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VASILIC, Momcilo, Dr.; IVKOVIC, Nikola. dr. Sudden death caused by bronchography. Hed. glasn. 10 no.10: 420-424 Oct 56. 1. Institut z& sudsku medicinu Madic. fakulteto u Beogradu (upravnik prof. dr. J. Bogicovic). Inatitut za tuborkulozu NR Srbija (director doc. dr. M. Grujic) (MIONCHI, radiography causing sudden death (Ser)) (DEATH, SUDDEN, caused by bronchography (Ser)) KOVIC, Blagoje: DJORDMIC, Rusomir; OPRIJAH, Milanko; VASILIC, Homcilog JOKANDVIC, Dobrivoje Personal results in determination of blood stains and In obtaining serum precipitate. Srpski arh. celok. lek. 85 no.4:397-410 Apr 57. 1. Institut za sudsku medicinu Medicinskog fakulteta u Bsogradu. Upravnik: prof. dr. Julijana Bogicevic. (BU)OD blood stains, determ. tecbnIcs (Ser)) ATAXACKOVIC, Ana; LAMBIC, Ivan; VASILIC, Momcilo; HRISTIC-SOJIG, Ijubic& Acute myocardial infarction with a negative and insufficientl3r zoml- feet electrocardiographic picture. Srpski arh. celok. lek. 89 no.l: 87-93. Ja 161. 1. Interna klinika B Madicinskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beograft. Upravnik-, prof. dr Radivoje Berovic. Institut za sudsku medicinu Medicinskog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu. Upravnik- prof. dr Julijana Bogicevic. (MYOCARDIAL INFARCT diag) (LUCTROCARDIOGRAPHY) VASILICA, C; CANTIR, F; C(FAFPV-Th1, G; The influence of mineral fertilizers and the nutritive spact un the production of maize under the pedoclii-natic conditiuns of the Barlad Plateau. P. 171. LUSCRARI STIINTIFICE. (Institutul Agrcnomic "Prof,!5or Ion Ionescu de ]a Brad," Iasi) Bucur,!.gtj., Rumania. Monthly list of Eaat European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8--, no. 8, Aur. 1959 Uncl. Vasilica, C.; C(.narovschi, G.; Cantir, ?. Ion Ionescu do la Braq un a--fin.1r[totechnical probl-,r~ iii p. 21# L U 'Cl? C 5'T f T I i T I -'I ( "ProL',-isur- lon !cnL!!-;cu d.-, !..a -'rad) Iasi) Bucure.,Ati, Awr.-mia. Eonthl-'r U.St Of Euron;,,.-~ n ~',x :,j~,,dons (Mll) L", Vol Atl~,. 19 9 Uncl. VASILICA, G.; BITA, Olga; DINCA, 1. Investigations on the wear and seizure resistance of friction hardened steel pairs. Rev mea appl Roum 9 no.6:1439-1"9 164. 1. Ir-titute of Applied Mechanics of the Rumanian Academy (for Dinca). Submitted July 2, 1964. VASILICA, Gh.; NICA, Al. Contributions to the experimental determination of the ope- rating parameters of bearings in internal combustion engines* Rer mee appI 8 no-51889-903 T63. VASILIGA, ., Gh.; HICA) Al. Struatural aspects of the acti-a ourfar-e of ame aztifriction materiala for bearings. St-adli cer3 me,- aPl 14 rio.2-.311-318 163. VASILICA, Gh.; NIGA, Al. Contributions to the experimental-determination of the operating parawters of the bearings of Internal combustion engines. Pt. 2. Studii care mec apl 14 no.3:611-619 163. VASILICA , Gh.; VICA, Al.; BITA, 0. ; DINCA, I. Some aspects of effects of the structural type of two aluminum alloys on their sliding and wear resisting performance. Studii cerc mec apl 14 no. 6: 1431-1"7 ,63. MAYEA, Gheorghe; M.TAFA, 1+6;sttifti R.; TUPCR, 11-u--nfr-u; VA3.11,1CA, Gheorghe Aspects of -,-.e behavior pollyr-or-Ide aq bu3hing for bearing materials. BLd Iti-st Foiiteh 26 no.109-98 Ja-F 164. 1. Chair of of Maihines, Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest, VASILIE, 1. Weldabd-Uty of standard steel. P- 32. MALURGIA SI CONSTRUCTIA DE MASINI. (YAnis- terul Industriei M.talurgice si Constructii1or do Masini A Aaociatia StUrdtifica a Inginerilor A Techniclelor) Bucuresti. Vol. 7. no. 11, N0v. 1955. SOURCEt East European Acessione List.. (EEAL),, Library of Congress,, Vol. 5, No. 11,, November, 1956. RUMANIA / Farm Animalsj General Problems. Q-1 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., NO 12, 1958y 547074 Author : Vasiliev. A. P. Inst :Not given. Title :A Sanitary Bacteriological Study of Feading Stuffs in Relation to Glostridium Perfringen3. Orig Pub; An. Rom.-Sov. Ser. zootehn. med. veterin., 1957, 11, No 1, 110-118. Abstract: No Abstract. Card 1/1 MILIEV, Gheorghe, Jng.; CUNESCU, Radii Computing the resistance of rotar7 k-Ones with the aid cfL' the theory of thin plateq. Metaltirgia corstr mas 13 no.12:1032- 1042 N f61. VASILIEV, Gheorghi, Ing.; CUNESCU, Radu, Ing. Applying the theory of the contour affect to the resistance cal- culus of revolving furnaces. Metalurgia constr mas 14 no.7: 646-653 J1 62. 1. Institutul Tehnologic pentru, Constructii do Masini si Electroteh- nica. P -Wlqa,_qheorghi, ing.; CUWESCU, Radu, ing. 1 PosBibJ-Iity of using aWoximate methods of tbo:thin vall theory for strerigth computation of rotary furnaces. Metalurgia constr-mas 14 no.lOs930-933 0 162. 1. Institutul Tehnologic pentru Constructii de Masini si Electrotehnica. I VASILIEV, Gheorghe, ing.; GUITESCU, Radu, ing. Resistance calculus of tubular mills with balls. Constr zras 15 no.10:703-7-% 0 163. The complexametrIc defemination Ot j"., 161, herAphoophate. it"d lit L Bucharest. Wel- M"mst ntrolul nml, o. 't ani. runnia Luerrtsfi7FrezenfH~ iiiij). jarmi., Buchajeyl 1958, 160-7.