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USSR BRICHKM, A. V. et al. , Nauch. tr. Kazakhsk. Dolitekhn. in-t, Alma-Ata, 1971, Pp 392-396 the mechanical load on the punch, and the size of the munch which give maximum productivity with minimum pu4er expenditures . G, M. Lyakhov. 2/2 124 USSR UDC: 53(9-1-OT5 KOVNATSKIY, Ye. F., ROSLYY, Ye. I., SILANVYEV, A. N. "A 1.1ZI-le, Two-Dimensional Analyzer of Beta-Gamma Coincidences for Analyzing Samples of Radioactive Fallout" Tr. In-t eksperim. meteorol. G1. uDr. gidroneteo-rol. sluzhbLr -ori SOV. min. SSSR (Works. Institute of F-xperimental Meteorology. Main ALmJ_nist_rat_io__n of the Hydrometeorological Service Aff iliated With the Council o' Ministers of the USSR), 1972, vy-p. 25, Pp 117-120 (from RZh-Metlrolooiya i 1zmeLLitelrav*a Tekhnika No 6, Jun 72, Abstract no 6.32.1322) Translation: The paper describes a two-dimensional 8-y coincidence analyzer based on two industrial AI-100 analyzers. A distinguishing feature of the unit is the possibility of registering the coincidence spectra on punched tape during measurement. The beta and gamma spectra taRen in the single- -crystal spectrometer mode are registered or, the tape at the end of the experiment. A block diagram of the unit is given along with a schematic of the control module. Two illustrations, biblicFrapby of four titles. Resumd. 173 USSR UDC 539.374 GONSOVSKIY, V. L., MESHKOV, S. I., ROSSIKHIN,_Yu. A. "Study of the Roots of the Characteristic Equation Associated With Damping Oscillations of Elastically Hereditary Systems" V sb. 'Rasseyaniye energii Pri kolebaniyakh mekh. sistem (Energy Scattering in the Oscillations of Mechanical Systems -- Collection of Works), Kiev, "Nauk. dumka", 1972, pp 101-107 (from RZh-Mekhanika, No 3, Mar 73, Abstract No 3V509) Tran.slation.: The roots of the characteristic equation g(P):~P,+V+V2S,~-FPV(j, -t determining the displacement X(t) associated with damping oscillations of an elastically here itary oscillator with a relaxation nucleus of the form which completes its motion after an impulse action at time t 0 are investl- gated. The displacement x(t) in a Laplace space- has the form (PY NY) /a (P) X* (11) 1/2 GONSOVSKIY, V. L., et al, Rassevanive energii pri kolehani~~akh mekh. sistem, Kiev, "Nauk. dumka", 1972, pp 101-107 where F is the amplitude of the force impulse, w., and LO are the frequencies of elastic oscillations corresponding to nonrelaxation E and relaxation EO to values of the elastic modulus, sC Tr I is the relax0a'tion frequency and Z )Y is a fractional exponential function of Yu. N. Rabotnov with the frac- tionality parameter y. An appropriate formulation making it possible to reduce this equation to two equations facilitating the solution. of the problem is applied to find the roots of the equations g(p), where p is the parameter of the Laplace transformation. Various particular cases are discussed. It was established in particular that under appropriate conditions the quantity x(t) represents the sum of two parts, one of which describes the changing brium position with time and is associated with the retardation processes occurring in the dynamic system while the other describes damping harwonic oscillations around the equilibrium position. 8 ref. M. 1. Rozovskiy. USSR UDC 551.481.1 ROSS ~L.ITAOL..L. and SHIL'KROT, G. S., Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences USSR "The Effects of Induced Aeration of a Hypereutrophicated Lake" Moscow, Izvestiya Akademii Mauk SSSR, Seriya Geograficheskaya, No 4, Jul/Aug 71, pp 48-58 Abstract: A study was made of the effects of induced aeration on the regime of.a. hypereutrophicated lake during freezing. To eliminate Increasing stag- nation, which interferes with the use of lake or reservoir water, destrati- fication was achieved by induced mixing.and agitation (circulation) of water, resulting in aeration which changed the chemical indices of stagnation and eliminated its undesirable effects. Two eleettically-driven compressors pumped air into two perforated rubber hoses laid on the bottom of the lake, with several small-diameter pipe nozzles directed upward, thus keeping open air holes (polyn~las) inthe ice cover. This produced continuous mixing and circulation of the entire water mass of theAake during the freezing, main- tained an open water area, and decreased winter stagnation. A complete absence of hydrogen sulfide, a very important component of.the -winter regime of the lake, was observed, together with a disruption of the iron and 1/2 USSR ROSSOLIMO, L. L., Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences USSR "Anthropogenic Eutrophication of Water Basins, Its Essence and Problems of Investigation" Kiev, Gidrobiologicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol 7, No 3, 1971, pp 98-108 Abstract: The distinction is drawn between water pollution and anthropogenic eutrophication or "secondary pollution," the disruption by man of the natural biochemical balance in a water basin. Eutrophication is an overly swift, progressive rise in the level of nutritive biological processes due to the intensive introduction of eutrophic substances, generally nitrogen and, in particular, phosphorus compounds into urban* rural and industrial effluents. Some of the major questions in need of extensive study are: (1) the ir- reversibility of eutrophication (2) its spasmodic nature and the reasons for this (3) variations in eutrophication rate (4) the role of nitrogen and phosphorus as well as the possible role of certain as yet unidentified or- ganic compounds which also over-stimulate the development of autotrophic hydrobionts including photoplankton, phytobenthns and periphyton. Existing biochemical eutrophication indices must be re-examined to allow the results of anthropogenic. processes to be distinguished from the unique characteris- tics of a particular water basin and from seasoml variations in hvdrolocical 1/3 US3R ROSSOLDIO, L. L., Gidrobiologicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol 