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December 31, 1967
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2/2 OL5 UNCLASS!iFlEd,, POCESSING DATE-_30OCT70 .CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0107590 ;ABSTRACTIEXTRACT--tUl GP-O- ASSTRACT. A THEORY IS GIVEN OF EFFECTIVE US BETWEEN TWO IDEWICAL SUBSTITUTIONAL GUEST -DIPOLE-OIPOLE INTERACTIOt R DISTANCE, AN INTERACTION THEORY FOR :..~MOLECULES AT LARGE INTERMOLECULA INTERSTITIAL-IMPURITY MOLECULES WAS DEVELOPED IN (3). A TWO LEVEL SCHE14E FOR THE GUEST AND HOST MOLECULES:IS ASSUMEDo LOCAL FIELD CORRECTIONS ARE DISCUSSED. IT IS SHOWN ;THAT THE DIPOLE DIPOLE INTERACTION OF THE GUEST MI)LECULES IN A CRYSTAL IS THE INTERACTION OF THE EFFECTIVE DIPOLE MOMENTS* THE VALUES OF SUCH EFFECTIVE DIPOLE MOMENTS DIFFER FROM THEIR VALUES WVACOUM BY A FACTOR 14HICH IS EXPRESSED BOTH BY THE UIELECTRIC.CONSTA~lr ATTHEAMPURITY TRANSITION FREQUENCY AND THE MICROSCOPIC CHARACTERTTICS OF TkE ME011UM. --FACILITY: INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS-AND ENERGETICSP 08NINSK"' LAS S-1 F-I E l?z 015 UNCLASSIFIE0 PROCESS[NG DATE--0/iOEC70 CONTROL OF CHAIN TERMINATION AND MWLECULAR WEIGHI ..~DISTRIBUTION IN PAOICAL POLYMERIZATION ~-U- -AUTHOR-(01~)-KOZLOVp S.V.t KAMENUMOSTSKAYAj.S.L.* OVCHlNN,[KGVr A.A., YENIKOLOPYAN,, N.S. ,~~'COUNTRY-OF INFO--USSR -'7..-;SOURCE-.[)OKL. AKAD. NAUK SSSR 19709 191 (5.) 1, 1061-5: PUBLISHED ------- 70 AREAS--C,4EHISTRY Af, ic I ~f _-TOPIC TAGS--REACTION KINETICSY RADICAL POLYMER IZATI014 4!FJI.-CIJL G MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS :.'biocuMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--3004/1871 STEP NO---Ul~/00201701191j*005/1(-16]f'!~-'i;', CIRC ACCESSION NG--AT0132133 USSR uI)c 547.669 +546-18-5 SIMOV, D., KIRIWV, M., VA L4,9,PETROV, G., Sofia University, 'Bulgaria "Phosphorusorganic Derivatives of Phenothiazine and N-Allcylphonothia- zine Dioxide" 'Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey Ehimii,~.Vol 40, No: 9, Sep 70, 131-2132- P P Abstract: Reaction of phosphorun oxychloride with phenothiazine at 1600 for 10-12 hrs gave N-(dichlorophosphoryl)-phenotlxiazine, Map* 24.5-3460. When N-(2,3--dibromoisobutyl)-phenothiazine dioxide was reacted with triethyl hosphite by heating a 14,21~mixttu-e of these reagents to 1600 for & hrs, N-(2,3-diethylpliosplton3rl~,isobutyl) phenothiazine dioxidej ra,p* 24c.P. was obtained, Reaction of N-(2- chloro-3-iodopropyl)-phenothJLazine dioxide with,triethylphosphite, gave,only N.-allylphonothiazine dioxide.i. USSR uDc 0'l6.q88.?)_o2I..3q;5~8.4 S NIKOLOV, Z. V., NED=HBVA, Li. B., IFIATEVA-STOYEVA, 101. V., NEDELCHEVA, .4. P., PASKALE-1.4, 14. G., DENCHEV, St. I., and TURIAKOV, I. G., Chair of Epidemiology, Institute for Specialization and Advanced Training of Physicians, Repifolic Antiepideuic Station.. and Zoological Institute and Huseum of the Bulgarian Acadeqj of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria Iqquat:Ic and Swamp Birds Carriers of Agents of Infoctiouis Diseases. Com- mu-nication 1: Ornithosisil Hoscow, Voprosy Virusologii, No 4, Jul/Aug 71, PP 437-441 Abstract: Since Bulgaria I.-Les along one important flight route of migrant aquatic and swamp fowl, a serological investigation war, perlormed on 350 wild birds caught along Bulgaria's Black Sea shore and Danubs River. Specific anti- bodies against ornithosis wero found in specimens belonging to the orders Ardiiformes. Pod-icipidiformes, Lariformeso Ralliformes, ani Charadriiformes. In some areas densely populated by wild duoks, antibodios against' ornithosis virus were found in 21.a,- of wild ducks, in 44.7;o 0 n I of d ziestic ducks o neigh- boring farms. and in 54.5;6 of people. These findings support the previously advanced hypothesis that migrating aquatic and swamp W:~Is play an important role in the epidemiology ornithosis in natural foci and in the transmission of this disease -,.