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December 22, 2016
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December 20, 2011
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July 23, 1974
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1 :, 11t 11 I I Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/20: CIA-RDP9O-00965ROO0100560004-9 Deflating t .,%e Cult of Intelligence Ex-CIA Agent Pulls the Sheets off the Spoo Secretary of Stare Henry Kissinger had more responsibili- ty than the CIA for initiating clandestine US operations in -1970 that opposed the Chilean government of Marxist President Salvador Allende. Victor Marchetti, former ex- ecutive assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA, declared this to the Phoenix iast week. Marchetti, who was in Boston for an interview on hk hook, The CIA and the Cult of Incriiigenee, said: The CIA was wiry of in- tervening in Chile in 070, the year Allende was ele'red Presi. dent. But Kissinger was the champion for strong interven- tion. The US policy en Chile was White House approved and directed." Prevented by rout! 'der from revealing more about CIA operations than alre,i:i appear in his censored booit. Marchetti noted, however: "K,-inter was much more reapon-. )!e for in- stigating what happened in Chile than the CLA." CIA involvement in the Chilean coup has near bKti of- ficially acknowiedzed. But there are indications that the Agency played a crucial role in Allende's downfall. The Washington Post, on Oct. 21, 1973, reported the secret testimony of CIA Director Wiiliam Colby before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in which he admitted that the Agency "had some intelligence coverage about the various moves being made," that it had "penetrated" all of Chile's major political parties, and that it had secretly furnished "some assistance" to certain Chilean groups. Colby asserted that the executions carried out by the junta after the coup had done "some good." A Washington-based research group of former intelligence agents - called the Fifth Estate - charges that the CIA channel- ed millions of dollars to right- wing labor forces in Chile through the AFL-CIO's "Free Labor Development" program. The Fifth Estate says that with Allende 's election in 1970. the Latin American prof..ct "swung into action like never before." Why did Kissinger, who is chairman of the powerful 40 Committee which supervises and approves CIA :perations, move to a position favoring in- tervention over CIA he.,itation? Says Mlarchetti: "Henry Kissinger was turned off by the CIA analysis. He had no intellectual respect for the Agency." In addition, says Marchetti. ''Kissinger was trying to cen- tralize as intelligence operations in the National Security Council staff, Richard Helms. then CIA Director, wanted only raw data, not analysis. Kis it. c?ir wanted options and aitvrnatives presented. Their vie- were op- posing. Helms got the facts but didn't consider the possibilities." Marchetti said: ' Under the Nixon administrati,:n. the CLA d',esn't enjoy the pr ?. .:e:ed posi- wn that it had in Tpat." John D. Marks. \l.srchetti's co-author and forn:vr t.stt assis- tant to the Director , t the State Department Inlet ; race. com- rnerted: "Ti,e scan ''sink about the CIA is n.It that 1t i+ out o' control but that it is ;oiler direct control." Victor Marchetti. !; years old, is the highest level c'l 1 otticial to defect to the Am'- . , n public. During his 14 yo,.,,, with the Agency he served r? U -p ex- p-rt on Buvi.t m :..:rv aid to Third World nnrnm. ..ping to uncover the mt-i' .,id-up in ~'uha that cultnv I in the ban Missile (r E and as executive .,: ,rat to the !iputy Director 1..- , l s van- rn,;e point from s?' , n he was s " t (