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December 31, 1967
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U SSR UDC 541-49-547,354.9'131;547-11 PETROSYAN, V. S. 3 BASHILOV., V. V, ~ and. REUTO ._0__A._,._Moscow State University imeni M. V. Lomonosov, Moscow "A Complex of Trans-/3-Chlorvinylme Ircury Chloride and flexamethyl- triamidophosphate" Moscow, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Khimicheskaya, No 2, 1973, P 481 Abstract: The addition of 0-489 9 Of Ilexamt,,thyl-ti-iatnidophospliate (fIMTAP),, in 1.5 ml petroleum ether, to 0-807 g of trans-,B-chlor- vinylmercury chloride (CVMC) (1 ml petroleum ether) -- 1:1 molar ratio -- results in the formation of white crystals which, arter washing with 3 ml hexane and filtration, al'o obtained in a 1 .2 g (100%) yield, and have a m.p. of 4.5-460- According to analytical data and MIR spectAra tile Complex has the followin,.., composition: C2If2fIgCl 2# L (ci I3)2N]3 PO. The complex is h~','-'hly solv.1ble in IDITAP, DIMS01 and dioxane. Proton shifts indicate that in solution the com- plexes dissociate into the coniponents.~ Analogous conclusions were previously reached with CWIC-pyridine complexes in ether and RMSO. 43 Organbmetallid, COMPoi undo USSR UDC 547.242+542.957 MIM-SHINA, V. V-t MSMEYANOV, N. A., and REUTOVI 0. A., Academician, Moscow State University imani M. V, Lomonosov *Reactions of Arsonium Salts With Organolithivn Compounds" Moscow, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Vol 205, No )p 1972, pp 596-598 Abst=tt In reactions of arsonium salts with organolithium compounds, the initial arsonium salt alkylates the ylide and is regeneratod upon completion of the reaction. Heating decomposes the ylide. A 50% to 100 e1ccess of C6H5CH2Li reacted with (C6H )Os Br in tetrahydrofuron to yield diphenyl- 5 methanel 1$2-diphenylethanel diphenyll triphenyla-raine (80%)l and benzene. an excess of methyllithium with tetraphenylarsonium "DwomIde yields D,.ethalie, trizethylarsine, dimethylphenylarsine# methyldiphenyjarsiw , trlphenylaxsino as well as diphany1methanel 1#2-diphanylethanej, diphenyl, and benzene. Butyllithium heated with benzy1triphanylaxeonium Iodide yields triphenylarsIne, trww-stilbene, diphonyl, diphenylzetbaneo lp2-dlphenylethanas butydiphenyl- arsinep and dibutylphenylaraine. Thuso unliko an&logous phosphorus coz- Poundst compoundu of pentacovalent arsenic do~not decompose into hydrocarbon v4 y1lde. gs. t= I 00 50 ' tp CL m It 0 ~17 ~f ~ M ul R. UDC L-'tate Ulliv':-'r'-dA-Y MIC-3YANVI N. A. BER Mli~ S. T. and imeni H. V. Lom". onov "Heaetion of Phozphorw Yllds with Perfluorobenzeno" Moscow, Izvestiya Akademii Hauk SSSR9 Seriya YO 3, 1972, pp 605-606 Abatracti Parfluoroborizeno Is kno" to loae cne of tht fluorl,.rv vtor,'; dialn,- nucleophilic attack. Five coinpounds v-era praparads chmAcal nqu-11timm; zinia HR data axo pm3ented for zovonal of the empounds. All. the x~~actions w';lm Carried out. in anhyxim- is solventh in an at,*4oap*, a",% of d-ri, playa ultz-ogen. For 'It zf the nn-- data, a iimrking f.-equency of 60 lffli a-vicla C? 3~010 woro m;td. Triphenylphosphincl--n-tefluorophonylnethylene (1'.U) was pr*pe-ned as fcAlmst R USSP UDC 542.919547,2A 15' -539J6 41 hTSMMOv A et al. Isvestiya Akaden, U N&ult S,03$rf, Sorlya Xhinich* Wkuyu No 3p 1972, pp 605-606 From (III), 2,3,4,5,6-r,--ntafluorobc-ii-,.yltrip!~;anylphospl-.,4ir4.t,-t"Lod--d~ v-aG prepared; -= data gave S, m,d,i 58-5 (Multiplet), 72.7 (".-riplet) Laid 82.2 (nultiplet). Compurd (1VA), synthesized fton (TT tjy the X-jaCtion RA RICHO C=C + (Capls)3po c~r~ where RI P *)2.96 Thore are tbrea p3aks (WiZ)o a.d.e 66.0 (iaultiplot), 78.5 (triplet), 86.2 (nultiplat). Cotpound (IVB), stilbene u-a3 propAxytd vubig a-a ojialcgous reactlo~,i for which 11' 'P CIC 111.1 The =r chan, cteristics vare sirAlarp W, th the triplot Wxlffing to 79.2 the formar multit) ots to 66.2 and. tha latter r.- rz-inijig 2. CO-J.Dun M. tit kS. T- a by the reaction 2/3 3o 19 7;,* Pp 605-606' lz"Sti3la Akr~ond_j G., ITS (CcIrz)JP :-r c[ cl 115 V 9F har. 50-3, anel, USSR wo 547.4.Wt4i,547.435,14i CUDKOVA, A. S. s and MIR 0SYM, I. V., Moscow State University imeni M. V. Lomonosov allydrobromideS of 2-Brozo-1-Amino-2-Metaylpropane and I-Amino-2-Methylpropanol-211 Xos=wp Izvestiya Akad. Hauk SSBR, Seriya Mmicheskaya, No 10 Jan 72j P 213 J. Abstract, (letter to aditor)t The writers claim to bame obtained the hYdrobromide of 2-bxomo-l-amUo-2-mothylpropwle by seveval methods, heatIng of I-amino-2-mothylpropanol-2 In a.aealed ampoule with 4,8%-HBR at 70-Woo and substitution of the hydroxyl in the hydrobromide of I-amino-2- xethyl-propanol-2 by bromine with the helplof PBr,, in vaxiouz~solventsj also without a solvent# or with SOBr,, in CHOI A 76 - USSR UDC r4?#484.34 A. L. MASUS A. j BEIMRAYA t I aPO iud REMVO 0. A., *Reactivity of Ambident Anions. Selective Solvation of Acetoacetle Ester Aldon in Alkylation Reactionall Leningradl Zhurnal, Organicheskoy XhUdit Vol 7P NO 11P Nov 71, pp 223,1-2236 Abstracts Kinetics of the O-alkylation arA C-alkylation of potassium enolate Of the acatoacetic ester with ethyltosylate in a bina--y aircture hexamethyl- phosphotriamide-ethanol was stuiied., It was established that the reaction rate Of both of these reactions Increases with increasing quantity of the dipolax aprotonic solvent in the mixture. It has been ehown that when P. change is made from alcohol to hexamethylphosphotdaidde f-hexametapoI7, the 0-alkylation rate in increase(I 400-fold, while the C-alkylation in increased only about 254old, This is due to the selective solvation of -the oxygen center of the anion, with the proton contaiai%- solvent. Substituting deuteroothanol for ethmml is reflected only in overall reaction rate# the ratio of izozers rezaining unchanged. UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 TITLE-INSTANCE OF PROTON ELIMINATION FROM A HOMOMERCURINJUM ION -U- AUTHOR-103)-SOKOLQV* V.I., BASHILOV, V.V.t REUTOV, O.A. -j~,CQNTRY OF INFC-USSR ,.SOURCE-ZH. ORG. KHIM. 19701 6(4)v 883-4 DATE PUBLISHED----70 A R EA SC HI S T R Y ~:TGPIC TAGS-NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE# SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSIS, BENZENE CYCLOPROPANEr ORGANOMeRCURY COMPOUND, FLUORINATED ORGANIC ChEMICAL REACTION MECHANISM, CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS CC-NTRCL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED 'PROXY REEL/FRAME-2000/2160 STEP NO--UR/0366/70/0(i~l)/00(i/0863/088tt cl-kc:' AccEssicN NIO--AP0125743 UNCLASSIFIED 212 0 2t, U-14C L AS S I F I ED PkbtEssING DAT,--30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSICN NO--,AP0125743 ,-.A-8STRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE TREATMENT 13F lil,01PHENYLCYCLOPROPANE ~il-TH !F SUB3 CGO -SUB2) SUE12 HG IN E ' CAVE H 14, CN 1 p ,__~.~SUBZ C:CHCH SUES2 HGO SU82 CGF SUBj 11) 4DENTIFIEU 6-Y NN11, SPECTROSCOPY, -SS 10DIlib GA*,,E PH SU 2 C:CHCH BUT NOT- ISOLATED* TREATMENT OF I WITH EXCE 8 - SU82 1. THE MECHA-1-11ISM OF I FORIKATION INVOLVES THE r:LImlNATIoN OF A PROTCN- FROM THE INTERMEDIATE "HU-1.0MERCURINIUM" [ON. J..14 013 UNCL AS S If I ED P,,'0CFSS1NG 9ATL_--ZG-N0V70 TITLE-kAGik,AL EXCHAW6C R6AGTIONS BETWEEN U!--,AN0PfivKC.URY CVjv'ipu'jfzs -u- ALTIJUk-1041-BELETSKAYA, L.P., BUTIUP K.Pl.t SHISHKINt V.t'%,.p REUTOV, O.A. CCUNTRY CF INFO--USSR SOURCE--J. uR6ANOMETAL. CHEM. 1970, 23(Ij, 3L-9. a.4 T EPUBL ISHED---70 AREAS-CHEMISTRY TOPIC TAGS-~-EXCHANGE REACTION, ORGANOMERCURY COINPOUNOt. NITk ILE, .~'.~-~CHLORINATED ORGANIC CUIMPOUND, CHEMICAL REACTION-RATE MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ~~,DGCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY kEEL/fRAME--2000/2112 STEP J--AP01'56c;6 C:f R CACCES-51LN NL Z/2 013 LJ PKOCESSING UATE--20NOV70 :CIRC ACCESSICN NG--APOIZ5696 -~AaSTRACT/EX'fRA(;T--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT REACYlONS U-1: PH SJ132 f-'- R SUB2 I.C ItiHEqE R EQUAI-S C%, CCL SUB3, C TRIPLE 60NO CPj I fl IT fSTUDIED 'L~P 'AVE PhHGR, Sl-Cl*lN!) OIUE~~ KIN1:1*1CS. BY A PL ~, NCGRAPHIC METhLO) 0 , ADON. ~GF 16LIDIE HAS Nt--l;LlGI0,Lli EFFECT GN TH E 4HEN p Rep-S. EQUALIS CFfLf-'C S632 ETO CIF ;Uri2 Ci.) SU.I-,.? ET, (-Ji !IU32 'Cil.) sud.? "ME, OF PHCH SUtS 2THE vlE~CTION OF ll~ 14G DOGS NGT~OCGUR. P 0m I:- H SU32 HG WJ[Tli R SW32 GROUPS 1~,4 Tl-E 0 -1PHENYLMERCURY INCREASE THE. REACTION RATFS. THE RESULfS 06TAINED ARE DISCUSSED IN TERMS OF AN S SUBE ~ 2 I'AFC4i.AWSM. FACILITY: DEP. CHEM*, MOSCOti STATE UNIV., 1465COW, USSR. UN L L AS S I F A E 0 Immo L I e! Q14 14INC L A 5 S'l F I ED PkCCESSING DATE-13NO1170 I N s U.31 BE N ZY L ~IERXURY TlTL~--Pl-!!TG?IC E`XCHANGE uF HYDPO~;E'o ST I TUTEZ CPLORIDI-S -U- AUTHOR-(,);) -13U,`%IOEL, YLJ.G., RUZEN-3ERG, V.I., REVT0Vv 01 . A. COUNTRY Or' INFO--USSR Jt, AKAD. NAUK SSSR, SER. :~;H i fi. 1971), (zt) 918-20 DATE PUOLISHEO ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--CHEIMISTRyt NUCLEAR SCIENCE- AND TECHNGLGGY TOP I CTAGS--lSOTOPE EXCHANGE, HYORUJG~N, 811~KZENE DERIV,~TIVEi ORGANIMERCURY COMPOUND, JEUTERIlP.1 CO.MPOIUNOI CMljdrATE B 0 N 1) SYSTEM ~"CONTRCL MARKiNG--NO RESTRICTIONS '~UOCU' *CLASSIFIED M EN, T. CLASS777UN -,-,;P ROXt': R-E ELI FR A M Eo*__-.3 00 610 11, -.;STEP7NO -~UR 0 0 6 27 0fi 00 1 0 NO--APOt34723 41CFSSIG, li C L A S S I f- I V-.' 0 014 LASS I F*1 ED PRGCESSftiG i);,rE--13N0V70 C I ~" C AE S S I 't 1 NA P 0 13 2 3 ABSTlArlT/GXTRAlCT--(U) GP-0- AbSTRACT. Hji) FXCHANGF WaS REP-3~.Ti~i.) FOR ARCH li'G(,L (TENIP. liq PAREN'THESES). 04ND JCL li',j ii)[OXANE (RATE sue I CU~14STS, SHOle,'N AS K TIMES 10 PRI14E2, pw4 PRIMF NEGATIvEL)* PH 1.4 1120t.3E,-,RFES)t 0.4 (100,0LGREES); Gy'-,EC SU36 H SUB4 I MJ0DL-'6Pf--ES); PjlMEC SUB6 H SU34 0.68 fl(;00Z_G.~~EES); "ItMEC SUB6 11 SUB4 LID SU82 C SUB,']) H SUB3 1.'31 (20f;EGRECS); 276,1-1c- SUB2 c surib H sub3, 0.5 2 0 D F:1-7,~ EFS) ; Ar,,*D 2,4,5,14E SUB3 C. -SUB6 H S052 0.6 (1200EGREES). THF EFFECT OF SUBSTITUENTS LIN THE RATE GF EM-ANGE ~iAS CORrItELATED WITH THE EIFF-ECT C14 THE .,-\-ATE ,3i' L)~M'ETAALATIW,110. THIS INDICATi:0 i' S1,MILARiry (4 'E NT ER BETviEE",; THESE REACrIGNS ioitCH INCLUDE A Ti~ANSFER GF THE ~EAI~Tlljti C THLE A0,JACUiT C AFON, [NT,~-_l THE AROMAT IC iifl,ilv. til) EXCHAf,.lGE IN THE 2t~i(3jT,~l.r.1i:T)tYLBENZ'Y'L oiEMBERt SHG*,r,iN, A30VE% PRG8ABLY F'LLO~"ls A THOSE C& THE OTHER ANALOGS A140 TH- EXrHA','CF_ MCCHAiNIS4 DIFFI~RENT FROI%l I- OCC~JkS AT T14E M PGSII`U~N ~~ELATLV_c` TO THC liG.GR0UPPv:f',j INUEdt'N't)'C'MILY OF AaY COAJUGATIGN EFFECT IN THE C,11G 801'401 VHICH DOES TAK~i PAPT IN THE REACTIO,"I OF OTHER MEMBERS OF THE CLASS. FACILITY: MOSK. roS. UINIV. IM. LOMONOSOVA, MOSCOW,: USSR. UNCLASS IF I ED. U~%CLASSI F~Ef? PROCESSING DAY!:--13NOV70 I I TL E-uE T F:-11 'I IAT ION OF T Filtz A i-4GLE S 0 F kOTA H ~C;N OF r.!PTICALLY RUikL 2ttl4Lf,~~-HEXP-NES -U- AUTHOR - (0 3 -U-3LOVA E. V Kfik 0MOV V. N.., REUTOV, O.A. -C L N IUNTRY OF I' FO--USSR L---ZH. ORG. KHIM. 6(4)t 655-1 (RUSS) SOURCE 1970y DATE PUBL I-SHED ------- 70 .-SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY .'--TOPIC TAGS--HALOGENATED ORGANIC COMPOUNDt, HEXANE, CALC'ULA110ml OFTIC -PROPERTY, 9RGANIC SULFUR COMPOW10 MARKING--NO RESTaICTIOINS "LAS'IFIED WCUMEiNIT CLASS--UNf, 'PROXY REEL/FRAME-2000/2041 STE P NO--UR /0366 701/ 006 /01")14 /0,(j 5/00 5 7 CIPC ACCFSSION NO--AP0125629 J',C L AF, I F I C- 1) f 12/2 016 UNCLASSIFIED' PRIXFSSING DATE-11NOV70 CIRC ACCESSION NO-A130125629 'ACT I;"-,,,-.:ABSTRACT/ EXTK --(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE STEREOSPECIFIC REACTIONS M E T HOD I i G; F F N ANN't 19,5 It) WA S U S E D TO CALC,. THE'- MAX. OPTICAL ROTATION ANGLES (SHOWN ON MICROFICHE). THE REACT10NIS 01: 1 WITH ETSNA GAVE i%,IE3UCHSET (11) v;ITH INVIERSION. THE CALCD. 1ALPHA),PRIME20 SUBOMAX. OF 11 IS 17.80EGPEES. THESE DATA DIFFER' CONSIDERABLY FROM THE REPORTED (ALPHA) SUOD PRIMET VALUES. UNCLASS IFIED 7-1/2* Oll UNCLASSIFIED: PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 .3,ITLE-cEHYDRATION OF CYCLOPENTANECAR81NOLilp PRIML13 'C --U- AUTHOR-1051-LGVTSOVA, A.N., REUTOV#.O.A.t LIPPAAA, E.v 13EHK, T., SHATKINAo --T;N RY OF INFO--USSR ~U T -__.SWRCE-IZV. AKA0_ NAUK SSSR, SER. KHIM. 1970v (3)t 726 ~-_-VATIE PUBLISHED---70 :,.SUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY TOPIC TAGS-DEHYDRATION, CYCLOPENTANEt CARBON ISOTOPE* NETHYLENEs CYCLOHEXENE, CHEMICAL REACTION MECHANISM "~_CIUNTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS DGCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIEO STEP NO--UR/0062/10/(JGO/00;1072614,.,].Z"~-6 ,.PROXY REEL/FRAME-1999/1885. CIRC ACCESSICN NO--AP0123673 UNIC L A 'S S I F I E 0 PROCE ~2/2 Oil UNCLA$S[FIEO CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP0123673 ,-A8STRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-Q- ABSTRACT. DEHYDRATION OF TAGGED WITH PRIME13 G AT THE METHYLENE GROUP, BY HEA NG rfJ 3405EGR'.. WITH H SUB3 60 SUB3, GAVE MIXED OLEFINS CJNTG. 70PkKC'1*"KT Cl~~LO~1~--AXE tv. f- 14PERCENIT ItHETHYLCYCLOPENTENE, 12PERCEUT METHYLENE 4PERCENT UNIGENTIFIED MATERIAL. THE CYCLOHEXENE COMPUNIENT LARRIED fHE TAGGEO ATGM TO THE EXTENT OF 8PERCENT IN THE 4# AND 'IED: CYCLOHEXEINE IS THAT THE INLTIALLY FORi ISOMERIZED To SomE 3075PERCENT. THE DE14YDRATION MECHANISM,IS DISCUSSED. FACILLTY: -INST ELEMENTOORG. SOEDIN., 140SCOW# USSR.: UINIC L A SI F I E 0 1/2 012 UNCLASSIFIED: PROCESSING DATF-30OCT70 TITLE-NUCLEOPHILIC REARRANGEMENT WITH lr2rMlCrRATlGN Of CHLORINE DURING IHE OF-AMINATICN OF 2,CHLORGETHYLAMINE -U- .:.AljTfi0R-(03J-REUTClV9 O.A.r SMOLINAt T.A.v POLEVAYAv O.YU. '.CCUNTRY G FINFO--USSR -.:SGURCE -DOKL. AKAD. NAUX SSSR L970, 191(2), 366-8 (CHEMI -70 PUBLISHED -SUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY TOPIC TAGS-CHLORIN4TED ORGANIC COMPOUND, CHEMIC4L REACTION MECHANISM, ~'.'CCNTROL MARKING-ND PESTRICTICINS CLASS-UNCLASSIFIC-0 ..PROXY.RLELIFRAME-200010700 AMINE, CARBON 13.)TOPEr THIONYL STEP NO--UR/0020/70/ti9l/UDZ/0366/0368 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AT0124312 UNCLASSIFIED .212 012 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESS INIG DATE--30OCT70 ACtESSIGN NQ-AT012,~-372 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-O- ABSTRACT. DEAMINATION OF 2tCHLOROETHYLAMINEtit PRIME14 C IN HCL AT ODEGREES WITH I AOLE NANO SUB2 WAS FOLLOWED BY RADIOTRACING OF THE PRODUCTS FORMED naom THE AMINE P'REPOsEITHER VIA N PRIME14 CCH SUB2 CH TREATMENT WITH LIALH SUB4, OR IWTH PCL SUB5. THE 1ST METHOD RESULTED IN SOME 3-4PERCENr MORE REARRANGED PRODUCT IN THE DEAMINATION REACTION THAN FOUND IN THE ,.~..aPRODUCTS FROM THE 2ND METHOD OF SYNTHESIS. IT WAS SHOWN THAT CONVERSION -~~.-.OF HOCH SUB2 CH SUB2 NH SUB2 WITH SOCL SV32 TO CICH $U82 CH SU32 NH SUB2 IN 9PERCENT-MIGRATION.OF THE NH SUB2 GROUPt $0 THAT THE PRIME14 :C,.TAG-APPEARS TO THAT EXTENT IN THE.POSITION ADJACENT TO THE CL ATOM, -TWO-ALTERNATE GENERAL SCHEMES OF REA CT10h: WERE SUGGE$TED. HOSK. GOS. UNIV. IM* LOMONOSOVA# MOSCOW# USSR., 1/2 013 UNCLASSIFIEO PROCES5"NG DATE-201NOV70 EFFECTS OF PMR SPECTRA OF METHYL DERIVATIVES OF S!LICOrq, 'GERMANLUIA, TIN, LEA09 AND MERCURV -U- Uj' ZV-s- C . A .VOY hK I NA..S. ALTH0R-(03)-PETRGSYANt V.S.v itE ~CCUNTRY CF INFG--USSR -SOURCE-Zh. ORG. KHIM. 19700 6(5), SB9-93 ~-'DATE PU8L I Sh.E 1)------70 ~SLBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY :'TC-PIC TAGS-SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSIS, PROTON MAGNETIC RE$0NANCE, OPGANIC. -SOLVENT9 ORGANOTIN-UNPOUND, ORGANOCER14ANIUM COMPOUND ORGANOSLLICON r COMPG-UNDt ORGANOLEAD Ws' IPOUNDr ORGANOMERCURY COMPOUND AAPKIiX--NO FESTUCTIONS 00-UME"IT CL/iSS--UNCLASSIFILD ~.PROXY KEEL/FRAH-E-3002/0421 STEP CIAC ACCESSICN NG-AP0127992 '212 013 UNCL ASS I F I ED ROCESSING DA-E-201NOV70 ~CIRC ACCESSICIN N03--APOL27992 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. V iP.,R S P E C T R, A W Z:E03'L S [AINED OF I SUa4, GEVE SUB4, SLN'~'& ~U,34, At,~D HGME SU82 IN ET SUB2 Cl 0111~~"':T-ii-jx'eE'lclAI4,~:1 r PYRIDINE, UICXANEir H&C'NiME SUG2 A~_ETGNE, P0(NHF SUB"-) SUB3, LYC!_0HE,(ANE_j CCL SUb41 '_HCL SUC3, CH SU82 CL S; 'B2, THIOPHEINIE, IME :;j"JB2 SO SUB2, YETRAi-ETF-YLi--T,iYLENEDIAM[IN~-~, ET SU62 St PET SUb3t OR NET SUB3. TFL- CHEM. SIHIFTS OF ME GRUUP PROTONS COULD NOT BE r-ORRELATED WITH THE SULVATING ABILITY OF THESE SOLVENTS~ HOWEVER,,A C(J&'l__'ELATIGN WAS FOUND BETV&EN THE SPIN SPIN CONSTS. OF METAL ME GROUP PROTONS INTERACTIGNS AND THE ELECTKON. DONOR PPOPERT(ES OF THE SOLVENTS. -FACILITY: MOSK. GGS. UNIV. 1M. LUMONOSOVA MOSCOW, USSR. W-CLASSIFIED.. Acc. Nr; Abstracting Service: Ref.:Code: S- 00053769- CHMICAL ABST'. U .3 7 OZb Possible "thesis of iscimeric methylcyclobezyt r -hl.',id8es and bromides from the carresponding.methy1cyclo- heianols under the influence of phosphorus pentahalides and hydrohalic acids. Bundel,Yu.G.; Yuldashev A.M.-, =Q~fUSSR). Zh. Urg. Rhm~. 1970, Uss). 'I he action of PC15 on cis-2-mOhylcyclohexanol (cis-1) gave a: mixt. of products contg. 1-chloro~l-medlylqc1oh,exane, the cis and trans isomers of 1-chlora-2-methylcyclohexane 01), and a- chloroethylcyclopentane~ (111),, trans-1 jave. with PC15 *4 and M only. cii-I or Imns-1 analoi %Yith Ppks gave different product distribution, including 1-fiiethylcycloh,ex-l-enes- I' Ct's or: Irani 3--Methylcyclohexanols or, 4-inethylcyclobexanols gave, only isomeric methy1cyclobexyl halides and no cyclopentane derivs. The reactions of 4-methylcyclohexanals proceed 80-90% with inversion of configuratiod. The action ~ of concd. HCI or HBr on the above - methylcyclohexanois gave complex nlixts. from which cis- and lranx-2-inethylcyclohexyl, chlorides were sepd. by gas chromatog. CPJR ,0 q REEL/FRME 19830832 Acc. Nr: Abstracting Service: CHEMICAL ABST. kef CL)de: Ro3 4,1. r 8,956 Rearrangement of c' bonium ions during the de~ am nat~s ion of some primary alk0amines. By V . 11, IU( ~l V Q, 'Levina., 1. Vu.; Rg-,tta~:_0. A. U-SSR). zi:T',77"him. 19""' 70 6(1'), 3-5 fRuss'----T5-O-ffiY i e.J), I-anirio-2--niethylblitane (11), and 1-aniino-2-tthv butane (111) were deanihiated it 0' 'If ITC104 S0111- The product distribution (ia vol. dev]. by gas chrornatug. was as follows: I -P 24.5 i3o-BuQH + 22.5 sec BuOH -;- 53 teri,3tuon; 11 - 1-1.5 2-jneth-'Obutanol + 8.5,'-1- pentanoi + 6.5 .3-pentan6l + 72 2-methyl-2-hutanol; III 12 2-ethylbutanol - 3-hexanol + 3-methyl-3-pentanol. The isoinerizations involve not only the migration of Ir-, but also -rence Me and Rt group migrations. Et group migrates in prefL to Me group steric factorq and relativ,- stability of the transition carboniujn ions., CPJR REEL/FRAME no" uDK 616.71b-001.3i616-001.32 3UFX SPECUL MICEMS IN THE TREAWMIT CF F&A-MRS5 WJFUD WITH 14MG PUSSAS C3 TiM AMCIRD EXTR-I= P. A. P.-Ut"V, 130=nt' Licul-ColonAl, H---dical ~~rvicq 3-!w--ra cloned Ijtjurins to the oxtrf~itii-j rosultimE fm-.7 protracted cumweinion, =d thn chxnotor~ntiz clij'Acal 511-tuAton of traunatio tovatu--iu due to !m,% have- dezz.-lb;d 17 numolvus rrrrozrclor~ (A. Ya. lVil,; 1~. N, *-;t1==*,y1 llj,47j; L. 1, Su::in, 11),~?j R. L. Uln-burg. 1963: itywatcrD ard 1-#i, and wjorj). In Ant of rrotract9d cormr-vrjon or an extrevity. tovidex e.~-iee to tlvun, tx3no fractures ire alno not*d in t0 percent of the caneo. konL: all fvnaz; of injuries to the extmmttlos, =b1n^d rractur.a of bomes am tht mzt =vv,,r4 ,non zad, CrGm the 5ta-,dpotnt of troalav,.-nt. 11,~Y haVo not bc~n svSticiahtly etudiod. 1n crdir to analyze the.dvtallad pr~rrv2a or rracturov in the pronance -~ wnt!nued co:.Trozzicn, And to anrc=s th~ chmn-or of raring t~e cxtr("41ty In quertion in ruch ca--cs. we set up seven aeries of oxro riftenta (the first two boinr control cA~aal on % mnCml dzg3. ) lcr, The nethaduior weiching from & to 2A - _r, or_tM exporip"ts- =or--irt6d of tho fall'ouing.- Etf~rc the oxporimiltu t-fmn. the dog,; ver, riv;'n in3notiviin or nonhinv Vydrachlorldr.m tho 1=--!s or 0.5 to I nill~- liter of i percent zolct-ton rir kilorx.-,s or va1F-,hb or the AttA,.r )a W 40 minutzqj th" dorl* 10 was rub,4ectcd to aort!rvouz cov3proualon in a oliaci-al pre.9j, vith tht, i;imultarrouz, 1-z~akir-g of t", cuvh,j,aiz or the Mp lvnn. On the bacia of e=a ava*~aWl;j Ln litorutwe CV* A. 1'oly4;kQV -)t alt 1,450; 1. U. Xrwt, ioD?. ate.). we rithurcd that in crd~r to vbt,~In a T-runrjuncod tratvatit: to~xi,=T!z !m a U tn nocogr-Ary to coupro-te, thm uort ti3.iuv or a sinsin hA4, witla & force of from $00 to AZOO for a &ratiza of fria v w 11 hours. $~v, have acrordlairly cv-n~.trntoi a prorn. wItIn "vW jeftra", erablir us to carry out a clo:iod friatmn~ and a roazured hip c-oz-7 prosvion witn a forcq vf !r~.-. ",~)O 44 I.DQ kilorr=z ovtr xi a. % oj from :100 to 250 crj'. ~`ho durnticn of thti cyirrranlon In vaih sartea of eaparimonti was from 4 to 14 hours. Di.rinj; the period of aomprc~nlvzm of thi cxtr=lty, th, ar.Lial:. dovoloped. a tharacter-1,Mc Aft~r th~ Aaa rrnovvd, thorn t4~rn pranounc~i renrrai ani local n%niSartati=8 of tho nyndroze of continued crmshinr. The anizAAs IvexTe nlugrish, :;howd little mbDay, a'd doclinod food, Arlar 2 to 4 hour: tolloinr the decorTrovalon. the damaiod extreznity dev~lopod cct;nidnrabl~ od~=a, which machod Its maxinum during thA vocond 24 hour:;. The hip m.