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TAIROV, Sh.G., I Dynamics of soil salinization in the western part of the -`i-.irvan Steppe. Izv. All Azerb. SSR. Ser. biol. i med. nauk no. 4:113- -125 160-. (MIRA 14:2) (ORA LOWI-41-M-ALKAL! LAIMS) TAIFOV, Sh.G. U-;uching zry)rr)lithB of chloride- and sulfatle-rich saline soils from the Kura-krau L/)wland. Izv.AN Azerb.O'SR."-er.biol.i raed.nauk. no.l: 117-123 161. Off-RA '24 :6) (Y,ura-.Aras Lowland-Saline and alkali soils) (Leaching) TAIROV, Sh.G. Meadow Solonetz and Solonchak soils of the Shirvan Steppe. Izv. AN Azerb. SSR. Ser. W0. i mpd. nauk no.(.:75-83 '61. (111,IRA 14:8) (KURA IDWIAND-SALINE AIM ALKALI SOILS) TAIROV, V.D., kandidat tekhnicheakikh nauk; ULITSKIY, I.I.. kandidat tekhnicheskikh qauk, redaktor; TUROVSKIY. B., redaktar; ZZLENKOVA. Ye.. tekhnicheakiy redaktor [Planning structural panels for two- and three-atory dwellings] Porektirovanie panellnykh konstruktail maloetazhnykh xhilykh zdanii. Pod red. I.r.Ulitskogo. Kiev, Izd-vo Akademit &rkhitektW7 Ukrainskoi SSR, 1953. 74 p. [Microfilm] (MIaA 7-10) (Buildings, Prefabricated) ROKU1N, I.A., kandidat takhnicheskikh nauk-; TAIROV, V.D., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk. *W-&A&MWMM1Q6- Precast reinforced concrete elements for buildings in machine-tractor stations. Nov. v stroi. tekh. no-7:14-36 155. MR& 9:11) 1. Nauchno-issledavatelskiy instituL stroitel'noj- tekbniki Akademii arkhttektury USSR. (Precast concrete construction) (Machine-tractor stations) TAiAO.V3 Vladimir Dir-itriy_evich; VOLIVIGH, Nikolay Iosifovich; MEDVEDEV9 Mikhail Ivanovich. Prinimali uchastiye: BOCHKOVSKAYA, N.L., starshiy inzh.; YEZHEL', F.A., glav. arkhitektor; ALEKSANDROVSKP_' A.2 red.; ZELEVKOVA, Ye., tekhn. red. [Built-up roofs) Sovmeshchennye pokrytiia. Kiev, Gos. izd-vo lit- ry po stroit. i arkhit. USSR, 1961. 74 p. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Rabotniki Nauchno-issledovatel'skogo instituta stroitelInykh konstruktsiy i Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut eksperimentall- nogo proyektirovaniya Akademii stroitel'stva i arkhitektury USSR (for Tairov, Vollvich, Medvedev). I (Roofs) ACC NR, AR6010619 SOU11CE CODE: Ult/0196/65/'000/010/BO19,!BOI~q AUTHOR: Talrov. V. N. TITLE: HIgh-voltage Insulators for operation In a rarefied atmosphere SOURCE: Ref. zh. Elektrotekhnika I energetika, Abs. 1OB90 REF SOURCE: Sb. Proboy dlelektrikov I poluprovodnlkov. M. -L., Energiya, 1964, 93-97 TOPIC TAGS: electric Insulator, high voltage line, upper atmosphere ABSTRACT: Data are presented for the selection of the design, as well as approximate formulas for engineering calculations, by means of which calculations were made and a design was created for insulators for a dc working voltage of 4-63 kv. The insulators are intended for operations at pressures up to 5 nim Hg In tile temperature range from -60 to +125C, and to withstand vibration with a frequency of 5-1000cps at 10 g acceleration, 4000 impacts with an acceleration of 76 g, and centrifugal acceleration up to 25 g. The design of the insula- tors has been developed for serial plant production. [ Translation of abstract 15 illustrations iand bibliography of 4 titles. [Le Im. V. 1. Ullyanov (Lenin) t(Leningradskly el-tekhnieli. In-t) I A. Petrashko SUB CODE: 09 Card 1/1 MIL P UDC: 62 BUKOLOV.? 1,Ye.; LSTAiMOV, K.V.; Z-U-Mi, V.L-_; TAIR'OV__V.~.. Complex compounds of strontium with some dicarboxylic organic acida. Zhur.neorg.khim. 7 no.7,'1577-1582 J1 162. (MIRA 16:3) (Strontium compounds) (Acids, Organic) L 1553h-63 EM/EPF(c)/EKP(q)/IEWT(m)/ES(V)/MS- AFn.C/ASD ,.Ps-4/Pr-V Pe-4 vu/JDAT/ ACCESSION NR: AP3004913 s/0120/63/000/004/0116/0180 AUTHOR: Pichugin, I. G.; Tairov, Yu. M.;.Rsgkov, D. A.