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ACC INR: MI'6030612 SOURC6 COD-E'; AUTHOR, Lagonlkov, D. V.; Surinov, Yu. A.; Ruznotsov, 0. N.; Lebedev, V. 1. ORG: none TITLZ: Question of the psychological bases of individual physical traininj 'adicino hold in 1..bscov from t4Wonferanco on Problem of Space N SOURCZ: ',:jonf a rent.5 iya po problemam kosmichaskoy meditsiny, 1966. Problamy kosnicheskoy mcditsiny. (Problems of space medicine); matori.aly konferentsli, Moscow, 1966, 2154-255 LOPIC ZkGS! cosmnonaut training, space psychology,,physlcal exercises Spaca physiology, psychophysiology ABSTRACT: Individualization of the physical preparation program is one of the best methods for developing the individual psychological qualities f riecessary for good performance in spaceflight. Of course such individual tailoring of physical training is impossible without analysis of the ~personality of each cosmonaut. On one hand, data obtained from psychological studies is used by physical - education instructors to select the most effective teaching methods. On the other hand, observation of wcosmonaut behavior in the process of physical training is a valuable Card ACC NR: A-i,6036612 addition to the complete psychological picture. during physical training e motional and volitional characteristics, demonstrated in the ability -o overcome difficulties, thoroughness of movements, psychomotor activity,.* of motor coordination habits, and initiative, are identified. With the use of exercises selected according to the degree of individual "physical preparedness, (jump turns from unusual positions, complicated jumps on the trampoline, and a variety of other exercises) it was possible to identify other psychic characteristics: stamina, the capacity for analytical thought, attentions, and mzmory. The method of studying individual personality characteristics and the method of developing psychologically valuable qualities by means of . hysical preparation was developed by the authors on the basis of experi- P mental work by the leading athletic psychologists P. 1. Rudik, 0. A. Chernikova, and T. 1. Gagayeva. Personality manifestations in work ;.Were considered on the basis of theories of B. M. Teplov and V. S. IMerlin. Complex study of personality (using the methods of teaching psychology) during physical training permits substantiation of data obtained -during observation by means of -laboratory experiments. Data ~_Ccrd 2 4 ACC NRI AT6036612 Scientific and psychological grounding of individualized programs for the physical training of spacecraft operators will enable researclors to un- cover and reinforce valuable psychological qualities in cosmonauts with- out fear of overtraining or breakdown. f4. A. No. 22; ATD Roport 66-1167 SUB CODF: 06,05 SUBM DATEt Oomay66 Card 4/4 S/081/61/000/020/043/089 Separation of hydrocarbon ... B105/BIOI selectivity and the dependence of these coefficients on the composition of ~01 the mixture, temperature, and pressure, thus enabling the calculation of v the composition of the adsorbed phase for mixtures of arbitrary composition. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation.] TRIFONOVAP K.B.; SUAINOVA, SII...,- Separation of complex gas mixtures by a hypersorption process. Trudy IGI 16063-366 '61. (MM 16:7) (Gases-Separation) (Adsorption) BERING, D.P.; SERPINSKIY, V.V.; SURINOVA, S.I. I ~ Preliminary computation of adsorption equilibrium paramoters for the sywtem adsorbent - binary mixture of vapors. Dokl. AN SSSR 153 no.1:129-132 N 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. T-nstitut fizicheakoy khimii AN SSSR. Pradstavleno akademi- kca.M.M. Dubininym. :0 BERING, H.P.; SFRIIINSKlY, V.V.; SURVIOVA, S.I. Adsorption of vapor mixtures an4 the structure of adsorbents. Daia. AN SSSR 154 no.6:1417-1420 i~ 64. (MIRA l7t2) 1. Institut fizichaskoj khimii AN SSSR. Predstavlono akademikom M.M. Dubininym. BF.111,NGY B.P.; SE.,Yll,'SKIY, V.V.; SURINOVA, S.I. Adsorption of vapor mixtures on -.eolites. Izv. Ali SSSR Ser. khim no.7:1309-1311 Jl 164. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Institu". fizicheskoy khimali All SSS;-". ~A 4011 V 0 /OCV~,2/65/C)OO/CX)5/0769/()776' T"'I'012079 SOLMICE C~DE: UR 7 T., DjOR: 2erin', B. P.;.Serpinskiy, V. V.; Surinova,, .5, 1.. A Tns',J tute of Fliy3ical ChemistEy, __(~nstitut fiziche3koy khiraii AN SSSR) _LN. q� SR R~~Se3. Co=auLication 7. Joint adsorption of a 7 TT` E: A,IscTpt,on of a raixture of birary mLcturso7o~f AN 1:3,9R. Izvestiya. Scriya khimcheskaya, no. 5, 1965, 769-776 10PIC TN",S: adsorption, diethyl ether, chloroform, gas adsorption A F ~:, T F2, G T -A method was developed for calculating the parameters of adoorpticx~ equilibrium of a binary mixture of vapors on an adsorbent within the framework of the theory of volune fillinG of micropores (potential theory of adsorption). The adoorption isotherms on activated charcoal were measured for diethyl ether and I-or at 50, 60, and 710, ethyl chloriddlat 50 and 710, chloroform at W mixtures of ethyl chloride with diethyl ether at 50 and 600 and diethyl ether with chloroform at 600. A Generalization of the Dubiniii-P-adushkevich equation for the adsorption of an individual substance on adsorbents of the first struct- ural tYPO was proposed for the cumulative adsorption of the components of a binary system of vapors. This equation was found to be a good approximation of the experimental data. The generalization of the Dubinin-Radushkevich equation, in conjunction with the Lewis empirical equation, can be used for an approxi- mate calculation of the adsorption of each component of the aixture according to the set lnrtial equilibrium.presouros of the components, if the phase-di-agram of-- L-- --20352-66 ACC NR: A 012079 volume solutiono of these substanceq is known. The differential heats of adsorption of the components from the mixture were calculated for the ethyl chloride-diethyl ether system. Orig. art. has: .7 figures, 1 table, and 1-1 formulas. LJ1161 SUB CODE: 07 / SUBIX DATE-, lOMay63 / ORIG REF: 008 / OTH REF: 003 C SURICUOV. K.Te. Code translator for autr"tio-eenminication systems equipped with Morse Rpparatus. Test.sviRsI 16 no.11:11-14 N156. (MIRA 10:1) 1e lopolnyayushchly ob7azannosti,insheners. Rostovskogo-na-Donu tnantrallnogo telegrRfa. (Rostov-ou-Don-Telegraph) SURIS,A.D., nrkhItaktor Incre-ise the output of soundproofing materials for hospital con- struction. Gar.khoz.Mosk.29 no.9:8 S 155. (MLRA 8:12) 1. Spetalallnoya arkhitekturno-konstruktorskoye byuro (Soundproofing) - - -~. ;-. , -,- - :~ - zenticemln z, -;rly -.7,nifPstation nf sentic nrdnc~-,rciitis ccmplicating mier-peral. fever. Klin, =ed. 30 no. '11, 1',52. 