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Lnk:v I TO V I knncl. tokiln. nauk, retsenzent; YEV-11Z nauk, retse-azent; r e t. s e n- e n t t ; k:') 1112-;: 6 , ILr a i t c hr. .red. K L IA red. [Strength of ship plates and spaii ,overir.-s made of glazss- p-lasl~lcsl Ustoici ivcst sudcrrykh plaqt--'n i Pere- kt-itii -.,z stekloplastiV~)v. f erdn,--rard, "3ullostroeid-e, 19, L 64. 90 P. ~I,UR~ 17-11) ISALk E,K., ret'serizent; ", "---'LCV retscmz,~nt; nauchn. red. (Folyester glass-reinforced plaotics or :~hiplbAiluing -I F', liefirnye stekloplastiki dlia sudostroeniia. Leningract. Nd-vo "Swiostroetlie," 1964. 286 p. 17:8) 94IRNOV, Vasil 1y lvanovlch, HESIMMAKOV, Vasiliy Vasil Iyevichj- a4lRNOVA, M.K., kand. tekhn. nauk., retsenzent; ALISHITS, -red.; SHAMOVA, V.M., red, . [Testing and inspecting glass reinforced plastics used in shipbuilding] Ispy-tanie i kontroll sudostroitellrqkh stekloplastikov. Leningrad, Sudostroenie., 196;. 186 p. (MM 18:6) I SMIRNOVA Muza Konst tinovna; SOKOLOV, Boris Pavlovich; )I WR I'll", 1, Yakov Sergeyevich; IVANOV, Aleksey Pavlovich; VILUNAS, V.F'I --nzh., retsenzent; KUSKOVA, A.I., red. I [HuU strength of a fiberglass boat] Frochnostt korpusa sudna iz stekloPlastika. Pod obshchei red. M.K.Smirnova. Leningrad, Sudostroenie, 1965. 331 p. (mupu 19:1) AtC "NR. 32827 onograph UR/ fnimova, uza vonstantinovna)(ASokolov, Boris Favlovich; Sidorin, Yalcov Ser4Leyevich; Ivanov, Aleksey Pavlovich Stren.-rth of fiber6lass reinforced plastic ship hulls (Prochnost, lcor'p~'usa Gudna 1z stekloplastika) Lenin-rad, Izd-vo "Sudostroyeniye", 0 10,65. 331 P. illua., biblio. 2700 copies printed, TOPIC TAGS: ~shipbuildino engineerini-r, plastic, laminated plastic, 'j I reinforced plastic, plastic strength PURPOSE PCM) COVE-RAGE: Tilts book is intended for workers of design and planning or6anizations,, enterprises, and scientific-research insti- tutes; it can also be used by students attending shipbuildin& insti- tutes of higher education and technical schools.- The bockdescribes the peculiarities of fiberglass-reinforced plastic as a new construction material, and presents data on its physicomec';'Ianical properties and I the basic principles for methods for determinin-f them. In addition, I desig'nins and calculatin,~, the stren1:71th of fiberrrlass-reinforeed- plastic ship hulls is presented. Chapters -L, IV, V, and Vl~ viere written by M. K. Smirnova.on the basis of experiments carried out by her together with B. P. Sokolov, L. N'. Vinogradova, fil. V. Mildiaylov, 1. A. Yelsukov, V. N'. Tsy-anenko, '1N,. ,I. Makarova, G. P. Gurlyanov, N. A. Shadrinova, and L, 0. Vinogradova, Chapter 11 Card uDc: 629.12.0'Li.678. C - _N R; 32827 was written by Ya. S. Sidorin and A. P. Ivanov with the assistance of S. F. Glasov. Chapter III was written by 13. ?. Sokolov. There are 76 references, 34 of which are Soviet. TADLE OF CONTENTS (Abridged): Introduction -- 3 ch. 1. Fibenlass-reinforced plastic used in shipbuilding -- 9 Cj Ch. II. and deformation characteristics of fiberglass- reinforced plastic -- 49 Ch. !I!. Ef f ect of reinf orcing on the strength_ and deformation characteristics of fiberglass-reinforced plastic -- 159 Ch. IV. Basic principles for desi.gning joints of ship hulls from -L'iberglass-reinforced plastic -- 212 Ch. V. Several results of strength tests of hull structures of fiberZlass-reinforced plastic..-- 220 Ch. VI. Calculation methods and strength standards -- 266 References -- 327 SUB CODE: 11, 13/ SUBM DATE: lojul65/ ORIG REF; 033/ OTH REF: Card 2/2 GU!-!YFVv n.A.; KOIAMAKIN, G.A.; ITANOVA, K.V.,. veter.vrach3 WMNA, M.S),q veter. v-rach?, SKI-RNOVA, M.M., laborant r-lagnc,si3 of rab--;o;.s. VeterInaril'a 41 nc.J.C~89-91 (mm) 2. Zavedupshchiy (Adalcm virusolowii Gruzinskoy respub-lika-11A.07 veterinarnoy hLboratorii. (for Cu" ". 2. Direlk-Lor ~.lz-z--AMLns'kc7 Ityev" oblastnoy veterInarnoy !ahoratorii (fc~~- Kolicmakin), 3. -'Ina- AtirisMya riblaqt-p-aya veterlnamraya lr~hi-xatc.-iya (for fvanova, Yoz~na, Smirnova). U17SR/Gencra-! Biolor-y - Physical and Cheraical BioioC7. B-1 Abs Joar Ref Shur - Biol., Tjo 5, 1('58, l0c~'L of N. The author suggests that as an effect of nucleoDrD- tein and RTIA obtained from the above-nientioned bact-eria the activity of proteoiytic enzymes of bacteria is increa- sed ir favor of their synthet-ic function, while I exerts an onnosite eff-fect by increasinE, zhe hydrolytic AL----ction of bacterial proteolytic en-zymes. As proof of this suppo- sition the author considers the chromat06;raphic data, which indicate di.saD earance of some am-'Lnoacids and at--)earance of new non-ideLtified s-nots. LYkM,PERTJ, 1,M.; GALACHtYkNTS9 O.P.; BELETSKAYAY SMI'RNOV-A. M.N. I- AntiVaodies against homologous heart tissue in the serums of animals immunized by streptococcus. Vop.revm. 3 no.123-10 Ja-Mr 163. (MHd 16W 1. 