-0 domestic fowl and to humans. USSR uDc: 8.74 JLCH.IKOV,. L. P. "on Computer Modeling of an Evolutionary Process" V sb. Probl. kibernetiki (Problems of Cybernetics--collection of works), vyp. 25, Moscow, "Nauka", 1972, pp 63-75 (from RU-Kibernetika, No 6, Jun 72, Abstract No 6V593) Translation: The paper deals with the problem of mechanisms of the origin of.-species, specifically the sympatric divergence of a population with vari- ous methods of selection. Author's abstract. USSR UIE 621. 7621.002.5 (088. 8) NEL'NIKOV, V. N,., TREVYAKOV, V. I., YENEL.YANOVA, 11. D., HUMMEDZHNIOV KAHENSKAYA, A- K D. S., MORGUN, G. N. CRAVRIKOV, M.: G., and GRACHEV, Yu. S. "Rotating Electrical Furnace for Production of Metallic Powders" USSR Puthor's Certificate No 267823, Filed 23/06/66, Published 23/07/70 (Translated from Referativayy Zhurnal-Metallurgiya, No 2, 1971, Abstract No 2 G477 P) Translation: The furnace includes a hopper, loading and unloading chambers with worms, a body, rotating tube, and a device for removal of the layer of powder accumulating on the surface of the tube. In order to increase pro- ductivity of the process and improve working conditions, the device for ramoval of the powder layer fron, the surface of the tube is firmly fastened In.the working space of the tube so that its leading edge in located paral- lel to its axis and its working face is at an angle to-the radius. The device is attached to parts of the loading and unloading chambers. 39 USSR UDC 612.816 KAIDW.-WAVA, Chair of Human and Animal Physiology, Soil Biology Faculty, --St- -University Woscaw ate "Modern Ideas on the Mechanism of Quantal Transmitter Release From Motor Nerve 'Terminals of-Skeletal Muscle" Moscow, Uspekhi Fiziologicheskikh Nauk, No 3, 1972, pp 22-63 Abstract: Present-day thinking on the mechanism of acetylcholine release from motor nerve terminals is based on the assumption that the transmitter is re- leased in very small increments or quanta in response tanerve impulses. Ace- tylcholine is contained in synaptic 'vesicles situated near the presynaptic membrane. Quanta of the compound are secreted spontaneously in the absence of nerve impulses. The number of quanta released by nerve impulses can be determined. from the formula m = Pn, where m. is the quantal composition of end-plate potential, P is the mean probability of release of a quantum, and n is the supply of acetylcholine available for immediate release. The prob- ability of transmitter release at the mamma.-Iian neuromuscular. junction is determined by two main factors: level of membrane.potential of the nerve endings and concentration of calcium ions "in the external medium. The probability is much greater with inAuced than spontanc., b release. The nature Ou 1/2 USSR KAMENSKAYA, M. A., Uspekhi Fiziologicheskikh Vauk, No 3, 1972, pp 22-63 of the postactivation processes in a nerve ending is affected by the relation- ship between tvo phenomena,, facilitation andAepression of transmitter output. Both are dependent primarily on the numberof transmitter quanta released, while the amount of each quantum is relatively constant. 2/2 62 W. HUI MIROM-MUMMIMEMUM nUWMMM_ unc: 66q.1,4.oi8.44:62o.17 1ANSKAYA$ K. A., an4 KA14FNSKA)%,__N",, -Central Scientific Research Institute of ftiTous Metallurgy- imeni I. P. Bardin "The Effect of Thermomechanical Treatment on the Heat-Readsting Properties of the IKhl4.Nl8V2B Grade of Steel With BoroWl Moscow, Metallovedeniye- i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Hetallow, no 6, 1973, PP 5-6 Abstract: The authors study the possibility of increasirAr, the heat-resisting pro- perties of the IKhl4Nl8V2-B grade of austenitic steel by thermanechanical treatment and t4r microalloying with boron. The results show that the! thermomechanical. treat- ment of the above grade of steel significantly increases its heat-resisting proper- ties in comparison with austenizationo At the same time, iieroalloying of the steel uith boron also raises its heat-resisting properties, The heat-resisting properties of steel with boron increase more intensively