiy institut legkoy promysbionmati. Rokomendovano kafedroy tokhnologif kozhi I mekha. (Fur--Dressing and dyeing) VIM RUBTSOV, V.A.- SMOEYEV L I.; LUKANOVA, M.Y.; KRABILINIKOV, A.I.; KRYUK;Vi INA, 0.1. Handbook on flax spinning. Reviewed by V.AjRubtsov and others. Tekst.prom, 18 no.10:6~-65 0 158. (MIRA 11:11) N 1. Zavedtqushchaya takhaicheskoy bibliotekoy Orshanskogo linn.- kombinata (for Belyatina). (Flax) GALIP,ERIN, M.Ye., dotsent;.�ERJGEYEV, V.I., assistent Influence of bromine and caffeine on the vascular reaction in patients with Outs shd chr9nic dysentery* Sbore trud. Kurak. gos. med. inst. no.13:21-1-2X3 158. (MIRA 14:3) 1. Iz kliniki infektsionxVi bolezney (zav. - dotsent M.Ye.Gallperin) Kurskogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskogo instituta. (PRORINE-PHYSIO L EFMT) (CAFFEINE-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) (REFLEXES)L" (DYSENTERY) SERGEYEV, V.I., uchitell Laboratory table for the chemistry study room. Khim. v shkole 16 no.2-.53-55 Mr-AP '61. (MIRA 14-6) 1. Syrednyaya shkola No.12, Kazan'. (Chemical laboratories--Equipment and supplies) 6L-Ga~lz;"l , V I , , fcl;dsher U3? of nitrous cxLde in medical emergencies- Felld. i 6-.Ush, 26 ~L 11, 361. (,"a-" 15:2) I., Leningradskaya stambsiya skoroy omoshchi. (NiThOGEil OXII&) (r;&Dl(;AL Etc- AGI!~JGIL6) 13YSTROVA., A.I... vrach, SERGEM, V.I., felldsher (Leningrad) I. .. .... - -.- Transfusion of antishock solutions during emergency medical aid. Felvd. i akush. 27 no.12:42-4/+ D,62. (MIRA 16:7) (FIRST AID IN ILLNESS AND 334JM ) (SHOCK) red. ILCumponenU, of comi..unicatlion apparatus and devices; lec:Lure~ f~,r studen-s j' -he tactunical departrnents (X u ccmu::un~ cat i (;n.,-, in;-Li'utemn', De-,aij priborov i apparatav I vlazil; Dkt-,ii U:-.--;a otu(ientov tekhnicileskikh s ,,et~:v institut.3,: sl-la Z4 c zaochnyi elektro- t' e -7 ii.-, , 19~;I. 16-1 p. 17: U~ 7 - , V. I . , Do C,-,mel Tpoh ScI D-1.1 ~~ s ertation: of Windine S-nrinps for Telerrnph A.-nnaratus." 9/2/50 Mosco,u Electrical En.--i-reerine, Inst of Communications. E30 Vecheryaya Moskva Sul n- 71 SOV/124-58-4-3758 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr4, p 13(USSR) AUTHOR: -5e-r&eye,.,, V. 1. TITLE: Calculation of the Precision of Performance of a Conical Centrifugal Governor (Raschet tochn05ti raboty konicheskogo tsentrobezhnogo regulyatora) PERIODICAL: Tr. Serninara po tochnosti mekhanizmov i mashin. In-t mashinoved. AN SSSR, 1954, Nr 7, pp 39-53 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry 1. Mechanical governors--Performance 2, Mathematics Card 1/1 v 25(2); 16(0) PHASE I BOOK MKFLOITATION SOV/2594 Akademiya na:txk SSSR. Instittrt mashinovecleniya. Seminar po tochnosti v mashinostroyenii i priborostroyenii Trudy, vyP. 8 (Transactions of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Academy of Sciences, USSR. Smin on Acci=acy in Machinery and Instrument Design;No. 8) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1955. 78 p. 1,800 copies printed. Ed. of Publishing House: V.V. Pobedimskiy; Tech. Ed.: Ye.V. Makuni; Editorial Board: N.G. Bruyevich, Academician (Reffp. Ed,,); GoG* Baranov, Doctor of Technical Sciences; M.L. Bykhovskiy, Candidate of Technical Sciences; A.P. Vladziyevskiy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, I.Ye. Gorodetskiy, Doctor of Technical Sciences; and A.S. Ghatalov, Doctor of Technical Sciences. PURPOSE: The collection of papers is intendedfor scientific research workers, engineers, and designers. COVERAGE: This collection of articles deals with the folloving topics: an application of the principle of virtual