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F- L 41ala= ~nd. BUT ~n& ra e aetngt due; of to simultaneous gravitation and diffusion in a 8pbere of radius a is least for padd ks whose wt. P is appfox. 0 T14; k Is Boltzmann's const.. T - abs. temp. Jklore equations for P as fu=tijrn of T, a, adherence coeff. gas viscosity are derived. The relation between the mt. Of.111 settling and particle radius depends little on a, as long as this BlIcerma V S A. D.; RADVTNSKIY, M. B.; "The 1:~ Uul-,' ',~' 1" 1 '1:1~ TIJI'l 1: - t' rl report We"ntmd sit the ftwthKUAkUu O=fsnmo OR COMM" Cb~Wstr7, ThiLul., Giargian am, 22-16 aw 10) Oran 20.t5s p.6n-90 1380 Tmt~j AM 5(4),10(2) AUTHOR: Sheludko, A. S07/20-1, 23-6-32/50 TITLE- The Spontaneous Thinning of Thin Double-Sided Liquid Films (Samoproizvcl',ncyr utoncheniye tordkikh dvust-oronnikh zhidkikh plenok) PLRIODICAL: Doklady Lkademii naul: SSSR, 1958, Vol 123, Nr 6, PP 1074-10"6 (USSR) ABST"LACT: The investigated filns had a thickness of between 0.2 and 0,03,4. The thickness of the films was recorded automatically as a function of time by means of an interference microphotomete- which was especially constructed by the author. A diagram shows the time dependence of the thickness of films of anil-ine and U h denDtes the water in the coordinates 1/h2 -',/h2 , t _ t 0 0 denotes the Thickness thickness of the film, t the time, and h 0 Th6 investigations gave the following in the instant of time t 0 result: Beginning with a thickness of O.lev,, the rate of thinning increases with respect to the rate given by the Reynolds (Reynol'ds' equation, and this difference continuously increases with the thickness of the film. 1"here is no reason to Card '1/3 assume, thqt the flowing out of the solution from the film nnin~ of '"hin Lijafd -7-11--Z (-.~:hich iz expr,?s~:;ed b.-, the above-menticned 'Reyrolls equatiDn~ is characterized by an other mec'nanism if the film becom-es 'hinner t,.,.r 0.1A . Accoriin& ';D the- author's opinion, 'h--- of respect to tlne above-m--nticnel !Zeynol,ls equation is due to an additional pressure ahich i-a turii is due to 'L31-rL111160 intermo!.3cuziar forcss. '"he fcr;7u!--, -7rC 2 3 a t o /h for the -Pproximate c___ 1, _n cf '-his can be izplied in case. Ir -Innot- ~'rq a bove-ment" -ned pre ssui- t-nsion -f t- 1 :::nd i' hDI.-Is Cf - ~/ dl~_n-toz: "n,-:? 1:-. - Av~-.- S the mol-. c_ula_-_ tel T' I. c, ouncl u r v (-, s f (h) are given in the coordinateo 7 --rr I //h ; f:)r aniline and water filrs. 7he curves of a-TU'lirca s_~tisfy the relation The curves -Ir = f(h) do not th~a theoretical curves. In this case, the found of AT are lo7er than th- the:)retical ones, and they 7 /f: -!:i!,nJn.-- of SO,7/20-1, Li-iuil -117's ino~.-7.-ase ;:,.ori-, slovily than -iT-',/h3 ,,.,ifh the thic-',:r.:~Es rf tlno _k1l tli;~: measure:nents diseuOsod in tho pr2-:.-2nt ::~n- carried. out at room t~)nj~i~ratur-,2 (20). -fhi-~ v-tlu:~s u.L- sLii-facc t,~nsilDrn ird o' visc.)3ity w--~i,~ d--ter-nin~~dl the ,zs--I-L,L mnthcds. Tie d.-L:Len~;-'o-,,-,s ~:f 'Ah-- filrnz pho 4-ially. Tll-~::e sro 2 and .1, ref--,-nci:~S, 3 are so-rie-~:. ASSCCIA--TIOl:: lnsfitu-~ fiz--*,--hes,!:,3y -~-,SL-iarstvernog~, Phys.,cal -,;~mistry Df the, Sofiya State -u, ai-n) .1, -- - I -, SCI a Z' A. -7rlmkir, 2 i ju. L Juna ~Ur ace -~l 7 '1 8 8 n 1. -.3 oy 1965- Tim. Coll.ld Choml.tr7 (So-,". P-tt ---ttIY- I- Tr ad; f : ,. - kb it) FMODIULt T..tnik Lkad-it -.k 33n, 1919. 2, 1. pp 44-51 (9333) A29"LLOT, At ..P..1ally I.Prt-t f -&'- Portman that prooont it I--.Lbl- to -7 ti s1 Iyptbb : tr-.t:l f-. . t.. . Th. . it I. P. Lbl .to Stal. tm taral-machanical p p:rtt::. hot" hereq tred Ilh l r7 f h g moloool amb.t- am that, % .; : I h ;:. - W.p..A.., I.- h of 0.11.1d k- Th , t-L Ity f "4.m -11.i4 mmst.try I. pr.,.d by the : he, feat th'St It OnOY % ,b Ai th sf Cal in, on "s 'I... '. -bl" 1 fh :r&-1..4 *y the Otd.l..Iy. 13-16, 195 a, it .. a, r ... at at tho p of r.m.&,roh is the fi Id of callold on m -C"i.) d.t._I..c tbao-tt.mlly and tred. of or-*, of o r proper%&*. mot strocture of peat by r4 on ' of -4 11 t ... - it ous of ad.orption h.I! k'I11 3ht f aid .,at 1 N t in "d hie 0.11.borst- reported - the RR O ... ..... . Zh r4 p -L X f fo~rmxtlom and the p V;r% t: -f -::I.. 7 the 21 b the -1. of A. re ~t L A 3 nm anloel ba-' or- a footer of praaticial T gunwast.. for . f,IXbill-Sto. of yet..., 748 P. A. R*bL.d.r bo.04 it Is kI-'L--tt&-%t... (R-f ftr" -L."Lok th 11:1 1'Y In On --- - :1: U of . 0 r log, Is "Ib 'I'. r to P"loat a... or : IL 2--D-bizi. had bi its 4*41"tod a N p"p rloe at - r so,%. a. dr-EM Trom. In th. f1 : Of on -tart ti... a I" - aish --I~iabor.,.rm otmawLood US. or F ; p the theory of a% ..rrod. Pro :::.: a Ma A-- of aotiv. fill." It& Pat". .1 of %h. Oboxicial modindttm Of SILO earraess of melt, P.,%I.- to. 1 10, 6" nottaU r % r r 4 " I pOrt i 1 , Iof U%proo... of ry:t.11 at ; : a T Iou atrustim- f sh. 11.1 .lag -1-1 btudlc agent.. !1 ho.od Shot : ': Of high P In 09".0%.4 .11 he f at, or. k..) on-11, be -11'1 ds! state of th in Mo. -, oso."o sam l y ' Y' T-d'-- al-Irt.4 lb: ;h .,I art. ewe 6 of spent as dim ar.lom of "lid bo4L... especially p 10 1. _T'j ktons "Prt.d on the .,,..