- Pre aring sil, ~hV%arbi L& stals TITLE: p ic . c_Tbi~ Iry SOURCE: Pribory*i tekhnika eksperimenta, no.A. 1963, 176-180 TOPIC TAGS: silicon. carbide, crystal, SiC,-'crystal growing ABSTRACT: An outfit is described that permits developing a temperature of about 2, 500C in a 500-cm3 crucible containing 10-4 -torr vacuum ~0 an inert gasj The construction, including an'electrically-heated graphite blockVkset-of temperatur e -distributing screens, a water-cooled. stainless-steel housing, aset of electrodes, a vacuumizing system, etc. , is described in detail;'a structurali drawing arda photo of its general appearance are presented. The avera:ge output is 50 SiC crystals6 5 -7 -mm. thick (with 6 -7 hrs growing time), in one crucible. Intended for semiconductor devices, the crystals have a carrier concentration of Card 1/2 L 15534-63 ACCESSION NR: AP3004913 17 -a 5x10 cm . "The authors arethankful, to V. 1. A~ramov and VL~. N~ovikov for a number of valuable hints in developing the outfit. Orig. art. has: 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy elektrotekhnicheskiy institut (L Electrotechnical Institute) SUBMITTED: 15jun62 DATE ACQ: 28Aug63 ENCL: 00' SUB CODE: GE NO, REF SOV: 000 OTHER: 005 Card 2/?- L EWG(j)(EPA(s),-2VEWT(m)/EPF(o)/EPF(n)-2/EWG(v)/EPH/EPA(w)-2/EWP(J)/ P b) EWV(e) 4 Pe~-6/Pr.!4/Ps-4/Pt-IO/PL--4/Pab-10 AS(mp)-2/RAE1A(e)/RAE?A(c)/ EWP( pcr~ ESD( gS)/ESD(t) JD ~/JG/RM/WH, :ACCESSION NR: Ap4o46477 S/0032/64/030/010/1276/:L278.:; AUTHOR: Pichugin, I. G.; Tairov, Yu, Yas1kov, D. A. ~TITLE: Laboratory vacuum furnace with automatic control for growing silicon carbide crystals 'Uaya laboratoriya, v. 30, no SOURCE:' Zavod 10, 1964, 12T6_12T8. ;TOPIC TAGS: silicon carbide crystal, single crystal growth, electric ;vacuum furnace, automatic temperature control, heat insulation zor- :rection, semiconductor silicon carbide 'ABSTRACT: Automatic temperature control and a procedure for.correcti04 ;of heat insulation and for changing the temperature gradient in the electric vacuum furnace have been developed to secure.grovth of ~fect silicon carbide crystals for semiconductor devices. The.furnaee,~-,~~ p j was described by the authors in pribory-*i tekbnika eksperimenta, noo t4, 1963. The automatic temperature control ves based on measure- ment of the ratio of the luminous flux from the heater to that from .a calibrated-source. The filtered light signals from both sources 1 Card, 1 [2- L 12000c~55 ACCESSION NR: Ap4o46477 ~were received on an antimony-cesium photoerectric cell and then-am- :plified and detected in the same circuit. Different signals from ;:two sources set in motion a mechanism which automatically changes the 'input voltage and hence resets the temperature of the heater to a. ;predetermined value. Deviation from the predetermined value in the ,2300-2600C range was plus or minus 3C,maximum. Theitemperature ~gradient in the furnace was improved b~11) changing.the number and 'location of horizontal heat.-insulatingNshields and 2) varying the :current input according to the changing temperature profile of the Correction of heat insulation was achieved by solving the differential equation describing the distribution of heat flow in the furnace on an electric network.. The n-type crystals, 5-T mm in dia- meter, were grown on a 0: _graphite iaphragm. Orig. art. ha 3 fi-gures.,-, :and 8 formulas. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy elektrotekhnicheskiy institut (Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute) SUBMITTED: 00 ATD PRESS: 3120 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: IE, SS NO REF SOV: 00lr OTHER 001 Card.. L 014-66 EW-L(J)/T/EWA(h).----.IJP(a.).....---- ACCESSIUN NR: AP5021366 UR/0120/65/000/004/0213/0216 536.587 4* dl~ AUTHOR: Kal'nin, A. A,; Tairov, Yu. M.-*,-Yas'kov, D. TITLE: An automatic temperature control system for the growth of crystals of high temperature resistant semiconductor materials SOURCE: Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, no. 4, 1965, 213-216 TOPIC TAGS: "st a 'q silico lLinsLe automatic temperature control, crystal at ture, automatic control system, crystal growth, semiconductor single crystal, single crystal growing ABSTRACT: An automatic temperature control system for a 30 kw device intended f the growth of silicon carbide crystals is discussed. The instrumental error i reduced by a) the use of electron multiplication which reduces the intensity o; photocathode illumination with simultaneous retention of a good signal-to-noise ratio; b) the illumination