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November 4, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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October 4, 1973
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taF~d Fol1~~t/09/~~~I~-'~~P96~1~~002001~0011-6 THIS IS EXi,I?,I~IMEN? 2 THURS . , OCT. 4 , HUGH CRANE, PAT PRICE AND RUSSELL `1'nRG BACK IN BURGESS PARK. IT'S 1:37, JUST ABOUT A IiALF HOUR :;I:NCE HAL PUTHOFF AND ANN PRICE WENT TO VISIT THEIR SECOND PLACID OZ' TIiIS DAY . OK, I'm goinr~ to start scanning around. T feel lilce they're already there and have been there. far about the past 10 minutes. I have the foaling before we started over here that they actually arrived whc:rc: they were going, so I'll see what I can find. I'm getting j,mpressions of a small airfield at the present time. ~,. I'll see wl~c;ther I'm really recording an impression of a small air field or what; is there. I'm looking at a crass. Initially, it looks like cross hairs to a telescn~,e , y V G~~~~N`~) I'm just going to freewheel scan. ~ ~ ~ Right now I'm just above where 280 crosses the linear accelerator and T'm looking down the length of the accelerator - the far 1 th - tl t sli htly north of west..--? s k - OIL , g ~ng we eng i4~L would be 1oo Looking at the top and sides and roof and the building clear down to the opposite end. Right now I'tn getting the impression that they're fairly well ground levey. They're walking along looking at things. WHERE DO T1fi~;Y SEEM TO BE WALKING? ~ ~,,, They seem to be on a grassy area that they're walking on. I' 11 look ~:~z,aund where they're not for a minute. ~~~ I have the distinct feeling it's like a large park like a golf course. L~~ I'm laoki.nci from there. I can see the hanger building at Moffatt and the r~ilxways at Moffett. YOU W.Ai3T `1'~~ `I'itY TO FOLLOW THEM Iiv PAST TIME GETTING OUT OF THE CAR AND We~LK.1NG TO WHERE THEY ARE NOW? Approved For Release 2003/09/04 :~ IA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 (G1~i~ OK. I get them going down Middlefield Road. They went down Ravenswood to Middlefield, turned right, headed dawn Middlefield. Crossing Willow, making a decision whether to turn left or go y ~ straight ahead. Just took a Zook at the Scientology Center. They're not there. r. rrr~rrrn T TITCMTTT]R TA((' 1-N''f'h': 1{tij+;~ mn nT TT7 1a? di11N n a.+.~.v .~vi.u ~.~.~ _:~l~J. VLV 1V .u.u ci ,a No. WOULD XOU RATHER MOVE }SACK TO THE OTHER PLACE? Let's walk over and I can be looking while we're doing it. WE'RE NOW WALKING FROM ONE LOCATION IN THE PARK TO ANOTHER. IT's 1:47. T'ra going to pop in and out of several places and ascertain whether they are there or not. OK. I tank a look at Marine World. No, don't get them there. OK. I took a look at those antennas back on the hill and there's a row of other attennas going down the hill - that-?~ pulled me in. Don't get them there. Looked at Hal's apartment. Don't get them there. I'm looking at a pattern that's repeated - it looks like cross hairs, This time I get them on ground level. ~(Gr'' Rolling grass, quite expansive grass. IS THIS THE CROSS YOU'RE LOOKING AT? No, it's significant - I'm trying to-place it. Cross that I was looking at is in an aircraft - it's an artificial horizon indicator.. They're standing facing west toward the sun. ry' y~~ A little bit west because T notice they shielded their eyes. I'll look to see what they're looking at now. Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CI~-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 I keep getting the impression of a lot of flowers. Like an arboretum. Or a botanical garden. HOW llOES ANN FEEL ABOUT THIS PLACE? She likes that. Wherever she's located, she really likes that. She's actually quite elated. Hal is painting some things out to her. Ann loves roses and lilacs and beautiful flowers. She has such a knack with flowers. r' That particular area is"kind of terraced, that I'm looking at, and there`s some moss, ferns, lots of flowers. I get her looking at flowers and smelling them. What I can smell is roses. there's nasturians. It's mainly...chrysanthemums. r The place I'm looking at has lots of flowers, and they're under cultivation. I have the definite feeling that that's where they're at. It might be a botanical garden. P`~~?' Tt doesn't seem to be a commercial garden. It's mare artistically arranged