7, No 3, 1971, pp 98-108 conditions. The time factor is central to an understanding of any eutrogenic index: thus when an 02 curve is obtained it is essential that an undeestand- ing be gained of the speed of 02 absorption in the hypolimnion and of its transformation in the course of several years. A new methodology is being developed demanding (1) the widest possible coverage of all factors and conditions contributing to the development of eutrophication (2) continuous monitoring of all stages of the annual hy- drological cycle and (3) a total observation period as prolonged as possible. U.Sstudies an the pollution of the Great Lakes are reviewed for the lessons they offer the rest of the world. Of particular interest is the material on the relationship between the large-scale dimensions of these major water basins and the rate of eutrophication occurriag in them. In the USSR investigation of aathropogenic eutrophication vas initiated on a limited scale in 1963 by the Limnology Group of the Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences USSR, which studied various stages of eutrophication at certain lakes in the central European section of the USSR and in the southern Urals. Currently two major tasks in the USSR include the co-mpilat-.ton of 2/3 6 USSR ROSSOLIMO, L. L., Gidrobiologicheskiv Zhurnal, Vol 7, No 3, pp 98-108 comparative data on the past and present state of specific water basins though often unfortunately on the basis of very limited past observations and, secondly, the complex analysis and regulation of anthropogenic eutro phication of water reservoirs. One of the signal studies in this area, undertaken bv the Institute of Hydrobiology, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, focused on conditions in the reservoirs along the Dnieper River during the period of major hydraulic construction there. Hydro-engineering solutions to the problem of regulating water basin quality include the diversion of industrial and urban waste water to areas beyond drainage basin boundaries. Hawever, removal of the principle eutrophic agents, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, from all types of waste water is considered a more practical solution. At present in the USSR measures of a temporary, meliorative nature include the use of algicidea and herbicides to combat bio-nutrient "efflorescence." Other crucial enviromment problems currently being confronted in the USSR are prevention of large-scale mineral fertilizer leeching from rural crop lands and preservation of the bionutritive balance in the littoral vegetative zone. 3/3 UNCLASSIFItt) PROCESSING DATE--IISEP70 iirLE--EXPER-IMENTAL STUDIES ON ANTITUMOR ACTIVITY OF SIBIROMYCIN -U- AUTHOR-(02)- SHORIN, V.A., RDSSOLIM 0, O.K. OF INFO--USSR V4~ LfSGURCE--ANTIBIOTIKIj 1970, VOL 15t NR 4t PP a00-304 .DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 AREAS--B[OLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES ,sTOPIC TAGS--ANTITUMOR DRUG EFFECTt TISSUE TRANSPLANT, HOUSE, DIGESTIVE :.,SYSTEM, ANTIBIOTIC DRUG EFFECT# SARC014At LYMPHATIC SYSTE14 tONTPOL MARKING--NO RESTRICTION~ DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED -Y REEL/FRAME--1981/0750 .0 _PROX STEP 4 .--UR/0297/70/01!'/004/0300/t)304 ~Cl RC ACCESSION NO--AP0052196 UNCLASSIFIED UNCL ASS IF I ED PROCESSINIS DATE-11SEP70 -zr~,L ACCESSION NO-AP0052196 ABSTkACTI;-:XTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. S16IROMYCIN HAD A lifGH A%TlrU~40R AC-TIVTTY AGAINST 6 TRANSPLANTABLE TUMORS OF MICE. IT WAS -MOST MENT 0 AV UL A R IN THE TREAT, F ~Krl (LINE 07H SU1351 WITH TRAN~~PLANTED FL J CANCER OF THE GIZZARD. WliFN USED IN A MAXIMUM TOLERATFU OUSE ADMINISTERED TWICE, THE ANTIBIOTIC COMPLETELY SUPPRESSED THE TUMOR GROWTH. THE DEVELOPMENT OF LYMPHOSARCOMA 4STRAIN 1.10-L) WAS INH!RITED BY SIBIROMYCIN USED IN A MAXIMUM TOLERATED DOSE BY 130 TO 91PERCENT ANO THAT OF THE ASCITIC FORMS OF TUMORS AND THE SOLID FORM OF SARCOMA L80 WAS INHIBITED BY 62'T0 66PERCENT. SIBIROMYCIN INDUCED ATROPHIC CHANGES IN THE SPLEEN AND ITS WEIGHT IN TREATED ANIMALS WAS LOWER THAN IN THE CONTROL ANIMAI-S. THE DECREASE IN THE SPLEEN WEIGHTWAS MAINLY DUE TO THE ANTIBIOTIC. DOSE-. THE HIGHER WAS THE-OOSE, THE LOWEr, WAS THE WEIGHT. UNCLASSIFtED USSR UDC 591.9(47) R 0. L., and DOWTOV, V. A., Editors IsSledovaniva Po Faune Sovetskogo Soyuza (Investigations of tdie raurA of the Soviet Union), Moscow, Izdatellstvo Ybskovskogo Universiteta, 19'~2, 188 pp Translation: Table of Conteuts. Page ROSSOLD40) 0. L., "Vladimir Georgiyevich Geptner" 3 ti lov; GROM I. M. Supraspecific Systematic Categories in the Subfamily of Rodents (Microtinae) and Their Probable Relationshiplz" 8 NASWDVICH, A. A., "Acclimatization, Animal Population, ard Zuogeo,-rap',K~~" 4 NAMAM, N. P., "An Attempt to Sanitize One'Desert Focus of Plagile" 51 KIRMOV, S , is I thL V. Historical Changes in the Populat.Lon and ~. - Habitation Environment of M3Tmnals in the Oak and Conifer Forest-Steppe Rei~ion" 69 MATT13SHKIN, TE. N., "The IVixed Naturel of the Mu=ials of Usouxiuskiy Kray; Their Corvions Traits, Historical Roote, and C-~Arrcrft Nani- P11 festations in the Comn=ities of the Middle Sikhote-Alin" 60 MRYM.A., M. A., and DO.IPGOV, V. A., "27he Specific Characteristics of the External Appearance of Shreuts (Marxrelia, Sorex) 145 DOMOV V. A.) "Craniometry and Rules of Geo3raphic Change in the Cranioretric Trait:; of Palearetic Shrews (Phnrrialia, sorex)fl 150 95 USSR uDc 621.791.89:534.1 KONOVALOV, YE. G., ROSSOSHINS A.A. GAMOV, V.S. "Influence of Frequency Spectrum on Formation of Joints in Ultrasonic ItTelding" q Izv. AN BSSR, Ser. Fiz-tekhn. Nauk) No 2, Minsk, 1971, Pp 93-96 Abstract: Studies were performed involving ultrasonic veidinjy, of aluuminum foil to various materials, using both the frequencles ordinarily used for this much higher frequencies, up to 212 kHz. It iras found that 'bett,~~r purpose and joints were produced with the higher frequencies. '_SXistJ*nG thelories carxict ex- plain