-A new coluplexometric inetbod is proposed for the Indirect detn. of the phosphates of Na, K, Ca, Mg. and codeine, as well as of hexaphospliate, by pptu..With' Bi nitrate In a medium of dil. I I NOl and titration of the ex. Cesa 6f 111 nitrate with Complmn lit, with Pyrocatechol Violet used as a specific indicator. The pptu. of the Bj nitrate is quimt. and thus the soly, of the ppt. docs nov 1~ 'i''P"i R, V1 affect the results. FeNcitas D. Coodmca&-:: 0" lie, COUNTXY Rumania CATZGORY ABS. JOUR- RZK"O-, 1.0, 16 1939, A0. 58104 T The Determination of Traca Amounts ol Aneatheein. OP IG. PUB Farmacia (Rumania), 6, No 3, 229-232 (1958) A B '.-T RA 0 T The authors have developed a calorimetric method Cor the deteemirtation of anesthesin [e1hyl amino- benzoate (I), based on tho diazotizarion of I and coupling of the products obtained wi,~h /5- naphthot in aqueous acetone. The advantages of the method are' the production of a dya soluble in aqueoua acetone, elimination of the need for extraction of the dye with a solvent whien is Immisible with water, and the possibility ork t n A determination of small concentrations of 1. The CAM: 1/2 CLNE;'r-T~ Rumqnia Y-17 CATZGO:-!Y AB5. JCUR. RZKhiz, No. 16 1959, No. 58104 AUTH 0 ft IN'S T T ITL ORIti, PUB. ABSTRACT relative error of the determination is less than * 2%* Ihe method can be appliod to the quant tatilve determination of I in various pharmaceutical preparations. From authors' aummary CARD: 212 I 7Y' R V 4 4 Colintry: Hummi C., Dc L;:rz t. z1- h ar r. u c i 1 it i sn SOUZC'~~: o 5 61 P?, u D, "Dctervln,~Ition of 'l-BenzylthJ.orrot:-.yl-'U-Ghloro-7-'--Ul'L"ar.-il-"~ 12 ..0 1 BenzythiaCiazin-1 11 -Dioxide in "Fovane" Tablets.' Cr, -aut"'~O.-F; : 7 s C III IE E) Vera, Pharrniacist.-v Work ncr.1 -mcid a- the Institute for the S'ate Control of Dru.-S 01 v u and of Fharnacoutical Investifat Ions- (Institutul penturu Controlu". do "'tat al 1-*,edicanentului si Cercetari Farmaccutice) , Bucharest. ov- .Mrt. x -.2 r.- r ~zcrpl-lr~lm-r!z 0: _-'m n-~~C A.'4 ',-k 7 10W, ~~i=vi~ulv ma ?""- :. - . 'A r 7~rj"txa lc~ r ror~.d at ~h~ t.-, LA. (lator-tc-, N4 Far= ouCIAMA-: pp "'t4t, d, 257 261s 12. -Com~ar--Ivo Study o: th- M-thods of ITIviti-0- '.Minstlsn an In Tu.%Ieo'--Pj - Ftv.- 1. Pr- Dr Gh ~11= .1d VQR3.E1A."Dr -C?;,Fh.= Anmxf "rfer-r-d. arM-3 tPlorn t: or-75ilool2gy ttabd'!Fxtv~ 'a *rul Ao of' :ol a. ~um,~cr (n2. Fazu1- . ~ a t&tI1 do ra-ranclo), D.Izharist; PP 13- "Stu^7 of Zun!!~wnr Oil Up~l In In:--_tcb',^ 04117 Solutiezx t,.:otft TW hv: V. CIOCANM-A r~,.I- --I*na !r4~3:_j ptm~ jr,'!CV!- ArA r C 77-neff-As. vork P-Framp-at IhA L- M.W Pam-ttift -WenloM, 0. tr~c-, -geln~ off Ehirr.&er (&I Fa*-ujtktjI d" ?AJ-&aIa) , CIU.'; p 2S7-275- 4. -zh.4 1.1vitiflost!on, Dot-minttlon wtd Zttrsct.-Dm ot Allantoln from vul-ve 1L. vlan'.3 * co.%r Coll ~_ANTPIIMCI eta.- 7~.=_ Y-tria 3,A'MS=. Z~= 22 ;--1 at thm lalorat2r -musra- torul 4~ (Al Pacultatil do Famnmi.), Pu~!*ar,~mt; T:~Xllah p-, 5. 'Dot-r-mins-ton Im ron-A~ni.-7-is &nd 7-MnAl COnt--it in M-Mr, fl-.Lm 7*r% azdftw, ". F4111111~_ at th,~ lni-Mixxt~ ror th. stktm calroittri parnaclatice): EM11sh Zuz= Lry; " 233-237. 6. "Cc-%t;rIbut!on to tn* rse of Taftmw in thft D.W Dtp-"Irk- In th- C11-nics a:' Cluj,*P,,m ;F. r-1 112 ob VASILIEV, R.; HADWRIT, IA.; IRADULESCU, Yl.; AIRASTASWCU, Gr. The gravimetric and gas determination of sodium nitrite in some drug mixtures. Rev chimie Min petr 13 no.l-.55-56 Ja 162. 1. Irstitutul pentru controlul de stat al medicamentelor cerecetari. farmaceutice. 11. VASILIEV, R.; COSMN, A.; MANGU, M.; BURNEA, I. Nitritometric determination 6f p-aminophippuric acid (P.A.H.) by the internal indicator orange IV. Rev chimie Min petr 13 no.3:170 Mr '62. VASILIEV, R.; SCINTEE, V.; FRUCHTER, J. Determination in waterleas medium of the ~yramidon and verwml in the *Veropirin" product. Rev chimie Hffn petr 13 no.3:170- 171 Mr '62. VASILIEV, R.; COSMIN, A.; W&U, M.; BURNEA, 1. Hitritometric determination with internal indicator of procaine amide hydrochloride (pronestyl).. scuroform, sulfacetamide (Na), and sulfamethazine. Rev chimie Min petr 13 no.4:239 Ap 162. T7rM;g k; SCIRM, V., - -- - CHIALDA, I.; SISMAN, E.; FRUCHTER, J.; JECU, M. Indentification and determination of antipyrine pyramidons, and novalgin in the mixtures which contain theee three copinnents. Rev chinle Min petr 13 not,12059-760 D 162. 1. Institutul pentru controlul de stat, al medicamentelor si cercetari fav%aceutice. z /,f b/ A~ !W,,AAi4IA VASILIET, R., Pharmacist; SODITEZ-PAZARINA, Vera, Pharmacist. Institute of State Control of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Research (Institatul pentru Controlul de Stat as Medicamentelor si Cercetari Farmacoutice), Bucharest - (for all) Bucharest, Farmacia No 1, Jan 63, PP 57-61. ItSpectrophotometric determ-nation of synopen." M wil.nvp R.P. AM. & Determination of lactobichic uld. Rev chimie Min petr 14 no.1:49 Ja 163. 1e Institutul pentru contro2ul de atat at medicamentelor si cercetari farwaceutice, ~.ASILMV,$ R.; COSMIX; A. Nitritometric determination of procain hydrochloride in the Procafin product.. in the prbsence of an internal indicator, Rev chimis Min petr 34 no.4;235 Ap 063. J, I ; 1e Institutul. pentru oontrolul, do otat al medicamentelor si cercetari farmaceuticp, VASILIEV., R.; SCIYTEIE-FAZARIMp V. Spectrophatometric determin&tion of synopen. Rev chimie Min petr 14 no-4:236-237 Ap 063. ~,, Irwtitutul pentru controlul de stat al medicamentelor si carcetari farmaceutice* VASILIEV, ft.; FRUGHTER, J.; JECU, M. Determination cf piperidine in nonaqueous medium. Rev chimie'Kin petr 14 no.5:302 My 163. 