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. .- 400 ~, too- TISHCHENKOV P.F.; TRETIYAKOV, V.L. Production of chemical woodpulp from aspen at thr- Zhidachov Card- board and Paper Combine. Bum. I dor. prom. no.3;21.-24 UTI-3 163. (MIRA 17:2) ~'V4 . , to ,A 1-j I !fit, T. 1- -AA IN It 0 1 1 V -1-. , L a � -j 4t. A A '.~.q t it I Alflen It. #~ltlrfY Do ig the y1sild of Volatile subvAnces to coat. V. m rttlmkov vid bf. D. Kamkovs. Ve,(Rib Smmd- ' 11"OrNe. 10-11. -10-4: Khm Rrfefdt. Zhur. 1940, 0 N 77 A f I 0 l e i1 - . ~ e o 1 X. timl ii heat"I in sits o. ump polrodalo, Rome-typirs-rudble No. 1. with adumly ~'-- f Col... In a MU& furna4v at 8W - 30 for 7 (ran ~ . a . c cnx4W. 6 placed on a *fault covshting cd Itorcrittin s o g ods. The inethod Its appbmblc to all kinds of celill. W. U. Helln It A &(tALJ.1j*GlCAL LittaAftlillf CLASSWK41fillff iw- u a AV 10 is 0 1 1 1 V Z' a fW a .0 4 1 W of % a 4 A 9y it it Do is 0 Is 99 It K tag go 0 0 0 0 * * * * 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1** 0 * 0 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 4 0 * 0 0 * 0 to 11111 11111 * 0 0 0 0 * * 0 0 0 0 -vv -00 see Coo go S` J10* see 11*1111 tA e 000*91600000*01 0 0100014160 M I 1 1, 'A. 00 4 J1 90A 00 I- IL-- ..A M) -00 Its nee 4934e LABORATORY DYNAMICS OF IGNITION AND ZOMBUSrION Of PMERED COAL AIR MIXTURES. TrAtyakav. V-J1- (Izvest. V.T.1. (Bull. 09 All Russia Heat Inst~,), 1947, 61), (161), 29-41). Describes 00 experimental plant and nothods used In studying ignition and 0 1~~ combustion of powderbd-oaal-air mixtures. (L). 00 Ezra gill r-A -56., -SL -At L-4-9*04-29 _CtASUP-KA-1-10-1 L-- 0 see F* 0 zoo Se tee 1---.- --1 q F 4 1 %Now* NVIN 1w 5 a a 4C !Polo 0 0.0 As 0 00 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 40 00 *00 10's'0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Is 0 0 0 41 0 0 411,41 6 0 0 Is 0 0 - 0 * 0 0 * 0 40 * 0 0 -- 0-#_4 6 41 64 0 0 a 6 Is 0 0 0 0 0 too* 10 -0 - 0 4-4-4 0: - 9 10 11 u u w is v a * M AtAL to m p #7. DamaxAnow or Lms ix camtnc vjLLAM or - j- g Me T. A. &W 'P~qwp V. M. (Za Mwu=dyu T~t,. = zocn.), r( " 19470 12), 12-1$y-$- n 04 too doo of a 4,0 w a 0 2 409 coo ISO* APICAL 11!A UR C AISIFICATION law; ' sang -7 F to VP Cr 0 11 OP it 01 9 It V Of 99 K M K KAO n I 10 * * 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 ****of** a 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 too 0 goo woe assial ow Q.* AA L S V ftd 0 OR 0 1 V IM 0 e 0 4 0 0 0 0 WOW*Ww* OFW**'T 0 0 0 got ON:0400690:0400*6 14 11 1. it 6 1 13 if 1; Jolt U" WM, IOU one 41 djamoto L -1., L 14 a 0 0 Progre" is CO&Ged" famnk. V. r. (Moscow) 19". No. 11, 20; TW!v=.v- pip. 63, No. 6, 194-2DO.-As exptf. In- vestigntion of the cottibustion of pankles of ##Wft#d od showed that with Incrrased CoMbUstion terap. the o MAN. temp. attained by the tmandescent puticks rise% and its occurrence shifts towards the inlet end of the cam- bustion tula. At the maw lope the temp. diffatuce goo between the furnea vall and the Incandescent It =60 skt the chamber outlet end tends to decrease =21,C311. J, vubsegurnt to Ignition the temp. of the incandesm it Par - 06.) ficles is main- at a high levd, but as the Wick Is fCoo qradvally consunied. Its tesup. begins to fall rapkily. ap- proaching the Omido; ump. kytJ gim by the itinp, of zoo of the wall of the ombustion space. The favestisalloo 200 Covered hiSh-volatile. low-volatlie, and anthtadto coal; AAL-4 The tatter two showed quite different behavior along the WO 0 flame path as cornpamd with the ra st. R. W. Ryan i;o 0 AAA 1*00 a WOO voo Isoo CLOSIPICAMM tioO -JON, 60.0v go 0 Mell) NO 0"0 Q11 611111 OW ONV All % U is AV to AS 0 a it 0, s At a it It 11 grit ICKKLOA I M a I 0000004010:00:0000000*00000*000000000000000oo:'(I"ll, 100000000000000*00000g-oesoaaeo-oOoooootooooo GIA jot A T- V. USSR/Chemical Technology Chemical Products and Their Application. Treatment of Solid Mineral Fuels., 1-12 Abst Journal: Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 19, 1956, 62552 Authori Tretlyakov V M InBtitUtiODS None Title: Investigation of Combustion of Coal Dust Aerosuspension at Elevated Pressures Original Periodical: Teploenergetika, 1955, No 10, 38-4-5 Abstract: Investigation of combustion of pulverulent aerosuspension in a tubular chamber 20 mm in diameter and one m long. It was found that with a corsitant temperature of burning and equal duration of the preBence of coal particles In the combustion chamber completeness of wnbustion of aerosuspension and rate of combustion of the coal A -~ are practically independent of