this pendence of joint quality on frequency. The authors sucrijest that de t;1 perhaps the best joints are produced at those frecluenciec at w.ich t'he material being welded absorbs the maximum ultrasonic enert-,j, but pro-pose +that broad- scale investigations be performed to determine the best welding frequencies for each type of material being welded, Acc. 1jr: Abstract ing Service, Ref Code: A"0040,576 CHEMICAL ABST. 93522g Formation of a entectic F&ARe doling cqnuct fision. Khrenov, - K.1- Rossoshins fi, - V. M. K ki -A. A.; ~Xwtsyul Qnst. PleFFosivarki L RMEMMUL~Xley=-SSRI -vv#i (Russ).' The Nauk SSSR 1970, 190(2), 402~~3 fohem Techuoll, proem was studied by cornpressin' 4 ~ pi-Irf, termia of hick- The be 2 Si and a Au foil 100-p t -9 iiere cornOtessed , tween plungers prehciat~d to 400*, which e#eeds somewhat the'temp. of the eutectic Au-Si. To follows the procesi, leplungersivere' moved apart periodically. The pr6cew then ~proceeded as fol- lows. First, some defects appearcd,.su~h'"~diili)~atiorii, aad ~V- microcracks were formed on the i~rfice of These dei. fective spots were satd. with Au up ~tti stoichicimetric corupn. of the eutectic. These -spots enlarged toik point Where they formcd nuclei of the liq. phase, and fLb4lly the eutectir, spread over; the contact. area'and inside the cry~* U. Hoseh 0 2 1 Uki4SSIFTED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 ITLE-A SYkCHk0f.IC hICIW~LECTRIC:.ORIVE BASED C;14 A CUNTAGTL~-SS DIRECT -U- RthT MOTOR VTfiil-.-kUSSGVSKlY9 YE.L. NTP.Y.GF INFO--USSR t CU. ELEKTaUTEKHNIKA, 1.9701 NR Zi PP 26-30 'DATE PUBL LSHE:D--70 -5UdJECT AREAS-ELECTRONLCS AND ELECTRICAL ENGR. H Rv ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT, TRIGGER TAGS-DIRECT CURRENT9 ELECTRIC OTO -CIRGULT, ELECTRIC COMMUTATOk, ELECTRCNIC*0SCILLAfOR CChTkCL MAkKING-INO RESTRICTIONS ~OZCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1999/1223 STEP IqD--LIR/0292/70/00010021'0026/0030 -,rlpf- ACCESSIGN r, I ~fl I ~11 Z/2 021 UNCLASS I F I EO PROCESSING DArE---30OCT70 CIRC ACLESSICN NG--AP0123187 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. USING A CONYACTLESS GIRECT CURRENT 'iUTUR AS A EASE, THE AUTHOR DEVELOPED A SYNCHRONIC MICKOELELTRIC RIVE L) WHICH HAS THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A CGlITACTLESS DIRECT CURkENr H(JrLik DURING STARTING TIME AND THOSE OF A SYNCHRONIG 140TOR UNDER STEADY CGNUITICNS GF SYNLHRGj%IC ROTATION. SYNCHRONIZATION OF THE RATE OF ROTATION IS ACHIEVED BY INTRODUCING A SYNCHRONIZATICIN CIRCUIT INTO 'rHE CGMMUIATCR UF ThE MOTG.K. THE SYNCHRGlIZAT.l;jNl,C[KCU.IT CUNSISTS IN GENERAL OF THREE TRIGGERS 'WHICH ARE CONNECTED BY A GIVEN MEANS TO THE CLMMUTATCR ANC THE MASTEk GSCILLATUR* ORIGINAL ARTICLE.' FIVE ILLUSTRATIGNS AND THREE 818LIGGiAPHIC ENTRIESo UNCIASSIFII:-O 1/5 0 It 3 UNCLASSIFLED P.-IOGESSING 0Ari-_--L3;140V7C TITLE -NEIL A;-.MSTRONG 1'4TEiiVIEi,#ED SOVIET !-,'EWSRAPEk,'4E-N -J-- BY AUTHOR--ROSTARCHUK, M. -COUNTRY OF I-`4FC--USSRj UNITE0 STATES SOURCE--~49SCO'$4, IZVEST[YA, 5 JUNF 197 0, P 4 OATE PUBLISHED-05JUN70 SUBJECT AREAS--SPACE TEClfh,0LOGY TOPIC TAGS--COSMONAUT, AST!WINAUT, SPACE:FLIGHT, MANNED SrACE,,.i%AF_T, LUNAR LANDING/ (U) SGYUZ 9 MANNEO SPACECRAFT COUTROL. '-!4RKl,%G--N0 RESTRICTIONS ODCUNIENT CLASS--UNCLASSHIE0 PROXY REEL/FAAME--3004/lb4Z STEP N.0--Ulk/9003/ r0/01)()/00'_')/000"t/0004 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AN0131964 I F I 13NOV7 2/5 043 UNCLASSI F I ED PROCESSING DAYE CIRC ACCESSION NO--AN0131964 'ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE MAN WHO WAS THE FIRST TO STEP ONTO THE MOON ENTERED THE wHirc- f4ARBL&.ClJNFERE,4CE -HALL OF THE PRESIDIUM OF THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES USSR SURROUNDED BY OUTSTANDING SOVIET SCIENTISTS.AINID COSMONAUTS. HE.WAS MET WITH APPLAUSE? RECCIGNITION FOR THE-ACHIEVEMENTS OF HIS CREW AND HIMSELF. NEIL mu-ist-Ruiqu, WAS 'qTRODUr_F_U BLAG9NRAVOVi WHO NOTED rHE l'iPORTAINCE OF ( BY ACADEMICIAN A. 1 THE APOLLO 11 FLIGHT, THE KNOWLE06E AND BkAVERY OF THE CREd. THE SUCCESSFUL FLIGHT GF APG-LLO 11 FOR ARMSTRONG WAS NOT it. MATrER OF CHANCE OR LUCK. HIS ROUTE TO THE MOON WAS COMPLEX AND THORNY. HL ENCOUNTERED THE WAYWARDNESS OF SPACE F~V'UIPMENT ALkEAOY ouRt.NG THE FL[GliT OF GEMIINI 8; AT THAT TIME HE WAS AaLE TO TAME TH;* FLIGHTCRAFT 'viHEN IT SUO;JENLY WENT OUT UF CONTROL. LATER IN A TkAIA![NG FLIGHT. IN A LUNAK TRAINEk OVEF THE EARTH ITSELF THE VEHICLE WENT OUT OF CUNTROL ANJ ONLY A FRACTION OF A SECO14D AND THE PRESFNCE OF COURAGE SAVE:O HIS Lli:[:. AR.',l'sTP%ONl_j' NAS GIVEN THE PODIUH. HE SLtJllLY APPROACHED THE'SPEAKEPIS STAND. FiC 1114S AN '4(-'VF 1 0 F OPEN AND STRONG FACE. HIS MENTS REVEAL RESTRAENT AND 10 ' -'STY. HE SOMEdIIAT RESEMBLES GAGARIN* ARMSTRONG THANKS A. h. KOSY"'U'41 Clioll!tMAN Op T~IE CCjfj.*.ICIL OF illINISI'ElIS USSR, RLCEIVING HIM FOR THElh HLAI~r TO HEAkT CONVERSATION, AND THE SOVIET GOVERNMENT FOR f--.iNALBIsN'G HIM TO BLE-CUME ACQJAINTED WITH OUR COUtITRY ANID THE LIFE OF THE SOVIET PEuPLE. III FINE 1T PARTICULARLY PLEASING TO TELL OF THE RESULTS OF MY FLIGHT RIUHr NOWPI, SAID THE ASTRONAUTp "DURING THE FLIGHT OF ISUYUZ-91. I W~"JULO LIKE TO WISH ITS CREW FHE BEST OF SUCCESS AND LUCK IN IMPLEMEpirING ALL IrS ASSIGNED MISSIONS". t) N, C L A 3/5 04 3 UNG L A 5 S I F11 L 0 ~P R 0 C E- S SG 0 A T 1 3N t.1 V 7 0 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AIN01319o4 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--l'AS Y13U RECALLt THE APOLLO It FLIGHT LASTIE-0 APPROXIMATELY EIGHT DAYS. WE IiAD GoOO ENOUGH LUCKs ~FXPFR~:ENCE-,) NO SIGNIFICANT TECH,1,11CAL MALFUNCTIU119So 'BONE OF US BE-CAME, ILL Ok EXPERIENCED UNPLEAWIT SENSATI0,NS. FLIGHT TO THE HOUNI IS R.F.ALLY EXTkE-MiELI~ A4 E I ~14S P I F, I N G .THE APPLARANCE UF THE EARTH, GROWIN"; INC-'EASI~NGLY SMALLER THROUGH THE Pokr, IS UNF~)8GETTA8LE. Possiaty rriE NQSf ~'IEAGRABLE SPECTACLE WAS THE MOONP 6ECOMING LARGEiR A010 LAIRGEIR AS w-E APPR~)-ACHE7D IT". "Itl HY UPINIGN THE MGSf L)IFFICULT STi%GL IA THE FLIGHT ~.