*.Awhile to I to 4 ti:io3 itz cri~ljnaj ziroo and the tinuo Wcame dense zdid taut. The skin thgwod pink, b1to and white rpots. rlvire. it z n*Lrblaitmi AMoaranco. TVA sensitivity of the akin war reduced k weakening and. often, a total ablunto or arterial palac could be oLe,`ed. A broak in tho hip bona could be osWAIslik.,d both clinically wid rad1v1..-ic*.Uy, with d1uplacakeont of bano frafmonts. In the cuzcory, room whore the exporinexital aninala utm take,%. tho principal ontt-shock measures were taan% an tncloasd zmcaine blockare of the prox1ral rector at the d=mavd oxtr~ wu 4dmMista"d: a old W40 appliod to the b1p, and t1ore WAS intravenous Introduction cC r j-96o5 Z6 polyr,lucine. piqnlolok~lcal callne solution. ,~-p.rcant solution or Clucaua, )-percent solution if bjcarbon~te of sc(tt, etc. iAStar 6 W 12 hourr, when, the condition iul the Wmall i=provsd and there VA5 a P.rralizatlon of ito, hamodynrinle int"ators, xv--gary vas carried out under ano3the:0.a, usbir, other or nodium thlopointal. To reduce the edema and titsuc tension. the skin and the %~nvimsiti of the hip more cootivned vith strip int!ziono. Tho5a nectionn of the xu:;clo which were plAirily non-viabloo were recoved: the hcrat~a aud free bits of hinot frj=nt. rA-t c--.zoctaJ with soft tirmic. more llkvwlio r=cved. iv!itl, the oj~l of 'Intrae-iiaUlar introduction at a Witall zLarl., firm vstc=-yuthOClG W= Parromed - = far Aq t:v2nikda - tt-lng -~,G remaininG rrar7.ont, or the hip. The wound mus extensively v.%shqd -with p)0--iolor.1cal solution. its eaces wore Doakod with a zolutlon of nvvucalno nnd ant!blatlop % , P-.niclulz# .100,000 J.u., ztroq,tcTrr~, 500.000 i.u.), and tl:c apomt1cm V--Z compLAe-1 Iq dral#qA!,: iha =Una and zuturing the skin. To studf the pariod, rftquirad for ton--lidation cLf the fraiatAus. I-rays moire rado periodica.117. wld-lo aft~-r the anIzZWO death or the end or the ex-porinentr tinsue frm the rc~4xt of pil"=v =2 SUbjeated to hizia3zelcal invoutieation. The results of t~e trestrent of hip fracturou embinoW with lengLhv corprovrion, In all of the series or then# experiments. are ehom in the table below. :L C orp'lic ations and cutcone Gerdes Duration :w-iber consol!jlae, of of hip tjcn ar arl- W rP comro!i- of Anivals fract%L re Monts ioll. 1=. Fr=ture WithoaLl 5 Z 1.51 ccrprosclon 4 rx (Whout t ~ 6 - 6 3 ruat=sst 111 4 6 10 6 14 - to - 3-3-5 IV 6 6 10 2 6 2 8 - 3-4 1 v a 10 10 2 a 4 5 1 4. 5 vi to 12 9 - 9 5 3 VII 12 - 14 6 6 5 -e-rv ce. Gode: Acc bir: t IP0046208 .-CHIEMICAL ABST. 5"-70 &1F 00 1/2 029 UNCLASSIFIED' PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 TITLE--PREPARATION OF SA14PLES FROM LARGE OBJECTS FOa ELECTRON MICROSCOPIC STUDIES -U- AUTHOR--REUTOV, V.F. C OUNT R Y OF INFO--USSR bd:- SOURCE--ZAVOO. LAB. 1970, 36(3)t 304-5 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 S OBJECT AREAS--MATERIALSF MECII#t INO., CIVIL AND MARINE ENGR TOPIC TAGS--ELECTRON MICROSCOPY, STAINLESS STEFLv METAL ELECTROLYTIC POLISHINuit. METAL TUBE, METALLOGRAPHY/(U)K~116,1415~13iI STAINLESS STEEL, (U)OKH18NlOT STAINLESS STEEL. CUNTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS :00CUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIEO -PROXY REEL/FRAME--1996/1886 STEP NO--UR/0032170/036/003/0304/0305 CIRC ACCFSSION NO--AP0118848 UNC04~SIFIEO 21-2 029 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-230C-170 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0118848 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- AGSTRACT. IN THE DESCRIBED APP* ELECTROLYTIC POLISHING AND JET POLISHING ARE DONE SIMULTANEOUSLY. THUS, A DISK OF -MM DIAM. AND 0.05-0.5 M.1-1. THICK CUT FROM THE SPECIMEN f5 FASTENED IN A 3 1 TEFLON HOLDER AND IMME-kSED IN THE ELECTROLYTE. THE PRESSJRE OF THE JET IS SO SLECTED THAT IT COVERS THE ENTIRE :DISK. THE CATHODE IS PLACED NOT IN THE JET AS USUAL BUT IN THE ELECTROLYTE, BY THIS ARRANGEMENT SIMULTANEOUS ELECTROLYTIC AND JET IELECT.ROLYTIC POLISHING ARE OBTAINED. THIS METHOD WAS USED FOR SPECIMENS OF TUBE STEEL 0KH18NIOT AND PLATE STEEL KH16Nt5M3B DESIGNATED FOR MECH. TESTING. THE ELECTROLYTE USED WAS 60PERCENT H SUB2 PO SUB4 PLUS 40PERCEN-r H suBz SO SUB4 AT 70V, C.D. 10A-CM PRIME2, AND TEMP. 70-80DEGREES. 1Ll USSR VBC b69.24:620.187 IBRAMOV, SH. SH., and F. "Electron Microscopic 1 stiaation of iilckel" Inve Sverdlovsk, Fizika 0 Metallov i Metallovedenlye., Voll 29, No 6, un 70, 12"8-3-73 Abstract,: Results are presented of the electron micro.scopic Inveszi~Iation o -44-Yev alpha-particles with =- inte-;ral flov of _J17 nickel irradiated with 42 1~ 3-8-1r alpha-par-ticle/cNiP. After irradiation, the for-Mati of (I' I Cation loans vith a diarzter of 100-1000 R and an average density of 10 0~)Ps/C*11.5 art'- 61), -d on nickel. Heating of the object by an clectron bear, leado to Vi,2. apl, tic C 041, hqliU:,,l poreG, tile "4.-13t appearni,, on the grain lbcrwidarie;~ and. t1f.slocation linf~_Z_ The chifting of gas prores and the growth 00=ected Vith It art-, obooz-,red.. Tue rate of shifting of pores in the prezence of P. tempersture, ~rradient is iiiversely -pro- portional to their radiun. The helium pores interact effectivoly with dislocations and hinder ' eir rovement. T th r1he authors thank, V.. M. Agyranovich and E. YA. -'~or useful advice and remarks in the course of the work azid diicussion of the results. WE 7 Poll AA.0;052GG3- UR 0482 3oviet Inventions Illustrated, Section III Mechanical and General, ;7 Derwent, 244184 T1MB!3,,ROj 'V;G,, ECHANI~jN comprisesa L IL chasdfa and a grab with-a compound pulley for covering the grab. There are also. log grabs for tractors and hoists vhich.are used for rolling timber into water. In order toretain efficiently the bundles of timber durinS;the movement of~the mechanism over uneven surfaces, the movable.blocks (4) of the pulley system areIixed in the lower jaw (2) of the grab,1whilat the end of the rod of the pulley system is fixed on the upper jaw (3) of the grab which is connected to thechassis by a rod (8) regulated according to length. By means of tht compound pullceys of the grab the bundle of ttmber is compressed by theJaws of the mechanism and is retained by them during transportation.! The wehanisn can be coupled to any.hauling tractor. 29-12-67. as 1206439/29-33, LESHKEVICH, A.I. et &I. Timber Ind. Mech- & Energetics Res. & Design tnst. (8.10.69) Bul. 17/14-5.69. Class 81e, Int. :1. B 65g. POW 53. 53. 53. "-M jikr~-MAMJ~ AM052663 Lesbkevich, A.I.; Levitskiy, Ya.,Y,--.; Reutov Yu.M.; 'Baurim-, I.?.; Korolev,; Tsentral'nyv Nauchno-Issl6dovatel'ski-v i Pro tno- Konstruktorskiy Institut MekhanizatsiX i Energetiki Lesnoy Frqmyshleiiii-osti 19821412 USSR UDAC 669471'721-048 P-MVAt G. A., and KUKASIWO, E. YE. "Coq~ositlon and Properties of Salt Baths for Two-layer Processes of Vacuum Distillation!* V. sb. Vakuumn, protesessy v tsvetn. metallurgii (vacuum Processes in Kon- fo%Tous Metallurgy -- Collection of Works)j 4M-Ata, I'Hauka," 19711 PP 144-149 (Trom ReferativnYY Zhurnal kletallurgiya, No 6, Jun ?1, Abstract No 6G158) Translation of Abstracti According to results of tests and calculations, optizuz composition of a "hot" bath was selected and successfully operated for a two-layer process of vacuum distillation for alloys on Al and Mg 'oases. The composition of the fusion recoippaerAed -was CaC1 2 with 15-20% CaF for alloys on a Mg base and a mixture of M,-,Pp CaF , and BaF in a WrM42 raiio for alloys on an Al base. (three illustrationsg 3 bliographic onirles) 3 Acc. Nr: Abstracting Service: /1~34074 CHEMICAL AB ST. o Ref. Code: Satfrat~edvapor- pressure anti entrovies u~ mixivr. tif r 71424p f C:11CIUM chlijride calcium fluoride melts. Lukashtn. ko E, E. Rt-,*O*Se. A- nit. Tsv~i. Near g. Fused N-CIz-CaF2 s)~.-,tejn shotA*~s a pos. devUltion from RaoLdt's law. Satd. vapor jireswre of,the sy!~tem with changcs fr,)t Q W.45 moI6 CaC!I eltangcd, f,-orn 5'. (7 X 10-3 to 1.77 X 10-` wrv. The martial mr-lar entropy of mix- ing for mixts. contiry. 20 in~le 17c CaFj is: for Ca~Cl- 0.91 1 and for CaF: 3.548 cal/niole-degree and far:mi.-its. vorag, 55 mole CaFt: for CaClx 3,088 a6d for CaF, 1.832 cal/nicle-degree. The excess integral Pntrupy of mixing of inefts readies 4-0-q cal/mole-degree. REEL/FRAME i9710 112 015 UNCLASSIFIED 1-ITLE-SATURATED VAPOR PRESSURE AND ENTHALPIES ANU VAPURIZATIGN -U- ~AUTHOR-W2J-LUKASHENKO, E.YE., REUTOVA,,r,.A'a 'CGUNTRY GF INFC--USSR ;GURCE-7F.. FIZ. Kf-IM. 1970r 44(3J9 600~2 I.AFE PU6LISHEC ----- -70 PR06ESSMcr DATE--20NOV70 OF CA'LCilUM (,HLORIDE AREAS--CHEYISTRY, PHYSICS JONC TAGS--ENj'HALPY, CALCIUM' CHLORIDE, SUBLIMAtION, VAPORIZATION, VAPOR. PRESSURE '.CC.NTRCL MAAKiNG-No RESTRICTIONS "DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED OROXY REEL/fRAME-3001/0461 SrEp NG--UR/0076/70/0"t4i/GO3/0600/0602 .~'CIIRC A~CCESSICN NO--AP0126213 UN-CLASSIFIED Z/2 015 UNCLASSIFIED, PROCESSING JArE--Z0N0V7G CIRC ACCESSICN NO--AP0126213 :-AaSTRACTIEXTRACT-M) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE SATO. VAPOR PAESSURE OF S L -EN MEASURED A Tq 7 3 - 12 73 0 E G' E E S 11, ANO LIQ* LACL SU82 HAS BE r" EXPRESSIONS FOR THE DEMP. DEPENDENCE OF THE SATD. VAPOR PRESSURE AS IIELL AS rHE -SUBLIMATKIN WELTAH EQUALS 338.48 KJ-MOLEJ AND EVAPN. (0ELTAH EQUALS 226-43 KJ-MCLE) ENTHALPIES ARE PRESEN-TED,a FACILITY: -.KRA5NUYARSKi INST. TSVET. METAL. IM. KALININA, KRASNOYARiKs USSR. UA NCLASSIFIE0 A __.,a Ace. Nr. AP0032015- Ref. Code; UR 0475 PRMARY SOURCE: Vrachebnoye elos 1970, Nr 1, pp 3.7-JLT SIGNIFICANCE OF HEREDITARY FACTORS IN THE DEVELOPiMENT OF TRANSITORY DISORDERS OFCEREBRAL BLOOD CIRCULATION 0. V. Realo (Zhdanov) it is suggested that hereditary factors play a major part in the development of vascular disorders generally and transitory disturbances of the cerebral blood circula- tion in particular. In hereditarily aggravated patients transitory disturbances of the cerebral blood circulation have as a rule a more severe course and are characterized by marked Nac- tional nervous disorders as cornpared with patients showing no hereditary vascular aggravation. USSR UDC 621,43.011:533;621.5:533 REUTOVICH, L. N., SHATS, V. M., ARIMANOVA, V. T., SKOPINIA, S. N. "Hydrodynamics of Submerged Combustion Equipment (Gas Distribution)" Tr. Leningr. n.-i.' i Drovekt. in"ta osnovn.