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December 31, 1967
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Ref Code: .4 f :970 mew. USSR UDO 621.385.185 REPIN, G.I. "On The Anticipated Requirement Of. The National Economy For, Receiving Tubse And The Prospective Growth Of Industrial Enterprises" Nauchno-tekhn. ab. Priyamno-usilit* lampy (Scion-tifio-rechnicel Collection. Receiving Tubes), 1970, Issue IZ16), pp ~in-ii4 (from RZh--glaktronika i yeye primeneniye, No 1, January 1971, Abstract No 1A4) Traftelationt A 15-20 year forecast is given of the re4uirement of the national from 10 economy for receiving tubes. By 1985, a decrease up to 48% ( 0% In 1970) of the requirement for these tubes is anticipatedj in connectiQn with their ra- placement by semiconductor devices.and the use of microausemblies, Summing up the situation As to the requirement for receiving tubes,,~ and its possible abrupt decrease in the next five yeare.requires changes inthe structure of the special enterprises manufacturing.theoe tubes., tiablie. GoB. lilt MCLISH TITLE% TYPP GF-65 Goniaphotonet~er FOrCIGU TITL--: 7,niophotoncter Tyl-e GZ65 SOURM :;vt.t,khrika, Vo. 8, p IL-116, Anz 196~~ Trdn4latad for TSTC by AcSj C, ;12 rT I Ukl i'Ll Li ~wt.-,Crl LZ Tht i=trnu, of 66 VWic;i-inn havo Uun tran.-I,ica ai in the wxr. No 2itempt 11.1s been InAdt to Vttify the acciir2ry of a;w u--crncnt conwLincJ hrtqij-.. Thi% ty;o%%btion is pii1)1&s1v.,d with a ininitnuti of cop. ciitin,- :rJ 1-.saphics prcputiwi in ordcr to expe%lite the dioel"'llation, of ;)1fOJr3A'.iOi1. Xr9UMI -.'0- uidhiowl cmpici of this dockiment. slioulJ he 2d&cmed to Depinntnt A. Nativwll Trchlkit:41 Inr6traiatian Scrvice, Spriqfield-Virrini3 22151. Approvcd for VuLA;c zclcac. ~Iztzbution unlimilrd, '11ila Lrunalation wns tccct:p14.;;heJ from a xerox zar.-ascript. The graphics uerP uwt reprodotible. An attc-zpt to btnin grophica y~uld~d ncC~tivc reaulto. Thur, t.Au t!ocu:~.ont vas published as 12 in order to =ke it available on a timely basics. USSR UDC: S43.53:539.1.07.543 YEGIAZAROV, B. G. NKTIIEYEV, V. V., SELIDYAKOV, Yu. P. AlCommcrcial Combined System of Nuclear Instruments for Instrwflental Activation Analysis" Moscow, Atamnaya Energiya, Vol 34, No 2, Feb 73, pp 97-104- Abstract: The necessary composition and components df a standardized instrumental activation analysis systen, have been determined. They include: 1) a two-channel pneumatic transport system with cefiti-alizcd control pancl; 2) a single-channel pneumatic transport system with contralized control puiel; 3) an all-wave neutron monitor; 41 a: conversion systcm with digitv I indicator, designed for loads up to 4-10 pulses per second; 5) a scintil- lation detection unit; 6) a four-channel spectrometric instal3ation with a set of four detection units and lead containers; 7)..-,l computer, designed a ur for processing of analysis data; 8) iversal summary coincidence spee trometer; 9) a gmma radiation spectrometer; 10) a multichamiel pulse ampli- tude analyzer; 11) a printer; 12) a tape and card punclier; 13) a system for direct input of data to a co=pruter;- 14) a:galnma radiation dosimeter with simaling device; 15) a g n adiation dosimeter; 1.6) ~,a neutron dosimeter. a ima r 1/2 ; All USSR YegiazaTov, V. G., Matveyev, V. V., Selldyakov, Yu.,P., Moscow, Atomnziya Energiya, Vol 34, No 2, Feb 73, pp 97-1,04.. Block diagraiiis of various combinations of th oindivl~ual elements of the system are presented, plus a phatograph of.the KAMA-1-01 functional system, consisting.of two subsystems: 1) the pneumatic tTansj)ort systein; 2) a univers, al. gamma spectrometer, '2/2 19 ~TIM MM PINE OEM_ I MIR, 1~1 OR I NO __--,77.7~, :7 _77 __7777 IT, USSR UDC 575-21 -MUSAM.9 M* A.j ABDULLAYEVA, T. Yu., and *iiXt..Vj,, Azerbaydzhan Scientific Research Institixte. of Vegetable.',Growingj~ Baku TV MatagenicEffect of Laser Radiation on Tomatoes" Kiev,- Tsitologlya i Genetika, NO 3, 1971, PP 207-208' Abstract: Tomato shoots with roots less them 4 mm long were exposed to a ID-55 gan laser (continuous-operation type,7vorking,trequency 6328 R) for 5, 15., A and 45 min. Preparations vere stained with ltuninescent dyes to study the cytogenctic effects of irradiation# The number:of chromosome aberrations Increased steadily with the length of exposure. The~sharpest rise occurred after the 15 min exposure. This vas followed by a "pIateau," possibly because of a protective mechanism. Some ofthe seeds fron the exposed plants were planted at the saw time as control seeds to compare the biological and morphological characteristics of the shoots. Even before reaching the trans- plant stage, the experimental plants laggecl:significantly in growth and development regardless of the done used. Experimental plants also exhibited -.abnormally shared flowers, slover rate of setting fnAt., and so forth. 22 FIED 'N Ai~-c r R~:f. c6d AP0051977 PRIMARY-SOURCE: Byulleten' Eksperiaiental'noy.Biologii i Meditsiny,.1970, V0169 Nr-Z pp oy QUANTITATIVE DETERIMINATION :OF ANTIBODIES IN, THE REACTION OF PRECIPITATION 1K.GEL L G.yegi6qr6vq,:'V. 1.~St'sehko 'Experimental led. icfne~ Acadw-bU- g-,i fit Leningrad It is established that in th e reactio q of precipitation in gel there is a direct re- lationship between, the concentration of antibodies. and, the antigens concentration, at which the precipitation band vanisheS (over 41te range of antibody excess). This de- ptndence allows the determination of the conepritralion of a0bodies in immune sera. REEL/FRAME :198204G4 . I ~ i'' !,! I lt.~ I I Ili I --040EC70 035 UNCLA SSIFIO PROCE$SING DATE C IRC ACCE S S I ON NO--AP0129402 :'NBSTRACT/F_XTRACT-(U1 GP-0-- ABSTRACT# GAAS S I NGL E CRYSTALS WERE GROWN BY _1HE CZOCHP.ALSKI METHOD FR04 POLYCRYST. GAAS WITH AN ADON, OF METALLIC I . ' THE DISLOCATION D. WAS SMALLER THEN Oil E T QUAJ. TO ;2 TIMES LO PRIME4-CM PRIME21 AND THE TI CONTENT WAS SIM[LAR. '1*0 10. ~'PRIME3-. THE CONTENTS OF FE, ALI;AG, Nly COP 31, i',Ri S44t AND MN WERE 10 c -10 PRIME IN'EGATIVE4-WT. zPEaCENT, Alql~ THAT OF :PRIME.N~GATIVE5 SE WAS __:5L1 ILAR T? 10 PRLINE NEAGTIVE3 WT. PERCEIT'. T~HE . TERIIAL 14AS P IYPE, WITH AN ELECa RESISTIVITY OF SIMILAR TO 10 PR I M F2 FREE CARRIER CA, A -10 PRIME15-CM PRI,K.E3, AND A .1,0BILITY OF 10-100 CH :,_03?iCN,OF 10 PRIKE14~ PRIMEZ-V SEC AT ROOM TEMP. TWO- WNEkGY;`LEVELS:,WERE_0ET0. FROM THE TEMP. -HALL ClaNST. AN ~~'-O%EPENDEHCE OF THE 0-:10F TH~E,ELEC. COt~,13. AS 0.35 AND 0.22 -'.F-V,* RESPs_; THE LATYER LEVEL WAS DUE, ~ TO~ THE.: GA V AC ANCY. DIODES OF THE TYPE WERE PREPO. FROM THE CRYSTAL, S!N~ AS THE INJECTING AN 0 A G A S TH E 'CONTACT NONPECTIFYING. ONE. THE AREA OF'THE PN JUNCTiON -3 M E N WAS: 5 TIMES 10 PRIME NEGATIVE -10~ PRII E-GATIVEZ CM PRIME2. THEIR CURRENT VOLTAGE CHARACTER 15 TICS ATi ROOM. TERP. EXHLRI TEGI A REGION OF NEG. 'R.F-SISTIVITYr WHICH DISAPPEARED ABOVE 8 0-, 9 0 0 EGR E F: S. AND 10 it) I N 11 AGN f,, I I C FIELDS. LARGER THAN OR EQUAL TO 3 ~KOE. ~I*H;~. NEG, R&i'i1ST,rV[TY IS EXPLAINIED TO A CHANGE IN THE SCREEj RING RAOIU~ OF THE; CHARGED IMPURITIES ~~-,~~:DUR ING. THE INJECTION# UNCLASSIFIE0 i s. ;, I : : ; I i . I . v . : !.:: I 1 1111: 111 ii; I; d !::; I H I ; I - ! ! -: i,;: . I.; I I . I 772~777 7 212 .008 UNCILASS If I ED: PROCE-S.1 lNG DATE-1-IDECt -.C-IRC ACCE SS I GN 12 3 83 1 -~.,.~~ABSTRACTZEXTRACT--(Ult GP-0- ABSTRACT. TABLE OF c o. ~.i TT s C' H A P TERr 5ASIC-TRENDS IN F U T I i E kIki PROVE 44E NT OF~ THE sy s r OF N/m]-lZIAL FUNUS .1 11 PROBLEMS IN DISTRIBIJTIO-',~ OF .4ATERIAL STIVULATICN FUNDS 65. 111 ECONOMIC CONTENT OF THi--' 80piUS SYSfL-M 83,- IV MAIN ELEMENTS CF THE 80NUS SYSTEM FOR ENGIN,EERIING AND WriRKERS 102. V ECUNO~41C LIMITS LIF: INDIVEDUALl PAWIE~ATS FiWM THE MATERIAL STIMULATION FU.-,;D 135 GE NE RA L I it -1 J)RACT I ("AL ZED VATA, F' 6.1 EXPERIENCE AkE USE0 AS THE bA:SJS FOR DISCUSSION tJF;TI-lE(Jkl---TICAL P.PT33L.Ells JN STIMULArILIN CF MATERIAL" INTERESTS 0F.A.MDUSTRIAL' CiAPLOYEES; GIVEN ARE ALSC RECCON&JEATIUNS FURT14ER IMPROVEMENTS CIF MAFE'RIAL STIPULATICN SYS-TEP. THE KOK WAS~ WRITTEW FO" EMI,)LCJYEI-:S OF THE -STRY, i:-ARTY ANd Tt '11ND L RALK UNI 01-4 ME149E-R~ 'SCIENTIST!~ PROFESSORSt ETC. Ll 11 11 UNCLASSIFIED. PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 ,C'IRC- ACCESSION NCI-AP0125527 '~-ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--IU).GP-0- ABSTRACT. REPRODUCTION QF.VACC.,`iNlA VIRUS IN 'Yf WAS ACCOMPANIED BY EARLY ACTIVATION OF EPHiR J FIBRC-SLAST CULTURE -'.~UttINATEE)El--Y[)ItGGENASE., AT 3-6. HOURS :AFTER 1:NOCULATIO111, WHEREAS AT 9-1.2 :.---.HOURS AFTER-INFECTION THE ACTIVITY.OF,THE ENZYME. DECLINED. THE ACTIVITY PF: NAD-H SU82 AND NADF-H SU82 QIAPHOAASE ~ALSO INCREASED AS EARLY AS 3 jURS~ AFTER I N' -OECLINE~ OF ENL' MAI C INFECTIGNip BUT THIS CASE THE: v I ..ACTJV,lTY WAS OBSERVED LATERt ONLY 24-48 HOURS AFTER INFECTION. THE 1VI,DENCE OBTAINED INDICATES THE PUSSIBLE-ROLE OF THE,0XIDArIVE 'REDUCTIVE UtLYMES -UNDEK STUDY IN METABOLIC PROCESSEs OF IN.FECTEO CELLS PROVIDING ~~~:.~~:~EtIERGY:FOR,~BIOSYNTHES,IS OF VACCINIA VIRUS* Fk I L IT Y: INSTITUf -AlisriLciGI VIREN I. D.. 1. J VANOVS,KE)GO::A,)4 _,S tj S S MOSKVA~ UNCLASSIFIED A- J04 41 S's 1/2 021 UNCLASSI PLED: e R ING DATE-09OCT :~.T`ITLE-HEMODYNAMICS OF: THE M INjR CIRCULA'TURY !CIRCUIT 11 NPATIENTS WlTli ----,-.ACUTE PULMONARY. ABSCESSES TREATED BYA METHOD OF REGIUNAL INFUSION OF 'AUTHICk-I10,5)~UGLUV, F.G., SMIRNUV, A.D.# UANILUVP LN. P. YEGIIAZARYANp V.F.v "'_.-~-:GU5AKfJVt GeV* mft COUNTRY OF INFO-USSR ~'S-UURCE-VESTNIK KHIRUftGll IMENI 1. 1. GREKOVA9. 1970, VOL ic)4, NR 5, PP .1 -34.17 4T_ E~ PUBLISHED ~.-70 .SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGHCAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES ANUBIOTIC TAGS-HEMODYNAMN CSt RESPIRATORY SYSTEII.~ DISEASE LUNG XWTHOL MARKI JIG--f*'U RESTRICTIONS .-WCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ,0ROXY RLEL/FkAME-1990/1023 STEP NU--UR/0589/70*110411)05/0013/0017 'CIAC ACCESSIUN NO-APoI09174 UNCLASSIFIED 2- 6,21 UNCLASS IF I ED PROCESSING DATE--090CT7C C ACCESSION NO-AP010174 -TRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACTIP HEMUDYNAMIC CHANGES IN THE MINOR ~,,._ABSTR ACT/ EX CTRCULATORY.CIRCUIT IN PATIENTS WITH PULMONARY A35GESSE.'", TREATED BY A METHOD. OF.-,REGIUNAL INFUSION OF ANTIBIOTICS IN.JHE: PULM014ARY ARTERY TRUNK --,OR 'ITS CORR k:S P611.10 ING BRANCH HAVE BEEN STUolEO* USI44G A :AETHOD OF ,-THERMUDILUTION. TOWARD THE END OF TREATMENT MINUTE VOLUME IN THE RIGHT TO VALUES COMMON FOR:SUCH PATI--PiTS. WHILE OTHER :-HENODYNAMIC INDICES Vi THE MV-,,-u'R CIRCULATORY CIRCUIT TU THE LAST DAY OF JHERAPY U,51.NG THIS METHOD ALSU REOUCED OR SHOWED k*TENDENCY TO NORMALIZATION. THE MENTIONED CHANGES IN HEMODYNA10C INDICE'S ._-.'