displacements in kinematics, acemmxla- Card 1/4 Trrini;actions (Con-e.) SOV/2594 The article explains the possible ways in which the accualation of errors of single gears in a gear train can occur, Simple formulas vh1ch can be.used as criteria are presented, Bere~,_J,J, Design *f a Wire Roye Transmission for Aicws~y 26 --gj;W~ific features of design for accuracy are discusselp end :rormaW for calculating errors for a single transmlsi*on and for a MOW of transmissions of the semd design are presented. The effect of thezzal inVension is also discussed. Pinsker, I.Sh. Presentation of FunctIms of Many Variables by Using Adding Multiplying, and the Simplest Functional Devices 35 The author presents a nmaber of methods for expanding a given function Into differtnt combinations of functions with one or one and two war ables. The methods axe applicable to cases in which the given functions have two and three variables. Adders, multipliers, and simple functional devices are used. Fillkin, V.P. Problem of Inspection for Roundness of Parts of Circular Cross Section 52 CArd 3/4 -~:R,- ,7,fl;,i V . I Desiening po t ocii . v rone transolosims .~or precision. 1rudy mash. i prib . no 26-'31- ' 55 trwismission) ?roble,n4 -n caln zon. Trud,7 ba nrecislon of 'he -yro nori nsr -.,aa! A is t . -:I, ic-,~: '-ic!rizrne (Aeronnutical instruments)) SXRGBYXV, V.I. Activities from mid-1953 to mid-1955 of the Iaboratory Seminar on Precision Kachinas and Instrunants of the Kashinery Research Institute under the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. Izv. AN SSSR. Otd. takh. nauk. no.12:150-152 D 155. (MIRA 9:3) (Mechanical engineering) SERGEM, V.I. Measuring angular velocity and accleration by mean's of friction-type tachometers and accelerometers.*2:33-36 Mr-Ap 156. (Tachometer) (Accelerometers) (MLRA 9:7) SERGEYEW. V. 1. - I Automtic friction tachometers used for measuring an-gu-lar velocity. -Izm. 6� JI-Ag I - (KLRA 10: 8) 57. (Tachomter) 124-58-6-6354 Translation from: Referativriyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 6, p 10 (USSR) AUTHOR: Sergeyev, V.I. TITLE: On the ProbabilLtv Cha racte ri s tics of Mechanisms Having Several Forms of Regulation (0 veroyatnostnykh kharakteris- tikakh mekhanizmov pri nekotorykh vidakh regul-irovok) PERIODICAL: Tr. In-ta mashinoved. AN SSSR. Seminar po tochnosti v mashinostr. i prtborost-. - 1957, Nr 9, pp Z7-30 ABSTRACT: A study is made oi the mfluence of several forms of regulation on the errors in mechanisms which, before the r 'egulatory ad- justment had been made, fulfilled certain conditions.- -The-in--it~a! conditions assumed are ihe following: 1) the error ir a gi-ven lot of unadjusted mechanisms (the lot compr-sing n specimens) has a stationary random character, where the error ',n. mechanism s of this lot (I < s < n) is a function of the coordinate of its driving link 0(; 2) in each individual mechanism the regulatory adjustment made is determined by the mean integral value of the error. The results obtained lead to the conclusion that, when, because of the cond;tions assumed, the errors occurring Card 1/2 in the unadjusted mechanisms can be represented in the 'form of 124-58-6-6354 On the Probability Characteristics of Mechanisms Having Several Forms (cont. ) some stationary random pattern, then the use of one or another type of ad- justment can affect substantially the behavior of said random pattern, even converting it in a number of cases into a nonstationary pattern. L. K. Gordiyenko 1. Mechanical drives--Design 2. Mechanical drives--Control 3. Control systems--Performance 4- Mathematics--Applications Card 212 , v . r . -1 -, . . .,. . ,~. -..