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KORZHAVIN, Konstantin Nikolayevich; SHALINA, L.V., red.; LOKSHINA, O.A., tekhn. red. [Effect of ice on engineering structures]Vozdeistvie 11da na inzhenernye sooruzheniia. Novosibirsk,, Izd-vo Sibirskogo otd-niia AN SSSR, 1962. 202 p. (MIRA 16:4) (Ice on rivers,, lakes,- etc.) (Hydraulic structures) IV KOLESNIKOV, G.S.; DAVYDOVA, S.L.; SHMALITS, A.M.;_,~M4T~A., N.A., Polyesters of hntimonous and chloroantimonous acids. Izv.AN SSSR.Otd.khim.hauk no.2i368-373 F 163. (MIRA 16:4) 1. Institut elementoorganicheskikh soy~dineniy AN SSSR. (Antimonic acids) V-KG_'~ISKAYA , l KIST 1~,4A, O.S. I _9 N SILALINA TAHONENKO specificity of phosphod le s erase of, -,he venom. of Vipera Blokhimila 30 rio.6,1236-12il, N,--F) Irc (MIRA 19,111 Laboratoriya. nukleinovykh kislot InstiLuta viz!i-ologil inen! D.I.Ivanovskogo AMN SSSR I KaLpedra vlrusolot-,Ii Gosti-, darstvennogo unlversilteLa iment M,V.Lownosow,, Moskvei. Submitted March 2-7, 196~. 98-66 (A) Ur(.)/,-MP(J)/F.4P(t)/YWP(b) JDAM M AP5028478 SOURCE CODEs UR/0286/65/000/020/0064/0064 AUTHORSt Axigy,,D I.; TameDetakly, A. ,PonoMdrcy&,,,V, M.; Golubeva. Ax_T.; Luk'YanOv. or To. N. I slvoeiakova' K. A.; Kinter, J.'P.-; Shsli4~-V-. P. YY' ORGt none TITLEt Surfacing for metallic and reinforced concrete decks. Class 39, No. 175643 5-nounced by Organization of the State Commit-t-es-o-E-78hip Gonstrugtion SSSIL (organizataiya gasudarstvennogo komiteta po sudostroyaniyu SSSR)_/ SOURCEt Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarnykh snakov, no. 20p 196% 64 TOPIC TAGS: polymer, copolymer, rubber, mineral filler, pigment, metal surfacing, reinforced concrete, ship q nvgtnl~ 1 Y YlvrH 6 7"C 9 w $8'-A- .. ry, !;-j- ABSTRAM This Author Certificate presents a surfacing material for metallic end reinforced concrete decks. The surfacing material is based on a binding polymer and on mineral fillers and pigments. To increase its resistance to abrasion aDd corrosion and to reduce its slipperiness. a copolymer of styrole vith nitrylacrylic acid and with butylacrylic rubber in used as the binding polymer. SUB COM ll/ SUBM DATEs 12Mar,64 :ard 1/1 UDC: 678.746.2-139.678.CK6.3 678.047 AUTHORS: Ivanov, S.I., Shalinets, B.A., Myshlyayev, A.M. 47-6-;6/37 TITLEt A Conference on the Method of Teaching Physics(Konferentsiya po metodike fiziki) PERIODICALt Fizika v Shkole, 1957, # 6, page 93 (USSR) ABSTRACT. A scientific conference on the method of teaching physics took place at the Moskva Oblast' Pedagogical Institute with teachers from the city of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast' and representatives of the Moscow, Stalingrad, Krasnodar Mariyskiy fin Yoshkar-014, yabardino-Balkarskiy, Tula, Yaroslavl, Berdichev, and *3huya pedagogical institutes, the Institut of Psychology AP14 and the Kaluga Oblast' Institute for the Improvement of Teachers. The following reports were heard and discussed: S.I. Ivanov - "The Methods of Methodical Researches", O.N.Lapina - "The Rise and Development of Concepts of Temperature and Quan- tity of Reat".(at the 7-class school), Ye.Kh. Lyatker - "The Rise and Development (at the pre-school age and the 7-class school) of Basic Concepts in the Field of Electri- city", T. Ya. Ishkova. - "The Rise and Development (during the pre-school age and at the 7-class school) of Concepts Card 1/2 of Magnetism", A.V. Selenginskiy - "On the Development of A Conference on the Method of Teaching Physics 47-6-36/37 Concepts in the Field of Mechanics and Heat", L.I. Tigranova - ,,The Psychological Peculiarities of Pupils in Learning the Basic Concepts of Physics", AA. Kaygorodov - "Conveying to the Students Skill in Making Measurements Before They Take up Studies in Physics", S.F. Shilova - "The Home Work of the Pupils in Physics, Difficulties and Mistakes in Carrying It Out", G.P. Kondrasheva - "Individual Observations Made on Two Pupils Doing Their Rome Work in Physics", N. Ye. Parfentlyeva - "The Performance of Homo Work in Physics by Pupils of a 7-class Boarding School". The conference adopted resolutions on continuing and co- ordinating the scientific-research work into the method of teaching physics, on the question of forming physical concepts and obtaining skill, and also on the method of organizing home work. The Chair for Method5in Teaching Mathematics and Physics of the Moskva Oblast' Pedagogical Institute assumed the duty of organizing a mutual information program and rendering consultation on this subject. AVAILLBLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 AUTHOR: Shal-inets, B.A., (Krasnodar) 47-58-2-10'/30 TITLE: iMore on the Demonstration of t'ne jelf-Induction rTheno-Tenon (Yeshch/4 raz o- demnstratsii yavleniya samoinduktsi-J) PERIODICAL: Fizika v Shkole, 1958, Nr 2, pp 66-70 (USSR) AB6TRACT: The author describes how to build a chain to demonstrate the self induction phenomenon. There are 4 .-raphs. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 1. Physics-Study and teaching Electricity~-Study and teaching SHALINOVA, R.T. Als3ortment of carmed foodz in Lithuania is increasing. Kons. I T, ~O Prom. 16 no. I I ~24. .27 N (,'.