1z Instituta imeni N.F.Gamalei (dir. - prof. P.A.Vershilova) AMN SSSR. (STREpMrOrrUS) (ANTIGENS AND ANTIBODIES) (HEART--MUSCLE) USSR/Inorganic Chemistry Complex Compounds, C Abst Journal; Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 1, 1957, 655 Author: Eillberman, Ye. N., and Smirnova, M. M. Institutior: None Title: New Method, fDr the Synthesis of Imidodisulfonates O.rigjxjal Pericdical: Zh. obsilch. kbimii, 1956, Vol 26, No 3, 672-675 Abstract: A method. is described -for the synthesis of the diammonium salt of imidodisulfonic acid by the reaction of NH4HS03 with a neutral solu- tion of the ammonium salt of hydroxlamine monosulfonic acid. A mt-thod described earlier (Neorganich. sintezy, 1951, Vol 21 1-(0, 17", 175) for the synthesis of amidosulfonic acid from NH20H and 802 has been sImplified. In order to speed up 'the reaction at ordinary pres- S'Lules~, S02 bas been replaced with NH4HSO 3' The amidosulfonic acid is separated from the product mixture with concentrated H2SQ4. Card V1 0A Tl 47 5~c A 1 01 Or. 20j a S S 93 U . . . OVA. ' . ona if j~jgiaiilcmouosu f - Hco&eh JLH b1 with AUTHORS: Zillberman,.Ye-li., Smirnova 20-5-21/54 TITLE: The Mechanism Underlying the Oximation of Cyclohexanone by So- dium Hydrcxjlaminmonosulphonates (Abbrev. ffikS) (0 mekhanizme oksimirovaniya tsiklogeksanona gidroksilaminmonosullfonatom natriya) PERIODICALt Doklady Akad. Nauk SSSR, 1957, Vol.115, Nr 5, pp.927-103o,(USSR) ABSTRA,CT: For the oximation of aldehydes and ketone usually salts of hy- drosylainin are used. The industry, howeyer, uses sometimes for the purpose described in the title the salt named last in the title. It is and intermediate product of the synthesis of hydro- xylaminsulphate( according to Raschig). The mechanism dealt with here has not been described inscientific periodicals. The follo- wing characteristics were found in the reciprocal action of the 2 substances, named in the title: 1) Unlike the hydroxylamin the substance HAS, named last, does not react to the alcaline milieu. 2) This substance HAS does not hydrolize at room temperature, which is at the same time the temperature preyailing at the expe- rinent. 3) '%iith the presence of cyclohexanon and an acid HAS re- acts easily, forming cyclohesanonoxim and hydroxylamin. For bet- ter understanding the reaction should be written down. Here car- boniumion is the primary reaction product. In the further course it establishes a binding of coordinations on account of the unsepe- Card 1/3 rated electron pair of the nitrogen atom within the nucleophil 20-5-21/54 The Mechanium Underlying the Oxiination of Cyclohexanone by Sodium Hydro- xylaminmonosilphonates (Abbrev. HAS) stant. Description of experiments with the usual information follow. There are 2 figures, I table and I Slavic reference. PRESENTED By Kazanskiy, B.A., Academician, MaY 15, 1957 SUBMITTED July 19, 1956 AVAILABLE Library of Congress. CARD 3/3 1 t 1-Y ~`:-ere ari- and 15 rf~1frn--c--s. E- c-r'c.. n. Glerman, 2 i,re--:C',, :1--i I r~ -C-:-liZ7. -573.2oo 19, 11~- J4 / 0 0 072 AUTHORSs Lebedev, It. N , Smirnova., M. M, S/153/60/003/01/027/0513 ------------ BO11/BOO5 TITLE; On the Kinetics of the Reaction oflEthylene Oxide With Aniline PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Khimiya i khimicheskaya tekhnologiya, 1960, Vol 3, Nr 1, PP 104-108 (USSR) TEXT: The authors ascertained in their paper that the reaction of ethylene oxide with aniline is of lat order with respect to ethylene oxide. The catalytic effect of water is proportional to its concentration. The reaction was carried out in aniline medium which was one of the reagents at the same time. The reaction process was observed by a diaphragm pressure gage (Ref 4). The velocity constant of the reaction was graphically calculated from the tangena of the angle of inclination of the straight line logA p,time where Ap is the difference between the pressure at a given moment and the pressure after the end of reaction. The difference Ap proved to be proportional to the ethylene-oxide concentration. The first reaction order with respect to ethylene oxide was ascertained by experiments with various initial concentrations of ethylene oxide at 700 (Table 1). The influence of water on the reaction rate was studied at 1000 and an initial ethylene-oxide concentration of 0.5 mol/I (Fig 1). Acids, particularly picric acid, have also a catalytic effect on the reaction (Fig 2). Card 1/3 69672 On the Kinetics of the Reaction of Ethylene Oxide S/153/60/003/01/027/058 Writh Aniline B011/BO05 This catalytic action was - as in the case of water - proportional to the acid concentration but the catalytic constant was 170 times higher than that of water. The authors' experiments proved the catalytic action of 294-dinitrophenol, p-nitrophenol, acetic acid, formic acid, p-toluene-oulfonic acid, and perchloric acid (Table 2). In this case, however, due to the low concentration, the cata- lytic influence of phenol and o-nitrophenol was not observed, while at other occasions it was very distinct. Figure 3 shows that the catalytic constant is the higher, the stronger is the acid. Figure 4 shows the temperature influence on the rate of a noncatalyzed reaction, and of a reaction catalyzed with picric acid of ethylene oxide with aniline. The activation energies were calculated from these data. From the data obtained, the authors draw conclusions concerning the reaction mechanism. Figure 3 shows that the catalytic action of acids is not proportional to their dissociation degree or the concentration of hydrogen ions, This is obviously a case of general acid catalysis. A nondissociated molecule of the acid itself and an acidic ion C05NH~ are taking art in it. The formation of the latter explains the catalytic effect of water ~see Scheme). The authors indicate a general kinetic equation for the process. The first stage of the reaction is based on the activation of the