1. Institutul pentru controlul de stat al medicamentelor A cercetari farmaceutice. VASILIEV, R.; FRUGHTER, J.; JECU, M. Determination of cyclohexylamine in a nonaqueous medium. Rev chimie Min petr 14. no.5:303 My 163. 1. Institutul pentru controlul de stat al medicamentelor si cercetari farmaceutice. VASILIEV CHIALDA, I.; ANASTASESCU, Gr. Complexometric determination of phosphorus in F,-' Hepatonic products. Rev chimie Min petr 14 no.6:351 J,- 163. 1, Institutul pentru controlul de stat al medicamentelor si cereetari. farmaceutice. VASILIEV 1. R.1 SCINTEE-PAZARINA, V.; SISMAN, E. A new determination method of papaverine hydrochloride in a nonaqueous medium. Rev chimie Min petr 14 no.6:352-353 Je 163. 1. Instituttul pentru controlul de stat al medicamentelor si cercettri, farmaceutice. VASnAM, R,, Pharmacist; SISIJM, k2ena, Pharmacist. Institute of State Control of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Fesearch (InstAtutul. entru ccntriolul do stat al m6dicamentolor si carcetari raxzaceutiL (for all) Bucitarest, Fumad No 7, Jul 63, pp 393-396. "Determination in a non-aqueouj medium of the Dosage of I-piperidino- 2-metI71-%4mto17l) Propano~e Wdracb1orStiG contained in the Produat.owdocalms.5 VASILIEV, R.; SISMAN, El. Determination of 1-piperidine-2-methyl-3-(41-tolil)-propanone-3 in Mydocalm, pills. Rev chimie Itin petr 14 no,9:533-534 S 163. 1. Institutul pentru controlul do stat al medicamentelor si corcetari farmacoutice. VASILIEV, R.; Sl-(:*,AN, Elena; SCINIEE-P.-'ZAI111NA, Vera Detemination of the pyramid:,n and o-oxyquinoline-m- oulfonic acid in the Antigermin product. Rev chimle Min petr 15 no. 1: 46 ja 164. 1. Insti.tutul pentru controlul de stat al medicamentelor si cercetari farmaceutice. VASILIEV, R.; PAZAMITA V.; SISMAN, E. Determining some components in Lizadon (Spasmoverin) tablets. Rev chimie Min petr 15 no. 3: 163 Kr 164. 1. Institutual pentru cont-rolul de stat al med4,camentelor si cercetari farmaceutice. VASILIEV., R.; MANGU, M.; COSMIN, A.; BURITEA, I. Determining procaine hydrochloride in the Rinosept pomade by the nitritometric method In the presence of Internal indicators. Rev chimis Min petr 1.5 no. 4023-221j, Ap 1614- 1. Institute of State Control of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Research. VASILIEV, R.1 FRUCHTER, J.; JECU, M. A nev method of dosing methadone hydrochloride. Rev chizie Min petr 16 no.2tlO/j,-105 F 165. 1. Institute for State Control of Ybdicine and Pharmaceutical Research, Bucharest. L 31451-ob ACC NR: AF6023181 SOURCE CODE: RU/0003/65/0 00 01 0103 AUT'HOR: Vasiliev, R.; FrL~chtor, J.; Jocu, 14. 13 ORG; Instituto for the State Control of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Research (Institu pontru controlul do stat al madicanontolor si corcotarl farmaceutice) TITIE: Now mothod. for the dosago of mtliadonohydrochlorido SOURCE: Rovista do chimie, v. 16, no. 2, 1965, io4_105 TOPIC TAGSz porchloric acid, dioxano, chloroform ABSTRACT: The authors describe a simple, rapid and precise method for the determina- tion of mothadonehydrochloride. The method uses titration in a chloroform medium i-rith a titrated solution of porchlorio acid in dioxane, using methanyl yellow as indicator. To remove interfering C1 ion,99 preliminary treatment with mercuric acetate is use. Orig. art. hAss. I figure and Z tables, LYTR_57 SUB COUL: 07 SUHH DATE: none Card aw :C NRI AP6M 1 SOURCE COM iFU/6-00-3165/6i!~/665-[02-93/0i~41 I AUT110-il: Vasiliev, R.: Fruchter. 0; Jecit, III O-RG: Ins for the State Control-of Drugs and Pharm-coutical. Research (Institu- tul pentru controlul de stat al riodicanontelor si coreetari farmacautice TITIS: Determination in nonaqueouB mdium of pothidine hydrochloride in the presence of metanil yellow indicator SOURCE: Rovista de chirde, V. 16, no- 3, 1965, 293-294 TOPIC TAGS: quantitative analysis, potentiometer, chloroform, porchloric acid, dio- xans, pharmacoloMr ABSTRACT: The authors describe a method for the determination of pethidine hydro- chloride which is also applicable to the injectable solutione It involves dissolving the substance in chloroform and titration with perchlorio acid in dioxane solution, using metmiLl yellow as indicator. The precision of the method was confirmed by com- paring the resulta with those Qbt;yied by potentiomotric determination. Orig. art. has& 1 figure and 1 tablee Ljwral SUB CCDE: 07, 06 / SUM DATES s none ()1- 14-:1. Iz ACC NR. \y6031,604 SOURCE COM RU/0003/66/017/003/017i 14ANGUI M.r BUMEA, I. and COSMIN, A., of the A Institute for the State Control of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Research (Institutul Pentru Controlul de Stat al Viedicamentelor, .si Cercetari Farmaceutice). I Determination of Sulphaproxiline and Sulphomerazine in m Dosulfin'." Bucharest, Revista de Chimie, Vol 17, No 3,.Mar 66, pp 174-175*1 ,Abstract: The authors describe the determination of sulpha- proxiline and su1ph0Mprq#:ne in Doculfin tablets by a nitrito- metric method, in-the pre'-se'nce of internal indicators. The method is simple and gives good results, allowing an accurate dptermination of total nitrogen. The excipibnto used in the .t4bleta do not interfere with the analysis and.need not be rvmoved in advance,, orige - art. has: 1 table. CJPRSs 36,66V TOPIC TAGS; organic sulfur compoundo quantitatiVe analysis ~n CODE: 07 / SUBM DATE: none / ORIG REP: 003 / OTH REFS 005 VASILI-EV, V. VASILTEV, V. Improving the quality of agricultural machinery. Tr. from the Germane po 76* Vol. 4, no. 4, Apr. 1955 NOP14ALISACE TECHNOLOGY Praha, Czechoslovakia So: East Buropean Accessions, Vol. 5, no. 5, My 1956 BLOKIIIN, N.N.; KUDIMOVA, E.G.; PEHEVODCHIKOVA, N.I.; SHABAD, LJTI.; VAS-ILIEV, Y.M. A short outline of the oncological work in the U.S.S.R. HeopLisma 9 no.3:355-368 162. 1. Institute of Experimental and Clinical Oncology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of U.S.S.R., Moscow. (NEOPIASMS) vAL,I.L'-[~ " . 4 A. ' P,-1k 1033 ( J i) , ', ~Wy lrl~,-2 1 .5 I TEFT-b A.L. (Tseft Jq A.L.); MILUTDIA, N.A. (14ilyutina, N.A.]; VASILIEVA, I V.A. (Vaillyeva, V.A.] Bleaching of the Dzhezkazgeli compound ores in chloride solutions, blots I. Analele metalurgie 16 no.3:72-79 Jl-S 162. TEFT AqL. [Tseft A.L.]; VASILIE& V.A. [Vasillyevas N.A. (Milyutinai N I V.-, Bleaching of the Dzhe xzgan coWound ores in con" salts of trivalent iron. Note II. 16 no.3:80-91 JI-S 162. V.A.); MILIUTINA the milfuric aeld Analele metalm-gie DORDEA, T.; VASILUWICI, Al.; 11-11TGUMIN, Elena; CIMPEANTI, A,; Dolia Study on the co=mtation with condensers of the frequency with metalloliquid sliding contact using semiconductor diodes. Bul St si Tehn Tim 9 no.2:481-490 Jj-D 164. VASILIJ.EVIC O-Milivqja tinz. (Baogr&J, Kolarceva 3) Application of forked cranes in the transfer of goods in road traffic. Tehnika Jug 17 no.8:Suppl.: Saobracaj 9 no.8:1593-1599 Ag 162. 1. Referent u Saveznom zavodu za privredno planiranje, Beograd. VASILIMA, I. (g#Llvov); OSTRIK, A. (g.Llvov) Striving for a citation as a communist laboT team on the eve of the Congress of the CPSU. Obshchestve pit. no. 5:6 My 161. (MMA 14:5) (Lvov-ResiAurants, lunchrooms, etc.) VOLIVACH., Valentin Savellyevicb; VASILINENKO, P.M.[Vasy-lynenkg.. P.M.], red.; SHARMSKIY, P.R.f6 mev6lkyi, tekhn. red. [Kalyna Derevenko's school)Shkola Kalyny Derevenko. Stanislav, Stanislavolke oblasne knyzhkovo-gazetne vyd-vo, 1962. 18 p. (MIRA 15ill) (Agricultural workers) PBSNET, G.K.; Prinimal uchastiye: LAGOSHA, T.F.; ONELICHENKO, N.I.; SEHEINOVA, R#A,; SPINOV,, R.1,; YILI-U-119-TS, I.M.; RADIONOVA, I.A.; KOZULIN, NeA., prof* Entrapping of harmful volatile substances in the mahufacture of drying 41P. Lakokras.mat,i ikh prim. no.1:65-61 163, '(MIRA 16:2) (Drying oils) PREMET., G.K.; VASILINETS, I.M.; TITENKO, V.M., inzh.; KOPMTELEV, V.M., inzh.; SHTELIMAHOVA, Ye.V., inzh, Device for the removal of harmful wastes in the production,of oksol" drying oil. Masl.-zhir. prom. 29 no.1000-33 0"63. 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut zhirov I(for Premet, Vasilinets). 2. Georgiyevskiy masloekstraktsionnyy zavod (for Titenko, Korostelev, Shtellmukhova). MARCUSP Sq__~%Sxkw, F a, Mathenaticir and phonology; the theor7 of graphs and the comaowntism of the Fanunian language. I. Rev math purse 5 no.21321-340 160. WAI 10: 9) (Mathematics) (Rumauian language) f VA RUKUIIA/Plant Physiol,)wj - General Pro'bleiiia. Abu Jour Ref Mur - Biol., NO 18, 1956, 81964 Aut;,or Vasiliou, G.A. Inst % Title The Utilization of Radioactive Isotopes in Research oa Plant Physiolov Orig Pub Nature (Romia), 1957, S), i-Ij 6, 656-79 Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 4 V ~~ , ~ ~~ T '.. i - 'I.' ' f 7 , " The -,, -; ectroci.-r:duc "..' a rc th, -1 '17] Ecc.,. ,; t-! c f - : ~~ ,--0 --~- -,'- I . " ;~ - 1'. . :, n ~:, -- .3 ~., I - -1 ovitch and Vpsiliova. 1..(p. 1~(,15)' SO: Journal of General Ci.e-;f rtry (Zhurrttl Cts! cl"!~ ) Y /,t. , 't~cl ur!~- 11", No. F, VASILISHMMIMA6,4r~~,, k short-wave transmitter. Radio no.12:34-36 D 154. (MLRA 8:1) 1. UAM (FAdio, Short-wave-Transmitters an., transmission) V.4 5,rl-z j slectronics Teleco=unications card -1/11 Pub. 89 15/29 Authors I Vaqilishchenko, V., Radio station UAZEG (UA3Er) TItIa I Automatic vacuum-tube type telegraph key PWI*dICBI I. Radio 7, 27-28, July 1954 Abstr"t An automatic tube-type telegraph key,,U'sed at the UAZEG radio station since 1953, is described., and its advantages over conventional keys are pointed out. The key Dperates on four tubes, two of which are double triodes while the other two serve for voltage stabilization. The method of operation for automatic tranSM15sion of dashes and dots, and the adjustmnt of the instrwent are set forth. Circuit diagram. ussul Electronics - Converters Card.