after therm=echanical treatment than is the case for steel without boron. The heat-reoisting properties obtained for steel with boron after thermomechanical treatment are more stable during a long ser- vice:life under conditions of high temperatures and stress, 1/1 USSR LTDC 669.15--194.56.620.186.1- IjWSKAYA, K. A., KAMENSKAYA, N. I., FAYVILEVICH, G. A., and BILUNEVA, N. I., Central Scientif,iF"IiTe~ZFN- fnstitute of Ferrous Metallurgy -fmeni I. P. Bardin "The Effect of Boron on the Distribution and Quantity of Carbide Phases in Austenite Steel" Mosco%-7, Metallovedeniye i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No 10, 1972, pp 43-45 Abstract: Boron added in different amounts to 'LK'hl4NISV2B heat-resistant austenite steel influences the distribution, size, and quantity of NTbC particles in the steel. Addition of 0.005, 0.017, and OXT B leads to coagulation of NbC particles.and changes their shape from rodlike to spheroidal. MIxen the concentration of B ;reaches 0.26%. the coagulated NbC particles are dissolved Lind Nb becomes apart of the solid solution. The presence of 0.005, 0.017, and 0.26% B decreases the concentration of C from 69 to 28 atomic % and increases the concentration of Cr from, 8 to 51 atomic Z. This decrease.,, the concentration Of M23C6 in steel and -increases the amount of Cr in borides. Evidently part of C in ~123C6 becomes substi- tuted with B. In addition to borides the boron forms a eutectic structure in this steel at high temperature (1300*C). The quantity and composition 1/2 USSR LANSKAYA, K. A., et al., Metallovedeniye i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Retallov, No 10, 1972, pp 43-45 of borides in the eutectic structure is determined by the concentrar-lon of boron. In the prespnee of 0.017% B the boride phase ~13B'], is forvied; when the concentration of, B reaches 0.017-0.1%, 'L'13B2 and,l~~,)B are formed. The phase The eutectic M2B is formed when the concentration of B exceeds 0.17 structure in the steel under consideration consisted of a niiyture of KbC and borides. di~ USSR 0-0 616,853'009.V~-O7t6l6-831-073-97 HOSCON Scientific Research Institute SEXENOV, S. F., and KAJZ,45 o -Psychiatry, Ninistry of Health FZFSR f "A Clinical Electroencephalographic Study. of the Influence of Emotiona-1 Stress on the Convulsive Tendency of Epileptict" Moscow$ Zhurnal Nevropatologii I Psikhiatrii imeni S. S. Koreak -oval Vol 72, vyp 2P 1972, pp 2-27-233 Abstracti One hundred epileptics were studied to dateimine the effect on convulsive teridency of nental and ematioaal stress, as rt fwiction of the location of the epilep-t-ogenic focus. or foci. The histories of the patients Included 32 of r;erlous infection, .30 of trauma (11 at blrth) p seven of psychic trauma, and three of birth defects. For 28 pttients the a-eizures were Idiopathic. Each patient was studied betoween t1iiee and seven ti.,izasp with photic and aural stizulation, as well as Vith ha%big bia listen to texts that wexe previously deteimined to have emotional content for hin. Convulsive tendency was estimated from visual inspection of t1w EEG record. The resUts showed that the nature of the EX, reaction. depended an the functional condi- tion of the brain and on the location of the apileptogenic focus. Threa groups were distinguizhed. In the first (37 Pttients havins subcortica.1 leal.;ns) emotioral stress was found to increase convulz1ve tendency, while USSR SEYENOVt S- F., and XAMENSKAYA, V. M., Zhu=a-l Nevropmtologii i Paikhiatrii izeni S. S. Korsakovat Vol 72, Vyp 2, 1972i pp 227-2)3 mental actiylty as well as light and sound stf-tiulatioij at tAxies suppressol it. In the second group (35 patients having cortical lesions - 16 vrith temporal, I? with frontal or fronto-parietal and two klith occipital locations) a greater variety of rvactions waz noted. The convulsive activity of patients with a temporal focuo was frequently increased by all of th,,;~ stimuli used, but the response was very mried. . The third group consisted