- f ,4 , or P M 4 - --tIR UOU Of 1-4 and tie I nor.,al or . ,:. : 0! r p A : -InumilakU said ll.brsl- -1-4 the Jai :. t " o I pr p. rt . . fpri.IIAn "to" on their 10"!o : Z: h. , . r th.p "Mad p . ..... report.4 .4 the r."I.Iten or .,y.t.111 ... I.. I- the Pr".4tion of beat better. 5 ~ 4 AUTHORS: Sheludko, A., Yekserova, D. SOV/20-127-1-40/65 TITLE: On the Electrostatic Repulsion Between Diffuse Mectri~: Layers in Bilateral Liquid P-'-lms (Ob clektrostaticheskom ottalkivanii mezhdu diffuznymi elektricheskimi sloyami v dvustoronnikh zhidkikh plenkakh) !IERIODICAL- Doklady Akademii nauk- SSSR, 1,059, Vol 127, Nr 1, PP 149-151 (USSR) ABSTRACT: '2he investi,,I-ations by 0. Bartsch (Ref 1) showed the influence of electrolytes on the life span of foams and permitted the assumption of a repulsion taking place between the diflf'use electric layers of the surface in bilateral water films. B. V. Deryagin and A.S. Titiyevskaya were the first to measure the repulsion of these layers directly (Ref 2), and computed the potential as amounting to 50 - 80 mv. The electrolyte content, however, was not safely ascertained. An additional investigation was therefore required, mainly *)ecause other additional expansion pressures were to be recizoned with in thin films, to be added to the electrostatic pressure. The following relation was derived by B. V. Deryagin and L. D. Landau (Ref 3) Card 1/4 concerning the electrostatic expansion pressu:-e: On the Electrostatic Repulsion Detw,aen Diffuse SOV/20-127-1-0/65 Electric Layers in Bilateral Liquid Films 2 Ir nkT ( c hC"' ITelectr = F yCL - 1) for a I - I - valent dissociated electrolyte with the o-oncentration n molecules in 1 cm3 k Boltzmann constant, T = temperature, e = ion charge, the potent-Lai in the center of the film. On the assumption that the electric field of the one film surface is not deformed by the field of the opposite surface, and the surface potential a6 well as the di?lectric constant st. do not depend on the 0 film thickness, it hcIds for the film thickness; h = 2"V 8ekT in Piaure 1 shows the dependence of the ,rne2 Irf. Y- thickness h on lgC (C = concentration of the electrolyte in mol/1). The investigation was carried out with an apparatus described in reference 5. h ivas measured with respect to Card 2/4 solutions of KC1, BaCI 2 and La(NO3)3 in concentrations of the On the Electrostatic Ilepulsion Betw,?cn Diffuse SOV/20-127-1-40/65 Electric Layers in Bilateral Liquid Pilmz rra.-nitude of 10-4Mol/l. Ouin,~ to the saponin used as st abilizer, the computed conductivity had to be corrected. For KC1 3olutiono the corrections are given in table 1. Tr .' as kept at a conztant 730 during measurement. For electr " two binary electrolytes with the valencies Z I and Z2 it holds: h 1 z2 The me_--,~ured film thic asoa correspond to this h 2 - z1 condition. It follows for films of a thickness exceeding 0.05A that no additional measurable ezriansion pressure components occur, despite the J'CLCt that a neGative expansion pressure was to be reckoned w--4th in consideration of the London inter- action between the WILter molecules in the case of 0.1,,W. films. This neCative expansion pressure vras found as vell in KC1 concentrations of 0.1 molll, althouUh to a lower degree than Yrould correspond to theory. In the low electrolyte concentra- tions investigated, the van der Waals expan3ion pressure is Card 3/4 On the Electrostatic Repulsion Between Diffuse SOV/20-127-1-Ato/65 Electric Layers in Bilateral Liquid Films oupposed to have been below the measuring limit, while it becomes apparent with hi-her electrolyte concentrations. 0 This aspect is now being investigated. There are 1 figure, 1 table, and 7 references, 5 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Institut fizicheskoy khimii Bol,3arskoy Akademii nauk (institute of Physical Chemistry of the Bul-arian Academy of Sciences) PRE SEN 2-17D: March 7, 1959, by A. N. Frunkin, Academician SUBMITTED: February 279 1959 Card 4/14 SHL%UIKO,,Aleksey: SOLOMAKHIN, II.I. [translator]; IIERYAGIN. B.T., red.; VOYMaIY, S.S., prof., red.; KHOINTSUYA, Z.F., red.; RY3KM, T.P., (Colloid chemistry] Kolloidnaia khimiia. Pod red. B.T.Deriagina i S.S.Voiutakogo. Koskva, Izd-vo inostr.lit-ry, 1960. 332 p. Translated from the Bulgarian. NiRA 14:3) 1. Chlen-korrespondent AN S&SR (for Deryagin). (Colloids) SHELUDKO, A.; EKSEROVA, D, A study of foam films of water solution of butyric acid. Izv Inat khim BPJI 7 105-113 ^60, (EEAI 10:9) -1 katedra po fizikokhimiia. L. Sofiiski universitet) (Foam) (Butyric acid) (Films) (Water) (Solutions) SHELUDKO-, A.; EKSEROVA, D. On the positive disjoining pressure in double-sided films from solutions. Godlahnik kbim 54 no-3:205-211 1959/60 (pub. 161) 10:9) (Em (Capillarity) (Pressure) SHELUDKOY A.; PLATIKANOV, D. Study of thin liquid films of mercury surface. Godishnik khim 54 no.3:213-228 1959/60 (pub. '61) (EEAI 10:9) (Thin film ) (Mercury) SHELUDKOP A. On the influence of the alternating electric field on the opalescence of colloidal solutions; a preliminary communication. Godishnik khim. 54 no.3:229-231 1959/60 (pub. 161) (VAI 10: 9) (Electric fields) (Opleseence) (Colloids) SHELUDKO, A.; EKSEROVA, D. Electrostatic pressure in foam films of water solutions of electro- lytes, Izv Inst khim BAN 7.115-121 160. (EEAI JQ:9) (Foam) (Electrolytes) (Films) (Water) (Solutions) SHELUDKO., A.; EKSEROVA, D. Instrument