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December 5, 2011
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October 13, 1987
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Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 STAT STAT STAT STAT Date ROUTING AND TRANSMITTAL SUP "I f.P.i.fin?11/"al i numb"' Initials / ?Date --Atilliriiiii511111M S. ion File Note and Return ,,? ? royal For Clearance Per Conversation R uested For Correction Prepare Rep For Your Infoemation See Me ?mment lnvesti ate SI nature Coordination Justi REMARvo eic t>c,--?_,) ( --"zo OS REGISTRY 77- M-772( DO NOT use this form as a RECORD of approvals, concurrences, disposals. clearances, and similar actions FROM: (Name, org. symbol, Agency/Post) US GPO 1983 -421-529/320 ? oom No.?Bldg. OPTIONAL FORM 41 (Rev. 7-7b) Prescribed by GSA MAR (41 CFR) 101-11.2011 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 STAT STAT 4411104404040441041,440101: STAT Dais ROUTING AND TRANSMITTAL SUP TO: (Name, office symbol, room number, building, Agency/Post) 1 1. N)/(3s 5 / P-e- 7- S initials ii Date --et 15146/1 2. 3. 4.t----x6( 05 5. Action File " Note and Return Approval For Clearance Per Conversation As Requested For Correction Prepare Reply Circulate For Your Information See Me Comment Investigate Signature Coordination Justify REMARKS a-gx, 9 ? de?.i ceetif etelfre- eeigo IYOS: DO NOT use this- form as ? a RECORD of approvals, concurrences, disposals, clearances, and similar actions FROM 5041-1C. Room No.?Bldg. Phone I?lo. *U.8.0P01986-0-491-247/20047^ OPTIONAL FORM 41 (Rev. 7-76) . yoreseribed by CSA FP1Mt (41 CFIO1Q1.11.206 WNW* Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 ? ty efter'saiwisi - ' 817-11111 Senate Floor continued . . . control of illegal interriat: arms transfers. tc aid in the identificatior and apprehension of iliege: arms traffickers and to expedite pnrcedures for reviewing and issuing commercial arms, export licenses agreed to by voice BINGAIviAN-DOMENICI amendment 89: to maintain Latin American and Caribbean data agreed to by voice. LE amendment 893w insure .t future construction projects in communist-con- that due concern for security is reflected in trolled countries, agreed to by voice ukoicTE?aleerin ei15-11?Iket to amend the lmmig-ration and Nationality Act to waive the continuous residence requirement under the le- galization program for spouses and children of qualified legalized aliens, tabled by 55-4E PRESSLER amendment 896 to express sense of the Senate that the State- Dept should examine purchasing or entering into long-term leases (rather than short-tent leases) of foreign residential properties needed to house the prin- cipal diplomatic officers of the U.S. and require a rpt to Congress regarding the advantages or disadvantages or purchasing or leasing such properties, agreed to by voice MOYNIHAN amendment 89E to express sense of the Senate that the State Dept, in arranging visits of foreign dignitaries to the Capitol, shall have in mind that ours is a repub- lican institution which by long established prac- tice, and as a matter of principle, conducts its affairs with a minimum of display, agreed to by voice HELMS (for KASTEN/ amendment 899 to provide for a rpt on policies pursued by other countries in intenaat/ organizations, agreed to by voice en bloc with the below HELMS (for KASTEN! amendment 900 HELMS (for KASTEN! amendment 900 to express sense of the Congress that the president should take all such actions necessary- to ensure compliance with the hiring freeze rule, including withholding all assessed 'U.S. contributions to the UN, and denying US. entry vibes to Soviet and Soviet-bloc applicants coming into the U.S. to replace Soviet and Soviet-bloc nationals cur- rently serving the UN Secretariat, agreed to by voice en bloc with the above HELMS (for KAS- TEN) amendment 899 HUMPHREY amendment 901 to establish within the State Dept the position of Ambassa- dor at Large on Afghanistan who shall be ap- pointed by the president, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, agreed