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November 4, 2016
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March 28, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R000500840002-4 #99: This was giving me a description of the race where I have to look for the question you asked. SG1A in the #00: Okay, let's let that . . lay and let's go back to the room #99. #99: Okay. #00: I want you to go into a either. do an out of body, a: #99 two, or at least go into a . . a deeper state and attempt to go to the room and give us a.s much descriptive narrative of the room as yoi.z can. We started off that way but we got. . we got diverted on other room. JC,lnted or disjointed. #99: All right. As I go in I see a space, I see a desk. . what appears to be perhaps a couch or something to sit on. There are cubicals. By cubicals, they could very well be rooms, you know, that one could not-hear. They could very well be rooms. Doors. I see monitors. I keep seeing certain equipment, #00. I can't locate it. High things, like equipment. Some kind of equipment. Then, paper, as if there was something to plot on or work with. Perhaps something you wou:.d say on a drawing board or that's a word to use. #00: Uh huh. #99: But in one. . one eel of the room. . I don't know what it is. . I keep seeing.high. As if I was going to be . . something technical. #00: Is this machinery or some sort of apparatus or what? #99: Its an apparatus of some kind. #00: Well, how about a computer? Is there a computer in the facility? #99: I see it. I have to describe it 'cause I'm not. . . I don't know what different types of computers look like. The only thing of computers ..SECEl -W . Zs-.-. L-.LKi1 L , noom Just give us a brief w or ciescriptlons of things that you see