-khim. prom-sti (Works of the Leningrad Scientific Research and Design Institute of the Basic Chemical Industry), 1972, No. 6, pp 127-132 (from M-Meldianika, No 3, Mar 73, Abstract No 3B423) Translation: Results of studies of the degree of uniformity of the distribution of gas flow in a liquid as a function of the-gas rate, the area of the useful cross section of the gas distribution device, and the depth of its iinmersion in the liquid are presented. Authors' abstract. UDC 681.327.12 USSR VOLOKHOV, V. S., LEY-ISHEVSK1Y, G. A., REUTSKIY I V. Y-. Institute of Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of -Vre-Walhian SS'R flAn Image Conversion Device" Moscow, Otk-.ytiya, Izobreteniya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 12, 1970, AuAL -hor's Certificate No 267213, filed 11 Apr 68, p 125 Abstract: This Author's Certificate introduces a device for image C3 conversion which contains a rotating Dove prism, a Irv transmittinl-, camera, and a band-pass frequency filter module. As a distinguish- ing feature of the patent, the converter is designed to eliminate error in the initial reading of the image apectrur;i redintribution functions and increase the speed by locating the I)ove prism in the hollow rotor of a step-by step motor and connecting the vertical sweep unit of the TV camera through a control circuit to the phases USSR UDC 577.i:615.761:6i2.8-015:6i6-ool.28 SNISAR', I. A., ~, -VA,_At,, ,,Biochemistry and Biophysics Department of Daepropetrovsk University "Synthesis of Acetylcholine in Functionally Different Areas of the Spinal Cord in the Dynamics of Acute Radiation Sickness" Kiev, Ukrains'kiy Bioldiimichniy Zhurnal, Vol 44, IN 4, 1.972, pp 497-499 Abstract- A study was made of the intensity of acetylcholinr_- in Isis mthc , jji morphologically and functionally areas of the lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord of cat$ -- the gray matter of the anterior and lateral horns, the gray matter of the posterior horns and the white matter -- and also in the anterior and posterior cerebrospinal radix at differeL t times after total x-radiation vrith a dosage of 1,200 roentgens. A significant increase in the.intensity of aoctylcholine synthesis in the investigated tissues ic detected during the initial p,,12-iods of acute radia- tion sickness on the 5th and 6th days, and in the terminal staGe (8t", to loth days) its inhibition is 6userved. -IQ UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING DATE--040ECTO TITLE--OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION IN THE SPINAL CORD OF IRRAOIATED ANIMALS _U_ AUTHOR-102)-DVORETSKlYi? A.I.i REVAY A.Do'.1. .COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR < `$OURCE--RADIOBI0L0GIYA 1970, 10(2)v 309-10, 1 ~,OATE PUBLISHED - ----- 70 UBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES CTAGS--PHOSPHORYLATION, SPINAL CURDf CAT, MITOCHONDRION, RAOIATION -BIOLOGIC-EFFECT ~'CIIMTRCL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS '%'Q0CUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED -PROXY FICHE NG ---- F070/605004/BIG STEP ND--UR/0205/70/Oit'.i/oo?,/0309/0310 ,CIRC ACCESSION NQ--AP0139605 UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 032 UNCLASS I FIED P R 1") E S S I ND A T E -- -0 4 0 E C -10 ~CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0139605 ~~ABSTRACTIEXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRA,.-T. EstFECT OF X '111 R A f) N 0 1 f. 1 A T I i V E P't~j- i V~ PHOSPHORYLATION IN THE SPINAL LCORO HAS BEEilo' STUDIED IN x r U a A 1* 1,, 4 11 0 1 ': -j. PHOSPHORYLATION WAS ESTD. IM POOR AND OPTIMUM IN j I Al, ,, I DEPENDENCE ON MEDIUM AND SUBSTR'TE IWAS FOUND. A L 0 W E A RAO 10 R S I S T A'.' C'-: RAS OBSD. IN THE POOR INCUBATIOIN MEDIUM AiN Lhlil,31(ION 0~ OX I DA f Vr: PHOSPHORYLATION WAS OBSO. 5 DAYS AFTER ;RRAON. WI TH DOSE OF 1.2 KR USING ALPHA KETOGLUTARATE AS -SUBSTRATE. SINGLE IRRALDN. IvIlTH A D-~SC- OF -IR ;JSIN~G ALPHA KR INHIBITED.OXIDATIVE PHOSPHORYLATION WITHIN 48 1 KETOGLUTARATEt GLUTAMINE AND SUCCINATEs.AND INCREASED THE PERMEAsItArle OF NADH INTO THE SPINAL CORO MITOCHONORIA, THE ADON, OF K PRI14E POSITIVE (4,5 TIMES 10 PRIME NEGATIVE4 A) TO THE OPTIMUM INICUBAFION MEDIUM 010 NOT AFFECT OXIDATIVE PHOSPHOaYLATTON IN THE IRRADIATEO SPINAL CORO. FACILITY: DNEPROPETROVSK, GUS. UNIV.v GNEPROPEfROVSK, USSR, UNCLASSIFIED T I TL E--TFt: CHil"L INESTI--!v.AIL AC f I V I TY uF THE Sflf,~IL CC.11,0 OF AINIM4LS AFTER X RAY -U- Qk-(C;2j-SNJSAR, L.A.? KfVilt A.D. CCUNT.RY LF M~C--USSR -50U9C E-0YUL L F-T ENI Cr~ SPE;~ I M'":N TAL NOY b ICAUG f f I MED I T S. NY 19 70, VOL 49 , :Nkb t RP ,7-49 JDATE PUBLISHED--70 :~SUBJECT AkEAS--BIGLC'LJICAL APJJ MEDICAL SCIENCES 'JUIC* TAGS--r()INAL CL'JPO, CHUINISTERASE, RAI- kA 0 IA r I GiM BIOLOGIC EFFECTy RAD IAT.ICN LUSAGE -,C)GNTRCL I NG--NO R I- ST R I CT 1 ON S U 14 LT C L A S S-- UN C LA S S I F I L~ 1) --,PROXY, RLLL/fkAMC- 3004/010.~, STEP 6/0047/0049 'LASSIFIED il 2'~ UACL ASS I F IC-0 PlioCESSING DATE-20NOV7C CIRC ACCESSIC."i iNG--APOL31334 'JtbSTRACT/t--XT(,ACI--(U) 6 P - -0- A S r re. A.',- T THE TOTAL 11,110LINESTERASE ACTIVITY UF GIFFEI~LNT STRUCWI'~.*a' OF 1HE SPINAL GORO IS DISSIMILAR. IT IS HIGHEST IN THL -;A f f Ell ~,R~ Y i C+ THE ANTER10i~ ANC PCSrLKfUR KDP'~NS, PHASIC -"HA!4(;ES UN Tl-.~ LE EiNLYIMATIL A"I'I'VITY ARIL SCEIN lf2ft Ai*,.'I'j 48 lli~,URS AFTER .-Alf)LE BODY X RAY W1J*H'j% SP,GLEi)USl- C-F lZ00 R. FACILiry: CHAIR OF 810CHE,71STkY it 1"40 blWHYSI;~S 'CJF T 11 C. ji'llEPROPF fRCVSK. STATE UNIVERSHY. J; t~ L AS I F i E. USSR UDC 612- SNISARI, I. A. and REVA, A. D., Chair of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Onepro- petrovsk Universit?1~11`1`11'1""A "Spinal Cord Cholinesterase Activity in X-ray irradiated Animals" 0 Moscow, Byulletang Ek-sperimentallnoy Biologii i 1-leditsiny, No 6. 1.970. pp 47-49 Abstract; Total cholinesterase activity undergoes phase changes in various structures of the cat spinal cord after whole-body X-ray irradiation wish a single dose of 1200 r; it decreases in the gray matter of the anturior and pos- terior horns an hour after exposure, returns to the original level after 24 hours, and again decreases after 48 hours. Phase changes also tako place in challne- sterase Activity in the white matter ani substanco of the aitLorior " postorior roots after irradiation, but they are less pronounced and In the opposite direc- tion of the changes in the gray matter. 16 EHNEN= Radlob Iblogy USSR UDC 577-15):612.8.015;616.001.28 SNISA.R, I. A., and REVA 0 D Chair of Biochemistry and Biopiaysics, Dnepropetrovsk University "Cholinesterase Activity of the Spinal Card in the Dynamics of iadiation Sickness" Kiev, Ukrainskiy Bick-himicheski, Zhurnal, Vol 42, No 4, 1970. pp 14,69-4-71 Abstract. Total choliftesteras& activity was studied in fwLatiorially and lwrpho- logically different regions of lumbar onlargevient of the cat. spina.'J. cords. L-Iclud- in& the gray matter of the frontal and lateral horns (motor zone), gray of the posterior horn (sensory zone), white matter repronentinit, the nuura). conduc- tivity network, and frontal and postorior roota, consistVq, pri-ncipally of cell axons of the motor centers of 5pinal gAnglia., Cholinesterase, activity was deter- Mined by the olectrometric Diethod. jinama1s, wlere subjected to whole-body irradia- tion of 1200 r. Considerable inhibition of enzymatic acti-.-Ity wat noted 1 hour after irradiation and again 5-6 days later. Cholinestorase activ-.1tir 24 and 46 hours and 9-10 days after irradiation was somewhat lower but still in the rani;e of normal values. Local irradiation of the lumba~-sacral regioi-a only produced the same Changes after I hou-- aa the total dose. Intramuscular 4njection of cystoine before irradiation exerted a protective effect, 'USSR UDC 534.374 REVA, T. L., Kiev "Diharnonic. Solutions of Problems for Elastic-Plastic Bodies" Kiev, Prikladnaya Yehhanika, Vol ITH, No 4, 1971, pp 130-133 Abstract: A study is mande of elastic-plastic problemis for a plane weakened by a round hole to the outline of which a norntal force and. a tangential force equal to zero are applied. At infinity the plane is stretched by two unequai forces. It is assumed that the plane comprises a homogeneous material in the elastic zone and possibly an inhomogeneous material in the plaaic zone. The investif,.ated material can be hardening, Tn addition, it: if, considered 01,3t the stress function in the plantic zone sativfjes the b1harownic equation. Under the asnumptions nade, the boundary separating the elastic and plastic zones is an ellipse, and with forces equal at infinity, it is a circle. AA046396_ UR 0482 Soviet Inventions Illustrated, Section 11 Electrical, Derwent,,- 242248.WAVECUIDE ~2RT for UHF consitting of a cerarti'c block (1) of a thickness.equal-to half a wava,length, and two compensating ceramic.rods placed inclose proximity to block (1) parallel to the wide wall of the waveguide. The construction incresses-the width of transmission. //0 27.6.67 as 1167567126-25.R.N.TUK40VA et at.(16.9.69) Bul 15/25.4,69. Class 21a4 Int-Cl. H 01 P. 19781584 AA0046396 -AUTHORS: Tumakova, R. N.; Reva, V. ; Xostyurgin, Ye. A.; Gabyshev, V. G. Emu, wggj~m USSR ZUEV, Yu. S., REVAZOVA, M. A., BUKHINA, H. 1. "Influence of Morphology of Elastomers on Strength Properties Under Various Deformations" Tr. Nfezhdunar. Konf. Po Kauchuki i Rezine [Works of International Conference on Cautchouc and Rubber], Moscow, Kimiya Press, 1971, rp 146-152, (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal Mekhanika, No 1, 1972, Abstratt No IV1497 by I. N1, Kershteyn). Translation: The influence of the size of crystalites and degree of crystal- linity on the strength properties of elastomers is studied. Films about 10 v thick of regular structure polychloroprene (type NP nairite) and urethane rubber (type SKU-S) are studied. The rate of crack propagation is used as the strength characteristic, allowing the restructuring occurring during de- formation of the polymer to be considered. Specimens with various initial Spherulite dimensions (60-100, 10-30 and 1-3p) were stretched to a predetermined deformation level and subjected to corrosive media: ozone-containing air and mixtures Of isoamyl alcohol and water. The birth and gro,.,ith of microcrack-s and macrocracks were observed in a microscope. At relatively low deformition (loss than 100% for nairite and less thZLn 25% for SKU-8) 1~1,,ansvorse macrocrack,,; were formed, while at high defor;p~jjj.ons (over 40016 ror nairite, over 300% for SK11-8) longitudinal cracks formed. At intermediate deforruitiomi, both tyl)C-s 112 95 USSR UDC: 669.71.472 REVAZYAKT, A. A., GARMAN, A. 0. "Study of the Inertial Nature of the Formation of emf" Tr. ATM. N.