to by voice PELL amendment 902 to provide for a survey of the number of viewers in Europe who watch the daily passive (non-interactive) shows of the USIA Worldnet program, agreed to by voice HELMS (for BOSCHWITZ) amendment 903 to express sense of Congress that the U.S. should base its policy toward Lebanon on the following principles: (1) preservation of the unity of Lebanon: (2/ withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon; (3) recognition of and respect for the territorial integrity of Lebanon. and (4) reassertion of Lebanese sovereignty throughout the nation and recognition that it is in the responsibility of the Lebanese govt for its safekeeping. agreed to by voice Tassdas..411ellabse 13,us endment 904 to provide that it is not 'S nail security interests for the State Dept to declare, arid it shall not declare. itself to be. foreign diplomatic mission, agreed to by voice !continued October 8: Thursday, October 8: S 1394 FY88 State Dept Autliorizatior 'continued from October 7j BYRD motion that the Sergeant at Arms be instructed to request the attendance of absent se5tors, agreed to by 77-11 MURKOWSKI amendmen675)o estab- lish within the State Dept the r...\seins6. of Secy of State for Budget and Administration and Under Secy of State for Security. Construction. and Foreign Missions agreed to by voice MURKOWSKJ amendment 906 to express sense of Congress that (1) the U.S Congress welcomes the democratic trends emerging in Taiwan and commends the progress which has been made recently in advancing democratic institutions and values; (2) encourages the lead- ers and and people of Taiwan to continue the process with the aim of consolidating fully dem- ocratic institutions, and (3) requests US. repre- sentatives to convey this nation's continued support for a free and prosperous Taiwan as stated in the Taiwan Relations Act, and our encouragement for democracy to the leaders and people of Taiwan, agreed to by voice DIXON (for SIMON" amendment 907 to facilitate implementation of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Internat.' Child Abduction, agreed to by voice KENNEDY amendment 908 to waive cer- tain naturalization requirements for certain for- mer Cuban political prisoners, agreed to by C---221iYMMS amendment 909 void certain ' agreements re ting 44 e E lea teml"--'-The eLass , agreed to by voice HELMS amendment 910 to provide for diplomatic immunity abuse prevention, registra- tion and departure procedures for individuals with diplomatic immunity, waiver of diplomatic immunity or declaration of persona nor grata when charged with a serious crime, authority to institute and maintain criminal prosecutions,. review of U.S. policy on diplomatic immunity. review of procedures for issuing visas to diplo- mau to the U.S. and the UN, and liability - insurance to be carried by diplomatic missions, agreed to by voice HELMS amendment 911 to provide that the salary of the Chief of Mission shall be full compensation for the services of the Chief of Mission, who shall not be eligible for add; com- pensation in the form of hardship differential or other incentive or performance pey supplementals, other than danger pay, agreed to by voice HELMS (for KASSEBAUM. amendment 912 to provide that if an election has been made with respect to a former spouse of a member of the Foreign Service under section 2109 or 8(06(f:. then the survivor annuity under subsection tea' of such former spouse shill: be equa.' to the ful: amount of the part;cipant sor former parn's annuity referred to in subsection. !a! the amount of such election aii-reed Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 44'?-44 ? -, CONOltss , Tag, OIL- OTIPOrritCf? the absence of a quonun. The PRESIDING OFFICER. A Frumphre,y preggrer , Wirth Cram= lvtikulaki ? Stennis ? quorum Is not present. The clerk will so the please-call the roll. 'Jr" l'greed t?. ?qr. BYRD. Mr. i.,r,sident, I sueest s'z'ffict R'93514D'inta Uwe McClure Nowa ? - NAM 413 flour ofthePre1gn?tg reaft been characterized bf? eclat The legislatIve clerk pnaceeded to Mr. BYRD. Regular order, call the roll and the foil a- President. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Regu tors entered the Chamber andan- swered to their names: lar order has been called for. The cler Will tally the roll. On this vote, the yeas are 77, th nays are 11. The motion Is agreed to and a quorum is present, eve inadequacies of design, de- Mien ion leipeetision, and tither thana_g ILL sect on of the Ad entitled Actitellt4o (bta ,ARIka&=ergert.O.klii?oauo& The strengthenand improve the -organization and administration of the Department of State and for other purposes". k may 26, 1949 (22 U.S.C. 2652), U amended by striking out "and an Under Secretary of e State for Management" and inserting hi thereof "an Under Secretary of State los' Budget and Adinintstrstion, and an Under of security (c) ResPortsrauxruer..?The UnderSecre- tary of State for Security, Constnul,iopoind Missions shall be responsible-ref? mike Jammnatte tabljed by section 104 e mantic Security Act):- = 42) .t?hg,..w3ir butlAn lurks done Office ofreuriEttlI.,---$8 (Fo es- tablished to carry out the Foreign Service Buildings Act, 1926): and ? (3) the Office of Foreign Missions (estab- lished pursuant to eection 203 of the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956) [Quorum No. 273 - Armstrong Cranston Stevens Breaux Grassley Byrd Packwood The PRESIDING OFFICER. A quorum is not present. , Mr. BYRD. Mr. President I move that the Sergeant at Arms be Instruct- ed to request the attendance of absent The PRESIDING OFFICE:R. The Senators. I ask for the yeas and nays majority leader is reCognized. on the motion. - ? Mr. BYRD. Mr. President. I have The PRESIDING OFFICER. .,... cleared this request with the distin- - **' guished Republican leader. I ask unan- there a sufficient second? There is a - sufficient second. imous consent that the majority li leader may proceed at any time after The yeas and nays were ordered. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The e,onsultation with the minority leader clerk will call the roll, to the consideration of R.R. 3058, that The legislative clerk called the roll. Is the Labor-Health-Education appro- Mr. CRANSTON. I announce that priations bill. the Senator from North Dakota (Mr. out objection, it is so ordered. The PRESIDING OFFICER With- (Mr. the Senator from Tennessee [Mr. Gotta the Senator from Mary- Mr. BYRD. I thank the Chair. land [Ms. Muctn.sxt], the Senator` ,----.??---- from Michigan [Mr. RIEGLE), the Sen- FOREIGN RELATIONS AUTHORI- ator from Illinois -[Mr. Smolt]. the ZATION ACT, FISCAL YEAR 1988 Senator from Mississippi [Mr. STEN- - ? ins] and the Senator from Colorado _ The Senate resumed consideration fMr. Wryzni are necessarily absent. ' ' 1394. ' . ,--- ' PRESIDING OFFIC - of S The '-,` `"' ' ? ' . Mr. SIMPSON. I announce that the -- : : 1' 'le ER. Senator' from Texas (Mr. GRAMht), the Ser tor from Rhode island. - -- = Senator froin New Hampshire (Mr. ' Di ?,. PELL. Mr. President, what is the HUMPHREY), the Senator from Kansas Pen Ling businfaire ess? UNANLMOUS-CONSENT AGREEMENT?H.R. 3058 SEBAUM), the Senator from The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Idaho iMr. McCr.vitzl and the Senator Pending business Is a 1394. the State from South Dakota Mir. PzEssuuti Department atithorliation = are necessarily absent, - Mr- PELL.1 thank the Chair._ The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. ..The !)PF7FER? The SEELEY) Are there any other Senators ''un'uur Lr?111 zsAa?aa.' in the Chamber who desire to vote? The yeas and nays resulted---yeas 77. nays 11, as follows: ? fRolleall Vote No. 312 Leg.] YEAS-.