9. :Nonthly Li-sto of,Wussion -iccessions, Library of Coneress, AUr.'st 1952, In:CL. SIMS, A. S. Pathological anatorV of bronchial asthma. Klin. nod., Hoskys. 10 no-3:"-53 Mar 1952. (CLML 22:2) 1. Of the Pathologico-Anatomic Division Imani A. I. Baranoy (Scientific Supervisor - Prof. Ta. L. Rapoport). Pirst Moscow !funicipal Clinical Hospital Im"ni Pirogor. SURIS, A.S. (Moskva. A-55. Tikhvinskiy per., d. 10/12, kv. 6) Some unusual tumors of the ovaries; Br9nner's tunor and atruma oyarit. Vop.onk. 1 no-3:15-19 155- (MIRA 10:1) 1. Is patologoanatemichaskogo otdolentya (zaveduyushchiy - prof. Te.Ta. Gerteenberg) Gorodakoy klinicheskoy bollaitsy No.6 (glavnyy vracb N.S.Sbevyakov) (BMUMR TUNCR, ovaries) (TIRATONA, ova rie s, (OVA RIBS. enoplasse, Brenner tumor & teratoma) SMIS, A.S. (Hoakra, A--r,', Tlkhvla3kiy per., d. 10112, kv. 6) Data cn the studr ef human pulmcnary adenomatisis. Vop.otk. 5 no.4:439-448 159. Wn. A 12:12) 1. Im patolcgeanatomicheskogo otdoleniya (zav. - prof. Te.Ta. O-ertsen- barg) Gorodskoy klinicheakoy bollnitsy No.6 (glavnyy vracb - N.S. Shev7akov). (LUNG N30FLASMS, case reports, adenom (Rua)) XMIMG. G.V.. prof.;,SURIS. I.So; FRIDMAN, X.Te. Clinical anatomical characteristics of Brenner tumor. Akush. t gin- 35 no.1:89-PO Ja-F 159- (MIRA 12:2) 1. Is ginekologichaskogo (xav. - prof. G-V. Idellberg) t patologo- an6omicheskogo (sav. - prof. Te.Ta. Gertsenberg) otdolenlya Gorod- skoy klinicheekoy bollnitsy Ho.6 (glavrj7 vrach H.S. Shervyakov) i ankologicheskogo otdeleniya (zar. - S.L. Mints) Goro&-, skoy bolluitay NO-36 (glavnyy vrach M.V. Xazangapova). (BRELIM TUMM, came reports, (Rue)) I PYTELI, A.Ya.; GOLIGOIRSKIY, S.D.; VASIL' YEV,,V. V.; KUCHRfSKIYjI.N.; NISENBAUMj L.I.; MWYUK, G.M.; BOGDAITOVICH, I.A.; FLISATT, S.O.; � 41~-A !~ _ Achievements of contemporary nephrology, Kidneys and ureters, Urinary bladder. Urologila 28 no.3t82-92 163 (MM 1732) A j'j o or tott". 1. i~atologoanatomicheskoye otd--ilenlyp_ (konsul'tant. - I i A ya.',. _-~qprort, 7a-:. A.S. airls) Gorodskoy klinIche-koy bollnitsy s I No.6 (gIavnyy vrach N.S. hewyakov). Submitted May 23, 1064. 11 .1 -A GORAPLIK, Karism Borisayna, insh.; IOM, Ernest Isaakovich, insh. g SURIS, Xordko Arlyevich; STRIMNISKIT, I.Y.,, red.; AYRUSIICE3NKO, R.A., red.isd-ye; SALAZKOT. N.P., [Protection of the gas network from eddy currents experience of operating and planning organizations in Moscowi Zashchita gazovykh setei ot bluzhdalushchikh tokov; opyt ekspluatatsionnykh i proektuykh organizateii Koskry. Noskya. Izd-vo X-va kommun.khoz. RSFSR. 1959. 140 P. (MIRA 13:2) (Blectric currents, Iddy) (Gas pipes--Corrosion) , I - 'SURIS, IA~A. I OFFL I i, ~ - JL -- - -- h1pro-'red electric d,-alr-age pl-otection against ed6y currents. Dbor. nauch. rab. AMi nc~2. `4 80 !W (111RA 15: 5) (Electri--. ra--irceda-Current supply) LEVIN, VJI.; S"JIUS, M.A.; "I'AillIZ14106CY, M.V. Effective u3e of reinforced eloictric draln3. Gaz.delo no.1:17-22 164. (MIRA 17t4) 1. Akademlyn komnunqllnogo khozyaystva Im. K.D.Pamfilova, g. Moskva. Eng-,,eeri-na =ethod f,),- calcuiating the corrcsion danger for underground r-qtai plp?lines whom they are intersected Irf the i,ailrna, ri- . d . ro.511E-2216' ' 1 net Is nz elo ~ -4 (K-FiVi 1717) SURIS. F.L., inzh.; KOLODOGHKO, S.A., inzh. Testing of an atmospheric turbine safety valve. Inergetik 8 no. 12417 D 160. (MMA 13:12) (Steam turbines--Safetv applianeas) SURISP P.L., inzh,; SINLIK, L.R., inzb, Heat transfer coefficient of an oil cooler-with transverse flow about a clu-,.a.- of pipes. Energomaohinostroenis 7 no.6t4446 Je 161. (MIRA, 14:7) (Oil coolers) ,14 inzdi. Permisailble parallel operation of 25-3 turbines according to industrial choice. Elek.sta. 32 T:-.804 Ae 161. (.MA 14:10) (Steam turbines) S /262/62j000/0 1 2j003,,'0 13 1007,11207 AUTHOR: Suris, P. L. TITLE: How to reduce mechanical losses in turbine bearings PERIODICAL: Referativ-nyy zhurnal, otdel'nyy vypusk, 42. Silovyye ustanovki, no. 12, 1962, 29, abstract 42.12.170. "Electr. stantsii", no. 2, 1962, 86-87 TEXT: By maintaining the average oil temperature in turbine bearings close to the limiting value (ap- proximately 50'C), mechanical losses in turbine sets of 25 to WO MW may be reduced by at least 50-130 K%V. For this end the author suggests to maintain the oil temperature during autumn, winter and spring within the same temperature limits as provided for lubrication during the summer season. [Abr.tracter's note: Complete translation.] Card 1/1 sums Characteristics of stationary turbine oil coolers. Snergcgashinoatroenie 8 no.5:39-40 My 162. (MEU 15:5) (Turbinea--Cooling) SURIS, P.L., inzh, Concerning a certain reserve for decreasing the rechanical losses In turbopenerator bearings. Elek.sta. 33 no.2:86-87 F 162. (MMA 150) (Turbostenerators) BUZIN D.P.0 inzh.; LIMETSM, V.N., inzh.; SURIS, L.v inzh. J, J-1- - I Hydraulic resistance of KOS type lift check valves. Energomashinostroenle 10 no.2:33-35 F 164. (MM 17:6) SUIUS, F.L., Inz-h. Effect or idle oil cir;!ulation on the performance of an oil cooler. Energomashinostroenie 11 no.l.