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December 16, 2016
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October 27, 2004
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March 10, 1971
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L99 MGM r.. P 4 Approved For Release i0(bdtd,fir1ii .'CIA-RDP88-01365RO&OS00250002-i8' I ather wish now that NBC and Universal had stuck tQ one of their earlier notions to do "Vanished" as a iriul- filyart filn dho;vn in a number Of weekly inst flnient , a la "The Forsyte Saga." It would have been i;ltere .tiilg to see such an C%- p! r 1 in e n t would have vision. I have the feeling that by the time its final chap- tee a r r i v e d, the Show would have attracted one , of I Ii o s c' uitr~I:c,lliC 1, eirce-in a d::ead ctL'?I ien- c , such as the one the last episode of rlha i'11j Live drew when the identi- ty of th cue-armed roan '%-as iev.ealcd. - .Not. only 'the na(ural suspell-e in I- letcher bell best-se.ll.ing thriller of dcri'irg-;:'o in lush intel?- Mlord \Vid`i'.clrk rl_at1oi1aqI political circles would have built such an audience but I inlagii e half the '1V-watching public would ;, l have begint llc:u?al,o,,lt? the show, :,we.llim, Ulu audience still more :articular?ly as the networks these lays offer so HLOU that is of more than llholmentary illtel'est. And. Knebel so complicated that immensely retie'slue -plot which opens like Chin es : itll new rwTV tioii , Siuspicions, innuendos and PM R1 11I plications at every turn, that it seemed to he ideal for a &eria]iaed ? nr,rel on film. Even thou6il tho 3U M, $3.1-million movie, which NBC showcd in two pits 11onday- and Tuesday night, ' i'ANISIi?ii J' A. t ri ;,in r , rc;u_ed ? UMv rs l a^d u,carlad ,'a::'a, and Tunny WON an MEC, Tel_a!aY 611, e_~ I?.'^ {rem Matcher Kr,?s-..,1 OIr_c.or ~ic ,;{ullk.~E~?ruhva c+.- arnue=' Dav!d O'Ccrral. L' s'c L^ J ^cr. - ,;,, er Oav;d Vicier. Lier,zl LAt dire- Jil,.`i J.yLliyd >. rn Dire; cr c' tc ra;:i''Y Fii[n F.c7:r} Y~-'IS.~5t~rs 5'ic; a'_t tVId rh and (a L; cell;) 5':yc .'.u ?: ev,~T?m ^s!:y. Jarr,mGFr.rc,i? V nio Urn, Ha ,a^ ..vri4'ry i.mc;: ,ol .' nL'I, ?c`?:r; r:ctS'S, f,. -c-,. 1.' _ncll tac=',c'Fnr,:n '71;U..ni Si. ins, n +>4r Yit IV A ;IY ti':ha t:a> es I,Atl:allY, s`.crc- ti:r ? ,..,_-o l.i; t;.', la,rr re:':a C0,11". i:1 easily fl'. oil'It:: Lille' L' Ft a.,,tei ut d on te1e ds!ou, I - felt'g ven even more time Dean Psis: ncr'' . Script might have probed deeper that huge n aild faa:.111 at in gallery of \Vash]ilgtall clia'r eels KIlebel CI'eated--.? frolll Butter 'Nygaard, ti-;e I11yopic, pot-smoking CIA in- iorrner, to Paul ]io ctebusll, Pre ident of the ilI hccl t"ltates. ~1ostly % h".t we ]i. Cl ?, b..i f. , r? , P.'v..i ri-,Cc .a~1111i.]ill4, J11- explored acreslay beneath the skins. S I ~: Ur