of 28 petients- with multiple cortical and subcortical foci and with vaxied clinical maniles- tations, These patients showed a variety~of reactionst with bwAcally an increase in the pathological activity. It was concluded that the qumlity~as vell as the intvrisity of emotional factors xay play a role in dete=inlng seizure terdency. USSR UDC: 8.74 M-01SKIM. V. A. "Algorithm for Construction of a Separating Function for Tvo Classes of Objects" Uch. zaD. Perm. un-t (Scientific Notes. Perm' University), 1971, No 2r',g, pp 11-19 (from Kb-Kibernetika, No 1, Jan 72, Abstract !To !V1079) Translation: Two classes of objects are considered. It is assurned that a function F exists in the initial space, and that this,function separates the set of objects into two classes. The function F* is constructed 'Which gives values coincident with F on the instructional seq~ience. Author's abstract. 60 USSR UDC 612.82:615.781 KIRZON, M. V., TITOV, S. A., andJANENSKIY, A. A. , Chair of R.uman and Animal Physiology "Direct Effects of Novocain on the Cerebrum of White Rats" Moscow, Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta, No 1, Jan/Feb 71, PP 98-99 Abstract: In an investigation of the effects,of novocain on the cereLlrum, small volumes of novocain (0.01,ml of 5-12%. solutions) were injected into various brain structures (amygdaloid nucleus, substantia nigra, and caudate nucleus) in nonpremedicated white rats. The immediate results observed included: complete immobility, areflexia, fail in respirator), rate from the control 80 to 10 and fewer breaths per minute, and a marked depression of electroencephalographic waves. If the animal did not die from apnea,.in the first 5 minutes, it gradually recovered during the next hour. Since such a rapid diffusion of the novocain from the~site of injection to the respiratory centers was improbable, the authors postulate activa- tion of inhibitory neural reflexes.. USSR UDC 547.2451118.0? AYDZFAN, B. P. POKOH&M , V. V. GOLIEBTSOB, S. A., and IGNATOVICH, YU, A. "A Method of Making Organyl Halorylyl Phosphines" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promysblennyye Obraztsy, Toyarnyye Znaki, No 22, Aug 72# Author's Certificate No 345167, Div C, filed 31 Jul 70, published 14 Jul 72, p 97 Translationt This Author's Certificate Introduces a method of making organyl halyl phosphines. by reacting hydrogen-containing haloallanes ulth chloro- phosphines in an organic eolyent with sub4oquent isolation of the goal product by conventional methods. As a distinguizhing fe4tture of the patents the process is simplified by using organyl dhlorophouphimes as the chloro- phosphines, and carrying out the process inAhe presence,of a bydrogen chloride acceptor such as triethylamine. NONE USSR UDC 678-84 jWWXQjXO,WA- B-, OGAYDZHAN, E. P., PONOMAREV, V. V., and GOLUBTSOV, S. A. "A Method of Synthesizing Organophosphorus Compounds" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 36, 1971, Author's Certificate No 322346, Division~C, filed 31 Jul 70, published 30 Nov 71, p 55 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces: 1. A method of synthe- sizing organophosphorus compounds by interacting trichlorosilance with orgimophosphines. As a distinguishing feature of the patent, compounds containing the P-P bond in the main chain are synthesized by using organyl- did.:lorophosphines as the organophosphines, and carrying,out the reaction in the presence of a tertiary amiae in anorganic solvent. 