pressure. It has been demon- -us strated experimentally that 3teady combustion of anthracite aerosus- pension is possible at pressures up to 8 atm and considerable thermal loads. Card 1/1 Subject USSR/Feat Engineering AID P - 4369 Card 1/1 Pub. 110-a - 14/ig Author Tretlyakov, V. M., Eng. All-UnJon Heat Engineering t_rs flt~t~6_ Title Ooal dust feeder for research work' Periodical Teploenergetika, 4, 55-56, Ap 1956 Abstract A detailed description of a slow-motion coal dust feeder used for experimental work Is given. Two dia- grams. Institution : None Submitted : No date 0d, tes~ =j 0 j~r t, f '.t, 'deltpekribwUm~ -OA + 't1wough the opemings In the produat ~;ith the help of en alootvic f ia.~-Q Me j~low -, 1 1. q itimi-nonnanna whict indicates the presenoe of 16ake. ASW,IIAT!Ogt Oisganizatai3ra gosudarstvennogo koirltets po aviatsio=oy tek-hnike S.;~ A WEN UJOAOY,~-" NO = SGN X 0 -17- 777, MMUMEIM I W-SPIRMISMISIX 11 TRET!UWV,-V-2L; KLEYMENOVA, I.I.; DVORETSKIY, A.J., kand. tekhn. ,I4%uk,, red.; SAVEL'YEV, V.I.., red.; VOWNIN, K.P., tekhn. red. (Automatic device for collecting average samples of fuel gas) Avtomaticheakii sbomik srednikh prob goriuchego gaza. Moskva, Gosenergoizdat, 1960. 45 p. (MIRK 15:12) (Gas as fuel) TRET'YAKOV, V. N.: Master Vat Sc-1 (russ) -- -rhe uu2at produccivity of th:~ cattle of TUrkmenistan". Ashkhabad, 1959. 20 pp (Min Agric USSR, L':mingriid Vet Inst) (M., No 12, 1959, 131) TRETlYaKOV, V.K. Production of chemically precipitated chalk at the Biisk Sugar Factory. Salch.prom. 27 no.6:27-28 Je 153. (nRA ,, -- A- j 1. Grar .povaya laboratori.,ra Altayskogo sakhaveklotresf-a. (ChavC) TRETIYAKDYJ V.N. - One hundred and thirty days of operation sid`iout a shut-down for ~qilipg,q# evpLporator. Sakh. prom. 11 no.5.-29-30 My 157. WRA 10:6) 1. Farabulakskiy sakharnyy zavo."'. (Sugar machinery) I Increasing the holding capacitv of white sugar bins. Sakh. prox. 31 A9.607,4157-- (KIRA 10W 1. rarabulakskiy makharnyy zavod. (Bins) TRETIYAKOV, V.11. ------ Boiling out the equipment of juice purification. Sakh. prom. 32 no.8:6041 Ag 158. (MIRA 11:9) I.Karabulakskiy eakharnyv savod. (Sugar machinery) TRETIYAKOVI V.N. Improvemetts at the Karabulak 3ugar factory. Sakh.prom. 34 no-3:42-44 Mr IM. (MIRA 13:6) (,o 1, Karubulakskiy cakharnyy zavod, (Karabulv4c-Supr industry-lquipment and OUppliou) TRETIYAKOV, V.11. ;?, 0 4c Use of excavatora fr,,- sugar bcet unloadinge Sak*,.Frrj:n,. 3 n .2:4,- 4? F '64. (MIRA IF/: Y) 1. Ramonskaya norrrati--.rr-~-isal-edova'.el'skaya laborator-iya po trudu. TRETIYAKOV,.V.N. Improvq Iabor prodwtivity in the repair of sugar sacks. Sakh.prom. ------ -36 nq.11:57-~58 N '69. (KM 17:2) 1. Ramonskaya normativno-issledovateltskaye.-la~boratori,7a po trudu. --TRETIYAKOV, V.N. Shop for washing and repairing sacks. Sakh. prom. 35 no.12:38-39 D 161. OKMA 15:1.) 1. Ramonskiy sakharnyy zavoO., '.. - (13agging) (Sitgar induotry~-Equipment and supplies) TEETIYAKOV, V.11. w- DS-800 automtic scales for weighing beets. Itakh.prom. 34 no,2:37-38 7 160. (MIRk 13:5) 1. Kam'bulakskiy sakharnyy zavod. (Karabulak-Sugar beets) (Scales (Weighing Instruments)) TRETIYAKOV, V.N.., inA'.. Clamp construction of tnbular dischargers. Energetik 11 no.7: 21-22 ji 163, (MIFLA 16:8) (Electric protection) (Electric discharges) 698"5- 1 ~ICCESSIOM MR: AP4047o07 production alt. the! threshold of photoproductlon. After some mniputa- for +-mesori tion-s, the polarizabi I I ties ifre given In terms of dispersion Integrals which are then 'ntevated by 51mp5on'5 method using six points, 'he numerical results so )btain,A b-d~~.then Ldbulateff. T~- polar;zabl .11y was ft,,ind to be (1,23 + ().Z5) ~ 10 CM3, and the mannetic: (-.7 - 10) x !C ~t. r-1113, sk a c con t )u - 71ons can e neglected In this recion. The v-alues agret for those of tvie prtttan in order of magn[tude, thus iuppofti-- Galdin's assumption. These resu!ts pt~rnlt a conclusion to be drawn In favor of polarization of the KI-meson r-loud as the main mechanism of the polarlzability oF nucleons. "The authors aclkilowledge (lid frtx-nj..__L Fedyanin and V. A. Pet-run'k`.n'.'. Orig. art. has: I table, end 7 ecli.ations. ASSOCIA71(N! !nstltut FizM AN 3SSR (Physics Institu'le, All BSSR) ~6- Me, ENCL-. SUB COVE; NF NO REF S04: 007 OTHER; J05 Card 212 V#M. Relation between tho I=g.4n_%ry part of the amplitude of the Comton offset on a neutron wd the photoproductina or -,-meano. vestai Am BseR. ser*ris*saats,'Avsno*2#8347 165. (HIM 1911) IMTIYAKOV, V.N. Potentials of savings in labor expenditure. Sakh. prom. 36 no.7:43-45 Jl 162. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Ramonskaya, normativno-isoledovatellskayn. laboratoriya po trudu. _T__-~ c 7-'-j a x ~- v 1) v ~P~ MKOVITS, 7 ~Ko , V.P. Method for determinicg depression resistance at high temperatures. Zair. lab. 24 no-3:329-330 158. (MIRA, 110) (Me tale --Ire a ti ng) TRETIYILKOV, V.P.; RUDAKOV, Ye,S, _ f,- - -,- Free energies of intermoleenlar reactions in liquids. Izv. So AN SSSR ho.7 Ser.kfjim.nauk no.2-.67-73 16"1. (MIRA 160M) 1. Novosibirskiy institut orgAiicheBkoy khiaii Sibirskogo otdaleniya AN SSSR. XMOMB,, X.Pq,~TWIYAKOVt V.P. .,- Method for studying abrasion at hi& temperatures. Zav. lab. 24 rm35:625-.626 158. - NM 11:6) (Tool atoel-Testing) (Abrasion) RUDAYOV, Ye.S.;-!Rff1YAK0V, V.P. y butyl chloric..e in ethyl, Tionry's !:oefficients for tertiar- u n-butyl, and n-hexyl alcohols. Izv. SO All SSSR no.7 Scr. khim nauk no.2t137-138 T64 (MIRA 18:7 1. Fr-vosibirskiy institut orgwvicheskoy khimii Slbirtkogn o'Am- leriya AN SSSR. TR.EJ'YAKOV',.-V.P. (Arzarngs) Multiplication of double series, tha partial sums of one of which are unlimited. Izv.,rjs.ucheb.zav.; mat. no. 1:122-124 '64,. (MIVA 17:5) IITTIT~KCV 1I.P. I Forimi ~" :o,.bLe trlgorometr,-',~ 5(-'*.,.;* ! , - -1 .1 Uch. Yar, Kaz. un. i :,.2 164. k P: , ) m-irovets,!'.,I;., Tretlya-.--.ov, V.1'. 2 --j - C',j,- 12 et-od of Leter:,., ninl~, Cvtw.-Pj. , ez~Ltance a" (Metodika ODreceieniya sonrotivlenjvll si.yat~yu -i,,. tei.peraturakn) PER] 0 M. CAL: 2avodskaya Laooratoriya, Vol. 2h, Tir 3, np. 32~-,330 (USS!-,) ABSTRACT: A:-mbthdd of determining crumpiin,,'r tensJom was aeveioped. -1 t, is (jased upon meas,uring, thc- streEs Exercised oy a spnere wAh a di.a- veter oi 10 n,, which leaves a i~roove of 0*9 rm n.L.Imeter. n orcler. to bran:., tnis auout severai grooves Were mace, and intf z'po-La- taon the ztress corresponc!-~ng to tnat of ~i 0.~ mm ciimeter ;,ms calculated. For this pilmose a heataole device vva.- devei(ped (I.N. Bogdanov and A.N. Kolemkova. aszisted in constmef.Ing the furnace) ,,,I!ich essentialiy consiEts of a oynomometer t, miich tne pressure stress ol a nnrd-alloyed spherical Ea,.')ment 10 mn- ciameter), which is pressed onto he a.nve-~tljlmted sam,).Le Is tr:1m,~- Mitted by ~,Fy of a jxal' sTr]ng. jorin can oe carrl~ed out at tc.-,~pcr- g.tures of 20 dOOO C. lnvezt-2g,ataon rE--u.Lts s'r,ow tnat at tell:ner- Card V2 aturcs oi' 'tOO (000 G punch*-,n,,, alloys ,now cl*u Til re- I tnod or Leterruinin.-I Crimrjl3rig ie,,~Eta~7.ce at 32-3-271-;2 A Me - - Hi.-h Tewpc-ratures sistance tban r)u!izti.-,n:, ,.ooi -ctee.L. 'Lieve are t I'i,-"ure, L u7nue and 1 refer-~~nce, i- of -,,;,.idch ,L.-~ -:iavic. AVAj LA iil-": Librar.~ of Gorp,,ress 1. Steei aiie.),n-tur.t metim~ls 2. bte, i -t.Lioy.,;-Tcz;t rf:.,-,.uits TRET'YfKOII, V.P. (Arzamas) Miltiplication of dmble series in the case when th,~ partia2 sums of one of the series are unbuinded. Volzh. mat. sbor. n,:).1:216-220 163. (MIPA 19: 1) YEVLAVOV, N.G.; TRETIYAKOV, V.P -1 Determination of deformation forces on crankshaft presses -for hot .1 flgrgring* . Kuze, shtame proizv. 3 no.,5:464+7 My 1661-o (Mipi, '14: J) I (PO'wer presses) (Deformations (Mechiinlcs)) ThYTYAKOV, V-J~-, A.S. FALKT-.VlCil, Avto,-If)nnop, Delo 6, No. 7, 7-11 (1935) 3 TRETIYAKOV, V.P. Theory of formal mItiplication of doub2e veriw. Izv.vva.uchf,,b. zav.; mat. no.5:7&-85 161. (MA 14 :10) 1. Kazanskiy gosudaretvennyy universitet imeni V.I.Mlyanova-Len#4. (Series) ZHDANOV, V.A.;-TRETIYAKOV, V.P. TemPerature depende~nceo the Debye temperature of 03 Au alloys. Izv,,vyo.ucheb.zav.'; 163. (MMA 16 t 5) 1. Sibirskly fiziko-tekhnicheakiy Inst-Itut pri Tomskom gosudar-j- stvenhom universitete imeni Kuybysheva. (Copper-gold alloys-Theryfl properties) ALIPEKVICH, Yu.I.; GUTCHIII, I.B.; KAYBYSHEVA, L.S.; TEFLOV, L.P.; DOGDA14OVY G.G.; DROBYSHEV, Yu.G.; S,11IRNOV, G.V.; TIRETtYAKOVJ, V.S.; BREFEYDO, IM.I.; Y:NSFYE_V, L.A.; STZ-a-VCIST, -8.,A._; 'I'McIENKOY V., red. [The ABC's of automation; collected articles] Azbuka avto- matiki; sbornik. Moskva, Molodaia gvardiia, 1964. 349 p. (KTRA 17:7) TRITIYAKOV, V.V. -1. - I - -1, .-- , I Modified pokible mercury vapor lamp. Ortop.trays. i prot-3z. 17 no.6: 133 N-D ' 56. (MIRA 10:2) 1., Zaveduyushchiy akeparimeatallnoy maoterskov. 1z Rtzhokogo nauchno- iiialedovateltakogo inatituta ortopedii i vosetanovitellaoy khirurgii. (BLIGTRIC LIGHTING, MERCURY VAPOR) ~ TPETIYAKOV9 V.V.; ONDZUIS, P.A. (Riga) Apparatus for the application of controlled thermal burns in laboratory animals, Pat, fiziol, i ekap, terap- 4 no. 5:68-69 S-O 160. 