-47-48 A 165. (MIRA 18:4) 4 AA ji; I Qi is Jr 52 :15 x1i it S/-,B 61/003/006/019/031 B102X1201 0 AUTHOR: Suris, R. A. V TITLEt Theory of systems of interL-cting Fermi particles PERIODICAL- Fizika tverdogo telat v. 3, no. 61 1361, 1795 -.1807 TEXT: A study has been made of a system of interacting Fermi pdrticle3. (sDin 1/2) using the Green.temperature functions and taking the spin properties at the various temperatures into a'ccount. The usual assumption of the average spin'vAlftishing with the existerilde of an outer magnetic field is not justified in all temperature and density inte.rvals. On.the one" hand the exchange interaction in 'the system of mutually repelling Fermi particles favors a parallel orientation of the spins, while on the other hand, there is always "he Fermi tendency toward an antiparallel orientation.: The exchange interaction may prevail under certain conditions, and the averaged spins may differ from zero (this is the case, e.g., in ferromagne- tic substances). It is assumed here that s / 0. The phase transformation -co-panying, the transition from one state with 9 - 0 into one with a ~ 0 c I a is con3idered. The Eamiltonian of such a system with binary interaction is Card 1/10 Z S/181~61/003/006/019/031 Theory of systems of interacting... B102/B201 given by dldX,~* (K) Ho Xj (XI -4- j dX,dk,dX' Idk',' (k) (k" k,V Where denote the-Fermi operators of production and annihilation in Eeislenbe~g representation,I-A-1 is the tot-,1 set of Aynamic variables, V is the potential of binary ~nt*eraction, and H 0 (p'/2m)-,4, being the- chemical Dotential. The Green function then reads: G c t A i < T 1;'2't2 ()_2 t2) T-he index c indicates here and in what followd that Green functionsof other kinds do not appear.' Thus one obtains for the first particle densitY m'a'trix itimg(3z,f,; R'to=ilim Sp.G(Itifl; 2jf2)=p(Rj!Rj 0,6) Card 2 /10 2 2 S/ 121/6 ! /00- 3/C' ~6/0 9/0 31 IX Theory of systeTs of interactin~~---- -31-02/B201 and "or the first spin d~-nsity matrix ,V i lim Sp,,IG (Ilt': 221,) (.lt,, Q (1.7) i 11M A~J By G. (X., iG N, t,; X1. 11 0) G (13, X,. 10 iG N, ti; X1, ti 0) G (12, ti; KI, tt). (11, 2~ one finally obtains Card 3/1 0 S/18,1/61/0()3/006/019/031 Theory'of systems of interacting... B102/B201 it' 2, "I vi S1 S, A's V (-V-, Sp.G 1,: C t, 0)] G (-t,, 11; it,, Ij G (2,, 11; 2;, t, 0) C (It,, t" 2210) to & (11 - to. (11, 3~ The real part of the Green function G(:T:7*,E), whiL~h fulfills relation E p v (0) n -4--j v e+1WO 0- X 2M d IdE' G (P, E) e where n N/a is found to be Card 4,11 0 Theory of svste:--~ )f interactir-g... B; 1 02,~B210 1 Re G E) 2 ~E-94.(p) E- S-(P) (P) nv (0) x X v(p PI (n (p) ::-t (p) d~ ep p') 5 w) Card 5/10 Theory of 'syst~,:n~, n q r a c tri can thus be transformed,,! to -4- -4- n n v The recresentation n n, m -4- (0) 2 W) W) 2 of (II. 8) is then further exnmined nnd is first rendered in the form Z-t 1 I~ard 7/10 S/1 E', 31/N6/0 P/,'-) 31 Theory of systems of interacting... is obtained, inter klia, as equation for "he tr--nsiticn "emperaturo, and an estimation yields X. =- If (0) 1 A. (P) (2r)31- VO dn 1 = 0 2 These relations lescribe by approximation the curve of the phase equilibrium on the (n,T) plane and determine the transition from a state with s - 0 into one with a 0. The average spin near the phase tradsi- 'ion point "k0 is given by t s 21 ct A. (P). C Card 9/10 S/181/62/004/002/001/051 B102/B138 AUTHORS: Bonch-Bruyevich, V. L., and Suris, R. A. TITLE: Some peculiarities of current carriers in erromagnetics PERIODICAL: Fi.-ika tverdogo tela, v. 4, no. 2, 1962, 309-316 TUT: The energy spectrum of the carriers in ferromagnetics is studied' theoretically without any modal assumptions. In particular, the inter- acting electrons are not divided in-to magnetic and conduction ones, no individual s- and d-type wave functions are introduced and spontaneous magnetizatien is considered semiphenomenological. The carriers are taken to be quaciparticles of equal charge, characterized by their quasi- momentum and unit charge. The physical content of a multi-electron system depends on the case considered. The energy spectrum of the carriers is determined by the singularities of the single-fermion Green function, G, electron interaction is described by a quantized Bone field, characterized by the electromagnetic Green function D Card 1/7 Som,: of current ... .5/18 62/'004/CO2/001/051 B102XB138 M = -iet 7'Gr'D., PIM = ie'J'Spur -~Gr-G, where F beA is the total vertex part. Under these assumptions, X e? -4- e?, *Tj tL -t- p A - A, A2) ?31 X M C X I(a, p A' A; A;) (12) C C C is derived for the effective Hamiltonian of the system, with Card 3,17 S/181/62/004/002/001/051 Som~, peculLarities of current... B102,,B138 -%herk- is tKe r:inrle-particle wave function Ce (-PI, -f- eAt) -MC2 - Al 0. (4) C kk k! k Spur hi h"k k k 11 12). 1.! 21 22 and 1?2 are two-component spinor3; + :,T, n . - -t A A + 1 BB A - ey + M 2 ~-c 210 /C),y 1, C, pa c Ux 2m 11 B c7 TR +12 /c; ~ - scalar potential. Spur denotes the spatial trace of a. fourth-rank matrix, Sp the trace with respect to spin indices. In the folloxini:, the effective magnetic field is determined for a cubic lattice (Dkl(xl"2) f7k D(xl 'x2))' with the effective Hamiltonian 71) t, (P - e A A,) 2n& C Card 5/7 S/181/62/094/002/001/051 Somr., peculiarltia~7, of current... B102,/B138 where G ae, is the proper Green function, satisfying r2G,,(x,x')=-4- as 8(x-' (23). --- .2 d'.d"O X) .. L. E. Gurevich is thanked for discussions. There are 6 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M. V. Lomonosova (Moscow State University imeni It. V. Lomonosov) SUBMIT-IED: July 3, 1961 Card 7/, S/181/62/004/005/014/055 Application of functional methods... B125/B104 and from The operator formulas for the energy of the alloy and for the external field -rIf. 1CfJ2 and jCf12 are the probabilities that atoms of type -P* holds I and type II, respectively,, are found at the site f. ZW - Sp e for the statistical sum whTre E - (~-191 ~), and - , -'D is the reciprocal temperature, and Cfis the- Occupation number of by akoms of type II. From (2-7) one obtains S. (A A I So (f, I A) ... #P(fl A) - 1, (2.13) Pg N V V-f) f-L -+- S~ V 1 -0). (2-14) As a result of interaction, the argument 'q is replaced by the operator A in the distribution function of the system without interaotion. With 2-e*F the equ3tion S-w (2.15) Card 2/4 5/tat/62/004/005/014/055 Application of functional methods... B1251/B104 for free energy follows from (2-7) and its special case where g - 0; Here, .0 . _(1/j*.))7. ln2ch(~u +-~,) is the free energy without interaction. The f expression following from (2-7) for entropy fully agrees with that ob- tained by combination alone. The distribution function r, , I ,1 -4 so u1, -f.1 PI-h S. (A All) (4, 17) With F, v(/, In cb Op X 2 ~.0 i Af, X V (4,18) h__ .ror the free energy of the n-th state is obtained for the asymptotic behavior of b4nary alloys at '~Ig-~,oo (approximation of strong coupling). The present r;sults are applicable to any system that can be described by !sing's model and also to multicomponent alloys. V. L. Bonch-Bruyevich is thanked for his interest and advice. The English-language reference isi P. C. 11,artin, J. Schwinger, Phys. Rev., 115, 1342, 1959. Card 3/4 J/A. Application of functional methods, SL'B:,'& ITT ED sDecember 15, 1961 s/i a 1,/62/004/0()5/014/055 B125/B104 : I .V A Card 4/4 . . . . . . . . . . BONCII-DRMVICH, V.L.; SURIS, R A. Some characteristics 0 'IcurTent couTierv in ferromagnatico. Fis. tver.tela 4 no,2: ;O~16 F 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstennyy univer4tet imeni Lomonosova. (Ferromagnetism) 8/181 62/004/012/017/052 B104 B102 AUTHORS: Maleyev, S. V., Barlyakhtar, V. G., and Surist R. A. TITLE: The scattering of slow neutrons from complex magnetic structures PERIODICAL: Fizika tverdogo tela, va 4j no. 12p 1962p 3461-3470 TEXT: The elastic scattering of slow polarized neutrons is investigated for magnetic substances in which the orientation of the atomic spine changes periodically from one atom to the other (e.g. Dy, Er and others).. The period of these changes depends on the lattice constant and on temperature. Starting from the reprosentation.of*the neutron scattering amplitude as given by 0. Halpern and M. Jonson (Phys, Hev-j 55P 898P 1939)p the equations (15) P( (q) = 2 (L,P.) L, -#- 2 (N,P,) M, F, (Lis -*- M~, w 2 [L,. Mj] V, - Af, -t Me LL^j (16) Card 1/3 S/181/62/004/012/017/052 The scattering of slow neutrons ... B104/B102 are obtained for the scattering cross section and for the polarization of the scattered neutrons. Here is the momentum tran ferrod to the arystal by the neutron, Z is the wave vector of the neutron$ Re and IT, IM is the spin of a magnetic atom, N., -4- ev Sch SI scisci ' Ns' 111 (6), is the unit vector in the direction < > . From (16) it follows that the scattered neutrons are polarized along the veotor if the incident neutrons are unpQlarized, For determining the vectors a and "a', the vectors L and must be known for two different Card 2/3 8/161/62/004/012/017/052 The scattering of slow neutrons ... B104/B102 reflections, whereby the angle between the two vectors .0 -*-0-1 must -0 _% = q-q not be small. The determination of the vectors 1, 1 and Mi for a fixed reflection is discussed. Finally, the scattering from the following structures are discussed: (1) Simple umbrella s1ructure; (2) modulated umbrella structure; (3) umbralla structure with.'revolution; (4) slanted fence; (5) linear spin wave. ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut im. A. P. Joffe AN SSSR, Leningrad (Physicotechnical Institute imeni A. F. Joffe AS USSR, Leningrad) SUBMITTED: July 6, 1962 Card 313 /00/0 ATJTHOR# surlsp.Ri A*' Irk TTTLEs Puzational -hothode In the problem of electron 4*014m. ik a, nitainins-point defeats solid 00 "PERIODICALs lisiltz ivardogo. telat*46 5#* no* 2' 196)11 ~56 4W TEXTs The study of,silsotrona intersatIng among th elves I the latt,10* field of a crystal has 'led to the equatioilk Olvag IN T for the f Ufttional . T Is' torV. e: z his. is the generator of the functions .thir Katsub&rk- *I sotjroz~.Qrbow. . f wwtion and for the' f wwti*M of 0160304 distribution over th*'lAttiow'sitiet - Solutions 'to the.equation are #Sri" in the form V J."t-U, r 4- Vi card 1/2 2: ry j M-- I MV, W-1 -,, 3.0 ~-O, IM Offl-I -- M ORION' L 1'~311-6,5 AS:)(a)-5/4FFYD(p)/Anr,(p) ACCESSION NR: AP4047910 StfOO56/64/047/004/1427/1436 AUTHOR: Suris, R. A., TITLE: Concerning phase transitlons in one model system SOURCE: Zburnal eksperimental'noy i teoreticheekoy fiziki, v. 47, no. 4, 1964, 1427-1436 TOPIC TAGS: phase transition, statistical thermodynamics, model theory ABSTRACT: In view of the lack of a rigorous microscopic theory of phase transitions, the author investigated one model system which can be accurately calculated, and in which a phase tran5ition takes place; this phase transition has all the assumed characteristic fea- tures of phase transitions of real systems. This investigation is the analog of Onsaqer's exact solution of the problem of the phase transition in a two-dimensional Ising model. 7he system specifically Card 1/3 L 15311-65 ACCESSICN NR: AP4047910 considered is a multi-component classical nonlinear-field that de- pends on one spatial coordinate. In the particular case of a two- component-- field, this model describes the properties of a strinq i ~ e d p ()!~ I, -',, an external potential The thermodynamic character- ~.7,,_Ics of this system are evaluated and it is shown that at a cer- (detnrmiried b,Y the character of the nonlinear term) a ph;tse transition The determination of the thi 9 sy9t em tu rns f-,,jt to be eq,-iv a.' ent to .ne PrOLle,,t -me jep-.,ndence of the eigenvalues of the Schrodinger -V'erator -r-, rho ~:Ouplinq constant, the role of which is assumed by The correlation function of e -;q,;are of the temperature. the system is determined and it is shown that at the phade transition Pnint the characteristic correlation 6nath of the fluctuation is in- conclusion, the author anks V. L. Bonch-Bruyevich for 1.,st-7,ission of the work. "~O rig. ar" . has: 2 figures and 34 formaulas. Card 2/3 L 15311-65 ACC2SSION NR: AP4047910 ASSOCIATION: None SUB-NUTTED: 06Ap~-64 0, SUB CODE: TD UR REP SOVx 002 ENCLt 00 Card 3/3 SURIS) R.A. Phase transitions in a certain model system. Zhur. eksp. i ieor. fiz. 47 no.4:Y,27-14.36 0 164. (MIRA 18:1) ACC NR' Ap6olMo6 SOURCE CODE: uR/bo56/66/b5O/0O5/l279/1284 AUTHOR: logan, Sh. M.; Suris, R. A. ORG: Institute of Radio Technology and 'E.1ectronjes.-AN SS~R (Institut radiotekhn.'Lki i elektroniki AN SSSR TITLE: Resonance Interaction between impurity-center electrons and lattice oscillations SOURCE: Zh eksper i teor fiz, v. 50, no. 5, 1966, 1279-1284 TOPIC TAGS: impurity center, resonance interactionp,phonon, absorpti spectrum., lezzrxleolv F ABSTRACT: It has been shown that the interaction between the electron of an impurity center and optical oscillations in semiconductors may lead to the appearance of local optical oscillations. To separate the optical frequency, the transition energy of the electron from the ground state to an excited one must be close to the phonon energy* Opticalabsorption by an impurity center has been investigated for suc Z/ Card 1/2 ACC N" AP6018806 a resonance interaction. It has been shown that the appearance of local optical oscillation corresponds to the appearance of an addition 1:~ line in the optical absorption spectrum. Ori art has: 2 figures and 33 formulas. [Based on authors' abstracti, [NT] SM CODE:. 