- .. tw~.u -,reclsiou 60-..-o Drilb. -18 t . mnsh . of gear trair. xec~:auisms- TrUd.,, 7; no.9:67-75 ".7 ('~ ---"A 10: 0, '1 (Gearing" SERGMEV, V. I. `Cjijiftd&t1*-the precision of Instruments in the planning stage. TrUdjV InBt. mash. Sem. po toch. v mash. i prib. no.10:95-102 157. (Mechanics, Analytic) (MIRA 11:1) sER C, Elr- Y) V _T AUTHOR: Sergeyev, V. 1. (bloscow) 24-11-23/31 TITILE: Certain comparative characteristics of the accuracy of differential friction mechanisms. QbkDt*ryye sravnitellnyye kharakteristiki tochnosti raboty differentsiruyushchikh friktsionnykh mekhanizmov), PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR Otdeleniye Tekhnicheskikh Nauk (' SR) 7 195?, No.11, pp. 174-176 US ABSTRACT: In contrast to the automatic,, the "automated" differential mechanism shot-m in the sketch, Fig.1, includes a servo- system with a sensing device usually possessing sensitive elements which respond to the angle of divergence between the movements of two shafts; the signal corresponding to this angle is amplified and fed into a simming mechanism which then supplies the controlling voltage to the servo- motor. The advantage of this circuit is that the t-,vo shafts are not loaded by the control action and this improves greatly the operation of the differentiating mechanism. The differential equation describing the behaviour of this dynamic system is Eq.(l), p.174. The sketch, Fig.2, shows a modified circuit, the behaviour of which is expressed by the differential equation, Eq.(2), Card 112 p.174. The accuracy of the differentiating mechanisms can 24-11-2AW/~31 Certain comparative characteristics of the accuracy of differential friction mechanisms. be improved by feeding into the armature of the servo-:notor a voltage complying with a relation specified in the paper and for -this case the relations governing the functioning of this circuit can be expressed by the differential equations, Eqk3~ p.174. In this paper a comparative analysis is made of th-- operation of these three differentiating mechanisms. The carried out calculations show that for a characteristic regime, for the variant shovrn in Fig.3, the speed of damping of the transient process is four times as high as for that shown in . Fig.1 and three times as high as for that shown in Fig.2. Simultaneous utilisation of the derived relations, Eqs.(5a), (5b), (6a), (6b) and (7) and the relations plotted in Fig.4 permit qualitative investigation of the relative accuracy of the operation of various Circuits of automatic friction mechanisms even in the drawing board stage of the design. TheA~e are 4 figures and 4 references, all of which are Slavic. SUBMITTED: April 6. 1957. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress. Card 2/2 SERGR-EV, W-I. V, J , W. J. Sergeyev, "On the Calculation of Accuracy of Automatic Calculators having Bridge Circuits." p.,~pQr zi-- rhp 2xx3 Q!3nf - m hzid,&4"nta-i Probl*na 1;~ t-bo lhr,.,rl --~f ~~Ici-i-lhll twd lama, 4,Aux.N, Ji,:k, Maruh i.~>j, V 28 "2) PHASE i BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1394 Akade--Jdya nauk SSSR. Institut- mashinovedeniya 7~~prosy- slnteza I toclLnosti slozhnykh ustroystv nepreryvnogo d~~ystviya (Synthesis &nd A--ruracy of Clokplex Mechanisms for Co7ftinuou-s Operation) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1958. 226 p. 3,500 coPies printled. Resp. E~1.: Bnzyevich, N.G., A~~ademi--ian; Ed. of Publishing House: D.M.; Tech. Ed.: GoDabeva, V. PURPOSE: T-tte book is i.'fc~e-tded for enient~-' -f1p, resear--h workers engj.neers aonaerned -wl-'-,h ecmputers. b,:~ck is a r-:;2..!