-UPA 14~11) r 1. El-sperimental'nc-,Iconst-ruktorskoye byuro upravleniya pishchevoy proirtyshlennosti so-max~'kdloza Litovskoy SSR, --(Lithuania-Food, Canned) 5 " - - ' * ' i, -1. ar!cl ' ~z :~Jkl, Len)n f-Iiii, and st.?ds source of contagiDus firf:t r,aUSC 0'.' jni"CtjV'~ 1 1. 2-,, P:,. 48, 1952. MARIYENKOV, Ye.N., inzh.; SHALISKO, N.A., inzh. v-j:; Replacement of wooden sluice gates with metal ones. Rech. transp. 17 no.2:34-35 F '58. (MIRA 11:2) (Sluice gates) SHALIT, M.S.; POPOV, K.P. Professor llikolai Aleksurilrovich Troitskii: obituary. zhur. 15 no.4:101-102 '58. (MIRA 12:5) (Troitskii, Nikolaj Aleksanlrovich, 1887-1957) SH~.IJIT, Ya. S . Ya. S. Shalit, Dya urozhMa !Ina-dolgyntsa L-Two Long-Fiber "lax Crup.J, Sallkhozgiz, 2.5 sheets. States the experience of advanced flaxgrowers in Erowing two flax crops a year on the same tract. Describes the agricultural techniques employed in obtaining two flax crops on their plots. SU: U-64'12, 15 Nov 1954 _e S c", C)i 17 'Lic" Uye ;LnUs SH"ITO, N. Where is the boundary? Izobr.i rats. no.8:53-55 Ag '60. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Chlen pravoy sektsii Leningradskogo oblastnogo soveta Ysesoyuznogo obshcbestva izobretatele i ratsionalizatorov. (Technological inno- SHALITO, P, Wo-f-k;nc, area~l Offic-ial duties? lzobr.i rats. no.12,31, D 16-L (,'.LIRA 3.1, 12) 1. Millen prrivovoy Leningradskogo soveta Vsef!oyuzm-0 1~ I= obohch(----tvq i rat si onali. zat-orov. innovaticne.) Effect of soil temperature on the content of amino altjrqi~ in plants. V. 11. Dudykinj V. D. ShafiQkuy!&, gna L. LL- - -;tkiid-:i 307:~ k1, D kI j .) . u4 Matu . uy y (IM5 ).-C-abbage and corn plants grown at tetu ' - 't ' 2 t a 2-s reduction o aralli N ) show a .50% (control at 2 warnith-liking corn, and d 40% increase of aulino, N In the MOILM99Cdcabbageplant. Fauits of plants grownatnov. Mal temp. show (chromatographically) -- higher concn. of free aininu ucids than found in the coli-grown plants. in qpLie ql~ corn. k Y ~-F W, a )L P (/TSK L 2184-66 [ACCESSION NR: AR5014405 UR/0058/65/000/004/DO90/DO90 ISOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizi)lka, Abs. 4D708 1AUTHOR: -Shalk, E. JITLE, Control-ling the characteristics of direct-positive films and some of the7 a ,.problems involved in using this type of material in telecasting .1CITED SOURCE: Tr. 5 Kongressa Mezhdunar. soyuza tekhn. kinamatogr. as sots iatsiy,..-, -1 1962. M. 1964, 84-86 !TOPIC TAGS: photographic film,' photographic image, image pmjection, image rq- solution ;TRANSLATION: Direct-positive film has a number of advantages over ordinary film ';from the standpoint of application in telecasting thanks to its'high quality image,-1- !elimination of the printing process and short time required for processing. How- z :ever. since only a single copy is produced on this type of film, test projection, mounting, sound dubbing and telecasting must be done on the original, which may be damaged in the process. If the film must be shown ift several places simultaneous-i-_ ly, copies must be made from the pos)'tive.originalA -Some- data arre given on the proi ;Card 1/2 I C C 'D' Accessions 0 no. - 7, 7,V,; SRALKAITSFAS, - HC .-I - ~ [Salkq-,;skas, M.] ysis of h,,:pcc-~-IorJ7~e 1- -,kal,*ne solut-lors. Far- 1: Photol .-- . - .1. -- L L, Quantum yields C-f DIOL01y3iS. Trudy Ali Lit. SSR. Ser. B no.".: 49-60 164. ( MJ P~ 18: 5) I, insfit-,it khimil i 'Kh.ilicheskov tekhnologii AN Litovskoy, SSIR. Yu Y~,-.".,I TJ,~ -.- v- 1L ; Szi.1-L~~A;-T.SKAS T , rS a I k a uskas Phoiloiysiq c' hvpGr~Ij--1rj'_ I ~ 4 ?, al*'-a-- :ne solutions. Part 2: ECfect of phctr---y3Is prod-;cza on quaritum yields. Tr,;dy All Lit. SSR. Ser. B no,3:61-71 164. 18. r -itut k1liaii i khi-mcheskoy tekinnologii AN Litovskoy SSR. iACC NRi AP7003461 M) SOURCE CODE: U11/0236166-M-00-66-2-1-00.119/0026 AUTHOR- Shalkauskas, M. 1. -- Salkauskas, M. ORG: Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, AN LitSSR (Institut khimii i khimicheskoy tekhnologii akademii nauk Litovskoy SSR) TITLE: Adsorption of stannous tin on the surface of a solid SOURCE: AN LitSSR. Trudy. Seriya B. Fiziko-matematicheskiye, khimicheskiye, geologicheskiye i tekhnicheskiye nauki, no. 2, 1966, 19-26 TOPIC TAGS: dielectrics, metal plating, adsorption, stannous tin, glass surface, ~lexiglass, hydrolysis ABSTRACT: In order to study the sensitization of the surface of dielectrics prior to chemical metal-plating a quantitative analysis was made of the adsorption of stannous tin on the surface of glass and plexiglass from acid, alkaline, and alcohol solutions. It was established that stannous tin is adsorbed on a solid surface in an amount ofF ~80'e& mol/m2 as a colloidal hydroxide, which is formed through hydrolysis duringI washing in a salt solution after the stannous tin has been treated with an acid solution. Card 1/2 ACC NR.