- 1/1 Pub. 89 - 22/40 Authors i Vasilishchenko V. Title t UKB (Ultrashort-wave) converter -.Periodical Radio 10i 31-33, Oct 1954 Abstract i An ultrashort-wave converter in combination 'with any 50-meter band, radio set, that permits the reciqption-of'Agnals from telephone- radio stations operating on 85-137 megacycles, is described. The general design of the converter and a description of the following sections and parLs are presented: the oscillator stage, mixer- detector stage, and the chassis. Theassembly and tuning of the con- verter stages are explained. Diagrams; drawings. Institution: Submitted: ..... _IUMM/Electronics - -Transmitters Card 1/1 1 Pub. 89 - 17126 Authorg I- Vasilishchen1co, V. NAMG) Title I A short-wave transmitter Periodical i Radio 12.. 34-36.. Dee 1954 Agtr&ot j A simple-type srnll-size transmitter desigied for use in (;lass il radio-amateur stations is described, The transmitter operates on 20.. 40p 80 and 160 band-pass iwiges# The master oocillator and -the Intermediate stuagos are based on Soviet made rAniature double -~';riodes.. and the output stag3 operates on a pentode tube* The power siK:)plied to the anode- circuit of the output stnie is about 40 wattoo A circuit diagram of the transm, mitter is presented., shouing the capacitorsp re- sistances, coils, mritches, and othor details. Data on coil i-rindings are listed and technical inforrt:Ltion is given on the assembly of the component pdrts, materials, and tuning. Drcvlnr_ts; circuit diaLTam; table,, Institution 66606 1 Submitted USSII/ Electronics - Radio equipment Card 1A Pub. 89 - 18/30 &thors I Vasilischenkol V. Title I The "Lrlbitellskiy UKVII (Amateur U11F) receiver Periodical,s Radio 3, 35 - 37, Mar 1955 Abstract t A technical description is given of the radio receiving set calLed the "LyuPitellskiy UKVII or Amateur UHF, which operates in the range 38-40 megacycles enabling persons to pick up transmissions from long distances. The construction and details ol the apparatus are explained and directions are given for adjusting it. Illustrations; diagram. Subject USSR/Radio 'AID F - 4399 Card 1/1 Pub. 89 - 8/11 Author Vasilishchenko, V. (U AZEG) Title A 38-40 megacycles transmitter Periodical Radio, 3, 41-48, Mr 1956 Abstract A description'of a telegraph and telephone transmitter operating in a 38-40 megacycles range is given in detail. Data on tubes, details of design and the mounting opera- tion are presented. Four diagrams. Institution None Submitted No date -V AID P - 44og Subject USSR/Radio Card 1/1 Pub. 89 - 7/18 Author Vasilishchenko, V. U AZEG) Title A 144-146 megacycles transmitter Periodical Radio, 4, 27-28, Ap 1956 Abstract A detailed explanation of the design, the componenta data, the mounting and performance of a 3-tube, single cascade transmitter. Six diagrams. Institution : None Submitted : No date V~"I.t.-~ilill'.11",~'i't-iikt~lI V'-- AID P - 4442 Subject : USSR~/Radio Card 1/1 Pub. 89 - 9/2o Author : Vasilishchenko, V. (UAZEG) Title : Short-wave and VHF converter Periodical Radio, 5, 28-29, MY 1956 Abstract The design and structural details of a 2-tube con- ver-'ar consisting,of a HF voltage amplifier, a con- verter and a heterodyne used in a short-wave receiver set for a range of 28 -,,- 30, 38 -#. 40 and 144 -t- 146 megacycles are presented. A table summarizes coils data. Three diagrams. Institution None Submitted No date 107-12-22/46 AUTHOR: Vasilishchenko, V. (WEG) TITLE: Radf 6-fe-re-pli-o-ne--d7o-mmunicat ion Moscow - Mirnyy (Moskva - Mirnyy po radiotelefonu) PERIODICAL: Radio, 1956,Nrl2, p. 24 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A radio ham report on a communication established by him between Moscow and the settlement Mirnyy in Antarctic. The author succeeded in establishing telegraph communications with Hirnyy a number of times in 1956; RST were 559 and lose. On October 8, at 17.45 hro, on 14.050 me the author heard UAlKAZ station in Mirnyy; the station gave his EST as 579. The author had a nuarter-wavelength rod anteLIA on the top of his 6-story house in Moscow. On changing to telephone he still had RSM 455. Second time he was lucky to get in touch with'Mirnyy telepho- nically on October 12. A self-made transmitter with telephone output about 130 w was used. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 VI 31LISHC~!~,T.---, . t- - Ultrashort-wafe equipment. Redio no.2:19-20 Y 157o WaA 10:3) (Radio-~Apparatus and supplies) .107-57-1-3lAo AUTHOR: injj~~~ TITLE: Transmitter of the First Category (Peredatchik pezvoy kategorii) PERIODICAL: Radio, 1957, Nr 1, pp 23-25 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The transmitter is intended for voice and CW work in 160-, 80-, 40-, 20-, 14-, and 10-meter bands and also in VHF 7.5-meter band. The output is 220 w for CW and 150 w for voice. The power-supply voltage is 120 or 220 v. The transmitter includes a master oscillator, a frequency doubler amplifier, a frequency doubler-tripler, a penultimate stage, and a final stage, and is designed with three GZhlP, three 6PlP, one GU-50, and one GK-71 tubes.A complete circuit diagram, construction details, parts data, instruc- tions for winding coils and transformers, and some operating-experience information is supplied in the article. There are 2 figures and 1 table in the article. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 107-57-2-18/56 AUTHOR: Vasilishchenko, V. ---Xitachments. Developed from Specifications of the TITLE: Ultra-Shortwave "Radio" Journal (UKV pristavki. Razrabotano po zadaniyu zhurnala "Radioll PERIODICAL: Radio$ 1957, Nr 2, pp 19-20 (USSR) I ABSTRACTs Presented is a description of do-it-yourself types 38 to 40 me transmitter and converter. The transmitter is essentially a single-tube tapped-coil oscillator designed with a 6P6S tube connected an a triode. A final tube (6P6S, 6F6S, or 6P3S) of the ordinary receiver is used as a modulator. The single-tube converter is intended for reception of 88 to 40 me amateur radio stations on an ordinary broadcast medium-wavt radict receiver. The converter uses one 6A7 tube. All parts data, as well as very detailed instructions for building the.transmitter and converter, are supplied. AVAILABLEs. Library of Congress Card 1/1 - I I _', f L~ I ::j H il 11 i rj A "; '' V 1\ - T - - - - - - - - - VASILISHCHENKO, V.; LIVANI)OVSKIY, B. Receiver attachments. Radio no.ll:Supp.5-16 N '57. (MIRA 10:10) (Radio-Receivers and reception) V,q~-ikI(-bjjv, j AUTIRC-11 T ITLE D-P Va:;ili.ohin, L. P. 50-12-11/19 'Z;Af-, Groara iii-th 1,11ur-cel(2ctric chvexiii,jy tcic-co Itichup elc-~.-troteplovoj !:o_:Idt!iWatS.J'i)- i I u b 1 -J A L *,.--t,;(,rulo-ija i Gidrolo,;iia, 1,57, 4:r 12, A BST RA CT Thu iiec;-~;zitj of thf-, of tile round J~ii the ficld cciitAtiuns hus c:liz;cd t'it: of !i Portable dL-.~JCe W.Ach grunts to :ieusure qAc),:'Lj und c!xacctly Vie Zr~.uztd tare iri differunt deptFs.. Luch a L--C-ViCC LCV'--IopeC, bj the aut~cr of the ,ro5ent artic1q, and co-cstracted in the A-ricultur-al 111,- 3titute Z:iitor~ir 1956 was called -ruand tliur,~ios oxide wjJth ther.;lo- - ThL -e -~rt~s unt - clectric total vievi of tile device i.,; ed on fi-purc 1, anxid the fundamciA--LI sch~.;:ae o thc, device oil fi- 2. Tie vior .KjnZ pririciple of the devilc~: c,,nsist~; of that c., of thc --ni-riLig of thz~ the-,mooondc into thu j;rr,,Azid, a zc,rtain t-.,- ~)cratur,~ diftcrcnce 1jetwecil tile jun,--t-4oi,,u of the therWocouple el---- F-L-i,t.i io ,rodaced, t!ie faut of .-;' 4~ch ca-usc..-.3 the ther:'.ocu::-rOrt LI tI,u uiru-a'-t of the jaiictiun~3. TIL.--- U,u-L~nco of thc: ther~.iocarr,-nt can bt:- ob.,~ervod the deviqtjur, of thr. )oi..-Ltcr- ilj ; of the rcsiatuncu a curr,.:ut from the, 1--ari"Pher-1 ar L- 1/2 ;oLu-(;e io throu,-h a fil:--,ect ir, SLLCIII -~il ill- Gri..-ilf '~-!riaoooiwe %.-,ith Thf.-r~..oelccLric ten:iitj th-it thete[.,;;;cr~tt:~rc! of Lh_ car, bc. ort Occa.,i-Joii of lackii,6 of th-,- Lh,~ -alv-Azi~, ;,_.ct~,r ~oiiit;3 t~ Tile c,--' (,ft~.L- ua~~,Iiuil of zh~~ ;ov.~-ectiol-. ce_:f fiL'LT.A tL, thO ~cj~sible to ieuSur.: t_,-.~ t,..,er-ature L. tht~ iaua6are~. I'--- 6round tc-Alwrature by Licanu of this d(.vice, -lr~o without a thcr- .-OLI(Aer. FLV Lhia purpose, a is iiiucrtcd i;i+c the Circuit of the thermucoupic clt~Licntj of thu peripheral iicurcc, und h_--re the transient curv,~nt ir, to read, ;!iz;r. the -, a 1 - vaT:o:aet(3r 4,1u~,.S zero. If the a;,L..~_rw,e of the trar;sicnt 2-- 1:no.,.,n, it is eu-13j tu calcalate the ~ruand te;.,porative by 10~anc of 'Uhe for~,iala t = 1:11? -~-,here t dcriotL-s th,~ ground the constant of the dovice, i - th,:~ amoczaZe. The of the -rouriLl also call ',)c, bj L~,eanz of -L,_t_ diagra,_ill a;%.~era,,u I.;rcand tu-,jc-r- TlIE accuracy of' ~aeasarc..ient to A- 0,10. 2 fi- -r I VA I L_'J L-E L4,)jj-J- ()f 1. Meteorology 2. Earth temperature-Measurement 3. Thermosondes .vd 2/2 VOILISHIN, D.P. tIAn Agropbysical Evaluation of Cultivation in the Northern Regions of the Ukraine under a Covering of Polymer Film"; dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (awarded by the Umiryazey Agricitltural AeadmW, 1962) (Izvestiya Timiz7azevakoy Sellskokhozyaystvennoy Akademii,, Moscow, No. 2, 1963s pp 232-236) AERAMSON, I.G.j ERESLER, B.M.; VASILISHIN,jjP.; KIZNER, A.S.; ' i--- MATUSHEVSKIY, T.I.; MEFODOVSKIY, V.Ya. Gamma-control of moisture in clay slurry. TSement 31 no. 6t 17-19 N--D 165. (MIRA 18:12) 1 1. GosudarBtvennyy vsesoyuznyy institut po proyektircrvaniyu i nauchno-iseledovatellskim rabotam tsementnoy promyshlennosti i Nikolayevskiy tsementno-gornyy kombinat. XASILISKIII, M. (go Khmelluitskiy) Preparing for the 40th awdyereary, of the All-Union lenin Communist Youth league. Pozh.dele 4 no.9:15 S '58. OaRA n: 9) (Communist Youth league) AUTHOR: Vasilishin, S.A. SOV-21-58-9-3/28 TITLE. The Cauchy Problem in the Class of Operator-Analytical Func- tions (Zadarc*# '~:oshi v klasse oDeratorno-analiticheskik;~, funktsiy) PERIODICAL: Dopovidi Akademii nauk Ukrainelkoi RSR, 1958, Nr 9, pp 924 - 928 (UZSR) ABSTRACT: The author considers the equation: M F (u x) ~ L F (u,)() where M and L are VW'o ordinary linear differential operators with continuous coefficients within certain intervals, i.e.: F + L + dx" The problem consists in the solution of this equation under the following initial conditionez Y) I Ru Ix.) == f. ? r(u, X) ~ f (u)) - - - )74- 1 X:= A Ih_1 (U) where f0(u)'..1f 1(u) are priven M-analytical functions. For Card 1/3 the case ofl) >,-YtRe- Cauchy problem was solved by M.K. Fage sov-21 The Cauchy Problem in the Class of Operator-Analytical Functions ZR-ef.27 in the class of operator analytical functions. The