ethylene-oxide molecule. The re- Card 2/3 LEBEDEVY N.IL; SMIRNOVA, M.14, Reaction,q of -~--oxidev. Part 1: Kinetics of the reaction of ethylene oxide with cyclohexy-lamine in various solvents. KinA kat. 2 no.4.519-524 Jl-Ag 161. IMIRA 14: 10) 1. lbskovskiy khimiko--tekhnologicheskiy institut imeni D.I.Mendeleyeva. (Ethylene oxide) (Cyclohexylamine) PAVLOVA, I.P.; SMIRNOVA,,M.M. Utilization of exit gases from paraffin oxidation. Trudy BONMZ no,1:25-31 '63. (MIRA 16:6) (Gases) (Paraffins) (Oxidation) i-EBEDS7, N.N.; !NIRNOVA, M.M. Reactions of X-oxides. Part 7: Acid catal-vais and autocatalysis in the reaction of ethylene oxide with amines. Kin.i kat. 6 no.3:457-465 14y-je 065s (MIRA 1&10) 1. Moskovskiy khImiko-takhnologicheskiy Institut Imeni Yo-mdel6yeva. Sl-'L(NOVA, Mll--a h;(.;lGrAI:U-V A.A., Frof.., -red.; FEDC,*l'-',----Y-EV, 1-4irilicipjeo of the geology, off the Gsno-rj gee~- lo~7,ii 5 Sl~. ~',cskva, Vysshaia shkola, 196L. 433 P. 11 ,,.',TIA 16-.~:) 'k ?: Ka3helier I-,D, V sallatornorn Lets~ol~. ot~elonjj .S 0 T :,0. 3-31 1-949 -) :i.i .i I 2:;2,,-S S11 7j.~,'C.V.~ , 1 1 .Pedlav,or--ic-eskayr- . -I I -- - (3 Po-rostlkan-; V Yleaktivncm Sostoyan-ii) Bolbnitay L~- Kaslichenko io. 6. 1940. S. Rabot- V Sanatornor Dets'-orr. Ottlelenii I,- I , atr Sbornik '.i'auch. R-bot Psikh- 211-16 SO: Letoois' No. 33, 1949 Fi` (3, 12) sov/16-6o-4-5/47 AUTHOR; Lyampert, I.M., Smirnova, M.N. and Gryzlova, O.P. TITLE-4 Quantitative Determination of StreDtococcus Allergen in the Comple- ment.-Pixatlon Reaction With the Sera of Animals Immunized With This Fraction PERIODICAL, Zhurnal mikroblologil, epldemlologil i immunobiologii, 1960, Nr 4, pp 20 - 27 (USSR) ABSTRACT-, After reviewing the specialized medical literature on the subject, the authors describe the results of their experiments to determine the thermostable fraction of streptococcus allergen by using the comple- ment-fixation reaction (cold) with the serum of rabbits immunized with purified thermostable fraction of this toxin. Immunization with the allergen induced the formation of antibodies which could be determined by the complement-fixation reaction. The reaction proved strictly specific, since the sera reacted neither with the purified toxin, nor with living or killed strains of Streptococcus. When using the anti- thermostable serum, the thermostable fraction of the Streptococcus fraction can be titrated either in a form prepared by N.V.Vershikovs- C Card 1/2 kly's method, or in a decantate of streptococcus broth cultures. The S~i',IRIIOVA) M.N., yurisu (Mos.~cva) - Pensions for prolonged meritorious service for public health workers. Felld. t ak-ush. 26 no'.12:52-56 D 161. (MIRk 14:12) (PUBLIC HEALTH PERSONNEL-PE11SIORS) TRUBGIIANNIKOV , M.M. , yurist; Vifomu , M. ri. , yuris t (bfosIc%ra) Juridical question-and-answer column. Felld. i aku-9h. 27 n0.3:51- 55 Mr 162. (MIRI 15-.4) (LABOR LA14S AND IZGISLATION) hit Jc -ml nar ~-,ec ~;ra e: - Jon o zfrccnilm, hafnIum, r i um. in creS. Zhu--, anal. khim. 19 no.!: (MM 1.7 9 y universitE:t imeni Zhdanova. r, n y g osu d P r 2 t,vennT tryn i-IJT c'p, UT S -- ~~ ~ "r c em~cal of .r-a~e~~ rtl n; la fr; iurr, , an d ~ ~, o r um n s o u i ons u r. a n z,19-1521 " 61~ A, p_n 0,Lr ta T, e Un e r .I . 1. : . : .I ITENBERG,S.S.; SMIRNOVA,14.11. Geophysical study of Maikop depoeits in wells. Trudy Groz. neft. inst. no.11:3-11 '53. (MiRA 8:6) (Oil well logging) (Geology, Stratigraphic) AUTHORS: Morashkina, T.M., Prokof'yev, V.K., Smirnova, M.N. 32-11-22/60 TITLE: The Spectrometric Determination of Low Uranium Content in Natural Samples (Spektrokhimioheakoye opredeleuiye malykh koliohestv urana v pirirodgykh cbrostmakh) PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya. Laboratorlya, 1957, Vol. 23, Nr 11 , pp. 1324-1327 (USSR) ABSTRACT: An uranium content of 10-3-10-40/0 is concerned here. As W be seen from published works available it has hitherto not yet been possible to attain the necessary sensibility of determination, especially be- cause the spectral determination of uranium presents difficulties. It is suggested in this paper to prepare stwWard swVles ("etalons") fa the samples to be armlyzed by the method of admixtures (4). It was found that uranium. which does not vaporize easily, could be vaporized more easily from the malt oruat than otherwise, which nay be explained by the fact that the orust possesses greater electric conductivity. Be- sides, it may be assumed that at temperatures of 1300-15000' at which the ormts are formed, uranium in regenerated to the metal state or oxygen oompounds which have a low valence. In this way the vaporization of uranium is made easier. There follows a description of spectral Card 1/2 analysis. The spectrograph produced by the firm of Hilger was used, SMIRNOVAJ, M.N.; KIDALOV, I.V., student Some new data on Karpinskii's "initial ridge" belt. Trudy GNI no.21:64-71 159. (MEM 14:5) (Russianplatform -Geology, Structural) S24IRNOVA, M.N.; YAKOVLEVA.. T.V. Possibility of establishinZ causes of ablation of rock from magnetic susceptibility as in the case of the Haikop, series in the northeastern portion of Ciscaucasi Truda...GNI no,2-1:120-126 t59. (MIRA 14:5) a;hZ4ology,, Structural) (Caucasus., Nor (RockAr-YAgnetic properties) 3KIRNOVA, MW, Upper boundary of the I/hikop series in the western part of the trans-Terek Plain. Trudy GNI no.21:173-177 159. 