1 (KIRA 13:12) Is Iz laboratorii patologichaskoy fiziologii i funktoionallnoy diagnostiki (zav. - prof. L.M. Gollber) Rizhokogo nauchno-issledo- vatel'okogo instituta trevmatologii i ortopediis (BURNS AND SCALrG) TRWOUXDT, V.V. Reglatering the ampiltuae of flexion of Wa k-nee joint with the ,olectrocardiograph7. Ortop.,travm.i protez. 20 no.12.,46-0 D '59. (MIRA 13'.5) 1. Zaveduyushchiy eksperimentallnoy masterskoy Rizhakogo na,whno- issladovatellskogo instituta travmatologii i ortopedii (dir. - prof. O.M. Rmdenko [deceased]). (nn) (AMOMCARDIOGRAMT) -LF Y A rK "D 11V -Per~-,'Iatlfcno. O-n., furd. TRr.,TIYAKGV., V.V.; ONDZUL, P.A. Elen.trical thermometer for measuring skin temperature. Biul: eksp. biol. i med. no.2:115-116 F 161. (MIRA 14-5) 1. Iz laboratorii patologicheakoy fiziologii i funktsionallnoy diagnostiki (zav. - prof. L.M.Gollber) Rizhskogo nauchno-isslodavatell- skogo instituta travmatologii i ortopedii (dir. - lj.K. Kaliberz). Predstavlena deystviteltnym chlenom AMI SSSR V.V.Pzkrinym. . (THERMOIETERS) (BODY TE~TMATURE) TMIUKOV, V.V.-------- Sanitar7 supervirion of enterprises and institutions using radioacti~re substances in work. Gig. i san. 26 no.8:63-67 Ag 161. (MIRA 15:4' ) 1. Iz radiologicheskoy laboratorii respublikanskoy sanitarno- epidemiologicheskoy stantsil Lattiyskoy SSR. (RLDIATION PRoTEcTION) z ONDZULS, P.A.; IIETILAIOV,_,~L~,Y. (Riga, ul-'tsa Maza Pils, dom 11, kvartira 2) Indicator of the degree of relative displacement of the bones of the extremities at the site of fracture in skeletal traction. Ortop., tralrR. i protez. no.8-,58-60 162. WIRA 17:10) L Iz laboratorii parologicheskoy fiziologii i funktai.onallnoy diagnostiki (zav.-- prof. L.M. Gollber) Rizliskogo Institut- Iravmatologii i ortopedi.-I (dir.- kand. med. nauk V.K. Ka'nlyerz I.Kalnberzs, V.]. L 10'r'56-63 L?$1T(d)/9"(n)-'Od!/BD5 AFFTC.fASP/AFM S$D -4/ - N-_04 k 7 p iwh :t-4 W/BC. ACCESSION MIt AP30011C83 s/djo3/63/=/oO6/aM/0743 AUTHORs _UAn, YU, (Sverdlovsk); Trott 1LOV, V-. Too (Svordlovsk) 1 TITLE: Sol-AzZ the problem of analytical desio of controllers by me~uo of analog computers 4s 24v - -6 1963s-738-743--- .Z. kv. amatiki - k - iAe no.: TOMC-TAGSt analytical design of controllers,, analog computer ABSTRACTs A. R. latov (Avtomatika i teleme%hanika, vol. 21., no* 4, 50 6,, 1960," sugge3ted a set of linoar differential equations that described a control sysUm; he also submitted a solution that irrcluded a set of algebraic equatiors. Howe',,Or, the latter had very hard-to-obtain multiple solutions. The present article of.,.*ers a set of nonlinear di-fferential equations "equlvalent" to the above algebraic. This set is :c-eadily solvable by means of an analog computer, Also a mathem tira! investigation is presented of the necessary and sufficient zonditions that make, the Probl= of 41a.-signing the "optimum controller" xolvable. Dwivation of these cond-4- tions is base-d on th6 relations obtained by R. S. Yalzan (Proo, S;~D. A&T) & I'lathen., 'Pi Vol. 13, 196:1). "The authors are using thiz opwrtunity to express their apprecia- tion to Ng N,, ~r ovs~y for discussing this article*" Orige art. heus: 1 figurs Card Vj/ j ,MPTC- T; a utwikt c C-1=11-~ -stem, game thecry theory- autqmcta cantral a7y T) 1 ;; v v r 9 o n W T! L U curLro Is, f; lid Lne genc a-, ~S~; I S 1! 1 lit A .-Card. 1/ 2 CV?- -61-- T-'502 I RLI, ~~gm k S f aompt!rprp (r-clt Inn nf -wa uIR"R DOI r~ta a Inng n horf ZOr ta I awls st b- 4- 0-4g. art, ~-sev- A-SSOCIATION: lone ,Card mmmmlm_ _2~18"_ ._'_W(.4LwF_3S4 lip(c) BC F/d_3T6_AQbOYf0O5/6567JO599_ -A" NRo AP6017846 SOURCE CODE: Ul p AUn.IOR: Krasovskly, No No; Tretlyaki)v, V. Ye. 50 ! ORG: Ural State University im. A. M. Gor'kiy (Ural'skiy gosudarstvennyy.pniversitet) TITLE: On the pursuit pro with constraints-imposed upon the impulses of the r bJ conVrol response-- SOURCE: DifJ2erentsialvnyye uravneniya, v. 2, no. 5, 1966, 587-599 TOPIC-TAGS: automatic control, optimal control, pursuit problem, motion mechanics ABSTRACT: The pursuit problem for two objects whose motion is described by the differential equations! Ay + Ba, -M GZ + MV. _(2) where y(t), Z(t) and ul,t~, v(t).are the state and cont '!:ol vectors of the pursuing .and the pursued objects, respectively, and A,B,G,M are constant matrices, is analyzed, .under the assumption that u(t) and v(t) are constrained at every instant T by the .Card 1/3 UDC: 517.934 L 29186-66 -F ACC NRt AP6017846 nequalities 7 UJI 1/2 dt 4p (T), -(3) FE VVI)]"2dt~< V `Constraints_(3),-(4) are considered as constraints on the impulses of control re- sponses. Under the as'sumption that the pursued 'knows the coordinates Yi(T) and Zi(T)~ and the bounds P(T) and V(T) at every instant t - T >'O and the pursuer knows the YalUeS Of Yi(T), Zi(T + 0), P(T), v(T + 0), and V'T + '0), but the next motion of the opponents is not known to either one, the control U (I..) (C), + 0b -C + 1; z (V tt V V -0)] is sought which ensures an encqunter of the two objects no matter what control VM M T)ly(-T), X(T + 0), )J(T), V(T + 0), V('r + 0)) is chosen. tt is considered that the control u together with thc.control v n*.