- AP7003461 The amount of stannous tin adsorbed on the solid surface does not depend on the lengthl of treatment in the solution of SnSO . but on the concentration of stannous tin and the 4 pH of the solution. In the case of treatment of glass in a hydroxide suspension, the amount of stannous tin adsorbed depends exponentially on the duration treatment in the: suspension. The colloidal hydroxide is easily washed off from the surface with an acid or alkali, but not with water or solutions of neutral salts, ammonia, and soda. Orig. art. has: 5 figures and 3 tables. [Author's abstract) [NTJ CODE: 07, 20/SUBM DATE: 19Feb66/ORIG REF: 010/OTH REF: 005/ 2/2 "I I [Salkauskas, 11FCFC.,-,lCIIIK, h.Yu. YANITSKIY, I.V. f1hotcelectric poLent-lal in hy I poehlorite and chlorite solutions. T r i: dIT Lit.SS~'. Ser. B. no.':83-05 165. (MIPI-~. 19:2) 1. hs -itut k-h-*Lmi i khirricheskoy tekhriolo.gJi AN Litovskoy SSR. Submiuted October 13, 1964. SHALKIN, M.K., inzh. Calculation of blind corrugations for transverse load.,:~-. Trudy GPI 15 no.1:65-73 161 [i.e. 1591. (141FA 1 15 : -11) (Plates, Iron and steel) (Bulkheads (Naval architecture)) SHALKIN M.K. inzh. I - LwAaw I Investigating the torsional and bending strength of a 5000- ton caDacity freight motorship. Trudy GPI 17 no.5.-22-26 161. .(MIRA 16s6) Ululls(Naval architecture)) (Strains and stresses) . - v -,- lr~ -. - - - ~~ w :1 -. - . -, . ~- 1 ~ --- - ~ - ~! 11 - i I I L - - - - - I . . - I - ~ - '- 17' -, ~ ~ / - , - , -'~ -,; , - -:-- z - -1 ~ 1 . . z I - . ;. . ~ - - - I I . I - t- - - w . SHALIKEVICH, A.M. Increase the coefficient of the utilization of leather materials. Kozh.-obuv.prom. 6 no.10:6-8 0 164. (MIRA 18il) FEI,"R'~V, ',Iek!,E:y Alekseyevl~--h- SHAT,'KFVICII, 13 Ye~, k~dm. nauk, re-lsenzery~--- IT, [N,-:iw methods -)f d~.-tern4nlrjg de!eTi-'.l.a fosfo~F, Moskva, Meth,~-Iut-2".a, 5" 1) (Iillt~ 1-8:L; EVJT(M)/E'?1P(W) E m L23327-65 A(MMION NR; AR4040328 S/0124/64/000/004/V008NM Ref. zh. Mekhanika, Abs. 4V53, A UTHOR: Shalkin, M. K. TIT LE: -Strength calculation of blind, corrugations for axial and transverseloaids ~'Y CITED SOURCE: Tr. Gor1kovsk. politekhn. in-tal V.. 19, no. 2, 1963 85-'101 TOPIC TAGS: blind corrugation, fixed corrugation, freely supported, c'orrugation, cor rugation strength, axial load, transverse load, transition zone, Bubnov'technique TRANSIATION: The calculation of blind. corru( gations is reduced to a problem on beams of variable cross section, subjected to transverse bending and to buckling, Yhe arba of transition from corrugation to a flat sheet is considered by introducing a reduced,, length of the corrugation, determined in turn from conditions of equality of angular dis-, placements at the juncture of a corrugation with the transition zone., The eccentricity of application of axial forces is considered in the formulation of the equations. The author discusses fixed and freely supported corrugations, deflected initially according to (sin Tx/L) 2 and sin Zx/L, respectively, where L is the panel's length. Expriessions Caxd 1/2 L 23327-65 ACCESSIONINR: AR4040328 are given for central deflections and bendina moments in the bearing cross section, at t2 .1 . .11 ~ 1. the span center and at the point of transition from corrugation to flat sheet, in relation to a uniformly distributed transverse load and to axial compression. Approximate r atios are given for the calculation of continuous stresses and these are solved by trial . and error. Experimental results are cited. Adequate coincidence was noted between ,experimental and theoretical results. In relation to continuous stresses, coincidence was obtained in terms of median values. The author also discusses a method of solving the same problem with consideration given to the zone of transition, in which deflections, moments of inertia and tile eccentricity of a corrugatton fLxed at the point of support are expanded in trigonometric series. Bubnov's technique is used for integrating the dif- ferenttal equations evolved. The article cites the resulting algebraic equations for one and four ierms of a series. Bibl. with 4 titles. V. I. Shalashilin. SUB CODE: A5 ENCL: 00 Card 2/2 ZHIVOTOVSKIYY A.A., inzh.; PERLIN, A.A., inzh.; BEKSHINSKIY, M.S., inzh.; SHALKIN, M.K.1, inzh. in defense of structural elements without knees. Sudostroenie 29 no.9:9-10 S 163. (MLRA 16:11) `-H;1.:A I ~i ~ M. I,' , i-nzh, Eff'sr.l. of 'pchr-rdogical shIfts on the 9turength of ship hull units. 21? n c ~ l) ~ 4- - 5 -20163. (K-rqA Is z12) SO V/1 2 -1 -57 - 7 -76-16 Translation from: Referativnvv zhurnal. IvIekhanika. 