.:,:-CGRREsPcN[)ED TO CONSIDERABLE IMPROVEMENTOR CUMPLETE ABORTION OF THE PXAL. PROCESS.. FACILITY: VSESOYUZ-NOGO N-IANSt TUTA Yk SSSRO' ZURAVOUKHRANEN11 UNCLASSIFIED Yp use or AN ULECTIMYTIC MICR()-C1WX.Nr METER POR MF-NSVRI%'C THE VELOCITY OF MOVEMENT IN SEA, WAT ER [Arricle by Y"A!2JLJnd V. M. Sltetkalo, -Kiev; klltv, MLniks. 2usatza. No s, 1971, 1z3_,_o-Tra-.,wviW Recent17 'muoh -attant-IoA is boing devoted to inveatiga- tiona-of, the 1*e6motor funclions. of hydroblonic objects., In particular, the velocity of 'movament, or hydro .0 tonic objects I's "ing rtpasured,rn addition to the,, unual requiromento of ro- iponsao accurac?, etc, the velocity gaga, mu!5t meet a number of specific reqmiran-~ntz-dictiated by the poo"liarities or the Inve.itigatod object.. and the, codiots in which it trovev. In tit& investigation of relatively small end weak hydvo- bionlo objetts with a grnat naneuvorability It is very Irpor- tnnt. that the gago be small in alza, weight and Inertia a*24 also that it have a quite largo d)msnic ranF,* of monourod par- klmntors. All thozo qualities are exhibitor) to a catuildorat-la dogrea by the micro-ourrent m5tera which have long botn uood In innavurtug tho discharge local velocities or HuLa flows. Ardong the diff rent methods for obtaining sigrinis carry- 0 Ing Inlorm6ilon on the volocIty or rotation of tha currenz. motor the beat is are -in which itiodulation of the olootric our- rbnt or valtago In nccomplizho~l by a, change in conductivilty botwoen the oloctrades durJrv, ratation of~ tho vano pInced in, tho, fluid flow being, measured. The bdv'antaga of auch,a nothod it? aimplialty; cbsoncd or miRchanical nitd oloarromacnotto slow- In% of the van*, by an oloctrolytia contaot-.nnd the ponjibility of jorilting a gapp with minimum dimensions. A well-known model, Of, 'this type G*tho 'Xhi3rlthoul.idzti.micro-currefit motor ('21>111al ScIentifie Roaaarch In3tit t I #..Cobstruatlon~ and Water Power Engknearing imeni, Vinter) 73~. .'C'urront- motors df.thI3 type ..are widoly. un od under. laboratory and fiold conditions,-in -JJ*v;atJg'at_ ing watOr flows, ln, this ~~caao fr~sh,ktor, 11owavar the 'use ~of, micro-ourrent maiors'with an olootroi~tie.~cont~bt IlWetrorte .199 ; 1 t-11. 1. - "I ; ~~ & ; I P 117: :,:; 1 1.- . '! . I. t '! I" . ll~ i :1 1111 ~ - ---- ,- I 11 il~ I J~ ~ t;j ~ 4j ,;1- ~; . ., ~ . ! ~ w ; I - ; . 'Ir , -,l - 'i I i m . -;~f; ~; 'Lldhimn--cL11; IL ~~-7 - t-dUr-, -.~- -. -- R 1.. I T. - . 1 11 lJ11. -I lf;r~ It - -~ 1~1 :If; i if-,cmin IMA, a A 7 1 7, -1 ; If 4 -1. li Ji, ~l -1- 11 USSR UDC: 621-382.323 V. :11mia, A.'s., .30pa, (J. V., L,~ GAIFRI;~OVA, if.D and Y%GINk i Ye. N. "llyroeljetric Operation with iield, :If fect Transistor" -1ozeew, Radiotek.-inika i .'-'lektroqiki Vo 15,; 11o 3, 1970, pp 642- 044 b -, t ra c t--'h oauthors list four advantages of pyroelectric ele- mentc wnich have made tht:m objects of engine6rin,~,, interect: high input impedance; lower noise level.; possibiliV o,- -~ombininu, sunsor and amplifying elemunts in a single device; possibility I k~3gning planar and epitaxial intcl,-r 0'. d eal gensor and amplifier ~ystvmu. -Ah%~~ pyroelectric detvctor~ has a low~noise 1-3vel, and it3 seasitivity depends on ta-ho condition that ~th(, product of tho frequency,, tht, IoA reoistnilco, and t1lo arlyDUA. cal;ocitance ex- ceed unity, a condition not easily, realized in various types of transistor. Other characteristics of,pyroeleatric transistors are briefly listed. The autho s r Of this brief communication 1/2 USSR NOVIK, V.-K., et al, Radiotakh'nika LElek No 3, tronika, Vol 15, 1970, pp 642-644 Abstract: tested combined sensor-amplifier pyroel-ctric units with sili- As i~as to esLablish the con Junctions; the purpose of ~these tes to evade gating break- maximuin value of load resistor required down for various thermal reactions~such as slow temperature chanCes, power flare spots,.et6.: Photographs and a schematic sketch oj-" Lhese devices are shown,;and.some~detajls of their fabrication are given. The testeshowed that the optimal value 0 a 1 gigohms, at this f the load resistor wa value, ~he threshold sensitivity in the 20 MkHz was about 3-10'-f watts. Con- clusiuns arrived at by the authors arei field effect transistors are promisine amplifier elements for working with pyroelectric detectors; it is better to combine sensing and am ifying ele- Pi ments in a single package,than to mount the,pyroolectric direct- 1,y on-the transistor,p-n structurei 2/2 USSR YEGIPKO, V. M. "Tasks and Basic Stages in Planning of Systems for Automation of Experiments" Upravlyayushcb-;ve Sistemy i Mashiny [Control Systems and ~Tachines], 1972, No 1, pp 71-78 (Translated from Referativnyy Z-hurnal Kibernetika, No 6, 1973, Abstract No 6V676, by the author). Translation: Problems of the construction of a method of planning of exper- iment automation systems allowing the process of planning to be divided into individual, interconnected stages are studied, The content of each of the planning is analyzed. 'rhe method suggested allows the conditions stages of necessary for iutomation of planning of syst(Ims or th.0 typ& to be prepared. 95 TIFRR ussp, UDC 681.327 YEGIPKO.,IV. M., PALAGIN, A. V.,, and SHOR, A.IZ. Device" Relay- Hemory USSR Author's Certificate No 273273, filed 29 Dec 66, published 24 Aug 70 (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal Avtomatika, Telemekhanika i Vychis- litel'naya Tekhnika, No 5, 1971, Abstract No 5B336P), Translation: This invention relates to devices for processing 2-position control-signals for digital control machines- Relay memories, are known containing an amplifier, separation circuit, coincidence circuits and output relay. The device suggested differs.from similar known devices in-that in order to simplify the device and increase its speed and re- liability, the separation aircuit,is connected to the coincidence circuit and to an amplifier, the load of which is airelay; the,normally closed contact of the relay is connected to~one of the inputs of the coincidence circuit. 85 USSR UDC:62-50.01.5 NfALINOVSKIY, V. N., Corresponding Member of Acad. Sci. UkSSR, EGIPKO, IT. M. , Candiate of Technical Sciences, and,POGOSYAN, 1. A., "Problem of Planning Systems for Automation', of Eperii5ental Studies" \,~ o* 5,, Sep-Oct 70, Kiev- -Mekhanizatsiya~ I A,-tomatizittsiya pr av. eniya, PI) - i4*~-18 Abstract: Systems for automation of ScI6 tific expe inents are complex n d systems, formalized by methods from queueing theory. These systems are analyzed from this standpoint, cons idering :,any actual automation object as a "supplier" of primary inforinat-ion, .while the technical devices act as servicin devices. A classifit'lVion.pIdn is'pTesented,foT the parts of a 9 system for processing experimental data. This classification plan, in Colltrast to earlier published plans, considers the specif;c features of these complex systems. The classification plan is nn,aid in.selecting the type of mathematical system model toibe Wed On tlie!, basis, of prelimi- 11 mg of system.- for auto- na:ry experimental results. The process of, plnni mation of experimental studies is thus divided into ibdividual stages in 1/2 102 . . . . I A .1 i - -i I " .1 - .. - o 'Id-IJ I , I ~ J i .11 ` - ' ?.1 ':-:777"7,7 a USSR UDC:62-50.001.5 MALINOVSKIY, B. N., Corresponding A%Iembor, Acad~ Sci. VkSSR.. YEGIPKO, V. M., Candidate of Technical S 1. A. ciencesi and POGOSYA ITCalculation of Certain Information Characteristics in Systems for Auto- mation of Complex Experiments". -Kiev, Mekhanizatsiya i Avtomatizatsiya Upravleniya, No. S, Sep-Oct 70, -pp. 34-'37 Abstract: The information characteristics of automation svstems include the parameters describing, the functioning of the systen an4 determining its information handling capabilities, + includDir, th;-qughput capacity, average speed of information processing devices, and input-output dt~vices, average time spent by an individual message in the servicinla, system, required memory volume (main memory, buffermemory,~aixternal storage,.etc.), memory volume utilization factor, and average waiting time of an individual I r inessage before servicing is begun. The system calcu.3ated :is designed fo automation.of collection and processing otdata:during tes'ting of complex products under series production; the main:purpbse of this: 3ystem is to 1/2 USSR UDC 669-1: 539-216: 538,2118, ARWMq=q, R. G. J, YEGTYATI., K. &.4 YEDIGARM1,1 A. A., KOKOYAPI, A. B., ana AIJAIMLYATI, G. A., Research Institute of Ma-thematica- Machines "Effect of Roughness and Thickness on the Coercive Force of Cylindrical Iron-Nickel Films" Sverdlovsk, Fizika Metallov i Metallovedeniye, Vol 35, No 4:1 1973, PP 732-736 Abstract: A study was made of the nature of coercive -force H-c in cylind-rical iron-nickel filris, 0.4-2.2 microns thick, having a magnetoelastic constant close to zero. Two groups of films were investigated: smooth and rough films deposited respectively on polished and specially etchedberyllitun-bronze wire, 0 .25 nml irt diameter. In both cases aiv nzaorphou.- Hi-P alloy sublayer was p1ted to e-limiwtte the effect, of the wire'a cryntlal struct'lire. 'Bublayur fkp roughneso waG altered by varying the wire-etching currj'_~nt dert,~iity ij.-, and b"th temperature T. From exaraination of microphotographs tj:te followip- fe.rtt-ures -h iL an oxtx-,,r,(J_y were noted: 1) films depooitcd on the polinboa wirc! wit o haa L smooth surface -with an diameter of heterogeneities of approximately 0.1 microns but witb a large spread amotLnting to 0.0-1-0.05 rdcronsr; 2) in- erease in iji; ler3 to thc forinption of a characteri-stIc hilly. our. face end sharp rise of Be and the anisotropl. c dispersiou V 80 ,ri th th& highest value of 1/2 45 - 77 , I )J UDG. yvr Ty n -s Co, Cha-ge n L 4 r. I 0v, e r- a Oveden y Q v c 1:13-i OrL ~DF -n c va U 1 n., c, jc anci (2; t:a "o C, n d4 3 1: 0 1 W4 'A' cj on thC- CU-.Ve - a Cder Lo O tI a i a;1 P: a s 'L _J c r-Or- ail C. rL ct:or sp , - tat qua L USSR SH., BOCHEKj G. L.1, KUIDABA j V. I., axd GRISITAYEV, I. Yerevan Physics Imstitute znd Engineering Physics Institute of Academy of Sciences Masinian SSR 12 "Angular and Energy Distribution of Proton in (7ep) and (ep) Reactions at C Nuclei for Excitation Energies up to 130: Mev" Yerevan, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Arnyanskoy SSR,,Fj.zika,:Yol 6, 110 3, 1971, -161-167 'Pp 'eanurementa of cross sections (--rp) 401 (OP) of reactions at Abstracts M 12 C nuclei for excitation energies up to 130 MOV are repoirted. The study vas performed on the 300-Mev linear electron accelerator of the Engineering Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences Ukraihian SSR. A beam of elec- trons in the linear accelerator, turned once, was ~bcused on a 0-083 radiall units-thick target located in the scattering chamber coruiected by vacuum with the acceleratoF. The angle between beam direction.and norlaal to the taxget surface was 45 . The elcrtron,beam intensity wa.3,Leasured by a secondary .:-ezliasion monitor at two gold foils with,itotal.