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November 4, 2016
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June 11, 2003
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September 3, 1986
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Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 CONFIDENTIAL/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY PROJECT SUN STEAK (U) BEACON TRAINING SESSION DATE: ~ ~rO TARGET : ~ ~ S~ ~lZ~~ i7bd.~JSt: ~fi N~w~,esfi ~Gil/~~ SG 1 J OUTBOUND TEAM : 1) SG1J INBOUND TEAM: 1) G~i$ 2) 7) MISSION EVALUATION: 1. (C/NF/SK) PROTOCOLS: a. The Remote Viewer was intraduced to the. Outbound Team (OBT} at C~ 90 p hours, ~s, ~(, Following this "warm-up meeting both the OBT and the Inbound Tea (IBT) were restricted to the area of the unit operational facility with orders not to discuss_?the of the upcoming mission. During this "restricted" period neither the OBT nor the IBT were permitted to make or receive outside telephone calls or to meet with other members of the unit. The OBT was reindoctrinated on the need to maintain the integrity of this mission by not varying the purpose of the trip to the site to tend to personal needs, e.g., errands, refreshments, etc. b. At ~ ~j~ U hours, the actual target, (sealed within an envelope) was provided to the OBT at which time they were permitted to depart the area enroute to the target. Their verbal tasking was as follows: (1) Do not unseal the envelope until you have moved out of the immediate viewing area of .the unit. (2) Ga directly to the target area and remain in .the general area (by driving around the block if necessary) until exactly- l d B ~ hours. (3) At (O~t) hours, position yourself at the target area and perform any actions normally associated with the functions of the target, e.g., bowl at a bowling alley, purchase refreshments at a snack bar, etc. Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 (4) Remain on site for a minimum of fifteen minutes or longer but only if a longer period of time is required to finish a. function of the building such as finishing a cup of coffee or similar purchase, etc. (5) Following this fifteen minute mandatory visit to the site, return immediately to the unit area. (6} After arriving in the unit area, the OBT is not. to discuss the target or events that occurred at the site with anyone in the unit. When the IBT-has finished the post-session phase of the mission (sketch~s~;, summaries, etc.} the OBT and the IBT will proceed back to the target area, still without comments pertaining to the actual mission. (7} At the target site, the OBT will. retrace their movements at the target vzl't~:]~ being followed by the IBT. When the target (or specific items at the target) are recognized by the Remote Viewer, he/she will sa state with a brief explanation or reference to the data collection phase, if necessary. ($) Following this second visit, both the IBT and the OBT will return to the unit area at which time the OBT will be released and a general feedback session will be provided to the Remote. Viewer. c. The Interviewer will be responsible- for collating the data obtained :From the entire session, (session information, post-session interview and. on site visit), and from the data an overall evaluation will be given pertaining. to the success of this mission based upon the relevence of the material provided and later substantiated. The guidelines for this evaluation will be on a 0-7 point scale of target/data correspondence. This scale is as follow: 7 = Excellent correspondence, including good analytical detail (e. -.naming the site by name). 6 = Good correspondence with good analytical information (e.g., naming the function), and. with essentially no incorrect information. 5 = Good. correspondence with unambiguous unique matchable elements and little incorrect information. 4 = Good correspondence with several machable elements, but some incarrect information. 3 = Mixture of correct and. incorrect elements, but enaugh of the former to indicate viewer has made contact with the site. 2 = Some correct elements, but not sufficient to suggest results beyond chance expectation. 1 = Littlc correspondence. 0 = No correspondence. In addition to the numeric scale of evaluation, the Interviewer may opt to provided other comments on the target/session correspondence as necessary in narrative form. All of this material is then. provided to the Remote Viewer for future references and/or discussions with the Interviewer since .the material in these reports will be used as the basis for additional skills training, if required. Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 2. (C/NOFNORN/SK) INTERVIEWER'S COMMENTS: (Optional) Throughout the session, Source repeatedly used analytical descriptives for objects he was viewing. Instead of being satisfied with, "a vertical object, black, with horizontal segments, thin....", he felt compelled to close the cognitive loop by attaching the designation "wall" to this item. This "wall" was later found to match his description b~t'.turned out to be a large wwoden entry sighn to the site. This type of analytic processing was the rule rather than the exception throughout the reporting phase. As a result of .this process, Source tended to drift around and away from the site and to overlay his own perception of Wrhat he "expected" to see verses what was actually at the site. ('his resulted in a less than successful mission although it can be argued that he did reach the atarget and did describe certain items identifiable with the site. Most. of the information, however, was disjointed and non-relevent. It must be stated however, that this session represented the culmination of an eight week training program in which. Source was taught to use this method of Remote Vecang. More important however, this session represented the first time that the Source and the Interviewer have conducted a formal session together and the problems of joint communication are still to be resbl:vcd. SG1J Specia ct vibes icer Approved For Release 2003/09/10: CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 :CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 l~o~_Cl2t- !70 ----,e~,,,.,v4' .__.Vvrse I[~c~ Rz~ / --1.2a--rr. bd~w~ `~ ..,t_ ,,/._ i~ I ~~ C.-Gc/?-C Q/"--- ---._.- _.!_tJ - ~~i.~aili. - ~"d___--- -y!~ Q _ e. d_U/ _ ,Ssr+.~1.~`r _ _~ .C .e---. __-_~?~~G.~,~..G_~,_ _, f~__- -~~?`J-.~-y- L-~~.-- ---- sip __~.,~ - - _~~ - _ .~uw6?1,,~-.._. _ a/Jwbchv~ ~- __ ~?. a~-.,-- __ . / d t... r/_ _ - _ ~"~s_.,~,3 a~ ~~[n,,..,,.vJ --7~,,,,,~?.5, ~_._ ..__ ~iv~?~( ._ ~"-- _ _1n.5 1.0..~-- _. c~.....~.e . _ _ /~G..-lam !! a--./'_ T ~o._ _ - fJ~~F.[~-.-. /1~/Z/~t/y?.~t~c ~ / jp,/CG ~vlSt"t~ y~ c~..,~G. .5~, Grs~cu.~.,. ST'a-.t~tcS ~4pproved~-o~Release 2-00-3/09/-10-: X174=Rf3P96=00789Rfl014065700t11=4__-- -- _ --_ 7,, , r ~ 6~ r-;v /a ,S Tr t v C.^~v !ZS cJ d t i c /-F /' f ~~,id u .e .`~ ~ K, ~'t~,., is ~ c. '~' STy G,./,f ~"~ f~Q d 2. I..PJG) L L( (C6 //~ ~'a[+,SC1 Q~-i0'U I ~ ~~ l ~-~U,t r w ,~-.r a-s Trt a v ~ i~ f t~ ~ ru ~ ~L~~( C-.._l..rrl cS" ~~t~.6 waylLf pLf'~~ i~C ,, (t~1~ c.. IG. ~..,1 t , .~ 4 rt. ay v a ~ S d ~ N d .f ; Approved For Release 2003/09/10 :CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 SU ~. T a ter: ~ ~,,~? r~~~ ~~~k. ,~ ,J v v ~ ~ c~ 2s Ot A a ~~- ~~-c. v l ca t,J 4c.v1~v4"( V!/ 4 ~ t>~t' ri f~ / 6 ~- ~e~:r /~s ~ ~ {,.j. (IQ- c.._ i ~..t r'' 2 d.. S ~ , U ~ ~ ~' ,9 'IS ALA L. f ~ ... '.._ ~~".._ _. .~ GaN-l3 /~'~ l ^'t! / N..~, dJ L)~ r~ ~.c>ij_ L4- // 9 t~wpov "/ s'~.2 l fad ~ wiTif % s'v~t~ 77/%/(v yckJ, f~ p P~ ~~ , ~ ,~ rid ~ , `. r/d,l (ACS ~.JI /E}.. /1 F ' / i SG1J SG1J Approved For Release 2003/09/10 :CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 RIDGEWOOD MOBILE HOP~AE PARK hts ES j 1R~~ St1Marks PEACI ORCHA a15GN CT BH~GE ~ ;, BALTIMOR COMMONS BUSINESS _ . PARK i~I CIA-RD ~ tee` V GAP ~ LARCH RD PYR H 9~-00789R0014005700~1=~~ STEWART CORNER ~ir~~~~E "I~ ~~ KENCNILKS ~~i~--~ i1Po~ eferr BALTIMORE WASH fl MMERCE RK OOD OMES WEDGtWVUU z FOREST 0 aq ~Oq Ri NDSHIP IRPARK Approved For Release 2003/09/10 :CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 ~~~Er~ ;~ t: N< i~ vsr 2 . l~}EAD bP('45~'fE. ~2l cJ-~T S ~De. ~. ~~ (~ec~ta^ no -S~c ~i, 5~~, er~YSes.s~o~ Noy s~ ~2oN7~.o~ : .D~t ~ 2ct.,~c ~-t a ~ `1^-lvverneK'(' -ra s Anctv~.~-f ~ ~pm~s-~ ~ESCribe the. s~~e now ~e.~~~ v~sitG~ D ~ IC's ~Q~ 7AN' C,1~2~ ~!S G,f~e Cs'c ~ ~vrr,~S.~-/"'S-{i~K l v~9 ec~~ ~ltn~~ dl ~r~ - ~t~Ty _: DFrc,~cB~- 1~lt2T' bn1 . ~um~''. ~ _ ~1. _. ~ OK __.. ~' ~Sc~-ca.e l1~-S '~1~9 you CaCk A- wa.~ Some c~r~e~7 ~la~~ crro~nol ZhQ ~ Hmvr -~9hf 9r~~ ~/'v!l/If' ce, eu~-~- .~~~e~- G.l~e o~~r~~y~ a r~~w d~ ~e~s'~ . 4sht ~reert -- --~' Cbv~~-~ r~v~ ~ der cr~~. _~~w r~,~ Rr~a.. / ____ ~' ~v f~~, ~~ gvt~ vee l~wc~ ~i~ ~~-, s~ des ~x-~~Q ~ SP~I wig cum, ~ 7h r~ K .~- l..~s~ ~f - _ __ ~` ~P.a~C a~-o~ ~eAC~~w~ZC . __ __ U~'~C,~-~ ~'~/02134~7XLC c1~Qme~S~ "~-l ~2 5~~~1/lz drdr~ Z~,~v~~ ,~!-~c,~'~ .~vec,~. mf8 3 SEP ~'~ _ CoeT~ SG1J SG1J 'Z ~~ ~~ ~~~A~ve~~ease 2003/09/10 :CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 Approved For Release 2003/09/10 :CIA-RDP96-007898001400570001-4 ~' ~'lc~c-PL l~b/t~wn~ CeQle o~ yc.q -~d''~pj ~h~ c~L' cc ~~ C.U~ l,~c~ ~ 8 'own y ~~Cs~ _ __ __ _ - ~ Sc~~~r~ r~~ . a L di ~., i. 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