1957. Nr 7. p _'5 (USSR) AUTHOR: Shal'kin, N. D. TITLE: Contribution to an Approximate Theory of the Low-aspecL- ratio Wing (K priblizhennoy teorii kryla malogo udlineniya) PERIODICAL: Tr. Novosibir, in-ta inzh, vod. transp., 1956, Nr 2- pp 68-74 ABSTRACT: The author presents a development of G. F. Burago-s dpproxii-nate theory of the low- aspect- ratio wing (Trudy nauchno-tekhnicheskoy konferentsii VVIA im. prof- N. Ye. Zhukovskiy- 1944 go, 1946- Vol 3): a development wherein the mean downwash angles caused by free and attached Xrortices are established more precisely. Definitive formulae are adduced which permit determination of the angle of inclination of the free vortices and of the lift coefficient by the method of successive approximat:~ons. Since al'I other assumptions and basic tenets of the Burauo theory remain unchanued, the precision of calculation results cannot be improved upon by the author's proposed method. A compar- ison of calculation results with experimental data is not made. Review- er's comment- It should be pointed out that the calculations performed Card 1/.' by Burago's own method agree very well with the experimental data SOV/124-57-7- 7646 Contribution to an Approximate Theory of the Low- aspect- ratio. Wing . which would seem to render improvement thereof unnecessary; moreover. the final formulae in this paper are more complicated. S. 1. Kuznetsov C a r d 2/2 SHALIKIN, II.D., kand.tekhn.nauk; YMIOLEIIKO, S.D., kand.tekhn.nauk; CHMAKOV, L.Ya., in.-h. Fixing rudder end plates to improve the ease of vessel handling. Rech. transp. 17 no.4:31-32 Ap '57. (KRA 11:4) (Steering gear) (Ship handling) SHALIKIN, N.D., kand.te),hn.nauk Converting the hydrodynamic propeller characteristics from one extension to another. Recb.transp. 18 no.12:27-29 D '59. (MIRA 13:4) (Ships--Hydrodynamics) (Propellers) SHALIKINI N.D,J, dotsent, kand, teklin. nauk Double (twin) rudder theory, Trudy .411V"a no.10:110-1-18 162, (MIRA l6a 6) (Hydrodynamics) (Steering gear) SOV/1 37- 57-1-802 Translation frorn: Referat-;%,nyy zhurnal. Metallurgiya, 1957, Nr 1, p 103 (USSR) AUTHOR: Shalkin, S. A - TITLE: Casting of Large LKS-80-3-3 Plates (Otlivka plit iz LKS-80-3-3 krupnykh gabaritov) PERIODICAL: Sb. rats. predlozh. M-vo elektrotekhn. prom-sti SSSR, 1956, Nr 6 (64), pp 16- 17 ABSTRACT: A description is given of the technology of chilt-casting of plates for the rectangular PM-20 magnets. Through this process a saving in metal is achieved and the working productivity is increased by 500%. Production of passable castings is increased by 1516, and consumption of molding and core materials is decreased. A. U. Card 1/1 SHALKO-TITARENKO Construction of a variable-volume chamber for the-:study of I bacterial and viral aerosols., Zhur.mikrobiol.epid.i imman. 32 no.3:129-135 Mr 161. (MM 14: Q 1. Iz Kiyevskogo instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii. (,AEROSOIa) (YICROBIOLOGY--EQUIPMT UID SUPPLIES) AKSENOV, V.V,,, kand. teklin. nauk,-, A,V., inzh.; DOLGOV, E. P. insh,; KAMNEVA, OJERASIMOV, V.F., tekh- nolog-red, (New electric devices fcr sLudyiag inining machines] Novye elektricheskie pribory d1la issledovaniin gornykh mashin; kratkii nauchnyi otchat. Moskva, In-t gornogo dela, 1963. 41 p. (MIRA 16:10) (M´┐Żning maehinexy-Testing) (Electric apparatus and appliances) - - -- - - - - - -- -- --- -- -- --- -- - -- - -- - ~--- - ---- -- ---- ---- - -- -- - -,~A SIIALYLV, K. A. 1. ~ ~ ZLAU 0 c. 163 Refractories All RatiMaj. ine-thods ol' axygen thor-apy in pediatrics. Vopr. padiat, 18:4, 1-150. p,, 28-33 L Of t'he Department of Children's Diseases, I=tary Medical Acadepy Jmeni S, 14, Kirov (Ilead o-IL' Department-ProL M. S. Maslov, Active Member of the Aeadmq of Medical Sciences, Honored WorIcer in Science), CLML 19, 5p Nov~, 1950 E).CTI.RPT;~ MrLICA Sec 15 Vol 1215 Chest Diseases MaY 59 i !,;" i. PiMBLEM." OF ME PMSl(A.(X Y AND i'A'1*1[()I.CX;%' Oi., RE.'-d'IRATION IN f-iIII-A)REN (R(;ssian t,-xt) - Sualkuv -N. A. - MUSCO%k 1957, (292 pag-) gives .ti ALt-lit ut . Methods ill investigation of gas Ilictabolism. I'vipiratiorl, ill, .-fice, 0; Irailling. ill children. Investigations WI-I'V ..ill ll"t milY kuld'.1. cOMILLIOMS Of I-t-St, but also under var'ving phySical sit 1);11;1 art. of thi- t'SSL-1111~kj Ilitilt-VS Of VXIVI'llal I'V.Sill rat toil talldi-r tile lilt k"m .. .4 (1111crellt Ilit.-I'llal all-I favtov!4; thc offcct of trailling With Of diffurent L.S I-CCOI-ClUd. The 1111100l'talICU, 1111t 0111-V Of the VegC- tonve nervous svsteni. but also of highvi- I)al-tS Of tile CNS ill the is tindel-Ililvd. Ill children with t1cficient blood cirrulation tile vital caparity Of tile hings and also tilt! ralige and resurve of respiration are cunsiderably lower. A new I lassi ri ca (loll of respiratory insufficiency is given. (S) A-4 SHALKOV, N. A., prof. Urgent tasks of pediatrics. [Trudyl GIDUV no.23:95-102 160. (MIRA 15:7) (PEDIATRICS) SHALKOV, V.-A., Prof. A reply to V. Hydlil and IA. Vavra's "Study of the reapiratoz7 rate, and respiratory and minute pulmonary volume i2a healthy newborn infants by the mask and plethysmographic methods." Pediatriia 39 no.1:63-65 161. (MIRA 1,01) .(INFANTS( NEWORN)) (RESPIRATION) (MYDLIL, V.) (VAVRA, IA.) SHAL'KOV, Yu.L. Resection of an extensive section of the small intestine in diffuse peritonitis. no.3:59-60 My-Je 162. (~aRA 15:9) 1. Shugurovskaya uchastkovaya bollnitsa (glavnyy vrach - Kh.A. Sibgatullin) Leninogorskogo rayona Tatarskoy ASSR. (PERITONITIS) (INTESTINES-SURGERY) CHISTYAKOV, Vasiliy Dmotriyevich; SHALKOVSKAYA, A., red.; MORGUNOVA,G., tekhn. red. -- (Collection of ancient problems in elementary mathematics with historical excursions and detailed solutions]Sbornik starinnykh zadach po elementarnoi matematike a istoricheski- mi ekskursami i podrobnymi resheniiami. Minsk, Izd-vo M-va vysshego,.srednego spetsiallnogo i professionallnogo obra- zovaniia BSSR, 1962. 