~th#R~ibss ()f 20 rdcrons. _4_~;ftcorAazy, ivrdtons Vore Uentif-IO&I Uls I --'Ightlr zethod# Mse total V of-- to ield --pro ons was measta ei offlnffxvi&i~nij + 0112- lx-r7 y USSR YEGIYAJig K. SH. I et al, j Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Armyanskoy SSR, Fizika, Vol 6, No 3, 197.1, PP- 161-167 12 P + Bj and e + C e + P +B, Results were compared with the quasi- deuteron and one-particle models of photon absorption in nuclei. The best ApLvement of theoretical and experimental energy spectra, ias achieved at B - 60 MeV (V is the value of t~e potential at the~bottom of the potential wel.1). In the comparison made with the one-particle mod6l. of photon absorption, agreement between experimental a~d caltiulated values for both energy and angular spectra could not.Lv obtained_:.However, the findings showed that in the region of excitation energy below the meson production -threshold, data on the reactions ( 7p)~and (ep),a-t complex nuclei do not 'icle contradict either the quaaideuteron orthe one-part, 11odel of photon absorption. 2/2 'USSR. UDC 539-1 -YPr.TYAIII- BOCiEKI G. L. I GRISHAYEVI I., A. ALANAKYANo K. Ves KULIBABA, V. I., and SIT.F.NKO,.. M. I., : Yer~.evan Physics Insti- tut4f Physicotechnical Institute of the Academy of Sciences Ukrainian-SSR I'Apparatus.for the Study of Direct,Nualear Reactions Caused by Electrons and Gamma Quanta With ah'Ehergy of UP to 300 Mev" ere-van,..Izvestiya Akademii,,,Nauk krmy'anskoy Vol 5, No 5, 1970, pp 381-391 Abstract: The article gives a description of an apparatus de- signed for studying nuclear structure and the~character of the interactions of electrons and gamma quanta with aimaximum energy of up to 300. lefev. A focused beam..of. the 300-Driev 1(hartkov linear accelerator goes from, a parallel transfer sys,tem over a vacuum el.ectronic conductor into a'scattering chamber. Revolving around the-latter on a fixed platform.are two magnetic analyzers designed to record secondary reaction particles produced by the gamma quanta or electrons. Situated extenslo'rl of the electronic 1/3 USSR XEGIYAN, K. SH., et al., Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Arviyanskoy SSR, Vol 5, No 5, 1970, pp 381-391 conductor after the scattering; chamber is a secondary emission monitor for the relative measurement of the electron beam intea- sity. After the secondary emission monitor the elecrron beam is absorbed by a burial ground of heavy;concrete::blocks. The appa- ratus was tested by measuring the ela.stic-scattering cross-sec- tion for electrons on a free pr otan' in a CH 2~target. A feature of the apparatus is th.-.t it works under a high background level from the electron beam. The calibration measurements performed indicate that the apparatus permits the study.of direct nuclear reactions with a cross-section. of 2-10-3 sq cm/ateradian, The authors thank A. I. ALIKHkNYAN, Corresponding Member of the Academy of 3ciences USSR, and-Frofessoil V. 'K. KfiaRITONOV, Sector Chief of Yerevan Physics Institute* fox, their interest in the work and repeated discussions; N.:-I. MOCHESHNIKOV, Sector Chief of the Physicotechnical Institute, for:iiim aosistance in 2/3 USSR YEGIYAN, SH., et al., Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Armyanskoy SSR, Vol 5, No 5, 1970, pp 381-391 organizing and carrying out the work E. V-~ TER-MINLASYkN, Chief of the Design Bureau of Yerevan PhysicsTInstitute, and Senior En- gineer Go G. MAMIKONYAN for,designing the apparatu~q L. A. IMAHNEINIKO, Sector Gbief of the Physico- technical Insritute, Academy.of~Scleaces~:Ukrainiaa SSR, Go A. DEMUNENKO, Chief of the LU-300 installation,.i. and the entire LU- 300 installation staff for,their daily assistance in carrying out the experiment; and Go 0. ME11YAN, Do A. ZAR(14kRYAN,and L. A. staff members of Yerevan Physics 11iietitute, for their part in the-work of.preparing:,and'testing th6l,app-~ratus and, rueasuremeAts. :.their:part in the physical 3/3 H 1111' '11111d CIRC ACrESSICN NQ--AP0127203 /Art,-Ia by Doe-~Or 0~~ Z.*ojoC7 ~-'cul Sc4.erj=c.*, , Y. iognazaro scow, llo*.,o.-,ric,-?.:,tdL!:;L,.r4,,-,. p p -no 0CLOnCki AZI t"It of Chomical ="4r.6 0~' plant. protection i_- %2'1a 31-tzz, have been usad ~nl purmang t4t- cri=_Izzal wft,r -M, VX*.3,-:z~_=, for true. tion of cropz, farm vn'=a1s. ;.ood x-,,j =mtoriala, otc. The u;" or Duch 14 rr--j.lti=9 In massive lovers poluoninga an4, -vt=. _4-uth g les.11 populati writ';'m Mij mr~1016 ra b 7 in in t~za olau k -flea bion. of toxic. ve include C:I~emloal Proparatio.1m usod In agriaulix=o,r~ld for OOntr'Ol of hAr='ULIPI~Oht OP Wkirlgl ' i~. (1966) r6,.o=t=Ai the di;vIn-lon of-all. ' ' upon thair ua,3* Into -the rallow-jrj k-oupzl rn1Crr,,'~'.it 3 -- 34b- :. 3tancon ro,, the ountrol of- tc:ia; 'or the pr vt3ation ~r roduction. of 1 0, orgwilons;, bactorieli" -. propit~ratlo= Z4-r of ?1q0-1sZ3 C...' plants; her'blaides -- substances for 4,x! zcnIrA,, for 0ontrol Of rlarzr" insects, aac'! r.4r...anLv ltub;ta;IQ~Iv for protuating agriculture! trop sooda rrc= 0*. plant d"-335, tran_,mLttod through th~5 %kal;~-zo."b of plant phyeaologi II wative v ~_'th prodlu~') - I ~ diffe uU.It d-zo-burcou in Th 2 air-0 ~64 1~ u ances ?5r ?ws . ~omt 6 '1 ro . . e, "Vith horbloides and plant growth. reGula:,ora. LU Herbicides, according to the torailnoloFy uao,l n Sthtos, are 31103-nnces used not only ror Mkw) o-jatrol ot' tut also undesiruble v~-gotatlon In general. Acoordl..IS to tnts nature of their erroct, they may be diviti-ja I,,*. tubLjtt~~co,, Q: .o=plsx effect, 'Ach k131 all rormi of plAnts "d ubstal'oes Wnloh a"roct. only zartaln' apecl.03. Beth .1thor subdIvLd-jd Into contact herbicides which kjlj';~d' 9 and stalks of plants after direct contuct with the prtpar~tlan; systemic which cin sproad, with the toup, throur,~:ou t thii plant: root funglaidoa ~hlch *-31*ctiVdly arrect thq root ayutm or tw-.* growing sAod. plunt ktrowth,aljo arn dIvIdIaLl Into d~i3l_ Cents -- pr"pdrtIons for Pro-27'arva3t '-r' ;;!tint! :~Ur tz~- p~arpoisn or- Incrnaztng p-cdnct11jit7 of dlrfor~nl. aggrogates (comtinois and othjr:31 used roi. i~urv~sting 7 cotton, potatovs aml soro othor taohnicnl oro;:!i Oubstances-whith cause leavez to rallafLtsr the foahlon ~~r n&- Wral thovell.known ccn~rt--- tionalality o-*f such- a -claiairication. -41JUG, rOF~ Icidt* I.% laree'co'niantratiotir. kill plants but In small donaz =my act Ps reguiutors of plunt growth. and stlva!E~-.* or retard Individual protosaos. In moist daroii.ntz Used Zn cor-widerablu dozqj. act, as A,~arloan-4. or Oven as her'c-1- cidois. Phyniologlohl P-*cess.33 occurring I" plentis under th-~ Orroot or: toxic chonLenle; are highly vol"Plox- I'llis true In r0speat to pheno-mona which tstirnultto or Inhst)~t . w-io growth of plants, , lnua, rox- oxampia, It ILI wall known. tnoit, under -natura 1_cond I,tian s,, not long befor 0 the rall-ng'or tze leaves, a iso-oalled separation ldjo-" in Its appaArenaa Is arsociated with the reiluation of the percent content or auxins. Auxins play. an important r0 lo In the cellular proctsuas. of pliu,to. Tha7 are zharaotirl-SeS by a complax'che~it'-*l istrao- ture. . We distinguish. 'A" auxins au-~ans a It 04) Th6 rod"3tion or tho quant.,tT of "xins may Z)e amvoad by the;, ad:zInlotratlo.11 of cortalln ch*mLe%le - folirnta. JjOV6VorO mrAfty asp,,~-ris ~~! th a pr(Aens or dorollation "d also the process of dezislaut.4on na- main inadequately studied. The naturis of the offact and sfrPat4vcnoo.-s of ~Lox!-. cho-micals dapend, In a largo dogroii, upon tho vothud of use, Th* most convenient fo=3 0f U50 of ~Qxlc chazllc%14 &r;) aero:oln Frranulois, dusts. cap3ulea, Dolutiora. wattln~-, pe.!'irs and ziul;ions. A6rosOlil-UsUrklly are obtained from 3olutilo.-.5 or toxic chemicals in different organic solvents with low botit"Ig tints Artar vapgation of the solvarkt preparnt-lo- Main; In :usponded state Z'I"non settle*. the p ants d 3011& 'rThreArto re also aerosol aartridgazi or atrrar- an thl i nt constructions with a combustible mixture for volatillzir~z 1,26 A n rabiAts ond myotonle and diarrhoa In rrbbltu, ruta and micn, Lethal for rnts ti" "2-4-5-T" -- Nw to ~pl!,fpl,- 'hrovilc poinnnIng of anl-"Itt ia chnr;iot.rIzad by mu:)Cular Tr4wor, ;jmr&1.0FlMj bitiuk1liq, wuml% im,l In tLu=AjjQ .. drow- vlne,ia, lons of ,ppotit4, irrlt4tiDn of '*,,o r,i Iratory tract, (AlKestive dinturbonces (3.L. DentalleTakly, 174;57. caoodyllo acid tlff~)P AnO011, abbrnilatton "Ans&r," belonga t.* tlv~ vroup of Urg,inic F, niinle com"un:ln. It nonalato or color- lado cryntoln which at-, pi'VILICUlly vdcrica;& , A-AtAnK tunp*rw. 13 ecru dlegra-,n . It, In nazilly U02wil" 1. itor ~n.l alcohol. It 10 k,%Phl7 chanic4llj statiln. It cun ij,)rvj &a a haruloido, a dvislcAnt or a daralignt, dapdnllog upon Ux u=t:d. 1; in ~f t;aaudyllc ecirl arta ~;a a-,I innn r~RA inizala. it produca:; a wr, or prot,&-nicni Irritatiot,, offoor. It Is chmpw)t"ri3tin t:,,t, wltli th,) cot;xao c~f U.", th~ Irr%ta- tion 19 omp.11rJorl it,ha nflqr ofroat phanom-ttion). Cusus 4r- VAwvrn (4n.:. AVr.-,vo IJ63) of -- fc= Irrtt,061011 of symptoms of 0 d1!11,w)q 1.5 SMO$4 -A 1,,thnI !Jonn ror 0. 1 e n I a m;t7lc $t. CN101wn tj~nlniqe (",4,12. "Cr") -hwk ch.m. 1z"lly Pura c olorl,3!i!i la'a rra713n- In wa-.~ur As 25 G b-I , :~c )olor In to nn a rorm. I :j uelubllity per liter (at 2h dngreei). It la pr,patically ill" JIUU'Ift J'h a'- cZhol. it it) usud in U),P form Or It 1A used a z,a dofoliant or A 17O&PIOU6. Ac dAt. (1961) ' calolum,cyants;W" "ClLz ortli Its th's P"vmv: tir loo. k3idla 'ran c74n:;rl.1-j tire ro,)d harr,~41000. Th-t norm of 1,* &~-40 kp~lhtctnra. Ir nuts a arilqu t1*14 Tnt-lrrla err'lat. It MAY " O~ n wn r65plra- c&u#* poinoning vpDn -~Atorlnp, t tory arjtAna# the .nxtn or :%~-,tr.5raza of tUft olos. &auto polmonirst to hocomptirti-id by a or the -iirih, rt~!Lk-, parti of tn6 rl,oa% mrA book. VIntIma nottre mild cz1'1lj'# heart- throba and a of frii~?It~ holl tv" pqrx,?.;-.ra uou-ty 1105 noL ri)t-i to 100-1-14 ~~ohkti par -winiM3. Arterial, pr,t,%aurft Is r7ittowl A :2d*.tvvf# kbout I~ - P Wj~itu. Aft,sr tollIng onto tho 4kin lz~ llatlae:l 410011ning, mIll 61firnik und Itahinj. AC6111 ontlovIna. Wz~o ~qjua It cal;,ion coil. jurorlvlt~a "nA, In %wi"vo op~i4lty. :nrorllc polsontily. by cNIrLum ji,%numido It ul rap%d futir'- IrJilttT, poor appotlte atil In-toraila, jiin4ti0,.