-constitute a pair of optimal controls if:, 1) at, Y E0 and v TI*, an eri.- ;Card 2/3 L 29186-66 ACC NR, AP6017846 0 counter of y(t) and z(t) will certainly take place at a certain instant t - 0 2) in case Ov deviates from n*, the encounter takes place not later than at t - 3*. The possibilities of solving the defined problem are discussed on the baAs of dynamic programming methods ane! on the concept of attainability domains for pro-- cesses (1) and (2) introduced in the author's article [Tekhnicheskaya lcibernetilca, no. 4, 1965]. The difficulties appearing here are indicated and the means Afor overcoming them are analyzed. The presented approach to the solution of the'pul.-Guit problem is illustrated by a-simple example. Orig. art ILhas: 26 equations. fix] SUB CODEt2O 12/SUBM DATE: 02Feb66/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH REP: 001/ ATD PRESS: L5 0 0 Card 3/3 REPIN, Yu,M. (Sverdlovuk); TIGT'YAKGV.-V.Ye. (Sverdlovsk) Solution of a problom on the analytical design of controllers using electronic analog computers. Avtom. i telem. 24 no.6: ?38-743 Te t63. (IU13A 16:7) (kutomatia control) (Electronic analog computers) KRASOVSKII., N.N. (Sv,rdlovsk); REPIN, YU.14., (Sverdlovsk); TRETOYAKOV, V.Ye. (Sverdlr.vok) Some game situations in the theory of regulated systems. Jzv. 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Formulas for determining the pressure of metal on rolls 80 2. General method of determining the a7erage specific pressure . of msLal on rolls by theoretical formulas 96 3. Determination of coefficients and parameters included in fornitilas for calculating the pressure of metal on rolls 97 4- Method of torque calctlation 31, 0 5. DetexTAnntion of forces at continuous billet mills (14. Ya. BroviLEL) 124 6. Detennination of' forces in rolling with square-shaped gr,OW*j3s(V. M. Lugovskoy, Ye. TrAyAkay) 127 Ch. 6. Powe;r..Connuml1~1,9n in Rolling (Ye. S. Rokotyan) LAbridged] Card 7/19 TRETIYAKO-V, Ye. (Leningrad) ~he steepness of the rising, Mest,promoi khud; promys 3 nool:2-4 is. 63. (WRA 16:2) 1, Spetsiallnyy korrespondent zhurnala "Mostnaya promyogennoott i khudozbestvennyye promyslym, (Leningrad-Foundrieg--Technological innovations) (Machinery.. Automatic) TRNrIYAKOV*, Ye. Intercollegiate scientific conference on the use of ox7gen in zetallura. Netallurg no..8;35-36 Ag '56. 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TITLE: New data on the excited levels of W-182 SOURCE: Zh. eksper. i teor. fiz., v. 46, no. 6, 1964, 2241-2242 TOPIC TAGS; tungsten, level transition, beta spectrometry, photo-- electron, internal conversion, multipolarity ABSTRAM The conversion-electron and,photoelectron spectra of WL82 were investigated in the toroidal-field iron-free double 0 spectro- meter of ITEF, described elsewhere (Izv-. AN SSSR, ser. fiz., v. 26, 1470, 1962). The results are used to compile an excited level scheme foj! W182. 'rhe multipolarities indicated on the level scheme were determined from;the ratios of the internal conversion coeffi- cien'-- on different-subehells in the cased of low-energy transitions, d from the intensities-in conversion-electron and photoelectron C-,rd 1/3.- L ',ACCESSION NR: AP4042589 spectra in the case of high-energy transitions. The 892.2-keV transition between the 1222-and 329.6-keV levels was observed ex- perimentally for thn 'f* me. The spins and pakities dig.several Wy 2 irs,tti excited levels of were.determined fromithe.multipolarities of ithe transit-ions. The'fresults agree with all publighed data except the 1258-keiV level, for which the authors obtain aji assignment 3-, + J with the literature data giving e-,ther 2 or 1-. Orig. art. has: I figure. ASSOCIATION; None SUBMITT'ED: 13Aug63 SUB CODE: KPI op NR REF SOV: 004 (:-rd EN~L': 01 OTHER: 004 ACCESSIM NRS A.14042589 ENOLMURF, Excited levels bf W182 EZ -z2- to 11218 ,2 31, S IM 7 17y -1,71 MW I-JI, 0 lood Ire f 477 . --f3- Cora 3/3 .. -,. 6.1 ZOOM p?