198 p. (MIRA 16:4) (14athematics--Problems, exercises, etc.) CHISTYAKOV, Vasiliy Dmitriyevich; SH.ALKOVSKAYA, A., red.; MORC4R4OVA,G., tekhTi. red. [Stories about mathematicians) Rasskazy o matematikakh. Minsk, Izd-vo M-va vysshego, srednego spetsie-11nogo i professional'- nogo obrazovanila BSSR, 1963. 343 P. (MIRA 17:2) ROKITSKE, Fe,.r Frolsich, prof.; SHAMOVSK. A., A. I red. stati,;tics] i3jolog-c-heskaia stati-stika. L - -L( _ L, - - - - 11 - pjh,,,~:Oja ----~A 1-8. -.f .. --a - , 196L. 326 r. (!-'~T KOZLOVSKAYA, NataVya Vitallyevna; SHALKOVSKAYA, A., red.; GESI, N., red.; BELE-NIKAYA, I., tek~~.'~-~re -- (Spring plants in the Hinsk region] Vesennie rastaniia okrest- nostei Minska. 1-",insk,, Izd-vo M-va vysshego, srednego spetsiall- nogo i professionallnogo obrazovaniia BSSR, 1961. 50 P. (MIRA 15:1) (Minsk region-Botany) Zj' C17j'FVICH, -1 j , Vadir. ArOreyevich; SHALKOVSKAYkl~,, - red.; GESI, N.D,., red.; 14J.... tekhn. red. [Origin of the geographical names (topon~=,-,V) of White Russia] Proisk-hozhdenie geograficheskikli nazvanii (toponimika) Belo- russii-, 1.,.insk Izd-ro Belgosuniv. im. V,I.Lenina, 1961. 77 p. .4 . (MIRA 15:1) (White Russia.-Names, Geographical) DF.~'Ellq"YIEV, Vasiliy Alekseyevich; ANDRYUSHCHENKO, Onufreiy Nesterovida -, TEETERBIA, L.N., red.; SHALKOVSKAYA, A.V., red.; lJORGUEOVA, G.M., tekhn. red. ' [History of geograpl7] Istoriia geografii, Minsk, Izd-vo 1-1-va vyssliego, srednego spetsiallnogo i professionallnogo obrazo- vaniia BSSR. Pt.l.[Geography in the ancient, period and Middle Ages] Geografiia v drevnie i srednie veka. 1962. 138 p. (MIRA 15:7) (Geography, Ancient) (Geography, I-iedieval) AKIIXHITS, Andrey Sergeyevich; ZHUGHKEVICH, VA,, red.; TETERINA, L,11., red.; SHALKOVSKAYA, A.V., red.; MORGUTIOVA, G.M., tekhn. red,. [Brost Province; geographical study]Brestskaia oblast'; geog- rafichoskii ocherk. 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(MIRA 16:4) (Forest management) Fj"~-30V, Vladirdr Ivanovich dots.; VIII,~GE-G, G.G., prof., red.; GE-;~) -'.D,.7 red.; O'MKOVSYAYA, A.V.,)-rod.; ICIORGUNOVA, G.M.2 teldm. red. [Introduction to biology]Vvedenie v biolo,-,iiu. Pad red. G.G. Vinberga. Minsh-, Izd-vo M-va vysshego, srednego spetsiall- 0 nogo i professionallnogo obrazovaniia BSSR, 1962. 268 p. (MIRA 15:11) (DIOLOGY) in-li,; GLAVAT.T1.0, 13. inzli. o.orkilng from -ourd a7- building sittles ir. the South6rn Urale. 'la stro-i. 7Los. 3 m.,5:29-31 ','Y 162. 1:, Q) 1. Tirest YuzhuralspetsEtroyo ,(Ural M-)untain regiori-F~-ozen ground) ,4;. . (Firth-moving mchinery) RYBACHUK, I.A.,; SHALKOVSKIY I.G Prevention of rheumatic fever in Vinnitsa Province. Vrach.delo no.11: 117-119 N 6o. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Kafedra fakulltetskay terapii (zav. - prof. B.S.Shklyar) Vinnitskogo meditsinskogo instituta i Vinnitskiy oblastnoy zdravotdel. (VINNITSA PROVINCE--RHEUMATIC FEVER) (TONSILS--SUPLERY) SH-ALKOVSKIY, I.G. Carrying out the ce"lification of doctors as a method of T u controLling their indirldual training. Vrach, delo no.5:123-125 I (1-1IRA 15:6) MY 162. 1. Zaveduyushchiy Vinnitskim oblastnym otdelom zdravookhraneniya. (PHYSICIAM) Si'..~ALKOVSKIY, 1.'% (7 i 1,11 -1 i -- rL) -hi the wDz-k az~,i prcs: ects of further decr-=aze un Infant mortality. Sov. zdravooirhr. 22 no.3:23-27 163 (MTRA 17:1) 1. Zaveduyushchiy Vin!-.;U~Jm oblftstnyrq otdolom n 1 ya. - 31 L 6 1 ,, 5,/o6-=/62/0O0/O0-./oo'./oo4 32 o C EO"-i/EL3-= AUTHORS: Vo 1 ~ Pova Ye G ~h a It kou ~sk,3,y, N G,-~ Zhuk~----~ . 1, S, Pitskhe la-ur -1, V A~ , and Pinchev'skaya S Tr TITLE- Sulphur i,-- a:, id a 1ky lat ion of isobiitane wi ti- butylenes using dif'eren' methods c-f conga, -or c feeding PERIODICAL: Kblmiya i tekhnclogiva topl-1v i masel L962 13-17 TEXT, The authors give data characterizing the work of the alkylation plant of the Novogroznenskiy neftepererabatyvayush-hiy zavod (Novogroznensk Pezroleum Refinery) with consecutive feeding of contactors, Data for the work with parallel feeding are given for comparison, The feed used was a mixture of butane-butylene fraztLons from thermal and catalytic cracking, The alkylation conditions in the contactors were- temperature 10 0C. pressure 6 atm, turbine speed 2000 r p.m,, ratio of a:id to hydrocarbons 1-1 contazt time 18 minutes, time of emulsion breaking 5 minutes. During the parallel feeding method. yield Card 1/2 Sulphuric acid alkylation ot' s/o65/62/OOU/003/00i/oo4 I EO"5/EI35 of the alkylate be-iling between 42 and 11-5 OC was 49-q0% of the feed and its octane number (mo'or method ') 90- Yield of' the alkylate boiling between 175 and 306 OC was " 101/10' of the feed- Consumption of H2SO1, was 190 220 kg/:- alkylats~ The method of consecutive feeding %,rith two and three zonta--tors) --onsisted of passing the feed in equal portions into, the conta,----Iors- The recirculating isob-atane and 112SO4. entered the firs! --orita-.1c. anj subsequently passed info the next one together with the rea,~~'lon products- Using this method. yield of the alkyla-:e (42-'7= 1-C. was 5300 and its octane number 90. The -~on5umption of H-,)S04 WCL 129 kg/t alkyla-e irhich was less than for the method ~-f parallel, feeding, In of 'he ad-.antages of' the feeding method it waz -n--Nelti-el -,n *he NGNPZ It was shown that Th- c-peration of the re,.