~AS TH~~- LA'iDIjN(;. BEFORE ~~E COULD SIT OGWN fj,,'l THE 140ON i4E,HAD TO MAKE A WHCLE SE1O. This process is, in general, not Markov. It is shown that there exist USSR RCrTENBEW,, A. R., Moscow, Problemy Peredachi Informatsii, Vol 9, No 4, Oct/Nov/bec/ 73g pp 66 - 70 homogeneous Markov processes Ei(t) with continuous time, such that i-Jn(E)t] in some sense reduces to one of these processes for a given choice of n(E) and E --> 0. The theorem is stated as fonowss for every i = there exists a homogeneous Markov process El(t) with continuous transition probabilities, to the finite dimensional partitions of which the finite dimensional partitions of the process CEJ-W uniformly converge over any interval (Or); the en)ansion ni(t) of the process CiW is again a homogeneous Flarkov process. An analogous theorem Iz given for homogenous Markov processes wIth continuous time and a finite set X of states, 2/2 48 - Naiigat: USSR mc: 621.396.1083 SOLOMONIK, M. Ye., RM,NBzRg,,,.M. I., IL1111, G. B., RAEITN, A. M., SHESTA-KOVP A. V., Members' of tff~'-S_cientific and Technical Society of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications imeni A. S. Popov "A High-Precision Radio Direction Finder' With Steerable Antenna" Moscow, Radioteklinika, Vol 27, No 8, Aug 72, pp 1-6 Abstract: The errors in radio direction finding due to distortions of the phase front of the received signal increase with a reduction in wavelength. One way to reduce these errors is to take a "sample" of the.electromagnetic field from as large a region of space as possible. A new w*.y to realize this method on meter wavelengths is considered which combines SiMDI-iCitY Of the direction finder circuit with short-base antennas and reduced sensi- tivity to local distortions of the phase front. 'Die antenna is steerable about the vertical xxis. The motion of the antenna retults in a change in the errors of the instrument in accordance with a periodic law, with the result that time averaging considerably reduces error. The authars discuss the theory of operation of such a direction finder witl~l an antenna which moves in a closed curve. 1/2 024 UNCLASSIFIM PROCESSING DATE--04DEC70 TITLE--ON THE TOXICOLOGICAL EVALUATION OF CHLORAL IN:THE PROCESS OF ITS ~~. LIBERATION DURING FILLING AND POUAING bF FOAM POLYURETHANS -U- ,AUTH0R,-(03)-90YTSOV, A.N., ROTENBERG, YU,.S.v IqULENKOvAt Y*G. ~'_,,~COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR -, -:SOURCE--GIGIYENA TRUDA I PROFESSI0__N_A_L_'N7YYE ~ABOLEVANIYAt 1970# NR 6v PP _i26-29 PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES T OP I CTAGS--CHLORINATED ORGANIC COMPOUND, ALDEHYDE, POLYURETHANE RESINS, :TOXICITY, FOAM PLASTIC CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ..DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--3003/LI29 STEP NO--UR/039L/TO/001)/006~/0026/0029 CIRC ACCESSION 1140--AP01,30161 FI ED 2/2 024 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--040EC70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0130161 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-O- ABSTRACT. CHLORAL (TRLCHLORGETFIANAL) IS WIDELY' USED IN VARIOUS BRANCHES OF INDUSTRY (DDT SYNTHES I St PRODUCTION OF SOLID FOAM POLYURETHANS FPU ETC.) WHILE FILLING AND POUR[NG FPU OF THE,244H AND 100-66 GRADES THE RELEASE OF CHLORAL FUMES INTO THE ATMOSPHERE IS THE BASIC SOURCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, BY READILY INCORPORATING WATER CHLORAL FUMES BECOME PRACTICALLY INSTANTANIZOOSLY TRANSFORMED INTO CHLORAL HYDRATE (CH) WHICH IS A COMPOUND OF MODERATE TOXICITY (WITH ITS INTRAGASTRIC INTRODU CTION'TO ALBINO PAICE THE LU SUB50 EQUALS 710 MG-KG AND LC SUB50 14INUS 32 MG-1). IN CHRONIC TESTS THE CH FUMES CONCENTRATION OF 0.66 PIG-1 PRODUCES RETARDED WEIGHT GAIN, PHASIC CHANGES IN THE CNS EXCITABILITY AND IN tHE ARTERIAL PRESSURE, LEUCOCYTOS[S AND DIMINUATION OF THE ALBUMEN GLOBULIN RATIO IN THE ANIMALS. CH FUMES CONCENTRATION OF OvZ2 MG-1 PROVOKED IN THEM BUT A TENDENCY TOWARDS A SHIFT OF THE SAME VALUES. , A CONCE-,i.rRATll,ON OF 10 MG-M PRIME3 (CALCULATED TO THE VALUE OF CHLORAL) HAS BEEN APPROVED AS A MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE ONE FOR CHLORAL FUMES AND CH, FACILITY: TSENTRALINYY INSTITUT USOVERSHENSTVOVANIYA 11RACHEY, MO,SKVA GORODSKAYA '034 UNCLAt~,5fjFf9a'- Plic)CESuNG DATE-090CT70 --T-ITLE-CHANGES IN THE AMOUNT OF ERYTHROCYTES AND THEIR FUNCTION IN ACUTE PERITONITIS -U- D.L.t NEYK01 YE.M.t KRYZHANOV,.SKIYP N.A., A u T 14 0 R- ( 0 4 1 G.A. ~'CQUNTRY OF INF(,'-USSk SfjUk(;E-VESTNIX KHIRURGII IMENI 1. 1. GREKOVAt 19702 VUL 104t NR 2 PP ~577-rO ~~-DATE PUBLISHED ------ 70 SU13JECT AREAS-BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES 0 P I CTAGS-ERYTHROCYTE, kESPIRATIONt BLOOD CHEMISTRY, DOG# PERITONEUM, G IN, HEMATOCRIT, HYPGXIA HEMO L08 -'CONTROL MARKING-NO PESTRICTIONS ,.DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ~PXOXY REEL/FRAME--1985/1731 STEP NO--UR/0589/70/10q/002/0057/0059 CIRC ACCESSIGN NO-AP0101764 _____UNC LS'- 034 UNCLASSIFIE6 PROCESSLNG DATE--090CT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP010-1784 A,3lSTi~ACT/EXTxACT--(UJ GP-0- A35TKAcr. THE UYNAMILCS JF CHANGES INI A QUANTITATIVE CORRELATION OF VARIOUS VOLUMES C-F ERYTHAUCYTES WAS OBSERVED, SIMULTANEOUSLY THE DEGREE OF DISTRUBANCES IN RESPIRATORY PROPERTIES OF BLOOD WAS STUDIED ON THE MODEL OF A%CUTE PERITONITIS lN DOGS, THESE STUDIES WERE MADE WITH THE AID OF A CONDUCTOMETRiC, MET140D OF DRAWING THE ERYTHROCYTES VOLUME DISTRIau'riai CURVES, AN() ALSF9 USING THE VAN SLAKF- APPARATUS IWITH AN IUN MAGNETIC MIXER FOR QUANTITATIVE Dt:TFRMINATION OF BLOOD GASES AND STUDYING THE OXYHFMOGLOBIN DISSOCIATION PROCESS. IN AUUITIONv HEMOGLUBIN AND HEMATOCRIT INOICFS 141-i-RE RECORDED. THESE SrUDIES HAVE UEMONSTRATED THAT IN Acurfi PERITONITIS ALONG wirH INTENSIFICATION OF THE INFLAMMATORY PROCESS RELATIVE PDLYCYTHE.MIA, ANICYTUSIS WITH A PREDOMINANCE OF ENLARGED FORMS OF ERYTHROCYTES ARE INCREASED'I' AND ALS'01--~UISTURBANGES" IN THE- t3!LUOlY-RlLSP'lR`ArfJltY