2. A modifi- cation of this method distinguished by the fact that the tertiary amine is taken in quantities from catalytic to equiimolacular. USSR UDC:!669,14.0~18.29:SS9.43:620.178.35 CHERKES, Z. A., Q~~S_M~Y_A- P., VOLOSKOV, N. V. "Study of the Influence of Amplitude of Repeated Impact on the Strength of 40Kh Steel as a Function of Tempering Temperature" Tekhnol. Mashinostroyeniya [Machine Building Technology -- Collection of Works], No 7, Tula, 1972, pp 69-73 (Translated from Referativayy Zhurnal Metallurgiya, No 8, 1973, Abstract No 81513, by V. Bochkareva). Translation: Specimens of 40Kh steel were subjected to the following heat treatment: hardening (heating to 850 IS* in a Pb bath, cooling in oil); low temperature tempering (heating in a salt bath at 220 � 10% cooling in water) to produce "hard" specimens; high temperature tempering (heating in a saltpeter bath at SOO � 10% cooling in water) to produce I'soft" speci- mens.. It is shown that repeated high energy impacts greatly reduce the strength of the "soft" and "hard" specimens, while low energy impacts increase strength. It is established that the maximum number of impacts can be with- stood by specimens of "soft" metal, which have hish~plasticity and low hard- ness, followed by the steel as delivered rolled, then the "hard" specimens, and finally, the hardened specimens without tempering. I figure, 2 tables, 2 biblio. refs. MEW ~Z~4 ~_""500 ..... .. ..... UsbIR DITYUTS=, V. 1. KM1EN.':jD:. G (Mos ow) ftEvaluation of the Mean Time to Servo Failure in a Nonlinear Pulsed Servo ~'System with Irregular Signals" Moscow, Avtomitika i T,.,31c=ekhwdJca; June,~.1972; PP 57-64 ABSTRACT: For nonlinear servo syatems trith c1iscrete.1 irregular data input the authors obtain Lntegral equations Nrith a varyiw, argunent whose solution in the mean titne to Sanro failiirei the time deper-dirg on the initial value of the errrr in the system, The calculatiom') allm~r fox- the offact of pro- cesses whereby the failure signals are detectLKI or recognizecl. 11'ethods of solving the initial and bomdary value problems for tho intap-al equations obtained are described., and cxistence and'uniqueness theorems for their solu- tion are discussed. An exmmle is given,:,: USSR LUC 621.373.531.2(088.8) KAMENSKIY, 1. V., KARTAWYWO YU1. V. "Blocking Generator" ~USSR Author's Certificate No 277835, Filed 8 Feb 69, Published 20 Oct 70 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 4, Apr 71, Abstract No 4G22C.P) Translation: A blocking generator is proposed. It contains a transformer, an auxiliary transistor in rlie start circuit'. a commuting transistor, and a serie-s-impact excitation circuit. In order to stabilize the pulse length, the circuit is connected via a separating semiconductor diode to the collector of the blocking generator transistor, and the base of the commuting transistor the collector of which is connected to the base of the blocking generator transistor, is connected to the midpoint of the impact excitation circuit. ft~~mwu~i fflml."lwi~lmwHl In Fkl 112 014 UNCWS1010 PROCESSING DAT&-30OCT70 TITLE-URGANGSILICCht RESINS -u- AUTHOR-103)-KAV&alYv Mot KORSHAKv VoV.1 YAKIMOVIGHt V.I. OF INFO-USSR SCURCE-USSR, 2629393 ~.:.:'-REFERENCE-0TKRYTIYAv IZOaRET.t PROM. GBRAZTSYr TOVARNYE ZNAKI 1970t zDATE PUSL IShiiD--06JAN70 SUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRYt MATERIALS TAGS--SlLI(;CNi: RESIN, THERMAL EFFECTv FURANP ORGANIC SXLANEt 'CHEMICAL PATENT MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED -.11PROXY REEL/FAAME--3002/144q STEP NO--UR/0482/70/000/000/0000/0000 CIRC ACCESSICN NO--AA0128848 UNCLASSIFIED- ~212 014 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING OATE--30OCTIO (;IRC. ACCESSICN NU--AA0128848 ~ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. ORGANOSILICONE RESINS ARE PREPD. BY THERMAL RESINIFICATIO14 OF DIETHOXYB.IX(FURFURYLOXY)SILANE AT .240-60DEGREESt WITH DISTN. OF VOLATILE SUBSTANCES* AJ K L A S S I F ID MOW ~A/2 030 UNCLASSI FIEU OROCESSING l)ATE--zjuwt0 TITLE--EFFECT OF CURING CONDITIONS ON THE MOUULUS Ot: ELASTICITY Ot FA ~RESIN -U- AUTHOR-(02)-FRIDMAN, O.A., KAMENSKIY, I.V. ;UPCOUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SPURCE-PLAST. MASSY 1970t (3), 30-2 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS-MATERIALS ~TOPIC TAGS--ELASTIC MOOULUS, SHEAR MODULUSt PRESSURE EFFECT, THERMAL EFFECTi FURFURALt ACETONEt PLA5TIC FADRICATION/(U)FA FURFURAL ACETONE RESIN C GNTR OL 14ARKfNG--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASS[FIE0 