- !2o-6-4/36 A I-TTHORS -..Tret1yakov,_Ye.,F., Golldin, L.L., and Grlshak, G. I. TITLE: A Toroidal Beta-spectrometer for Studulng the Conversion Radiation Accompanying Alpha-Jecay (Toroldallnyy B~!ta- spektrometr dlya issledovaniya konversiornogo izlucheniya soprovozhdayushchego al'fa-.raspad) PERIODICAL: Pribory I Tekhnika Eksperimenta, 1957, No. 6, pp. 22 - 26 (USSR). ABSTRACT-. An ironless spectrometer of' alpha-.e noir--;idences with spatial focussing of electrons is dest;ribed. The instrument has a resolution of about 1% and an illumination of 7% (ele2trons). It can be used to study conversion lines with intensities of the order of -0-4 electrons per alpha-de-,ay. The construction of the spectrometer is illustrated in Fis. 3. The main part of the spectrometer is a toroidal- coil,,I, which produces the focussing field when a current passes throngh it. It consists of 800 copper turnE which are water-cocled,3. Currents up to 30 A can be passed through. the coll and electrons with energies up to 0.6 MeV focu3sed. The ccll Is placed in copper cylinder which is evacuated to a pressure o.f 2 x 10-9 mm Hg. Close to the source 18 placed a photo- Card multiplier, 14, which records alpha-particles. This phrito- 1/2 multiplier can be placed either below or above the A Toroidal. Beta-spectromete-r for Studying ttle Accompanying Alpha-Jecay. The electrons are deteoted by m,!~ars of cf 5,1_'Jz_nt 2 mm thick and mounted on a phototnultiplloir. ~ I , . Fc)- use w1th 20 keV electrons a CsI(TJ.) repllc.,*,t~s t1*,e crystal. A special. "fast,-Bicw" ?-,herre_ .s used 1~o count the number of alpha-e 2cln-Adences. Trial nxper~_ments were carr-ted out using the the 43.5 keV gamma-1.1rie of Pu. 238 (S-z- rgy iE ~ . 3 k eV Fig. -1 shows the oonver!31.on _,~Jn-?! P y 1, 1- ang2es 59 Half width at half height is 1.7.7~~. Fig. the lines L ii and LTi, of the k~~V gamrria-_-P_~~iation from 238 PU (transition from level). The time take% G.K. Papkevi,,,h assisted There are 9 figures and ~he keV to tk-..e 41.q keV to th,~ '.,atter w'a-s I" hours. in )f ~he apparatus. 4' wtir-.~i ASSOCIATION: A,?,. Sc. USSR (AN SSSR) SUBMITTED: May 29, 1957. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 2/2 !A'LrM'.S! Ty-stlyalcov. Te.r.: Kondr. dac j y vad with I (Toiabla toroidal-ftelld iron-f-.-(e 9:~Pntrom,,~nl fhn+ coincidenc-3 -~o t h c-d was omnl,~Y~,d t, C FBI Ewa, w Mmummo rs,O!IMAT#Y M,# l'orls; TIFT'Yff.C)Vj, Yotpv ArAmn2oun omvoridon of tba 99#6 rave tmoltion In ppMv UVO All S.Slo"Re Seraftso 30 noolt232o-M :4 166. (MVA 19d) -dec,ay- OP SSSR Illoy ntorinoy ; I IEV, L.N. -, ~ F,"WITI, WMA, A.'~. - .. -,., of ",d1[09. IZ-7. ~jj ler. fiz, 29 no.7flO92 Jl '65. (KIlUi. 18.-7) n rv TRETIYAKOV Ye, F.; KONDRATIYEV, L. N.; GRISHUK, G. I.; NOVIKOVA, G. I.; aIDIUJP L. L. Double iron-free/I -spectrometer with a toroidal field, Itiv. AN "ISSR. Ser, fiz. 16 no.12:1470-1474 D 162. (MIRA 16:1) 1. Institut teoreticheskoy i eksperimentallnoy fiziki AN SSSR. (Beta-ray spectrometer) 4424 S/048/62/026/012/003/016 B117./B186- ~X AUTHORS: Tretlyakovt_Ye._Fj Kondratlyev, L. N., Grishuk, G. I., Novikova, G. I., and Gol'din, L. L. TITLE: A double, air-care P-spectrometer having a toroidal field PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR.- Izvestiya. Seriya fizicheskaya, Y. 26, no. 12, 1962, 1470-1474 TEXT: A P-spectrometer for investigating modes of decay using a coincidence method is described. Its principle parts are two toroidal coils, each weighing 400 kg, placed one above-the other and divided into 4 sections connected in parallel for cooling burposes. 'For each coil the distance between source and detector is 800 mm. Each coil consists of 600 insulated turns made of 0.7 mm stamped copper, which are assembled in 60 packages. They are symmetrical with respect to the median plane of the coil, connected in aeries., reinforced and cooled in the middle by 2 mm shoot brass provided with a water-cooled pipe. The dimensions and the resolu- tion of the apparatus are determined by the distance f between the source (detector) and the median plane of the coil, and by the coefficient k Card 1/3 S/048/62/026/012/003/016 A.double, air-core P-spectrometer ... B117/B186 from the equation p(oe cm) = 0.2 )(ni (A), where p is the momentum of electrons to be focused, i the current intensity, and n the nut 3r of turns. f - 400, '/ - 0.8 were chosen as being optimum values. Ii-e coils are contained in an evacuated case carrying coupter-turns on the outside to compensate parasitic fields which are set up when current flows )hrough the coil. A vacuum lock in the middle of the case permits installation of sources between the two coils when