for interferomotric measuring of the thickness of imicro- scopic foam layers. Izv Inst khim BAN 7:123-132 160. (EM 10:9) (Interferometer) (Foam) SRELUDKO, A. Twenty five years since the establishment of the laboratez-y f*r investigating the surface phenomena at the Institute of Pbysical Ghemistry in the Soviet Russia. Spisanie BAN 6 no.2:112-113 '61. SHELUDKO, A.;_ PLATIKMIOV, D. Investigating thin benzene layers on the surface of melc'ury, Dokl, AN SSSR 138 no.2,415-418 W i61. (MIRA 140) 1. Institut fizicheskoy khJmii Bolgarskoy Akademii nauk. Predstavleno akademikom A.N.Frumkinym. (11enzene) (Mercury) EKSEROVA, D.; SHELUDKO, A.,prof. Relations between the concentration of the black spot formation in microscopic oam f4-lms and the depenedence of the surface tension on -Lhe concentration of the detergent. Izv Inst fiz khim 3 79-87 f63. 4 1. Institut po, fizikokhimLia pri Bulgarskata akademiia na naukite. 2. Chlen na ftedaktsionnata kolegiia, "Izvestiia na Instituta po fizikokhimiia" (for Sheludko). SHELUDKO., A.; YEKSEROVA, D,; PLATIJKANOV, D. Kinetics of the thinning and rupture of thin films of liquid. Koll.zhur. 25 no.5:606-.612 S-0 163. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Institut fizicheskoy I-,himii Bolgarskoy Akademii nauk i Kafedra fizicheskoy khimii 50fiy3kogo universiteta. :" ~ : :,. 11 . 1 )i, ( - If~ .2f, . ,Ii ('11 isri(i r zurf;L(-,:-fi(IT.J'.If- -,,LL Karl Marx "tadt.. 3i isanic, BAN 9 no. 1/~) - I -)~) Lill I K) F !~ ~(,. . ( ?.cskvi~~ Llome eystems lfcr the prograwtd control of semi autonar'--' c nacnl'nery ~-r tha clcthtng industry. Shveln. prom, no-..3123-27 ?tf-.18 165. (MIR4 18-,9f' SHELUDIKO~ A.V. Mechanism of -qlkgli hydrolysis of the benzylidene derivatives of peaudothiohydantoin. Farmatiiev. zhur. 16 no. 2:21-25 161, (MIRA ll+t4) 1.Yal'adr.L. farmatsevtichaskoy khimii Llvovskogo meditsinskogo instituta, zav. kafedroy prof. M.M. Turkqvich. (THMOLIDINEDIO114) SHELUDIKO, B.M.; BACHMANOVA, N.I., DO11-211ICH, M.A.; LUTSET, P.O. First and secmd astes-az~--ns ~:' z;haz-ma~,e~at fS~ 3 4 -CdeEsa Province. Apt. delo 12 no.5956-59 I S-0163 FIMIRA 16:11) 4- SHELUDIKOI L Contr~)l over the distribution of collective farm monetary income. Den. i kre~d. 20 m.10:66-09 0 462. (MML 15 :12 ) 1. Zamestitell upravlyapishchego Poltavskoy kontoroy Gosbanka. (Poltava Province-Collective farms.-Income distribution) SHUUDIKQ,,I.I., mekl3,--nik Self-propelled truck for wzaw. Mekh. Bill. hosp. 11 no.5:16-17 my 160. O-MU 14-3) 1. Kolkhoz im. Stalinat Ve.liko-Belozerskogo rayona, Zaporozhskoy oblaBti. (Farm equipment) 777-~t--- - -- 1, ~ '.V , ~ . . . orerat-ior -*:, 7.- (50-23452" - P-at "llf-1 ~-yiv, Ull.-.r. Acr--h. i7-1 , -vo, !"415. . 03 35 KTRt,Xr)VSKT-, N.F., dntsont; GLAGOL7-7, N.M., professor; SEK=IKO 14-- (intnent. redfkktnr; SFJU3M. V.K*.. Inzhener, redaktar; MIDIKNS To. V., tokhnichonkly rnduktor. [Stationary internal combustion engines; operation, adjustment. testing. A rwrerence manual) Statsionarnre dvigateli Ynatrennego agoranlia; kontroll, naladka, Isputanie. Spravochnoe rakovodstvo. Klov, G-ns.nnuchnn-tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroitellnoi lit-ry. Ukrain- skoe otd-nin, 1955. JW2 p. WJU 8: 11 ) (Gas and oil engines) lk~~.y - LABUTIN. Aleksandr Aleksayevich; _L jqy ~g~ SHCHEKINA, Galina Afanas'yevna; TUROVSKIY, B.redaktor; ZElJIIKOVA, Ye.tekhnicheskiy redaktor (Heat power engineering equipment for machine-tractor stations) Teploenergeticheskoe oborudcvanie KTS; spravochnoe posobie. Kiev. Goa. izd-vo lit-ry Do stroit. i arkhit. USSR, 1956. 202 p. (MLRA 10:4) (Heat engines) (Kachine-tractor stations) KIRAKOVSKIY, Nikolay Feliksovich; CHUDNOVSKIY. S.V., inzhener, retsenzent; ,SRELUDIKO kandidat tekhnicheakikh nauk, redaktor; SMIDY-U. V. ~,.~,D'~nenelrrredaktor i:,datel'stva; RUDENSKIY. Ya.V., tekhniche- ski.v redaktor [Internal combustion engines; a manual for mechanics] Dvigateli vautrennego egoranlia; rukovodstvo dlia mashinistov. Jiev, Goe. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry, 1956. 307 P. (Gas and oil engines) (MIBA 10:1) A'I - SHELUDIKO, I., kandidat tekhnicheiikikh nauk; WSHCHIMIT, B., inzhener. Gas-fired water heater. ZhIl.-kom.khoz. 6 no.5:26-28 156. (Water heaters) (Km 9:11) SHElUDIKO, Ivan Mikhaylovich, dotsent, kand.teklin.nauk; KCKENDANT, K., red.; KOVALICHUK, G., [New gas heaters] Novye e.-azovye otopitellnye pribory. Kiev, Goo.izd-vo lit-ry po stroit. i arkhit.USSR, 1960. 52 p. (Gas--Heating and cooking) (MIRA 13:9) SEWNS. 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(MIRA 15:3) (Ceramic industries) (Kilns) (Drying apparatus) SHELUDIKO, I,M,.- kand. tekhn. nauk, dots.; GNYP. P,I,[Ilnyp, P~1.], kand. tekhn. nauk, dots.; MALRINIC&NKO, V.G,!Maryny.-_henko,V.H.], kand. filol. nauk; SHVETS, I.T., akademik, atv. red.; KILICHEVSKIY, 1.0.[Killehevalkyl, 1.0,1, kand. filol. nauk, red.- leksikograf; STETSENKO, V.D., red. izd-va; ROZENTSVEYt, IE.N. (Rozantoveih. IE.N.1, tekfLn. red, Ukrainina dictionary on heat bind gal--i ~?npineering, 32, 000 terms ]Rosiis Iko-ukrains' kyi slo-vnyk z teplAekliniky ta gazotekhniky. 32 000 terminiv. VidpovidaL nyi red, I.T.Shvets'. K,yiv,. Ilyd-vo Akad. nauk TJlRL-T,, l9r-12~ 1,D8 p, MIRA 16:2) 1. Akademiya nauk IPKr. SSSE (for. Shvetssl ~_ (Russian language--Dictionaries--Ukrainian.) (Pent engineering- -Dictionaries) Claz~ engineering- -Dictionaries) SHVET'~", Ivan Trofimovich, yrof.; V.