f NCTION WITH TYPICAL SIGNS OF CIRCULATORY HYPOXIA ARE ENHANCED. USSR UDC 669,715'782:620.186 GERSHMAN G. B., KHRUSHCHOVA, K. M., and KUZNETSOV, G. M.,_AQ_TkWRGj, ZIL'BERG, Yu. Ya., State Union Scientific,Research Tractor Inutitute; Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys "Methods and Theories of the Modification of Hypereutectic Silumins" V sb. Modifitsir. siluminov (Modification of Silumins -- Collection of Works), Kiev, 1970, pp 5-19 (from RZh-Metallurgiya, No 12, Dec 70, Abstract No 12 1746 by I. NABATOVA) Translation: The authors consider in 11etail substances creating the effect of modification of hypereutectic Silumins and methods of introducing them. Modi- fiers of pr"ry Si are P, copper phosphide (eutectic), reaction mixtures "alphosite," "phoral," a mixture of 52% LigPO4 + 40% Al + 8% 11, a mixture of A13PO4 + M92P207 + ethane C19C16 + copper p asphide, polytetrafluoroethylene + P + AIP; Be, Cu, Ag, Zn, Cd, HS, Se, Te, Ca, Cd, Ge, Ti, S, P, and Na, as well as a mixture of eutectic SilumLn with Al shavl.ngs In combination with Na, break up the Si and the eutectic simultaneously. Tho follawing; hypOtheSiS explaining the modification mechanism are discussed: 1)!fortuatton of nuclei of the AlP type; 2) connection with Al-Si-modifying-eltmant phaae diagrams; 1/2 USSR KUZNETSOV, G. al,,,,V sb. Modifitair. siluminov (Modification of Silumins collection of WorkZ Kiev, 1970, pp 5-19 (from M-Metallurgiya, No 12, Dee 70, Abstract No 12 1746 by 1. NARATOVA) 3) limitation of the growth of Si crystals. The last hypotheuis gives a tables.. Bibliography of fuller explanation of the experimental data. Two 59 titles. USSR UDC 612.821.7 ROTM&RG V S.-and BINIAURISHVILI, R. G., Department of Clinical Neuro- ysiology, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, First IMbscow Medical Institute nFsychophysiological Investigations in Hight Sleep" Moscow, Zhurnal Vysshey Nervnoy Deyatellnosti imeni 1. P. Pavlov, Vol 23, VYP 4, Jul/Aug 73, pp 864-871 Abstractt In order to study the interconnections, betureen variot,.,f; of rapid sieq) and .mbjvctivc report.- on awakening from it, a:, vell as the psychic activity im rap-id and delta oleap 6 hea-Ithy and 2/, disti.Irbed-sleep subjects were studied pulsographically while awake and sleapirg, avakemcd during rapid and delta sleep and questdoned as to sleop percept-I.on and drearus. The ability to give detailed reports of dreams wa.,; foinid to corre- late with a faster pulse rate in rapid s1eq) than delta sleep mid With awareness of sleep in delta sleep, but not vith rapid eye moveinent (RE:1) intensity. in disturbed patient; the lack of alVility to report dreams or their negation was correlated vith lack of faster pulrq in. rap id sleep together with low REM intensity. Negation of previous Eleop in disturbei 1/2 USSR ROTENBERG, V. S. and BINIALTHISMIM, R. G., Zhurnal Vysshey Ner,,"Ioy Deyatel-L nosti imeni I. F. Pavlov., Vol 23, VYn 4, Jul/Aug 73, pp 864-87l subjects was nore common in delta sleep. A longer period of alf!rtness observed after awakening from rapid sleep, than delta. Thp lacll of -- ill L ity to describe dreams seen in the disturbcd patients is L3ugr ~e,ntcd to Navu, tlwto causes, either a paucity and insignificance of (Ircam content or dream. repression. The first cause, charucterized by vlower pulne and less TION, indicates a functional insufficiency of rapid sleep sutrr-csted to be relpted to neurotic defense nechanisms, while the second would. be accompanied by norral characteristics.- 2/2 UNCLA,~SIFT ~-~TITLE-DEPLNDENCE OF PHOTODIFFUSION CUkRE,1-114': -CONCENTRATION OF ELECTRON ACCEPTORS -U- AUTHOR- (04)-LAK0,'lOV 9 V.1%, YELETSKIY* V.V,.t _YU. V. ;~_::CLUNTRY UF INFO-USSR 1970, 6f3), 415-17 PUBLISHED-----70 SU%3JECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY PROCESSING IN SOLUTIONL" ON Ti-sr: ROT~,qLLERG, Z.A., PLESKOV, ~TOPIC TAGS-PHOTOCHEMISTRY, ELECTRODE POTENTIALP 11HUTUELECTRON 'ARKING-NO RESTRICTIUNS CONTROL M :.DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED :~~_PROXY REEL/FRAME-199411940 STEP ~O-UR/0364/70/006/003/0415/01,17 CIRC ACCESSIGN NC--AP0115748 UNCLASSIFIED 012 --13NOV70 777iji UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP0115748' ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--IU) G9-0- ABSTRACT. ONE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL STAGES OF THE CONVERSION OF ELECTiCINS EMITTEDt AFTER IRRADN-o FROM VE'rAL INTO THE I 'E TA N SOLN. APPEARS TO BE THE SOLVATIUN (OR HYDRATION) I'l THE SOLN'. f. R I INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROCESS OF HYORMION OF PHOTOELECTRON'S MAY BE ACHIEVED ON THE BASIS OF THE EXPTL. OBSERVED DEPENDENCE OF 'PHOTODIFFUSION ON THE CONCN. -OF HYDRATED ELECTRON ACCEPToRs. AS ELECTRON ACCEPTORS'H PRIME POSITIVE ANbINO SU83 PRE14E NEGATIVE IONS 4ERE SELECTED- THE ACTIVITY OF H SU83 PRIME 0 POSITIVE VARLEO Fl,,IOM 10 PRIME 'NEGATIVE3 TO 0.8M AND WAS CHECKED AGAINST. THE H ELUCTRODF POTENTIAL IN THE SAME SOLN. THE DEPENDENCE OF PHOTCJ~URRENT, J, TG THE 0,.4 P014ER ON THE POTENTIAL ALPHA AT VARIOUS H PRIME POSITIVE ACTIVITIES WAS ESTABLISHED. IF ACCEPTCR CONCN. WAS CHANGED, THE. CHARACrER OF T14E OEPENDENCE OF THE PHOTOCURRI:NT ON THE POTENTIAL WAS CHANGED, AND HENCE EXTRAPOLAT[CN OF ALL CURVES CONSTRUCTED .IN i-HE SAKE COORDINATE SYSfEM MUST RESULT IN DIFFERENT VALUES OF THE:THRLSHOLD POTENTIAL. A LINEAR RELATION BETWEEN J AND A SUBH30 POSITIVE PRIME ONE HALF Ar LOW A SUbH30 POSITIVE WAS OBSERVED. ABOVE A SUi3H3O:PQSIlIVE L-01JALS 0.12.4 THE SATN. PHOTOCURRENT BEGINS. THE MEAN DISTANCE MEA,14 VALUE 13F X, AT WHIC14 TO,F XY SCILVATE-Do WAS FOUNU FRO. THE PH, URR I T ELECTRGNS ARE PREFERAL c :CONCN. AND WAS 80-100 ANGSTROMe :r-ALILITY: I Ns'r UL I-KTRO1011M. ~.MOSCOW, USSR. U NK, L A S S I F I F D rim -UNC LASS t Fli LL~, OROCESSINr. --AFFECT OF THE ADSORPTION Of l,)NS A,.O WLECl,!LES ON THE PHC-GEMIS~ ;~,-i TITLF OF ELECTRLNS AT THE METAL ELECTROLYTI: jz,i'- :,.:ALE ---U- AUTHCP-(0Z)-RGTCN8ERGv Z.A-v PLESKL)Vi YU.V. CCUNTRY