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December 16, 2016
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July 20, 2005
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Approved For klease 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-0080Q 00200110005-0 DIVISION I -? GENERAL REQUIREXEUTS SECTION, 1A - Scope and Description 1l1?01 GENERAL It is the intent of this contract to provide and secure addition-al grounds STAT maintenance services STAT Ilk-02 SCOPE 1. The work to be accomplished under these specifications consists of providing the services of four (4) Grounds Maintenance Equipment Operators for a period of approximately 12 weeks, or tip to such time that the initially authorized is expended, at the labor rate of per hour quoted in the Contractor's proposal. 2. Since costs of this contract are based on hourly labor rates, the Govor4:r.?nt may desire to extend the scope of the contract: at a later date by requiring either a larger work force, or by extending the time of contract termination by u ho, iz in additional funds, but in no case will thi s contract be in effect for more than one year from date of acceptance. Such extensions in scope, if utilized; will be maci by written modification to the contract. 3. The contractor will be required to provide the four (4) grounds maintenance equipment operators t prepared to go to work tinder the citeci r contractural conditions within 15 calendar days after notice to proceed. 4. The Contractor will make every effort to provide the same four (4) individuals for .,fork, during the length of this contract in order that e :orl; perfora,ance remains consistent, that incii vi dual work capabi 1 i ti =s t~ co ,.e r*ecn ~;z i zed and to Zavoid they inconvenience and delays which would otherwise result in.-fl mi nu too add i t:i oval personnel clearance being requ'i red. Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110005-0 STAT STAT Approved Foi*elease 2005/08/02 CIA-RDP86-0080100200110005-0 DIVISION 2 -- SPE;CINL REQUIREMEil CS Section 2A 211-01 GENERI,I 1. The Contractor shall abide by all security requirements Workers will be badged and escorted at all tiinas. No employee. or of the Contractor will be admitted to the site unless he furnish=.es sans= v proof that he is a citizen of the United States. 2. Workmen assigned to this contract shall report for ;cork by 03i; hours through Friday and shall receive work: assignments from the Roads and Grs =s :11 Supervisor, Public Works Section. No overtire works will be incurred r ,-,F-.,_ overtime hourly labor costs be paid by the Government. 3. Workmen assigned to this contract shall be assured of the r:ori a1 ;,.0-,: week except for legal holidays and other non--ti?:ork days applying to h ! l _. c- _j F 4 Works employees > and regardless of weather conditions will wore. the sa ---2 e: _ - . al duty hours as regular Public Works em:mployees. They may be e.:;~lo STAT STAT STAT i ncl e ~ -; ;: ~== ' other than grounds ma'i ntenance work: ass i cjn rents during periods of, 4. All grounds maintenance equi prrent> POL and equipment rnai ntena nce c: i 11 e provided 2A-02 PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS The Contractor and all personnel employed by him for purposes of this co.=4 v