of the photocathode by short pulses with the subsequent restitution of the spectrum of the favorable signal; and c) by thermostatic control1l, of the receiver, automatic brightness control, and uniform illumination of the I . photocathode. The range of temperature control is between 2400 and.2600C but thial- may be changed by an appropriate choice of the obtuator Alter, the dynamic error -Card L 00oi4-66 -- - -- - - --- - - 'I !FACCESSION NR: AP5021366 of the control does not exceed �3C, and the transient process (when operating withl a computer) is reduced 88 to 907. compared to operation with commercial linear regulators. The influence of the thermostatic control of the growth zone on the perfection of the structure of the resulting crystals is also discussed. Orig. art. has: 3 formulas and 3 figures. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy ele~.trotekhnicbeskiy institut (Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute) � SUBM=D: 2lDec64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: IE, SS NO REF SOV: 002 OTHER: 001 2/2 tj YA-CC. 1,11~- ADW022--)o SOURCEi CODE: AUTHOR: Tairov, 'Ill, Tvf. ORG: Noae TfTLE: Studv of the effect ~~jf various factors on the grolvill of sHicoll carbWe el'.y.9t a Is rPaper present~,d Lit (he Third Conference Growin,~-, MeMY-fl) M-666b-,,~; IS to SOURCE: AN SSSR. instihit kristallogra-M. Rost kristallov, v. G, 19657 1,99-2,02 I'OPIC TAGS: silicon carbide, crystal -irrmvintr A U BSTPIXT: A hi-P-temperaLurc unit the clesipm of%vhich is described vvals built for sWdy- Ilig the -f-rrowth of SiC crystals. Particular attention w~,.s given to the Audy of the thermai field in the crucible in, order to produce the optimum temporat-ure distribution. The optimunn mattern obtained for the thermal field in the crucible is shovvn in Fig. I. SiC Crystals were gro""m with the temperature of the heater at 2450C. Card 1/3 ACC NR: AT6002250 Z.1 2 Vill* I Fig. 1. Opti)ijum pattern of tjyjejmnal field in crucible, The OPLMUM super saturation of the vapor above the growing crystals was calculated to be about 2%. The formation of nucleation cente rs can take place at supersaturations, of Card 2/3 ACC 'N'R: AT6002250 of 25 to 50';-,,. X-ray structural analysis showed that SiC crvstals of t--vo polyt~q)ic forms under those conclitions: the 611 modification at temperatures not above 214.50C, and the fill mcKiirication at high.or ternperatures. A -mixt-ure of 61-1 and 15R is obtained if the tumpull'ature fluctuates. The of flhu crystals varies with the ternpcraturr-' at v"hii-Ai they are grown, o%-, Ing to the changing solubility of impurities, articularly nitrogen, In SiC. Orig. art has: 3 figures arid .1 for-a"Was. none/ ORM REF. 001/ OTH REF: 00" SUB CODE. ?0/ SUB&I'DATE: L 25460-66 EWT(I)/E~VT(m)/ETC(f)/EWG(m)/EWP(e) IJP(c) ATAVH1JD1JG ACC NR, AP6ooq6ql SOURCE CODE: UR/018_1/66/008/003/0 0951 AUTHOR: Kallnin, A.A.; Tairav Yu. M.; Yas1kov, D. A. ORG: Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute im. V. I. Ullya ov-Lenin (Leningradskiy elektroteldmicheskiy institut) TITLE: Luminescence of silicon carbide with beryll impurity - )-I L-'7 SOURCE: Fizika tverdQb-tela, v. 81 no- 3. 1966, 948-951 TOPIC TAGS: silicon carbide, beryllium, semiconductor impurity, luminescence, lumi- nescence center, activated crystal, pn junction, volt ampere characteristic, electro- luminescence ABSTRACT: The purpose of the investigation was to confirm\experimentally that it is possible to use certain elements of group II as luminescenc\e activators i silicon carbide crystals. Some of the advantages of using beryllium as the doping impurity are briefly discussed. Luminescent p-n junctions were produced by introducing beryl- CM 3 6 - -, lium in silicon carbide containing 8 x 1017 -5 x 1018 7 nitrogen as the lumine' cence coactivator. The procedure and apparatus for preparing the junctions are br ly described. The resultant junctions had a volt-ampere characteristic featuring a large drop in the forward direction. In addition to the volt-ampere characteristic., the electroluminescence spectrRand the lumen-ampere characteristics of the junction are presented. The results show that the electroluminescence of the obtained p-n junctions cannot be connected with the presence of boron, and can be attributed to Card ACC NRi A16009691 0 the activating action of beryllium in the silicon carbide. Evidence in favor of the foregoing statement is presented. Orig. art. has: 4 figures.* SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 2OJun65/ ORIG REF: 0031 OTH MW: 0014 Card 2/2 L 340h4-66 EWT (1)/EWr (m)/T/EWP(t) /En IJP(c) JD/GG/GD _~C_C41 AT6013568 (/0 SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/65/000/000/0309/0314 AUTHOR: kichugin. I -R,; Sqirnova - Yaslkov, D. A. A ; T~Irov, Yu. N.. ORG: L-eningrad Clectrotechnical Institute -im., Ullyanov,(Leningradskiy elektrotekhni- cheskiy institut) 1_5_'/ TIT1X: The effect of certain factors on growth and formation of SiC crystals - 7~7 -I.-/ SOURCE: AN UkrSSR. Institut problem materialovedeniya. Vysokotemperaturnyye neorga- nichesklydacyadinenlya (High temperature inorganic compounds). Kiev, Naukova dumka, 1965, 309-314 TOPIC T~GS: silicon carbide, single crystal growth,=*i=8**= crystal growing ABSTRACT: The growing process of SiC_2nLzLtals was studied in the 23500- 5000C range in an argon atmosphere. Before sublimation, the SiC raw material was degassed at 2000C and 1-10-S mm Hg. The crystal growing duration was 6-12 hours. Best quality SiC crys-. tals were obtained using a two-diaphragm crucible. The distance between diaphragms could be varied from 0.5 to 6 mm. It was found thnt the optimum conditions for growing high quality, homogeneous SIC crystals 6-8 mm in diameter (with an average defect den- sity of 200 cm-2 and with a large proportion of crystals with defect density less than !30 cm_Z) are: an axial and radial temperature variation in the crucible maximum '500C, Iheating from 200010C to the desired process temperature at a rate not lower than 200/ V2 L 0991['-67 Z-~-m Oll) /L'WPWA,'r1 - ITV(0 Ji)/jG ACC NRi AP6033560 SOURCE CODE: Ult/0181/66/008/010/2982/2985 AUTHOR: Kal1_n_in_&._A. ; PasyAkov,_ V. V. ; Tairov, Yu. M. Yas1kov, D. A. ORG: Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute im. V. 1. Ully.~nov (Lenin) (Leningrad- i skiy electroteklinicheskiy institut) TITLE: Photoluminescence of silicon carbide containing a bf~~lium~ impurity 7 SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 8, no, 10, 1966, 2982-2985 roPiC TAGS: photoluminescence, silicon carbide, beryllium, impurity. luminescence extinction, electron hole, luminescence ABSTRACT: Beryllium when added to silicon carbide is shown to render the latter luminescent. Both electron- and p-type silicon carbide samples were found to luminesce. At the same time, the spectral radiation composition was found to vary. The activation energy required for the extinction of luminescence for electron- and p-type silicon carbide samples is about the same (approximately 0. 32 ev). Electro- luminescent light sources were prepared in which electrons were injected into luminescent p-type silicon carbide samples. Orig. art. has: 3 figures. [Authors' abstract) ST,JB CODE: 20./SUBM DATE: 16Mar66/ORIG REF: 005/OTH REF: 006/ TA 'i I . 1! i ! '-.!. L. ! . IfTh-e -7colo:,-,- o' t~--- .-.~iuatic Tha3es of the Yellow Fever "llosquitoe (Ae,-ies Ae~~,fyti L.)II, - 1. 7-araz. i I~araz. 3,olez., 101. 7,, No. 3, pp 237-47, 1948. US3R/Z--)oPara5tifjlo,-Y - Mites and Insects as Disease. Vectors. G -3 Ab s Jour Ref 7diur - Biol., No 10, 1958, 43448 Author Talrova, A.I. Inr,t Title Survival of Mosquit.-ics J'wopheles Maculiponnis up to t,ic Enidemiolo3ically Daar~erous AL;c in the Re(~ioii of Stalinir- sk. Orig Pub Byul. N.-i. in-t rnlyarii i mcf,.. parazitol. GruzSSR., 1956, No 2, (26), 50-56. Abstract The clirnate, breedinG places, phenolo,-Acal data, seasonal course of numbers, and (lifferences of A. maculiperiis population in the eavirons of Liaklivi-Iorsk mountaill- plain landscape. Fena-les o,-,' epic-'emialogically danGerous a7,c are found here beCinnin- in the second half of June. 