PROXY REEL/FR.AME--1997/0659 STEP NO--U.R/0191170/000/003/0030/0032 CIAC ACCESSION Nr-AP0119567 UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 030 UNCLASSIPIED PROCESSING OATE--23OCT7G CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0119561 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE EFFECTS OF MOLDING CONDITIONS '(PRESSURE LARGER THAN OR EQUAL TO 24~000 KG-CA PRIME2 AND TEMPS OF 120-200DEGREES)i ON THE MODULUS OF ELASTICITY CE SUBT) AND SHEAR MODULUS (G) OFCURED FA RESIN WERE STUDIED. INCREASED MOLD[NG TEMP. GAVE H[GHER COKE,NO. AND LOWER EXTRACTANT CONTENT+ AT LOW PRESSURES (250 KG-CM) G AND E SUBT WERE INVERSELY PROPORITONAL TO TEMP.; CONVERSELY, AT HIGH PRESSURE (1600 KG-CM PRIME2), E SUBT:AND,G WERE PROPORTIONAL To TEMP, LINCLASSiFlaD h- D I . I :- .. -. . . , , I . '. I I ~! , f , I , - " I ! , - . I 19750427 Photoeleccrfe Effect USSR UDC 621.383-52.020.6 GEORGIYEVSKAYA, Ye. A., ISTOMIN, A. N., KAIIFJIS.KIY 11~11j. PRICHKO, Yu. V. , FEDOTOV, Ya. A. "High-Frequency Silicon Photodiodes With PIN-Junction Structure" Moscow, Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol 16, No 11, Nov 71, pp 2232-2234 Abstract: Silicon photodiodes are described in whicb speed is ircreased at high inverse bias voltages by eliminating the diffusion time and re- ducing RC parameters. The diodes are made from high-resistance P-silicon (resistivity of 1000-2 000 P-cm). Curves are given for th-_~ frequency re- sponse of the diodes for incident radiation on wavelengths of 0.63 and 0.91 vi at various supply voltages from 0 to 100 V. The spectral charac- teristica of the photodiode are given as well an a 3tructural schematic. The proposed photodiodes can be used in high-qUality v~ptico-eleetronic equipment in combination with various radiationSOUTceS. Particularly promising is the use of these diodes in semiconductor devices In con- junction with gallium arsenide emitters''. The authors thank M. Kh. Kol- lender for her assistance with preparation of the diodes. T`oto figures, bibliography of tvo titles, ~,,:~j Tj! I USSR UDC 621-383-52 YMENSKIY, N. N., PRICHKO, Yu. V. and SKMAMM., A. P. 'Dependence of Photodiode Sensitivity and~lnertia on the Dimensions and Posi- tion of a Light Spot on the Light-Zensitive Area!' Kiev, Izvestlya VUZ-Radioelek-tronika Vol 14, No 1, 1971, PP 72-75 Abstract: The results of investigations into the possibility of increasing the sensitivity and rapidity of action of photosensitive diodes with rAle use of a focusing system. are given. In general,, the sensitivity and inertia of' the diode depend on the thickness of thepho-tosensitimlase, the surface recombination rate at the illundnated point on the bane, and the absorption factor for a particular optical wavelength. Since the diffusion length of the minority carriers is much larger than the.base thicknesm, the space recombina.-t tion can be neglected. A relief diagram of the sensiti7ity and inertia values at.the central part of the base in a type~1690 photodlo~te is 4hown; the light used to obtain these results had a wavelength of 0.63 A6 the diameter of the light spot was aborut 50/.?, and the distance between the centers of the relief squares was 100 It. Curres axe plotted for diode characteristics as functions of light spot diameter. ~7 USSR UDC'627, 8,05-69-055 1624.147 BIYANOVP G. F., (Engineer), Oasiay.~ (Cand-Idate of Techniqal Solences), and PAVIENXO, YU. G4 E' heer) "Ice Crossing for Heavy Loads Under Conditions of the Extreme North!' Moscow, Gidrotekhnicheskoye Stroitellstvo, No 8, Aug 71, Vp 45-4.8 Abstracti The organization and. execution of an ice t-_assing of a river for transportation of heavy loads (power transformers) during construction of the V11yuy river h3eroelectric power plant axe de'scribed. Calculations ~of the ice cover load carrying capacity were carried out by using the method of the theory of elasticity on the basis of data on systenatical natuz-al observations of the ice cover conditions# conducted by the Vilyuy Scientific Research Heteorological Station of the Institute of Geocryology of the Siberian Department of All SSSR. Test ~conducted on an experinental crossing 100 m downstream from the main crossing confirmed the correctness and reliability of design methods for determining the adimIssible load for orie- time transportation of heavy loads. 