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December 16, 2016
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July 13, 2005
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November 14, 1983
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Approved For $glease 20054, p f ff87-01130W0100050047-4 MINUTES OF THE 14 NOVEMBER 1983 MEETING OF THE FINE ARTS COMMISSION L The Meeting was called to order by Acting ChairmanL 1100 hours in Room 7D32 Headquarters. Present 25X1 25X1 25X1 2. The minutes of the 17 October 1983 meeting were approved as submitted. 3. Corrmittee Reports a. Exhibits report: gave the following Exhibits Con-rnittee The Employee Art Show, currently up, will run until 9 December. January -- The Antarctic Exhibit is scheduled for January 1984. ill display about 80 photographs taken in the Antarctic. These photos will be of a scientific nature. f the EEO office was present to brief the 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP87-0113OR100100050047-4 Approved For ,lease 2005eff r 9-97-O1 130R,4P0100050047-4 meeting concerning plans for this exhibit. advised that the theme for Black History Month this year will be Black Americans' Struggle for Excellence in Education. EEO has decided to have the exhibit depict black colleges. Tentative plans are to divide the exhibit into three parts which would include (1) history concerning beginning of black colleges, (2) the featuring of approximately 20 of the most prominent black colleges, with a picture of the school, where located, the president, and famous alumnae from each school and (3) our support to these colleges. In discussion, it was suggested tol that the National Archives mieht have so appropriate to this exhibit. I _J will attend the 12 December meeting of the FAC and give us an update on plans for this exhibit. March - I advised that the Employee Photo Exhibit would probably be scheduled during the months of March or April. ill be present at our 12 December meeting o rte a members on this exhibit. Painting of Exhibit Hall - I ladvised that the Exhibit Hall will be painted during the three weeks in December after the present exhibit is removed. It will not be available for use during that time. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Contract with Exhibitors - I I advised that 25X1 there had been some controversy about Who actually owns an exhibit after it comes down. She said that once we actually do the reproduction, this reproduction is owned by the Agency. Since there was a misunderstanding in one instance, in the future we are going to have a contract drawn up between t presenting the Agency, and the exhibitor. has already spoken 25X1 to Administrative Law Division of'OGC about this and when she gets the contract, she will pass it on to the FAC Chairman. 4. Old Business a. Decoration of Indoor Running Track gave an update on the decoration of the indoor running track and gym. He had recently talked with of OMS who has gone ahead with some of this work on his own. Some of the suggestions we had have already been acted upon. Concerning the bags of clothing hung on the wall, wire-type lockers CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : 61A-RDP87-01130R000100050047-4 Approved For Fjglease 2005`Q8/22I:DNT I APL87-011300100050047-4 will be installed in the F corridor. Mirrors are going up in the exercise room this week. Plans for lighting have been drawn up and submitted. They also have plans for resurfacing the track. That leaves us with the painting/decorating of the walls. We hope to have some sketches on this for our next meeting on 12 December. b. DCI Portraits I I advised that the McCone portrait has gone to the artist Cedric Egeli for copying. He liked the original painting and felt he really would like to copy it. He looked at the Turner portrait but did not like it and wanted to know if he could have a few sittings with Turner. advised this could be awkward for the Agency. If we agree that there should be sittings, then would take it up with the DDA and see what could be done. She asked whether the FAC wanted the portrait copied as is, whether we wanted the actual sittings, or whether we wanted the artist to work from photographs. The concensus was that should go to the DDA and propose the sittings and if the DDA and Turner are willing, have him sit. by d also brought up the technique suggested Jat the last meeting whereby a full- size photograph of the original painting is lifted on to a new canvas and brush strokes added. She said that the company referred to by is very interested in doing this and will do it free of charge for one portrait just to see what can be done. I las sent them the negative of Helms' portrait and given them the dimensions of the canvas size. We will probably have the finished portrait at the next meeting. c. Landscaping Around Satellite Antenna I ladvised that the contract has been awarded in this matter. The contract allows for the planting of some 30 shrubs around the antenna, removal of the present fence, and the painting of the base of the dish and steel supports. She advised this work should be completed by winter. d. Workplace Awareness Program Members had been requested to come prepared for discussion and establishment of priorities for- theme posters on this subject. dvised that her office had offered the following three subjects for 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 CONF I DENT I AL Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : 6IA-RDP87-01130R000100050047-4 Approved For ,lease 2005 0 ?2r&Lf. 187-01130J0100050047-4 consideration as ideas for posters: (1) trash in the ash trays in the public areas; (2) cafeteria dishes and trays removed from the cafeteria and being left all over; and (3) newspapers and bottles being placed outside office doors first thing in the morning. The members also brought up the problem of neatness in the cafeteria and restrooms and employees eating in the library. It was also suggested that I look ' 25X1 into the problem created by persons w o eat t eir lunches in the library. 5. New Business a. Loading Dock Doors for P&PD presented a request for installation of two new doors on the loading dock of P&PD. He showed the members three photos of the present doors and explained what the situation is now; at present when a truck makes a delivery the doors are open for quite a while allowing cold air, humidity, etc. to enter during that time. They,have been having trouble with temperature and humidity in the paper storage area They would like to install the Kelly Rapid-Roll Door with each of these doors. The Kelly door is a plastic, motion-sensored door that is up and down in four seconds. He said that their main concern is employee comfort and temperature and humidity control of the warehouse area. One Kelly door would be installed on the exterior of the present exterior door and another Kelly door would be installed on the interior of the present interior door. The cost for these two doors would be $12,000. The doors come in three colors, red, green and brown; we would prefer the green. The general feeling was that we should have the doors. b. Door Changes for OCR Theaters and Projection Room I ==1 C/OCR Administrative Staff, and of OCR were present at the meeting. briefed the members concerning their request to modify the current color scheme of the doors to OCR's two theaters and its projection room in order to make the doors more compatible with the new theater decor. The two theaters and projection room have been under renovation for the past ten months, and the present color on the exterior of the doors clashes with the new decor. The interior sides of the doors have been covered with a wood laminate compatible with the other wood in the theaters and the wall coverings and OCR as CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : 6A-RDP87-01130R000100050047-4 Approved For W ease 2005~?2IL87-01130QP0100050047-4 its first choice would like to use the same approach to the exterior of the entrance doors. These doors are normally left open during the day except during presentations and the wood laminate would blend best of all with the decor. dvised that we would 25X1 be setting a precedent and pro bably open the way to similar requ ests were we to fi nish these doors i n the wood laminat e. She suggested the best thing to do would be to 11-sp ;; different standard n or approved fo r the doors. felt that if they cannot use a wood laminate on the doors, their second choice would be to use a beige color compatible with the decor of the theaters. This would be preferable to using one of the standard approved door colors. After discussion, it was agreed they will come back to the 12 December meeting with sample of the color they would prefer. c. Application of Solar Film to Hqs. Windows I as received from the Building Planning Staff a sample of the color of glass to be used in the new building. She said that a study is being done to look into applying a glaze to the windows in this building so they will be unified. Also, some energy savings would be realized by the application of this film. She had several samples of window film of varying degrees of color she showed the members. She informed the group that there is an interest on the part of Logistics to test this process on the first floor center courtyard windows. It was the general feeling that we would not want to use a film so dar k that it would make the corridors appear much darker. will come 25X1 back with other samples and the specific egrees of light reduction with each one whenever she can get them. 6. The next meeting of the FAC will be held on Monday, 12 December 1983 at 1100 in Room 7D32. 7. The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 hours. 25X1 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : 8IA-RDP87-01130R000100050047-4