they are operating independently. Next to the lock there are Wilson seals for the rods connected with exchangeable diaphragms. Adjustable scintillation counters with st~lben~e crystals, mounted perpendicular to the axis of the apparatus on sep4rate flanges, serve as dete 'ctors. The coils are supplied from two current stabilizers controlled by d-c tube amplifiers. The power supply eyetem makes it possible to maintain a stabilized current of 3 - 70 a for continuous operation at 80 v, or 160 v with the two coils connected in series. Each of the earth's magnetic field components is compensated to 1/50 by 3 threefold coils, connected in aeries, which are fed by a stabilizer made up of transistors. Debugging the apparatus is very simple; it comes down to checking that the components are accurately made and correctly assembldd. With a 4-mm source and a 5-mm diaphragia, one section of the coil has a resolution of 0-45%- With an open diaphragm the Card 2/3 8/043/62/026/012/003/016 A double, air-core P-opectrometer ... B117/B186 luminous intensity almost attains the geometrical value of 10% of 4x; with 0.45% resolution, it amounts to 2%. The resolution with an open exit diaphragm and a 4-mm source is 1%. The decrease in luminous intensity observed when the resolution is increased is related to the fact that the electrons art) deflected in their trajectory by the stray field of the turns when they pass near the sections. -The deflection of the trajectory can be partially compensated by awitchiiig in the second coil. This was confirmed in the case of a 4-mm source and a 5-mm dis~phragm, with the second coil connected in series: the luminous intensity increased 1.5-fold and the resolution rose to 0-30%. The paper was presented at the 12th Annual Conference on Nuclear Spectroscopy held in Leningrad from January 26 to February 2, '1962. There are 4 figures and 1 table. ASSOCIATION: Institut teoreticheskoy i eksperimentallnoy fixiki AN SSSR (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics AS USSR) Card 3/3 NOVIKOVA, G-.I.; VOLKOVA, Ye.A.; GOLIDIII, L.L.; ZIV, D.M.;-TRETIVAKOV, Ye-.F. -.. Radioactive deca-, of Ac277 and excited lev'616 of Zr2?3 and Th 227. Zhur.eksp.i teor-fiz. 37 no-4:928-937 0 159- (NIRA 13'-5) (Actinium-Isotopea) (Thorium--Inotopea) O?rAncium--Isotopes) GOLIDIN, L.L.; NOVIKOVA. G.I.; PIROGOVA, N.I.; TRICTIJAKOV, ve.F. A:Lpha-decay of Th229. Interaction of nuclear lavelB. Zhur. elcsp.1 taor.fiz- 37 no.4:1155-1157 0 '59. (MIM 13:5) (Thorium--Doca,,r) TRF,TI)S&MV-T-"o.Z-;-AITIKIIIA, M.P.; GOLIDIH. L.L.; NOVIKOYR, G.I.; PIROGOVA, N.I. Spectrum of internal conversion electrons accompan7ing -4 -deca7 229 0:11 U233 and the energy level diagram of Th . Zhur.skp.i toor.fiz- 37 no.4:917-927 0 159- (MIFLA 13:5) (Uranium--Isotnpas) (Thorium--Isotopes) (Electrons) -. V TREVYAHOV Ye F - PMOGOVA, N.I.; GOLIDIN, L.L. --- --- - I p Conversion transitions 223company-ing theoe--decay of 7h 229 , and the level scheme of Ra . Izv. AN SSSR. Sir. fiz. 25 no.2:274- 282 F '61. (MIRA 14:3) is 1)~Stitut teoreticheskoy i eksperimentallnoy fiziki ALI SSSR. (Thorium-Isotopes) (Radiumlsotopes) - TRETIYAKOVt-Ye.F. Efficient use of grinding machines. Der.prom. 9 no.3-1:19 N 160. (%q.~c~ and polishing) (-MJRA 13:12) 8/04 61/025/002/012/016 B1 17YB21 ~ AUTHORS: Trettyakov, Ye. Fop Pirogoval No I., Golldin, L. L. TITLE: Conversion transitions accompanying the alpha decay of Th 229 and the level scheme of Ra 225 PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR. Seriya fizicheakaya, v. 25, no. 2, 1961, 274-282 TEXT: The present paper was read at the 10th All-Union Conference on Nuclear Spectroscopy (Moscow, 1960), and also at the 11th Annual Conference on Nucle- ar Spectroscopy (Riga, January 25 to February 2. 1961). It presents test results that have been obtained by the authors by using an advancedmethod of studying the spectrum of conversion electrons of Ra225. The investigations were carried out by using not only d-e K but also I-e K (spectrum of conver- sion electrons in coincidence with gamma rays) and e K-7 coincidences (gamma sDectrum in coincidence with the electron line). The conversion electrons were separated by means of a torroidal beta spectrometer of high intensity Card 1/ 7 S/048/61/025/002/012/Oi6 Conversion transitions ... B117/B212 (Ref- 4). The gamma quanta were recorded by means of a scintillation gamma spectrometer, which consisted of a NaI(Tl) crystal, an amplifier, and a one-channel analyzer. The measurements were made with a Th229 isotope wmc)r- had been obtained by chemical