~~,ztfnn of art'icles divided into two The three azrtic'! -es of the first part deal with the &ad of complex mes.'hanisms for computers, I'avest-Igation, inpits and ou-i'Muts, methods of and accuracy of the nt-nie-sis 3111 501-XI'ag Im-l'Cli fu-nations c,f parts. The se,,?ond part of the book 14 S OV/1 3 94 seven a::-t-iir.-1es dealing with -the. accuracy of some Par gears, ete., and deslgn for aenurv-y-. art-'-,-.~as are based on ex- material wbl(*.Ii t3hows tkw~ th~~ theoretical premtses a:~~d -onclusil,lins were confizes-aead by tests. The book is bazed on s6ient4-.f.'-- wrrk .-Arried o~zt by the authors in 'The arut1wrs 11-hazk 11-he fol.7.-wing for reviewing the N.Ye. Kobr-fnekiy.. N.I.Pc~helln1kw., a-ad A.A. Felldbaum,; and Doct-ors of Teahn--t--a-L S,--fenaeq; B.G. Dostupov, o--!' Tezlan!~-,;P-1 S,::ien-2~es; T.A. Golinkevich, A.I. lvantaov, Yu.V. Labatov, arvd I.F. Seregir.,Doeents, Can-!;Lidates of Saf-em~tes; B.M. Tzeytlln, Candidate of Technical S--iences. ql~ie author also thanks Professor, Doctor e.f Te,thniaal Saiences G'.G. Baranov for assistance on problems of simple mechanisms, and N.P. Ji-&= kov -for working on the seco-'a,d part of the book. There are 87 references Z7 all Soviet. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Fc- --eword 3 Card ;-V 4 Svntheals and Accuracy (Cont.) SOV/1394 PART I. PRCBLEMS; OF SYNTHESIS AND ACCURACY OF COMPLEX MECHANISMS FOR CONTINUOUS OPERATION Br-tqevloh, N.G. On the Problem of Inputs and Outputs In Complex I*chan:Lsms for Continuous Operation 7 KLA.a'ho-i)-. N.A. Synthesis of Computers for Solving Implir-tit Functions by the Method of Successive AVproximations 37 Random ProcesseE In the Problem of SeLrCtmy - of Mechanisms 52 PART II. ACCURACY OF SOME STANDARD COMPUTER MECHANISMS Sergeyev-, V.I. Investigation of the Effect of Servo- Ji Operating A"uracy of Automated Differential Friction DL-chanisms 65 &~rge).e-q, VeI. Investigation of the Accurai,-y of a Na,.~,&;,Atomated Friotion Mech&nism 87 01 az-i 3/4 and Aerjuracy (Cont.) S OV/1 3 94 P.A. Investigation of the Accuracy of a U7,tiversal Spindle 101 F1.1-k-int V.P. Investigation of the Accuracy of a Thnie-dimensional (Conoid) cafe Mechanism 121 Serpyev, V.I. Calculation of Conoid Aerjuracy 156 Mikhay'lov, Ye. A. On the Accuracy and Adjustment of Mer~hanlsms With a Variable Ratio 166 Klkhaylc,,~)-, Ye.. A. On Sp7jr Gearing Accuracy and Its 1mr,provement by Means of Adjustment 202 .AVAILABLE- Library of Congress GO/rj 5-11-59 card 4/4 SOV/24-58-?-14/36 AUTHOR: .- Sergeyev, V.I. (Moscow) TITLE: On Onelffe-t-h-o-d--of Calculating the Amplitude of Self-excited Oscillations (Ob odnom sposobe rascheta amplitud avto- kolebaniy) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR, Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk, 1958, Nr 7, pp 90 - 93 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The method is based on the equivalent linearisation of non-linear oscillatory systems (Refs 1-3). The following system is discussed and it is assumed that it contains a non-linear link with single-valued characteristics consisting of straight-line segments. As typical examples are chosen,firstly, a link with a zone of insensitivity (Figure 2) and, secondly, a link with a zone of saturation (Figure 3). Both these non-linearities are included in the characteristics of the electric motor. The analysis of the second case, described very briefly, follows closely that of the first case which is discussed in more detail, An expression for the non-linear link is substituted into the moment equation for the electric