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Interactive Puzzle!


1. UIF TUVEZ PG NBLJOH BOE CSFBLJOH DPEFT BOE DJQIFST (the clue is a coded message using a Caesar cipher for 'The study of making and breaking codes and ciphers')
4. As the Nation's cyber defense agency, @CISAgov helps bolster the physical security and ________ of critical infrastructure
6. The bird in the center of the CIA seal
7. This Act acronym provides the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency

2. What the "R" in NRO stands for
3. Dee and Walter are the hosts to this uniquely spy-specific podcast
5. ODNI achieves this through synchronizing collection, analysis, and support efforts to achieve national security priorities
8. Pakistan compound modeled by NGA that led to capture of Osama Bin Laden