-CV.- Lo-': lvzlnvich' prof.; Nikcla;r Freliksovic!,, Ivan Afanas',7evich, cictsq.;- ~-van dots.; VOZNESMiSKIY, A.A.--y-rdf., retsen-zeiit~ LABUTIR, A.A... svets. red.; BALYAIMAYA, A.Ye., red. [General het engineeringil Olbshchaia -~e,.:'-Iotekhmika. Ibly! T.T.Shvet~-, i dr. Kiev, Iz-1-vo Ki-',~v,--kcgro univ., -1-963. 562 p. "/:10) 1w DIATYA14, G. (Diatian., H.I., arkhitektor; SIIELLIDIXO, L., inzh. Gigantic gider. Znan. to. pratoia no.10:23 0 161. (IMA 14:8) (Ukraine, factories-,Design and cqnstruction) d 4 0 0 0 0 a 1vew _ "of 4O4OfOGl6OO:;;;;* a 0 ~d 0 - 0 0 j 4 0 The &Mmoglia gas alorclsode V A T,,ir,lwl,vtA-, 00 a 0: 1-00 1 =00 00 00 00 00 x 96 9 'see too@ two It 1 11,11,11-4, ..115411,01 too - ' -w is Av ; ~ , ol lo K a a It 111. jj 6 3 2 Ail L t 8 If S, n .P.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 V 0 0 o r* 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 r 00 go so 0 4p 2 0 0 9 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 4- -4 4r~ a A 0 0 0 0 4 1j"Isks Ila "Billa nim"M hull III) ids III, Woo" 420 a a E A L L L I It V Q IP a k IL J~ AL u 4 , 61 The AMM-411a son oloctil"sI 00 A111041- Alk.1 k 14'. k.l., PApsk I Awm 4. IAJ !#.,I I ijl I). I lk- t0l I't Nil. w1l. NH-No~ -, KNO. ! 4td. N11.1ith , 4), 00 111 ( 0 Illetril V[ - Nil$ : ~11'1 goo KNI)i IIKICI, I- N KCI fig (+). 0.45 00 a -Nil- - h - v. I1.,jIj 1 a N I wl,l l1w .k,.t,,." goo firml. wlwll they prig, rx)jA"j"I I, pssmg I, goo so MITI ffirm ig lm th~vl~ If. V . !a** 00 11 00 Do z:oo 600 ;Fee A S [TALLtWA;K.L LITEII-YUSIE CLA%IIPKATICft woe Ala L n - 0 LS t. IS a a It 9#f a It It tw i ~A- IS a 1. 3 a a 3 0 Ong 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 111 04 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 Q Is I L .1 A A .1 A L V 111 1;M 6 1. 0 P. 6 v A T I a M 99 Catalytic paparatim of hydrochloric acid from chlorine K ' , biWk,, 11'a1. Kh,m /4., 9. d water M hc . .- iin .I A-4, , . , 7, "t-Uto licl IIA~ I~frn Of '%41' %%fit a V&S-1111 -11119 MW 1 ?(1, MKCI, 2A Will C-11 k -00 i - -Uch a vmltlv~t i. tubh- und mr, hAffically mfmix; 00 Of if,, itwO,,mi-i J IICI fi.minfion i, that dem-rdwd by -00 00 lit KJ de-uip,- .if thri,minivo at hislit,mi- i -00 1 go -00 00 0 0. 00 =00 00 COO 00 Izoo 00 i~ 00 04 ~00 00 -00 00 t =S 1 :00 e , 60 1 : : 00 00 00 -00 00 -00 0 -.00 ' Joe a An i 1 0 ru 616000000,60000069 * 0 0 0 a 0 0 o 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000%roooooooooo ooo 000000000*000*0 000*06 0 Is all, I . . . . . $ to a a A a - v hill u1jidis 11117111*4311 4 It I u1jud to t, a -1-1 - 0 (X OP ff_~~ -I _L_ _L_ at I! I I - - f I a Ai PrOdUctlidta It AMMQW= ultate and rrd ocher. klirg; feffous ffuuatl Scalutiocis. A. Y&. Skidel'skil and Nf. K. -90 42:!-4(lLa341rn--- , Shclud'kar. Warm. Kharm. Zkur. 9 . -RUMW)_.-~-The method is bused on the reactitm Fv.SO6 -66 + -'IN1140H + Fari0fl), No complete -*0 oxidation of FeSO4 cc FartOll), in the tnixt. could be ef- f-ted with Ac or current %eilh or without A halt pickling aadn.. conig. txa,tlv :111) g. of VeSA). 711,() 41*11.0. w.. uald. w,th JIM ilia 0 ~, I %ol of 11.0 all I Idler "I hot I he Illitt At'. ontallo-d 1 .00 : . g. of Far ' ' per I.; this was trilLKrd to (I.M S. lwar 1. oil 600 ,D beating. with stirring. fur LIU natti. and filtarrinit cold. j On partial of the filtrate. the entire Fe' * viall =e0 oxidized and plaid. as FcJOII)s, giving after evapn. of the r-O a filtrate (Nll,),S0, free front any Far. Tire 1:,-;()fij3 00 was lawlied with 11,411 And irellited At SAMI, for ~, lo, . %tvIF,jC =*O red tx her with UV.50% Faritis And only %nnall tiA&-vn of S. 0 Any cluing" in the concti. of pickling Acid IlFoaltac"I anictiow r"ult.%. The w;L%h waiers "infg. Fe ilia(] (.Nlf6)rS0, %rtr 4*0 used in dilg. the pickling acid after with Nil.tIll. 00 Ch., llum- 00 a, Doe A a L A SETALLUItGRIC.I. apa 11 13 11 -. -z- T -I A R U K U ft H - a.. An L S 3 eld o m a i mir as 1i a 0 100 a 11 as K o 0 0 0 4 0 !9 ! 00 0000.0 4111 0 a0 0 0 0 0 0 6 * 41 4t A L 8 L 1 6 a P 4 v I JUA b propitiation albavy water. V.A. Alck%endrovichand W K, Seeftdlec). J. Applied CAm. W S. S R.) 13. 41 Firuch. 40)(11HO); cf. C. A. 34. 467P. Ate ($ 1 I D j 4 ' , vile Surthott law $he Perim " , 'I he ek.-t14viet tih see Calmlated ta l 00 . , 4a atu *0 Autimustic circulation of tlvctrWyte &net with Nitolar ekt. trtArs (with better cooling) aud eipp. for terutralizational 00 alLati electrolyte nal for safe cottibustime at cxp"vc gas 90 mixt. cvolwvd duriml clectroly4is are descril~d. A. A. IN%firrmny coo 00 .00 0-1 "06 00 1 t:99 CIO 10 r ;I 'us 'jm. 1. 11 4v to S a .4 0 4 0 1 -W - st j- jj-~- -)~-v dnC Ub C"LN-901: 00 400 ,of -Ak~ I t T q 0 W w W 0 0 0 0 a 6 0 0 -D Q 13 16 ;1 0 0 0 ' V 0 a 11 13 4 16 1 Q r A A -L -L IL 11' G H A A-L a 14 r (A I A J- JA I .. I z M t 4 -a %.i It-+ & e so 4f 00 dig C The accuracy of corrosion tests. A. S- Afsia.'ev and go : NI. K. Shelutl1ko. )k s Bor'bir s Na. 7. N.,. :i. w 1: -2 Ten Sri co;rosior t,ts in arju_ III() a ;:7 Aod W~ NaCl were appfi~l to f'4411 ~unpk-% of %ti,l and g :,ast Fr. With a (the no, amples in any test) - S 7, the tin. wt. 1~ should ctceed a certain value fir atifactorv go erurm.