'Meir rAximum number is noted at the end of June. The winteriiiG fewles live until the sporogonic cycle is com- pleted but, because of their small number, they are not of Card 1/2 TALROV.A. A. I. Dotermining the time between the departure of A.maculipennis from daytime haunts after digesting blood arii the next bloodsucking. C, Med.paraz. i paraz.bol.suDplement to no.1:32-33 '5?. (MIRA 11:1) 1. Iz entomologicheskogo otdeleniya Instituta malyarit I meditsinskoy ?arazitologit imeni B.S.Virsaladze Kinisterstva zdravookhraneniya Gruzinskoy SSR. (MOSqUITOES AS WIRRIERS OF DISEUSE) TA DI OVA, A. I. Occurrence of Anopheles bifurcatus in bodies of rain water. Ned. praz. i paraz.bol. 27 no.1:68-69 Ja-F '58. (MMA 11:4) 1. Iz entomologicheskogo otdeleniya Instituta malyarii i meditsin- skoy parazitologii imeni S.S.Virsaladze Ministerstva zdravookhrane- niya Gruzinskoy SSR (dir. instituta - prof. G.K.Karuashvili, zav. otd.eleniyem - prof. G.I.Kenchaveli) (MOSQUITOES) ORLOV, Sergey Pantelaymonovich; TAIROVA, A.L., red.; CILORNOVA, Z.I., [Batch measuring devices] Doziinjiushchie ustroistva. Izd.2-e, parer. i dop. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry, 1960. 237 P. (MIRA 13:10) (Measuring instruments) POLYAKOV, Z.A.; TAIROVA, A.V. -1 , - ~ I , -~ n~-- . Methods for determining scheduled costs of drilling operations. Azerb.naft.khoz. 35 no.2:29-31 7 '56. (MLRA 9:10) (Oil well drilling--Prices) 6/1 -16/6 2/005/0,V'1/001/C) 11 j23-1/j304 '-!anoylov, V.Ye. and Tairova, D-1. JAcctrostatic fucusing of electron beams by electrets Pe"UODICAL. 1-ustiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedbniy. Priborostroyeniye, v. 5, no. 1, 1962, 3-8 r -, A. short description of the properties of elecLrets is given. use Of C1CCtr'Q-L diSC,; %ViLh an opening in the center is studied; such a disc is found to bo ~,nalol-ous to an ordinary electros'atic lens. It is stated that ap proxiniate, t1woretical CalCUliltiOnS S1101.7 LlIaL a set Of CICCLrCt discs wit!l 'IlLeriiating polarity could conduct srable electron beans up to several amperes. iL was found by experiments that clectrets made of cermi-c ma- 'M 1 teria I 1-150 calciu t tanate with an admixture of zirconium dioxide) ar(.- t1w most suitable fox- focusing purposes. 'i.N. Gubkin is mentioned for Lions in the field. There are 5 fi-w-es and 3 references: ais Coatribu C, - 1 Soviet-bloc and 2 non-Sovict-bloc. The references to the En,r1ish-language C~ publications read as follows: M. Eguchi, On the permanent rlectret. Phil. 1/2 6/1-16/62/005/001/001/Cll Electrostatic focll~,ing of ... Mag., 1925, 49, 176; 13. Gross, L.F. Jenard, On permanent charges in solid C, dielectrics, Phys.Rev. 19,15, 6711 8, 253-259. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy elektroteklinicheskiy institut im. V.I. Ullyan- ()VLI (Leninix) Meningrad Institute of Electrical engineering im. ~. 1. Ullyanov (Leitin) SU61MITTED: July ~!G, 1961 ,.. ird 2/2 ACUS510N NH: AW13538 S/0181/64/006/002/0642/0644 XYPEORS: Kharlamova, To Yeoj Tairova., Do A. TITLE: The effect of radioactive radiation on the properties of silicon carbide ;~--n junctions SOU'LICE: Flizilta tuvc-rdogo tela,, v. 6., no. 2, 1964, 6112-61t4 TOPIC TAGS.: radioactive radiation, silicon carbide, p n junction, volt az%pere cilaracteristic, transitional photoelectric effect, photosensitivity, iinpurity, i1-.!,)urity concentration with impurity concentrations on the order of ~-lol7cra!f. The p-n junctions were prepared by a technique previously described by T. Ye. Kharlamova (Izv. U-TI im. V. I. Ullyanova (Lenina), vy*p. XLIII, 135s 1960; and To Ye, Kharlamova, Go F. Kholuyanov-Fff, 2, 426., 1960). Each crystal was cut into two plates, only one bein,; exposed to radiation for cmtrcl. Radiation, varied from 3000 to 28 000 roentgens seomed to effect only inal.-g-nificantly quantitative changes in the characteristics of the p-n junctions in SiG. Radiation of all p-n junctions A3-'3FKX',T: Th,3 authors used electron-type samples of S (with alpha modification) Card X;L;r;-iS1Oi4 NR: API!,113538 by Laimaa rays or beta quanta produced definite patterns of changes in the volt- ampere characteristics. These patterns are shown in Fig. 1. in the Snelosure. Uxed radiation led to the appearance of a transitional photoelectric effect. The ~-,-n Junctions in SiC after such irradiation become sensitive to the visible part 0. t~e spectrwn. The photosensitivity of the p-n junctions was shifted tcward the lonE;er wavelengths. This shift may be due to metastable energy levels in tl,e SiC due to the action or gamma rays plus neutrons. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy e1ektrotekhrLicheskiy institut in. V.. 1. Ullyanova- Lenina (Leningrad Institute of Electrical Engineering) t~M-2*-7--'E)i Avvel)63 DATS ACQ: 03Mar64 ZWL: 01 SJB CODEs PH NO REF SOVt 006 OTHER: 001 carj Eli= ACCESSION NR: AP4043345 S/0181/64/006/008/2301/2306 AUTHORS: Bogoroditskiy, N. P.; Tairovap D. A.; Sorokin, V. S. TITLE: Role of free carriers in the formation of the electret state in polycrystalline dielectrics SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 6, no. 8, 1964, 2301-2306 TOPIC TAGS: barium titanate, polycrystal, electret, dielectric material, ceramic dielectric, polarization, energy level ABSTRACT: To explain the formation of the electret state in non- polar materialsit--an investigation was made of several phenomena occurring in ceramic materials polarized in a field of high inten- sity and at high temperature. The materials investigated were T-1700 (the fundamental crystalline phase of BaTiO3), Sm-1 (BaTiO3), T-150 (CaTiO3), T-80 (TiO2 and T-900 (SrTiO3 all with different elec- Card i 1/3 ACCESSION NR: AP4043345 tric properties. The materials were in the form of discs 33 mm in diameter and 3~mm thick; the electric field intensity, the maximum temperature, and the time of exposure to the field were variable. The magnitude and sign of the surface charge were measured by the electrostatic induction method. The role of the free carriers in the formation of a stable homogeneous charge of ceramic electrets was investigated. The dependence of the coloring of the samples on the magnitude of the polarizing field, maximum temperature, and polarization time was studied, with particular attention to the double coloring of some of the materials (T-1700 and SM-1), which is found to be due to the injection of electrons and holes from the electrodes into the dielectric with subsequent localization on Schottky defects. A new model of the electret state in nonpolar dielectrics is formulated. According to this model, the homogeneous charge is produced and exists independently of the presence of polar groups in the dielectrics, which depends on the technological polar- ,ization factors and on the surface properties such as concentration Card 2/3 ACCESSION NRt AP40433 45 and depth of local levels. This homogeneous charge forms a residual field having the same direction as the external polarizing field. The field of the homogeneous charges tends to maintain the polariza- tion effects produced by all other polarization mechanisms. Orig. art. has: 1 figure and 2 tables. ASSOCIATION: Leningradskiy elektrotekhnicheskiy institut im. V. I. Ul'yanova-Lenina (Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute) SUBMITTEDs IlFeb64 ENCLs 00 SUB CODE: SSIFM NR REP SOVt 001 OTHERa 001 Card 3/3 TAIROVA, T.A., dotsent. - , Methods o~' (-.,impluting -,-ts lift on thm bqsis of ~iqta in dle~-p lifts. Trudy A!~erb.tnd.iist. no.9:42-64 154. (I-qlaA 9.10) (Oil wells--Gqr, lift) TA I IIOV A T, Matter of great national im-iortance. Sov.nrofSoiuz-- 3 no.8:27- 2q Ag'55. (Yw-A. 5: 10) 1. Predsedatell Azerbaydzhanskogo res-Dublikanskogo soveta prof- Soyuzov (Azerbaijan--Agricultural machinery industry) ALIKHANC~V, E.N.; AIRUSHANCV, N.A.; AKHUNDCV, V.1u.; ALIZADE, M.A.; AZIZB*T.OV, A L Sh.A.; BAGIRCV, W;ZIXV) S.A.; VOLOBUYEV, V.R.; VEKT LCVY F.M.; '~UKHNOVY O.M.; GUSE'-"!,"(-V, I.'%.: DOASEEV, K.K.; ZIE -,r--V, M. 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(MIRA 111:8) (Azarbaijan-Petroleum-Periodicals) I i.X110 , - , Il c , C 'I, , - ", . . - : -, ~.; C.-: I ~ - I VFZ7-RO M' RO'V ba am e 3 Of! 5 E Q n 'u Jo: L!: TAIRjVA, T. K. Tairova, T. K. "The hydrolysis of the in,ilin compleT in Jerusalem artichoke Jtdce", Ukr. khim. zhurm-tl, vol. XIV, Is-ine 2, 1949, P. 73-77, - Bibliog; 8 items. SO: U-4392, 19 Au-Ust 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal 'n:rkh Statey, No2l, 1949). I T-7- 7-1 ZI -1 --., .. - -. .