author sets forth to solve the Cauchy problem for v- V For a simpler case of the equation Ilk 99Z X?L d u" this problem was solved by Rothe jef,f. The uresent ar- ticle is a generalization for more complicated cases. The author gives a definition of the M-integral function, its order and type, and proves that these concepts are independ- ent of the point u0 at which the M-analytical function flu) is expanded in the M-series, Then the author solves the Cauchy problem in the "non-classical" case of 11 V -,1q- < V I-, 7L I.V Vn Card 2/3 SOV-21-58-9-31/28 The Cauchy Problem in the Class of Operator-11nalytic-al Finct:s-s The problem was set by M~V. Fage who also aided the author in its solution. There are 4 references, 3 of which are Soviet and 1 German. ASSOCIATION: Chernovitskiy gosudarstvenyy universitet (Chern3vtsy State University) PRESENTED: By Member of the AS Ukr SSR, B.V. Gnedenkb SUBMITTED: May 30, 1958 NOTE: Russian title and Russian names of individuals and institu- tions in this article have been used in the transliteration. 1. Differential equations--Theory 2. Operators (Mathenatics) --Applications 2. Analytic functions--Applications Card 3/3 -L-06383-67-, -EWT(d) ---- LJF(c) ACC NR: AP6021251 SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR: Vasilishin, S. A. (Kiev) IORG: none ~i/_0041/66/018/002/0097/0102 6 TITLE; An application of the averaging method to the solution of mixed problems for nonlinear hyperbolic equations SOURCE: Ukr matem zh, v. 18, no. 2, 1966, 97-102 TOPIC TAGS: partial-differential equation, hyperbolic equation, boundary value prob- lem, approximation method ABSTRACT: The equation studied is ou LU . CF (t, XP UU; U) where n (a,, (x) a (x) u-. Its coefficients are defined in a finite connected region D and satisfy the conditions n a (x) > 0. a'1. - ay, a,A,g, > a CL const. Card 1/2 L 0638-3-67 ACC NRt AP6021251 The problem is to find a -twice differentiable continuous function U(t,x) (1) under the initial conditions a J~ = IP (,C), "U 1, - - V (-V) -0 -0 and the boundary condition ul, = 0. The method of Fourier,and the averaging method of Bogolyubov and Mitropollskiy are used to find an approximate solution. Orig. art. has: 33 formulas. SUB CODE: 12/ SUBM DATE: lIOct65/ ORIG REF: 007/ OTH REF: 002 Card 2/2 5571. Anksmoltm-SIVEM T. X VAmmomm,Am Z 0. IrAuwjL Zk TA& fli, 21. 14WS2 (No. 11, 1"11 An AWPWL An indis*4 lam d U-tube is %W& ob"s x ads be momml"y by lWag ma I - I A 1 04" of 'is I I spedik am-oklus, ddl V*AW NOW f&Mk4 ali W*Mft whmm in do comal pggWo of tho U-tuba. F. QtxL4w 1 -~ ~ . ..-. - ~ I '. -. -. ;- L- 124 - 5 7- 1- 532 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1957, Nr 1, p 67 (USSR) AUTHORS: Vasilishin, T.M., lpatova, Z.D. TITLE: Experimental -theoretical Investigation of Vortex Motion (Eks- perimental'no-teoreticheskoye issledovaniye vikhrevogo dvi- zheniya) PERIODICAL: Tr. Ufimsk. aviats. in-ta, 1955, Nr 1, pp 17-27 ABSTRACT: The generation of vortices was studied on an experimental device consisting of a container with circular openings in its horizontal bottom; the plan view of the container had a spiral shape. Prior to the performance of the tests proper, a number of preliminary tests and theoretical investigation were carried out. From theoretical considerations the authors assumed that the velocity distribution in the funnels obeys the area law. This assumption, according to the authors, was confirmed by the tests. The main tests were conducted on five different sizes of scale models, which afforded some conclusions relative to the possibilities and requirements of model tests on the formation of funnels. The tests indicated that the dimensions of the fun- Card I /Z nels do not obey Froude's law. The authors conclude that the IZ4-57-1-532 Experimental -theoretical Investigation of Vortex Motion Reynolds law provides the criterion of dimensional similarity in the forma- tion of funnels, which in turn corresponds to the area law for the velocity distribution in a funnel. By means of dimensional analysis a non- dimensional relationship was obtained for the discharge coefficient /1-L - The tests have shown that the value of /U increases with increasing head H and decreases with increasing opening diameter. In the derivation of the formulas the authors assumed that the discharge coefficient in the absence of any funnel would be the same as that corresponding to the discharge of the liquid through the annular section, that is, through that part of the opening in the horizontal bottom only that is actually occupied by the hollow vortex. The test data have been condensed in a graph which yields the discharge coef- ficient /U for given values of the head H and the opening diameter d. From the value of/A thus obtained, the geometrical parameters of a funnel and the liquid discharge may then be obtained. O.F. Vasil'yevi N.A. Pritvits 1. Liquids--Flow--Analysis 2. Vortices--Applications Card Z/2 . F. I =h. _J, Optimm levels of sfp;~I for --frig-,ratrr trains Ln lcng~torm planning. Sbor. trud..,*.,TIZ-IIT r-c.221,.7)-'90 164- (MIRA 18:8) MONTITSKIY, R.I.; VASILISHINA, M.