motor, From this Card 1/3 equation and that for the armature the characteristic SOV/24-58-7-14/36 On One IiIethod of Calculatins the AraDlitude of Self-excited OS(..,4 .L11ations equa-[~ion for the system is derived, From the characteristic eqUation zrai al'Uernabive expression for the non-linear link is ol)talned, By equatin- the two expressions, Bq (12) is ob'u-ained in which the right-hand side contains only the -oarameters of the system. DertotinG this right-hand side by G I the amplitude can be determined as foiiows~ .1) from the giuen values of the Darametera of the system i mined-, e. quantity G is deter 2) frcm the graph of Figure 4 -the ralue of the rat".io b,/-- = f(G,) is read off and, fi-rially, .L the osc,"illation am-olitude a = b/f(GI) is found, The case is a'-'Lso considered when a non-periodic disturbing force is present, The method of calculation is essentially the same, except that in the non-linear characteristic there is an --mlmovin constant componen-r., w.-Iicii must be det- ermined in addition to the air.-Dlitude before thhe error Card 2/3 SOV/24-58-7-14/36 On One Ilethod of Calculatinf~ the Amplitude of Self-excited Oscillations of the systein can be found. There are 4 figures and 4 Soviet references. SUMITTED: February 20, 1958 Card 3/3 25(2) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/2565 Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut mashinovedeniya. Seminar po tochnostj . v mashinostroyenii i priborostroyenii Trudy, vyp. 12 (Transaotions of the Institute of Me'chan13al Engineering, USSR Academy of Sciences. Seminar on Accuracy in Machine and Instrument Building, Nr 12) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1959. 70 P- Errata %lip inserted. 2,500 copies printed. Ed. of Publishing House: M.ta-Dobshits; Tech. Ed.: N.F. Yego'rova; Board: N.G. Bruyevich, Academician (Resp. Ed.); G.G. Baranov, Doctor of Technical Sciences; M.L. Bykhovskiy, Doctor of Technical Sciences; A.P. Vladziyevb)ciy, Doctor of Technical Sciences; and A.S. Shatalov, Doctor of Technical Sciences. PURPOSE: This book is intended for engineers concerned with accuracy in machines and instruments* COVERAGE: This is a collection of scientific papers dealing with the Card l/ 5 Transactions (Cont.) SOV/2565 accuracy and adjustment of various devices. The subjects discussed include calculating the accuracy of bearing subassemblies in precision mechanisms constructed in the form of shafts assembled on two radial bearings, calculating accuracy in computing devices with two degrees of freedom, design and adjustment of pheumatic gages, synchronizing the rotation of driving and driven shafts in universal-joi, ,fit drives, analysis of the.process of forming parts by centerless grinding, 9Ad the effect of self-oscillations on the accuracy of computing devices such as resistance bridge- circuits with automatic drive for multiplying two scalar quan- tities. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Serggyev, V.I. On Calculating the'Accuracy of Bearing Subassemblies il_ Mee-h-a-n-f-sms Constructed in~the Form of Shafts Mounted on Two Rolling-Contact Radial Bearings 3 The author investigates errors resulting from the total ax1al. displacement of rotating shafts of mechanisms* xsa&- 1*t~ai-eion Card 2/ 5 Transactions (cont.) SOV/2565 instruments and discusses methods of adjustment for improving the accuracy of mechanisms. There are no references, Lyubatov, Yu,V, On Calculating tha~Accuracy of Computing -Me~3hanisms With Two Degrees of Freedom 13 'The author discusses some problems concerning the effect of ad- justment of.computing