OF INFO--USSR !,,_:_SQURCE--ELEY.TRGKHIMIYA 1970, 6(3), 418-20 DATE PUBLISHED - ----- 70 SUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY ,:':.TOPIC TAGS-ELECTROLYTE, ADSORPTIONt MERCURY, 1001NEt METAL CLECTRODEt 'PH(ITCCHEMISTRYs ELECTRON EMISSION CCNTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED REEL/FRAME--1994/1941 STEP NO--UR/03b4/713/00[i/00310418/0420 CIRC ACCESSION NU--AP0115749 U N' r, L A S S I F I E D 77-27-2- -02&~- UNCLASSIFIED PR'OCESSING DATE--13NOV70 ~'GIRC ACCESSIGN NO--AP0115749 ABSTR.A.CT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. EFFECT OF THE ADSORPTION OF I IONS AND LC14G CHAIN ORG. MULS. ON THE PHOTOEMISSION FROM HG INTO THE ELECTROLYTE SOLN. IS STUDIED.' IODINEr BEING ADSORBED ON THE HG ELECTRODE, SHIFTS THE PSI SUBI POTENTIAL TOWARDS THE NEG. S)IIDE. T .4 E POTENTIAL SHIFT IN THE DIFFUSION PART OF THE DOUBLE LAYER HAS A CONSIDERABLE EFFECT ON THE PHOTOCURRENT, PROVIDED [I'S THICKNESS IS GREATER THAN THE ELECTkON WAVELENGTH. FOR 0.3-1 EV ELECTR(*.INS, WHICH ARE PRODUCED CN IRRADN. WITH LIGHT OF 365 NM OVER THE POTENTIAL RANGE MINUS 0.6 TO MINUS .3.3 Ve THE ELECTRCN WAVELENGTH CHANGES FFIGM 12 TO 24 ANGSTROM. FOR THE DISTORTION OF THE THRESHOLD APP.ROXNs IT WAS INECESSARY t THAT THE EXPTS. WERE CARRIED OUT [N A DIL. ELECTROLYTE SOLN. THE 0.01M KF AND KI SULNS. WITH N SUBZ 0 (ACCEPTOR 0 F EMITTEO ELECTRONS) ARE USED ,IN THE EXPT. DECREASE (IF PHOTOCURRENT IN TH.E KI SGLN. AT MINUS 0.6 TO MINUS 0.9 V APPEARS TO BE THE RESULT OF'THE STRUCTURE 0,ANGE OF THE -ELEC. DOUBLE LAYER. ADSORPTION OF 1 15 ACCUMPANIED BY AN INrREASE IN THE %C6. VALUE OF PSI SOBI AND LEADS r0 A t)E(-KFA5F OF PHOTOCURREiNT. THF EFFECT OF LARGE ORG. MOLS. SUCH AS CETYL At.C. eND PAL11111C AND MYRISTFC ALIOS AS WELL AS DIMETHYDIOUDECYLAMMONIUM tUN ON THF: PHOTOE-MISSION' OF -ELECTRONS AT THE HG SOLN. INTERFACE MAY.SE EXPLAINED BY ASSUMING YHAT A -NEW PHASE IS PRODUCED. FACILITY: INST, ELE"(%TROKHlM.v Moscoho -USSR. ~NT LASS IF I ~, ~ 4 - -E 'jS,j R UDC 621.785.5:537.525 TErERSKIY, V. A., STErYUK, T. YU.P VOTER YE A Fhysical.-Meclw-,inic~l Institute of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of SciTrc=*, T, -VBlf- "Device for Determining the Physical-Mechanical Characteristics of Vetals Saturated with Cases in Clow Discharge" Kiev, Fiziko-Khimicheskaya Heklianika Materialov, Vol 8, No 2, 1972, pp 90-91 Abstract: A device is introduced which was designed and manufactured to per- form studies of the mechanical properties of metal in the case of saturation of them ifith gases in a broad tempera ture- tine interval. The basic assemblies include the operating chamber, a vacuum system, a loading devLce, instruments for automatic recording of the stress-strain diaj~ram,an electric temperature measurer-eat and regulation system, and an clectric syntem for neasuring and regulating the basic parameters of electric discharge. The device permits ionization of the gas inedium both by radioactive lsotoi~es of cx and 0 radiation and by electric discharge. Electric currentr; from 10-1 to 10-1 alaps call be obtained, and the nagnitude of the currents predetermines the degree of ionl7--- tion and, consequently, the concentration of active gui particles on the surface of the specimen. The electrical resistance can he measured duria,;.; the strain process and by the electrical conductivity as a function of the degree of strain 11. A. Oding, et al. , Izv. Ali SSSII,. -M--tallur iya rcz,i )Xe- Jo, Plos, I and 1/2 USSR THTERSKIYI V. A., et al., Fiziko-Khlmicheskaya MekhanilLa Ilacerialov, Vol 8, No 2, 1972, pp 90-91 2, 19641, it is possible to judge the rupture kinetics ind the nature of the interaction of the crystal lattice defects with Interstitial adnixtures. The device has demonstrated high reproducibility of the resLLlts in the case of saturation and deformation of specimens inionized gases. 2/2 1,C) "u MC: 543-544.25:537-084.2 -.BIUYDE, A. YU. and ROTIN, V. A. "Detecting Electrically Negative Substances in a UnIpolar Discharge" Tr. Vses. n.-i. ' pmvekt.-konstrukt. in-t kornoleks. avtomatiz. neft. _1 paz. L Tarom-sti (Works of the All-Union Scientific-Research v,,nd Design-Ellarring Iii- stitute for the Complex Automation of the Petroleum and Gas Indu.!Itr7)., 1972, vyp.4, Pp 174-179 (from RM-32.Metrologiya i lzmeritolinaZa T,~dka, Ro 5., 1973,, Abstract No 5.32-839) Translation: Experimental study rewit3 are presented on the Possibility of detecting the electrically negative components of a gas ri:bcture i1a a unipolor discharge using a ne-aly developed detector. The detector was tested on a chromatographic device designated for the eluent analysis of CC vapor in 14 air, The stabilized B&-26 (0-~Ov) rectifier was used for warnting up the cathode. A loading resistance jimde from nichrone was sequentially to vary the voltage from 0 to 10y, The unit inakes possible parLUel study under identical conditions using the unipolar discharge deteotor and an electron- capture detector mith a radioactive source. The obtain, .1d results 91iovi that detection in a unipolar dincharge is characterized by the awite regularities 1/2 USSR DRAUE, A. YU. and ROTIN, V. A Tr- Vses. n--i- i proyekt.