* 4n,t P ain In the pit of tho st"cach, ailtarrhal mtkito of ttso nooopharynx. A lethal doov for rabbit.-i is 11.4 Vjat~ after par ornl odiOnlotra. tiOn. T110rd Ara raports,j o4ovs Minn 40 - V) 4 proved I-stnal for h~annnj ():,A. Minkinui 1'365). ,Its dtlla (jri1,)nv,4 1r,rJ1-,tm4 thn ntgniticant toxicitj of 1 both OrAIVAC and lnovgzn1v. hort)1ol4wi. An twos alqo rnmcitlb~r alvor*lty or strio4t un ~,ujan n;,t:.Aj orjunl4r,s. -r. 0 *ow'1%4v!or' Of toxto 040r5tokla unitor tlbld ton1jr1ona in lr,:* Adequmte17 StUtll)d 0,140o tr14 pr-b01nt%%4 11torar;r data UAr.1.o6j1,:F concern cam-is o.1 poit5antrig, 00400i4t6d With PrOdUctioa of pro. pArationd at chemical intarprIaoa. U--e tox1o chom~,61. Granulmip -lonm:iat or .111le3r. "Ually Vr'j- cullte (,,rm a: t." forma of t~zturai -"cn vtui nif-p viatt:sr cimtunt In Lho lnproFnat-~,d b7 tn npnpropriatf~ 'ropa- tl:,n. -,noy contttn rrOm 1U to Z!~ percort fili-~r ar-d, r-r~- largu so 0.!5 tzr,, B-zt4, 46,.k vranu`.ss, Awd OtIters) und aloe dirrerant 4%,lek7 0:' 40141nij to taia parts or th-3 plante. 11"ney contuln, ato a mila, fr~~%, I to PO par. 0 t , 0 -it ox-o cnemicals. Ohp3uloa 00.111tiot 0: FO1DtIrOLJ rj4mbrKnes fillb-4 with toxic ch-.mluala. Ar ter riAllIme; onto Lae S011, Lhay or* doqtroyid und the praphraticti is tale= %1:3 oy .no plz;.t roots. -oxic tolutloru ontqln vat-c' 3--etol~f~. In oril.)r to Inorfjm5o OvAr wfjttIn:, capactry, Varimb aurt%wao- active Aolostnn".)a arn ad".0-1, Tn' Wattin- -ru ~i.751~em c. fill6r (SArvl), mutstrinces *17 zu-,jp,:6r,3Iuzi wltn the from 10 V, '50 pmroonz. Tn,) em,;1z:lo:iL o,)s& &p~a-uxLmnately 25 poet.-tst; ir th" toxlc chnmlkcal, Un,,y In- cll;10 a aolvont mr-d fin OmUIZI.'14P. vintUr -'S odded to ~-Ul- ui*n turi4re u.,*. According to InformnZibn rccm thl Amorlomn troop$ In 71.>tri4m u3,3i ftnozja~v tic, none o0itr tozi, bold u : ~~az C-.rf4t.A c 10 '1 1. 7hj 't,.ennlrul pro,.-Uct la m color "d 11W3 u ]A!.td!Y PhOM01 caor. Voltln; za~-,por"tura la 1-2' di.,rvia, ;1, ~~ 3rat)It !.m a toragn, Zolunll'.ty It. war,or An por Iltur. ~"..ALa of tilkiitllno trltalb in ~wll--Ilr to '4 ='Art' hlO,.tr d-g:,f#Q 27 gruas por 111wr *,t Q ao~,.r-w or,,j -`,~ qzm~-,a p.r 1-'zur at 30 da-- at&:to ul,o ovr, !Yalabl~. T',Ilt tox.10 ch~'=1041 Ja distjolyvd in nrid lo on activo t-srbiclijm ror dldotql~,(Anm-) ~~rofv-'~-r p~,ntrl. Tt bolar4tz to rype or vyistamic hq~bl,:jde=. I~ la uotli in tho forzi or Nolutlons 4ni 'unto of ant-to, Tfor=zl tjxp-!,WlIture lo rrv-ft U.? to 2 ke Par lZtmra. Onrovin Ion 2 4-5-V whwl chmmi-cally Purn 4 a roTorloua and fir-76t4l, 0AM'AWrji itt-vt !I.; v, jp~htcmi Qdnr. Uq1timl, tompwoaturo Is 106 duy'r4op'. 1C tn iligh-.17 aalubl~ Its W"LO1. Uut r,I~-,al:r wiluble in o1cwt,,1, i,,at.3nv -4L:ll It to Otub14 tit ~~turmno. it, to jjjj~jly O&ZAInUt Vviiietittion. It Its uso-i prm,;cm1;%&ntl7 In "it :urm of u0i%rs und OJIts, 11 'm" utt-j Q.Ir"2-4- "$-T', Ln uv,%1'vjIrLQtIou with ;1-4. do zrll~ud Th ) norm Q axpinliture lit a -8 its por k%,)oVpj-y. A wouA "a to ts it 4tim"mtor th't v tw ft som* ms Monvi to %4,j gra u jaLpmLo hurbitild k~, " t In Of 4~104toivnuALn1&1:t&1O1us ;3L 40 a th 11 SeAtao. nd man. A 0, arroot Omuta an unattind;'g-lit 1. d-110tion I tho p-jpIIS 121 I I I 'I IN 11 11 1111: L, I I 111 USSR UDC 625.2-531.4/.6:625.42 "Elements. of au Automatic Control SystOm for the Starting a-ad Stopping Condi- tions of a Subway Car Equippedurith a1hyristor Conv~rter": Tr. Hosk. in-ta inzh. zh.-d. trans2. (Works of the Hasccw institute of Railroad Transportation Engineers),1971, ~yp. 388,~pp 92-105 jfrom: Mli--Avtomzitil~a, Telemeldhanikca i vycMsIitel'njya~ teklin-i-ka, Yo 4, Apr 72, Abstract No 4A629) Translation: The elements of an autouiatic cont rol system for the starting M-d stopping conditions of a railroad,car equipped with: a' thyristor converter are dos cribed. -The 1)"ic relaticuis -dwr,1ctcrt,zJng the oporntion of tliesq 0cments, ans and a 5-ei b0lforraphy. am presented. Tliare are 4 illuitratl iti 51 2 029 UNCLASSI Fltol Pilbr-EqSING DATE--04DEC70 =LECIRIC RESISTANCE OF TITLE--EPFECT OF ALLOYING ELEMENT&OWTHE SPIECIFIC L 'GA IRON MAN . NIESE AUSTEMTE DURING ANTIFERROMAGNETIC' TRA1115FORHATION -U- AUTHOR.-( 03)_80GAC'l-iE%-lt I.N., YEGOLAYEVo, YiF,41 EFROS'#~; B.H. OUNTRY'OF:INFO--USSR _`C -~~_-SQU F I METALLOVED. 1970,~ 29( 2 -6 RC E Z METAL. 42k OAT E PUBLISHEO---770 ":-SUBJECT AREAS--PHYSICS, MATERIALS TAGS-CONDUCTION ELECTROINt RESISTFVITV~. ANT IFERRORAGNCTISM, ALLOY CONPOSITIO.'Llt AUSTENITEr IRON ALLOYj MANGANESE ALLOYr MAMETIC TEMPERATURE DEPENDENCE:t.NICKEL, CHRO.M[U:t SILICON, ALLOY JRANSFORMAT ION '-~iCXWRO~ MARKING NO RESTRICTIONS HENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED REEL/FRAME--3003/0356 S TE P NO--QR 012 6/7~01 029 /00 2 /04 2 41 Ott Z6 CIRC -ACCESSION NO--AP017-9588 UNCLASSIFIED ROCESSING DATE--04DEC70 UKLA +IED P -029 sst C-IRC ACCESSION NO-AP0129588 -EXTR.ACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT SI ON ~.ABSTAACTJT THE EFFECTS Q ~F N 1rCRP AND TION OF FE--!MN ALJSTl::?41TE. WAS STUDIED, ..THE AUNTIFERROMAGNETIC. TRANSFORMA ~-'~IJSTNG THE G40 (40PERCENT MN) ALLOYS~AS ;AN EXAMPLEi ;BY THE ELFC. -'RESISTAKE METHOD. THESE ELEMENTS LOWER THE NEEL ~ 001 NT' AND AFFECT THE A?V311ALIES IN THE SP. RESISTANCE- IN THE TRANSFORMAT1.0N. . THE RESISTANCE bY WT. NEt WAS DETD. AT 77-BOODEGREESK FOR ALLOYS 'CONrG. et-10PERCENT 2-.0-10*3PERCENT CRt OR 0.12-2~00PERCENT,Sj. THE RELATIVE CHANGE IN THE RESISTANCE BECAUSE OF THE ANTIFERROMAGNETICORDERING IS.CHARACTERIZED BY FACTOR, D. THE TEMP. DEPENDENCE. OF 0 SHOWS THAT,:Sl AND N1 HAVE THE -GREATEST EFFECTS; THIS IS ATTRIBUTED TO ~A DECREASEJN THE EFFECTIVE NO. FACILIT,,Y- URAL. ~POLITEKH. INST. IM. '~~.:~OP* CONDUCT-ION ELECTRONS. --:":-:.KIR0VAl'SVER0L0VSKt USSR. UNCLASSIFIED I ~ ! A :, "'' ,it it 2/2 041 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 .C-I.RC ACCESSION N-0--AP0121537 .,.ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GGP-0- ABSTRACT. THE-ANOMALIES WERE STUDIED DU.-ZING _1',~`:THE ANtIFERROMAGNETIC TRANSFORMATION INTO AUSTENItE 'OR ALLOYS CONTG. 13Y WT. MN. THE ALLOYS CONTG. LESS THAN' 21~PERCENT BY 'IiT. MN -.'.`-:,WERE SUBJECTED TO STABILIZING'TREATMENT.TO AVOID THE EFFECT OF THE PHASE ON THE TEMP. DEPENDENCE.~ AS THE MN CONC,11. DECK'EASES, THE ~-,~AN-DAALIES IN THE NORMAL ELASTIC MODULUSP THE rINTER.NAL FRACTION, AND THE -~CJOEFF. U LINEAR EXPANSION AT THE NEEL;POINT fINCREASE. THIS IS ~-APP8,RENTLY RELATED T tO THE COMPLEX~ ,1A&-%E,TIC.STRUCTURE OF IHE AUSTLNITE: :T?4E'SUPERPOSITION OF THE CLOSE RANGE FERROAGNETIC INTERACTION ON THE LONG RA14GE ANTIFERROMAGNETIC OADER. THIS I S CONFIRMED BY THE APPRUXs -.C01KIDENCE IN THE CRIT. CONCNS. FOR THE MNY AT WHICH FERqOMAGNETIC 11NTER4CTION 3ETWEEN THE MN ATOMS BECOMESPOSSIBLE AND AwMALIES IN THE -,PHYS,~ PROPERTIES DEVELOP* FACILITY: URAL. P'OLITEKH. INST. IM. KtRUVAt SVERDLOVSKt USSR. UNCLASSIFIED PROCESS 2/2 01! 0 UNCLASSLrIEb: LNG DATE--30OCT70 C-IRC. ACCESSION NO--AP0117692 GP-0- ABSTRACT. TO CULTURES OF CHINESE HAMSTER EUPL010 CELLS? (A. F. LAKHAROVr ET AL.s 1966) 5v6ROM00E0XYUR.IDlNE M AN WAS ADDED AT 100-200 MU G-ML OF THE MEDIUM FOR' 2-2-05 H R CHRO140SOME PREPNS. WERE MADE 4-5 HR AFTER THE INTRODUCTION OF~l; 1-1.5 Hk BEFORE I -:'~-ADDN. 0.06-0.12 MU G-ML, COLCEMIO-WAS ADDED. THE:ADDN. OF I AT THE JMENTATION OF SOME CHROMOSOMES, -FINAL STAGE OF THE S PERIOD CAUSED THE SE' JN PARTICULAR X.SU81 PRIMEM, X SUB2 PRI14EHo AND MARKER CHROMOSOMES ST SUBlf ST.SUB2,-AND ST.SUB3, DUE TO A D~LAY:.IN THE.A.ITOTIC SPIRALIZATION OFl.:THE LATE REPLICATING CHROMOSOMAL REGIONS. THE.PATTERN OF THE SEGMENTATION CORRESPONDEI) TO THAT INDUCfD.ElY COLCEMID TREArMEp4T. THE :TO.S-SIBLE USE OFIIN THE STUDY OF MOAPHOL*F'~ (IF MAMMALIAK.CHROMOSOMES WAS ET* INST~ EXP. CLIN. ONCOL.9 DISCUSSED,- FACILITY: LAB*.CYTQGEN OSCOW#.USSR. Utz r. iai.j u S q_R UDC: 620.179-15 F7 GORBUI, V .I., Sl~, D. I. BUIMEYEET, V. G. ,KOTT,,PA_,,_7,_,A. A.-, Scientific Research.Irstitute of Interlal -in's pec -Li o nAf _-:'il i at e d Tkl-Lth, Tom-sk 'Y'olytechnical Institute ltRudiation-T~,rpe Internal- Inspection Unit& for Checking lf~.terials and Parts" Sverdlovsk. Defektos' o,)iya, No 3, Ma /Jun 71, pp 1.12-117 y Abstract: The rresents bicck. diafr=ns and gi-voo c_r7f-icrivtiors of some 6,avices bu., z e rnelia-Uan noth.-ds of intormal The bab-4c -technical of 'he, de-eices are advante. es and a--e noti-;cl, and re co are made on -u-sing thc-_m. Four -ii;"xez, b4lulic:~rapl,,.~r of ti i r L~ etitltg USSR uw. 621-822.5 BELYY, V. A., la MUM) B. 1.) M=MMII, A. S#) ASTASHIN, V. Ya and ITGORr"IMV) X. 1. "Bearings with Metall-Polymeric Plating" Moscow ~hlshinostroitell, No 5, MaY 71, p 24 Ab ct:, A method of -producing strip materials vith antifriction metal- stra polyzeric plating has been develoved at the Institute of 114echanics of Metal- Poly m-ric, Syst-ers of the Belorussian SSR. !, 531e: method i q, described, 'properties of.the new-r-aterial are discuzzed, and its high antitriction c~uality~ is demonstrated in ca.-=arifson with tb-- strip raterial tombaL,. Preliminary results of field tests proveii the high efficiency Rf the ~ ney ma~terial. Its use for bearing- buchings; for starters of automotive eneginees is nov being investieated. Three figures. E--020CT70 212 036 UNCLASSI FIE ~P.~. .0CESSING DAT &JRC ACCESSI-OV NO-AP0113136 GP-O-. ABSTRAti -6N '44TURE DF THE SI DERAT10N OF THE ._gKUP--TUPE--`, F;,`-~P LY v V1 TH ~POLYMER UNDER TEST 0 0 PER-METAL.ADMESI A ~-SQLID UCTURALLYIFLUID (HIGHLY FLASTICI STATE. R 49DES OF A -WN: HAT THE SEQUENCE OF.CHANGE IN THE FAILURE F T- AL ADHESIVE JOINT DURING A ~CHANGE IN THE FAILURE RATE IS DETERMINED BY THE PHYSICAL STATE OF THE POLP4FR. JN THC CASE OF THi= 41IGHLY FLAS~TIC STATE THE COHESION FAILURE;MODE OCCU-3PING AT L34 FAILURE ~.'RATES CHANGESt WITH AN INCREASE IN THE FAILURE RA',TE, PATO THE ADHEsIoN MOD Es WRiLE1,-IN THE CASE OF THE SOL1D,,STATE,.THE AD'Htsicm, r-AILURE MODE. OCCURRINC, V LOW FAILURE RATES CHANGESIP~:WITH AN INCREASE 114 THE FAILJRE RATE, -INTO THE COHESION MODE. HOWEVERf'IN THEICASe OF W11TTLE FAILURE 4'1~, THE'-SOL H.) STATE THE COHESION MODE' OCCURS AT Lnw 'FAILURE F%ATESt ANa NO CHANGE- OCCUR5-1 N- THE FA I LURE' MODE-'W I-TH AWINCREASE ~4`N THEi FAILIJR'E~ RATE. UNCLASSIFIED, Will' 0 -01111mom USSR UW: 539-351.8 YEGOYEEMOV V. Do and SMPANOV, K. N. "Electrozagnetic Tnstabilities of a Plasma.of Finite P With Hot rezsur,- Electrons" Leningrad, Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoy Fiziki) No 2 '1973~ PP 270-275 Abstract: This article is based on an earlier paper pL~blished by the authorB named above (UFZh,:15, 324, .1976) in,. whick, it was shown that in a plasma with cold ions and hot electrons with aniso- tropic velocity distribution instabilities develop when the eiectron~pressure is of the-order of the ma&netic pres- sure. In -the present article, they investigate'the eflect of losses and the Dresence of a small &oup of,cold.electrons on the instabilitles, of a uniform anisotropic plasma of''finite preasure with hot electrons, of the type studied in the first paper. It is shown that i-n.addition to the hose-likke and mirror instabilities found in the first paper, conical instabilities er-ist in the plasma here considered. It is found also that the presence of the small group of cold electrons may substantially alter the spectrum of the unstable osaillations and their excitation conditions. The ana- lysis begins with a system of.six equations describing the tensor 1/2 , , ~ "-: I ~ ji.1; I ~ i ! ;i. I I . J, ~ 1::, 1 o.! 1; ~~ i , , LL't-M=~ 11 . 