$.; YEVSTAFIYEVA, R.G.; AYRIYEVA, N.S., red.; MWONTOVA, N.N., tekhn. red. (Packing materials for the packaging of food products] Upakovochnye materialy dlia rasfasovki prodovallstven- nykh tovarov. Moskva2 Gostorgizdat, 1963 82 p iMIRA 1;:2) VASILISED, I.A.; GOTLIB, Ya.L.; RAZZORKNOV, F.T.; SHOLIN, N.I. Practical instructions for the study of tee Jame. Meteor. i gidrol. n092:55-57 7 156o (MIRA 9:6) (Ice on rivers, lakes, etc.) VASILISKGVJ9 I.A. - Method of calculating the winter runoff of riverr during the fall run of sludge and ice and the beginning of freezing. Sbor. rab. po gidrol. no.1:2a6-120 159. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Moskovskoye otdeleniye instituta "Gidroonergoproyekt". (Stream measurements) VASILISXQY4-Igorl-Aleks=drovich; GOTLIB, Yakov L'vovichj ZAYMIN, ---- Yevgeniy Yevge-nlyavich; SMLIN, Nikolay Ivanorvich; MOWHAROVSKUp A.S., red.; STUROKOVA, M.M.2 tekbn. red. (Study of the winter condition of rivers in water power surveyinglIzuchenie zimnego r'ezbime rek pri gidroenergi- cheskikh izVskaniiakh. 14oskvaj, Gosenergoizdat,, 1962. 199 p. (Ice on rivers, lakes, etc.) (KM 15:12) VASILISKOVA, A.I.; DEVKIN, M.M. Cleaning aluminum and magnesium alloy castings with aluminum sand. Alium. Splavy no,lt226-229 163o (NDA 16: 11) 11 I--,. 1~1 I - . , - .- - - -, * . - I . , . - ., I ~ I . - - I . . .- - . - - - i . -_ . - . - . - I I I I - I I .. ~ I ~ . . 1 1, 1 1 . -- - - n~~~ I I I I ! Card 2,~9 EM 42177--00 hwT(m j/'r/swk T, 11 wr.L iJ rt c 1 ACC NRt AT6022481' (A SOURCE C6123 UR/0000/63/000/000/0166/0170-- AUTHORI' hilrikov, G. S.; Vasilistov, N. P.; Sil kovs A. Pashkov, Yu, M. ORG9 Physicochemical Scientific Research Institute im. L. Y&. issledovatellskiy fiziko-khimicheskiy institut) TITIS: Behavior of palladium and silver electrodesiduring the electrochemical reduction of oxygen in carbonate malts SOURCE: Vsesoyuznoye soveshchaniye po fizicheskoy khimii rasplavlennykh soley. 2d, Kiev, 1963. Fizicheskaya khimiya rasplavlannykh soley (Physical chemistry of fused salts); trudy soveshchan:iya. 146scow, 1zd-vo Matallurgiya, 1965, 166-170 TOPIC TAGS: carbonata~ silver., palladium, electrode potential, lithium compound, sodium compound, potassium compound, oxidation reduction reaction, oxygen, carbon "Y1 dioxide V ABSTRACT: !~jp electroc~jqmical reduction of.o n on Pd and Ag electrodes in molted'i" mg% Na C03-Li CO alkali metaX16arbonatesW various compositions _3 K2CO~~I~2CO K2CINa2CP a %CC~) in the presence of 02 and % was ui ad by -%CO~; pur r 0 eco ding -V curves. In the case of tho Pd electrode, the redulton was found to depend strongly on the electrolyte componitiont in binary salt mixtures, it becomes more efficient when K2C is substituted for NapCO3, the L12CO1 content being the same. It is shown thafthe presence of oxides formed on the electrode surface affectsi Cc d 1/2 L 42177-66 ACC NR. A76o2248i the behavior of the latter. The duration of -orelininary thermal oxidation of Pd electrodes had a marked influence on the limiting current densities. In the case of the silver electrodep the polarization-curves obtained while passing C showed that the electrode potential shifts by O.I-M5 V to the cathodic side. 1-%urves showed the establishment of a limiting current at 700-8000C, its value being somewhat greatex at 8000C than at 700'*C, indicating that more silver dissolves it 8000C. The data' 'ob-~. tained confirm earlier hypotheses that. the formation of the carbortate ion occurs in two steps. The limiting current in the first step in the caab of pure lithium carbon- ate increases by a factor of 1.5-2, while the steady-state potential sh M a toward anodio values by 100-150 mV. This pheno~tenon may be explained by the specific action* of the lithium cation and the presence in the melt of free metal oxides which trans- port oxygen to the electrode. QL-ig. art. hast 5 figures. SUB CODE: 071 SUBK DAM 23Aug65/ 'ORIG REFS 006/ OTH REFS '004 IOUSCU, A.; VASILIP,~ Total avulsion of the skin of the penis and scrotum. Acta chir. plast. 2 n0.3:235-240 160. 1. The Medicine and Pharmacy Institute, Bucarest (Roumania) F.P.S.H.F. Clinic of Plastic and Reconstruotive Surgery$ Emergency Hospital. Director: Dr. A&Tippa Ioneson, Cand. Sci. M. (PENIS wds & inj) (WROM wds & Inj) (SKIN TRANSPLANTATION) TIPARESCU.,E.o dr.;,WAIV,A,-4r.; DUMITRESCU, Mariap chim. Mucoviscidosisp vith special re"Pet'--nee to 3 clinical ca-ses. Med. intern. 16 no,.2t235-240 P64. 1. Lucrare afectuata in Spitalul de boli pulmonare al M.T.Tc.p Bacuresti. RAZVAN, 6,, Ing.; VASILIU, A. , Ing. New gates on the Vanube River. St si Teh Bac 16 no.6LIF,20 Je 161+. 1, Institute for Hydrotechnic Studies and Res &rch kror Razvan). 2. I.S.P.1i. (for Vasiliu). VASIL,IU, i;-; CACIUL,~Scu, z;.; PRIS-4U. ft. Study on the construction in stagms of an arched barrage. k.22 HID-ROThMhl' I,,. (Asociatia Stiintif Ica a Ingin-irilor si Tehnicienilor din Homina) ducuresti, Hurrania Vol. 4, no. 1, Jan. 1959 Monthly List of gast Europt,--=n AccessiorLs (Mill) IC, Vol. 8, no. 7. July 1.959 Unci.. REICHBUCH, L.; DAVIDESCU, D.; VASILIU A ; POPESCU, I. Effectiveness of potato fertilizers under the conditions at the Agricultural ftperiment Station of Suceava. Studii biol agr Iasi 13 no.1:211-224 162.