20/ SUBM DATE-. 220ct65/ ORIG REFt 002/ OTH REFi 001/ A. F. G" zji,107 L. A. Y-E. -'i.; SAIY..', A. A. G. D. "Sanitary laLor conditions in the electrolytic shops of alwnln-m plants an the essential heal th-protection measures." report submitted at the 13th A1.1-Union Congress of Hygienists, Epideidologists aryl laf'ectiani3ts, 1959. SURIYA, N-Ch. - Clini(vil wthod to peychlatry. Zhurenevr. i polkh. 58 no.1:72-85 '93. NIPA 11:2) 1. Kofodre polkhtstril (sav. - prof. G.R.Gargri."ve) Lidookogo universiteta (Aingliya) (PSYCHIATRY, clin.motbods Otus)) ,.UjjC ology. N,11crobes, Pathogenic to Man F A:,y 11.1crobi General Problems* and Animals OlOglya, Nu 5, 1959, No. 19538 ,Xbs Jour : Ref Zhur Bi juthor ; Fegyeli, Z.;.Surjan, J. 0 Not given I~y of t"-.e inst : 7-xperiments in Improving the Qual u Title Antl-ErYsiPelaB Serum from Swine and the Efficiency Of its Products OrIS Pub : 11aguar allatorv. lapjaj 19569 11, No 7, 232-236 ,%bstract It was shown that' there Is no strict parallelism between the virulence and imr.unogonesia of the bacterial strain of immunopniC strains ery-sipelas in swine. In ori3 the virulent as well as are found am ns. But it is necessa~Y the non-virulent s""rai to determine tho degree of virulence, because Card 1/2 Nicroblology. iMIcrobes, PAtllo.-:enlc to Man ind Animals. General P,,oblems-. F 1VDc Jour Rof Zhur - B1010glya, NO 5, 1959, No. 1953.8 virulent strains adapt themselves to hyper- Immunization, but preliminary immunization Is better to conduct with non-virulent strains. The strains A and B are equally suitable for Immunization. it Is necessary to avoid allerSizing strains belongln3 more often to type A. Non-virulont, well- I-amunizable strains belong to type B. An economical method for obtaining the serum from swine has been developed. -- F. Gati Card 212 OGARY 1 Ast, AcVa Va~erj=ria tcademias 641atiarum Hungari Budap Vo hO ~>P II)bdds PP d,>>-e*O* meats conducted in 1958 that Lt Qsaicola is capable of dama- ging or killing advanced fetuses and susceptible new-born of the sow sines her placenta is of Opitheliochorial struo- turq. IlectroptLoretic patterns demonstrate the immunity a- gin L ' __ ola imparted to Us new-bo= piglet in the c lo:'tx,!;. "[Anolto' of about two dozen references are Hungarl"D. KOJNCK' J.; suiuill, j0 Studies on the colostral iminity of pigs in the cases of the Aujeszkyis diseaae. Acta veter Hung 13 no.2:1-U-118 163. 1. Laboratories of the "Phylaxian State Serum Institute (Director: J. Molnar), Budapest. .day ..f.ollow-inghypcri-,,mniz ',A ana iatec; w-,L'r. an renZ!y, LhC synthesis of the antibody was not assoc L ng I German, in any particular serum protein fraction. 6 references, includi 1 Western, and 4 Hungarian. (Manuscript received 25 Apr 1965). ill SWAN, L. The specific treatment of ozaena. Mw. sebesset 5 no. 1:61-63 Mar 1952. (CLML 22:4) 1. Doctor. 2. lose, 1kr, wA Throat Clinic (Director -- Prof. Dr. Tibor German). Budapest Medical Universizy. SURJ,kN, Lasslone; RICHM, Peter; RZTHT, LaJos purification of tetanus azatoxin vith trichlormeette acid method. Kiserlstes orwostud. 6 no.4:331-335 JUIT 54- 1. Pbylaxia Allami Oltoanyagtormalo Inteset. (T3TANUS anatoxin, purification with trichloracetic acid) (TRICHLOAGNTIC ACrD purification of tetanus an-toxin) SWAN, laszlo, dr. Treatment of rhinovelaroma with purified vaccine adsorbate. Orr. hatil. 95 no.51:1402-1403 19 Doc 54. 1. A Budapesti Oryostudomanyl 31gyetau Ful-orr-gogsklinikajanak (Igazgato: Varga Ord& dx. egyat. tanar) koslemanye. (RHINOSCLIIROKA, %her. Yacc.) jMLJAN, Laszlo. Sugar determination by paper lontophoresis. liserletes oryostud. 7 no.6:654-657 Nov 55. 1. Budapesti Orvosegyetew Orr- Goge- on Tulklinikaja. (CARBOHYDRATIS, detern. sugars in polyuccharides by paper iontophoresis, tochnic (Hun)) (POLYSA(;CRARTDU detern. of sugars by paper iontophoresis (Elun)) KORT, Kalman, dr.; SURJAN, Laszlo, dr. qNsistseaAkIg"t-W Kyoclonus of the soft palate with objective t1nultuse Orv. hatil. 96 no.17:473-474 24 Apr 55. 1. A Budapestl Orvostudom&nyl Ideg- es llmeklinikajanak (Igaxgato.i Nytro, 07ula dr. east. tanar) as Orr-ful- gageklinikajanak (igasgato: Varga, Oyula dr. %7et. tanar) kozlemenye. WOCLOMUSO palate, with objective tianitus.) (PALATE. diseases, myoclonus with objective tinnitus.) (TIMTUS, objective. with myoclorms of soft palate.) 1082. SURJAN L. Otorhinolaryngol. Clin., Budapest Univ. * P a p e r e 1 e c t r o - in oto-laryngological investigations ACTAOTO- LARYNG. (Stockh.) 1956, 4616 (542-54G) Graphs I Tables 4 The protein composition of the blood serum in 80 patients with ear, nose and throat diseases was examined with paper electrophoresis, in an apparatus con- structed at the clinic. The results were compared with those of 20 normalpersons. I'leronal buffer solution was used (ionic strength - 0.05 and pli 8.G). The time of the separation of protein fractions was G hr. in cases of peritonsillar abscess, furuncle of the nose and abscess of the larynx. the most conspicuous fact is the considerable increase of -t-globulin. In cases of maxillary sinusitis and nasal polyps there was a slight growth of the a,- and 9-globulins, and a moderate in- crease of the -f-globulin. Acute otitis media and mastoiditis are accompanied by a strong ~, -globulin increase. At the beginning oi meningitis the growth of a2 - globulin is strong and that of 0- and -y-globulins is moderate. Parallel with the healing the normal protein composition will gradually reappear. In cancer of the larynx a medium increase of a,- and 0-globulins was observed, in recrudescent turnours -f-globulin will increase. Electrophoresis shows the qualitative structure of the blood serum. In the field of oto-laryngology it constitutes a valuable help for practical and experimental work alike. SURJAN~ Alleviation of deteriorated hearing caused by chronic otitin media; ty-inanonlasty. Fal orr ~e,-egyogy 4 no.2:64-69 June 58. 