14:5) (Terek Valley-Geology, Stratigr4phic) LOTIYFV, B.K.; SMIFNCIVA, M.N. Studying Ue Khadum horizon of' the Stavropol Plateau; geotectonic conditions, lithofacies, and oil and gas potentials. Izv. vyso ucheb. zav.; neft' .1 gaz 4 no.3-9-12 161. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Groznenskiy neftyanoy in3titUt. YEGbROV, A.M.; SMIRNOVA, M.N. -.1-, - -,.. -1-- 1 Preparation of nickel orthosilicate. Zhur. neorg. khim.,8 no.8: 1987-1998 Af 161. (KMA 16:8) 1. Institut obshchey i neorganicheskoy khimii imeni N.S. Kurnakova AN SSSR. (Nickel silicates) oil, :fA, ii2heb, neft.1 C- r;-.- z e5, SMIRNOVA, M.N.; YAKOVLEVA, T.V. Volcanic breccia in the region of Groznyy. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; geol i razv. 7 no.1Ot15&159 0 '64. (MIRA 18t7) 1. Groznenakiy neftyanoy institut. 1 4 lk~ , ..* . 1. .% - N, -, (3, - ~ , :: -..' ~ : * - , -. ,, I . -: - - 1".. -i , , i 'i"ic -c E--. ~ f: t ~- ~, ~J-,' Z~'- , : r ~ .-,~ : m . , I !. - ~-, . 1 ~ ", -n ~ r -., -,. -' i.- * z a 13 r. ~, . -~ , '.. ~ Z ", P:, 7 - : , i,_ i z." , -, ; 6 " I - . ;. I SPURNOVA, M.N.; YAKOValk, T.V. Paleogeographic in-cerpretation , -P the !Crad---skiy hor-i--,,--n of northeast t.ern and central Ciscaucksia. lzv. AN SSSR. Fiz. zem. no.3:94-96 165. (MIFA 18:7) 1. Groznenskiy ordena Th-udovogo Krasnogo Znameai neftyanoy institut. LYAMPERT, LM.; GALACIPYANTS, O.P,,- AGABABOVA, E.R.; RALIF, N 'M.; SKIMOVA VI,N,; YARESIIKO, k~T.l BOLOTINA, A.Yu.; SOSHKINA N.M. Diagnostic significance of certain i=mne reactions in rheumatic fever. Zhur.mikrobiol.epid.i immm. 32 no-3:35-43 ~~ '61. (NIRA 14:6) 1. Iz Instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni Gamalei AMN SSSR ~fakulltetskoy terapevticheskoy ktLniki I Moskovskogo ordena. Lenina p9ditsinskogo instituta imeni Sechenova i revmatologicheskoro ~Z.neta Leningradskago rayona. Moskvy, (RHEUMTIC FEVER) ANTIHEMOLysitis) (HYALURONIDAS---) M'- ','NOV A ,1H. N. Use 0' uns'-"ive hemn~vgltltiratjum methcd !'or the determi.-atit-- a, - arti'bc,~-Ies tD St.---ntcc~-ccal aller~:en -i- the sera Ol rheu- I-Iti I - c lever Patlents. Z.-,lr-. mikrc-b-IcIl., epIrz. 41 no~9- 5C)-5-5 3 'C"1, MIPA 1814) I. Inatitut c-pidemiolcgli. i mik-r!)bic-lcgii imeni Gamiel AMIN SSSR, Moskva. LYAMPERT,, I.M.; BEIZTSKAYA, L.V.; BORGDIYUK, N.A.; SMIRNOVA, M.N. Antibodies reacting with human heart tissue L,2 antistreptococcic rabbit serun. Zhur. mikrobiol., epid. i immun. 33 no.2:62-68 F 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. lz Instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni N.F. Gamalei AWl SSSR. (RHEUMATIC HEART DISEASE) (SERUM) (STREPTOCOCCUS) (ANTIGOS AND AINTIBCD339S) J. -Y With puriod b i3t reptoco-,,al aerurl. ,t m (,!,I lh-k 17:2) d-~,,ktor med. nauk -g; i iman; N. I. l,,. L -jr, Ai-11-114 SSSR r-av,,up-TJchLe3kogo Prof. H.3. V-)v~~, ......... .. 1. 2, hur. m' n comrositicin cT allergpi 42 nc.,U:37-43 pi (I- ogii imen; Cama 1 e i , - - m 1. c i r . I I i L m i kr - .1 . .. - SWFCIGVA) M.N. Determination of the thermost-lble fraction of toxin in cultt=es of streptococcus of different origin. Zhur. mikrobiol., epid. i imm. 41 no. 2:112-117 F 164. (~UA 17.9) 1. Institut opidemlclogii i m1krobiologli imeni Gamalei M,!N SSSR. KORDYUM, V:A.;,LENOVA, L.I.; VAYSBAND, S.M.; RATUSHNAYA, M.Ya. [Ratushna, M IA. ; PREOBRAZHENSKAYA, L.N. (Preobrashenolka, L.N.1; SMMOVA, M.N. [Smyrnava, M.N.] Effect of the removal of metabolites on the growth of Chlorella vulgarls. Mikrobiol. zhur. 27 no.5%23-26 165. (MM 18:10) 1. Institut mikrobiologii i virusologii AN UkrSSR. LYO,TERT, I.M.- 1,41NNINAI M.N., Slul-UNA, N.A. : W of the dolaynd tyTf-- In la~,oratory ('ml-v fl~ snmitized with atreptococcal allergen. Zhu r. mil krobl o"' . , epid. I immun. L2 no.12:101-107 D t65. ( Hd R A I I'f :,- 1. 'f 1. Tnstltut epi.deridologii i inikrobiologli Impni Gam,dnj AMIN 11-1135111.1 ACCF,SSION NR: A?4010239 S/005h/63/000/00h/0172/0173 AtiTHORS: Smirnova, 14. N.; Moroshkina, T. M. Z-1 TITLE: Spectral determination of small amounts of hafnium and thorium in naturally oe our r i ng materials SOU,OE: Leningrad. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriya fiziki i khimii, vy*p. h, 19630 172-173 TO?1C TAGS: rare earth element, hafnium, thorium, quartz, feldspar, iron, spectro- graph., spectral determination,, hafnium ore, thorium ore, hafnium sulfate, thorium. nitrate ABSTRACT: The determinations were conducted by means of a6ISP-51 spectrograph, the selected analytic�l line for thorium. being, at 081.86 A, and the hafniua lines within the h220-"00 A, with the iron line serving as a check. To 20-mg aliquots of a feldsppr-quartz blend were added 0.1-5.0 micrograms of thDrium nitrate and 0.2-5.0 micrograms of hafnium sulfate. The mixture was calcined and placed in a 2 x 5-mm bore of a carbon electrode, where it underwent coWlete combustion within 1.5-2 minutes in the are of an a.c. 15 amp current. The error Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4010239 of determination amounted to 1-20,1 for thorium and 2-20'~ for hafnium. *In another series of tests,, two samples each of thorium and hafnium. ores were analyzed for thorium and hafnium., followed by the addition of known quantities of these elements. The analysis was then repeated in duplicate. For thorium, the deviation from the average amounted to 10.5 and 15.9%, while for hafnium it was 0.07 and 11.60"a". Ori& art. has; 1 chart and 3 tables. ASSOCUTION: none SUBMITTM: 24oct62 SUB CODE: CH tard 2/2 DATE ACQ: 03Peb64 NO REF SOV: 006 DEL! 00 0MR: 001 SMIRNOVA, M.N.; MOROSHKINA, T.M. Spectral determination of small amounts of hafnium and thorium in natural materials. Vest. LGU 18 no.22:172-173 163. (MIRA 17:1) YEGOROV, A-M.; SMIRNOVA, M.N. Study of the mean heat capacities of zinc and nickel orthosilicates at high temperatures. Zhur. fiz. khim. 39 no.9:2131-2135 S 165. (MITRA 18:10) 1.1011A Y1,11., pirist TRUDCHANINTKOV, m. M., yurist~-Xliffl Priv-ilegreff for those working In regiona of the Far North and in areas with the same v4Latu-- as it. Fel'd. i akush. 