-I. i Proyekt. In-ta Tsvet. Metallurgii [Works of Armenian Scientific Research and Planning Institute for Nonferrous Metallurgyj, 1972, No 1(10), pp 197-201 (Translated from Reforativnyy Zhurnal Metallurgiya, No 8, 1973, Abstract No 8G173, by G. Svodtseva). Translation: The formation ofthe emf of Al electrolyzers is inertial in nature. Ibis property results from~the inertial nature of the potential of the carbon anode. Hindering or facilitating the process of transfer of potential-determining ions may influence the potential of the carbon anode and,. consequently, the formation of the emf. The emf is greater, the greater the difference in concentration of potential-determining ions at the electrode and in the volume of the electrolyte. USSR UDC 669-713.7-01 REVAZYAN, A. A.) MAONYAN, V. A., AGASIYEVI L. I., and ~OSKANYAO, G. M. "Anode Diffusion in Aluminum Electrolysisll~ Moscowj Tsvetnyye Metally., No 10, OC t 70~ pp 38-40 Abstract: The existence of diffused hydrogen in aluminum is discussed on the basis of available data. An experiment on the electrolyals of a cryolite alum- inum oxide melt in a sintered corundum cell, conducted with -the purpose of es- tablishing whether the hydrogen comes from water electrolysis) L3 described. The possibility of hydrogen anode diffusion and its cathode emaaation. was veri- fied by laboratory tests in the sintered corundum eel-1. The abaence of a cathode aluminum formation process was demonstrated by conducting the electro- lysiB with a hydrogen-saturated anode. Thorium and Uranium Refining USSR UDC: 669.822.053.2 VLASOV, V. G., REVELTS KISELEV, V. A. "Carbon-Thermal Reduction of Mixtures of Uranium and Zirconium Dioxides" Nauch. Tr. N.-I. i Proyek-1. In-t Redkomet. Prom-sti (Scientific Works of Scientific Research and Planning Institute for the Rare Metals Industry], 1972, No 42, pp 106-115 (Translated from Referativny-y Zhurnal Metallurgiya, No 8, 1973, Abstract No 8G260, by G. Svodtseva). Translation: Carbon-thermal reduction of mixtures of ZrO and UO begins at 2 2 1600-16500 K. At 18700 K, reduction is completed in one hour. The rate of the reaction depends on -temperature, apparent activation energy with low J degrees of reduction amounting to 170-210 kj/mol, at the end of the process 230-250 kj/piol, 'llic probabilities of various mechanisms of the interaction are studied. The leading interaction is that involving the vapor-phase oxide. The combined reduction of U and Zr oxides occurs with the formation of a solid solution of UC and ZTC. 3 figures. USSR urc- 669.822.053.2 VLASOV, V. G., ZhUKOVSKIY, V. M., SEIWIN, Yu. If., ZMELOI Some Singularities in the Reduction of Uranium Oxides" sb. Mekhanizm i kinetika vosstanovl. met. (Mechanism and Kinetics of Metal Reduc- tion--collection of works), Moscow, "Nauka", 1970, pp 126-1-31 (from FZh-Metalluxgiya, No 10, Oct 70, Abstract No id G187) Translation: An investigation is made into the kinetic singularities of reduction of uranium oxides W03 in various modifications, U308, U409,and U07) by the gases CO, H2, NH3, H2+N2, CH4 and also by C. The adsorption-catalytic theory is taken as a basis for a ietailed examination of the mechanism of interaction of oxides with gaseous reducing agents. The mechaniam of high-temperature iatera(~tiorl of UO with C is discussed. One illustration, bibliography of nine titles. Authorsl abstract.. USSR UDC 621.382.002 A., MARTYNOVA, N. A. , NIFONTOV, N. G. MONO" Effect of Some Nonorganic Protective Coatings on the Surface Properties of Silicon" V sb. Vopr. mikroelektroniki (Problems of Microelectronics -- Collection of Works), Kiev, "Nauk. dumka," 19"71, pp 103-110 (from UM-Elektronika i yeye primenenive, No 10, October 1971, A~s'tract No 10B490) Translation: Films of SiO2, which are not inferior in their characteristics to the thermally ggroxm, are produced by the reactive sputtering method. The effect of reactive sputtering of films on the surface prooerties of Si is studied. At the SiO2--Si boundary an accumulation of holes is discovered in the space-charge laver of both n- and p-Si. It is assu-med that in contrast to thermal S102, the reactive 802 contains a negative charge. The density of this charge is equal to (2-5) . loll cm-2.. Drift of the charge is not discovered. The small changes of the characteristics with prebreakda-in fields are explained by polarization of the dielectric. A test of the passivatin.g properties of the films obtained showed their reliability for protection and creation of non-housed semiconductors. 3 ill. 5 ref. I.M. 1/1 MWAWA~ USSR UDC 632-95 IOONSONY V. A., IL'MOYA, K. A., BELOTI, V. M., KARAVAM~ VA, S OVAKOVA, T. M. "The Sensitivity of a Flame-Photometric Detector to Certain Pesticides as a Function of Temperature" Tr. 2-p-o Vses. soveshch. Po issled. ostaticov Eestitsidov i nrofilakt. neniya ird pr j _9duktov pitaniva, korrovIvnesii. sredv (Works oi the Second All- Union Conference on t;~,e Investigation of Pesticide Residues and Preventive Cont~amination of Food Products, Fodder and Environment), Tallin, 1971, pp 102- 107 (from RM-Khimiya, No 12, Jun 72, Abstract No 12N448) Translation. On a chromatograph of the Melpar Company, a Study was made of and double-channel. f latrza photoiretric detector as a the behavior of a single function of the temperature of the detector and the thermostat of the columns. The separation of the artificial mixture of.pesticides is carried out in a glass column 2 meters long with an inside diameter of 4 mm filled with XNR chromosorb with a 3% phase of 011-1. , The column was heated for 50 hours in ad- vance at 250% The evaporator temperature was 250*, the thermostat tompera- ture of the columns and the detector was 75-220', Thq. flow rates of N,2 (the gas-carrier), H21" and air are 80, 150, 20 and. 10 cm3/niin respectively. In ~`2 Checking the sensitivity of the flaw photometric detector, a miAure of meethyl. parathiony parathion, methylthion and athion in hexane was used. The amount 'USSR REVEL'SKIYO 1. A., et al., Tr. 2-go Vsoz. soveshch. no issled, ostatkov Des- titsidov i nrofilakt. zaqaazoeniya imi produktov pitaniva, KorLiov I vnesh. sredy, Tallins. 1971, pp 102-107 -9 of each component was 10 in a microliter of solution. For a decrease in background current and the noise level it was necessary to operate at law temperatures of the flame-photometric detector (but not less t-han 80-100' to avoid condensation of moisture), or vith additional cooling of the photo- multiplier and filter. It is expedient to study the dependence of the back:- ground current and noise level for each new column. The phosphorus channel is more sensitive than the sulfur channel to temperature variations of the detector and columns. The background current and noise level for it are -1-0 times higher than for the sulfur channel. For the two-clitinnel flane photo- metric detector, the background current and noise level mrfunctions of the column teriperature were rome~,ihat greater than for the single channel, and as functions of the detector temperature, somewhat less. The basic deficiencies of the investigated flame photometric detector are as follows: the filters and photomultipliers are under the effect of the. detector housing temperature; as a result of internal reflections of light, variation in the parameters is ob- served on transition to operation with a two-cf4annel del-ector. The detector developed at the Special Design Office of the Estonian SSR Academy of Sciences does not have these deficiencies. 2/2 58 USSR UDC 632.95 MONSON, V* A., IMMOYA, K. A., KARAVAYEVA, V. G., LOOG, '0 S . "Sensitivity of Flame Photometric Detector for Phosphorus-Containing Pesticides as a Function of the Experimental Parameters" Tr. 2-go Vses, soveshch. po issled. 'ostatkov pestitsidov nrofilakt. zarrvaz- n niya inii produkcov nitaniva, kornov i vnesh. sredy (Works of the Second All- Union.Conference on the Investigation of Pesticide Residues and Preventive Contamination of Food Products, Feeds and Environment), Tallin, 1971, pp 108-111 (from M-Khiniva, No 12, Jun ~2, Abstract No 12141422) Translation: In studying the dependence of the Sensitivity of the Lwo-channel flame-photometric detector to phasphorus-,containing pesticides on the experi- mental parameters, a solution of triethyl phosphate (1) in alcohol is used. The optimal 02 flow rate (20-40 cn-/min), N2 and H2 flow rates were round 1rom, the point of view of sensitivity of th7 Mio-channel flame photometric detector. For an amount of.1 on the order of 10- gram, , the signal of the phosphorus channel exceeds the signal of the sulfur channel approxirAV.~Iy 4W fold. 1/1 ---------- USSR UDC 632.95 AAWK, KH. E., KALLASORG, R. A., REVEL,S'IY 1,-A. 'now "Study of the Conditions Required for Microcou-Iometric Analysis of Phosphorus Czntaining Compounds" Tr. 2-,-o Vses. soveshch. T)o issled. ostatkov pestitsidov nrofilakt, zagx-,,az- neniya produktov Pitaniva, kor-,,lov j vnesh. of the Second All- Union Conference on the Investigalion of Pesticide Residues and Preventive Contamination of Food Products, Fodder and gnvironrient), 'T'allin, 1971, pp 23-27 (from j2h-Khinjjya, No 12, Jwn 72, Abstract No 12N1423) Translation: In analyzing organophosphorus compounds in a gas flow by Laeans of a microcoulor.etric detector, a quartz tube (280 x 2 mm) at 950' and a ti- tration cell with 35% AcO11L are used. The degree of detectlyn of the or&ano- phosphorus compounds is 70%, and the sensitivity is 5 x 10- grainn. USSR UDC 632.95 AAVIK, MI. E., KABUN, A. V., KALLASOM, A., REVLL'SKIY 1. A. udy and Development of the Method of Microcoulometric Detectior. of Halogen S t and Sulfur Containing Compounds" Tr. 2-go Vses. soveshch. po issled. ostatkov pestitsidov p-rofilakt, zagmzz- neniva ini produktov pitpniya, [rormov i vnesh. sredv (Works of tile Second All- Union Conference on the Investigation of Pesticide Residues and Preventive Contamination of Food Products, Feeds and Enivironnent), Tallin, 1971, pp 16-22 (frou RZh-Khiniya, 'NO 12, Jun 72, Abstract No 12N421) Translation: The conditions of 1002 conversion of C1 and S-containing com- pounds in a gas flow into IiCl and HIS are foundIand i titration cell is de- Veloped which permits detection (by-chlorine) of -10- 1-7rams of substance. The selectiViLy COaffiCient With reSpeCt to liydrocarbons iu -10 12, ols UNCLASSIfIED PROCESSING DATE--04DEC70 ITLE-"-,,-rACLUATIQN OF TIHE INTENSITY OF BREMSSTRAHLUNG FOR X RAY TUBES -U- UTHOR-(05)-AFONIN, V.P., LOSEV, N.F., PAVLINSKIYP G.V., GUNICHEVAt T.N.p -.REVENK09-A.G. -USSR C-URCE--ZAVOD. LAB. 1970y 36(4)t ~3 -4 ATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 UBJECT AREAS--PHYSICS TAGS--BREMSSTRAHLUNG, X RAY, SPECTRUM,, RADIATION INTENSITY ONTROL fAARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS OCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED .RdXY REEL/FRAME--3008/2032 STEP NO--UR/0032/70/03~)/004/0431/0434 JRC ACCESSION NO--AP0131086 UNCLASSIFIED 212 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--040EC70 "IRC ACCESSION NO-AP0138836 