mechanisms with two degrees of freedom on the accuracy of a computing device. He describes methods of establishing t4e origin of coordinate systems for driving links of such mechanisms and gives mathematical expressions for the errors of the output of a mechanism. There are 3 references, all Soviet. Balakshin, 0,B# On the.Problem of-Calculating the Range of Linearit and Sensitivity in Pneum tic Gages N The author discusses the design and adjustment of pneumatic gages which work on the principle of measuring'the clearance between the gaging head and the surface of the measured part. Using a specific example, he demonstrates a graphical method of Card 3/5 Transactions (CiDnt.) SOV/2565 calculatLng various parameters of a gage. There are 2 references, both Soviet. Matevosyan, P.A. On a Method of Reducing the Error in Movement of the Driven Idnk of a Universal Joint Drive 29 ~he author discusses causes of asynchronous rotation of the driving and driven shafts in universEkl joint drives. He describes methods for reducing error in transmitting the rotation from the driving to the driven shaft due to errors in manufacture of the drive parts and due to nonparallelism between the driving and driven shafts. There are 5 references, all Soviet. Fillkin, V.P. Analyzing the Forming Process of Parts by Centerless Grinding 36 The author presents an analytical investigation of the process. of forming parts by centerless grindings He derives formulas for calculating errors in the part shape and formulas for calcula- ting the parameters of the grinder setup. There are 7 references: 4 Soviet, 2 German, and 1 English. Card 4/5 Transactions (OOnt.) SOV/2565 Sergeyev, V.I. Effect of Self-Oscillations on the Accuracy of Bridge-type Computing Devices 58 The author presents a method for calculating the amplitude of self-oscillations taking place in a computing device having an automatic drive with nonlinear elements, such as a regstance -bridge-circuit with an automatic drive for multiplying two scalar values. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 5/5 GO/jb 11-30-59 SOV/q9-59-1-28/36 AUTHOR: Ser-eyev, V. i. (1110scow) TITLE. On a _,'.~Lethod of Approximate Determination of the Effect of an External I'Varying Slow Action on Ortho-Vibrating Systems (Gb odnoin- Driblizhennom sposobe issledovaniya avtokolebatell- f0tch sistem pri nalichii medlenno izmenyayushchikhsya vneshnikh vozdeystviy) I--vestiya A-kademii nauk SSSR, Otdeleniye tekhnicheskikh nauk. k1ekhanika i mashinostroyeniye, 1959, Nr 1, pp 162-164 T~ N (USSR) ABSTRACT- An example of determining ortho-vibration of the system snovm in Fig.1 is described. The system consists of 2 axes, I and 2,, an amplifier, 3 , a DO motor with independent excit-- ation 4 , -the reducing ear 5 . A nonlinear characteris- tic of I;Iie motor is shown also in Fig.l. The dynamic equat- ion of the linear part of the system is expressed by Eqs.(l) and (2), where T 1 fand T2 - mechanical and electromagnetic constants of time respecti ely, k1, k 21 k 3 - constant coefficients, I - electric power of rotor circuit, a(t) - slowly varying external action. The ortho-vibration may oc.,-,ur when the characteristic eauation (Ba.(3)) corresponding to Eqs.(l) and (2) does not satisfy a condition of stability (bard 1/4 (a - amplitude of ortho-vibration. P and correspond- SOVA79-59-1-28/36 0--i a _Iethod of Approximate Determination of the Effect of an External Varyinc- Slow Action on Ortho-Vibrating Systems CD in- non-periodic and periodic comDoneats of the current I). Tae ter-ais of Eq.(5) can be expressed as Eqs.(4) and (5) when b - I"