1 -.13 -,, S~W- - 1 1.1 ~ o d .. H7.- - !.... F- =~~ =,, F~: ~ , ~R;:jL ~-~ 1 -:1, 1171, ii -- .:.~ ,2=9 Eni . .w . Jqua~ FpTa3p ~ pr - 1 1, k I IM; III - .-I ", _-ID_7 - ~j I . .. I . 4141 ~ . * W. I I -ESSING DATE--040EC70 UNCLASSITTED pRdC --S -OF A FINITE PRESSURE PLASMA WITH ANANISOTROPIC ELECTRON ,.:,:TlT LE TABILITY, TY..-b ISTRIBUT TON -U- ENKO ._....--~AUTHOR-n(02)-YEGOR vt V.0.1 STEPANOV, K.M. %ftwo OF INFO--USSR --UKRAINS$Kll FIZICHNII lHURNAL VOLo 15t FEB., 19701. P. 235-330 URCE '~-._OATE PUBLISHEO---F EB70 ..SUBJECT AREAS--PHYSICS NAL MAGNETIC FIELDt TAGS-,-PLASMA STABILITY, PLASMA WAVE LONGITUDI. SE VELOCITYs. THERMAL EXCITATJONt::ELEtTRONt: ION? LARMOR RADIUM, _CYCLOTPLON FREQUENCY PLASMA 0SCI.LLA:TIdN:,-. _:CONTROL MARKING--NG RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UlCL-455IFIE0 pRoxy REEL/FRAPE-- 199 2/1459 STE P tlO--.UR/0185/70/01~41/000/0325/0330 CIRC ACCESSION 1.10--AP0112453 1~ - U.NCI AiS U DATE--04DEr7O Z2 -036 NCLAS!SI'FIED: P~ROCESSING NO--AP0112453 _.ABST.RACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THEORETICAL'STUDY OF THE STAtITILITY OF A HOT ELECTRONCOLD ION PLASMA SUBJECTED TO F I:Nl T EPRESSURES AND ~:HAVING AN ANISOTROPIC ELECTRON VEDLCITY: DISTRIBUTION FUNCTION. ~~OLSCUSSED SPECIFICALLY ARE PLASMA WAVES,IWHOSE~PHASI- VELOCITY ALONG A IGITUDINAL MAGNETIC FIELD IS SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER;THAN THE THERMAL LON VELOCITY OF THE ELECTRONS BUT IS-SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER lHAN THE THERMAL 'R _ER THAN THE VELOCITY OF THE IONS WHILE THE WAVELENGTH. IS MUCH :G. EAl LARMOR RADIUS OF THE IONS. FT 15 FOUND THAT INSTA.&ILITKES AT -1-REQUENCIES MUCH 4 IGHER THAN THE CYCLOTRON ION FREQUENCY MAY DEVELOP IN :PLASAAS OF-THIS TYPE. UNSTABLE 0SCILLATIONS!HAVE,THEA:ORM OF WHISTLES .-AND NONMAGNETIC ION ACOUSTIC OSCILLATIONS WHEN THE~P_LASHA IS ISOTROPIC. ~..FACILITY:. AKADEMIIA NAUK~UKRAIN5,101 RSRj 'F4Z!KO-TEKHNICHNII :aUTt:~KHARKOV, UKRA I N.1 AN5 Y UNCLASSIFIED Lv~ UDC 933.9 USSR 1.6 YIN., Physicotec-ini VEGOREnyOV, V. D. and STEPANOV, Institute of the d Fhysicotechnical.-rnstitute Ukr.SSR, 'Kharlkov;.-Sul tumi., IIStability of a Plasma With Finite Pressure and an Aniso"Uropic Klertron V010- city Distribution" 'nskiy Fizicheskiy Ziuvnal Vol; ~15 No. 2, 1,61) 70, 325-33C., Ki a. Abstract. The stability of a strongly noniso-hemal (T 7'.) plasma with finite :)ressiwe and an-,sotropic electron wloc#y distribixtion in investigated. it is.shown that the-Alfven and fast- magaetosonic brancbes: of the oscillations frequency. Ire Ion (w jwj w aan~l the instability ax unstable in the high, e regic'.1 in this ftrequency range coincides with the instability region far AwT -CC It was assumed in tlie. treatment :that the oscillations have a phane greater than the t-he mal veloci r y e-long the r-agnet-i ve a - ic field consMerahly Ues of el,~-ctrons but considerably less than the thernal:veloci-4-y of ions and the vwielength 1S C01-13iderably greater thaa',*the Llavxwv~ r4idius of' the ions. Arlalysia shm-r;-. that the existence, of. instability Ln the aim-aa of frequencies can- S** ly greater than the ion.cyclotron~freque'ncy is possible;in an anisatropic iderab :.:1/2 ~ ; ; ~ 1 , ; ~: -; , - : I , . .~ I I I I . ., I; - il. III I 1 11 11, , 11111 1;,; 1 1 ; -, I I ~ 1 1 . .1 Acce Nre: AP0020j27 Rei. Code: UR 01297 C7 -PRIMARY SOURCE: Antibiotikip 1910, Vol 15, N r 1, GENIMYCIN, A MEMBER 017~ A NEW GROUP OF ANTIFUNGAL PENTAENIC ANTIBIOTICS Severinets, L-Ya.; jgtf ~E V.M..:'Bol'sliakova, L.O.- ova_, Karnaushkina, A.I.; Solovlyev, S.N.; ~=-EeakPm-q,A-N-; Leningrad Institute: for Ant1hiotics A soil cultu're LIA-0174 was Isolated and clas, .Olled as bt:1mging to the genus of Actin~sporangiurm An antibiotic nanted genimycln ~js recovered fron the fer;~ntatlon materials of lhfs culture By.a number.of physico-chzr~kal properties (he antibiotic was b beleved to belong to a riew group br, pentoeiiic,6ntibi6ti~s.'Getilihycin possesses antilungal activity, which 1.3 la-m4oa 11111as higher IhAti. that of pqlrilkas fraiii .0-er, groups. REELIFR&NM XSS I F I ED --230CT70 .2/2 019 UMCL PROCESSING DATE CIPC ACCESSION NO--AP0123687 "i-MSTRACT/EXTRACT-tUl GP-0- ABSTRACT. TELOMERIZATION OF VINYL CHLaRIDE WAS RUN IN THE PRESENCE OF FECL SU52.4H SUB 2, 0 '1 N, AN AUTOCLAVE WITH CHCL SU,133 OR ET OR ISCII-PR ESTERS OF CCL SUA3 C () S,tIB2 t if. FC%ACTIONAL 01STN. YIELDED. THE-TELOMERS CHCL SU62 tH SUBZ FCHCL StJ82p'CHCL SUB2 CH SUBZ ClHCLCH,SUF2 CHCL SUB2, ANO CHCL SU~2 C!" !SUB 2: CHCL~,CH SUB2 CHCLCH SU82 CHCL SU82 WHICH HAD PHYS. CONSTS* N PRIME20 ~UBOt D PRImEzo, RESP.): 3 SUB20 57-8!)EGREES, 1 48201 1.4555; a S!JJI 81%-4D GREES, 1.5030, 1045a5*1 8 SUBI 131-20EGREESO 14513q,~' 1. 4524. THE ESTER TELOMERS -ISOLATED INCLUDEUz (FORMULA SHOWN ON MICROFICHE),!- THE REACTION kUN WITH CH .1 N.~-l S0-PROH CAVE PRODOCTS OF SUB2:C:HCL AND CCL SU83 CO SUBZ~ET. ~TELGME-.:;,'IZAT-ION COMPLICATED BY TRANSESTERIFICATIUN,~.: FACILITY: STABIL. POLIM-t GORKT, US-SR. UNCLASSIFIEO, 2 ~028 UNC t AS S I F IIFD :0,ROCESSING DATE--11SFP7() .~rl,-TLE-IR SPECTRA OF VINYL DERIVAt.IVES- ~.AND, CONJUGATION EFFECTS WITH THE -1 NYL GROUP OF .91 ELECTRONS OF. THE V 7U_ ,AU,T,HOR--YEGOROCHKIN, A.N., SEMCHIkOVv-YU,..D,.,t VYAZANKINP N.-S. TRY or-, INFO--USSR WN OU RC E---- IlV AKAD. NAUK SSSR, SER., KHTM.. 1970t 4 11 152-4~ ATE', PU,8L I SHED------ 70 ~-_-_SU~SJECT~ AREAS---wCHEM ISTRY PIC TAGS--.IR SPECTRUM, CONJUGATE BOND SYSTEM# SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSIS, LANE vALCOHOL, ORGANOTIN, COMPOUND, CIRGANDGERMANIUM COMPOUNOt ~GHLORTNATED ORGANIC COMPOUNO, BROMINATED ORGANIC~COMPOUND, TODINATED ~.ORGANIC COMPOUND, FLUORINATED ORGANIC COMPOUND. -CONTROL :MARKING--N(l RESTRICTIONS ~,'~PROXY REEL/FRA14E--1987/1054 STEP NO--UR/0062/701000)'00110152/'~)],zi4 ~tfitt":ACCESSION N0-00104452 UNCLASSIFteo R =OROVi A.#'Doctor of Medical 3 ciences "The Salyut -Station is in Flight. A.Stethos6ope Stretch for Thousands of ing x6scow, Heditsinskaya Gazeta, 15 June,71"l 3, Abstracti It was a regular working day for the exew ofithe scientific orbital station Salyut. Among other experiments,.the cosmonauts carried out a number of-biomedical studies# particularily to obtaln~scientific information about the cardiovascular system under weightlessness conditAoiwf and also to deter- zine.the density of bone tissue. Blood ~= taken,from~ 6'ach tember of the crew with microanzilyzers for subsequent laboratory, analysis oh the ground. Tbis is,onboard medical monitoring. The article which follows irill oxplain,how medical monitoring of the state of health of cosmonauts is conducted from the grot~nd. The flight, of the fint oribital scientific station "Salpit" is a Pew stage in-the development of cosmonautics. Its crew solved a vast complex of scientific and technical as well as medical, and biologicAa problems. The successful conuletion of these experJxments is.posstile.:O~ay when cosmonauts possess high work capacity and a good:sitate'of;,:hea_1th.; ----- --777~ 'USSR e 71, 'p3 YECOROV A.j Hed-itsinskaya Gazeta 15 hn' The medical equipment of a.spacecraft inoludes:appatatusable to re- gister and tmzrsmit to the earth va�iou~ human yhysidlogica1 param. eters. Systons have been developed to analyze': the ~ st,;Lte of; health o.-LP the creir and to provide preventive measures, and even modi4ml trcztnent, when necessaz-j. Thus, the patients of * space~.medicine; are hca:Lthy, -physically fit persons. The problem of the physicians is to do tact t e function.,--' shifts which may occur ithen the himmn organism is subjected to various fac- -torso particularly during ueiGhtl I fo.analyze these-;shifts and to determine -the application of suitable i ventativeindiLsures.. PrOD bledical monitoring of crew cohdition 'is Guided by the results of Dre- vious flights and nuverous terrestrial zxperi"rients, Ali which sLace conditions were simulated. Inforration has accumulated about.the effect on the human organism of various loads, zCbout the periAssible limits in the variations of physiological irAices, and about the, readtive. charicteristics of an or6anisn, in unfamiliar situations. "he snecial feature of medical monitoring, is #at physicians practice it, at a distance; th~att is, when. the patient is hundredz of kilometexn. re- moved from the wpician. In such a caze, vox-Jous upans of cormiunication -s and tele- are, employed; for example, radio convarsatlo= idth cosmona3ut 2/6 51 USSR YEGOROTO A. XeditsinskVa Gazetal 15 June 71 P 3 vision obsezvation of them. Engaging in a radio exchange with a patient perr-tts the physician to obtain the required information about how the patient feels, about his irqwessions and emotions In connection with:the-flight, ar4. also about the results -of personal and correlated nedical. atservation. In addition, it is also important in medical. monitoring. toevaluate. the Physical characteristics of speechl including spectroscopic analysiss: which permits a more complete, appraisal of condition. Another valuable soux-ce of information is the dr-ta objectively re- corded about the physiological functions of-the cozmoimuts1, and the environ- renW conditions onboard tho spacecraft (prosamp oVgen and coxInn 61oxide content, humidity, temperature) as irell, as the resultit of performing the extxemely.compiex operations of guiding, the, sparceship-:and wrAuctine scienti- fie and technical experiments. A12 of this information is txansatted via telenetric ~7,stens to tracking stations on the groundt where it is recoxded,:graphically or on =gnetio-tape and fed into computers. Remote recoxxiing of the physiological panzaters.of cosmonauts and.of their ejqvironmental, conditions is accom- hod Uith the, 'help of -biotelem6t*, 6 V ISSR YEGOROV, A., Heditsinskaya Ccueta, 15 June 71, p 3 The biotelemetric cystom includes the follouing~,elemants% a device uhich senses any ktind of