27 no.6: 60-63 Je 162. (MIRA 15:7) (RUSSIA, NORTHERN-MEDICAL PERSOITH.EL) TRUBCHANNIKOV, M.M., yurist;_5-~~RNOVA,_.-N.N.,, yurist (Moskva) Regulating unemployment pay for temporary loss of working capacity. Fel'd.i akush. 27 no.7:60-62 J1 162. (MIRA 15:9) (INSURANCE, UNEMPLODENT) (ABORTION) L 25393-b5 ACCESSION NR AP5001466 -g vp'~ Fe-'~AL' ..C ~~:Mg~ in&t~ "tot smidl am'ounts of. in Aq aj N~ Such- qlgantities';-of -the-s- 6-~elem;-'-' 6 n-ii,4"--are id "'tl I req en dtidi jnll4ttledl-~.' d biologica f :td,- 'k~*df---'bi~fileht~ 1~ lulds,' he~ sensit vity'o ~Ahid.'ftiot dd,i6,:d6 5.~~4 )A -L -Th6-~iiverage~aeviatono.asnge- :-j'que o 'g~ M sti n df~ le 0 MP ;:dker~mination from the, meaniji~'*84'9110. '0 'ig'. art. I tablw-'. t en- -n" y' y- i y' e r s im-, ASSOCIATIOW Lehftigr4ddkiy ~4`;~O-iiu ars v 7. Progru-,,:jive practice in pond fish cidt.;ure, 21) ru. 4, 1,;53. 9 Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 1953, Uncl. I rl SMIRNOVA, M.P., dotsent Clinical course of peptic ulcer based on data of the Archangel Province Clinical Hospital. Sov. med. 26 no.4: 105-109 Ap 163. (NIRA 17:2) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy terapii Arkhangellskogo medi.- tsinskogo instituta. 113,111HIJ11OV. IM.F . Urklhange I Is k, u-' K,,xia Mmrk-ozt. , d.36, fligul C1, In *-o::~~--,-,,sa,.C,=-* --a' cc= Far so as i r oan2er cf th- -pan cre as; ba--6 or, datal from Arc-angel bloc-p-itals and r-oc:7:s. 10 no.5:91-'3,3 ' 61,. NEIRA 10-!F"! .1 . Iz kafedry gor, pital I noy tera p4 i (rektor - dok'Lor med. nauir. V,D.-Dysh'Lovoy) Arkhangellgkogo gQSL'dUr,-tvennogo rnr-,rj,,tFinskCC-.1, kand. mie-d, .ra Grganized action, -'x, ---Ic-g./Ili~Cological t'he Irea-umr;nt oP par el,l -.,s a;id rat ien ts in ra 1 :3 ta te ~z 35 -c'bc!r. nauch. rab. zar. E irist. 44:35c- ;~e IPS:7) kiinikl pedllair.ic~,,~axogo mcl-ii*,:~i.-~akogo lnstitu-~a :v~,;-. - Prcf,. I.I.A. Dariiakhiy) i rou'Ll"no,1-10 :~'Llvllaniya dorozhnoy b),l'riiu;,; Y'r-Lvo!zh-qkov sheleznoy (icrogi (glavriyy akusher-g-Inakolog L' Pof%~Ijjova) - SIMUMVA) M.S. Changes in the mechanical drilling speed with changes in depth. Razved. i okh. nedr 27 no.5:29-33 MY 161. (MIR-k 14:9) 1. Belgorodskaya. zhelezonidnaya ekspeditsiya. (Boring) SMIRNOVA, M.S. Footage drilled per run in boring holes. Razved. i okh. nedr 28 no.12:25-28 D 162. (KERA 16:5) 1. BeIgorolikaya shelezorudnaya ekspeditsiya. (Boring) SKIMIOT, AlekBey Vaevolodovich;. WIRHQTA._MRp Vale SWIROYA, A.S., red.; PECHERSKAU, T.I., [Gifts from the green ocean] Dary zelenogo okeans. Irkutsk, Irkutskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1959. 109 p. (xIRA 14:1) (Siberia--Forests and forestry) SMIRNOVAY M.V.; LEBEDEVA, Z.1. Some data an the activity of proteinases of Staphylococcus albus In vitro and in the process of toxin formation. Vop. med. khim. 9 no.1:44-48 Ja-F 163. (KIRA 17:6) 1. Otdel biokhimii Instituta mikrobiologii, epidemiologii I imnunologii imeni N.F. Gamalei AMN SSSR, Moskva. w Or, w A A ' ' I 11 0 T 11 A 11 It #1 40 41 44 a ~a It P u A. I. I -- ~ . -1 , 1 L - 'm U V. cc tt;. k d. *,-1 4 j I 4a C-Ovist lot, ...I tmill,,4, The preservation of homocs in organotrydrolylAtes 00 prepared by various M*tWS. tj, 4JU50dullma 'kill' * . i 1-00 00 t . 1. _ nd6kr In,,: 0144lievskil. 1'rel-Irm v 1-, l A -00 L upt'll,liu -11y'llolvirste. I* S Staimiess und ovary 1,tepd. I-v 1 1 ` t1 1' 3 ' ' 1 it' "i 00 k1peptic digestion. tryptic dicemints. s tear 11 " m l% t :1 1ff Z : C4.1 and allinlylio) were t"tV%1 to let. It,, -00 0 t %I, fit W 1111111-14 OW 'I'. Ikkirol-lill" WVIV %%*'if' -* 0 04 11 fit. rx-ptims .4 tile ImuclrQ% 11frilft. if file olitatio Iw-41 ri'met or IV- *$Ill., ~4 dw -00 -tauod go N1.4e t'l tile 11'"llmoV, 600 pirtpim prelti. by rather fban I)ydrolysimt =00 Of 0; by other ThV4 Iaef, Alould all coo 1,11lial -plamil it'll .,I file 03milwillic aet : zoo 0 0 coo : V. 00 0 zoo 00 :z90 400 Joe we* j 00 010 : 4 5 L A Of 74L, Uk(,K-L W ERAI"f C1 AISIFICATIOM .0 0 to o fa- i. f lee to - ' -r- -T o 1 ro 114 0 D, . 000000,9000000 9 0. 0 ~-- ,, of 000090000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o a 0 o 0 0 00000~goefooooooooooooooo;oooooooooo*o-Oooeo*l WAR m K A 12 u 14 is 16 1? 1.2 a Im a J I V a 1011 AID Ill* ISW 110"I'l 10 _L A _x -1. Q R ti e 0 0 0 : rotein Inetaboijam of the liver under the influence of **0 0 theory of homoe*c atimilliltiou. -\L- lyzates and the 2 ui=", Problemy lindtkrimol. 19M, No. 1. 8-12; -00 V 1938, 1. 