-y. is delivoils on the type of tc*l aml Ilse m2trtiAl ;Too eing tested; in Ow present cates it varies ftmu 30 lix, g - I i l f ld ta 1,er q. in. ncreas ng accuracy as a rew t o , apprei jimli,ngation of test uver this amt. is less apparent than -ZO 0 1bat thic to increasing x. Increstsing a over 11) has prav- 00 licallv no effect on the accuracy. Coenetrally. only 2 00 jplavv~ in the wt.-lo,-&6 figures are signiticant. Corrosism ,Antpkii with an area of alxjut 25 .70 tl. vin. ought t-, I.- %veiglictl to within I ffg~ if the exitected wt. kn% is WO ing Jr tier '3111111r. Z.- lfrixv S. %L1 FlAt-PIK-L L-114-TLIEC CIMSPICATICid V.-W7-- T K, U N *too: :**: :-qe--Oe 00 0 ...... ;0* W L S n4 0 x LLD n A 14 17 1 A : : ::: : : :-: : : : : : : : : : : : 9 0 Corrosion fesisUnce of slightly alloyed steel and Fe used for piping the Palace of Soviets. M. K Mit lud1ts. '00 4 1 Jt--I Ill IVIII-.1 4-1 'All Fl- Ifr 1, ~11.d fiq '00 Irv 411.1 vt). Ill tap 11,I) jalt'rilaims .111, I". "act alt,,&IIAmjt with 'it. ). .681.1 1. pall, A Il'It Atilt dramage yttirm,. I 111' 1-11 ll-k I l-111-1111,4 L't otit, NW F,. Aml C 11 1.-., %1,t No plt.j.j. N lI,wl,.1.lI(jImA 00 C 2AIt'. 1-1 ... I C I Nt,, 1. 75. ~ I, 1. 00 -100 " C, 'I \, cu I I' , Old I--- C 7.. 0 . I.nt"Il C W11, SI 1.4!1. M.. I ].~I. I- " 1". C, ~;. zoo M 1.1111, Cli 0 St. FI tl.IVl It C. V A. 00 - 0 00 0 40 joe too + =00 too del a Is 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 a 0 0 6 0 9 0 0 0 a a 0 0 ~ Isl e 0 0 le 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 to 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 OAO 0 *", a- " I I t I I I t I I It I I 1- " ~A M I Im -a _d__4 _L -a 4 A it 9 a 0 &-1 Lk 0 W ISE 1 .0 .0 .1. comes p i ~ r""OTOS VE. o _00 AVI s "sw : Chrouditim and chrocalum-aluarrainum coating of pipes. o M. K. %awirld'It. .%Iil 7. 51%0 -11 I'll., A method d 00 00 911011 111 Cc miling And calortaing wher,hy Cr joAling, 00 t 0 t, were obtamcil Vieth A diflu,ims mm~ -nusting of 0 rjIctAIIUrOCAI HIASUCSitC 5.5, FeCr (grAde [$or 01) 410. And * CI 5 00 e. Stec I iremri in thismixt. for 10 hr. At I(XXI l d C 7 u A r coat o 8 1 macron, thick.mvl uming the truip. 0 all I liki' proiltice.1 I coat ~.Nxl mi,rmt, thick tit the %&rite i,osat if tistir. rite ismiiiii,mv -if ifir -imimon v-irira l h m %%ti l t i, kill.[ 44 %tell 11-1 A it., .f tol-, III 0o u I'.IjtIl And d"In. Well: thta. "'At"I AIM 1-ted Iluder JI. =00 vernw eunditionq, such &~ hit. conden-ir Wiles. Airplane h N i '0 &:% ati,ts. cArry nc ii. (),. el- rhir Cr oAteA ml,ri, were highly resist-rit till 1. viol' A, C%11.111-t tUIWS they 0 00 Were2-3 times I icre rem,unt IfLill St.,111IC- Steel. When s 00 not ee at 00 I I.N(h. In gas turiviti, Cr-aling ltlhihit~l rxa~t an PArI% * '00 marking at Sx) . rite tubes were insufficiently r"istant -to ~L and fresh water, and therefore Are un%uitable for lcluderisers. Cala-izing was done in A mist. If FrAl A'. -00 valcincif white clay 4S. and NfIaCl 2" At 10.10-711' for v to hr Ot,tin of t b i h C G41 . r% w u t r o g vir"I by cAlorimig rendered thein re-tant to Ilfbi UNW. CAlurizing %as 400 effective in protecting Cr And Cr-.Ni steeli At Above 10111)" . CAlorizing prott-cte,1 equilly ~trels with a lower Car content WO 0 e.g. 4.6, 12, and 17":, depending oil the temp. Delail. 12 00 of .1iffattion of Cr coating Are given. M. 11,vich woo A S AT - S L & MKV&LLMMMEM LITMSTM C"'aw"c"Airsta's woo 100 GaLLn O-C 4111AII Asa am Asa u S AVIDISIV M it li a am a a a I N a I An a 3 a I AT ,,;a Sass a a n ff + 1 ~9 ! 0 000 ooooo*ooooeooooooooo000000000000 0 : , 0000000000000000000000,000000000 :::: 0 SHELUDIKO, M. K. Zj . '! , T .1 . - M. K. Tentntlve Technalag cnl 1 no tructin ~l A for the, nizing of Tubed. s,rAL, rol. 7, 1947. 0 , pp. 522-523; 1150 wordp.. 2'Wi Q i idnetica of dry regeneration of an wft Vcarbonate and with magnesite. NYIP4~_Iii~ 4 T A Zhil aeva (F. ~JFR ~'P.Ovd. NHICI and CaMs, Svere ground together and heated in Fe cructl3les. . Iche welts were analyzed for. Cl-. NH.-'. NaOH. and COS--. 'The N114CI content decreased with the temp. of fusiott from :200 to 3501. at first rapidly; after 30-45 min, it tended to approach const. values; these were oappreciable at 2500. But as the tetnp. increased itapproaclutc! zero. 1twasxero :at 300* within 2 hrs.; at 3500 it reached zero in 30'min, The log of the rate of decolupn. of M134cl v3. log of initial NH.C1 conen. was- a linear function. When heated with fagnesite the decompa. was compleb! in 90 min. at 200' -and in 20 min. at 250'. It was decovit at 175* or lower -temps. Bencowitz LICHIK&KI, V.M.; SREWDIKO, N.G.; TIMOSHENKO, G.L. Agroclimatic character is t ica of the freezing and thawing of soils in the Ukrainian S.S.R. ~rudy UkrNIGNI no.16:23-40 '59. (MIRA 13:6) (Ukraine-Frozen ground) (Soil moisture) KHOIN'T"TOV. N.Ye.; ~--IMC-K 7 ~ I 'I ,M.F.- MELUDIKO, O,V. - 11 Anc-1--c orczes-ses Ln ,he ele-trol sis of mixed solutions of bcrax and 7 1 51da. Trudv.'~IIKETI nc."~,63~66 164. (MT-.;L-1 --!B?I) SHEUJD IKO, T. F. ; AGiti"ONOVA, T. N. Staurolites from gneissen in the central part of tho Azov region. Min.sbor. no.12:270-279 '58. (14IRA 13:2) 1. Gosuniversitot Imeni T.G.Shevchanko, Kiyev. (Azov region-Gneiss) (Azov region-Staurolite) SFEELUDIKO, T.Kh. New data on the graphite potential of the Berda Valley. Nauk.zap. Kyiv.un. 16 no.14:127-137 '57. WIRA 13:4) (Barda Valley---Graphite) FOCIfTUIT~-V~., -.l.