-_ TAIROVA, T. K. Tairova, T. K. "The separation of friletose from Jerusnlem artichoke juico in the fqrm of alcium fructosf~,e", Uke. k-him. zhtzrr 1, Vol.M. Issue 2, 1949, P. 79~-91. SO, U-43w. 1g AuAlust 53, (Letoois 'ZhurnRl 'nykh Statey, No 21, 1949). TAIRJVA, T. K. Tairova, '2. K, "E-,merience In wurlfyinx, dahlia juices with organolytes", (Obtaining irsuli~) , U`:cr. khim. zhurral, Vol, XIV, Iss--le 2, 19;-g, p. 90-q2. SO: U-4392, 19 August 53, (Letopis 'Zhurrml 'nykh Statey, No 21, 1949). TAIROVA, V. G. Complexes of sections of closed Riemannian surfaces of zero order. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; mat. no.4-155-i6o 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Uzhgorodskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet, (Riemann surfaces) 62, ZhCU, Z ~ ~,;,: ~ ; , , , ..": ~ I .1i. :1, "!, ;,' : , ~, j" -.~! It ~ `.I .' (',!' r.; "., ..-i I I , ~ ~. - .", iv-. ..:: t'. q'. 1. .7,11, 1, 1 ~.'! , , 't . ~ . I . ;P ~. " .: ! -.;I o I t, " , , 6 . (.1;~~ ., '. -",! MAKSINiOVICH, Nlikhail Makbaylovich, cioktor sellkhoz. nauk, prof.; TAIROVA, V'li'l red.., SOKOLOITA, N.N. tekhr.. red. - - 11 [G--ow-Lng early potatoes] Kul7tura rw-mego kartofelia. Mosl-va, Sellkliozizdat, 10,622. 165 P. (MIRA 15: 7) (Potatoes) RAKA110, I,L,,~ KONM3A'Y'YEVA, A~V;4 'IIAI:~CIVA, VJI :, rod,,; lhVTOUNIA, 0,N_ tek-hp, red, [Increasing the pr ductivity of vegetable seeds) Furshe e 0 y ni prodU-ti,,rnosti semian ovoshclirWkh hdltur Moskva, Seltkhoz- izda'u. 1962. 197 p, (MIRA 15-6) (Vegetables) (Seeds) 71 , s. I l"Li '', ZO - :;I ii"'Z. (lau It ;A, % N' - p ""d . ; DEYFV A, SOKOL, - - - . [Pota-.o s~~crage] Khranenie l*.,-ajtofe-Lia. jz~,;.2.y i!3Pr- i - -1 11 . . ~ I t~3. 255 P. dc, ~ 1 . Z,- ~.:hozlzQp,) 19 i, RA 17: 2) 1 0a GUSEV, 1%.I., kand. sellkl-,cz. n--uk; TAIROVA, red.; ~'AKROVA, , ~.., I . - Ii . N. . , t akhm . r e d . : 0 K. 0 IE L C,.1 .., tie-khr. red. [Fertilizing vegetable crops] Udobrenie ovoshchnykh kulltur. Noskva, Sellkhozizdat, 1963. 503 p. (I-MiA 17: 1) r PJ Ko c. hn( K I ~~,F LOi, ~,ennadiy rauk, red.; FJjYAZEV, fiI.A., red.; VOROi~'Y-V, D.I.'., red.; LECJ"O~'TCI~j, '.1j. kand. arkhft. -a--'-, rec'.. - u .9 __ U.:_ LD red. ZAIaOVA, [F-Ior-iculturel TSvetovodstvo. Izd.3., ispr. J_ dopp. Mo- ckmt, 12.d-vo "Kolos," 1964. 983 p. C L-~A 17:8) 1. Stars-iy sadovod ,.ot'-Inic lie sko -ro sada i3otanI- -liskogo in- stituta im. V.L.Komarova (for Knyazev). 2. St,~_-shi- saAo- vod Tresta ob"yed-Inenno,-o _~adovodstva (for Vorob yev, Riga). 3. Direktor teklmikuma zeiero~zo stroitelistva, Kharlkov (for Leortovich). ILIIN, V.F., kand. sellkhoz. nauk; TAIROVAIIV.14,, red, [Experience of potato farrmers-' Opyt kartcfelevodov; I L, t L, I sbornik statei. Mosl-va, Kolos, 10,65. IK P. (M!'U- 18: 7) V A c; Orens Fri P N.A. UnImown Materials On A_14. i1jJ354-1929). one of the first Azerbai '-iani physicians. Dokl. AN Azerb. SSR 18 no.12: 81-87 162. (MIRA 16:11) 1. Muzey istori4 Azerlmqd~Lhana. Predsr-avlerio aki--demikom AN AzerSSR A.S. "u.-mb-,:,ade. KAH~';KA,. Zorit; I'AISL, Utd4slav 'I I-ew .4rzterma,.4anai decimal classification in geodesy, photogrammetr~f and cartography. Geod kar-u obzor 1C no.5:107-108 MY'64. 1. Branch Center of Scientific., Technological, and Fconomic Information and Propaganda, Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, Prague. TAITS, A.i.., V-tnd.l-;lhn.nnuk All-Union scientific and tocInnical c-~nfer;~i,ca c~:-, eqn',pment of ritnos rtrd explosdon-hazarilnus rooms nnn' in-'tlklbLtAc~ns. Prnm. Prfl~g, 13 no-8:14-37 Ag 159. Ofm.'u, ll.:10 (Electricity in ,inearing-Safety (Electric nr4, w- - w- a 0 a a 9 0 0 0 4 0 a 0 0 0 0 4 x I, J7 n .1 A I. L LI L A 4 L L A P P 1, A I T of I AA 00 w It carrent-density Tsuistion4 in the nj MAK -00 ne%ium from carnallite A Nil. Lon, 4 to. 14 It., It-m -00 if twf -~j -,I, 't-, ,.,I I fit, ,, - fl.. 0 Rm I.... ..... -00 -0 0 400 00 p _-00 vi ! -00 0 400 00 ' Z 0 it (L.WFICIVIn. too 0 i 0 1 S ff I If It t 0( W13 n 1 1. P 91 rt 71 I 0 0 TO:O : *0 : : :110~ : : : : : 40 