than the economy of commercial. Things are more spread out - very symmetrical. I get definitely a very spacious feeling. IF YOU LOOK AT WHAT THEY'RE LOOKING AT, CAN-YOU TELL WHAT YOU SEE? Yah~, right now T was looking at what they both appeared to be looking at, and it looked like hydrangia flowers. I don't know the name of the flower but it would be like a tulip; particularly the ones that they were looking at are yellow with striations of white... They're busy conversing at the minute. Well, I'm going to leave there for a while. I keep looking at various kinds of flowers and shrubbery - manicured, very well cared for. Naw I'll go somewhere else. I'll lank in the tower, the .hanger at Moffett, just for the hell of it. Wa.y up in the loft in that big tall one. Over_ to the wind tunnel off to the left. . Approved For Release 2003/09/04 :3CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 I wonder why in the hell they made that out of laminated wood rather than metal? Oh, well... Out on the runway. ARE YOU ABLE TO WALK AROUND WHEREVER THEY.ARE? Yah, they were standing - they're walking, kind of a strolling. T1-~ .~. ~ r 1 e T.-. ,-,. r. ~F- n~~ i i- n -.~ 1-. i ~1- n ~F r vy _r r. n I n o t ia14y YL.. yV4 ~~a144" k N.a. .. v.a.. .., I.+u~4. .~. .... f.,1:.~.. ~mNr e.C.~lflri v'F ~~-~~yf, there but there's a little more distance than immediately sur- y rounding. It would be like - well, people being like these people over there from them - that distance. I don't see anybody right near their vr"cinity. yes yes SO YOU THINK THEY'RE PRETTY ISOLATED WHERE THEY ARE? Right. IF YOU JUST TAKE A SWEEP AROUND THEM, WHAT DO YOU SEE? LOOK NORTH AND WEST AND SOUTH. OK, -they have their backs to the sun now, so looking in that direction it kind of looks like - well, let's see, there's some oaks off a little.bit of distance. The ground is low and rolling - it's not table flat. As I swing around I'll.... see a street out there and it looks like 100 yards to the street. Behind them is a building. Some walkways. They're concrete - like pebbled stone on the top portion of the concrete. STAND WITH THE SUN BEHIND YOU AND LOOK EAST - WHAT DO YOU SEE? I see rolling ground, and it appears to be grassy, but there's also cultivated flowers in it in that direction. WHAT'S YOUR ALTITUDE? Ground level. Like this is - right now, we're maybe 600-700 feet total elevation. They're a little bit higher than we are here and they seem to be in this direction. WE`RE AT 600-700 FEET? Nat qurc~g~tFo~a~e ~~U~IO~~$bab-1yD280 OfeBet OherOe labove sea level . Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 It seems like they're about 600 foot elevation. TIiEY'RE ON LOCAL GROUND LEVEL? Yah, they don't feel artificially up like walking over here. WHICIY DIRECTIOPI DO YOU THINK THEY ARE SPATIALLY? 1.3.E SAID ata.GS'RE %KtiCiLi DUL r,ST. . YOU SAID THPaY'RE PRETTY MUCH EAST OF US. Yah, and I would say miles - feels like maybe 2. Not at a great diys.tance. In fact, it feels like they're a little bit closer than they were before. ARE YOU CONNECTED WITH ANN IN ANY SPECIAL WAY? I've looked by both her and Hal 2 or 3 times, They've got a pamphlet or something. They've been looking at a pamphlet from time to time. Or an informational sheet - one of the two. ri''he one that I'm looking at would be like horticulture - descriptive data on horticulture - flora and fauna. WOULD LIKE YOU TO TRY AND GET UP ABOVE THEM AND LOOK DOWN. t?s ~Rtr~ OK. Looking down, I get a big circular area with what looks intersecting walkways. A geometric way off the ground there. Funny, I get back to the same area again - T went back ta... there's a publishing firm up there called Addison-Wesley setting up off Page Mill Road. And T just popped in about 3,000 feet above that and the linear accelerator and looking down at the parking lot there - looking out over those little low, rolling hills. I'm just wandering around. I'll ga look at something else. Take a look at the fire station ~in Woodside. Cute little place. There'~pornve~~eu- F~ie~s~$~~'~ CL1/$-R~R86~4~~~'~13~9 ~6I' m blocking out entirely. Very interesting. Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 So I go below that. Go up Alpine. Juriipera Serra - take that across Page Mill - up by Page Mill and underneath the underpass. Swing around Magdalena. Now I've got them isolated in one of two places. They're either in a very well-manicured park-like area, botanical area, or up on the hill close to the accelerator aver there, in a parking lot under some oak trees. .