Ir'STRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE FGRMUL,~ BY CRAMERS IS COR. FOR THE CALCN. OF THE' SPECTRUM OF BRENSSTRAHLUNIG, THE OER(VED FORMULA IS CORRECTIOtl FOR DISPERSION AND ABSORPTIUiN OF ELECTRONS OF :BREMSSTRAHLUNG IiN' AN ANODE. THE CALCN. OF CORRECTIWI COEFF. IS BASED ON --.TH,E IDEA OF Tk,10 STREAIMS OF ELECTRONS IN THE ANODE, ONE IS DIRECT .MD'VEMENT AND THE SECOND RIC: BY SUING THE COR. FORI-l')LA THE INTENSITY WAS CALCO. or- BREMSSTRAHLUNG FOR AL, CU, MO, AG, A~'ljo V/ At~ODES. THE RESULTS ARE COMPARED IWITH EXPTL. DATA. GOOD AGREEMENT WAS FOUND IN I.THE LONG'.4AVE SPECTRAL REGIO,'4. FACIJLITY: INST. GEOKli[14., IRKUTSKY USSR..i UNCLASS If TED USSR UDC 678.674-419:677.521:667.622.3]01:53 REVENKO, Z. G., KUTEPOV, D. F. "Effect of Pigments on the Properties of PN-1 Polyester Resin and Fiberglass Based on It" Moscow, Plasticheskiye Massy, No 1, 1973, pp 57-58 Abstract: A study was made to determine the effect of certain light and dark weather-resistant organic pigments on the strength characteristics of PN-l polyester resin and fiberglass based on it. The maximum strength of the PT-1 polyester resin and the fiberglass was reached for a pigment content of 1-2%. Graphs are presented for the ultimate bending strength and specific impact toughness of polyester fiberglass as a function of the pigment content. Data are also given for the adsorption of polyethyleneglycol maleate resin on some organic pigments. The chemical adsorption is higher for three of the pigments than for the other three which leads to an increase in the strength indexes of the PN-1 resin and the fiberglass based on it and painted by these pigments. 70 USSR UDC 619:576.34:616.988.43 JE-_VEWOV,__&_ G. Candidate of Biological Sciences, All Union Institute of U eterinary pe Medicine I- fCarbohydrate Metabolism in Cells Infected With Foot-and-',Ilouth Disease Virus" Moscow, Veterinariya, No 9, 1971, p 43 Abstract: A beef peptone culture with lactalbumin hydrolysate was used to study,the metabolism of glucose, lactic and pyruvic acids, and inorganic phosphorus in kidney cells of cattle infected vith 0.1 ml of foot-and-mouth disease (FXD) virus type 0, strain Or-13. Virus was passaged 23-28 times in the culture. The culture was then incubated at 37*C for 6, 12, 18, 24, and 48 hr. Noninfected cultures were used as controls. Within 5 hours the glucose content in infected and control cultures decreased 19 and 15 mg% respectively. Within 24 hours the concentration of glucose in infected and control cultures was reduced by 50 and 39 mg% respectively. Accumulation of lactic acid in infecte-i and control cultures~.increased to 23 and 23 mg%, respectively .dthin 6 hcur-s, and to 94 and 71,mg% respectively within 24 hours. Only a slight change in accumulation of pyruvic acid .-- 4-5 mg% -- in both cultures was noted 24 hours after beginning of incubation. No change 1/2 USSR REVMOV, A. G., Veterinariya, No 9, 1971, p, 43 in assimilation of inorganic phosphorus was noted in cultures during the first 18 hours of incubation; the inorganic phosphorus content then began to increase in both cultures, probably as a result of the decomposition of phosphorylated organic compounds. 90 Vate:rinary Heditine U= UDC 630'.2;616.988.4 IEBEDEV, A. I., AVILOV, V. S., KOVALEV, L. V., and FZVE~,IKOV Candidates d erinary XecUcine of Veterinary Science All Union Institute of Ex ~W"n .4 Q OVirus-Neutrali zing Activity of Extracts of Tongue Epithelial Tissue and Serum From Animals Recovered From Foot-and-Mouth Diseaserif Moscow, Doklady Vsesoyuznoy Ordena Lenina Akademii Sell skokhozyaystvewWkh Nauk imeni V. 1. Lenin, No 1, 1971, PP 39-40 Abstract; A definite relationshipwas observed between the results of the vlrus-neutraliza t ion reaction with tongue ec)ithelial tiz,,-,ue extracts and Iron anit-als 4 months afterl recovering from foot-and-aouth serum obtained disease caused y the type '22 strain 20/432 vi?-uz. The index of neutraliza- tion was comparauvely high in both cases - 2.5 to 4.5 !.- LD50. On the other hand, no such relationship was founi (9 to 12 months after the anLrrals re- cove-red. A high leval of virus-neutralizing antibodies w.%.s found in the ser" at this time, but the tissU6 extracts had virtually no vir~us-nautralizin.v capatity., Titration of the ty-pa Ap2 virus grown in a culture af cattle tongue spithellun revealed that tce accurulattion. of virus in epit-.haliua obtained 9 to 12 months after the disease was an the average 2 logarithmic units higher than in epithelium obtained after 4 months, 1/2 USM LEMMI, A. I., et al. Doklady Vsesoyu=oy Ordena Lanina, AkadeaLU Sellsxokhozyay- stvennykbL Nauk imeni V. 1. Lenin, No 1,- 1971, PP 39-W Based on the results of their experiments and on the literature data, Lhe authors concluded that the type-specific.imxunity of epitheldal tissue fron animals recoveri.-Z from foot-axii-r-out" disease is largely attri'Dutable -.o specific ceIIII-far (tissue) factors. PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 1/2 020 UNCLASSIFIED TITLE--X RAY BACKGR13UND IN THE LONGWAVE SPECTRAL 'REGION -U- A_UTHUR-(04)-REVENKQj A.G.9 PAVLI SKIY, G V., LOSEV, iN.F., AFONIN, V-P- 1:,C.CUNTRY OF INFO--USSR. ~~:,S,.OURCE-ZAVOD. LAB. 1970v 36(2), 166-9 '.DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 :-SUBJECT AREAS-PHYSICS ~,-_TOPIC TAGS--FLUORESCENCE# X RAY, SPECTRUM C..O.NTROL MARKING-NQ RESTRICTIONS 0 C UM EIN TCLASS-UNCLASSIFIED --,.PROXY REELIFRAME--1989/0919 STEP NU--",)R/0032/7010~lt~/002/0166/0169 CIRC, ACCESSION NO-AP0107448 UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 020 UNCLASSIFIED, PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70. .CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0107448 "ABSTRACT./EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. INFLUENCE OF SEVERAL EFFECTS ON THE BACKGROUND INTENSITY FOR X RAY FLUORESCENCE IN THE LONGWAVE SPECTRAL REGION 2-10 ANGSTROM ( SUBALPHA LINES OF TI, FEt SJI AND MG) IS DISCUSSED. NONE OF THE DISCUSSED PHENOMENA IS THE DOMINATING ONE FOR NO; EXPLANATION OF THE BACKGROW THUS OTHER EFFECTS NEED TO BE CONSIDERED* FACILITY: INST. GEOKH[M., IRKUTSK, USSR. --- ---- -- ----- - --- ! ~Wf an ~- 4 0 p m m IVRF! - , ~ . "'!!, ---.- ..... . ....... ~---7-77 7 -.:'Ace. Nr: APOO Re . Code: 5193-7-"* f PPL4ARY SOURCE: Byulleten" Eksperimentallnoy Biologii i Meditsiny, 1970, Vol (og Nr.Z pp //2-//y AMINO ACID COMPOSITION OF MYOSIN AND ACTINE IN THE MUSCLES OF! EXPERIMENTAL ANIAIALS WITH HEREDITARY MYOPATHY L. 0. Badalgan, S !nko, Yr,. 1. ~Guseu Yu-, Lukougnov, G. G. Rguigh_~. Sh- ernin, Yu.-D ts N. 1. Pirogov.,11 Mascow Medical- InstRute Amino acid composition of m in and actine was analyzed in 10 healthy 12 sick- yos and 12 heterozygous mice of the 129IR line with hereditary myopathy. Increased legicin with isoleicin, valine, alanine and !owered tyrosine and histidine catifent was found In the amino acid spectrum of myosin in sick mice. In heterozygous animais higher- vallne and lowered tyrosine and hiitidine levels were recorded In the amino acid com- osition of actine in the sick and heterozygous.mice glycine. was up and histidine-, 0WIL 9 REEL/FRAME 19$20420 SK] ~F~ mom J. Miscellaneous USSR REVICH,.V. "Hundred Percent Guarantee" Moscow, Khimiya i Zhizn, No 10, Oct 70, pp 31-32 Abstract: Utilization of antiaircraft artillery equipment for seeding clouds to prevent hail storms is connected with several problem . The fuse and the shell must be made of material which upon explosion in air would practically disintegrate. Such shells were developed: they are made of highly brittle cast iron. The fuse must not only be able to break down into ninuscle parti- cles, it must give a 100% assurance of exploding. Such a fuse was developed; it was made of reinforc.,ed plastic and included several supplementary charges. MSR MO 615-33-012.6t697.9427.036.8 NX7M, G. L., EASWOV, P. 1. land All-Union Scientific Research ImUtute of Antibiotics, Moscow -Jbtbbd of Deteraining the Effectiveness of Filter Materials for the Steriliza- tion Of Aie Ybscowp Diatko-farmatsevtichaskly Zhurnal, Vol 51 No 12, Dec 71, pp 28-31 Abstracts An experinntal technique is described for testing air filter materials based on the standard testing of protective gas zmak cwdsters modified by the use of oil joist. The essence of the nethod lies in determining the oil nist aerosol concentration ratio after passage through the filter to the concentration prior to filtering. Di a" presented of the test stand and the equipment for xeasuring the filtering properties. The units have been effectively used for testing a variety of filters and filter zaterials. XxPerinental data on tests of two comercial filters for air-tightness, pro- ductivity and efficiency axe cited In a table, (Two Must2-ations, one table, 10 biblio. references). 1A 112 0 it 2 UNCLASSIFIED PKIjCESSINIC, DATE--13NOV70 TITLE-STABILIZATION OF ELEECTRU-INS AND IONIC REACTIC.N.S IN IPRAUIATEG KETONES --u- AUTHOk-1040-REVINA. A.A-t 60RISENK0, G.L.v BAKH, N.Aft KOSTV4, A.K. COUNTRY OF 1;4FO--IJSSR fill SGURCE-DICKL. AKAD. NAUX SSSR 1970p 191(4)1 845-8 (CHEM) 'BAT-E PUBLISfiED ------- 70 SUBJ ECT A,-N'EAS--CHEYM ISTAY, MUCLEAR S(; f EINC E:AND TECIINOLUIGY 'TGNE TAGS--GAi:,,.A RA j, I-A T .AL TPHAT I C K E P R S P~'- C T.R 1.114 ELECTRON INITE' 1,CT ION, ELECTRON kAUI Al ION, I GIN INTER41,CT10, COBALT CONTROL MAR-KING-NO RESTRICTIONS -ICLASSIFI-0 .00CUMEINT CLASS-UN r- STEP ~i'l~--Ull/0020/70/191/t')()It/0645/0848 PEEL/F.RAME--300,5/1216 c CIRC,44CCESSION NC--AT0134890 loll liffamommemom I owilf! -212 022. UNCLAS SI F I EL) PACCESSING DATE-11NOV70 .CIRC ACCESSION NlO--AT0134890 GP-')- AliSTRACT. EPR spEcTRA ARE RI--PORJED FOR A' IPHATIC KETONES WHICH HAD 8,31-EN tkRAOIATE0 (GAllfl',,A P~IMF-6,0 CO) IM THE UARK At 77011-GREESK. ALL PRODUCED A S11AAR SINGLE-r LipjE TYIP I CAL OF STABILl ZIED ELECTRONS IiN POLAR iME-01A ~ THE TOTAL CUNC.N. OF ME RADICALS IN 0 SUB2 fS, LOWER THAN IN VACUO; T~,E KELATIVE INTENSITY 13F THE Bo~GAD SIGNAL IS ALSO LOWER. EVIDENTLY THE PRIGINAL CATION RADIGAL RESULTS F~~O,%l THE LOSS OF AN, ELECTRUINI Fi~olll THE 0 OF THE C0 G.401UP-.4010 THESE E.ECTROINS Ak~: rAPTUR~:') t3Y TH~:: A'DIUM, H TRAINISFER TO THIS 0 ATuM PESULTS CATI!)