1. Az Orv(istovFLbbkerpzo Intezet Pal-orr-gegeosztalyanak (Osz%nlyvezeto: Surjan IA9%lo dr.) kozlemenye. (OmITIS MEDIA, surg. tym,pano-alasty, technics & results (Hun)) SUR-TAN) Iaszlo, dr. Organization and taelts of audiologic stations. Nopegeezzagugy 42 no-5~ 150-152 My 161. 1. Kazlemeny az Oryosto"bbkepzo Intezet ful-,, orr,-gogevzati osztalyarol. (MARING) 'I' URJA N ILas z1one , (Ir. ; Pi'll I G,i hornj, ti r. Micrcmthod for detection of prot,*.'r.-I-4.rv nt;~:I'qnCcl (toxcids, hormones, antibiotics) and tYe!-. Orv. fletil.105 no.23.1r"31-1083 Je 7 164. 1. Crszagos Kozegeszseg-ugy-&' Intexet. NMGEF, Gabor, dr.; MERGES, 3aborne, dr.; dr.; BUDAI, Jo~sef, dr.; CSAPO, Jozaef, dr. A quick test for the indications for diphtheria antitoxin in cliri --al practice. Orv. hetil. 104 no. 51:2418-2423 22 D 163. 1. Fovarosi Laszlo Korhaz, I Gyermekofmtaly es Orszagos Kozegeszse Fji Intezet, Oltovanyagellenorzo Osztaly. FnIP1171F.-E-RIA AlTITOXIII) (DIPHTHERIA) (TO.'ISILLITIS) (DIAOCCIS, DIFFERENTIAL) (BAC TERI OLOGIC AL TECHNICS) (HEMAGGLUTIITATIOIT INHIBITION TESTS) i-nl 71j7=-E--7 Y. A T:~-n! c 11. 'Lin. lv;da ta:3 csokk-~ntese dii-tiv-41 DL.,ninition o~' 'h-? exc~~-tl-on -)-r penicillin by a ii~A- im.-o'i3lng tho sinthesi~ of 7" 77 al~ a hirru-lc --ic` 1 L-pja 1947, 12) ( 2- -5) T -1-5 5 By 3 liqt -,.Ich in vpretabl,~ 7.roteins, mainly out-f7lake, a losting Increase in the hipruric -icl! synt'nesic of thr, or:,anism anA in the hJrrAric ac'M contant of U-3 irine was obtilr-31. Ferizillin -:~xc-etion wis So delayed by the in;;reased hinruric acii level th1t -15 I-ItO --IS 31X L-)UrZ, after Irtramunc il~tr ir'4--ction of 6)0'000 b'.u., an effpctive w,s still foun-1 In th4 qer-xr- Althoi-h the seriz. level of penicillin ioes n-.)' Increige sub9ta ntl ally where there Is an increasel hippuric aciA content of 1-13--A -uni irirv-, th~ 31ower c-cc,-eti-)n allows the mn~er of injection3 to be redace4. In kidney the lellayel of pz~nllcillin seems to be parallel with the enJ,,):-Prnu,-; hirparic -~cii synthesis, Bra=-B-aiapest (Sec. VP 0 - So; FhyF-'!)1oO-,- , Bjoch-~njs~r7 -rinl Fhanma-col-)gy, Sect',-,)n II, Vol. I, i1-6 Y It 11 11 11 1A It 16 If 4 V I is U x jo 4 1 0 J 1 A A A p I A, AT . It I X r i A - - - - - .!,j 011. 'Out., OfrOWIS A. - 00 Aect of pedicillid tfedbacat on the bocterial fiors- 00 Of the ft-two systeak. Likilo _%Lhtoyi, %1414it so C ling" Surlin. An.1 Grorg IF Sakwy. 0",,i 1M.Lip $0, 190-2091q). -rye made on 19 P".,n, WW received about lextimA) Units of jwniIiIlm daily [-It 00 1 iong pei*xts. In all cans tht orisinal Pff v2jut Of the Oliva (7.05) dhniniiW to A Wt no clianse coulIf tv 00 0 dbwnW in the Ptlyalm. The twtow or the frypon vAlurs, :4 The diaswe valuts ol wum and ti urtat rerajineA .00 ! prwtkally the same. The di"4w value of the locef- see go It 1:; diminished f-orn 54M to Ots) Wolilsemuth units. 00 .3 Istrin Finkly Z* 40* V coo tag 0 t10* 00 00 If BALA - --- 9--F tLI,V* act Oil[ Ica it it a IV two OVIVISSA4399 1 4 0 0 411 0 0 0 0 0 e Wo 0 0 0 f 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . . & a 0 0 0 0~0 0 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 g, 0 00 10 0 a o is 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 --------- 0 0 ell, V Puriftation of ditbtherta and tetanijq t,,TgM; by trichl a !d. I- , - _~cstian of dij7_0xeria tox0id i.1 ~nd 1'. It ic k' e r I I li:-a. I mt. PrrA. Restarch 'xirbic t tju~l 'TT 1"civin an't IT-Ird for purinc-.1ti'm of thl tcx(411 rat ~,cr t ha n thr tai in) iq ed for U r ge-sc-Or ti~,ri l(N 1. per (1-L.; in cm: 111) liz- sharple,t rZT"rifug') With a 8n, vie. I, I mal .4 ;'~ I rity of ;"Y) t- ~ N~~ if per miz. (.4 N , resn. Th'~6'1'jid ',tA I'PtA. at 1,11 4 a-A r-Ittrifug"i. Tl~, C I-itzm time villied with Thai of the crude the CCIIM. olAtfrill W23 dil. With (I.S57p NaCl. 11. Puridcstion of tetAnus t~xcld. M. SLrjdn p'Rich-cr. and 4. ael~.y. lf--~S:; 344--8: cf, Jlcrb-s anti Belhan, CA. 44, It) Uqcd; Arn:~urvux and Yeu, .4 gn. 011. --Tet!ki '64 I-m Pl:j-lu,, 79, 91,41N 1), im tit , Ilattion on fficd -it' sinile by TrMor broth *;Ls ~pm, acid at VII 3, mmItirkin a purity of 210-0-0 Lf p~r mg. of N. with a 67 to IN% yi4i. The purikvl tct,'=14 tm'41 ripti. prepd. do nct scrisitize againit nati-lx vrums; thty rive rige to ananticomic tittr Of 2 to 8 un;ti/ml. and ac IA;d to be suit- able for the P-,)*n. Of CO"nbiled 0-ntigMIL G, cormigh iLl.r.:, ~11 I-, .1L -L. Z, 11 - - - - , - - - I z I -f- " il, . j - )., A, , . - -- - 17YERGES,G.; ANYERGES, Georgette; SURIJAN, Margaret; LAJDAI,J.; CSAPO,J. A method for the rapid deterTLination of diphtheria antitoxin in clinical practice. Acta paediat'. acad. sci. ffimg- 4 no.3: 399-409 163 1. First Section or Paediatries (headt prof. J. Csapo) Wmi- cipal las-lo Hospitalp and Vaccine Control Department (head& dr.L.Erdos) State Institute of Hyglenep Budapest. X- MOO Z/037/6o/000/005/o56/056 E192/E382 Control of the Magnetic-field Strength of an Electromagnet by the Signal of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ASSOCIATION., Prfrodoveder-kA fakulta Univerzity Komenskeho, Bratislava (Natural Science Faculty of .Komenski University, Bratislava) Card 212 z/c)45/63/000/001/003/003 E02VE309 AUT H G R 5 Lal-,-)ert, Mfilo_s', Sranko, Silvester, Surka, Stefan and Tirpak, Andrej TIT LZ': Xcasurement of relaxation times by the spin-echo method P -jjOj)'rC,,,L: Nat eniaticlcCo- f yzillc&iny U -~asopis, no. 1, 1963, GO - 95 --T . L -A--s11O?7t- theoretical analysis of the spin-echo effect I d - ayt he is iven and a nuclear spin-echo spectrometer c eve ope ;,!"t!iors i.-. dc8cribcd. This spectr~zneter, adapted "or the Ila'an (A) -itid Carr-Purcell (3) methods in 'lie frequency rangro of 13 to 37 "c./s, enables the ;-nea~uremen* of lon-itudinal (T anl tran!.;- (T,) rela%ation v zo -'I , V i - " ~i C ' imes i- the ran;n 5 x 10 to 10- sec w_;L1,. ;11~ ;,.~curacy of less than 10~;. A detailed description o-f the is ~;iven 4.). The square pulse ~;ciieriitor su,j-l4Qs of :iul5es for method A (E.L. Hahn - ~!Ays. Rev. 30, 1956,j c) or a scries of pulses for mathod B (Carr, Pur,.-ell, Piiys. 