Lutrsiolo * cal iz aricator arA. converts it into an electrical. signal (sensors) i a unit an, Dlifying that signzal, wd superimposing It. on a carrier ---adlofreauency, transmUtt Ung it to a teceiviz,:; and firxa-ly, A-basea receiver. Ih- cam-nosition of the =onitored Lxvi-ameters is a groun establislh~ed in accordanco with the cli-n-racteristics ofthe flight program and the specifics of the crroWs activity. ADDaxatus for rm-d-ical nonitoxingg has been developed hich measures and trammit to grourdbased measuring poiirlts the pul:ae'rato, xespiration frequency, electrocardiograns, etc. Reco'xding of this infoxmtion is accomplished by a unified systen 9f senzoxz attached to the Wdyof the cosnonauts by a special bolt. :Recoxding of such data occurs at least twice dally; but when needed, ~on each revolution. In additiont the' fLied- iatA3rvala make functional tests with a phyaical load, A. special.. suit -taxxl a7 .:,estraints:, of zyste;~. axe use& which enzure a nore:Unir4a,40ad or, vijibus: luscle 8TOUPS dtuAng ~squatting. ther ;dfl: radio conversations AU of these physiological indexes, toge L, V and televIslon observation, ensure the acquisition of the reqvixred informa- 4/ USSR YEGOROV,j A,, 'Neditsinskaya Gazeta, 15:June 71, P 3 tion -on the conditior of % taZ, functions of the organism, and themental and p?Wsical efficiency of the cosmonauts,: Apart from op:?rational monitoring,, nore penetialting rzedi,_-al examinations =e conducted~-,~.riodlcallly. At these, -1 which Ides- an extensive complex of paxazetten is Tezorde, crlbin the condition of the - cardiovasculax system I body. temperature la-aln: Iravos I and a riumbor of other irA6ms. Data about the atmospheric conditions in the living compartments of spaceships and about the radiation conditions in also of g.-C-at importance. During the flight cf the spaceez-aft,inclijding also the fli#.t of orbital stationst the atmosphere in theliving- conp~Lrtments is,practically the same as on the ground and the crew to regulale the * tempexature. The monitoring of radiation conditions is perLarmed ii-ith a raAiorwter which transiuts readings over telemetric channels to the ezuth. MonitorinC the total irradiation. doses for.the entin flight is accondished with the help of individual dosimeters. in addition,. during flight,use is rzde of the data from control dosjjwtexs on artificial earth satellItes, while devices for observing the state of solar activity axe used forforea3zting solar f lazvs i .516 une YEWROV, A. YfedltsinskVa Gazetat J5 4 71, P 3 Whiel the orbital station is in flight, crew members conduct a vast coq9lex of bion-edical stuclies Inal&-ing resep-r-ch in neuropsychology, the caxdiovascula-- system, res-rd-ration, =A. metabolic funotions, The irfforra- tion obtabied --n im used in re---t for meciieU- no-nitcring purposes. But thdis data is --,r:p il- dizected toward stx4y of zecimnions:of potc-ntial physio- 20 icz-L' Zrsir+-z ze- Letailed, armlysis of these sufts is a-re ozse~nl conducted aft-er comDle---on of the frliGht. D;---Img t-he -f-I-Le-h-t of th* station, =edical ixXa=-,tion is -pro- cessed at =-as=DiZ polnts 'L-1 specie-14 t--uimmet medical per- soneel. The Drocessed =-teria- is innediately sont to vliaht control cente= uhera,: toGathe= the azallytical results of at"hol- h-Inds of inforza- tion, it is analyzed in detc.-il 'by the appropriate specialistn. in the end, overall evaluation is i)--ovided re~'~ing the conditim of the crew members. The orbital station is one of the wmns of solving r=iy bionedical 1=oblens and of olbt.-dning extensive experimental. raterULI or, the eff eat of space flJZht factors an man, 616 .1 ~ ji I i,;.: A; 11,1: -11 1111 i -C70 2/4- UNCLA,SS1%FIe0 PROCESSING DAYE-11DE C IRC A(;CESSICN P.0--AN0142455 ._A3.STRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. *DURING THE FL. iGHr OF THE SPACE 'T C01,;SISTING OF SC YJ Z-,s t S%JYJZ-7, AN ..FLEL 0 SiJYUZ-13 A WRP,1ieER OF MEDICAL EX AMNA T 1 C is 3 t~ERE CONE 11 C T E D , W I I ~i C C N T I NUOU S 14 E D I (1A L YtP0T0411%G OF THE CbNOITIGN OF TNE CkE~i. THE CHARACTERISTIC FEATuRC- OF FLIGHT FRQ,14 THE- Ti -6r .-)AyrER,,qs or- MEDICAL POINT OF VIEW IS -1 E AaIIATY T.G-_D~L-TELT G(j . KAJ_'~ CHANGE IN P.HYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSES UNDE R T14E EFFE(f OF F.,_IGHT FACTORS IN ~,SEVEN COSMCNAUTS AT THE SAME TIME.- ALSO :.THEIR ~PP,~ESM'U- 114 TFiE SAME -1 CS Of SPACECRA7FT MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO ASSESS THE INDIVIQUAL i. 1ARACTERISI EACf~ CNIC, -iiHICH IS EXTPEMELY. I M- PR C1 T A N T. FOR, DEVE LOPA NG SELELTION CRITURIf AND FLk FILRECASTING CHANGES IN PHYSIOLOGICAL REACTIONS DURING SAPCE FLIGHTS. IT MLST BE NOTED THAT THE CR,f*:VEMBER� :tF SOYUI-13, V., SHATALOV AND A . YEL I SEYEV, WEPE JN~ THEIIR 'SECOND SPAiCE FLIGHT. THIS PERFiTS IMCI'NE c APTAr1CbN1b1F THE: liUMAN CRGAN'IS't THOROUGH 1\NVESTIGATfCN' Fi AD TU SPACEFLIGhT rr-NI:)ITIJ.NS, IN PAKTICU F I WAL LY , LAR TO WEIGHTi-ESSN.-ESS. 0N[ Of- TbE MED[CAL 1ASKS ~-AS TG IfItIVESTiCATE iNir-L.A.GHT PS.NCqCJPHYSIOLQG1CA-1. -CAPAbtLITIES AND PHYSILL061CAL DYNAMIC -UPFROTICINS RELATEC 1ANEUVERING AND MANIJAL C 6 N T KU Of' SAPGECRAFT, THE EINTIrE SET OF EY4M1,N-'TI01NS Ai\,~ w5t-tVATIGNS WA :S jli_CTED TOWARD K R I N G Ti%6 EXTREVrLY UNPROTANT TASKS. ~_ THC. FIRST TASK WAS MEOICAL I P,~ C4: Ti4r- PHYSICAL - NL 1 IGFIT XA 1, T L L_ IITII~P. QF:THE CREPI CQRINLI F UNCL- IF FOR. THE PA,,,~VENTI ON OF POSSI BLE 55 IN PHYSIOLOGICAL FUN1C.TJ01'%;S At~[)~40'9,:JHE' TRP~TMENT OF DISEASE. TH,-.SEC,0NV TASK WAS lf.VESTIGATJUN$~~:.OF E.:tf+CLT LF!~~SPAtE FLIGHTIFACTORS ~e UNCLASSIFTED 1-0 :r, jj:ri 7z _IJIN V rmtt-~w I ak7o L ;6 1 9A, S do :1 N, F.0,A k S IOW~44 RE USED TU EVALUATE THE N AIJ e__ M. NPRK,11A T:: WERE: DATA WITAINED CN: PF.. C 05 . 'CE O~ uT4 I cA,,: I N 4, TEL ANALY$IS Of PERFOKMAN L C H.T ANIC RECOKUED PHYSIOLOGICAL PAR,.A-.MET;El:'S AND INDICES OF THE ~!IIICRCCL I PATE IN T HE MANNEP M31NS DURING FLIGHT* PULSE. RATE lit-S RECLjlr.DEU CONTINUDUSLYt ANDt WHENJIiE CRAFT WAS WITHIN THE RA.-IGE Of B(JUND i~LINITOkING PUINTS.,,ELECT i A Ul ('flAPHY, A)c SE I S~ MLCAPU-IGG8APHY ANG PNEUMOGkAPHY kEKE,PERFORMEb PEki!UDICALLY. THE AuOUT THE PHYSICAL CiNDITION''.0F CREW W#~S PROCESSED L COYIPLTER ANO ~iAS COt:T 1 NUJUS LY F EP. T 0' THE LIGHT~ M-MlmAkli. CEI,TER, WHERE IT F ~.~rvA ANWVZ&i~ DY H-1-FLY QUALIFIED MEDTCAL.:.S.PECIA*Ll'l;TS. THF PHYSICIANS -.WERE FLACY TC REN 'DER EMERGENCY "SPACE"~Alb TO THE. CREW AT -1 NY MOAENT. `SE THERE WAS A ORLIG KIT! ON':BOARD WH:'(-.H CUNTA'NEO NOT ONLY THIS PUkPC A FUR INGESTIONt 13UT ALSO TWE SYRV4GES 0:011 I.NJECTtONSO Wji~EVER-p THE NEEL R F I DID NOT ARISE FOR THIS KIT IN rzTHE ~ E. FELT NE M AL LGiiG-LT TiE. FLIGHT. SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL EXAMNATION.S DURING FLIGHT INVESTIGATION OF FUNCTIONS OF,THE VEST[BteLAR VISUAL ANALYZERSi REALTICNS OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM:;TO Pli'(SICAL LOADS, AND OTHEt~ INLICES. -ALL OF THE PLANNED MEPICAL. EXPER[MENTS WERE COMPLETED~ THE PICIPOCLIMATE P`kAMET-:RS- Iv ED CABINS ~01`- TM: CF,AFT I T HE M ANN ;iEF-E?,lTHl.',; THE PAESE~-%l ~-A'iGE AND WER.F. C(:, MFORTAeLE ~fOR IHE CREW MEV3ERS. THE SPACEFLIGHT WEIRE ASSOCTAIE0 W-ITH GOOD. RAG(Af C0,NDITIONS:1 I (j T A 1. IRRADIATIU,41 JOSAGE WAS TljAN ~.6.'~TrMATEO AND HOINDREDS ZF TILMS Lull~iER THAN THE PERMISSIBLE THP ES~OLDS* U?.'CLA5-SJFlr-_0 A IG DATE--- I LDEC70 UNCLASS[FIE0 Pf~MC Eb,*3 N --ACCESSICN t.;3--AIN10142455 ~,:.48-~TP,"4CT,/EXIRACT--TtiUS, THE CONDITI&N G F THE COSMUNAUTS WAS GOOD TPRCIJGtiL-UT THE FLIGHT, ANU THEIR EFFICIENCY REhA1NE--G I'll, WIPAIREElp SO THAT THE FLIGHT PROGRA14 COULb BE FULFILLED.. rHE NA I N PH Y S 10 t. OG I C A L I N D I C E S ~:W.ERE V~ITHIINI NL&MAL P.ANGE AfTEIR ADAPTArICN TG Tflc-- FL lGffl t ~,ffl ICH L~,SrEO FOR SEVE1k4L HOUkS. THE GENERAL PATTERNS OF THE DAILY 1'~HYTHm wEr~E INTACT. PERFUR.AANCE NUMEROUS MANEUVERS DID N-Or VIS18LY AFFECT THE JF DYNAMIGS LF PHYSIGLO'GICAL INUICES). THE FIRST PO,~TFLIJ;HT EXAMINAT ION ALSO TG OEMONST~;.ATE ANY DEVJATI:Gfv5 jr~ i"Q5,111('j~;jUJS1 HIALI*H. AT THE P~ESENT TIM.E ALL THE CREW mE,148ERS AHVE- UNDERGUNE A TnUi~L)U,Gfi HEOZCAL EXAM INAT I ON -AND AR-Em FEEL1:4G rvELL.. UN.LIKE PREVIGU& FLIGHTS, THE 'A SE*4ECTED WITH OUC FOOD rONSISTED OF UNADULTER TED FOOD CONSIVERATICN OF INDIVIDUAL TASTES. THE MEWWAS 01VERSE ANo 11~CLUE)Ep, KINDS OF 6READt V~EATS JUICES~u ETC'." .'~SCIIENTIS!FS HAVF 4LREADY QIEGU-N MAKING A CCMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF THE, DATA O~TA,INED. ACCURDING 10 THr- RESULTSY IT HAS BEEN ESTABLIS14ED THAT: :THE PHYSIOLOGICAL NOICES L~ THE coSMONAUTS Sh.-OWEI) SH lf~TS - C SI STE, 1"! ON N WITH THE QPE ATIVE E FAL IN THE SEG?-AE -SP-Af 1CRS. NT GF FLIGHT INVULVIN(, ENTII.Y INTO ROJIT, E INCREASE IN HE RATE RELATED TO THE EUFECT OF THEFE. WAS SCRE ART 'ACCELERATICNS. THE CCSf-h3%AUT5 ADAPTEC T~& SPACEFLJG C,0NUITIONS WITHIN -THE k-IkST 4-o HOU.~S UF FLIGHT. FR614, THISJIM& UNir::7HE P6YSIOLOGICAL -11NDI-CLS 1-;LRE ALMOST THE SA-MIL AS THUSE OBSERVED IN HSTS ON EARTH SEVERIAL PRILk TU FLIGHT* THE MEAN PULSE RATE RANGED FiR01-1 iw To 80 PER NCkEASI'NG SGf-~EirHA AMUTEI It T t-tHEN PERFCRfeJNCi COMPLEX :AAt E,UV~KS OR 11. P C RTA N T EXPLRIMENTS. THEkE:~tAS A V1:518LE VEGkEASE IN PULSE RATE --SL UP, 11'46 -EEP UNCLASS IF [ED UM a, VOROR YEv, YE.1 Doctor of Medical Sc and .1~12.Vt Candidate Of Medical Sciences "PrVllim; nary Results of Medical Monit ring 0 ~-Medicine!l Pr~oblen,.,. Space ~Moscow, Medits'inskaya Gazeta, 23 Jan. 70 p.3 Translation: During, the f I ig oht Of the space, fl.7~,I~t consisting or Soyuz,-6, Soyuz-7. and Soyuz-8, a number~of medical. were conducted', with continuous medj4ca1.moftitorin,--r oF tne condition of the crew. The charactteristic f eature of, f lig',jt~ Lvro '.I I In t,.e medical Po..%.nt cf view is the ability to detect gar, era! patterna of c1mange in PhYSIOlogical processes under the effect of flig, ,It f,%ct-ors in seven cosmonauts at the same time. Also, their pr esence in the same space- craft makes it Possible to assess the individual:~characteristics o,;- each one, which is extremely important for developi;jrr cri- ~.selection. teria and AEor forecasting cha -en in physiologi reactions during n. 'Space flights. It mus t be noted that the crew Mentherli of 8()yuz_~J, V. Sivatalov and A. Yeliseyev, were on their secoad space flig~,jt. TKis permits 1,,5 USSR :VOROBIYEV, YE., et al., Moscow,l Meditsinsk' tP 23 Jan 70, p 3 aya GazeL J_ more thorough investigation of adaptA~Ltion of tht human organism to spaceflight conditions, in,weightlessaess. Finally, one of t L, the medical tasks was to investigate infligh psychophysiolo.