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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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March 23, 1987
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Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002000670002-5 MONDAY, MARCH 23,1987 Western Europe's senior leader T hatcher Sees Enhanced Role In Moscow Visit , r Schaefer, now gov By Karen DeYoung ' departure. And, like the chief execu- overruns Washington Post Foreign Service the tives of Colts' states and cities, Schae- least 16 other s that team owners are more fer is convinced that an expensive new sports - goes to Moscow to meet Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev this facility is necessary as a boon to economic de It is the intangible-communit to boost prestige and to attract a new team identity, for instance-that week, Prime Minister Margaret velopment, Football League team. ing. quently cited as the best reason the -Thatcher told a Conservative Party National professional sports. gathering yesterday, her "goal will "The name of Indianapolis and th be a peace based not on illusion or you look at Colts are going out across the coun surrender, but on realism and Schaefer during the football season," Lee strength. replace them, the Hoosierdome's director of op Thatcher has publicly rejected recently, summing up the city's t speculation that she will undertake negotiations for the West benefits to the state," Schaefer sad more recent- since the Colts arrived there. "Th crucial right?" firms control issues during her five- ly. day Soviet visit that begins Satur- But there is still debate in cities around the you can't buy, Schaefer, fearful of josing the O team, is bent on convincing the G Klay. That role, she has emphasized, country as well as among bly that the state is responsible belongs exclusively to the United strong a link there is between Maryland's sports reputation and States. velopment and economic development profile. He But the British news media, with runs for stadium projectsre See STADIUM, A7, Cot. encouragement from Thatcher's taxpayers have frequently to use pu Downing Street press office, is per- public funds to build the spprts complexes traying the trip as evidence of her `big league" status in the western alliance. Her aides predict it will Enhance Thatcher's already favor- able prospects in general elections ikely to be held here' this year. Thatcher and her aides also view =he visit in a larger context, how- ever. With Moscow and Washington struggling with domestic issues as hey move closer to an agreement an nuclear missiles in Europe, and Western Europe fearing that the Jnited States may back away from is co 1Oe, the l"f -ffi r er with an oppor- See THATCHER, A18, Col. 1 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 CIA-RDP96-00789R002000670002-5 Wouldn't Guarantee, Economic Gains By Gwen Ifill Washington Poet Staff Writer ANNAPOLIS-The Colts deserted Baltimore and its 37-year-old Memorial Stadium in 1984, its 37-year abandoning the legendary playing field of Johnny Unitas for the glistening new $80 million Indi- anapolis Hoosierdome. Indianapolis Mayor Richard Hudnut' was de- lighted; William Donald Schaefer, the mayor of Baltimore, was not. is still bitter about nor e demand y spirit and is most fre public shouk e Indianapolis try every dad Fehrenkamp? erations, said ransformation ese are things' rioles baseball eneral Assem- for rescuing enhancing its has submitted 1 f`