1),*l -'rhe action of liver lirtuile -00 z I tnel,,J. by boiling with pepsin) oil tile Coed. (residual N 00 a twal N) ill the liver, kidney wkd ISPIOM was itivestigat"t nctyratewil-saamillisir-I %%jib riti--aqvipti aniiiisti . . j ~lfjrt frvitillit, After 22-121 fit%. tile allis"31- -vir WW "od lite 14KAIII 1`1411111. III-ovill was 6v 11w l Wllk l I h fi ~ et Iv ** eat ot vv$'41,41 I coxiJ, WJO lgan I I'll,- f-ults showed that tilt injection of tilt, likel Iveile 00 d kid fl h l f i.o t esli mnan ney. 414vtviloulythe N coe I he N V,W(f.. of the Untreated aniatials wtrco.J I bit thr liver. 0 o. 41.1 Gm the kidney and 0.40 for the spleega, Aftet tt~~t - C; mvill. thirse xwffs. in the satur miter were (1,31". 11AK) and coo l1.:4;. rhe lyzate. thereforv. has no effect oil that mX431 from) which it ilras 1,7,pd. jef. Precriling i f t d h h d Coe aul,i s w en t e egrees o ys l;4mv Incture is primente d ih,- mgurts investigated are mupared. For tile liver. a 00 fif tilt- tlegm.- ill atitolysii wal sc~rtvly increased, while a see is very otaritcd ittercew oeCtirred in tht! 2 OthCl Milan, rder to eltablilh (tie fact that protein dectstultu. I ce* )rWucts of conquArativetir high mol. wts. are r"lion3thir ittice cid ff d th th i f h t i er mcrit one ra an am no a or t e e ec s, -ere injectmi with a mixt. of the latter prepit. according Z* o tile method of Fischer-Abd,-rhalrien. _ks was rx- : K-ctril, no inermse it, tile *N; cma. couitt be tictected in : G~ Mimic itty of the :1 orgam under 0 A I a - L A 411ALLIAWAL WFOPAIURE CLASSWICADOO C.Z- -Jill J."11 i; aK'~," -0 11 x It V 4 is 4 IF 003 OL,!; on 0000 0 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 0 Oie q 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 a 0 0 0 LLM : : *0 :iO 000 0 0 0000 09 00 0 0 too p ;il Wit, V rebacterrarn j activity at car -.7 &I.111.11 Of toxin forinntion. under dffe SeIRTMEbuerma"Ng V. and Nifirrobit-A -0 OCW-"-A l - T K, . niethad:-Nas used in Kdiv- Mu , (1cep cuitu I ing C. diplitherine. The methods used in tile stwly (if pro- tm~c activiti, are described. Protease a( C. diphtheriac is j Arnilar to ctttheji~in in that its activity is enhanced by c)ztim 'R zlucaic? and Fe, :ind that its activity depends upon tile P11 of the nitdium, Tile onset of diphtheria toxin formation, Alith tile increase in protease activity. Aerntion 0 he Imem tile toxin thet appare2fly y reducitig t activity of intmwellular proteAst: and completely arresting the prcxttte- Lf, - tion of extraccilular protease- In deep culture the activity ofbntliiyl)esofproteascisenh-anced. In quiescent culture, methods r,o extrarcilular proteabe cin be detected. Bub- ' high tomn prMuction coinciden blirig of C04 resolt.,; in a tal with a high activity of intra- and extraceliular- pro- tea~-5- Tha complete 1,17sencc or diWitheria. toxin is ac- d, as a m1c, by it very low protease activity. 8- coolpallie. Quinalinal cumpl~-Wy blocks the activity of C. diphtheriae ei-mi in deep culture. Normal Iturse semin and inactivate tile proteases only rt~,rtiafly.,. i n x hoNc,,;mns anjito ---------- th : ioteolyac of Coque ' ' , - VI r V'. and PAI SuihiiovtC (N. Carrmlo-,. f!s i p E=W. 77 ,V. to., w) Biokhkjya'-~~' I 0.. Sci., osco MI-O(ID56)."Nuckbprotchis rlb6n~Wc acid.' * .:cWtum 6 ised in the itiidk.4er d r014 aAS hi I c p dipkherwo'b~. mid Pr6skuryakov_ (PrakUche:koe.-.RukdvedsIvo altofnuclelc Moscow);'the Ni, s~ acid utas preod. from yeas.ts.. -Iliese substances -were "alki~d hhd the_-r6ults.'tabulated. _N and P were~~hlcd 0 ;~Q -frie nutteria a the basis of dry. ash -oduction Of MICIM The expd.. d6id hulicate that* t1k Ints - id I 61--C.'dipktherfut rear(!.; Ad carupdttln the forni of 11 at ursiot-lictivity of the sents a ineausIdt the chansid'of the Cd " wo an proteolytic 6nzyui6 of C. ii the Abectio f increase in its syntlidis.', The results also indipted that the: is a deg'ree,of.- ct of the nitcWa compd4 -chafacteriz Specificity. T-Tiidi~e;tlie:6nditi6iis~bf.ttie P-vpts,,-and under tjie effect, or the I a zluclcdt~ 0 yc S - - --C., I - - th I servLd in tlic.~ hydrolytic function of e enzyme- of;- .-~Jiphth"e_ The incrita~-ia tb~ir,syntlictie funcildris re- - ed only in the'prckuce. of ditelcle -cdtnpd�. of~the"C. suit , diphthiria . ....... d, WK;1t:-:,. ~J ~XCERPTA MEDICA Sec 4 Vol 12/2 Yed. Ficro. Feb 59 478. RIBONUCLEASE OF C. DIPHTHERIAE (Russian text) - m and Ka r a s eva E. M. Dept. of Biochem. , Inst. of Ep! emiol. and Micro- blol. , USSR Acad. of Med. Scis, Moscow - BIOKHIMIYA 1958. 23/2 (234- 236) Graphs 3 A maximum of ribonuclease activity was found at pH 6. Ribonuclease activity in an old culture Is higher than in a young one. Ca tons Increase the activity of rlbo- nuclease while Mg Ions block the activity of the enzyme. Cystine, cystelne and sulphite greatly enhance the activity. Azide and lodacetic acid Inhibit the enzyme. -A jung 59 1880. THE INTERRELATION BETWEEN RIBONUCLEIC ACID AND 111130- NUCLEASE WITH 11110TEASE ACTIVITY AND TOXIN FORMATION IN c.mPirrIlERIAE (Russian text) - Smirnova M. V. Dept. of Biochem., Inst. of Epidernial. and Microbiol.,'USSR-"c d. a- Wd. Scis, Moscow, USSR - BIOIIIMIYA 1958, 23/3 (351-355) Graphs 6 RNA, ribonuclease and proteases of C. diphtheriae were shown to take part in toxin biosynthesis. Increase in ribonuclease activity as caused by Ca was accompanied by a drastic decrease of the RNA content and of the proteolytic activity of C. diph- theriae, as well as by a rise in the titre of the diphtheria toxin in the culture medium. Blockage of ribonuclease activity by sodium azide at an almost constant RNA content resulted in a drastic rise of the hydrolytic function of C. diphtheriae proteases along with a decrease in the synthesis of the diphtheria toxin. 