1,,,,:1:41 63o). The width of the -oulses vari,:!s between 10 an~.: 0.01 sec. The time between Pulses can 'oa adjusted he t4me betweer. series of pulses Js oetweell 7 ~is aid 0. ec, and t1l C,r-d l/ 3 Z/01*5/63/000/001/003/003 Neasuremcnt of .... 2024/E309 adju,stnble from 0.1 ~is to approximately 20 sec. The amplitude of' the nulses i2E; 10 V. The triggered I-IF generator cai, be tuned bet,-,-cen 13 anci 17 Mc/s. The maximum volume of samrPles which can be in_-iQrtcd into the'instrument is 0.6 c.c. The HF rec.-ivcr has Zl of 0.3 \1c/!3 and a sensitivity of about I -,IV for a signal- to-noise ratio of unity. The magnetic field is obtailled Irom an electro;lirv.gnet with pole pieces 10 cm in diameter and 't;bout 3 cra a T).~ 90 Sauss. Tile ,-. I. t. Tiic ri_,quired fields vary between 3050 and 39 Current is obtained froi~i 'IliFe batteries. To verify the performance of the instruni2nt, the lon_~-itudinal (T I) and tramiverse (T-) relaxation tii-acs of aqueous solutions of CuSO4 anti of K CrtSC,; 3 )6 ifere measueed-aa-fancti ons of the concentration. The measurements 0.1 CUSO-4 are in Scod -se obtained by Pfeifer (Ann. Phys., 20, 1,957t 322)* The variatio-ti--in---the relaxation tiiae in -the X-Cr(SCN), aqueous solution is due t ci-ij(iiiit ion i --_--The 0.1stirell"e-Its ?Icre Car?ied out at 18 OC. Relaxation times'betwean. 10 111,11d 10 sec could be lne~%Sured -with -an orror less than There are 10 fiSures. Card 2/3 Z/045/65/ocO/001/003/003, Ile, E024/E309 isurcmont of, ASSOCIATION: katedra oxnerinentaflnej fyziky Prirodovadeckej fakulty Univerzity Komenskeho v Bratislava (Department of Bxperimental Physics, Komensky University, Bratislava) SU3MITTED: August 10, 1962 Fig. 4: om w a-Neal;= LZ71 -1i: Card 3/3 GIMASIHOF, A.L.; SURKIN 3MR""U--- Gas supply for standard spartmenU, 0 156. (G^s distribution) (KW 9:10) SURXIN. D.P.; POPOVA. T.I. Iffectiveness of treating chronic tonsillitis with menthol-penicillin oil inhalation. Pediatriia no.5:6345 S-0 153. (MM 6:12) 1. Is Teentrallnogo detakogo klinicheakogo samtorlya 'Boyarial. (Tonsils-Diseases) (Inhalation ('.therapeutics)) (Penicillin) SURKIN, D.P. (St.Boyarka Kiyevskoy oblasti) Chronic maxillsu7 sinusitis in children. Yest.oto-rin. 16 no.5:25-2? S-0 154. OCLRL 7:12) (SINUSITIS, In Infant and child, maxillary) " --, , i:, ", ; I i !'r 1 -4 ~i ,a - it -. .-.:3 ~-, t.,,- and - i - - , I , ~s :~ r. ; . . , , - - ~ "r. , . I. , - L I f ! -- ~~ r - t; 4 ~, - :-. t n: - - u r ~i I i" aa 1p 7 J -, v a a I.,.:,. .,!'A b- -, -t' 'r -,,~ ! 1~ I I , 'r i ; " : '. - -,. 1- ~, r. 1 -,.-1 . 4 , I i ii ~ !* ~ -, . - t .. -. : I - , . i k. rc . 1. ) , --, ~1. , ,! I -r. (." ~ ~11 17,.8) 1 ~ ZLfuitari. If- M-. a-nd Surkin- G On Fla. nnfin-r 124-571-1-860 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 1, p 114 (USSR) AUTHOR: Surkin, R.G. TITLE: To the Theory of the Stability of an Elongated Ellipsoidal Shell of Revolution Under the Effect of a Uniform External Pressure (K teorii ustoychivosti vytyanutoy ellipsoidal'noy obolochki vrashcheniya pri vneshnem ravnomernom davlenii) PERIODICAL: Izv. Kazansk. fil. AN SSSR, ser. fiz.-matem. i tekhn, n., 1955, Nr 7, pp 3-15 ABSTRACT: A study of the overall effect of a local instability on a thin closed shell shaped like an ellipsoid of revolution and subjected to the action of a uniformly distributed external pressure. The displacements u, v, and w of the points of the mean surface of the shell are given with the help of expressions containing hyper- bolic functions; the stresses, as well as the displacements, dis- appear at the boundary of the failure area. The principal radii of curvature of the mean surface are considered constant in that area which, it is assumed, is of elliptical shape. The total energy of the system is evaluated. Also obtained are: 1) the Card 112 pressure pMat which the energy levels of the initial and the 124-57-1-860 To the Theory of the Stability of an Elongated Ellipsoidal Shell (cont - ) deflected state of the shell are equal; 2) the lower critical pressure Pk' which corresponds to the parabolic point on the energy-flexure diagram. These quantities are compared with the upper critical pressure, determined by the linear theory. A. S. Vol'mir 1. Bodies of revolution--Stability--Theory 2. Hyperbolfe functions--Appli- cations 3. Ellipsoidal shells--Theory Card :1/2 SOV/124-58- 5- 3161 'rra,islatiori from- Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 3, p 89 (USSR.) AUTHOR- -StIr",__R G. T'TLE- Oft the Quest'an of the Collapse of a Sphericdl Shell Under Uniformly d,,str!bu*ed Outside Pressure (K voprosu o potere ustoychivosti ster~chesko,, c1bolocliki pri vneshnem ravnomerno rasp redele r rom da~ PER!ODICAL- Tz, , Kazant~k. til, AN SSSR, ser. fiz, -matem. i tekhn. r., , 1956 N.- 10, pp 5 1, 56 ABSTRACT-. The author has found, by Bubnov -Gale rkin's method. the approx- mate quantify of the minimum value of outside pressure with which il is possible fo achieve a form of equilibrium of a shell that is differerit from the in' ~Lidl spherical form. A comparison is given of the value obtained for the critical pressure with the value of the critical pres- sure obtained by R. G. Surkin using the Ritz-Timoshenko method (1952). A reference is made to the results of the preliminary experi- rnents made by R. G. Surkin on the stability of spherical segments under the action of outside pressure. Card 1/1 L. 1. Balabukh MSHTARI, KH.M., doktor fiziko-matematichookikh nauk. professor; GALIMOV. Ka.;.�URUH._R.G. kandidat takhmicheakikh nauk. otvotstvonw roda kto 'r; !:'V& SXAYA, X.KIL., redaktor; NEDILIKO, G.N., takhrii- HEN chaskiy redaktor; SALIKHOVA, A.S.. tekhaichookiy redaktor Cponlinear theory of elastic shells] fielineinaia teoriia uprugikh obolochek. Kazan', Tatknigoizdat. 1957. 430 P. (MLRA 10:4) (Plastic plates and shells) i xand. tekhn. nauk, otv. red,-, ZUYEV. B.M.; 51IRKIN, -j~,GI SHARAMDINO-VAP M.Z., tekhn. red. (Some proble=s arising in the stucLy of stresses by the optical method uving-three-dimensional raodels]. Nekotorye voprosy isaledovani-ta napria2hanii na ob"emnykh modelAakh opticheskim metodom. Kawan, 1959. 