-i-cal capabilities.and physiological- reactions when. performing dynamic operations~ related.. to, maaeuvering;. and manual con- trol: of. spacecraft. The ent*~re set of examinations and observa-ions was directed orvor t d performing two extremely important tasks:.i. The r-irst ta~tk was medical monitoring of the physical cooadition of, the crew during Hight if' necessary, recommendations for the,,prevention of possible changes in physiological functions and for the Eveatnient of disease. The.second task was investigations of the effect~,of 1-ice 'light factors on the human organism.... Diverse sources of information were used to evaluate the physical condition, of cosmonauts. The~m6st impor-,~ant reere data obtained during radio,communication and television, analysis of perfo=anc_-e of 2/5 _~55 VOROB'YEV, YE., et al., Moscow, Meditsinskaya,dazata, 23 Jan 70, p 3 flight assignments and recorded physiological paramzcters and indices of the microclimate in the.manned c'jabins of spa'r_ecraft. During flight, pulse rate was recorded continuous! ~,,and, wher,: the craft was within y the range of earth-bound monitoring points, elec'Crocardiography, seismocardiography and pneumography were perfor-med periodically. The inflomation about the physical condition of cretimembers was processed computer and vas continuously the flight;.~command center, where it was analyzed by highly,qualified medical specialists. L) Ihe physicians were ready to render emerg~ancy; "space" aid to the'crew at- any moment. For t4is purpote there '.~qas a drugg kit on board-which contained not only medicatidri for iftgestic~n, but also "tube'syringes for injections. Howievo_r,t,the need;did-not arise for this kit since.the crew felt fine throughout the~fligrht. Scientific medical examinations during flight ~%.ncluded investi- gation of fuactions of the vestibulp-r and. visual,IAIIMLV:Ze~~S, reactions of the cardiovascular system to physic 'al-Ioads, aAd other indices. All of the planned medical,experiments.:were pompleted.~ 3/5 USSR OB.YEVj. YE et al., Moscow, Meditsinskaya -Cyazetw, 23 Jan 70, p 3 -~nl' ike previous f lights; the casmonauts food -.onsisted of, unadulterated food selected with due cons4der'tion of individual ti's'tes-. -The menu was diverse~ and included, four~-kindls of bread, meats juices, etc.I Scientists have already begun~raaking a comprehensive analysis 'of the da~ta obtained. According to,~the prelimil-an.-y ~z-,asulf-s, it has been established that the physiologicaL indiceslof ti. cosmonauts showed shifts consistent with the operative space factors. In the segment of flight involving entry into-,*rbit-, th, are vv;as some increase lnlhear~ rate related to the effect of accelsrations~ The cosmonauts adaoted to spacefli-ght cond-Aitions-within the fir$~ 4-6 I-jours of flikht. From this 'time on, the,physiol'ogical in6ices svera almost the same as those observed in tests.on earthlseVerqL;~weeks prior to '~60 to 8 Flight. The mean pulse rate ranged from, 1.0 per.minute, increas- ing somewhat when performing complex maneuvers ot. important e~:periments. There was, a visible decrease in pulsei rated. duririg', islear.). 4/5 -56 lm'41.111az 1, gill USSR VOROWYEV, YE., et aL., 1 I.-OSCO"'Ij Medi A- r. tsiriskaya 6azeta, 23 Jan 7 0, 1-3 The microclimate parameters in the mianqedL ca'i)zRs of the craft were within the preset ran-,e and t~.rere -comfortaaj.a far the Crew nlem- bers. The spaceflight were associat d with good radiation conditions: C. e L~ f- total irradiatiota dosage was considerahly smaller than estimated and hundreds oi. a 0 5.5, f times lower. thar, the permissible thr sh !-,A Thtua, tl,-,,c condidion of the cosmonauts wa~ -Yood tt--Oughout t-e 4114aht, --nd t~-a`- e`f4c-enay. rema-ned unimpairecl, so that tiie fli-at -Iam CO "d be u T he w za i ri phy,,. iolog io.A we-ze with-;n nomal range a ter radaptatioii to the: lli~rht, -VhiCh lasted for several hours. The general patternabf the dail'y rhythm were ititact. Performaace of' numerous nianeavers did not v1sibly affect the dynamics of Physiological indices. first poSt4lidht eXaM4 The A. C3 .'6nation also failed to demonstrate any deviations in the cosalonauts' healt L th, At thi,, presi:,-nt time all of the crew members have underg-tone a'thorough me41calexamination and are feeling well. 5/5 Pulse Techfiique U ;3 R IJD%'/ 4,678.02:66-097 A BUD Y.--~, -1, Ye. A. 1W ""N, V. V., YBGC;RGV, A., YELKIN-, V. A., and i. G. --incr the Discharge in a Megdvolt, G as Sp ce by an Electroll a B-aam", To. ',oscow, Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, N 19 T1 p p 117-118 m -i- and resulzs 'batract: This paper describes 'he :experlr..ien d in th.~ use ol' an elec'tron beam to s tar t QiLl discharl.,re in 7t gaseous izap. Th e hiCh volta~:-Q of 0,2 to 1 Mff s supplied by .'-I Tesla induc- inn w4 -'-'I- ttie caraci~-ance formed by -ho t;rans~'ormer t electrode and the transformer's groundtl-d caa i4nig lilla,,,,int- th~.- p~irt of the di,3chargu t__'ap. This Casing IS filled With, at a lpr"essure of -h b6,ilm:injected:~ witli an t!nergy of 12 -atmosphere s , t~i 4. Ull 50 to. 400 kev and a current of 10 A: in the cotA`-.N- 07 5 na, into gtap, which has:p_-.lellg~h 0 -t1w center of t1w f .4- 6n. The injection: 4o made. thrbuKh a I-= 'ind w. b-" fin'' 0 1 e fuil. A sketch of -this equipment is provide.,d. P11- o t o g r %I - qpha of 'he ~,d4scli;_).rge are re- produced.. ORGANIZA1 ION AND VOLMM OF WOPY. DONE BY OT0FUINQLkR,NC-3LO=.-T5 SPECIALIZ114G IN WAWEDICS 0-'~d hy V.S., ru-=4.1-t Rtbc-rcl. Inscitute For Ear. and Tbroar. ~4;irectorz I.H. ccrrvapondIne. r.~'~Iolr ~)I tliiv k:S43' Academy of Meditfil Sciencca); Hqueow, !:OV'LM~Ove V1r^voa*A1-r=c--i~4,, nu.vian, 'to 1. 1973. submitted 4 July 191Z. 'I'li 4(,-511 Soviat puhur health 'il~ callad upon to M-24t. it% ful.1 th'i rV-?.ft 1, rcquix~nts with rospect to aU ferma of speolalized radical "rt, Ordor No 270 dnted 9 April 1965, 16" t))r-.-USSAH1ni1zRr Ot H-11h' "t6asur4ts for. rurthar V~rejcprant and tcprovemant a.' logical Ure ior the People of the V"g," provides for. Pne of tbe LHT jrar# noca aol throiit) offire" trw xzi ol-laat~ kray': ar autonamous repalse 'for cAre, The narwor~ oi loropoho offices 4as more, ar, tripled An,t','w Russian Fod4ratian.,tu tU Sttv Civi-yesk period (1966-191G~- By th-T start-ut 11171, a 4VALIAI;le In twrv~thavi:)D vt-X~td (1trays. alktobowoua. ropublica). Most of thrav offices ar. vtaii4d Xy hijilly~qUaLici.4 Specialist* and uquippod uith iwjern tharjLp&4ttq, ~~i diagnost4o apparatus and inatruzwntu. JkWo-,lar thsTe are 4till a.v,ral ul~stxntihl flaws w."th rog4rl organizing this type -at oucpatient polyclinia Tht %V'.6tt n% th.t- wor)r at Aoeupa4to offices WAv formcd vithout due conalda;~dtivq 4f U,-v solontifically 4vjb4tAntlated r~quirrrrrta of the people, and vtth~'jt -n Officially oppVovad noru gal! the ork,lood duttv. houra for Azbtjlat.ry prtlauzg. For LIU# remaft. forther logopa4la care will be dvr.~rmjnod. in r-,&Iiy rnopects. not a-a',Y !AV Vk-d- *ning thd hotuuTk of lorvpodiz offican bist aloo by rational u** (4 available persaftnel and of thoir -oork tine, In order to WC?xU Out scientifically subotantialLed dealing ULLh 0V2 LRation of tiot work of a logopedic offtla wa.w.19 atudy of the operat Ion of such offices as Lc to now practicad. W4 conducted the atudy unin; a tootbod dove'lop*4 by the An-UMOU SC$0hW*r x's 62 - 'Xs S PHYSIOLOGIC RFACTIONS OF REOUSTMED DURDIG FLIMiT OFTHE Article by A. A. Butusq*.,, Lyrimin., ~A. Y. RKV - Itt u al ,FolynkVVfA an~d B. Sviituil ye, Voproe~__ Kosmichorkov Pi-le-li I 14-di-Atnf Ih- SPEC& "The primipal peculiaritles of I'light or the "Soyvz-V 3pacoship wore its Croat duration (18 doys)_and:.mmt:ur&bio;i *Z' the flight program -with. kIjidv* or selontific invest- igatLona. In thijq,connacti~n it is of great in'~orost to ccz~ sider data an the physiologic, reactions of the ordw menhera during. prolonged azpoaura. to In addition to ~ho earlior doscP1btd~*ouPetqa of Infor- mation on the 'heeLlth.or thsa6, at al'R 1969 ' 1970,- Yu,: 0; ad rolov , at al.. 197 ).' the reaf-1- '.1--tions of thaoirculatory,apparatu..2 to a spaciai runctiorml tent with ti Lavorullyimm-mi-od regiatared during thi5 flight. lo addttloa, an impOrtwO. Vlac6,waa given to atedical anir- ami muturl- monitoring, uhict the, coamonauts ' carried out --board tho ahip during the,.flif, An. on the o4rll6r aamind 114' OitIs. In the. crow, me=bara . of th: "Scyuz-9'1 ohip the-frequaney of c"dlac contractions after tho ahtp had been put. Into orbit 6xhibitad a w4ll-ox- pre5a a tendency to a decreano az~tl nlready on the uhird-sixth revolutionn attained man valiv~a ctiaractorintic or the pro- flight period (70-75 bents 1~er m-Inuta). Lntor t1siti, indox for., both coimonauto paraLstad at lower lov&lu, but dupIng the last third of the flight had no atatistically roliablo clifferanao from the data for one day prior to tho fliFlit. During, the porformonee or dynamie oparatlml (spirming, ahip orienta- tion, orbital corrections, ote.), as well an physical oxer- aines and some, cAperiments, In a nimber of conca thore was a 23 N%j LU QUANTITATIVF FVALAIATION OP PH-r-lefX-GIC, INDIMS OP DURING FLICI!T CP Tjfi~ '3AYTZ-6' - sVA0F--',TrTPS by LI-S--Antonauko, A.! A..Dut=.ov, V.- A. 0;~orzh,4rzov- 1) Y, tl.-A.-Tv,-ihkInM' '- 1-nal 0 .1 1 -; ;Gzj-6Z;~, Aj-tu4 All, 'zo 1971, pp 7-f)Z In condtictinF wj~tlcsl ovaluatIm of tho health of co.-imonauta durijur rp-.tcorII;*,t,.t iti made on tho basis of Infornution racelvud doring radlo corzarvationa and tlDlo- .-Iaion contacte, by an annlyala of the roA:,latorord physiologic parametnra and the microclimrtic paramstorain Wie-manned com- part-ments. by conductD;F mndical aalf- and mobuol. monitoring, (Yo. T. Voroblyov, et al., 1969; 1970). lit the proceso of docod Ing the p -tyalologic paramoters the frequency of cardiso contt,Gct and, Ow raspivotion rate Io= wore ascertained and tho principal. Lndicea or theffilaetro~ cardiogram and. anismocardioppam wore inanourno. Tho principal objectivon of the qvantita.bive ovalun. tion and the otrtiationI anfilvole c- ~slolonlc dAtn waro: ph evaluating tho oigntficalwo of tito infiuamo of dir- forent flight factors on phya-lologic Indices; dotarminIng tho dirootion or chanro of phyalologic durijig difforont fllghl; porloin r4r, arropont co:3mo- nauts; (C) OVDIkinting tho dyw9mion of tho ItIfall VANov Of tho phyaiologio indic4pa during UtVforont fUght porioda , and tho individu;l charaotarlatico of tho roactions of cosmonouta; Y Qj SOME RESULTS OV U'~~ING DISPERSION IdU.L.YSIS EV"11--ItATil.'G ';"HE PIUSIOUX:PC REA',TNN5 OF C07~140NIAUTS DITRING ?Lir-';T ICIF Tv~ 'SOYU7-3.,'~ AND '50YU-51 SPAC*.