~",S SUCH AS PC Pkl`-,,L:P0siTivF, MEOH OR CATICIN 1'i~ADKALS SUCH AS RC Pm(,M.EPJSlTlVE (OH)CH SU13Z., &HICH UNDERGO THE USUAL EXPECTFI) CHANCES. A PULSE TiECHNIOUE. WAS USED FOR Et-CCTRON IRRAtiN. AND OPTICAL SPECTkA OF TYPICAL lk~~ADIATED KETONLS, APE S1-10fii-i. ALL GAVE IN THE 330-40 NA REGION 50 AUSEC AFTEk PULSf!,jG. THE YIELDS OF ALCS. AT 77-3600EGR-ESK A-AE TAi3ULATED FOR THE 1~42-8U, Ijl-E)*,- AND DI-BU. KET,')NE'). G 'VALUES ARE 0.3-0-8. FACILITY: INST. ELEKTR01MIN.f P',~JSCOdl USSR. UNGLASS IFTEU 031 UNC L A S S I F I ED PROCESSING DATE--27NOV70 TITLE--MODELING OF NUCLEAR RE-4CTIONS OF COSMIC RAY INTERACTION WITH THE .MATERIAL OF SrONY METEORITES -U- AUTHOR-(05)-LAVRUKHINA* A.K., REVINA, L.D., MALYSHEV, V.V.i YUKINAv L-V.i SATAROVA, L.M. .:COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~:_~-SOUPCE-,GEOKH11MIYA 1.970, (5), 531-9 ~.:-DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 -SUBJECT AREAS--NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES, ASTRONOMY,ASTROPHYSI-'S, PHYSICS TOPIC TAGS--4ETEORITE, COSMIC RAY, NUCLEAR REACTION, ISOTOPE, BERYLLIUM 'ISOTOPE, IRON ISOTOPE, OXYGEN ISOTOPE C ONTROL MARKING---NO RESTRICTIONS ..~POCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED ~JpRoxy REEL/FRAIvE-300T/0911 STEP NO--tfR/000'1/70/('tCO/00'~/053110539 :CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP01-3631,3 UNCLASS[FIED 2/2 031 UjNjrL ASS IF I ED PROCESSING DATE--2TMOV70 ,CIRC ACCESSION N0--AP0136343 -ABSTRACT[EXTR"'cr--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. APOSSIBLE USE OF THE SE1111 E,"IPIRICAL EQLJATL'O-,kiS OF RUOSTAM (1966) AND V. S!-H~-A;A;RTZ-H. UPSCHGER (196-1) IN IN TARGETS OF FOR.CALCG. THE CROSS SECTION OF ISOTOPE FORMATIC. COMPLICATED CHEM. COMP-N., IRRADIATED BY PROTONS WVTH E EQUALS 660 -MEV AND 19.2 GEV, WAS INVESTIGATED. THE CROSS SECTIONS FO~'. REACTION OF rH,-. PRIME7 BE FORMATION FROM THE PRIME16 0 NUCLEI AND BY PRIME5( FE(!), PN) PRIME55 FE REACTIONS WERE EVALUATED. THE MATERIAL OF tHE IAISAN LAKE AND KUNISHAK STONY METEORLTES WAS IRRADIATED BY PR(I)TONS lqfTH ENERGIES OF 660 MEVAND 19.2 GEV, IRESP. THE. DIFFERENT FRACTIOI~ OF ELEMENTS WERE- ISOLATED RADIOCHEM. TFE IMEASURED RADIOACTIVITIES 'AERE COMPARED WITH CALCO- VALUES. SATISFACTORY AGREEMENTS WERE DE350,, FOR 140ST ISOTOPESo AN GENERAL THE AGREEMENT WAS BETTER AT E EQUALS 660 MEV THAN AT 3 EQUALS 19.2 GEV. THIS WAS POSSIBLE CAUSED BY AN APPEARANCE OF THE MECHANISM OF NUCLEI SPALLATION IN THE E IS CONGRUENT~TU LO GEV R'-(;ION 14HICH WAS QUAL, DIFFERENT THAN THE CASCADE MECHANISM, THE DATA 013T'6NED CAN BE USED FOR MODELING OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF RATES or- RATES OF COSMOGENic ISOTOPE FORMATION IN COSMIC BODIES WHICH IS NECESSARY FOR QUAL. INVESTIGATIONS OF THE EFFECT OF COSMIC RAYS ON THE STONY METEORITESt SURFACE LAYERS OF THE MOON, AND ASTEROIDS FACILITY; V. 1. VERNADSKII INST. GEOCHEM. ANAL. CHEM.t M~SCOW, USSR* UNCLASSIFIED Miscellaneous USSR UDG 669.35126'296:621.78 flZjjg&j_ N~.. , NOVIKOV,) A. I. $ NIKOLAYEVt A. K. t -uid ROZFA4BE-qG, V. 1,1., State Scientific Research and Planning Institute of Alloys and Nonferrous Dletal, Processing "Investigation of the Properties of Low Alloys of Cu Cr - Zr ~System" Ordzhonikidzeq Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnyleh Zavedeniy, Tsvetnaya 11~11etallurgiyat No 6t 1973t pp 106-110 0 Abstract* A study was made of the properties of alloys of the Cu - Cr - Zr system with different correlation of alloying com- ponents at their total content of 0.4 mass%. Test results on wire (1.5 mm in diam.) and thin-Dlate (0,15 mm thick) specimens are discuised by reference to diagr=3 showing the ch,-mge of mechanical DroDertie3 after different treatments, the annealing effect at different temperatures, and the testing temperature e'-Pect on streng-th and Dlasticit'y- Anomalous property ch--nges A. al, Cr and Zr carresDonding to the formation of ng after storain- ZrCr2 were not observed. The highest strenrtheni. 1/2 EISSR REVIMP H. I., at 0., Izvestlya Vysshikh Uchabnykh Zavedenly, Tevetnaya Hetallurgiya, No 6, 1973, pp 106-1i0 -fiaraenin,,- and a--,in,- with up to ., was attained in Cu - Or alloys -f 0.1 vrt% Zr. The ultimate strength of Cu alloy ~,Ath 0.33 -, ar and 0.07 % Zr, ,fter strain-h-ardening cand aging, wads 60 kg/m-.12 at not less than go % of Cu electroconductivity. The pla-sticitY Of ternary ~-lloys remained high in the Whole tilem-yerature interval of tests. Four figures, one table, six bibiio,~~raphic references. USSR Physiology SARATIKOV, A. S., VOLOSHINA, E. I., RZVIVA, T. and SAI-jUROVA, S. A., Tomsk State Medical Institute, Toms "Energy Metabolism of the Brain In Acute flypoxic Hypoxia" Novosibirsk, Izvestiya Sibirskogo Otdeleniya Alcademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Biologicheskikh Hauk, No 5, APr 71, pp 119-126 Abstracti Hypoxia was produced in rats by placing individual animals into a chamber krith a capacity of 1.5 liters in which C02 was absorbed by a 2V,-., solution of HaOH. Severe hypoxia, as indicated by slowed respiration and spazzodic gasping for air, developed in approximately one hour., At that time the 0. pressure in the chamber was 40-60 and the C02 content In it less than 0.2%. As a result of the hypoxia that developed, the content of ATP, ADP, AJ-T creatine phosphate, glucose, and glycogen inthe brain tissue of the animals decreased. The decrease in the level of macroargie., phosphates . waa due to an Inadequate resynthesits of the latter ip consequerce of a, distributed conjugation between oxidation and phosporylation and also to an increased rate of decomposition because of activation of t~e mitcohondxial. ATP-ase. The disturbance of conjugation was establiched en the basis of a decreaze of USSR SARVIKOV, A. S. , et al., Izvestiya Sibirzkogo Otdeleniya Akademii Fauk USSR, Seriya Biologicheskikh Kauk, No 1, Apr ?1, pp 119-126 the P/O index in experiments on mitochondxia separated by centrifuging and a drop in the respiratory control of phos~horylation in the mitochondria. The relative increase in free oxidation was apparently associated with damage to the ultrastructure of mitochondria of the brain tis6te. The fact thst the mitoebondrial ATP-ase Ras activated followed from an Increase in the amount of inorganic phosphate that was formed on incubation uith ATF. The intensift- cation of anaerobic glycolysir. In the brain in hypoxia evidently did not offset to a eufficient degree the depletion of energy resources in brain tissue. USSR UDc 6zi.791.053.002.612:658,386 Welding BOTBIOV, S. N., KAIZENNOV, YU. 1,, AAGVOVA, N. P. (Candidates of Technical Sciences), PROOOjOV, V. I., BOBYLEV, A. P., KRASL 4 NA, T. A.. iRYLOV, YEE. A.. BALASiOV, V. 0. ZBTXOVSM , V. I., SYCHEII, R. S. "Effect oP !rradiation on the Properties of Welds of High-Alloy Steels and Alloys" Xoscow, Svarochnoye Proizvodstvo, No 3, -;ar 70, pp 4-6 Abstract: The eloct of neutron irradiation on the short-terzm machanical proper- ties of basic metals and welds rrom OOKUU15M33, O.Khl6i'415103, and OFh2QN40B austenitic stoels and M132B4t forritc-=rtensito stool was invoctigatod. The mechanical proportics wore dotormined, on samples cut in the longitudinal dJ 'rection Aron argon-are wolds using an infusible electrode. The sa=les were irradiared in the active zone of a reactor at about 100*C. The theorotical nqutron fl" density was 1015 neutron/cr.2- sec. Some sauplos received a dose or 2.8 x 1021 neutron/cm2, while others received a dose of,4.3 x 102-1 neutron/oW. The machani. t cal proparti" were determined on UMD-5 tensile testing machbies a. air tempera. tures of 20,350, and 6 OOC. 05 USSR BOTINOV, S. N. ot al, Svarochnoye Proizvodslivo, No 3, Xar 70, pp 4-6 A Tests conducted at 200C showed that strength properties of all samples L-Acreased after irradiation; plasticity decreased. The tensile and yield stl-enaths 01, weld metals w~ith an austenitic structure increased to a lesser der--roe than those or the base metals. The mechanical properties of all samples at" 3500 did not differ from those of the base metals. A decrease in tensile and yield strength with a simultaneous decrease in plasticity was observed in samples with an austanitic structure in test's conducted at 650*C. These decreases -jore especially noticeable in irradiated samples made, from 40~ Ni steel. The possible cause of the sharp decline in the intergrain strength and plasticity observed at 6500C. in the irradiated metal with high nickel content is suggested. Orig. art. has; 2 figures, 4 tables, and 5 references. UR 0482 Boviet Inventions 11justrat P V, ed, Bec tion I Chemical, Dervent, F2394-64 UNIVERSAL SMING UP, STAN&ifor spot w'eldim of-two-dimensibneurved prites. The work is welded between the electro"S 6 ~ Of eta, tio"ry welding machine 1. The work attached to a table 1.8 and is manipulated along fpor.&Lding ways till the work is perpendiculgrto the electrodes. A rotary table 4 turns the work with respect to,-the electrodes itt the horizontal~plane." Other two guides 7 ind 12 rock it in .two vertical planes wh1cI% are-parlpendicular oneto the Iother. rinally,strsi~bt sltdea 15 enable the work to be t)rought forward or taken bjick. All the drives.are poweFcd by electric. motors which are oper*ted by a single programmed controller. 9S9 I A0036148 28.5.65-as 1011647/25-27.1.4.ASW (24.7-69) Bul Class 21h. Int.Cl. B 23k. 19720953 Ot~-XO USSR UW 537. ~24 OSIPOV, E.V., KISLOVSKI-Y, YE.N., REVUK, M.YA. "To The Problem Of The Technology Of Production Of Galvanompetic Cooling Klementall glektron.tekhnika.Nauch.-tekhn.9b. Kriogren.elektronika (Electronics Technology. Scie~tific-Techni' Collection. Oyrogenic Electronics),1971,19aue, 1(5),pp 167-171 (from RZh:Elektronik-a i yeve primene#ye, No 10, Oct 1972, Abstract No 108221) Translation: The structure of the surface layers of single crystals of bismith arter electro-spark processing of the facets was determined by the me-tallograph- ic method. The small pits [yamka] of etching were used to determine a defective layer. The thickness of the disturbed layer after electro-sperk, cutting amount- ed to 120 micron which is smaller than with diamond cutting. 5 ill. 10 ref.N.K. USSR uDc 678.06t631.459 mur,-,. B., 'ROW.OV. 1. Jk.. and VARMOV, V. P. "Effectiveness of the Utilization of Latexes In Preventing Soil srosioe Yoscowg Plasticheeklys Massy, 11o It, 19730 pp 26-28 Abe tracts The preventive action of,several latexes on wind erosion of the soil has been studied. In particular the attention was directed towaxds the serial divinylstyrene latex SKS-50r-G and S.KS-65G?. Both formed durable film covers within a very short time# which were able to withstand hurricane force winds both on sandy soils as well as on clay surfaces, No paeicular changes were noted in water pe=eability temperature of the soil or in biological processes after treatment with the latex, ~he yield of the products increased principally on acoount of decreased losses due to wind effect and seeds being blown away with top soil eurface. RE-VU Ye. 2'. et al TSKiYj, "TreStriDping Section of a Linear Accelerator of I-lulticharged Ions" Leningrad Zhurrza Teklmicheskoy Fiziki; March, 1971; pp 591-7 ABSTRACT: The arW cle describes the characteristics of tha prestrip ing sec- _P . tion, of a1-Inear accelerator of multicharged ions with an energy of 10 1,107 per nucleon. The outztanclin.