-~ I WAS TRYING TO FOLLOW YOU BEFORE. AT THE BEGINNING YOU MADE SEVERAL IN DIFFERENT CONTEXTS: AT ONE POINT YOU SAID AND LATER YOU SAID I SEE IT AT GROUND LEVEL. SHORTLY AFTER YOU SAID I SEE IT AS CROSS HAIRS - YOU 5TARTED OUT AS GROSS HAIRS - THEN YOU SAID I SEE TT AS AN ~~ ARTIFICIAL HORIZON IN AIRPLANES. ONE OF THE VERY FIRST THINGS YOU SAID WAS YOU SAW A SMALL AIR FIELD. I"VE BEEN TRYING TO MAKE PICTURES IN MY HEAD OF THESE ISOLATED THINGS. DO ANY OF THOSE RELATE TO ANY - YOU SAY YOU THINK YOU HAVE THEM IN TWO PLACES. IS ANY OF THAT IMAGERY RELATED AT ALL, OR WERE THEY ...~~- JUST... Na, the first air field I popped inta is a small air field that is just off the bay over here. Looks like about Redwood Gity- San Carlos - right in that area. It would be to the right of 101, and it's a small aircraft. There's a lot of small ones parked there, and every once in a while one's taking off from that area. Initially, I felt that looking through Hal and Ann's eyes. ~G ~! simultaneously I was watching them watch an airplane take off, and then one land. That was the first thing that I saw. Then when I got to zooming around, I picked a whale lot of places that they're not...just very rapidly at random. I covered an area roughly from San Jose to Marine World, and from the crest of those hills right down to the bay itself. I have a good clear view of standing at the overpass on 101, and, let's see, that road that crosses, runs right into Moffett Field, and you see t e if c h dd nen watch the aircraft A~ ~~ved For Rge~ease 2o0~~I~~/0~ : ~~A kD~~6-0~787R000200130011-6 come i p ere. Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 At first I kept associating there with watching aircraft. Then I definitely could smell Ann smelling flowers and looking at flowers and Hal' talking to her about flowers. I had the impression of roses, and then nasturi~~ns, and then some chrysanthernurns. .And so I know definitely that. they were with flowers, plants, shrubs and smelling them. That I feel quite sure of. Popped back to the accelerator 3 or 4 times, s~~ there must be some significance to that. SO THE TV~O EARLY SYMBOLS - THE AIR FIELD AND CfiOSS - THE AIR FIELD WAS THE FIRST THOUGHT THEY WERE BOTH LOCKING AT. THEN THE CROSS CIIANGED INTO CROSS HAIRS.... ~~~. It was initially like viewing them from a di~~tance - it'd be like looking at crass hairs, but in getting c;loser it looks more like looking dawn an an intersection with no other scatter around it. In other words, the way two major roads would intersect looking straight down on it. y~~ YOU HAVE THE IMAGERY OF INTERSECTING WALKWA'IS. That was in this botanical area. Getting the feeling of a garden type area and that's the synunetrical-ness;if you looked down there's some terraced areas going down and then there's a very large circle that's crossed by intersectinnJ walkways, very geometrically laid out. They feel about two miles in this direction - east, a little bit southeast. AS OPPOSED TO THE LINEAR ACCELERATOR?. WE.3T... Yah, so now if I scan I get them at about 2 miles distance. STATIC OR MOVING? They're just getting about ready to leave= now - they're checking time. In fact, I have the feeling right now that they're back in the car moving. Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6 7 Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-0078780002001.30011-6 IT'S 17. MINUTES AFTER SO TREY SHOULD BE HEADING BACK HERE NOW. li~ Right, and I have the feeling that they're coming in Middlefield f/' Road from that direction. HOW DOES THIS FEEL COMPARED TO THE LAST ONE? I feel more definitely that they're in.... A STRONGER FEELING THAN LAST TIME? Much more so. YOU SAID THEY WERE WATCHING AIRPLANES TAKE OFF AND LAND. DO YOU TIiINK THEY DROVE BY AN AIRPORT OR...? r~ ~~ No question of it. They also saw airplanes take off and land - that I know. BUT YOU DON'T THINK THEY WENT TO APd AIRPORT? I have the feeling that they very definitely went to one or by ~{,~' one - in very close proximity with their attention strictly on ~1~ incoming aircraft because Ann knows that I like those and she would automatically attract her attention to it. Approved For Release 2003/09/04: CIA-RDP96-007878000200130011-6