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December 16, 2016
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July 20, 2005
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Approve46Ftff,"yfe?gO0 fl COOPI E M. 00R000200110011-3 SECTION lA - Scope and Description IA-01 GENERAL It is the intent of this contract to provide and secure additional grounds STAT maintenance services at the 1A-02 SCOPE 1. The work to be accomplished under these specifications consists of providing the services of four (4) Grounds Maintenance Equipment Operators for a period of approximately 20 weeks, or up to such time that the initially authorized $15,000 is expended, at the hourly-labor rate quoted in the Contractor's proposal. 2. Since costs of this contract are based on hourly labor rates, the Government may desire to extend the scope of the contract at a later date by requiring either a larger work force, or by extending the time of contract termination by authorizing additional funds, but in no case will.this contract be in effect for more than one year from date of acceptance. Such extensions in scope, if utilized, will be made by written modification to the contract. 3. The contractor will be required to provide the four (4) grounds maintenance STAlequipment operators 0 prepared to go to work under the cited contractual conditions within 15 calendar days after notice to proceed. 4. The Contractor will make every effort to provide the same four (4) individuals STA1For work uring the length of this contract in order that work performance remains consistent, that individual work capabilities become recognized, and to avoid the inconvenience and delays which would otherwise result from last minute additional personnel. clearances being required. Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110011-3 Approvb&For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86`%W00R000200110011-3 DIVISION 2 - SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Section 2A 2A-01 GENERAL The Contractor shall abide by all security requirements STAT Workers will be badged and escorted at all times. No employee or representative of the Contractor will be admitted to the site unless he furnishes. satisfactory proof that he is a citizen of the United States. 2. Workmen assigned to this contract shall report for work by 0800 Monday through Friday and shall receive work assignments from the Roads and Grounds Supervisor, Public Works Section. No overtime work will be incurred nor will overtime hourly labor costs be paid by the Government. 3. Workmen assigned to this contract shall be assured of the normal 40-hour work week except for legal holidays and other non-work days applying to Public STAT Works employees, and regardless of weather conditions, will work the same normal STAlluty hours as regular Public Works employees. They may be employed on other than grounds maintenance work assignments during periods of inclement weather. 4. All grounds maintenance equipment, POL and equipment maintenance will be STATrovidedl 2A-02 PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS The Contractor and all personnel employed by him for purposes of this contract shall be fully qualified and experienced in their particular field of work, and be legally licensed and certified for the operation of mowers, tractors and other types of grounds maintenance equipment. No workmen will be used on this contract who cannot satisfy the minimum requirements of the Security Office for admittance STA nd employment All personnel will comply with fire prevention 25X1 d security requirements, and traffic rules and regulations Approved For Release 2005/0W02 : CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110011-3 STAT Approv or Release 2005/08/02: CIA-RDP80 800R000200110011-3 2A_03 MINIMUM WAGE RATES AND OTHER LABOR STANDARDS The Contractor shall pay grounds maintenance equipment operators employed, or STAlworking directly wage rates not less than those as established by law. In the event of any difference between the Contractor and the Government concerning the proper and legal minimum wage rates to be paid, the classification of employees to conform to prevailing practice, the amount of wages due employees, or any other application or interpretation of labor standards to apply, the difference shall be referred to the Contracting Officer, and the Contracting Officer shall determine the matter with advice from and report to the Secretary of Labor as required by the Department of Labor regulations. 2A-04 BILLINGS AND PAYMENT The Contractor will be required to submit a copy of his weekly payroll or invoice the second work day of the following week for Overification of Contractor STATemployee attendance at the job site and number of hours worked. Payment will be based on verification of hours worked and will be paid weekly and in full for services billed under the contract. Payment will be made to the Contractor, and not his individual employees, ill not be responsible or liable for any expenses incidental to Contractor employee travel or other costs but will be billed and will pay only for the agreed-to contractual hourly labor rate. 2A-05 LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES OR REQUIREMENTS It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to comply with any Federal, State, or other legal requirements with regard to equal employment opportunity, social security withholding payments, certification and licensing, hospitalization insurance, workers compensation, comprehensive, accident and personal liability insurance coverage or other considerations as may be applicable and required by law. 3 Approved For Release 2005/08/02 : CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110011-3