*l.-, ) V.G... inzh. 1-1~- o' stan~ar-;_,zation in tle n.-i-'aria'l tcormmy. Mashinostroenie - 1- -L - fl.~-:4101-32 j7L-A,- "-'r 'RIPA 18:8) .18 - I BELYY, II.G.; BUGAY, N.V.; IVANOV, V.V.; SHELUDIKO, V.M. Study of fractures in the dram of a high-pressure boiler and of methods for preventing them fxoM originating. Energ.ik elektrotekh.prom. no.-4.'55-159 O-D 162. NiRA 16a) 1. Glavnoye upravlenlye energeticheskogo khozyaystva Donetskago basseyna. (Boilers) PORTNOV, A.I,otvetstvennyy rHdaktor-, KNIZHKO, P-O,redaktor; KRAMAR~SKO, V.F.,redaktor; NAUMENKO, MA,,redaktor; PIVNENKO, G.P..redaktor; IIOZMTBZRG, M,A.-redaL-trr,SA7ITSKIY, I.V.,redalctor.- TROTSENKO, A.G.,radaktor, SHELUD'XO, T,.g,..redaktor;'/AYSMAN, G.A.,redaktor; 14EDVEDEVA, N,B r;aaktor; G:MSMYN, A.D.,tekhnicheskiy redaktor [Problems in pharmacy; a collection of scientific papers from pharmaceutical schools of the Ulcrainel Nekotorye voprosy farmateii; sbornik Lauchny,d,. trudov Vy:3shIkh farmatsevticheskikh uchebnykh zavedenii Ukrainskoi SSR, KLev, Goa. mad. Izd-vo USSR, 1956. 366 T). (MIRA 10-5) 1. Ukraine. Ministerstvc, zd:r-avoolchranenlya. (PHARMACY) USSR/Pharmacology. Pharmacognosy. Tox'-cology - T-5 Medicinal Plants. Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Biologi3m., No 16, 195T, 71741 Author Sheludko, V.M. Inst Title The Pharmacognostic Investigation of Lavatera Thuringiaca L. Orig Pub Nekotoryye voprosy farmitsii, Kiev, gosmedisdat, USSR, 1956, 211-215 Abstract No abstract Card 1/1 - 63 -, -- I- If If I - - , - ;," - j - . SH&ILJDIKO. V.H., dots. r--~ Pharmaceutical educatiou :;-n the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Aot.delo 7 no.1:62-65 Ja-)' 158. (MIRA 11:3) (VISTNAM, NORTH-PH"KAGGY) SHElUDIKO, V.M. Develo-pnint of the driv- Industry In the Den"jocrPtic Re-,)ublif,- of Vietnnm. Med.prom. 12 no.8:60 Ag'58 (mm 11:9) (TEITNAM, NOIRTH-D.RUG INDUS'-FTY) TROTSZNKO, A.G.,; FORTNOV, A.I., prof., red.; GORBOV, T.P., red.; YEVDOKIMOV. D.Ya.. red.; KNI,",HKO, P.O., red.; KORCHINSKIY, X.O., red.; LESHCHINSKIY, A.F., red.; LTASH3UO, S.S., red.; ROMBERG, M.A., prof., red.: SAVITSKIY,, I.V., prof., red.; SLMUDIKO, V.M., red. [Research in the field of pluirmacyl Issledovaniia v oblasti far- mataii. Pod obshchei red. A.J.Portnova. Odessa, M-vo zhdavookhra- neniia USSR, 1959. 314 p. (miRA 13:6) 1. Zaporozhakiy gosudarstvennyy farmatsevticheakiy institut. 2. Ka- fedra organichaskoy khimii Odesskogo gosuclarstvennogo formatnevtichasko- go instituta (for Trotseuko). 3. Kafedra farmatsevticheskoy khimii Odesskogo gosudarstvennogo farmatsevticheskogo instituta (for Fortnov). 4. Kafedra neorganicheskoy i sudebnoy khimii Odesskogo gos.farmatsevt. instituta (for Yevdokimov). 5. Kafedra analiticilesicoy khim.1i Odesskogo goa.farmatsevt.inatituta (foT Knizhko). Kafedra marksizma-leninizma i organizatsiya farmdela OdessIcogo gos.farmetsevt.instituta (for Kor- chinskiy) 6 Kefedra biokhiinii Odesskogo goa.farmatsevt.instituta (for Leshchinsiiy5- 7. Kafedra farmakognozii i tekhnologii lekarstvennykh form i galenovykh preparatov OdesBkogo goB.farmatsevt.instituta (for Lyasheako). 8. Zaveduyushchir kafedroy fiziologii i farmakologii Odessko- .-o .-Os.farmatsevt.instituta kfor Rozenberg). 9. Zaveduyushchiv kafedroy biokhimii Odesskogo gos.farm3tsevt.instituta (for Savitakiy).'10. Ka- fedra farmakognozii i botaniki Odesskogo gosudarstvennogo farwtsevti- cheskogo, instituts (for Sheladtko). (PaARMACY) 6HELUJF!KO., V.M.j BABENKO, V.S. Practical exercises in pharmacognosy. Farmatsev. zhur. 16 no.4i40-41 '61. (MJF.A 17L,~-,~~ 1. Kafedra faimakorrnozii i botanak: .-- Ilaporozhskogo farmatsevti- cheskogo instituta. SHELUDIKO, VJI.; BACHMA1.1,0VA, N.I.; DOMICH, M.O. [Domnych, M.O.] Attestation of pharmacists in Odessa Province. Farmatsev.zhur. 17 no-4:74-75 162. (MIRA 160) (ODESSA PROVINCE-PRAWACISTS) "f), C' ~;i' iy 1".i~hvl'yiovich - KC, EQ NI-ITEI:K( Yurly c t, c a mp- nil a o n p h! trmri c a imc, s y t, ho o c ht-!.-.. c a 1 a r al Y13 ral`-~ t,.. c hny i po s i b r, vIr z far ma.'k r) ,no z i i ; fo tc k h i rp. i c hiny i a r! K-.iv, Zdoro-:1-i-a, il?7 p. 19! 24;) 712 ri u z A'j I HO." 5 D '-"C v a k 3: r u n v ~ s ~, , F Serebrerin~kov, YJ 'v:. Shelud Si;arat;~-.*. V. Far, T:,: L-': c-,' iiiy5-,eal zhf~ra-te--',at' a of the iattice r-iia,:tcr by mear-i of a a c al I C AL A'~ :-.qy -A -.n c r,-; v rr a ex;erirt4n*.j of 'lie phystra., f 3y =,2,a:-.s cif a lr;b;-,-e:aI in.-.-Yrt. 'Kli 3t,-;d:td; the gvza~h.'e block was 2.2m hi,-. t-I a iia--a-.-ir c;f .1, C. t 9 h D *1 t- a !".ad ;j 4 -~me o:* 7~1 mm d A r, o 6o -,r. t, It I.' %M ve .rii belz~*n we:, r-f.,iLtor ociuld be ,:iri-o -i-- '-ordlnF to th'. ~f and th-~ u'er parij or Un. f -,-.I card 1/0 2 53 72 Th I L --IYS 3 7~ f I 1~7 .i LL 3 i%-5 c~ v~k r. ka .2 r, a IE I r x r F 1 an I thie rue: lem,nt ku;.. rF t,',u rt~ n 3~11 C -.I t i t --)r,,a'.r.(,-d sx s-j-h elements arranged round a t 7~- %o : f ' .A GRES a, s , had vaporlza' 4 on Ind char.n-?Ij; *.h~s~ we:--3 by the 7ca:rdl tuba w'-th water f,~r the fcrmer. and ha-.-.n,; it withrut -~6ter fcr the latter. The charactor 4 5 1 _a rf *.I.e systems studied were as follwas: Card 2/8 2 5 / : 25372 slcz ;/61/01 /0 10 3*1 C2/m2 14 t-e 'us o al of o~ theore:ical 1.033 of ar. ~-.Sert j wit." water na"3:. 