-;111P5 /~rticlo by V. 1. Ar~tonova, A_tkutuuev, 11. A4 A. lv,~; ap, A"'~ ~ilr rx, ~, . nr P~ ftlyek 'L. 191~1, 9-117 Dur" the apace f1light-of. the and.."Soyvit-5 iahlps-,'radlvtolemetrlc systama wera oved in rea- istorinF such physiologic paranaters as the eloatr-ocardioprem, MG), sGi2moc_Ardiojrsm_(SQG) mnd.pno -umos;rgr. UaL;- in ~PrOCQC3- to detem, ing this inromatiom it was mposaible, ~ no the rroqubrt- Cy' of dariiie contractions, and the res-p-iration- rate- and ttlo principal ECG and. SCG indlees for The 'Colie'ete'd data were groupod In accareance with tho starou in training and conductirki apace flight.' The follow- ing periods wore discriminated; ofliFht - (?F) pivrl' Id in an od' includiri; data obtalnod in a iezamination of crawa during ordinary work. Actlvi~~ 15-20 days prior to the flight; prelaunching, Including the results obtained thiring the voristry of physiologic poramotora several houm, prior to the launching M-1) and during the periods of tho fivo-one- milluto countdown (PL-2); 40 tivo cogmont (AS), the sogrent in which the apace- ship in put Into orb I L orbital flight (OF); descent soginont (D).' Z'%k Ly LU j USSR UDC:539.171.017:539.184.5 GOINDUROV, 1. A., BERESTOVOY, A. M. YEGOROV, A-. _L.,.,K0R0TK1.1G1, YE. N1. and PETROV, YU. V; IfInteraction of Thermal Neutrons with Eu152m Nuclei,,' Moscow, Atomnaya Energiya, Vol 36, No I Jan 74,, pp 77-78. Abstract: When neutrons interact with,nucl&i in the excited state, inelastic scattering may occur with transmission of'the energy of the excited nucleus to the scattered,ne'u-tron. ~ Th is - work presents the re- suits of direct measurement of the.effect by,seeking~the fast neutrons produced by bombardment of EuIS.2 iSomerAiuclei with thermal neutrons. The installation and speciwen used are briefly described, It is-reported that analysis of the results of measurements indicated a mean value for the "acceleration" cross section of neutrons of 0.154 1.46 Barns. This means that it is 95% certain thavthe cross section of the reaction does not;exceed 3 Barns. USSR UDC 624.07:534.1 YEGDROV, A. I., SHENFEL'D, G. B. 'A Problem in the Optimal Control of Bending. Oscillations of a Beam" Tr. Fvunz. Dolitekhn. in-ta (Works of Frunze Polytechnic~Fl Institute), 1971, No. 45, pp 77-89 (from R-7h-Mekhanika, No. 3, f%r 72, Abitract No 3V338) Tr-wnrlation: The optimal conLrol of bending 03CiIlZIt3".0IIS is SCM~,ht F'0)7 tIYV0,A,, forms of fastening, of an nlastic bealn (Vigidt hinge, hli:-O. Tk..e problom io Mduced to the Plininlivatioft of oiw'of ~Lwo fLmctionals ~where one characterixa_~; VIO 13finding and tho second characteri-zes the energy of Tbe of tilt-, beam. The uniquene-,s of the. solution - is proved. In the case, c. F a homog(ineous bc-allq of constant transver:;e cross section ~ a solution is 611)-tained for -the rnptimil ajontrol in the fomi of an infinite series~tin terms of elgenfunc-tions. 'file coeff~_- cientf; of the series are evaluated and are fun,ction .s of7the parameters of the f-Unctionals. The convergence of the saries is ~prov d whe he po~--,si- e Pce follows t bility of representing the control by a terminating serlos, L, V. Seleyova. --- 67` J.- 1lj--- USSR UDC 519.3:62-50 AUFEROV, V. V., and YEGORO 1. V, A. imal Control of Heat T ns pt ra fei~ Process" o Frunze, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Kirgizskoy ~SR, No 4, Jul-Aug 70, pp 30-36 Abstract: A method for obtaining optimal control when there are no limi- tations an the area of control is illustrated using the example of heat transfer in a homogeneous rod. An,integral.o-quation is prodiaced for determination of the optimal coatrol and'a method is given which can be used to reduce the solution of the.equation to solution.of ari infinite system of algebraic equations. The method.presented iln-this,.work can be used without particular difficulty for more general cases as well. However, this requires that the heat transfer equations be linear andIthe optimality criterion quadratic. 141 USSR UDO: 533.'52/.661.013 nGOROV 4-he cj!~--an_ of Fli c,ht adZ,#X' S JX 3: 01, i nip 0 r 16 Thru AL k ts. in-ta (Tra ng dtioii~-qf-the Mltoscow Aviation In- 9M-_ A)bi,17 .---~R 40-Mani 6 i o. 2 OT, al 7.17 ion f, 5 x eT- f wn c t s.-,.~ or, . ........ .. .0 -Anb imtldn'o Wtkh~ E~A ra ra,- Ve~LVUJLAI elllu izader-,-thz~ 6-bti6n of :iass'brs o T turbul ent jectory in cruisine i tt air and the Pidance actlivity :of the pilot throOLrph t1he st e er inF, wheel, for the altitude and velocity., -setters of, t.he autom.11tic thrust C^ m 6~r d: 1) Static, ntrol system. Ti o types of,,the s~stq a2~e corisid . e st characterized,by-the fact that ~the chan e - in th~ it. en6enders is ptdpo t , th d'--;f e _s d:',e~knds and the rtiona 0 e If ftd6, 6 ih ~il inst-antaneous increases in ve.loci yo; 2) 'Astaticl chan-ge in- thrust is connected with Oxc'a velocity d i.L J_ -nces through the channel olo the integrall as~.well as: ~;U_rectly. A stable USSR )MGOROVY A.I., Tr. 'I'llosk. aviats. in-ta (Transactions of the 14cscow Aviation Institute) 1970, No 189, PP 172-188 (from RZ-h-Mekhanib;~, No 2, Feb 71, Abstract No 2B376) aircraft with an astatic automatic thrust control has no residual velocity or altitude deviations Jn a turbulent.atmosphere- Th e~ astatic system eliminates- -'U-he unfavorable efl'~~-,---t Of stron-c- aircra.ft instabilities in velocity at finite values ofaltitude and speed by controlling them through the steering wheel and the~velocituy setter. An aircraft with the static system~has no residual velocity devia- tions in altitude control through the-steering iiheel. In such an aircraft there are residual velocity and altitude deviations in the stabilization and control modes, which-have an unfavarable ef-CC-ct --trol. The deficiencies in control con- on:velocity stability co.1 nected with the prcsence of a moirentary-valocity instability fire not excluded by the thrust control System, but,,thoy,can be negated ~by the autopilot acting on the elev,~tor G. S. A ro- ~Un 2/2, 2.- 16 r USSR UDC 621.:182.5 A UYA,01N, :V.I. , Sunsp, Tu . I., ZATCLOXA, :S.I MqaPr AMSNITYN'SH, YA.YA., "Determination Of '1he Effectiveness Of Collecting Ch3rIgo Carriers In Semiconduct- or Devicesit '1k 1,6 (Electronic Technologgy . Eicktron. t0khnika. Xauchno_te~ Y roolek+ronL Stiantific-Technical Collection,, :197,0, Issuo 2(27i),pp 67-70 r RZh--E1ektronj!4a i yeye Vr inze no roil prii~-(l,~Abstract 'oo 4B2~3) 'Trane'lation: The method described for aotertiina,,J on of,~ the ~ffectiveneaz of collection of non-equilibrIlLIM callriers, in': varlmi.,1, regib.,is of a silicon planar 'islor involves --earure.,mant of t~o charEe coll6etcd 1y a p-n juncl ion. zrans correspond-w- m-eastirements aro conducted on a R T~;- vice bePore and after A de irradiation by rracleur radiation. Formulas are given which cor-noct the effect- iveness of collection with the volume life tize of nonequllibrlum charge carriers. Author's abstract. ING DAfE--160CI*70 S. KORSAKOVA, 1970, 2/2 025 UNC L AS Sl F I E D PROCESSING OATE--160CT70 .C4RC ACCESSION NQ--AP0117506 :'-ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE AUTHOR REPORTS OF 11 CASF-S WITH CLINIC0 ANATOMICAL STUUIES UF DIFFUSE.PIAL Cl%RClN,0MATOSIS (4 MALES ...-,;AND 7~FEMALES), IN 10 CASES THERE WAS A sEcoNDARY'DIFFUSE PIAL RCINOMATOSIS, THE SOURCE OF WH.ICH [N;6 CASES WAS VENTRICULAR CANCER A C --~:._ANO LN 2 LUNG CANCER. AN ISOLATED PIAL CARCINOMATOSIS WITHOUT __~_::~_METASTASIZATION INTO OTHER ORGANS WASISIEEN IN 3 CASES. IT IS THE OPINION OF THE AUTHOR THAT SECONDARY DIFFUSE PIAL GARC[NOMATOSIS IS ENCOUNTERED MORE FREQUENTLY THAN IT IS ACCUST0j'lEL) Tt) BE THOUGHT. IN MANY CASESIT 'IS NOT ELIMINATED BECAUSE OF VERY SCA14TY MACROSCOPICAL 'DATA -DURING POST MORTEM EXAMZNAT(ONS AND AN ABSENCE OF !-IISTOLI)GICAL OBSERVATIONS OF THE BRAIN IN CANCER OF OTHER TISSUFS. OF THE 4519 -STUDIEO POST MORTE~'-t EXAMINATIONS A DIFFUSE PIAL ClPCINUKATOSIS WAS SEEN r:_'ONLY IN 0.24PERCENT. THE PAPER CONTAINS A DETAILED CASE HISTORY OF A PRIMAPY PIAL CARCINOMATOSIS IN A FEMALE 53 YEARS 039 'WITH INITIAL SYMPTURS 'IN THE FORM OF SPINAL RADICULAR PAIN AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF A ~-TYPICAL PICTURE OF A DIFFUSE PIAL CARCINOAATOSIS 014 THE 3RD WEEK AFTER THE ONSET OF THE DISEASE. FACILITY.;, KAFEURA NERVNYKH 8OLEZNEY 11 ~..'-:_MOSKOVSKOGO MEDITSINSKOGO INSTITUTA ANO,KALUZHSKAYA OBLASTNAYA "BULINITSA.- UNCLASSIFIED USSR UDC 628,16.048t628.162/74 YEGO_RQV""_,.and ALMEYEV L. S. All Union Scientif ic Research Institute ."Chemosorption of Carbon Dioxide During F.Utrational. Stabilization of Distilled r" W ate Moscow, Vodoznabzheniye i Sanitarnaya Tekhnikav No 3, 1973, VP 5-7 Abstractz Results are reported on the interaction of'carbon dioxide with calcium carbonate under dynamic conditions of the stabilization of distillate on the models of marble filters. Experimental data show that vith C con- 02 centration greater than 1.1 mg-equivalent/liter,,the bhemosorption process is of zero order, with the constant K - 0,75 mg-equivalentt,-minj when the 0 1102 concentration is less than or.equal to 01,33 mg-equivalent/liter, the pro- cess -Is of the first order# and X~ -k 1.99 I/min. 7~>-_7 b P10CMING DATE--23(ICT70 2h 009 UINCLASSIVIE ~'.CIPC ACCESSION NO--AP0117729 :ABSTRACT/EXTRArCT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. AGAROSE WAS ISOLATED FROM OIFCO ~BACTAGAR RY FRACTIONATION WITH (NH SUB4)SUB2 SO SU64 AND ME SUB2 CO* A MODIFKATION OF THE METHOD OF L. PHILIPSON AND S. REk4GTS50N 11964.) 4AS USED FOR GRANULATION OF AGAR AND AGAROSE.- A SPRAYER HAVING REMOVABLE WAS DESCRIBED WHICH PERMITTED PREPN* OF BEAD SHAPED GRANULES OF -ANY SIZE AT GEL CONCNS. OF Z-7PERCENT*.,,S,lNCE- THE SPRAYING OF 11. OF AGAR REQUIRED IS LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 2 MIN.q NO C0DL!j'qG CiF THE. WA17ER ETHERiMIXT. WAS NECESSARY AND THE GEL 01DINUT CONGEAL IN THE SPRAYER. ALSOt. THE N PRESSURE USED FOR SPkAYING.HAD~,LESS EFFECT ON THE GRANULE IZE THAN SOUEEZING THE SOLN. THROUGH A,NEEDLE. FACILITY: LAB. S -:--B.IDORG* CHEM., MOSCOW STATE UNIV. MOSCOW, USSR. UNC L A SS I F I E 0 :012,OCE' S ING 0 16 UNCLAi [Hrzi--, DAf~--Z7NICV70 TATLE-COMPJS ITION FOR SURFAC ING AUTH0R-(03)-C.l4ETVERIKOV, P.I.t SELIVANOVt YU.A., YEGOROV) A.M. NTRY OF INf:O--USSR OV C 263,783 TOVARNYE bAKI 1970t V IREEFERENC E--OTKP. vIT-IYA, 110BRET., PRO-14. .08R,A*ZlTSY DATE PUBLISHE-0-10FEB70 SUBJECT AREAS--MATERI,ALS TAGS-METALLURGIC PATENTf C 0 R UNI D UM CHROMtUM ~CLO NTAMING ALLOYt ALLOY, HICKEL CONTAIN ING,*.ALLOY, SIL I CON CON:TAINING ALLOY, IRON CONTAINING ALLOY CONTROL -114ARK I NG--NO RESMICTIONS Q0tlUmFNT CLASS-U-14CLASS IF I E'o -'-~.R'WY k e EL/ F PAM E--300 3/10 64 STEP NO- -UR104 62/7010OW300/0000/oooO w~CIRC ACCESSION NO-AA0130099 WNC LA S S I F I r D