167 USSR UDC: 538.1 KAMENSKIY, V., TIGME, Anu, Institute of Theoretical Physics imeni L. D. '_EaZFu_, Tc_'a_d_e~_y_of -Sciences of the USSR; Institute of Thermal Physics and Electrophysics, Academy of Sciences of the EstSSR "Absorption of Light in Ferromagnetics Close to the Curie Point" Tallin, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk EstSSR: Fizika, Matematika, Vol 22, No 2, .1973, pp 159-163 Abstract: A diagram technique for interacting spins proposed by V. G. Vaks, A. I. Larkin, and G. A. Pinkin is applied to determination of the variation, with frequency and temperature, of the permittivity in ferro- magnetics close to the transition temperature. The procedure involves find- ing successive approxiinations of the self-consistent field. The results are used to determine the attenuation of light-as a fumtion of frequei3cy and temperature. The results are compared with other theories. USSR UDC: 550.837 IKOV, B. G., All-Union Scientific Research Insti- iENSKIY V. P. SAPOZWI e o ZpToi~atory Geophysics "A Direct-Current Method of Geoelectric Prospecting" varnyye 7n-nI~J MOSCOW, ort,,.n~t ya, Izobrc'r=ni,,,a Pror~(shlenn e Obrazt5iy, To No 7, Mar 72, Author's Car'Lificate No 329495, Division: G, filed 16 Oct -(0, published 9 Feb 72, p 183 Translation: This Autharts Certificate intrcduces a dirraet-cuxrent meth~od of geoelectric prospecting by rneasiiring the dAfference :in p~)11,entials of cn electric field with subsenuent elimination of the intex-ference field. As a distinguishing feature of thepatent, in order to autor-atc. elimirlatior of interference, simplify equipment and process the recording, the potential difference is measured at three times separated by int(--!rvals, of no more than one second. The first two measure-ments are made befor,_-,~ the currcnlu is fed into the growid, and the 'third ir, mado after introducinj~ Lbe curruiflu, iritc, the ground. Ine sought potential difference is determined from the measured. values. ............. USSR ur)c 621-375.8,26 UY Ye. I., KOZLOV, V. V. "Lasers With Polyhed-ral Energy Guide" Moscow, Kvantovaya Elektronika, Sbornik, St tey, No 4, "Sovetskoye Radio", 1971, PP 77-86 Abstract: New types of cavities are proposed for lasers and laser ampli- fiers -- energy guides in irhicb the overall, dimensions are kept sr2all while providing a long path of interaction betw*een the emission and the act.ivo material. The proposed design reduces overall dimensions, and improves the operationU reliability and paraneters of laser sypter.=. A me"bod is developed for designing the energy guides, examples are- given to illus- trate the design of such caNrities, a description is given of a polyhedral energy guide made of neodymium glass, &,id the results of pre-liminary ex- periments are presented. It is sho,.m that the new minitiLure laser cavity provides an active erid-ssion path up to 2.5 meters long while reducing the artivation threshold, inproving the mode :structure and ninimizing laser bean divergence. Cavities of the proposed type with co4icentric arran6c- .1/2 USSR M-IMISKIY, Y e. I. KOZLOV, V.*V.,.Kvantovaya Elektroni'-ka, No "Sov. Radio", 1971, pp 77-86 ment of flash tubes Drovide efficient utilization of optically stimulated emission, in addition to low electric thresholds. The long optical path improves transverse mode selectivity and provides peakless emission at energy levels exceeding thethreshold pumping enerb-r by a factor of 1.5. The improvement in transverse mode selectivity without addinj~ optic--! equipment provides the possibility of stable emission on a single trans- verse mode and concentration of the emission an angle close to the diffraction limit. In conclusion, the authors thunk P. V. niohhlov for constant interest in the work, and V. P. Vasil'yev, L. F. Pliyev, L Ye. Rytikov and M. S. BeJov. for making thQ polylic,13-on for the model laser. Eight figures, bibliography of ten titles. 