- feature of the accelerator described is the realiza- tion of the quadvapole focussing of a bemm of multicharged ions with m/e and hig,11-:1E'requency oscillations with a wave length of 2.1 Pleters. Tids appears to be made possible by the use of an accelerating structl"e with double drift. The article irzludes 9 equations., 7 fimw es, and 3 tables. There are 6 b. liographic references. USSR UDC 669.295.48 e. Ya. "System for Automatic Regulation of Consumption of Iligh -Temperature Titanium- containing Melt" Tr. Vses. N. -i. ~i Prockt. In-ta Aly-umin. Magn. i ElektrDd. Prom-sti [Works of All-Union Scientific Research and Planning Institute for the Alum, inum, Magnesium and Ele -ctrode Industry], No 79, 197-1, pp 154-161, (Translated f om Referativnyy Zhurnal, Metallurgiya, No 5, 1972, Abstract N lo 5 G268 by G. Svodtseva). Translation: During thermal refining of Ti wastes, during reduction of the lower chlorides, it is necessary to measure and regulate -the consumption of a medium consisting of melted Ti salts mixed with ~IgCO2and KCI. A method of indirect deteraination of consumption was used: measurement of the level in a gra&uated container with subsequent differentiation of the signal [) roport j ona I to the level. The level was differentiated using discrete methods. A struc- tural diagrara of the discrete-differentiating devices is T;~reseated. A system of automatic regulation of the process of reduction of the alloy was installed and tested. The basic pe-rturbations for the system are the pressure drop be- tween the container and vl,;~ ,.-accar, the level in the graduated container, and 112 46 USSR UDC 669.295.48 REVUfSKIY, Ye. Ya., Tr. Vses. N.-i. i Proekt. In-ta Alyumin., Magn. i Elektrod. Prosti, No 79, 1971, pp 154-161. random changes in hydraulic resistance in the system. Statistical processing of diagrams shows that the system stabilizes the mean consumption of melt over .1 the vibration interval with a mean square error of 6.5-7.5' and a statistical error of 2.5-3% of the assigned level of 300 kg/hr. 3 Figures; 6 Biblio. Refs. USSR UDC 669.295,053.28 DIOMIDOVSKIY, D. A., LEVIDOV, V. A., REVUTSKIY, Ye. Ya., TSIVIRKO, G. P. '9)evice for Recording the Rate of Level Changes of a Liquid Electrically Conducting Madium" Tr. Vses. N-i. i Proyektn. In-ta. Alyumin., Magn. i Elektrodn. Prom-sti [Works of All-Union Scientific Research and Planning Institute of -the Aluminum, Magne- slum and Electrode Industry], 1970, No. 72, pp. 163-169. (Translated from Refer- ativnyy Zhurnal Metallurgiya, No. 5, 1971, Abstract No. 5 G-416 by the authors). Translation: The design of a discrete differentiator with inductive outDut for determination of the rate of level changes of a liquid aleotrioauy con- ducting medium by measurement of the first finite difference-, in the level of the medium is described. The total error of the device is calculated and the quantization level whicb minimizes it is determined, for example in measuring the consumption of a mixture of fused salts of Ti with N1902. 1 fig; 6 biblio refs. USSR UDr 629 78;536.2~ KRASNOSHTAINOV, A. B., REVYA_K1N, A. V. "Practical Methods for Organizing Heat Exchange Under a Change in the Aggregate State Under Conditions of Weightlessness" Tr. Mosk. vyssh. tekhn. uch-shcha im. N. E. Baumana (Works of Moscm,? Higher Technical School imeni N. E. Bauman), 1972, No. 149, pp 36-58 (from RZh- 41. Raketostroyeniye, No 11, Nov 72, Abstract No 11.41.129) Translation: The advance of technology leads to the necessity of developing and studying beat exchange equipment achieving the transition of a coolant from the liquid to the gas phase and the reverse under conditions of gravi- tation different from terrestial. Technical, experimental and practical aspects of the development of evaporators and condensors intended for opera- tion under conditions of weightlessness are considered. 2 ill., 29 ref. T. A. Ye. 28 USSR UDC 621.316.56 REVYAK- "A Pulse Counter" USSR Author's Certificate No 206165, filed 22/10/68, Published 9/04/71 (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal Avtomatika, Telemekhanika i VVchis- litel,naya Tekhnika, No 11, 1971, Abstract No 11 A191?). Translation: The author suggests a pulse counter containing an electro7m--net with exciter and control windings, the, gap of which contains a labyrinth containing a magnetically controlled contact consisting of a ball. In order to increase the operational reliability of the plilse counter, the labyrinth is made of a nonmagnetic material in the shape of a. slot, tile sidewalls of which have a 5awtooth profile. 11-,o teeth of one side are shifted with respect to the teeth of the' other side by one-half tooth length and have the opposite slant. 2 Figures. Vi P.6 UNCL'ASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--27,NOV70 ilTLE--OEOxIDIZING POWER OF CARBON IN MOLTEN tIOLY80ENUM -U- 4UTHOR-(03)-KOZINA, L.U. ReVYAKIPI, A.V.., SAMARIN, A.M. COUNTRY OF INFO--U5SR ~~SOURCE-IZVEST. AKAD. NAUK SSSRq METALLY, MAR.-APR. 1970t (2)t 116-118 UATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 _~'.~-SUBJECT AREAS-MATERIALS 3 'PIC TAGS--MOLYBDEINUM, LIQUIG METAL, METAL DEOXIDATION, CAR80i'll, CARBON 1, MONOXIDE CONTROL MAPKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ~.~._:DQCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSf FLED ~Pl REELIFRAiliF-300 3/1445 STEP NO--UR/0370/'70/0(~(,'/002/0116/0118 CTRC ACCESSION NO--AP0130378 UN C L AS. S II E 0 UNIC L A S S 1 Fll E 0PROCESSING DATE--27NOV70 GIRC ACCESSION NU--AP0130378 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--ttJ) GP-0- ABSTR4CT., THE DEOXIDIZING EFFECT OF C IN MOLTE!14 -M0 IS DISCUSSED THEORETICALLY AND ON THE 3ASIS OF AN ANALYSIS OF EXPERIMENTAL DATAP WITH SPECIAL REF. TO THE INTERACTMM BET%111-~~N GASEOUS CO AND THE MOLTEN METAL AT TEMP* CLOSE To rHc M.P. THt-- EQUILIBRIUM CONSTANT OF THE REACTION CO EQUALS C PLUS 0 IS 1.5 TIMES 10 PRIN-E -NEGATIVE5 (AT. PARfS-ATM) PRIME2. THF PRODUCT OF THE ACTIVIrY COEFF. OF C AND 0 IN MOLTEN MO IS 0,045. UNCLASSIFIED* PROCESSING DATE--ISSEP70 --,--IHERMODYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF THE DEONIATION OF MOLTEN MOLYBDENUM -U- AUTHOR-(03)-KOZINA, L.N., A.V.t SAMARINt A.M. 'COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR S.OURCE--DOKL. AKA0. NAUK SSSR, 1910i 4), 909-11 ~DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 ..SUBJECT AREAS--MATERIALS, PHYSICS TAGS_-THERMODYNAMIC ANALYSIS, METAL DEOXIDATIONO MOLYBDENUMt ALLOY 40DITIVEip CARBONi ZIRCONIUM OXIDE# ALU-14INUM OXIDE, ::TITANIUM DIOXIDEv CERIUM OXIDEt NIOBIUM 0XTDFv LANTHA14UM OXIDE CONTROL MARKING--NO PESTRICTIONS ---UNCLASSIFIED ._-D~OCUM~ENT CLASS -:P.'RO.Xt~REEL/FRAME--1984/0279 STEP ,C I'k C~ ~- ACCESSION NU--AT0055072 UNCLASSIFIED NO--UR/0020/70/190/004/0909/0911 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--I8SEP70 t.iRC ACCESSION NO--AT0055072 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. AT HIGH TEMPS. MO-O SYSTEM FORMS MOOt MOO SU8Z, AND MOO SUB3 HAVING DELTA HDEGREES SUBO 99.30, 12.80v AND MINUS 78.20 KCAL-MOLE, RESP.j 4ND HAVING MINUS(F SUBTOEGREES MINUS H SUBODEGREES)-T EQUAL 71.45, 84.38, 90.31 CAL-DEGREE-MOLE. COMPN. OF VAPOR PHASE ABOVE MO-0 SYSTEM AT GIFFERENT 0 CONCNS, IS GIVEN* DEOXIDN. OF MO-0 SYSTEM WAS STUDIED IN THE PRESENCE OF MANY ADDITIVES (NB SU82 0 SUB5t CEO SUB29 TIO SUB2, AL SUB2 0 SU83v CE SU82 0 SUB3r ZRO SUB2, LA SUBZ 0 SUB3, AND C). IN GENERAL, THE MENTIONED METAL OXIDES INCREASE PLASTICITY OF MO METAL OWING TO THEIR -INTERACTION IN THE PROCESS OF MO CRYSTN. AND NOT OWING TO MO DEOXIDN* PROCESS. C IS,THE BEST DEOXIDIZING ELEMENT. Acc. Nr.; Code.; ANTObToV yU V.1 TARA56V 21 V of of y- -:Kv coridu t c 0, o-d of Me cccl..: t for cal io j -. . - c - - `- ~ -1 -,j a 4"b os an-; 4- do-S 0 - ; n.r ; . c-- .~2 fra &o cticn P's . it II.-a s e s ta L--.b"jS~: ~d ti, ar-! ,~Jt*-.,,J~. C:)Ojill . ~F'Cecifzc t 'Pet', 1 , 0 refrj;r,,~, L -- ~5 or , t !,~ I, t i th C,:! .. : r 1,,Us 1 r2t; ) th Q' f their I i or t . s o 6r". ta ~Ie, Reel/Frame -19781752 Abstracting Service: L170 Ref, Code: 00043723- INTERNAT. AEROSPACE ABST. 'U 6:9 a rA70-23784 Solubility of oxygen in liquid molybdenum (0 rastiorrosti kisloroda v zhidkom molibclene). L.. N. Koz;na, A. V, agwrl and A. M, Samaria- Akademiiia Nauk SSSfj' fgVestija, AfeiaWk,-Jan.-Feb. 1970, p. %64. 8 r03, In Russian. DeVOlOPME-nt Of a Method of determining the solOillity of oxygen in liquid molybdenum in thp presence of volatile 6xWes. It is shown that the Oiy9ert conevritration at the surface of the msgal can be determined on 'the basis of an analysis of them mass *Uansfer processes occ4irring during oxidation of molybdenum, The equilibrium constant of the reaction of dissolution of oxygen in liquid molybdenum at 3000 K is determined. A.S.K. LIF 19 7 /Y Heat Treatment USSR UDC 669-14.018.298: :621.78:621-17 DOLOTOVA, T. S., KUCHERYAVYYI V. I-s RYZHAK, S. S.v SACMOVs V. V., and ULIYANOVA, N. V., Moscow Higher Technical School imeni N. E. Baumang All-Union 3cientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials "Infoluence of the Conditions of Heat Treatment on the Properties of OOOY-'b-JJNJM12T Steel" Moscow, Yietallovedeniye i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallovt No 121.19739 PP 9-13 Abstract: The conditions developed for the heat treatment of 00OKhll17l%,12T steel mqlce it posoible 'to prod-ucc on the initial large-grained netal properties close to those of semi- finished goods of small section with low temneratnre at'. the end of hot defox-mation and possessing. small grains and suffi- cient high plasticity and viscosity at up to -700'0 temperatures. After the heat. treatment according to the schedule i2200C for USSR DOLOTOVA, T. S., et al., V;etallavedeniye i Terzdcheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, NO 12, 19731 PP 9-13 2 hr, water + threefold- austenitization at 1010�100C for 1-3 hrg . water + 6000C for 15 hr, air + 8500C for I hr, nir + 5000C for 2 hr, the follo,,ring satisfactory complex of mechanical proper- ties could be obtained: at 200C - tensile 2tren,- /mm2. ~,th 6+=155 kg specification yield point G*0,2.=149.5 kg/mm residual relative eiongation d~=F%oq relative0narrol.-ting V=56-5 impact ductility --5.5 kg-m/cm , and -70 41 2. a at C - C~=179 kg/mm'. y=43'/Ot a=3-5 kg-m/Cm Six figures, three bibliographic references.