-konstrukt. in-t kompleks. avtomtiz. neft. i guz. prom-sti, 1972, vyp 4, pp 174-179 as in electron capture, i.e. electron- capture detection can be accomplifhed both in a unipolar and in a bipolar discharge at 1000C and higher. Original article: two illustrations and three bibliographic entries. V.S.K. 2/2 1),q USSR UDC 543.544.25:621.039.83 ROTIN, V. A. "Radioisotope Methods of Detecting and Detection Devic-es for Gas Chromato- graphy" Radioizotop. Sredstva Kontrolya i Avtomatiz. Tekhnol. Protsessov v Prom- sti [Radioisotope Means of Testing and Automation of the Technology of Processes in Industry -- Collection of Works], Moscow, Atornizdat Press, 1972, pp 194-199, (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal, Metrologiya i IzmeTitellnaya Tekhnika, No 7, 1972, Abstract No 7.32.SS8, by V.S.K.). Translation: A review is presented of radioisotope methods of de-lection and the possibilities of their use for gas chromatography are discussed. The technical characteristics of detectors are prosent*d for ioni:!ation cross section, helium, argon and electron capture deter:tors, developed by the special design bureau of the All-Union Scient-ifIc Re:~varch Planning and Design Institute of Complex Automation in the Petroleum and G;,,ts Indus- try and the Dzerzhinsk Affiliate of the Experimental Design Office for Automation. The -use of radioactive detectors allows universal analysis If P.1 i.,:1 P, I MIM-g- USSR ROTIN, V. A., Radioizotop. Sredstva Kontrolya i Avtomatiz. Tekhnol. Protsessov v Pronsti, 1972, pp 194-199 of substances (use of ionization cross-section detectors), analysis of microconcentrations (argon and helium detectors), selective analysis of oxygen-and-halogen-containing compounds and qualitative analysis (electron capture detectors). 6 Biblio. Refs. 2/2 ~--JJSSR UDC 543.544.25:621.039.83 ROTIN, V. A. "Radioisotope Methods of Detecting and Detection Devices for Gas Chronato- graphy" Radioizotop. Sredstva Kontrolya i Avtomatiz. Tekhnol. Protsessov v Prom- sti [Radioisotope Means of Testing and Automation of the Technology of Processes in Inaustry -- Collection of Works] , Moscow, Aromizdat Press, 1972, pp 194-199, (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal, Metrologiva i lzmeritellnaya Tckhnika, No.7, 1972, Abstract No 7.32.858, 11by V.S.K.). Translation: A review is presented of radioisotope methods of detection and the possibilities of their use for gas chromatography are discussed. The technical characteristics of detectors are presented for ionization cross section, helium, argon and electron capture detectors, developed by the special dcsign. bureau of the All-Union Scientific Research Planning and Design Institute of Complex Automation in the petroleum and Gas Indtis- try and the Dzerzhinsk Affiliate of the Experimental Dtvsign Offico for alloWS Ul-14 Automation. The use of radioactive detectors Iversal. analysis 1/2 USSR ROTINI V. A., Radioizotop. Sredstva Kontrolya i Avtomatiz. Tekhriol. Protsessm, v Prohisti, 1972, pp 194-199 of substances (use of ionization cross-section detector5), analysis of raicroconcentrations (argon and helium detectors), sclective.analysis of oVgen-and halogen-containing compounds and qualitative analysis (electron capture detectors). 6 Biblio. Refs. 2/2 USSR uDc: 62 3.78:523-38 V. YU "Some Problems of Statistica3 Optimization of Gyrosconic Syste,= Frr~~M the Results of Indirect Measurements" V sb. ffelineyn. i outimalln. sister, (Nonlirear and Ontim-xa Systems--- collection of works), moscow, "Nauka, 1971, pp 215-2-23 (.from ]:,,7h_Rr1keto_ stroveniye, 'No 7, jul 71, Abstract go T.41.248) Translation: Me naDer t)resents the results olf a study of the dynamico of a ball gyra-scope treated as an auto-tic contr3l sy4z'en orerating L'Ider the influence of random perturbations. it is shown :hat r~t is possible in principle to determine the optimum structure oC the device witli respect to the criterion of ml:ni=.,-. rms -ralue of the absolute zn_ngular rate of ;Ydrift". In this- connection, the ccntrolling quantities are tne mensurtfole relatiTe angles between the ball wid inner frame of the Rrroocope rather thon tht. deviat'l ons of quantitil es being regulate d Afrom -, heir xeau~L re d values i Z typicaJ, for presently known automatic control systento). It stngle-ehxnnei system is t-aken as an ex=ple for solution 01, M Upecit'ic of fir),Unl~ optimmt control of the tracking systert of the gyrcscore for zerturbat- ions inherent in real objects on which the device could be installed. Compara- tive estimates are given for precision vith respect to rms deviations in de-Aces with oDtimum and noni-optimum tracking system. Three -illustrations, bibliography of four titles. Resuto5 112 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 J.ITL=_--OVERVOLTAG OF THE IEPARATION OF HYUROGFN G:4 SILVER -U- :'.AUTH3R-(0Z)-KILI 8.9 ROTINYAN# A*L* NIK. CGUNTRY OF INF 0--USSR ~,-~SOURCE--ELEKTROKHIMIYA 19701 6(3)t 330-1 DATE PUBL ISHED----- 70 ~"$UBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY ~,,.TOPlC.TAGS--HYDRQGENj, SILVER, CHEMICAL SEPARATION 4TROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS C 0, ~.OOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIE0 ,-,PROXY REEL/FRAME--1998/1132 STEP NO--Uk/0364/7U/OO6/00310330/0331 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0121691 UN C L_ AS _SfE 0 2/2 013 UNCLASSIFIED PAOCESSING !)ATE--30OCT70 -ClkC. ACCESSION NO--AP0121691 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE H SEPN* VOLTAGE FOR THE POS. CH4RGED AG SURFACE WAS OBTAINED AS 0.93 PLUS OR Nll,"IUS 0.02 Y, AND FOR NEG. CHAAGED SURFACE 1.3Z PLUS OR MINUS 0602 V6 T14E MEASUREMENTS WERE .-"-.,~.-TAKEN IN 2N H SUB2 SO SUB4 AT 25DEGREES. FACILITY-" LENINGRAD, -~:TEKHNOL. INST. IM. LENSOVETA, LENINGRAD,, USSR. 112 016 UNCLASSIFIE0 PROCESSING DArE--30OCT70 TITLE--DVERVOLTAGE OF THE SEPAK-ATION OF~HYDRQGEN ON INDIUM -U- '~AUTHOR-(021-ROTINMNp A.L.r LEVlNf E*Dv ,,,..,COUNTRY or- INFO_-USSR 1970, 6(31# 328-30 ,.DATE PUBLISHED------70 aSUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY 1._~-T'CPIC TAGS--LEADv INDIUM, CADMIUM, TELLVRIUMP CHEMICAL SEPARAT IONV HYDROGEN, ELECTRODE POTENTIAL -...CCNTROL MARKING--N0 RESTRICTIONS -.00CUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIE0 .