-77 Adakos Durenberger Melcher arnistrceg ,itton -? , , Metzenbaum Baueus Pord . Mitchell Bentsen '"'" :Fowler Moynihan Biden Glenn ? Nunn EtIngarnan Graham Packwood Boren . Graskiey Pell lloschwitz Harkin ,Proarnire /Wadley - Hatch Pryor Breaux Hatfield Reid !ILI=Pera Byrd Chafer Chiles Hecht Heflin Heins Hollings Inouye ()ohm Joimston conrad Karnes Cranston Kennedy DAmato Kerry Danforth Lautenberg Daschle Leahy DeConcini Levin Dixon Lugar Dodd Matsunaga Dole McCain Domenic} 14AcConnell NAYS-11 Bond E:ans MUTKOWSki Garn Nickles Helms Rockefeller Roth Rudman Sanford Barham* Sasser Shelby SOnsson Specter Stafford Stevens Thurmond TrIble Warner Wilson Syrr.zrv Wallop Welcker xicir `.11)1ENDNENT NO. *OS send amendment to the desk and , KOWSK1. Mr. riesiderit, ask for Its immediate oarrres.?The Under Secretary of State for Security. Construc(ion. and For- eign &fissions shall have the authority to ptepare_aad_submit_i_consalidateguwaset inrjhe r,_2...o.airorailLwilicluhraaskuret - retars respomdblc and to develop and hot. pleme-h-r- for thole pro- grams. and to est?iprocedures for the Procurement of goods and services for-those programs inc.luding garoced4regiti* eEi that the design arid constructkul of new ern- bassy buildings shall be performed under contract to U.S. construction firms. "-:!,.4.?:?-c:- (e) REORGANITATIDR:+-, PERIOD POlt ncettinullialtroat.?The Sec: rete.ry of State shall 'Complete impleinentui fon of the tt lAilgaziaicreqUired Wthis section within o_montlu after the eog enactment of thisTAK--inclucting -the trfna-,., ? fer of personnel, ind 42e PPue- ta , Secretary of State secunty; 04ssItue.,A - tion, and ForeignMlesiopit (2) Pcsa rint ?NOt -Stet' than 60 days after the date of eitifefineirbf his All.71finecretary of State shall submit rePort to the Congress on the steps to be -" taken in reo ? eonsideration. -State Pursuentthis _scsetisii. includiall 't The PRESIDING OFFICER. The plan for a separate personnel sYstela .and clerk will repOtt the *mendnient. , career service par. the piplUnsatic, RIciiritrf .., The bill clerk read as follows-__ .....-=4-;:iThA441 - The Senator froixi Melaka Ger. MnincoW- (3) RotaorPRIvATE 8111411341---15Ulati:ANit:: SEX] for himself, Mr: Bintrur. Mr. CORER Mr. shall addretS1/2/8 t taiLa..iirlicite_jamus.-'' lifirrzzaleaux. "Ddr. Horznms, and Mr. &AN ,,tiLitr,,,ern-??[...nassY d.ealf.,In and "tinctiM 1-;* wog proposes an amendment numbered ------ -*-----. ---4.-. La enhancethat.spie. 905 Mr. MURKOWSKI. Mr. President, Ient with security. enc.h report shalt'aliii I. ask unanimous bonsent that further dude a detailed Justification of the 'current' reading of the amendment be din- staffing levels in- the Poiekii Building pensed with.... _ , ,-: ? , - : Office rimming a maximum-appropriate' The PRESIDING OFF ICER use of the ri arid construction. h ,, . -----------------..,,.....--,ii '1 ; " ? -""" ,? . - ? so that the effidency and eXpertige Of take . With- out objection, it lila Ordered. The amendnient is as follow& At appropriate place hi the bill, add the following section. SEC . UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE FOR SECURI. . TY. COINSTRUCTION. AND FOREIGN t MISSION& (a) THE CONGRESS FINDS THAT.? a (1) serious deficiencies exist in the many r agernent and construction by the Depart- ( men: of State of buildings overseas, (2, the security function has been plagued B by an inability to anticipate threatS or to re- Ii snond te, r ?.a private sector can be fully utilised ecinsist- P vate sector In embasisy design (f) The provisions --of subiectiiins (a) through (e) shall enter into force on April 1. 1988. unless the following conditions are met? (1) the Department of State submits to he Senate Foreign Relations Committee nd the House Foreign Affairs Committee o later than February 1, 1988, a plan for estructuring the Department which would 1', accord higher priority to diplomatic seen- (ii) imrove p coordination between the Of- (es of Porpf _ . ureau of Diplomatic Security_and,the Of- Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: 1 CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/05: CIA-RDP89B01356R000200260007-3 _ atatotaitri 'of Vaned Math On , tannett* taratetd Ot?tea Ara?4 tiv relevant laic and (2) the On-4es" tan e emend ehis reatneetinize Plan* a moat-tie' twee * Veneseaennearrinti , t.i.en thereof, ny joint sescentetn, , *lair .6.0pie$Oribitti 116* r. seigletare