2112 - 10i USSR UDC 539.3 ARN. X-a-A. "Simple Waves and Disintegration of the Discontinuity in an Elastoplastic Medium With the Mises Condition". Moscow, Prikladnaya Hatematika. i Mekhanilca, No 2, 1972, pp 320-329 Abstract; Strong discontinuities, differing from elastic shock ww4es, can originate in elastoplastic media; this brings! necessity for seeking additional conditions on shocks. It would be desirable to isolate media for which solutions can be constructed without the use of such d-4--continui ties. It has been qhoini that: with the Mii3es condition of planticity and with Iso- tropic strengthening, two velocity comp-onents and sora! in the presence of limitations upon the initial stressed state, simple p.l.ane waves do not over- turn. This is valid for inedia with a FAress-deformation diagram convel: to the stress axis for an experiment on simple compression. lu the present article, this statement is generalized for the case of arbitrary simple plane waves in the same medium. The solution'of the problern of the disintegration of an arbitrary discontinuity is constructed Ldth more rigo-rous conditions. In this case, no shocks exist except elastic shock waves, contact discoritinu- ities, and shocks which are the limit case of simple waves pyopagating at constant velocity. 4 figures. 7 references, 112 015 UNCLASSIFItb~ PROCE~SING DATE--160CT70 '.rITLE--LOW LYING ONE PHONON OPLUS LEVELS'IN SPHERICAL NUCLEI -U- :,AUTHOR--KAMER0ZHIYEVt S.P, OF- INFO_-USSR .,.SOURCE-YAD. FIZ. 1970, 1113), 537-44 ~-DATE PUBL IStiED ------- 70 U8JECT ARE AS--PHYSICS ~XZPIC TAG,S--NUCLEAR MODEL, dEFORMEO NUCLEUS, NUCLEAR ENEPGY LEVELP NUCLF-DN INTERACT ION PHONON CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ..,:00KUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED .'~~PROXY REEL/FRAME--1991/1051 STEP NO--UR/0367/7,11;)ll/003/0537/0544 4.CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0110741 UNCLASS IF IED___ - ----- ------ ~.'.:~212 015 UNCLASSIFIEb~ PROCESSING DATE-16OCT70 ~CIRC ACrESSION NO-AP0110741 'ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. 'THE CONSEQUEACES OF LXCLUSION OF THE -ZERO ENERGY "SPURIONS" STATE IN THE TOTAL SET OF EQUATIONS FOR THE THEORY OF FINITE FERMI SYSTEMS ARE STUDIED* THE RESULTS ARE VALID FOR BOTH SPHERICAL AND DEFUREMO NUCLEI. CALCNS. A 14 1 SHO;'a THAT SPHERIC L UCLE ---,t:-WITH THE OEVELOPED PAIRING MUST CONTAIN OPOSITIVE LEVELS WITH AN ENEII.GY -_NEAR 2 DELTA AND WITH A REDUCED PROBABILITY OF EG TRANSITIONS INTO THE GROUND STATE B(EO) IS SMALLER THAN I (IN 1 PARTICLE UNITS), ONLY I .'PHONON LEVELS ARE INVESTIGATED SINCE THri_'SE LEVELS CAN NUT BE REFERRED To THE KNOWN 112 PHONON" OPOSITIVE LEVELS.: THE RELATIVE CONTKIBUTION QF THE ~EFFECTIVE PARTICLE HOLE AND PARTICLE PARTICL8 114IF-RACTION RESPONSLELE R -.FOR.-THE APPEARANCE OF THESE LEVELS IS CONSIDERFO.- THE CALCU. LEVELS BE EXCITED IN REACTIONS WITH Z:N TkANSFEk,S BUT THL PROBABILITY OF ..~.-EXCITATION WILL BE DIFFERENT,, S 'INCE, IN THESE REACTIONS, THE 3'_~..UINOCULATED" EXTERNAL FIELD DIFFERS FROM:ITHE ONE USEVIN THE CALCNS. FACI LI TY: FIZ. ENERG. INST., MOSCOWp USSR* loop, U3 3 R HI)CE-V KNEIM (Institute of Phy8icr and Power En~jLneering) "Low-Lyins 'One-Phonon' G+ Levels in Spherical Nuclei". Noscow, Journal of Nuclear Physics; 141arch 1970~, VP 53T-14 "on ABSTRACT: The corsequences of eXcluding, the zero-enfrr nzrioistf si-ate in the total set of equations for the theory, of finite Fai?itL "Theox-jr of Finite Fermi System;s and Propel-bies ol' INkaloi". 196,-:) are discussed. Direct calculations show that~ rm~erical nuo).,A iitLth develoo.,-rl pz-dr- inn, rast contain 0' levels irith ener,,jy near 2A and with a proba ~i! ity of EO-transitions into the grotind stite D(EO),-