-.PROXY REEL/FRAME--1996/LI33 STEP NO--UR/03k)4/70/006/003/i)328/0330 ~_~CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0121692 UNCLASSI;FIED. aw WMA -.00T.15% 016 UNCLASSIFIED~ PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0121692 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE OVERVOLTAGE-LOG C.D. CURVE COMPRISES 3 SECTIONSt 2 LINEAR AND ONE WITH SHARPLY FALLING POTENTIAL IN THE NARROW RANGE OF C.DS. 10 PRIME NEGATIVE 3 -10 P14IME NEGATIVE 2 A-CM PRIME2 AROUND THE ZERO CHARGE POTENTIALt CHARACTERisr[C ALSO OF P31 CDT AND TE. THE ZERO CHARGE POTENTIAL FOR METALLIC IN IS SIMILAR rQ -0.8 V, BAND FOR ELECTROLYTICALLY DEPOSITED IN -0,64 TO -0,67 V. THE STRAIGHT SECTION OF THE CURVE IS SLIGHTLY HIGHER FOR ELECTROLYTIC IN 'THAN METALLICt ATTRIBUTABLE TO GREATfiR ROUGHNESS:UF THE ELECTROLYTIC METAL. USSR UDC: 577.4 ZAKREVSKIY, A. D., POTTOSIN, Yu. V., ROTKQ V. F_., TOROPOV, N. R., YAN- KOVSKIY, A. Ye. "Systems and Programs for Synthesizing Discrete Devices. A System 'or Auto- matic Synthesis of Discrete Automata" Inform. materiLly. Nauch. sovet po kompleks. probl. "Kibernetika" All SSSR (Informational. Materials. Scientific Council on the Complex Problem of Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR), -1971, 110 T(54) pp 42-62 (from RM-Kibernetika No '5, May- 72, Abstract No 5V327) [No abstract] 1/2 10 USSR twc 628.16.0N-628-322+682.162.8 GLaBA, L. I., LASTOVETS', L. M. 9--M,0 GOLUB, M. F., and RADOLITS- "ICA, L. S., Institute of Colloid ch-drlistl-f and Mmistry of Uater, Academy of Sciences UkSSRp and Institute of Infectious Diseases,, Idnistry of healthp UkSSR "Removing Water from Viruses with Some Materials With Adsorption and Adhesive Properties" Kiev, Doklady Akademli Nauk Ulaaiw'koy SSRO Serlya B. Geologlya, Geofizika, Xhimiya i Biologiya, Vol 33. No 11, 1971f-pp 1036-1038 Abstracti The problem of water decontamination to a degree adequate for complete prevention of spread of contagious diseases has not yet been fully resolved. This is particularly true Hith respect to contamin3Ltion with pathogenic microorganismsg whi)c-,h axe present in water in the form. of suspqnsiona or colloids (usually as a mixture of both). An attempt sras Diade to convert linely dispersed mixturoB Into coarse ones, to facilitate removal from the sedium. Various clay~like materials were studied as catalysts of the process. Firat# virus cultures were introduced into tap water. Than saiaples of infected water were treated with 800 mg/1 of each of the naterials testedt with the addition of 50 mg/1 of aluminum sulfate. Sampler. were left to stand f/2 GLOBA, L. I., et al., DoklaCV Akadenii Nauk Ma-ainalkoy SSRI, Serlya B. Geologiyap Geofizika, Xhimiya i Biologiyat Vol 33P No 11, Noy 71, PP 1036-1038 for 2 hours. During that timew the adsorben,~s preeipitated. The liquid left above the precipitate sms then filtered and tested for virus contont. Testr. indicated that viruses vere removed to the extent of 90.0 to 99.99. qIds was taken as a positive proof of the effectiveness of the methods the -imm of highly, disporued zaterials for water' purification, USSR UDC 621.762.002.5 MOKSHANTSEV, G. F., BULANOV, V. Ya., NII)GIAYLICIIENKO, A. V., and ROIMISTROVAO V. P. "Experience in the Production of a Reducing Atmosphere From Compressed Propane-Butane Mixture and its Utilization in Powder Metallurgy" Nauka i proiz-vo [Science and Production collection of works), No. 4, .Chelyabinsk, 1970, pp. 47-52, (Translated from Referativny-y '"hurnzil Metallurgiya, No. 1, 1971, Abstract No.l..~501 by 6), OvOacheva). Translation: A compact laboratory gas reactor has been produced which can be used to perfoni various processes involved in the conversion oF compressed propane-butane mixtures and their application for reduction ahd sintering of various metal powders. The operating pXinciple of the reactor is described. Optimal modes are determined for complete conversion of the propane-butane mixture. The mixture produced is also recommended for heat treatment processes during heating of metals and alloys in controlled atmospheres. 4 figures; 6 tables. JPRS 57333 25 October 197Z IM: I CROELECT RUN I CS Excerpts from Russian - language book edited by F. V. Lukin; Mikroolektronika, No 5, 1972, Sovetskoye Radio Publishing House, ROSCOW, ?tJD4~ .382t621.396.6-181.5. CONTENTS PAGE AnnowtLon ....................................................... I Obttuszy of Fedor Vlktorovich LukLa .............................. 2 Foreword ........................I ................................ 3 Abstracts ........................................................ 5 x) n 11, .0 I't I noun component), tit I w01" king mode, ji;M 0.~ in1t inI voitaF,, dii-balanca of dilf.rential amps ; fyinp rancadeo. done ,7,n Mur trandiatol-K. The exprear.1,ina obtairio-d niny no &sod for computot inn plaai;ing of ouch castadou. I)oth in the diNereto nnd !n the ir,-- gratea variations. The article contains I figure and -rences, UDC f,71 . 362. 31 Zqulvalez= Clrcult:4 of an lntoprated Far C ` one , onrut ct t of" - h e rrequen cy Cha re c t t-r i n t 1 CS 0 r i C cr. 6 u c t'_ :n.'eZrn%.d nr~.Itti. Golubev, A.P. andjialvfl~~ V . In t'.;,x Collect-on, by r.'4' ~Uktn. VC) 5, savutsk"ye RI'dio slaufi~. 1~72. On the baris of the prevlausly surgented urdtternined atrix of the conductivities of an integrated trartrintor tb,. authors show thq 1-1mitdd appllcabili~-y or th" ordinsr~, vkc- t^nrular equivalent 4ircuit, A method is given for datLrnt'l- Ina tht ccmponerts of a complex rectangular equiv,%Iant cir- cuit of an integrated transiz-1tor through the coefficients of its matrix of conductivities. The experimental and computed frequency characteristics are cited far arpilflars In which the transistors are connected according to the following circuita-L - common -collector --ccimmor. be** and conmon emitter common base. 1he 4rticle contains 3 firuros, 2 tablon, mand 4 1)i~)- liographic references. UBC 621.382.8 Difference Control Flement for, Sequential Interrated TTIL V X Kvtno~ "I. 1j . . Structure%. AlaXnanko 0 A.G. 0 A ~4'1 and Shagurin, 1,_L. In the Collection lilkroele~ T"FIR Ila 5, p 211. So~ettkaya Radio Puplirh- In; House. 1972. 'rho article cites the struct-ural eircuito of tyrical sequential circuits (triggers, counters. re$,..'ators). the control of which in accomplished on the basic vf a diffet- onco element shaping the impulse by svitching of the cyclic_ aiRnal and oatiafaction of certain logjc cqndltlott~ an fume tional Inputs. A variation Is auggoatod for a dif-eronce control elements made on tho basis 3f a tranoitstar-tranristor _11-