'n t he an mar-Jr .0 26 :0. "C z 1-030 1-035 reaccr waa found to bo 0.64 (for chanre, ith water) ~'--..Out water). it -aas found that, iii order to adjust the neutron 3ubcriti,;a'- insert so that it is character- center of the :z'tIC C. tre 'E~V"n uranium - grapal:e lattice, it is necessa-ry so to choose 7. f.S;.0'13 : '.-'-.e inSert So thEA its equivalent radius Is -'IL ) cm (ff -a the slow4ng length 4r. the moderator and L the le'ngtn'). 70---easur; '~L it is sufficient to arrange one cell of .1attice under study -'in the cener of the reactor with 2~.* enriched -uranium. The authors t"anic Ye. F. Xakarov, G. Y. V.Iadykov, G. 1. Sidorov, CafL 5/8 25372 ijI02/zi21-4 7. V. V a v ov , 7 . A. Sr-monov N a in, Bakhtina, .cn4ra, A. T. Anfiiatov, Yu. S. Ziryukin, Yu. I. Starykh and A. P. DL.';7c'Ij,,ko for col-laboration; and A. V. Kamayev, M. Ye. '~,,na3hin, 7 ~ii'my'll;tIlliv al'd Uorc;-,ov ior tLoir intereat and dijnus3lons. ;~:- ~ ", . ';, i,ti,i 121 roforuncjas v L;oviot-bIrc ard 4 1 -.1 - L; , VC. 4" i I -) thr-i-) tn publ.-Caticna e a d Ez u f o 11 u w !j i Xuche. iuc 1. Sei. En,:ng. Z, %o. I , 96 (1 )57 )1 D. Klein -;1-- Scl. -'o. 4, 4C3 (1956); J. Volpe et al. Nucl. Sci. -;o- 6, 36,) (',9:5v). T T -- D t December 12, 1')60 L~~:2r.d to Tatle 3t 1) number of the cells in the insert, 2) home neous lattice, 3) construction of the elements and enrichment of the uranium, 4rring-shaped elc,mants with water, 1.2%. 5) idem, 6) the sama without water, 7) 35 cm thick rods of natural uranium, 8) 35 mm thick rods of 2% enriched uranium, 9) ax--crizental, 10) calculated, 11) in the fuel element (according to fragment sc~=,.:Iation), 12) in the graphite of the central call, 13) in the fuel element. *calculated according to V.V. Orlov, *11ir. agreement with the measurements of M.B. Yegiazarov. CarA.- ~' SHELUDIKO, Ya., brigadir tokaray Our petition to the trada-union orf,~irifzntlori. Sov. profsoiuzy no.16:41-42 Ar. 159. (KRA 12:12) I.Llvovskiy avtobusny7 saved. (Lvov--Metalcutting) YAMPOLISKIY, S.11-1'. lAmpol'-.'kyi, S.M.J, prof.; VENGUEHOVSKIY, Ye.O. (Venherovalkyli, IE.O.], vrach; AB-'-'H, S.Ya., dots ent; -SiIEL,)D I KO, Ye I. [Sheludiko, vrach; KHODOVA, ii. Z. , vracl, In memory of O.M.Fedotova. Ped., akush. i gin. 23 no.6:34 10"l. (MI-U 15-4) (FEDOTOVA, OLENA 1,11YE'lAILIVITA, 1881j~1960) vl,lut, oC 1,1,4 I r1, ri I -ne hrri rojr,ctaten ol' ri-ntil timors In c I, i Id rf=n .'-at- rlelr) no.8:4?P- (MIRA 18;9) 7. d 3 1 ri SKOBETS, Yfj.M.,.-, SUUJDIKO, -Yu,M...,. Polarog~raphic determination of gallic acid. Ukr.khim.zhur. 19 nII)o 4:439-442 '53. - (MLRA 8:2) - Lil I ... .1--l'--ile, .; 11-t.- - -; '10 Kiyevskiy lesokhdzjvajrs0renny7 inatitut. (Gallic acid) (Polarograph and polarograpbL7) ,:.*,.~, IT' I', , 71 .%f. , -- - r;~ 11 -~eiminrrics., or i D~il ~ ot' r-rr~ in Iblast- ,j" irto- ', r i ll-~ co-irrol. I riev, I i", - 4 t,,,i i 1 . . -, .. -~ :, : r,.,: , - ~(", Ac-.': A":, ~,Ci) -~t~s (,!" --l . , 1:? ) - 0 - SHELUDIKO, Yuriy Mj~chaylqvjcb, kand, biol. nauk; FERESIFKINA$ V.F. V.F.1, prof., red.; BLANIVA, L.F., red.; PVITKA, tekhn. red. [Helminthosporiosis in corn] Rellmintospox-ioz kukurudzy. Kyiv, Vyd-vo Ukr. Akad. sillslkohospodarslkykh nauk, 1961. 103 p. (MIRA 15:3) (Corn (Maize))-Diseases and pests) (Fungi, PbytoFathogenic) I - . I . I ~ . . I :~ . . . . I . 1; 1 : ~! . * * , , .- , ; : :11 : - -I r, , , I . -, I I r ~ . . . . . !, :. , 'C'il'. " - ~ 1 ,. . - , %, . I I - Ili . .I . :~ ~ I - f -, ,* SjE,'T;'j!TI~R.0, YII.P,. All-Union symponill-M On thr! hkose.."n iin-' - ~ , ;-, cer-Ees " I . * 1 of apple trees and mekisu.--~F~ :c~.r c-rL-o-' ~' zhur. 20, '~1.7 nA 18:1~ no.5103-94 '64. !. 17. I,o ta toes an mative Yiiiur. 1~7 no.2:78-K O'F; 18:5) 1, SHELUD'KO, YU.M. Fourth All-Union Cmfe~-ence on Electron Microscop:r. Wkroblol. zhiir. 26 zio.1:82-83 164. (F.JF-A 18:11) I ~; ~- ! ': . 1 11 ,,;3 ~f study!nng plant viruses In the laboratcx7p- headed i-,- -,fesscr H. Shram (conclusion)o Mill-=cblol.zhur. 2b no.i-sa>--ns 1" (MIRA 18g10) !Ij~ 1110:;LL 2 '-1 0 u n, i,_-- r Cil a a n u n td 1 n nd4tions. zilur. 2'! nc-.-'~31-35 165. SHELUDIKOV, A.N. (W)okva) Gymnastic exercises in clothing enterprises. Shvein. prom. no-3:34-35 My-,Te 163. (MIRA 16:8) ,rat - ia i u:-~cb- 34 U s s R ele-Girolytit decom- posili?a 0i amalgmuu. FAL+ImIs during Lhe elor- 1.1ysis of their "ts, L. N. d akov, L. A 0'- v 1-1 and V. V. st,.n~!m --i-APIPW iin-, C.A. 48,' /*Alkali-Metal Selaration Potentials And Ounut YJOICIA a Mai,enry Cathode. 141"0111.) L. A. t tov,, aliff V V. 8tril-lor (ZA.I. .28- - 9 (irrICUMIttlij ; J. A DPI. Ch"is. U.S.S.R., 1911.1, 26, (2). 137-144 (tit bigl6h)).-tto potelitittl of the If9 cathode in electrolysis of aq. Hotta. of IACI and NaCI was deter- mined witldn the fAlowing ranges: o.d. ISM-M an temp. 30*45' C., 113111161galln concentrations up to 01 far Nit and up to 0-03% for Li. The main reason for cuthodil polarization was fo ind W be slow diffufflon of the allitali matt, from the surface itito the amalgam. The cathode potent& i was not linearly defendant an log (o.d.), and a rotating vat" I Rg cathode gave almost the same values as & horbidn nt efficiencies over the above rangm cathode. The earx I f conditions (temp. iip tu 75* C.) were also detern4ned. 1 1 c.d. supprowed the distiolutlon of alkali metal fro- . 