1.41 SMIRNOj[,A._Ma. Catalase activity in the dynamics of toxin formation by Coryaebncterium di-phtheriae in aerated cultures under statinnar7 conditions, Ukr,biokhim.zhur, 30 no-5:757-76o 158 (MIRA 11:12) 1. Otdel bioldiimii Instituta epidemiolopii i milrrobiologii AMN SSSR, Moskva*' (CORTNEBACTMIIUM DIPWirr[ERIA-P) (CATALASE) KA, SMIRNOVA, M.V.;_ATABNGOvA, M.A.- UsEVA, Ye.M. Modification of" certain chemical components and antigenic properties of nuclooproteins and antigens of Corynebacterium dipht~heriae during toxin form~Ltion. 5 no-2: 98-101 Mr-Ap '59. (MIRA'12:5) I I.-Biochemical Department, Institute of Epidemiology and Micro- biology, Academy of Medical Sciences of the U.S.S.R. (CORYIUMACTMULT14 DUIHTHERIAE. toxin form., antigenic & chem. aspects (Rus)) TSI TYAN'-T.;IN [Ch'i Vien-ch' in]; SMI1UTOVA, M.V. Certain praPerties of proteases in 3. coli under conditions of and aerated cultivation. Biok-himiia 24 no.2:2,)5-209 Mr-Ap '59. 12:7) 1. Biochemical Department, Institute of Hpidemiology and Microbiology, Acadeuy of Medical Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow. (ESCHARIGHIA GOLI, metab* proteasen, eff. of aeration & stationa y cultivation (Rus)) (P-WTEASM in E. coli. eff. of aeration & stationary cultivation (Rus)) smilwon., 14. V. Nffect of ivionosinetriphoophoric acid on protease activity of Gorynebacteriw diptheriae and blosynthesis of the diphtheria. Bioldilmiia, 24 no.3:392-397 HY-Je '59. (MIRL 12:9) 1. Biochenical Department, Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Academy of Medical Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow. (ADM14TTUYHOPHO5F&TE. effects, on Corynebacterium diphtheriae protease activity & toxin synthesis (RUB)) (CORYKM3ACGTERIUM DIPHMIERIAE, eff. of drugs, on, ATP, on protease activity & toxin synthesis (RUB)) (PROTEASES, in Corynebacterbin diphtheriae, eff. of ATP (Rile)) -SYUHNOVA, 1,1,V.; KUGHINSKAYA, IT.Ye,,; LEBEIDEVA, Z,I,,; TSARIAKOVA, V.I. Study of t1he arginase activity o--:' a toxicgeric stra-in of Staphylococcus ~ro and in the process of cultivati-on. Vop, med. khim-- 8 albus in viu no,2:181-186 Mr-AP 162, (MIRA 15:4) 1, Departnenil- of Biochemistry, N.F.Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology cmd I'licrobiology, Academy of Medical Sciences of the I-108COV: (STAPHYLOCOCCUS ALBUS) (ARGINASE) GUREVICH T.Z.: SMIRNOVA M.V. (Moskva) Acute gastric hemorrhage no.11:143-1", N163 due to hiatall hernia. Vrach. delo (MIRA 16:12) 1. Dispanserny.7 O'Ldel Nav. - O.Ye. Morokhovets) TSentrallnoy polikliniki Mmisterstva 7,dravookhraneni7a RSFSR* z 7 VT RA !8:2) VRUBLEVSKIY, Mikhail Ivanovich;.-$,MjMq%_24.Ye., red.; YELIZAROVA, N.A., tekhn. red. [Mineral waters of the central Caucasus as one of the manifestations of its geological development]14inerall- nye vody TSentrallnogo Kavkaza kak odno iz proiavlenii ego geologicheskago raziitiia. Leningrad, Izd-vo Leningr. univ., 1962. 254 P. (MIRA 16:2) (Caucasus-Mineral waters) (Caucasus-Geology) VOLKOV, IMlikhail Aleksandrovich; S-II!d,'GVA, Mleo red., ZIUJKOVA Ye.G.Y tekhn. red. - - -, -- , I [Course in theoretical irechanics]Kurs teoreticheskoi mek-hsmiki. Leningrad, Izd-vo Leningr.univ., 1962. 391 p. (IMIA 191:10) (Mlechanics, Analytic) VESELOV) M.G... vrof., otv. red.; Sl.',,IRIV'OVA, M.Ye., red.; ZHUKOVk, Ye.G., tekhn. red. [Problems of quantum chemistry] Voprosy kvantovoi kbirur- gii; sbornik statei. Leningrad, 1963. 136 P. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Leningrad. Universitet. (Quantum chemistry) YANOVSKIY, B.M., otv. red.; SMIRNOVA, M.Ye., red.; KISELEVA, L.I., tekhn. red, [Electromagnetic sounding and magnetotelluric methods of prospecting] Elektromagnitnoe zondirovanie i magnito- telluricheskie metody razvedki; materialy Vsesoiuznoi kon- ferentsiiI aprell 1961 g. Leningrad, 1963. 199 p. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Leningrad, Universitet, (Electromagnetic prospecting) -"' iq, A. "Synthese des hydrocarbures olefiqu*n at paraffiniques do structure iso, contenant un atome de carbons quarternaire. I. Sur la reaction des hydrobromwes do Ifisomere, at du 1,193- trymethylbutadiens avea 1e chlorpre du cyclohWl =Vssium." by Levina, R. J.1, Panjouskin A- M- S009107RP N- A-, Aga2li N. A., Scerbakova, K. D. , and Sor, N. J. (p 411) SO: Journal of General Chemistry (Zhurnal Obahchat Etinii) 194-1, vol 11, no 1, 0 5W AUTHORS: Smirnova, N. A., Morachevskiy, A. G. SOV/54-59-2-i6/24 ., - - , . ~ - - ~- 1: TITLE: Methods of Determining the Composition of Vapor and the'--- Boiling'Tempefature,r6fnI, Solutions Separating Into Layers (K metodike opredeleniya sostava pars. i temperatury kipenlya rasslaivayushchikheya rastvorov) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Leningradskogo universiteta. Seriya fiziki i khimii, 1959, Nr 2, pp 106-110 (USSR) ABSTRACT: These methods, which are much more difficult than for homoge- neous solutions, have been little developed up to now. For their further development, this paper deals with the conditions for determining the composition of the vapor in the state of equilibrium and the boiling temperature. In order to investi- gate experimentally the equilibrium states between the vapor phase and the liquid phasep the equilibriums between the liquid phases of the boiling liquid must first of all be