-tify-ing blo k witlic..i' depropanizi-ng and wirhoat wash,-ng the ~isobatana- :clumn 1.,?9 CLr 'J:-ation in the rea-.tion z--ne and unne-essary isobutan~ There are I figu!- an-i 2, 1~abl AS,,OC1,,,I'ION GrozNI f Card 2/2 VOLIPOVA, Ye.G.; Use of the pyrolysis resin fraction as a high-octane component of motor fuels. Khim. i tekh. topl. i masel 8 no.6:7-11 Je '63. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Groznens4ynauchno-issleddvatel'skiy neftyanoy institut. (Motor fuels) (Petroleum products) VOL'POVA,- Ye.G.; SHAL'KOVSKIYJI N.G. Experience in obtaining highly pure ethylene. Nefteper. i neftekhim. no.8:36-39 163. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Groznenskiy neftyanoy nauctino-issledovatellskiy institut. VOLIFOVA Ye.G.; SHALIKOVSKIY, N.G.; ZIIUKOV, I.S.; IIITSKHELAURI, V.A; PINCHEVSKAYA, S.I. i4 - Studying the operation of a unit for the sulfurid'acid alky-lation of isobutane with butylenes with consecutive feriing of the contactors in the Norogroznyy Petroleum Refinery. Trudy GrozNI'I no. 15:127--136 163. (MIRA 17:5) ;'C L r- 1'., , T r, . -.1 ". - js.~I-r",Jt " :.. J . .- J I - - _-- . , SC : Veterinariia 23 ( 11 ) . ) f, . 23 PHALLI, G.M.,.,reud..; UDALOV, A.G., [Broods of form aniw 191 Porody sellskokhoziaistvannykh zhivotnykh. Moskva, Izd-vo M-va sel'. khoz. SSSR, 1958. 159 plates. (MIRA 12:11) (Domestic animals-Pictures, illustrations, etc.) SHAIJjAmk9,_A.j..SMIRNOVA, L.A. [translator]; KRAGELISKIY, I.V. [translator] Part played by, bysteresis in tire wear and it laboratory abrasion. Kauch.i rez. 19 no.8:0-61 A~ .1*60. (MIR& 13-9) (Tires, Rabb or--Tee t ing, ) L 11257-66 tWT(1)/T/FCS(k) VIR --- ACC NRt AP6000557 SOURC E CODE UR/0109/65/010/012/2113/2118 AUTHOR: Bondartuov, Yu. S.j'j5=Z1Man,_jA:j:.r](Doc-oas 'v'j ORG: none TITLE: Analysis of operation of the polarizer in a rotating-polarization antenna 7 when radiator reflections are present SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 10, no. 12, 1965, 2113-2118 TOPIC TkGS: shf antenna, antenna polarization ABSTRACT: A. dielectric phasing slab in a circular waveguide is regarded as a polarizer, and the slab-containing waveguide section with two orthogonally polarized modes is regarded as a 4-Port. Reflections from the phasing slab are neglected. The polarization characteristic of an antenna with unmatched and matched radiators is analyzed; formulas for the output modes and for the ellipticity are developed; the latter is numerically equal to the radiator standing-wave ratio, when a 90P- phasing slab is mounted at 450. Also formulas for circular polarization of an. unmatched antenna are derived. Orig. art. has: 4 figures and 32 formulas.* SUB CODE: 09 / SUBM DkTE: OlSeP64 / ORIG REFt 000. / OTH REF: 000 H Cardl/I .396.677.731. KIBISOV, Grigoriy Illich; AIJTROPOV, Nikolay Pavlovich; KUBASOVA, Natallya Borisovna; REZVOVA, Mariya Ivanovna;, SHALLING., V.A., red.; GVLRTS, V.L., tekhn. red. (Development and application of a universal methodfor quantitative spectrum analysis] Opyt razrabotki i primeneniia universallnogo meto- da kolichestvennogo spektrallnogo analiza. Stenogramma doklada na seminare v -LDNTP. Leningrad, Le-Aingr. Dom nauchno-tekhn. propagandy, 1961. 53 p. (MMA 14:9) (spectrum analysis) ABRAMOV, V.S.; SHALMAN, A.L. Interaction of dialkylphospherous acids with a4~ehyde- ketones. Part 24: Esters of A-hydroxy- 4,1~ -trichloioiso- propylphosphinic acid. Zhur.ob.khim. 32 no.3:827-829 Mr 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Kazanskiy khimiko-tekhnologicheakiy institut imeni S.M.Kirova. (Phosphinic acid) ABRAWN, V.S.; SHALMAN, A.L. Reactions of dialkyl phosphorous acids with aldehydes and ketones. Report No'.25: Fsters of 0( -hydroxy-R,#,,6',,/31 -tetrachloroisopropyl- phosphinic acid. Trudy KKIITI no.30:45-46 162. (MIRA 16:10) Oro era T 0 no on n- erm Shl'mart and A. X. ky (Zhur. 1547-1565). Rumian). The axperiments of Arsen'eva-Geil' (ibid., p. IS" mc 9 abstract) on the changes in chem. tential p need by heating saml-4conductors are extend to n-typne and to Ge cover a wider temp. mege. Result! for p as are in good agreement with theory, ase-maing 0,;4 ptorsfcm.s and no donors. Those for n-type Go with 1012 and 1011,~rls, donors/cm.3 am only in qual. agreement with theory, assuming i 1()t8 donors a and no acce tore.-A. F. B. -1 - zi MUTUSHEV, G.A., inzhener; SHA]LKAX,D.A., inzhener. Fore:;_p one-bucket excqvators with hydrsuli- drive. Stroi.i dor.mashinostr. 