separation of thorium from U233 that had been stored for a long time. Two test series have been made. Fig- 3 shows the internal-conversion electron spectrum for one of the series. A list of the conversion transitions obtained by analysis of the conversion lines of Ra 225 is given in Table 2. Based on the results obtained, a new level scheme has been suggested for Rs.225 (FiS~ 4). The data found during the investigation of alpha radiation of Th2 (Ref. 2) are given on the left side of the scheme, while on the right side, there are the level parameters which had been found by analyzing the conversion-electron spectrum. It fol- lows from Fig. 4 that it had been necessary to introduce a new level around 25-3 kev telow a . This necessity arose due to a 25-3-kev transition with high intensity that was in a cascade with a 17.3-kev transition. Besides, the investigation of e,,-y coincidences showed that conversion electrons of 25-3-kev transitions (Fig. 1) and 42-7-kev transitions coincide with garms, quanta of energies of up to 200 kev. The necessity of intro- Card 2/ ? B/048/61/025/002/01 21016 Conversion transitions ... B117/B212 ducing a lovel below that of~ao agrees with results given in Ref. 3. Apart from the above mentioned level, also a level near a 214 had to be introduced. According to measurements, this level energy is 2 C-7 kev, with respect to ace Severul cascades confirmed -this value that hi-4 5een calculated for a direct transition: 17-3 + 193-4 a 210-71 86-3 + 1;e4-4 - 210.71 56.6 + 154.2 - 210.8. it i!9pointed out that the level introduced does not oontradict the existing TO spectrum since the resolution of the alpha spectrometor used was not high enough to determine an expansion of the a 214- line by 1.2 kev. The energy of the 86-3-kev transition is almost the same'as that of the a 88 bignsition that had been observed in the investiga- tion of tho alpha spectrum. It had to be classified as a transition from the 21^-.7-1:ev level to the 124-4-kev level since it coincides almost completely (about 8Wo) with the XK-raOiation. On the assumption (Ref. 2) that the a214 and a levels are the first two levels of the rotational 246 band, a transition of the type MI + E2 must take place with a considerable intensity. In fact, such a transition was established. Its energy is 32 + 0.7 kov and its intensity is about 5%- Spins and parities of levels Card 3/ 7 Conversion transitions 5/04Y61/025/002/012/016 B117 B2 12 (a. ~nd above) have been introduced on the basis of data on the multipolar- ity of transitions and intensities. The a 214 level with a spin 5/2 and a positive parity is taken as starting point. Studies of the spin and the parity of 'the level (a_ 25-3) and of the ao and a 20 levels and their assumed spin values led to the conclusion that the (a- ) level has a spin of 5/2 25.3 229 or 3/2 and a negative parity. In the alpha spectrum of Th no transition to the (a-, ) level could be found. This forbidden transition for an 25-3 alpha decay seems to be due to the fact that its -arity is opposite to that of other levels of Ra 225. The authors thank G. I. Grishuk, V. F. Xonyayevq Yu. N. Chernov, and S. V. Kalashnikov for assistance in the experiments. G. I. Novikova is mentioned. There are 4 figures, 2 tables,and 9 refer- enceB: 6 Soviet-bloc. ASSOCIATION: Institut teoreticheskoy i eksperimental I noy fizid Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics of the Academy of Sciences USSR) Card 4/7 S/04 8./61/025/002/012/016 Conversion transit ions B117 /B212 Le,,end to Table 2: 1) error (kev)f 2) intensity with respect to the alpha decay. (~.)j 3) m2l tiPo arity r10. 13. -.. keV rpem- IIOCTb OTHO- 'IT 16,10 o XT:1bTI1- k.V L rpein. 110 I NO-h 0?- ROC"T"I"10 116TIt- my I I/It 10ah, kov pa c"73;ta, Onbu IT Oarb l/H , 0T kov p3CHIkA&. 001116110CM % -3 t 2 17,3 23,7 0,1 0,3 0 5 l 1 2 13 31,9 137,0 ,2 0,1 3 10 MI 3 2Z, 3 0,1 70 ri 14 t43,0 0,2 3 4 32 0,7 5-0 Aft + E2 15 15 1k. 2 0,2 4 '111 5 42,7 0,2 26 B 1 16 150,5 0,2 6 Aft I ; 56,7- 0,2 3 m 1 17 179,9 0,5 0.5 7 11,1 0,1 3 Ill + E,2 11 111,4 0,1 11 11, 8 75,1 0,1 18 E2 19 .210,7 O,t 10 311 9 86.3 0,1 15 4111 ~1 20 217,0 0,4 0,7-1.-0 1 10 It 107,2 124 4 0,3 0 2 1 12 Al 1 2t 22 242,2 269 0,3 1 0 0.3-i-O:t 0 0 051 10 -r" , , . -+- , , Card 5/ 7 S/048/61/025/002/012/016 Conversion transitions B117/B212 arm 44 AS jig? cezf4 o ,f,f# e 1374 97 + .Card 6/7 Conversion transitio.ns cefso fg, 7 cefzf V.ZS Ocee 6 Ce78 J.4 ce,, B/048/61/025/002/012/016 B117/B212 1 7S. 5 71Y M9.7 44ttAff V+ + 100.4 .912 + (70) 42,8 1Y + S/Z + 0 411 we -fit - Card.7/7