guaranteed, which is attained by uninterrupted stirring. Besides, the condensate of the vapor is separated on two phases which renders its separation very difficult. The devices Card 1/2 designed for this investigation are discussed in short (Refs 1-11)9 Methods of Determining the Composition of Vapor SOV/54-59-2-16/24 and the Boiling Temperature of Soldtiofis Separating 1nto!LAyers_'..f_ all of which are still unsatisfactory in the opinion of the authors. A slightly changed arrangement of the device by Bushmakin (Ref 11) was used for the investigations carried out here. Its construction is shown in figure 1. The position of the three-way tap for the separation of the vapor was changed as against the device by Bushmakin. It was attached directly to the tube between the boiler and the condenser. The vapor condenses only now in a collecting device outside the device (Fig 2). An electromagnetic agitator is used for stirring. The device was heated from outside in the lower part of the boiler. The working process is described. The results of the measure- ments will be published in a later paper. An ebulliometer designed by Sventoslavskiy (Ref 15), together with an agitator, was used for determining the boiling temperature (Fig 3). Experimental investigations of various binary and ternary solutions were carried out with it. The authors thank Professor A. V. Storonkin for his interest in the work, There are 3 figures and 15 references, 4 of which are Soviet. SUBMITTED: January 1, 1959 Card 2/2 5(4) SCV/34 -59-3 -14/2 1 AUTHOR: Srnirnova, N. A. TITLE: Inves~ic-ation of the Equilibrium Liquid - Vapor in the Systems " 0 n-Propyl Alcohol - Water and n-Propyl Alcohol - Propylacetate P-r"RIODICAL: Vestnik- Leningradskogo universiteta. Seriya fiziki i khimii, 1959, Nr 3, pp So - 93 (USSR) A3STRACT: The investigations of the present paper are part of complex of investigations of the equilibrium liquid - vapor in ternary systems. Among the two systems mentioned in the title the system n-propyl alcohol - propyl acetate has hitherto not been investigated. The initial substances were ordinary n-propyl al- cohol purified according to the method Zepalova-Mikha,,lova and synthetic propyl acetate. Analyzed were. 1) the mixture propyl )"&p7' by densi- alcohol - water M, with an alcohol content of I ty determination (among others from the refractive indices)- Table 1 contains respective data. 2) Propyl alcohol - propyl acetate (II) by saponification with KOH. The boiling temperature of differently composed mixtures at Dressures of 200, 400, 600, and 700 torr and vaDor composition were determined. I. N. Bash- Ca--d 1," 4 makin (Ref 2) devised the apparatus used for determining the 0 Invest i,-,-at ion of t1ne E,_-u4 11" brium d - Va-r 4 - t- eSOV/5 4; -50, -3- Systems n-Pronyl Alcohol - *W'ater ancl n-P_-rCny_1 Alcohol - ProuylacE-ate boiling temperature only once. Swietoslavski's special ebullio- meter served for mixtures with an alcohol content of 1-Ma' by weight and over 961j., by weight. The measaring results are compiled in table 2, the data of isothermal measarement in table 3. Figures 1,3 show the dependence of the boiling point- and condensation temperature on the composition of the two systems, A comparison with the infort-ation. available on the system I (M. S. Vrevskiy (Ref 8), Doroshewsky and Polansky (Ref 7)) yielded varying a,~reemient of results. For system (I) the portion of propyl alcohol was determinv"d at saturated va-cr in vapor and in solution at 79.80 and coLlpared with data by Vrevskiy (Table 4). The tem.Derature of the azE:otrouic mixture was determined (Table :~)). An a-reemant wac -found with the data of references 5,6. Tables 6 and 7 and figure 3 sho"; the saLie results for sy- stem (II). The molar vaporization 1~eat of thc mixtures ~~12 and the partial vaporization heats L. were determined from the values of the two SySte,fl3 obtainled concerning the dependence of the total and partial vapor pressare on temperature, and the partial molar hcat of solution Hi and the heat of mixing Card 2,'4 H of the solution from the vaDorization heat's of the Dure com- of the Equilibrium Licuid - Vapor in the SOV/54-59-3-14/21 Syste,,,,is ri-Propyl Alcohol - 7"ater and n-Pr-c-!pYl Alcohol - Propylacetate ponents L0 and L. were calculated. Tables 8 and 9 contain the i I corresponding values for the two systems. Figures 44, 5, 06, and 7 give the concentration dependence of these values. Herefrom a rejular decrease of 'A" and L with increasing temperature was U 12 i found to exist for a given concentration. At 8o-go a H amounts to several hundred calories in a broad range of concentration; (a--ree::,,ent with data of references lo and 11). L PrOH is always higher than L PrOAc* The former rises and the latter decreases with increasin7 alcohol content (Fig 6). From the data on the equilibrium solution - vapor the displacement of the composition of a binary azeotropic mixture was calculated in dependence on temperature variation according to a formula by Storankin and Miorachevskiy (Ref 12) and compared with experimental results; the agreement was found to be good. In conclusion, the authors 'hank Professor A. V. Storonkin and Doc6nt A. G. 1.1orachevskiy for reviewing the paper. There are "f figures, lo tables, and 12 Card 3/ 4 references, 5 of which are Soviet. 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