22 p. (Akademiia nauk SSSR. Kazanskii filial. Seriia fiziko-matematicheskikh i tekhnicheskikh nauk. Trudy, no.2). (MIRA 16:4) (Strains and stresses) (Photoolasticity) MUSMARI, Kh.M.., red.; ALUI,~!'A-v, N.A., reA.; BOLOTM, V.V., red.; VOLIM11(i A.S., red.; GAITIM, U.S., red.; GOLIDEMMER, A.L., red.; ISMBAYE-VA, F.S., red.; KILIM-EVSKIY, H.A., red.; KOMUSHIN, M.S., red.; LLROYE, A.I., red.; SAVIL, G.N., red.; S&CIMKOV, A.V., red.; SVIRSKIY, I.V., red.; SURM) R.G., red.; FILIPPOV, A.P., red.; ALEKSAGIN, V.I., red.; SLI-MTGV, Y'U".f.0 tekhn~ red. [Proceedings of the Conference on the Theory of Plates and Shells) Trudy Konferentsii po teoril plastin i obolochek) Ka- -mg&A 196o' Kazan', Akad. nauk SSSR, Xazanskii filial, 1960. .R'p. (MIRA 15:7) 1. Koriferentsiya po teorii plastin i obolochek, Kazan', 1960. 2. Moskovskiy energeticheskiy institut (for Bolotin). 3. Ka- zanskiy khimiko-tekhnologicheskiy institut (for Ganiyev). 4. Institut mekhaniki Ak-ade.-.ii nauk USSR (for Kilichevskiy). 5. Kazanskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (for Sachenkov). 6. Kazanskiy filial Akaderii nauk SSSR (for Svirskiy). (Elastic Plates and shells) ".0 Mir.' Vol" "" I A , Tm ... M .= C = P P &_jm .(I mu) A- s." - -A-d -Q -,,n n..m -1--m 0.") Tontfiii- is- j. j. d-Q nw P j. '64 I-Tr- wM a. Aa"o M P I-d- I I T" J. A.." l s -a ftmj PA.-" -u l-?q-wm u..0 A. L~ P"rr-I I "'"wrt" I Ij .0-T4 --A "ft v.."rmw m "" ~ P T~ P. t",4, = I cv-~ -PM-" e -Ir tft" P -n-t-6-A -m :11=7=-; .1 "9e IL S-v Tnb?w J. M~ -,--,Trvv -v--tp v P, "Pan I-md:w r.7-ddr v.. 1-11--U j~ q.,.d4F S/124/61/OCO/008/035/042 A001/A101 AU-1-HORS: Mushtari. Kh. M., Surkin-R- G_ TITLE: The average bending of a sloping spherical panel, square in plane, at nonlinear stress-strain relation PERIODTCAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, no. 8, 1961, 7, abstract 8V49 ("Zh. prikl. mekhan. I tekhn. fiz.". 1960, no. 2, 162-165) TEY.7: The problem whose content is described In the title is solved. The stress-strain relation is assumed In the form: E e (1 e2 o I I where ? is a certain constant. The equations derived become a somewhat more com-licated In comparison with conventional equations for large deflections of pane.'s Phe subsequent solution is carried out according to Bubnov-Galerkin's method. Cumbersome arithmetical operations are transferred to a "Strela" comouter. The degree of effect of physical non-linearity on the magnitude of arising stresses is numerically estimated. rAbstracter's note: Complete translation] F. Feodos'yev Card 1/1 yj !.! . ; SIMIIII; F -Ci ,...USTITARI) 33 fler*Liirr, a f ~1~11. nc. 14; 23 - 33 (sil c. rlatcs ard (E17, P4ASE I BOOK MLOITATION BOV16 206 Konferentalya po teorli plastin I obolochek. Kazan'. 1960. Trudy Konforentall po teoril plaatln I obolachekip 24-29 oktyabrya 1960. (Tranaactions of.the Conference.on the Theory ofi.Plates and Shells Held In Kazan', 24 to 29 October 1960). Kazan' [Izd-vo Kazan3kogo gosudarstvannogo universitetal 1961. 4k *p.' 1000 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency; Akademlya nauk SSSR. Kaxanakiy filial. Kazanskly gosudaretvannyy unIvereltet.11m. V. I. Ullyanova-Lanina. Editorial Board: Kh. M. Mushtarl, Editor; F. S. Isianbayeva, Set)r*t&z7,- N. A. Alumyaa, V. V. Bolotin, A. S Vo11mIV M.,S. 0aniyev, A. L. Golidenveyzen N. A. KIl1c1j*v;k1y, M. S. KornIshin, A. I. Lurlye, 0. N. Savin, A. V. Sachankov,, 1. V; Svirskly, R. 0. Sui*lh, and A. F. F111ppo-r. 3d.: V. I. Aloksagin; Tech. Edo- Yu. P. Semenov. PURPOSE: The collection of articles Im Intended'for sdientista'and engineers iho are Interested in the analyels of strength and stability of shells. C&M 1/14 Trr,n3actl-ons of tho Conference (qont.) SOV/6206 COVERAGE: Tho book Is a collection of artiolen delivered at the Conforenco on Plates and Shells hold in Kazan' from 24 to :2� October 1960. The articles deal with the mathcm,%tfaal theory of plates and shells and Its application to the solution, In both lincar and nonlinear formulations, of-problq--a oC bending, static and dynamic stability, aad viDration or ragular'.&-id. sandwich plates and shellb Of VArlous shapes under varlout loadings in the elastic and plastic region3. Andl7cla-in made or the behavior of plates and shells In fluidni and the effect of creep of the material'is considereO. A numboi, of papers discuss problems associated with the development of effective vathematical methods for solving problems In the theory of-shelli. Some of the reports propose algorithms for-tha solution of problem with the aid of electronic computers. A total hundred, reports and notes were presented and discussed during the con- ference. The reports are arranged alphabetically (Russian) by the author's name. Card 2/14 Transactions of the Conference (Cont.) SOV/6206 Sel 1. T. Investigation of the Propagation of aa~c Waves in Plates -and Shells -247 Slep9v, B. I. Dynamic Stability of a Circular Cylindri- cal Shell Under Wave-Impact Loading 30 Sochinskly, S. V., and V. S. Chuvikovskiy. On Nonlinear Dynamic Deformations of Rectangular Plates and Cylindrical Shells 358 Surkin R _(L, and L. A. Kuznet ova. On the Flexural of a Shallow Square lpherical Panel With a Nonlinear Stress-Strain Relationship 362 Teregulov, 1. G. On the Theory of Plates of Medium Thickness" 367 Tkachuk, G. I. Integral-Differential Equations of the Theory of Thin Elastic Shells of Revolution 376 Card 12/14 S/i9 * 611/007/001/008/008 D205YD305 AUTHORs Surkin, R.'%, TITLEt A :onference on Dlatea and sbelle in Kazan PERIODICALi Prykladna mekhanika, v. 7, no. 1, 1961, 113 - 114 TEXTs The article is a report on the conferenae held in Kazan from Ootober 24-29, 1960 which was organized ~y the Xazan branch ol. the AS USSRP and the State University of Kazan Iment V.1, U11yanov (L-ni n) in ac-.ordan,:e with the resolution of the Scienti- fic Oouncil. of the AS USSB on the problem "SCient.flc Basis of Strength and Pla6tlcity". blore than ~50 persona took part In the Conference, 172 belng from Kazan, and the rest from various parts- o.1 the Soviet UnioL Tb'e par~i."Alpants in:luded: H.M. Savin (A:ade mician, AS UkrSSR). A;D, Kovalenk,) (Ccrresponding Vember F AS Ukr SSR) and A.P. F1'1.Lp_-.v (Corresponding-Member, AS E.311-ontan SSR). 0. A. Umane:kyy Olonored Worker in SQ.Lence and Technology RSFSR), Pro- fessors Kh.M. Mluzhtari, Yu,H. Odynokov (Kazan'.), S.O. Aleksyeyek,, V. Card 1/3