2 no.7:38-39 JI '57. (KIRA 10:7) (ExcavatiLLg machinery) SHALM&N, D.A., inzhener. Calculating the capacity of.rotor trench excavators having inertia discharge. [Trudy] VNIIStroidomash zio.14:3-16 '57. (KLRA 10:6) (B=avating machinery) SHAIMAN, D.A., inshener. Determining the angle of c1rop weight advance in rollers used for soil compaction. [Trudy) VNIIStroldoawsh no.14:17-28 '37. (Rollers (I*rthwork)) NLRA 10:-6) . I I , A-. -Inzh. Inveatigation of a worm digZer. no.16:4-35 157. (MIRA 12--7) (Excavatir4 machiner7) SEALI---A-T, D. A., Cand T,-ch Scl Idlas) -- "Investigation of vertical screw peatworking tools Ovorm, drills)". '.Toscow, 1959, 16 pp (Min Higher and inter S,ec FO,,.c 7,ST-S?, Tralinin Peat Ivist~, IqC copies (EL, No Q, 19-0, 12 ) Sp I I - 6 6 SHALII~LUI, D.A., kand.tekhn.nauk The 14ZS-13 machine for driving in screw piles. Stroi.i dor. mashinostr. 5 no.7:18-20 Jl 16o. (MIRA 13:7) (Piling (Civil digineering)) KLEMENTIYEV, V.G., inzh.; SHAII-IAN, D.A., kand.tekhn.nauk; ESTRIN, M.I., kand. tekhn.nauk Universal slope planers. Stroi. i dor. mash. 6 no.2:8-10 F 161. (Road machinery) (MIRA 14;5) SHALMAN, D.A~, ~and.tekhn.nauk The problem of determining the reliability of construction and road machinery. ~bkh. stroi. 20, no.4:17 Ap 163. (MIRA 16:31) (Excavating machinery) USSR/Farm, Animals Silk-Worms. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol, 115,13 1, 1958, 2700 Author D.G. Voskoboyev, I.L. Movshovich, M.A. Rish, !.N. Shallman Inst Title Zootechnical Procedures for an Increase of the Productivi- ty of the Mulberry Silk-Worm. OrL,- Pub Nauchn. tr. Uzb. s.-kh. in-ta. 1956, 10, 291-300 Abstract Kh. Tishayeva and A. Sultanova suggested an accelerated method of raising silk-worms. The advantages of this me- thod were demonstrated on two breeds of the Mulberry silk- worm: the Soviet No 1, and the Belokokonnaya No 2 /White cocoon/. in the hatchery the temperature of the air was increased from 23 to 300, and the relative humidity was decreased from 70 to 50-550. The caterpUlars consumed by 18-26 percent more feed than the control group (a hat- chery with a standard reEime). Caterpillars raised in a Card 1/2 USSR/Farm Animals - S i lk-Worms. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - B-iol._. No 1, 19=8, 2700 Q-9 hatchery with a modi--P-;ed ra--ime showed that the food they had consumed moved faster along the digestive cane-1, and the digestibility of the natritive elements in the feed remained the same as in the control group. Successive cross breeding was performed on the Bagdadskaya and the Bivol'tinskaya breads. Fe-le butterflies ware cross bred with two or three ma-les of diffarent breeds in order to achieve selective fertilization. As a rasult, the num.- ber of deposits with physiological defects vas reduced, new born caterpillars had more vitality, and the quality and technological aspects of the cocoons showed a marked improvement. Card 2/2 GIJLYAYEV, V.I.; SHALIMAN 14 Kh. red.; SHENDAREVA, L.V., tekhn. red. [Automation of the mechanical manufacture of boards and panels in carpentry based on the modernization of present equipment,] Avtomatizatsiia mekbanicheskoi obrabotki stoliarnykh plit i shchitov na baze modernizatsii deistvuiushchego oborudovaniia. Moskva, TSentr. in-t tekhn. informatsii i ekon. issl. po les- noi, bumazhnoi i derevoobrabaty-vaiushchei promysi"Ll., 1962. 94 p. (MIRA 16:3) 1. Gosudarstvennyy institut po proyektirovaniyu predpriyatiy derevoobrabatyvayushchey promyshlennosti (for Gulyayev). (Carpentry) (Automation) FIS'MF,NNYY, Mikhail kyzikovich; MEDVEDEVA, Ye.T., kand. tekhn. nauk, ved. red.; SIULIMAN, M.Kh., inzh., red.; SMIRNOV, B.M., tekhn. red. - - (Servosystems for profile milling]Slediashchie sistemy dlia konturnogo ~~rezerovaniia. Moskva, Filial Vses. in-ta nauchn. i tekhn. informatsii, 1958. 20 p. (Peredovoi nauchno-tekhni- cheskii i proizvodstvennyi opyt. Tema 10. No-M-58-124/20) (MIRA 16:3) (Milling machines--Numerical control) .a.-eS; k`nematic study aw', synthesis] Riychazhriye me- khaniz:.,y; kinernatlicheskoe iisledovar.-te i Sintez. 1,'o skv a 9'4 (j.'jTu 1'7-,9" t- - 1'77/ ~~ - . -1. f. ) 1 SHALIMAN, M.P., inzh. Design of control boards for block-type power plants. Elek. sta. 33 no.10:41-44 0 162. (MIRA 16:1) (Electric power plants) 6 T/EWp(D-----4jjP --L 27o6~-6 EWT(d) ---f 17437 ACC NRvT6o SOURCE CODE: UR/0096/66/000/003/0029/0034 AUTHOR: Gillman. G. I. (Engineer); Trakhtenberg, M. D. (Engineer); Shaltman, Me 4P~ (Engineer) ORG: none TITLE: Usage of information computers in cont'stems of thermal power Units SOURCE: Teploenergetika, no. 3, 1966, 29-34 TOPIC TAGS: thermoelectric power plant, computer, automatic control system ABSTRACT: This is a description of a control system for a 300 Rf unit using an informtl computer which performs the functions of digital registration of parameters, signalization. of deviations, computation of technico-economic indices and checking of parameters upon operator demand. The computer, with 500 points of control, Performs interrogation of transducers to seek deviations of parameters no less often than each 10 seconds. Each instrument on the control panel can carry the indications of up to 40 transducers, greatly reducing the amount and- difficulty of reading the - control panel. When a signal light lights '*up to indicate deviation-of a c-onstantly monitored parameter, the light flashes and a sound-signal is heard. to'attract the attention of the operator. A block diagram of the computer is presented. The computer uses a single-address instruction system.. with 30 instructions in its repertoire. Input rate for information is 200 numbers per second; printout rate is 10 digits per second.. Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 2 tables. [JFRS1 SUB CODE: 10) 09 SUBM DATE., none' ard 1/1 UDC: 621.18+621-165 )681.W -37-001-3 ACC NR-. P'03 SGURCE CODE~'; UR/GC)'0/66/CW/GG-6/,o'006/C)CC)7~ AU'LHOR: S I I a 1 Im a r, H. P. (En,,--'reer) ORG: Teploelektroproyelclu TITLE: Cemai-n automation Of therrial ele Ctl,4 Cpower s- i-ations SCURCE: Tep'loenor',etlika) no. 6, 1-966, 6-7 IPGPIC TAG~--' p1an~,, A 2-'- T RA C T -An evaluation o,: ~-Iic control cquipment used at the present ti~-.e a-- Xethods for overall automazior- of pow-er eqUip,21-ClIt in moodcr;i power -,,nations are noted. Tile ecuiomen~- currently in use at such stacions Js said to be inadequate for overall! au-,O- mat i on. Automatic control s7stemr, will liave to be roduced. Sucin systerr's P '70n ro 1 L -- 1. Per-L a conr ~ OE 311 the stacio,.,.'s equ-pr-,.cnz; recording of values or para- m.ezors; and auz:o,-,-,aL:ic of~ technological processes. Two mai a directions 5n the 6evelop-ment of such controll systoms- are noted: the usaZe oc a control computer, as a cent-ral control organ, and the construction of a st-apped system., in wkilch "local" devices control the 11-,G1V1GUa1 processes, t,neir operation being only coordinated ~3y tho central computer. T "' e c en z: r ali - ize6 system is in usl,-,e in the USA, thc stepped control (decentralized systen.) -ily i- he :1"aj. n Europc, -.uthor reports. i*e reports t* at the deceatralized Ccrd '/2 1~~P 62-1 ACC NR: system has the ages that faii-~re of one part leavcs only c:-.e sectlon with improper control, aa-6 that step-by-step introduction UZ auzomnation cz--i be performed, A table presents the characteristics of various autcmatic control syste'as now in deveiopmenL in, 'U~.e Orig. artu. n"'3: 2, tahl,.-s. L"jpi6: SUB CODE: 1, 10 QTlB.%' :-,are LC--14- 2/2~-"' USTRIII, I.I.I. [&;trin, SHALIMAN, R.D. Congenital cyst of the lungs. Ped., akush. i gin. 22 no.5:31 16o. (MIRA 15:6) 1. Kafedra patologicheskoy anatomii (zaveduyushchiy - zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki Prof. M.K. Dal') Kiyevskogo instituta usovershen- stvovaniya vrachey (direktor - dotsent V.D. Bratus'). (CYSTS) (LIHIGS-TUMORS) SBALIMAN, S.A. Drug resistance of local strains of dysentery bacteria; abstract. Zhur.mikrobiol.epid.i i=un. 32 no.3:142 Mr 161. OERA 14:6) (SHIGELLA) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/3370'_ Silovyye ustanovki vertoletov; sborn-17e: statey (Helicopter Power Units; collection of articles) Moscow, Oborongiz, 1959- 18-1,:, p. Errata slip inserted. 2,400 copies printed. Ed.: M. M. Maslennikov, Professor; Managing Ed.: A. S. Zaymovskaya; Ed. of Publishing House: 1. A. Suvorova; Tech. Ed.: V. P. Rozhin. PURPOSE: This book is intended for specialists who design, manu- facture-and operate helicopters, and may also be used by in- structors and students of schools of higher technical education. COVERAGE: This book contains 7 articles which discuss problems connected with the application of gas turbines for driving heli- copter rotors and with Jet driven rotors. The author is par- ticularly concerned with increasing the power, economy, useful load, and flight distance of helicopters. There are references, both, Soviet and non-Sovietin footnotes throughout the book. Card l/Ij Helicoptev Power UniLs (Colit.) SOV/3376 The uae of low-speed turbines for the direct drive of ro-L-lor blades it possible, but results in a lower efficiency co- efficient. 4. Gurevich, D. U. Experimental-Investigation of Diffusor Exhaust Conduits, i-n Turboprop Helicopters 59 The author gives methods of determining hydraulic charac- teristics of exhaust conduits of turboprop engines, de- scribes their elements, and gives data on their hydraulic resistance and their installation. Some data are also given CD on the use of the kinetic energy of tuu,-rb-oprop engine exhaust gases and on the prospect of future aevelopment. 5. Khasileva, D. P. Method or Analysis of Characteristics Of Free Turbine Turbo-prop En,-ines for Helicopters. il2f The analysis described differs from other methods in the consideration of e.;-h;-ust conduit characteristics and in more precise evaluation of the Influence of turbine rotation on Card 3/4 ,)",' 1; 1, Al i % ~ - i"Ileb Vas-111yevich; SHALIK 1, Yu.I., red. ['Arength of glued jo4,ntsj 0 pcoclxiosti kieevykh soedinenii. Leningrad, 1965. 24 p. (ME3A 19.1)