TALIZS, A.Ii~. RT-780 (Failure of graphite electrodes in magnesium bath) Razrushenie grafitovykh elektracbv v magnitnoi vanne. TSVETITYE METkLLY, 13(5): 71-76) 1938. , 6 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 4 6 a 9 a 0-9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 AMM 4 g 11 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 # q0 0 0 0 0 0 00 - f 9 0 ft I rov'' . U0 1~04 , 116 al I 1 .1 f I li ii 0 o - l a v 1. " 1 1 i ' . i 1 t I L A P I 4 4 1 1 4 ' ADDIT-ON C F BARRIf AND CALCIM CHWEIDES IN THI ILZC- twivals of (used molurvium chloride-% X".. I mt , aI M Iflogul. I,Ek,. il'i'd A, h0h I. hL I NA I 0 0 0 :0 ZA gee s a =0 0 09 too 00 t zt- 0 0 A S 0 9 L A AITALLURGKAL LlTfRATkAf CL.%lWlC4TlOk = %a-oeo 1.10.j ,.1. 'a- U.E 3A a., &I, a -V u ing its' statt iiagmion i is 0 0 0 0:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 O'o 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 o * 0 0 9 *4 a 0 0 0 9 * e 0 * * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0:0 0 0 - 0 0 0 e q & 0 o 0o 0 o 0 oot 4 1 1,v 1 4 f 1 00 (t M ft zoo 00 a .00 .00 4 FIT, 0 0 0 4p 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 71- IX I v: 'DI-Ii, and TAIT:-,. Sra,~:nenie revilltatov isnvtaniii plati s-,mol-~tw: v trillop i -v T~ol,~te. 1"3r,,, no. 21;:, !~urrrt=v in English. Title 'Ir. : Cormarative results o~-'Lainerl winl tumn~-l and flight tests nf five airplanes. eroqa-t-~cal ~cie- ces a-d Aviat4-on in th- S,?viet Uninn, of sn- - nole~e. 1. -,,udv, lclc~ -t-11-.-a -rlr~-dnipn. a noliar mol~ta TI f1p f r. o~' .dotti!Ir the oolar diaf-,TRvi r%n ar atrrlane in fliFh'. no. ~.(,rona-.Ailca-; 'c'encns and Avi~tion in the Sci-L-t ~.'nion, Lilbrii-y of cc C~ X TAITSP M. A., and V. S. VEDROV. Letnye ispytaniia samoletov. Dopushcheno v kachestve uchebnogo posobiia dlia aviatsionnykh vuzov. Moskva, Oborongia, 1561. 483 P., tables, diagrs. Bibliography: p. 478. Title tr.: Flight tests of aircraft. Approved as a textbook for schools of advanced aeronautical studies. TL710338 SO: Aeronautical Sciences and Aviation in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 1955. Tz'd7--~, N. Tu. Aathor; Taits, N, lu. Title: The technology of steel heatinp.. (TeWIL110logilanagreva stalli.) City.- Moscow Publisher. State Scientific and. Technical Publicatioa pertaiting to the crude and chromium metp-IlurWi Date-, 1950 .twailabla; Library of Congress Source: Monthly List of Bussian Accessions, Vol. 11. go. 1, -p. 29 e as, We a f I I . - . I 1 1: 1.' 0 Is to a 24 5 N x I I I: III Id is Ii I, III so. u 1 45 I. L I C. C, a T of 114 CC Cc (I It An investigation of cAu-IS 'It fUrtlistiull (11 'p,.ck .00 0 0 InArks" on short iron. I %'if Tatir. NJ I sh, h. l"A. N -00 11. 1914. :to) to,- 1. o mill .4 00 1. to ". ; S .. 00 '10 is ')I III,) 'To.t, ol~ d%jI.,Iofm,I I'V .& 00 koml .f its. -tiff.'r. Ill 0 00 Ow mM h, 3 .4 11, orrome III in't r"Ilm,4 00 -voil"s w fit'. f,t..Itj, Iit ..., f.mrid tlial 11- olog"t" t1t,st I,. CIA, 31,11 I't It, . ..... ind Is is, I III," mat"I't 00 111 the Ii., Ow 60* it" '-tal oo ky- .I z j 00 t- III fill j 00 t:o 0 r, -to , 7 t r I Is Is 41 36 44 0 of it Is it m in I lid 4 4 1141, i o 0 0 OT 0 0 0 0 0 IS 0 0 0 0 0 so 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Is 0 0 9 IS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 : 4 : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 o 0 0 0 is a 0 * 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 000000000*oeooooooooooooggeoegooooggeloogo :000000000000*000000o 1 A U I u limb 41 C 0 ff 6 14 A L 0 PU 0 1 T LOV 2 1 If .0.08 I.Cyl. 000 01 9660609606069696:0606: 111 11 13 n it a m 4 At 42 41 Ad III; Cm AT s3 n Y 110 11 1 , iT A 31D C*Dfas G.0"s 1:1 -16..L$ ..DER 0 0 sa : 1 0 or 0 V :I - It : 0 ~t: r a () l a, va ! iN o 0 00 auo% 3 fu u )l q q -1110.)QJ Eli tuo'"Oq a4!*au mull jwujl!ujuj v jol utouw p1noqv jaiatu a04 wopqj C, 00 AMM21all AjfjV!3.U(1dV )OU S-)p awwal Hatillaq aqs it, 02 0 ajvqd1vou:E)v*aijnpwV 'passaumanjouqOwpusillfull o go. -10i Istinvaq Nuunp "19F420-83" su!Ujaalm Viva -- -won "T "tUalt .6961 '."V .101( _iW 7199V 00, 4p 0- _ A . k, gap pm Omi* in awl *0 ' 000 of 00- fe 00 00- -