1 ainal gam.-G. V. 19. T. 117 -1957- 1 TrawAzition Irorti: Referativnyy zhurral, Metallurgiya, 11957, N - I ', p 6t, (USSR) A-THOR: Sheludyakov, L. N. ------------- rITLE! I'he Cementation of Iron From S;licate Slap by Ca -bcn Di_,,o1%td C in Pig Iron (T5ernentats:.ya zheleza iz silikatnogo Shlak,Lg1erodom, r,a~,t%orennym v chugune) PERIODICAL: Izv. AN KazSSR, Ser kh:Lm., 1956, Nr 10, pp 58-6-: ABSTRACT: The author present.-- his studie5 on the reduction of Fe from a ,ilicate melting, i.e., a s1ag fS), by the action of c--- rbon dis,--olved it) pig iron (PI). The reduction process occurz in acco-d-ince with the fe'lowing non-reversible reaction, known as "thc- reaction of cementation" (CM) : 1 0 + + Fe,' + C FeP, + CO ;lag P1 ~Jagaz I The S used in the experiment had the foillowing composi-ion (in percent): FeO, 17; Fe3'D4 , 3; SiO, , 41; CaO, 20; MaO. ii; 0 A1,103 , 8, Fe (total), I r,. A --,melt -of identical composilicn. (except for Fe (total), which wa-_- 13 percent) wa, emplcyed. The v; -cc, ity of the S, which ,it . `;00 wa~, 53.0 I'oiles decre.,..*F-d Card 1/3 with ternperat~_ire and -.:.,aa-le_.~ than 8 pciz= L,- ~;00o. The fir-ct , ;7 -1 `1; 7 L.", 3312 The Cernent. of Ircri From S'_'Iic~ce S.,~g ~y C_-rb. Di.~ oi-,ed in Pig Iror serie: of experiments was conducted with the second type ef 3 and with liquid PI, %vhich conta;ned 4 percent Carbon~ -a 'em- perature of i5000 wa, maintained in the electric arc furr--ce. and the carbon cori_--umed during the CM Droces-, v.-a~~ n~- replen- ished. 450 kg of P' were charged : 'rito the furnace he-ited and covered with 400 kg of S. After melting, the latter kept (above the PI) it a temperature of 15000 for a period of 30-40 IIIIIILItV ; it WA,; then I)OUred off and repll..ced bv -.inother b-,tch, which co~.crvd the t:amc- PI and underwent the -ame procedure. Thus, the initial batch of the PI was subjected to 32 charges of S. The second series ef experiments (kvith 15 percent Fe in the S) was performed in a Kryptol furnace, at temperatures of 1250, 1300, 1350, and 1400' , with liquid PI, the high carbcn concen- tration of which was cori,~tantly maintained by dicso,,,-ing carbon in the PI. The PI, which at the terriperature of the experiment -as Saturated with C, was placed into a graphite cruc~b!e lined with porcelain on the in.,:ide. The smelt. co\er;ng *,he Pt wa3 maintained for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, and 120 rninute~, after which time the crucible wai removed from the furnace and in-ime- diately cooled by water. During the experiment 'he ~IT v,-a3 in Card 3 constant contact with the bcttcm ot a graphite crLicib'e. i i7 IQ '33 12 The Cernerr, (--f !:-cn F-cm. S---'c--e S-...p C~Irb. 'n P:c Anzily5e-- performed at certain ~t:Ige~z cf ~he m%e--t;g,2uor. how that if the C consumed in the cementat;on proce.',-~ i-, r-c' rep-er.:-;hed, the concentr:ition of C iri the PI decreage!: rather rap,,o1v from, 4 to 0.16 percent, where~-: the concerftr.-ition of Fe in tht S ~Jter the CM proce~-~; varie- inverzely with the concentration cf C in the P1. The exper .imeni-- of the second -~er:e-: show th-i-I the C consumed in 1he CM prcce-'-1 is Eupplied entire-4y by the g7aphite cr:-,.cible. A. M. 1. Iron ce-:ient, tion-Th-ecry 'Yurn.- --.1ic,-.' ions Lron c:c.-,ientr:tion-7'est ::iethods 4. I-on c:~:--mtrtion-7est results Card 3/3 KOZLOVSKIY. M.T.; KIRIYAKOV, G.Z., kandidat khimichaskikh nauk; SHELUDYAKOV, L.N., kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk. nadimir Tillgallmovich "Itendar; on his 60th birthday and 36th anniversary of his scientific, civic, and pedagogical activities. Vest. AN Kazakh. SSR 13 no.8:99-103 Ag 157. (MLHA 10ig) 1. Chlen-korrespondent Alcademii nauk XazSSR (for Kozlovskiy). (Stender, nadimir Villgellmovich, 1897-) SHELUDYAKOV, L.N.; MIYAKOV, G.Z. Complex extraction of heavy metals from molter silicates by cement- ation with carbon-saturated liquid iron. Izv. kq Kazakh. SSR. Ser. khim. no.1:29-37 '58, (MIRA 12:2) (Metallurgy) (Slag) SHELUDYAKOV, L.N.; KTRIYA.KOV, G.Z..; LYTIT3IMOVA, L.S. Complex extraction of metals from molten slags of shaft-furnace lead smelting by cementation w-Ith carbon-saturated liauid iron. Izv. All Kazakh. SSR. Ser.khim. ncl-1:38-45 '58. (MIRA 12:2) (Metallurgy) (Slag) SHELUDYAKOV. L.N.; KIRI MOV. G.Z. Impoverishment of fused waste slags of the nickel industry by meanff of cementation. Report 4o.2. Trudy Inst. khim. nauk AN Kazakh. SSSR. 3:111-117 1.58, kMIRA 120) (Cementation (Metallurgy)) (Iron) I KIRIYAKOV, G.Z.; SHELUDYAKOV, L.N.; ZABOTIN, P.I. -Vffi ~11',,~v Vladimir gellmovich Stender: on his 60th birthday and 36th anniversary of his scientific and pedagogical activity. Zhur. prikl. khim. 31 no.1-3-4 Ja 158. (MIRA 11:4) (Stender, Vladimir Villgellmovich 1897-) KIRIYAKOV, G.Z.; SHELUDYAKOV, L.N.; PETROVSKIY, Yu.V. " , - - Obtaining pure xenon. ZhtL-. prikl. khim. 31 no.1:5-13 Ja '58. (MIRA 11:4) (Xenon') G.A.RENSKIlT., k~D.; DROBCIENKO, k.T,,; RAFSKIY, B.N.; SMLUDYAKOV, L.N. Recovery frcm waste slag by cementation. Vest,AN Kazakh.SSR 17 no.5~27-30 MY *61. (MIRA 14:6) (Slag) I? 1. 41 10 SE3UWrAEDV,, N. A. IMCIUM 1962/ 091161 A cmotruction so* ILC